'Remember That Night'


If you suffer from any allergic reactions to sarcasm, particularly if you run a fansite, please stop reading now.

News is reaching us from a good, reliable source (a Mr David Gilmour, you might have heard of him?) that an unconfirmed rumour, again started by one well-known Pink Floyd fansite, is incorrect. Again.

David’s forthcoming live DVD will be called ‘Remember That Night’, but it certainly will not be out on 27 March. 27 May looks more likely at this time (and no, that is not a date for your calendars, it’s merely a reality check to put this silly rumour to bed right now).

We will confirm the release date when we are in a position to do so.

Put simply, the DVD isn’t finished yet and it would be foolishly premature to announce any date of release at this point – which is exactly why we haven’t done so.

We’d like to remind you that if it’s real news you’re after, then David’s official site tends to be a bit more accurate than fansites. We are less interested in blurting out whispered half-truths just to look good than we are in giving you precise, honest information.

You might have to wait for it longer than you’d like, but we’d rather keep you waiting than raise, then dash, the hopes of David’s fans.

We’ll have more precise, honest information for you soon.

Now, can anyone remind me of that "tabloid" remark I made in relation to fansites recently?

Author: FEd

Features Editor of David Gilmour’s official blog, The Blog (‘Features’ previously being its rather naff title), affectionately – or lazily – shortened to ‘FEd’.

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  1. I think my limited edition DVD will keep me happy until May (and beyond if necessary). It’s awesome.

    Thanks for the update.

  2. Fedmeister…

    So that’s you off of a few more Christmas Card lists…

    As if you’re bothered 🙂

  3. I just can’t wait for that dvd

    like so many people I hope it will be out by the end of may. early june would be a great birthday present for my self (june 15th). the footage I saw looked amazing. I was there myself in the Royal Albert Hall. it was a night to remember indeed .

    I hope there be more of those nights soon !


  4. Fed i think this is what you said about the fansites.


    Thanks fed for giving us the real deal.Have a good weekend.

  5. Hey Fed. strange to see you here on saturday, I guess you have to keep all gossip down huh. Well we know where to come to for the truth ( we just ask you ). Hope you have a great weekend.

    I like the title for the upcoming DVD ( Remember That Night) I do, Cant wait to see it. keep us informed on the release date.

    I ordered the Limited eddition LP yesterday i dont have a record player but i mostly got it to put in my album collection, it sure is a nice add to it, i cant believe they still make those.

    Have a great weekend all and hope to see you all in chatroom this upcoming week.


  6. Greetings FEd!

    I think that “Remember That Night” is a perfect title for the upcoming (late May/early June-ish) dvd. All along I’ve been looking forward to the release of the dvd so that I could remember that night and revisit it whenever I have the chance. Looks like I got my wish … and release should be right around my birthday, too!! Anticipation …

    Thanks for the accurate, up-to-date, and always entertaining news FEd. You may be the one and only news source in the world that can make that claim! Speaking of which, I caught a blurb on the state-sanctioned, corporate-owned news that people may be partially to blame for ‘climate changes.’ Golly-gee Mr. Wizard, do ya think?? DUH!!

    I hope you’re enjoying your weekend … kicked back with your feet up, pint in hand, watching your favorite sport. Fair to say it isn’t the Super Bowl, right?!?

    Peace and Love everyone!!
    Washington State

  7. I think you should stop being so rude about fansites. Maybe its the fact that these sites give us the information quicker and in greater depth then official sites ever do, infact official sites often seem to ignore the fans and lazily put the information up a few weeks later, for example the announcement of pink floyds reunion or the setlists for David Gilmour’s recent tour.

    Also this fansite which u mention made it perfectly clear that the informaiton was not solid and beat your website by naming the title of the dvd.

    So please do not be rude about these fansites to which people work very very hard in promoting artists and giving us the real information we need.

    [I think you should get a dictionary and look up the meaning of the word “real”. It’s not “real information” if it’s incorrect and from a nameless source. That’s just idle gossip and idle gossip causes (your) disappointment. Have fun looking for the DVD on 27 March. – Features Editor]

  8. Man you are the worst blog editor in existence, always jerking at the fansites like […] which is one of the best PF sites in the world. I think you are only jealous because such sites have billions more visits than the one you run with your insults and silly sarcasms. Get out and get a social life 🙁

  9. Hey FEd and friends,

    Just me again … had to take a look/listen to the video of David singing his lovingly haunting rendition of ‘Dark Globe’ which, of course, had me reduced to tears.

    I’m sure you’ve covered this before but, due to my brain being a sea of holes, it’s information that has most likely fallen through one of the aforementioned holes. And feel free to chastise me if that’s the case. The question in question is … do you have information on whether there is a possibility that ‘Dark Globe’ will be included on the ‘Remember That Night’ dvd?

    If I’m overstepping my bounds you can tell me to, in the words of a Grammy-nominated singer / songwriter / musician, “please go f*ck myself” and I’ll not mind!

    My best wishes and thanks to you, David and family, Irregulars and everyone else who participates in this site on any level. It’s my favorite place to get away from it all, although, in all honesty, I’d rather be accessing it from a tropical island! Mangoes, papaya and lime, oh my …

    Washington State

    [We’ll tell you more about the DVD soon. – Features Editor]

  10. Hi fed i saw this certain web site u speak of and was suprised u had not announced it first. thats why i never bothered checking with u first as u said if its not on here then its prob not true

    anyway have a good weekend everyone

    by the way it looks like Liverpool had a close SHAVE (Gillette). it looks a good deal but i think the saudi one would have been better. at least it looks like you will be keeping Rick Parry. personally and i dont know wat u think he loves Liverpool and has been good for u lot, just an opinion i could be wrong,,,but im not of course

  11. You know what I immediately thought when I read the news on the other site? I thought, “Can’t be true, we would have heard on the DG site!”

    I do stop in there to check up on rumours/news of the other members and I noticed exactly what you said, they do like to blurt things out to get the scoop. While you can’t blame them for being excited, it’d be nice if they were a bit more acurate.

    Hey, we all know where to go for our official DG info! Thanks for addressing this FEd, and enjoy the rest of the weekend.

  12. Good on you Fed. I would wait til the end of time for the CD. David is a perfectionist and when he is ready, we’ll get the info when you announce it.

    Have a great weekend.Should be a good Super Bowl. “Duh Bears”.

  13. Accurate information is very much appreciated but I am constantly mystified by the repetitive sniping at fan sites.

    So what if they contain rumours and suchlike? That is what the web is about. I’m sure the world would be a sunnier place if people just accepted that people will write what they like on the web.

    [Perhaps, but it would be an even sunnier place if people got their facts straight before making incorrect announcements to fans, many of whom assume that what they’ve read is true, and then complain noisily to us when we have to put a swift dampener on things. – Features Editor]

  14. Dear David Gilmour Blog,

    I am getting sick and tired of the tone and nature of your response to pink floyd fansites in general. Especially when it concern release dates of albums and DVD’s.

    The thing is, fans are looking forward to a release. You people can do 2 things: Either you inform people better towards rumours that initially were spread by music dvd release sites, rather than by (or at least taken over by) fan sites. Or, simply close this blog. The general davidgilmour.com site is enough for me and I simply quit reading this silly site!

    Oh, please show some self reflection and keep this response on your blog.


    [Remon, I’m happy to publish your post. We know that fans are looking forward to a release date, but we would rather give you a date that can be met instead of one which is impossible and only serves to raise your hopes pointlessly. – Features Editor]

  15. I am a believer in saying something about someone to their face, especially if stated elsewhere. Therefore I am going to say this to you just as I said on one of the “dreaded fan sites” that just so happen to help keep David and Pink Floyd current and is the kind of free advertising and promotion other artists could only wish to have.

    Your vitriolic statements and continued barbs to those who do nothing but love the band and David Gilmour and who pour their time and money into giving other fans a place to go and talk about them, is completely out of line.

    Why you continue to go after them is beyond me and quite frankly very rude and off putting.

    Why not simply say there are rumours floating around about a 27th March release of the DVD and that they aren’t true and leave it at that? Why do you always have to resort to the attack, especially when you respond so harshly and negatively to those who attack you?

    If you dish it out, you can’t be surprised when it comes back to you threefold and you certainly can’t complain about a bed that you yourself have made.

    I think it’s cool you deal with David and his management and that you get to talk about and run a site for the greatest guitarist alive, but that is all you do. You run a website and moderate a blog. Hardly anything that should make you feel superior.

    Release some music that wins awards and that go platinum, or become a self made millionaire in a business you started with nothing or cure a deadly disease…something that at least allows and may even excuse a certain amount of arrogance from you.

    I’m afraid editing a blog, no matter who for, entitles you to act the way you do.

    With respect.

    [I think you meant to say that “editing a blog, no matter who for, DOES NOT entitle you to act the way you do”, but I’ll take your point – if only because the first line gave me such a laugh. (That was meant to be a joke, right?) For the record – and this is for you, Michael – editing your posts does not mean re-phrasing anything. It merely means deleting whatever breaches our rules, breaking large chunks of text into smaller parts and correcting the more obvious spelling mistakes. This is done to spare your embarrassment and to encourage people to read what you have to say, not to keep the blog one-sided. As has been noted many times, there is plenty of criticism here. Evidently, it’s not clear enough to those who only choose to see what they want to see. – Features Editor]

  16. Part of me understands why this is so frustrating.

    Part of me wonders what is the purpose of getting your panties in a twist.

    Geez, these fansites are going to talk no matter what. Personally, I don’t visit any of them and always prefer to go to the performer or band’s site. In fact, many of those fan sites just annoy the hell out of me. Get a life already and create your own original site and stop profiting from someone elses talent.

    FEd, don’t get me wrong, I can truly appreciate why an entry like this exists. And believe me, I can wait for the real news as opposed to some speculation.

    So what is the truth to that Floyd reunion…ha, ha, ha…I’m joking here…



  17. Well said and about time.

    Now if only the people who are attacking you for daring to criticise the sites that start these rumours could admit the real reason for their anger: believing a false date and setting their hearts on it being true.

    I’m sure that theirs isn’t the only mailbox getting enquiries every day about this title, Features Editor. You’ve probably been getting many more since this rumour first surfaced. You stopped it in the fastest way I can see how, and for this you should be thanked, not attacked.

  18. It really isn’t worth getting stressed out about. Us long-term Floyd fans are used to incorrect information regarding release dates and, more often than not, these dates are published by the ‘official’ channels of communication! At least we now know the name of the new DVD…..just don’t offer a limited edition one disc version of Remember That Night for sale via the DG site…..it’ll only end in tears 🙂

  19. Hi Ho All,

    Bugger … always on the hunt for a good waft of sarcasm (dark or otherwise) … “If you suffer from any allergic reactions to sarcasm, particularly if you run a fansite, please stop reading now.” … and I missed it.

    I must be getting immune. Now I wonder what it could have been that numbed me to such things?

    Never fear. Always the optimist and hopeful of something better next time.

    Rock On

  20. I’m just wondering if the ‘reliable source’ was the forum of another fansite. I much prefer unimpeachable sources anyway 🙂

  21. Great to hear about the DVD FEd!

    I have no problem patiently waiting for it, whether it be out in may, june, whenever, its just great to know that i can see footage from a concert I really wanted to see!

    Great Name

    Have a good weekend =)

  22. Sorry, didn’t want to say this, but your opinions about fansites are not so friendly. I don’t want to say aloud some names of other people related to Floyd 🙂 but their site updates are not doing well.Fansites do their job perfectly…

  23. Poor old F’ed,

    You seem to be taking a bit of flak from the gossip-mongers there. Chin-up and stick to your guns mate. Don’t worry they’re only jealous.

    All together now,

    “It’s a long way to Tipperary ….”

  24. Dear Fed,

    thanks bunches for the update, although we can hardly wait for the release for the RAH DVD, as it would bring back the fab moments of the most impressive gig we ever attended since the last Floyd tour over a decade ago. Please keep us posted.

    A great WE to you and all Bloggies


  25. Hi FEd,

    Please consider that the better fansites (and it’s not hard to tell which ones are which) more often than not do a far better job of keeping the flame alive than the artist-in-question’s official website, which is usually a half-hearted indifferent effort in standard record company promotional format with very little information of substance and updated infrequently at best.

    David’s site is a very fine exception, but for most artists the fans’ only alternative is to visit the fansites. In David’s case one or two have proved their very good worth over the years, notwithstanding the odd premature (if well-intentioned) announcement, and prior to the inception of this site, won our loyalty by dint of hard work and dedication.

    Remember FEd, it’s not a contest. There’s room for everybody.

    Meanwhile I’m happy to wait till the end of the world if necessary for David’s DVD. After all, we waited 12 years to hear the new album, so a few more months for the DVD won’t hurt. “Remember That Night” is fine title, for I often sit back and remember those very nights at the RAH.

    And has the tremendous response to this latest phase of David’s career inspired him to get back into the studio and start tinkering again, as he was threatening to some time back? I reckon the venerable bloke could milk a bit more mileage out of the old career yet if he wants to.

  26. Wow..what a difference a day makes..from Smile to this.I’ve just visited the site I believed might be responsible and they have humbly posted a correction.

  27. I can’t think of a more perfect title for the DVD. Needless to say, I’m looking forward to it. But I’m also glad that it is being produced by such a perfectionist and that it won’t be released until it’s ready.

    So I agree, don’t give us any more clues as to when it’ll be released until David approves the final version and it goes to manufacture. Until then I’m even going to ignore the date you’ve listed as being more realistic.

  28. Really looking forward to the DVD. Are you sure we can trust this David Gilmour man AKA deepthroat Fed? We MUST be well informed before unleashing gilmourgate.

  29. Oh fun, here we go again.

    I had this huge long passionate post about this topic, getting all soapboxy and such and voicing my support for this site and how it’s being run and the guy in charge. Then I wrote a shorter one. Then I wrote this. 🙂

    FEd, you’ve got my vote and my support. I prefer this site for the reasons you stated earlier and choose not to patronize those other sites for the very things they seem to think are their assets. It’s as simple as that.

    Funny how the world is sometimes.


  30. What I think is so rediculous is that you run this blog site, as you say for the benefit of giving people the ‘genuine’ information, however you are so incedibly rude and ignorant to anyone who comments against you.

    As someone representing a recording artist by running an official site, you should therefore reply to peoples posts in a respectful manner, rather then making them feel like an idiot.

    Maybe people belive what these fansites say, as they talk to people in a respectful way and do more for the artist then the official sites ever do.

    Your reply to my post was incredibly rude and if your so close to David Gilmour as you state, then i dont think he’l be too happy at you for upsetting his fans.

    [I wouldn’t have thought that the bootlegging, the profiteering, the concert photography, the demanding tone or the warped sense of self-entitlement is too pleasing, either. – Features Editor]

  31. hi FED

    everyone here talk about the real-not real date of this dvd. I think it’s really not so important. I watched the mini dvd and the TAKE A BREAK track, and i was very very desapointed, like i already said in a previous post. So much smoke, and strobes, and changements of cameras, impossible to understand what happens on the scene, the camera work and all the lights are very bad, PULSE dvd was the exemple to follow …… impossible to see this track without having fastly a headache … Can you give me ur opinion about this, or send this meesage to David before he would do the total dvd like this track :(((

  32. im not too shocked about the release date being false to be honest, we always seem to end up waiting absolutely ages for these things.

    There better be alot of good special features on this thing!!

    Fed, still no word on how much footage from each night will be shown?


    [I’m afraid not. The DVD is still being worked on, so we really couldn’t say. However, we will have some other details for you shortly. – Features Editor]

  33. It’s been a long time since I’ve been to the site and I am pleased to see that we may have the DVD before summer.

    As far as the fansites, while I agree that it is nice to be able to come to a truly authentic source of information, there was a pretty lengthy amount of time, like a decade or so, where new information about David Gilmour and Pink Floyd was pretty scarce and the only place you could find it at all were such fansites.

    I am sure a lot of them work hard to help convey information they feel David Gilmour and Pink Floyd fans will find useful.

    I’d rather know there was a rumor that a DVD was going to be out March 27 and have it be false than not have known it was a rumor in the first place.

    Now if the editors of the site are somehow found to be responsible for making up such false information, that’s a different story.

    I’ll also say that I somewhat disagree with your attitude about fansites in general.

    In fact, I think you should have a page on your davidgilmour.com site that offers links to such fansites as long as there’d be a very visible disclaimer that the sites are not related to davidgilmour.com in any way nor can any information be guaranteed to be accurate.

    From what I can tell, this site is hosted on a server at EMI Music and registered to David Gilmour Music Limited, and I am sure therefore their primary objective with financing this site, and possibly your position (I have no idea if your efforts are compensated or not – they should be), is selling David’s music.

    So why would you want to shun sites that celebrate and draw awareness to David and his music? I would think these sites and individuals involved with them would be celebrated instead.

    Sorry to share an opinion that is contrary to your point of view, as I am a big fan of the work and energy and dedication you’ve put into this site.

  34. May 27th is 6 days after my birthday, so if the DVD does come out then that’s fine with me…

    If it comes out after, big deal. I have other more important things on my mind like raising my half-deaf selectively mute daughter, staying on top of my bills, keeping a job in the social service sector at a time when funding is drying up, the IPCC report on global climate change, the idiots and minions driving my country into a cesspit, the 103 fever and miserably endless headache I have from a throat infection…

    None of this rumor crap really matters in the grand scheme of things, so get your priorities straight. Ask the relatives of the 135 people who lost their lives in Baghdad today how they feel about seeing Roger and David fornicate to music from a generation ago while earning hundreds of millions of dollars from soiled-pantie hussies like you…

  35. FE’d….once again with the pointy stick. Don’t let the rumour hounds bug you. Just let it roll off your back. There will always be rumours and people who will listen. Ignore the whiners, they must need to complain. I know it gets very old and tired. But your irregulars know to check here for the real scoop.

    I am happy to wait as long as it takes. The later it comes out, the longer it will be that I have something wonderful to look forward to. I don’t want all this good stuff to end too fast. I can keep enjoying the great music of OAI.

    Plus I just received the Sam Brown ‘April Moon’, so I am catching up on a bit more of the Gilmour legacy.

    Best to you all for the weekend,

  36. Greetings FEd,

    Thanks for setting the date and news straight. I think we can all appreciate that – fansite or not.

    My only question is – Why bother to deal with the fansites anyway? They exist for the same reason tabloids exist. People read them, and always will so long as there are rumors and anticipated events (i.e. a pink floyd reuninon).

    I may not know your situation (maybe David has you on a blog moderation leash of some sort), however, I’m almost prone to say – relax and have a good weekend.

    Negativity of any kind, just continues to promote more of it. Infact, you probably got more people curious about fansites than before.

    Bottom line, thanks for keeping us informed of the real information and to hell with those fake pinkfloyd.com’s. Leave them be, you’re a damn good editior of an OFFICIAL DAVID GILMOUR blog – I’d kill for a job like that!

    Have an excellent weekend!

  37. I’ve stopped using fans sites

    who’d a thought that the worst aspect of anything pink floyd would be some of the fans

    I’m sure your comments will cause a storm on some boards

    well done


  38. Stroppy

    …Ooops… …sorry… did I post this comment in the wrong place? 😉

  39. Repy to James Thomas at February 3, 2007 05:19 PM:

    [I think you should stop being so rude about fansites.]

    What? It’s not rude to avariciously spread speculative rumours and falsities about an artist??….. which then have to be repeatedly mopped up after by that artist & co?

    [Maybe it’s the fact that these sites give us the information quicker and in greater depth then official sites ever do….]

    Maybe it’s the fact that, depending on how much the artist is RESPECTED, thoughtful fans would rather wait to get the information straight from the horse’s mouth, instead of, again, avariciously lunging at the first tidbit of gossip.

    And “greater in-depth” information? Depends on what the information is to qualify as “in-depth”; I wouldn not call official release dates so “in-depth”.

    [Also this fansite which u mention made it perfectly clear that the information was not solid and beat your website by naming the title of the dvd.]

    Ummmm…are we thinking of the same fansite?? This fansite I’M thinking of –a widely known one- declared in quite the firm tone in its HEADER sentence quite a detailed statement of release date and DVD content description the day before it surrendered its embarrassing, half-baked-finger-pointing apology for it.

    I find that to be less professional practice (mind you, an ongoing one) than the artist’s blog entry or two here ensuing frustration in response to such persistent behavior. … And who’s choosing to play a silly dog race at the expense of the artist’s & co.’s reputation, by the way? What an utterly childish remark you make here! I’ll wait patiently for the REAL deal, thank you!

    [So please do not be rude about these fansites to which people work very very hard in promoting artists and giving us the real information we need. ]

    Ummmm….”real”??? ….”promoting”??? Get some honesty, please. (Hint: You could find plenty of it right here at DG dot com.)

  40. Reply to Dimip at February 3, 2007 05:22 PM:

    [Man you are the worst blog editor in existence, always jerking at the fansites like […] which is one of the best PF sites in the world.]

    –Funny…apparently just not one of the best DG sites in the world –(to say the least).

    …By the way, I get tired of fansites which always jerk around the person of the artist –jerking him/her right out of his/her realm of fact straight down into the mire of the speculations and falsities of gossip. That’s why I don’t rely upon nor respect many of them.

    [I think you are only jealous because such sites have billions more visits than the one you run with your insults and silly sarcasms. Get out and get a social life 🙁 ]

    Strange…yet another unthinking, childish remark. I find a blog interesting due to its quality and integrity through the information it presents and how it does so; not because of its quantity of visitors. I think thoughtful readers would agree. …So much for your quantity over quality –and so much for your brand of allergic pills to deal with the wit, because they’re not selling me, either.

  41. My Dear FED,

    I just couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw the news , and the fact that you are even here on a Saturday night !!

    After missing the RAH shows , but finally catching the Venice shows I love the fact the DVD will be titled ‘Remember That Night” as I will never,ever forget the two nights in Venice that I was able to catch.

    It’s kind of funny that here I am, away from home, my father is town, but he couldn’t get a hotel room anywhere near Fort Lauderdale/Miami as that the Super Bowl has incited a mass migration of humanity here in S. Florida.

    So here I am, 60 + miles to the north in a hotel, when I decided to come down to the hotels only computer ( forgot to bring my laptop.) and check my e-mail and of course my favourite site in the whole wide world only to discover the news about the DVD. FANTASTIC !!!!!! I guess I will have to wait for May to roll around.

    Anyway,A BIG, BIG HELLO and HUGS and KISSES to all of you lovely regulars. Hope you are well, FED. I’ll be looking forward to chatting with some of you sometime this coming week. Best of wishes to all. Take care of yourself, FED. Can hardly wait for the DVD !!!!

    Peace and Love !!

    Cazart !

  42. Who are those Dimip and Remon?…………………………………………………..

    Sylvie de montréal

    P.S. i don t know anything about football, but i am so proud of Cirque du Soleil who began with nothing in Montréal and now they are international, so please check this opening of the Superbowl… and have a great sunday everybody!!!

  43. Reply to SteveB at February 3, 2007 06:59 PM:

    [Accurate information is very much appreciated but I am constantly mystified by the repetitive sniping at fan sites. So what if they contain rumours and suchlike? That is what the web is about.]

    No, what is “constant” is the lust for speculation and gossip and ensuing falsities about the artist & his/her business; NOT the few published responses here by DG & Co.

    What I could easily gather from your declaration here is that you are a type of reader who desires to go to the internet for rumours and suchlike over and above desiring facts. You say that is what the web is about. But I say that I myself would not be resorting to DG’s site if it was anything BUT facts.

    I personally look to the information highway as an in-depth, comprehensive encyclopedic reference of endless sorts; not as “The Inquirer” or the “The Star”. I do NOT think “rumours and suchlike” is “what the web is all about”.

    [I’m sure the world would be a sunnier place if people just accepted that people will write what they like on the web.]

    Steve, do you own a business? How about I launch a website which spreads world-wide the lust for rumours, gossip and ensuing falsities about it for you to cheerily wipe up after until your dying day? Let’s see how cheery and sunny YOUR world would be after just one year’s time?

    I hear from out one side of your mouth some idealistic brand of humanistic “tolerance” without the expense of just practicing plain and simple empathetic respect for another human individual (who in this case is an artist). I don’t find indifference to the lust for gossip and speculation to be anything commendable or due any credit. I don’t call that the virtue of tolerance, either. Indifference is not tolerance.

    I would find such a world of indifference to be bland and grey; not bright burning and sunny.

  44. Reply to Remon at February 3, 2007 07:04 PM:

    [You people can do 2 things: Either you inform people better towards rumours that initially were spread by music dvd release sites, rather than by (or at least taken over by) fan sites. Or, simply close this blog.]

    Huh, I didn’t realize DG & Co. was bought out by the Global Sanitation Service, nor by the World-Wide Diaper Recycling Association?

    [Damn, you’re good. Do you want to swap jobs? – Features Editor]

  45. well Im just wondering why anyone who does not like our “silly site” or whatever would even visit? I dont understand because i dont care for all that sex stuff on the internet either but i dont go to their sites and talk crap about them. as a matter of fact i dont go to them at all, im sure you all can see my point!

    Anyway i still love this site an the blog, and hey your not going to get anything until it comes out anyway so how much in advance do you really need, the day before is cool with me.

    FED. just dont let other people and what they say upset you so much. theres always going to be someone who thinks they know more than you do no matter where you go and what you do and that little thing called freedom of speech well its a pain sometimes but everyone is entitled to their own opinion and have the right to say so but just ignore them they dont know any better.

    Have a great Sunday

  46. Reply to IMcK at February 3, 2007 08:34 PM:

    [It really isn’t worth getting stressed out about.]

    Oh, I don’t know…..I observe that the intensity of energy expressed by fans/unofficial fansites in terms of their avariciousness, the anxiety of anticipation, noisy speculations and rumours –even outright hostile demands/remarks– FAR outweighs the intensity (AND frequency) of “stressed out” energy that has EVER been publicly expressed here by DG & Co. against such said “stressors”.

    So I don’t see where such “intense” fans/fansites have grounds to judge just who is getting stressed over what, much less by how much one (i.e. –the Artist’s Features Editor) ‘should’ be allowed it???

  47. Wow ! David ! “Remember that night”, what a good choice for the title of your DVD ! (imho), a so nice and subtle connexion between the night(s) in London and the first lyrics of “On An Island”, great !

    [Now, can anyone remind me of that “tabloid” remark I made in relation to fansites recently? – Fed]

    Ahah ! Bravo ! mais Fed “n’a pas vraiment le triomphe modeste” !

    How could I translate that expression in English ? no idea,… Lorraine, Ronny, Sylvie, Ikkar, Jorge, Fed …? Help !


  48. Thanks for the information FED, I can’t wait to buy the DVD, and I am sure that the waiting will be awarded, no doubt about it.

    Really I am used to read the fansites but I Know that the only sure news are given from the FED.

    Good weekend FANS and I hope for the Reds another win (the championship in Italy is stopped may be for a long time for the hooligans).

    Ciao FED and Bloggers


    [Sadly, the points were shared this weekend. – Features Editor]

  49. Hey Fed, I used to here that PULSE was going to be release at certain date or that David was going to tour here. But with the news or the blog who needs rumors. So if these people feel that they know everything, Maybe They should check out Davids Web site first. I’ll bet that even now after you’ve have posted this. They will still ask you about this stupid rumor that has been posted. The life of a Editor.

    Take Care and I hope your team wins.


    PS. Go Bears

  50. Please don’t knock the fansites for giving us only partially correct information on this occasion – at least they published the DVD title befor you did! The best of these sites are, on the whole, hugely informative and responsible in terms of the information they publish.

    The key issue here is the complete lack of information forthcoming from the official site(s)!

    And speaking of duff information, didn’t you tell us last year that the DVD would be out by Chrismas? Although maybe you didn’t specify which Chrismas…

    So what’s your response to the new rumour of Floyd reuniting for the ‘World Peace’ shows later this year…

    Its time this Blog got real and stopped wasting fans’ time with pointless acronym competitions – Smile!

  51. Dearest FEd,

    I’m Diana from Rome,ex-journalist and now manager in a press and open sources office,so i’m able to give all my “technical” appreciation for the management of “our” blog.

    You are clever,professional,and very sincere and honest.I’ve never read here lies or gossip, but the precious rarities in the blog are in the information and the news you spread so close and objective about unknown facts in the past or at these time.

    I lived and worked in London since I was seventeen (1972)…so..how many things are different today!I think that the impatience of the fans is because of love…PF and DG people (you know there is not a great difference)are looking forward something about David Gilmour and about Pink Floyd and the secret hope for a reunion even for just one performance is very bright.

    Your vivid professionalism and style are perfect..go on please and go on as you are ..the Wizard of the rock blogs!

    Thank you

  52. I know I’m really new to this blog.

    But I have to agree with any old-timers that this is horse shit for the most part.

    it’s redundant, gawd, I said it. It’s not unpleasant to listen to, but it’s predictable and therefore boring. I mean that in the kindest sense..I know, I’m sounding rude, but then U want feed back, right?

  53. AFAIK, there was NO year mentioned in the release date, it just said march, 27.

    I didn’t expect it to be 2007… And who seriously did?

    I’m patient. I’m young.


  54. F’Ed, please don’t let this fansite thing escalate into a Waters vs. Gilmour type of affair.

    The fansite in question has never had anything other than good to say of dg.com. Why can’t you see the good they are also doing.

    Your remarks have been unnecessarily harsh and it would be nice to see in your blog header comments some words of thanks for their unrewarded efforts.

  55. Please don´t be so hard with unofficial fansites. I´m sure their operators are big fans, only want the best and do a lot of good work. They bring so many new fans to and old fans back to the artist. OK they publish sometimes rumours, its all they have because they don´t have your connections. I´m convinced the fans have learned to handle with all these rumours.

    It´s fantastic to have an official website of David Gilmour now, all the wrong rumours will be rectified. But I can´t forget many years there was nothing official and I was really happy to find something unofficial. Did you Fed never read such fansites ?

    Have a wonderful weekend !


  56. Fed you were quite harsh, the site in question its very valuable to any floyd fan, they made it clear that it was unconfirmed information…

    anyway i waited for news on this site, which is more accurate of course…still they gave the name “remember that night”, and they were right, not bad at all…

    this site its great, and the best one concerning david gilmour, but there are more.

  57. FED, what do U think about a special part of the Website where it would be possible to put the photo of the bloggers? For example, I would like to know the face of Adriano or Rudders or to see Michèle, it is only an idea…..

    Ciao ciao!

    [It’s being considered, Claudio. – Features Editor]

  58. Some people seem to be obsessed with getting the news “first,” from the source that got the “scoop.” A few factual inaccuracies don’t seem to bother such people.

    It amazes me that James Thomas calls incorrect information “real” because it happens to be the information he gets first. For me, “real” equals “true.” Information is useless unless it is factual. In fact, inaccuracy is worse than useless: it is potentially very harmful. For a dramatic but very visible example of what happens when we accept convenient inaccuracies in place of the truth, one need look no farther than Bush’s crazy war in Iraq.

    If you care to get your information from an unreliable source rather than one that takes the time to make sure its facts are right, then go ahead and do so. Just don’t come here on March 27, crying because your record store is not yet stocking “Remember That Night.” I’ll be enjoying my time doing whatever it is I care to do that day, while you keep chasing a release that will not yet exist.

    I applaud this official site for its efforts to ensure accuracy in the information that it gives. It shows a genuine concern for the fans. Thank you for setting the record straight.

  59. Geez, I can’t believe how many buggers are defending these fansites. And I can’t understand why either.

    Personally, I agree with the tone you set.

    But it looks like we need to get a new entry started so that we can stop all the crap from flying around.



  60. Well hopefully the unofficial site will become the official site, as has happend many times before, due to people getting fed up with the arrogant tone at which the official sites present information to us.

    I used to be impressed with this blog, but now i see it as a silly place for one person to air their views and ignore/put down the views of other people.

    On the other hand its provokes a reaction and lets people get their opinion across and in that you’ve done a good job. Just maybe a less ignorant tone towards other visitors would be nice.

  61. I absolutely love the DVD title — a fitting tribute to a night I’ll never forget.

    I have to say, I enjoy fansites as much as anyone, but…we are so lucky to have this blog, the website, and FEd who works very hard to deliver the best information possible. I’d much rather have complete information than early information.

    I can list for you any number of official websites and fan communities where one has to pay membership fees, only to get incomplete or contradictory information. And, there are a number of free official sites with no FEd at the helm, which have virtually no information (pun intended).

    At the moment, I’m scrutinizing a photo of the back of a T-shirt, trying to make travel plans to a concert that, so far, has only been announced on said T-shirt… No doubt, many of you are too. This is what you’re left with when there’s no FEd in charge of getting the word out.

    We’re so lucky that David and Polly have made the investment in this site, and I hope they and FEd know how truly grateful I am for everything they do.

    [Thank you, Lynn. I appreciate that. – Features Editor]

  62. [Bottom line, thanks for keeping us informed of the real information and to hell with those fake pinkfloyd.com’s.]

    The fact that the official Pink Floyd website is so crap is the main reason why there are still so many unofficial Pink Floyd fansites on the Web.

    Okay, some of these are even worse than the official site, but one or two are very good and the only place where Floyd fans have been able to get any information relating to the band for quite some time now.

    Without these sites, many of us might have lost interest in Pink Floyd.

  63. After the old ” David should do this !, David should do that! “, now it’s ” Fed should do this !, Fed should do that ! ”

    I will add mine: ” David, Fed, please, keep doing what you want ! ”


  64. What a fine mess this has turned out to be. All I know is this, we will still be blogging in May and perhaps longer. Thank You.

    Fed, keep up the good fight and to heck with the negativity. Such is life on both sides of the fence. Your balancing act is okay by me.

  65. In my opinion people should be perfectly capable of judging the value of information. If they are not capable of that then writing anything is useless anyway.

    I think you as editor of this official site should stand above making these remarks on fansites. And this is of course just my personal opinion.

    There are a few dedicated people trying to filter out as many info as possible about their favourite artists and they are honest in their efforts (often a difficult job, getting anything definitive on Floyd/David related news).

    Your general remarks on fansites may be offensive to the well meaning and I regret that.

    Of course I do agree that there are a few ‘tabloid format’ sites that help nobody, but neither will your remarks make them go away. All it does effectively do is possibly insult the ones that mean well. The rest could care less I’m afraid.


  66. [Well hopefully the unofficial site will become the official site, as has happend many times before, due to people getting fed up with the arrogant tone at which the official sites present information to us. – Posted by: James Thomas at February 4, 2007 05:14 PM]

    I’m sorry… was this a joke? Because I laughed /so/ hard.

    LG, you’re my heroine. 🙂

    And I second (or third or four-hundred?) the ‘Stay the course, FEd!’ clamoring currently going on (and ironically, I’m not quoting that yutz in office, but rather some of the NPC Blood Elves in World of Warcraft – those folks at Blizzard are amusing when they sneak in the pop culture references…)

    So. Instead of endless defense of the indefensible and endless attacks on someone doing his job… who’s done some real good today? Who’s gone out and helped the poor? Who’s helped feed the hungry? Who’s gone out and done their part to ease global warming? Who’s taught someone to read today? Who’s done something to protest war in general? Who’s saved a life through donating blood or plasma?

    *sound of crickets from fansites’ most vitriolic defenders*


    That ‘scoop’ isn’t /quite/ that ZOMG important anymore… now is it?

    These aren’t the droids you’re looking for. Move along.


  67. Dear Fed,

    I haven’t written in a while now. Yet I do still check the blog occasionally for news updates and stuff.

    I felt compelled to write today because of your comment about rumours in fansites.

    Firstly, let me say that the work that you do is very much appreciated. Really.

    However, it seems to me that sometimes when referring to fansites you can get quite antagonistic and almost poisonous.

    I understand that there are poor and unreliable fansites. It would be wrong, however, in my view to label them all under the same banner.

    Some of them do quite a good job. Most importantly, I believe these people who run these sites do it out of love (and obsession, perhaps) and not out negative intentions.

    Anyway, I don’t want to go on. I see that a lot of people have said a lot on the subject.

    Basically, I just wanted to say that since this site’s inception I’ve been a regular (although I haven’t always taken part in the Blog), and I admire the great work that you do. But with respect of the way that sometimes you refer to fansites, I belive you have been offensive to people that haven’t meant any harm. I believe that you could (and ought to) have been more diplomatic.

    I also see in these posts that some people have also been unnecessarily antagonistic towards you and that is not my intention. But I would be disappointed if you don’t believe there is something worth reflecting upon.

    Anyway, it’s nice to post after so long. Thanks Fed!!!

  68. And yes, before anyone asks, I did give blood today. Super Bowl Sunday traditionally has more drunk driving accidents and fatalities than any other time of the year around here, including New Year’s – because there is much less of a focus on police presence than New Year’s.

    Just in case anyone was wondering if I was talking the talk without walking the walk.

    Carry on.

    Sorry for the off-topic spam, FEd.


  69. Dear Blog editor et al

    That was uncalled for. Perhaps a confirmation that the release date speculated was not correct would have been sufficient. There was no need to rant against this good site which has supplied me as well as many, many fans with Pink Floyd related news and much help over the years.

    The article on […] made a very strong point in saying that the information contained in it was by no means confirmed in any way. It merely stated a rumoured release date to quell the huge demand of news for the product in question (which was not being given at this site).

    […] does a very good job of running the site, and supporting Pink Floyd related matters which keeps you in a job. This is very much worth remembering. He has built respect in the Pink Floyd community over a number of years, and from what I can see here, moreso than the blog editor at this website.

    I will be purchasing the dvd you’ll be pleased to know. And the information I will be getting on it will be from a real Pink Floyd news site which doesn’t bite people’s heads off. Sure, say the information is wrong when it is, but also show some much earned respect for a very deserving webmaster of the Pink Floyd fans community.

    I doubt this will appear online, but still. I hope that you have read and will take some of the points on board.

    [When we have a date, we will announce it. In the meantime, it helps no one to speak of incorrect dates. I don’t care if it’s a rumoured date from a nameless source which may turn out to be nothing but rubbish, followed by an apology. It still raises hopes. Respect is something you earn. Never mind respect for the people spreading these rumours (again), we’d like it if some respect were shown for David, the people who are working on this DVD and the many fans who are keen to see it. Rumours create an incredible amount of unnecessary work. If I wish to spend my weekend trying to ensure that a rumour is stopped immediately (for the good of the fans, first and foremost, don’t forget), then I will do so however I see fit. This is not the first time this has happened and it probably won’t be the last. If you are content with speculation, that’s fine. I’d just remind you of the rollercoaster ride that was waiting for the release of the ‘P.U.L.S.E’ DVD and wonder how much you enjoyed the repeated delays. We do not want that happening with this DVD and the truth is, it would not happen if those who run fansites cared enough to get their facts straight first. – Features Editor]

  70. Reply to LG at February 4, 2007 05:01 AM:

    [–Funny…apparently just not one of the best DG sites in the world –(to say the least). ]

    As you don’t even know which site I’m about because a really fair person censored it, I think you can’t really know about it.

    [I find a blog interesting due to its quality and integrity through the information]

    But apparently not throught the quality and integrity of its editor’s communication… do you guys have forgotten that FANsites are made for and by FANS, on their free time and money ? Or is it ok with Mr Gilmour to just being rude with fans who love him ?

    Before talking about the quality of what is in their blog, some people should, to say the least, learn some respect.

    [The names of all fansites have been censored for many months, as too many webmasters were shamelessly using the blog simply to promote themselves (and now, funnily enough, take every opportunity to attack us), so please find some other way of boring us all with your tedious ‘conspiracy theory’ nonsense. Better still, just go away. You’ve said what you wanted to say and we’ve all heard it. Nobody really needs to hear it again. – Features Editor]

  71. I have a question. […]

    Thanks for posting my responses, being a little harsh toward you and after our falling out over the Roger Waters trashing (boy band antics) that you allowed, I have to say I was pleasantly surprised.

    PS: I truly do love David and Pink Floyd as do all the fans here and on the fan sites. I think a lot of the time it is frustration talking when some fans get a little harsh or overbearing. Let’s face it, we would all love to see Pink Floyd again and David and Rick touring and Roger and Nick touring, tells us they have it within them and could do it. Who can blame anyone for wanting it?

    As for the false rumours of the DVD. Again with no Pink Floyd, we are hungry for anything we get from the boys. If some get a little overly excited, so be it. Besides, from a marketing standpoint isn’t it better we’re excited? I mean, the rumour could have come out to a collective yawn. 🙂

    Shine on and as always, give my regards to the man who bends them like no other. I look forward to reliving the show I was lucky enough to see in Venice, again and again.

    [If David wanted to answer questions, such as the one you sent in recently about Roger Waters (again) – which is the reason why all your posts are now automatically treated as junk – then I’m sure he would do so. I hope you can respect that the issues raised in your deleted question (namely that bootlegging is behind all this hoo-hah) are not relevant here. – Features Editor]

  72. My Dear FEd,

    WOW, did you put on your deflector shield today?

    Do they really think you should not be allowed to have an opinion? Let alone voice it.

    (Tact is for those incapable of sarcasm)

    Fansites shmansites, they could at least try to verify information before publishing it. Half accuracies are still half wrong.

    Keep doing what you’re doing FEd. You are truly appreciated for all your efforts.

    O’s & X’s from me to your for all you do.


  73. I agree with Carlos. Nobody’s perfect, not even davidgilmour.com and company. We’re VERY used to bogus ETAs of DVDs, etc. from both unofficial AND official sources. And those fansites being belittled (you know their names) have made considerable contributions to Pink Floyd/David Gilmour fans, as well as to the members of Pink Floyd by way of free publicity.

  74. aaaah leave FEd alone!! he’s doing the best he can with what he has to work with, he’s entitled to voice his opinion about other sites. just know that if you need accurate info to come here. i come here before anywhere else.

  75. Are these people taking the Mickey??? This is all getting very juvenile… The “fan” tabloid sites got it wrong, again… These sites got the DVD’s name and jumped the gun in an attempt to beat the official site…

    The Features Editor is doing us all a favour by knocking this rumour on the head… I think doing so shows a great deal of consideration for David’s audience…

    Defending the “tabloid” sites only serves to reinforce any doubts about the credibility and motives of these unofficial sources… I whole heartedly agree with what Hysteron-Proteron. said the other day about these “fan” sites…

    It’s Fed’s job to report all the official information that David would like to inform his audience about… And the message is loud and clear: No official date has been set for the release of the DVD at this time… This site is the direct conduit for official information… Simple as that…

  76. Vous en prenez plein la gueule aujourd hui, n est-ce pas f.é.?

    I think the only way to do is to do it as you did it so far. You can t please to everybody, don t ever forget that. You please to David, i am sure, you please to irregulars, i am sure, so continue to follow the way you had already taken, for sure this is the good way, f.é. i am sure you don t doubt it, do you?

    Tous les efforts que vous avez mis dans ce blog sont considérables et plus que louangeables, je ne peux que vous félicitez and keep going on. I am not the only one who appreciate your work, my best regards,

    sylvie de montréal

  77. Dry your eyes!! if you dont like it dont visit!!!

    Thanks for the info Fed. I’m in your gang.

  78. My husband and I are very happy to hear that David Gilmour is coming up with a new DVD. “Remember That Night” – how nostalgic! We will be waiting for the update when the proper time comes along. While we are waiting, we will continue listening, watching and enjoying all those beautiful productions that David had done in the past – we will never get bored by them.

    I don’t visit other fan sites, as a matter of fact; I am amazed to find myself to be engaged in one such as DavidGilmour.com for as long as over three months. I found this site very informative and also, it is very professionally operated. Getting the news first hand is really not important to us; rather, to be given reliable information is much preferable to us instead.

    I enjoy reading the Blog more than writing to the Blog (though I tried). I think FEd’s done an amazing job of keeping the Blog as interesting and informative as it has been, not to mention many times he’s working past mid-night and sometimes on the weekends.

    Thank you FEd, and keep up the good work.

  79. “Its time this Blog got real and stopped wasting fans’ time with pointless acronym competitions – Smile!”

    It’s clear that Alan Grigg has no idea whatsoever what this site is all about.

  80. “Fed you were quite harsh, the site in question its very valuable to any floyd fan, they made it clear that it was unconfirmed information…”

    Of course if there was not an official DG site you could understand running the item … but they do read the site, they will know that “if it’s true you’ll hear it here first” and they could see it wasn’t on the site, hey and maybe they could even have asked to try and confirm the unconfirmed …

    So basically they just said it anyway and got it wrong. C’est la vie.

    I imagine you simply tire of pointing it out F’ed…

  81. Hi all, if the live DVD comes out before June 7 then that’ll do for me, then I can have it bought for my birthday. If not I guess I’ll just have to buy it myself…

    Looking forward to it now though!

    I note about these fansites, I really can’t be bothered with them. I mean this one makes you feel like you are somehow close to the artist you admire, and what you get informed is straight up and truthful. Maybe independently run sites share info on tribute bands, meets etc I don’t know, but I don’t have time for that anyway.

    I hope this site keeps going for a ling time, I think we would all feel a bit lost without it, if you know what I mean.

    Bye for now,

  82. [I would like to know the face of Adriano or Rudders or to see Michèle, it is only an idea…..]


    Believe me, mate, you don’t want to see my ugly mug on any special part of the blog

  83. Hey to show no hard feelings, i know i get a bit angry about ur words towards fansites but i appreciate ur doin a good job here and from reading the blog seems as though u work pretty damn hard.

    No hard feelings man i retract some of my ‘silly’ statements.

  84. Anything from this man is always worth the wait but, you all know that already don’t you 🙂

    Here’s to another Super Bowl Sunday. Go Bears!

  85. I’m looking forward to the DVD either way. It should be excellent, and certainly worth the wait.

    With regards to the comments on fansites, I don’t think they’re doing any harm by reporting the information that they’ve heard. After all, the information must have come from somewhere, most likely one arm of the record company.

    Certainly, dg.com is in a good position to correct misinformation, and it should do so. Whether any was intended or not, the fansites (and the fans who read and contribute to them avidly) can easily take offense from the comments directed at them. (I assume none was intended, but I’m sure you’re aware that communicating via text alone strips a lot of meaning from words.)

    We inhabit a virtual world here with an infinite amount of space. You’re not competing with the fansites. Let’s not try to step on each other’s turf, eh? 🙂

  86. Dearest FEd

    I for one am stunned that anyone would repeat, let alone believe anything concerning David that doesn’t come from this site. Apparently some people just can’t get enough disappontment.

    As far as the DVD, no matter what its called- I can’t wait!


  87. Secretive
    (FED) Management
    In absentia

    Re: DVD release date, pissy attitude towards fansites.

  88. Nothing worse than a little man with a little power. You think you’re a laugh, but you’re really a cry.

    If David is aware what you are doing and saying to people and doing nothing about it, I have to say I would be very disappointed.

    It’s people like me who buy his albums, tickets to his shows and turn other people on to his music who also buy his albums and tickets to his shows, that provide him the life he has.

    I would like to think he has more respect for us than you do.

    As always, my respect and admiration goes to your boss as always. Even though the man who speaks for him on his site, isn’t fit to wash his car.

    [Very good. Keep it up. – Features Editor]

  89. LG, you are now an official honourary member of BLoggers Against Stroppy Tossers (BLAST)! You make a brotha’ proud…

  90. I guess people don’t get it. This is David’s site, period. This is as close that we all may ever communicate with him and the band, the crew and bloggers along the way.I am so grateful. I’d rather get information from the horses mouth than an ass’s rear.

    Sorry, can we have another contest and have some fun again?

    To Guy, glad you blogged recently and hope you have some time for yourself and family. Same to all on DG.com.

    P.S. The Bears were hibernating for 3 quarters tonight. Way to go Colts.

  91. I think it’s wonderful that there is going to be a DVD at all. Somehow in all the discussion, this small fact seems to have been lost.

    To all the fansites out there that have propagated half baked rumors and to all the people that have posted on this site over the last few days defending them – get your information right. A simple call to DG management or a polite note to this blog would’ve gotten you the answer you were looking for and would’ve given you something credible to publish to the fans in whose names you “purpotedly” exist.

    Angelo – hope you’re feeling better. Totally related to where you were coming from and couldn’t agree more.


  92. Hello again FEd, Irregulars,

    Took me a while to wade through all the posts, as I’ve been off-line for a while.

    What an appropriate title. I will never last forget May 31st.

    Best regards,

  93. Hey Fed,

    I haven’t written in a while but had to comment about all this bashing.

    First I want to say I thank God for this site. Not only do I love Mr. Gilmour and Pink Floyd but I am a huge fan of another great player Jeff Beck. Well folks there is no site like this for Mr. Beck. How many times I’ve wanted to hear news about Mr. Beck and only able to get it from the web fansites dedicated to him, I would love a site like this from Mr. Becks management, but alas it is to to be.

    To be able to hear the news straight from the source is fantastic. To quell rumors is something that I expect and welcome. Thanks for all that you do.

    One last note to the bashers of this site…keep it up and it may go away…then what will we all do???

  94. I don’t run any fan sites and never will. However, if I ran a DG fan site, I don’t think I’d be trying to beat DG into making announcements about his own stuff. Not allowing the man to make his own announcements in his own time and jumping the gun and flashing premature headlines shows a great deal of disrespect to DG.

    Isn’t it common courtesy to await announcements from the very people they concern? Anything else is purely self promotion. I mean, really, it is.

    I don’t think David Gilmour hates fan sites at all, I just think he’s pissed off, and rightly so, because he’s being shown very little respect from them.

    However, this could change. Could not a system be put in place where respectable fan sites could agree not to make any flashy announcements before David? I think that if they observed and respected such a position, DavidGilmour.com would probably be more amenable to feeding them quality information.

    It’s a respect thing, I guess. Show none, you get none.


    [Thank you, George. For the record, David and his management wish for only accurate information to be relayed to his fans. This is the crux of the matter. Nobody hates fansites. We just tire of lazy, tabloid-like journalism which winds people up. – Features Editor]

  95. I missed Smile’s competition..aaaaargggggh!

    I’ve been at work for all weekend…but tonight I watched ‘The wall’,could you excuse me???

    Can’t wait to see ‘Echoes’ on dvd!!!!


  96. There are more fansites (I saw 2), which put on that information, it must have been thus, a source of this information, one trusted, to have told it will be realased in March.

  97. Ah! Ah! Life is cruel! You can do fantastic things for years and years….and then a wrong word is enough to be attacked as if you was the worst person on this earth!

    My wonderful FEd, you did great things for the blog till now (with news, games, competitions, chats, questions and answers) and you did a great job, in my modest opinion. I am grateful to you for this. So continue doing your best! The most of us support you!


  98. Ive got the date May the 19th written on my calender!….. Oh yeah its my wedding day

    REMEMBER THAT NIGHT (im sure i will)

  99. Dear F.Ed!

    I’m just happy that so many people have so few problems in their lives that they engage themselves in this discussion (including me….) Or maybe we should be worried that it’s just that they have so many personal issues that they need to get their anger out somewhere… Who knows!

    I check in on the fansites as well as here and enjoy the information that is given. Regarding release dates I must say that we are used to them changing anyway so no surprise there.

    As far as I can tell the rumours ar often based on release plans for internal use within the record company. There was several new dates on the PULSE dvd in the EMI plans as it was delayed, and I do believe that initial date on the EMI release plan for the new David Gilmour dvd was March 6th… (a one year anniversary for On An Island…nice thought) And of course these dates will, one way or another, end up outside the EMI organization. So often will a rumour be based on people that have the “official” plans.

    Anyway, I’m just happy that it will be released and I know that the product is worth waiting for.
    Really looking forward to “go back” to the magical days in the end of May last year…..

    Thanks for this official site and the work that is done by you and the rest of the team F.Ed, but also thanks to the people that devote their time to give other fans useful information in general (book reviews, concert information etc)

    Be nice to each other out there!

    Have a nice day!



  100. Dear FEd,

    I think it’s silly that anyone would believe rumours put about by fansites as this place is the official David Gilmour site.

    You do a very good job keeping us up to date (as sad as we are) and we all appreciate it.

  101. I’d rather have a good package come out than a rushed one..often the minor and barely noticable differences between a long brew and a intensive, quick job, make all the difference between a great release and a very good one.

  102. I coudnt agree more to all the things LG already posted!! What a fabulous bunch of replies, LG!!

    oooh, and Fed, dont let em get you, this site is the best and most informative one around concerning DG and PF!! youre doing a fab job!!

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