'Breaking Bread…'


Good news to follow, but the bad news first.

The winner of EMI’s ‘Arnold Layne’ contest will not be announced this week.

We are extremely sorry for the delay and fully understand how anxious you are to hear the result, but we obviously wish to ensure that the result is a fair one.

So please continue to be patient. We’ll have an update on Monday.

Now, the good news.

A ‘Live from Abbey Road’ DVD and CD will be available in the summer. Apparently, these will include unseen tracks and more interview footage. We’ll keep you updated.

Now some more details on David’s DVD, ‘Remember That Night’.

As you know, there will be three documentaries included on a disc absolutely crammed-packed with extras.

The main one is called ‘Breaking Bread, Drinking Wine’. Shot by Gavin Elder, it contains behind-the-scenes footage of the tour, from the rehearsals in Bray (that is, after the first European and American legs), through to Gdańsk.

The second is a short, but funny, film shot on the West Coast of America. According to David, it will include "some hilarious, but drunken stuff" shot by Richard backstage in LA.

There will also be a documentary on the making of ‘On An Island’.

More details later this week… but only if you’re good.

The chatroom will next be open tomorrow from 7PM (UK).

Author: FEd

Features Editor of David Gilmour’s official blog, The Blog (‘Features’ previously being its rather naff title), affectionately – or lazily – shortened to ‘FEd’.

112 thoughts on “'Breaking Bread…'”

  1. Good stuff and now the questions.

    Do you know if the documentary about the making of OAI is the same one that the record company released last year that was available on iTunes? (Starts with an image of the door on the Astoria if I remember correctly.)

    And the second question about the Abbey Road release, do you know if that will be a U.K. only release or worldwide?



    [Questions, you say? Why, Andrew, why? I’ll find out the answer to the first one, but you’ll have to see the ‘Live from Abbey Road’ website for details of what they’ll be selling. Please click your name below for that. – Features Editor]

  2. No sign of the Mermaid concert. Do you think there could be a chance of seing it?


    [Maybe. You’ll just have to wait for the next update. – Features Editor]

  3. Oh Man I can’t wait!!!!

    I tried keeping an eye on the Grammy’s but missed a great deal of it. CA’s James Brown tribute was awesome. I only tried to watch in hopes of seeing David though. Way to go Dixie Chicks!!!!!

  4. [More details later this week… but only if you’re good.]

    Hey Fed, isn’t that a little bit of blackmailing? 🙂

    anyway: great further news on the forthcoming RAH-DVD and the Abbey Road-DVD; but take cover and be prepared for an avalanche of myriad new enquiries about “acoustic Echoes” and the like … I’m sure this will start again now …

    p.s.: Any news about David’s Grammy-nomination fate?

    [Sadly, he didn’t win. – Features Editor]

  5. Thanks for the update FEd! As long as it takes is fine if fairness is whats slowing us down. Im still amazed at the fact that David was in Mexico CIty a few days ago and I didn´t know, worst thing is, I actually had to go to the airport that day, but my trip got cancelled in the end!

    Im very excited about both DVD´s,the Abbey Road one is my only hope of ever seeing that show.

    Anyways, Ill try to get to the late chat tomorrow. Again thanks to everyone for your support with the contest!


    The joke was on Zbigniew Preisner when after several measures he realised his sheets were replaced by the score to ‘Atom Heart Mother’……

  7. Fed… great news about the DVD. It will be great to see backstage shananigans through Richards eyes… just no loo #1, #2 and #3… K?

    And looking forward to the behind the scenes stuff, esp Gdansk… should be interesting to see behind the scenes of such a huge and memorable event (esp for those lucky enough to go!).

    Thanks for the news of the DVD.


  8. I wish to enjoy one concert–> I work at the ship as Ship Security Officer. However a half lif(v)e i go with PF and Dave. The first solo concert i watch in Frankfurt/Main Germany About face Tour. chris slade on the Drums. Must be April `84 Alte Oper. If same Concerts, two tickets to get for germany than let me now. Between April and 25th of May.

    Many thanks in advanced …. Tim

  9. [A ‘Live from Abbey Road’ DVD and CD will be available in the summer…]

    gee, you guys there are producing forever. no DG geeks should complain though

    please FED, would you tell the decision-making guys not to make this a limited edition and this time to include turkey in the countries to ship turkey? it took me two months and a lot of favors to get the live and in session.

    also, if there is this whole lot of materials for the “remember that night”, why not make it 3 discs instead of two? ok, maybe i’m now being too much.

  10. Too Bad about the contest =(

    But the DVD sounds amazing. I definately will be buying that, and The Abbey Road DVD/CD on the days the come out respectively.

    Always good to see the stuff you post, it makes a Monday easier to ahdnle =)

    Have a good week FEd

  11. [A ‘Live from Abbey Road’ DVD and CD will be available in the summer. Apparently, these will include unseen tracks]

    Wonder who’ll be the first to ask: “Will it include Echoes?”

  12. Hi all,

    great news about the DVD, I wonder does it include the interviews/ comments from fans after the Albert Hall gigs. I remember how I responded to the cameraman when asked what was the highlight of the show – as soon as the light on the camera came on – a blank (stunned bunny) look came over me and the only thing I could muster up was the word ‘echoes’ – my brother nearly pi%%ed himself laughing at me.

    Ah remember that night…..

  13. All good information, thanks again FEd. I particularly like the sound of the Abbey Road items. Given the special nature of the recordings and the diversity of the artists included it would be a surprise if a DVD wasn’t produced.

    Good luck to everyone waiting for the Arnold Layne result, I’m looking forward to hearing the winning entry in due course….I think!


  14. Sounds utterly marvellous!

    The entries must be good for the Arnold Layne competition if they’re taking so long to judge them.

    Thanks for the info!

  15. CAPTION:

    ” and the grammy goes to???????? hang on that cant be right where are my glasses …. is there a typo here………”

    Rgds Geoff Duffy ( Dublin )

  16. Why do we have to be so darned GOOD, just to get more information? How about those of us who don’t WANT to be good? How about people who are no good at being good? This sounds like a discrimination lawsuit in the making.

    –Signed, Bad-To-The-Bone Dan.

    P.S. On a serious note, if there were a way to get a message directly to David, I’d like to thank him for signing a guitar for Willow. I spent years working with people with disabilities. They often live at the mercy of people who don’t care enough to help them live well. In their struggle for basic survival, a “special day” is a wonderful, but rare, thing. In some situations, this occasional “special day” can literally save lives. It says a lot about David’s personality that he would do so much — and help encourage a lot of people to do even more — to help those who are less fortunate and whom David may never have the chance to meet in person.

    Thank you for all that you do, David.

  17. Good news from the Island…can’t wait until then! I love the ‘Behind the scenes’…


  18. CAPTION:

    The gas canister for the inflatable conductor seemed to run out at the last minute

    Rgds Geoff Duffy (Dublin)

  19. This sounds magnificent F*Ed, thanks for the info…

    I do hope Richard was kind towards his fellow bandmates during the editing process!

  20. Well I, for one, will be viewing the delay of the Arnold Layne results as good news. I can only imagine the need for more time is to bring due diligence to the process. I would hope since David will be deciding the final results he would want to be doing so from the highest quality offerings available.

    Thanks for the updates on the DVDs, FEd! Can’t wait to see Richard’s homemade vidz!


  21. Hi FEd & faithful readers,

    Just throwing out a hypothetical situation…

    What if Rick Wright decided to tour Broken China back in 1996 (or decided to do a tour now)… what do you think would be a realistic setlist? And also, who would be the musicians that would make up his touring band?

    Let’s do two halves of a main set, then some encores… and be creative!


    [No, let’s not. With the greatest respect to Richard, this is David’s site. – Features Editor]

  22. The DVD sounds great. Thanks for the info Fed, definetly something to look forward to this summer. I surely can’t wait, or maybe I can haha.

    Bummer about the announcement of the EMI winner. Good Luck to all who entered.

    Have a great Monday.

    Renee B.
    Fontana, Ca USA

  23. Great, great news on the DVD. I’m really looking forward to everything on it…especially the backstage antics.

    I’m sure the barn door is now open on the “Abbey Road” dvd and the rampant speculation of it’s contents. I won’t mind what is on it, I’ll get it anyway!

    See everyone in chat tomorrow.

  24. wow,im so excited.Fed you made my day.Hell you made my summer.

    Thanks for letting us know, and i’ll be good.I PROMISE.

  25. Excellent News! Can’t wait to see the behind-the-scenes footage. It is great getting to know the guys more.

    First Taylor Electric with the signature of Mr. Gilmour??? WOW!

    Oh yea! I still can’t believe David did not win the Grammy.

    May the Gilmour family be always blessed.

  26. Thank you for the great news FEd…We´ll anxiously wait for the release date – I mean, the official one, you know…

    About Liverpool…Have they hired Javier Mascherano or I just heard that wrong on the radio??? Mate, that´s the least thing you could wish for…This guy had to flee from his last club here in Brazil, otherwise it´s supporters would kill him (not in that figurative meaning)…And to make it worst, he declared that he was proud to be part of the Red DEVILS?????

    Uh…Have you ever considered supporting a brazilian football team? São Paulo Futebol Club, for instance?… 🙂

    [I believe he’s now a Liverpool player, Adriano. He’s played for two other clubs this season, so I think there was an appeal from Liverpool to get permission to play him. He’s definitely training with Liverpool, though. – Features Editor]

  27. Oh my! Another DVD? This is unbelievable! Two DVD releases to look forward to this year?

    Thanks David.


  28. Oh man i can’t wait to see my hands in Gdansk . I wish show more public in film i wish to see me in sector B . But how possible ?????!!!!!!

    Oh i arrived from Ukraine for 24 hours to see by own eyes David live !!!!!!!

  29. That is great news on the Abbey Road DVD and the tour DVD. Never expected a Abbey Road DVD. Here is to wishing the months away.

    On another note, waiting for Friday to come, heading down to Florida for the great American race at Daytona (NASCAR). Hopefully the weather will get better. When you go to Florida you expect the weather to be sunny and hot. Not looking so good now (mid 60’s) but it is better than the low 20’s where I am at.

    Happy Monday to all

    [Have a good time, Wendy. – Features Editor]

  30. Wow!!! Such a lot of great news!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Thanks FEd 😉

    (I’ll wait till monday, no problem)

  31. Oh wow, thanks for the update on Remember That Night! I’m so excited to see those documentaries!

    Hope you had a nice weekend, Fed.


  32. Thats good news – Thank you for that.

    I´m sure, i´m the only one who ask this question: Is “Echoes” on that ‘Live from Abbey Road’ DVD ?

    Then, I promise, I´ll be good!

    Best wishes

    [I don’t think it will be, Andreas. If we hear from the ‘Live from Abbey Road’ people with any further details, we’ll let you know. – Features Editor]

  33. Wow great news about both DVD’s! Can’t wait to get those!

    And for the contest…patience is a virtue! 🙂

  34. whats bad about that? I can’t wait* for the CD and DVD. This is great stuff, the more the merrier.

    *Well, I will have to, of course. No doubt someone will plead for it to have Echoes on it, c’est la vie.

  35. Ciao FED and Bloggers

    First of all I want to say that uncle David does not need Grammies, he is in another higher level!

    Thanks for the news about the DVD and, FED, I have to say that Ronaldo (not Cristiano) is still a big big player (not only for his weight!) I am sorry for the Reds but I think that the main match of the year for the Reds is versus Barcellona (next week) so don’t be sad FED, and think positive!

    Ciao Claudio da Ravenna.

  36. Hallo Adriano!!!! Please, tell me something about the player Pato; is he a champion?

    Adriano, remember to wash the plates!


  37. Oooohhhh, it all sounds very exciting and I can’t wait!

    Well, I can wait and I’ll have to.

  38. Oh, well, sorry to hear that mate… At least in Brasil, Mascherano did…nothing!

    All my hopes…

  39. [It will include “some hilarious, but drunken stuff” shot by Richard backstage in LA.]

    “Gills Gone Wild”?

  40. [No, let’s not. With the greatest respect to Richard, this is David’s site. – Features Editor]

    Let’s discuss our fav soccer teams instead…

    Oooooooh I’m gonna burn for that one…

  41. Hey Claudio, how are you, my friend?

    Pato is a great player.Wish he stayed in Brasil, to play at SPFC… I think he can play as much as Ronaldo Gaucho, when the right time comes.

    There´s this kid too, Nilmar…He is very, very good. We tried to have him at SPFC too, but the price was astronomical…Can´t complain, though.

    We beated our greatest rivals – Coríntians Paulista – again this sunday – 3×1. Now it´s been almost 4 years since the last time they won a game on us. How about that uh?

    It´s good to be a São Paulino.

    (I hate doing the dishes…)

  42. Hi,

    That’s great news about the Abbey Road DVD. Something else to look forward to as the year progresses.

    I agree with Rudders about “keeping the dream alive” in connection to the Arnold Layne competition. And I am glad that EMI are doing what is “fair”.

    I am glad that there will be a later than usual chat tomorrow. Hopefully I will be able to participate. Until then, I bid you good evening.



  43. Hi Fed,

    Richard taking video in LA- Would that be like Gilmour’s Gone Wild?

    Caption- The violins ready in anticipation of yet another round of whining about no Arnold Layne results…

    Caption- “I’m telling you, the fish was thiiis big!”

    Caption- “We’re not worthy! We’re not worthy!”

    Man, I need some coffee.

    Have a good day, all


  44. [Questions, you say? Why, Andrew, why? I’ll find out the answer to the first one, but you’ll have to see the ‘Live from Abbey Road’ website for details of what they’ll be selling. Please click your name below for that. – Features Editor]

    Heck, at least I wasn’t the one to ask if Echoes will be on it.

    Thanks for whatever you find out.


  45. Great news today, thank you !

    I do hope that the DVD will include ‘behind the stage’ footage from the Vienne concert at ‘Théâtre antique’, I so would like to see David and friends taste and enjoy our Beaujolais, sure they did !

    I will ever remember David telling us in his perfect french “Maintenant, nous allons jouer ce morceau comme nous l’avons fait il y a 31 ans, nous avons besoin d’un peu de Beaujolais et d’un peu de silence “. He has not been disappointed, we could have heard a pin drop during the wineglass intro of Shine On.. !

    ‘Breaking Bread, Drinking Wine’ it’s called, so, maybe I can hope , no ?


  46. *Caption*

    Presnier: I can’t believe I accepted to play Atom Heart Mother… What’s written here? Rapatika Go Go Cha…what? 😉

  47. ***caption***

    First violinist: “Errr … I think we’re on fire”

    Zbigniew: “You bet we are baby … now here comes the tricky bit!”

  48. [First of all I want to say that uncle David does not need Grammies, he is in another higher level!]

    how very well said!

  49. Ok, Fed. It seems you are saying the “Live From Abbey Road” DVD will be a production of the BBC or whoever is producing the TV show, and that further information on the details will have to come from them.

    It seems that if it’s a BBC production that it will more likely cover all the artists and not go into depth on any one performer. Or are they planning a DVD per artist?

    Apologizes if I’m asking for information that doesn’t yet exist.

    Of course everyone knows what I want to be included on the DVD, so I won’t bore anyone with that..

    [All we know at this stage is that there will be both a DVD and CD. This is more than likely to be one or two DVDs covering the entire series, and possibly a single song/interview from each performance. As soon as we know more, we’ll let you know, but I’m afraid that an acoustic version of ‘Echoes’ is very unlikely. – Features Editor]

  50. Also, I hope the drunken video doesn’t include the bar scene with Guy P. in Oakland, because I believe I was embarassingly drunk and caught on tape. I was so busy at work that day I missed lunch, not a good combination with a pair of martinis..

    Luckily I had some dinner before the show to right the ship, as it were.

  51. FEd, just catching up on 3 weeks posts. So much info, really appreciate your efforts, thanks for all continued hard work.

    Ps. Amazed at how much goes on in 3 weeks. WW in Carling semi’s, nearly took Chelsea at our home leg! Arsenal 6, Everton 0-0 American owners and now Newcastle loss?? :((

  52. Caption..

    “Am I reading this score right?..1 banana,1/2 each of mango and papaya,..throw in some almonds…Yumm..”

    Thanks so much for relieving my winter blahs with “the good news”.

    Almost,but not quite,the same feeling as waiting for the concert about this time last year.TIME sure flies doesn’t it?

    As for the “bad news”..davidgilmour.com practices what it preaches..”tough love”.. but it’s true love and all the better for us in the end.

  53. Hi

    Just a question.

    The Gdansk concert was filmed or not, with multicameras etc… ? there was a philarmonic orchestra playing with david, something that happended the 1st and last time in his solo carrier. So i hope that this movie, if it exists will be edited, totally or parts of it, in the may or summer dvd. If u know somthg, thx to tell me.

    take care

    [Gdansk was one of many concerts to be filmed, but the live DVD covers the London shows only. – Features Editor]

  54. Great news about the DVD’s. Thanks for the info Fed.

    Unless I’m mistaken, a while back, didn’t it say on this website that the abbey road version of Echoes was something special for the people that were in the studio, and would never appear on a video?
    Hopefully that clears up a lot of questions to follow.

    Have a great day bloggers.

  55. Great news… can’t for the DVD.

    I tried to keep the Grammy’s on…. but frankly, most of it was bullshit, what happened to everyones taste in music? I do beleave in “to each his own”, however…I find it hard to beleave that alot of the award recipients are “what everyone really wants to hear”.

    I did think there was a few good moments, the James brown tribute was great, Police reunion was nice, and the Red Hot Chilli Peppers were good. Probably the best thing I saw was one of the Chilli Peppers saying “we need more rock bands, go buy an instrument and play”.

  56. Hi FEd,

    Terrific news! I can hardly wait.

    [More details later this week… but only if you’re good…Features Editor]

    I’m very good……..


  57. I finally understand what rudders are!

    Aircraft typically turn by using ailerons and rudders to push against the air they’re flying through. When you want your plane to turn left, for instance, you can elevate the ailerons on the left wing; this creates extra drag on the left side of the plane and slows it somewhat, causing the plane to turn left. It also has the effect of pushing the left wing downward, so the plane banks as it turns. To turn more quickly, you can elevate the ailerons on one wing and depress them on the other – this makes the craft bank even more sharply, since one wing is pushed upward and the other is pushed downward.

    Basically, they are air flow directionalization systems!

    The above information was written by Michael A. Dexter. I take no credit.

  58. Hi FEd and friends,

    It just keeps getting better! ‘Remember That Night’ with so many extras and a dvd of the Abbey Road Sessions too? I’m lovin’ it!!

    Hope I can pop in tomorrow for a few minutes in between making a morning tamale run and then my niece’s casual wedding ceremony/fiesta later in the day. Ole’!

    Washington State

  59. I knew a live CD would come from DG. I sensed it would come. Bet your sweet a**es I will buy both DVDs and the live album when it comes out!

    [This is a DVD and CD of the ‘Live from Abbey Road’ television series, don’t forget. David is just one of many artists featured. – Features Editor]

  60. Caption:

    As Zee-big-nee-ev is Breaking Bread, he accidently Breaks Wind.

    Have fun gang in the Chatroom today. C’mon May, June and July.

  61. Haven’t posted for a while due to black dogs syndrome. Maybe some might know about that effect.

    A wise old man, (you FeD?) once said People will post because they can. I think this may mean that its easy to post to a blogg like this but for me recently its been the hardest. Why should I? I havent anything to contribute and then I remembered FeD saying that without bloggers or whatever we/they are called there wouldnt be a site like this.So I thought and realised its true.

    I listened to the “Division Bell” as its all about communicating and decided to try and post. That was a week ago and every time I thought to post/Blog, I’d read messages thinking, “nah everyone’s saying it all. Its better to be a recluse”, (but is it?) so I set myself a target to post only when the winners of the “Arnolyd Layne” competition are announced.It would give me an aim.

    But with the news of this summers release of DVD/CD form Abbey Road, I had this desire to post. So a big thank you to all involved with that. I shall look forward to it, it will keep me going.

    Cynics will no doubt expect some competition to get hands on a “special” copy. Ill be happy to buy it like everything else. Money is cheap after all.

    Love to all

    Ian Pearson

  62. Thank you for the updates, Fed!

    Good news about the “Remember that night” DVD!
    I only hope subtitles will include Italian and the DVD will be compatible with all DVD players, not only HD ones!

    [There will be two versions of the DVD: one on regular DVD, one on HD-DVD. – Features Editor]

  63. Hi, all you crazy nuts. Not feeling too well lately but I’m still tickled about the upcoming DVDs. “…some hilarious, but drunken stuff”? Cool.

    Becky the Migraineur

    PS–Geoff, I like your captions!

  64. Maestro Zbigniew,

    For sure you Remember That Night. Well done, thanks.


    Thank you for DVD update, I looks more and more promising, patiently waiting,


  65. Re: dvd release

    Oh cripes! here we go again: getting unbearably excited and boring my wife with the details as they come out if this site….


  66. Wow, live from AbBey road, really good news indeed!

    But I still can’t belive David didn’t make a South American tour… There are so many fans waiting for this dream come true.

    Roger came in 2002 and now in 2007, and it is amazing also, but I really think David should considerate a little tour over South America before stop doing gigs.

    David… South America loves you, please give us this gift for life.

  67. Hi again Fed,

    Totally off topic, please forgive me.

    Ok, because of a previous post, I began to wonder what the Beatles would have been like with Roger. Maybe we would have had things like Hello Goodbye Cruel World, Sgt. Pepper’s Bleeding Hearts Club band, Come Together to Build a Wall, Goodbye Lucy in the Sky, Run Like Hell for your Life, etc.

    I guess some things just weren’t meant to be.

    Great day, all


  68. [First of all I want to say that uncle David does not need Grammies, he is in another higher level!]

    Uncle David???


  69. Hi all

    thank you for the news!

    I hope DVD and Cd ‘ll be avalaible in Italy too so..I bought my “Dark globe” copy on Amazon.com site: not possible to find it in italian shop…and I live in Rome!

    A kiss from Rome

  70. Dear F.ed.,

    Great news indeed from you these last days: would you be actually in the position to inform us whether both DVDs will be sold and delivered by Anthill Co, as the last special edition we all know very well?

    You already know that at least english subtitles would be very much appreciated.Thank you for the efforts!

    About Grammies…I believe that our Artist is not only in another higher level: he simply belongs to another planet!

    Thank you/bye/ciao Elisabetta

    [The ‘Live from Abbey Road’ website has a ‘Shop’ (please click your name below for that). Presumably, you’ll only be able to get the DVD and CD online. However, if we find out more, we’ll let you know. As for David’s ‘Remember That Night’ DVD, then it should be available through our very own Fan Fare section. We will confirm this as soon as possible. – Features Editor]

  71. [No, let’s not. With the greatest respect to Richard, this is David’s site. – Features Editor]

    [Let’s discuss our fav soccer teams instead… Oooooooh I’m gonna burn for that one… – Matt]

    sorry but i agree totally. i have no problem with the fact that we arent going to discuss either r.w’s but some of the other topics do baffle me from time to time. the r.w.’s at least are on topic relatively speaking!

    [Has there ever been a request for everyone to tell us their favourite team and to send in long lists of players, statistics, league positions, etc.? No. Random posts on a variety of topics have always been welcomed, but lengthy discussion on the solo songs of any member of Pink Floyd do not belong here any more than a list of Kate Bush or Paul McCartney songs, where there might be a loose connection. – Features Editor]

  72. Tony Hopkins and David Gilmour starring in “Reign Over Me”??? What a Class Act that would be!

    Life just keeps getting better.

  73. Absolutely brilliant news! Particularly regarding the inclusion of the cd for Abbey Road!

    Many thanks to David and company for keeping the ball rolling. What a tremendous 1 1/2 year run we’ve had. I count myself truly fortunate.

  74. Penny said… “I’m very good……..”

    Helloooo Penny! 😉

  75. [There will be two versions of the DVD: one on regular DVD, one on HD-DVD. – Features Editor]

    I take it that the New Gilmour DVD is going to be on “HD-DVD” not “blu-ray”? I just bought a playstation 3 that has the blu-ray built in!!! I guess I am going to have to spend another #500.00 on a HD-DVD player.

  76. It`s all good stuff, I can`t wait myself!

    Ian, you `sound` down in the dumps, lot`s of good stuff to come, keep your chin up mate!

  77. [I hope the drunken video doesn’t include the bar scene with Guy P. in Oakland, because I believe I was embarassingly drunk and caught on tape-EchoesBob]

    I heard Oakland passed new ordinances because of that. Something about tap dancing nude on a bar counter wearing a Fedex pope-hat???

  78. I feel a little bit like Rudders, Frank, Julie… i am waiting my prize who should arrive soon and i love this feeling of waiting something that i am sure will arrive; it is so exciting. The thrill is… will i get my prize before you, guys? I hope after you cause i am a reasonable child and i can handle it (and i LOVE it!!!)

    You guys from New-York state got rid of your snow storm and it is coming right through the Quebec area; we are expected 20-30 cm of snow, tomorrow morning!!!

    Happy Valentine’s day everybody… Sylvie de Montréal

  79. forget the grammies or any other award, when David and Roger go out on tour, there is always a mad scramble for tickets, if they ever tour together again as Floyd, the World will take notice. Now that’s an award. Later everyone.


  80. Ian Pearson—glad to see that you are still out there. Missed your usually calming posts amid the rants.

    I wish David would have gotten his Grammy, but, as I said befor, even a nomination is an honor. So congratulations on that.

    Good evening to all.

  81. Thank you very much for the details on the DVD and CD. I can feel the essence of it just by reading the updates.

    Happy Valentine’s Day to you all!

  82. Great News on the DVD cant wait

    Great chat tuesday night, i had a great time chatting with you all, You all are a great group of people.

    Well i hope everyone has a Happy Valentines Day, and hope to talk to you all thursday in chatroom.

    Phoenix I hope your ankle is feeling better and your weather is getting better too.

  83. David not getting the Grammy reminded me of a quote from a Jimmy Bufett live CD:

    “My music may not win any awards but with fans like Parott Heads that is plenty for me.”

    It was nice to see Michael Brecker win. He always appeared to be a first class person as well as a great artist who crossed many musical boundaries It was sad to learn of his passing.

    Did David ever play Michael Brecker?

    [I’ll have to pass on that. – Features Editor]

  84. Nice to hear from you Ian, I was wondering how you were faring.

    To Sylvie and everyone, Happy Valentines Day.

    I don’t mean to be rude Fed. If I recall, Pink Floyd has not recieved a life time achievement award at the Grammy’s. It’s such a shame that David, and the band have not been credited for the huge amount of music throughout their illustriate careers anyway. It’s a shame really.

    If they have, I’ll get my coat now.

    [No need for that, Frank. Pink Floyd’s only Grammy was awarded in 1995 for ‘Marooned’ (Best Rock Instrumental Performance). – Features Editor]

  85. CAPTION:

    ” Everybody ready? All your instruments in tune?……… mind you guys I must say my G string is playing up …..ouch.

    Would anybody possibly have a baby wipe handy,the chaffing is bloody dreadful……….

    Rgds Geoff Duffy ( Dublin )

  86. [Haven’t posted for a while due to black dogs syndrome.]

    Hi Ian, what’s that? Could you explain this to a non native English speaker, or is it something very private better not to talk about?

    Sorry for being off topic here …

  87. hi folks 🙂 I am back 🙂

    with regards to some of the blogs above with references to Grammys… i dont think David needs any recognition in this ‘commercial’ sense. His musical compositions have always been great. Ok so winning a grammy might bring publicity, but then…its David we are talking about here. He’s bigger than the Queen 😉

    I did like the brief dedication to Syd and all those who have passed on to other worlds.


  88. [I love David’s work with Shakespeare’s Sonnet #18….]

    i happened upon this by accident on the internet & as i am a soppy sod & its Valentines day i forwarded it to my better half (i did the flowers & card thing too) She thought it was so lovely too.

    I have a question though, is it available any where as an official release, as it was Filmed on Astoria it looks sort of official. Apologies if i have missed anything regarding this i have had a bit of a search through the blog but i must have missed any mention apart from the quote above.

    [It can only be found on David’s 2003 DVD, ‘David Gilmour In Concert’, I believe. Please click your name below for further details. – Features Editor]

  89. I just realised that i work just around the corner from “Astoria”. out of curiosity i may have to go for a walk one lunch time when its not raining. Im not sure if i will be able to see anything from the road & i am not expecting to bump into anybody in particular (im not sure what i would say even if i did) its just a nice setting & i can say that i have seen Astoria.

  90. Good news! It looks like my mate Ed, who was seriously injured in Iraq last month, is going to make it. He’s had 12 operations so far and it looks like they can save his leg. He’s home in Australia and his family is around him.

    [That’s great news, George. Thanks for sharing. – Features Editor]

  91. HAPPY VALENTINES DAY FED. Dont eat so much chocolate.

    [Bless you. The same to you. – Features Editor]

  92. [Haven’t posted for a while due to black dogs syndrome. -Ian]

    [Hi Ian, what’s that? Could you explain this? – Georg Kunz]

    Hi, Ian (and George),

    So glad to hear from you, Ian. Lord bless your heart; you are in mine as I read and relate with your expressions today. Thank you for sharing….truly. (Do keep care, brother.)

    George, the Black Dog of Depression and/or Depressive Syndrome.

    God bless you both (always nice reading your posts)–

  93. [I finally understand what rudders are! – Marcus Buick]

    Okay, it’s posts like these that keep me in this bleeding addictive cycle….(they’re NOT helping!!)….

    Buick, you don’t realize what you are doing to me when I see that light bulb above that Scottish “hard”-science noodle of yours flash on like that! Darn you, man!

    Not to mention the fact that when I read this sudden eureka of yours, “Learning To Fly” crashed into my head (and it’s NOT leaving!)…..

    ……{I’m hopeless –*sigh*}……


  94. [George, the Black Dog of Depression and/or Depressive Syndrome. –LG XOXO]

    For me, Black Dogs Syndrome is trying to remove an agressive Boston terrier from my shoelace…. ;>)

  95. LG, have you digested yet Buicks dissertation on the Fletcher-Munson equal loudness curves? Good reading, I highly recommend….


  96. I’m definitely making a note about this page for the caption contest next December! All of these captions were great! Thanks, everybody.

  97. [First of all I want to say that uncle David does not need Grammies, he is in another higher level!]

    Uncle David???

    Yes Andrew, for the Italian fans David is “Uncle David”, do U know it, FED?

  98. Wow…my computer goes down for 3 days and now I sign on and see this phenomenal news! I am one happy camper. Its amazing how, as I’m getting to a one year anniversary of seeing Mssrs Gilmour and company at Massey hall, there is STILL more releases from this masterful guitarsmith.

    I am totally awed and humbled. Thank you so very much, powers that be!

    Humbly yours,

  99. Thanks for the great news!

    This brights up my day.. a little. Been having a crappy week and its only Wednesday! Hope you’re all doing better than I am.


    PS. Hi, Adriano 🙂

  100. George, I hope that your friend makes a speedy and successful recovery, mate. Please keep us all informed on his progress.

    Hysteron proteron

  101. Hello, Mr. Gilmour.

    My friend Ivan and I, Olga, want to greet You with impotent events which take place this year (the year of pig, by the way).

    It’s 40th anniversary of the first single on the 11th of March.
    It’s 40th anniversary of The Piper at the Gates of Dawn on the 5th of August.
    It’s 30th anniversary of Animals which was on the 23 of January.
    It’s 20th anniversary of A Momentary Lapse Of Reason on the 7th of September.

    P.S. What shall we do now? J

    Olga and Ivan, Kharkov, Ukraine.

  102. Good morning, all:

    I just finished reading all the post for February 9th last night. I have plenty of catching up to do on ready.

    Wendy, I am glad to hear that you’ll be down in Florida for NASCAR. Hope you have a good time.

    Due to the up north weather, we are going to have pretty chilly weekend starting this evening (Thursday). Forecasted temperature will drop down as low as in the 40’s. Again, sadly to say, the weather bulletin has been a bit off from the actual.

    Stay warm and hope we can meet if your trip brings you to Miami Dade.


  103. For those interested in Ed and how he’s doing, here is a link to a news story that was released regarding the incident (click my name):

    After he was flown to hospital in Germany, his wife was told there was no way he could survive owing to the severity of his injuries.

    Now he’s awake and lucid and chatting and looking forward to the long fight back to fitness. And it looks as if he may just keep the leg they were going to amputate!

  104. George Maciver,

    Just goes to show that you never know what fate has in store for each of us. Good luck to your friend in his continued recovery.


  105. [Do you know if the documentary about the making of OAI is the same one that the record company released last year that was available on iTunes? (Starts with an image of the door on the Astoria if I remember correctly.) – Posted by: Andrew at February 12, 2007 03:43 PM]

    Andrew, I can confirm that it will be pretty much the same as the EPK, but with some nice additions. I can’t say anything about these additions just yet, but there are some good’uns.

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