Live from Abbey Road


If you’re in the UK, you’ll be able to see David’s Abbey Road session on More4 and Channel 4 in the first week of March.

‘Live from Abbey Road’ is a new music show with a new format. Recorded on 29 August at the famed Studio One, there was no presenter or studio audience (save for those fans lucky enough to have been invited or people pretending to be at work).

You’ll get three tracks and some interviews interspersed throughout.

For further details, please visit the Live from Abbey Road website.

David features in the eighth show in the series. So, if you click ‘Shows’ and make your way to number eight, you’ll find lots of details specific to David’s session, including a snippet of ‘Take A Breath’.

This programme will be first broadcast on Friday 2 March on More4 and is likely to be repeated on Channel 4 on Monday 5 March. However, the latter date has yet to be confirmed, so is provisional for the time being. Of course, we’ll let you know of any changes.

It’s always worth keeping an eye on our calendar, don’t forget.

There are no plans for this series to be broadcast outside the UK as yet, unfortunately, so please don’t ask us for details. We’ll let you know at once if there any plans in the pipeline.

Author: FEd

Features Editor of David Gilmour’s official blog, The Blog (‘Features’ previously being its rather naff title), affectionately – or lazily – shortened to ‘FEd’.

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    As the nativity play got into full swing the search for three wise men was down to the final seven. “The gold is in the ??????????? Mhyrr is in the ???????? Frankincense is in the ????????”

    Well I do have a pocket full of stones.

    Rgds Geoff Duffy ( Dublin )

  2. Happy Thursday,

    If the taster off the DVD is anything to go by then the whole of Abbey Road will be rather special.

    Pete – Coventry

    PS: Geoff Duffy, dont want to worry you but I have just had a bill for university accomodation for my daughter. She is almost 21.

  3. It looks like it’s going to be a great series. That footage looks fantastic… even if it’s in the wrong aspect ratio!

    The other clips that I’ve looked at are letterboxed correctly and the Behind the scenes stuff is in 16:9 🙁

    As you may be able to tell by now it’s something that really bugs me 😉

    Love the comment Geoff and congratulations on your arrival.

  4. So they did record Echoes – YIP YIP YIPEEEEEE.

    I’ll go make myself a nice cup of tea, calm down and come back later.

  5. PS: some clips of David and band can be seen on the previously mentioned Behind the Scenes footage 🙂

  6. I don’t have a pocket full of stones. I have a head full of stones, at least that’s what my wife tells me.

  7. HAPPY NEW YEAR 2007

    Congratulations to Geoff, you must be etremly happy now

    Massive THANK YOU goes to PETE COVENTRY, I was suprised to find an envelope on Tuesday, once again thank you very much indeed

    Happy belated birthday to Guy,

  8. I had the strangest dream last night about David and company.

    They were playing this really small auditorium or hall and Paul McCartney was there. It was very intimate with folks milling about taking pictures. David was on drums during “Smile” which makes no sense at all but thats the beauty of dreams…

  9. i can’t wait to see it. the fans who got to go were so lucky.

    march is a long time to wait. is that your kind of “early next year” fed?

    [Yes, very much so. – Features Editor]

  10. [Geoff Duffy, dont want to worry you but I have just had a bill for university accomodation for my daughter. She is almost 21.]

    Pete something tells me the words ‘overtime please boss’ will be a staple part of my conversations from now on.

    Rgds Geoff Duffy ( Dublin busking)

    “Shoes shined governor?”

  11. [As the nativity play got into full swing – Geoff]

    Brilliant! Are you referring to the Star of David? 🙂

  12. That’s great news, now we’ll probably hear two versions of Echoes, Abbey Roads and OAI tour?


  13. Yay!

    I will finally get to relive that wonderful day, I’m so giddy I’ll have to calm down or else I’ll be like this until march and get no work done and fail my exams.

    I doubt that you’ll know this but I can’t help but ask, will any of the between take things be on the program or were they to be never heard or seen of again?

    Thanks and just to say that it’s great to be back.

    [You were right to be doubtful. We can’t say, sorry. Haven’t seen it. – Features Editor]

  14. Wow. Happy New year everyone!

    I can´t wait to watch this one. When is it out to the rest of the world Fed? (Just kidding!!! but hopefully one of these days!) The best part is it was taped on my birthday.

    I hope everyone had a marvelous new year and that 2007 is starting with a bang.

    Best of luck to everyone and anyone.

  15. Guy Pratt, happy birthday for you!

    There´s a thought I´d like to share with you, FEd and all bloggers…in the spirit of the new year.

    It´s from one of the best brazilian poets:

    Time. . .

    Who had the idea of slicing time into pieces,
    which were given the name of year,
    was a genious person.
    Industrialized hope
    pushing it to the limits of it´s exhaustiveness.

    Twelve months are enough for any human being get tired and give up.

    Then comes the miracle of renovation and all stars once again
    we pick another number up wishing that
    from now on everything will be diferent…

    …For you,
    I wish your dreams fulfilled.
    The love you waited.
    Hope renewed.

    For you,
    I wish all the colors of life.
    All happiness you can smile to
    All songs you can thrill.

    For you in this new year,
    Wish all friends to be abetter,
    May your family be more united,
    May your life be more lived.

    I would like to wish you so many things.
    But nothing would be enough…

    So, I wish only you have many wishes.
    Big wishes and may they move you further every single minute,
    on route to your hapiness!!!

    (Carlos Drummond de Andrade)

  16. F*Ed ~

    Can I ask for your favorite song from each of DG’s albums?

    I believe “Blue” from OAI was mentioned but what would be the others?


    [You’re not going to limit me to just one from each album, are you? That would be really mean. I let you lot name three or five. The thing with David’s albums is that you play them all the way through as a complete piece, but I especially like ‘Murder’, ‘Deafinitely’, ‘Short And Sweet’, ‘Near The End’, ‘I Can’t Breathe Anymore’, ‘Out Of The Blue’, ‘All Lovers Are Deranged’… – Features Editor]

  17. [The thing with David’s albums is that you play them all the way through as a complete piece – F*Ed]

    Oh I agree whole heartedly…

    My favs would be ( If I had to pick only two )

    So Far Away
    Short and Sweet

    Out Of The Blue
    Blue Light

    A Pocketful of Stones
    The Blue

    He’s really just a magnificent singer/songwriter…

    Thanks for your answers 🙂

    [Thanks for asking for them. – Features Editor]

  18. [Brilliant! Are you referring to the Star of David? 🙂 – Posted by: Matt at January 4, 2007 03:37 PM]

    Red sky at night shepherds delight so they say

    Rgds Geoff Duffy ( Dublin )

  19. Happy New Year F*ed and DG Bloggers!

    Congratulations on a great year. Looking forward to more fun stuff in 2007.

    Over the holiday week, I downloaded the Arnold Layne and Dark Globe files from the site that I linked to from the MySpace page. The file for the version of Arnold Layne with Rick singing that I downloaded is damaged. I thought maybe I did something wrong during download so I went back to the site and downloaded it again, but I had the same result.

    Has this happened to anyone else? Is there another place I can download this from that is available in the US? Any advice appreciated.


    [Sorry to hear it, Mike. If you haven’t already done so, please click your name to tell 7 Digital about this issue. I can’t recommend one alternative ahead of another, but for a list of download sites suggested when ‘Smile’ was released, please see the 8 June blog entry. – Features Editor]

  20. did I get to wish everyone all the best for the new year? oh things are so blurry

    but season’s greetings to FE’d David & family and all the posters here

    heard Arnold on radio2 several times

  21. I love it!, Merry New Year’ to all.


    I havent blogged for ages what with one thing and another. But a little Pixie told me the other week that DG would be doin his thing on C4. So I checked the DG Oracle and just what i expected Precision. Great!.

    [We live to serve, mate. – Features Editor]

  22. can i just say congrats to Geoff. i wish it was me im still waiting wish he would get a move on

    at last its on (well march anyway) well ur all in 4 a real treat, i cant see them showing echoes but it would be nice eh

    love and blessings to all

  23. Hi Fed and all…the Abbey Road clip of David and co is superb ( no suprise there ! )

    Am looking forward to a special birthday bash on the Sat6th with a fellow bunch of muso’s in the west country..So im sure many glasses will be raised esp. in memory of Mr Barrett.

    Hope to catch up with the blog in 8-10 days time.

    Good luck Fed….and Julie please do your Arnold Layne thing….dont be put off by ‘professionals’. Enjoy yourself ‘cos thats what really counts 😀

    happy trails
    martin d

  24. This clip looks so cool. Too bad us here in the states can’t see it. No problem, I’m sure it will happen eventually.

    Thanks for everyone wishing my son well. He is ok and gets the stitches out on Mon. He gave me such a scare.

    Renee B.
    Fontana, Ca USA

  25. hey

    I just have a question, how could I contact anyhow David Gilmour? just for say a few words…

    [If it is only a few words, then you can leave David a message here. – Features Editor]

  26. [i cant see them showing echoes but it would be nice eh – simon emery]

    i can’t see them showing it either. i thought they played

    1. on an island
    2. the blue
    3. take a breath
    4. astronomy domine

  27. Happy New Year!! This will be an exciting year!

    Today I finally received my Limited Edition David Gilmour-DVD. IT WAS GREAT, I know the RAH-DVD is going to be awesome.

    [You had to wait a while, Thomas. I’m sorry about that. – Features Editor]

  28. Is it 2007 yet?!!

    What a great time I had, but even better now that the site is back up and sprinting!

    I hope its still Happy Days FEd and Bloggers,

    Simon J

  29. I wonder which three songs they’ll play, I don’t envy the poor soul who had to make that decision.

  30. Hi again Fed and fellow bloggers

    regarding my trip around the world you would be very welcome to come along mind you it would have to be a swap you can take my place if i can take yours.

    ps i missed new zealand out, i must apologise to any kiwis out there. are there any kiwis out there!


  31. [i wonder which three songs they’ll play, i don’t envy the poor soul who had to make that decision. – lorraine]

    me neither!

  32. To those who asked: my cat is doing better. She’s not out of the woods yet by a long stretch, but there is hope. Thank you for your well-wishes on her behalf. She needs all the help she can get.

    Adriano, got your message. I’ll reply in a few minutes. I’m at work. 😀

    Geoff, congrats again. And sometimes compromise is all right for the soul. You can’t go wrong with Lennon. A new ‘pool fan is always a good thing, or so I’m told. Paying $16 to watch Liverpool v. Arsenal on pay-per-view is just sad. Paying $16 to watch Manchester United v. Aston Villa is a crime. Having to look at the ads for those two pay-per-views on my work desktop because of corporate policy of showing us things to sell to customers… FEd, I’ll return the pointy stick tomorrow. Need to borrow it for a wee bit.

    If Pete’s King of Warwickshire now, does that make me the Kingmaker? 😀

    I hope everyone who’s had health issues this holiday season recover quickly and that this year’s better for all of you.

    I MISSED YOU GUYS!!! FEd, Michele, Lucia, Adriano, Angelo, Rudders, Gabi, EchoesBob (you outta the doghouse yet?), Erin, Linda, Geoff, King Pete, Guy (HAPPY UNBIRTHDAY with the wacky Alice in Wonderland party and all!), Jersey Mike, Lynn, Melissa, LG… augh, more names! So, yeah, everyone. 🙂

    Phoeeeeeeeeenix the over-sugared.

  33. [I MISSED YOU GUYS!!! ………… – Phoeeeeeeeeenix]

    Mais on est tous là, maintenant, Phoenix, t’en fais pas !


  34. Thank you, FEd for the news about the Live from Abbey Road program and the link to their site.

    Watching the footage they have of David Gilmour and other performers makes me a bit envious and wishing the show somehow makes it to the States at some point. The clips are verrry tempting.

    I agree they might not play Echoes on the show, but since it was recorded we can always hope that the footage comes into the light sometime. 🙂

    By the way, yesterday’s mail included a shiny new Arnold Layne CD from the folks at (it was cheaper to order from them than the US website, if that makes any sense).

    Even though I had seen/heard the different clips available from the website, the CD sounded even better. A really fantastic job by all involved, it was a delightful listen for each song. David, Richard, the rest of the band and David Bowie sounded great and make me look forward to the concert DVD that much more.


  35. FEd and all… welcome back.

    Belated Congratulations to Geoff and his partner for the safe arrival of Lennon on Boxing Day.

    Further belated (45th birthday) congratulations to Guy for yesterday.

    Looking forward to the news about the changes to the chatroom.

    Are those Polly’s piccies on the Abbey Road site (Slideshow)?

    Wishing everyone a happy, healthy & prosperous New Year….

    [I don’t think they are Polly’s, Ken. – Features Editor]

  36. I’m a newbie here, hailing from the Jersey Shore, USA

    I just investigated “” site. Very nice! The sound is very good. What I was wondering is will that be available on the web? Is it a premium item? I ask, because I didn’t find any explanation at the site.

    [I wouldn’t have thought so, but will keep you all posted if we hear more. – Features Editor]

  37. DAVID:

    I been follow you since 1972, I live in Baja Mexico I just want to tell you thank you for given me the best music I ever listen

    I wish you a Mery Christmas and happy new year 2007, you and all your family


  38. [The file for the version of Arnold Layne with Rick singing that I downloaded is damaged. -Mike from Connecticut]

    Same thing happened to me Mike. Yes FEd, I did let 7 Digital know.

    I also wanted to say just how happy I am regarding the 180 gram vinyl release of OAI. Musictoday has got my vote as a fine music merchandiser (maybe I should wait to receive it first). . .I purchased my copy on the day of the announcement. . .seeing as how they only have 5,000 copies and such. . .

    [Has anybody else had the same problem? If so, please let us know. – Features Editor]

  39. I should also say that I’ve been to three record stores in the Bay Area, and no one has the AL10″.

    I asked at the front counters of all three stores and no one had any idea what I was talking about. It wasn’t available via their computer databases either. Hrrrumph!

    [Please blame Sony BMG for that. There was a delay in releasing it, but it is out now (it came out on Tuesday). Thanks for letting us know. How is everyone else doing in their quest to find ‘Arnold Layne’? Do let us know where you can – and can’t – find a copy. – Features Editor]

  40. One of the things I always enjoy from The music loops on the front page.

    wah wah wah wah wah wahh wahh waahhhh! 😉

    Happy New Year!

  41. [BLOG AWARD: To Ian for doing such an awesome Glassman! “Best Glass Blower” awar] – Posted by: Susan at January 3, 2007 11:24 PM]

    Still slow on catching up so belated thanks Susan. Wonder what 2007 has in store???????

    Incidentally one of Santa’s gifts to me was Jean Michael Jarres DVD Solidarity concert and I have to say the camera work is tame compared to Davids RAH footage which only bodes well for the future.

    Ian Pearson

  42. Gotta reiterate (I mentioned this last Spring); the home page musical bits are consistently fantastic and fun. By all means, please keep them coming.


  43. Happy Friday,

    So this time ish last year some of us were watching ‘3 men in a boat’. Initially I only watched it because Davids studio boat was to be visited but I must say I found the whole thing compelling viewing. Pity it was not repeated this year.

    However, the last 2 late evenings have been taken up watching The Old Grey Whistle Test. My goodness these programmes have stirred up so many good memories.

    Pete – Coventry

    PS – Tomasz, my pleasure

  44. Happy Friday (2)

    [I’ve been to three record stores in the Bay Area]

    Doesnt that sound cool.

    Beats my quote of wandering the record shops of Coventry on Boxing Day morning.

    Pete – Coventry

  45. [The file for the version of Arnold Layne with Rick singing that I downloaded is damaged. – Mike from Connecticut]

    Yes, I have the same problem, too.


    [I’m very sorry about this. We are following it up. – Features Editor]

  46. hi, David i hope u read these lines.

    I watched your mini dvd, and i am very disapointed about the TAKE A BREATH track.

    There is a review on amazon that explain very well the problem… too many strobes effects, smoke, lights, extreme white and black, too fast camera changes… it’s very very hard to watch this track. I don’t understand how David Mallet made such a bad job, to my opinion.

    I just hope that all the dvd will not be edited like this.

    take care

  47. Mr.Guy: Happy Birthday ! (we are age-mates)

    To Pete –Coventry : As I live quite near Trieste, if you are going to schedule this town twice, please let me know .

    Dear F.Ed.,

    Live Abbey Roads: it ‘s really a pity that there are no plans for this series to be broadcast outside the UK as yet, as you told, but I’m happy at least I saw the short footage of “Take a break” today on the web thanks the link you’ve suggested : very nice to see Mr.Gilmour, Mr.Wright and the well known band again.

    Maybe that has the video of Dark Globe been taped at Clam Castle? I saw some gazebos there and I wonder where is this site.

    On last 31st Dec.afternoon I listened in the Italian Radio24 an interesting programme broadcast (1h. 45 min.abt., titled “Syd Barret and Pink Floyd’s history”) – this was the last of a series of histories dedicated each to one famous artist or band, I mean one for every day of the last week of 2006.

    By the narrator’s voice and a couple of actors giving voices to all the bandmates, with their dialogues, their very long history has been traced since 1967 up to 2006 through the most famous songs as background, i.e. “Arnold Layne” upto the last “A pocketful of stones” , dedicated by Mr.Gilmour to the memory of Mr.Barrett.(with mention to OAI summer’s tour.) This last song was fading on the end of this programme.

    It’s useless to say that once again I felt moved……

    Bye/ciao Elisabetta

  48. [i’m very sorry about this. we are following it up. – features editor]

    hope you kick ass, fed. sorry that you guys have got a damaged download. that sucks.

  49. [I should also say that I’ve been to three record stores in the Bay Area, and no one has the AL10″. I asked at the front counters of all three stores and no one had any idea what I was talking about. It wasn’t available via their computer databases either. Hrrrumph! – Posted by: Marcus Buick at January 5, 2007 04:15 AM]

    To Marcus and anyone else in the US who can’t seem to find a copy of ‘Arnold Layne’ on 10″ vinyl, I hope this helps you. Please click the link below to locate your nearest indie store. You should have more luck obtaining one from independent distributors than the larger chains.

  50. Hi Fed,

    Hope all’s well with you and the rest of the crowd here.

    [The file for the version of Arnold Layne with Rick singing that I downloaded is damaged. – Mike from Connecticut]

    I got the same error on the download. It’s OK though–Dark Globe will be on ‘replay’ for a while longer.


    [Thanks for letting us know. I’m sorry to hear it, but we are on the case. – Features Editor]

  51. Happy New Year mates!

    a lot of happiness to everyone of us,our beloved Band and FED,first of all.

    I had a lot of problems and troubles for job and a tropical toxic syndrome from Santo Domingo
    (WARNING don’t eat “mero” fish…it causes ciguatera in this period…) but now it’s going better and better.

    Really it’s a very precious moment to stay here with you.

    Many kisses from Rome

    [I hope you’re feeling better now, Diana. – Features Editor]

  52. As usual, thank you FEd for the scoop of LIVE FROM ABBEY ROAD website regarding David Gilmour’s feature. The tip on David’s session is definitely a bonus – at least for us who live in the States, we are able to have a glimpse of it.

    Isn’t David Gilmour’s birthday on March 6? And the date of the broadcast is on March 5 – how special!

  53. Random Abbey Road Memories:

    * The curious looks from everyone on the stage floor as the ten of us were escorted to the balcony, and then all the peeks back and forth throughout our time there.
    * The discussion between the gentlemen and David’s head of security during our pre-recording lavatory visit as to which one of us should inform a certain lady guest that the bottom of her skirt was caught up in her undergarments (no brave soul stepped forward…sorry…)
    * The tea and cookies provided by Andy.
    * The surreal moment in the reception area as it was announced someone was there to pick up something for Jeff Beck.
    * Crashing on the Abbey Road balcony couch between takes as Jon Carin walks by asking if they were that boring….(jet lag, dude…sorry again)
    * The headless voice booming between takes “That was great. Could we try it one more time?”
    * Watching the banter between band mates. They seemed to get on so well.
    * The “powder girl” sprucing up David’s face between takes…come to think of it they all were dolled up a bit from time to time.
    * Watching David bust a string and Phil expertly changing it in no time flat.
    * Polly sorting through her countless rolls of film.
    * David suffering through flub after flub on ‘Smile’ after a whole day of taping.
    * Jon asking “That’s it?” as if he were ready for more after the last take, moments before David comes out of nowhere with…
    * Acoustic Echoes…and Guy looking lost for a bit as David turns to him and leads him on through the last pre-verse buildup…
    * The gathering for the last band picture…

    It all seems like a crazy fan dream all these months later. Thanks again to all who made that possible.

    May this year bring good fortune to every one of us, and may the actions you take be good and just…

  54. Good morning to F.Ed.and bloggers all

    It sounds good today listening to “Where we start”loop on the site

    How did it go with Top of the pops last Saturday? I’ve checked but among BBC channels I can only receive BBC World by my sat-tv system: maybe you are going to schedule some other programms there too?

    Thanks, bye and ciao Elisabetta

  55. Hi Michele

    I am rehearsing at every single moment that I get a chance. I have even got a little guitar solo worked out for the keyboard part. I have changed my guitar strings so that I can get a crisp sound. I have also booked a day’s holiday from the office because I will be in the studio all day Friday.

    I am just praying and praying that I don’t catch the dreaded flu bug that is going around. I don’t want my voice ruined.

    So as you can see, I am getting very excited. I will let you know the moment my version of Arnold Layne is posted. Of course, I will not ask our FEd to link it though. 😉

    I hope people will like it.



  56. [How did it go with Top of the pops last Saturday? – Posted by: Elisabetta Corsi-S.Giorgio di N. Italy at January 8, 2007 09:00 AM]

    Arnold Layne was shown at the end of Top of the Pops 2. It was good to see the video on a full size screen. They mentioned that it was a new version of PF’s first single and that it was dedicated to Syd’s memory but I was surprised they didn’t make the connection with it being played on his birthday.

  57. Thanks a lot LynnR for your nice reply: I hope everybody there have enjoyed it.

    Thanks again
    bye/ciao Elisabetta

  58. Fed,

    Is that the star of David you can see on the above picture!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I suppose the best answer to that is, no it is David the star!!

    Cheers Fed

  59. ********** ANNOUNCEMENT **********

    Just to clear up the confusion, the deadline for EMI’s ‘Arnold Layne’ contest is Monday 22 January, not Monday 15 January.

    If you still think there’s enough time to collaborate with other ‘Blog Irregulars’ on a version of ‘Arnold Layne’, click below for the relevant blog entry. Arrangements can also be made in our chatroom.

    Good luck to all who enter.

  60. caption:

    the band make the most of the chance to practice in the gym at lunchtime, but guy’s ‘sad eyes’ routine isn’t enough to stop mr thomas from shouting “put the mats away! the bell’s about to go!”

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