'Arnold Layne' winner


The blog’s back (did you miss it?) and we’re very happy to finally be able to announce that the winners of the ‘Arnold Layne’ competition, as chosen by David, are… Rockfour.

Hearty congratulations to you.

The prize, as you well know, is a day recording at the legendary Abbey Road studios. As if that’s not enough, renowned designer Storm Thorgerson will also be designing a unique logo just for you.

Thank you to everyone who entered. We hope you all enjoyed it as much as we did.

You’re all very welcome to come and celebrate, or commiserate, at our chatroom, which will be open from 11AM (UK) today.

More details on David’s ‘Live from Abbey Road’ session – which you can see at 11PM tonight, if you’re in the UK – will follow, so don’t go too far.

Author: FEd

Features Editor of David Gilmour’s official blog, The Blog (‘Features’ previously being its rather naff title), affectionately – or lazily – shortened to ‘FEd’.

110 thoughts on “'Arnold Layne' winner”

  1. Congradulations Rockfour, very well done!

    It’s nice having you back.

    [Thanks very much, mate. – Features Editor]

  2. FEd, hot damn, you’re back! We were having withdrawls. We were speculating everything that could have happened, you died, Roger stole you, etc. I was sad you canceled chat. You’ve been having so many on T/Th lately, when I have class, I was really looking forward to that Wednesday chat. In any case, glad to see things up and running again.

    Anyhow, congrats to the winners. Can’t say I listened to their version, I was biased and only listened to bloggers.

    I love the picture of David on the Latest News section. He looks so peaceful and calm; one with the guitar, which he truly is.

    Have a great weekend all

    [Now, I could make up a wonderfully far-fetched story to explain my strenuous one-day working week – involving being stolen by Roger, or not – but it’s probably best not to. Sorry to disappoint a certain fan forum, but I haven’t been sacked. Maybe next time, eh? – Features Editor]

  3. Glad you’re back mate.

    Congrats to Rockfour. Like Erin I didn’t listen to them either I was biased. Bloggers Rule!!!

    Just know you were missed.

    Renee B.
    Fontana,Ca USA

    [Bless you. I’m starting to think that I should take a few days off more often. – Features Editor]

  4. Congrats Rockfour well done

    CAPTION: “you talkin to me Rockfour? I don’t see anybody else here???”

    Rgds Geoff Duffy ( Dublin )

    and yes FED I did miss the blog very much so

  5. Great to have you back!

    Congrats to Rockfour, well done!

    I thought that perhaps my browser wasn’t updating the page properly – I tried everything. Then I had to go read Guy’s blog to get my fix 😉

    Sacked? The thought never even occured to me.

    Hope you celebrated St. David’s day this week. Did you have to dress up, I wonder?

    [Oh yes, I’ve been wearing the black hat all day. – Features Editor]

  6. Congratulations Rockfour,

    I’m glad to see you back FED,

    Caption: Due to public demand David starts acoustic Echoes at Abbey Road.

    I won’t forget


  7. Well, congratulations to Rockfour. Guess theres not much I can say without sounding like a sore loser right?

    Any chance we´ll know the top 3 FEd?

    Once again, thank you so much everyone for all the support you showed me throughout the contest.

    [Hard luck, mate. I know that this has been torture for you and many others. Revealing anything other than the winning act would only be further torture, I feel. – Features Editor]

  8. Very cool & congratulations to Rockfour!! I’m now out on a mission to find out about the four!!!

  9. And the conspiracy theorists had a good week!

    Glad to see some rustling about here. We will need to see some proof that the “real” FEd is here and not some clone or something.

    Congrats Rockfour…good choice (outside of the bloggers, of course)

    [What would convince you, George? – Features Editor]

  10. [What would convince you, George? – Features Editor]

    A nice comeback would do nicely. But I doubt anyone else knows how to run the blog software, so it must be you. Welcome back. There have been multiple reported withdrawal symptoms, but I won’t bore everyone with the details.

    Congratulations to Rockfour.

    Paul B, hold your head high, you did an outstanding job.

    Take care everyone. Time for bed, Fed.

  11. Congratulations to Rockfour! I hope they will report back on their experiences and let us have a peek at the logo. I’m sure they must be very excited.

    Well, FEd….I must confess that I was rather hoping Roger had stolen you. He could certainly use your help and expertise, and I would be thrilled to see a real FEd in the Waters camp so that I don’t have to decipher the back of t-shirts or read my tea leaves to get concert information. Nothing beats having FEd at the helm to say what’s what and to give everyone a proper heads up.

    Come to think of it, I can name quite a few artists, businesses, and government agencies that are in desperate need of FEd’s services….

    [Well, if you send me your list and if the money’s right… – Features Editor]

  12. Congratulations Rockfour! The Storm designed logo is almost as great as the day at Abbey Road. Well done!


  13. FEd!!! (((hugs)))

    Gosh, we missed you, and were truly starting to get worried about you. SOooooo glad you’re back, safe & sound. (You’re part of our community, you know, and we tend to look out for one another now…. )

    Congratulations to Rockfour. I’ll give them a listen so that I’ll know what could have possibly beat out our bloggers; and a hug to you Paul B. 🙁

    Hello to everyone and see you in chat!


    [What did you think had happened to me? Go on, make me laugh. – Features Editor]

  14. Coño!!! About Bloody Time! (says Angelo as he rolls up his sleeve for a fix)

    I thought you got whacked out in Las Vegas, FEd?

    Congrats to Rockfour, even though I’m still singing Paul’s version, no offense….

  15. Hooray! FEd’s back by popular demand!

    Damn, February 21 was the longest day ever! Rabid bloggers speculating all sorts of strange and mysterious happenings — really fed my conspiracy-theorist side. “I saw someone in a black trench coat dragging FEd behind the grassy knoll …”

    Another thought was that we were all suffering from that nasty virus that we somehow managed to share last year. Such a close-knit lot, eh? Gotta stop puckering up and kissing the monitor I guess … bummer.

    Congratulations to Rockfour even though, well, you know.

    Actually, I think congratulations should go out to each and every Gilmour Blogger who participated in the contest! You all did very well and should be very proud of your efforts regardless of the outcome!!! So there … we still love ya, don’t we my friends?

    Hope to talk to y’all in the morning. And as for you FEd, you need a good spanking I think … leaving us all floundering about and all. But it did make for some juicy speculation!

    Peace and love everyone!
    Washington State

    [I have to say, that rumour about Roger in a black trench coat is not true. – Features Editor]

  16. HEEEEE’s baaaack. After your snipe with George, it’s you Fed. Now go into the corner and don’t move until you apologize for not calling home for a week.

    Congrats Rockfour. Sorry for Paul B. Thought yours was well done also.

    Stayed home today, freak storm and all. The Ides of March are upon us.

  17. Heya FEd, I didnt even take the time to welcome you back. Welcome back on this grim evening :(.

    I just wondered about the top 3 because according to the contest site the top 3 would be announced or at least contacted, and y´know, Id love to know if David at least listened to my tune. In some kind of masochistic way it would actually make me feel better.

    Now, that youre up, how bout an early opening of the chat?:)

    Thanks everyone again for all your kind support. It really does mean a lot, and this really hit hard.

    [I’m only announcing the winner and drawing a thick line beneath the contest on Monday, but the EMI/MySpace page should be able to tell you more. I will say – hoping that it doesn’t make you feel worse – that David listened to many songs and commented on the high quality of entrants. It wasn’t an easy job selecting a winner, but, sadly, as always, there could only be one. – Features Editor]

  18. Hi FEd,

    I am so glad you’re back. I had all sorts of weird scenarios running through my brain. (I think I liked the bondage one the best)

    I don’t know if I will make the chat, I don’t get out of class until 11am Texas time. (There’s a 6 hour difference.)

    I hope you are doing well. Next time could you please drop us a quick line to let us know you’re alright? (That is grounds for restriction you know, just ask my girls!)

    Have a grand weekend!!!


  19. Posting from Chicago Thursday on the way to a snowy Minneapolis for a weekend with my mates…

    Congratulations to Rockfour for their win in the AL contest. Y’know, if they join the blog, then technically bloggers won. 😉 It makes no sense not to welcome them to our august company if they’re willing to come visit.

    Good to have the blog and our lovely FEd back all safe and sound as I was expecting.

    I’ll be on the road during the next two chats, so don’t anyone be missing little ol’ me. Everyone be good, get healthy, and I’ll see everyone whenever.


    PS. FEd, I left the infamous red scarf at home this weekend. Don’t wanna jinx your boys on Saturday. Welcome back. 🙂

    [Don’t remind me. Graham Poll is the referee, so anything could happen. – Features Editor]

  20. Congrats to Rockfour although found nothing outstanding or to hum about…..Paul B you are my winner even have the tune on my mobile…undoubtedly best song

  21. congratulations Rockfour.

    dear FED, hope you won’t keep us waiting like this again. it’s real torture. happy you are back.

  22. Ha! No doubt in my mind now.

    In the absence of activity here…we did manage to get a little more organised on get together logistics, so we have been productive.

    Now, I just let my insides heal from having a camera shoved down my throat and into my stomach…and a little beyond. I think some ice cream shall do the trick. The sedation is wearing off…

  23. Yes yes yes yes YES!!!!!!! ROCKFOUR!!!! I never had a doubt that they would win this competition. You guys give ’em a listen, they ROCK!!!

    Thanks Gilmour!!! You guys made the right decision here!!!! 🙂

  24. Thanks for coming back FEd. My email in-box has been flooded with messages of concern for your well-being from irregulars. Thought there might be a need to commence a search party.

    Looking back a year-and-a-half on, it is very cool how this little electronic community has evolved into spirit, flesh and blood. Peace to all. I’ll be here, out in the tall grass…

    Early B-Day wishes to the Master of the Stratocaster.

  25. *Caption*

    With the Union guys shutting off the backstage lights during Echoes. . .Richard realized he’d be out of the spotlight before David. . .

  26. I must admit giving an honest listening to each and every entry for the contest…. I looked back and found one star given to Rockfour. For obvious reasons… They actually practiced to produce that!

    Reminds me of some of the Beach Boys worst music that I can’t stand to remember…

    Some were much better I thought. For example (3) to the Flaming Gnomes, (3) to Intro, (3) Black Forest, (4) signal2noize, (4) Dyonisos, (4) The Great Zarquon and of course my very own (5) The Ragged Band in which I’ve never even done vocals before and my band had just met!

    I guess there’s a difference between the way we individually see the world and the way it actually is…

    Congratulations Rockfour, lady luck is obviously on your side…

  27. Congratulations Rockfour.

    Hello everyone, this is my first time posting on the blog, although I check it rather frequently. Even I was wondering what happened to you FEd :D.

    I think I will be posting here regularly, as I am a huge fan of all htings David 😀

    [Welcome, Kickstart. Thanks for joining in. – Features Editor]

  28. I think that everyone who really did actually miss the blog should try detaching themselves from their computer for a month and get a li…, i mean take up another hobbie..perhaps dedicate the time to learning an instrument or something?

    Please don’t take offence, I just find it remarkable that people waste their existence on such trivial matters when there are so many more rewarding things to do. I’m sure the F’Ed didn’t spend his days off fretting about you bloggers…

  29. FEd, I’ve been having withdrawal symptoms all week, no Blog!!

    Just Kidding, its good to see you back. Looking forward to the Chat (I double checked to see what time 11 AM UK time is where i live, 6 AM Eastern Standard Time…too early for me, but Ill make it somehow…)

    Oh By The Way, Good News. I talked My Concert Committee and it looks like we found a Band for the Concert! Just thought you’d like to know…

    See you in the Chat (Hopefully If I wake up early enough hahaha)


    [Glad you got someone booked in time, mate. – Features Editor]

  30. ” The blog’s back (did you miss it?)” Said FEd

    Yea right “did we miss you?, does David play guitar or what? So who pulled the plug and why were you suspended? Can we have our money back and what compensation is there?

    Its true you dont know what you have until its gone so a big welcome back to normality FEd!

    Congrats Rockfour-whoever they are.

    Have a good weekend one and all.

    Ian Pearson

  31. [What did you think had happened to me? Go on, make me laugh. – Features Editor]

    Perhaps..spending solitary hours upon hours listening to Radiohead to try to “get it”..or..

    ..off on a campaign to woo David Beckham away from L.A. to join your team..or..

    ..realizing you liked your kitchen better the way it was before you lovingly spent all this time restoring it back to its original form.


    In support of The Fed,David performs live at this worldwide presentation of Bob Geldof’s KitchenAid.

    [There’s more chance of me taking to my lovely new kitchen with an axe than the first two, I can assure you. I’d sooner turn the axe on myself, in fact. – Features Editor]

  32. I used to see Rockfour years ago in Tel Aviv, covering Floyd songs. Funny, but I never really liked it (love their original stuff though).

    Missed the blog!

  33. Congrats to the winner!

    Glad to see you back, safe and sound F’Ed. Can you tell us what it’s REALLY like inside a flying saucer then????

    Try and catch a bit of the chat later…….


  34. I thought you’d been arrested for running an illegal distillery, glad you’re back.

  35. Welcome back FEd…I missed the blog!

    Congratulations to Rockfour…great!

    ciao a tutti

  36. Sacked Fed? I’ll come down there and punch their nose if they do!

    Down there? Yep, I’m back up in the Highlands of Scotland, though thankfully I’ve missed the worst of the winter.

    No clues on what you were up to?

    [Just twiddling my thumbs and trying to be patient, mostly. – Features Editor]

  37. Dear F.Ed.,

    Many congratulations to Rockfour. I hope to be able to enjoy your work soonest and please let us share a little of your feelings if you can. I hope F.Ed enjoyed the short vacation…. did you?

    Have you all a nice friday and nice week end

    bye/ciao Elisabetta

    [I did enjoy being very lazy (and needed the thumb exercise), thank you. – Features Editor]

  38. Oh! Welcome back mate! Where have you been? My hypothesis?

    The first day I thought that a group of violent supporters of the Liverpool’s challenger team beat you during the last game

    The second day: you closed the blog the same day a friend of mine left for the “white week” (go skiing) and I thought that maybe you joined to their holidays group

    The third day: David dismissed you

    The fourth day: I start being so confused that the most clever reasons popped in my mind at the fourth day were the aliens or the Bermuda triangle mystery!

    And yesterday I started being so worried that I have also listened to some Bob Dylan to send you positive energies!

    Don’t do this kind of bad joke again! Disappear, without a word!



    [Then that settles it. You listening to Bob Dylan brought me back. No pressure, but maybe you should listen to him every day? – Features Editor]

  39. Happy Friday,

    And where the f**k have you been !!

    Seriously though, I did not realise you had been away. I thought I had trouble recieving you.

    See, being a computer non geek does have it’s benefits.

    Martin S: I will not be able to make it tonight. Basically my lady has not been to great since the new year and I am currently chief cook and bottle washer. Apart from the odd footy match, cos its only up the road, not been out at all. Another hospital visit on Tuesday for a CT scan will hopefully begin the process of getting her well again. Gutted but enjoy the evening. I know that pub as well.

    Apologies to the rest of you but I needed to get this message out.

    Pete – Coventry

  40. Caption:

    David and Rick audition for the new Rockfour tribute band “England Rockfour”

    Peter jenner

    PS Good choice of winner. Well done

  41. Start being serious! Two quick news:

    The first: at the Auditorium in Rome (where David played last march) there are in these weeks “Lessons about rock” and the next 11st march there will be a lesson dedicate to “The Dark Side Of The Moon”, “one of the most awarded album of the rock’story, with more than 15 millions of sold copies”. “The concept album thanks which millllions of people fell in love with Roger Waters and David Gilmour’s music”.

    So, if you are from Rome, go to listen to the lesson!

    Second news: about the soundtrack of oscar movie The Departed. An article says that, “surely, everyone watched the movie was impressed from a song, in particular. Comfortably Numb (…) one of the last brilliant opus made from the cross of the four, expert hands of Roger Waters and David Gilmour”. However, explains the article, the version of the movie is by Van Morrison, in Roger’s Live In Berlin.

    Two quick questions

    first question: some days ago i was listening to Run Like Hell (a great sound, in my opinion) and I was thinking again that, in these almost 20 years I listen to Pink Floyd, this is the only song I am not sure I can distingue David’s voice from Roger’s. And it’s very strange, because their voice are very different (and David has a better voice, of course!) but, for some strange reason, (maybe the tonality they sang) I am not sure about who sings any lines…so, if someone know, can you tell me which lines are from David and which from Roger, please?

    second question: in the calendar, Fed, you put the chat’s time for all the month. Now, of that you are well organized, but can you explain me your secret? How can you already know to be free the 22nd of march from the 4 to the 7 pm?!!!!!

    ok. I finished! Happy day to all!


    [I have organisational skills of the highest level and, if I make a plan, I almost always stick to it (just in case the world ends if I don’t, you know how it is). That said, chatroom opening times can change at any moment, so please keep a close eye on the times, just in case. – Features Editor]

  42. Hey FEd,

    Welcome back mate. Was wondering what was going on as The Blog went silent. Got quite worried.

    Congratulations to RockFour. Indeed as Thomas S. says “You lucky b….”

    Have a nice weekend,

  43. Fedmeister…

    My inbox wants to thank you for coming back! It was overloaded with concerned and thoughtful Irregular email…

    Well done to Rockfour…

    The other good news is that Frank “Six Takes” Par hasn’t had the expected drunken relapse after finding out we hadn’t won. The dream for us is over but instead of a studio on Abbey Road we’re off to a studio in Guelph, Ontario tonight…

    Maybe we should put together an Irregulars album of various DG and PF tracks…

    As we said on the competition page a big thank you to EMI and DG for the competition. I’ve met some talented new friends and I’m sure we’ll carry on recording 🙂

    And a big thank you to Lee (Keyboards & Vocals), Ron (Bass) and Stevie (Drums)

  44. Anyone else think it’s ironic that Ant uses an electronic medium to chide others for their use of the same electronic medium? Ant sounds like the owner of a gas-guzzling SUV, driving around to tell other people to conserve.

    Rock on, Rockfour! Great good stuff, as we say around here.

    F’Ed, it is good to have you back (with this blog, of course).

  45. The truth is that i really thought something happened to you; fight with David, car accident, death, paralysed, quit the job… was a little worried for you!

    How do you feel to have a mother of 47 years old? Youre probably older than me… Good to read you again!!!

    Sylvie de montréal

    [Bless you, Sylvie. – Features Editor]

  46. Lets make a contest or a poll to what happened to you this week and the winner is…

    Sylvie de Montréal

  47. Welcome back FEd and the blog… miss ya buggers whilst you were down lo those many months… errr, waitaminute? only a couple of days??? hmmmmm, I still missed ya!

    Rockfour, congrats to all of you for such a prestigious prize for your winning this Arnold Layne contest (hey, can we hear their submission FEd?).

    I could only imagine getting my band into the hallowed halls of Abbey Road and put down some tracks of ours. What a dream come true!


    [You can find all the songs on the contest page. Just click your name below. – Features Editor]

  48. Welcome back, FEd. Everybody deserves a few days of now and then!

    Congratulations to Rockfour. I have to admit I liked George’s unique version coupled with The Flaming Gnomes which I thought were better.

    Rockfour’s intros sounded like early Gilmour Floyd.

    I did manage to listen to 50 or so versions of AL over the last month.

    I didn’t really expect to win as I was well rusty. I haven’t been in a band for 10 years and haven’t been in a recording studio for 13 years. I only play a little bit of guitar when I sing songs to my daughter. It was however, something I had to do. Because I would have always wondered if I didn’t.

  49. [Hard luck, mate. I know that this has been torture for you and many others. Revealing anything other than the winning act would only be further torture, I feel. – Features Editor]

    On the contrary, FEd. It would have been nice to know who was second and third. I’m sure other entrants would agree with me here.



  50. The IT-guy from dg.com must have put Vista on your laptop, that’s what I thought this week.

    To the winners: have a great time at Abbey Road. I hope it’s original stuff you plan to record there. Playing covers would really be a waste of time, wouldn’t it?

  51. Hi Fed!

    The DVD Pulse is nominated in Germany for the Echopreisverleihung in the “Kategorie 17” MusikDVD.

    All the best for David, Rick and Nick.

    With best regards

    [Thanks for letting us know, Ina. – Features Editor]

  52. Welcome back…you are dearly missed, Fed.

    We love the picture of David from the Rankin’s exhibition. The guitar in David’s hand is well representative of who he is in additional to his amazing vocal. I wonder if both David and Polly had any input for the picture.

    Congratulations to Rockfour!

    Are we able to see the special designed logo from Storm Thorgerson for the winner?

    [I expect so. – Features Editor]

  53. March 8 wife’s birthday, March 7 our new dog’s 1st birthday, March 6th? What’s his name’s birthday.

    Happy Birthday David. I’ll blog later next weekend.

    Take Care everyone!

  54. Congratulations, Rockfour! All subjectivity aside, I thought they had a very well produced song that well covered much of the “old” Floyd sound. Enjoy the fruits, boys!

    One more time, I want to thank George Gipe for helping me put one together for the competition. It was great fun!

    Jerzy Mike

  55. Hey Rockfour made it, although the bandname is a little cheesy 🙂

    Nice vocals,Take That could not do better,the structure adapted from this old Hush Hush rocktraditional(cant remember the band)and what is best the hundred percent abdication of psychedelic elements.

    Syd would have been proud to be so clean!

    Good luck

  56. Welcome back F’ed.


    At recent rehearsals for Richard Wright and the band formally known as the David Gilmour Band, Mr Wright appeared to be a little miffed because a photographer placed a David Gilmour cardboard stand up in from of him.

    Looking forward to the Abbey Road sessions later..

    Have a great weekend everybody

  57. Pete: Really sorry to hear that. Hope everything goes well next week. The next meetup will be in May. Hope to see you then.


  58. [What did you think had happened to me? Go on, make me laugh. – Features Editor]

    Well I did hear there were tryouts for a new “Spice Girls” like singing group…

    Who the hell is Rockfour?

  59. Congrats to Rockfour for winning the big contest!

    Good to see the blog back as well!

    I’ll have to stop back to hear comments about the Live From Abbey Road show – unfortunately we in the States have to wait until this summer for the series to broadcast here. Not sure I can wait that long….

    Think I can talk the wife into a transatlantic flight just to watch a TV program?

  60. Congratulations to Rockfour!!

    Without this contest we wouldn’t have build up our recording equipment. Without this contest, our “Recording-Room” would still look like a waste dump, always saying: “Ok, let’s do it next week!”

    It’s great to know, that David Gilmour has heard us singing an playing guitar.

    Perhaps there will be a contest again some day, and we will take part again. Please let’s cover “Fat old sun” or “Green is the colour”. (a new poll?)

    Werner and Frank
    Cologne – Germany

  61. Hey glad to be back, Sure did miss ya Fed. Glad to see your all well and back with us now.

    Congrats to Rockfour on the win.

    Hope everyone has a great weekend and be careful if youre traveling.

    Hey Nix have a safe trip and have fun with your friends.


  62. Congratulations to the winners 🙂

    I liked being part of this contest a lot. When are you going to do another one ? 🙂

  63. FED I was very afraid for you! Welcome back and I hope to read new every days!


  64. Miss the blog?

    i can stop twiddling my thumbs at last.i took up knitting over the past week, knit one, pearl one, knit one, pearl one, the world is a safer place now i can lay the needles aside.


    well done to the winners of the Arnold comp.

  65. Congratulations, Rockfour!!! I was sure you will win!

    P.S. Love your “half and half”!

  66. I thought that you had gone on some sort of pointy stick masacre and it had taken rather a while longer than you had originaly intended, due to the massive demand.

    Great to have you back.

    Have a great weekend all and look out for a glimpse of my feet somewhere along that balcony, green pychedelic converse, naturally.

  67. Martin S,

    Keep me informed. All being well I WILL MAKE IT NEXT TIME.

    Pete – Coventry

  68. [What did you think had happened to me? Go on, make me laugh. – Features Editor]

    OK. I’ll bite.

    1. You were locked away in a room with six naked buxom beauty’s for four days. You wore them out and now you’re ready for the next challenge of dealing with us on the blog again.

    2. You unwillingly attended a Radiohead concert which led you into a deep depression. The only cure was to lock yourself away with “Several Species of Small Furry Animals Gathered Together in a Cave and Grooving with a Pict” for four days while only listening to The Final Cut.

    Are you laughing??

    Good to have you back.



    [Laughing? I’m trembling and twitching. But why? – Features Editor]

  69. [Laughing? I’m trembling and twitching. But why? – Features Editor]

    Sounds like all the effects have not worn off yet. I would take a few more days off.


  70. Martin S,

    I will be going to the wellington tonight. How do I recognise you?

  71. Congratulations to the winners – However, I closely followed up the contest and one should admit that they posted something like 90 times their song, preventing the other participants’ entries from being visible, and thus being heard by a large audience.

    Too bad…

  72. [1. You were locked away in a room with six naked buxom beauty’s for four days. You wore them out and now you’re ready for the next challenge of dealing with us on the blog again. – Andrew]

    Oh, is that what FEd was referring to when he mentioned Castle Anthrax in the chatroom today?

  73. [What did you think had happened to me? Go on, make me laugh. – Features Editor]

    Ahah ! I know what happened to Fed !

    I just come back home from ski holiday in french mountain, and I can tell you all that Fed enjoyed wintersports all the week WITH ME !

    You don’t trust me ? Some secrets to you all :

    -Rather than skiing, he prefered drinking hot wine (or champagne, of course) and eating enormous cheese-meals from the mountain (no mangos at all, ni même de pamplemousses !)
    -He listened to Radiohead, Muse, The Cure and Scissors Sisters (neither David at all, nor Bob Dylan!)
    -He didn’t try to watch football, but told me his favourite team was in fact Manchester, not Liverpool !
    -He didn’t want to use his laptop (so, no more blog !).
    -He never swore, he was so, so kind ! He even promised me that there would not be any stupid rules on the blog, nor in the chatroom in the future !

    Wow, Lucia, I had told you that you should have come with me !!!

    Est-ce que j’aurais rêvé tout ça ? Mais non, je suis bien allée aux sports d’hiver !

    Ravie de votre retour, Fed ! J’espère que tout va bien pour vous .


    [I don’t like the sound of whoever you went on holiday with. He has dreadful taste in music. Mais c’est un plaisir d’être ici, merci. – Features Editor]

  74. Congrats to Rockfour. Definitely a clever try at the old Floyd sound.

    I prefer to remain true to the original, and have to say, I liked Par and Rudders, The Flaming Gnomes, and a few others. One thing is for sure, there is a lot of talent out there.

    I wish I could have entered the competition, but work and family seem to eat up all my time. Who knows, maybe next time. (The Great Gig in the Sky, maybe)

    Lucia, I think on the studio album of The Wall, Roger sang all the lyrics to RLH, and when they played it live David sang half. (I maybe wrong, somebody please correct me if I am)

    Good night to all

  75. Dear Fed,

    J’espère simplement que votre absence n’était pas due à quoi que ce soit de grave…

    Ikkar, with love

    [N’inquiétez pas. Mis simplement, j’ai souhaité à “Take a Breath”. J’espère que vous allez bien, mon ami. Merci de votre inquiétude. – Features Editor]

  76. Congratulations, Rockfour. Enjoy recording at Abbey Road. What a memory that will be.

    Fed, glad to see you back. I usually have to catch up with the blogs but got off easy this week!

    Great weekend, all.

    Catskills, New York

  77. Who is the Rockfour??? Any sign or clue?

    Sylvie de montréal

    [If you click your name below, you can find out more about them (on the right-hand side of the page). – Features Editor]

  78. Congrats to Rockfour, even if I don’t know them.

    And a big friendly wink to you, Julie, I think you know why…


  79. welcome back! congrats Rockfour!

    is there a way to listen to their track again?

    [Please click your name below, Eva. – Features Editor]

  80. [There’s more chance of me taking to my lovely new kitchen with an axe than the first two, I can assure you. I’d sooner turn the axe on myself, in fact. – Features Editor]

    Oops..sorry about that..my intention was to make you laugh..not to stir up suicidal tendencies..and please don’t, because as I’m sure that you are well aware by now that your presence would be sorely missed!

    [I know how to make you lot behave now, then: frequent threats of self-harm. On second thoughts, that might just encourage some of you to misbehave… – Features Editor]

  81. Hi Fed….nothing personal but I have yet to see the “top 3 finalists”???? 1st world contest??? just to renew my “faith” in “real votes”….hope you had some rest this weekend and feel up to giving some of us some feedback….keep up the good work and don’t make things worse by disappearing….Pat

    [It’s EMI’s contest and I don’t know what they promised to announce on the actual contest page, but we’re only naming the winning act here. David didn’t only listen to the top three, he listened to many more than that, and all we’d like to say is that David commented on the very, very high standard of entries. With regards to the contest itself, then we have taken your criticism seriously and considerable investigative work went into looking at the initial voting stage, hence the delay. Had David simply been given the top three – as voted for by the public – to listen to, then we would have announced the three. In fairness to David, he took the time to listen to many entries, regardless of where public votes placed them. It wouldn’t be feasible or fair to expect a detailed critique on each of the artists. That was never going to happen. We know and appreciate that some people would like to know whether or not David heard their song and where it ranked overall, but our feeling is that there’s only one prize and that’s gone to Rockfour. – Features Editor]

  82. Hi guys.

    I have serious doubt anyone from RockFour added “90 entries” to the contest. Knowing the people involved I can tell you that they took seriously all fairness and legal issues involved and were as fair as possible.

    My guess is that it’s either a mistake or that someone else did it (considering the fact that RockFour were not the first to be registered and that the list is being sorted by the amount of votes).

    Proper disclosure: I am RockFour’s webmaster, however I am also a fan and this post has no affiliation with RockFour and/or RockFour’s management whatsoever. It is merely my private opinion.

  83. [we know and appreciate that some people would like to know whether or not david heard their song and where it ranked overall, but our feeling is that there’s only one prize and that’s gone to rockfour. – fed]

    fair enough if you ask me.

  84. Thanks Amedeo for your opinion about Run Like Hell.

    Listening to the album, I also think it is vocals by Roger, but in a pair of lines I have the doubt it is David ‘s voice. And then, the fact it is a song written by Gilmour and Waters, made me think that David would have liked sing it too. It is just a silly supposition of me, but I always thought that it has to be sing by both and I could recognise which lines from David and which from Roger…it will remain a mystery!

    Welcome back Michèle!


    P.S. Fed, maybe I should disappear and hope that you will listen to Radiohead to make me come back…but I risk to be away forever!

    [Maybe I could make a special effort for you. They do have short songs, right? – Features Editor]

  85. [There’s more chance of me taking to my lovely new kitchen with an axe than the first two, I can assure you. I’d sooner turn the axe on myself, in fact. – Features Editor]

    Amen to that 😉

  86. [He listened to Radiohead, Muse, The Cure and Scissors Sisters (neither David at all, nor Bob Dylan!) He didn’t try to watch football, but told me his favourite team was in fact Manchester, not Liverpool!]

    Michele – how could you mistake us – it was me who came skiing with you, not F’ed !

  87. [Maybe I could make a special effort for you. They do have short songs, right? – Features Editor]

    F’ed – that’s better. Mighty oaks from little acorns grow …

  88. [It’s EMI’s contest and I don’t know what they promised to announce on the actual contest page, top three – as voted for by the public – – Features Editor]

    I thought the competition was flawed in that when one copied and pasted their entry into their MySpace page, then the listeners only had that one song to listen to. Okay there was a little button at the bottom of the player which enabled one to be able to access all entrants but some people were unaware of it.

    However, when I asked people who voted for me if they liked any other entries, they said they did not know that there were other entries due to the fact that the player had one song on it. So therefore I don’t think “the general public” listened to other entries outside the MySpace individual entry. I hope what I am trying to convey here makes sense.

    In the end I referred people to the DG/AL comp website so that the listeners could listen to “all” the entries if they so desired.

    I also think that the competition was geared for the “established” MySpace users. I also think the mass votes were obtained by advertisement to their website; fair enough though.

    I personally thought it was better to refer the listener to the DG/AL competition website rather than an individual My Space website, but rules are rules I guess.

    Due to the length of time it took for EMI to reach a decision, I thought they were giving everyone a fair listen.

    It is comforting to know that David listened to other entries. I hope he was flattered. I seriously doubt mine was listened to though.

    Anyway, FEd, did you have a sneak listen to some of the entries? I am not asking you to reveal whos you liked etc, I am just curious if you had fun listening.

    Best regards


    [I didn’t listen to any until the winner was announced, but I’ve listened to a few since and have been really impressed with some of them. This coming from someone who would struggle to play a tambourine, mind you. – Features Editor]

  89. can anyone tell me when the competition started and when it ends. i really dont know ????

    by the way the first 3 songs for my opinion are not that amaizing baby blue giving a very beautiful way approach to that song /

    [It started on 18 December and closed on 22 January. – Features Editor]

  90. In all fairness I know FEd was not involved in the contest, and never really agreed on how it was carried out.

    Ive been asking for the Top 3 simply because I wish to know if the people cheating/breaking the contest rules were disqualified (and there were many of them). Unsurprisingly the contest site has not been updated, and I have yet to hear back from them.

    I was really let down by the contest, putting aside the fact that I did not win. I put superhuman effort into something that was not well taken care of, and that ended up being a mumblejumble under a veil of mystery. I´d like to think I had a fair shot at winning, but there is no guarantee David even listened to my song, and yes that does matter a lot to me, a lot. I stuck to the rules and kept everything fair, maybe EMI messed up and disqualified me. Dont really know.

    Maybe David didnt have enough time to listen to real entries, having wasted so much with people cheating. According to the rules David should have chosen a winner ONLY from the top thee entrants with the most qualifying votes. In the sake of fairness I understand him listening to more songs, but that simply draws attention away from the people who worked hardest to get votes.

    Its hard to trust this contest. It took three weeks of lateness to determine the winner, and the contest site is yet to be updated. Doesn’t look like much effort was ever put into the whole thing.

    So yes, all I´d really like to know is if I got in the qualifying TOP 3. My goal was to make a great song and land top 3 and I worked hard as I could to achieve both. I think its fair on my part to ask for an answer.

    Sorry for the long rant FEd. Congrats to Rockfour, in no way am I putting down your victory guys.

  91. F’ed thanks for your response to my query….guess this concerns EMI + ???? whatever or whomever….following this competition very closely from dawn to dusk….then suddenly finding votes disappearing act and then TOTAL SILENCE for a few weeks only peaked my curiosity as to HOW competitions REALLY take place….nothing personal towards you, on the contrary

    CONGRATULATIONS on your patience and ability in maintaining a sense of humour….wish you the best in maintaining mental balance as I have seen others also concerned with finding out who the 2 other finalists were…take care….hold out and once again thanks for your concern….wishing you well from overseas and lots of sunshine….Pat

  92. Time for the thick line?

    [Maybe we’ll hold out a little longer. – Features Editor]

  93. you are the true player of the guitar.

    happy birthday David god bless your soul and your talent. i too play the guitar and one day hope to play just like you. your performance at the pulse concert in earls court was to die for.

    especially your guitar talent in the song ”time”. you are my favourite and will always be, thank you for pleasing my heart for the last 20 years of my life. you are irreplacable and a name never to be forgotten.

    happy birthday david and god bless you and your band members, play on !!!!

  94. i never thought that one day i would be able to send a message that dave gilmour might actually read! happy birthday dave !

    my names terry im from london, dave gilmour has been a massive influence in my life and my guitar playing ,and i just like to take this chance to say thankyou dave.

    smile…such a nice song, musically perfect

    have a nice birthday dave… from terry

  95. hi, many happy returns of the day TOP MAN, can’t wait for the dvd to come out

  96. Happy Birthday Mr. Gilmour!!!

    Hope to see you again in Germany one of these days…

  97. Happy birthday David, loved the album On an Island and was at the albert hall last year in May 2006. Smiled through out gig in the knowledge that it does not get much better than this.

    thank you for the music and guitar playing which continues to inspire and move me.

    Love you always.

    Have a great day.

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