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We’re sorry that you’ve been waiting patiently all day today for news of the ‘Arnold Layne’ competition winner. That announcement will be made as soon as we can, so please continue to be patient and accept our sincere apologies for the delay.

We realise how nerve-wracking the wait must be for many of you and will put you all out of your misery as quickly as possible.

Please keep an eye on the contest page, if you’re not already refreshing it at regular intervals.

Once again, the best of luck to all who entered.

As you all know, the title of David’s live concert DVD has been confirmed as ‘Remember That Night’. We can also confirm that it will be in High Definition.

There will be two discs. The first will contain footage from the Royal Albert Hall concerts of last May. The second will be full of extras, which include three documentaries. We’ll have more on these soon.

Among other things, there will also be some live tracks that couldn’t be squeezed onto the concert disc, as well as some footage from several other places. Where exactly, we’ll tell you shortly.

The winner of our ‘Smile’ contest was Sylvie. Congratulations to you.

There’s no chat today, but the chatroom will be open tomorrow between 11AM and 3PM (UK time). Everyone is welcome.

Author: FEd

Features Editor of David Gilmour’s official blog, The Blog (‘Features’ previously being its rather naff title), affectionately – or lazily – shortened to ‘FEd’.

116 thoughts on “Some DVD extras”

  1. That’s great news, do you have a release date for the “Remember that Night” DVD. I can’t wait to get my hands on this DVD, I had the privilege of seeing David Gilmour at Massey Hall.

    Hope to hear from you soon.


    [Sorry, no. You might find the previous blog entry… illuminating, however. – Features Editor]

  2. So… fansites – Stick that in your pipe and smoke it! 🙂

    Excellent news FEd. Looking forward to it.

  3. Congrats Sylvie!

    Thanks for the further heads up on the DVD.

    Hopefully, my smiling and teary receipt of my newly signed FloydianLeaf jersey for which I was filmed and gave permission for it to be on the DVD makes it on there.

    It was certainly a highlight in my life and to have it for all time on the DVD would be amazing!

    Thanks again for the updates!

    [Thanks for making me laugh again with your vile insincerity. – Features Editor]

  4. If there is not space for me in the previous page, I must repeat that in this one!


    Excuse me dear, can you explain me better if the “some live tracks” will be from different tour’s shows? It would be nice to see a little piece about some of the shows that anyone of us had the luck to see…but, please!!! Don’t misunderstand me! I am not saying David what he should do!!!! Anything the DVD will contain, I have no doubts it will be very beautiful and exciting! So, good work to David and all the staff! And to you, FEd!


    [We’ll tell you more abut the DVD shortly, Lucia. – Features Editor]

  5. SYLVIE ! ma copine de Montréal! Comme je suis contente pour toi! Bravo ! Une caisse de Champagne au frigo ? à consommer avec modération, of course, mais à partager avec tant d’amis, ici, tu es d’accord ?

    Great and truthful news today, Fed, as ever on ! Thank you very much for all you do for us…

    So, once again, “après la pluie, le beau temps” ! I looked on line for a translation and found “Every cloud has a silver lining” ! Wow ! do you really say that in UK ? What a poetic way to express hope !


  6. Very many thanks for the info on the upcoming DVD. Sounds like it’s going to be a cracker (whenever it comes out!).

    Of course we will only accept at least ten different versions of Echoes (with accompanying documentaries) spread across both of the discs 🙂

    Err, that’s a joke for anybody who might have missed the ‘:-)’

    Incidentally, will High Definition DVDs work on an ‘ordinary’ DVD player with a ‘bog-standard’ CRT TV, or will there be separate standard and HD versions of the DVD released?

    [I believe they’ll work on any DVD player, but minus the enhancement. – Features Editor]

  7. Fed,

    Thanks for the updates, im glad there will be a some sort of documentary included & look forward to hearing more updates as & when they become availble.

    i guess i got to go & buy a HD TV now, thanks a bunch! 😉

  8. Hey Fed.

    Thats great news on the DVD extras! SO looking forward to re-living the summer concerts.

    Anyway I just wanted to say an ENORMOUS THANKYOU to you, David and anyone else that has had to put up with all the daft rumours and stories over the past few months.

    You have obviously worked very hard in keeping us up-to-date and informed. I cant imagine how frustrating it must be to have to keep deflecting away these nonsense stories.

    And to everyone else out there that might be wondering about the release date – BE PATIENT! Im sure we will be made aware once David and all associated are ready.


    The Mitchmeister.

  9. Well done, Sylvie!!!

    “Remember That Night!!!” is going to be a cracker!!!

    Two discs!!! Three documentaries!!! Brilliant!!! Quality and quantity…

    Good show!!! Tally ho!!!

  10. FEd, mate…

    What a weekend uh? First, an evened 0x0 score against Everton… And then all this rubbish about fan sites. Every time I envy your job from now on I´ll think about this weekend…Maybe my mine is not that bad, after all.

    On the other hand, “Remember that Night” is the perfect title. And the news above prove that it will be a treat. I´d like to thank all those involved on it´s production for working so hard on making it the best DVD possible. That´s whole point – when you get something from Mr. Gilmour, you get the best possible.

    Our relationship with Mr. Gilmour, thru this site/blog – moderated by our brave FEd – is based on trust. And I dare to say, a little more than that – friendship.

    Many people just don´t get it, but NO artists have ANY obligation with his fans.

    If Mr. Gilmour had bothered to pay a crew and developed all this environment it is because he feels that feedback from people is important. It´s that whole communication thing I have wrote before in december.

    One poster said on the previous topic that fans are “hungry” for whatever may come from Floyd or “the boys”… What the hell is that supposed to mean?

    It´s completely nonsense. You can´t beg for art! It simply happens. And we have to be thankfull when it happens. Or do you think On An Island was created, developed and released by Mr. Gilmour and his musicians/technicians only to feed your hunger? Go get a life.

    Wish you all a pleasant week.


  11. Hi all,

    Thank you for some details about DVD. It is obvious that it must take some time to prepare 2 disc set with quality material in HD and surround sound.

    Already a taster was released with great AOL Sessions so I cannot complain that I don’t have anything to watch from David. It is also David Gilmour In Concert, which return to top selling DVD lists in Poland. I was surpirised that it was 9th in a certain chain store a month or two ago.

    Caption: Play it again, Jon.


  12. will there be an audio CD version as well?

    [No, there are no plans for an audio CD at this time. – Features Editor]

  13. Good news about the forthcoming DVD, Fed!

    yours, waiting in rising-expectation-mode, without any requests (pleeeeease!!!!) for further breaking news on release dates or content or pressing demands for inclusion of all sorts of DVD-extras (e.g. raving mass-t-shirt singings, intimate copies of backstage catering plans, 50-minute specials of pre-show instrumental fine-tuning, 10-second melodic after-show whistlings of old Floyd classics by any member of the entourage etc….)

  14. Love the info.

    I think it would be great if the management decided to change the name of the DVD. Keep everyone on their toes and prove the fansites wrong…again.



  15. IIIIIIIIIIIII cant wait any longer!!! Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!! lol Great news!

    I suspect there will be some footage from the Massey Hall as some of the folks that where there said that there’s been some filming done during the gig…and of course the Gdansk big ass show with fidllers and screens…

    I really hope that there will be some snippets from Milan.

    Gawd, I can hardly wait! *nervously bites his fingernails*


  16. Good news about the extras. Three documentaries? I’m really looking forward to seeing the full contents of the DVD…

    By high definition, what do you mean? I have to assume there will be a normal DVD release, no? It would be excellent to see a HD-DVD and/or Blu-Ray release as well (but I don’t have hardware to play either of those formats 😉 )

  17. Hi Fed hope ur weekend was good

    the dvd sounds great and as you said we dont want the postponed delays we had with Pulse do we again. u make an excellent point

    fed can i say a massive thankyou to Melissa for the baby clothes she sent me. the friends i have met on this site are amazing

    ill keep it short. i forgot how much work a baby is Nappies etc lack of sleep. i went to register his name the other day so its official and there is nothing the wife can do. its Aaron Floyd Emery. actually although she is not a massive fan she thinks it will be quite cool to have that name

    cheers Fed 4 the help u gave me last week. see ya tomorrow in the chat

    ps thanks to everyone 4 the well wishes u sent me the wife and new member of the family. youre all amazing

  18. I am sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo happy!!! I win!!!

    Thanks to you, you are the best blog in the world! […]

    [Congratulations to you, Sylvie. – Features Editor]

  19. [So… fansites – Stick that in your pipe and smoke it! :)- Nate]

    Took the words right out of my mouth, word for word too. Too funny!!

    A wise FEd once told me that it’s not worth it to respond to other’s tireless bickering since they are just doing so to get a rise out of you.

    Thanks for the DVD details FEd! You know we are always chopping at the bit for more of that. I’m really excited to see if Guy’s little get together with bloggers at Luka’s will make the DVD cut. Looking forward to more details as they come.

    Well Americans, our football season is over, I guess life will cease to exist until August =)

    Hope everyone had a good weekend


  20. A whole disc of extras! My prayers have been answered!

    Cant wait for the DVD to relive the best show ever!

  21. “Remember That Night” is a terrific name for the DVD. A tongue-in-cheek nod to all the drunken ignorami who stood up all night blocking our view screaming “Play Dogs!” all night long…

  22. Well good morning all! Happy Post-Superbowl Monday! Can’t say as I watched the game (took a gang of kids to the park after watching the first touchdown and thinking the Bears are gonna kill em… laughed out loud when I learned they’d lost after all!).

    Gotta chime in on the fan site stuff. I too read the fan site announcement of the DVD title and release date. I didn’t get overly excited about the date, but I felt the title sounded right- it made SENSE… and I admit it is the perfect title. I only read it with a passing tabloid interest… something to do. I didn’t ask our Fed to confirm or deny. I figured when it was real the Fed would announce it.

    People- if you read fan sites- do it for fun… don’t put any more stock in it than you would an article about aliens impregnating Satans’ daughter at the check-out stand.

    I find it interesting that the people who were most incensed about the Feds’ response are names I have not seen, or seen very infrequently as posters. Suddenly you have something to say???

    Finally- the DVD sounds great! I’m anxious to see what the extras will be. Yes I’m anxious to get it in my hands… but remember… the OAI album hasn’t even been out for a year yet! I think we can all wait til the DVD is done and done right.

    Have a great day all!

  23. I forgot to ask Fed (and my last post was getting dangerously close to or already had exceeded the word limit)… I accessed the Fan Site with the flawed information via a link from this site. I know you have an issue with Fan Sites blurting out faulty info… so why are they linked from here?

    Just wondering.


    [A good question, Tim, but I’m afraid the Links page is nothing to do with me. – Features Editor]

  24. Dear F.Ed.

    please remember that “The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams” (Eleanor Roosvelt)

    this is great news: who can forget “that night”?

    My best wishes to Mr.Gilmour for the nomination of the Grammy for his Best Rock Instrumental Performance, for Castellorizon. He deserves this prize: i hope he could have it.

    My best wishes for your work (no too much leisure this saturday, i suppose!)

    ciao Elisabetta

  25. Great news concerning the DVD. Remember That Night- the perfect title.

    So glad that David’s apparently enjoying working enough to put all this great material out. Like everyone else, I’ll be waiting eagerly for further official updates.

    Thanks again.

  26. hello Fed, I hope all is well on your end, kind sir.

    FYI, standard DVD’s can not handle High-definition recording. That is why HD-DVD and BLU-RAY DVDs came out…. We all know that the upcoming DVD was shot in HD, but HD will not be true HD unless it is on one of these new HD platforms.

    Basically, “high Definition” means nothing if you are talking about a standard DVD.

    Please confirm (when you find out) if “Remember that Night” will be released in HD-DVD or BLU -RAY.

    [We will. Thank you. – Features Editor]

  27. Congrats Sylvie. Fed what were the five words? Come on May!

    Caption: Captain David(Kirk)Gilmour to Jon(Chekov) Carin. “Warp speed ahead”.

    [They were: Smile, Mellow, Ideal, Love and Endless. – Features Editor]

  28. Glad for the info Fed. I am now eagerly awaiting the DVD. No matter what is on it, I am just happy that it is coming out.

    Sorry you had a busy weekend Fed, Maybe the coming week won’t be so busy…though if you want I will gladly trade you some chattering girl scouts selling cookies if you want. 😉

    Congrats to Sylvie!

    Renee B.
    Fontana, Ca USA

  29. You do know how to build up tension:

    There will be two discs. The first will contain … The second will be…(drum roll)…Pew, a DVD, that was close.

    Take all the time you need to produce it, for me it doesn’t matter when it comes out. The beginning of any month will suit me fine.

  30. Since there will be three documentaries on the new DVD, please, do you know if there will be an option for subtitles in different languages ?

    I’m not moaning, but there is not that possibility on “David Gilmour In Concert” et ça manque terriblement ! (eg, we would have liked to understand all that they say in the “Home Movie”, we only understand they all have great pleasure ! but why ?…)

    Thank you.


    [I’m afraid I don’t know at this time, but thank you for the suggestion. – Features Editor]

  31. Wow, High Definition!

    Amazing news. Now I only have to buy myself one of those expensive high def players, but what a better excuse to buy one than to rembemer that night!

    Now the only question that tickles me is what format will they go for?… will it be HD-DVD or will it be Blue-Ray?

    Either way, I sure it will be amazing. Just think about it: Gorgeously uncompressed 5.1 channels of awesome surround sound. 1080p progressive scan High Definition Video. David Gilmour live.

    OH MY GOD… This DVD is going to be so much better than PULSE!

  32. I still remember that night in Milan…amazing…

    and now I’m waiting for this (I hope, I think, I know) amazing DVD

    See You

    Marco P.
    Torino, Italia

  33. [Well Americans, our football season is over, I guess life will cease to exist until August =) – ~Erin]

    With all due respect, I am glad the football season is over, personally can’t stand the sport.

    And there are Americans who live for hockey as I do – so my life goes on – thank you very much.


  34. [FYI, standard DVD’s can not handle High-definition recording. That is why HD-DVD and BLU-RAY DVDs came out…. We all know that the upcoming DVD was shot in HD, but HD will not be true HD unless it is on one of these new HD platforms]

    …Hmm, that’s a bit worrying. Here’s hoping there’ll be a ‘standard’ DVD format release too (Hey, maybe that’s what was coming out on 27th March….sorry, that was uncalled for!!). Trying to find the money to buy a HD DVD player, after investing in a DVD recorder only 15 months ago, just isn’t an option for me I’m afraid.

  35. Great News FEd!!!

    This is the ONLY site I come to for DG news. So reliable, and very honest =)

    I have a question: With the success of OAI (Grammy Nom., Platinum) does David plan on making more albums/Touring?

    [There are no such plans at this point in time. – Features Editor]

  36. Who came up with the title F*Ed?

    Just curious…

    [I don’t know, but it wasn’t me. However, in the early days of the site, the blog was accessed by a ‘Features’ link at the top of the homepage – hence the title. Then it got changed to ‘Fan Fare’, of course, and now it’s just plain old ‘Blog’. But by this time, the name had stuck. – Features Editor]

  37. Hi FEd and friends,

    What a strange weekend! FEd, I notice that a certain ‘someone’ just keeps following you around … picking up the crumbs while pecking at your behind! Ain’t it great having ‘fans’? (Hate that word!!)

    Thanks for all the juicy news on the upcoming dvd. Love getting the real scoop instead of the poop so to speak …

    Keep up the good work and remember that those who snipe at you are most likely only doing so because you’re doing your job so well. Maybe they’re just the slightest bit envious, do ya think?

    Hopefully I’ll catch up with you Irregulars tomorrow morning even though it’s a tab bit early for me. Until then …

    Peace, love and understanding!
    Washington State

  38. Remember That Night is the most beautiful way to yet again remember that night. Oh my, I can´t wait for the DVD 😀

    And 3 documentaries! great. I wonder what they are about…

  39. CAPTION:

    John’s new game of table tennis using only your head had got the crew very competitive indeed.

    Rgds Geoff Duffy ( Dublin )

  40. Hello FED and Bloggers!

    I agree with John Hortatsos for question about HD-DVD or BLU -RAY (we wait information about it) and no doubt about the quality of “Remember that night” (surely best than “Pulse”), David wants only the best for him and for the fans.

    Thank U to exist, David!

    Claudio from Ravenna.

  41. [Who came up with the title F*Ed? ~ Matt ]

    I meant the DVD ya knucklehead…I know where “you” came from… 🙂

    [Well, in that case, it has to be another “Sorry, don’t know” response. Damn. – Features Editor]

  42. Football season was done for me 3 weeks ago. I do have baseball coming soon though, and a trip to the baseball Hall of Fame for the Cal Ripken induction!

    Very good news on the extras for Remember That Night (what an appropriate title). I remember that night in New York City at Radio City Music Hall everyday.

    Maybe a Remember That Night blog topic closer to release date…What was your favorite part of that night, excluding the obvious music/show? Traveling to the venue, meeting fellow fans, etc.

  43. First, the important bit… CONGRATULATIONS, SYLVIE!!! Bouncing off the walls, yes? 🙂

    Now, I’m gonna take the hint about the fact the previous entry is closed for comment to… NOT COMMENT ON IT any further. Erin had some good reminders for us, yes? It’s over, it’s done, yawn, moving on…

    Good news on the DVD! While there are still some questions regarding HD versus not HD, Blu-Ray vs HD-DVD (why am I suddenly thinking VHS vs BetaMax?)…

    (Btw, buying an HD DVD player of either stripe will not turn your telly into an HD telly – you need an HD-TV as well, a bigger investment than simply a player for the disc – take it from a tech support employee of a cable company.)

    However, I’m sure all those niggling little questions will be answered in due course. I can’t imagine there /not/ being a standard definition version of the DVD, simply because that’d be cutting out at /least/ 75% of the target audience. So, we’ll wait and see. No worries. We can be patient. And excited! But patient. 🙂

    DVD! With EXTRAS! With DAVID! And (no offense to the other members of the band) everyone else in the band! Woohoo!

    Now for breakfast of a literal sort (as it’s midafternoon here). Blueberry oatmeal, here I come!


    PS. Everyone have a good day, hear?

  44. [I agree with John Hortatsos for question about HD-DVD or BLU -RAY (we wait information about it) and no doubt about the quality of “Remember that night” (surely best than “Pulse”), David wants only the best for him and for the fans.]

    Certainly to date that’s been the case. However, I’m still concerned that those fans, like myself, with ordinary DVD players could miss out on this occasion if this DVD ends up as an HD only release.

    A free HD DVD player with every copy of the DVD….now there’s an idea…but I guess you’ll then need a HD TV too??? Bring back Betamax (actually the first pre-recorded Beta tape I ever bought was ‘Live at Pompeii’) Was that really 25 years ago???

  45. I hope that one of the tracks that couldn’t be squeezed’ on to the RAH disc is Echoes. Just so it’s in there somewhere.

    The REAl football season has another painful month or 2 to go. My poor Hammers are disembowling themselves in most horrific manner. It’s like watching a self induced 8 month long gory train wreck. Fortune’s aaaaaalways hiding.

  46. George, I too was at Radio City (4/5) and I would love to see some snippet from those shows just as a selfishmental keepsake.

  47. [ FYI, standard DVD’s can not handle High-definition recording. That is why HD-DVD and BLU-RAY DVDs came out…. We all know that the upcoming DVD was shot in HD, but HD will not be true HD unless it is on one of these new HD platforms. ]

    HD-DVDs can be mastered with two sides, one in standard DVD format and one in HD-DVD format.

    Whatever format it comes in, I can’t wait. I’ll get whatever player I need to play the HD content. (My kids want the Blueray PS3 anyway.)

    White stairs in the moonlight..

  48. 2 discs?? Full concert??? 3 documentaries???? Extra live clips?????? MORE?????? Jeez I’m like a little kid waiting for Santa to come!! Look at me!! I’m dancin’!!! If anyone passed by my cube right now, they’d think I was having some sort of adverse reaction to medication! (yeah I don’t dance)

    Thank you for the info…you’ve made my day!

    (by the way….LOVE the title)

  49. Don’t just knock ‘fansites’ – don’t forget they have been keeping things alive for years – everybody makes mistakes and deserves to be forgiven – so stick that in you pipe – as someone else has already said here!

    [And that really is the last word on the weekend’s frivolities. When the comment form is gone, the topic is closed – for everyone’s sake. Hopefully even the most narrow-minded readers can see that there’s been another even balance of opinion here and, therefore, they can now stop whining about prejudice, bias, censorship and all the other rubbish accusations that have been thrown in this direction. They’re just absurd, really, and not worthy of space here. – Features Editor]

  50. [Who came up with the title F*Ed? ~ Matt ]

    I meant the DVD ya knucklehead…I know where “you” came from… 🙂

    ….Now that has to be one of the best put-downs ever (though I have to admit, I thought he meant “you” too…Doh!!)

    [I’m glad I’m not the only one who’s having a blonde day. (Am I allowed to say that?) God, I hope there are no blonde webmasters reading this… especially if they’re of a religious persuasion and are doubly-offended. One controversy a week is surely enough for anybody. – Features Editor]

  51. It’s impossible to forget that night! I was in Rome and since then, every two days, I think at what pleasure will be to live that night again.

    But we are all worried about HD-DVD or BLU -RAY – what does this means?(we all wait information about it), but please tell us that we won’t be obliged to buy a new TV or DVD player.

    Anyhow thank you for releasing it so soon, I feared that it would take much more time as for PULSE.

    English subtitles only would be enough, but please put them in, it is so nice to be able to fully understand what you say !

    Waiting for hearing more news soon


  52. Like most other people above, In HiDef fantastic! Something to really be looking forward to!


    Steve Carr

  53. [Who came up with the title F*Ed? ~ Matt ]

    Sorry for the confusion on this one mate. Since we were discussing the upcoming DVD I thought it would be clear as to what I was referring to. But looking at it again I can easily see where the left was made instead of the right.

    You’ll always be brunette to me F*Ed…

  54. I find it interesting how even the most basic of information that is shared can be debated and discussed to this magnitude.

    It makes me wonder what a blog entry that just states that David prefers to wear black t-shirts would bring.



  55. Congrats Sylvie,

    Very pleased to hear of “Remember that night”. What a great title. Thanks for the info Fed.

    I also was at Massey Hall, and whether it’s on the DVD extras or not, I’m sure I will feel some deja vu from the video. Really looking forward to it.

  56. It’s nice to see some detail appearing about the DVD, which I’ll be first in the queue down at the local Borders, without a doubt. Whatever the release date…

    Just thinking, does David ever consider that all the fuss and rumour concerning concert DVDs, Pink Floyd reunions, etc, etc, ad infinitum, ad nauseam, is an extraordinary confirmation of his immense popularity and relevance so far into his career? From the cup half-full perspective, it must be quite affirming to know that people still care enough about what he does to gossip and speculate on it and pounce on any tidbits of information that cross their paths.

    Obviously there’s a double-edged sword apparent in all of this, but I’m looking on the bright side.

  57. Hey all,

    Most interesting weekend. Fed hope you are doing good today. its monday time to start all over ( hey im Blonde ) haha, i dont care you can have a blonde moment its ok.

    Congrats to Sylvie let us know what you get.

    Hey cool new DVD coming out with extras. cant wait.

    have a great day all



    Love the title
    Rgds Geoff Duffy ( Dublin )

  59. Hi FEd,

    Wow, fantastic news about the DVD!! I appreciate the update. (Now I’m all giddy over it!)

    I’m not sure if it matters whether it’s HD or not. Does it? I mean, will it not play on a regular old DVD player if it is in HD?

    Sorry, I just am fairly clueless about this sort of thing.

    Have a good one!


    [We’ll have a full update, complete with explanation, very soon, Penny. – Features Editor]

  60. thanks for the update Feat Ed. You literally made me fill the cup!

    When will you be releasing more info?


    [Probably next week, Kris. – Features Editor]

  61. [I’m glad I’m not the only one who’s having a blonde day. (Am I allowed to say that?) – Features Editor]

    I find it terribly amusing that we’ve gotten so politically correct that anytime someone mentions having a ‘blonde moment’, those who are not blonde immediately start questioning if they could make that qualification, and those of us who /are/ naturally blonde tend to laugh the most at the jokes… or make them up ourselves.

    (Speaking as a natural blonde who dyes her hair red by preference – but makes the joke that it’s artificial intelligence…)


  62. [Who came up with the title F*Ed? ~ Matt ]

    [I meant the DVD ya knucklehead…I know where “you” came from… :)]

    [….Now that has to be one of the best put-downs ever (though I have to admit, I thought he meant “you” too…Doh!!)]

    Matt, I knew what you meant, but everything that followed was so enjoyable. A spontaneous bit. Thank you all for those laughs. FE’d, that was priceless.

    Congratulations, Sylvie!! What fun to win something from this great blog.

    Now for the best part. A new dvd! Buffalo Phil, I am having the same reaction. Dancing in my cube. I can wait for whatever David Gilmour wants to put on there.

    I am in no rush to get this wonderful and amazing thing. As I mentioned befor, On An Island is still so new so I have lots to enjoy. But still, the excitement builds!

    The title is lovely and so appropriate for the dvd. It will bring back memories for all, regardless of where you saw the band. Thank you, thank you, thank you for the wonderful news.

    Now, what may seem like a stupid question, but I am asking anyway. I would like to learn to play the guitar(I hear you laughing). Now, I am only doing this for my enjoyment(or pain depending on how this goes). But my question(finally) is: start with an acoustic? or classic? Any recommendations from you players in the blog community? Suggestions will be graciously and gratefully received.

    Have a great evening all,

  63. [I find it interesting how even the most basic of information that is shared can be debated and discussed to this magnitude. It makes me wonder what a blog entry that just states that David prefers to wear black t-shirts would bring. – Andrew]

    very funny. can you imagine if all of that “publius enigma” stuff were to have re-surfaced? this place would be completely out of control.

    on another note, i can sympathize with the fans hoping that “their night” will be on the dvd. i can attest that one of the greatest things about the ’87-’88 shows was that they recorded ‘my nights” in atlanta (nov. 3-5, 1987) and it was very exciting. the official mtv videos of ‘on the turning away’ and ‘dogs of war’ were part of the 5 shows i saw that week (1 in tampa, 1 in miami, and 3 in atlanta at the omni). every time is see those videos i smile my butt off. gilmour SMOKED all of the solos too. he also wore that blue striped shirt all week…even when he wasnt filming. very strange . that along with this tour’s black shirt lends me to think we should start up a collection. (is it the same black shirt or does he have like a dozen?)

    fed, we love you bro. i know i’m a pain in the arse sometimes but i really do dig the place and have a genuine love. you didnt deserve all that B.S.

    [Cheers, mate. – Features Editor]

  64. Matt,

    My royalty statement is in the post. See Blog entry June 21:

    [Some more title ideas (courtesy of Polly mostly!!) “Remember that night” (I like this one more and more) – Posted by: Tim C at June 21, 2006 08:53 PM]

  65. Caption:

    Not yet cured of his sleep-walking, Jon wandered out on stage in a trance and assumed his usual post at the keyboards.

    I’m quite glad to hear details about the DVD starting to trickle out. The choice of title is perfect, a wonderful reference to the lyric. As for the content, it sounds like the ‘extras’ might include video of other performances during the tour but not from the actual tour shows. Maybe a little ‘making of’ bit from Astoria?

    Don’t want to get my (or anyone else’s) hopes up, but some more from Abbey Road would be nice! A photo slideshow with some of Polly’s great photos set to David’s music would also be wonderful (hint-hint!).

    Thanks for all the good news! And congrats to Sylvie!

  66. Way to go Sylvie, Looks like you picked 3 out of 5 not bad at all.

    Take Care

  67. FED, people like you are so ignorant! If it weren’t for fan sites then we wouldn’t have current info on PF or DG or whatever. If you bothered to take your head out of your ass you would see that sites like […] is more CREDIBLE than you! Just because […] made an honest mistake doesn’t mean you have to attack them. It shows us what a rotten, lame-ass, sh*tty a**hole you are attacking them!

    Also, OAI did well in small countries. However in the States, it FLOPPED! Despite a #6 debut it SANK as Americans are hijacked by gangsta rappers with criminal sheets a mile long, American Idol scum, lame-a** Disney soundtracks and so on.

    If you don’t like what we say, WE GOT TWO WORDS FOR YA, S*CK IT!

    [You sound like a tosser using a name like that, and your post just proves it. What exactly do North American album sales have to do with this? Another brat visiting for the first time with an agenda, perhaps? Again, I’m happy to publish the first of your flurry of comments (even if the others did enlighten me, not least your gaenocologist’s report on Britney Spears before shocking me with the revelation that the US is – wait for it – bigger than England?!) because you haven’t had your say yet and I’m actually very fair – but mainly because it makes you look like a sad, sad fool. Two words for you: bite me. And to everyone else: just ignore. – Features Editor]

  68. Here’s another vote for this being released as a CD too!

    I still wish David had done that with his last DVD release… and I’d be first in line to buy both if they were released.

    But, HD for the DVD? NICE! I can’t wait to see it 🙂

  69. Hi fed

    I had to have my final say. i fully support your comments re unoffical web sites. this is the only site for me as i know its daves site. he gave it to us the fans.

    the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth so help me fed. need i say more

    ps check my spelling im a bit illiterate as well ha ha.


  70. Looking forward to “Remember That Night.”

    Was watching David Gilmour in Concert DVD this afternoon with my 2 yr old. I can’t get enough of David singing “Don’t.” Brings me to tears!

    Anyway, the new extras DVD will be great! Perhaps Polly will share more home videos of rehearsals?

    Thanks for the “real” news, Fed!


  71. Hiya gang,

    I can’t seem to find the time to check in as often as I like. Its been weeks I guess.

    This is good news about the DVD. I can’t wait. Hopefully the planet will remain in one piece until I see it.

    What’s goin on with the crazy posts? The last time I had a chance to drop in it was the same.

    Oh well, hugs to all the ladies and a wave to all the gents. Hmmmmm….and a finger to the riffraff.


  72. Hi FEd,

    Well, you’ve got me giggling like crazy now! I totally thought Matt meant ‘F*Ed’ too. His ‘knucklehead’ remark made me start giggling (sorry), IMcK’s comment (Doh!), and then your response, complete with blonde comment sure to start another rumble … it’s truly a Laugh Out Loud moment!! What a nice change from, ahem, nevermind.

    Congratulations to Sylvie by the way. Good for you girl!

    Wishing you a peaceful good evening!
    Washington State

  73. I too would like a snippet of Massey Hall. However, I didn’t notice any filming going on at all. If by chance there was, I would be flying sky high for sure.

    Future question perhaps Fed. “What song(s) are you awaiting to see again and where.” Mine are Dominoes, Fat Old Sun and the hopefully the inevitable Echoes. Massey Hall.

    [I think we can manage that. Please hold onto your favourites until then. – Features Editor]

  74. Congratulations Sylvie !

    Thank you for that extra DVD info, FEd. You guys sure know how to get people very impatient 😉

    Have a nice day,

  75. Hi FEd and bloggers,

    congratulations to FEd for the precise and rich updates THANK YOU and …smile for the rest!

    with love

  76. I for one have stopped looking at a lot of the PF fansites for the same reasons you’ve pointed out Fed. You might as well get the news from the proper source & not some half arsed rumour mill!!

    I’m really looking forward to the DVD; whenever it comes out!!!!

  77. Like I`ve said before, I`m looking forward to that DVD-set!! A documentary is awesome 😀

  78. Dear F.Ed,

    i would like to let my special thought of today to Mr.Gilmour:

    “Climb higher and higher.Your goal is the sky, your aim is the star”

    Kindest regards

  79. [Some more title ideas (courtesy of Polly mostly!!) “Remember that night” (I like this one more and more) – Posted by: Tim C at June 21, 2006 08:53 PM]

    Great Tim! I am proud of you! The new hero of the blog…at least till someone doesn’t discover who came up with the title FEd!


    P.S. I support the gentle “subtitles” campaign for the poor english language’s ignorants. You can rely on my vote, mates!

  80. Dear FEd (!),

    [Posted by: nickster at January 9, 2006 01:53 AM]

    My quick and simply reasearch suggested that Nickster is the second hero of the day! Damn! We lost the opportunity to celebrate your first birthday as FEd. Anyway, HAPPY BIRTHDAY FED!


    [Did we? I thought we did celebrate. – Features Editor]

  81. Happy Tuesday,

    Havent blogged for a day or 2 so catching up.

    Superb DVD title. But what a kerfuffle over the release date. Calm down everyone, it will come out sometime.

    So what I didnt know before the weekend was that there were these fan sites.

    Surely logic prevails though when wanting accurate information. You go to a valid site. Or am I naive.

    [And to everyone else: just ignore.]

    Sorry Fed cant do…….what a wan*er.

    Pete – Coventry

  82. [You sound like a tosser using a name like that.]

    I just love this blog!!! keep it up fed


  83. Funny how, when I read blogs from the like of Billy Idol (aka Generation X) several Pink Floyd lyics, in particular from albums between 73 and 81) spring to mind.

    Anyone else get similar thoughts and feelings?

    Pete – Coventry

  84. [Well Americans, our football season is over]

    It must be the start of the ‘booting our Fed from pillar to post’ season now then.

    Could be a long season Fed. Maybe some footage might be included on the DVD.

    Pete – Coventry

    [Pete, on the basis of the past weekend, that could be quite a money-spinner. We’ll have to consider putting out a separate DVD, I reckon. – Features Editor]

  85. (If you don’t like what we say, WE GOT TWO WORDS FOR YA, S*CK IT!)


  86. [Pete, on the basis of the past weekend, that could be quite a money-spinner. We’ll have to consider putting out a separate DVD, I reckon. – Features Editor]

    You could make a fortune selling the limited 3 disc edition on ebay.


    [Better still. I think one disc would be quite enough, though. – Features Editor]

  87. Great news. I would hope, if any hints can be dropped, that it is playable on standard DVD players, and that the extra songs feature a full assortment of rotating songs from the tour that were not played every night (Wots Uh The Deal, Wearing The Inside Out, Coming Back To Life, On The Turning Away, Dark Globe, and so forth). Always asking, my mum said that if you dont ask you don’t get. I blame the parents.

    Sounds a great package anyway.

  88. We celebrated the birthday of real person who is hidden behind the Features Editor (if you didn’t lie us about your birthday!), but we never celebrated the virtual man called “FEd”. (and I wish you that your real name was not Fed! Even if I think is a nice name). Anyway, the 9th of January is gone now, so you will have to wait for the next year…


  89. [Better still. I think one disc would be quite enough, though. – Features Editor]

    Now at this point I could say that I am checking fan sites for the release date. But I wont cos I think you might swear at me.


  90. Hello Fed,

    I just wanted to point out that I am a huge fan of the fine work you do on this site! I also wish to point out that I am also a huge fan of some of the fansites. When you combine the two, one can get excellent in-depth information on the Floyd and David Gilmour’s activities.

    While some of the fansite can accidently publish false information, they do provide an outlet for people to get their Floydian fix.

    As a proud visitor of your site and on behalf of the many ignorant members of these fansites, I want to issue you an apology on behalf of these rude individuals. YOU DO A GREAT JOB!!!

    I take these fansites for what they are worth – usually an individual who tries to provide the best info possible. And they usually do a great job. I love your site because it delivers the true FACTS!!!

    KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK and don’t post anymore rude posts from these supposed “True Fans!” Arguing over the internet is pointless….. Cheers!

    [Thanks for that, John. It’s appreciated, but not necessary. I think most people realise that we’re all on the same side. The ones who are on the attack are clearly so incensed by my nerve that they’re overlooking the real issue, but that’s fine as long as we all think more. – Features Editor]

  91. [I don’t know, but it wasn’t me. However, in the early days of the site, the blog was accessed by a ‘Features’ link at the top of the homepage – hence the title. Then it got changed to ‘Fan Fare’, of course, and now it’s just plain old ‘Blog’. But by this time, the name had stuck. – Features Editor]

    With this logic then your name should really be BEd. But that might get too confusing. Based on the hours you’ve been keeping lately, bed might be something you really need.


  92. Jan,

    Definitely acoustic – especially if you want to play rock songs. Yes you can do that with Classical as well but it is a whole different style.


  93. Egads, waiting for the DVD (which sounds like it will be fabulous by the way) is almost as nerve-wracking as waiting 3 months to see David’s show in Chicago.

    I like the title of the DVD because for the rest of my life I will always “Remember That Night” in Chicago when I not only saw David, but Richard Wright as well (not to impugn the other band members who are all great musicians)and to make that night in Chicago even more surreal, but to hear Echoes performed LIVE. A miraculous night in my life is all I can say.

    So yeah, I anxiously await the DVD, and will look forward to more news about it.

    Love to all,
    Elizabeth (freezing in the midwest USA)

  94. Well dear Fed,

    Excitement in the camp! Great to hear the DVD is on the way and thanks for being honest about any potential release date i.e. there isn’t one!!

    Well you haven’t lost the fire in your belly have you? Several interesting reads up above along with some good replies from you. Makes my day go around. I just hope it doesn’t p**s you off too much, you have to have thick skin for your job mate. I expect the 2/6d that you get every week helps?

    Rock on!!

  95. Sounds like the DVD release could be a hybrid disc, containing HD footage on one side and the same footage, but not in HD, on the other.

    Just curious – I wonder if there was any need for a legal disclaimer or document to be drawn up and signed, [by any or all of PF] for Nick Mason’s appearance at David’s Royal Albert Hall show, in order for it to be ‘legally’ not mis-construed as any sort of Pink Floyd performance?

  96. Hi Fed

    Cannot wait for the dvd, seen any small clubs lately? I did on saturday

    Anyway tell Mr gilmour the rumour mill in liverpool says Thierry could be heading to anfield

    DVD sounds great

    Have a great week
    5 Times

    [He’d be very welcome at Anfield, or whatever the new Anfield is going to be called. Let’s just hope it’s nothing too tacky. – Features Editor]

  97. Hi Fed.

    Thanx for the newest Info about Davids forthcoming DVD!! The title is excellent – Remember that Night! Yes i can! I saw him at the Albert Hall!! Fantastic really!! Its hard to say but for me Davids OAI Tour was the best i seen so far from any Floydmember!

    Im sorry for the nasty mails you did get. Thats really not the way to communicate!


  98. congrats sylvie!

    thanks for the info on the dvd FE’d. will there be easter eggs on it. of board members maybe? some tasteful “art shots” of yourself for all the ladies out there!?!?

    take care all

    [That would be telling. I wouldn’t want to break any hearts, after all. – Features Editor]

  99. Hi Fed!

    I read somewhere that Pink Floyd were invited to perform on 11th of august for World Peace One…
    Is it just the same rumours or is it still to be confirmed…

    Sorry that I wrote here, but, you know I’m anxious…(and I presume I’m not the only one…)

    [I was waiting for that one. No, David will not be performing at this concert. – Features Editor]

  100. I don’t like waiting.

    It’s so long ago that I was on the concert in Munich… I want to see David and Band on Stage again, even if it’s on DVD.

    Please don’t let me wait too long 😉

  101. To bloggers like D-GENERATION X: I highly recommend that you take a logic course. Why would you come here and spew meaningless venom like that? It seems like every time I begin to feel optimistic about the state of man, someone like you comes along to remind me of the pond scum that is out there.

    I’ll put it simply, so as not to challenge your (lack of) intellectual capacity. If you don’t like it here, then stay away.

    And if you do choose to post here, please make sure that it:
    (a) makes sense;
    (b) shows some respect for someone;
    (c) follows the rules of English grammar, syntax and verb-tense agreement.

    The two words I have for D-GENERATION X cannot be posted here.

  102. I now understand fully the meaning of the words “stroppy tosser”! Thanks for the clarification DeGenerate … couldn’t have been more perfectly defined!

    Washington State

  103. Good evening FED!

    Only to say that now David is flying with his wings, and I am really thinking that (for me) the worst images in the last years was to see David close to Roger in the Live Aid….

    David go alone, U are the best! And now the best DVD of the history. I can’t wait to buy it!

    Fed, the Italian championship will start again next sunday (without audience)

    Ciao FED and Bloggers

  104. [Who came up with the title F*Ed? ~ Matt ]

    I don’t want to come across as a pretentious stickler, but the question probably should have been phrased: “who came up with the title, F’Ed?” – note the comma.

    I recommend ‘Eat, shoots and leaves’ by Lynne Truss to anyone who is unsure about English punctuation usage and abusage (is that a real word, it’s not in my dictionary?).

    I really am sorry for that but it’s just I can’t stand bad punctuation.

    As for the DVD, I can’t wait, should be a nice end-of-term pressie for myself.

    x x x

  105. Awesome, can’t wait ’til we have it! 😀

    Fed, since it’s high definition, will it be HD-DVD or Blue Ray? I remember last year you mentioned that it wasn’t going to be HD, however; these news really make me happy.

    Wow, I can’t wait to see it!

    Shine on you crazy bloggers!

    [We’ll have more on this soon, Jorge. – Features Editor]

  106. Thinking back to my last post bordered on the rude, it had no intentions to be. So sorry, Matt, if you get offended. To cheer you up here’s a nice punctuation joke, if it’s too rude feel free to delete it:

    “Capitalisation is the difference between helping your uncle Jack off a horse and helping your uncle jack off a horse”

    I think it’s genius. Sorry for its off topic-ness.

    Take care all
    x x x

    [Dom, I agree with you. They need to tell them that at the age of 11. That’s where they’re going wrong in our schools. – Features Editor]

  107. My first reaction to seeing some of the recent posts was “Who let all this riff-raff into the room?” (Sorry, couldn’t help myself) Kudos to FEd for allowing these fools to have their say on our beloved blog. It just shows that stupidity abounds and proves the fair-mindedness of FEd.

    Thanks again for all you do!

  108. I rarely post here but I can see the two sides of this argument betwen what fansites say and what FED says.

    FED, there are three sides to every story on this issue of the DVD, yours, mine and the truth.

    First off, the “fan sites” have been pretty reliable pertaining to PF/DG/RWaters news and they made an honest mistake and went by what some release date calendar inadvertently. Second, you were too quick to judge them for that and were a bit harsh attacking some of the “fan sites”. The truth is, you were BOTH WRONG. You owe them an apology and they said they were wrong.

    Anyhow, I am looking forward to the DVD. Please, don’t fight with posters and spammers.

    [I’d love to answer back, but we really need to let this rest. Thanks for that, Terrence. A good place to close the discussion once and for all, I think. – Features Editor]

  109. Dan,

    Nicely put sir!

    [That really is the last word. Any further comments on this issue will be deleted from now on. There has been plenty of time for everyone to have their say, one way or another. If people are still missing the point, tough. Thanks for all your opinions. We’ll be back tomorrow, when we will announce the winner of the ‘Arnold Layne’ contest. Good luck to all who entered. – Features Editor]

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