Blotto (#15)


It’s time to reach for your Blotto cards again, folks…

The sixth song to be revealed from David’s ‘Remember That Night’ double-DVD – in the shops in September – is ‘Shine On You Crazy Diamond’, which will be the 15th song on disc one.

There are 23 songs on this disc (the second being made up of extras), all of which are from the Royal Albert Hall shows of May 2006.

Please mark the ’15’ space on your cards with a tick, cross or suitable facial expression. If you guessed that ‘Shine On You Crazy Diamond’ would take the 15th spot, then you are right. (Smile!)

The aim of Blotto is to complete a line, either horizontally or vertically, on your Blotto card. You can only complete a line with correct guesses, so you must match the song to its numerical spot. If you manage to do so, please let us know by letting out an excited squeak of “Blotto!” and you’ll be entered into a prize draw.

If you’ve missed the other five songs revealed, then they were:

06: ‘On An Island’
08: ‘Red Sky at Night’
13: ‘A Pocketful of Stones’
18: ‘High Hopes’ and
20: ‘Wish You Were Here’ (with Stevie on drums, not Nick Mason).

Good luck to all who are playing.

Here are a few more of Stevie’s answers. My thanks to all who sent in a question for him.

If you have a question for Phil Manzanera, please be sure to send it to the right place (that’s here, not here). Thanks to everyone who has submitted a question so far. There have been some really good ones.

Have a nice weekend, all.

Do your arms ever get so tired you wonder if you will lose time? I notice during ‘High Hopes’ that you kept time by drumming against your leg while striking the bell. Why was this? (Graham Knight)

My arms used to get fatigued as a younger drummer because I thought I had to muscle everything out and over play, but as time went on I learned how to relax and let the sticks do the work. I keep time on my leg for consistency and to keep a sub-division going. The part is to play off 8ths on a foundry bell, so there is a lot of space between the beats, so I tap to keep the time in check. Also, Jon Carin is counting on me to keep it together for his part.

Do you always externalise your feelings that much? (Luis Malheiro)

It’s funny when people tell me that I make faces when I play. They say that I smile a lot, but the honest truth is that I’m not even aware of it. I guess I’m just transported by the music and I’m reacting to the feeling.

Author: FEd

Features Editor of David Gilmour’s official blog, The Blog (‘Features’ previously being its rather naff title), affectionately – or lazily – shortened to ‘FEd’.

82 thoughts on “Blotto (#15)”

  1. Hello again..just musing !!! Stevie D’s thoughtful replies to questions make refreshing reading…

    Plus what a great musical appreciation he has : David Gilmour , CS@N and Ray Lamontagne thats almost worthy of another RAH concert !!

    Just teasing Fed, have a great weekend

    martin d

  2. Shine on You Crazy Diamond….don’t think I know that one….is it one of David’s new songs 🙂

    I never understood why only the intro of that song appeared on the Delicate Sound of Thunder video, though the joint being lit from the laser beam (is that really possible?) followed by the pig shot in the guy’s shades is a great visual moment from that video.

    IMHO, one of the best live versions of SOYCD is on the DG Live in Concert DVD, i.e. the rarely played Part 6 (err, I think that’s the right part!).

    I did also like the version played on the OAI tour, particularly with Crosby and Nash on backing vocals.

    I know everything isn’t going to make it onto the first disc (or the second?), but I’m really hoping that Fat Old Sun and, of course, Echoes do make it on there.

  3. Caption Competition…

    Guy camped up the actions to David singing a George Formby classic… “I’m leaning on the lamp-post at the corner of the street”…

  4. [I believe David has a sculpture of Wireman. – Features Editor]


    Ian Pearson

  5. Thats me out now, good luck to all that still have a chance with the blotto.

    have a good weekend everyone.

  6. Steve, thanks for answering my question, if i was a drummer i think i would see it as an exercise in how hard i could wack the drums, you have opened my eye’s into how much more technical a drummers job is than i thought, again, thank you.


    I have lost. Totally, completely, definitely. kaputt, finito, nada. 🙂

    Err… I am eligible for a consolation prize. Give me a consolation prize!! Let’s see…I would like a t-shirt signed by DG “to my best friend Pier”…well, ok “to my friend Pier”..what? ok “to, pier”..not even a sign? well, a black used t-shirt from a concert? 🙂

    [Keep trying, mate. – Features Editor]

  8. Very considerate of you F’ed. You have, as requested put me out of my blotto misery and I am now “out of the game”

    More nice answers fron Stevie – a class act indeed.

    Good weekend everyone, I’m celebrating my 20th wedding anniversary (I was a child bride you know) in sunny North Norfolk – 🙂

    [Congratulations, Tim. – Features Editor]

  9. Another one bites the dust. I just need one more to complete an unblotto diagonal line. Yippee!!


  10. Good questions for Steve – good answers… thanks Steve.

    Well, down to two possible blotto rows… not doing so well!

    Have a greaty weekend all!

  11. Hi everyone

    I have only ONE other chance, or I’m out of Blotto.

    Damned game..but why I did??? Whyyyyyyyyyyyy?

  12. Is anyone else concerned that Wots the deal, Fat Old Sun, Wearing the inside out and Dominoes are going to lose out in favour of the (IMHO) tired Coming Back to Life?

    [No, I’m not. – Features Editor]

  13. I am now officially eliminated from this year’s blotto playoffs. We’ll work on some off season improvements and be back next year.

  14. *Caption*

    Rehearsals come to a stand still as Guy refuses to continue as long as Roger McGuinn insists on playing drums…

  15. Hello all

    Im finally back at long last with odd internet connections etc etc to contend with

    Im enjoying reading steve’s answers, I think what he said about facial expressions is pretty interesting. I think it happens alot with musicians. my face does nothing most of the time but music makes me smile etc definitely powerful stuff,

    This is probably a stupid question but would someone please explain the didnt they do well T-SHIRTS to me???

    Hope you are all well.

    [It’s a reference to Arsenal winning both the League and FA Cup in 1971. Both David and Guy are Arsenal fans. The 1971 FA Cup Final was Guy’s first ever football match. – Features Editor]

  16. Caption Competition…

    Guy and Steve waited patiently as DG was handcuffed and taken away but neither of them could look at the fan that had been impaled on the three guitars by DG…

  17. Hi FEd,

    I have finally come to the conclusion that, for me at least, Blotto has become a spectator sport.

    If anyone does manage to ‘Blotto’ the roar from the crowd will be deafening!

    Washington State

  18. *caption*

    Not to be outdone by the The Posh Spice David Gilmour duet Guy does a tango with Posh Spice…

    How’s that for continuation of a theme??


    [Excellent. – Features Editor]

  19. Rudders, brilliant as it may be, your caption has certified you legally insane… 🙂

  20. [IMHO, one of the best live versions of SOYCD is on the DG Live in Concert DVD, i.e. the rarely played Part 6 -IMcK]

    I couldn’t agree more. Of course, I love the first parts of SOYCD, but I certainly would like to hear David play the last parts a lot more! Maybe next tour?

    You guys put up some great questions for Phil. Mine were already covered, so I’ll just sit back in wait.

    Thanks FEd, for putting us out of our Blotto misery.

    Have a great weekend all!


  21. Blotto sucks!

    Hope everyone has a great weekend. I will be chopping a tree down with an axe…fun stuff

    Renee B.
    Fontana, Ca USA

    [I know you love it, really. – Features Editor]

  22. I’m out. This is the worst game ever.

    [We all know that’s baseball… – Features Editor]

  23. Last night, David’s velvet voice lifted me out of the commute traffic I was stuck in. He was describing how his music is not confined to one particular style.

    His eclectic style is one of the many reasons he is my favorite artist. Since the first time I heard ‘There’s No Way Out Of Here’ in the 80’s, I agree there isn’t, and I’ll gladly continue to indulge in the multiple aspects of David’s work and music.

    Have a great weekend everyone. CT

  24. Howdy David & FEd,

    I hope you guys have an incredible weekend. I shall be buried in textbooks and writing papers. (It’s almost over!!!!!!!!)


  25. Belated happy birthday George G!

    Caption: Guy looks on camply as Stevie loses his head after a mis-timed intro.

    Have a good weekend all!

    Tom B

  26. I’m out of the Blotto game as well… but it was fun while it lasted (and much harder than I had anticipated).

    You guys are asking some great questions and getting some interesting answers. I wonder if we’ll get to ask Mr. Gilmour some questions one day as well?? Just a thought…

    I can’t believe it was a year ago today that I met up with some fellow “irregulars” at the Jay Leno show… which was followed by the most fabulous concert EVER at Universal!

    Thank you again, Mr. Gilmour for touring the US and sharing your fabulous music with us! I’m smiling all day today like I did last year on this date… What great memories I have of that day~


  27. [We all know that’s baseball… – Features Editor]

    See in England they call soccer, football. So we all know that FEd actually was trying to say cricket.



    [That, too. Load of rubbish. – Features Editor]

  28. Caption Competition…

    Guy and Steve waited patiently as DG chastised Polly for adding a pair of his red socks to the load when she washed the curtains…

  29. Have a great weekend all! I’m enjoying the captions, guys…

    As for the game, well I have been eliminated through the Orifice of Blottogical Waste….

    I am having fun watching everyone scratch their heads as to what inspired the DVD track list…

  30. Psst Fed…

    Is there a contingency plan in place for this competition? A plan for when no-one wins. Not wanting to be a doubting Thomas or Sally sob-story but it’s a possibility…


    [It is indeed a possibility. That’s just tough luck, though. – Features Editor]

  31. [Is anyone else concerned that Wots the deal, Fat Old Sun, Wearing the inside out and Dominoes are going to lose out in favour of the (IMHO) tired Coming Back to Life?]

    [No, I’m not. – Features Editor]

    Hmm….sounds like this might be confirmation that CBTL is more likely to be on the DVD than these other four songs.

    As I think I’ve mentioned before, I’ve never particularly liked CBTL but the version at the RAH on 30th May was pretty good.

    However, IMHO, it was nowhere near as good as the performance of Fat Old Sun from that same night….this was definitely one of the highlights of the concert.

    [No, of course not. I just happen to really like ‘Coming Back To Life’, that’s all. – Features Editor]

  32. Blotto!

    Thats me out; it wasn’t luck I needed but a minor miracle.

    Has anyone got them all right? If so, it must be an insider job.

    Hope all your weekends are enjoyable.

  33. Well 2 more to unblotto, some are ahead, so I have to catch up.

    Great weekend everyone. Gonna be summer here this weekend 22Deg.C. Yes!!

    Caption: Guy does his impression of “Well I mutht thay”.

  34. Have great times for this lovely week-end! It will be around 19 degrees in the laurentians where i live, so… we just smile at this beautiful weather!

    Just want to say that next week, i am flying to Florida with my family (i know fed, you don’t like Florida but if you were living in north america, you probably go you too…) for 2 weeks in vacation. We will go in the Keys.AH!AH! This is more interesting, fed said.

    Michèle, pas d’école pour les 2 petits pour 2 semaines,ah! les chanceux. Mais ce qu’ils ignorent c’est que maman Sylvie a tout prévu; j’emporte les devoirs pour 2 semaines avec moi!!!

    Until then i’ll probably post one or two times again before leaving!

    xxx Sylvie de montréal

  35. It’s Over, I still haven’t one Number right.

    Take Care,

    PS I hope everyone has a good weekend

  36. 1 away from Unblotto….Im almost there!!

    FEd…do you know who took that picture? It looks so cool. The lighting gives it a 1960’s Cult Film feel to it. Like something out of a John Waters Movie. Definately my new Favorite Picture on this website.

    Have a Great Weekend. Im expecting to Have Unblotto By Next week….=)

    [It’s one of Polly’s, taken at David’s birthday last year. Click your name for more. – Features Editor]

  37. Caption..(an aside from Guy to Steve)

    “Quit worrying about it, tell the truth, and just answer them that you love your Father in Law just like I let’s see that smile again!”

  38. I’m officially out of Blotto, kids, but I’m one step away from having a full line of UNBLOTTO! (#10 will do me in, FEd, take note…)

    But I don’t care! I spent Friday online with my friends, totally forgetting to read this here thang until, um, midnightish, played games, and I bloody well played Echoes in its entirety to a rather startled radio audience earlier tonight cos the station master was away. Bwah ha ha ha!

    Love to you all!


  39. Oh Well, I’m out of Blotto 🙁 ‘Not-to’ more like 😉

    It does suck, Renee, but in a good way!

    I am starting a 77 mile walk on Monday from Shrewsbury, Shropshire to Edale, Derbyshire so I won’t be able to chat but I may pop in on the blog (via mobile phone) when I can 😉

    Thanks to Stevie for the latest Q&A.

    I wish everyone a good weekend and week ahead.

  40. Well it’s true for me too…”Blotto was fun while it lasted”…but that’s all over now…”sniff, sniff, boo hoo hoo”

  41. Hello bloggers. Won’t ask what I’ve missed. I trust all is well in David world.

    Can’t wait for the new DVD. Cheers, David.

  42. OFF TOPIC:

    i wonder if David has ever thought of playing a Theramin? i heard some music perfomed on this instrument & it was really haunting yet beautiful & i can imagine David using one (just think, he need never change a string again).

    Although in the wrong hands (mine), i fear that all the cats & dogs in the neighbourhood would join in.

  43. A concert in Italy? I’m looking forward to seeing David Gilmour.

    [There’s no concert in Italy, sorry. – Features Editor]

  44. Caption: “How much longer are the others going to take before they get here? We want to PLAY!!”

  45. Hey Fed

    I thought guys T shirt was about the generation game, WHO ARE ARSNEL? Oh yeah one place behind us……..Its only on loan, its only on loan, in ancient greece, we’ll bring it back home.

    If DG thinks Im talking crap I have a bet with him….If Liverpool dont win the champions league then he has to come to liverpool and do a gig with My band, If we do I will do a gig with his band.

    [Sounds good… I mean, Liverpool winning the Champions League, of course. I lost track of everything you said after that, for some strange reason. – Features Editor]

  46. [I’m out. This is the worst game ever.]

    [We all know that’s baseball… – Features Editor]

    Hey Hey!!..easy now, let’s not talk about baseball like that…..I know Bush owned the Texas “Rangers” at one time, but he’s moved on to f*ck up bigger things.

  47. Hello FEd, Hello to all of you bloggers.

    It’s okay for “SOYCD” at the 15th position on the “Remember that night” DVD.

    It’s gonna be very hard to wait until September 17th for the release of it.

    It would be very nice to have a “Remember that night” CD including the best moments of the “On an island Tour 2006” in the way Pink Floyd’s “p.u.l.s.e.” was made in 1995 ? It would be so cool to wait with it during next summer…

    I’m sure I’m not the only one to have this wish among all the “DG” bloggers.

    Have a nice week !

    Best regards.

  48. My “High Hopes” were long gone with the “Blotto” game; yet, I am still very interested and anxious to know which songs made it to the DVD – it must be tough to pick and choose from a collection of great performances.

  49. I forgot to ask from my previous post, for Blotto # 15 – “Shine On You Crazy Diamond”, which version is it? Is it the one with David Crosby & Graham Nash? I understand they were guests for this song at one of the concerts at RAH; or was I mistaken? Just curious!

    [You’ll just have to wait and see, but anyone who guessed that ‘Shine On You Crazy Diamond’ would be the 15th song is correct. – Features Editor]

  50. I was blotto and missed the deadline but I’m pretty sure I’d have been out anyway. Between shoes and blotto I’m not so great – try me on lyrics anyday…

    I have only two words to describe the weekend seeing as FEd mentioned Arsenal: Jermaine Jenas 🙂

    I (and 35k other people) had all stood up and yelled “SHOOT!” at the top of our lungs…quick one-two with Steed and blam! – 30 yards to the left post. I was screaming and jumping about for literally 5 minutes afterwards.

    From being downhearted to elated in an instant…only football and music can do it soooo well 🙂


    [I couldn’t agree more, mate. – Features Editor]

  51. Good one Chris, When’s the band showin up?

    Fed, a question to ask. What, in your opinion has been the best round time to open the chatroom for us all and approximately what time UK ? You have to accomodate the world. Just a thought.

    [I personally like the lunchtime/early afternoon (UK time) chats best, purely because they’re quieter and I’m able to get other things done at the same time. What’s best for me isn’t best for everyone else, though. The later chats are more popular, for obvious reasons. – Features Editor]

  52. Happy St Georges Day

    Re Blotto Game and all moaning that they cant win. Surely you already have won havent you? I mean you entered and taking part is far more important than winning. I couldnt take part so doesnt that make me a loser? No/Yes but I am on the subs bench, that is this blog. “Bloggo” is the real game.

    Ian Pearson

  53. [Sounds good… I mean, Liverpool winning the Champions League, of course.]

    As we are talking football (soccer) I am involved a vets tournament at the Ricoh in Coventry on the 29th. Any bloggers or band etc that happen to be in Coventry on that afternoon (why they would is beyond me) are welcome as entry is free.

    Pete – Coventry

    [All the best with that, Pete. – Features Editor]

  54. [All the best with that, Pete. – Features Editor]

    Thanks Fed, I hope I do as I have decided that this is to be my last 11 a side match.

    The aches and pains have beaten me.

    5 a side only from now on.

    Pete – Coventry


    [If David decides to tour again, we’ll be the first to let you know which countries he plans to visit. For now, I’m afraid there are no plans for David to perform anywhere. – Features Editor]

  56. Hi Fed,

    Man, the Blotto-ers are dropping like flies. Maybe there should be some kind of Blotto fallout support group or something.

    Caption: Steve looks on in disbelief as Guy recites his version of “I’m Too Sexy”

    Have a great day, all

  57. CAPTION:

    Guy is so convinced he can eat the worlds largest Jello behind him that he opted for the biggest spoon. “Hands off Steve” he screamed.

    1st night wobbles spring to mind ….sorry.

    Rgds Geoff Duffy ( Dublin )

  58. I’m just sitting here working and listening to the Meltdown concert. Fat Old Sun sounds almost as good on the recording as it did on the night – but my reason for posting is that at the end I was expecting that lovely ramped up jam/groove that we heard on the OAI tour version. I think I heard it live on the OAI tour either 3 or 4 times but for a song I love to pieces that’s nothing…so for that relatively short exposure it has had a big impact!

    I’ve just put on the original from AHM just to double check myself. To my ears we definitely heard a differently worked last section (i.e. after the last vocals) and it was a lot more groovy than the original. Could be me of course (it often is!) and just another reason to will the DVD release to come soon 🙂


  59. [From being downhearted to elated in an instant…only football and music can do it soooo well]

    I had a similar feeling when I saw Newcastle had somehow got a draw – phew !

  60. Voting time again!

    Toronto’s Rock Radio Station, Q107, is having a competition to find the top 40 greatest classic rock singers of all time…

    There’s someone called Gilmour on the list by the way… 🙂

    [I know the one. He’s not bad. It’s not easy choosing two others, though… – Features Editor]

  61. Voting time again!

    Cheers Rudders for the heads up

    Rgds Geoff Duffy ( Dublin )

  62. *caption*

    The candles on the birthday cake emitted a warm red glow on the curtains while Guy and Steve patiently wait for David to blow out the candles.



  63. I`m out of Blotto too! this game is more difficult than I thought it was going to be.

    I have noticed that recently more people are reffering to David as `dave` This will not do!

    The worlds greatest guitarist deserves more respect…

    OK I`m off my soap box now….

  64. Voting time again!

    Cheers Rudders, my votes are in for the said constituency.

    1. DG
    2. Robert Plant
    3. Other (Ian Gillan. Why isn’t he on the list?)

    I’ve drawn another blank with WYWH… Only one line left now before I’m Un-blottoed.

  65. Umm…the choices of singers are quite competitive. It took me great pain to narrow it down to the final three and my top pick goes to Mr. David Gilmour, of course.

  66. Hello FEd! How was your weekend???

    Thanks for directing me to those other pictures..Absolutely amazing looking!

    Im auditioning for a musical tomorrow…Any suggestions on what song I should use for an audition piece?

    [It was good, thanks. The best of luck with your audition. How about ‘Consider Yourself’ from ‘Oliver’? Best of all, you won’t have to shower before you set off, or worry about what to wear. I’m sure they’d approve of the extra effort. How’s your Cockney? – Features Editor]

  67. Mmmmmmm, very nice photo on the cover of Guitar Techniques …. mmmmmmm

    Ahem, (regaining my composure) thanks for the directions to the voting booth Rudders!

    Hope to talk to you all tomorrow — in the meantime keep the peace and share the love!!

    Washington State

  68. And I’m out. Blotto has beaten me over the head and stuck it’s wet finger in my ear just for spite’s sake.

    I just got back from a weekend in San Antonio and two 28 hour bus rides with NO Pink Floyd OR (worse still) David Gilmour to listen to. Tragic tragic *shakes head*. I was thinking of the blog quote a bit and all you wonderful people who are on it. 😀

    Now, I will listen to nothing but David’s pure, crystal voice and emote to his glorious guitar playing for days on end. *sigh* Good to be home. 😉

  69. Happy Tuesday,

    [I’m just sitting here working and listening to the Meltdown concert.]

    I tell you Nickster, that concert was truly superb.

    Then, you never had the blog to give you set lists etc from each night (yes, I didnt have to read them) so the whole evening was, for me, shock after shock.

    Pete – Coventry

  70. Hi Fed!

    Maybe this could be interesting also for other DG and PF-fans:

    POP AROUND THE CLOCK at 3sat (German TV), Superstars in concert:
    Date: 1.May
    9.15 o’clock David Gilmour: Live at Robert Wyatt´s Meltdown, Royal Festival Hall, London, UK, 2001
    23.50 o’clock Pink Floyd: Pulse, Earls Court, London, UK, 1994

    Have a great week everyone!

    With best regards from Berlin

    [Vielen Dank, Ina. Consider the details added to the calendar. – Features Editor]

  71. [I’ve just put on the original from AHM just to double check myself. To my ears we definitely heard a differently worked last section (i.e. after the last vocals) and it was a lot more groovy than the original. Could be me of course (it often is!) and just another reason to will the DVD release to come soon 🙂 – Posted by: nickster at April 23, 2007 06:33 PM]

    I had the same reaction, nickster! Although I enjoy both the original and the Meltdown versions of “Fat Old Sun,” I think what we heard from the tour was indeed different and I can’t wait to see the DVD.

    I found myself in absolute tears at the concert. I wish I knew enough about music to be able to describe it, because it was exquisite.

    All I know is that when the DVD arrives, I’ll be playing “Fat Old Sun” first. And, no doubt, over and over and over again!

  72. Hello Fed!

    I´m sorry. Davids Meltdown is 9.15 o´clock a.m. (in the morning)!! Pulse 23.50 o´clock p.m.

    Please correct the time in your calendar!!! (I forget to write a.m. or p.m.)

    All the Best to you.

    [No problem, Ina. I have now changed it. Many thanks. – Features Editor]

  73. FEd,

    I am surprised at you. Not so much for closing the questions to El Magnifico before I could submit one (most all the questions were fabulous by the way so I didn’t need to), but because of your uneducated and dare I say, inconsiderate, response to our good friend Lucia.

    The Ladytron vocal Lucia was referring to (via the previous post topic) was the Thom Yorke voiceover of the song, Ladytron, from the 1998 film soundtrack Velvet Goldmine. Thom York acted as a solo artist on this track. Radiohead had nothing to do with it. And before you say, ”well what I said was. . .’SOMETHING as dreadful as Radiohead’” which is akin to Thom Yorke vocals, please consider David as a solo artist compared to his role in Pink Floyd.

    Also, you dismissed Lucia’s question as nothing more than unmitigated schlock, because of your indifferent bias towards an artist you personally don’t approve of. I don’t have to remind you, Phil Manzanera played on Ladytron, the second track on Roxy Music’s first album, but I am going to. For all you know, Phil may have a strong opinion with regards to Lucia’s perfectly poignant question.

    I always thought of you as a connoisseur in the fine art of disquisition, but I believe your response to Lucia, stands me corrected.

    Again, I’m surprised at you.

    My Best Regards

    P.S. I desperately hope Lucia returns to us as I have not seen a response from her since your caustic, and very blunt, response to her completely valid inquisition.

    [Then I stand corrected and invite you to scold me further for clearly being so damn mean, even though you are missing the point entirely (and I would still rather pour sand in my ears than listen to the song, which is my opinion, which is something I was allowed to have the last time I checked). We are rather touchy today, aren’t we? I’m sure I don’t need to remind you of the definition of the words Banter, Tease or Joke? I should hope not. This ‘Radiohead thing’ has been running for months, as have many other ‘things’ – with varying degrees of tedium. If you don’t like them, ignore them. Indeed, if such banter was banished entirely, you’d bleat about that (again). – Features Editor]

  74. Whoa Marcus…but I have to side with FEd on this one. The banter and teasing of Lucia and Radiohead is well documented on this site. And sure I have also been a big proponent as well as instigator at times of the teasing. Which you may find as a conflict of interest but I didn’t read FEd’s commentary as anything other than an opinion and a continuation of some fun.

    It actually is also documented that David likes the band and I’m sure that some others in his close circle.

    I think that Lucia has a thicker skin. Afterall, even with all the teasing she took, there was also that discussion of spaghetti dinner with her and FEd. And we’ve been pretty hard on her at times, yet she seems to always come back with a smile as well as some very good responses.



  75. Lucia,

    I have closed my eyes, counted to a thousand and I am now coming to find you.

    Where are you…………..we miss you

    Pete – Coventry

  76. Sorry FEd,

    I was joking, of course. No hard feelings. I apologize for my terse bleating.

  77. For what it’s worth (which is probably very little) I interpreted Lucia’s, Fed’s, Marcus’s and even Andrew’s (cheap shot) contributions on the above as ALL in good humour and the spirit of the blog.

    We only get these occasional little “misunderstandings” because we care (for the topic and each other) after all.


    Hey! I have been distracted for a moment….and look what a mess I have done!!! Sorry, I didn’t want to create any trouble and, to be honest, I don’t understand exactly what is happening!

    I didn’t write lately not because I am upset, but only because I hadn’t nothing to say and other affairs to handle. Of course, the reason was not that I was upset and I am sorry if I gave this impression. Fed has to do some more effort, if she wants to get rid of me!

    I sady say that this time Andrew is right about me! Andrew, dear, I said “sadly” only because you are one of those who teases me a lot, so I don’t like to say you are right! So, don’t take any offence, please! I am only teasing you! 😉

    About the issue, I didn’t reply to FEd and Andrew’s post simply because I didn’t want to do the issue longer.

    I had some doubt that FEd reply was a little serious against me…but i wasn’t sure and, to be honest, I neither understood how caustic FEd’s reply was! So, maybe my bad english helped me to not feel offended! 😉

    Joking apart. Marcus, you were very kind. Really really really very kind to worry about me, as well as Pete. Thank you mates!!! But you didn’t need to worry about me! I think it was only another misunderstanding.

    FEd is free to tell me what she thinks exactly as Fed allows us to do that. And of course I don’t want to ask FEd to say only kind words to me! As when I could have said something nice, FEd was nice; in the same way if I say something stupid, FEd does well saying me “I think you said something stupid”.

    Also more, FEd is free to tease me everytime she wants!

    The only thing I think I have THE RIGHT to ask is to talk with me in a polite way. But if FEd is polite, she is of course free to tell me everything she thinks about my posts and disagree.

    Anyway, I am not upset, I am sorry to have created this mess, I am grateful to Marcus for his kind worry (as well as I thanks the others) and, above all, if is not impolite, I still want to know what Phil thinks about Ladytron!

    I wish you all a wonderful day!


    P.S. I will probably very busy in the next days. Think about me, but don’t worry! I will be ok! Take care!

    [Lucia, you didn’t create any mess at all, so please don’t feel bad. Thanks for putting this nonsense to an end before it became any more farcical and bored anybody else to tears. For anyone who still cares and, for the love of God, to draw a thick line underneath the issue, the offending (but not to Lucia) remark was: “My dear Lucia… You say that Phil’s a great artist in one breath, then wish something as dreadful as Radiohead on him with the next? That can’t be right.” Presumably the lack of a brightly-coloured face winking, or half a dozen unnecessary exclamation marks, didn’t make the ‘joke’ clear enough. That is very sad, because I like to think that people can spot jest without needing some sort of prompt to laugh or nod knowingly at the end. Oh well. – Features Editor]

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