More DVD extras


It was nice to find out what you’re all wishing for from David’s DVD.

It’s nice to be able to tell you that many of you are going to see your wishes granted soon. We’re not going to tell you exactly whose wishes have been granted yet, of course, but we will say that the disc full of extras will include footage from the Mermaid Theatre.

‘Castellorizon’, ‘On An Island’, ‘The Blue’, ‘Take A Breath’ and ‘High Hopes’ will be included.

That’s all for yet another week. Have a good weekend and we’ll tease you some more when you get back.

We’ll also have an update on the ‘Arnold Layne’ contest.

Hang in there if you’re still waiting anxiously. We know that it’s torture being kept in suspense like this, but the extra time that’s being spent on choosing the winner is in your best interests.


  1. Angelo Ortiz

    I read the news about David Crosby after checking the Blog today. Best wishes to him, too….

  2. Lucia

    Hi folk!

    Funny news. Italian newspapers say that today we celebrate the World Slowness day, dedicated to “all those people that feel that the world is running around too quickly” and that “we need to stop, to have back our time and learn to live more slowy”. And the italian Association of “the Art to live slowly” suggests one movie and 2 cds to have relax…and one of the cd is On An Island!

    Even if it is not the most important review On An Island received in this year, I think it’s nice the connection between this day and live in a quiet and peaceful way, and the quiet and peace that this album suggests. If you are interested, the review says (for my modest possibilities to translate it):

    “22 years to finish his third solo album. Of course, we can’t say that David Gilmour made that quickly. The band split up, but its storical leader can’t stop imaging and playing a 100% Floydian sound.

    In the cover, Gilmour already suggest the tastes and the atmospheres which are in the album: his symphonic rock is always romantic and ethereal. Foreseeable, maybe, but well supported by the voice of Crosby & Nash, and the light touch of Robert Wyatt and Phil Manzanera, and the timeless keyboards of Rick Wright, mate of adventures and part of Pink Floyd’s legend.

    On An Island’s sound is from a desert island; a sound soft and light, against the convulsion and the be hurried. Music that slow down. And when a Gilmour’s guitar riff just starts, it opens unexplored dimensions, which sound sweetly familiar by his unmistakable playing”.

    [Thanks for that, Lucia. I think that’s pretty perfect as far as reviews go. – Features Editor]

  3. George Maciver

    Thanks for posting the review Lucia, I enjoyed reading that. The respect is unmistakeable 🙂

  4. Julie Davies

    [*caption* David is trying out a new rendition of a John Denver song: “Rick Wright on my shoulder makes me happy….” – Posted by: Andrew at February 16, 2007 09:10 PM]

    Ha, ha. Great stuff!

  5. Dr. Strangelove

    It’s very nice to see David Gilmour as a viable artist that, while playing older Pink Floyd songs (which we all appreciate), still pushes and writes new material, then records it- then tours- and releases CD’s and DVD’s galore for all to hear! How awesome is that?

    Unlike another fellow artist (that shall remain unnamed) who tours as sort of an “oldies artist” with little or NO new viable material to share!

    David should be proud that he is still a contributing artist who continues to push boundries and set high marks for others to “follow”- setting yet still a higher standard to attain. While we all yearn for and love to hear the older stuff, we are very grateful, that unlike just another “oldies act” wallowing in nostalgia (which we kinda of enjoy, to a point), David is as much a part of the new music scene, as he ever was.

    Thanks David for all of the things that you have done- that you clearly did not have to do, but did anyway. It is clearly a balancing act that you have mastered with (dare I say it?) random precision- a precision that matches your guitar genius with lucid forsight.

    We are looking forward to “Remember That Night” with vulgar anticipation! Cheers!! (Also thanks F’ed for all you do as well!)

  6. Linda _island_lady .

    [Can I just pass on my best wishes to Mr Crosby, who I understand isn’t very well at the moment. Get well soon Sir]

    i didn’t know that. i am also sorry to hear of it .


  7. GianLuca

    Interesting article Lucia, quite funny, well I’m sure David would have to object though, I don’t think his life is that slow, with a big family and children…

    anyway yes I am for the jamaican saying… easy man… easy…

  8. AxPxM88

    FEd, quick question for you:

    There have been rumors floating around that Richard Wright is working on a new solo album.

    Now I know that this is Mr Gilmours site, but considering this is the one site I trust for news relating to this group of musicians, is there any truth to this rumor?

    [I know nothing about it, sorry. – Features Editor]

  9. Rick Strang


    Madame Tussauds do an excellent job with the models of David Gilmour and Rick Wright but perhaps the soundtrack could have done with some more research… (*hears playing softly in the background* …these are the pros and cons of hitch-hiking…)

  10. Kevin

    Hey, David! Can’t wait to check out the DVD.

    Make a pitstop in Boston during your time in America during April. We’d love for you to do a concert here, especially me! 🙂

  11. Arber

    Sorry about the Off Topic… But I’m very anxious about the Arnold Layne Contest… Any news?

    Thanks a lot FEd for the news about the dvd. 😉
    Excellent! I can’t wait till it comes to stores.

    (hopefully I’m not to late about the One Wish Dvd… I would like Echoes from abbey road…)


    [I’m sorry, but there’s no update yet. – Features Editor]

  12. larry kerrigan


    [Please check your e-mail if you haven’t already done so, Larry. – Features Editor]

  13. alexis ponce



  14. Dan

    I went online, after reading the entry in this blog where someone writes with good wishes for a very sick David Crosby. Apparently, Crosby and Nash had to postpone their entire tour of North America, which had been set to begin next week.

    I found one news report that said Mr. Crosby has pneumonia, while another said this illness is the result of his ongoing battle with Hepatitis C.

    So, friends, let’s join together and wish Mr. Crosby well.

  15. GianLuca

    This is an interesting article on the On An Island live tour setup in Canada last year. Especially the last paragraph is nice.

    Click my name below.

    [Thanks for that, GianLuca. – Features Editor]

  16. Becky in Atlanta

    Nope, Pete. Thankfully there are no snide remarks, unreasonable demands, or stroppy comments around here. 😉


  17. Piergiorgio

    ciao a tutti,

    Dr. Strangelove wrote a very nice post today. I liked it. and agree. and Lucia posted a nice review, agree also with that. David Gilmour was slow but after all he didn’t actually had to that to respect a contract and came out with a surprise, a personal record. And we all can hear that.

    Now a technical question. I am quite embarassed as I should know the answer. I presume that the HD DVD will not be playable on older DVD player. Or am I wrong because the new support has a layer that old DVD can read? Or there will be two versions? and in this case the two DVD remain two or become more to include everything..Err that’s more than a question..


    By the way. Folks, mexico is great: food, people, landscape, music, sombreros. I’ll suggest for everybody. there’s something for everybody.

    [All I know at this time is that there will be two versions, Piergiorgio: one that will play on any DVD player and one on HD-DVD. Nobody will miss out. – Features Editor]

  18. Veronica

    “On An Island album is to be in a film….Starring Adam Sandler”

    Sorry I am not a fan of Adam Sandler – not to be rude – I don’t find his acting impressive. To me, he lacks the charisma as an actor. David Gilmour’s music is far too “deep”, “graceful” and “sophisticated” for Adam Sandler’s type of movies.

    Nevertheless, “On An Island” is an outstanding production and I am glad to see that someone in the film industry likes it so much that he would put it in a film.