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Norway’s most popular newspaper, VG Nett, is currently taking votes to determine the best rock album and best guitarist of all-time.

At the time of writing, David is currently ranked 17th in the latter poll.

‘On An Island’ is in 137th place, which is certainly not to be sneered at, considering that it is one of the few new albums in a very long (and somewhat predictable) list.

David’s debut album, ‘David Gilmour’ is also in the top 150.

A certain ‘Dark Side Of The Moon’ is currently hogging the top spot…

We all appreciate that David’s not a bad guitarist, so, if you want to cast your vote on either of these polls, please click the links above.

Thanks to Andrew and O for letting us know.

There’s no chat today, but there will be one from 4PM (UK) tomorrow.

Author: FEd

Features Editor of David Gilmour’s official blog, The Blog (‘Features’ previously being its rather naff title), affectionately – or lazily – shortened to ‘FEd’.

80 thoughts on “VG Nett”

  1. 2 David albums on the list! congratulations Mr. Gilmour!

    And 3 of Floyd so high. And a certain bass player is there too! Congratulations to all sides.

    By the way, David must definitely climb on the other list, come on!

  2. Voted (I think), and thanks for another opportunity to contribute to the cause.

    Thanks for the music.

  3. ah! ah! I wish I could vote…but how? The sentences “STEM FREM DIN GITARHELT!! Kom med dine ønsker på din gitarhelt dersom den ikke er på listen. PS! Sjekk også listen: TIDENES ROCKEALBUM” don’t explained me very well! Norway language is not my strong point, at all!

    So, should I vote from 1 to 6 to anyone? And it’s 6 the best mark? I have not idea who are the most of the albums and the guitarists named in those pages!

    Sorry Fed, if you need my vote, I need your help!


    [We think it’s six points for the one you like best (merci, Michèle, pour un bon cerveau). I’d have assumed that you select in order of preference (so the album you’d put first gets the ‘1’ and the album you’d put second gets the ‘2’…) This isn’t clear. If anyone can confirm this, please do. It’s perfect that you get to choose six. With two of David’s albums there, plus three from Pink Floyd, you all get to pick one other. It’s a good thing that there’s only one Radiohead album there. It works out perfectly for you, Lucia. I see three by Bob Dylan, though… – Features Editor]

  4. I have voted !

    Congratulations to David and of course, Pink Floyd, which is definitely a fabulous band…

  5. Fed and Lucia, I think you have to give 6 points to your favourite guitarist ! see :

    [Just click my name and scroll down to David Gilmour, click for 6 points and then scroll towards the end of all the guitarists photos and hit the small “Send” button to Vote. – Posted by: Andrew S in Toronto at January 15, 2007 09:30 PM]

    Andrews explains that.

    I voted 6 points for David , but could not open the “best rock album” page????????? “error”…you know why ?


    [If you are still having trouble with the link to the ‘best rock album’ page, click your name below and click where it says “PS! Sjekk også listen: TIDENES ROCKEALBUM” instead. – Features Editor]

  6. [It’s a good thing that there’s only one Radiohead album there. It works out perfectly for you, Lucia. I see three by Bob Dylan, though… – Features Editor]

    It’s comprehensible! Radiohead are young and have still a lot to give to the music world, while Dylan is 100 years old and has had time to publish more albums..and maybe is time he stop doing! So, the fact is:

    – Radiohead 1 album among the 6 albums they published
    – Dylan 3 album among…about 50 albums he published!

    If Radiohead published 50 albums, they probably would have 8/9 albums in that competition! Want you go on or you prefer stop here the discussion?

    With love


    [But many of Bob Dylan’s albums aren’t “rock” albums at all. Radiohead consider themselves a proper rock band, don’t they? I know it’s debatable, but… – Features Editor]

  7. I voted Saint Gilmour of-course. But everyone must give a vote to Tim Renwick too!

    A superb guitarist as he is, he deserves a higher ranking!!! 😉

  8. I voted (I hope)

    for the album,I fairly think DSOTM is more beautiful than Abbey Road.

    For the guitarist,is a little bit harder…there is Jimi Hendrix…but I don’t know…Jimi is dead too young (and the legend still strikes the listeners,but if he was alive????), but David in my opinion is the best guitarist of all times,and always will.


  9. Talk about blind voting…

    My alta-vista translater doesn’t do Norwegian. So, after reading the blog…I voted both ways…rank from 1-6 and then I gave David 6 points. Both times, I received what I can only describe as an error message. It was red and had an exclamation point…so that’s my logical conclusion on that!

    I really love checking out foreign web pages…to see the differences and similarities of the graphic design and so forth. And to see if I can “get the drift” of the text. With French, German, Italian, Spanish…I can usually figure it out. This Norwegian site is definitely all “Greek” to me.

    [Talk about the blind leading the blind, you mean! Did you click the ‘Send dine stemmer!’ button located between the poll and the comments? – Features Editor]

  10. [I see three by Bob Dylan, though… – Features Editor]

    Ah! And I understand your concern…anyway, I won’t take any offence if you will sacrifice Radiohead to vote 1 Dylan’s album! I know you wished to vote for Radiohead too… don’t be sad! The next time!


    [Not in your wildest dreams, my friend. – Features Editor]

  11. Radiohead? Never got them…

    Dylan? Truly a genius, but I didnt love everything released by him.

    David Gilmour? Vote cast…..nuff said.

  12. just voted.

    come on gang, let’s get david higher up than that. some of the albums higher than his are pants. and some of the guitarists in the top 10 are so over rated. hank marvin? come on.

    [It is a fine picture of Hank, though. – Features Editor]

  13. Ok…now I vote as you said, FEd. But if then I put David as 1 and it is not the position but the mark, and I finish to give David the lowest mark, this is not my error!


    [I’ll hang my head in shame for the rest of the afternoon. – Features Editor]

  14. [It is a fine picture of Hank, though. – Features Editor]

    I saw Hank Marvin at the Strat Pack concert… did you know he’s only 9″ tall…:-)

    He was the original model for GI Joe and Action Man!

  15. For those confused about that voting system: I think you can give any entry as many points (1-6) as you like. Thus you can give everyone 6 points if you love them all.

  16. funny blog today. you guys make me laugh. 🙂

    caption: david tries his best to look pleased as he receives his 107th gold disc for ‘on an island’, but is secretly thinking “you try and find room for them all in a bloody houseboat!”

  17. [We think it’s six points for the one you like best (merci, Michèle, pour un bon cerveau).]

    WHAT???????????????????? FEd!!!!!!! You awoke just now! I have already voted! From tomorrow only competition on italian website, clear?!!!!

    Sorry David…not my fault…Fed fault!


  18. *Caption*

    David expresses his great relief knowing that with this additional award comes the increased income that will at long last bring him the additional income needed for those elusive “right curtains” for his apartment.

  19. Today’s photo I believe was taken at Massey Hall where David recieved this prestigious award.

    As the picture shows, Shine On!

  20. To expand on Victor’s caption:

    Dave thinks to himself, “This one’s going in the loo.”

    FEd, I did indeed hit the ‘Send dine stemmer!’ button, after bumping into a few walls.

  21. Well poo now I think I better go back and vote again, as I voted David with a “1” thinking that meant best, so now I should maybe go do it again. Gotta get David higher than 17. Thats great he’s on the list, but #17???? Hello.

    By the way I love todays blog picture.

    Too bad I can only read English, but I’m tryin’.

    Keep voting bloggers!

    Love to all,

    Elizabeth in the midwest USA—where 2 young kidnapped boys were found this week!!

  22. I finally figured out how to vote so my votes in and i will vote again tomorrow. How long do we have to vote Fed.?

    Hope everyone is doing good today. Thanks to your blogs today i figured out how to vote so thank you all. Hope to talk to you all tomorrow in the chatroom.

    Well everyone have a good day and bless you all.


    [I only know what you know, sorry. – Features Editor]

  23. So, I tried to vote again! But I have no idea if the message which appeared after I pushed “send” said that it accepted my second votes or not! At least I tried….BUT NOT ONE SPEAKS NORWEGIAN HERE?!!! We need one!

    Michèle, you reproched me and Fed as you do with your students! We are not at school!

    Anyway, Fed started!


  24. caption:

    As Duffy sticks another 2 euro into the grabby machine he is determined to get his hands on that gold disc with the dangling hook above………

    Rgds Geoff Duffy ( Dublin )

  25. Click on 6 under David and then scroll down to the ‘Send dine stemmer!’ button and click.

    Ignore the message on the next page.

    If you return to the page and refresh you will see that the number of points (poeng) next to David will have risen by what you just voted. At least that’s my experience.

    Then repeat until the RSI sets in 😉

  26. I somehow figured out how to vote yesterday. It’s distressing to see how many shredding metal guitarists are ahead of David on the list. Any list that has David and Clapton not in the top ten has something drastically wrong…

  27. I dont own any Clapton records as I dont really see the big deal with him. I liked the “Derek and the Dominoes” release but thats about it.

  28. I got my votes in. Man, that guitarist list is screwed up. I did, however, like that they mention a guy like Wes Montgomery. Polls like this are usually just for ‘rock guitar’ it’s nice that they have widen it for other genres.

    Regarding my post about a picture blog entry: Sounds like you’re back to your normal self FEd. I knew that nice stuff wouldn’t last long 😉

    Sorry that, once again, there are issues. Whatever you decide, I’ll understand.

    One last thing: since we won’t be able to see that little bit of Echoes on Abbey Road, maybe David will consider it for an extra in his upcoming DVD – unless, of course, it is already being made.


    [It’s not the best timing right now, in light of the EMI/MySpace contest being (arguably) abused in certain ways. That’s not an open invite for discussion, by the way, just a simple statement of fact to support these awful, spiteful “issues”. – Features Editor]

  29. Just voted for Mr G.

    Bob Marley, Roger Glover??????? what about the guy out of Right Said Fred for goodness sake 🙂

  30. I´m sure I did the right votes for best album and best guitarist but what a lot of great music and musicians. Will try to vote tomorrow again.

    It´s a really good day for me today. Finally, I received my Arnold Layne vinyl single and it sounds wonderful. I´m a vinyl fan but I think it´s the first single vinyl I have bought since 30 years.

    Have a wonderful weekend !


  31. I need to go back and vote again, because I thought the same way, one meant #1.

    Another person of note on the guitarists list is J J Cale. If Clapton had not come to my town in the 70’s and learned from J J the ‘Tulsa Sound’, Slow Hand would of never been.

    I see on the internet, you over in Europe are having a horrible time with the weather. Take care!!


  32. [I somehow figured out how to vote yesterday. It’s distressing to see how many shredding metal guitarists are ahead of David on the list. Any list that has David and Clapton not in the top ten has something drastically wrong… – EchoesBob]

    I totally agree Ebob. Look at it this way, it’s probably a reflection of Norwegian culture. Just stating as a fact and not offering my opinion.


  33. dear david,

    did you hear that there are also STONE guitars? 🙂

    I just read in our local news that some man made a guitar from a stone and some player played it with great sound (nylon strings). Maybe this one is still not in your collection.

    Anyway – have a nice day.

  34. I was wrong 🙁

    When it says ‘! Du har allerede avgitt stemme her. En eller flere av dine stemmer ble avvist.’ it translates to ‘You have already voted here and it will not be counted’

    The site works better than I first thought 😉

  35. well worth taking the time to vote!

    weird lighting on that pic

    hope you & David are keeping ok FE’d. hope everyone is enjoying their new years too

    take care

  36. Voted, but not sure what happened.

    Fed, for some reason I cannot log into the chatroom. I tried the password that was emailed to me as well and the password I created, but no luck.


    [The chatroom was only open for testing, so nobody would have known the password to enter. It had nothing to do with your own password for use whenever the chatroom is open. Please click your name below to see the calendar for chatroom opening times. – Features Editor]

  37. I debated voting. Then, I decided I wouldn’t, because in the grand scheme of the universe, it doesn’t matter who ‘everyone’ thinks is the best guitarist ever. I know who my favorite guitarist is and why he is such (I tend not to follow the ‘popular’ choices because I like to think for myself, shameful habit), and that’s good enough for me.

    Happy Thursday or Friday to peeps, depending on timezone.


  38. What amazing lists.

    Whilst DSOTM will forever remain my favourite album, I can understand a Beatles album heading the list (for now).

    However a best guitarist list that does not include the majestic Gilmour and Page or Clapton in its top 15 is a shock to the system.

    I consider myself being fairly knowledgable about rock music but there are large number of guitar players included I havn’t heard of.

    Am I showing a high level of ignorance by not knowing who the DumDum Boys are?

    I need a lie down.


  39. Wow, what a list that is, and I wish I would understand Norwegian better, I have no clue if my votes have been counted or not, lol, but one thing is for sure, Dave´s albums deserve better ratings!!!

    What in the world happened to the sheduled chat on Sunday 21st? Had it been blown away by the storm? I´ve been looking forward so much to chatting again!

    Okie, ty for your kind thoughts, as indeed we have been dealing with one of the worst storms ever here in Germany, delayed and cancelled flights and trains, it´s a mess, as I heard England had been affected too. Hopefully all Bloggies are safe and sound.

    [There may be a weekend chat soon, Ulli. Apologies for the disappointment. – Features Editor]

  40. “Radiohead consider themselves a proper rock band, don’t they? I know it’s debatable, but…”

    F’ed I hate to appear pedantic but I stand for rational debate above all else.

    What part of “proper rock band” would you care to debate?

    P.s. Naturally I’ll be rooting for my favourite red scousers against the crumbling Russian empire this weekend.

    [I didn’t say that I care to debate it, but it is debatable. – Features Editor]

  41. I voted, euh… i think ,but i am not sure if i succeeded!!

    I had fun to look at this interview in Toronto: such great answers from David but really poor images from this man who filmed! He probably wanted to look cool with this moving camera but the result is … pass.

    I love this Strat pack dvd!

    Sylvie de Montréal

  42. OK..just cast my votes..David as best guitarist and DSOTM as best album.Not as a patronizing gesture to this site,but in honest sincerity.

    Knowing that you are fond of the Eagles F.E.,(as well as I),I noticed Hotel California sitting pretty at #26..I think this is a standout album, but personally I prefer Desperado.Just has a certain mood to it that makes me want to listen to it from start to finish without any interruptions.

  43. Caption..

    “Shot # 126..tilt it up 6″ to your left Mr. Gilmour..Aw, but that smile was priceless so we’ll go with that one.That’s a rap!”

  44. i know that you all wont be surprised that i have a strong opinion but here i go…

    please dont contribute to this norwegian guitar poll nonsense! norway knows salmon…not guitar OBVIOUSLY! bb king? chuck fucking berry? SRV #12?? (SRV is your #1 imo. guitar was like an appendage on him…and i personally saw him wipe the floor with jeff beck in B’ham, Al in 1990…and the best guitarist i have ever seen…DG, you are the greatest musician i have EVER seen) but anyway dont encourage the norwegians. can anyone name 1 norwegian guitarist and where is he on the list? i know this is for fun but dont encourage them.

    now time to look at the album poll. im sure i will be back for more in a minute.

  45. ok…im pissed. the dum dum boys??????????????????????????? metallica has 3 albums in the top 10 for god’s sake!!

    i am calling for a complete boycott. this is a joke…right? seriously, waiting with bated breath with norway’s list of top lead singers and hoping that the dudes from ‘milli vanilli’ get bounced from
    the top spot this year ending their 5 year run…omfg. we wasted a day on this?

    i hope dg comes in last and no pf albums crack the top 20..that would be a more telling merit of his work based on those idiots opinions…(sorry but this is terrible)

  46. and i have seen clapton about 10 times and i have def.seen the big deal about him! ever heard pros and cons?

  47. stone guitar???? i am going away now! i assure you that isnt in my collection ever…or in DG’s.who cares what kind of strings!

    i am officially in a bad mood now!! (by the way…i didnt vote!!!! d. gilmour is best musician though along with jimmy page.(page in the studio was a GOD!)!)

  48. After voting for david, I had to look at the list of guitarists and couldn’t believe my eyes. There is something like one hundred and ninty-seven of them. I felt kind a sad for James Murphy(Who Ever he is)being 197.But I have to thank Matt, For now I can read in Norwegian

    Take Care,

  49. Man this list is nonsense… Jimmy page should be just below Dave and Jimi, Neil Schon and Mike Mcready are way too low, and they’re incredible guitarits.

    In the other hand, Kurt Cobain, he was not a good guitarist (Don’t get me wrong, I like his work, but he didn’t play well).

    I hope the votes will help

  50. Thanks for that info. Nate i was wondering if that funny writting was telling me i could only vote once. Well i tried. I sure did waste a lot of time today voting but at least i know now.


  51. Speaking of guitarists, has anyone heard of Tommy Emmanuel? This Aussie rocks to no end. Check him out.

    I didn’t see Chet Atkins on any list. This guy influenced everyone. But my fave is still David, what can I say.

    P.S. Today on the TV schedule had an Elvis Tribute on Much Music, guests included Eric and David. Did anyone see it? Did David play a new or older rendition of Don’t. I was working.

    [David performed it at the Leiber and Stoller tribute concert of 2001. You can also see this performance on 2003’s ‘David Gilmour In Concert’ DVD, as it’s included as one of the extras. – Features Editor]

  52. i VOTED DG #1 because what else could he be?


    He’s my fave

  53. Voted D.G. and Pink Floyd all nr.1 of course. who are the other ones?

    it’s funny due to tthis site we shall be multi-languages skilled: we are never too late to learn more..

    Have a nice week end to all of you
    bye/ciao Elisabetta

  54. [David performed it at the Leiber and Stoller tribute concert of 2001. You can also see this performance on 2003’s ‘David Gilmour In Concert’ DVD, as it’s included as one of the extras. – Features Editor]

    I also saw Tribute to KING or something like that. It was filmed at Abbey Road and David is also included with Don’t performance. May I ask for more information about it.

    Yesterday I was fortunate to see P.U.L.S.E on big screen. At least in Poznan it was great success, as organizers were surprised with public demand. They quickly arranged additional shows and all of them were sold out.

    It was DVD concert footage on big screen with cinema sound system. I liked it very much, especially Sorrow and the whole second disk. I hope that EMI Poland would like to duplicate the success with Mermaid show maybe in the future.

    On the other note On An Island was chosen as best album of 2006 by listeners of “Noc Muzycznych Pejzaży” prog rock weekly programme in Polskie Radio 3. David was ahead of Coma, Tool, Mars Volta to name, but a few.


    [Thanks for letting us know, Tomasz. – Features Editor]

  55. Blake, “norway knows salmon”….

    England knows fish and chips.
    Japan knows sushi.
    India knows cows.
    Africa knows poverty.
    Dominicans knows plantains.
    Italians know pasta.
    Jews know matzah.
    Americans know arrogance.

    It’s insulting to generalize and label in this way. It can be very hurtful indeed. I have to deal with that kind of vitriol everyday, and I know how damaging it can be. Dude, take a chill…it’s just a guitar poll. I disagree on their rankings, but its not worth getting bent out of shape to the point of getting insulting.

    You can get pissed, but, damn, I’d hate to see how you’d get if was something that actually mattered LOL!

  56. arrogance? where? lol! i know angelo…it was tongue and cheek man. that was for my american friends. i was cool until i saw chuck berry and the dum dum girls…or whatever they are called!

    sorry fed. am i teetering on the line again?

    [It’s your opinion, mate. I’m fine with opinions. It would be a dull blog without them. You can dish it out, but you take it back as well. I’d like more people to do the same. – Features Editor]

  57. angelo: well said.

    polls like this are always crazy, but i accept that different people like different things.

  58. Hi, FEd,

    I’m still trying to figure out how to vote. In doing this, I discovered that they also have a poll for Best Band (click my name). Pink Floyd is running 2nd to Green Day right now… Got my vote in for that one. Now if I can just find the Guitarist & Album poll.

    I KNEW I should have studied Norwegian!! LOL

    Take care!

    Take care,

  59. What’s with these negative comments about the poll? It is just indicative of whims of whoever voted in the poll (all of whom are not in Norway). Run it again next month and the result will be very different.

    There’s really no need to comment about Norwegians in general. And I’ll bet some of those Norwegian Death Metal guitarists are good, they just don’t chose to play more melodic, mainstream tunes that would get them recognized.

    Anyway, I’m surprised that Avalon isn’t on the list of albums.

  60. Just voted from Work.

    I was technically challenged at home last night downloading the sites.

    Congrats for BEST ROCK ALBUM – David Gilmour (currently at #129) and Pink Floyd (Dark Side is #1.


  61. Dark Side of The Moon no doubt to be #1, but David Gilmour should be in top #5 in guitarist list.

  62. Dave and the boys will always have the votes of the Douglas Adams Continuum.


  63. I was gonna put my vote in until I remembered that I don’t know NORWEGIAN! A-duuuhhhh…..

    Well we know Gilmour’s the best anyway!!!

  64. You know what polls are like, the same goes for opinions.

    Gilmour is the greatest and that’s all there is to it.

  65. When is David Gilmour and the band or Pink Floyd coming to Brazil???



    [There are no plans for David to perform any shows anywhere in the world at this time – either with, or without, the Pink Floyd banner. If plans are ever made, rest assured that we will have the details splashed all over – Features Editor]

  66. [When is David Gilmour and the band or Pink Floyd coming to Brazil??? – Marco Aurelio]

    The requests are quite remarkable sometimes, FEd. It makes me wonder if our dear friend Adriano isn’t putting his countrymen up to this. Just for sh*t’s and grins, you know?

  67. there is no #1 !!! like the beatles pink floyd never wrote a crappy tune i just wish that the band members could put their personal crap aside and keep on making music. the fact that the musicians are different allows for more diversity, creativity, much more brilliant work.

    never give up what you love,remember there no i in team…i miss frank zappa

  68. [If plans are ever made, rest assured that we will have the details splashed all over – Features Editor]

    Laughing out very loud, FEd. I love your style.

  69. j ai fait un reve tu revenais en france jouer comme tu l as fait a vienne pret de chez moi!ce jour la moi 41a j ai pleurer de bonheur en t ecoutant comme un enfant! c etait tout simplement geant!

    j attend un retour sur le teritoire français tu parles français et la france t aime!

    ps passes boire un coup a la maison!!

    merci a toi david!! thanks a lot

  70. Vienne, LE concert de ma vie aussi, Stéphane, et une telle communion entre David et son public, j’en ai encore les larmes aux yeux rien que d’y penser, y a pas de honte à ça, je pense…

    Tellement dommage que vous n’ayez pu y assister, Fed, vous auriez adoré, sûr!


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