One (DVD) wish


It’s wonderful to see such interest in David’s forthcoming DVD, ‘Remember That Night’. Thank you all for your enthusiastic comments.

We’ll reveal more on Friday, seeing as you’ve been so good.

For now and for fun, let us know just one wish for this double-disc set.

We can’t promise that we’ll make it come true, but it would be nice to know what you’re hoping for.

The chatroom is closed today, but will be open tomorrow from 2PM (UK). As always, everyone is welcome.

Author: FEd

Features Editor of David Gilmour’s official blog, The Blog (‘Features’ previously being its rather naff title), affectionately – or lazily – shortened to ‘FEd’.

235 thoughts on “One (DVD) wish”


    As Rick does his wardrope spring clearout he can’t seem to part with his lightbulb suit.

    “Mind you he does admit buying it was a momentary lapse of reason”

    Rgds Geoff Duffy ( Dublin )

  2. i wish for the whole of the abbey road sessions to be on the disk and also a documentary on davids gear for the tour only because there is no official material of daves guitars and effects

    [Now someone’s being greedy… – Features Editor]


    I wish the disc packaging contained a flux compositor with a little dial that said 29th june 2006 and a little delorian that would hit 88 miles an hour.

    I need Sleep

    Rgds Geoff Duffy ( Atom Heart Father )

  4. The crystal glasses filled with beaujolais intro on SOYCD at the Vienne concert for amuse-bouche and the Comfortably Numb version at the Gdansk concert ( being the last song of the tour ) would make me rather happy!!

  5. I would love to have a special chapter in the DVD called “play in a day, the Gilmour way” ….

    Failing that, i think David running through his guitar/rig similar to what he did on DSOTM DVD, i reckon that would interest many a young & not so young budding guitarist.

  6. brilliant idea FED.

    now that everybody who’s been to one or more of the shows wants to see something out of them, why not mix one or two songs (longer ones maybe?) from different shows in the preferably 3-disc set?

    this way, David’s beautiful solo numbers can also be doubled or tripled in duration. after all, the dvd making guys David picks must be wizards that know how to do these things, aren’t they?

    does this pass as one wish?

  7. I wish that there are no screw ups in the production of the DVD so that when I insert it into my player, it will play Gilmour material instead of porn.

    Hey, you never know. Do you remember the Lawrence Welk CDs that were released back in the 1980s that actually had Sex Pistols recordings on it?? Those CDs are actually quite valuable now but just imagine grandma’s face when she was looking forward to some light sounds and instead heard Anarchy in the U.K.



  8. On that special addition “some hilarious but drunken stuff” disc…

    I would like to see David and Richard tango-ing with Richard holding this rose in his teeth.


    I don’t know why I would want to see this but sadly, I do…

  9. *caption*

    Richard Wright didn’t realize that the Radio City Music Hall concerts in New York City last year also included a chance to change the light bulbs in the marquee.


  10. Of course, everything from wonderful Gdansk concert would be great. I dream of the whole Gdansk dvd – please let the world know that it was a great night with brilliant atmosphere – absolutely outstanding!

  11. Sam Brown singing Great Gig In the Sky at the gig in France (Cant Remember the place)

    [It was the Olympia in Paris. – Features Editor]

  12. wish for the DVD…..I think just the DVD itself is good for me. I think whatever the final outcome is it would be fine with me.

    By the way Happy Valentines to all the Irregulars and a special HAPPY VALENTINES to you Fed.

    Renee B.
    Fontana, Ca USA

    [Thank you, Renee. The same to you. – Features Editor]

  13. I don’t know if it was taped, but SOYCD from Vienne with the wine glass intro was one of the most beautiful moments of music ever. That’d be a treat to see and hear again.

    I’m also hoping very much for “Dominoes.”

    Regardless, the DVD will be incredible. I think the choice of title for the DVD is perfect.

  14. My one wish is to have it released on “BLU-RAY” – (high definition format) NOT “HD-DVD”!!!!

  15. [just one wish for this double-disc set]

    Just one ? but rules are made to be broken, aren’t they ?


    1) Subtitles available in different languages.
    2) Some footage from the Vienne Concert at the Ancient Roman Amphitheatre. (old stones, Beaujolais…)


    [Michèle, you’re always such a rebel. What are we going to do with you? – Features Editor]

  16. I’m hoping for the set of DVD’s to contain ALL songs played live on the recent tour including the nice wineglass version of Shine On.

    It would, if you take the may 29 concert as the concert disc, take an additional 8-10 bonus tracks 🙂

  17. Excellent topic,

    I heavily listen to Island Jam, so I hope it’s video will be included on DVD.

    BTW was it considered to be played live on tour, or it was one time event only.

    I do not expect FED you will know the answer, but I simply ask myself about it, it should be played near This Heaven I think.

    I’m also thinking if: Yannis and Mihalis ever met each other. It also doesn’t need reply,


  18. Maybe include an interview where David explains the origins and different meanings behind his new songs…

  19. My wish is that The DVD will include Wots Uh The Deal and Coming back to Life. Those are the songs that David played when I saw him at the Rosemont Theatre in Chicago.

    When it is released, you can bet that I’ll be at the store when they open to get it. Just as I was for Pulse last July.

    How bought another lithograph?


  20. Just one? hmmm…considering that “some hilarious, but drunken stuff” shot by Richard backstage in L.A. already will give us great moment far from the stage, my wish will be on that: “Fat old sun” with all its final instruments’ triumph…I am wishing to listen to it again since last march!

    A nice day to all!


  21. ****Caption****

    “… with the Dalek almost on top of him Jon Pertwee realised that his days masquerading as the keyboard player in Pink Floyd were all but over …”

  22. FEd:

    David Gilmour gave a soundtrack for my life.

    His music inspired – and inspires my work, my life, my loves, countless moments of introspection and others of pure joy.

    Can´t ask for more. Just thank.

    Thank you.

  23. Well, this is a very tough question when you get down to it, but…my one wish would be for “Fat Old Sun” to be included on the DVD.

    Excellent photo for today’s entry! I’m curious to know what the background device is? Is there a Techno Dude or Dudette in the house?

  24. Happy Wednesday,

    I wish that there was a tribute chapter to Syd.

    Included in this would be all the footage so far taken from both 2006 and 2002 where David has covered a Syd song could be compiled.

    Pete – Coventry

  25. I’d love to see on DVD something that was played in Gdansk shipyards, f.g. “SOYCD” or “WYWH” or “Astronomy domines” or “Echoes” or “Comfortably numb” or anything else.

    I have no idea which one I’d like to have on DVD, everything was just great.

  26. Hi Fed.

    i would like to see: scenes from the Rehearsals, and Backstage scenes, Footage when they took the train from Linz to Munich would be fantastic as well.


  27. I would love to see/hear the second, fast version of SOYCD from Paris, where they had to stop their first perfomance due some technical reason. :o)

  28. If it isn’t already being included (as it technically isn’t one of his songs) I’d wish for “Find The Cost Of Freedom” with David Crosby & Graham Nash.

    I love David’s music and I also love the work of Crosby, Stills & Nash, but sadly the night I attended David’s tour was the only night Graham was unfortunately not able to attend due to a family emergency. (Although to be fair, we did get the fantastic “Arnold Layne” to make up for it… I can’t be greedy I guess :-))

    I’d love to see David perform this spectacular song with these 2 guys as their voices just added that extra bit of spine-tingling greatness to “On An Island”, making it one breath-taking track to listen to! So, if it’s not already on the tracklisting, Pleaaaaaase! 🙂

  29. I wish it was going to be released very soon!!!

    Seriously though, more than anything, I’d like to see the encores from 31st May (including David introducing Nick Mason).

    The show on 30th May was fantastic, but seeing Nick playing with David and Rick would have been the icing on the cake for me!!

  30. Caption:

    Surrounded by options, Rick tries to figure out once and for all what “that button” really does.

    As for a wish for the DVD, I promise to make this the last time I suggest a slideshow with some of Polly’s fantastic photos set to music from the album and/or concerts.

    Does that have to count for my one wish since I’ve mentioned it before? (just kidding, FEd)

  31. I was there all 3 nights last May, so I wish that watching the show on DVD will give me the same tingles it did live!

    Hello Fed- I noticed the information that the DVD will be HD. Has it been determined if it will be a “Blu-Ray” disc, or “HD DVD”?


    [HD-DVD, I believe. – Features Editor]

  32. CAPTION:

    Sitting in front of his dressing room mirror, Richard gets into character for his Broadway debut in the second act of ‘Dreamgirls’…

    “…I neeeeed aaaa haaaaaand. IIIIIIIII am changin’, seeing everythin’ so clear…..”

  33. About today’s news, the producers would be wise to include OAI in their musical score. Interesting movie….another serious Adam Sandler role?

    Might I recommend ‘The Blue’, ‘OAI’, or ‘Smile’ as tracks for consideration….

  34. I want the Vienne version of Echoes, that was f…. amazing!!! better then at RAH i think..

    If you didn’t tape it you could do another “bootlegging the bootleggers”

  35. I’m quite content with everything that’s coming out. But if you really twist my arm, I’d dream of the Delicate Sound of Thunder version of ‘On the Turning Away’ to be on there somewhere.

  36. I am just hoping that a date is included at the bottom of the screen just before a song starts and then disappears. The reason for this is to let you know the date for which RAH show the song came from. That would make me happy.

    I would also really like Wearing The Inside Out from the 29th to make it on there and Wot’s Uh The Deal as this is from my concert date.

    Also David Bowie doing Arnold Layne – again being my show.

    Would be nice to have a multicam option where one can zoom into the audience so you can see where you are. I would really like that.

    I would also really like every song that was played at the RAH shows to be on there. This is so I get to see a song that wasn’t preformed from my show (29th).

    On the second disc I would really like A Great Day For Freedom from Gdansk to be on there as that was only played once on this tour.

    I would also really really like a version of Astronomy Domine as it never made bootlegging the bootleggers on the pulse DVD.Also because I love the song.

    I would also reallly like On The Turning Away as another song that was only played twice on this tour and I love the song.

    Finally Dark Globe would be nice and there probably isn’t a need to include any Abbbey Road Videos as these will be included on the new abbey road dvd as you have mentioned FED.

    I hope these are all feasible options and these are my honest wishes.Looking forward to the new update about the DVD this friday.

    Have a Nice Day FED.

  37. Sorry I misread that it was only one wish. Don’t think I am being greedy. I just skimmed read. Please don’t get cross with me FED.

    Have a nice day.

    [Seeing as it’s the day of love, I’ll forgive you, Matthew. – Features Editor]

  38. I guess I join in with the wishes for a little feature on mr. gilmour’s gear. I agree, what we got so see on the DSOTM dvd is very nice. having the man himself talking a little on the evolvement of his setup and what he thinks about his sound, how it comes to be and how it all fits in would be gorgeous, with a few other excerpts of the people involved (pete cornish and the like)…

    very much looking forward to the release of the DVD. and a humble bow to the great efforts of mr. FEd for keeping this great blog going as it does!


  39. I dont want any stupid pissoar,drunk hotel room destroying,like the shit extras on Pulse dvd.

    My biggest wishes was to see on the pulse dvd:
    Astronomy domine,what do you want from me,hey you,a Great day for freedom++ all songs they played from earls court,i know the songs was filmed.but i dont know why this songs was not on the pulse dvd????

    I want to have some stuff with David Gilmour himself,interview with himself,about his music,and i want some special clips of him playing beautiful guitar solos.close ups. A great day for freedom.coming back to life,CN,the best versions he has ever done.

    i want a lot of extras,all songs played on the On an island tour .i want it all,

    Make a (3 disc DVD), why only 2 disc? it will sell as good as 2 disc, dont worry

  40. Well, I would hope ALL the tracks would make it on, at least once. I think it would be cool if some of the footage from Guy having a visit with some of us at Luka’s made it. Lots of backstage stuff of the BAND, NOT the camera guys! =)


  41. Sam Brown singing Great Gig In the Sky at the gig in France (Cant Remember the place)

    [It was the Olympia in Paris. – Features Editor]

    I second, third, fourth and fifth this brilliant idea.

    Paul, your suggestion is top drawer!

    F*Ed….make it so…

  42. One wish:

    I did like the way David demonstrated some songs on the Dark Side of the Moon BBC docu.!

    And I’d love to see a little bit of gear!


  43. Hi all

    my wish is that it was ready and in the shop now. im so impatient. its just that i got spoilt last year with all david did, the longer the wait the sweeter the taste (so they tell me)

    Fed hope youre happy about the LFC Takeover. it looks a good one. how are u anyway? i have not asked u that for a long time, good i hope

    [I can’t complain, mate. Thanks for asking. I hope all’s well at your end, too. – Features Editor]

  44. This is a difficult one ! I could think of several things. I think I’ll go for …A Great Day for Freedom from Gdansk.


    P.S. Nice caption Mr. Strang !

  45. If I’m only allowed one wish, I would wish for the performance of Dark Globe to be included.

    To have this touching tribute to Syd included would be great.

  46. [Maybe include an interview where David explains the origins and different meanings behind his new songs… – Posted by: Mathew Innes at February 14, 2007 03:16 PM]

    I have something like this on DVD. Last year Sirus radio had Pink Floyd/David Gilmour as the artist of the week when David’s new album came out. They had a 1 hr interview with him and he explained the meaning behind each track. Very interesting.

    I treasure my 3 DVD’s for I recorded 30 hrs of David Gilmour/Pink Floyd music.

  47. [CAPTION: Rick Wright, on a bed of mushrooms served with…. Posted by: Graham Knight]

    This is tremendously inspired and as “outside of the box” thinking as you can get. Fab…just fab, Graham

  48. CAPTION:

    Never one to shun a charitable event Rick is lending a hands on approach in the production of the Red noses for Comic relief day.

    Bucket of red paint in hand he gets started….

    “A STONKing good job you’re doing” yells David from yonder

  49. Great idea! Theres a couple things I´d like to see (although a whole extras disc is already a dream come true).

    a) Gdansk footage
    b) rehearsal footage
    c) a run through of Davids gear
    c) David and I playing a song together! 😀

  50. Hi all. Happy V-day.

    I vote for all the excellent suggestions already made!

    I vote for a 3-disk limited edition that would include all the extras already mentioned that don’t fit on the 2nd disk. I’m sure you would absolutely sell out of a limited 3 disk set just by the Irregulars alone!

    Other than that I’ll be pleased as punch just to have the RAH shows on DVD… everything else will just be cake!


  51. Hi,

    I would like to see at least one live version of each song performed on the tour including the Syd Barrett tributes.

    Thanks for the option to suggest.

    Sharon from Ct

  52. Hallo FED and Bloggers:

    I have a question for John Hortatsos:

    My one wish is to have it released on “BLU-RAY” – (high definition format) NOT “HD-DVD”!!!!

    John, Can U explain why U prefer “Blue Ray”? Thanks.

    And for the wishes about “Remember that Night”:

    “On the turning away” and “Dark globe”from Venice; but, really, my first wish is to have the DVD as soon as possible….

    Ciao FED and fingers crossed for next week, the Champions league is arriving…(we have the Celtic Glasgow)

  53. One wish…

    Dark Globe from Klam!

    [Happy birthday, mate. Have a good one. – Features Editor]

  54. My one wish? thats easy!

    I would absolute love if we had a section of the dvd where David talks about his guitars, particularly his Black strat, and shows them off to us explaining the modifications. I would also love if he showed us the rest of his gear, including that amazing Pete Cornish unit he had custom designed.

    That would be amazing.

    Cant wait for the DVD either way, im stoked that we’re getting rehearsal footage and behind the scenes stuff.


  55. [Can´t ask for more. – Adriano]

    Surely, you could have asked David to tour in Brazil!


  56. My wish would be for a segment with Mr. Gilmour talking and sharing his creative process and maybe a little acoustic guitar playing. I love the way in the Syd Barrett DVD, Mr. Gilmour plays and sings one of the PF songs with just his acoustic guitar in the studio. It’s cool to see the Master at work.

  57. … just some great music!

    … but if specifically asked, something from Gdansk, because the orchestration is such an integral part of OAI, e.g. in “A Pocketful of Stones”, one of my favourite tunes from the album.

  58. A bonus audio-cd with songs that he played on the open air tour and were not included in the london setlists. I think that several concerts were recorded on cd/tape. It would be great to have it on cd! (on the turning away, astronomy domine, dark globe…)

    Think about it! 😉

  59. Happy Valentine’s Day!!!

    I would like to see David and Polly discuss their collaborations with maybe some examples of what they have or may possibly be currently working on. (i.e. the two of them writing/playing/singing together) You know how we irregulars love to be tortured with anticipation of what’s to come.


  60. I’d wish for candid video/photos of the band…just “foolin’ around” stuff, like Erin suggested.

    If there is any footage of David & Co. arriving at Radio City Music Hall on April 4th, I’d love to see that. I was there but was too dumbfounded to take any pictures or ask for an autograph.

    Happy Valentime’s Day! 😉


  61. Twenty minutes of “just David” in an empty football stadium with a wall of surround sound and his Maestro Rovers.

  62. Hi, one wish:

    A “bootlegging the bootleggers” section, with sound from the mixing desk (unlike the semi-mixing desk from pulse dvd).

  63. One wish i’m thinking about since last May 31st:
    Comfortably Numb with Rick’s little mess-up left in.

    Even not mentioning High Hopes from Gdansk …

  64. Hmmmm, just one wish. Cripes!! thats like trying to eat just ONE potato chip!

    Ok, being as this tour (and, likewise, this tour DVD) represents his latest lp/cd – offering, perhaps a nicely hidden easter egg of the CBS self titled 1st lp video-promos (including live in the studio versions of Mihalis, There’s No Way Out of Here, So Far Away, I Can’t Breathe Anymore, and No Way) as a juicy offering/appeasement to those who wished he would have played stuff from his first 2 studio lps.

    Yeah, I know, it sounds a little “left of center” in relation to the material on the 2 DVD set, but one can hope, perchance to dream, no?


  65. Something (anything, really) from the April 4 show at Radio City. I’ll always remember that night :>)

  66. Rick Strang, I’ll echo MartinS as a fellow Whovian, loved your caption, thanks for the laugh.

    My one wish for the DVD will easily be met. Just that it be good.

    Happy Valentine’s Day to everyone.

  67. David Bowie’s vocal contributions in full included somewhere on this DVD, even if it’s a part of the extras. It was a wonderful idea and must have been a heavenly combination!


  68. My wish would be to see my face when I was at Abbey Road, I probably looked like a complete demented idiot but still!

    I can’t wait for it!

  69. Hello !

    I would like to see in this DVD a few images of the concert at the Olympia, with Sam Brown, or the Shine on cut… it was a wonderful show..

    Nearly one year… wahh..

  70. Hi Fed,

    One wish- Some footage of the other performers’ thoughts and feelings about the album and how they came about getting on board for this tour.

    By the way, Fed, did your kitchen ever get done?

    Happy Valentine’s day, all


    [Yes, I did. It took longer than I’d have liked, but we got there in the end. – Features Editor]

  71. Hey F*Ed,

    Here’s a little treat for all your hard work.

    “The wind is blowing, so come…”

    [Cheers, Matt. That does look very nice. – Features Editor]

  72. I can only saw that we were unable to see David perform live last year, so now My wish is that we’ll be able to watch David play the same tunes that were performed in concert while on tour. It will be great to see him perform in HD, plus with 5.1 stereo what more can I say.

    Of course seeing him perform live would be the greatest wish of all.

    Take Care

  73. My wish would be for the kids who I teach music to every week (Voulentree) to meet david and also for him to play through my beloved Marshall JCM 800 4010 amp

    oh if he would sign my strat too I would remove my own legs with a rusty saw and let everton win every derby for the next 2 years

    Thanks Fed

    [David’s on his way. We can’t have Everton winning every derby. – Features Editor]

  74. One wish – in the vain hope that weight of numbers will be taken into account – Sam’s guest performance of the Great Gig please

    (I’ll even trade that for my DVD title credit)

  75. Naturally, I hope that we would get to see Echoes in it’s entirety.

    Aside from that, having other songs in the extra features section that were not played at this venue- Wearing the Inside Out, Wot’s Uh the Deal, Great Gig In the Sky, Fat Old Sun etc. Hopefully that would also include Nick Mason’s performance as well.

    Okay, one other thing: extreme up close footage of David playing the guitar solos for On An Island and The Blue (since I’m just wishing)

    We greatly appreciate David’s continuance in writing AND recording NEW music (that happens to be great, by the way) We all hope this will not be the last!


  76. My friend, these days I wouldn´t ask even my worst enemy to come to Brazil…

    Besides, there are enough brazilians doing that already.

  77. My one wish would be to see “Wot’s…uh, the deal?!

    Sorry I did not see anyone in the chatroom last evening but I was in bed very ill. Some blasted flu of sorts.

    Best regards.


    [I hope you’re feeling better today, Julie. There’ll be another evening chat soon. – Features Editor]

  78. I trust the DVD will be worth every penny, so the only wish I can come up with would be an audio equivalent! In other words: a cd!

    I remember David saying his ‘In Concert’ DVD was truly suitable for DVD and less so for CD (or words along the same line) but I think a CD version of ‘Remember that Night’ would be fantastic and very suitable (IMHO of course) for audio release.

    I think most fans would buy both. I know I would.


  79. Hey I thought of what I would REALLY want on the DVD… the snippets of music from this site as the menu item music… or whatever… just so long as they are on the DVD somewhere…. now THAT would be incredible!


  80. [A pop-up David in the DVD case would be nice. – lorraine]

    Oh heavens, Lorraine! Perhaps we should save that one for Polly and give it to her on her birthday?

  81. As long as Wot’s uh..the deal and Echoes are there I will be happy!

    That Astronomy Domine from Abbey Road in surround would also be nice. I also like most of the songs from On an Island..

  82. [A pop-up David in the DVD case would be nice.]

    The images this conjures are just very funny.

    Would you also like it to have a voice chip upon opening, “Congratulations. You’ve just discovered the secret message. Please send your answer to…”



  83. OK lets recap…

    Sam B
    Dark Globe

    Geez, It sounds like some sort of mutant Spice Girls or something…

  84. “For now and for fun, let us know just three wishes for this double-disc set”

    1. A front row seat ticket for the next tour
    2. Backstage pass to the above
    3. 50% Discount voucher on DG’s new Fender Stratocaster tribute guitar

    You did say three didn’t you… 🙂

  85. I really wish that the DVD set include some bonus tracks from other concerts of the tour.

    Why not “Shine on au Beaujolais” from the Antic theater of Vienne…

  86. My one wish for the DVD is a gag-reel! ha ha ha..

    No, seriously, I hope ‘Dark Globe’ is included. Ever since I saw David-and-band’s performance on the website, I’ve been enchanted by it.


    PS. Happy birthday, Rudders. Lovely date to celebrate a birthday 🙂

  87. Nice and slow editing please. Its such a pleasure to watch David and the band play this great music, so there is no need for super fast pop vid. style cuts that just give folk a headache when watching.


  88. Hi FEd and friends,

    I trust that David will see to it that the most highly anticipated, need-to-see extras (Dark Globe, Gdansk) will be included in the two-disc set. I think he has a pretty good take on what will make the dvd something very special for all of us to “Remember That Night.”

    But since you’ve asked for a ‘wish’, I’m going to second Tim’s suggestion of a possible ‘special edition’ third disc with all the trimmings, such as backstage and rehearsal, special moments from various cities, and some getting-to-know-you moments with all the performers. Also, since Polly is so much a part of the On An Island journey, it would be nice to get to know her just a little better, but I would totally understand her wanting to retain some of her anonymity!

    I’m greatly looking forward to more tidbits of information as we go along and am certain that I will be completely happy with whatever David decides upon!

    Thanks FEd for everything. Hope to chat with you soon!

    Peace and love to you all!
    Washington State

  89. Only one wish.

    That during David and the band’s performance the picture doesn’t keep changing too frequently with too much of a trigger happy editor/producer!

    Other than that I am really looking forward to whatever is put on this DVD!

  90. [My one wish would be to see “Wot’s…uh, the deal?! – Posted by: Julie Davies at February 14, 2007 08:17 PM]

    Ditto for me. It would be even better, if it was the one from the Gdansk show…ohohohoh, or “A Great Day for Freedom”.

    I can dream, can’t I?


  91. One Wish: Signed copies of the DVD for a few lucky fans (like myself?)

    One Hope: Another Album/Tour down the road

    and one Dream: A local acoustic show (ok, I might be overeaching here just a bit) 😉

  92. [David Gilmour gave a soundtrack for my life. His music inspired – and inspires my work, my life, my loves, countless moments of introspection and others of pure joy. Can´t ask for more. Just thank. Thank you. – Posted by: Adriano at February 14, 2007 03:39 PM]

    Great post, Adriano.You just put my own personal feelings to words.

    Thank You Adri.


  93. Hi FEd & all the bloggers!

    The forthcoming of “Remember that night” is a great event. I’m waiting for it just like I was waitnig for the release of “PULSE” last year…It will be very hard waiting until April or May 2007.

    One wish (It’s hard to choose which one!lol) for this DVD: On the 2nd Disc, I’d like to have a sort of an “alternative show” (like “bootlegging the bootleggers” on PULSE) featuring songs that haven’t been played on the RAH dates or played in others/different/better versions: “Wot’s..uh the deal”, “Astronomy domine”, “wearing the inside out”, “on the turning away”, “dark globe”, Vienne version of “Echoes”, “A great day for freedom” in Gdansk, “The great gig in the sky” performed by Sam Brown, “Coming back to life” etc.

    One “more” wish: a “CD” version of the “On an island Tour”, “patchworking”, putting together the better performances from the tour of each song (in the spirit of the live album “pulse” was made…in this case, there will be a lot of excerpts from the Vienne show in France! lol).

    Best regards & thanx again FEd !

  94. One wish… that’s way too tough.

    My wish is that the DVD is able to capture the intimate magic performance like the one I saw in Chicago.

    Look forward to Friday’s news. Thanks FED.

  95. Only one? Sam Brown singing at the Olympia. The great gig in the sky, Nick Mason with David in London, Crosby and Nash with David in … New York? or California?, David speaking a couple of words in french maybe in Théatre de Vienne (Michèle est trop chanceuse, ce n est pas juste!) etc………..I’ll stop here, but whatever will be, will be good, i trust you!

    Rudders, happy birthday!!!Is it really today???

    Sylvie de Montréal

  96. 20 second snippet of any song you want from Milan…24.03.2006., Teatro degli Arcimboldi.


  97. My one wish is for a lunch party for all us bloggers to get together and watch the DVD in a large cinema like the Odeon Leicester Square.

    Gary Hurley.

  98. hi

    like i said before the most incredible event was the gdansk concert, with orchestra. i would like to see it, not totally, i understand that its impossible, but at least 5-6 of the best tracks, when the orchestra plays, like in the OAI track.

    thx a lot

  99. I’m hoping to see “Wearing the Inside Out” included. I love that song so much, and the performance at the Mermaid Theatre was so fantastic!

  100. Lorraine…love the pop-up David idea. I’ll have one of those.

    Otherwise my one wish would be something with David, Polly and band members just being themselves or as someone mentioned above, talking about their writting collaboration. If not that then, please..Wot’s Uh, the Deal or Fat Old Sun.

    But, mainly I am just excited that we will be getting the dvd with the wonderful title and OAI music. That is enough for me.

    Happy Valentines Day all

  101. As an Extra, how about an exclusive live performance by the talented “Par And Rudders” band playing their cracking version of “Arnold Layne”..

    ..just a little something to highlight some of his website’s irregular bloggers talent,effort,dedication and loyalty.

  102. It would be amazing to see a few performances David did in Australia during the tour… oh hang on, that will all be included on the follow up DVD “Remember that Night Down Under”! 🙂

    Yep, I’m a looney!

  103. I think it would be nice to have a runthrough of the gear that some Band Members used (David, and Rick specificially).

    If thats not possibile, i think it would be fitting to have a nice interview with the band to reflect on what the tour/ a specific show meant for them. I think it goes back to the theme of “Remember that Night”

  104. To the one whom FEd called “greedy” I must tell you there is plenty of accurately documented information on the exact gear David used on his tour…you just have to know where to look…

  105. hi, its me again . It’s not another wish, but just a question Fed…

    Do you know why no tracks from the cd Animals was ever included in the last PF and dave concert (Pulse, Delicate sound, and solo dave concerts) ?? So nice and awesome cd and tracks …

    [I’m afraid I don’t, sorry. – Features Editor]

  106. How about a ‘contrast and compare’ section. A remastered performance from the About Face tour or something from one of David’s other Concert appearances (charity/tribute etc).

    David’s performance of “Don’t” from the 2001 Leiber and Stoller tribute concert, on the David Gilmour in concert DVD is an example. Absolute classic and a world away from Pink Floyd.

  107. Happy Birthday, Rudders. Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone.

    Enjoyed reading everyone’s wishes. No wish here, just looking foward to a phenomenal DVD!

    Tara (snowed-in in the Catskills, NY)

  108. Darren wrote: a nicely hidden easter egg of the CBS self titled 1st lp video-promos

    A pipe dream, I realize; but that would be my wish as well. Darren, you beat me to it.


  109. I know it is an extreme wish but a live cd would be the icing on the cake, but realistically i would have to go for…..

    Echoes from the 30th, and to be greedy wots… from the 29th.

    I am sure whatever is on there will be fantastic and I can’t wait.

  110. I think it would be cool if there were hidden easter eggs on the disc. Perhaps Fed could give clues here in the blog as to how to access them.

  111. It would be nice if the dvd came in unique packaging instead of the average plastic cases we’re all used to.

  112. How about a limited edition set which would include a guitar pic, sticker, collectable backstage pass etc.?

  113. Yes, we are all in excited anticipation for the forthcoming DVD that will bring us enlightenment…or at the very least do a bloody good job at entertaining us for a very, very, very long time.

    Just one wish? hmmmmmm…..”Wearing the Inside Out”. I think seeing that performed live will make me very happy. Not that I won’t be otherwise but seeing that would be fantastically wonderful!

    Thank you very much indeed, good night to you

  114. I was in Oakland on Sunday. I missed the dusting down of Arnold Layne the following night because I had to work…

    My wish is for you to include live footage of the song Arnold Layne live in Oakland… Lots of love there…

    I hope you like your birthday gift Mr Gilmour?

  115. You can have three wishes if you don’t take too long….

    Oh, wait, sorry… wrong PF member 😉

    (sorry if this has already been referenced, I didn’t have the time to read thru all the posts)

    Anyway… my one MAIN wish: Release it on CD too!

    Even though I know this isn’t going to happen 🙁

  116. Thats a tough one, just one wish…. I have all kinds of ideas….just one?….ok, allllll righdy then.

    There were a lot of bloggers that showed up to the jay leno show, and there were a lot of cameras going. If there is any footage of that around, I would like to see it

  117. Hi Fed – the updates have been great, keep them coming

    Obviously my wish for the DVD would be some bonus footage from the first night of the Massey hall show in Toronto, a bonus booklet of Polly’s photo’s from the tour and going slightly off topic – a 2CD set of Highlights from the tour to accompany the DVD.

    thanks again, even though i have not posted for awhile, i still read the posts daily

    All the best,

  118. I’m another one that would like to see something from David’s performance at Gdansk on the DVD.

    BLU-RAY technology is already considered obsolete by people in the know. 🙂

    Hysteron proteron

  119. I’d like to see the soundchecks and ten versions of ‘Echoes’ and ‘The Blue’.

    It’s a dream,not?


  120. Well, if i had just one wish i would go for an Live redention of “Then I close my Eyes” with Dick n Sax. I Know that a rendition with Dick and Robert Wyatt at Royal Albert Hall will be on the DVD, but i would like to hear a version where Dick’s sax finds it’s way (maybe Gdansk version) to spotlight.For me it is the track that improved the most from the studio version to the Live one.

    (well, maybe i would like to see Rick’s “slipping” on TIME on Gdansk, and their improvisation to save the day)

  121. CAPTION 2:

    Richard takes the time to submit Birthday wishes on the DG-Blog to his favorite Welsh Irregular….

    …a big hearty Happy Birthday to you Rudders, from this Bronx Boy to the King of Captions!!!

  122. Fed, I think the greatest wish of all is that we (The Irregulaters) all could watch David’s concert together. What a great time that would be. Marcus
    could make the drinks and I bet he can make you a smoothie that would knock your socks off. Plus all who saw Davids’ concert live could share with us about the time they had at the concert. What a great night that would be. Plus think of all the fun you would have. It would be Great.

    Take Care

  123. I would love a wall size picture of the band,then it would be like they were here when i played their music.

    It would be nice if the fed was credited for all his/her hard work.If it wasnt for him/her we wouldnt have this information. A BIG THANKS FROM ME.

    [Believe me, I get far too much as it is, but thank you. – Features Editor]

  124. Happy Birthday Rudders,

    I hope you had to stay home for a “snow day” today (boy it’s white out there)

  125. My one wish is to have the Tonight Show taping in L.A. as one of the extras.

    Thanks for the memories.

  126. My wish would be for you guys to stop putting out so many recordings so quickly. I actually have a budget to follow, thank you.

    First off, last year began with the OAI CD w/Island Jam. That was like $17 or $18. Please bear with me here. . .

    Following that, I believe it was the clear vinyl 7” Smile single. I was able to get that for around $10.

    Next, was the Pulse DVD, which I was lucky to get for under $20. Not that you had anything to do with that release. . .

    Then both of David’s first two albums were remastered and re-released. I got both U.S. versions for about $13 each. Funny thing about that was I gave those copies to a friend because he enjoys David’s work as much as I (I was planning to buy new copies anyways), then I received both EMI versions in the mail as a prize from FEd. . . serendipity I tell you!

    I found the EMI two track single for $8 (containing both On An Island edits).

    Then came the limited DVD for $11. I bought the OAI CD/DVD combo as a gift for someone for $18 (and as a gift it doesn’t count in the final total, below).

    The amazing AL releases had me in a tizzy! First, the AL CD was about $10, the AL 7” vinyl was approx. $9, and then the lovely and talented LG got me the AL-10” for free. I did get Bob’s copy of the AL-10” for $9 (including shipping). Bob, when would like to get a beer?

    Then, of course, the 180 gram OAI vinyl gets released and album plus shipping costs me approx. $34.

    So, in the last year, on recorded releases alone, I spent $155 (plus the auxiliary items picked up during my shopping sprees for all things David). That does not include the $300 or so for the two Oakland shows. Damn. . .if you do this every year David, I may have to realign my financial allegiance toward you.

    So my wish is for you to not cost me so much in the future.

    I’m Kidding.

  127. Caption:

    Richard really is into the mushrooms now and peaking, says “Which bulb, er bubble should I Ping now? That’s a good one oooooovvver thheeere”.

    Since it’s Richard’s photo today, Wearing the Inside Out will bring back sweet memories for myself. It was good to see this live for the very first time.

    Happy Birthday Rudders. Thanks, I get out of rehab and now I need something to celebrate with. Marcus where are you?

    P.S. If I may, wouldn’t it be cool if David and Polly snuck in a snippet of our Champion, Dedicated, Professional, Awe Inspiring, Public Shy Glassman-Wegian Fed in the DVD? Hmmmmm.

  128. One wish for DVD, if I am not too late is that it doesnt suffer from “Limited Edition” identity problem in that it becomes something it isnt. It must be available for all world-wide in an easiler accessible way.

    All involved in producing an item of this nature must have learnt form previous experience otherwise what is the point of it all if we just keep repeating errors.

    Ian Pearson

  129. [1. A front row seat ticket for the next tour 2. Backstage pass to the above 3. 50% Discount voucher on DG’s new Fender Stratocaster tribute guitar]

    It could be the Irregular Special. Mark me down for one of those as well! Happy Birthday Rudders.


    When Gozer tells Rick, the next thing he thinks of will be the form Gozer will assume to destroy the world. Rick can’t help to the of the “Momentary Lapse of Reason” cover.


  130. A relaxed interview with Mr Brickman.

    Sam Brown in Paris is going to be included anyhow… right?

  131. Bore Da, F.Ed! Hope you’re fine!

    First I just have to say that I’m looking forward to the DVD and expect it to be brilliant anyway, but we can of course wish for something… I expect the appearance of Mason and Bowie to be there, so I wish that the beautiful “Wearing The Inside Out” from the first night in London makes it on the DVD….

    And again, thanks for this great site! You’re all doing a hell of a good job!




    hands down without a doubt. anything less would be uncivilized.

    Happy Valentines Day Polly!!!!!

  133. …or better yet for David Gilmour himself to Hand deliever them to us and play a quick song on his guitar before he rushes out the door to drop the next one off… he could call it the “Remember That Night (in your house) DVD Release Tour”

    now tap your heels together 3 times and say “theres no place like home”

  134. My wish would be that its not stuffed up by over editing like the Bowie Arnold Layne Clip we have seen so far.

    Or at least some footage focusing on idividual band memebers for a while and even some in the crowd! Give us time to let it all soak in!

    The DVD should represent the concert, not chopped up with a zillion flashes & clips

    I like the limited edition guitar pick idea…fantastic


  135. For us not so furtunate people in Scandinavia (who did not got a visit from DG and RW), I hope the end title of the concert wil state the following: “To be continued in a Scandinavian country near you!”

  136. The whole package sounds great so far.

    My wish would be that the concert DVD includes all the songs played over the 3 nights.

  137. My wish is as much of the Gdansk show as possible.

    I attended this amazing and unforgettable concert so it is no wonder.

    I really look forward to getting this DVD.

  138. I’d love there to be (as part of the main film) “Echoes” & “Comfortably Numb” from 29/5/06. They were awesome! CN with Bowie!…..BOWIE!!!

  139. My wish…

    I would have liked to see Phil Taylor’s work, before, during and after a show. From where I was sitting, at Vienne, I could see him working, and it was really interesting to watch him tune, fix, prepare the guitars and the effects.

    It was nice to see him dancing while working on a guitar, during “Arnold Layne”. Polly Samson who was taking pictures near to him was also dancing. Really funny to see everybody enjoying this show, that night.

  140. …I read C’s post…and I have to admit that one track from Animals in the DVD would be a very good surprise too! I love that album!

    Rudders, it was really your birthday? My best wish to you, our dear Cupid!


  141. My one wish for DG’s New double whopper disk is for the inside sleeves to be FULL of Fed’s subtle putdowns……let me think ..what would qualify ?


    [You know that they were all great… – Features Editor]

  142. [To the one whom FEd called “greedy” I must tell you there is plenty of accurately documented information on the exact gear David used on his tour…you just have to know where to look…]

    yeah that is true but it would be so much better coming from the man himself.

  143. bit off topic but…

    hey theres a clip from the show on the ‘live from abbey road’ website. click my name, click artists and click david gilmour (scroll down a bit)

    as for my wish. I wish there would be a clip at the end of the main concert with David saying hope you enjoyed the show and I hope you can come back next year for my new album!!

    Hey a man can dream can’t he??

  144. My only wish is that all songs performed on tour end up on the DVD, one way or another.

    There are some good wishes from the bloggers.

    Can’t wait for this DVD.

  145. My one wish would be that it beats some of the rubbish thats out just now in the charts!

    No my actual one is that Dark Globe is featured.

  146. Happy B-day Rudders. (belated)

    Fed, your put-downs ARE the best. By the way, thanks for all the info on the upcoming dvd.

  147. – Wow ! 11:53 AM, 178 posts ! and no one is negative !

    So, one more wish for the DVD (I can ?) : Polly telling us that David has such nice fans !

    – Sylvie, juste pour te taquiner : ” La chance, ça se mérite ! ” dit-on… Mais, de toutes façons, ne sommes-nous pas tous veinards, ici, sur ?


  148. Hi

    I reckon the DVD will have the best recorded versions of the different gigs and in quantity/diversity to satisfy everyone (quality being unquestionable).

    I’d wish that the less-played PF songs would all be there (fat old sun, wot’s uh the deal…) along with Barrett’s.

    I’d would be extremely delighted if the DVD would include some live material from David’s 1985 ‘About Face’ tour.

    I suppose that apparently he prefers to not remind much that particular period of time (he didn’t play any song of his previous albums during this tour), but I’m pretty sure every fan would love it.


  149. My one wish for this DVD… I want a snowblower. Not that I’m greedy, mind you…

    In the American Northeast we just got a big whopper of a storm. In my city we got about two feet of snow in a 24-hour period.

    Early this morning I went out with my snowblower to clear the driveway which is about 100 feet long. Bad time to realize the snowblower is on the fritz! I hadn’t used it in about two years, because this is the first storm in that amount of time that’s been too big for a shovel. So, here I am, doing half-hour shifts where I shovel,half-hour shifts where I rest. It’s been a couple hours of that, my arms are really tired and I still have a ways to go.

    As I type this, a big snow plow just went up my road and plowed the end of my driveway in. That’s an extra shift right there, clearing the man-made mound of compacted snow at the end of my driveway. AAAARRRRGH!!!

  150. i am not really sure what i wish for as an extra for the dvd . i will be happy just to see it at all as i never got to see any of the gigs on the tour .

    having thought about it some i suppose i would love an interview with the backstage people . i would love to see what goes into putting a gig on . also interviews with all memebrs of davids band as well as david and polly .

    i know i am being greedy here but i just posted these ideas as they came to my head !

    Linda island lady .

  151. I don’t understand why stuff like the “About Face” tour isn’t readily available. The market is certainly there to support it. I just don’t understand why it isn’t being offered. It’s like the Beatles movie “HELP!” being currently out of print. Surely there is demand that would support this being re-released. And it would make a Mills-ion for Paul and Lord knows he could use it now…

  152. All this discussion on Blu-Ray and HD and not one person has wished that this be released as Betamax, VHS or Laserdisc. I thought there were lots of people on this blog who live in the past??


  153. My wish is a little big…but it´s for all Fans:

    I would love to see a DVD with a complete concert. And every song from another concert.

    And then i would see “uh…whats the deal” from Hamburg, with the beautiful little mistake at the beginning from the end solo…

    Best wishes

  154. To replicate the excitement of a live concert by incorporating a ‘wild card’ playback feature for the Comfortably Numb guitar solo. So the disc would contain say 10 different CN solos and it randomly selected a solo each play of the disc.

    This isn’t fantasy technology as King Crimson have incorporated a similar feature into one of their live DVD’s

  155. I would, as many others, love to get WEARING THE INSIDE OUT! It’s a truly great song, but was unfortunately not played the 30th May when I was at RAH. So that’s my wish.

  156. Hi, there are many interesting wishes from all fans.

    The best for me was: add to DVD the picture gallery from Polly

    My wishes for the future:

    1. Wish Your Were Here and On An Island as a SACD
    2. new wonderful songs from David and Polly
    3. next year a new CD and concerts with David and Rick (may be in Berlin?)

    With best wishes

  157. I’ll keep this on topic.

    One DVD wish: (could post more)

    Alternate camera angles on the DVD so that you can have a “GuitarCam” kind of version of the video. This way I could watch to see how the master makes his guitars sing so beautifully.


  158. Give us some sneak peaks, or for crying out loud please just put it out, the anticipation is killing all us fans.

    I am not suggesting speeding up the release, but please understand how many of us all over the world are on pins and needles waiting for this thing to come out so we can enjoy some of those wonderful moments that we experienced on the tour last year.

    What was the smallest venue played on the American leg last year? Was it by chance Massey Hall in Toronto. I thought it was a wonderful small venue, Maybe a taste of the smaller venues on the DVD so people can see just how powerful the shows are in smaller places. WHHOOOH!

    will the farmer

  159. To answer “Claudio’s” Question, I would prefer Blu-Ray because a Blu-Ray disc can hold a lot more information on the disk than an “HD-DVD” DVD.

    In the United States, there are currently (approximately) 400,000 blu-ray players that have been purchased by consumers versus the 40,000 “Hd-DVD” owners. Blu-Ray is the better format of the two. Of course – I will have to by a HD-DVD player if Gilmour’s new DVD arrives on that format.

    Basically as of now, there are more Blu-ray owners than HD-DVD (you can thank the Playstation 3 for that fact).

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