Happy New Year!


Happy New Year to all and many thanks to everyone for their cheery, jolly festive wishes. We hope you enjoyed your holidays.

Special thanks to those who went a step further and sent me cards and gifts. You really shouldn’t have, but it was very nice that you did. Thanks a lot.

We didn’t finish our Blog Awards with one of your suggestions, so if you still care, jump back a few blog days for a recap and let us know your thoughts.

If you don’t care, please just twiddle your thumbs until tomorrow, when we’ll tell you that we have to wait until March to see David’s August performance at Abbey Road.

Yeah, yeah… We know.

However, you can see the ‘Arnold Layne’ video that we’ve been showing on the On An Island page on ‘Top Of The Pops 2’ on Saturday – which, fittingly, just so happens to be Syd Barrett’s birthday.

That’s BBC 2 at 5:05PM (UK).

As always, if you can’t wait until tomorrow, details of both programmes are on our calendar.

Please do wait until tomorrow to pass comment on them, though. Some of us need to gently ease ourselves back into the habit of working and suspect that, after the longest break in the blog’s history, there could be a fair bit of catching up to do today.

The ‘Arnold Layne’ EP, by the way, entered the habitually dire UK singles chart at Number 19. Well done, Mr G.

Please note that the ‘Arnold Layne’ single is a limited edition, so when stocks sell out, there will be no more available.

Finally, as some of you have expressed interest in the idea, if you’re still interested in collaborating on a blog version of  ‘Arnold Layne’ to enter EMI’s contest, please see the 21 December entry for details.

Author: FEd

Features Editor of David Gilmour’s official blog, The Blog (‘Features’ previously being its rather naff title), affectionately – or lazily – shortened to ‘FEd’.

110 thoughts on “Happy New Year!”

  1. Welcome to 2007! total mystery, 2007! All hopes are allowed ! Great !

    Best wishes to David and his family and all our friends here!

    Wow ! Bonsoir, Fed ! Déjà au boulot ? Pas trop la gueule de bois ? Pas trop nase ? Floyd the dog pas trop crotté ? C’est pas assez de vacances, ça !


    [Bonsoir à vous. Ça va? Tristement, les vacances Noël sont toujours trop court et, oui, j’ai été un peu… ‘malade’ au cours des vacances. Je suis récupérant lentement. Mais c’est tout bon. Plus de français ici en 2007, oui? C’est un des beaucoup de résolutions pour 2007. (Moins de nourriture malsain, plus de légumes horrible, moins d’alcool, plus de bonté et la patience, moins de fureur, obscénités ou pensées de meurtre…) – Features Editor]

  2. F’Ed, just want to say thanks for bringing things together the way you do. I am happy to say George Gipe and I did have the distinct pleasure of working together and it couldn’t have happened without you. Cheers mate!

    As for Mr. Gipe, I cannot sing his praises enough. He truly knows what buttons to push and I have never seen anyone work as efficiently in the studio. He is a consumate professional. Not to mention he is a great guy! So, thank you George, it was a whole lot of fun. My buddy, Dan, will attest to that!

    I personally believe that the journey is always so much more important than the destination. That said, this one was very memorable. Thanks for that.

    Jersey Mike

    [I’m very glad to hear it, mate. Good luck to you both. – Features Editor]

  3. welcome back, hope your holidays were great. I would of sent a card if i knew your mailing address. SORRY, maybe next time.

    [Bless you. – Features Editor]

  4. So sad that i missed my wishes for Christmas, the blog was closed before i had the time to write my wishes to everybody, but especially to Polly, David and your lovely children…

    But so happy that you are back…i missed you more than i thought, everybody, really…SO HAPPY NEW YEAR MY DEAR FELLOW BLOGGERS!!!

    Bonne Année a mes amis français, Michèle, je vous envoie mes pensées les plus sincères et vous donne 2 gros bisous sur les joues,voila!!!


    Rudders i will regret all my life that i missed you in Toronto, that was my ultimate chance to meet someone so special…Happy new year my friend to you and your little family!
    And to you f.é. my deeply best wishes to your family and to the fantastic human being that you are!

    Should i wish a better year for David, Polly and kids?Is it possible? You gave us so much in 2006, thank you for that.

    F.é. let s talk about business now…When… that DVD, you said early in 2007, we are now early in 2007, Sooooooooo…………

    *******Bonne année 2007 a tous !********* Sylvie de Montréal

    [Oh yes, the DVD… Now is too early. – Features Editor]

  5. Welcome back FEd

    Hope you had a nice rest and are ready for the deluge from everyone awaiting your re-appearance from a mini hibernation

    [Bring it on. – Features Editor]

  6. We’re bbaaaaacckkk! Nice to be amongst friends again. Happy New Year Fed.

    [Thank you. The same to you. – Features Editor]

  7. Hi,

    Was the release of the “Arnold Layne” single delayed ? Online stores in Switzerland either list is as available in two weeks, or don’t list it at all ! Amazon in Germany lists it as available in 4 to 6 weeks !

    Thanks (and Happy New Year !).

    [If it has been delayed, nobody told me. – Features Editor]

  8. I wish a happy new year to Mr. G and his family, to all of the Band and their families and to all people on the Blog. Let’s have a good year together.

  9. Happy returns to everyone,

    Hope you all had a trouble free break.

    So Arnold Layne made it into the UK charts. For the first time ever I must admit that I did venture into town on Boxing Day and get a copy. I have since been back into town and the shelves seemed to have been cleared of it suggesting it had sold ok.

    Both Arnold tracks are great but I do think that Dark Globe is sensational.

    Enjoyed the chat on xmas eve eve even though I managed to. Caused a bit of excitement when for some reason it kicked me out. But I learned that I am a ‘wuzzy’ due to my drinking habits. This was a new word to me but it sounded ok.

    Finally, I visited Warwick Castle during the break. Enscribed in the 12th century stones were the words ‘Pheonix was here’ (or is that wuz here). Anyone here going to own up.

    Pete – Coventry


    For those wondering I became a father at 10:50am 26th dec 2006. boy 7 pound 2 ounces and the song SMILE has a whole new meaning for me.

    Rgds Geoff Duffy ( Dublin )

    [I’m really pleased for you, mate. Have you got him a little Liverpool strip yet? – Features Editor]

  11. Nice to be back and here’s to a great year. Looking forward to some great music (RAH dvd)


  12. Hi blog and a very happy new year to you!

    Just two questions that I’d like answered:

    (1) Was it Dave who played the guitar solo at the end of Kate Bush’s ‘Wuthering Heights’?
    (2) Was it Dave who did the loud singing on ‘Not Now John’ or was that all Roger?



    [Questions on the first day back, Derek? That’s pushing it a bit. ‘No’ to the first, and ‘yes’ to the second… I think. I’m sure someone will pipe up if they know more. – Features Editor]

  13. Just want to wish a Happy New Year to you F.Ed and of course to Mr. Gilmour, Mr. Wright, the rest of the band and to everyone on the Blog!

    Also nice to see some quality music on the charts again!

    Best wishes from Norway!



  14. Whilst on the subject of David on the BBC, I noticed the other day that the hour long streaming video file of the Mermaid gig is still available from the BBC website.

    I can’t find a clickable link for it directly from the visible pages of the site but at the time it was broadcast I saved the link as a ‘favourite’ in RealPlayer and it’s still active.

    So therefore a handy tip for the New Year: Watch video within the RealPlayer application instead of your browser and save it as a ‘favourite’ 🙂

    Happy New Year to you all.

  15. Welcome back Fed, i hope you had a restfull christmas.It looks a bit ominous for you now Mr Henry is back for the gunners mabe the other ten will stay at home & you will have a happier sunday.

    Thank you for replying to my question (i thought you were meant to be on holiday!) I will let you know the outcome as soon as i know.


    [You can bring the Arsenal on as well, Graham. I quite fancy playing them twice. – Features Editor]

  16. Just popping on to wish all readers (and you too of course F.ed) of this blog a happy new year. Hope you all had a pleasant festive season.

    Time for a diet, lol!

  17. Welcome back, FEd! It’s great to have the blog rolling again. I’m not sure I trust my high school French after all these years, but I’m sorry if you were sick during your vacation. Hope you got to enjoy some of the holidays!

    A hearty congratulations to Daddy Geoff!!! That’s fabulous news! Sending good thoughts and wishes to you and your family.

    Happy New Year, Everyone!

    [Lynn, I don’t know how to say “I ate far too much junk, drank far too much alcohol and completely messed up my sleeping pattern, so I felt pretty dodgy all over the holidays” in French, so “malade” will have to do until Michèle can expand upon those themes. Notebooks at the ready, everyone. You know we try to be an educational resource here at davidgilmour.com. – Features Editor]

  18. Geoff,

    A million congrats to you and the wife! Being a father of three I can honestly say that it will be the best thing you have ever done.

    There are indeed a million “smiles” to come!

    It will be the hardest and yet the most satisfying endeavor you will ever take on. Enjoy every second as it does indeed go as fast as they say it does.

    Happy New Year to all, 2007’s gonna be a great one!

  19. hello from the US!

    David I’m giving your CD a first listen. Its incredible. All I can say is thanks for now and thanks for THEN (with PF)….


  20. Welcome back, Fed and the irrepressible irregulars. I was having some serious Gilmour withdrawal there. Good to have my fix now.

  21. Greetings to you FEd and all my friends!

    I’m very happy to find you all here this morning and hope that you had a relaxing, fun holiday week FEd. Some much deserved time off.

    Being in the ‘hospitality industry’ we were unbelievably busy making certain that other families’ holidays were memorable. With the old ’tis better to give than to receive’ in mind, I must admit that it is gratifying to greet long-time guests whose children we’ve had the pleasure to watch grow up and who have wonderful memories of their family time. Loads and loads of snow with people enjoying the x-c skiing. But I must admit that when I found a few moments to myself I couldn’t help but come back to the blawg even if only to revisit posts previously read and also to go back to some of the days that I’d missed and do some catch up!

    I’ve certainly missed you, FEd, as well as the rest of the usual suspects.

    So welcome back to all! If I’ve not made any sense, please excuse me as I’ve managed to catch some horrible flu in the last couple of days and am more than a little bit delirious. I couldn’t sleep or get myself in a comfortable position so thought a few minutes sitting up would do me good and happily I’ve found that you are back on the air. Thank you for being here this morning. I think that I can speak, although somewhat incoherently, for everyone when I say you’re appreciated more than you know for your diligence in keeping all of us informed as to all things David Gilmour as well as entertained and on our toes.

    Happy 2007 FEd and Irregulars! Here’s looking to many happy times to share in the new year.

    Peace and love to everyone!
    Washington State

    [Bless you. I hope that flu clears off soon. It’s such a bitch, isn’t it? – Features Editor]

  22. Ah, FEd, welcome back !

    The wait has been agonisingly long … Hope you enjoyed your break.

    Happy 2007 to everyone and congratulations to Geoff.


  23. Congrats Geoff, Santa was kind, now just waiting for Simon’s news.

    Fed, you must be the healthiest person I know after all the glasses I raised during last two weeks. Did the malts work? You should have been in Aberdeen, still recovering, maybe you were! And the shops had plenty of Arnold Layne’s.

    Happy New Year one and all.

    Ian Pearson

    [I was just thinking, after hearing of Gabrielle’s flu, that I haven’t had so much as a mild sniffle for about four months now. I’ve probably jinxed myself by saying that, and I’m being wholly hypocritical in saying this, because one of my many New Year’s resolutions is to shun alcohol in all its evil guises, but please keep drinking. I want another sniffle-free season when this one ends. (If there are any witches reading this, by the way, don’t try me.) – Features Editor]

  24. Hope everyone has a very happy 2007!!! a special thanks to Mr. Gilmour for his Arnold Layne tribute to his good friend Syd. could never meet a classier guy… Thank You David!!! mwah!!

  25. Dear F.Ed.,

    Happy new year to all there and on the web!

    ..so you are back! You are so “fresh” after a such short holiday! (again very good news already at the very beginning of this year).

    Here many people are still on holidays, and schools will open next Monday (saturday is religiuos holiday-Hepifania)

    we all ate too much and we are going to start a diet!

    Congratulations to Geoff Duffy!

    Pete – Coventry made me remember that I visited Warwick Castle too the only time i’ve been in England (’92-for job- int.exhib.in Birmingham) : it let me think about ancient tales of fairies and princesses.

    Ok, thanks again and kind regards/ciao Elisabetta

    [You’re right, Elisabetta. It’s such a short holiday. Longer holidays in 2007, I say. – Features Editor]

  26. Welcome back, Fed. I trust you had a restful holiday.

    I’ve yet to retrieve my pre-order single from Virgin. The store is next to my office which I’ve been avoiding like the plague..

    I’ve spent the break hanging out with my parents who have been spoiling my kids rotten.

    Congratulations, Geoff. Your life will never be the same.

    Happy New Year!

    P.S. Any chats this week? I missed the year ender as my parents arrived that day.

    [Not this week, sorry. I need to work my way through the gears very slowly, so we’ll be juddering along at about five miles per hour until Monday, trying not to stall the old engine. There’s going to be a change to the chatroom, by the way. Details on Friday. – Features Editor]

  27. TO GEOFF—-Congratulations on the birth of your son! What a wonderful Christmas gift! Baby boys are so sweet, mine is now 7, and I miss those early days.

    Happy New Year to everyone else!

    Love to DG and all DG fans!

    Elizabeth, midwest USA

  28. Hi Fed at last youre back. im going to need a rehab the way i have missed this thing over the holiday. thanks to all the irregulars for keeping it going behind the scenes eg: emails cards etc

    well fed hope u had a good one, can u believe it David in the single charts in the uk, as you said our charts are notoriously bad but hey it just goes to show quality always shines through.

    well this is just a short one to ease u back in but u have been missed

    see ya mate and happy new year to all out there

  29. [There’s going to be a change to the chatroom.]

    Fed, c’mon, I have only just got used to getting in this one.

    Elisabetta of Italy – Due to messing up on the chatroom during xmas eve eve I became king of Warwick castle.

    Plus this year I intend to go visit Italy. June ’07 will see my 25th wedding anniversary so I have promised my lady I will take her there – any suggestions as to whereabouts??

    Geoff – congratulations. To reiterate an earlier comment. Enjoy each moment they do go fast !!

    Pete – Coventry

    [You won’t have any trouble with it, I assure you. – Features Editor]

  30. PS – I got my sessions DVD for xmas. I was delighted. How good is it !!

    Pete – Coventry

  31. Congratulations ‘Daddy’ Duffy!

    Love from me to you, and yer little family.


  32. Fed!

    Just like to wish everyone a Happy New Year from sunny Aberdeen!

    Great news that Arnold Layne has hit the charts and we hope will climb up the way!

    Speak to you all soon
    Mark Bain

  33. [I’m really pleased for you, mate. Have you got him a little Liverpool strip yet? – Features Editor]

    I have indeed, home away and third strip. I also scanned my oai cover back and front and made him a little t shirt. cheeky I know but very cute .

    Rgds Geoff Duffy ( Dublin )

    [Good lad. – Features Editor]

  34. Happy New Year to all the irregulars. I must say I missed the Blog and you Fed. Hope your holiday was uneventful. Mine was okay except for spending New Years Eve in the emergency room. (my son ran into a chain link fence with his head, required 3 stiches) But it turned out good in the end.

    Congrats to Geoff! What fabulous news.

    Hope 2007 is a great as 2006.

    Renee B.
    Fontana, Ca USA

    [Renee, that’s awful. I’m sorry to hear that. I suppose it’s better that he ran into it with his head and not without it, though. – Features Editor]


    To everyone hope you all had a great holiday, cant wait to see what 2007 has instore for us the last year has been great thanks to David and Polly and of course our wonderful friend the FED. hope we are all so successful this year. I’m glad we’re back to the blog it was a long break well when youre ready Fed. well get this year started and i know it will be as good if not better than the last.

  36. Happy new year all! And congrats to Geoff!

    Welcome back Fed… hope you had a great break!


  37. Happy New Year, ALL!!!

    The 7″ import of Arnold Layne is here in the states (but sold out, of course), but I was told the release date for the North American has been moved to January 16. That could have been on the web site somewhere and I missed it.

    I hope everyone had a great holiday. I am still trying to recover from my beloved Sooners having to be on the short end of the stick of another team’s Cindrella story (if you familiar with US college football). I will continue to use my PF musical therapy to work past it.

    [You were told wrong. There was a delay with Sony BMG, but the 10″ vinyl was released in the States yesterday. – Features Editor]

  38. Welcome back F’ed and Happy New year to all.

    Special congratulations Geoff. I was going to offer to send a Ronaldo romper suit via F’ed but looks like your wee lad is a lost cause already!

    [Don’t worry, Geoff. It would never have reached you. I’d have made sure of that. – Features Editor]

  39. Congratulations Daddy Duffy, what lovely news to start the new year with.

    Does Duffy jr have a name yet?

  40. Welcome back fellow bloggers!!

    Hope everyone had a great holiday break.

    FEd- I hope that you get your sleep back on schedule so you no longer feel “dodgy”.


  41. Dear FEd,

    I hope your holdiay was grand!!!

    Last Friday I stepped into a hole in the backyard and sprained my ankle. Other than that the holidays were nice and mellow.

    I sure did miss the blog and such. (I think I went through DavidGilmour.com withdrawal. It’s a good thing I’ve a degree in substance abuse counseling!)

    Anyway, I do hope the Gilmour family had a superb holdiay season, with many good wishes sent their way for the new year.


    [A sprained ankle is painful. Get well soon, Penny. – Features Editor]

  42. Hello !

    A Happy new year for all of you bloggers, FEd, DG web site crew, & of course for David and the “On an Island” Tour family !

    Happy birthday too for the BLOG.

    See you soon!


    P.S. Thanks Michèle for helping me in finding the DG’s lyrics! best wishes for this new year !

  43. Admirable Fed, a life without drink is a life worth living.

    Any witches out there better not try it on with me 😉

  44. best wishes for 2007!!

    really love the song dark globe it’s wonderfully sung by mr. gilmour

  45. Happy new year to you FED and to all the Bloggers and a lot of congratulations to Geoff!!!!!

    But FED! you have made me wait too long! No news and no blog for too many days! it has to be the first and the last time!! David, no holidays for FED for a long time!

    Ciao FED! and please, we want from you (FED) and David a wonderful 2007! (Like 2006)

    Claudio from Ravenna – Italy

  46. [Finally, I visited Warwick Castle during the break. Enscribed in the 12th century stones were the words ‘Pheonix was here’ (or is that wuz here). Anyone here going to own up. – Posted by: Peter]

    Wasn’t me. I know how to spell Phoenix. 😀

    GEOFF!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!! (Yes, breaking my own personal rule about misuse of exclamation points and ‘shouting’… but what a reason to do so!)

    I spent Christmas at work (got paid double time and a half and watched the Limited Edition DVD after opening presents). I spent the New Year’s weekend driving to Kansas to crash a friend’s wedding… well, not /crash/ per se, because the /groom/ knew we were coming… he’d invited us. It was a surprise for the bride. Me and a couple of mates had been responsible for this Oklahoma lady getting together with this nice English chap, so we had to be there. The /look/ on her face when we showed up on her mom’s doorstep. She cried. 😀

    Driving home, I snapped pictures of the brightest rainbow I’ve ever seen.

    Sadly, all was not well when I got home. One of my cats has been ailing, and the person who was to take care of her while I was away… didn’t. So last night was a visit to the emergency vet and an estimate of health care resembling the amount on one of my entire paychecks. The cat is still with us, but very weak. I can’t afford professional care for her, but I’m tending her as best as I can. Hopefully she’ll pull through.

    Other than that… I’ve been playing video games, cheering at Doctor Who (Martin S will know why :D) and dreading watching the recent episode of Torchwood.

    Busy, busy.

    I hope everyone’s New Year is healthy, wealthy, and wise, as they say.


  47. Hi and Happy New Year to all irregulars…

    Good to have your good self back Fed..You have been sorely missed…still you did have all those presents to deliver !!!

    [‘Magicky Potions’ are hereby sent forth to keep you hale and hearty for 2007 …Royal Snail PLEASE deliver asap !!]

    A TOAST TO GEOFF and PARTNER on the birth of your boy……Great News

    martin d

  48. To you all best wishes for a wonderful 2007!!!

    For me I’ll be happy if I can listen to PF& DG music at least twice a week! I began the new year with WYWH…many many thanks for the pleasure you give me…


  49. ********** ANNOUNCEMENT **********

    In case you missed it… If you want to collaborate with other ‘Blog Irregulars’ to produce a version of ‘Arnold Layne’, so that you may enter EMI’s ‘Arnold Layne’ contest, please click below for the relevant blog entry where you can make all the necessary arrangements.

    The most simple way of doing this would be for individuals to record their parts to their computers via the basic Sound Recorder software and to upload the file to a shared ftp site, where one can then download everyone’s files and mix them to produce a complete track.

    Of course, there are other alternatives and you have almost three weeks left before the deadline.

    We’ll do what we can to help, but we cannot stress strongly enough that samples from any recorded version of the song are not allowed. Your version must be entirely your own.

    Good luck if you decide to get involved.

  50. Back again.

    I completely forgot to congratulate Geoff and his dearest on the addition of a baby boy … best to you Geoff and your family!

    Also, good to hear from Simon. Should only be a while longer and we’ll be welcoming another little blogger-boy.

    So sorry to hear about your son’s run-in with a fence, Renee, and your ankle sprain Penny. It was a very weird week for injuries. I do believe that this horrible flu I now have was a result of being exposed to nasty airborne thingys in the emergency room where I had to take my girlfriend last Saturday.

    A water main in town had broken, flooding the lower floor of her house and washing away a good deal of land. Then it got down to 5F. and froze up like an ice skating rink! She walked outside Friday night, slipped on the ice, dislocated and fractured both sides of her right ankle!

    After a night in the closest (not best) hospital, I rescued her and took her to the better hospital 100 miles away where, after hours in the emergency room, she had surgery (pins & steel plates). Brought her home on New Years Eve (woo-hoo) and had been tending to her until we both came down with this little new years present Tuesday night! Blahhhhh!!!

    FEd, glad to hear that you’ve only been bothered by that other kind of holiday illness. Stay well and keep the witches at bay! Get out the pointy sticks if necessary!

    Washington State

  51. Welcome back and a Very Happy New Year FEd and to all fellow connoisseurs in DG land.

    What an amazing start to 2007, I actually own a 7″ single that is in the UK Top 20.

    Very Best Wishes,

  52. Happy New Year F’Ed!! Congrats also to Geoff and his better half on the birth of the little one-great news!

    My New Years resolution is to try and spend a bit more quality time on the blog – I’ve been a little tardy with my contributions the last few months which frankly is not good enough if I wish to retain my claim to ‘Irregularity’.

    Right, off to practice me ‘Arnold’!

  53. – I didn’t find the “Arnold Layne” single, so I ordered it in fnac as an import, but I have no idea when they will get it, so I bought and downloaded the three tracks via this site, no problem, I can listen to them on my computer, but I’ve not been able to burn (you say that ?) a CD to play it elsewhere ! Why ? Am I so stupid ? Usually, I can do that …

    – Welcome to the new baby Geoff (what’s his name ?), surely not only a new Liverpool fan, but also a new David’s fan and maybe a future blogger, but Fed will have to run (?) the blog at least six years more to allow baby Geoff to post! no problem, Fed ?

    – OK, Patoch’ and best wishes to you too !

    – [You spoke FRENCH! – Matt] ????? Matt, I don’t understand…am I stupid, once again ?

    – Bonne année aussi, Sylvie (but, which Sylvie ? so, bonne année aux deux sylvie(s)!).
    But, you said: [F.é. let s talk about business now…When… that DVD, you said early in 2007, we are now early in 2007], là, vous exagérez, Sylvie, surtout le premier jour de réouverture du blog ! so, Fed, 2007 = 2006 ! même combat ! Envie de meurtre ? A bas les bonnes résolutions…

    – And, since [we try to be an educational resource here at davidgilmour.com.], sachez que “I ate far too much junk” = “j’ai mangé trop de camelote” (nice word) or = “j’ai mangé trop de cochonneries” (not so nice …but surely more true!)

    – Yes, too long post, tant pis…


    [Merci pour les expressions français. “Tant pis” semble gentil, aussi (mais n’est nécessaire ici). Six années? Mes yeux seront comme les petit boîtes. – Features Editor]

  54. Happy New Year to one and all.

    A belated Happy Birthday to the blog and all the very best to you FEd.

    Tom Byars

  55. Hi,

    Not sure if he is going to like this.

    But it is Mr Pratt’s birthday today (the 3rd).



    [Well said, Karen. Have a good one from all of us, Guy. – Features Editor]

  56. Geoff, come in here, dear boy, have a cigar. youre gonna go far… Congratulations my friend!

    Greeeeeeat to be back FEd! And see you in such a good mood! You must have had an explendid new year´s holiday! You deserved it!

    David, Polly, DG´s Management, FEd, my friends: The undiscovered country awaits ahead…

    It will be a great privilege to cross it in your company! Shall we?

    All the best,
    Adriano Capeto

    ps: Guy, thank you for your compliments!


    And congratulations to you, Geoff on the birth of your son.

    To all: we’re back! I am so glad, I missed the blog and what might be happening to you all. Sorry to hear about illnesses and injuries, but still happy to hear you are back.

    Stay well all. So looking forward to whatever is next here at DavidGilmour.com and where ever this year takes us all.

    Until tomorrow…..

    jan (or janice in mpls)

  58. Hi Fed and fellow bloggers

    Hope you all had a peaceful xmas and heres to a very happy new year to you all

    I thought you may like to know Katrina has talked me into taking a 7 month journey around this beautiful planet of ours. I know i said once i cannot keep swanning around, but this is a once in a life time trip and i may get some great fishing in between.

    We will start off in thailand, china, hong kong, Australia, japan and finish in canada for 2 months so if any bloggers want to catch up that would be great. I will be keeping an eye on the blog, and fed please tell David no uk tours till i return.

    I hope you dont mind this rather long winded blog of mine. I’ll try to get on this site, and let you know where i am. Take care see you all soon.


    [Sounds fantastic, Damian. Keep us posted. Can I come? – Features Editor]

  59. Welcome back all! I wish you had wonderful holidays.

    My biggest thought to Geoff. Congratulations daddy!


  60. Happy New Year to you too, dear FEd, and to all my fellow bloggers =)

    Glad you enjoyed your holidays, and that you’re back in business, FEd.. I really missed reading the blog.

    Congrats to Geoff!


  61. [..ou pensées de meurtre…) – Features Editor]

    Est-ce que je peux avoir ton baton pointus F.E.?..Vous n’avez aucune usage pour cela maintenant.

    Nice to see you all back.Appears as though a nice time was had by all during the break(except for the odd sprain,cough and hangover.) Cheers Geoff!..Your life is about to change, but all for the better.Just follow David’s example(family first and foremost) and you can’t go wrong.

    P.S. F.E…I finally received my “Live And In Session” DVD and apparel on Dec 22nd..exactly 1 month after shipping notice..just in time for Christmas, and man,it was so worth the wait!Thanks for that David!

    [I’m glad you finally received it, John. Et non, vous ne pouvez pas avoir mon bâton aimé, désolé. – Features Editor]

  62. Happy New Year all – hope 2007 brings you all that you’re after…like a new DG DVD, and maybe even the fabled DG stratocaster…

    So, brace yourselves for this one….

    Eric Prydz has covered ABITW part 2. Who is Eric Prydz I hear you mutter? Any recollection of the sexual innuendo aerobics video and the samples from Steve Winwood’s “Valerie” – that’s Mr Prydz 🙂

    Now, here’s the real shocker – I really really wanted to hate this song with a vengeance but believe it or not, it’s not that bad. I’m quite the purist and I think it hurts me to say that, because as I say, I want so much to dislike it…but I can’t. Even the video was smart – I really loved the messages it sent out in a really clever way. A great way to get strong environmental messages into a whole new generation who haven’t heard PF (crazy kids that they are).

    Maybe I would have hated the song if I had heard it divorced from the video, but seeing and hearing them together worked for me. Just…but it did work.

    I hate the fact that David’s solo has been surgically removed from the piece though. For me it’s one of my favourite David solos of all time (tough call between ABITWpt2 and CN) and without it it just isn’t ABITW, no matter which patches are used. Whoever gave permission for it to be covered should have put a Gilmour solo clause in there 🙂

    So there you go… 2007 off to a surprising and somewhat weird PF/DG start.


  63. Caption..

    “As you can see people,this performance is being recorded in the latest blue ray technology.”

    (Jeez I hope this is not the 1st caption of 2007)

  64. Good to ‘see’ you all again. I hope everyone had a great holiday.

    Congrats, Duffy, on your new little lad. Enjoy him now, he’ll be a big brat in no time 😉

    I, too, have had a flu the last couple of days; a stomach one, ugh.

    You sound a lot less stressed, Fed. Maybe you should take a week off more often.


    [Sounds good. Hope you feel better soon, mate. – Features Editor]

  65. Happy New Year F.Ed and Blog Irregulars – hope that 2007 is everything you wish it could be and then some !

    Congrats Geoff – becoming a parent is the most amazing thing in the world. My best to you and your family

    It was our first New Year in India and a bit strange to be celebrating when the rest of the world was only just waking up – but we broke out the bubbly and had ourselves a fun time.

    So how about those New Year resolutions ? Everyone still keeping to them yet ?


  66. One week and counting providing he comes on time, but if he is anything like his mother he’ll be late

    good night all

  67. I want to wish everyone a safe and healthy New Year! 2007, can you believe it??

    Congratulations, Geoff, good job!

    And Phoenix, I hope your cat is okay….

    Gabrielle… feel better soon…. Penny, too!

    Hopefully the new year has good things in store for all of us.

  68. Welcome back FEd! Happy New Year to you and everyone!

    Congratulations to David Gilmour for the success on the ‘Arnold Layne’ EP. My best wishes to you and your family for a happy, healthy and prosperous 2007.

  69. [Does Duffy jr have a name yet? – Posted by: lorraine at January 3, 2007 06:26 PM]

    To everybody that gave me and my instant family well wishes I say a heartfelt thank you.

    We have named him Lennon Craig ( not my choice ) Duffy . I wanted Mason ,David but hey he is healthy and mammy is too so a boy named Sue would suffice but Lennon is his name

    once again to everybody thanks for the well wishes.

    Tim, Tim , Tim your offer of the Ronaldo rompersuit will be taken on board for nappies cost a fair packet these days ha ha .

    Rgds Geoff Duffy (ZZzzzzzzzz Dublin )

  70. Caption for Gamers or Geeks:

    Kenobi’d better put that lightsaber away or I’ll pwn his butt with my +10 Guitar of Rock.

    And I’ll do it with a smile.

    (Probably not as good as an Angelo quote, but it’s late here…)

    Psst, Adriano, how you doing, mate?

  71. Happy New Year to you FEd and all,

    Hope you all had a good one.

    As regards the Arnold Layne competition, I rehearsed and rehearsed the song on my acoustic and then my Strat till I got it down absolutely perfect (even though I had to transpose the chords as Syd’s vocals are lower than mine!).

    I have fallen in love with that crucial Fm6 chord that Syd plays. I even booked a studio date for next Friday, but after reading the My Space dot com site and seeing the amount of votes people have, I don’t think that I stand a chance. There seem to be a lot of professionals out there in which I wish them luck.

    I did however, notice that some people received votes without even submitting their recording yet.

    Why I am telling everyone this I don’t know.

    Anyway I hope everyone had a nice Christmas and New Year and I look forward to lots more fun reading the blog.

    Best regards.


  72. Happy new year all

    congrats to GEOFF

    I got the my arnold layne CD weridly as I travelled through cambridge on my way home, the last purchase of 06.

  73. It’s so good to see you back Fed. It sounds as if you had alot of that holiday spirits flu, I hope that you are feeling better. I have no excuse. I have mono and it sure kicks your a** and my wife is now wondering who she was. But it can’t get any worse or can it.

    Still have not been able to get the new cd single or the vinyl single.

    Anyway Happy New Years to everyone.

    Take care,

    PS Hope to visit everyone in the chat room soon. 🙂

  74. Dear “king” Pete,

    Wow !!: 25th wedding anniversary (in Italy we call it “Silver Wedding”) it a very important target!!!
    (Me and my husband will celebrate our 21th in april)so I suppose you will arrive by plane, I don’t know how many days you have available but you can’t miss:

    1) Venice (so historical and so romantic in every season- you absolutely can’t miss it!!!!!)
    2) Florence (very interesting if you love arts)
    3) Rome (the eternal city: here you can stay a week and you have still much to see : I do love it!)
    4) Besides I can suggest you Gulf of Naples, that is famous for his unique, rough coast landscape, marvellous views and mysterious grottos. Capri – a dream of nature – invites his visitors with his brilliant beauty to dream.
    5) Sicily, Sardinia islands…I could go ahead… For an Italian it’s not enough a life to visit all our Italy

    Let me know some more information where are going to plan your trip, there are a lot of interesting web-sites where you can easily plan it, i wait for your news then

    Ciao F.Ed.

    ciao a tutti / kind regards Elisabetta

  75. 2007~HAPPY NEW YEAR~2007

    Wishing a Happy New Year to David and Polly, OAI Band, everyone here on the blog and you dear Fed!

    Also, Congratulations go out to you POPS Duffy on the new arrival of your bouncing baby boy!

    It was a wonderful year here at Camp Gilmour and am looking forward to another. Thanks to all who make this blog sooo magical xoxox.

    (-:Tomi Sue:-)

  76. Ohne Musik Ware das Leben ein Irrtum. – Without music, life would be a mistake. (F.Nietzsche)

    Do you agree?

    ciao F.Ed. and friends

    [Absolutely. I almost always agree with Nietzsche. – Features Editor]

  77. hi guys.

    Sorry I missed the ending blogs of last year.. so.. please except my belated greetings for a merry christmas, and a belated Happy New Year to all the readers here and of course the entire blog team.

    Special Hats off the Feddy ma’man! I hope you had a wonderful time off. May you blog on for a long time to come.

    Please extend my wishes to David and his family.


  78. Elizabetta,

    Thanks for that.

    My experience of Italy extends to 1 day in Trieste and 1 day in Venice. Both many years ago. And both while staying in the old Yugoslavia.

    Florence is on our list of places to go.

    But will I blend in with the crowd in my crown, leotard and lute in hand.

    Pete – Coventry

  79. Hi Julie,

    I think you should take a chance anyway. As if you have already said, there are many songs that not covered Arnold Layne at all. At least, share with us your version!

    Oh, by the way, I´m feeling fine Phoenix! Thanks for asking! How about you?

  80. Happy New Year to all, Congratulations to Geoff, and a belated Happy Birthday to Mr Pratt!!


  81. Glad to hear it was just the “holiday spirits flu,” FEd, as Thomas said!

    Sorry to hear that so many Irregulars were battling illness and difficulties during the break! I hope you all feel better soon. We need to fire up a big pot of chicken soup in back of the barn. (Or, maybe we need a batch of homemade gin…you know, strictly for medicinal purposes, of course!)

  82. [As regards the Arnold Layne competition… – Julie]

    Oh, Julie, don’t give up ! I’m sure you stand (?) a chance, because you so much love David and Syd that you surely play guitar with far more feeling and emotion than all those “professionals” as you say!

    Go on ! we support you, we would be so proud if you won!

    Anyway, the most important thing [est de croire en soi et de le faire avec sincérité, coeur et passion] (=?, sorry, unable to translate, hope you ‘ll understand what I mean).

    Total respect.


  83. Congratulations Geoff on your new life project. Yes, sleep will be but a memory soon.

    Fed, your “desole” was just sarcastic enough to be authentic, well done. Although Canadian and officially bilingual, most of us fall short of the mark, so the french here is refreshing my school day memories.

    It is so nice to come to this blog and catch up with persons I have glimpsed through these pages.

    Julie please don’t get discouraged, give it a try, you never know what could happen.

    And finally, F.Nietzsche???? please FED, there was someone else famous in history that followed that route, he did not come to a good end but he did suicide in the best imitation he ever made of superman.

  84. [I bought and downloaded the three tracks via this site, no problem, I can listen to them on my computer, but I’ve not been able to burn (you say that?) a CD to play it elsewhere ! Why ? Am I so stupid ? Usually, I can do that … – Posted by: Michèle at January 3, 2007 09:47 PM]


    Could the problem be that you are using software other than Windows Media Player? You must use this. Other software will not work.

    According to 7 Digital’s help section (please click my name below for that):

    1. Click ‘Copy to CD’ or ‘Device’
    2. In the ‘Items to Copy’ pane, select the track you want to copy
    3. Insert a blank disc into your CD writer
    4. In the Items on Device pane, click one of the following: ‘Audio CD’ or ‘Roxio CD Burning’
    5. Click ‘Copy’

    I hope that helps.

    Please note that, before tracks are copied to your CD, they are inspected and, in some cases, converted to a file type. This process can take several minutes, so don’t be alarmed.

  85. Happy new year all, and all the best to the familly Duffy. You now really know what to do and where you are doing it for the next few decennia.

  86. Dear Fed,

    Que cette année 2007 soit douce et clémente pour chacun d’entre vous.

    Ikkar, with all my love

    [Merci beaucoup. Les mêmes à vous. – Features Editor]

  87. Thank you very much, Fed, I finally succeeded in burning (?) the tracks to a CD! and because of your help!

    In fact, I never had used previously Windows Media Player to get an audio CD, but it’s ok.

    I can’t imagine any other blog offering such help to a fan, so, ‘Hats off to you!’ (correct ?) = ‘Je vous tire mon chapeau’


    [No problem. I’m glad I could help. – Features Editor]

  88. A very very Happy New Year to you Fed, and all the Bloggies!

    And my belated congrats to the Blog´s birthday, blog had been closed before I could send them.

    Let´s hope for a rockin´ year with a lot of new Floyd and Gilmour goodies too.

  89. [Anyway, the most important thing [est de croire en soi et de le faire avec sincérité, coeur et passion] (=?, sorry, unable to translate, hope you ‘ll understand what I mean). – Michele 4 Jan 07]

    Dear FEd pardon my ignorance here but can you please translate the above French passage for me? I note that you are fluent in the French language! Perhaps one day you could teach me to speak Welsh too.

    Michele and all others who have offered their words of encouragement as regards the Arnold Layne competition thank you. You guys made me go home and pick up my Strat again last night.

    I haven’t cancelled my studio date for next Friday yet wink wink. Apparently, David will judge the top 3 entrants that have the most obtained the most votes. A miracle would have to occur in order to obtain so many votes and of course, more importantly, people would have to like what they hear.

    Have a good weekend everybody. Now where is my guitar – whoops, I am at work for now!



    [Fluent? You’ve got me wrong, Julie. It’s something about doing things with sincerity, heart and passion. – Features Editor]

  90. [The 7″ import of Arnold Layne is here in the states (but sold out, of course), but I was told the release date for the North American has been moved to January 16. – Posted by: Okie Boomer at January 3, 2007 06:02 PM]

    To those of you in the US who haven’t been able to find a copy of the limited edition ‘Arnold Layne’ on 10″ vinyl, please click below to locate your nearest indie store. There aren’t many of these available and the independent store is by far your best bet.

  91. Have a great and happy new year!

    Seriously – by all means, go out and do that often this year or any. Anything comes up, feel free to fit some of that in there anyway. Do you good.

    Think I’ll go try to do the same.

  92. We went all around town to look for the limited edition of Arnold Layne and couldn’t find any.

    “please click below to locate your nearest indie store” – thank you — thank you— thank you FEd – you’re the best – we found a store in Miami Beach, it’s a bit far from where we live but we’ll make it there.

    Thanks again!

  93. [Thank you FEd – you’re the best – we found a store in Miami Beach, it’s a bit far from where we live but we’ll make it there.–Posted by: Veronica at January 7, 2007 10:40 PM]

    Miami Beach…as in the home of “Mangoes”? They have nice….frozen drinks there….umm,never mind…

    i’ll get me coat….

  94. CAPTION: “The Force is with you young one…….but you are not a jedi yet…”

  95. ********** ANNOUNCEMENT **********

    Just to clear up the confusion, the deadline for EMI’s ‘Arnold Layne’ contest is Monday 22 January, not Monday 15 January.

    If you still think there’s enough time to collaborate with other ‘Blog Irregulars’ on a version of ‘Arnold Layne’, click below for the relevant blog entry. Arrangements can also be made in our chatroom.

    Good luck to all who enter.

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