Blotto (#20)


Blotto cards at the ready…

The first song to be revealed is ‘Wish You Were Here’, which will be the 20th track on the concert DVD.

That’s ‘Wish You Were Here’ with Stevie on drums, not Nick Mason.

So please mark the ’20’ space on your cards accordingly. If you guessed that ‘Wish You Were Here’ would be the 20th song, then you are correct. If you guessed that Nick Mason’s guest appearance on ‘Wish You Were Here’ would be the 20th song, then you are incorrect.

There are 23 songs on disc one of David’s forthcoming DVD set, ‘Remember That Night’. These are from the Royal Albert Hall shows.

Disc two is full of extras, further details of which will be revealed in due course. If you missed what we’ve revealed so far, then there’s a round-up on the Latest News page (Wednesday 21 February).

If you didn’t get your song list in on time, you can still play along. You’re welcome to send in your list for all to see, but please note that it won’t be considered eligible should you win.

You win by completing a line, horizontally or vertically, with correct guesses on your Blotto card. Once you have a full line, cheerily exclaim "Blotto!" on the blog and you will be entered into a prize draw.

Thanks again for playing along and the best of luck to all.

The chatroom is still open and will be for another half hour, closing at 4PM (UK) today. Feel free to drop in. Everyone is very welcome.

The next chat session is on Thursday between 4PM and 7PM (UK).

Author: FEd

Features Editor of David Gilmour’s official blog, The Blog (‘Features’ previously being its rather naff title), affectionately – or lazily – shortened to ‘FEd’.

52 thoughts on “Blotto (#20)”

  1. Ciao,

    right number wrong guest..think we all lost that line.. (this is an extremely evil game 🙂

    [I’m an extremely evil person (well, sometimes). – Features Editor]

  2. Darn!!! Did you think about a consolation prize for those ones who don’t guess neither one?!!! I started on that road!


  3. Right with the number, but I hoped for Nick’s appearance in that one. It also suggests that Arnold Layne will be at the end of the show with David Bowie, I’m now curious who will be on drums on Comfortably Numb.

    All these scenarios, even greater fun,


  4. Congratulations to the 12 or so people who guessed the first one right.

    It seemed most of us were on the same page with Echoes as #20.

    That Echoes thing sure creates problems, don’t it?

    Happy Tuesday to all

  5. Hi all! And the fun begins! Hey! I got the first one right!!! Only 3 to go for a row!

    Can’t wait to get my official David Gilmour Tape Dispenser!


  6. d’oh! i guessed ‘echoes’ for number 20. this is going to be hell.

    i just want to say again how ace stevie d was on drums. please don’t attack me for saying it, but i’m glad that he wasn’t cast aside for nick’s performance on the dvd. he did a great job on tour.

    stevie, if you’re reading this, we love you. 🙂

    [Well said, Victor. We love Stevie here at – Features Editor]

  7. [I’m losing blotto control…Posted by: Angelo Ortiz]

    You’re a real pisser Angelo

  8. Hooray – “Tim” must be a lucky name ‘cos I got than one too – it’s all down hill from here …

  9. Yeah, I thought Echoes was #20, too, probably because I thought The Great Gig In The Sky was going to be put with the second set. Ah well.

  10. reading posts Fed, I worry- I didn’t designate WYWH with Steve vs Nick because Steve isn’t a guest… I just put WYWH. Does it count?


    [It does. If there’s no guest given, then I’m taking it as a regular band performance. Anyone who has plain old ‘Wish You Were Here’ listed as their Number 20 is correct. – Features Editor]

  11. Hi F’Ed, I dont often get the chance to get into the chatroom, but now when I do, I need to know a “room Password” Wassat?



    [A completely random room password is put in place to allow a ‘lock-in’ after the chatroom has closed (when I’m in a good mood). Both opening and closing times are stated on the calendar. To be informed of the day’s room password, you must visit the chatroom when it is open. Apologies for any disappointment. The next chat is on Thursday between 4PM and 7PM (UK time). Hopefully you can make it. – Features Editor]

  12. It’s a shame that I have not started up on this Blotto bit. However it seems appropiate that WYWH would be towards this part of the DVD. I’ll keep quiet here, but I have some sneaking suspicions as to what the next three will be.

    On another note,FED, I was wondering when I try to sign in to the chatroom, sure I put in my password, but then it asks me for the “room” password ? After checking my e-mails I noticed there was absolutely no indication of a room password. HELP !! After finally getting in after such a long time not, I have to confess that I really like it. The people are great and I want to be able to “touch base” with them and you. Such a wonderful bunch.

    Lastly, who here would like to have ‘This Heaven’ video back ?

    Peace and Love to All !

    Cazart !

    [Please see my note above to Roger for an explanation of our random lock-ins. The same applies to you, of course: we’d be delighted to see you back in the chatroom soon. – Features Editor]

  13. OK people, we may be a little odd for our love of David’s music, writing posts, or chatting ’till all hours of the night. . .but I found this link (click my name), and I realized that most of us are not as crazy as we think

  14. I’m playing along in spirit just because I’m intrigued to hear the order and versions….right song, wrong drummer, wrong position in the list for me. Getting WYWH in the setlist is a no-brainer, so I’m already off to a slow start. I hope I at least do better than I did in the ‘Whose Shoes’ thing (zero for seven, or something similiarly crap!).


  15. CAPTION:

    As the chamber lifted lord Vader was still having leisure time without his helmet. His drumming on the Village peoples “can you feel the force” was light years ahead of his peers “Steve I know what you are getting for christmas. I felt your presents”.

    Happy Birthday Lorraine and many more .

    Rgds Geoff Duffy (Dublin )

  16. CAPTION:

    “Steve , steve no no no it’s DARK globe not darth globe , ok again from the top………”

    Rgds Geoff Duffy ( Dublin )

    Not a mention about David playing the EMPIRE POOL in sight .

  17. As and when the chosen tracks are revealed, is there any possibility of letting us know which of the three RAH nights they are from?

    [I don’t think so. – Features Editor]

  18. Interesting first bit of information. Fed, this is more evil than I first thought. I can see how each song revealed is going to make us more and more curious for what’s to follow. Just hope these are revealed a little faster than one a week. That would be downright sinister.

    Out of all the setlist entries, did anyone get all 23 right?

    [Nope. – Features Editor]

  19. [You win by completing a line, horizontally or vertically, with correct guesses]

    Hmm…and diagonals ? sorry, déformation professionnelle, but diagonals are lines, aren’t they ? so, two more chances to win ! please !!!


    [I think horizontally and vertically will be hard enough. – Features Editor]

  20. Oooops, seems I was right in saying I`d be a million miles off! I said `Echoes` as track 20.

    oh well i`ll keep the faith!

  21. Wrong on two counts.

    Wrong song and I opted for Nick Mason which means my number 22 must be wrong as well.

    This is not a good start.

  22. Curses! Oh, Nick Mason, your name will be the undoing of my blotto card. Wah waaaaah, sad day…

  23. Another one who got it wrong here – are you absolutely sure it’s not ‘Echoes’ FEd? ::) 😉

    [As Roy Walker used to say: “It’s good, but it’s not right…” – Features Editor]

  24. Fed I love this, even if you are an evil bastard.

    No, I didn’t get it right either, right track, wrong version.

    For those of you who like stats, here is your remaining chances:
    – Those who got it right= 100% of the playing board left.
    – Those who blew it= 75% of the playing board left.

  25. Okay, I too had Echoes, dark despair setting in. Perhaps I’ll turn this into my own personal drinking game, one shot for a right answer -to celebrate and two shots for a wrong answer -to console. Well with the one correct answer revealed I now know that my 20 and 21 cannot possibly be good. Have to leave now, much to do. Why did you call this blotto???

  26. David,

    Please come to Atlanta. I’ve never seen you in concert. I’m only 29 and I’ll never forgive myself for missing you last year, but I was sick and couldn’t make the trip.

    Best Regards,

  27. FEd, a suggestion:

    Since so may people keep asking about it, i think it would be a good idea to create a blog entry about the Room Password.

    PS. I got the First Blotto pick wrong….Hopefully i get the next one….

  28. I’m glad to see I’m in good company here for missing #20. I put my original list through 5 revisions before posting it — and I’m still wrong. I thought the shoe competition was hard, but now I know it was a walk in the park (pun intended) compared to Blotto!

    That was a great article, Marcus! Thank you!

  29. Missed, had D. Bowie there. He went up a notch or down, or vertical or horizontal. Getting vertigo and the game just started.

  30. 1 week to decide….1 answer to crash…arghhhhhh

    thanks I enjoy this game.


  31. I’m now glad I changed my order when I submitted the list for the second time… It’s all to play for as they say!

  32. CAPTION 1:

    Nobody noticed when Will Farrell stepped in for Steve on April 20th…

  33. CAPTION 2:

    Prattsy the Parakeet nefariously attacks Steve’s wrist on cue from his insidious master…

  34. Um …

    If you consult my list, FEd, you’ll find that WYWH should have been #22.

    Sure that that zero in #20 was not a typo ? 😉

    [I’m afraid not, Ralph. #22 on the DVD is… Damn. Can’t say. – Features Editor]

  35. Which WYWH version from other released DVD’s do you like best?

    For me it’s:

    Live 8 – for brilliant David’s guitar sound, I think Phil Taylor found perfect setting for that one, and probably James Guthrie at soundboard also helped a lot.

    closely to that is In Concert version, which is perfect as a whole.


  36. [we love stevie here at – fed]

    i’m glad to hear it. i thought stevie was ace on drums and he also seems like a good guy.

  37. Hi FEd and friends,

    How are you sleepyheads today?? FEd’s response: zzzzzzzzz ….

    Marcus, that article was really fun to read. My first impression was ‘ … and my husband thinks that I’m crazy!?! — these people are REALLY out there.” But the point made about people who, for whatever reason, might feel ‘different’ and therefore kind of isolated made purrfect sense. And then the bit about their pond, Ferris wheel, flooding the pond for ice-skating … hey, we need to make some improvements in our Barn!! The cat people have us beat in the amenities department methinks!

    And, yes, I got it wrong too … mew, mew.

    You Irregulars who are going through some difficult times right now remember “the darkest hour is just before dawn.” You have a huge global community of friends who care very much about you and have you in their thoughts and hearts! I don’t think anyone will mind my speaking on their behalf on this matter.

    Peace and love!
    Washington State

  38. [How are you sleepyheads today?? – Posted by: Gabrielle Childers at March 21, 2007 05:27 PM]

    Still recovering from chatroom addiction. 😉

    And… they gave us ice cream at work today. I’m a happy ‘Nix with a pint o’ chocolate chip.

  39. [Anyone who has plain old ‘Wish You Were Here’ listed as their Number 20 is correct. – Features Editor]

    I’m correct with the WYWH, ye hey!!! It can only be downhill from here on in.

    So FEd, no one guessed all 23 correctly. No “Full House” Blotto calls then…

    The final setlist should be intriguing for sure.

  40. Thanks for that Gabrielle! I’m up early after spending most of the night in the bathroom, I hate that, especally when my jaw is wired shut. I’ve been thinking about you, Mel and Susan, it keeps me going to know that you all keep going.


  41. I have to admit:


    “Marcus, upon seeing the StevieD picture, thought: ‘Cool, he’s answering our questions. . .’”

  42. What a bummer! Judging from this first pick (# 20), I can tell my pick list is a total disaster. The game is tough, yet fun!

    It must be a lot of work for you keeping track on all these Blotto entries. Don’t work too hard.

  43. Good morning Fed!

    Maybe it is interesting also for other fans:

    Congratulation to David, Rick, Nick and the whole team of the DVD Pulse!!!

    You won yesterday night the Echopreis 2007 for the best Music-DVD in Germany.

    All the best to Mister David Gilmour!

    Have a nice week!

  44. Why do I get a sense that we are all hamsters in a wheel trying to get some place but actually just going around in circles??

    In fact we would probably have more success in Blotto if a hamster did random droppings on our card for a vertical or horizontal line completion.



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