Blotto (#8)


It’s time to reach for your Blotto cards again, folks…

The second song to be revealed from David’s forthcoming DVD set is ‘Red Sky at Night’, which will be the eighth song on disc one.

There are 23 songs on disc one (that’s the live concert DVD) of ‘Remember That Night’, all from the Royal Albert Hall shows of last May. Disc two is made up of a host of interesting extras. Just how interesting these extras are, you’ll have to wait and see.

Please mark the ‘8’ space on your cards with a tick, cross, suitable facial expression, etc. If you guessed that ‘Red Sky at Night’ would be the eighth song, then you are absolutely right and deserve to see the most cheery of faces smiling up at you. If you guessed any other song for the number eight position, then, frankly, you don’t.

Remember that the aim of the game is to complete a line, either horizontally or vertically, on your Blotto card. We only want to know if you complete a line with correct guesses. If you achieve this mean feat, then we expect to ‘hear’ a hearty "Blotto!" from you. Only then will you be entered into a prize draw.

The very best of luck to all who are playing along.

The chatroom  is closed today, but will be open again tomorrow between 4PM and 6PM (UK). All are welcome.

Author: FEd

Features Editor of David Gilmour’s official blog, The Blog (‘Features’ previously being its rather naff title), affectionately – or lazily – shortened to ‘FEd’.

114 thoughts on “Blotto (#8)”

  1. Gosh….wrong again.

    but in this case i presume breathe/time /breathe(r) are three songs. I hope to see some of the “alternate” songs in the extras…..

  2. Right, guess that means the Breathe/Time/Breathe Reprise being one song or three issue is sorted.

    Oh well.

  3. That’s 4 red crosses on my card so far but I’ve still got 2 correct black stars, so can’t complain!

  4. Hi all,

    Another miss, and I think it will be difficult to guess a line properly for me, because probably I’m wrong with the whole OAI part of the disc.

    Other questions have appeared, first of all Breathe/Time/Breathe Reprise count and of course order of OAI.

    My face is rather sad, but still looking forward for more numbers. One day I will be more lucky.

    Have a nice evening,

  5. [That’s 4 red crosses on my card so far but I’ve still got 2 correct black stars, so can’t complain!]

    Fed, I don’t use the chat…I think I missed something

    [You haven’t missed anything. Only two titles/spaces have been revealed. Presumably people are also crossing out the spaces where they incorrectly put ‘Wish You Were Here’ and ‘Red Sky at Night’. The other 21 songs will also be announced here, so don’t worry. – Features Editor]

  6. Bugger…!

    George?? 4 crosses and 2 stars… we’ve only had two songs… put the drink down 🙂

  7. Down in flames on another Blotto pick.

    But that is OK as nothing will bring me down today. And thanks for all the greetings and wishes from my fellow bloggers. Cake for all…



  8. Tout faux, too sad…

    Ahah, Piergiorgio, I have four red crosses on my card and two correct black stars too, and you too, of course ! too funny !


  9. Hi all,

    Well this blotto thing just does not cut it on paper. The big fat zero so far.

    I can do the blotto thing real good on a Friday and Saturday night, I guess I will have to stick with that for the time being.


    Hard to belive that it is almost 1 year since we all met at the Brewery before the concert. How time does fly.

    I will be in New York City the last week in May (27-31). If anyone wants to meet for a drink somewhere just let me know.

  10. OT – Any chance David will play the Eric Clapton Crossroads concert in Chicago?

    [There’s always a chance in this life, but please don’t put any money on it. – Features Editor]

  11. Congratulations, Graham! Well done!

    A very happy birthday to Andrew and his daughter. I was glad to read the good news, Andrew. All the best to both of you.

    Well….two strikes against me on Blotto. You are giving out a duffer prize for the most incorrect entry, right FEd? (ha!)

  12. I failed also this time. Blotto is not my game! I think I will start trying with other games. Crosswords, maybe…


    Andrew, happy to listen about your daughter! And happy birthday!

    Robyn, your post is beautiful. As Michèle, I am a non english language blogger, but everyone made me always feel very welcome. There are very big hearts here! I think everyone can give his/her contribution, because everyone has some special characteristics: who has more culture, who has more humor, who has more sweetness…. You too, as you showed with your post.

    Hope to meet you soon in the chatroom. Give us an opportunity. I am sure you will find a lot of friends!

  13. I’m getting the feeling your blotto prize will be staying in it’s box F’ed.

    Just carrying forward an issue, but I think it bears repeating, Robyns, Rachel and any others who think their contributions wouldn’t fit or fear the scorn of the “irregulars” – sure there is some horse-shit here sometimes but I like to think it makes for some wonderful roses also.

    Honest, heartfelt opinions are always welcome here.

    Andrew, great news, let’s hope that the progess is steady and strong from now on.

  14. That’s two I’ve got wrong now, me thinks that someone has fixed the cards…

    Hope everyone’s well,
    x x x

  15. You know,,, GeorgeMac is far too clever for this place 😉

    I have four ‘greyed out’ numbers on my digital Blotto card 🙁

  16. Andrew, a very happy birthday to both of you!

    Je suis une vraie nouille au blotto!
    Translation= i am a noodle at this blotto game!

    Sylvie de montréal

  17. Blotto blue ball blues!

    This is one tough game, I would like to believe that all of our answers were in fact looked at, and that someone got at least close enough to win this blotto. Then again maybe I’m wrong, what if none of us win?

    [In that case, I suppose I’ll have to grudgingly accept the prize as reward for cleverly positioning the numbers on the Blotto card. – Features Editor]

  18. Red Sky At Eight… How can that be?

    The running order on the DVD is obviously not going to be following how the tracks were actually performed at RAH.

    Even if Breathe/Time/Breathe reprise were classed as 3 individual tracks, surely that would have put RSAN at 7 wouldn’t it (No, obviously not), so something else has been squeezed in earlier than when it was actually performed?? Hmmm…

    I had RSAN as 5, Doh…

    Congrats to Graham. Does he win a Pocketful of Stones?

    FEd, Kyoto!! How did this come to mind as one of your 3 words? I’m intrigued to know…

    [Word association, Ken: Bush… Kyoto. – Features Editor]

  19. Well…it´s been a while.

    May I just say a few words?

    Rachael Thorton, I don´t know if you will bother to ever read a post again, but if you do, then I must say that I´m afraid you are missing the whole point of this blog.

    Take some time to read the posts…even the early ones. Take some time at the chatroom… then, let´s see what would you post instead.

    This is a comunity, developed by David Gilmour Management, to gather David´s admirers. Of course, Mr. Gilmour being the main drive doesn´t necessairly mean that we don´t share some or many other interests. And that we shouldn´t be able to express it here. For that there are rules and a moderator.

    From the principle that if you bother to read this blog and join it by posting you already are an admirer of David´s work ( otherwise, why bother?) so what´s the problem?

    Besides, nobody is obliged to like it, as FEd said. If you don´t, I´m sorry.

  20. Another Miss!

    FEd…Perhaps a little Monetary Influence will get me the right Picks???? If you get my drift….

    Just Kidding Haha…Congrats to all who picked correct and hope you have a nice Weekend FEd!! =)

    [We’ll discuss ‘charitable donations’ the next time you’re in the chatroom, Ax. – Features Editor]

  21. I think I am disappointed. Unless Speak To Me is separate track as well (which might make sense in a DVD chapter format, where there are more likely to be chapter breaks then a CD), that means the set order is being messed with, because Take A Breath was moved later in the setlist on each night, putting Red Sky At Night at 7.

    I don’t think I want I messed up setlist, I want the actual experience of David’s concert as much as possible.

  22. Hearty congratulations Andrew for your daughter’s improved health and your shared birthday.

    Take Care. CT

  23. Way out AGAIN. I feel like putting my blotto card in the bin!

    I`ll keep the faith!

    [If you have to dispose of it, please, go for the shredder instead. – Features Editor]

  24. Man, I’m totally off with this blotto thing. For all we know, the Great Gig could be song #4. Oh well, guess we’ll find out in due time.

    Hope your feeling better, Erin.

    Andrew, that’s wonderful news. I wish you both a very happy birthday.


  25. No luck for me either! 😛 Hopefully instead of knowing already what happened with Breath/Time/Breathe Reprise, what probably happened is that after OAI they put FTCOF? I don’t know… We’ll have to wait and see!

    SOYC Blotters?! ¬¬!!!


  26. First, the important bits… Congratulations to Graham for correctly using blog telepathy to suss out one of the words from FEd’s scary mind. 😀

    Andrew, I’m glad to hear about your daughter and happy belated birthday to you both!

    Robyns, you are /entirely/ welcome in this community. Please continue posting, I’d love to hear more from you.

    No blotto for me. Ah well.

    Now, the less important stuff… I have a hypothetical thoughtful kinda offering for everyone today, in response to the recent pot-stirring. Pot of chili, if anyone wants to come over and have some…

    I had a thought today about what Rachael had to say, and I decided to be fair and view the world from her angle. I thought back to the time when I was a blog newbie and remembered what it was like to be fresh off the electron truck and wide-eyed and full of wonder. I had to consider what we’d be missing if her specific criteria were met with the blog and the chatroom. What if every single post contained nothing but things about David? No interaction between bloggers other than to agree or disagree with the first poster and maybe offer one’s own viewpoint. No personal commentary.

    There would be no need for any names, no faces, no families, nothing but a spotlight shining on David. Just give us all numbers, because it wouldn’t matter who we were other than to distinguish one poster from another in the most basic way. Nothing that ever hinted at having a sense of humor or mild irreverence. Something very straight-laced and serious and stern and ultimately impersonal and dehumanizing. Wouldn’t /that/ sort of setting be more like the robotic nature that she fears?

    To be continued…

  27. Another one bites the dust – that means I’ve missed 4 numbers in total so far. I suck in games; it is a known fact in my family :=(.

    If I understand your comments Rachael and Robyn, I can somewhat relate to your feelings since English is my second language also. I too feel intimated signing on the chat room. I believe I am one of those people who’s going to “hang about” and not being able to join into the chat quickly. I am not too savvy with computers; but I am proud of myself for hanging on to this Blog for almost 6 months now.

    I enjoy reading the posts, laugh with some of the “captions” (if I understand them) and sometimes cry over some of the comments written by the bloggers like you. So what if FEd didn’t response to your questions – I am amazed he actually has the time to read through every single entry and responded to many of them. So what if your comment didn’t get posted or ignored, oversight may happen and we all human. I do realize there had been late hours by FEd and we all need to respect the cut-off time.

    I feel the fun, unity and support in this Blog let alone being very informative. At times, there might be some controversial remarks and criticism but they are all for the better.

    Hope to see your post soon!

  28. Hey FEd,

    Another swing and a miss but I’m proud to be in the company of so many Irregular friends who have also struck out thus far!

    Graham, congratulations on your win! That was a difficult one — three words just didn’t seem enough to cover all the different vibes generated by that song. I’m becoming more intrigued with A Pocketful of Stones every time I listen to it. It wasn’t one of my favorites initially but it has definitely grown on me as time goes on.

    Happy Birthday wishes to Andrew and daughter! It sounds like you received a most special birthday gift and want you to know that we all wish you well!

    Robyns, please don’t feel intimidated by any of the Irregulars! If you love the music that’s all you need. Although some of these people may be highly intelligent, educated, and articulate, one trip to the chatroom late in the day and you’ll see that they’re really just a bunch of down-to-earth, very goofy people who like to joke around and ‘sing’ to each other at random times whether anyone is listening or not! Give us another chance to welcome you properly.

    Angelo, you’re a saint by the way and I thank you and everyone else I subjected to my little meltdown the other day! I feel so lucky to have spent that last 14 months getting to know so many kind and special people. I really love this community we have here and am proud to call you my friends!!

    Washington State

  29. [I will be in New York City the last week in May (27-31) – Posted by: wendy]

    Hi Wendy!

    I know, I can’t believe it’s been a year since RCMH, Heartland Brewery, and the OAI North American Invasion?

    I think Rob from CT said he’ll be in NYC 5/30….who knows? Perhaps I should just pick a place for the thirtieth and whoever’s around will have an OAI Pow-wow?

  30. Red Sky at Night number 8? In This case 1.Speak To Me/2.Breathe/3.Time/4.Breathe Reprise/…

  31. Argh. Argh. Not off to a good start.

    Congrats Graham. Way to read minds. I am quite jealous.

    I just finished the long list of posts on the last blog, and I don’t mean to continue something that ought to have died, but this is my bit on the blog/chat.

    I just started posting very recently and didn’t expect to be acknowledged that I was on the site, but I was, to my surprise! (I had read the blog for a while and wished I knew what was going on, but thought it would be intrusive to start posting.) Everyone is so friendly and amicable! I’m so glad I decided to stick my toes in.

    As for the chat, I will probably never get in there. I was too chicken to even click “enter” (I would stare at it for a few moments and shuffle the curser about) and when I finally did, it was too late. (wah waaah) UK hours foiled me again.

    Anyway, this is a little shout-out to everyone: Thanks for being so open. You’re wonderful! 😉

    And FEd, I enjoy your comments, sarcastic though they may be. I used to know a great witty quote about sarcasm, but it must not have been that great because I’ve forgotten it.

    [Jessica, you know that we’re all going to coax you into the chatroom now, don’t you? There is no place to hide. And, when you’re in there, we’ll get that witty quote out of you somehow. We have ways of making you remember these things… – Features Editor]

  32. AArgh, is this going down to the wire? My only chance now. Number 1 is the challenge also.

    Congrats Graham.

  33. [Ahah, Piergiorgio, I have four red crosses on my card and two correct black stars too, and you too, of course ! too funny !]

    OOh, Michèle….now I get the fun of it. But I got only 3 red crosses (one right song, wrong guess). HEHE.

  34. Hello all

    I am very touched by all your kind words

    happy birthday to Andrew, and your dauughter and glad to hear the good news

    I will post more very shortly but wanted to say I was very touched.


  35. you win some, you lose some (the blotto) then you lose some more on saturday afternoon, feeling sorry for me already Fed.

    im chuffed to win, thank you, it really has made my day.

    my address is […]

    [Congratulations, mate. Your prize will be in the post today. I’d wish you luck against Liverpool tomorrow, but you know that it would be anything but sincere. – Features Editor]

  36. Oh dear…I think I see a blotto card in the garbage…

    Cheers, Howard

    [Shredder… – Features Editor]

  37. Man, I love that picture! Got to be in the top ten!

    I missed on blotto, but that’s ok… so far I have a 50% success rate! Those that have missed both tracks so far shouldn’t feel bad… with 23 tracks, how many possible listings could there be? Any math whizzes out there? It’s got to be on the order of millions!

    Have a great weekend everyone!

  38. Continued…

    Here is our guitar god, worship him and do not make fun of him or anything or anyone to do with him, because he is above us and deserves our utter respect and devotion. Sit down, shut up, and just bask in his glory.

    (Maybe I shouldn’t have read that article in Rolling Stone last night… it reminds me of some of the quotes from someone else in the former band…)

    Imagine a blog where we couldn’t hear about someone’s firstborn child. Or we couldn’t support someone who went to hospital /again/ for something serious. Or we couldn’t have friendly banter about football. How about not learning about other languages and cultures? What about not being able to cheer for someone’s family member or pet’s health improving and their wonderful progress? What about hearing about someone’s loss and offering support? How about hearing about an engagement? What about all these sorts of things that make us more than one-dimensional automatons mouthing pithy over-intellectual discourse on the same topics over and over and over?

    Isn’t this at odds with the notion of how these people don’t care about other people?

    Now, let’s address the clique. Yeah, there’s a clique. People who know each other. People who have grown closer over time. People who have met in real life. Does this mean they (okay, we) are a bunch of self-centered snobs? Of course not. Going back to our robotic symbolism, how can one /not/ somehow be affected by simple human interaction? People cannot be asked to be so harsh and impersonal to themselves and each other. You meet someone at a David concert, you then have a shared experience and camaraderie that people who haven’t met at the concert simply cannot match. They can talk about the concert, but people who weren’t there can’t go ‘Remember That Night?’ and are automatically excluded. It’s the simple nature of human existence. I wouldn’t automatically ascribe malicious intent.

    For my own personal experience, I had a lot of the same questions and concerns that Rachael posed to us. However, I gave the place a chance and the folks in the so-called clique were the ones who first reached out to me to welcome me into the group. Not the clique. Into this wonderful community we have here on this blog and in the chatroom. Do I feel left out when people go ‘Remember That Night…?’ Of course. I never got to see the tour. I don’t have that shared experience to work with. I regret I don’t have such a thing, but I don’t think anyone’s trying to exclude me from the blog, chatroom, or the commentary going around because of it.

    To be continued…

  39. Continued…

    Taking on the topic of the non-David content, to take our example out of the realm of the ostensible reason why we are all here, it’s mostly up to who’s running the place and their preferred modus operandi. We see the public face (FEd), and by extension, we see the private face (David). I don’t think anyone honestly believes that this place operates in a vacuum. If David himself didn’t want certain kinds of commentary on here, it wouldn’t happen. If Polly were offended by us taking her photos and being a bit silly captioning them, those posts would be deleted before anyone saw them. There is certainly content and quality control going on here.

    Finally, the one comment Rachael made that inspired me to reply is the one about how these people care only for themselves. If that was the case, then they wouldn’t have reached out to me. I wouldn’t have been invited to resurrect my rusty French skills that I was afraid to use for fear of offending. If not for these people who allegedly care nothing for others, I wouldn’t have chosen to serve as a self-appointed chatroom greeter… to return the kindness and welcome I myself received from them the first time I showed up in the chat. If this group of people did not care for other people, then there wouldn’t have been donations to Crisis as a way to honor our raison d’etre for his birthday.

    If that’s the definition of a clique, then I’m proud to say I’m in the clique, because I have never found a better and more upstanding and decent bunch of people to hang out with online in the past 14 years.

    And you are all welcome to join us. Especially you, Rachael. I invite you to get to know us better, because I’m sure none of us want to fall over that precipice that you were warning us about… getting too full of ourselves. I am confident you’ll find that we’re not a bunch of snobs, that we genuinely do care about people (especially those not in the group), and that we all love David as much as you obviously do.

    With respect,

    [Yeah. – Features Editor]

  40. to graham: congratulations. the song is certainly sincere.
    to andrew: i’m really pleased for you and your little girl.
    to blotto: you’re just too tough. i don’t think i’ll get any right.

    have a nice weekend, everyone. x

  41. Congratulations Graham! Félicitations! Let us know what you win; i guess you are already at the post office asking, do i have a special delivery today? ha, ha ,ha!!!!

    sylvie de montréal

  42. Happy Friday,

    Phoenix – I kind of enjoyed all that.

    I must admit that sometimes I sit here typing words and thinking that I am not really communicating with people at all. Because it is not face to face, I am only showing any emotions to a screen.

    I don’t know who you are or what you do as much as I don’t know who Piergiorgio, Lucia, Rudders, Elizabetta etc are or what they do.

    And in this vast ether called the internet we are just a drop in the ocean.

    So to try to put it into a bit of perspective is very commendable.

    Pete – Coventry
    Coming back to life

  43. This is a great place…a home away from home if you will.

    Thanks again for all the well wishes.

    By the way, I saw references to four Blotto spots revealed yet I’m only aware of two. Did I miss two? Where they revealed in the chat? Or are people counting the stars as spots? Just curious.



    [You haven’t missed anything, Andrew. Only two songs/spaces have been revealed so far and all the others will be revealed here, too. Some people are also crossing out the spaces on their cards where they incorrectly put ‘Wish You Were Here’ and ‘Red Sky at Night’. Remember that you have to have the songs in the correct spaces to be correct. – Features Editor]

  44. Well at this rate I believe I’ll be able to yell BLOTTO when I mark off a line of incorrect answers. Which I already know will get me nothing…

    Thanks for clarifying.


  45. (I waited until now so it’s more easy hehe)

    At this point I think that it was kept the original order of songs in the concert during the first part for the dvd, so if “Red Sky At Night” is the 8th track, this would be the correct order I guess:

    Speak To Me
    Breathe reprise
    On An Island
    The Blue
    Red Sky At Night
    This Heaven
    Then I Close My Eyes
    Take A Breath
    A Pocketful Of Stones
    Where We Start

    (And the 2nd part)

    Shine On You Crazy Diamond
    Fat Old Sun
    Coming Back To Life
    High Hopes
    Wish You Were Here
    The Great Gig In The Sky
    Arnold Layne
    Comfortably Numb

    (For me “Speak To Me” is a freestanding song (see Pulse or DSOTM Sacd) while “Breathe reprise” was always included in “Time” (in the Pink Floyd studio, live and best of albums).

    (At last, if “Speak To Me” or “Breathe reprise” is not included, then “Take A Breath” comes before “Red Sky At Night” haha!)

    (For sure all my thoughts here will be wrong… 🙂 )

  46. A Phoenix, mon amie, and to all my friends here, I wish you a good, relaxing and (maybe) sunny weekend !


  47. Umm…”kyoto” what does it mean?

    Congratulations to Graham on the win.

    Andrew, I am so glad for you and for your daughter. Happy belated birthday to both of you. The cake looks delicious, thanks for sharing.

    “Some people are also crossing out the spaces on their cards where they incorrectly put ‘Wish You Were Here’ and ‘A Pocketful of Stones’ – FEd”

    You mean “Wish You Were Here” and “Red Sky At Night”? You’ve been working too hard, FEd.

    Have a nice weekend you all!

    [Thanks, Veronica. Old age doesn’t come alone. Has summer ended yet? – Features Editor]

  48. Hello everybody, I said Id be back

    well done Graham, by the way I started out as a classic autistic and Im now 20

    I also wanted to say I like the captions and I dont think it makes OAI look like a comedy album

    Have a nice weekend everyone.

  49. CAPTION:

    As the Blotto answers are brought out in their sealed box the motion dectector laser security system in engaged to stop irregulars from taking a peak……….

    Rgds Geoff Duffy ( Dublin )

  50. Robyns, thank you, good to see you posting again.

    I have been grinning like a cheshire cat all day, im sure Fed will send something appropriate… (a liverpool scarf no doubt NOOOO!) in the post.

    I think the grin is also because of the congrats from folks on here, ta very much.

    [You’d wear it and you’d love it, Graham. Admit it. – Features Editor]

  51. Happy Friday all.

    [I think Rob from CT said he’ll be in NYC 5/30….who knows? Perhaps I should just pick a place for the thirtieth and whoever’s around will have an OAI Pow-wow?]

    Sounds like a plan to me.

    Take care

  52. Dear friends,

    my blotto is going on wrong…and of course many congratulations to Graham on the win.

    Only today i have had a little time to read the last two series of entries,and i’d like to leave my small words to:

    – Andrew: to you and to your daughter belated but warm wishes for the birthday day and for your happiness too

    – Gabrielle and Lucia: so sweet

    – Emilio: grazie

    – Pete: thank you a lot for your words, i feel the same emotions. Yes, we are typing on our keyboard, using internet, this strange way to connect with other people we cannot see. But first of all i never forget that here the Host is Mr.Gilmour and every time we send a message we are knocking on is door, this virtal gate. Fed opens the door, and only after that we can be his guests, in a world made of the art of the Master, where we must follow the rules of respect, also with the freedom to express ourselves, with our emotions, our solidarity, our jokes, our local peculiarities, our captions, our …poems….our happiness, our bad news… our ideas.

    For me this is an irrenounceable and irresistible place. Thank you all indeed. Thank you Fed

    Vi voglio bene ciao Elisabetta

    [Thank you all for making it such a place. – Features Editor]

  53. Just had my Cardiff Graduation Ceremony date……..

    FRIDAY 13th JULY! As if my life wasnt bad enough!

    There’s a pissing omen for you. Jesi Mowreth!

  54. I am also going into the city on 5/30 with my wife and a few friends. I’d love to hook up with whoever might be there but I’m afraid time constraints would limit that to a mere “hello and goodbye”.

    I really would like to set up a day where we could all hang out at Strawberry Fields in Central Park…

  55. (Rack ! Afrack! Sis….., sorry, poor imitation of Yosemite Sam from Bugs Bunny cartoon ) Stomping on Blotto Card !! Argh ! Okay, I’m 0 for 2 now.

    Hullo FED and All !!

    First off I’d like to wish Andrew and daughter a belated Happy Birthday !! Hope the year finds you well and healthy and a little wiser.

    Secondly, I would like to extend my warmest regards to Robyn. And also to Rachel, who made me pause and take stock.

    Congrats To George !! For plumbing the depths of our esteemed FED’s mind, I hope you get a justifiable prize.

    And just a hearty hello to everyone else ! I’m just beginning to feel a little more human after being “run over with a Mack truck”. Been feeling cruddy. ‘Nix, I must say that you really knocked the ball out of the park with that Grand Slam of yours !! It really rings true with the same vein that I feel, though I’m not quite as eloquent as I usually am. For me, my command of the English language was very diificult due to my childhood disability of external/internal receptive aphasia.

    Throughout my childhood I was plagued with the inability to even form words correctly even though I understood what I wanted to say but couldn’t. I could understand what a person was saying. But when asked a question or trying to participate in a discussion what I wanted to say wouldn’t sound right. It was gibberesh. My older brother, 3 years older, Sean was my interpretor throughout my early childhood until oh, maybe ten to eleven years old. I was the ultimate outsider. Which may have given me issues later on here in Life.

    So, to all of us who have been actually afflicted with a real malady that makes it difficult for the afflicted to communicate properly or in a relative position in time to word what one really is trying to say.

    To be continued…

  56. There’s no way that Breathe Reprise is its own song. That would just be cheap.

    I can see Speak to Me/Breathe, but Time/Breathe Reprise has to be one song.

    Who’s running this Blotto outfit anyway?

    [Some amateur, Mike. – Features Editor]

  57. Led Zeppelin is getting into this idea as well F*Ed.

    They just released a “new” song called “Whole Blotto Love”

  58. [Umm…”kyoto” what does it mean? – Veronica]

    Can’t believe you missed that FEd.

    The Kyoto treaty is an agreement made with over 160 countries. Countries that ratify this commit to reduce their emissions of carbon dioxide and five other greenhouse gases, or engage in emissions trading if they maintain or increase emissions of these gases.

    You can find it on any search engine to learn more.

    And the ‘Greatest Nation in the Free World’,(definitely, debatably) the good ole US of A, is yet to ratify it.

    Please correct me if I’m mistaken on any of this guys.

    Thanks all for the good vibes, it must be working. I went to the Dr. today, everything is looking great! I get unwired April 9. No Easter dinner for me =(

    Hey FEd, send me some smoothie recipes, I’m sick of all mine.

    Have a great weekend all!


    [I wanted someone else to explain, Erin, thus sparing me from an excuse to get on my soapbox and rant. Thanks for that. Smoothie recipes, eh? Can’t go wrong with blueberries… – Features Editor]

  59. Oh Poo!!

    Another utterly hopeless guess by me – hours of logic and applied musical knowledge out of the window………..

  60. Continued…

    Maybe because of this I am sensitive to others such as Robyn and even Rachael Thorton and no, I don’t mean that just lightly either. My mother was, had to be a father figure as well to my brother and I since my father wasn’t doing his. So, I’m a little more attuned to certain things. Like empathy, intuition and love in general and the opposite side of the coin as well.

    Okay, let me rein myself in here. I personally love the fact that Mr. Gilmour is a patron to so many causes. The poor, disaffected, the impoverished. I will continue to support Crisis this coming year and so many more worthwhile charities. It’s great to be active. And to be active in said fashion is healthy and conducive to the human spirit and mind…and body. And for me, I really wish to encapsulate you all in my heart.

    For those of you in the know, thanks for being there for my meltdown about a week ago. It’s good to feel the community here in our respective hearts as I am most sure, I know David Gilmour appreciates us. He looks after us by giving us ‘On An Island’ and a subsequent tour and other goodies for us to savour from our saviour here.

    And we look after each other and gee, maybe sometime, someone here could be a saviour to someone else here. That’s what this place here is. A place to to say thanks to David and Polly and such and just enjoy the warm waters that make us feel comfortable.

    With that said, this is going to be my last long post for quite some time !!! Boy, it seems some of us got a little carried away in the long posts department, but let me tell you all, reading them is just part of the fun.

    Everybody have a nice, pleasant weekend !!!

    Peace and Love to All !!!

    Cazart !

  61. Aw, man, I was one song away again. I don’t have very high hopes (I hate myself) for blotto.

  62. [They just released a “new” song called “Whole Blotto Love” – Posted by: Matt

    Matt, I never tell you how much I enjoy your one liners!

    Well, looks like NYC will have a few visitors that day? I’ll definitely do some scouting then…..





    [Maybe you’ll have better luck when we announce the third song, Remon. This Blotto game seems to be causing you considerable stress. As for your question, WE’LL TELL YOU WHEN WE’RE READY TO TELL YOU, SO GO AND FIND SOMEONE ELSE TO THROW YOUR TOYS AT. – Features Editor]

  64. Hello, everybody! I’m back from a conference in Kansas City and am trying to catch up with all that I have missed.

    Happy belated birthday to Nate and to Andrew and his daughter! And cheers to Graham!

    Regarding the chatroom (although I can’t really improve on what Phoenix has said): I’m a chatroom regular, I guess you could say, and always have a really good time (otherwise, I wouldn’t be there). But I do sometimes feel a little shy or unable to get into the current topic. That’s just me. I think I have mild Asperger Syndrome. Plus a lot of times I’m at work and can’t post and keep up consistently.

    But (and I need to take my own advice here) if people are talking about something and you don’t know about it, just ask. Most chatters are happy to summarize whatever has gone before.

    I have to make sure I don’t take it (too) personally if I bring up a topic and it falls completely flat. It happens. Pretty often. I seem to be interested in a lot of arcane, crackpot things. For example, no one EVER wants to discuss Egyptian hieroglyphs. Harrumph!

    One thing I have to say is that most of us chatroom folks try our best to welcome everyone as soon as they log in. In fact, at times the chatroom is a whole series of hellos to new arrivals and not much else for a little while. We do try but sometimes the pace of the chatroom is fast and furious and it’s hard to acknowledge everyone…or even to keep up with the thread(s).

    In summary, the chatroom is a metaphor for life! (I can already hear people gagging and spewing. Try Pepto-Bismol.) Anyhow: sometimes you receive attention and sometimes not. You can feel left out or be the life of the party. There are people you like a lot and some you just don’t “cotton” to (not too many of those at all).

    You get to meet people from far away and find out things you never knew. For example: you can learn a lot about fruits and French words like pamplemousse and merde.

    The chatroom can be hectic, dull, fascinating, annoying. But, most importantly, we get to hang out with FEd and gush about David any time we feel like it. It’s good.

    Robyn, I look forward to seeing you in the chatroom sometime soon. You and Lynn and I can be sort of quiet together! Jessica, you’re welcome to join us as well. 😀

    For what it’s worth*,

    *a little Buffalo Springfield reference for FEd


    Having missed both Blotto numbers, Mr. Brickman works the lighting controls during rehearsal, refreshing his memory as to the correct sequence of songs and wondering if FEd will allow a slight revision to his Blotto card.

  66. Off the topic, last week I saw an ad and to my amazement checked out a venue for a band from the past, is reuniting for one show at Casino Rama Casino in Ontario Canada on April 21st.

    They were a huge influence in my younger years prior to hearing PF and sowed the seed to play guitar.

    We’ll be seating 2nd row of this sold out show to see The Ventures. Wonders cease to amaze me.

    David last year and The Ventures this year. Wow!

    [Hope you enjoy, Frank. – Features Editor]

  67. Packaged arrived safely saturday morning, now thats what i call a first class service by all concerned, thanks again.

    Liverpool deserved to win, more hunger, more fight & clinical finishing, i couldn’t wait for the final whistle.

    [Thanks for letting us know, Graham. Congratulations again. It’s a funny old game, isn’t it? We couldn’t buy a goal against Villa the week before last. – Features Editor]

  68. Hello group, just wanted to voice my opinion on, Kyoto etc.

    Part 1

    The pollution continues. Kyoto is nothing more than an illusion; a vain attempt to make it seem as though the world is actually doing something for the environment — while we are actually continuing to pollute and rape it’s resources. A construct created for the masses that allows them to continue on with guilt free consumption — keeps the false economy rolling along. Relief for old minds.

    America and Australia won’t sign it – for all the wrong reasons. India and China, are exempt from it – two of the worlds biggest polluters. The members of Kyoto aren’t even monitored with any accuracy. There are currently no accurate figures showing the actual/real amount of emissions being released into the environment — they are speculations/predictions based on grossly inadequate data.

    There are billions of emissions from billions of sources globally — Kyoto is concerned with a few. The pollution we have emitted into our environment is so vast and complex that it would require a dedicated team of millions working 24/7 just to begin to unravel the chemicals interactions we have unleashed – in many cases, there aren’t even any agreed methods/procedures/standards for identifying these chemical cocktails/reactions.

    The interactions and permutations are almost infinite; neutralization isn’t an option in most cases. There is no long term data on the accumulative effects on humans, flora, fauna — besides the well know carcinogens etc. I guess the world need super glue more than it needs some species we cant even see. Out of sight, out of mind. Never learnt, never forgotten.

  69. Part 2

    The system is corrupt. Most – if not all – of the environmental science is based on data from the very polluters themselves – there simply aren’t any accurate gauges of world emissions. Defence/military emissions aren’t even taken into consideration. The only hope for the human race is to stop all but the most essential emissions immediately, and to try and capture/neutralize as much as we are able. Instead of gearing our lives towards the false economy – we need to dedicated our lives to stabilizing our environment and sustainable practices enabling harmonious co-habitation with what remains.

    None of what I have said is unachievable if the “Ruling/Power Class/System” makes a decision to forsake some of it’s profit and power. All the power and money in the world wont help you if you have nowhere to use or spend it. No measurable/meaningful achievements have been made with any emissions-cutting mandates. It’s as simple as that. All meaningful discussion is over; the system is continuing on the merry road to oblivion.

    We need to destroy the system and start all over again. There are better ways of doing thing – we all know that when we read/watch the news. We have the power to change. It gives me no pleasure to think that I’m a tiny part in this mad system as it stands. It really makes me appreciate the basics. I’ve learnt to take nothing for granted in life. I’m not striving for any sort of perfection.

    Our illusion has enslaved us like moths to the flame. If we continue down this path, we will learn just how fragile we really are. Surrounded with the hostility of space, who would have imagined that we would be the ones to destroy ourselves. As I have said in previous messages; maybe that is our true purpose. We are part of the never ending reaction that is space. There is nothing wasted in the infinity of space. We are made from the stars, and will return there.

    Thanks for the soapbox, Features Editor.

    Best Wishes,
    Hysteron Proteron

  70. Missed by one….drat ! This blotto thing is devious.

    Hope everyone is having a good weekend.


  71. Nice update Hysteron.

    With all the technology in the world, we still haven’t tapped into a simple plan, using free fuel for light years to come. I’ve stated this before, Nickola Tesla had the right idea. Our own Sun. This won’t happen because of GREED, the Oil Industry, the Government and military expenses feeding war and poverty along with pollution to sink our beautiful Gaia into oblivion.

    On the lighter side everyone, Happy April Fools Day I think?

  72. Hi Fed and All

    Matt, I think you have started something here. Queen have jumped on the band wagon and released I’m Going slightly blotto !!

  73. Hello David and FEd,

    I watched the movie “The Departed” Saturday night. Comfortably Numb was used a few times. It was Not a version sung by David. It was awful!!! I did check the credits and it was with Roger Waters and Van Morrison. Was it necessary for the film makers to get permission for this? Just curious…

    Hope you have a good weekend,

    [They would have had to pay the songwriters and music publishers, Penny. It sounds like that specific version of the song was from Roger’s ‘Wall’ concert in Berlin, 1990. – Features Editor]

  74. Hey Penny, I watched “The Deaprted” last night as well and noticed the song. I can confirm that FEd is right as to the 1990 recording source…

    The song was well placed in the movie by the way…

  75. Hello London! This is Montreal. Today is 1 st april, here in Canada, it is a day for jokes. Is it the same in London?

    So today in my country, a radio station said that PF will do a show in autumn at the olympic stadium.

    So my brother in law called me, Sylvie, Sylvie, Sylvie, do we go together to see PF? I said oh, oh…this is probably a ”poisson d avril” He sounds very disappointed and he said, do you think so???…I said i am pretty sure.

    London can you confirm this? But…i think, i know the answer already… Have a nice april fools day…

    Sylvie de montréal

    [Sorry to disappoint you, Sylvie. It’s a complete poisson d’avril. If it’s any consolation to you, a friend of mine had one of those premium rate joke lines call me a few years ago to say that there was a Pink Floyd concert coming up. I hope it cost him a fair bit. – Features Editor]


    shopping in our local town on saturday afternoon i got into a argument with, for want of a better description a group of “hoodies”.

    I was waiting outside a shop for my better half with my stepson, & my daughter who is wheel chair bound (apart from autism she has cerebral palsy) we were watching a street entertainer which kept my daughter amused.

    These “hoodies” were boisterous, nothing wrong with that but it was becoming a bit more than that & i should have moved away but again i thought why should i? eventualy something was thrown by one of the hoodies, ok it was only a half eaten cornish pasty, hardly a weapon of mass destruction but something in me made go up to the culprit & ask him to go & pick it up & put it in the bin.

    The inevitable out come was a torrent of 4 letter words by the group of youths who then had target for there aggression, ME!

    My better half saved the day, she appeared & applied womens logic & a put down that made the youths stop & think then she calmed me down & we moved away.

    a couple of things, why did i not think of something to say to calm the situation & why did my testosterone levels make want to teach these youths a lesson via a fist? (i still think my way would given me greater satisfaction but i would be dragging myself down to the same level as them)

    is there parallel to this scenario going on in the world on another level?

  77. Went to see mr. Marty Friedman yesterday, what a show and what an energetic performance!!

    Congrats on the Liverpool win! Hopefully theyll be as good against PSV this week eh? See ya in chat!

    [Indeed. I also hope that PSV will be as bad as Arsenal were on Saturday. – Features Editor]

  78. Reduce the worlds CO2 emissions? People breathe out CO2. Trees recycle CO2 into Oxygen. Tress suck carbon out of the atmosphere. As long as there are more trees than carbon in the atmosphere there is no problem. So who’s destroying the world’s stock of trees? It isn’t me, therefore I’m not responsible for what’s coming.

    By the way, kyoto is really about reducing the world’s population to reduce CO2 emissions. It is a plan for the extermination and murder of billions of people this century. Why don’t they plant trees instead?

    Everyone who supports Kyoto is supporting their own extinction. If there is one thing I’ve learned in life it is that the Devil hates trees almost as much as he hates us.

    However, the Devil always has been and always will be a loser.

  79. I agree with you, Frank. Nikola Tesla was a true genius in many respects. However, he could easily be blamed for contributing a great deal to the problems we face today. His contributions to ballistics and nuclear physics are good examples of that. Rather like the Nobel Prizes — irony at it’s best.

    Alexandre Edmond Becquerel’s photovoltaic effect provides more solutions for us than Tesla. Try and find a document called: La Lumière, ses causes et ses effets. Interesting reading.

    Hysteron proteron

  80. Step forward the irregular that sent in the remon-joke, you are a master entertainer… Let me guess, it was you Angelo, right?

  81. Wendy said: [I think Rob from CT said he’ll be in NYC 5/30….who knows? Perhaps I should just pick a place for the thirtieth and whoever’s around will have an OAI Pow-wow?]

    That is true – I’ll be in NYC on the 30th with some friends. It would be great to meet up with you all.


  82. [Indeed. I also hope that PSV will be as bad as Arsenal were on Saturday. – Features Editor]

    Well, this weekend, they finally gave away the advantage they had for the title here. Theyre on a bad roll, so Liverpool has a very good chance

  83. I’m way off in the Blotto game, but I didn’t try to guess what was on the DVD, instead I just put down what I would like to see.

    There are many reasons why it will be difficult to curb the developed world’s appetite for energy.

    The obvious one is the fact that a lot of people do not want to give up something that they currently have (but are quite willing to let other people do so). Try telling someone in northern climates that they must buy local and therefore will never again taste pineapple, mango, grapefruit and oranges except when they travel to southern climates – and then tell them they shouldn’t travel there either because travel itself causes pollution. There is no easy solution.

    On another note, Congrats to Liverpool. Well done, Peter Crouch! I became a fan of his while watching the World Cup. He wasn’t played as much as I would have liked but he had an excellent work ethic. He seemed to play well, but no one noticed. Of course, as a novice viewer, I could be way off base.

    [“He’s big, he’s red, his feet stick out the bed…” – Features Editor]

  84. Ciao,

    climate topic is one of the “huge” issues. I am part of the problem: if we want to save the planet we must change our standard of life which means change totally idea about our philosophy of life (Produce/Consume). Ultimately everyone has to be “poorer” in western countries.

    To be funny about this topic, have you ever travelled on a motorway? an Italian truck bringing Italian biscuits to Germany . On the opposite way a German truck bringin to italy German biscuits. For god’s sake, just eat your biscuits or exchange the bloody recipe!!!!! and everything is like that!! 🙂


    (P.S. this pc consumes electricity, which is produced by nuclear or fuel..we must give up the blog too to save the planet….)

  85. Happy Monday everyone!

    Erin, Hysteron Proteron, thank you very much for the insight on “Kyoto”. I’ve noticed we’ve been having pretty “heavy” stuff being mentioned these days on the Blog, for example: “Global warming”, Bush administration, and Kyoto etc.

    From the very beginning when I was introduced to this site by my husband, I know very well I will be in good company. Not only do we get to share the love of David Gilmour music – which is the first and foremost of why I am here. We also get to share our thoughts on “THE IMPORTANT STUFF”; and I literally learn one or two things every day by reading the posts.

    By the way, I enjoyed every much the music on the site last week. There was one particular piece with heavy percussion (I think it was the one played on Tuesday if my memory serves me well) – that was very refreshing.

    Watched “David Gilmour Live in Concert” this weekend – it’s become our ritual to watch one or two of David’s concert every week – it makes our weekend complete. Life to us will be too dull without David Gilmour’s presence.

  86. Dear Hysteron,

    Your of articles are quite distinct, to say the least. I always enjoy reading them, because of their style. The last paragraph of your Kyoto comment would be brilliant material for a new classic rock song. I applaud you for that.

    Dear Veronica, don’t let them fool you, Kyoto is that silly animal chasing the Roadrunner, simple as that.

  87. [“He’s big, he’s red, his feet stick out the bed…” – Features Editor]

    A Dr. Seuss moment for our FEd? Will he next quote lines from Green Eggs and Ham or One Fish, Two Fish? Could FEd’s real name be Sam?



  88. [Try telling someone in northern climates that they must buy local and therefore will never again taste pineapple, mango, grapefruit and oranges except when they travel to southern climates – and then tell them they shouldn’t travel there either because travel itself causes pollution. There is no easy solution. – Posted by: Andrew S in Toronto at April 2, 2007 02:41 PM]

    Based on what I read over the weekend, if the global warming continues they say that agriculture could effectively increase in Northern climates. So some might say that it may be a matter of time that pineapple growth in Maine could be a possibility. Certainly not a good thing but why do I see this as a potential arguement that some may make??



  89. I would like to know when you come to Brazil…! Brazil desires a show!


    [There are no shows planned for any part of the world at this time, Rapha, but we know how passionate Brazilian fans are. If we have any concert plans to share with you, we will do so immediately. – Features Editor]

  90. [“He’s big, he’s red, his feet stick out the bed…” – Features Editor]

    Dennis Rodman?

    [He could be bigger. – Features Editor]

  91. Have you heard of the concert organized by M. Eric Clapton in Chicago “Crossroad’s Guitar Festival” on the 28 of july. I think M. Gilmour is entitled to be one of the best guitar on the planet. So may be he is already been invited or he could offer his talent for the good cause.

    Don’t you think?


  92. Comf Numb with Van Morrison

    I would say that this is probably one of my favourite vocal versions of CN. The song would, of course, be vastly improved if DG were playing guitar…

    Maybe VM can guest with DG in the future… 🙂

  93. (Ciao FEd, how are you? excuse me for the absence on the chat…but my pc at office is with a virus and this F—-kin’ one ,at home, doesn’t work on chatrooms. don’t know why. bloody computers!)

    Happy birthday, Jessica, hope you had a nice day!


  94. I have to say that some of the discussion in this thread made me think a bit more than usual. Maybe because of some of the stuff I read over the weekend as well and how bleak the future is for the environment if we keep going down this path.

    One thought I had on emissions from vehicles is where it all started – Henry Ford if you will. History books in America talk of how great he was with his invention of the mass production of the automobile. Yet, isn’t that also the time to discuss the effects of the automobile with the children?? It still seems to me that most schools are very one dimensional. They don’t always view things from all sides. If we are to institute change, it would seem that the school system would be one place to start.

    The second thing that came to mind is motor racing. I never could understand the concept of watching cars going around in circles. Don’t get me wrong, I like driving fast as well and I can see the thrill of that. But what effect would we have on the environment if we could eliminate NASCAR or Formula 1 racing? Geez, I can see the South rising up again to defend the attack.



  95. Part Two…

    Then I thought about David Gilmour and the upcoming release of his Fender Signature Strat. Why do we need this? Trust me, I play guitar as well and part of me says it would be neat to have one.

    But then the practical side comes in. Just because I would own a guitar that is modeled after DG’s strat doesn’t mean I would be able to play anywhere near his talent. Plus, I’m in the midst of building some of my own strats based on my own design and find that to be far more rewarding than purchasing one with someone else’s standards.

    How many maple trees would we be able to save by not having this DG strat? What about less emissions into the atmosphere from the laquer paint for the bodies? And who does this guitar market to anyway? Many fans would not even be able to afford the guitar and it will just get gobbled up by collectors who never even play it, just store it as an investment.

    I have seen way too many artist endorsed guitars released at such ridiculous pricing that you have to ask yourself why?? What is so special about a Jimmy Page double neck Gibson, a Paul McCartney Epiphone acoustic, Eric Clapton’s Blackie Strat or a Jimi Hendrix Gibson SG? The answer really is nothing more than a marketing ploy to sell more stuff.

    Please understand, that I am not trying to attack DG or his right to make a buck. It just makes me wonder what the point is all about.



  96. Apologies to FEd, Phoenix, Ax and Becky for my sudden departure from the chat room last night. Lost my internet connection for some reason and couldn’t get back on line.

    Happy birthday Jessi!

  97. Happy Tuesday,

    Todays smile (1): [For god’s sake, just eat your biscuits or exchange the bloody recipe!!!!!]

    Todays smile (2): [Kyoto is that silly animal chasing the Roadrunner]

    thanks for the smiles

    Pete – Coventry

  98. What a great piece of guitaring and backing over on the main site today!

  99. Sorry about yesterday people. I tried logging on to the chatroom, but for some unknown reason it wouldn’t let me.

    But happy B’day Jess, have a great one.

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