Again, we’re sorry that you’re still waiting for an announcement with regards to the winner of EMI’s ‘Arnold Layne’ competition.

We will announce the winner as soon as we can, and would greatly appreciate your continued patience in return for our most sincere apologies for the delay. Thank you.

Some of our ‘Blog Irregulars’ have mentioned arranging a get-together – somewhere in the US – sometime in the not-too-distant future.

A suitable place hasn’t been agreed upon yet. We just thought we’d help spread the word and see who’s interested in getting involved for starters.

So, if you’d like to meet with other fans, and if you know of any good places where you could do so, please send us your suggestions and we’ll take it from there.

Please note that we will not publish any e-mail addresses, nor links to personal websites. We are just interested in throwing ideas around at this stage.

Please also note that the name "Bloggerpalooza" is merely a fun working title for the idea – coined by fans as their homage to Perry Farrell’s annual Lollapalooza music festival – and is by no means intended to be mistaken for any kind of official label connected to David Gilmour.

If this idea takes off and you wish to give the event a name, then please be advised that any use of the "palooza" suffix is out of the question.

Author: FEd

Features Editor of David Gilmour’s official blog, The Blog (‘Features’ previously being its rather naff title), affectionately – or lazily – shortened to ‘FEd’.

128 thoughts on “Bloggerpalooza?”

  1. Hey FEd,

    I’m game, how about Houston or Dallas or Austin, maybe this summer after graduation.


  2. Hi Dom,

    I used to teach english, so I had to bring to attention some of your own incorrect punctuation. This is, of course, all in good fun. I hope you will see it that way 🙂

    1) I believe you are missing some capital letters in the title “Eats, shoots and leaves”; also, the correct title uses an ampersand (&). It should read _Eats, Shoots & Leaves_.

    2) The following sentence requires a comma: “I really am sorry for that but it’s just I can’t stand bad punctuation.” You have two independent clauses joined with only a coordinating conjunction. I suppose you could make the argument that the sentence is still clear, but you already noted that you’re a stickler. It should read: “I really am sorry for that, but it’s just I can’t stand bad punctuation.” Note the comma.

    3) The last sentence is awkwardly constructed. The last clause is an adverbial clause explaining why you can’t wait. However, adverbial clauses are always introduced by subordinate conjunctions. It should read, “As for the DVD, I can’t wait, BECAUSE IT should be a nice end-of-term pressie for myself.”

    4) I recommend: _The Grammar Bible_ by Michael Strumpf and Auriel Douglash

    Anyway, as far as the get-together, I live 90 min.from NYC. However, my job requires a lot of travel, so I am up and down the east coast for a large portion of the year. I am pretty flexible as far as location. This sounds very exciting!


  3. I thought you were suppose to name the winner of the Arnold Layne competition yesterday??

    [We were, but until we are notified by EMI, I’m afraid we can’t comment any further. Our apologies for the delay. We’ll announce the winner as soon as we can. – Features Editor]

  4. Folsom California, on the beautiful 2 acre bluff at the end of the Historic Rainbow Bridge. Site of the new UFO, aka “Unique Futuristic Oasis”.

    Twice a year beginning December 23, 1999 I recreate the time and place of the original. We began this experiment on the 30 year anniversary of the first UFO of London 1966. This is what I consider the birthplace of the Pink Floyd Sound as we know it today. I wanted to recreate all aspects of the original UFO experience to see if it could attract great talent and a crowd like the original.

    The first event in Folsom brought over 25 people, the second over 50, the third over 150. Today twice a year we continue to recreate that time and place and can always draw over 300 fans per event.

    The last summer event, we had a really nice tribute to Syd Barrett. Delayed Sleep played all the old stuff and the songs blasted through the American River Canyon until 3:30am when the fuzz decided it was time to turn it down…

    It’s truly a wonderful place and all are welcome…

  5. Hi FEd, Irregulars!

    We’ll, dare I say it, chat later on this topic. I haven’t the energy right now for some strange reason.

    But it sure sounds like a really fine, even far-out, idea!

    I hope there’s news on Arnold Layne & Co. in the morning … some of the Irregulars are losing sleep and brain cells over the delay. For the love of … oh the humanity … Need I say more? Look, over in the corner, a bin full of loonies!

    Peace and love to you all!
    Washington State (Hospital)

  6. UFO in Folsom works for me, only 30 minutes away =) Seriously though, I’m down for anything, anywhere. Just give me enough time to get my act together.

    Jan, I started playing guitar a couple years ago. I thought at 24, learning to play an instrument might be impossible. My debate was to get an acoustic or electric. I talked to lots of musicians and they all basically told me the same thing: You’re never too old, and do what you love, what your passion is. So I went out and bought me a Strat and haven’t looked back. I’m sure I’ll get around to getting an acoustic, one of these days.


  7. I´m so sorry to ruin this topic. But the situation in my country is becoming unbearable…

    Just read news that a few hours ago, a mother and her son suffered an armed robbery in Rio. The criminals made the mother get off of the car and while she tried to free her little son from his seat belts, they suddenly accelerated…dragging her son for a few hundred meters out of the car. The poor child died.

    Those kind of things are happening on a daily basis in many places here. There are many stories like that. Some even worst.

    Someone has to know. Sorry.

    Adriano, from a hell of a night in São Paulo. Brasil.

  8. Unfortunately I most likely won’t be able to participate, but if I could, I’d want to meet in Ohio, at the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame. But I don’t think any of our Irregulars live in that vicinity…

    There’s also the New Orleans Jazz Festival, or Austin City Limits if you want to include some cool music. Just a couple of ideas.

  9. I can travel throughout the west coast quite easily. . .but it seems more of our friends are on the east coast. Give me some time. . .I’d love to meet all of you in person. . .even the people who maybe complain sometimes. We’re all part of the human race anyways. . .

    And a congradulations to Sylvie. . .well done lass!

    And a huge congradulations to whoever won the Abbey Road competition. . .that’s one heluva prize!!

  10. well, I’m from NJ, USA. There’s plenty of diners, coffee shoppes, and college campuses for meeting in my neighborhoods (MU, Rutgers, BCC)

    Just google Monmouth County, Eastern MOCO…You’ll find me, LOL.

    Plenty of bars, etc.

  11. North Carolina needs a meet up!



    [Very good. – Features Editor]

  12. I would love to visit Gabrielle’s neck of the woods as a suggestion. Venison BBQ, Pecan Pie, Eggs and Hash Browns for breakfast. I’m sure we could make it a Pot Luck Feast (no pun intended). A warm fire, guitars and other instuments. Of course you too Fed. But David, Polly and the band would need a barnyard pass to get in, subject to the Irregular’s permission of course.

    Caption: Guy is signaling to the stage hand and says. “Hey You, the mic is facing the wrong way”.

  13. hey FEd i heard you had a vacation getaway over here, how ’bout your place?!

    [Sure. The door’s are always open. You’ll have to let me know where this place is, though. – Features Editor]

  14. and PS, I don’t know whose in charge of the blog, but whomever it is, it would be sweet if you deleted the tour date info since its all 2006 dates. I keep getting excited and then disappointed a split second later, LOL. Just like real life, LOL

  15. Hello Fed,

    good idea ! some places over the world where we can find David ambiance…

    concerning DVD “remember that night”… do you remember many people gave ideas for the jacket… it’ll be a total surprise ? or can you give us some news ?…. I’m totally confidant..but also totally impatient…

    see you soon

    [More on the DVD next week. – Features Editor]

  16. HELLO,

    i would like to ask question about the contest (arnold layne) date

    according to the terms and condition the votes end on the 21/1/07 or the 5/2/07??


    [I believe that voting closed on 5 February. The last date to submit your entry was 22 January. We’ll be announcing the winner soon. – Features Editor]

  17. a decent private cinema, some drinks beforehand and a first showing of the upcoming DVD.

    oh, and some drinks afterwards!!


  18. Happy Snowy Thursday,

    Not that I will be able to attend, and not knowing the geography of the U.S. to well, but I would have thought Blakes bar in Nashville would have been ideal.

    How are you fixed for accomodation Blake?.

    Pete – Coventry

  19. MEETING:

    I vote for a convention in Vegas between 1st june – 7th june as I shall be sipping rather large ” virgin cocktails ” around the pool of the mandalay bay for that said week .

    Rgds Geoff Duffy ( Dublin )

  20. Put me in coach!

    How about San Jose or somewhere in the Bay Area? Dennys? hahahahaha.

    (-:Tomi Sue:-)

  21. For the US I don’t know….but for Europe? maybe at Rome?

    I’ve found a lot of musicians in this place,it would be nice to organize an ‘Irregular Gig’ somewhere, obviously with David’s and PF’s songs…

    I think it’s possible…someone else do?


  22. The US!!!!!!!!

    What about N.Ireland, much better pubs here!,much better Guinness, not sure about the women though(JOKE!)

  23. Hey

    I’d be very interested. We did something similar for Roddy Frame here in the UK and people from all over the world flew in. I’d be happy to help and it’d be good to fly to the States for a few days.

    Perhaps we could throw a couple of songs together with the Blog Band? Have a Floyd disco etc etc Just give some notice? T

    he other thing that’d be cool is to put together a Blog tribute CD. There maybe some copyright issues I guess but home recordings and a not for profit distribution works well. How about “On A Blog” for a title?

    Now I’m off sledging! Can folks include a snow report from their part of the world because we get very excited about that kind of stuff over here in the UK!

    We’ve got a good 8cm here in Tunbridge Wells and that’s enough to halt everything! Whoo-hooo!

  24. What about the Decision on Arnold Layne ?

    The date that it would be announced was 7/2 ??

    [Please see above. – Features Editor]

  25. F’Ed, I have repeated some of the info about David’s forthcoming DVD release over in David’s section over on the Rush site I moderate on. Just wanted to check you were ok with that – if not I’ll not post it. Due acknowledgement give to your good self and the site of course. Any problems let me know….

    Still, great news about the DVD – really looking forward to it. See you’ve had some ‘interesting’ moments over the last few days – all dealt with in your own inimitable style!

    Take care…..

    [That sounds good to me, Neil. As long as it’s accurate information, we don’t mind. – Features Editor]

  26. Well I’m going to New York at the end of august if that counts. I know you’re all dying to meet me!

  27. Tomorrow all at my home for a big party! (a little late….but congratulations to Sylvie for Smile competition!)

    I wish you all a wonderful day!


  28. A good distraction from the missing Arnold Layne contest results…

    What happened? Has it been canceled for snow? 😉

  29. If there was a meet up in Buffalo or Niagara then I’d be there…

    On a seperate subject I’m working in downtown Toronto today and I can’t access the MySpace website because of the firewall…

    Please let us know the Arnold Layne winner as soon as possible on the Blog old chap… 🙂

    [Will do. – Features Editor]

  30. Hmmmm….that’s an interesting challenge, 3,000 miles across and lots of options in between.

    Although I’m in the NY area, I would opt for Las Vegas if it wasn’t around here.

    Also, I’m not sure if there is Barn nightclub in NY but we can always meet either at Pottery Barn or Dress Barn. Lots of them around here.


  31. *caption*

    Guy looks puzzled as he doesn’t remember David ever recording a song called “Green Light.”


  32. [cybergypsy wrote: The UFO in Folsom, CA of course!]

    Folsom Prison more like! 😉

    Sounds like a great idea. Technology will enable other people around the globe to join in and if there is enough interest there could be tandem events elsewhere, in the UK for example.

    Do you have snow FEd?

    [We had a little over night, but nothing to write home about. – Features Editor]

  33. Yes i would love to meet our bloggers, I really dont have any suggestions on the place to meet but whereever it is i will be there, as long as i dont have to fly, haha. Cant wait.


  34. Just wanted to say Thanks to everyone on yesterday and today’s Chatroom. That was a treat. I think I’m a Geek now, never thought that would ever happen. Darn you Fed.LOL.

  35. Wild idea :

    We arrange a simultaneous get-together on the European side of the big pond and have the Net bridge the gap by means of some sort of audio/video live stream. Who knows, the Brazilians might even join in 😉

    More ideas floating around, be back later.

    Best regards,

  36. I know I am up for it. Anywhere is fine with me. It would be neat to get together with some other irregulars. Bloggerpalooza!! Woo Hoo!! Let’s Party!!

    Renee B.
    Fontana, Ca USA

    P.S FED the offer is still there for cookies 🙂

    [You’re too kind. – Features Editor]

  37. I also agree on having it at Gabrielle’s place. Nice country feel. Or Vegas would be cool. I have no problem with any of it.

    Renee B.
    Fontana, Ca USA

  38. [Yes i would love to meet our bloggers, as long as I dont have to fly,~ Clarice]

    You do have a broom correct? 🙂

  39. If it was in Vegas you may be able to place a bet on PF touring again, problem is that no one is putting odds on that…LOL.


  40. My house.

    My house is small and and I would do whatever necessary to accommodate everyone. Ha ha

  41. Idea concerning Bloggerpalooza…

    This does look like a great idea, although the logistics and expense might make it prohibitive to some.

    It would be great to be able to include the most people we can, as it sucks to feel left out.

    To get the ball rolling, and maybe work towards a very large gathering in the future, maybe start smaller with this:

    Simultanious regional parties to celebrate the release of the DVD. We can have several locations across the world, hooked up via teleconferencing or some kind of audio or video hookup…and the hilarity and hijinx will ensue. We can have a west coast, east coast (and Canadian), Europe, UK, and of course…Brasil location.

    We can watch the DVD, play music if so inclined, have some food and beverages, and connect with everyone across the world.

    Getting to a regional gathering might make it easier for more to participate.

    Just a thought…

  42. Teleconferencing, live broadcasts from the ‘stage’, all sorts of interactive things are already being discussed by the… are we a committee, Mel?

    Well, that’s going to be my primary duty in this venture… ensuring that as many people who can’t physically be there can somehow participate through the magic of the internet. It’s early stages, but please rest assured that there are those who are already considering the angles to try and be inclusive.

    Have a good weekend, everyone, and good luck on Sunday, David!

    Unofficial IT Geek of Bloggerpalooza 1.

  43. Fed,

    what a great idea that is, the Bloggies meeting not only in Chat, but in the real world.

    In my view London would be great, at a WE, but any destination in the USA would be ok too, in the summer holidays. If any tour of David would be announced, of course a getogether before/after one of his gigs would be wonderful, but as any new tour of David is only wishful thinking, any meeting then is also only musing.


  44. This is such a great idea! Count me in! And let me know if I can help in any way.

    A belated congratulations to Sylvie!

    If we can’t use “palooza” in our title…how about BarnFest? We can do BarnFest 2007, BarnFest 2008….planning ahead! As the song says…”every year is getting shorter…”

    Have fun, everybody!

    [BarnFest. Like it. – Features Editor]

  45. Geeze Renee, your hard to please!

    Well I’m glad to see folks are interested! Hopefully, it’s not too much of an IMBYO syndrome (In My Back Yard Only)!

    In all serious, there has been suggestion of tying events together via the internet, as Nate mentioned. May be a challenge but certainly worth a go!

    My East Coast US suggestion is Baltimore, given it’s mid-Atlantic location and general accessiblity via road and air (BWI airport has some competitive airfares). Hotel accommadations would be more reasonable than NYC or Washington, etc. My 2 cents (which is worth a lot less than it was when that phrase was coined!)

    Gabrielle’s West Coast place looks wonderful. We surely don’t want to do it now as we would have to invest in some snowshoes! August should be nice…

    If we do it in Folsom someone will have to play Johnny Cash…


    [I’ll happily sing ‘Ring of Fire’ for you. Geoff and 5 Times will accompany me, I’m sure. It brings back good memories for Liverpool fans, that one. – Features Editor]

  46. [Wild idea : We arrange a simultaneous get-together on the European side of the big pond and have the Net bridge the gap by means of some sort of audio/video live stream.]

    That is being discussed Ralph. Great minds think alike:) Not mine obviously.


  47. [That sounds good to me, Neil. As long as it’s accurate information, we don’t mind. – Features Editor]

    Thanks F’Ed, it’s good to spread the (accurate) word 🙂

    [Indeed it is. Hallelujah. – Features Editor]

  48. [Teleconferencing, live broadcasts from the ‘stage’, all sorts of interactive things are already being discussed by the… are we a committee, Mel?]

    I reckon you could say that Nix. I dunno, are we? The ‘Iwannameetyall’ committee.


  49. As the USA is so large, and it will be impossible to find a location close to everybody, why not come to the UK ?

    You fly, we’ll cater…

  50. Hi all

    i’ve been in hiding for a bit and thought i’d drop by and say hi. Oh and really looking forward to the remember that night double dvd bonanza *drool*

    hope y’all are keeping well and still rockin’ to the sounds of the king (David ofc!!)

    got me a new phone with a rockin set of DG solos for ringtones and an echoes ‘ping’ for messages

    just registered a user for the chat too so you never know…… maybe not today maybe not tomorrow..etc

    [You’ll always be very welcome, mate. – Features Editor]

  51. [About the Arnold Layne competition..Why do you guys have to delay EVERYTHING you do ??]

    I believe this post was uncalled for, inaccurate and unfair. FEd mentioned earlier in the blog that the delay is with EMI which is the record company and has nothing to do with DG management holding things up. FE’d, please correct me if I am wrong.


    [No, please carry on. That’s great. – Features Editor]

  52. If I manage to go, which I´m really working on, anywhere in the US will be fine.

    But “knowing” Gabrielle, as we know, and having seeing some pics of her wonderful place, I think her place would be just perfect.

    I´ll go wherever you will go…(well, I´ll try to…)

    Oh, and we invited Guy too…

  53. In U.S. I don’t know …may be NY! In Italy I would like to meet U in Venice!

    Ciao FED I read that the Reds now are Americans, and in Italy there are some gossips about Gerrard in Juventus next year. Are U happy?

    [I wasn’t at all happy at first, but the idea of having more money to spend on players is a nice one. Oh, and Gerrard’s going nowhere. No way. – Features Editor]

  54. The Arnold Layne Competition…

    I’m almost enjoying the delay because I’m still imagining having the obligatory “Beatles” picture being taken outside the studios whilst trying to hold Frank up because he’s so drunk…

    And when the results come out the bubble will burst… 🙂

    Sorry Frank…

  55. [Why do you guys have to delay EVERYTHING you do ??]

    F*ED ~

    If you were an executioner would he be so boisterous?

  56. [ Why do you guys have to delay EVERYTHING you do ?? ]

    I think David has proven with this past tour that all good things improve with age..

  57. Sorry to keep on this, mate.

    The boy who died was 6 years old. He wasn´t dragged for a few hundred meters…

    …but for 4 kilometers.

    The police caught the criminals: Two of them have less than 18 years, which mean that they´ll only go to some institution where they can manage to scape again.

    Their mentor on this crime has 19 years old.

    Nothing more to say.

  58. Since music is the main theme that brings us all together here,(for better or for worse), how about a music rich city such as Memphis or Nashville.

    I kind of lean towards Memphis, because as well as being the birthplace of Elvis,(which we know David is fond of) but they also host the famous Beale Street Blues Festival.I believe that this year it runs from May 4-6..a weekend..perfect…(B.B King is usually a regular for this.)

    I think a great time could be had by all here in this city at this event whilst we I’ve always wanted to visit Graceland.

  59. WOW a party, I feel the same as Lynn. I love to be able to meet with my irregular family and help out. Gabrielle’s idea where to have it would be great. I hear its really beautiful up there. Plus maybe we could turn this into a regular 2yr event. The first year in the U.S.A. and then 2 years later have it in Europe. Just a thought.

    Still hoping for you Paul and again Sylvie way to go girl.

    Take Care

  60. I can t stand it; i am not a competitor for the Arnold Layne and i have checked the blog 10 times since yesterday to see the winner! Dont want to blame anybody but i have a lot of compassion for the ones involved and for you f.é. (who might eat your nails)!!! Expression in french=se ronger les ongles au sang!

    Don t be discouraged everybody, soon this wait will end…I hope…

    Thank you ,everybody seems so happy for me!

    Sylvie de montréal

    [Nails, fingers, arms… – Features Editor]

  61. To Andrew and Erin: Thank you very much for your input regarding which guitar I should start out with. Both comments helped greatly. Now just need to drag my husband off shopping. I love the ‘you’re never too old to learn’, as I am quite a bit older than your 24.

    I’m in Minnesota, which is sort of the middle of everything. I’d like to meet as many of you as possible, but will have to see what you all decide is the best spot. I supposed based on how many, what cost, time of year, etc. Is there an age limit?

    Adriano: So very very sorry to hear your story.

    Unfortunately, I am certain all of us can talk about many awful things going on everywhere. Try to do something positive in your corner of the world to help yourself deal with the sadness and anger that you may feel. Doing something to help someone else,can offset your anger. What about encouraging people to set up a fund to help this family? Just an idea.

    Everyone, count your blessings.

    Good evening,

  62. 🙂 I’m soo happy this idea has sprung to life.

    Anywhere in the US is fine with me, like many I need time to prepare for this. I feel the summer would be a safe bet for all. Maybe we can jam and teach ‘n be taught.


  63. Howdy,

    Excellent idea – I’d clear the schedule and travel the west coast for a great blog party. I’m located between Folsom and Tahoe, but San Francisco or the Bay Area would also be nice places to meet. I look forward to checking out UFO sometime – thanks for that info James.

    Take Care,

  64. yeah the uk sounds good!

    saves me having to get the rowing boat out and set off about nine months earlier

    you could have it at FE’d’s gaf? FE’d-apolooza????


  65. Hey Guy, long time no post…but i noticed a ‘soccer field’ reference was made, and you didnt even chime in to remind him that it is ‘football’ for g-d sakes….

    Good to see the USA kick Mexico back accross the border, and the sore losers woldn’t even shake hands…blasphemy.

    Peace y’all
    Folsom Prison Blues sounds do-able…

  66. GianLuca said… “A good distraction from the missing Arnold Layne contest results…

    What happened? Has it been canceled for snow? ;)”

    Actually it was leaves on the track…

  67. I admit I am one of those self centered in my backyard types…but Austin would be good. Just not in Feb/March when the SXSW film and music festivals get going..(good luck getting a hotel/motel at those times). April, or May would be warm (but not disgustingly hot yet). Likely in the 80’s

    Austin has many parks and greenbelts for hiking, waterholes/natural pools for swimming, good food for all budgets (and many are health and vegitarian friendly),lots of music venues and bars, from fun dives to more sophisticated scenes, lots of “keep Austin wierd” small independent shops, many historical landmarks and buildings, museums, galleries, and theaters……

    Oh, and the bat bridge! On Congress avenue bridge over town lake there is the largest congregation of bats in North America. At night they take off to search for food and it is literally a black cloud of critters like smoke rising into the sky.

    So there is my arguement for Austin.

  68. A really great place to meet would be Arcosanti, it’s about 75 miles north of Phoenix.

    If you are a little curious to find out about Arcosanti… I’m sure you can do so with your computer.

  69. [I’ll happily sing ‘Ring of Fire’ for you. Geoff and 5 Times will accompany me, I’m sure. It brings back good memories for Liverpool fans, that one. – Features Editor]

    I met with the Folsom Arts and Cultural Commission tonight and it’s very possible that we could arrange that, as long as David Gilmour is involved… And of course also that FED is a good singer…?

    Folsom Prison is on the historic side of the Rainbow Bridge where the Power House is located…

    The UFO bluff is located on the other end of the Rainbow Bridge coming from Sacramento through Greenback… Google map it!

  70. In a totally unrelated track, was the Shakespeare sonnet with music by Michael Kamen on the Meltdown DVD originally intended for a specific project?

    Just curious,

    East Village, NYC

    [It was in aid of a RADA benefit, When Love Speaks, at London’s Old Vic theatre in February 2002. Various sonnets were put to music and a CD was also released (just in time for Valentine’s Day, funnily enough. – Features Editor]

  71. Andrew said it for me about “o”. Patience is a virtue my friend.

    Wouldn’t it be swell to have the DVD release be shown all over the world, and have everyone show up at their own disposal to large cinemas. Have an emcee broadcast live to all connected venues. Prizes, entertainment and maybe an appearence by the band. It could be arranged with the amount of time alloted for now. That would be something.

    Just a curious thought.

  72. [Perhaps we could throw a couple of songs together with the Blog Band? Have a Floyd disco etc etc Just give some notice?]

    That sounds like an awesome Idea…As long as I can play the solo from The Blue, or Where We Start…. Those are my favorite solos on that album to play on my guitar =)

  73. Wow! The music you hear in these two days in David Gilmour’s home page is really breathtaking. I presume is a David’s piece 😕

    I’m hearing it again and again… For hours… Help me pleeeaaaaseeeee… 🙂

    (is there any longer version? :D:D:D:D)

    [All the music you hear here is David’s. Not bad, is it? – Features Editor]

  74. [I’ll happily sing ‘Ring of Fire’ for you. Geoff and 5 Times will accompany me, I’m sure. It brings back good memories for Liverpool fans, that one. – Features Editor]

    I actually watched the champions league final in new york new york hotel in vegas what a day, night and morning.

    Rgds Geoff Duffy ( Dublin )

  75. Keep it simple and local, and don’t link the date to anything, that’s searching for trouble. If you really want to get something happening then read George Gipe’s post above over and over again.

  76. Gee, you guys go making plans without me? Da noive!

    I’d like to suggest one of my favorite places in the whole world, Jackson Hole, Wyoming. Seems sort of unlikely though, dunnit? And not the easiest place to fly into. The airport is great, though. It’s so small you can walk from one end to the other in a minute. My kind of airport….

    Don’t know if I can mention this, but the virtual world Second Life would be a good place for everyone else around the world to join us. A professional art history resources group I belong to is now meeting there every Monday. You attend by avatar! Puts a trippy spin on a boring meeting. Apparently, Harvard is teaching a course through Second Life…and many other things are taking place there. Check it out.

    Cheers, everybody!


  77. Wild idea #2 :

    We all get together in the Royal Albert Hall, London and ask David if he, Polly and the band would care to join us. Topic of the evening “Remember that night”.

    I know. I’m a dreamer. I get carried away every now and then 😉

    Have a nice weekend,

  78. Tell you something that I love about Mr G and the Floyd, every little nuance of sound has a good reason for being there I’ll give you an example:

    on signs of life (momentary lapse) there is a voice that can be heard saying stuff and the sound of oars hitting water well apparently
    it is believed that the voice is that of a man who took care of the Astoria and that he also contributes the sound of paddling during the track.

    Every day is a school day eh? Enjoy!

    Glad to be back F’ed btw thanks 🙂 hope ye are keepin well and the decorating is finished!

  79. just remembered something….

    after ABITW got mashed by mr E. Pridz i had the major misfortune to hear that someone is doing a rave version of on the turning away?? and I have heard it so it’s definitely true. Anyone know if they got permission or just robbed it?

    I can find out the DJ name if ye want f’ed and we could all go and batter him if he did it without permission.

    Have a good weekend everyone!

    [I’d rather pretend to know nothing about it for the sake of my blood pressure. – Features Editor]

  80. Jan,

    One more thing about buying a guitar. Just remember that no matter what type you decide (classical, electric, acoustic) make sure you hold it and strum it a few times. Feel the neck, wrap your hand around it, how does it feel? It doesn’t matter if you have never played before. The important thing with picking out a guitar is how it feels in your hands. Is comfortable when you sit and stand? Does the neck feel thin or chunky in your hand? It all comes down to preference.

    And finally, try to budget a decent amount and try not to go to cheap. You don’t have to spend your life savings but you should try to buy a decent instrument. Aside from the quality you get, you will also typically get a better resale value. That way if you decide that playing is not for you, you can probably sell it and at least get most of your money back.

    Good luck and let us know how you make out. And yes, you’re never too old to rock and roll.


  81. What a wonderful idea! We definitely want to be part of it if schedule permits. How about Miami, Florida – if you don’t mind the hot weather. We do have cool temperature between Dec to April.

    We have plenty of mangoes here!!! chuckle…chuckle

  82. I love the idea of a Gilmour Blog Fest.

    “BarnFest 2007” could be held at New York’s Beacon Theater. New York is centrally located on the East Coast, making it one of the most accessible places within America’s vast real estate. It’s the right size for the couple thousand people who might attend.

    And, there’s a Gilmour connection — he played at the Beacon in 1984.

  83. Elvis was born in tupelo, mississippi…memphis is a toilet bowl…graceland is an embarrassment…and new orleans is death, no security. (i know all of those areas very well) you need to meet somewhere that has a big airport available; otherwise it will be very expensive.

    my bars are in alabama but that is a great thought and would be very much fun if they were in nashville. (my name should be and used to be
    ‘blake in nashville’…im from alabama. i live primarily in nashville now…just a little personal info…thanks pete and you had a very nice idea…i dont think we should have this party in alabama although my bars would be a blast and there would be a huge jam session as we have them all the time)

  84. Fed, I hope this Bloggerpalooza/barnfest doesn’t turn into a headache for you. I do appreciate you helping spread the word. This is the only way we have a chance to really make this happen.

    I was just thinking, if you have the time and it’s not too much trouble…could we run a poll with the months of the year listed and let everyone vote so we can at least narrow it down to a month.

    Just a thought.

    We may need to do the same to figure out what the name of this monster will officially be.

    Many thanks again.

    Have a beautiful weekend everyone.

    [Consider it done. You can vote now over on the Stuff & Nonsense page. – Features Editor]

  85. [Posted by: Andrew at February 8, 2007 07:58 PM]

    Well said, Andrew.

    I’m in upstate New York,(Rochester) and can probably travel some, however, the last week in June, I’m going to Myrtle Beach, S.Carolina. The hotel rates there are among the cheapest on the east coast. Just an idea.

    I think a blogger get together is a great idea.


  86. Hi all! Happy Friday everyone!

    Yes a Blogfest sounds like fun. But I agree with those who said a single location would be tough.

    My first thought (and then I saw a few other people thinking the same thing) was a get together to watch the Remember That Night DVD. What about having a big screen presentation like was done for the Mermaid gig? Make it by invitation of the blog only? Sell tickets to the bloggers to pay for the theaters? I bet there are enough Irregulars and irregular Irregulars who would go to support the cost. I know Fed… take a simple idea and complicate it. What can I say. Either way- when the dvd finally comes out you know together or at home thousands of bloggers will simultaneously be hoisting a glass in celebration!

    I do worry about the suggested name a bit tho… Barnfest might draw a lot of Tim Mcgraw fans… nothing wrong with TM or his fans… they’re just country boys n girls gettin’ down on the farm!

    Have a great weekend all!

  87. Adriano, my prayers are with you and your country. I have to admit, I’m a bit embarrassed. There are quite a few of us Americans who have complained about our government, compared to things in your country, IMHO, we have no room to complain.

    Just remember, no matter what is going on in your life, there is always someone else out there going through something even worse. With all the shit going on in my life these days, I pray for that person too. How’s that song go . .’Always look on the brighter side of life’ =)

    That’s a great idea Jan had, giving to others is the greatest feeling, it might help.

    August is looking pretty good on the poll.


  88. we should meet up here in sunny rochester ny.

    there’s lots to do, and it’s a fun town. and you can stay at my house.

  89. How come no one has suggested Staten Island, Long Island or Sanibel Island? Wouldn’t that be appropriate??

    Even though Long Island and Staten Island would be closer for me, I really have no desire to go to either one.

    Sanibel Island is a different story. That is very nice.

    Then again, we could have a get together somewhere in Rhode Island.


  90. [do worry about the suggested name a bit tho… Barnfest might draw a lot of Tim Mcgraw fans… nothing wrong with TM or his fans… they’re just country boys n girls gettin’ down on the farm!]

    Tim mcgraw lives about 4 miles from my house (as does Leanne Rimes, Racal Flatts singer (don’t know his name), and Keith and Nicole.

    I assure you getting down on those ‘farms’ would be a blast. They are pretty big “farms”.

  91. [you need to meet somewhere that has a big airport available;-blake]

    …JFK, NY ?…

    Sorry, Fed, couldn’t resist…


  92. Hey Bloggers,

    I’m always hip to a nice party. If the blog musicians are ever passing through NJ, USA drop me a line to get togther for a jam. I play accoustic and electric guitar, bass, keyboards, and drums (drums rather badly however) so I can always move around to support any given situation.

    Party on!

  93. It has to be in Chicago.

    Big Airport (O’Hare) accessible from anywhere in the world. A big city with plenty of hotels, plenty of space to meet (be it a club, venue or park), not to mention the best food in the USA.

  94. If the UFO is found to be ideal? We could call it the “14 Hour Technicolor Dream” and have it on 7/7/7… A 14 hour long David Gilmour ‘Blog Irregulars’ happening… We could stratigically place Storm Thorgerson designed props on and around the 2 acre bluff… Call in the University Row Team to set the view and mood at Lake Natoma below… The skies and sunset are amazing…

    [We can have several locations across the world, hooked up via teleconferencing or some kind of audio or video hookup…and the hilarity and hijinx will ensue. We can have a west coast, east coast (and Canadian), Europe, UK, and of course…]

    I agree with George Gipe and we are set up in Folsom to teleconference with the rest of the world. We can also provide complimentary luxury limousine service to and from the Sacramento airport.

    In the summer of 2001 Storm Thorgerson sent two designers from his team to investigate the area on and around the bluff and to do the beer and coffee brand logos for the UFO… The UFO is a non-profit and all profits from the sale of coffee and beer are to be donated to charities… Jon Crossland who participated in the Pulse cover design visited, fell in love and never left…

    “The poppy birds way
    swing twigs coffee brands around,
    brandish her wand with a feathery tongue
    my head kissed the ground”

  95. Andrew:

    Handling a quitar to see how it feels sounds very practical. I might have gone the very inexpensive route, but I am now encouraged to try a bit better one as it may help me do a better job practicing. I have a friend who has a book of Pink Floyd chords, which is, of course, where I want to start. But I suppose something very elemental is the reality. I just felt that if it is music that I am really interested in I would make a bigger effort.

    Thanks so much for the input.

  96. Hi fed and all

    Greetings from bangkok. i never realised how expensive the uk is until now.

    How about a gathering in ko samui, The USA is fine its just getting into the country would be a problem – finger prints and eye scans, its all a bit big brother for me. Whatever happened to civil liberties? Sorry getting a bit political now.

    bye for now

  97. [Central Park, NYC! What up Angelo– Regards, Stephen Rado]

    What up Stephen….and then a walk down memory lane to Heartland Brewery by RCMH….

  98. August seems to be edging out the rest for DG-Barnfest or whatever we’re calling it….

    I do like the idea of regionals as per George Gipe’s suggestion…though I’d love to head to Gabrielle & Washington…

    Logistically and economically, it’s easier not to over do it….

    So how about nailing down some specifics?

    East Coast: Baltimore
    West Coast: San Fransisco or Folsom?
    Midwest: Chicago
    Deep South: Nashville
    UK: London
    Europe: Paris & Rome

    Seven relatively convenient locations (note the emphasis on relatively). How’s that? Canadian folk can pick which is more convenient (yes, I know, it’s US centric). People in farther off locations like Asia, Oceania, and South America should weigh in so they don’t feel left out.

  99. Some big occasion should go down in 2007… We could also celebrate the 40 year anniversary of Pink Floyd… I think the weekend of 7/7/7 would be cool to have an event wherever it is… I think it will, if we are so called “lucky” as the uninitiated call it???

    Pink Floyd certainly tattooed my brain all the way…

  100. Well, there’s an Anti-war demonstration March, 17, 2007 in Washington, DC at the Pentagon. WE bloggers could serve as “reporters”. Of course I’m assuming we all blog on other boards besides here, LOL.

    I know promoting other things on this board is a no-no, but I figure this is really important

  101. Toronto. Close to our N.Y. brethren.

    I enjoyed the the Grammy’s. For once it felt laid back and personal, not sh#t on your breakfast music. Booker T and the M.G’s, Floyd Dixon remembered, Sid too. Go Dixie Chicks!! And thankfully Blunt didn’t win, thank God for that.

    Didn’t see if David won. I’m sure to hear tomorrow, er, today. Nite. Zzzzzzzzzzzz.

  102. [Deep South: Nashville – Posted by: Angelo Ortiz at February 10, 2007 05:05 PM]

    If it’s Deep South you want, you gotta go deeper than Nashville, TN, brother.

    It’s not exactly considered “Deep” South. That would be more like Alabama or Georgia.

    But, since yer a New Yorker, I’d say that it seems like the Deep South.


  103. If not in Folsom, my next choice would be to meet at COSM NYC…(or maybe include both…)


    It will be a fusion of art & music, live paintings, psychotropic projections, & eclectic grooves

    “Dreams in High Fidelity, a painting in continuous evolution” ; a talk on state of the art psychedelic animation”

  104. Hey Fed,

    Gwinnett Civic Center in North Atlanta Georgia would be nice. It has the size to house a from 3500 to a larger group of 10,000.

    Atlanta proper is on 20 miles south and the mountains of North Georgia are only one hour north, especially Helen, Georgia. It is a beautiful part of the world to see.

    Perhaps David & Polly might enjoy this area of the world?

  105. My two cents belong with…

    The San Francisco Bay Area! Aside from being an absolutely wonderful place to live, there are many other awesome things about having something like that out here: beautiful weather, interesting people, the sites and sounds of the city as well as Silicon Valley, being a quick drive away from the Pacific Ocean, Napa Valley wineries…

    However, I won’t entirely draw ire about Vegas, just not in the summertime. I’ve been there too many times in mid-June through August to know that 110+ degree Fahrenheit weather is TOO hot for humanity. Although a sinfully delicious and intoxicating place (no comment here!), I am a bit hesitant.


    P.S. Europe would rock too! Just tell me where and when!

  106. [But, since yer a New Yorker, I’d say that it seems like the Deep South.]

    Hell, I’m in the Bronx…Staten Island is Deep South for me! LOL!

    You’re right Melissa, perhaps Nashville can be considered as the “South” location for southern bloggers deep south or not. Could also be Atlanta?

    I guess it comes down to what location seems to be equidistant to those interested in particular regions.

  107. FEd,

    Having read some posts suggesting halls for 3 to 10 thousand people I am thinking we are getting ahead of ourselves.

    While I’m sure many of you are chomping at the bit for an opportunity to see me in person, I don’t think I can attract that much attention! (kidding, of course. I think we would need Wembley for that!) It’s not like David will be appearing at any of these venues folks!

    Any possibility of posting the number of votes from our poll? Maybe that will give us a better idea of how to accomodate folks properly. (Anyone who voted more than once will be responsible for filling the appropriate number of seats!)


    [There haven’t been as many as you might have wished for, I’m afraid, but at least no repeat votes are allowed. At the time of writing, we’ve got eight for March, three for April, six for May, 17 for June, 27 for July, 22 for August, six for September and four for December. – Features Editor]

  108. Well everyone we will be celebrating our annual UFO event on 07/07/07…

    We are prepared to participate in a webcast with other Bloggerpalooza locations. As you know our event is in Folsom California on the 2 acre bluff and youre all welcome. We provide food, a bar, live music outside and dance music inside. If your daring enough you can even try out our 100′ down hill slip-n-slide.

    We have top DJ’s from SF come out and do their grooves until well after dawn usually. On average, 200 people make it out to participate twice a year.

    Folsom also has a huge rodeo and fireworks show that week for you country folk. The rest of the town is full of live music and fun all weekend. You can easily walk to Historic Folsom within 10 minutes from the bluff.

    We’ve catered to the likes of Bo Diddley, Arsenio Hall, Eddie Murphy and Paul McCartney for other events. So, if your a celebrity and you wish to come out, don’t worry. The events are always invite ONLY to UFO regulars…

    This is our annual tribute to Pink Floyd and of course Syd…

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