Someone's birthday…


Today is David’s birthday, so please feel free to burst into song, blow up some balloons or just leave a birthday greeting below by clicking on the ‘Comments’ link.

For everyone’s sake, please try to keep your message of a reasonable length. There were more than 1,300 posted last year, and I certainly wasn’t the only one to read every single one of them.

David and Polly read the blog regularly and were incredibly touched by last year’s well wishes. We’d love to see more this year. (Come on, make me earn my money…)

It’s also a year since ‘On An Island’ was released. Hasn’t the year just flown by? Your thoughts, as always, are more than welcome.

I’d like to take this opportunity to wish David a very happy birthday on behalf of everyone at Have a great day, David.

Author: FEd

Features Editor of David Gilmour’s official blog, The Blog (‘Features’ previously being its rather naff title), affectionately – or lazily – shortened to ‘FEd’.

784 thoughts on “Someone's birthday…”

  1. …and I’d just like to repeat what I said elsewhere….

    Happy Birthday David!!!!

  2. Hello David,

    My name is Maroš Plávka, I was born in Czechoslovakia 04.05.1980. My english language is poor but I must write thank to you. Your and Syd`s music open my mind and show me love in true light. One world one soul. THANK YOU SO VERY VERY MUCH.

    On your Birthday Truly and honestly wishing you: LOVE, HAPPINESS AND CHEER TODAY AND THROUGH THE WHOLE LIFE.

    … of course, I love you forever as my brother J you make my happy everyday I think of you, every second I hear music you played. Thank You!


  3. A very Happy Birthday David!

    You’re not getting older-you’re getting better.

    Still loving the OAI cd and hope to see you again soon.

  4. Here’s wishing you the happiest o’ birthdays, David. You’re the cat’s pajamas.


  5. Dear Mr. Gilmour:

    I wish you a wonderfully blissful and Happy Birthday Mr. David Gilmour! What an amazing year it has been. Thank you for everything you have done and continue to do. I hope you realize how much you are truly loved and appreciated.



  6. I couldn’t miss this opportunity to wish you a very happy birthday, David!

    The past year has gone so quickly and what a year it’s been for you. It’s had its highs (many), it’s had its lows (fortunately, few), but it’s never been boring.

    I hope this coming year is all that you wish for. Enjoy your day!

    Oh, I must mention the very classy photo by Rankin – you, with guitar, and that smile – brightens up a girl’s day!


    A real class act. And I mean that most sincerely!!!

  8. Hi David!

    Joyeux anniversaire! Au plaisir de pouvoir te revoir très bientôt je l’espère!

    J-F Néron
    Québec city, CANADA

  9. Happy Happy Birthday to David Gilmour!!

    The world is a better place with you in it sir and it is my sincere hope that we all spend many more years on this wonderful place called Earth with your magical musical touch to accompany that journey! Viva DG!!!

  10. H~a~p~p~y B~i~r~t~h~d~a~y to one of the finest men on the planet.

    Pretty damn good guitar player too.

    We love you, David. Have a good one.


  11. Dear David,

    have a very very HAPPY and ROCKIN` Birthday!

    I´d also like to thank you so much for all your spellbinding, mesmerizing music, which I´m stuck too since 1980. Having never missed a tour of you or PF since then, I got really spoilt by the quality of your spellbinding, mesmerising sights and sounds for ever, the gigs of all other artists are paling in comparison, so the news of your new album and worldwide tour last year have been the best news one could imagine.

    And how captivating your “On an Island” and concerts , beginning here in Germany exactly one year ago, have been! One really took off to a flight of fancy to a beach of Mediterranean Island, sitting floating in the sea, with waves ebbing and flowing, in the light of the fair sun beams in dawn.

    We want more, more of that, so please David, please don’t let us wait another long time like that for a new album and tour! Thankfully Fed is offering a wealth of info and features on your website, making it easier for us fans to stay in touch with your plans.

    Ulrike from Germany

  12. A very Happy Birthday to you, David! All good wishes to you in the coming year.

    Thank you for creating such a special place here at The Blog.

  13. Hello David, I’m argentine, I wish you that you come here some time, Roger come 17 and 18 March in River Plate Stadium, I hope that you come to Argentina one time, please

    In this country we all love you Pink floyd and your music, please come some day.

    Thank you and happy birthday (and excuse me for my poor english)

  14. And the music on the main page today is some kind of amazing. David Gilmour meets David Lynch. I love it!

    Click my name for a goofy attempt at an Egyptian-themed birthday card for David. I (wisely?) stopped before I even got to the greeting.

    Becky (again)

  15. wow, can’t believe a year has gone by I will listen to OAI in it’s entirety to celebrate your birthday, wait a minute I did that last night and have been at least once a week since March 6/2006.

    Happy birthday David from Canada.


  16. What more can I say that I didn’t say throughout the year? Thank you for all the wonderful music you’ve created and thanks in advance for any more music you might create in the future

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! and many returns (as you Brits like to say)

    THANK YOU very much indeed, good night to you

  17. Best wishes on your bithday David and congratulations with all your success this past year. You are true inspiration to myself and many others.

    Thank you very much and enjoy your day.

    -Your fellow pisces

  18. Joyeux anniversaire David!

    Un énorme merci pour votre musique et le grand Homme que vous êtes.

    J’aimerais bien vous dire à quel point vous avez marqué ma vie, mais ce serait trop long! Je peux simplement vous dire que ma vie est bien meilleure à cause de votre musique.

    Passez une superbe journée avec votre merveilleuse femme vos enfants, et vos amis.

    Gatineau, Canada

  19. Happy birthday, Master, thanks for your music. Please come to Chile!!!

    Feliz Cumpleaños

  20. happy birthday David

    hardly seems a year since the last one, and what a wonderful present we had from you then!

    may there be many more to come

  21. Happy Birthday, Mr. Gilmour!!

    it is really impressive how coincidence works, i just bought pink floyd’s pulse the day before yesterday, and saw inside a postcard of “on an island”, i noticed your website’s url, and decided to visit,i didn’t know it was your birthday! and now i’m here wishing you to have the very best of days, and to thank you, for your incredible music.

    Happy Birthday!

  22. Estas son
    las mañanitas
    que cantaba el rey David
    A los muchachos bonitos
    Se las cantamos asi
    Despierta David despierta
    mira que ya amaneció
    Ya los pajatiros cantan
    la luna ya se metió

    Happy birthday in spanish to you David all the way from Mexico! May this next year be filled with joy and another album :).

    I cant believe a whole year has passed since that day I bought OAI! Time does fly by when youre having fun!

  23. Happy Birthday!!

    I hope you will never stop being productive, and that you will still continue to compose wonderful, inspiring, unique, singular, vocal and instrumental music, that defined Pink Floyd and now transcended it in your solo years.

    My best wishes to you and your family, and thanks for the years of musical pleasure and delight!

    Life would be droll and drab without the music of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, and so too without the unique melodies and music of Mr. David Gilmour.


    P.S. Your rendition of Bizet’s aria “Je Crois Entendre” from “The Pearl Fishers” was musically amazing, and dare I say nothing less notable or inferior to Enrico Caruso rendition. :)) Any thoughts perhaps of interpreting and recording other compositions by classical composers?

  24. hi dave and a happy birthday to you and many happy returns.

    saw you at abbey rd the other night great perfomance and i must say your band looked like they where having fun.

    keep up the good work mate and take care.

  25. On my behalf from John,Paul,George and Ringo..(just a little literary licence here)


    Warm wishes from me also David!..Thanks so much for “On An Island” and all that you have done prior to this, including your humanitarian endeavours..Cheers!!

  26. I think its strange that the day I visit your site in a while, its your birthday… almost like a cosmic string :), I was looking for a way to send you a message, so maybe here is my chance.

    A wish from me would be, I wish you had just a live cd, of your old solo album music only… even at a limited run, I know it would sell well, all the classic stuff starting around 1985.

    I do believe you have some BBC stuff… Maybe one like David Bowie’s “Bowie At The Beeb, if done by your hands, it would be super…

    Reason being, DVD’s and seeing you play is always rewarding, but I play your music all the time and I myself, would just like to just hear the live stuff on my great stero system. I’m sure I am not alone 🙂

    Limited LP would be nice, yes I have a turntable to… The things are coming back in the States 🙂

    I hope you have a wonderful birthday, and many more to come…

  27. Happy Birthday David from all your fans in Canada!!

    Please continue making the incredible music that you do in your own unique way – I watched the Abbey road performance today.

    My wife (another gilmour convert) will watch it again tonight and raise a glass :> to say cheers on your birthday!!!

    PS:- Thanks again for providing this site as without it I wouldn’t have been able to get the tickets to see you in England last year 🙂

    Best wishes Nigel & Val Howard
    Gabriola Island, BC, Canada.

    Ps Polly continue taking them Pix!!

  28. Happy birthday David.

    Many happy returns to you, and hope next time you come to Portugal to Play.

  29. Happy Birthday, dear David Gilmour!

    Thank you for everything you’ve given us throughout your life, and specially thank you for the perfect gift YOU gave US for your last birthday. I’m pretty sure you felt it rewarded from Mermaid to Gdansk, only you forgot Southamerica!

    Gretings and Best Wishes!


  30. Happy Birthday, dear David!

    Have a terrific day, sir. Hope you enjoy it and celebrate it with your lovely family.

    Once again, thank you for your exquisite music; it inspires, touches and moves me beyond words.

    Best wishes!

    With love,

  31. Oh sorry, I forgot the best part..”WE WOULD LIKE YOU TO DANCE!”

    [It’s only allowed if I can do the high “Birthday!” bit. On three, OK? One, two… – Features Editor]

  32. HAPPY HAPPY Birthday David !!!!!!!!!

    and Thank You for the best day of my 2006!!

    (been away . . . hope all has been well with F’ed and all fellow ‘Gilbloggers’)

  33. Wishing you a very Happy Birthday Mr Gilmour!

    Thank you for your music. It is sublime.


  34. From this New York City fan to you,

    “Yo, you have a good one….aaaaaaIIIIIght?!”

    You deserve it…what a great year for you and for us fans. All the great music, good times, great laughs, memories shared…..


    …actually…I can’t….

    Thank you sincerely for that, and, of course…

    Happy “On An Island” Anniversary and Happy 61st Anniversary of your Birth

  35. Happy Birthday David!!

    This last year has been a great one here, and I hope you and your family have been well.

    On An Island has been my soundtrack for the year…and I think we’ll keep it on for many more. It has been something very special and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for giving myself, my wife, and all of us such a great gift.

    George Gipe

  36. Happy Birthday David!

    I really enjoyed seeing you in Chicago last year. It was a wonderful evening, and you sounded great. I look forward to the release of your DVD this year.

    Best wishes, good health and happiness to you.

    David J.

  37. Hi David

    Happy Birthday. I was was at the RAH last May for your second performance on the 30th. What a magical night that will stay with me.I am really looking forward to the DVD release.

    Have a great day with your wife and family.

    Please if at all possible do not make last years tour your last.

    Very best wishes Mark

  38. hi, David just wanted to wish you a happy and wonderful birthday. my birthday is on march 3rd and my wife’s is march 7th so we are celebrating with you.

    Thanks for all the great music over the years. You just do not know how much of a part of our live your music is. it inspired me to learn the guitar.well have a good one,

    Dave C from Philadelphia.

    PS It would be cool someday to me you in person

  39. Happy birthday, David!!!

    When you come to Brazil, you will see the love that we have by you.

    May God keep illuminating your heart, soul and family.

    With love,
    Aleksandro Neri Botelho

  40. To the one and only David Gilmour!

    Well, out here in Canada it is not technically the 6th of March yet, but I’d still like to wish you all the best on your big day. I cannot believe how quickly the time has passed (even in waiting in anicipation for things such as the CD/DVD release you pout out a little while ago!).

    I cannot begin to tell you how much I love not only your music, but your soul. When I watch, and listen to you play it absolutely blows me away. You have the perfect touch and every note you play seems to be perfectly placed.

    I hope to keep hearing new things from you, and can’t wait for your new DVD since I didn’t get the opportunity to see you live on your last tour.

    Happy Birthday!

  41. Happy Birthday David. Thanks for the music that has truly enriched my life.

    Today is also my wedding anniversary, so I am celebrating with you!


  42. Happy birthday David Gilmour.

    Hope you will come and play here at the Northcape in the summertime with the midnightsun in the background 🙂

  43. Happy Birthday!

    Hope you have fun eating as much chocolate as possible. Enjoy, Oh and what time do you want me round for the party?

    Take care all
    x x x

    Ps. loved the cards Nate, Echoesbob and Becky in Atlanta.

  44. David,

    Happy Birthday! Thanks for the past year- the new album and tour were a dream. Enjoy the day with your family and friends- may it be everything you could hope for.

    Best regards,

  45. Happy Birthday, enjoy your past, your present and your future because you surely have brought enjoyment to others.

    Love, peace and joy

  46. Dear David,

    It’s a pleasure to listen to your music. I can’t begin to tell you how many times I have escaped in to the misty sounds of OAI. All of your music makes me feel so good inside. I am truly grateful, that you picked up that first guitar.

    When I visited Poland for your concert last year, it was a dream come true for me. I couldn’t have been happier with the quality of your performance. It was well worth the money and effort to attend such an event.

    One thing that touched me so deeply, was how the Polish people all sang the words to your songs. It was simply amazing. I actually got emotional about the whole thing. I do hope you felt a special connection with your audience that night, because I think that all of us felt it.

    My warmest wishes, are for your continued health and happiness on your birthday, and all the years to come.

    Just like your music, you only get better with age.


    PS. Thank you for the blog, it’s a beautiful addiction of mine.

  47. Well congratulations David!

    I really hope you keep on the works, cuz there’s no single man on earth like you!

  48. My Birthday was March 4th, my wife and I took a hike in Superstition Mountains with our dog Ruby, a min-pin. I had a Birthday pie, instead of cake, it was a double cream lemon…and let me tell you, it was good.

    I hope your Birthday turns out the way you want it too.

  49. Happy Birthday, David!

    Best wishes to you and your family. Thank you so much for sharing your music, your talent and your time with all of us over the years. May you enjoy many more in happiness and peace and may they continue to improve.



    I celebrated my b’day yesterday and “On An Island” featured heavily as the soundtrack to the day. It helped to cool the 40C day that was scorching Perth, Australia!

    It’s incredible to think that one year ago I was packing my bags to visit Europe for the first time. Of course the main reason for that journey was to see Mr. Gilmour and Co. perform in Amsterdam. In fact the first time I ever heard “On An Island” was in Ireland! Ha!

    Driving through Dublin and on to Avoca and back I think it was played about five times in a row.
    I also recall walking past the Royal Albert Hall with a shiver down my spine wishing I had tickets, but Amsterdam was the only place I could get tickets for the concert and it was absolutely amazing.

    So thank you David, this time of year will forever bring me great memories as I’m sure it will do for you and fans all over the world.

    Best Wishes,

  51. So hard to believe it’s been a year since OAI was released, and even harder to believe that it’s been almost that long since the Radio City show! I’m still playing the CD quite a bit, and I’ll always have such incredible memories of the show.

    Oh yeah, and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

  52. Hey Dave, Happy birthday man, from all your fans in OZ.

    Mr Waters recently cruized through town with “Dark Side”, so when we gonna get a chance to see you?

    Have a plucking good time.

  53. Happy Birthday David. Wishing you all the happiness that you so richly deserve.

    Your music has touched me in so many ways that I can’t find the words to describe. It is by far my favorite, both solo and Floyd.

    Last years OAI was such a perfect present to the world, it shows that even on your birthday, you are such a giving individual.

    Please enjoy your day and many more to come.

    With much respect,
    Amedeo Cristillo

  54. I remember last year when David played in Hamburg and the audience sang happy birthday to him. Then David replied in his really witty voice: AUSGEZEICHNET! Es hat mir und die Andere wirklich gut gefallen.

  55. David – You’re too marvelous for words…

    Happy Birthday to you, you have been an ispiration in my life.

    Cheers, and be well –

    Tim T.

  56. Happy Birthday David!!!

    It must be strange to receive affectionate regards of people that one doesn’t know… this is called “Gratefulness”.

    Thank You for your Music. Have a Nice Day.

    Regards from Chile.


  57. Happy Birthday DAVID, and happiness always!

    Enjoy your special day and hope the year ahead is another fabulous one for you.

    Thank you for all that you’ve done in music and charity. You sure are our hero and you definitely make us proud.


  58. I would like to wish you happy Birthday David!

    Thanks for all the music you provided

    You are in the same class as Lennon/McCartney, even though i like both,if i had to chose only one, it would be Mccartney – the same applies to Gilmour/Waters – i would choose you David

    You are an inspiration and thanks for everything

    Have a Great Birthday


  59. HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAVID!!! I hope you throughly enjoy your special day!

    This is such a special occasion, a year since the album came out, a birthday, we Irregulars just couldn’t let it pass without doing something extra special.

    So we began plotting, as you know we do, we wanted to do something special for you, as a tribute to you, and for all you have done for us.

    ‘What can you get a guy that could have anything (materially, obviously) he wants?’ We can donate to one of his favorite charity!!

    I’m EXTREMELY pleased and proud to announce on behalf of some of the Irregulars: more then £650 has been donated to Crisis! (That’s over $1200, my fellow Americans 😉 Thanks all for scheming with me!!

    Thank you David for all that you do. May you enjoy all of the surprises that today may bring 😉


    [Many thanks to all involved. We appreciate your scheming very much. – Features Editor]

  60. Happy Birthday David. Best Wishes.

    Hoping to see you in Quebec for a show.

    Love your music Jacques

  61. Many Happy Returns David !!

    Have a wonderful year and Thank You for the music.


  62. Happy Birthday David, I have been a big fan of yours since 1968 and your music is truly great.

    I hope that You and your family will have a wonderful day together.

    Take Care,

  63. It’s still March 5 here on the west coast of the states but happy birthday David.

    My son and I saw your show last April at the Gibson Amphitheater in LA. We had a great time. Thanks so much for coming our way last year!

    Anyway have a great birthday and keep making the music, it means alot to me!

  64. Hi Mr David.

    Many Congratulations in You Day. Best desires for the genius of the guitar.

    Gran David.

    How I wish, how I wish you were here, in Chile Chile Chile Chile Chile Chile Chile.


  65. best wishes for the birthday boy… thank “YOU” very much indeed 😉

    nova scotia, canada

  66. Happy Birthday!!!

    What can one say…thank you for all the music you have given us over the years, the example that you have set with your charity work and the inspiration that you have given us all.

    This last year has really flown by and yet it still seems like yesterday that you were at Radio City.

    I hope you have had time to enjoy yourself and your family AND relax this past year.

    A BIG cheers to you!!!

    PS: all four of my kids (all 5 and under) listen you your music at night and my two oldest boys (5 and 4) request Pink Floyd whenever we go for a drive 🙂

    Thank you again, and I wish you a very happy birthday!!!

  67. First of all I want to wish you a very happy birthday David! Best wishes to you and Polly and your family.

    Secondly…has it really been a year since ‘On An Island’ was released? Wow…that went fast!

    Your album is constantly on my media player, in my car CD player and on the home CD player too. Seriously!

    Third…THANK YOU for the 2006 tour. ‘On An Island’ was really wonderful live, and of course you gave us many treats with classics like ‘Wot’s… Uh The Deal?’ – ‘High Hopes’ – ‘Fat Old Sun’ – ‘Dominoes’ – ‘Breathe/Time/Breathe (Reprise)’ – ‘Coming Back To Life’ – and ‘Echoes’ to name a few.

    Thank you with all sincerity and best wishes for you and yours!


  68. Happy Birthday David! Thanks for all the years of wonderful music.

    On an Island was the best yet! Really am looking forward to your upcoming DVD set.

    Wish that you would do a tour in Philadelphia, PA sometime.

  69. Happy Birthday Sir David. I hope you are enjoying your birthday.

    You are such an inspiration to me. I have gotten another gig at a new music store in town teaching guitar. Unknowingly, your tastefulness in guitar has helped me acheive good things.

    I wish you the best!!!!!!!!!!


  70. Happy Birthday, David.

    Wow can hardly believe I’m been listening to you for over 40 years!!! As a musician for close to 5 decades myself (and a bit older than that!) I, very much, appreciate your creativity and what you were able to produce, given the constaints of the analog equipment we were saddled with in the 60’s and 70’s!!

    Caught you live with The Floyd at Hill Auditorium (it was completely round; what acoustics!) in Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA in the 1970’s. I still, to this day, can vividly remember the sound of birds encirling my head!!!

    Please have many, many, many more birthdays!

  71. Happy Birthday Mr. Gilmour…I was gonna send you a gift…oysters in fact…but I was unaware that the ones I was gonna give you don’t transcend national barriers haha. Cheers mate

  72. Dear David, Happy Birthday To You!

    Thank you very much for the beautiful music you made.

    God is beautiful and loves the beauty, so he presented art to us! So remember he’s always watching us and love us. God can be seen everywhere, if we have the eyes to see.

    God Bless You!

  73. Happy Birthday David

    Thanks for allowing us a glimpse of your musical talents

    Best wishes and many more


  74. Happy Birthday, David!

    I drove 500 miles from Florence,Oregon on the West Coast to see you in concert at the Oakland Paramount Theatre for both shows on April 16th & 17th 2006. Well worth the drive for The Man! The best concert I have ever saw.

    Been going to concerts since 1975 and Pink Floyd was my first concert at the Los Angeles Arena…

    Best Wishes…Mark & Kristie

  75. Dear Mr Gilmour,

    Hope you have a wonderful birthday.

    Just thought I would let you know that It was your guitar playing that made me continue playing the instrument. You are the King of tone.

    Keep Rockin,

  76. just want to “Echo” everyone else’s sentiments

    Happy Birthday David

  77. Grande Dave!!!! Feliz Cumpleaños 🙂

    Cuando vienes a Chile????? Te qeremos en Chile!!!

    God David!!




  79. Happy Birthday David!

    Like a fine 1st Growth Bordeaux, you just get better with age.

    I just wanted to take a moment to tell you how much your music has meant to me over the years.

    There has always been something in your playing that has managed to touch me like no other art I’ve ever experienced. I know for a fact that you find that strange, as I had the pleasure to meet you after the Glasgow gig this past year with a couple of friends. I’m sure you wont remember but upon learning how many shows we had seen you remarked that it was “madness, it’s only pop music”.

    I’ve been blessed with a very successful career that’s afforded me the opportunity to see you play 56 times now. I count these times as some of the most spiritual and special moments I’ve ever experienced. For this I can only offer my most sincere thanks. It may not be much in the grand scheme of things, but it comes from the heart.

    I hope you have a great birthday, spent with family, loved ones and friends.

    Selfishly I hope that there lives on within you a desire to perform. On An Islind was truly a crowning accomplishment, perhaps some of your greatest work. I can only dream of what else you might create.

    Kind regards,
    Robert from Toronto

  80. All of, oh, 10 minutes ago (as of this timestamp), I just got in from my weekend away in Minneapolis hanging out with a truly demented bunch of musicians. Not only did I find out that comedy music band Ookla the Mok was from my old stomping grounds on the Southern Tier of New York, it appears that at least half of the band is made up of hardcore PF/David fans (their bassist wore DSOT prism print pants on stage). And when said bassist was advised of a certain someone’s birthday being today, I was asked to play messenger girl.

    So, on behalf of myself, Rand Bellavia and Wolfram Neff of Ookla the Mok, as well as a good handful of the folks from the rather demented internet radio station I have a bad habit of playing your songs on in cheerful mild violation of station rules (it’s supposed to be funny music!), a very happy birthday, David!

    Clicky-clicky on my nickname to see the card I conjured up for the special occasion.


  81. WOOOHOOO!!! Happy birthday David!

    Ok, you missed this bday with another album out…i forgive you…but dont let that happen next time, OK!?!?! haha…

    Cheers! Have a good one!

  82. Heureux double anniversaire, M. Gilmour, le vôtre et celui de votre opus ‘On An Island’ !

    Donc, ce soir, nous sabrerons deux fois le champagne en votre honneur à la maison…

    Ma famille et moi, souhaitons tout le bonheur du monde à votre famille à vous !


  83. Happy Birthday to you! I Hope you have a great day with your family & friends.

    Hope the new album will be out soon! 😉

    It was great to see you back on stage last year and I hope for more…

    See you soon.

  84. Happy birthday David!

    I wish you good health, luck and a lot of joy with tour family! And of course we are looking forward to some new music from you!

    And if you come one day in Czech Republic we would be very glad here:)

    Take care,
    Honza J-dro Jaderny (Casual Wasters), Czech Republic

  85. Happy Birthday, David !

    Thank you for OAI and the whole of last year’s experience.

    Have a great day,

  86. I remember the day exactly one year ago. Its was an ice cold day up here in Norway. I went downtown and bought the new solo album OAI. Then I got straight home again and listened trough it a couple of times.

    The impression was mixed: Some songs like castellarizon, on an island, take a breath and where we start immediately became favorites. Though it wasn`t like I had expected. But one year later I find this as a very good warming and sensitive album, the best solo album you ever made David!

    Keep up the good work David and HAPPY BIRTHDAY! From one of your fans 🙂

  87. Happy Birthday David.

    Doesnt seem a year ago that I was so looking forward to the Mermaid and being snowed in Inverness. Oh what fun. Best time ever though.

    I will raise a glass and a glass and a glass and a glass and a glass and a glass and a glass to your continued good health.

    Fashion dictates the focus on celebrating “special” birthdays such as 18,21,40,60 etc..But each and every birthday is worthy of celebrating no matter who or how old you are. In this way we are all equal. But thankfully not the same

    Ian Pearson

  88. Happy birthday Mr.Gilmour and thanks for everything.

    We wish you all the best from Czech Republic.

  89. Happy Birthday David!

    I hope you’ll never stop playing your guitar and your music, alone or with Pink Floyd!!!

  90. Happy birthday Dave, and thank you for everything you did, and for everything you’ll do in future!!!


  91. Lang zal David leven, lang zal David leven, lang zal David leven in de gloria, in de gloriaaaa, in de gloriaaaaa!!!!! Hieperdepiep hoeraaaa!!

    Well, a little birthday song in Dutch!

    Happy birthday David! May it be a good year!!


    PS: On our national radio station they said David turned 63 today, I thought 61??

    [Yes, 61 today. The Pointy Stick Brigade are on their way. – Features Editor]

  92. Hello David,

    We wish you a Happy Birthday and good health for the future.

    Please visit Germany soon for some concerts!

  93. Happy birthday, David! I hope you, Polly, and the rest of your family have a great day.

    All the best.

  94. Hello David. Happy Birthday from Norway.

    And thank you for a fantastic concert in Royal Albert Hall May 29th.

  95. Happy birthday David, and thanks for your music

    best wishes from Czech Republic

  96. Happy birthday David, have a great day. Tanti auguri.

    Ciao ciao



  98. Happy birthday

    In Mexico we miss you and we remembered it from the 94 tour Pink Floyd

    Luck and Great Happy Birthday.


  99. Dear Dear David

    Do so hope you and Polly have a lovely day

    Thanks for everything

  100. In your azure gaze there is the limpidity of a noble soul
    in your smile there is serenity and gratification
    in your fingers there is the harmony of your musical universe
    in your voice there is a powerful sweetness
    in your music there are immense emotions of the endless magic of Life.

    Happy Birthday Sir David Gilmour! Have a wonderful day with your family and friends surrounded.


  101. Good morning FEd,

    What is that snippet of music over on the main site, please ? It sounds almost as haunting as Castellorizon.


    [It’s just one of many snippets that David let us share with you. Glad you like it. – Features Editor]

  102. Happy Birthday form Mexico city

    Para mi también es un día especial y no porque cumpla años, sino porque hoy veré a Roger Waters y estoy casi seguro que durante el concierto pedirá al auditorio un saludo de cumpleaños para usted.
    Aquí se le estraña desde hace ya 12, casi 13 años que tocó aquí en México city (Pink Floyd tour 94).

    PS. Por favor vuelva a tocar en méxico, se le extraña.

  103. Best wishes for your birthday, David.

    Good to see you still in action.And thank you for all the music you brought to your fans – from your earlier works to last solo-album.

  104. To David,

    Happy 61;
    Gee, this blog is fun!
    Full of well-wishers and such;
    for a man who’s given so much.
    Hope your day is a great one!

    From the South Bay of California to your side of the great pond….HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

    (-:Tomi Sue:-)

  105. A year ago I walk with OAI in the hand and the tickets for Milan’s concert in the pocket.

    A year later I only want to thank you for all.

    Happy birthday from Viterbo!!!

  106. It’s the first time I write here, but I read you everyday…

    I just wanted to wish David a very happy birthday, and thank him for the wonderful music of “On an island”, that I bought exactly one year ago…

    obviously hoping that more wonderful music will be released soon… 😉



  107. Happy Birthday David !

    Best wishes to you and your family. We’re all waiting for a new solo record… or maybe with the other band too (who knows…). Hope to see you live again ! 🙂

  108. Another year of great music. I had the pleasure to listen twice “Echoes” live, and I wasn’t there, I was in Pompeii! It was a mystic experience, you upset my life one more time…

    Happy birthday David!


  109. Hello there from germany.

    Mr. David Gilmour, what should i say without repeating others? You be our god for all times. Your music and your personality will always beside me…

    Wish you good luck in every thing you do!

  110. Joyeux Anniversaire David!

    Make 2007 a great music year, I would like to see you in France!

  111. Happy Birthday David and thanks for making my 40th a night to remember…last night at the RAH.


  112. Happy Tuesday,

    Happy birthday David !!. Enjoy your day.

    Is it really a year that has gone by since all those activities were taking place.

    Was it coincidence that ‘Live at Abbey Road’ was replayed this morning at 12:15am. Knackered now but well worth staying up for.

    Pete – Coventry

  113. Hapy Birthday David.

    Saw you in concert last year and watched C4 with you and the team at Abbey Road last night, fantastic.

    Enjoy your day.

  114. Happy birthday, David.

    Wishing you a wonderful day with your family and friends !!

  115. Dear Dave,

    Wow ….. What an incredible year it has been since the previous B-day announcement on your website.

    My wife and I seen you at the Kodak Theatre, Jay Leno, and at the Gibson Ampitheatre last year for some of the most spectacular performances I have ever seen you perform.

    I cannot wait to get a copy of the “Remember That Night” because for me it was truly something I wish I could have shared with so many of my friends but now they can enjoy what we seen and heard which will be awesome. I can’t wait to share my copy of the DVD with them and to get their reaction…priceless….

    There isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t day-dream about the music and my previous adventures relating to Pink Floyd and all of your previous work and shows.

    Thank you so much for the incredible music that you have crafted and shared with the world. The world is a much better place because of the music that you shared with everyone.

    I hope that for your birthday that you do something that really makes you happy and that you can share it with your family and friends.

    To good health and cheer for the upcoming year!

    Gregg Hooker

  116. Ciao Dave and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

    I WANT to see you playin’ guitar again here in Italy… maybe with the other three guys, you know what I mean 😉


  117. Happy Birthday,

    May all your wishes come true. Have a very nice Party with all your friends.

    Andreas from Geesthacht (near Hamburg), Germany

  118. Hi David,

    Greetings from Pakistan. Happy Birthday man! I know you’ve never toured this part of the earth (Yes Yes! its a part of this planet earth with lots and lots of music and everything else..) but if you ever plan to, you know countless fans are always waiting for you…

    Party on…

    Hasan Zulnoon

    P.S. & don’t you even think about retiring from music (which also includes Pink Floyd projects haha!) Give us more man! Sing me something new…

  119. David,

    All I can say is that I wish you a very warm, prosperous and happy birthday.

    Thank you for such a wonderful album and of course, your deep and emotional guitar playing which never fails to move me.

    Best regards.


  120. hi david

    Everyone here just wish u a happy bday, so i wish the same too, but i am sure u hope to read more interesting and original things 🙂

    Today i choose to talk about your last 2006 concerts compared to the Waters ones.

    These last year you did a important step, and i think that u did it successfully : you are finaly david Gilmour, and not “only” the guitarist of the pink floyd. Your new cd is different from the Floyd material, your concerts are different too, without big screens and clips like u did in Pulse, i can say that u turned the page without denied the past.

    For his part, roger can’t go foward, if you see his concerts, he still uses big screens with floyds clips, lot of effects , look like Pulse, and plays the complete DSOTM , like u did in your 1994 tour… He still tries to give his political opinion inside his music “roger we dt need thought control…”

    He works with 3 guitarists Andy Fairweather-Low, Snowy White and Dave Kilminster, with the hope to reach ur creativity level. Kilminster finally managed to have your sound and copy your solo note by note . if you listen to the HAVE A CIGAR that he plays in concert, you would think that u listen to the cd, same sound, same bends etc… It means that roger didnt accept, until today, that you left him, all he does is just to copy the music u did when u played together.

    i think for this bday, it’s the best gift. I know you dt hate him, but all this proves that he had no rights to be the Boss, and you took the right choice when you decided to leave.

    Thx for all the charity acts that u do david, we knows only the visible part of the iceberg, your first quality is your incredible generosity, only after comes your awesome musical talent.

    My bday comes soon, i like gifts too, plz edit the gdansk footage on dvd, in 2008, the fans are always hungry :))

    take care, col

  121. Hi David I want to wish a very happy birthday!

    My english is poor so I can’t write to you all I wish. I can only say, THANK YOU for the emotions you gave (& give) me with your beautiful music.

    Love and happiness to you and all your family! HAPPY BIRTHDAY UNCLE DAVE!!

    Marco from Turin

  122. Happy Birthday David!!

    On An Island is running right now – great Album -thanx for all the new tracks and keep on with your music! Still the finest Gutarplayer on the Planet!!!!!

    sunshine here in austria – have a nice day


  123. Greetings from Beijing

    I thought i would not get a chance to wish Dave a very happy Birthday from a fellow piscean. im sure your day will be great as you have your family around you.

    Im a long way from home at the moment and it feels like it, take care dont eat to much cakey and any presents you dont like you can pass on to me. fed has my details.


  124. Hello david,

    Happy birthday
    Joyeux anniversaire
    Feliz compleaño

    Le petit lion
    a french fan

  125. Happy Birthday to you,David!!! and happy birthday to the album,too!

    In Italy it’s 9.53 a.m. and I’m listening to ‘Smile’…I hope you have a great day David,surely with your nice family.

    All my love

  126. A birthday wish to you David from my family and me all the way from South Africa.

    Thank you for all the years of truly inspirational music.

  127. Happy birthday

    thanks for OAI and a great concert at the RAH on May 29th. can’t wait for the DVD


  128. Happy birthday Mr. Gilmour!

    Thanks for giving us On An Island + the tour + dvd’s etc etc…. Looking forward to more new music in the future!

    Enjoy your day!



  129. Happy birthday ! I wish you the best for the year to come.

    Thank you for the wonderful concert in Vienne on July 2006 !

  130. Happy Birthday David!

    Hope you have a great day – and many thanks for all the wonderful years of music that you’ve provided, and to many more to come!


  131. all the best David.

    you made my year last year so make your own year and enjoy all you have. you deserve all the praise you are getting.

    once again thanks i was thinking the other day when i went to see you at knebworth 90 i had to sit throgh Cliff Richard. now thats devotion for you.

    all the best David. i would only sit through Cliff Richard for you. have a good day

  132. Yes, the year just flew by. But with “On An Island” always on the air, the flight was unique and wonderful, every day more than the previous ones.

    Thank you David, and have a unique and wonderful day on your 61st birthday.

    My best and most sincere wishes. With infinite love and esteem.

  133. Have you come to the age when people at concerts are shouting, “do you remember whateversong?” instead of “can you play?” 🙂

    Happy Birthday!

  134. Happy Birthday Mister Gilmour!

    Last year we have sung “happy birthday to you” in Hamburg. This year will be no gigs. Bad for us, good for you.

    David, have a wonderful day with your family and friends!

    All the best for your life and health!

    Best Wishes from Berlin

  135. Happy Birthday David.

    It’s hard to believe a year has passed since OAI was released but what a year it’s been. I hope you keep making music for many more years to come.

    Have a great day.

  136. Happy Birthday, David! Thank you for all the great music. Best wishes for you and your family.

    Henry from Dresden/Germany

  137. OLYMPIA…

    You were there last year and “happy birthday” song also. Each time I listen the song, each time I think about it singing at l’Olympia march 2006.
    Happy birthday David. Bon anniversaire.

    Je te souhaite tous les bonheurs possibles, et j’espère vous revoir toi et tes amis sur scène prochainement, pour tout ce que tu partages avec nous.

    Félicien (Chantilly)

  138. Happy Birthday!!!!

    best wishes. and i will add the ever so nice, PLEASE TOUR THE USA AGAIN SOON!


    have a great day Mr Gilmour, thank you for your hard work

    All the best for your 61st year.

    Warm Regards

    By the way saw the live at abbey road programme last night (stayed up till midnight). It was great. I thought it was so nice to see the unique collaboration between Polly and David and the stunning results.

  140. Happy Birthday David!!!

    I’m russian (St-Petersburg). Thank you so much for “On An Island” and all YOUR MUSIC!!!

    Very best wishes
    Pavel (Pablito)

    PS. When we gonna get a chance to see you in Russia? 🙂

  141. Happy Birthday David, hope you’re having fun. Best wishes from Romania.

    BTW, when will we get to see you here?

  142. Wow, what an amazing piece of music playing today. Thanks for sharing it with us.

    Oh, and come and play Brora in the Highlands – I’m sure most of the villagers would flock to the local football park!

    Only kidding. I know, I’m bad.

  143. Happy Birthday David! and thousands of these days!

    I would like to thank you ’cause your music has always been a very important support in my life..

    I hope you’ll read this message of a huge fan of yours from Italy!

    Riccardo Bertola

  144. Happy Birthday David. Hope it´s “nice to be 61”.

    And have an “ausgezeichnet” day, with your family.


  145. Happy Birthday David, have a great day

    All the way from not so sunny Liverpool

  146. Maturing like a fine wine David. Thanks so much and wishing you a very happy birthday!

  147. happy birthday David! thanks for you wonderful music n may the future be spactacular for u n family..! im ur asian fan.

  148. Happy birthday David!!!!

    Best regards from Arnfinn, Even and Christine from Norway.

  149. Happy birthday David!

    It was an absolutely amazing year, thanks again!

    Polly, don’t let your husband retire yet, just keep the music going and David will stay young & happy!

    Cheers, love and peace, to the kids as well!

    Ernest… from The Netherlands,
    because it’s your birthday: Arsenal should beat PSV, I think ;-

    [What David really wants is for Liverpool to beat Barcelona again… – Features Editor]

  150. Happy birthday Mr. David. Thanks for a wonderful music.

    Sto lat, odśpiewane po polsku 🙂

  151. Happy Birthday David, I hope to see you again in Italy….three times in the last year were not enough 🙂

    Buon compleanno e saluti da Milano



    I wish you this wonderful sunny day will be the perfect frame of a very special day for you. (but first I have to hope you have, in Uk, the same sunny day we have here).

    Enjoy and, from here, thanks for all you gave us in these years.

    I could give you back an holiday in the Latium country side. Fantastic italian meals included!

    I am also sure David will have a lot of fun reading the posts and looking the fantastic cards you prepared for him. Becky, the prize of the best birthday card is your, for the moment!


  153. Buon Compleanno David!

    Last year you were celebrating for OAI being published, that was one of the best albums you ever gave us, with a terrific tour.

    I saw you in Amsterdam and in Florence, and I’ll never forget those nights.

    Before that we have to go back to 1988 in Rome, and it was nice to find almost the same band members here now.

    It was a year full of emotions, and this website is becoming better and better.

    All the best and take care.

  154. Hi David, Polly and family,

    Happy Birthday and best wishes for more great lyrics to inspire generations to come, your own family and their generations to come.

    Have enjoyed your concerts at the Albert Hall (May 30th and 31st), then meeting you at the Hotel Gritti Palace (August 4th) where I stayed and presented my deep felt feelings for a failed scaffolding, but enjoyed seeing again the following week-end when flying was just suddenly too dangerous.

    Finally through your lyrics and Zbigniew Preisner classical vision of your music, I rediscovered Poland with my sweetest Polish partner Magda and loved an extended experience in the crowd of people who deeply feel for your wisdom.

    Happy Birthday with many happy returns (and may I say, there should be more people like you to lead countries agreeably spirited by a peaceful mind).

  155. What can one say? Happy birthday, may the next year bring you many new wonders…

    Oh and happy anniversary to OAI!

    All the best,

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