'Then I Close My Eyes'



The winner is… Clarice Hickman.

Well done, Clarice. Please tell us where you’d like us to send your prize and we’ll get it to you as soon as possible.


If anyone downloaded a corrupt ‘Arnold Layne’ file from 7 Digital recently, please click here, sign in and download the file again.

In the event of further difficulties, please click here to contact 7 Digital directly, remembering to include all your details.

Our apologies once again for the disappointment and inconvenience.

We haven’t had one of these contests in a while, so grab your copy of ‘On An Island’, jump to the seventh track and have a good listen.

We want to know three words that spring to mind when you listen to this song. That’s words, not sentences, and you’re only allowed one attempt each.

If you guess any of the words that I’ve jotted down, your name will be entered into a raffle. There’s a prize for the first name selected at random.

Good luck, everyone.

Author: FEd

Features Editor of David Gilmour’s official blog, The Blog (‘Features’ previously being its rather naff title), affectionately – or lazily – shortened to ‘FEd’.

130 thoughts on “'Then I Close My Eyes'”

  1. Here go’s:


    Thanks for the contest – I haven’t listened to that one in a while.

  2. Sunshine

    Pete – Coventry

    PS: Fed 6-3, have not seen or read anything yet but 6-3. what happened !!

    [Tell me about it, Pete. It was a complete and utter embarrassment to watch. Dudek was a joke in goal. Credit to Arsenal for their clinical finishing in both cup games – because they took their chances – but they were all soft goals, with the exception of Rosicky’s first on Saturday and the free kick last night. Had Reina been in goal, I think it could have been different, but the general team performance was poor and we got what we deserved. I’m gutted. We scored three cracking goals, but it was too late to matter by then. The defending really was absurd… We had two players carried off on stretchers… Definitely a night to forget (if I’m allowed to, that is). – Features Editor]

  3. Many thanks to Fed,

    I have just downloaded again (for free) the three tracks of Arnold Layne from 7 Digital and this time, all is perfect, no problem at all !

    I’m very grateful to you.


    [Je vous en prie. – Features Editor]

  4. My three words:

    – experimental
    – strange
    – orchestral tutti

    If ever I won, I give my prize to Lucia, is it possible?


    [That could be arranged. – Features Editor]

  5. CAPTION: Our hero is bemused that his password wont let him into the chatroom.

    Rgds Geoff Duffy ( Dublin )

    once again thanks to everybody for your kind words

  6. then i close my eye, let me see


    nice talking to you yesterday fet ed 🙂


  7. Thanks for bringing back this particular activity! Here’s what comes to mind…


  8. CAPTION 1:

    David Gilmour reveals in an exclusive Barbara Walters interview how he spends his downtime as a professional masseur specializing in Shiatsu and Aromatherapy…..

  9. caption:

    david takes a moment to count out his coppers so that he can buy another giant gobstopper.

  10. CAPTION 2:

    David Gilmour is caught by a Daily Mirror photographer spinning records on a Friday night at London’s ‘Bar Rumba’…..

    [That’s another good ‘un. Keep them coming. – Features Editor]

  11. Good Morning all

    i sure hate i missed the chat yesterday but i had a lot of work in the house to do but i sure did enjoy talking to all of you on Monday and i hope we didnt keep the Fed up too late.

    Phoenix girl you are a trip i sure did enjoy talking with you. You too Nate, you two keep me laughing.

    Fed the chatroom is great everyone is so friendly and willing to talk, Hope you had a good breakfast this morning and dont forget to let us know when the freezer party is.

    I know i left some people out but i cant keep up with everyones names yet but i will but i still enjoyed talking to all of you, you guys are wonderful to talk to.

    Bless you all

  12. i was so busy with captions for all the old blogs, i forgot to ener the contest.

    i don’t expect to win with this but


  13. My three picks would be boat, peaceful and waves.

    This is great you haven’t done this for a while. Thanks Fed.

    Take Care

  14. Oh yeah i almost forgot Marcus Buick how did your recording thing go? I hope it went good.

    EchoesBob hope you dont have to work too hard today.


  15. caption:

    David was getting back to his farm last night on his car when he was struck by a ray of light coming from the sky, which caused the sunburns.

    In the picture we see he’s trying to play five notes that keep coming to his mind since the event.

    What we don´t see in the picture is the huge pile of mud he is trying to sculpt in the shape of a mountain…

  16. Hi all.

    My 3:


    Caption: David- “why do they always shine the light on my HANDS instead of my face? Are they trying to tell me something…?”

    Have a great day all!

  17. Red Alert…

    It looks like Frank Par will be joining us on the next Chat!!! We finally sorted his registration out…thanks Fed.

    I’ll submit my three words later…

    [I’m very pleased to hear that. Thanks a lot. – Features Editor]

  18. CAPTION: David contributes to the light show by wearing an invisible miner’s helmet.

    Thank you for your kind words Clarice. See you next time.

    I found Guy’s blog 🙂 that makes it 65 in my favourites 😉

    My three words are:


  19. *Caption*

    Dear Dudek,

    I’ll keep this “Short and Sweet”. This may be blunt but there is “No Way” around it.

    Your lack of athletic ability has put a dear employee of mine nearly over the edge.

    “A Cry From The Street” could be heard from outside his home immediately after the game. “I Cant Breathe Anymore” from trying to talk him down off his emotional ledge. He’s gutted and “There’s No Way Out Of Here” without an apology to him I’m afraid.

    Ever since your pathetic performance his mind has been “So Far Away” from his work that I may have to take him in with me which will in turn “Raise My Rent” but that is a small price to pay for such a loyal employee.

    I can only pray to “Mihalis” that his fragile mind can soon start to heal from such a defeat.

    In his own words, “Deafinitely” a night to forget”…


    “David Gilmour”

    [Top marks, Matt. All nine tracks included… I salute you. He was ‘So Far Away’ from the ball on so many occasions, there’s ‘No Way’ we’ll lift any silverware this season. – Features Editor]

  20. calm/calmness

    (Not sure if you prefer adjectives or nouns…:))

  21. [Top marks, Matt. All nine tracks included… I salute you. – Features Editor]

    As well as the album’s title !

    Thanks F*Ed, high praise indeed! 🙂

    [You get a gold star as well. That was very good. – Features Editor]

  22. “Then I Close My Eyes” is one of my favorite tracks on this remarkable CD. It plays like the ending soundtrack to a wonderfully poignant movie, I just love it…

  23. Firstly, my commiserations to all Liverpool fans. Come on Fed, our lass has got over it already, I’m sure you can! I did have a chuckle at Dudek. He is absolute…. Nice penalty save though!

    Nice post Matt!!

    Also, Happy New Year, as I haven’t posted this year yet.

    My 3 words,



  24. 1. Serene
    2. Soothing
    3. Melancholic

    I love this song so much, lovely to play this game again.

  25. well I’ll not enter as I’m still very happy about the DVD (probably my best christmas pressies, so thanks once again FE’d)

    but I did want to share with you my little trip to get some floyd cd’s for my collection, went into HMV went to pick up ummagumma til I saw the price


    that’s $59 and 45 euros! that’s a wee bit steep by any reckoning

    anyways good luck to those in the comp!


  26. Hello there my lovely people. How are we all?

    So my words are:


    P.s Alright FEd hows it going mate. I’ll be in touch through the blog, as I still aint received an activation e-mail for my account. I’ll be in touch buddy.

    Nos Da, Simon J
    Happy Days!

    [Not another missing activation e-mail? I see you listed in our database, Simon. I’m just deleting your details, so if you wouldn’t mind registering again, please click your name below for the form. Do let me know if the activation e-mail arrives this time and be sure to click its link. – Features Editor]

  27. I’ll pick my three and get back to work.


    Clarice, thank you. It was good talking with you and everyone else this long weekend in the chatroom. I don’t foresee being in tomorrow unless the cats or my neighbors rudely awaken me again. It’s simply too early in the day for me and I’m too exhausted from the marathon sessions of late as it is. 🙁

    I’ll see if it’s still open by the time I get to work. If not, it’s all good. I need to sleep far more than I love you guys right now. 🙂

    Have fun without me and everyone be good. Remember, the rules are not just a suggestion. 🙂


  28. Lazy

    (I love the way this song reminds me of parts of Atom Heart Mother.)

  29. F*Ed ~

    Unrelated Q?

    Was “Let’s Get Metaphysical” ever in consideration for a soundtrack?


    [I’ve no idea, sorry. Good question. Anyone? – Features Editor]

  30. [Definitely a night to forget (if I’m allowed to, that is). – Features Editor]


    [Well, I’d expect nothing else from a plastic Manc… – Features Editor]

  31. I’m watching David Crosby and Graham Nash on BBC4 right now – there are some very scary shirts in the audience.

  32. My Three words are:


    I had a great time in chat yesterday. Nate glad you found Guy’s blog. 65 I still can’t believe that LOL

    Hope everyone has a great Wed. I start a new job so I hope it goes good. I will be managing a pizza parlor. Anyone hungry?

    Catch everyone later,

    Renee B.
    Fontana, Ca USA

    [The best of luck, Renee. – Features Editor]

  33. Caption

    Bag of mixed boiled sweets is passed around the band, wonder who got the soor ploom!!

  34. Hey Fed.

    How did your game go yesterday? I hope your team won!!!!!!!


    [Well, let’s just say that the game did go and I’m glad that it’s gone. – Features Editor]

  35. Music to accompany a lazy sunny afternoon sailing down a river; not that I’ve ever had that pleasure. Now for the three words:



  36. I just wanted to share with you all a conversation my mom had with me today

    If you were in the chatroom monday you may have heard me say i take care of my mom, shes handicapped (polio) and 70 years young with a touch of dementia an alzheimer’s.

    well she helps me to help her a little, she can get out of chair with help and stand up but we have been having trouble lately. she just cant pick legs up quite as well as she was.

    Well today we were listening to On an Island and when i went to help her she told me that the music helped her to move better. she said it really made her feel better by listening to it and the thing is was that it did. it wasnt near as dificult as it had been.

    so i want to say a special Thanks to David and Polly for the inspiration in their music. it is truly wonderful what it does to the human soul.

    Thank you Again

    Blessed Be

  37. I’m going to try my best so here are the words:


    Thank you for your time Mr. Gilmour and I hope to meet new people here on ‘On an Island’ blog and chat!!! 🙂


    [Good to have you onboard, James. – Features Editor]

  38. Soaring

    You know what – I detect the spirit of “albatross” in there …

  39. Hi All, and a Happy new year!

    My three are;


    Cheers all,

    P.S congratulations Geoff! A definate PF/DG fan in the making!

  40. dreaming

    i love that friggin song. it’s so beautiful, and the live version just didn’t want to stop.


  41. Caption..

    Domestic David merrily whistles away while stitching up Guy’s runners in between sets.


  42. CAPTION 3:

    David Gilmour, inspired by recent EMI competition entrants, lays his hands on a devotee during a faith healing ceremony for the musically challenged…..

  43. hmmmmm…contest for song #7 on oai.

    answering this could be detrimental to my health. (i am not a fan at all of this album. i am very proud of dg and his success with 2006 but the music just bores the shit out of me. i never listened to any of it after the first 2 weeks and will only even listen to 5 songs if they happen to pop up on my ipod while i am working out…the others i FF out w/out hesitation. i do think that the title track, the blue, catellorization, take a breath, and this heaven are good…but …the rest zzzzzzzzzzzzz. just one man’s opinion but i listened to about face for 3 yrs straight and momentary for 7 yrs straight and etc. with everything else that he has done)

    three words:


    sorry guys. i did do that w/out being too obnoxous this time and that was a huge accomplishment since shutting down the site in late november (actually that was jersey mike)
    please be kind (maybe those should have been my 3 words)


    dg searching phone book to call and tell blake from nashville where he can shove his opinions about oai

  44. CAPTION 4:

    David Gilmour, hands raised and reaching through The Force, demonstrates great mastery by raising Luke Skywalker’s X-wing fighter from the Dagobah swamp…..

  45. First of all, I was never able to wish happy burthday to the blog because the comments were closed. So HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!!



    [Thank you, Pepe. – Features Editor]

  46. calming

    It was nice talking to you fed, glad to have met you. i guess i mean talk to you. It was fun anyway.


    [It was very nice to meet you, Tracy. Hope to see you in the chatroom soon. – Features Editor]

  47. *Caption*

    Now where does this piece of the puzzle go, I know that it fits somewhere in here.


  48. My three are 1) Dreamy 2) Placid 3) Emotional.

    Caption: David types in Dear Fed, my three picks are …

  49. I was thinking, instead of f*cking…”co-mingling” is probably a better word, considering…unless you all don’t give a farthing…it occurred to me very young folks will read here so I’m self censoring, LOL.

  50. 3 words…..


    Rgds Geoff Duffy ( Dublin 130 miles from Anfield thank god )

    [Still hurting, Geoff? Have the nightmares and flashbacks gone away yet? – Features Editor]

  51. Jerzy

    sorry Fed i had to

    [Well, you’re not going to win now, are you? Seriously, good luck in both competitions, Graham. You fully deserved both victories. Just take it easy in the Premiership now, eh? – Features Editor]

  52. CAPTION 5:

    To the surprise of critics, Cirque du Soleil’s “Threecardmonteykai” starring David Gilmour was a smash hit in Vegas…..

  53. Steam

    (Still in state of shock from the two cup games)


    [I’ll e-mail you my therapist’s details, Brook. She’s worked wonders this week. – Features Editor]

  54. Happy Thursday:

    [caption: dg searching phone book to call and tell blake from nashville where he can shove his opinions about oai]

    Well thats my winner.

    Pete – Coventry

  55. vacation

    Good morning from Miami. I hope it is not too late to forward my 3 words.


    [You’re not too late, Veronica. Thanks for sharing. – Features Editor]

  56. Michèle,

    your kindness moved me! I can’t be sure it is correct, but je te promets que, si je vaincs le sellotape, il sera tien! Et laisser FEd chanter en français pour toi!


    [Oui, c’est vrai. Mon français chansons sont très populaire avec tout le monde. – Features Editor]

  57. [Still hurting, Geoff? Have the nightmares and flashbacks gone away yet? – Features Editor]

    Nightmares ?????? what are they ?, for I have not slept in 2 weeks ha ha .

    Rgds Geoff Duffy ( “we had our chips, our chips”. Dublin )

  58. Have your heard Paris Hilton’s cover of this song dedicated to her new found abstinance?

    It’s called “Then I Closed My Thighs”….true story

  59. [maybe those should have been my 3 words – Blake from Nashville]

    might I suggest:


    Who could expect less from David Gilmour’s Biggest Fan?

  60. Dear F.Ed.

    here are my three words:

    – gloom
    – splendour
    – relief

    bye/ciao Elisabetta

  61. My three words are:


    I could write forever about this track. It’s not like anything else out there. This is one of the reasons I think ‘OAI’ is David’s least commercial effort ever, proof that he is not motivated by getting his songs on the radio.

  62. Caption:

    “Hmmm … Wax on. Wax off. (*pause*) Wax on. Wax off.””



    Work? No-where near as much fun as the chat room …

  63. nice pete.

    i thought that may be the one as well. (at least i was mellow in my opinions…that was a new years resolution. if i stated how i really feel about it, i would be banned for life and deservingly so.)

  64. Thought I would comment on something urelated to DG…if Fed will allow me.

    Big news here in Los Angeles: David Beckham coming to Los Angeles?? What? Who knew!

    [might I suggest: Full Of Shit. Who could expect less from David Gilmour’s Biggest Fan?]

    Hey Michael couldn’t have said it better myself. I have always been taught if you have nothing nice to say don’t say anything.

    Renee B.
    Fontana, Ca USA

  65. I didn’t read the others because I didn’t want to be inflenced, so sorry if these are repeats, but here goes…


    Still lovin’ my Pulse DVD.

    Love to all,

  66. peace,

    in the unlikely event i do get my name pulled out the hat can u shove your hand in and pick someone else as im still getting over Abbey Road, that was more than enough

    hope all is well Fed keep smiling, still waiting for that pesky baby….!

  67. At little off topic but…

    I came across the raw footage of this interview that David did here in Toronto last May.

    It’s different to see the interview without all the editing and you get a more complete answer to the questions asked.

    [Thanks for that, Chris. “Raw” is certainly the word for it. That shaky camera work almost made me throw up. Click Chris’ name below if you think you have the stomach for it. – Features Editor]

  68. Off topic

    ive got a feeling your manager will be on his way back to Spain next season as all u have left is the European cup and i just cant see it

    there is a rumour that we are doing a straight swap with Dennis Wise and big Ken coming your way and the sheik coming our way over the pennines with what i think is the best manager out there.

    of course i started this rumour so i would not be 2 worried. still just think of what ur missing. Dennis Wise and Mr Ken Bates to help put u on a nice financial footing.

    what do u think Fed. how good would that be mate, good for Liverpool and very good for Leeds United

    [I’m not sure I like the sound of that. I’d like to see Rafa given some serious money to spend before crossing him off my list of potential future baby names. He has done very well. It took Ferguson and Wenger a long time before they won anything of note, don’t forget. – Features Editor]

  69. [I have always been taught if you have nothing nice to say don’t say anything. – Renee B.]

    Good advice Renee. Another my father taught me; “always know your audience”.


  70. gilmour’s biggest fan? that has a nice ring. jersey mike turning on me. fair enough.

    i wouldnt have made those comments but that is actually my very least favorite song by dg (along with blue light and cruise…and pocketful of stones. ‘blake from nashville ducking from everyone emptying their pockets…which are filled with stones…and heaving them at him”) ever.

    nice one matt. you are quite clever sir. anagrams for matt…amtt, tamt,mtta, ttam, tmat. (im getting dizzy)

    renee, fair enough. i am not very talented at biting my tongue…but jersey mike is my best friend on this site and i take his comments and yours to heart. (still zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz…12 years?????)

  71. Folks…read carefully Blake´s post…

    That´s his opinion, and as long as it did not offend anyone, must be respected.

    I don´t like all David´s songs. Nobody´s perfect – I know, David´s close to that 🙂 – but in my opinion, even he sometimes may not be happy with his choices.

    I´m not saying that I don´t like this specific song though. It´s part of life.

    Besides, one should never treat the others as they treat him. But as he would like to be treated. That´s the golden rule, which I live by.

    Now, Blake´s post is a provocative one. Why we don´t discuss which song we don´like and why – instead of throwing tomatoes?

    All the best!


    [That’s the perfect way to end this debate. Thanks, Adriano. – Features Editor]

  72. and clarice…that is a beautiful story. your mom likes it and that is awesome. (my 67 yr old mom likes wish you were here a lot…and i love that about her) maybe you should play her that one too.

  73. We couldn’t have timed it better if we tried…

    Step forward, Clarice. You are our latest competition winner. Well done.

    Please let us know where we should send your prize by leaving your full name and address at any blog entry that still has a comment form. Don’t worry, it certainly won’t be published.

    For the record, my three words were ‘sleepy’, ‘reflection’ and ‘relaxation’.

    Thanks to everyone for playing along.

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