Blotto (#21)


It’s that time again, so, if you haven’t chewed it beyond recognition, please grab your Blotto cards.

We’ve announced six songs already and the seventh to be revealed is… ‘Find The Cost Of Freedom’, which will be the 21st song featured on David’s ‘Remember That Night’ double-disc set.

Featuring the instantly-recognisable vocal harmonies of the two gentlemen above, David Crosby and Graham Nash, the song was originally recorded by Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young back in 1971.

And who better than Messrs. Crosby and Nash if you’re stuck for two other singers to vote for – in addition to our David, naturally – in Q107’s Greatest Classic Rock Singers of All Time poll?

Thanks to Rudders for telling us about it. You can vote until 11 May.

‘Remember That Night’ will be in the shops in September and it’s a real beauty. It’s due for release on Monday 17 September in Europe and on Tuesday 18 September in North America.

There are 23 songs on disc one, and more extras than you can wave a big stick at on disc two.

The concert consists of songs from the Royal Albert Hall gigs only.

Please mark the ’21’ spot on your Blotto card. You are only right if you guessed that ‘Find The Cost Of Freedom’ would be the 21st song – and quite a few of you did just that. Well done to you.

But don’t get too full of yourselves. You only get to let out a valid shout of "Blotto!" if you complete an entire line. Your feeble cries leave us completely unmoved if you’ve only got one or two songs right so far, so don’t get too excited: there’s a long, long way to go yet.

The aim of Blotto is to complete a line on your card, either horizontally or vertically. You must match the song to its space (23 songs, 23 spaces). If you guess enough song/spaces to complete a full line, beat your chest with your fists and "Blotto!" like your life depends on it. That’ll move us enough to enter you into a prize draw.

Our chatroom will be open between 10AM and 12PM (UK) today.

Please also note the amendments to May’s chat schedule here.

Author: FEd

Features Editor of David Gilmour’s official blog, The Blog (‘Features’ previously being its rather naff title), affectionately – or lazily – shortened to ‘FEd’.

83 thoughts on “Blotto (#21)”

  1. I had been hoping that “Find the cost of freedom” would be among the songs on the DVD. So this is great news. Thanks.

  2. Hi Fed and all…Great choice for the Crosby, Gills and Nash vocal to be on the DVD..I wonder how many ‘irregs’ got it right at Number 21 ?

    Anyway I would have liked to join the ‘chat’ today but I was told I need to re-register..So I need to find out on that one ? Any help appreciated

    best wishes to all the surviving blotto ‘stars’

    martin d

    [Very strange. Did you remember the underscore in your username? You are registered as martin_d and your status is perfectly normal. Please check your e-mail for a reminder of your password. You can then change your password by clicking your name below. – Features Editor]

  3. Hi Fed

    I have been to stuff and nonsense to re- register AND to use my previous name/password but despite a new link..the passwords are being rejected ?

    Oh well i guess it is as Mr Mourinho says ‘the rules are different etc etc ‘

    Good luck for Tuesday night’s rematch…Now I have to sign off

    martin d

    [If you check the e-mail I’ve just sent you and sign in as martin_d, with the password that’s on file (as is included in that e-mail), you should be fine. Please let us know. – Features Editor]

  4. im out already, but i would have got this one correct.

    Caption: David Crosby keeps time while standing on Graham Nash’s foot

  5. I think my card’s in a drawer somewhere never to come out.

    On the plus side, I do love that song so I’m glad it made it on to the set-list.

    Hope everyone’s happy (I know I am now Leeds are all but relegated).

    Take care
    x x x

  6. well made my vote

    fed will we get a chance to ask the other members of the band some questions. id love to ask our fav sax player and crosby and nash. is there any chance and thanks for keepin me in the loop while i have been away

    [Maybe. – Features Editor]

  7. The bad news is that I got another Blotto entry wrong.

    The good news is that I serviced my hot tub over the weekend and now I can soak along with my Blotto card.



  8. Wow! My first correct Blotto entry…

    I guess I can yell out “Bl”!

    That made my hour and a half drive to work worthwhile!

  9. Hi Fed


    Mr Nash is riding a invisible horse, and David Crosby is screamin for a section 3 of the mental health act to take place

    I do belive that I also may need a Section 3 if I have to wait till september for the DVD

  10. *caption*

    Stephen Stills and Neil Young were not available, so Posh Spice and Nicole Ritchie filled in.

    (Sorry, it’s just getting to be a habit.)



  11. CAPTION: As the free kick enters the box graham thinks to himself “Jesus I should have worn a cup”

    Rgds Geoff Duffy ( Dublin )

  12. I think our American friends here will be proud that ‘Find The Cost Of Freedom’ will be on the ‘Remember That Night’ DVD. I’m very happy for them.

    I heard that David Crosby was ill, I hope he is feeling better now .


  13. You know what’s gonna be great about this DVD?

    Apparently, EVERYTHING…

    [You’d better believe it. – Features Editor]

  14. Caption : C&N singing to Fed

    ‘Wowwwweee aaggh.. How do we get in the chat room Fed ? ‘ tra lala tra la… Oooo Freedom is…Can we have the room password someday Fed ?’ tum de tum de tum ‘ oh idiot wind …now i’ve remembered to breathe again..’

    I’m sure thats not the words they sang at the concert but they seem quite apt today !!

    Still cannot enter…but listening to Bob Dylan in the meantime …clever chap isnt he ?

    regards to all.. especially to David Crosby if he’s unwell ‘Get well buddy ‘

    martin d

    [That’s very strange. Has the same thing happened to anyone else today? – Features Editor]

  15. Hello All,

    How was everyone’s weekend? Great I hope.

    Voted for David on the news poll. Hope he will win.

    Everyone have a good week.


  16. Wow! I can’t believe it, I really have one right.

    Maybe my luck is changing and I can go out now and get a lottery Ticket.

    Take Care

  17. Hi all… missed this instalment of blotto (though it didn’t change my status- still have two possble lines left). Actually this song isn’t even on my list though I’d swear I’d put it on (probably on the first list before Fed had us re-do them with guests- somehow I messed it up…probably was song 21 too, though I’m too lazy to go hunt for my original list!). That’s ok… not worried at all- just glad the song made it to the DVD!!!


  18. Greetings,

    I hope you had a great weekend.

    I ‘Gilmoured’ three more friends over the weekend (gave them all OAI cds). Then I made them promise to share with others.

    We went to the Houston Museum of Fine Arts, Saturday for the French Masterpieces showing. It was damn near a sensory overload! (I love impressionist art)


  19. *caption*

    Nash and Crosby belting out Steppenwolf’s Born to Be Wild with Nash doing his Peter Fonda Easy Rider impersonation and Crosby sitting in the side car.



  20. Ok I got two right…But not getting excited about that.

    On a side note…ref’d my first soccer game and I got yelled at by a parent, so I kicked him off the field….boy I love that kind of power. He complained I didn’t call offsides…Loser.

    Happy Monday
    Renee B.
    Fontana, Ca USA

  21. [I heard that David Crosby was ill, I hope he is feeling better now. – Michele]

    The Crosby/Nash show originally scheduled for Schenectady’s Proctors Theater on April 12 was postponed due to David Crosby’s illness. It has been rescheduled to September, and the folks at Proctors assure us that David will be ready to perform by then. If that helps.

  22. ‘Remember That Night’ is at the top of my Sept. shopping list. And it’s mine all mine. My husband and I don’t have kids, so if we split, the David Gilmour’s are ALL MINE. (it’s in the fine print!)

    I am looking forward to hearing ‘Find The Cost Of Freedom’ as I am not familiar with it. I’m one of those who is hoping that ‘Fat Old Sun’ and ‘Wot’s …Uh The Deal’ made it among the 23 on the first disk.

    I am so thrilled that there will be a dvd to relive that wonderful concert. Especially for On An Island. Love that music. I went through some of the old blog recently and the excitement of the bloggers posting befor and after the concert still comes across. It was fun to read some of it again.

    I have been listening to our classic rock radio station ever since the April 13 concert to reaquaint myself with the artists and the music. And wonder of wonders, lately they have managed to play a David Gilmour each time we have gotten into the freeway traffic mess.

    What a wonderful way to take my mind off the craziness on the road. (my husband drives and I ignore him while listening to Pink Floyd…. don’t worry he gets plenty of attention befor and after the song.)

    So far the airwaves have been graced with ‘Comfortably Numb’ which always brings tears to my eyes when David’s singing comes on. Also, ‘Shine On You Crazy Diamond’ and ‘High Hopes’. Making the drive home almost bearable.

    Hope you all have a lovely ‘May Day’.

    my best to you all,

  23. I got one right. I don’t believe it. …And here I thought I was going to guess them all wrong.

    See, there is hope after all.



  25. I remembered this today in the chatroom.

    I designed a new Good Friday service for church and there was a lot of personal reflection time added in. We used OAI music *particularly Castellorization* and people LOVED it!

    I had so many come up to me and ask where it was from. Of course, I told them and RAVED about it and they were shocked to learn that David Gilmour was of Pink Floyd.

    Now, not only do they not roll their eyes at me when I tell them I relaxed to a Pink Floyd album, not only do they sing with me, but a lot of them bought OAI and other Floyd albums following that and tell me how much they love it.

    Yay for fantastic music!!!

    [Jessica, Penny, keep sharing that love. You’re making us proud. – Features Editor]

  26. Love this pic! Reminds me of the Tonight show. I felt like I was that close to those guys!

    Thanks again Fed for getting us in to that special “show”!

  27. Ok – so I finally got one right….damn it….now I can’t even lose all together….lol.

    Hope to catch some of you in chat later this week.


  28. Nope, wrong # for me again. Yet I am glad that “Find the cost of freedom” was chosen to be on the Remember That Night DVD set.

    My husband and I revisited “On An Island” video (long version) from the website tonight. Without doubt, that was magical, captivating, engrossing and entertaining.

    Thank you.

  29. Good choice of song, can’t wait to hear it again anew.

    I lucked out again. Who invented this game anyway? LOL.

    [It was some twisted oaf, Frank. – Features Editor]

  30. My first correct Blotto number.

    Ok no more chance of a line but I´m happy with this little success 🙂

    A wonderful 1.May to All

  31. Apologies for going off topic; I thought people might be interested in this:-

    A new BBC documentary series with lots of unseen and rare video and concert footage, including Jugband Blues with Syd, and the first colour footage of David with the band (click my name).

    Article also includes an interesting reinterpretation of Floydian history, where RW replaces Syd ;->


    [A very interesting one, that. We hope to have more on this story soon. Thanks also to Nickster for sending in a similar post alerting us to this programme. – Features Editor]

  32. I voted for Beach Boys on the 0107 poll, no doubt, they invented the harmony singing in the rock history.

    There are many talented singers which I love, but Brian Wilson genius, as a musician, arranger, and composer, while the first multitrack recorders and consoles were being invented, is unparalleled.

    [Well said, GianLuca. – Features Editor]

  33. I still have one row left which could be a winner! Unless dog-legs are allowed? 🙂

  34. Just back from a sunny week in Florida. Ouch! (Perhaps too sunny, my poor back) to find that I got another one wrong in Blotto. (Shouldn’t it be called Bloggo?) Oh well.

    Voted in the Mighty Q’s poll twice, heh, heh. (David, plus Bowie and Mercury).

    Fed, what happened to Liverpool? Crouch didn’t play until the 52nd minute. What’s up with that, didn’t they want to score? Chelsea have got to be tired playing all those extra games, if Liverpool start the right players they should be able to eliminate them. Fingers crossed.

    [Toes, too. – Features Editor]

  35. Happy May everyone,

    Dan – thanks for that update. I had been wondering for a while now how David Crosby was.

    Pete – Coventry

  36. Hi Fed and all…

    Really pleased to hear that Dave Crosby is ok – I hope he’s able to keep his Blotto card up to date !!

    Re : the chat room Monday episode, do I really need a password to enter a room ? Thanks Fed

    Enjoy your day ‘whereever you are’ AND don’t forget to wear your red and white apparel – bobble hat and scarf etc – for tonights game !

    best wishes
    martin d

  37. Hullo Fed and All !!

    I think it’s fantastic that this gem has made it to the final disc. I can barely wait for September to roll around.

    I had hoped that ‘Find The Cost…’ might be performed in Venice, but that just would’ve been greedy of me. At least I’ll be able to watch it as performed in the RAH.

    I really wished I had caught the RAH shows, but I’ll always have Venice !

    ON ANOTHER NOTE: I really wanted to give Steve D. a hearty “Thank You !!!” for the Q & A and of course, for not missing a beat in Venice that Friday night. It truly was priceless !

    I’ll tell you right now, if Mr. Gilmour ever decides to release another “masterpiece” and do a subsequent tour I will make it my mission to catch at least 3 to 5 shows. One can pray !

    I also wanted to thank you, Gabby for your kind words the other day. I had actually shown Lisa the site here for the first time last week and I think I may have made a convert out of her. She’ll be coming on board for Thursday’s chat ! She’s a newbie to here folks, so be nice and show off your best. Thanks.

    BTW, FED, I hoped yours a nice weekend ? Since I’m not officially playing Blotto I still would’ve tanked the poor card.


    David to Graham : Man, I just can’t hit those high notes like I used to.
    Graham to David : Well, whad’ya expect ? I told you to leave the bong at home.

    Peace and Love to All ! Cazart !

  38. Brill picture of 2 of the best harmonisers in the buisiness in my opinion, but when they and David got together for Find the cost….. well talk about hairs standing up on the back of my neck, i was fortunate to hear them twice.

    This is going to make me look old but do singers today have the quality and are the calibre of these so called elder statesmen?

    Maybe im sounding like my parents but come on. Pete Docherty a rock star? todays Muso’s just dont cut it. of course there are always exceptions to the rule. i think i could like the Artic Monkeys with a few more listens, but am i deaf? i just dont hear good quality lyrics, voice and music nowadays.

    i know, dont say it, im past it and too old. oh well, at least i have the privilege of listening to quality music with a good voice and real quality

  39. Sorry Fed i only intended to say good luck to Liverpool tonight in the Semi Finals and all the best to Milan tomorrow

    can you believe it, as well as been relegated we could be starting the next season with a 10 points disadvantage before we kick a ball (Ridsdale and O’leary), they have a lot to answer…….

    bloody hell, im in a ranting mood today. better get off to bed for the night shift.

    cheers mate, all the best

  40. Great news about Crosby getting better.. and a good call including FTCOF on the DVD.

    Off to see THE Roy Harper tonite in Whelans of Dublin, looking forward to that.

    Happy Birthday my lovely wife Liz (can I do that?) Guess I’ll have to wait for the post to find out!!

    Hope all are well – ‘the sunshines good for us’

    Tom-B still amazingly its very sunny in Dublin

    [Happy Birthday, Lovely Liz. – Features Editor]

  41. Happy May Day! I hope it’s a pleasant one for all and that someone leaves you flowers on your doorstep.

    I enjoy talking with folks in the chat room, thanks much Fed for the opportunity to do so.

    Take Care. CT

  42. Ok, couldn’t help myself…. I went back to my first list submitted and I didn’t include FTCOF! What was I thinking??? I certainly wanted it on the DVD and am glad it will be there. Wow! September seems far away…. I’ll have to occupy myself with the new cd and upcoming concert of a certain Canadian band, as well as the concert of an English band that is touring for the first time in 15 years! It could be the genesis of an exciting summer…. oh wait … the English band doesn’t play til October…. will have to tear myself away from RTN DVD to go!


  43. Happy May Day everyone, and a Happy Birthday to. Today is her birthday too.

    Hope everyone has a great day.


    [Have a good one, Tracy. – Features Editor]

  44. Well done, Liverpool! Have fun celebrating!

    By the way, I bought the latest RUSH CD today and noticed that Alex Lifeson listed David as one of the people he thanks. Interesting.

  45. Hello Fed

    ‘Walk on with hope in your heart’

    Gee…that was very tense…Penalty shoot outs…harder to do than your wicked Blotto even ?

    martin d 🙂

    [Blotto is a stroll in the park in comparison. – Features Editor]

  46. Well well well F’ed.

    Vicarious congratulations to the Reds – will you be hoping for THAT final or dreading the prospect of it ?

    [I don’t think my poor old heart could cope with THAT final, Tim. I want Milan. – Features Editor]

  47. Nice result FEd, and great penalties. Some goalkeeper you’ve got there.

    Let’s hope it’s a Liverpool v Man U final!

    [Yes, it’s true. I want twin boys so that I can call them Rafa and Pepe. – Features Editor]

  48. I cant believe you moved away from your desk just for a meaningless game of Football. dont you know u have a responsibility to us irregulars, i mean come on, get your priorities right Fed. its us or the reds, which one is it going to be………? Im waiting………..?

    only joking mate, what a match eh? well deserved i think.

  49. Caption: Graham does his impression of Roger Daultry and screams “Who the hell are you?”

    Liverpool wins. Fed, are you in This Heaven? Gotta see the hi lites and vote for a certain singer also. Welcome aboard Lisa.

    [Sure am, Frank. It’s nice to beat The Blue(s) again. – Features Editor]

  50. [There are 23 songs on disc one, and more extras than you can wave a big stick at on disc two.]

    As you’ll be in such a good mood after Liverpool reached the Champions League final last night, how about cheering up the rest of us by revealing some more info about the content of disc two!?!

    Many thanks

    [Keep trying, mate. – Features Editor]

  51. Will The Fedmeister be running a thread about Liverpool’s mighty effort in getting through to Athens?

    Well done – I don’t like penalty finishes – but,when Chelsea lose it’s O.K.


  52. CAPTION:

    David & Graham do a voice over for Chelsea TV. They are playing the part of the Anfield Road end away supporters as Kuyt scores…..

    Sorry I’m devilishly bold…………………..

    Rgds Geoff Duffy ( Dublin )

  53. Fed,

    As an impartial spectator last night i found it incredibly nerve wracking, even watching on the TV you could feel for supporters of both sides, what an awfll way of ending a football game…if you support either side.

    In the end Liverpool deserved to win i felt & Benitez must have been be the coolest guy in the ground, sitting crossed legged on the grass while the penalties were being taken, i reckon he was listening to something on his I-pod to remain so cool, i wonder what he was listening to? (The Blue perhaps?)

    Getting tickets to Athens Fed?

    [I’m thinking of it. – Features Editor]

  54. Is the Spring edition of Guitar Techniques featuring David still on the bookshelves? Haven’t seen it around the shops yet.


    [It most certainly is, Lee. – Features Editor]

  55. Hi Fed and all

    What a great night for the reds !! Pepe the ‘hero’…Carragher ‘majestic’ as ever…
    (commisserations El Blues)..

    Is the fact that DGs beautiful ‘Smile’ is playing today on ‘our’ site anything to do with your mood ?

    best wishes

    martin d 🙂

  56. And what I beautiful day it is – the sun is shining and Chelsea lost on penalties. How sweet it is 🙂

    I didn’t include “Find The Cost of Freedom” on my phantom blotto card either so I think the scores are something like BlottoCard 7 – nickster 0.

    Now I’m really intrigued as to who had the insight (and perhaps a smidge of luck) to get them all correct. Time will tell…


  57. Hi all,

    Second track guessed properly, but I can’t see any chances for a line,

    FED I have an impression that Liverpool is very much focused on the Champions League. Great effort.


  58. Well, I’m not doing really, really well on this blotto thing, but it is fun anyway.

    May is here and in Canada it is finally spring (I hope). My Dad is not well and I’ve been juggling hospital visits, taking caring of my daughter, doing my best at work and what was that last thing? Oh yeah, trying to be good to myself. Listening to the Division Bell helps a lot as always.

    Love to all and hope this new season is good to everyone.

    [All the best to your Dad, Kimberley. – Features Editor]

  59. Come on mate, surely the hangover has gone after the football by now (only joking mate)

    [Hangover? No, not me. – Features Editor]

  60. Hi Fed and all,

    It´s been fun voting, and I did so of course for David Gilmour, and then for Billy Idol and Bret Michaels from Poison.

    Speaking of other fave artists besides David Gilmour is leading me to a suggestion, which had been discussed in some chats earlier…

    If it wouldn´t be a good idea to allow Profiles for Bloggers, of course only as an option for those who would like to publish on your Blog whether they are male or female, where they are from, which other groups or artists they like, etc. So it would be easier to keep up with all the Blog names.

    Thanx Fed, for all the info and the chats, and congrats to the win of Liverpool!


    [We have thought a lot about this, but it’s unlikely at this time. – Features Editor]

  61. FEd,

    I was just thinking that we need another rainy day blog. Even though the weather is getting nicer, it would be nice to get some silliness going again (not like it ever left). How about this idea?

    Summer is coming and fruit salad is quite popular in the Summer. SO, if you think of David’s band as a fruit salad, what fruit would each member be.

    For example, Guy could be the banana for his silliness, David may be an orange for being refreshing in so many ways. What do you think?



    [Sure, why not? We’ll do that over the weekend, just for a laugh. I need some new smoothie recipes. No fruit until then, please. – Features Editor]

  62. Hi all

    It feels like it’s been awhile since I posted. I didn’t include FTCOF on my list either, but certainly glad it made the cut!

    Did y’all notice on the press page, the most recent article, it said Syd was replaced by Roger Waters. I needed a good laugh today.

    Happy Birthday to all you bull-headed Taurus =)

    My son is 5 today (2nd) and my daughter will be 10 on Tuesday.


    [Have fun, Erin. – Features Editor]

  63. Mr. Gilmour,

    When will Brazil will have the opportunity to listen and watch your great presence!!?!! For long long years we are waiting for that … please give us that pleasure … JUST TWO PRESENTATIONS !!! THAT IS ENOUGH !! PLEASE THINK ON THAT !! PLEASE !!

  64. Nice tribute Andrew about Rush and DG. I heard the song Monkey. It’s an excellent instrumental and it reminds me of David, to be inspired by him is a huge compliment. Buyin it for sure.

  65. ****Caption****

    Badges???? We Don’t Need No Stinkin’ Badges.

    I seem to be on a caption kick these days fed.

  66. Reds/Red Devils…

    Zeus a emmené Fed au ‘septième ciel’ et Hadès a entrainé Tim dans ‘la descente aux enfers’…

    Mais, que décideront les Dieux de l’Olympe le 23 Mai à Athènes ? mystère…


  67. [This is going to make me look old but do singers today have the quality and are the calibre of these so called elder statesmen?]

    Simon, just take a look at American Idol and you’ll see there is no talent today. What is missing is the passion.



  68. FEd and fellow bloggers,

    I have to share this great OT item with all of you.

    In the paper there was an article about some kindergarten kids who told their parents that some weird guy keeps coming with his guitar to their classroom to sing scary songs. The parents got concerned so they went to the school to find out what is going on. It turns out that Bob Dylan is actually the person who keeps serenading the kids but of course they have no idea who he is.

    C’mon, isn’t that priceless??



    [Kids today, eh? No respect. – Features Editor]

  69. Frank, yes it is a good CD. I’m sure that David has inspired a lot of musicians, including the Edge of U2 (although I haven’t read anything that says he acknowledges it).

    Did you know that in the seventies, pretty well all Canadian bands played at Colleges and High Schools too? Triumph played at one of our High School dances and the first time I saw Rush was at a concert in our High School auditorium (just after their second album was released in ’75, I think). Great concert, by the way.

  70. Andrew, I saw Rush in the early years also, they came to our public school auditorium one saturday night. I was in grade 8. So long ago.

  71. ….Shame on me, i didn’t guess this song, but I’m not the only one to have totalized 0 points then….Ok never mind

    i’m going to read the further Blotto number on the other page…

    and it’s already May the 3rd:doesn’t time fly

    Sometimes while I’m working i watch the pics of the Band’s concert on the wall close to my desk : (sigh)…

    Ciao F.Ed. and all you

  72. That’s wonderful news about the “rare” Pink Floyd promo video which will be aired on BBC2 – unfortunately, we from US can’t join in. Although, you never know, the new BBC documentary series might eventually be shown on Public Broadcast Channel (PBC) here in Miami.

    I’ll have my fingers crossed.

    Thank you for the information – Kxx.

    p.s. Happy belated birthday Tracy.

  73. unblotto! i had ‘wish you were here’ for song 21.

    i voted in the poll for our david, axl rose and robert plant.

    some of the people listed should not be there. no offence, but has anyone heard roger waters singing these days? bob geldof? i know you love bob dylan, fed, but he has a bloody awful voice at times. the same goes for mark knoplfer.

    don’t get me wrong, i like all of the above. i just don’t consider them great singers.

    and am i the only one who thinks that bryan ferry has a really weak voice?

  74. Voted, voted again voted every day voting…. of course only one, The Only One…

    ciao Elisabetta

  75. Hello,

    …just for a “bye” from Rome…I was thinking of the blog.

    Thank you FEd

  76. [In the paper there was an article about some kindergarten kids who told their parents that some weird guy keeps coming with his guitar to their classroom to sing scary songs. (…) It turns out that Bob Dylan is actually the person who keeps serenading…]

    ah! ah! ah! (ih! ih! ih!)


    [I thought you’d like that, Lucia. – Features Editor]

  77. That’s Funny about Dylan.

    I read somewhere lately that Dylan just sings, he doesn’t play. Too bad if it is true.

    I saw him in the late nineties and was astounded at how well he played. There were two other guitarists. Most of the songs were re-arranged to be played fast, and fast they were played! Each guitarist played in different positions on the fretboard sometimes harmonizing, sometimes doubling (tripling?) what Mr. Dylan was playing. Most of the solos were not solos, as all three of them just stood there and played their fingers off. They were all playing Fender guitars and amps. It was a great concert!

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