More4 tonight


It may well seem as though you’ve been waiting forever, but, if you’re in the UK, then the wait is finally over.

You can see David’s brilliant ‘Live from Abbey Road’ set, along with some interview footage, tonight. It’s on More4 at 11PM and repeated an hour later on More4+1.

If you miss either, or do not have More4, then you can see it in the early hours of Tuesday morning – David’s birthday – on Channel 4.

More4 is available on cable and satellite (channel 142) and also on Freeview (channel 13).

Let us know what you think of the performance – both here, and via our latest poll if words fail you – but please keep any comments here so that those who are waiting to see the programme later in the year can avoid finding out too much if they wish to be kept in suspense.

There are still no firm plans to broadcast the series anywhere other than the US (on the Sundance channel, starting in June), but we are awaiting confirmation that the series will be shown in Germany, Holland and Japan. Please note that this is not definite yet.

As always, we’ll let you know more just as soon as we know more.

That’s all for yet another week. Have a good weekend, all.

Don’t worry, a one-day working week is not going to be the norm from now on. We’ll have loads of news next week to make it up to you.

Author: FEd

Features Editor of David Gilmour’s official blog, The Blog (‘Features’ previously being its rather naff title), affectionately – or lazily – shortened to ‘FEd’.

95 thoughts on “More4 tonight”

  1. Just like London buses, you wait all week for one then two come along together .

    have a good week end every one.

  2. F*Ed,

    I was actually concerned for you this past week and missed the fellow bloggers as well.

    Glad everything is back to normal (or as normal as this clan can be)

    Have a terrific weekend, see ya down the road…

  3. Hi,

    We have been waiting for the visit of David per years after “Pulse”, there is many fans of pink floyd in Mexico and it would enchant to us to enjoy its music.

    Do you have planned to visit Latin America??

    Best Regards from Mexico!!!!

  4. *Caption*

    “But as the words are leaving his lips,
    A noise comes from behind…

    Bang! Bang! Maxwell’s Silver Hammer
    Came down upon his head.”

  5. Greetings once again all, from downstate Illinois.

    Thank you Fed for keeping the blog going.Tonight we are brewing a honey porter at our local brew pub. I will hoist a pint in your general direction. I have to get up rather early to catch your chat, not easy for a musician. But I dont see you doing a Chat at 3AM UK time either. Ill just have to bite the bullet one morning and get up!!!


  6. Speaking of footage that we may or may not see…

    I recently came across some interesting footage that looked to be an official release. It was David sitting in a studio and playing Island Jam on his Goldtop Les Paul.

    Is this something that was officially released to the media by the record company? If so, how does one find this gem? And might this be one of those tasty tidbits that might find its way to the DVD later this year??



    [It might be. Then again… This video was available exclusively at over Christmas 2006 (please click your name below for details). In return, those who downloaded it made a donation to Crisis, which was vastly appreciated. – Features Editor]

  7. Fed, Glad to have you back mate. You were truly missed. Have a great weekend.

    [Thanks very much. The same to you. – Features Editor]

  8. Hi all! Welcome back Fed… I didn’t think anything happened to you… I just figured it was a computer glitch and we’d see you when we see you. Hope the time off was relaxing!

    Congrats to the group that won the Abbey Road competition. That has GOT to be a very exciting, once-in- a-lifetime experience.

    Lots of news next week fed? Well since you don’t usually give weather reports I suspect it will be DVD news… I hope I hope I hope!

    Have a great weekend all!


    [I didn’t want to say anything, because I know how excited some of you get, but we’re going to start giving weather and traffic reports next week. It’s going to be great. – Features Editor]

  9. Sounds great Fed! Almost as exciting as stock indexes to a 3rd grader! LOL

    Have a great weekend… it’s going to be beautiful, sunny and warm here in San Diego!


  10. [Why is my name Matt at March? Posted by: Matt at March 2, 2007 04:54 PM]

    Posted by: Matt at March 2, 2007 06:07 PM

    That was a question for you F*Ed, not a post!

    [Why is the sky blue? It just is. Hasn’t it always been like that? – Features Editor]

  11. [I didn’t want to say anything, because I know how excited some of you get, but we’re going to start giving weather and traffic reports next week. It’s going to be great. – Features Editor]

    Ahhh…so we will venture into jazz and talk more about the time that Steve Winwood worked with David.

    Looking forward to it.


  12. Hi Fed… I just listened to Island Jam and suddenly thought (I know you are no longer asking us what we hope to see on the RAH DVD, and I know our hopes are just for discussion- not to determine the contents of the DVD) how cool it would be if the video for Island Jam that David put out as a Christmas present to all of us before OAI was released was included as an extra on the DVD.

    I never saw anyone else mention it but it would be cool!


  13. F’ed, you’re back ! Marvellous, we’ll call off the man-hunt.

    Excited about the 2 big events of the year so far … Abbey road tonight and THE BIG ONE tomorrow – I suspect it’s going to be 1-1, what do you reckon ?

    [With Graham Poll in charge, anything could happen. – Features Editor]

  14. Hi FEd,

    It was good to be able to chat again. I guess you locked the Barn doors, because my password would not let me back in.

    Have a great weekend,

    [The doors were only locked for a short while, Penny. They’re open now. – Features Editor]

  15. [If you miss either of these or do not have More4, then you can see it on Tuesday 6 March – David’s birthday – on Channel 4.]

    Whilst this info is correct, I think it would be proper to clarify when, otherwise folks could end up going to bed Monday, then on Tuesday morning checking their telly guide only to find they’ve actually missed it.

    [Well, there you go. Please see the calendar, as always, for details. – Features Editor]

  16. Coventry both have my prayers for good things to happen.

    Hope you will pardon this post..coming here to unload seems to help. A 19yr. old son of a good friend has been going thru cancer treatments, was doing very well, until he could not fight an infection. They removed all four limbs. I am horrified for him. Yet, he is in the hospital watching movies about business. He wants to be a stock broker! I think he has alot of courage. But his mom and dad need prayers.

    It was such a relief to see that the blog was not gone. I needed the laughter that you all have provided today. Neil, Lorraine, Lucia, John, Matt, Chantelle, and others had some great remarks.

    Maybe Ant is correct and we do need a life. But part of my life for the past year has been what has been happening on this blog. Sometimes it’s the great captions. Or the banter between you all and the FE’d or some silly ‘stirrer’. I have enjoyed it all.

    I can’t believe that a year has passed already and it is again time to wish David a very Happy Birthday on March 6th.

    (and FE’d…cough it up…where the heck were you? It’s scary to come here and find no one home)

    love you all,

    [Bless you, Jan. Bless your friend’s son, too. He sounds like a real trooper. His parents must be ever so proud to witness such tremendous courage and spirit. – Features Editor]

  17. FEd

    See? You return and the good news just keeps coming!

    Looking forward to seeing the show on Sundance.

    Have a great weekend.

  18. Gutted! Been waiting to see this for ages then it all kicks off when I’m out of the country.

    Will just have to wait till the DVDs come out 😉

  19. Caption..

    Who knew??..Richard smiles as he knows his biggest fan, E.T., equipped with a backstage pass listens in from behind the curtain.

    I can only hope that this presentation finds it’s way to Canada some day.

    I was fortunate enough to catch David and Phil on the Strat Pack concert a couple of weeks ago on HDNet while channel surfing no less.What an unexpected thrill that was!!

    [That caption tickled me, John. Thanks for that. – Features Editor]

  20. The Weather and News is a good Idea, But what about Sports? I must have a cup of coffee and read the sports page.

    Glad you’re back, Fed. I hope you have a good weekend.

    Take Care

    [Thanks, mate. I was moping around thinking it was the end of the world because Liverpool lost in the most cruel fashion to their most hated rivals, but, since reading Jan’s post above, I think I’ve had an excellent weekend. I expect that most of us have, too. – Features Editor]

  21. Live From Abbey Road was fab last night, I’ve watched it four times so far but the day is still young.

    I have to say my old telly didn’t do the sound justice but the band were fantastic and performed the three tracks (Take A Breath, Smile and On An Island) brilliantly and looked as if they were having fun doing it. The programme makers have done a smashing job of capturing a fantastic day.

    In case any one is in any doubt – I liked it!

  22. CAPTION:

    And the winner of the Kenneth Williams looky likely comp is……………..

    Sorry Rick but I think there is a likeness in that photo.

    Rgds Geoff Duffy ( Dublin )

  23. whats with the poll on the abbey rd shows. 21 percent did not know or have an opinion on the quality of Davids abbey rd show. i dont understand that one way or another. u must have an opinion, good or bad. then say so, dont just say “Dont know”. i would rather u said bad than i dont know

    obviously i was there so it holds a special memory for me, but even if i wasnt it was an excellent performance, and please the ones who did vote poor, can you tell me what you actually thought was poor, id like to know, really i would

    i understand everyone has an opinion but to my mind “Dont Know” is not an opinion, its a way of getting a massive splinter up your arse by sitting on the fence. so come on, tell me wat you thought was poor

    im off now, im gettin wound up now. see ya fed. sorry about the small rant there.

    im glad Roger let you go at last mate. i was getting a petition up for him to release u. im glad hes seen sense

    [Many of the “Don’t know” votes are probably genuine statements of fact, because they didn’t see the programme as they reside outside of the UK, yet couldn’t resist casting a vote. Several people also voted before the programme had even started. So, if the psychics reading could get in touch, I’d love like to know Wednesday’s winning lottery numbers. I offer you my most sincere thanks in advance… but you probably already knew that, didn’t you? – Features Editor]

  24. [I didn’t want to say anything, because I know how excited some of you get, but we’re going to start giving weather and traffic reports next week. It’s going to be great. – Features Editor]

    Hooray! Finally…an accurate traffic report and weather forecast for our area, Thomas! That’s fabulous!

    Seriously, there’s no doubt in my mind that FEd would do a better job than most of our local media.

    Have a great weekend, everybody!

  25. Hey, wasn’t it great? Did you catch a glimpse of us?

    Great set and a lovely little bit between David and Polly.

    Only just made it in to watch it quite literally ran in and it came on, phew!

    Have a nice weekend all!

  26. Just a little confused but maybe I’ve misunderstood something.

    Up top it says it’ll be repeated on March 6th, but the live from Abbey Road website says Monday? Is is on both nights?


    [It’s on a little after midnight Monday, so, technically, it’s on on Tuesday. – Features Editor]

  27. F’ed,

    What can I say – some things are just meant to be…

    [I agree. That highly dubious free kick on the edge of the penalty area in stoppage time was always coming. – Features Editor]

  28. I am sooo drunk. Never going to Swansea again. 80 quid on beer. Never ever again.

    [Yeah, yeah… – Features Editor]

  29. On an island,it’s so good i’ve bought my grandson a copy as he’s learning guitar.

    We fellow pisces have to stick together, mine’s the 5th, happy birthday to you on the 6th

    massive regards from BillHurst

    [Have a good birthday on Monday, mate. – Features Editor]

  30. Can you tell me if David has given any thought or is even aware of the “Climate in Crisis Concerts”. Al Gore is assimalating 100’s of bands over 7 contenants in June to raise awareness of how we can help our planet.

    It just seems like something that David should be apart of, his influence is gigantic. I think his presence there would make the event so much bigger, and I am not saying that from a selfish stand point.

    I drive a hybrid, use flourescent lights, I separate metal, glass and paper from my garbage for recycling. I also own several compost bins for biodegradable cat litter and biodegradable plates that I mix with food scraps and yard waist.

    That compost is then used to enrichen the ground in my yard for planting more planet friendly greens. I am curently looking into solar energy, and Phoenix, Arizona is the perfect place for that.

    You may think all that kind of stuff is alot of work……well, not really. It’s simply just a different way of doing things, and that is what Al Gores Concerts are trying to make everyone aware of.

    We need to stop shitting in our nest.

    [I agree with you completely, Stephen – as does David. He is aware of the concerts, but will not be taking part. We all hope that everything goes well, though. We’d also like to point anyone who has not visited the Important Stuff page before towards the link below. – Features Editor]

  31. [I am sooo drunk. Never going to Swansea again. 80 quid on beer. Never ever again. – Simon J]

    Did you have a good time at the Kiwi Club though?

  32. Really enjoyed the Abbey Road set – it did indeed capture the band in a relaxed mood and the editing showed aspects of the individual members performances I hadn’t picked up before – like Phil and David co-soloing on “On an Island” …

    Oooh I’m all excited about the DVD again now!

  33. Hi fed and all long time since i blogged

    i just thought i would share a fond moment i had with kat in khosamui thailand.

    We found a deserted beach we had it all to ourselves. We lay under a coconut tree and shared my mp4 one ear each it was so sureal listening to OAI Between the moon and the tide.

    Any ways to David: have a wonderful birthday. i know im early but you know the saying bltn and i hope you find more inspiration along the way to write some more classics. if you have not been here before i would highly recommend khosamui.

    off to china in the morning speak soon


  34. the more4 was excellent

    the band sounded far superior in sound and quality than the others. maybe because they have some history with the studio and werent necessarilly on the band wagon

    been watching the entire series which has had its moments of boredom, but David & Co really were a different class in terms of song writing, ability and just class

    totally off topic: there’s an interview with the washington post with “you-know-who”. it’s a nice read, where he apologises, in “you-know-who” terms for forcing his ideologies on the rest and his part in the break up and his causing of the negativity

  35. I saw it I saw it!

    Take a breath – I thought they delivered this one well and I loved Davids end solo, it was pretty heavily changed up from the original and was well rockin’

    smile – beautiful, really nicely done, I think this song proves well what I am about to say about track 3 OAI… Davids vocals were sweet as.

    OAI – musically outstanding, vocally the second half went a lot better than the first. I think that perhaps Mr G gave it a bit too much ooooomph and because of the volume the vocal quality suffered a bit. End solo rocked the planet!

    overall i’d give it an 8.5 out of 10. Well worth watching. Will be sure to tune in on channel 4…

  36. Greats comments Stephen Barnhart!!! Wish there are more people who thinks and acts like you…Earth would be better soon…I do things but i can do more and more…

    Sylvie de montréal

  37. Happy Sunday!

    I hope that all of you, across the big pond, were able to catch the ‘Live from Abbey Road’ set.

    Yer so lucky!

    Oh well, I guess we can’t have it all here in USA, I mean look, we’ve got George W. Bush to look at everyday and Anna Nicole Smith’s suspicious death to figure out. What more could I ask for?


  38. Rankin’s Front Row: beautiful portraits. I made a stamp of David’s portrait and I have it in front of my writing desk.

    Best wishes for his birthday and many happy returns in concerts: wherever it is I’ll be there.

    Waiting for next weeks news


  39. David / Richard, I wish words could expess to you the visual smile that comes to my Heart everytime you reelase a new DVD.

    Thanks from Atlanta.


  40. hiiiiiiii everyone! I wish I watched that in Polish TV! So Fed any chances :D?

    I’d like also to congratulate the Arnold winners! You’re such lucky ones!

    c ya soon! I must be the first who will wish everything the best to Mr. David tomorrow’s midnight 😀


  41. Fed, I don’t post that much, but just knowing I couldn’t was killing me. Glad you’re back!

    Pent up thoughts coming all at once.

    1. Arnold Layne winner, very good, with a guitar solo!! could not figure out why so many in the competition did not use the chance to show David their axemanship (probably not a real word). And they made the song unique to them while showing the discipline to keep the original framework.

    2. New picture of David, wow, just wow, now I have two favourite pictures, but I love them equally, no need for rivalry. What a sweet man, I bet he has sweet dreams as well.

    3. Happy birthday in advance to Mr. D.

    4. Heard today that a friend from my childhood past away from cancer this weekend, heading back to my old hometown Monday. I guess I’m entering that stage of life where funerals shall start to become more prevalent than baby showers and high school reunions. Tempus fugit.

    [My condolences, Kimberley. – Features Editor]

  42. First of all, I’m not pissed. Just drunk.

    Second of all, there has been something bugging me these past few weeks. Now that I’m drunk I wanna tell you.

    These past few weeks I have been totally into The Wall. I want to first: respect Floyd for the great music.

    However, I want to re-iterate the fact (and I hope you all realise this) that David Gilmour is my idol, my icon, my saviour. I just wanted to point this out to make sure that I didn’t jeopardise my place within the community.

    FE’d, sorry boy. I can’t help liking The Wall. At this point in my life, The Wall really digs in deep. I am having a troubled life at the mo, but hey….Happy Days I suppose.

    Sorry All, once again

    [I should think that most of the people reading this like it, Simon. There’s certainly no need for you to apologise. Keep your chin up, mate. – Features Editor]

  43. hello,

    dont see a blog entry for David’s birthday so I’ll just leave an off topic comment here.

    Happy birthday to David and best wishes for another year of health and great music.

    [It’s David’s birthday tomorrow, so a birthday blog entry is still to come. – Features Editor]

  44. I envy and am jealous of those who had the luxury of watching “Live from Abbey Road” set. I don’t have the Sundance Channel either – so we are out of luck in June also. Hopefully, a miracle will happen and that the show will appear on the U.S. Public Broadcast Station.

    Enjoy listening to David’s “DON’T”; and as usual, attracted by his amazing and versatile vocal.

    It was David’s voice that first captured my attention to the Pink Floyd music; not to mention his magical and pronounced guitar skills – sorry, I am a little bit off topic.

  45. Hey F.Ed.

    Is there any chance that DG with G E Smith on SNL (from years ago) might be available somewhere? I taped it live at the time and some squid breath creep broke into my home and stole my copy. Do you know the name of the piece they did? Actually it was 2.

    Sorry to dig so deep into the archives, its surely knee high dust in there by now.

    [I don’t think it was ever officially released by the show’s makers. The song was called ‘Song For My Sara’, which has been widely bootlegged as ‘Ah Robertson, It’s You’. – Features Editor]

  46. Just a thought guys. Maybe somebody oughta toss last years ‘Live Dates’ in the ol’ dust bin, ya think?? I can hear it now… pushy Americans. ;D

  47. FEd….did you place that link to the Dancin’ Dubya? If so, thanks… I needed a reason to laugh today.

    [Nothing to do with me. You should thank Melissa, who often leaves a little something for us to chuckle at – as does Matt. I just accidentally-on-purpose let it slip through. Purely for comedic purposes, you understand… – Features Editor]

  48. Dear F.Ed.,

    as usually…you English are very lucky people , I’m happy for all you that have seen it!

    Jan: your words made a strong impression into my heart and my mind: our small diseases and inconveniences are nothing: the courage of this person made me fall into true crisis, as woman and mother. Thanks for your testifying into this selected and loving site.

    ….. less one to 6th March…

    Bye / ciao Elisabetta

  49. A fantastic performance on what is turning out to be one of the best music series on TV.

    Nicely photographed, edited, a great sound mix and obviously a very special audience on the balcony 🙂

    Quote of the show: Guy Pratt ‘That’s why we get the Big Bucks!’

    I’ll watch it again this evening/tomorrow morning as it won’t have the ‘More4’ logo obscuring the bloggers 😉

  50. My dear FEd and good friends,

    I wanted to drop you a note before I crawl into bed and tell you all that I’M A GRANNY!!

    My daughter gave birth to Rowan Asa Darwood at 11;08 p.m. March 4 after 24 hours labor. He weighs 7 lbs. 8 oz. and is 20 inches long and has an amazing amount of red hair (just like his mom and dad). And he’s just beautiful!

    We’re staying the night at a motel in ‘the city’ and I’m going to try like crazy to make it to chat, if only for a few minutes just to say hello, in, well I guess just a few hours.

    Happy birthday to Susan today! And then David’s the 6th … we’re on quite a roll and loving it.

    Peace and love to you all!
    Washington State

    [Congratulations, Gabrielle. Happy birthday to you, Susan. Great news. – Features Editor]

  51. Hey Fed, is there any way you can make the picture on the latest news page (by mr. Rankin) available so we can use it as a wallpaper? id love to have that one on mine!!

    [I’m afraid that’s not possible, Emiel. Nice picture, though, isn’t it? – Features Editor]

  52. happy birthday to susan and bill hurst. 🙂

    and a happy true birthday to rowan asa darwood for yesterday. happy for you, gabrielle. 🙂

    i’ll save david’s until tomorrow.

  53. [I’m afraid that’s not possible, Emiel. Nice picture, though, isn’t it? – Features Editor]

    Too bad…..Its an amazing, beautiful picture!!

  54. What I find interesting about the picture on the Latest News page by Mr. Rankin is that David is posing with a Telecaster. Certainly a guitar we’ve seen him play but not as often as some of his others.



  55. I am one of the “Don’t Know” votes, and as FEd correctly stated, it’s because I live in the states and haven’t seen it.

    Cheers Gabrielle on the little one!

    Looks like the Barnfest 2007 is shaping up on both coasts. We’ll chat!

  56. Congratulations Granny Gabby, I’m so very happy for you and your baby and your baby’s baby. X

  57. Congratulations on becoming a grandmother, Gabrielle.

    May Rowan live a long, healthy and happy life.


  58. So happy for you, Gabrielle, the new Granny ! Congratulations ! and welcome to the new David fan !

    If I’m allowed to share this info, to those who would be interested in Bob Dylan, Classic 21 radio station will be broadcasting the Making of ‘Blood In The Tracks’ on thursday 15 March at 3PM (CET).

    Je suis particulièrement ignare (=ignorant ?) en ce qui concerne Bob Dylan, je pense que c’est une lacune (=gap ?), alors, s’il vous plaît, pour un(e) néophyte (=novice ?) comme moi, pouvez-vous me dire, cet album est-il intéressant ?, et constitue-t-il une bonne approche (=one first step to ?) de l’oeuvre du maître ? Merci.

    Please, click my name.


    [New rule just in: You all have to listen to this programme and, yes, there will be a test on Friday morning en français. But before anyone gets their knickers in a twist, consider that this post could be of interest to David. Please don’t bother telling me what I should, and shouldn’t, publish. Merci pour l’information, Michèle. C’est une très bonne approche de l’oeuvre du maître, à mon avis. Il a une des plus fantastiques chansons de Dylan, je pense (‘Idiot Wind’, avec les lyriques froid) et, aussi, on peut voir la plurifonctionnalité (?) extraordinaire de Dylan avec, par example, ‘Tangled Up In Blue’ et ‘Buckets of Rain’ (le premier est l’une longues histoires du classique Dylan, et la seconde est une chanson simple et très belle d’amour avec bon guitare). Merci encore. – Features Editor]

  59. Hi FEd- Thanks for the title. I relished having some Gilmour no one else had and it still hurts that I lost it. DG on work that wasn’t PF was precious to me.

    PF was wonderful but DG’s breakdowns on Pulse are visionary. I’d love to see that bright and lively style developed out. He’d do well to get away from the PF sound of the 70’s and jazz it up a bit.

    Just my opinion. 🙂

  60. Congrats Gabrielle!!! I can see the glow of your smile from here =) Happy Birthday Susan.

    Simon, I think FEd’s right, there are plenty of us here who like The Wall. I tend to play it more when I’m down in the dumps too, it makes me feel like I’m not alone, and neither are you, my friend. Try to keep in mind that no matter how bad you got it now, there is someone who has it worse. That helps me when I’m in a funk


  61. I just wanted to wish Gabrielle congratulations on being a Grandmother and I hope that Rowan will have a long and loving LIFE.

    Plus a Happy Birthday to David Gilmour and I hope he will have a very joyful Day.

    Wow FEd we’re getting older and I hope a little wiser.

    Take Care

  62. It’s almost 6th of March (in Polish time it’s 00:24 in English 11:24) so Id like to wish You Mr. Gilmour everything tha best, that You would be proud of all your children and wife Polly, that your mind would be blessed with lots of ideas of new songs. That you could visit Poland and play a concert, but this time in Cracow.

    And eveything, everything what you have ever dreamed.


  63. FE’d and Elizabetta..

    Thank you for your kind words and thoughts.

    Yes, I think the young mans parents are very proud of him, but very concerned about the long road he has ahead. He made the decision regarding the amputations. The only other option was to go home and wait to die. His parents could not make the decision. His dad felt his son might hate him later on.

    Going forward I will certainly be thinking of him on the days I feel my life might be hard. However, it is hard to keep that perspective when you are going through a tough patch as Coventry Pete and his wife, or Simon J. Things like that can’t really be compared with each other. Each of us has different strengths to draw from and I would not ever wish to trivialize anothers pain, illness, or tough time by trying to compare. I wish you all the strengh you need to get to a better place in your life. Maybe music or laughter can help when the times are right.

    On to better things. Gabrielle and Susan congratulations on the wonderful news of a new child. Thanks for the upligting news.

    And thank you to the rest for the humor.

    I am certain that I won’t be up in time to wish David a most Happy Birthday on March 6. So I raise my glass of champagne now in a toast to the sublime guitar virtuoso and beautiful voice of Mr. David Gilmour! May you experience love, laughter, and happy times with your family and friends for many years to come. Thank you for your gift of music.

    love to you all,

  64. Happy birthday, Susan!

    Congratulations to Gabrielle and her daughter!


  65. Hey, is 1 am in Italy…and 12 am there. So, even if this is not the right page (because I am sure FEd will prepare a wonderful special one tomorrow), I profit to be awake to say:

    HAPPY BRITHDAY, DAVID! I wish you all the best and a very fantastic day!

    See you all tomorrow, for the best celebrations as David deserves!

    And, even if a silly idea, from the moment birthdays are also the occasion to travel on the memories, wouldn’t be nice to know a silly curiousity about David’s childhood as: Did he have a dog? Which was his name? Did David wear costumes in carneval period, when he was a child? Which was his favourite? The pirate? Zorro? It is a silly suggestion, but it could be an harmless, amusing curiosity, for a special day…


  66. Hi FEd and all of todays bloggers. I’m gonna jump in here again.

    Congrats to Gabrielle the Grandma! To Simon – ‘this too shall pass’ and walls will eventually crumble into ruins.

    Here in CA new rules are meant to be broken ASAP FEd. I know we won’t get the show here, but even if I could, I wouldn’t. Having been invited backstage by a friend who worked backline on the Dylan/Paul Simon tour, and given a working pass, I was instructed not to speak to or even make eye contact with BD, or I would be asked to leave!

    I was not a fan of Dylan before this event and can assure you I never will be now. IMO he suffers from ‘Roger Waters syndrome’ and treats fans terribly.

    Sorry if this is offensive to DG, as I surely don’t mean it to be. But having met many rock stars working at HNL Int’l Airport as a young man, BD takes the cake on rude attitude in my book.

    I have no interest in Dylan. I know fan control can be a problem, but c’mon BD, not everybody wants to kiss your whiney arse.

  67. I read Jan’s post. A very sad story and, as is normal in a so big circle of people as this blog is, in the same day we can read very sad news and very happy ones, as the new borns (congratulations!).

    Jan, I love your sunny way to see and I also think that music or laughters can help. It can sound rhetorical, but I think it is a big truth! I wish you all, all the best


  68. Congratulations Gabrielle on becoming a grandmother. My best wishes to the new addition to the family.

    Happy belated Birthday Susan, and many more to come.

    PBS in Miami will play “PULSE” at 11:00 p.m. tonight (March 5th) – I’ll take it as a nice gesture from the channel in honor of David’s birthday – cheers!

  69. [Try to keep in mind that no matter how bad you got it now, there is someone who has it worse.]

    Erin you are so right about that. Yesterday I found a new word that I can hate, Morphea. This is a very rare skin disease which has no cure. At this point my soon to be 13 year old daughter has a preliminary diagnosis. We won’t know for sure what is going on until the biopsy results come back.

    At this point it is difficult to describe what dad is feeling right now and how it rips at him that his little girl who is a huge part of his world has this affliction.

    Then I read Jan’s post and you get some additional perspective. Yes, there are other’s out there who are going through their own hell. You are not alone and yes there is somebody out there who is going through painful times.

    Yes, we’ll get through this as a family. And it will make us stronger. Let’s just say that the reality has set in, now we’ll have to find a way to cope with it.

    Thanks for allowing me to express myself on this blog.


    [Hang in there, mate. – Features Editor]

  70. My thoughts and prayers are with you, Andrew. Nothing is worse the when something effects your kids and there’s not a damn thing you can do about it.


  71. Happy birthday !!!

    My sister, Jan and her hubby saw you last year, and with two cds and listening to the dvd(meltdown, etc.) I am a believer! You are incredible….

  72. Hi!

    Is there anybody who knows which song goes under this site? It isn’t recorded on any of his album.

    [The music that you hear on the homepage is always David’s, but that’s about all we can tell you, I’m afraid. They’re simply snippets of music. – Features Editor]

  73. Thanks for the well wishes about my dog, Monty, last week– they helped. I buried him beneath a big tree in a field he liked to tear around in — he will be missed.

    Matt, I remember when I was young — the father of our school was teaching us that animals don’t go to heaven because they were created without a soul; they are only here to serve mankind. Can you imagine – bold as brass- telling impressionable children something like that?? That’s the standard doctrine.

    That’s certainly not the God I envisioned. I subscribed to Science after that. And no, while it’s a very good reason, it wasn’t the catalyst for me becoming an atheist.

    Best wishes to everyone else on the blog who’s been going through the highs and lows of life. Congratulations on the new Grandson, Gabrielle.

    Hysteron proteron

  74. Good stuff, Stephen Barnhart, I conduct my affairs in much the same manner as you — it’s a better way of life. I have solar panels that actually feed power back into the grid, I actually get credit at the end of each quarter.

    We also save as much water as possible; I installed a gravel filtration system around our property that collects rain water for garden use. No problems with EC and PH etc. Cost me peanuts to achieve — wasn’t as much work as you would imagine either. It’s not hard to reduce your carbon footprint as an individual. However the corruption associated with carbon trading schemes negates any real global benefit. Carbon trading is a joke.

    Concert for the planet. Unfortunately, Gore is just another politician feathering his nest by capitalising on the marketing power of global warming; you will see a lot more of that — if you haven’t already. While he was on the campaign trail for the planet, his house was lit-up like a Christmas tree — his electricity bill is over 27k a year. He’s a hypocrite, pure and simple. Sorry, but he’s part of the problem.

    They are ALL as bad as each other. Saving the planet by using thousands of megawatts of electricity and polluting it with all the associated infrastructure and amenities required to stage such an event is a joke — claiming that it’s contributing to help solve the problems of global warming….it’s helping our problems… How, prey tell, does that work?

    I can just see the hundred/thousands of similarly themed events taking place in the name of our environment …Global warming has become a money spinner for the corporations — the system. The very same people that create/created the problem in the first place —- Irony and greed has no boundaries.

    Hysteron proteron

  75. (2)

    Global Warming is only ONE of the problems we are facing. We need to revert back to a much simpler, more sustainable existence; in harmony with our environment – not against it. We need to stop engaging in futile acts of war and restructure the machine to serve mankind usefully — it would be very useful in locating and retrieving the billions of barrels of chemicals we dump/dumped into the oceans and waterways — we need to retrieve and isolate these substances NOW; before it’s genuinely too late. That’s only one example.

    We need to restructure the workforce and mobilise it towards solving the problems that already exist. We need to cast away the false economies. These actions -if we are serious- will help to preserve what’s left of our natural ecology for future generation. We need to act NOW — not gradually over 10/20 years.

    Have we have forgotten what makes us truly human? Is this evolution? Human nature? I’m afraid that the powers will never let these events materialise for reasons I have explained in previous messages.

    Thanks for the space, David, Fed.

    Hysteron proteron

  76. Phew – that was hard reading ….

    Birthday greeting fatigue must be setting in in the Gilmour household so I’ll say a simple


    and let you get back to the important job of buying cakes for F’ed and the crew.

  77. Happy Birthday Dave. Like fine wine, you just get better and better.

    Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

  78. Hi, I am Mimo, chief editor on Radio Ploce in Croatia. Yesterday, on His Majesty’s birthday, I played David for 60 minutes in a special edition of “The Greatest World Guitar Players”. And I enjoyed it again and again … So did the listeners (they called …)

    Happy birthday Dave !

    Mimo Barbir
    Radio Ploce

  79. As always, well said Hysteron Proteron. I have to say it is very rewarding implementing ways to reduce your carbon footprint even if it’s just a drop of difference in the grand scheme of things. Little by little… and sprinkle with hope to taste..

    If I may be so bold, FEd, but a small group of us are meeting Erin who is coming to the East Coast this Saturday.

    If anyone in our area is interested, they can look up Molly Darcy’s, an Irish pub/restaurant in Danbury, Connecticuit. We’ll be there between 12noon and 1pm for an “Irregular Lunch” with OAI playing in the background (assuming the manager let’s us play the CD)….

    [Hope you have a good time (and that you’ll be allowed to play a certain CD). – Features Editor]

  80. [but a small group of us are meeting Erin who is coming to the East Coast this Saturday…If anyone in our area is interested.. – Posted by: Angelo Ortiz]

    How cool and nice is that Angelo!..So wish I could be there..but..

    Please accept me there in spirit,and have a NewCastelloriZon draught and some of Joe’s daughter’s DG birthday cake for me..

    Hello and cheers Erin and all!

  81. Well, we’ve been jinxed.

    Erin’s trip to the East Coast has been cancelled. Shucks, and we had all this great stuff planned?!….

    FEd, you’ll have to change your plans and stay with us in NY, and please let Mr. Gilmour know that he can still come and hang out with us in New York City instead… 😉

  82. CAPTION:

    I’m smiling because my eyelashes are still more amazing than any woman’s without the help of mascara. Eat your hearts out.

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