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As I mentioned back in February, a group of ‘Blog Irregulars’ are plotting a meet-up for fans in the US (Bloggerpalooza?, 8 February).

There’s now talk of arranging a similar shindig in the UK.

The date for the US event(s) has been decided, so please add it to your diaries: Saturday 18 August. No more details are ready to be revealed yet, so please don’t ask for them. We’ll say more when we know more.

As for the UK, then we’d like to know who is interested in getting involved. Everyone is welcome, of course. It’s not limited to UK fans.

We’d also like to hear your suggestions for where this event should take place, so let’s hear from you.

Please note that the date should be the same, so that’s Saturday 18 August for both US and UK… and anywhere else where fans might wish to arrange something similar.

The chatroom will be open on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday next week. Please see the calendar for opening hours and do feel free to drop in with your thoughts.

Please note that, as usual, we will not be publishing any e-mail addresses, contact details nor links to websites. We just want to know who is interested in a get-together and where it should be.

Have a good weekend, everyone. See you next week.

Author: FEd

Features Editor of David Gilmour’s official blog, The Blog (‘Features’ previously being its rather naff title), affectionately – or lazily – shortened to ‘FEd’.

81 thoughts on “UK get-together”

  1. F*Ed ~ Was the US location ever confirmed?

    [The people making arrangements for the US aren’t quite ready to announce full details yet. As soon as they are, we’ll let you know. – Features Editor]

  2. I know this picture! I was there! That’s at the Leno gig, right? I certainly Remember that Night.

    C’mon UK people, we’re on our way to a great worldwide party! I’d be there if it weren’t for that damn pond.


  3. CAPTION: ” give me your boots motorcycle and sunglasses, i’ll be back.”

    Rgds Geoff Duffy ( Dublin )

  4. It would be great to meet up with some of the other locals 😉

    The thoughts that I have had on this so far are that we ideally need a location that is willing to be open to whatever time we like and has internet access, so we can hook up with the US parties over the web using video chat or whatever for at least a couple of hours. It will be a late night 😉

    There obviously would then need to be accommodation on site or very near especially for those who may want to come with their families.

    Location of the venue is another question. Central London or an easily accessible central position in the UK?


    They had been playing Echoes for so long that the vegetation was starting to get out of hand.

  6. Hi F’ed.

    A UK meet up sounds like a brilliant plan….I’d definately be up for that.

    The Hard Rock Cafe would be a cool place to meet up, or maybe somewhere that’s more of a music venue (depending on numbers) or maybe we could just hire an island on the Thames and take that over for a day!!

    (sorry, I’m getting carried away now)

    How about we recruit the services of some musical types and do a DG tribute band who could belt out a few OAI numbers! (I’m sure Guy would be up for it….)

    I’d be up for strumming some rhythm guitar (there’s no way I could emulate the great DG though – we’d need someone with superhuman powers!)

    Have a great weekend all…I’m off to practice.


  7. August 18th, sounds good to me. I hope I can make it, it sounds like a lot of fun.

    Have a good weekend.

  8. Hmm… the 18th you say. Hooray for that. David Gilmour fans: assemble!

    Caption: An enticing job — if your a lazy directionless slob, you’re fully qualified for this position especially if you are a musician.

    *This happens to be my mantra. :)*

  9. Hi everyone, I haven’t committed yet for August 18th, however the East connection is good so far, but I am concerned for us lonely Canadians. Shall we get together or join up in the U.S.? Any feedback would be appreciated.

    Have a great weekend.

    Headline news: “Crazy Canuck Bloggers Invade U.S. and play British Tunes”. LOL.

  10. I was at that Leno gig too. That was a great day, meeting fellow bloggers having garlic fries over a trash can….damn it can’t get any better than that.

    Hope my fellow bloggers get a party going in the UK.

    Renee B.
    Fontana, Ca USA

  11. Battersea Power Station

    I heard the former power station is now a listed building and host to rock concert, plays and exhibitions.

    Has anyone experienced an event there?

  12. I really like some of the shirts on the site, and at some of the DG shows that I’ve been to, but what I want to know is why is there always a big bulky pic or image on the front, and small image or pic on the back. I know many people that have complained to me about the same thing.

    I bought 2 of the shirts a toronto show and like them a lot, but come on, how about someday giving us some cool images and pics on the back (large if you must) and something small on the front. Maybe thats just one of the wierd differences between british and american style or taste.

    I know its minor bullshit to complain about something like this but it’s what people are saying, and for sure, you’d sell more shirts on this side of the Atlantic if so.

    I can’t wait to see the DVD and hopefully a new Gilmour album soon!

    huge fan
    the farmer

    [Thanks for your suggestion, Willy. – Features Editor]

  13. With the US and UK meet-ups BOTH on the 18th August does that mean I’ll have to get Concorde out of retirement and do my Phil Collins a la Live Aid and jet to both events?

    Hmmmm … sounds like a plan Scooby

  14. A great idea with the get together but will it only be for those older than I (16) or will we mini groupies be allowed to come and play?

    Have a nice weekend all.

    [I’m sure that everyone will be welcome, even you young’uns. – Features Editor]

  15. [Central London or an easily accessible central position in the UK? Posted by: Nate at March 16, 2007 09:13 PM]

    Well, you can’t get more central than Birmingham or Coventry. That way it would be easier and cheaper for Lorraine, Simon Emery, Chantelle (I think)etc etc to get here.

    Coventry Pete, any suggestions for a venue?



  16. On the David animation on the front page, the pictures of david in the “On an island” Cover, the RHA litho and the stick figure of David… All of those show David rising his right shoulder when playing…

    All the videos i’ve seen of David he rises his left shoulder… why have you switched it ?

    [Nothing to do with me, but good question. – Features Editor]

  17. My life is a little out of my hands at the moment and I can’t make any promises. Publisher is making plans for book launch around then and I could be anywhere. However, if I’m around on the 18th and have time free, I’ll certainly make an effort to get there.

  18. Count me in for the UK side of things – it’ll be a blast. At least we won’t have too much arguing over the music 🙂


  19. Err…..can we do it in Lanzarote? I’ll be on holiday there on the 18th August unfortunately. Great idea though – I’ll have a think about some suitable venues as well – London isn’t necessarily the best venue 😉

  20. A Bloggies meeting would be a thrill of course, and London would be a very good meeting place with all the low cost carriers offering affordable flights from Germany. Too bad it´s the same date for an US and UK meeting, just in case one would like to attend all meetings. Please keep us posted.

    I wanted to access the chat yesterday to ask about more details, but my password didn´t work! Can that be due to the fact that I tried to enter after 7 PM?

    Have a great WE

    [I’m afraid so. There’s a random room password set in place after closing time. – Features Editor]

  21. [With the US and UK meet-ups BOTH on the 18th August does that mean I’ll have to get Concorde out of retirement and do my Phil Collins a la Live Aid and jet to both events? – Posted by: Rick Strang at March 17, 2007 11:54 AM]

    Sadly, I’ve misplaced my police box…

    Without all the geek-speak, please be advised that we will probably wind up broadcasting the US event to the rest of the planet and set up tele/video-conferencing to allow any/all gatherings to communicate with each other… and hopefully those who cannot attend any of the gatherings can also participate through the wonders of the internet.

    There will no doubt be more information presented in the future once dates/times/programs/etc. are resolved.



  22. The Hard Rock is a great suggestion Emma. I have been looking at their website and would think it would be possible. As you say, it’s an eating place and I don’t know how they would be about a load of us hanging round all evening although you can book them for events. It all depends just how big this thing gets. Noise could be a problem that may hinder the planned audio/video interaction with the guys in the US.

    Battersea Power Station is out of the question. It has been neglected by it’s owners over the last 20 years and any event there would need to bring in all of it’s own facilities. We don’t have that kind of budget… or ANY budget.

    As far as I am concerned, this event needs to be done with each person paying for themselves on the night and hopefully without the need to pay anything to the venue hosting.

    Your age shouldn’t be a problem Chantelle especially if it was somewhere like the Hard Rock.

  23. my favorite quote of this week:

    Agrippa to Octavia: “I would follow you to Hades, I’d even go to Britain”.

  24. This will be really something!

    I´m heading for the East Coast (US) party, but I wish I was at all of them… at the same time…

    Are you heading to the UK´s one, FEd? You could use some disguise or go incognito…

    “Hey, who invited that guy wearing Chelsea´s uniform???”

    “Uh…don´t know…but…aren´t those red socks???”

    Oh, well…I better make my list now…

    [These events are by the fans, for the fans, and should probably stay that way for the sake of the fans. That said, I hope all goes well. They should be good fun. – Features Editor]

  25. I wish i could go to the London barnfest, but i’ll be happy to go to the one that’s closest to me. I know everyone will have a blast wherever we are.

    Hope everyone has a great weekend and be safe all.


  26. I know it’s off topic, and it’s a long shot asking such a question, but here goes just in case.

    I was watching “The Making Of The DSOTM” this afternoon and I wondered if the black Strat David plays throughout the DVD is the same black Strat he played at the RAH last May? And is it his favourite and famous ’71?

    [I’d imagine so, but haven’t got the DVD to hand. Do any guitarists wish to chime in here? Don’t forget that it’s the famous black Strat which will be launched by Fender as a David Gilmour custom model sometime in 2008 (please click your name below for the story as we reported it back in November). We’ve no further information to report as yet, I’m afraid, but will have more when details have been finalised. We know that there’s great interest in this guitar. – Features Editor]

  27. Would love to attend but as my first child is due to be born on the 13th of August I think I might have other commitments at that time!

    Hope everyone has a great time. Take lots of pictures.

  28. I’m absolutely up for it.

    Battersea sounds good, they are renovating the whole area, it might be still under construction though.

    Otherwise what about Cambridge? I’ve never been, there must be some floydian music-bar..??

  29. August 18th is a Saturday so it might be good to make it a daytime thing (at least to kick-off) so people can make it and travel home if they want…

    How about Cambridge – reasons

    1. It’s “home” to PF
    2. It’s well placed for Stansted Airport so friends can fly in from Europe on the budget flyers
    3. Lots of public spaces (anything left in the Marketing budget for a marquee and hog roast, F’ed?)
    4. It’s relatively easy access from London and the Midlands (and Norfolk, tee hee)
    5. It never rains in Cambridge

    OK 5 is a lie.

  30. As long as they serve alcohol there, I’ll be there.

    P.s WALES WON!!!!! I’m still drunk, but I forgot to say WALES WON!!!!!!

  31. great idea for a uk meet. we are truly international, also i have some time on my hands if anything needs organising i would be happy to take up the reins etc if it helps

  32. Last thing I heard, Battersea Power Station is to be demolished. Yep, the land has apparently been acquired and they’re going to build something on that land (flats, offices etc). I thought it was a listed building, but apparently not. If anyone can confirm or deny this I’d love to know, because if it’s true it’s a really really sad day for London and PF lovers everywhere.

    I’ve been wracking my braincell to come up with ideas for venues, but mostly drawing blanks or silly ideas (Pompeii, Grantchester Meadows, San Tropez, and two different types of cave – the pict inhabited kind and the coral variety that forms in a labyrinth pattern). Told you they were silly 🙂

    It all depends on numbers – if we’re 20-30 then we should be able to book a table/room at any restaurant or bar. If we’re in the region of 50+ then things probably get a bit more limited, and places like the Hard Rock may struggle to accomodate? Maybe at that point it’s easier to hire a bar for the night…we then have full musical control and the place to ourselves 🙂


  33. – Maybe London would be the most easily accessible location for non British people.

    – I have just received the last Mojo magazine (April 2007), and was delighted to read the results of “The Mojo Readers’ Poll 2006”:

    ‘Live Act Of The Year’: David Gilmour: #3
    ‘DVD Of The Year’: PF Pulse: #4
    ‘Artist Of The Year’: Bob Dylan: #1
    ‘Album Of The Year’: #Bob Dylan ‘Modern Times’ #1


    [Very good. Thanks for letting us know. – Features Editor]

  34. I think London sounds good as it might be easier/cheaper for non UK Bloggers to get to.

    Is there a Hard Rock Café in Cardiff? 😀

    [There is. Very nice it is, too. – Features Editor]

  35. Yes Warren, it’s the same Strat (I just watched the dvd few days ago), black 57 reissue body, with custom pickguard and pickups, and one piece maple neck. Note that this particular black/maple layout became popular from The Wall onwards. Before that, mid 70’s layout was black/rosewood, which is my favourite.

  36. Fed, if and when this gets sorted out, can we entertain your ideas to connect everyone on Aug. 18th. Take a week off prior, then emcee this date. It would be such an honour to have you amongst us. Even in spirit.

    [Bless you. – Features Editor]

  37. After watching the movie “Flyboys” I read the credits. To my surprise Trevor Rabin (occasional Yes guitarist) composed the music to this film. I thought the music was great. I think David has the same talent to do for films, that is compose the music.

    Does David have any interest in composing music for films?

  38. Great idea for UK meet up. It can only be a matter of days before plans are announced for the South American meeting!

    18th good for me and the snow here should have gone by then. London isnt that accessible though and remember Scotland please when one talks about UK! Sometimes the outskirts are easier to get to but wherever youll never please everyone.

    Ive just come back from day in Manchester. 3am Friday to midnight last night.24 hours on train. Trains can be more reliable so consider access to stations maybe.Inverness is cool!!

    Ian Pearson


    1) Hampton Court Palace, its close to Astoria as well, if the weather is nice (yeah right!) we could take a picnic, walk along the Thames, get lost in the maze, go for rides on the horse & carriages, those with children would not be disadvantaged as there would be plenty to do.

    2) Alton Towers

    3) Whipsnade Zoo

    My choices are family venues, as i see it as a family day out too, just my take on it thats all.


  40. I would not be able to make it, i always work on saturday. I am one of the poor lonely canadians!!! But i ll be there in thoughts…

    Is there any chance that David appears in the U.K. get together?!!!!!!!!!!!

    sylvie de montréal

    [It’s very unlikely that David will be there, Sylvie. – Features Editor]

  41. What a nice idea. I should be in England at that time on holiday, so I hope to see you all then.

    ciao ciao

  42. Hi Fed,

    What would be great is if this Bloggerpalooza turned into something like Live 8 with all of these get togethers, and live links between all the parties. I bet there are enough musicians to form up a few ‘Barn Bands’ to put on some live DG music, all kinds of great stuff.

    It would be be like a Trekkies convention on steroids.

    Of course, there is all of the logistical stuff involved, but the Bloggers have already proven their ability to meet the challenge, with all of the Arnold Layne collaberations, and the gifts for Fed and donations, etc. I could see this Bloggerpalooza easily turning into some awesome transcontinental party.

    I’ll try to catch a Chat session this week, so far my schedule is fairly light. I’m looking forward to chatting with everyone.

    Have a good day, all


  43. We need Teleportation! I want to be at all three now!

    I’m practicing guitar with my OAI songbook so I can be as fully versed as possible in the ways of OAI for our thing…


  44. [I was watching “The Making Of The DSOTM” this afternoon and I wondered if the black Strat David plays throughout the DVD is the same black Strat he played at the RAH last May]

    You may have also been looking at his custom built 24 fret Black Lewis. He was playing that in a clip of how to achieve the high notes in the “Money” solos. His black strat always shows up with different necks,etc.

  45. It’s good to see that such an event is being planned for the UK. I’ll be out of the country for three weeks in August, but wish you all well.

    Thank you to Michèle for the the news about Mojo magazine. I’m going to find a copy.

  46. Sorry for the Off Topic.

    Just to say that a new floydian and david’s fan was born in 12 of march!! She is my little daughter, she is wonderful!!!!

    I hoper that she will like pink floyd as her father.


    [Congratulations, Aldo. That’s wonderful news. Thanks for sharing it with us. – Features Editor]

  47. Simon J…

    Thank you for the news about Wales winning! I completely forgot we were playing the old enemy.

    I still wipe a tear away when I watch my Wales Rugby DVDs especially when Gavin Henson made “that” kick and Scott Gibbs scored “that” try!…

    All Taffs will know exactly what I mean… 🙂

  48. Yes, I think that picture is at the Leno taping. I was there too… what a great day it was!


  49. Wow… a UK party, too?? This is such a fun group of people!! I wish we could all be in all places at once! FEd… which gathering will YOU be attending??? 😉

    If I’m up to it, which I should be, I’m hoping to head to the West Coast gathering. Time will tell!! Oh~ and remember~ “what happens at a Bloggapalooza Party STAYS at a Bloggapalooza party”, isn’t that right?? If not, I’d like to nominate it as the 1st “rule”. LOL

    Take care everyone!!

  50. Count me in, I`d like to go, but I`m afraid I`m empty with suggestions for a venue.

    I quite like the idea of Cambridge though.

  51. Howdy Alternate. I noticed the Lewis – it’s quite distinct in appearance from the Strat and David even refers to it at one point (in the DVD extras, I think).

    The black Strat was often mentioned in despatches during the height of the OAI frenzy and I presumed that it was this beast I watched David play at the RAH. Then watching the DSOTM DVD piqued my curiosity.

    Thanks for the answers, guys.


    Here’s what I would have done:


    On An Island (featuring Crosby & Nash)
    The Blue (Featuring Crosby & Nash)
    Red Sky At Night
    This Heaven
    Then I Close My Eyes (featuring Robert Wyatt)
    Take A Breath
    A Pocketful Of Stones
    Where We Start
    Shine On You Crazy Diamond
    Dark Globe
    Fat Old Sun
    Wots Uh The Deal
    Arnold Layne
    Coming Back To Life
    Wearing The Inside Out
    High Hopes
    Wish You Were Here (w/Nick Mason)
    Comfortably Numb (w/Nick Mason)

    Extras Disc:

    Find The Cost Of Freedom (featuring Crosby & Nash)
    Arnold Layne (featuring David Bowie)
    Echoes (Vienne Amphitheatre version)


  53. Fed, Sorry if this is the wrong place to ask this, but I can find no other. I tried to log into the chat today for first time, after name and password it asked for a room password or number, but I was given none. Turns out the chat was closed.

    Maybe I was just there at wrong time, and would have received that info had I been there when it was open?? Really, I am sorry to bother you. I have never chatted before.

    Lt. Jon Scott

    [We sometimes put a room password in place after closing time – creating a ‘lock-in’, of sorts, for those who wish to chat for a bit longer. This password changes every time and is only revealed to those who are in the chatroom during scheduled opening hours. Apologies for the disappointment, but closing times are listed on our calendar. Please click your name below for that… and we hope you can join us in the chatroom soon. – Features Editor]

  54. Well Lorraine, I got up real early to wish you a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY and please don’t kid yourself you look ten years younger and I hope you will be able to spend it with your friends and family.

    Take Care,

  55. Lorraine, HAPPY BIRTHDAY ! Many happy returns.

    Oh dear, timing issue.

    I will be on an island – a greek one – on August 18th. Wouldn’t have minded a hop across the Channel for the UK get-together, but a hop from Greece and back is a bit too far.

    If any of you would be on Santorini that date, I guess we could arrange a get-together over there though. With a little ouzo and some meze … and pretend we’re on Castellorizon.

    Do please tell if you’re interested.

    Best regards,

  56. Hi there

    I was just searching for the news of Mr.Gilmours latest Concert I find here. nice job Writing these!

    – Shine on You Crazy Diamond

  57. hi all,

    London would be fine for me, other destinations I would need to think about them.

    Happy Birthday Lorraine

    all the best,

  58. Happy Birthday Lorraine, A little bird just told me. 21 again eh? or maybe not reached yet

    Ian Pearson

  59. ABOUT TIME….

    [Indeed. Please click TM’s name below to see what we’re talking about. – Features Editor]

  60. Happy Birthday Sweet Lorraine! How’s your hair??

    Peace and love to you!
    Washington State

  61. Yet again, no credit given to David for being Pink Floyd. Without him Pink Floyd would have been a dead relic of the 60s.

    [Damn right. – Features Editor]

  62. Great idea. There is an argument to hold it in London for the non UK residents, but of course, Birmingham area would be more central for everyone. Also there are a number of cheap operators flying into Brum.

    Completely off the wall(!) Richard S said “After watching the movie “Flyboys”” he then went on to discuss the music. The major part of this film was shot at the RAF station at the back of our house! We regularly took the dogs walking over to the set only to be shouted at for getting into shot, apparently we were not dressed appropriately…. 1st world war French airfield!!

    Now I know you all wanted to know that. Look forward to the party in August.


  63. I’m on my way to the UK soon. For Now We are all enjoying the CA sun and weather ..

  64. [ABOUT TIME….-TM]

    I am looking at a copy of Rolling Stone, Issue 513, from November 19th, 1987 and while no pictures of PF grace the cover, PF is without question, the cover story. . .thought you’d like to know.

  65. [Yet again, no credit given to David for being Pink Floyd. Without him Pink Floyd would have been a dead relic of the 60s. – George Maciver]

    [Damn right. – Features Editor]

    More accurately I think, without Joe Boyd Pink Floyd would have been a dead relic of the 60s.

    The career of record producer Joe Boyd is the stuff of ’60s legend. After his Harvard graduation, Boyd ended up in London, running the coolest club at the time, UFO, and producing the first single ‘Arnold Layne’ of the club’s house band, Pink Floyd.

    Boyd’s greatest skill may have been his ability to be in the proverbial “right place at the right time.” He managed Muddy Waters’ tour of England, Bob Dylan at the notorious Newport Folk Festival and a young Nick Drake.

    His production credentials include everyone from Vashti Bunyan and Nico, to R.E.M. and Billy Bragg.

    I do not disregard Mr. Gilmours tenacious leadership abilities. To carry on for so many years, in a consistent mode of excellence, cannot be ignored.

  66. [I am looking at a copy of Rolling Stone, Issue 513, from November 19th, 1987 – Posted by: Marcus Buick at March 21, 2007 06:40 AM]

    I still have that one too….

  67. [I am looking at a copy of Rolling Stone, Issue 513, from November 19th, 1987 – Buick]

    Is there anything you don’t have? LOL


  68. [More accurately I think, without Joe Boyd Pink Floyd would have been a dead relic of the 60s.]

    Some good points raised and maybe true, who knows. I always believe that cream rises to the top. They would have made it even with me in there.

    Pete – Coventry

    PS: you mention Nick Drake. Have you seen Keith James doing the songs of ND yet. Well worth it !

  69. Thanks for that Peter B^) I looked into it and Keith James seems to get great feedback from Nick Drake fans at live performances. I must admit, I recently heard of these artists through Joe Boyd and his new singles release titled white bicycles.

    Very cool music today on, I refreshed my screen several times to hear it again and again. It was so short though… It plays, it builds then stops :^(

    I’m looking forward to the forthcoming DVD B^)

    Thanks for still producing your craft David Gilmour. I love your works. Its not easy organizing genius…

    Sad stories on the Battersea for fans… I’ve got a great photo of it when I was there and turn it upside down it looks like a flying pool table. LOL B^D

  70. That’s great, August 18th sounds good to me so far (U.S).

    My original vision of the get together is more of a global event and that everybody gets to meet each other at one central location be it in U.S. or U.K. It’s unlikely a one day get together will draw in that much of the participations; however, the thought of having the get together is marvelous and I am planning on going along with my husband if his schedule permits.

    I look forward to hearing more updates regarding the location in U.S.

    Thank you.

  71. I just received my copy of Rolling Stones (Issue 1023 of April 5), mine has every Floyd member on the cover but Syd Barrett?! I am confused, am I missing something here?

    Have a good weekend you all.

  72. [Is there anything you don’t have? ~Erin]

    Erin, I’m SO glad you asked!!

    My Immediate List of I Don’t Haves:

    Personal Enlightenment
    Satisfactory Chakra Alignment
    A Great Savory, Thai-Curry Chicken Recipe
    A World Class Spice Pantry
    An Acceptable Black Bamboo Zen Garden
    A Dog or Cat
    An Understanding of Cricket
    An Appreciation for Western Conservative Politics
    Answers about Area 51
    John Tesh Albums
    A Perfect Burrito Recipe
    Any Indication of Future David Gilmour Concert Dates
    Any Information on the ‘Remember That Night’ DVD Release Date

    To name a few. . .

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