More DVD extras


It was nice to find out what you’re all wishing for from David’s DVD.

It’s nice to be able to tell you that many of you are going to see your wishes granted soon. We’re not going to tell you exactly whose wishes have been granted yet, of course, but we will say that the disc full of extras will include footage from the Mermaid Theatre.

‘Castellorizon’, ‘On An Island’, ‘The Blue’, ‘Take A Breath’ and ‘High Hopes’ will be included.

That’s all for yet another week. Have a good weekend and we’ll tease you some more when you get back.

We’ll also have an update on the ‘Arnold Layne’ contest.

Hang in there if you’re still waiting anxiously. We know that it’s torture being kept in suspense like this, but the extra time that’s being spent on choosing the winner is in your best interests.

Author: FEd

Features Editor of David Gilmour’s official blog, The Blog (‘Features’ previously being its rather naff title), affectionately – or lazily – shortened to ‘FEd’.

120 thoughts on “More DVD extras”

  1. Gosh, I can hardly wait for this darn dvd now, you have got me thinking about it right before I go to bed.

    It just keeps getting better.

    Goodnight and have wonderful dvd dreams.

  2. Thanks for this DVD David!!

    Would it be possible to see you live in Mexico really soon??? We are dying to see you here!!! Please include us into your live dates!!!


  3. Hey, David, FE’d and all the crew at this blog site. I am so happy that I now have a pc that has sound. Today, when I signed on you are playing my favorite ‘The Blue’!

    Thank you so much.

    And thank you again for giving us a new dvd. Life just doesn’t get any better.


  4. Hi FED!

    SORRY, I think I am little bit late with it…!?

    My wish was a LIMITED EDITION as a 3-DVD (instead of 2-DISC or 2-DVD and CD) with MORE EXTRAS as I can`t see enough of this brilliant tour!

    I saw 7 shows (Dortmund / Hamburg / Frankfurt / 3 x London RAH / Munich) in 2006 and every one was AMAZING !!! I was interviewed in London by a filmcrew member and also saw that I was filmed again by the same person discussing with a friend of mine in MUNICH in summer – I was the man with the PF PIG shirt! 😉

    Maybe that kind of stuff will be than on DVD3 !?!! Just an idea…, hoepefully ALL SONGS played on this tour will be coming out, means also RARER songs as “ON THE TURNING AWAY” (Venice) / “DARK GLOBE” (Munich with the HEAVY rain) / “THE GREAT GIG IN THE SKY” /with SAM BROWN in Paris) / “A GREAT DAY FOR FREEDOM” (Gdank) filmed by DAVID´s family, ETC. and some “BEHIND THE SCENES” stuff of course!

    Best wishes
    PETEFLOYD from Germany

  5. Did I get the snowblower I wished for? NO!? What kind of place is this anyway?

    As it turns out, I could have taken the snow shoveling at a slower pace, had I wanted to. Only when I was finished did I get the message that the university is closed and my class was cancelled. Oh well. Hey, I got great upper-body exercise today!

    I saw the Mermaid show when it played on screens at Regal Cinemas un teh United States. That was a short, but a very good, show. I’m glad that the footage is being made available, but for me a highlight of the film was a version of “Shine On You Crazy Diamond” that was very different from any other I’ve ever heard. I will miss it when the DVD arrives.

    However, I know that David (or someone) had to make choices, and I respect those choices.

  6. I think it’s a crime /somewhere/ to whip people into a frenzy. But it’s a nice frenzy. At least we can trust this news as solid fact (and salivate over it!) and it can’t be considered as ‘hype’. Much appreciated.

    Still patiently waiting for the final result,


    (PS. Thank you for giving us new presents, David. Most kind and generous of you, sir.)

  7. Caption: David and Richard and the sound guy are so exhausted during the tour that they decide to take a nap and still get it to perfection in their dream state.

    Thanks Fed, here’s hoping anyway. Have a wonderful weekend.

    P.S. I missed the tatoo thingy. I have only one from 2001, it’a wind blown maple leaf on my right shoulder to commemorate the Canadian and Legion Vets. Lest We Forget!

  8. I really like the pick idea. Remember That Night with a guitar pick in the centre. Maybe David would ID the back somehow so that no one knows until they remove it.

  9. Dearest FEd

    For me just having a new DVD is EXTRA enough!

    I am so elated. What a wonderful album, wonderful tour and how well we all have been looked after by you since tours end.

    You have definitley saved me from what I feared would be some serious withdrawal symptoms!

    Thanks FEd!


  10. Im ripping my hair out! The DVD´s, the contest. FEd is the update maybe the top three? Its too much!

    Have a great weekend everyone and see you next week!

    [I’m waiting with the rest of you, Paul. I know nothing yet. – Features Editor]

  11. You know, FED, I started to post yesterday , well the day before, and for some damn reason, I don’t know how, but when I went to backtrack and read (proof), the screen blinked and then…nothing. Quite frankly, this is only the third time this has ever happened to me.

    Anyway, I wanted to wish you that you had a Happy Valentine’s Day and go on a little rant about Feb. 3rd’s b.s.. Well because of my Gemininess, I’ve almost weakened in strength of what I wanted to say :

    First off, and I, for the very first time checked out some of the other sites, almost felt a little guilty, and then going back and forth a little, I have come to the conclusion that some “disappointed” fans on the other side of the aisle were “just a little out of line”. I thought there was going to be a bitter war. SPNTGWTP. [Some People Need To Get With The Program]

    I know you don’t need defending, FED, but when I got back from a little in-state vacation, I was f’ing appalled at what should have been a healthy discussion. The regulars and most of the irregulars that frequent here are, for the most part, bloody fantastic.

    I believe a belated Happy Birthday is in order to one esteemed Rudders. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, RUDDERS !!! Hope this year finds you well in all regards.

    Back to my point. That’s for all you f’ing wankers that decided to dump on FED. Greedy, petulant, juvenile and, oh wait…hold on…wait for it, wait for it…imbicilic wankers.

    This is supposed to be a community, a village, if you will. Well, for those of you….., ah screw it, all of those idiots that decided to be insipid, stupid, and irregardless of our passion for all things Floyd you ought to take a good look in the mirror and just really think, “Was it worth it ?” to just really go and dump on the site and FED.

    I regularly go through the archives and see a lot of stupid remarks people make, and maybe because of my Gemininess, I try to see both the pros and cons, the good and the bad and the downright ugly and try to bring it all together in some semblance of harmonius balance. ( And trust me folks, I am one sick, cynical s.o.b..)

    The production of a DVD is all-consuming to all involved. Millions of feet of footage has to be analyzed,proofed, edited, etc., etc.. What people are so bloody impatient, oh wait, I forgot, we live in an age of instant gratification. It just irked me to no end that some petty indivduals, who I am sure are inherently nice have proved themselves to be a little too quick and rash.

    Look, I have come to this site since David’s Birthday of last year. It has been a more concrete and accurate source of information and yes, like so many sites out there in the world, it goes through birthing pains. All in all, I have found this to be an exemplarary site. And you know what ? I actually feel appreciated here. I am a rabid fan of all things Floyd. Hell, I’m looking forward to seeing a certain bass player in May. Get it together folks. You may like one over the other, but let me tell you, without either member of Floyd, we would not be here !!!!

    So put that in your pipe and smoke it !!!

    Back to yesterday’s subject, my wish would be that maybe one or two of the Venice shows will show up.

    FED. I am guilty. I have come to love you in the sense that you are almost like a brother. You and I and many here are kindred spirits. Rudders, Simon, Lucia, God, I could keep going, but it’s high time for this site to receive the just desserts it so rightly deserves. FED, you have done a hell of a job. Keep up the good work.

    For those “others”…they should pause and take stock. Lord, you’re just one man beneath the stars. Take no prisoners. And by the way, for those of you who can’t take sarcasm, well, how shall I put it: voice of The Church Lady from Saturday Night Live, “Well, isn’t that special ?”

    To all of you, Peace and Love. Pause and take stock. And lastly, keep this in mind folks…good things come to those who wait.

    Cazart !!!!

    [Good rant, Raymond. I enjoyed it. Thanks. – Features Editor]

  12. hi

    I read all the wishes about the future dvd and most of them were great and so interesting. Now how to give satisfaction to everyone, or the big majority at least ?

    I think that the movies producers found the best way. for exemple, take a movie like GLADIATOR by Ridley Scott, a great movie, by the way. They did 3 kinds of package, for the “die hard” fan, and for just people who wanted the dvd in their archive. You have there a 3 discs edition, a 2 discs and a single dvd. I bought the 3dvds, but my friend bought only the single one.

    By this way you can satisfy everyone, without forcing people to pay a high price, if they dt want. So u could do a RAH single dvd, and add a bonus dvd with Mermaid, making off etc…, and a 3rd with gdansk, bcz it’s the most demanded show if u check the fans wishes.

    With these 3 packages, first you will satisfy almost all the wishes of your fans who support dave so many years, second it would be a 1st event in the music scene. First time a artist will do such a package, not only reserved for movies.

    Now the problem is if you have the Gdansk concert filmed in multicams etc…,and if you can do such a job until May, the date that u promised the dvd. If u decide to take this decision, the dvd can be available only in december, the date is not a problem, the most important is the footage included inside.

    I am sure that most of the fana agree with me, if its technically realisable, plz do it, it would be the best gift ever for us.

    Fed thx to give me ur opinion.

    best regards

    [We’d get criticised for “making” the die-hard fans buy three copies, Col. – Features Editor]

  13. I’m waiting…I’m waiting..and I’m hoping for some footage from Milan…please!!!

    See you

  14. Hi,

    My nephew, Chris (the one that ‘skived’ school to accompany me to the Mermaid Theatre on a ‘music field trip’) and I have recently bought the music book for OAI and last night we were trying to play some of the guitar parts.

    My nephew can’t wait for the DVD to come out as he’s convinced David has six fingers on his left hand and wants to scrutinise the footage to check!


  15. [Another thought might be for those not in the UK to donate to a similar charitable foundations in their home country/region -Gabrielle]

    One of the projects I worked on recently had to do with supporting children’s music in the San Francisco Bay Area. Because the Willow Foundation entry was closed, I wanted to add my local 2 cents.

    Music is critical to the integration and understanding of all communities, especially for children. Music education for the young in society, I believe, is paramount to the survival of any said community.

    The ‘Saints and Sinners Foundation’ has been providing assistance to local (SF Bay Area) music programs for over 40 years, and this year they are focusing on children.

    Please click my name for a link to the “Groove Is In The Heart” website and a fun little video. . .

    The video is only available for the next two days, but the H.264 transfer shot on Sony Z1’s is quite nice. . .and children’s understanding of music, really IS the next generation!

  16. Great news…’The blue’ it’s ok! I’m listening to it just now(how many times I did?).

    Best wishes to all in the ‘Arnold Layne’ contest.

    ciao a tutti

  17. Time to you roll up the sleeves. 235 comments on “One (DVD) wish”. What’s happening, a post Arnold Layne single effect? Or would there be a rumour again, this time about free ponies for grabs?

  18. can this dvd sound any better. its going to be the best yet.

    great chatting on the chat yesterday. i wish i had more time to stay and chat but im busier than ever. with the wife still resting after her c section i have joined the ranks of house husband and have got used to a thing called a vacumn cleaner.

    David is doing us all proud, hang in there all u waiting for the Arnold layne comp. the wait will be worth it. love and blessings to u all. cheers Fed.

    one last thing Fed is the Hammersmith concert available from 1984 i think i have the roughest of vhs copies and i would like to update. please see if you can find out for me. cheers mate.

    [It’s not out on DVD and there are no plans to release it. – Features Editor]

  19. Hi Fed,

    Your updates on all these goodies on the upcoming DVD are driving me to a very high level of impatience, you know … 😉

    Have a nice weekend,

    — Will the DVD be ready on Monday ?

    [I hope not, because there are dozens of things that I wouldn’t have been able to tell you about in time! – Features Editor]

  20. I swear, I’m going to watch this DVD every night, for the rest of my life.

    Thanks for the update Fed.

    Have a great weekend everybody.

  21. CAPTION:

    Rick was puzzled as to why his new remote control David Gilmour had suddenly stopped mid song…

    Great news about these extras. The Mermaid was a very special concert indeed. I am beginning to froth at the mouth with excitement !

    Have a good weekend everyone. Hopefully I’ll have time to chat next week.


  22. Can the DVD be sealed in a glass tube with a sign on it, saying “In emergency, break glass?

    Ian Pearson

  23. Hello FEd,

    It is all very good news indeed, and many people are anxious about it.

    Am sure it will have been worth waiting for and as it gets seen and seen again and again by David and Polly, Rick and the Band, All I can think is the dedication the editor himself gave to produce a great DVD and adding all the best of Extras.

    Extras is the best of reasons for me to buy a DVD and doing Documentary myself I will enjoy and appreciate it the day it comes to the shelf and better still i will enjoy offering it knowing it will be done to near perfection.

    Great news FEd, and please pass it on to David and Family and Band as I had a wonderful time listening to so far 5 concerts they did in their European Tour.

    My very best wishes

  24. Oh man, Castellorizon from Mermaid- talk about the beginning of the beginning! And i can never resist another High Hopes … THANK YOU!

  25. Caption Competition:

    Rick: Hey, Chris Martin was right. This lyric-writing on your hand really does work!!

  26. Thanks for the update, Fed.

    Wondering whether C&N will appear on the ‘On An Island’ and ‘The Blue’ tracks. I didn’t form it into a question, so you don’t have to answer. Just wondering. I can be patient. I swear.

    I am getting the feeling you’re going to have to get out your pointiest sticks, though. I read that Al Gore is planning a worldwide “Live8″ of global-climate-change-awareness concerts this summer, and you know what that means, right?

    The bleeding hearts will be coming here in droves soon to ask the question. I’m assuming they haven’t heard the news, which is why they haven’t pounded your cyber doors yet. Be aware, dear Fed.

    Have a great weekend!

    [Thanks for the warning, Tara. Have a lovely weekend. I don’t think Crosby and Nash were at the Mermaid gig, if memory serves me well. – Features Editor]

  27. F*Ed,

    From what I’m getting here, this DVD is shaping up to be one the classiest concert documentaries ever released. With all the history, romance and European influence included how could it not be?

    I really can’t wait to park it and watch this entire event uninterrupted.

  28. [‘Castellorizon’, ‘On An Island’, ‘The Blue’, ‘Take A Breath’ and ‘High Hopes’ will be included.]

    Is that all the songs included in the extra disc? Or will it also include Wearing The Inside Out?

    [Now, come on. There’s loads more… but that’s all we’re telling you about for now. – Features Editor]

  29. Yessss !!! After looking at the Mermaid concert through the web (that is a 3 inches tv.)We will see it in real HD. Wow, I can’t wait. Thank you a thousand times.

    In case I forget, Happy birthday to David on the 6th of march.


  30. These teasers are fantastic! What a pleasure.

    Have a great weekend, F.Ed.

    [The same to you, Gus. – Features Editor]

  31. Dare someone wheel out the Zaphod Beeblebrox caption for this picture… 🙂

    And just to let everyone know who has made comment about a recording of the 1984 DG Tour. I recently bought a very good used VHS copy through a well known internet site named after a rainforest…

  32. teasing we can bear with FED.

    but please don’t tell all. you see, anticipation of surprises is still good.

    have a good weekend everyone

  33. CAPTION:

    “Rick if you are going to bring food into the studio I draw the line at spreading marmite on bread, Please this is a civilised place”

    Rgds Geoff Duffy ( Dublin )

    This DVD will be something special.

    Barca Tuesday fingers crossed

  34. I’d never been to any concerts of David Gilmour or Pink Floyd. My husband was in the hospital (for almost a month) right at the time when Pink Floyd opened their concert tour of Division Bell in Miami back in 1993/4. My husband is still very upset about this even though he’s been to one of Pink Floyd’s other concert. Our wish is to be able to see one of David Gilmour’s solo concert in a very near future – that will be amazing.

    With that being said, I welcome any performance of David in the new DVD/CD. I especially like the intro of David’s guitar work in “Shine On”; it is absolutely spectacular and breathtaking.

    My husband and I are very excited about the new DVD. I can imagine what it’s going to be like for all of us – the fans when the DVD becomes available.

    As usual, thank you very much for the updates, we look forward to hearing more about it.

  35. how can you not include shine on from mermaid, its the best version i’ve ever heard/seen!

  36. While the details are thin right now, just wondering in my mind if David will play the Earth concerts that are being discussed.. How about ideas for a set list with specific collaborators.

    David G. and BB King
    David G. and CSN&Y
    David G. and Eric Clapton


    [David will not be involved in this concert, I’m afraid. – Features Editor]

  37. ‘The Blue’, yes, no problem, but The Reds ?

    Il faudra encore chanter très fort “Allez Les Rouges!”, mercredi ?


    [Merci et oui: chanter, s’il vous plaît, au mercerdi à 8.45PM (CET). – Features Editor]

  38. I just want to go on record as agreeing with what RabidSoul / Raymond McAteer had to say. Not only that, but it is stated so nicely. Thanks.

  39. Dear F.Ed. and friends

    Yesterday I missed the blog…and today I’ve to read 260 messages about this important topic!

    So many different and interesting (and funny) wishes has been already asked: any extra is truly ok for me, if the production needs 3 or 4 disc never mind! I’m ready to get this set absolutely!

    Please take all the necessary time to release in the best shape this DVD set: whatever that Artist will put in is the best choice.

    About my already know it: a signed copy of course.(by all of them, Mrs.Polly too)
    If not Here: Where ? If not Now: When?

    By the way:

    [David Gilmour gave a soundtrack for my life. His music inspired – and inspires my work, my life, my loves, countless moments of introspection and others of pure joy. Can´t ask for more. Just thank. Thank you. – Posted by: Adriano at February 14, 2007 03:39 PM]

    You may like one

    Adriano le tue parole mi hanno veramente fatto commuovere: le ho salvate nel mio file personale del blog che riservo ai commenti che più mi colpiscono. Gracie e ciao

    Adriano your words really touched me:I’ve saved into my personal blog-file where I store my preferred words.Thanks and ciao

    Have a very nice weekend
    Stai bene/take care Fed and friends
    Ciao Elisabetta

  40. Gilmourdevedeehadrenalitits –

    A swelling of the adrenal glands due to anticipation of the Remember that Night DVD release. Symptoms include an inability to sleep, exuberant posts to the blog and sometimes occasioned by irrational and demanding behavior.

    The only known treatment is daily participation in the blog. The related chatroom has also shown efficacy in alieviating the symptoms of Gilmourdevedeehadrenalitits, however beware of the risks of chronic chatroom addiction syndrome.

    I was diagnosed last night with this condition. Thankfully it is short term and not terminal.

    Have a good weekend, all.

  41. I forgot these:

    As Harrods celebrates the most iconic instrument of all through its storewide promotion, “Harrods Rocks”. Is Mr.Gilmour involved in any way in this event/exhibition?

    And what about the Al Gore planning of a series of concert named “Live earth” ?

    Thank you for all
    bye-bye/ciao Elisabetta

    [David isn’t involved in either of these, sorry. – Features Editor]

  42. The excitement builds!

    I don’t own an HD DVD player, but I’ve about convinced myself it will be well worth it even if ‘Remember That Night’ is the only DVD I ever watch.

    Anyone have an opinion on whether the extra cost of an HD player will be worthwile? I’m quite sure this release will look and sound great in either format, but…

  43. Oh wait I came up with another DVD wish!

    How about having our irregulars AL covers in the DVD? Thatd sure be a treat!

  44. Jan, Melissa and Elisabetta:

    Thank you very much for your comments. You are too kind.

    FEd and friends:

    Have a good weekend. See you all next Wednesday.

  45. Hello FEd,

    Thanks for the updates. I grow weak in the knees with anticipation.

    I enjoyed the chat yesterday, even though my computer was acting up.

    I hope you have an enjoyable weekend.

    Thank you Mr. Gilmour for always thinking of your fans.


  46. Well this DVD is sounding better and better. The anticipation is bulding. It will be a great summer present.

    Hope everyone’s weekend is great and same goes for you Fed.

    BTW my son starts practicing with his Soccer (Football) All – Star Team. Hope our season is good. GO BLUE LIGHTNING!

    Renee B.
    Fontana, Ca USA

    [Good luck to him, Renee. – Features Editor]

  47. Better late than never….. On the DVD… would love to see footage from “Massey Hall”….., and some on the road….stuff (behind the scenes)

  48. I read just now the news page about that the On An Island album will be in a film. I like this!!! And I like when good music sounds perfectly with movies’ scenes, so, I really hope some tracks will be included in the soundtrack too. In this case…all to the cinema!

    I wish you all a wonderful weekend


  49. I’ve heard about the ‘Live Earth’…can you tell me if David is involved in it?


    [I’m sorry to disappoint, but David will not be involved. – Features Editor]

  50. Ciao a tutti,

    I am very late with “one wish”. well, I am in Mexico for holidays and I didn’t care at all about the internet. today I check the site and I find these incredible news about the dvd. I haven’t read other people comments, sorry for that.

    My wishes are actually two.

    First: any song played during the tour. Even those played just once (on the turning away in Venice?!?!). don’t care of video quality but sound quality.

    Second: some Italian footage from Florence, or Milan (this is more like a dream than a wish).

    Will read you more when I’ll be back from mexico.

    Hasta Luego!!!!!


  51. Footage from the Mermaid show; now my dreams are all starting to come true. I thought it was the BBC who controlled the release of this material; I had even contacted them in the vain hope that they would put the majority of the show out on DVD.

    It really does get better and better.

    Wishing you all a great weekend.


  52. Feeling a bit under the weather today but its always a good feeling to come back here and see what is happening. Even if my head feels like it is going to fall off.

    By the way FEd, thanks for answering my question on the documentary on OAI.


  53. *caption*

    David is trying out a new rendition of a John Denver song: “Rick Wright on my shoulder makes me happy….”


  54. hey David,

    I just want to tell you that you are the best! I’m 13 and you’re my hero! I play guitar since 3 years and i hope i will play like you! When i listen The Division Bell, i cry because i think you are really the best guitar player in the world! You’re the best Dave!

    See you later!

  55. Por el momento voy a decirlo en mi idioma natal, el español.

    Soy colombiana y desde los once años -dentro de poco cumpló 25- escucho pink floyd. Estoy muy contenta por que viene roger waters el 9 de marzo a presentar dark side of the moon en el parque simon bolivar en Bogota pero desafortunadamente no viene david gilmour. Lo digo por que definitivamente lo vamos a extrañar, el sentimiento que expresa al tocar su guitarra. Sí. un hombre y su gitarra. Esa sencillez y pasión es la que me impacta. Cuando toquen las canciones que él ha tocado en pink floyd desde mi pais lo voy a pensar y por supuesto le agradecere por que tuve, tengo la fortuna de oirlo, aunque no este a 200, yo que se 400 metros de distancia en el simon bolivar. Yo se que en Cali las cosas no salieron muy bien, pero si todas las demás ciudades colombianas lo hubieramos sabido talvez la historia seria distinta y tendria una imagen diferente y amable del lugar donde vivo.

    Muchas gracias por darnos tanta alegria y paz con su música. Sigo escuchando su música por que es hermosa.

    Ilse carolina

  56. Please . Please, Please include “Fat Old Sun” on the Dvd.

    Saw David in Chicago, the solo at the end was the best thing Ive ever seen. It is a must for the DVD.

  57. I doubt that it will go to read at last, but…. it is not only there on (1° world) that it is liked quality Rock. It comes in the Brazil for the one time. please…

    I live in Belo Horizonte-Minas Gerais but in any place

  58. On The Turning Away, yeah, got to hear that too!

    Just watched The Departed, I don’t know if it was posted, Van Morrison’s horrible rendition of CN drives me cuckoo from the Berlin Wall Concert. He is a great artist, don’t get me wrong, but he doesn’t do anything for me on that one. Sorry!

    Saturday night my other favourite, David Keon will finally show up tomorrow in rememberance of the 1967 Toronto Maple Leafs last Stanley Cup Championship. He has been in hiding for 35 years. Watch for the ovation he’ll get, trust me on that one.

  59. CAPTION:

    “Buh-buh-booommmmm…..Tooooo-ra-looooo-ra-loo-raaaaal. Tooooo-ra-looooo-ra-laaaaaiiiii….”

  60. I’m currently ebaying a kidney incase its my wish!!!!! woohoo

    just found a jukebox in a local pub with 8 count em 8 pf songs on !!!!! i’m currently 16 quid less off!

    greets to all you lovely peops out there!

  61. wooot

    Today’s news is that the On An Island album is to be in a film. Currently in post-production is the picture tentatively entitled Reign Over Me (inspired by the Who song from Quadrophenia, Love Reign Over Me). Starring Adam Sandler and Don Cheadle, and directed by Mike Binder, the film concerns a man who, after losing his family in the September 11th attack on New York City, bumps into his old college roommate and rekindles their friendship in pursuit of recovery.

    Love Mr sandler. Combined with mr G’s soundtrack, can’t wait! class!!!

  62. Hi FEd! And Hi everyone!

    I had such a big break, cause my computer was broken!

    I c lots of newssss, and Im so excitied to see new dvd:D I hope there will be some scenes from Gdansk:)


  63. Hi FED !

    I’m a bit late, and seldom have the time to come around

    So I was reading the January Part, sorry if the topic is closed, about David Collaboration, and it seems to me that nobody mentions 2 collaborations with French and Spanish people

    RACHID BARHI (with other members from Pink Floyd) and ROE….

  64. Off topic –

    For 2007, the Chinese New Year falls on February 18th . So Happy New Year to you all. This is the year of the Pig, and it is not just an ordinary pig, it is the year of the “Fire Pig”, the exact same kind that was shown in the PULSE DVD (One of these days…)

    Our best wishes to you all for a happy, healthy and prosperous New Year!

  65. So soon the blue so soon. We’re off to Mexico in 2 weeks. How ironic is that. So weird. I could have met David. LOL. Why was he in Mexico anyway? Just wondering.

    [David went on a short holiday, but is home now. – Features Editor]

  66. My wife and I went to the movies last night, and there was a preview for REIGN OVER ME (the film in which OAI will be seen in a record store). It looks like it’ll be a really good film. I don’t usually like Adam Sandler, but if the preview is any indication, he might be very good in this one.

    For people who thought that the film should feature the music as well as the cover of OAI, well, the feel and themes of OAI might not be aligned with those of the movie. The Who’s “Love Reign O’er Me” is featured very prominently in the trailer, giving an indication of the feel they are aiming for.

  67. hi Fed, it’s Col again…

    About my 1 , 2 or 3 dvds packages proposition. You are certainly a friend of dave or close to him, you are not a “standard” fan … so , at my opinion (that is just my opinion), you are far to know how dave is loved and appreciated around the world.

    I am sure that a 3 dvds package with the complete Gdansk footage would be sold more than 3 copies, i think more about 100.000 or 500.000 copies… If you dt believe it, just ask the question on a next blog page.

    Like you took the incredible initiative to ask the wish of the fans, somthg that noone dared to do in the past, this time ask about a 3 dvds packages with the Gdansk concert… You could see and evaluate how WE want and WE need this.

    Real fans ( they are milions ) dt think about money when it’s about pink floyd and dave… And for the ones who have really money problems, there would have always the single or double packages…

    Just a question on the blog, and i will not “disturb”, “insist ” anymore…

    260 wishes in few days is a sign, this dvd is very important for all the milions fans who were not in the concerts, and for them who were there too, of course.

    thx a lot for ur patience, i recognize the choice of dave in a guy like you to drive this blog, you are the best Fed.

    take care

  68. I visited Venice yesterday for the Carnival….San Marco Square is not the same without David and Polly……David, you miss us terribly, I would like to see U again there!

    Ciao FED (Out of topic I have to say that Ronaldo is still a real marvel! 2 goals and 1 assist!!!!)

  69. Bravo, RabidSoul…. I couldn’t have said it better myself.

    Though I know FEd can handle the consumately insipid and snide remarks levied at Mr Gilmour and this site, the commitment to make this DVD a smashing success in terms of editing and extra content is nothing but stellar and praiseworthy(remember folks, the “powers that be” DON’T have to make this DVD… just a friendly thought to ponder over your coffee and crumpets). I mean, c’mon…it took David how long between his first lp, About Face, and On an Island?

    You waited then…. whats so different now? … I’ll tell you whats different!

    We’ve been glutted (for nearly a year now!!!) by amazing stuff all along from the Gilmour camp. Show a little restraint and benevolence whilst we wait a few months more for this DVD to be prepared for our spoilt little arses, will ya!?!?!

    Stepping off my soap box on Speakers corner!


  70. I hoped some of the Mermaid footage would be included, it is fantastic news.

    I must – but can’t – wait.


  71. Please don´t forget to include a Live-performance of the fantastic “Wot´s… Uh the Deal” on the upcoming DVD as well.

    It has been one of my absolutely favourite songs on the tour and it was never released on any other Live record of David Gilmour or Pink Floyd before.

    I would be very happy, if you can fulfill my wish.

    Nice regards,
    Stefan from Cologne

  72. Can I just pass on my best wishes to Mr Crosby, who I understand isn’t very well at the moment.

    Get well soon Sir.

  73. Hi FEd and friends,

    I just love getting these little bits of information on the upcoming “Remember That Night” dvd! Somehow I think that you have plenty of them … enough to keep all of us satisfied right up until the release date? If that’s the case it certainly bodes well for all of us who’ve put in our various reasonable wishes. Wasn’t it lorraine who put in a request for a pop-up David to be included with the dvd? Likely a bit much to ask for, although it did sound pretty darn good to me too!

    I saw a preview of the “Reign Over Me” movie that’s been talked about and thought that Adam Sandler looked so much like a young Bob Dylan. No particular point, just a random observation …

    I’m happy to see that you’ve scheduled a few chat-times for the rest of February. Hope to talk to you all soon. Who knows, I may be a granny by then!! What a long, strange trip indeed!

    Peace and love always,
    Washington State

  74. Anticipation is the key word for the RTN DVD. If this surpasses Pulse, watch out and be prepared for the storm. People will want to know David’s back with a stellar all star team. Phil, Guy ,Jon, Steve, Dick, standing ovation Richard and the Fender Bender himself, David. Need I say more?

  75. Part 2: I forgot to include the illustriate Marc Brickman also. What a huge talent, Guy Fox would be so envious of him.

  76. Hello to you all!

    I know this question has probably been asked before, but has the idea of a live CD been brought up? Surely one couldn’t limit the solo shows to just being heard in the household. I want everyone to hear some live David Gilmour as I drive throughout my day!

    [It’s been brought up many times, Joe. It’s a good idea. – Features Editor]

  77. Here in Argentina we really wonder when are you coming David.

    We are a huge community of fans waiting for you coming soon.

  78. Can I just say FEd I cant wait for the contest news!

    And im sorry Barcelona will mess up your wednesday week, but were too good!

    [We’ll see. – Features Editor]

  79. Please include Echoes Fat old sun and Wot´s… Uh the Deal!!!!!!!! Thank you

    Please don’t include anything of available it has to be a great DVD made up only with news previously unseen or unreleased..This is my kindly suggestion…

    Have a nice day!

  80. Happy Monday,

    [the consumately insipid and snide remarks levied at Mr Gilmour and this site]

    I had’nt noticed any. Anyone else notice any?

    Pete – Coventry

  81. [Barcelona will mess up your wednesday week]

    What do you reckon Fed. Set Bellamy and his golf club on to them?

    Pete – Coventry

    [Not the best timing, is it? – Features Editor]

  82. I read the news about David Crosby after checking the Blog today. Best wishes to him, too….

  83. Hi folk!

    Funny news. Italian newspapers say that today we celebrate the World Slowness day, dedicated to “all those people that feel that the world is running around too quickly” and that “we need to stop, to have back our time and learn to live more slowy”. And the italian Association of “the Art to live slowly” suggests one movie and 2 cds to have relax…and one of the cd is On An Island!

    Even if it is not the most important review On An Island received in this year, I think it’s nice the connection between this day and live in a quiet and peaceful way, and the quiet and peace that this album suggests. If you are interested, the review says (for my modest possibilities to translate it):

    “22 years to finish his third solo album. Of course, we can’t say that David Gilmour made that quickly. The band split up, but its storical leader can’t stop imaging and playing a 100% Floydian sound.

    In the cover, Gilmour already suggest the tastes and the atmospheres which are in the album: his symphonic rock is always romantic and ethereal. Foreseeable, maybe, but well supported by the voice of Crosby & Nash, and the light touch of Robert Wyatt and Phil Manzanera, and the timeless keyboards of Rick Wright, mate of adventures and part of Pink Floyd’s legend.

    On An Island’s sound is from a desert island; a sound soft and light, against the convulsion and the be hurried. Music that slow down. And when a Gilmour’s guitar riff just starts, it opens unexplored dimensions, which sound sweetly familiar by his unmistakable playing”.

    [Thanks for that, Lucia. I think that’s pretty perfect as far as reviews go. – Features Editor]

  84. Thanks for posting the review Lucia, I enjoyed reading that. The respect is unmistakeable 🙂

  85. [*caption* David is trying out a new rendition of a John Denver song: “Rick Wright on my shoulder makes me happy….” – Posted by: Andrew at February 16, 2007 09:10 PM]

    Ha, ha. Great stuff!

  86. It’s very nice to see David Gilmour as a viable artist that, while playing older Pink Floyd songs (which we all appreciate), still pushes and writes new material, then records it- then tours- and releases CD’s and DVD’s galore for all to hear! How awesome is that?

    Unlike another fellow artist (that shall remain unnamed) who tours as sort of an “oldies artist” with little or NO new viable material to share!

    David should be proud that he is still a contributing artist who continues to push boundries and set high marks for others to “follow”- setting yet still a higher standard to attain. While we all yearn for and love to hear the older stuff, we are very grateful, that unlike just another “oldies act” wallowing in nostalgia (which we kinda of enjoy, to a point), David is as much a part of the new music scene, as he ever was.

    Thanks David for all of the things that you have done- that you clearly did not have to do, but did anyway. It is clearly a balancing act that you have mastered with (dare I say it?) random precision- a precision that matches your guitar genius with lucid forsight.

    We are looking forward to “Remember That Night” with vulgar anticipation! Cheers!! (Also thanks F’ed for all you do as well!)

  87. [Can I just pass on my best wishes to Mr Crosby, who I understand isn’t very well at the moment. Get well soon Sir]

    i didn’t know that. i am also sorry to hear of it .


  88. Interesting article Lucia, quite funny, well I’m sure David would have to object though, I don’t think his life is that slow, with a big family and children…

    anyway yes I am for the jamaican saying… easy man… easy…

  89. FEd, quick question for you:

    There have been rumors floating around that Richard Wright is working on a new solo album.

    Now I know that this is Mr Gilmours site, but considering this is the one site I trust for news relating to this group of musicians, is there any truth to this rumor?

    [I know nothing about it, sorry. – Features Editor]

  90. ***Caption***

    Madame Tussauds do an excellent job with the models of David Gilmour and Rick Wright but perhaps the soundtrack could have done with some more research… (*hears playing softly in the background* …these are the pros and cons of hitch-hiking…)

  91. Hey, David! Can’t wait to check out the DVD.

    Make a pitstop in Boston during your time in America during April. We’d love for you to do a concert here, especially me! 🙂

  92. Sorry about the Off Topic… But I’m very anxious about the Arnold Layne Contest… Any news?

    Thanks a lot FEd for the news about the dvd. 😉
    Excellent! I can’t wait till it comes to stores.

    (hopefully I’m not to late about the One Wish Dvd… I would like Echoes from abbey road…)


    [I’m sorry, but there’s no update yet. – Features Editor]


    [Please check your e-mail if you haven’t already done so, Larry. – Features Editor]

  94. HOLA


  95. I went online, after reading the entry in this blog where someone writes with good wishes for a very sick David Crosby. Apparently, Crosby and Nash had to postpone their entire tour of North America, which had been set to begin next week.

    I found one news report that said Mr. Crosby has pneumonia, while another said this illness is the result of his ongoing battle with Hepatitis C.

    So, friends, let’s join together and wish Mr. Crosby well.

  96. This is an interesting article on the On An Island live tour setup in Canada last year. Especially the last paragraph is nice.

    Click my name below.

    [Thanks for that, GianLuca. – Features Editor]

  97. Nope, Pete. Thankfully there are no snide remarks, unreasonable demands, or stroppy comments around here. 😉


  98. ciao a tutti,

    Dr. Strangelove wrote a very nice post today. I liked it. and agree. and Lucia posted a nice review, agree also with that. David Gilmour was slow but after all he didn’t actually had to that to respect a contract and came out with a surprise, a personal record. And we all can hear that.

    Now a technical question. I am quite embarassed as I should know the answer. I presume that the HD DVD will not be playable on older DVD player. Or am I wrong because the new support has a layer that old DVD can read? Or there will be two versions? and in this case the two DVD remain two or become more to include everything..Err that’s more than a question..


    By the way. Folks, mexico is great: food, people, landscape, music, sombreros. I’ll suggest for everybody. there’s something for everybody.

    [All I know at this time is that there will be two versions, Piergiorgio: one that will play on any DVD player and one on HD-DVD. Nobody will miss out. – Features Editor]

  99. “On An Island album is to be in a film….Starring Adam Sandler”

    Sorry I am not a fan of Adam Sandler – not to be rude – I don’t find his acting impressive. To me, he lacks the charisma as an actor. David Gilmour’s music is far too “deep”, “graceful” and “sophisticated” for Adam Sandler’s type of movies.

    Nevertheless, “On An Island” is an outstanding production and I am glad to see that someone in the film industry likes it so much that he would put it in a film.


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