As we acknowledge that many of the people reading are new to David’s recent album, never mind his career outside of Pink Floyd, it might be of genuine interest to make others aware of the sheer depth of material that David has contributed to down the years.

Acts as varied – and wonderful – as Dream Academy, Elton John, Roy Harper and John Martyn, to name just a few… All have called upon David to lend a hand, both in the studio, and on stage.

In return, David has been fortunate to have been able to call upon some fine musicians to compliment his own material, such as Phil Manzanera, pictured above on the ‘On An Island’ tour.

So, if you have a favourite song, don’t keep it to yourself. Others may be interested in locating it, particularly in this age of digital downloads and easy access to music that, in many cases, you once had to hunt down (not that finding the ‘Arnold Layne’ single in North America didn’t require a map and compass, we fully appreciate).

There really is an A (Arcadia) to Z (Zevon, Warren) to consider here, so please tell us about these collaborations. There are some surprising ones.

No long lists, though. Just tell us a song or two and why you’d recommend it to anyone who hasn’t heard it before.

Author: FEd

Features Editor of David Gilmour’s official blog, The Blog (‘Features’ previously being its rather naff title), affectionately – or lazily – shortened to ‘FEd’.

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  1. I have to say an interesting segue – my post which ends the prior string and this new topic.

    Almost a chicken and the egg type of analogy.

    I’ll have to think of a song or two and I’ll post it.



    [The perfect excuse to close the last blog entry, I thought, so stand by for assumed thanks from all corners of the globe. They’ll be zapped into your brain shortly, Andrew. And this time, it is closed. Any posts belonging there will be deleted, so please, hold onto your thoughts about the evils of drugs, the wonders of album covers, the finality of ‘The Final Cut’, the exorbitant price of milk etc., or just find a safe place to put them all for the time being. Thank you. – Features Editor]

  2. I just did a quick search and came up with my new favorite one…

    “Richard Wright, untitled new Album, 2007”

    WOO HOO !!! Have I mentioned that I love Rick Wright?

    [Once or twice. – Features Editor]

  3. I’d recommend ‘Is Your Love Strong Enough’ with Bryan Ferry, found on the Legend Soundtrack (yes, that Tom Cruise unicorn fantasy movie). The movie will always hold a special place in my heart also because it’s where I first heard Jon Anderson of Yes and was completely transported by music for the first time in my life.

    And there’s the stuff David has done with Sir Paul McCartney. The movie (and soundtrack) for ‘Give My Regards to Broad Street’, and the ‘Live at the Cavern Club’ stuff.

    Third and final would be ‘Understanding Women’ on Elton John’s ‘The One’ album. There’s also a great Clapton collab on that too, but not with David. 🙂

    Have a good week, everyone.


  4. Actually, I would love to hear a comment about the Alan Parsons release Valid Path where David makes an appearance.

    I find it interesting that David appears here while Parsons was the one who originally produced DSOTM.


  5. I highly recommend “Return To Tunguska” on Alan Parson’s 2004 release “A Valid Path”.

    Stunning slide guitar work that is reminiscent of earlier DG work. I won’t spoil it, though, by telling you too much about it – otherwise, you won’t have the enjoyment of discovering it yourselves.

    I enjoyed the playing he did with Macca at the Cavern show. A DVD was released for that. Very cool, indeed.

  6. Anything with John Martyn, relax and enjoy…..

    The Alan Parsons album does have some tasty slide guitar on it, track 1 really does cook.

  7. – One day I heard on Classic 21 a superb song, a sort of progressive one (16:30) and I thought that the guitar sounded like David’s one… They then said that it was ‘Brother where you bound’ of Supertramp with David Gilmour on lead guitar ! a great song, and of course a great guitarist! a great radio station, too…

    – I also like David’s guitar on ‘Love, pain and sorrow’ on the album ‘Highway to the sun’ of Snowy White.

    – And David did a very fine guitar work too on the song ‘Forest’ on ‘Cuckooland’ of Robert Wyatt, similar enough to his guitar work on ‘Smile’, I think, but maybe it’s just me.


  8. “Brother Where You Bound”,the title track from Supertramp’s 1st effort after Roger Hodsgon’s departure features David delivering searing solo’s throughout,especially towards the end.Truly an epic song and well worth a listen..loudly.I love it.

  9. I’ll second ‘Is Your Love Strong Enough’. If I recall correctly, when interviewed about it, David couldn’t remember exactly which bits he played on as he just played in the studio then they chopped it all up an rearranged it afterwards to get the final result…. or was that another collaboration?

    Best collaboration ever though has to be when he turned up on ‘French and Saunders’ 😉

  10. Although not featured extensively on the Album, David did some typically great guitar work on a song or two from Vincent Crane’s (Atomic Rooster, Crazy World of Arthur Brown) early 80’s release “Headline News”.

  11. It’s so hard to pick a sinlge track, since there are so many, and such a wide variety of artists as well.

    If I must pick one, I have to go with “Pink and Velvet” by Berlin. David’s solos on that are stellar, and I doubt nearly enough poeple have had the pleasure of hearing it.

  12. Wow, I sure missed lots of stuff flying around the blog for the 29th. Some quite interesting points of view. I am glad I did not have a chance to add my two cents..

    (Lucia, I love your posts, and Elisabetta, I loved your comment about being a bit ‘old’ for the new technology. And Andrew..I had a great laugh at your post. I, too need that magnifying glass for The Wall.)

    I would, however, very much like to thank Michele, Ronny and Lg for the translation. ‘Oui’ is about all I would recognise. It was so much appreciated, because I am still enjoying learning what I can about David Gilmour and Pink Floyd. Also, I hope there will be lots of posts for today. Discovering ‘new’ Gilmour music! Great! I am purchasing ‘April Moon’ by Sam Brown. Can’t wait to hear it.

    I know this probably isn’t in the correct category, but I love ‘The Dimming of the Day’ from the ‘In Concert’ dvd. Such beautiful vocals. But the best part is how he plays the acoustic guitar. This is so beautiful that it brings tears to my eyes.

    Have a good evening all

  13. I almost forgot…

    …the best collaboration as far as I am concerned has to be the one David did with Robbie McIntosh, Chris Lonergan, Gary Brooker, Margo Buchanan, Paul Wickens and my friend Paul Beavis at the Service of Celebration held for Douglas Adams at St. Martin-in-the-Fields in London on 17th September 2001.

  14. For mine it is Junkman and Its Amazing What People Throwaway with Chris Jagger (Mick’s brother) Chris and his band Atcha are first class and the addition of David on guitar is sensational on the tracks in question. Chris does an excellent bluesy number with his brother and it is a bit of a shame that David didn’t let rip on this track as well.

  15. daivd played a stunning guitar solo on sir paul mccartney’s no more lonely nights . although i have to admit the 2 and only phoenix got there before i did .

    ditto for a solo in a song by kate bush called rockets tail on her sensual world album .


  16. My girlfriend in high school was a huge Duran Duran fan (whose music I could not stand at the time.) She loved rubbing it in that David played on Arcadia’s album, which I found at the time to be complete blasphemy (I think I was maybe 16).

    I found some interesting and related quotes from David in the September ’90 Q magazine:


    I just say to anyone that I’m working for, Send a cheque for whatever you like to the charity of your choice, though sometimes I specify Amnesty International or Greenpeace. It becomes something to do with their conscience, not mine – I’m not going to check up.


    Either because I like the artist or I think I might learn something or they’re friends of mine.


    I don’t really know, I think I thought I might learn something – not a lot, though. But they’re nice people, Simon le Bon and, er, what’s his name… I was never a big Durannie. With people I know I just go and do it. I don’t want to consider myself as some valuable icon who would cheapen himself by playing on some record.

  17. If you haven’t listen to Pretzel Logic, by Steely Dan in a while I would recommend giving it a listen, kind of reminds me of a street version of Dark Side of the Moon, The song Charlie Freak tells the story of a street addict, sad but moving.


  18. ‘you never lasten to me’ w/ peter cetera (yes that peter cetera from chicago). this track has some very fiery gilmour licks. maybe my fave. i love ‘run straight down’ with warren zevon as well. ‘pink and velvet’ by berlin (get it…’pink’) off the same album that has ‘take my breath away’ on it (produced by ezrin).

    there is that song w/ paul rodgers on the muddy waters album also. oh and ‘Rocket tail’ w/ kate bush…very powerful and a must hear You can actually get a glimpse of D.G playing a Gretsch in the ‘love and anger’ video which d.g plays on as well.

    and last but not least, ‘smoke on the water’ w/ a bunch of artists. D.G does his part next to Brian May and May kinda ‘smokes gilmour’s water’ if you will but I still loved dg’s part a lot. (sorry David, you even acknowledged that with that ridiculous run that May did) Paul Rodgers singing was amazing on that as well

    Forgive me but this was a hobby in the mid 80’s to early 90’s…locating and buying gilmour’s guest appearances. I love that period!!!

  19. [No long lists, though. Just tell us a song or two and why you’d recommend it to anyone who hasn’t heard it before.]

    “you never listen to me’ w/ peter cetera and ‘run straight down’ w/ warren zevon.

    sorry, i got carried away w/ this topic.

  20. How about the Tom Jones/David Gilmour live rendition of Prince’s “Purple Rain”. Interesting…

  21. “Return To Tunguska” on the recent Alan Parsons Project album Valid Path is great stuff

    As is the solo on the title track from Supertramp’s “Brother Where You Bound.”

    Great topic, F.Ed. Hope you are well.

  22. I would like to see David collaborate with Jon Anderson, Steve Howe and Rick Wakeman. Or have any of the mentioned members collaborate with David.

  23. FE’ husband and I finally have our own computor…Hooray. Sometime I hope to get brave enough to try the chat room. I hope that it will be ok to use my work email address as well as the home one without to much confusion. I think I am the only jan on the blog so maybe it will be ok.

    This also means I can now hear this site and see lots of downloads of David. I have been enjoying it. I finally saw the ‘Smile’ video so am trying to catch up to everyone else. Polly certainly has a lovely face.

    Thanks so much for hanging in with this blog until I got sound!

    It is late here, but I suppose that you guys are about to get up and start your day. I’m hitting the hay and looking forward to what tomorrow brings to the blog irregulars.

    Good night all.

  24. I would recommend Paul McCartneys` “No more lonely nights” I think David did a pretty good job with the guitar there! 😉

  25. I love David’s collaboration with Liona Boyd on Personna. A beautiful album, with Eric on it as well.

    Another I really like is Paul and David at the Cavern called No Other Baby. I had never heard of it before because it was released primarily in the U.K and not North America.

    England also had Hank, North America had the Ventures. That is how I fell for instrumentals. David kept that alive for everyone and I thank him for that. Today’s music? No comparison.

    And a final hello to Phil. Gracias.

  26. “Brother Where You Bound” by Supertramp. A jazz- laced 16 minute bit which transends the bounds of the ordinary when the tune collides with the note- and cord-bending blues of a certain Strat player. Spine-tingling electric…

  27. David plays 2 great Solos on: All About Eve – Touched by Jesus Album from 1992.

    the Songs are: Wishing the hours away + Are you lonley


  28. I love his short but sweet part in “one world one voice” 1990.

    For me , the whole thing is a spectecular, unfortunately unappreciated, thing in music-history.

  29. I liked “I Put a Spell On You” with Mica Paris – that’s the great piece. David’s guitar and Mica’s voice are a perfectly thrilling combination.

  30. FAV: I know it’s not one of the obscure choices many will make but I think if you talk about making a song with a lick of your guitar to what was without it a mediocre ditty then David’s soaring solo on No more Lonely nights does it for me everytime. also like the ( Run like hellish ) work on Townshend’s Give Blood

    Rgds Geoff Duffy ( Dublin )

  31. CAPTION:

    Looking at the person with the camera our man Phil ” with poetic licence” throws on the trilby and does a little Guys n dolls number that goes a little something like this …………

    ” Well hello Polly…. you look swell Polly”

    Rgds Geoff Duffy ( Dublin )

    Sleep depravation sorry.

  32. Happy Tuesday,

    Ever since I saw him on the ‘Animals’ tour of 1977 I have been into guitarist Snowy White. At that time he was like the fifth member of Pink Floyd. If you ever get the chance to see him live take it!.

    Mid 90’s Snowy made an album called ‘Highway to the Sun’ and on that album was a track he recorderd with David called ‘Love, Pain and Sorrow’. Apparently the track was recorded at the Astoria.

    Also, a kind of Snowy White greatest hits album called ‘Gold Top’ – named after his Gibson – contains (to my knowledge) the only complete version of Pink Floyd’s ‘Pigs on the Wing’.

    Pete – Coventry

  33. ‘Pull out the pin’ /w Kate Bush & ‘Wishing the Hours Away’ /w All About Eve

    .. just a drop in the ocean …

  34. There so many, man. Some of my favourites:

    Unicorn – all songs with lap steel from the album Blue Pine Trees
    Roy Harper – The Game
    Supertramp – Brother Where You Bound

  35. “Pink & Velvet” from Berlin album “Count three and pray” released in 1986, would be my favourite track, it features an ending solo that reminds me the best Floyd days.

    In fact, I´ve been working on a compilation of Gilmour studio collaborations, I got more than 160 tracks from the seventies to Chris Jagger’s last album.

    Best wishes from Spain

  36. Hmm, I feel I should brush off the cobwebs on the keyboard for this one.

    I’ve been really enjoying David’s work on the Alan Parson’s track “Return to Tunguska” from the album “A Valid Path”. It may be a bit too much of a trance type track for the average David fan but I do love the extended guitar parts.


  37. I think that the actual list exists on some fan site…and the list is really loong.

    I’ll just name few…from the top of my head…

    Pete Townsend – on several occasions
    Quadrophenia with The Who – Hyde Park ’96
    Mica Paris, Jolls Holland, Tom Jones, Paul McCartney, B.B. King, Les Paul, John Martyn, Rock Aid Armenia bunch, Seal, Brian Ferry, Roger Waters (lol)

  38. No More Lonely Nights by Paul McCartney

    For me its not an unusual or an unheard of song but before it became widely known to the public that David played guitar on the song

    i heard it & just knew who was playing, its so….David Gilmour, when ever they played it, the buggers on the radio always decided to talk over that bit which infuriated me.

    below is an extract from Wikipedia about the song:

    “No More Lonely Nights” is a song written by Paul McCartney, which was first released by him in September 1984, and it also can be heard on his Give My Regards to Broad Street album released later that year. The single reached #2 and #6 in the UK and US singles charts respectively.

    On this track Paul McCartney sings lead vocal and plays piano, Linda McCartney and Eric Stewart sing backing vocals, David Gilmour plays guitar, Herbie Flowers plays bass, Anne Dudley plays synthesizer, and Stuart Elliot plays drums. The song was produced by George Martin.

    On a radio interview prior to the Knebworth 1990 concerts, David Gilmour said to Jim Ladd about the recording quote “”No More Lonely Nights” was the last thing Paul recorded for Goodbye to Broad Street and he didn’t know what he got for the session but told Paul McCartney to give his session fee to a charity of his choice” end quote.

    Gilmour and McCartney are very good friends. In fact, this was Gilmour’s second appearance on a Paul McCartney project…

    What was the first, does anybody know?

    [There’s also a track on Paul’s ‘Flowers In The Dirt’ album, but I think that came after ‘Give My Regards To Broad Street’. It’s probably a reference to Wings’ ‘Back To The Egg’ from 1979. – Features Editor]

  39. I think the “Live at The Cavern Club” dvd with Paul McCartney is great. I would like to suggest “Ringo Rama”, the last Ringo Starr solo album too. It contains two songs played by David, and the whole album is nice.

  40. Wow! I found a page on the web with the list of David’s collaborations and…they were an hundred! I probably knew just the 3% of that long list! So, hard to choose without know…but I like “Is your love strong enough” and I also love the work David did with Kate Bush…but the road is long and I have still a lot of things to discover!

    Is there a correspondence school to get the degree in Art and David Gilmour’s collaborations? I think is the best way for me to conciliate work and study. FEd, you and the staff should organize it! With test and exams too, of course! But if we pass the final test, we deserve a graduate hat and a certify! And a degree party!


  41. What about the bonus stuff on David’s Meltdown-DVD? What about “I put a spell on you”?


  42. Wow, in a couple of days I think it is a year since my first post and coincidentally the topic was the same!

    So, I shall make the same recommendation of the guitar solo on Kate Bush’s Rocket’s Tail from Sensual World. It’s superb.


    [Martin, it’s nice to see that someone remembered. It was almost a year ago to the day that we asked you for five favourites from David’s session work, funnily enough. Interesting to see who’s still posting and who’s found new favourites since then. Click your name to revisit if you have too much time on your hands. – Features Editor]

  43. David lends his guitar to several tracks on Atomic Rooster’s album ‘Headline News.” David’s guitar is sublime, but the rest of the album is awful. It’s like putting a great window display outside a store where no-one wants to shop.

    David also lends his singing voice to Nick Mason’s song (with Rick Fenn) called ‘Lie for a lie.” The man has a great singing voice. And the album by Mason and Fenn is a gem, if somewhat dated.

  44. I love David’s collaboration with Paul McCartney in ‘Run devil run’…and the Cavern’s gig….oh my god…wonderful.David is a great bluesman!


  45. David playing bass with Spinal Tap on Big Bottom was good — just for fun.

    Paul Rodgers; Tribute To Muddy Waters: Muddy Water Blues. David plays on the track ‘Born Under A Bad Sign’ – excellent guitar; great song.

  46. All About Eve – “Wishing the hours away” and (if I remember correctly) “Are you lonely?”. Both can be found on the album “Touched by Jesus” as well has the “Keepsakes” best-of…

  47. Rather than a collaboration, I’d rather thank David for the guidance and support he gave to a young but obviously talented Kate Bush back in the mid-70’s. I believe he had a some hand in the production of her first album too in 1978, ‘ The Kick Inside’

    Well spotted, sir!


  48. Does performing live with Spinal Tap count? That has to be one of funniest DG collaborations…. Well done, lads!


  49. Hello Fed, bloggers:

    1 – David´s colaboration on Supertramp´s 1985 album “Brother Where You Bound”, with the song under the same name. One of the best works of Supertramp, it´s a song that resembles a lot Floyd´s work…wonder why…

    2 – The song “One”, from Roy Harper´s 1990 album with the same name. Very, very beautiful song, amazing lyrics and besides David you get Kate Bush doing some vocals too…a must have.

    3 – And since Andrew asked, David plays a solo – very fast indeed – on Alan Parsons last album ” A Valid Path”. The song is “Return To Tunguska”. Curious thing is that David plays in two albuns nominated for a Grammy award, since ” A Valid Path” has been nominated to Best Surround Album award.

    Hope you enjoy…


  50. Hi All,

    I remember back in 1989 David Gilmour collaborating with several artists on a charity recording called “Spirit of the Forest”. The proceeds of sale went to organisations which were involved in the preservation of the rainforest.

    I do have a vague recollection of seeing David amongst other famous artists singing on television back then.

    What a worthy cause.



  51. DG and Collaborations…

    I must admit I’ve not heard many of the collaborations mentioned although I have seen the Mica Paris and Macca sessions which were good.

    I also saw DG “Saturday Night Live” back in the 80s and it was very good although not his normal style of playing…

    I’m just not used to seeing DG fill in as a jobbing musician so my interest in collaborations with the likes mentioned is limited…

    I much prefer the collaborations with Townsend, Manzanera, Moore etc which still leave DG as the primary artist….

  52. Reading through this entry it is apparent that you could play a take off of the Kevin Bacon Six Degrees of Separation and call it David Gilmour Six Degrees of Separation. But there’s a challenge…making a connection between Gilmour and Bacon.

    I will definitely need to check out the Parsons release. And I have to add that there are many others that I wasn’t aware of that I need to check out, except for one. I can’t stand the band Supertramp, I don’t care who is playing with them.

    Also, who can provide some more info on the Smoke on the Water jam with Brian May? I really need to hear that one.



  53. I have collected about 80 or so collaborations over the last couple of years, and I suppose my favourites are:

    Berlin – Pink and Velvet.
    Not the best song but a great couple of solos!

    Tom Jones – Purple Rain (live).
    Again not a great song… well that version of it anyway which was a bit karaoke, but David saves it with a solo I think even betters the original. Amazing how a few string bends can produce so much emotion!

    Together Again Live with Jools Holland and Sam Brown is also great.

  54. [there is that song w/ paul rodgers on the muddy waters album]

    Blake…..your right….I have that CD……cant think of the track title…….great album though

    Martin S – good spot

    Fed – have you spotted many differences from this time last year

    Pete – Coventry

    [I haven’t looked yet, but I will. – Features Editor]

  55. [Paul Rodgers; Tribute To Muddy Waters: Muddy Water Blues. David plays on the track ‘Born Under A Bad Sign’ – excellent guitar; great song.]

    H.P. – Thank you. Struggled to remember the title. Great album though.

    Pete – Coventry

    PS: Fed – home to Luton tonight. Gotta win this one.

  56. Back in 1996 or 1997, David played with The Who on their Quadrophenia performance at Hyde Park (Concert for the Prince’s Trust). He played and sang on “The Dirty Jobs” (the Bus Driver Song, as I like to call it), and his playing was amazing on “Love Reign O’Er Me.”

  57. I rather like the two songs on Phil’s album 6 pm, Always You and Sacred Days.

    I also love Return to Tunguska on Alan Parsons A Valid Path.

    Would be fantastic to see and hear that one played live.

  58. Paul Rodgers; Tribute To Muddy Waters: Muddy Water Blues. David plays on the track ‘Born Under A Bad Sign’ – excellent guitar; great song.

    Gilmour does not play on that track…he plays on ‘standing around crying’. that is neil schon from journey.

    and yes..’give blood’ is definitely worth hearing…and seeing!

  59. Interesting question. Every time David pack out his guitar and recorded with other musicians was great!

    My personal favourites are “PINK AND VELVET” (from BERLIN on “Count three & pray) and “IS YOUR LOVE STRONG ENOUGH?” (Long version from BRYAN FERYY from the “LEGEND” movie) cause of GREAT guitar SOLOs !!

    Hope to hear more in the future and hoping to hear DAVID LIVE again VERY SOON !!

  60. Dear Fed and friends:

    from the book originally titled “Pink Floyd :in the flesh-The complete performance History “ (i have the italian version-Un sogno in Technicolor) Bloomsbury Publishing Pic.,1997-written by Glenn Povey and Jan Russel:

    These well known authors have collected from authoritative sources , like the British Newspaper Library of London and Washington DC Library of Congress, many informations about all the events, the shows, songs’s release, full detailed discography of the band ,their solo productions and collaborations with other artists.

    At the section:David Gilmour we can read:
    -1980 Kate Bush -Army Dreamers/Passing Through air
    -1980 Roy Harper – The unknown soldier (many songs)
    -1982 Kate Bush The dreaming chorus in Pull out the pin
    -1984 Paul McCartney-Give my regards to broad street (No more lonely nights-ballad)
    -1985 Arcadia-so red the rose (The promise and Missing)

    and then ….Dream Academy, Bryan Ferry, Grace Jones, Mason &Fenn, Supertramp, Pete Townshend, lyona Boyd, Bryan Ferry, Samantha Brown, Peter Cetera, Vicki Brown……and much much more…a world to be discovered, for me too!

    bye/ciao Elisabetta

  61. I can’t believe everyone missed out:

    “Dominoes” w/ Syd Barrett… remember, David played drums.

    Also I love the Who concert in Hyde Park (When Roger Daltrey had an eye-patch on after being punched by Garry Glitter). Mr G plays on a couple of songs there.

  62. Darling you all,

    I have loved very much “Broken China” by Rick Wright and my favourite track is “reaching for the rail”.

    I hope in a next not too far tour…

    A kiss from Rome

  63. I see no-one has mentionned the CD ‘The Law’ yet.

    Song called ‘Stone’ – nice guitar work by both David and Chris Rea.

  64. Thank you guys for doing this. I had no idea that David did all this work with other artists. This is some great info.

    Renee B.
    Fontana, Ca uSA

  65. Hi all… wow, I knew David got around but…! Never heard of the Supertramp track, but will be hunting it down! And the brief scan I did of Valid Path didn’t impress me (never heard Davids’ playing on it). I admit I only heard 30 second snippets of the songs… can anyone say how the rest of the album holds up? I thought AP’s last GREAT album was Try Anything Once.


  66. Hi Fed,

    David certainly has done alot of session work. I personally like the Dream Academy work the best. I remember hearing Life in a Northern Town when i was about 9 and could not get that song out of my head. I loved their sound. Later, when I learned of David’s involvement, it only made sense why I liked the sound. It’s also good to see that David worked with alot of up and coming bands as well as A-list people.

    Pete, it’s interesting that you brought up Snowy and Pigs on the Wing. The song also exists in 8- track form. Snowy had originally filled in the 2 parts of the song for the 8- track version of the album. The track listing has {Prg.1} Pigs on the Wing, Dogs p.1, {Prg 2} Dogs (conclusion) {Prg. 3} Pigs (3 different ones) {prg.4} Sheep. Snowy also used the complete POTW for his Greatest Hits album, like you said.

    Have a great day, all.


  67. Give Blood with Pete Townshend is one of my favs. Big Bottom with Spinal Tap was great!

    And Andrew…David has a Bacon factor of 3.

    1. David Gilmour was in Deep End with Pete Townshend
    2. Pete Townshend was in The Secret Policeman’s Private Parts with Phil Collins
    3. Phil Collins was in Balto with Kevin Bacon

  68. Hi again,

    I must make a correction to what i previously posted. Upon further research on Snowy’s complete POTW, apparently the song on the Animals 8-track is only the bit Snowy filled in between the 2 songs, but not the whole song as recorded. It’s used to fill in the space as the 8- track flips over or something. So I spoke too soon.

    Sorry, don’t beat me up too bad over it. Snowy’s album does have the whole thing, though, as I understand.


  69. the last track on el magnifico’s 6pm. sounds different than your usual gilmour guitar. i like it a lot.

  70. What a loaded question. There are so, so many great examples.

    I would say that one of my favorite solos of David’s as a guest guitarist would be the one on ‘No More Lonely Nights’. Not a great song, but some incredible guitar work. Ditto for Supertramp’s Brother Where You Bound.

    I’ll say, try Liona Boyd’s Persona. David has several excellent contributions on that album as well as Kate Bush’s Rocket’s Tail and Love and Anger from Sensual World. Both albums offer some great music, particulary where Mr. Gilmour is involved.

    One question: has anyone heard Chris Jagger’s last album? I understand that David plays on the album, but I can’t find it anywhere.

  71. Right you are, Blake, that’s the title I was after – well spotted. I just dug out the album and gave it a spin – David did play on “Standing Around Crying”. Haven’t heard that one in a while.

    Jimmy Nails’ album “Growing Up In Public”. David plays on “Only Love” and “Waiting For The Sunshine”.

    David Gilmour contributes to “Steal The Time” on Chris Jagger’s album as well – I forget the title …. have it here somewhere…

    Great topic – forgot about some of these little gems.

    Hysteron proteron

  72. [Who can provide some more info on the Smoke on the Water jam with Brian May? I really need to hear that one. – Andrew]

    Andrew, you better be wearing your asbestos kilt when you find its footage online, because it is burning hot, brother!

    Here is some info to the Rock Aid Armenia cause; then go google yourself silly. Have fun! ;^>

    The Rock Aid Armenia session was recorded in London Aug. 05, 1989.

    Featuring Brian May, Cris Squire, Roger Taylor, Keith Emerson, Gilmour, Iommi, Ian Gillan, Bruce, Alex Lifeson and others:

    Ritchie Blackmore, Dave Gilmour, Tony Lommi, Alex Lifeson, Brian May (guitars)
    Bryan Adams, Bruce Dickinson, Ian Gillan, Paul Rodgers (vocals)
    Chris Squire (bass)
    Keith Emerson, Geoff Downes (keyboards)
    Roger Taylor (drums)
    Geoff Beauchamp (rhythm guitar)

  73. [And Andrew…David has a Bacon factor of 3.]


    That is great, I figured someone would come up with it.



  74. Well, one of my least favourite “collaborations” of David Gilmour is for sure the one with Spinal Tap… Where he plays bass…

    Ewwwwww… Nothing to regret against David, but I can’t hear that song at all…

    I like, the collaborations with Paul Mccartney. That’s really a nice one 😉

  75. I’ve never posted on this blog before. There’s some great info here – thanks.

    I saw several mentions of David’s work with Paul McCartney, including Broad Street and Run Devil Run. I have to say that one of my favorite solo McCartney numbers – with David on lead – is “We Got Married” off “Flowers in the Dirt” released in the 1989. Gilmour fans will surely not be disappointed with that one.

  76. [David has a Bacon factor of 3-MikeR]

    You know we had to know, thanks MikeR for that!

    Mike from Michigan is correct in that a longer version of POTW occurs on the 8-track flip (I can confirm w/2 different 8-track tapes) but it sounds like the Snowy album has a longer version. I’m going to research this.

    So many collaborations. . .so little time. . .damn, more research. . .I love when research about a favorite artist is so painless. . .

  77. How about Propaganda, the Band from Düsseldorf, and Grace Jones (cuts from “Slave to Love”)? Davie and the 80s at their best !!

  78. Unicorn – all their music – David Gilmour produced most of it and played nice pedal steel on a lot of tracks. Such an amazing undiscovered band. I LOVE them so much!!

  79. [Also, who can provide some more info on the Smoke on the Water jam with Brian May? I really need to hear that one. Thanks. Posted by: Andrew at January 30, 2007 01:36 PM]

    There was a single released in 1989; one time Deep Purple members Ritchie Blackmore and Ian Gillan released a new version of Smoke on the Water with Robert Plant, Brian May, David Gilmour and Bruce Dickinson. The project was entitled “Rock Aid Armenia,” with proceeds going to victims of the Armenian earthquake.

    I used to have the single but like an idiot I sold my entire PF and DG vinyl collection as I needed to raise deposit funds for my flat at the time. I am sure we all do stupid things like that at some point in our lives.

    You may be able to still obtain the single from record fairs or something.

    In February 1991 I was lucky enough to be able to attend a charity concert at the Hackney Empire, London to watch David Gilmour, Paul Young, Paul Carrack and others perform. The concert was in aid of Rock-a-Baby Benefit. I was in the balcony area and I remember one of the songs performed was Comfortably Numb. However, I cannot remember which artists collaborated with David. I think Paul Carrack played the keyboards.

    Best regards.


  80. I remember that Warren Zevon song was awesome.. what was the title ? “run down” or something..? been a while since i heard it..

    [It’s ‘Run Straight Down’ from 1989’s ‘Transverse City’ album. – Features Editor]

  81. “and his playing was amazing on “Love Reign O’Er Me.”

    no offense stephen, but that is the absolute worst performance by D.G maybe ever…he was lost and confused if you pay attention closely. it was great in theory and should have worked but it was like he was trying to find the right key worth checking out just for that reason alone. I watched that recently and cringed for my man a little. (no flames please…it just wasn’t good. and neither were those suspenders)

  82. Hello!

    The track “Run Straight Down” with Warren Zevon is one of my favorites. Great song with some great guitar.



  83. [Gilmour and McCartney are very good friends. In fact, this was Gilmour’s second appearance on a Paul McCartney project… What was the first, does anybody know?]

    I believe that was Rockestra, yes?

  84. I’m with everyone who has mentioned Is Your Love Strong Enough; Bryan Ferry’s lost hit single. One of his best ever records, a great video and a solo by Mr Gilmour that is so awesome, his axe slays Tim Curry’s, Lord of Darkness. The film Legend, includes my favourite Tom Cruise performance (but I’m not a fan I’m afraid). This song deserves to be played regularly on the radio but I can’t remember the last time I heard it.

    As result of this topic I have dug out my Deep End video, which of course includes the wonderful Give Blood; now if ever one of Mr Townshend’s solo tracks should have been reserved for the mighty Who, it is this one but then we wouldn’t be able to enjoy the great guitar licks by David. But I forgot it also includes Love on the Air.

    This is an interesting video, the band are bit top heavy with the brass and Pete plays acoustic guitar but you can almost see him chomping at the bit to play electric and be able to let rip.


  85. Oh Fed this One has really got me; what about All about eve; wishing the hours away.cracking track on a good album; with free, added, Comfysorrowbell vibes,all the way through, and a crunching pre-solo.

    Or let your heart pour out to John Martyns, title track No little boy [good intro to Big Johns stuff].you could sit on a bridge and drop pebbles in to a bottomless pool for 5.03 min.

    I will have to get back to you after dusting down the vinyl.

  86. Just slightly off-topic:

    I was finally able to find a store that has the 10″ Arnold Layne single with David collaborating with Bowie and they had the CD as well.

    Can’t wait to get my new goodies.



    [Congratulations, Andrew. But what we all want to know is whether or not you were aided by a map and compass. – Features Editor]

  87. [Has David ever worked with Ian Anderson of Tull? Now that would be some duet! – Posted by: Matt at January 30, 2007 03:16 PM]

    I’ve always thought the same about David and Carlos Santana and then throw in Greg Lake’s guitarist Floyian Ophale and Al D’Meola.

    They could be supported by Richard Wright and Greg Rolie.

    I think the result would be simply astonishing!

  88. “Winnie and Sam”, by Peggy Seeger. Check this out, nice acoustic song.

    By the way. Peggy Seeger and Ewan McColl have a son called Neil. Neil McColl played with David at the meltdown gigs (and the 2002 mini-tour).

    Regards to all of you.


  89. Hello Fed,

    Off topic – but very important to me since the new DVD should be arriving within the next couple of months….

    Just wondering if you had any new information as to whether David Gilmour’s new DVD will be released on HD-DVD or BLU-RAY? I just bought a Playstation 3 with the built-in BLU-RAY player and was hoping Gilmour’s new DVD would be on a HD Platform (since the concert was filmed in HD)? Thanks! Please reply if you have time kind sir.

    [No new information to report, sorry. I’m still waiting for details. – Features Editor]

  90. Fed

    I can’t believe noone has yet mentioned “The Stomp”! Surely the greatest collaboration in David’s career! 😉

    I will agree with the masses and go for No More Lonely nights. So beautiful.


  91. I`m sooo ashamed of myself, I only thought David collaborated with sir Paul and Kate Bush, I had no idea all this was going on!

    note to self, `get out more!`

    cheers all.

  92. All of the song mentioned above 😉

    and Love keep hanging on: The Pretty Things.

    Nick from the lovely South of the Netherlands.

  93. [What was the first, does anybody know?]

    [There’s also a track on Paul’s ‘Flowers In The Dirt’ album, but I think that came after ‘Give My Regards To Broad Street’. It’s probably a reference to Wings’ ‘Back To The Egg’ from 1979. – Features Editor]

    I was reading and reading all these great tunes David has been on… and I had this one in mind.

    “Rockestra theme song” (Back to the Egg-Wings)

  94. Sorry this is off topic but understand david is a bit of a fan of BB king who just came out of hospital after suffering a bad virus

    i for one wish him a speedy recovery as im sure everyone else will.


    [Well said, Damian. – Features Editor]

  95. How about David playing with B.B.King, “Eyesight to the Blind” from the Jools Holland TV special.

    Best Regards,
    Stephen Rado

  96. Wow! I’ve got a lot of music buying and listening to do?

    Hey Rado! How ya’ doin’?

  97. David’s collaborations with Unicorn were my favorites…The albums “Blue Pine Trees” and “Too Many Crooks” (both recently reissued on CD, thank god) are absolutely terrific. His perfect production and beautiful slide playing are the icing on the cake for those two discs by Unicorn, who were truly one of the best bands ever! Guess David loved ’em too, as he covered their song “There’s No Way Out Of Here” on his first solo LP.


  98. One of the highlights of Live Aid has to be the Bryan Ferry with David.

    I remember in 1985 watching on TV in NY and being blown away by the set.

    A couple of years ago I got the 4 DVD set. Slave to Love and Jealous Guy are great. I think there were two other songs preformed by I don’t remember.

  99. I had no clue that David had his hands in so much stuff.

    This has been very informative, I’m impressed people remember so much.

    You learn something new here everyday.


  100. First off, I would like to express my appreciation to Michele, Ronny, LG and FEd for your time and efforts in translating and transcribing the Making of “About Face”.

    What an eye-opener to learn about David Gilmour’s collaborations with so many top-notch musicians. We love the DVD of Paul McCartney’s Live at Cavern Club; what a joy to see David Gilmour playing with Paul McCartney and being a back up vocal.

    On another note, Rolling Stone Magazine (Feb 8, 2007) gave 3 1/2 stars to David Gilmour – Arnold Layne EP. It also remarks about David’s “heart-wrenching” solo-acoustic performance of “Dark Globe”.

  101. All the work with Kate Bush and Sam Brown is excellent! Really love the guitar on McCartney’s “No More Lonely Nights” as well.

    Mr. Gilmour’s contribution to Propaganda’s “1234” album is also great….

    And of course Alan Parsons “Return To Tunguska”

    And we can go on and on and on and…….



  102. What a great topic! Thanks FEd! And thank you, everyone, I love finding new (to me) music.

    Welcome Jason, hope you like this place as much as we do.


  103. Hello everyone, Fed!!! I still stand by the selection I made a year ago… Some great “collaborations” mentioned here… Haven’t found anything on peoples lists that disagrees with me!!! So much good music…

    Atomic Rooster, “Land Of Freedom”
    Roy Harper, “The Game”
    David Courtney, “When Your Life Is Your Own”
    Bete Noire, “Seven Deadly Sins”
    Mandelbrot “set” theme song…

    Jolly good show!!! Tally ho!!!

    The “feeling” for “today” is “David Gilmour!!!” Enjoy!!! ;^)

  104. OOOOO!!!! David Gilmour and BB King playing together. Now THAT has GOT to be smokin’ hot!!

    I saw BB King in Portland, OR, around ten years ago. He blew the roof off the place. Playing most of the show while sitting in a flimsy folding chair, King still rocked and his music sounded like he was still in his twenties. I have fond memories of that show.

    I, too, wish for BB King a swift and complete recovery.

  105. Back in the 1980’s-90’s, I used to co-produce The Roy Harper Magazine [now long-since folded] and I remember fondly Roy’s 1985 album, ‘(Whatever Happened To) Jugula?’ being released.

    It also heavily featured Jimmy Page but on the vinyl label, after all the listed tracks on Side One, it stated ” *Roy Harper/Dave Gilmour”, yet there was no asterisk next to any of the titles. And all the sleeve stated was, “Thanks to Dave Gilmour”.

    So, at the time, it was unclear which track Gilmour had co-written, and whether or not he actually performed on it.

    Wanting to get the facts accurate, I delved further and found it was the song ‘Hope’ that was co-written: Harper’s lyrics to Gilmour’s music.
    [On later pressings and CD releases, Gilmour receives an accurate credit for the song.]

    And indeed this is the particular collaberation that is excellent, even though the guitar part on Hope is not played by Gilmour. The opening guitar riff is pure Gilmouresque, albeit performed [probably] by Nick Harper.

  106. Happy Wednesday,

    [Right you are, Blake, that’s the title I was after – well spotted. I just dug out the album and gave it a spin]

    Yep gave it a spin last night myself (plus Davids first album) after sitting in the freezing cold for 2 hours watching a crap football match but at least the result was good.

    Pete – Coventry

  107. Dr Phang – spooky that you should write. Yesterday I clicked Martins name to travel back a year and came across your selections.

    I saw a lot of names who contribute now but…

    Did anyone else go back in time and did anyone come across names that who we never hear from nowadays?

    Pete – Coventry

  108. [There was a single released in 1989; one time Deep Purple members Ritchie Blackmore and Ian Gillan released a new version of Smoke on the Water with Robert Plant, Brian May, David Gilmour and Bruce Dickinson. The project was entitled “Rock Aid Armenia,” with proceeds going to victims of the Armenian earthquake.]

    Actually I did some searching and found that single but the cost to obtain it is another thing. It is a bit pricey considering that at the time you probably could have gotten it for under $2 U.S.

    I’m sure there are other tracks like this one which are hard to find.


  109. [Congratulations, Andrew. But what we all want to know is whether or not you were aided by a map and compass. – Features Editor]

    No map or compass, just fingers and a keyboard. And it was very reasonably priced as well, $5.99 for the single and $7.99 for the CD. Of course some will argue that the CD price is a bit steep since you can download it online. But I prefer the real thing that I can hold in my hands. I’m sure many others will agree.



  110. Fed,

    Havent seen any comments from you yet with regard to the quality of goals at upton park last night.

    Pete – Coventry

    [They were absolute crackers, weren’t they? A few of those on Saturday against Everton and I will be grinning all week. Hell, I’ll even take an offside goal, like West Ham’s. – Features Editor]

  111. Andrew,

    [Smoke on the Water with Robert Plant, Brian May, David Gilmour and Bruce Dickinson]

    I’m sure I have it on cassette. If I have it is in my loft. I will have a look for it.

    Pete – Coventry

  112. Great topic,

    I quite often listen to Junkman Chris Jagger, which I like very much and I would recommend for others

    Also I like Live at the Cavern Club DVD, the only problem is that the live footage is so short. My favourite there is No other baby


  113. There is a great independent record shop in Fords, NJ called Vintage Vinyl. You can visit their website by clicking my name. David’s release is promoted right on the front page. And they do mail order.



  114. Got it! got it! Doll by Doll. legendary! Jackie JUGULA+ I still have to hide that Vinyl cover from me

  115. Smoke on the Water with Robert Plant

    plant isnt on that my man…but we can dream and that WOULD be very cool. did you hear the interview w/ gilmour when he calls roger ‘ole’ misery guts’? very funny

  116. ” A few of those on Saturday against Everton and I will be grinning all week”

    I am dreading this derby. You guys are playing well, we aren’t. Johnson is out. Can really see it being a pasting.

    But I will have the Reina on Johnson’s head memory to keep me chuckling.

    [I was reminded of that incident earlier, funnily enough. May the best team win. – Features Editor]

  117. Unicorn are the best group that I associate with David Gilmour. I think David did an excellent job producing them, and sounded great playing pedal steel with them. I have fondest memories listening to the recording in David’s studio. I thank God for all the wonderful music they played.

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