'A Pocketful of Stones'



Our latest winner is… Graham Knight.

Congratulations to you, Graham. Please let us know where we should send your prize.

Apologies for being absent early this week. We had some niggly server problems. We hope you missed us as much as we missed you.

According to our current poll, 92% of you missed us and, best of all, nobody voted ‘Don’t know’, which is tremendously encouraging. We now look forward to seeing the inevitable ‘No’ votes coming in from predictable quarters, just to be spiteful.

It’s been a while since our last ‘words’ contest, so please reach for your nearest copy of ‘On An Island’ (we know you have more than one) and have a listen to the ninth track, ‘A Pocketful of Stones’.

We want to know three words that spring to mind when you listen to this fine song.

For example, you could have President-Bush-Stupid, Global-Warming-Reality or Inconvenient-Truth-Indeed.

Then again, you could have Soft-Soothing-Stirring, especially if you’re fond of alliteration and want to show off.

If you guess any of the words that sprang to my mind today (other than the ones above, which are just there to stoke the fire a bit), then your name will be entered into a raffle. One winner will be selected at random and a prize will be awarded.

If you guess two, or even all three, of my words, then you’ll be entered into said raffle multiple times and will have a better chance of seeing your name being drawn from an imaginary hat.

We’ll announce the winner on Thursday, when we’ll also be declaring the next song from David’s DVD. Have your Blotto cards at the ready.

Good luck, and good listening, to all.

There’s a chat tomorrow from 1PM (UK). Everyone’s welcome.

As the blog was down for the best part of two days, in between thumb-twiddling, you will see that several chat sessions have been added to the calendar for April and May, so do have a look at those.

Author: FEd

Features Editor of David Gilmour’s official blog, The Blog (‘Features’ previously being its rather naff title), affectionately – or lazily – shortened to ‘FEd’.

125 thoughts on “'A Pocketful of Stones'”

  1. Welcome back Fed- yes we did miss you.

    My words:
    1. final
    2. tranquil
    3. mortality

    Can’t wait for the next song revelation on the DVD!


  2. Here are my three words

    Bushsucks (I put it together to count as one word LOL)

    Hope your weekend was well, I coached my first soccer game this past weekend….my team lost 6-4 but the girls did great. Go Blue Angels!!!

    [Scoring four goals isn’t bad at all. Well done. – Features Editor]

  3. No 2 to the Blue

    Therefore my 3 wise words are;


    Happy Days !!!

  4. 3 WORDS:

    Enviromental(ly informative)

    Rgds Geoff Duffy ( Dublin )

    Love this tune it has to be said.

  5. welcome back fed.

    my three words: 1. bush 2. is 3. a (i’ll leave the fourth word to you).

    [I’ll keep it in my head, if you don’t mind. – Features Editor]

  6. FE’d, you have to work here, anonymously. I didn’t get specific with names, no names were mentioned. I may have come across as a little control freakish. We all do now and then. I shouldn’t have bagged the regular US fans here. It’s certainly not exclusive to them.

    FE’d, besides the pay, what do you get out of all this?

    My friends + work colleagues have seen the blog, most are in absolute disbelief that a community could be so robotic and singularly minded, unnatural. Few would feel comfortable participating because of it.

    Anyways, I just think that David is the star around here. That’s not a negative comment geared towards you, FE’d. I hope you don’t use any of the data extracted from this blog as the basis for marketing the next album.

    This blog isn’t representative of how the majority of his fans think and act. (Except for the appreciative comments and gestures). Not that any eggspurt on the subject.

    This place would be all the richer if more felt they could participate without having to join in with the ‘party’ fraternity atmosphere, or you have to be a comedian, or a smart-aleck know it all.

    Narcissism isn’t a virtue, and sarcasm isn’t really funny.

    You would think OAI was a comedy album. The ‘captions’ by people belittle the quality of the images presented.

    I pretty much just feel that the daily regular’s inhibit wider participation, and the average fans are being drowned out by them.

    I can’t believe that there are only this many participants on a David Gilmour site…and after this period of time … come on. People are definitely holding back, they aren’t joining in.

    Anyways, I don’t have to read it. I do have self control. You seem to know what you’re doing. Have fun.

    [They’re all fair points, many of which we’ve touched upon in considerable detail previously. We can’t please everyone, sadly. Thank you for your honesty. I appreciate it. – Features Editor]

  7. So glad “the Blog” is back and welcome back FEd – I was worried for a little while.

    Is there a dead line to submit the three words? I am not able to listen to the song until I return home from work to night.

    Thank you.

    [That would be fine. The comment form will be removed on Thursday at 4PM (UK). – Features Editor]

  8. Heres Mine:

    why wont you listen george why??(that one probably doesnt count but oh well…)

  9. My words:


    Sorry guys, it just isn’t.

    I know you had to notice that the blog was down. I’m on heavy drugs and I noticed. Thanks for all the good wishes, I’m getting better and better everyday.

    Regarding the chat, I will say I agree with you. It does get off topic a lot, but like FEd said, you can only talk about stuff so much. Sometimes I have gotten frustrated when I brought up a topic regarding David and it gets no response because everyone is into other things. So I leave. I’ve found that I probably go to chat a lot less then I use to, but so what? You have a choice, if you don’t like the conversation, leave.

    On the other hand, when you just want to vent or be silly, it’s nice to know you can.

    Sorry if I’m rambling, it’s the drugs I tell yah.


  10. Of course we missed you F’ed. Without you our life is as empty and dismal as an England performance.


    Now where have I heard that before ? 😉

  11. [You would think OAI was a comedy album. The ‘captions’ by people belittle the quality of the images presented.]

    “Does not compute, does not compute, malfunction, does not compute BBBBBBBBAAAAAAAAAANNNNNGGGGGGG.”

    Rachel if life were a serious debate from day to day a lot of people “I feel I speak for some of those” would be pretty much down all the time.

    OAI is far from a comedy album and deserves to be seen as a fantastic solo album. Polly’s photos are fantastic and highlight her great way of capturing a moment and bottling it, I agree.

    However over the year or so this forum has been alive a lot of people have conversed views on this and that not always agreeing but always listening. A family has sprung up, a family with no malice towards fellow readers and thats regulated tirelessly by the FED.

    David is by far the STAR of this whole show, “why are we here in the first place”. Serious debate is great but hey some light hearted nonsense brightens up sombodys day somewhere in the world and long may it last.

    I happen to agree with some of your comments I must say.

    Rgds Geoff Duffy ( Dublin )

  12. [Sorry if I’m rambling, ~ Erin]

    [Quit yer jawing… 🙂 ~ Matt]

    Ouch… That was close to the wire, Matt :0)

    My 3 words for “Pocketful Of Stones”


  13. Caption:

    Guy goes for Halloween a bit early:

    “Bass Man is coming for youuuuuuuuuuuu…”

  14. Why the need to bash President Bush? And do you really believe that Al Gore is the answer to global warming? He’s a total self serving phoney – please don’t bring politics into a music fan site.

  15. Final
    Possible ??

    Glad to see your server is back up and I appreciate that it’s rarely down. It’s nice to check in anytime to catch up on DG happenings and read the unscripted input of his worldwide fan base.

    IMHO, the common-sense rules and illustrious FE’d keep the nasties at bay, no mandate has emerged – stated or otherwise – which excludes varied opinions or dictates how to participate; and camaraderie abounds, which certainly indicates that, YES, we are having fun – thank you very much!

  16. [Blah, blah, blah – Rachael Thorton]

    Isnt there some blood you could be donating somewhere?

  17. Ouch!
    Sweet Sassy Molassy!

    Oh nevermind, that was for a completely different song, “A Kidney Full Of Stones”…

  18. Don’t

    I’m not going to win with those, but it’s what I’m thinking right now.

    [I coached my first soccer game this past weekend….my team lost 6-4 but the girls did great. Go Blue Angels!!!]

    That’s a great score, especially for your first game in charge. If it makes you feel any better, my uni team lost 10:0 last week-end to a bunch of lawyers from Chester.

    Maybe we’ll improve for our next fixture on Sunday…

    Hope all’s well
    x x x

  19. My 3 are 1. Timeless 2. Drifting 3. Alone

    I’m glad that you’re back FEd. Plus I hope you were able to get the bugs out.

    Take Care,

  20. Welcome back F’ed….

    My words for this one:


    Now…back to work 🙂

  21. Trying to read FEd’s mind is a very daunting prospect. It’s so scary in there.

    However, here’s my go, after listening to the song and reading the lyrics… cos I get a different feeling from the music than I do from the actual lyrics.

    Delusioned – Ignorant – Warning

    Back to the salt mines! Everyone have a good day, and welcome to any new readers to the blog. Hope to see you in the chatroom someday.

    Erin, Thomas, both of you are required to feel better soon. Same goes for everyone else under the weather. And congrats, Matt!


  22. My three bits that I am tossin’ in for the song are:

    1. Theatrical
    2. Masterpiece
    3. Evocative

    (sorry, but the extra word that comes to me is : 4. Solitude)

    Nice to see all is back in order. Have to admit that I did miss seeing something new during the time while you were having problems with the server-gods.

    Hello, FED and All !!!

    I have given this some thought and I feel the need to expound on a couple of issues that R. Thorton brought up in her post.

    Yes, Rachel I feel you have actually hammered home a few points that are inherent in all sites, blogs, etc., etc. Exclusivity is what it all boils down to.

    We all share one thing in common, our common interest in David Gilmour and all things Gilmour and or Floyd. That right there is what brought this whole endevour together. Through Mr. Gilmour’s own interest’s and with the foresightedness of those who look after his fans, DavidGilmour.com wouldn’t even be here if it wasn’t for David’s own personal interests.

    However, the pay-off is worth it to put with some idiosyncrosies of the site and those of us who are “regulars” and “irregulars”. This is a stie that is very accepting. I love this site for it’s dedication to getting things right when it comes to salient information about Gilmour and all that pertains to his professional career.

    And, I admit it took me awhile to be a part of this community, but this my personal favorite place to actually come and chat with. The intelligence, diverisity, and articulatenes of the people is quite refreshing after so many others have left me usually at a loss of words.

    To be continued…

  23. One of my favourite song of OAI, even if I’m not sure I understand the meaning of the lyrics, it’s such a fine music; the more I listen to it, the more I love it…

    – delicate
    – acceptance
    – autistic


  24. trepidation

    sorry, but this is my least favorite song on OAI.

    I agree with what David is saying, and it should be said, but I just can’t listen to it very much.I already have severe environmental depression, and this song makes me feel worse.

  25. [You would think OAI was a comedy album. The ‘captions’ by people belittle the quality of the images presented.]

    Hey the captions are my favorite part….they make me laugh…and laughing my friends is what this world is about.

    Ok done

    Renee B.
    Fontana, Ca USA

  26. Erin! How could you! 😉

    That’s not very ‘robotic and singularly minded’ of you 🙂


  27. hi FEd

    let me know what’s the name and model of David’s guitar strap XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

    I wish I had one 🙂


    [Good question. All I can tell you is that it once belonged to Jimi Hendrix. – Features Editor]

  28. Hope you’re better,Erin.

    FEd,we missed you,sure…even if I were on a mini-tour for three days(between songs this time I covered ‘Money’..),and only one time I entered here and found ‘service down’…a shock!

    My words are:



  29. Yahoo! Welcome back Blog and FEd. “Service Down” brought *me* down considerably. My words…

    Youth – Apathy – Yearning

    It blew my mind when I checked the blog page and the healine was “Pocketful of Stones” – I had just written a ‘note’ about it elsewhere since I couldn’t procrastinate here.

    By the way, I just realized that my words make the acronym Y.A.Y. so I dedicate it to the Blog being back up. YAY!

  30. I must say I dislike the sentiments of this song so much I can barely listen to it. I usually skip it altogether.

    My three words, truthfully are: dreary, death, despair.

    Maybe I would have liked it better as an instrumental piece.

  31. My three words:


    Peace and love my friends!
    Washington State

  32. Flowing

    One of my favorites on the cd. David plays a great solo on it too.

    Glad you’re back Fed, we missed you.

  33. Hey, you’re back! Hooray. Altho, things at work and daily life have been busier than I like. They have interferred with my daily ‘bite’ of the blog.

    After reading Rachael’s entry, I feel I must have missed something. Rachael, you have made some valid points and I invite you to participate anyway and maybe you will encourage others of a like mind. You may change things by your actions.

    I don’t fit into the caption group or the kidding group, but everyone has been very kind when I have needed a kind word. Indeed there is much of that here.

    My words for the beautiful ‘A Pocketful of Stones’ are:


    Have a good evening all.

  34. We missed you these past few days, F’Ed.

    I really like your “President-Bush-Stupid” from above. Even here in America, where Bush had a 90% approval rating following 9/11, the vast majority of us would now completely agree with your three words on this subject.

    With this in mind, my three words are:


    Thank you for telling it the way it is, David. You have this in common with The Dixie Chicks (and insight is a great thing to have).

  35. Here goes:

    Live – Earth – Concert

    Wishful thinking 🙂

    [It’s not going to happen, sorry. – Features Editor]

  36. Happy Wednesday,

    Hope everyone is ok. My 3 words are:


    Pete – Coventry

  37. Caption:

    Dark Sith Pratt guides his strings by aerial hand movements alone. . .

  38. Ciao,

    don’t participate to the game this time.

    I am italian and I always believed I do understand english but after reading last Rachael thorton’s message i feel an idiot. and this is not sarcasm: I do really think I have some problem with english.

    I missed the whole point of the message. It seems to me you say we are prone to david’s devotion (me?!? hahaha). But in the previous mail you said people was talking of everything but David. I am getting confused. What is your point?

    My opinion (oh, no!!) is that I would be always “off topic”. always talking about subjects I like, sometimes silly, sometimes serious. but slowly I realised that this is an “institutional” site of David Gilmour, and Fed is the master and he sets the rules. I can criticize them but after all I can decide to be in with these rules or to leave.

    In this year many new people joined in, and many “irregulars” (the regulars) left because this place was too “small” for them.

    I changed as well, and write less and I stop myself from writing everything I want. I admit I am not pleased with it (censorship to myself), I said before, but I decided that I want to be in, anyway. Probably this is the price to pay to have a place with a certain “order”.

    But I still don’t get your point Rachael.

  39. Welcome back Fed.

    my 3 words


    OFF TOPIC: i have read Rachael thorton’s comments & i agree with some of what she says. I dont often get the chance to go into chat & it is off putting trying to jump into a conversation once its well underway, a bit like eavesdropping on a conversation on the bus & jumping in, it would seem to be rude, mabe as its chat on the internet the same etiquet does not apply.

    i dont agree with her statement regarding the captions (being one who regulaly adds flippant remarks to the captions). i see it as a just a bit of fun, which is what i assume the idea was intended to be.

    Rachael have you seen the guest map lately?

    P.S. Fed, i think its revenge time for your team this week end.

    [I bloody well hope so, Graham. – Features Editor]

  40. Continued…

    But, there is also the care factor, 95% of the people that come here are really alright, then there are others who are antogonistic and just plain out there !

    And yes, sometimes when I’ve brought up a topic, FED you can release the hounds, now, I still would love to see the ‘This Heaven’ video back. I know you said no clamouring, but … : )

    See ? Nobody, really paid no mind about my introduction of one of my thoughts to the forefront. Stuff happens, R. Thorton. It’s fact of life whether you’re at a real party or an online one like here. When you’re in a room you have to need to be noticed, so make yourself noticeable, stand apart from the crowd and take a look around the room, get the “feel” and so forth then dive in head first. It’s been my philosophy in life.

    Take no chances and you won’t get anywhere. Take chances, see the world.

    Mr. Gilmour and his wife, Polly inspired me enough, after listening to OAI and seeing the pictures that Polly took of Megiste, Castellorizo of OAI’s Castellorizon, I knew that I wanted to be there. Again, Dave and Polly, thanks for the gift.

    Rachel, you’re not alone, you have my support on 95% of the points you made. But that’s the way of the world. We always encourage honesty. I know I do.

    Okay, I think I had my say for the day. And I leave with these words I leave, as spoken by David :

    This kind of love is hard to find,
    I never got to you by being kind.
    If I’m the one who to throw you overboard
    at least I showed you how to swim for shore…

    …Find youself…
    …there’s no one else…

    Peace and Love to All !!!

    Cazart !

  41. i’d love to know what “average fans” is supposed to mean.

    are they the ones who tried to use the blog in the beginning to get an audience for their sites, auctions and bands until they got tired of seeing their posts deleted and now slag off fed and anyone who happens to like the blog?

    i’m glad i don’t have to read through their desperate ‘gimme-gimme-gimme’ posts every day and i’m sure i’m not the only one who feels this way. good riddance to them, i say. if they’re the “average fans”, then i’m glad i’m not one of them.

    or maybe the “average fans” are the ones who only post now and then to tell david where to play, what to play, to get back on the road with roger or to ask for a freebie of some kind? they don’t make the blog “richer”, do they?

    rachael, people can join in if they want to. they do. lots of new people have joined in. many of the people who posted lots have now stopped or post less often. people join in quickly enough when there’s a prize at stake. they just have to respect the rules and leave the dross that’s acceptable at all the fan forums at the door on their way in.

    if not for these rules, then the fans who do take the time to post regularly would be “drowned out” by the webmasters, the eBayers and all the other assorted opportunists looking for an ego boost.

    i’m glad that they don’t have free rein here.

  42. To Rachael:

    As a non native english speaker, I certainly didn’t understand all that you wrote, sorry if I’m mistaken.

    I don’t think that people could feel excluded here, either on the blog or in the chatroom. I think everyone has always been very welcome, with warmth and friendship.

    Everybody can express themselves (just don’t break basic and fair rules).

    Where is the problem ?

    This ‘community’ would be very happy to increase; if new people started to post, they would be immediately integrated. It’s not a weakness, but a strength of the blog.

    [Narcissism’ is not a virtue], sure, but ‘tolerance’ is one, I think.

    The problem is that, the more you do, the more you get criticized (I think of Fed of course). It would have been easier for him/her to create and run an anonymous blog without any spirit. I think the spirit of David is “omnipresent” here.

    With great respect, I hope, one day, you will love the blog as much as I do.


  43. This is my favourite track, simply because of David’s haunting voice:-


  44. Happy Wednesday,

    [To Rachael: As a non native english speaker, I certainly didn’t understand all that you wrote, sorry if I’m mistaken.]

    As an English speaker, neither did I.

    I got the gist of it but then I began to think that you seem to be taking things a little serious.

    Pete – Coventry

  45. I’m sure F’ed makes up some of these posts and invents names, like Rachel, just so he can wind us up and spice up the Blog.

    Was browsing the photos from the ‘Island’ yesterday. Funny where eyes and pyramids show up.

    [Don’t plant ideas in my head, George. – Features Editor]

  46. Hi FEd,

    Good to have you back.

    Three words on one of my favourite tracks of OAI

    – Relaxing
    – Dreamy
    – Mesmerise

    Best regards,

  47. Gotta agree with the minority on here in the fact this song does nothing for me, sorry, love the album, love it, but the last two tracks just don’t flow with the rest of the album, IMO.

  48. Hello!


    On an island is an incredible album,I think everybody will agree with me,it’s not only special music,also great messages coming from those wonderful ten songs

    thank you Mr Gilmour.You’ll always be my idol,a supreme artist and a great man.

    Have a nice day you all

    Piero from Italy

  49. [Gotta agree with the minority on here in the fact this song does nothing for me, sorry, love the album, love it, but the last two tracks just don’t flow with the rest of the album, IMO.]

    strange how music speaks to people in different ways. a pocketful of stones is one of my favourite tracks of the album…it is actually the best track after “on an island”…


  50. My three words –


    Hope everyone is having a good week.

    Erin, hope you are feeling better.


  51. Hi All,

    I’m tempted to ramble on about the Rachael post, but anyone who suggests OAI as a comedy album isn’t worth my words. I’m happy to see everyone back and sticking up for fed, the blog and david (good on you all) 🙂

    my 3 words:


    -cemet nosce

  52. Caption: “this caption’s for… *point* YOUUU RACHAEL”

    haha sorry, i couldn’t resist! 🙂

    -cemet nosce

  53. Oh by the way,

    Today in 1973 just a few days (4?) after the release of DSOTM, the Vietnam war ended. Was that not great timing or what?!


  54. In the early days of this Blog I remember a post from a mother writing that she loved this song as it reminded her of her Autistic son.”..Untill then he will live in wonder He wont fight or comprehend In his world he wont go under turns without him until the end” so my three words are


  55. Cryptic- Ethereal- Beautiful-

    However, I must confess I did indeed have some trouble grasping the meaning of the song (which is EXTREMELY rare for me in spite of “the earth is dying” lyric) the first few MONTHS of listening to the CD. I found the lyrics cleverly ambiguous- or so it seemed in my little mind.

    Anyway, I loved the song the first time that I heard it, though the meaning eluded me. The song has a very “classical” and sophisticated sound to it and David’s vocals are better than ever- at the top of his game.

    While I think the verdict is still out on whether global environmental change equivacates
    to “global warming” or that man is “fueling” the changes or whether it is a naturally occurring cycle, remains to be determined (referring back to your opening three words F’ed). Politics aside, the song is wonderful.

  56. I have not read everyone else’s entries yet, so I apologize if this was already selected. The 3 words that immediately come to my mind are:


    Catskills, New York

  57. My three words that spring to mind when listening to the song are:


    However if you were to ask me the three words the song title evokes it would be:

    Ronnie or Charlie for that matter.

    Surprised that Matt or Angelo didn’t come up with that one.



  58. My three words are;

    3.Pillow (of winds)

    It might be just me, but that bridge in the song does remind me of a section of `pillow of winds` from `Meddle`!

    P.S have I spelt `does` and `ignorant` right? I`m having one of those moments.

    Cheers All.

  59. I think the song flows beautifully with the rest of the album, and David could not have put the songs in a more perfect order.

    Sometimes, I just don’t understand some people, but then again, why try.

  60. Three words.

    1;Reflection, [make up your own mind on the meaning,light or personal]

    Fed is that technically Four?

    Man has grow fine wines in England,we have been for hundreds of years,its written.No one was writing about the weather 30.000 years ago,Or Gold,or profit.I dont think Humans have helped a lot.But whats to say will happen to gia over the next few thousand years.will be written.If not by Us by someone else. I put a £5 on it.

  61. Hi,

    Well I just wanted to post a quick note on the rachel thing to say that 1. I donut get it too. I don’t post that often because I’m not intelligent enough to contribute and follow the flow. perhaps thats what one gets for being autistic 🙁

    I also have no wish to be a pain so by not posting I’m 100% sure I wont break rules and I wont be annoying.

    But I do feel rather left out at times, an example and fed please don’t think I’m asking your identity, but I don’t understand why you have to be anonymous. I’m sorry. I understand the rule we cant ask you who you are and you wont tell us but I don’t get why?

    I remember when the chat room first opened I had a problem logging in. it always failed the first time and I tried to tell you FED but you gave me no response so I asked did you get my message or something and you pm’d me did I have a problem. I gave up. I didn’t understand. I know its ranting a bit but there you go. Thats autism being totally lost in a sea being lost in the blue.

    The stuff I did understand of rachel’s post was that she felt people who were new felt they couldn’t participate. maybe like me they feel everyone else communicates at a higher level, i.e with social understanding.

    I read somewhere that david said something about Polly saying he was a bit autistic like and communicated through music instead of words, David is lucky that he has a way to communicate and he does it so well. I wish I had the same ability

    my words are



    [Robyn, I’m sorry to read the above. I thought your chatroom problem had been resolved. We have a guide to using the chatroom on the Stuff & Nonsense page (please click your name below for that). I’m afraid I cannot access our member database at the moment due to a technical glitch, but will gladly confirm your login details just as soon as I can. That you have been in the chatroom suggests that you should have no further trouble re-entering (just as long as the chatroom is open, that is, and there isn’t a room password set in place after closing time to ‘lock-in’ those who wish to chat for a little longer). You’re certainly not a pain, so feel free to join in at any time and please continue to speak your mind here. You just have to jump in and splash about a little to get noticed at busy times. You’ll find that the water’s lovely and there are plenty of friendly people bobbing around. It really doesn’t matter how intelligent or articulate you are (or think you are). All that matters is that people are respectful of the rules and each other (by the way, the rules are also set out on the Stuff & Nonsense page). If ever in doubt about them, or anything, just ask. It isn’t annoying, trust me. It’s far more annoying when people jump to a conclusion without taking the time to get to know some of the good people who regularly contribute to the site. – Features Editor]

  62. Morning Fed…

    Head banging like a screen door in a hurricane?

    Wales winning 3 – 0 and Gerrard scoring 2 for England… doesn’t get much better!

    Now where did you put the paracetamol… 🙂

    [Well, we really should have scored at least seven… – Features Editor]

  63. I hope that this won’t be stepping on this sites toes, but I was wondering if anyone here could tell me if there are some guitarists that have a style similar to or owe their style to David’s? Could be rock, jazz, blues, latin?

    Just curious. I heard some wonderful guitar music at a mall of all places this weekend and have no way of finding out who’s it was.

    At the theaters there, they often play On An Island. I keep hoping that someone will ask me if I know something about it so that I can encourage someone to listen and buy.

    Matt, your post of March 27 (blah blah blah-RT) “Isn’t there some blood you could be donating somewhere?” Was so irreverent, but had me in stiches. Loved it (please no pointy stick. I like irreverent humor. Taking oneself too seriously,is not a good thing). I don’t believe in rudeness for rudeness sake, but laughter is good. Best if aimed at oneself and not at others.

    Erin: So sorry to hear about your surgery. Hope you will mend fast and that this time will be the final one and a successful one.

    All my best to you.

  64. [strange how music speaks to people in different ways. a pocketful of stones is one of my favourite tracks of the album…it is actually the best track after “on an island”… Ciao!! – Posted by: piergiorgio at March 28, 2007 04:32 PM]

    Couldn’t agree with you more Giorgio, this is a brillant song kind of reminds me of some early Moody Blues but better.


  65. Water

    This song is an integral part of a truly wonderful album. It is sad that people say they do not like the song when really it should not be judged in isolation

  66. This is a hard one, as I interpret this lovely song so many different ways, but, I’ll go with:

    1. Meditative
    2. Illusion
    3. Reckoning

    Also, just wanted to say that I hope everyone who wants to will join in the chat and in posting to this blog. I really hesitated to post at first, but I’m so glad I did. The same goes for the chat — I wasn’t too sure about the whole internet chat thing — but I’ve met the most wonderful people here and they always put a smile on my face.

  67. [It’s far more annoying when people jump to a conclusion without taking the time to get to know some of the good people who regularly contribute to the site. – Features Editor]

    This one statement says it all. I appreciate that Fed.

    3 words for PFOS



  68. Confusing

    Come on, I was hoping you would be above Bush bashing on this site.

    I do not believe there is definitive proof of global warming at this time. It wasn’t too long ago that another great musician concerned with climate change put out a song (Skating Away on the Thin Ice of a New Day) and not long after that an album (Stormwatch) relating to the issue. Of course it was believed then the problem caused by CO2 emissions would be Global Cooling 🙂

    But having said that, I also believe that reducing pollution and waste in this world is a noble, positive goal.

    Just my two cents, and political views aside I of course still think David Gilmour is THE greatest musician/composer/singer etc.!

  69. Happy Thursday,

    [because I’m not intelligent enough to contribute and follow the flow]

    Robyn, it’s never stopped me.

    So long as they are not rude and no more than mildly offensive you chuck your comments in.

    [I remember when the chat room first opened I had a problem logging in.]

    You only had a problem, no joke, it took me the best part of 6 months.

    Pete – Coventry
    Coming back to life

  70. Happy Thursday,

    [strange how music speaks to people in different ways. a pocketful of stones is one of my favourite tracks of the album…it is actually the best track after “on an island”…]

    Piergiorgio, totally agree.

    And that is, for me, the beauty of music.

    We all have opinions yet nobody is right.

    Pete – Coventry

  71. Hi Fed and all. hope u are all well.

    sorry ive been away for a bit. i have just started a new job and im knackered. i have been in bed at 9 oclock on a night.

    just to let u know im still here. thinkin of you all. ill be back.

    [Good luck with your new job, Simon. – Features Editor]

  72. Robyn, for some one who is autistic you articulated your concerns admirably.

    i am not autistic & sometimes feel the same as you that i am not intelligent enough to form a sentence correctly, my english is sometimes poorer than many of the posts written by non english speaking contibutors.

    However i feel i want to contibute so i guess i reckon people will have put up with my bad English grammar because i feel strongly enough about something…or i sometimes see the funny side of life..or enjoy David Gilmours music.

    Good on you for posting

    by the way my daughter has autism, she goes to a special school, i hope one day she will be able to convey her feelings as well as you did in your post.

    [Well said, Graham. – Features Editor]

  73. [You would think OAI was a comedy album. The ‘captions’ by people belittle the quality of the images presented.]

    Some points I do agree with, but some humor is OK, I think.

    I seriously would love to read a story of Phil Taylor, James Guthrie, the driver of the tour bus/truck, a roady, some gear info, …whatever they want to share about the last tour, the past or the future.

    For example, I really loved Guy Pratt answering some questions here! I absolutely love Polly’s pictures!! Great! I also liked EMI’s Arnold Layne competition…

    Internet is a great medium, it brings people together, you know.

    P.S. FEd: Good luck regarding PSV – Liverpool

    Ernest (from the Netherlands)

  74. To Robyns,

    I really enjoyed reading your post, it’s probably one of the most intelligent, articulate and moving posts I’ve read in a long time.

    I hope you feel that you can join in because this is a nice site to be part of and you obviously do have excellent taste in music!

    Best Wishes

  75. ‘ere we go:


    don’t suppose the big man has announced a tour in my abscence?

    [I’m afraid not, mate. – Features Editor]

  76. Robyn,

    It would be so nice to meet you in the chatroom, sure you would be very welcome and respected.

    You know, some people (think to) have problems of communication, some people can’t speak fluent English (and don’t feel comfortable with that), some people,…some people…,etc…, it doesn’t matter, they are all different, that won’t prevent them from being friends and sharing the same passion for David, music or anything else.

    Please, come along…


  77. I’ve found this one of the hardest ones to pin down. It wasn’t a track that grabbed me instantly but it has grown on me. My 3 words are:


  78. [Come on, I was hoping you would be above Bush bashing on this site.]

    I am not that “above” David, and I am pleased of it! This is a site meant to speak of music. But there is also a section about “the important stuff” to Mr. DG. and what is the important stuff for you?

    Sometimes I used this place to express my opinions about WAR, the WAR initiated by Mister Bush. People are forgetting about that war, about all the dead people.

    There are many wars in this world and many many problems and poor people. I am a lucky one, living in a rich peaceful country. We are in a democracy and when we abdicate from our natural right of expressing our opinion, democracy dies.

    The american president has an english vocabulary probably smaller than mine, and he runs a nation (and fed correctly called him stupid). He is ignorant and dangerous. Bush could stay together with many other dictators, in my humble opinion.

    George Bush is an assassin. More than 600 thousand iraqis died for HIS war and many thousands of young american soldiers died, transformed from young boys to brutal mad killers. should I go on? I better stop.

    I think that no one should ever be “above” politics in the highest meaning of this term.

    I begin to hate the american culture of WAR as the only mean to solve any problem. Government of my country is prone to the “empire”. All this story about bush/iraq/war is disgusting. And I thank Fed for having expressed, lightly, my opinion.


  79. Robyn, please come on this blog with no fear! This place is for everybody, black, white, chinese, french, english, german, stupid, intelligent, fat, small, jewish, catholic, ugly, beautiful, weak, strong………..should i continue?

    You will find connection with some people and with others, no… This place is a very special, small community and be with us as often as you want.

    A bientot!(see you soon)!!!
    Sylvie de montréal

  80. Robyns,

    Whenever I’m in the chatroom again, I will look for and chat with you. Though I am not autistic, I can identify with being in a room full of strangers in the middle of a conversation I know nothing about, or feel like everyone has something in common except for me, or that everyone feels so much smarter or funnier than I.

    Let’s just say that changing high schools and trying to fit in was a “formative” experience in my life.

    What got me past all that was a small group of people who took the time out to bring me into the conversation, people who cared enough to think I had something to contribute.

    I’ve lived my life ever since trying to do the same so others may feel the sense of welcome that friendship can bring.

    Life is fleeting. Let’s make the most of it so that when our time comes we may “remember that night” or those days when we felt contented with family/friends and be at peace with no regrets.

    Is this some narcissistic ramble of someone seeking attention on an artists’ site? I’d like to think that this is a genuine attempt to embody truth from the man’s title track…

    So I’ll look for you Robyns, as I’m sure others will too, and maybe one day you can think back and remember the warmth and the laughter a community of open fans can create….

  81. Just to share for a minute.

    My daughter and I are both celebrating our birthdays today. The best gift I got was that I found out that the affliction she has which I mentioned a few weeks ago is not as bad or terminal as it could be. Apparently her morphea is responding very well to medication, it is very mild, it is not cancerous and it is very possible that she may outgrow it. The outgrow it part would be incredible since I have not heard of that before but this is what the doctors are saying. What more can a dad ask for??



    [Andrew, thanks for sharing that with us. It’s wonderful news and I’m so glad to hear it. I hope you both enjoy your shared birthday. Have an extra piece of cake for me, will you? – Features Editor]

  82. [Robyn, please come on this blog with no fear! This place is for everybody, black, white, chinese, french, english, german, stupid, intelligent, fat, small, jewish, catholic, ugly, beautiful, weak, strong . . .]

    They even put up with me!

  83. Continuing on from PierGiorgio’s comments…

    Part One…

    Here are some facts about the Bush Administration:

    1. The Bush Administration has spent more than $140 billion on a war of choice in Iraq.
    2. The Bush Administration sent troops into battle without adequate body armor or armored Humvees.
    3. The Bush Administration ignored estimates from Gen. Eric Shinseki that several hundred thousand troops would be required to secure Iraq.
    4. Vice President Cheney said Americans “will, in fact, be greeted as liberators” in Iraq.
    5. During the Bush Administration’s war in Iraq, more than 1,000 US troops have lost their lives and more than 7,000 have been injured.
    6. In May 2003, President Bush landed on an aircraft carrier in a flight suit, stood under a banner proclaiming “Mission Accomplished,” and triumphantly announced that major combat operations were over in Iraq. Asked if he had any regrets about the stunt, Bush said he would do it all over again.
    7. The Bush Administration has spent just $1.1 billion of the $18.4 billion Congress approved for Iraqi reconstruction.

  84. Part Two…

    8. After receiving a memo from the CIA in August 2001 titled “Bin Laden Determined to Attack America,” President Bush continued his monthlong vacation.
    9. The Bush Administration failed to commit enough troops to capture Osama bin Laden when US forces had him cornered in the Tora Bora region of Afghanistan in November 2001. Instead, they relied on local warlords.
    10. The Bush Administration has assigned five times as many agents to investigate Cuban embargo violations as it has to track Osama bin Laden’s and Saddam Hussein’s money.
    11. Vice President Cheney told voters that unless they elect George Bush in November, “we’ll get hit again” by terrorists.
    12. Despite repeated calls for reinforcements, there are fewer experienced CIA agents assigned to the unit dealing with Osama bin Laden now than there were before 9/11.
    13. The Bush Administration granted the 9/11 Commission $3 million to investigate the September 11 attacks and $50 million to the commission that investigated the Columbia space shuttle crash.
    14. More than three years after 9/11, just 5 percent of all cargo–including cargo transported on passenger planes–is screened.

    There are many more facts around the Bush Administration I’ve only chosen a selection.

  85. Andrew,

    That is absolutely splendid news.

    Wishing you and your daughter a very happy Birthday and many happy returns.


  86. Angelo Ortiz – I don’t personally know you, only through reading your emails on the blog, but I am usually a good judge of character, and I really do believe you are a very genuine person!

  87. Hi Fed – I missed the blotto but I’ll be marking my own card – here’s my 3 words for Stones a track that has grown on me over time….


  88. Andrew, wonderful news !!!!!!!

    Après la pluie le beau temps ! = Every cloud has a silver lining !

    correct, Fed ? if so, the English expression sounds far better than the French one !


    [Then that must be the one time that something sounds better in English than it does in French. – Features Editor]

  89. Bush may be a puppet who does what he’s told by the CFR without question but he’s not an out and out traitor and immoral criminal like Gore. Sometimes the only choice you have is between the lesser of two evils.

    Does politics belong here? The world is about to change in a rather dramatic fashion and the cockroaches are not going to enjoy the experience.

  90. Happy Birthday Nate, Andrew and welcome aboard Robyn.

    Now, here is my 2 cents worth about Bush………………..That’s it!

  91. Well done to Graham Knight. You were the only one to correctly guess any of my words. ‘Sincere’ was the one we wanted. My two others were: ‘Subtle’ and ‘Kyoto’.

    Please let us know where we should send your prize by including your full name and address with your next blog post (it won’t be published for all to see, don’t worry).

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