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If anyone downloaded a corrupt ‘Arnold Layne’ file from 7 Digital recently, please let us know – with all the details you can provide – so that we can get you a new one. Our apologies for the inconvenience.


If you have registered using a name that is a clear advert for your fansite or tribute band, please choose another name.

No variations of ‘Gilmour’ or other band members’ names are welcome, either.

If you see User is suspended when you sign in, it’s either because your username is not suitable or because you’ve been banned for previously misbehaving. Please sign up for another account and it will be obvious which is the case.

Thank you.

As you now need to register to use our chatroom, here’s a starter’s guide for anyone who needs it.

First, please note that the chatroom is not always open. Opening times can be found on our calendar.

The link to the chatroom is:

You need to register a username and password before you’re allowed in. This is easy and only takes a few moments. To register, click here.

You’ll need to choose your desired username (this is how others will identify you in the chatroom) along with your real name and e-mail address.

Don’t worry, the latter will not be available to anyone other than me and is perfectly secure.

Most people use the names they use on the blog so that others can easily recognise them. Please do.

An activation e-mail will be sent to the address you provided. You will need to click the link contained within to confirm receipt.

Doing so will immediately produce a page containing a completed form showing your e-mail address and activation code. Just click the Click to Activate button and the validation process is complete.

You will then receive a confirmation e-mail including a reminder of your member name and the password that has been assigned to you. You can change this password to something easier to remember at any time by clicking here and then Log-in to change settings.

If you forget your password, you can easily retrieve it here.

You’re now ready to enter the chatroom.

Once you’re in, the first thing you will notice are the rules, written in red. Please read them. Breaching them will result in a ban.

You will find yourself in the main room to start with. This is called the Lobby. As the name suggests, this is where everyone enters and many choose to stay.

We have two other rooms. These come in handy as a place to retreat to when the Lobby starts to get busy.

We have a Barn. This was a private room for those who have followed the blog regularly and, therefore, required a password to get in. This was to keep the Barn quiet and relevant to the blog.

However, for now, there is no password required to enter the Barn as it is currently set aside for anyone who is interested in collaborating with other fans on an entry for the ‘Arnold Layne’ contest.

The Barn may revert back to its former state when the contest closes, but the old Barn password will not be valid.

We also have a Conservatory, where everyone is welcome.

To get into either the Barn or Conservatory, you first need to enter the Lobby (with your username and password, as above).

Then, once you’re in the Lobby, you’ll notice in the top left-hand corner of the chat screen a blue Show Users/Show Rooms button.

Click it and you’ll see a list of all the people who are in the same room as you (this will be the Lobby to begin with). Click it again (the text on the button will change to Show Rooms), and you’ll see the three available rooms. How many people are in each room is shown alongside the room name in brackets.

Either double-click the room of your choice or right-click and select Join Room to enter.

To get back to the Lobby, you simply do the same for Lobby.

The only other things that you need to bear in mind are that English is the only language permitted, that you will be timed-out if you remain inactive for 30 minutes and that constant lurkers will be banned.

Whilst we fully acknowledge that some people want to observe before they dip their toe in the water, particularly those for whom English is a second language, in the interest of member privacy, persistent lurking will not be tolerated. So, if you lurk, please get involved.

We hope that explains how to get started. If you’ve ever any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask, either here or in the chatroom.

Let us know what you think of these changes if you are a regular visitor to the chatroom.

If you’re still not convinced, our chatroom really is very easy to use and everyone is made to feel most welcome, so don’t be shy.

The chatroom will be open from 3PM (UK time) today.

We look forward to seeing you there.

Author: FEd

Features Editor of David Gilmour’s official blog, The Blog (‘Features’ previously being its rather naff title), affectionately – or lazily – shortened to ‘FEd’.

105 thoughts on “Chatroom how-to”

  1. Love the changes. Without trying to sound like I’m spamming, I’ve closed the doors to my own forums, and membership is now by invitation only. Whatever it takes to keep a safe platform!

  2. Hi FEd,

    The instructions look good.

    The only thought that I had over the weekend was to use Show/Hide instead of View/Hide for the ‘Ignoring/Unignoring’ of individual users. I think View/Hide is what we finally agreed on but Show fits in with the other language used in the software like Show Users/Show Rooms.

    Have a good chat today. I may be in later if you are still going after 5pm.

  3. Chatroom : [The only other things that you need to bear in mind are that English is the only language permitted,]

    Nobody will ever prevent me from speaking some few words in my native language, wherever I am.


    [With the greatest respect, please appreciate that we don’t want anyone using the chatroom to conduct lengthy conversations in their native languages. It’s predominantly English here, the website is in English, the songs are in English. This isn’t a discriminatory measure. It’s simply not possible for me to encourage the use of several languages in a real-time environment. If the rules aren’t made clear, people complain that they didn’t know the rules. – Features Editor]

  4. Am I allowed to congratulate David Bowie with his 60th birthday? Releasing a single with David Gilmour a few weeks ago must be the best way to celebrate a birthday IMO!

  5. Cool! Although I have not been able to join any chats since the inception of the chat room, I registered anyway. And I was able to get my standard blog user name. Now I hope that at some point I may get to log in and actually participate.


  6. Well, having read this entry……i assume my username will not be valid, but it does permit me to log onto the chatroom, and then tells me that its closed. do i need to redo my application?

    [I see that you have registered twice. You’re very welcome to chat as ‘Emiel’. The reason we’d encourage familiar names is simply because everyone wants to know who they are chatting with. This is particularly important for the ‘Blog Irregulars’ who will know you from your posts here. It’s also confusing (and rather silly) to see a dozen people all saying something along the lines of “Hi Pz45dg_Floyd1!” when one bizarre username after another enters. My hope is that this chatroom will be more accessible than others. I think making it more natural is a good start. – Features Editor]

  7. Hi Fed, I didn’t recieve the email you sent as per last blog. I tried to register with no luck again. Here is my entry. […] If this is wrong, let me know. Thanks.

    [Please check that these e-mails aren’t been delivered to a junk or spam folder. – Features Editor]

  8. i haven’t signed up yet, fed. been really busy at work. good to see that it’s an easy process and i welcome the changes you’ve made. lurkers get on my nerves. this should make more people join in.

  9. Can I sign in as “F*Ed Up”?

    (Kidding of course. I really dont see the grand problem here. Why does everyone have so many questions? Oh damn, now I’ve just asked one…)

  10. Good morning all,

    Hope everyone had a good weekend and hope your week is great too. I havent checked out the chat yet but im sure its great, I’ll get there soon i hope to try it out.

    Bless you all

  11. In a fierce mood today Fed? Feel rough weather coming up?

    Good idea about the Arnold Barn. Hope I can get in there by time today.

  12. I have problems; i cant go in the chatroom, my user password seems to be incorrect. Maybe it is in (lettres majuscules ou lettres minuscules ou les 2 mélangés, j ai essayé…) Can you help me, please?

    Sylvie de Montréal

    [Sylvie, I see that you are registered so you are almost done. All you need is to change your password. I’m sending an e-mail to you now with a password reminder. You can change your password to something easier by clicking your name below. – Features Editor]

  13. Still cant get into the chat room “Sacre Bleau” i think its an AOL thing.

    Does anybody have any idea as to why my internet connection is lost when i click on chatroom?

    Please help.

    [That’s very odd, Paul. – Features Editor]

  14. [I see that you have registered twice. You’re very welcome to chat as ‘Emiel’. The reason we’d encourage familiar names is simply because everyone wants to know who they are chatting with. This is particularly important for the ‘Blog Irregulars’ who will know you from your posts here. It’s also confusing (and rather silly) to see a dozen people all saying something along the lines of “Hi Pz45dg_Floyd1!” when one bizarre username after another enters. My hope is that this chatroom will be more accessible than others. I think making it more natural is a good start. – Features Editor]

    I completely understand and agree, please feel free to delete the other registration! thanks!!

  15. I’m really sorry to bother you FEd. I’ve been trying for today to get into the chatroom. No such luck. So here comes the long and winding story!

    Basically, I registered as Simon_J, which I believe is a feasible enough name. I tried this once, and didn’t get an e-mail to my inbox, so within the following 12 hours, I checked my Spam box, and nothing.

    So today, whilst there was a chat going on, I tried registering again. It told me that the name Simon_J was already taken. I hopefully presume that, that was my earlier registry!! So now I’m stuck, and I’m am sorry but the only person I can turn to is you.

    I really wanna say Happy New Year to everyone, and after all this cufuffle, I’m sure I will.

    Yours, Simon J

    [Your username is on my list, so you’re half-way there. I’ve just arranged for another e-mail to be sent to your registered address, so please look out for it and let me know if you don’t receive it. Once you get it, you can change your password by clicking your name below. – Features Editor]

  16. What fun! I just joined the chatroom for the first time and it was easy to register and really wonderful to chat real-time with so many great people! It was neat to see familiar screen names and meet new ones as well.

    Thanks much for providing this excellent chatroom, blog and website!!

    [Thank you very much, Christine. – Features Editor]

  17. I have to say that this is getting better all the time. I really enjoy David’s web site and the bloggers who take part in the chat room. I really can’t wait to see what is going to happen next.

    Thanks Fed for all the work that you are doing in keeping this web site a place where we can come to and feel at home.

    Take Care,

    PS. Matt your posts are killing

  18. It was really fun for me too, today. I went in the chatroom for the first time with some help ( my lovely husband and you my dear friend f.é.) and i met so great fans of david. I have to get used with the chatroom but i will, with the time. I enjoyed it, and with my new password it is easier (the last one had a couple of o and i didn t know if it was letter or number, so some confusion…) Thanks f.é.

    Sylvie de Montréal

    [You’re welcome any time, Sylvie. – Features Editor]

  19. I was on that chat so long, my eyes and back are killing me.

    I did manage to get dinner on the table, and so as to not to be in the dog house for neglecting my guys, I did some laundry and swept and mopped the whole house in bleach, so now, It smells and looks like supermom lives here. It’s the little things that impress them so much.

    It was very cool of you to give us the time Fed. Thank you.


  20. Please check that these Emails… spam or junk mail. Now I’m really confused. Sorry.There has to be a better way.

    [This is the tried and trusted way. Often e-mail is filtered by your e-mail server or client into a Junk (or Spam) folder, as it’s not considered worthy of your time. It’s possible that this has happened to your activation e-mail. Legitimate e-mails can mistakenly be identified as spam. I’ve registered your details, they are in our database, your activation e-mail (with ‘Your member activation’ in its subject line) has been sent. I can’t do anything until you click the link which is in that e-mail and I assure you that it has been sent to the address you use here. – Features Editor]

  21. These are the findings of my survey of the San Francisco Bay Area’s largest Independent (and one Major) record stores.

    At the San Francisco Amoeba store I was able to get a copy (the only one I saw) of the AL-CD (Import). At their Berkeley location I found the AL-7” (Import). Neither had the AL-10” and it wasn’t in their computers to order either.

    I called Aquarius Records (in San Francisco) to see if they had any copies, they had none. Also said they weren’t going to order any either.

    Last Thursday I went to Rasputin Music in San Lorenzo (South of Oakland) and while they had no copies of AL anything, they had a really sweet 180 gram 30th Anniversary vinyl of DSOTM, which was almost mine.

    Saturday (when I went to both Amoeba’s) I also went to Rasputin’s in Berkeley. Again, no AL anything, and it wasn’t in their computers.

    On Sunday, I noticed the AL-CD on Amazon at half the price I paid at Amoeba.

    Tonight (Monday) I went to Rasputin’s S.F. location and the Virgin Megastore S.F.. Same story again at Rasputin’s, no AL anything but I did find a particularly nice (sealed) copy of Gong’s ‘Flying Teapot’.

    Next, Virgin Megastore-S.F.. Upon walking in the corner (largest) entrance, I noticed two CD spaces containing maybe 10 CD’s of the OAI/DVD combo pack. It was at the end of the isle with a title over the CD’s labeled “Best Sellers”. More of the CD/DVD combo’s were in the bins. Lots of them! More than five times what I saw at any other store. If anybody has the AL-10”, Virgin must!


    Spent some time with a kind fellow who felt sympathy with my plight, and confirmed the CD was in Virgin’s computers but he couldn’t tell if any had been ordered for the SF store. Again, no AL-10” in sight; and it was not on the computer to pre-order/order/back-order.

    I attempted to find some Mahler to console myself with, but the MTT (S.F. Symphony) recordings I crave are sold out.

    So I’m listening to Radio Gnome, Flying along with the Pot Head Pixies. . .

    Thought you’d like to know.

    [Thanks for that, Marcus. – Features Editor]

  22. Happy Chatting everyone! I see that there are quite a number of “Chat” schedules posted on the calendar for January.

    I am out of luck of joining the fun – time zone difference; besides “chat” is a bit too fast the pace for me. I am grateful to “The Blog” where I am able to read a lot of the fun stuff.

    Thank you.

  23. Good Morning to all there…

    Dear F.Ed., (very english tea expert, I suppose) as i have just sometimes a cup of tea, is it quite good the “earl grey” blend?

    have a nice day ciao Elisabetta

    [It’s very good, Elisabetta. – Features Editor]

  24. [Does anybody have any idea as to why my internet connection is lost when i click on chatroom?….Paul]

    I had bother when “we” downloaded the new Yahoo toolbar over Christmas, after hours of me motivating (nagging) him my husband still couldn’t rid of the java error, so I dumped it (toolbar, not husband).

  25. hi fet ed . on the calendar it says the chat room is open at 1pm and on your comments it says the chatroom is open from 3pm . which is right ? i presume the comment about the time of the chatroom opening you made above is . talk to you later !


    [1PM is right for today, 3PM was right for yesterday (which was when this blog entry was published). – Features Editor]

  26. marcus: sorry to hear how hard it is to find a copy of ‘arnold layne’ in the us.

    i will try and be at today’s chat. hope to see you all there.


    Phil, wondering why it’s so cold in the studio, secretly hopes David’s tongue sticks to his microphone.


  28. ********** ANNOUNCEMENT **********

    Just to clear up the confusion, the deadline for EMI’s ‘Arnold Layne’ contest is Monday 22 January, not Monday 15 January.

    If you still think there’s enough time to collaborate with other ‘Blog Irregulars’ on a version of ‘Arnold Layne’, click below for the relevant blog entry. Arrangements can also be made in our chatroom.

    Good luck to all who enter.

  29. Dear FEd,

    How your patience and nerves hold out, I’ll never know.

    Forever striving to be low-maintenance,

  30. [Nobody will ever prevent me from speaking some few words in my native language, wherever I am.]


    first of all just want to say this comment is not meant in a rude way it is meant as an observation .

    am i to be left out beacuse i dont speak your language ? ( which i presume is french ) someone somewhere is going to feel left out what ever the language rules are . the chatroom should be for everyone to talk .

    i can understand that there are times you might not find it easy to follow whats going on . if you have a problem understanding ask and someone will explain it to you . i would be happy to myself .


  31. [Nobody will ever prevent me from speaking some few words in my native language, wherever I am. – Michèle]

    [first of all just want to say this comment is not meant in a rude way it is meant as an observation . – Linda]

    Saucer of milk, table two!

  32. Just in case Fed, can you resend the email one more time. I’ll check again in case the mail was eliminated. Thanx.

    [No problem, Frank. It will work this time for sure. – Features Editor]

  33. [If you still think there’s enough time to collaborate with other ‘Blog Irregulars’ on a version of ‘Arnold Layne’, click below for the relevant blog entry. Arrangements can also be made in our chatroom. – Posted by: Features Editor at January 9, 2007 11:58 AM]

    I think this is a good idea. Unfortunately, I do not have the recording/computing facilities (microphone, mixer, software) to participate in this regard. That is why I am going into studio so that I can get my version recorded onto the MP3 format and therefore enabling me to submit to my space dot com.



  34. Just wanted to thank David.

    I am now 50 years old and it took me this long to get into his music. What a talent and thank you David for sharing it.

    Your website is great too.

  35. Hey all,

    Had a great time in chat yesterday.

    Also in regards to the Arnold Layne download. I was able to download it from Rhapsody music. I was so happy. I got all three tracks.

    Well hope everyone has a great day!

    BTW my son had his stitches removed and all is well. Thank you to everyone that asked.

    Renee B.
    Fontana, Ca USA

  36. Hi FEd

    I did download Arnold Layne and Dark Globe on 7digital and the version featuring Rick Wright doesn’t work on many CD players (after I burned it on CD).

    Best wishes,
    Ernest Peske

  37. I’ve got a corrupt download too – variable speed. Sounds like an old (bad) vinyl record. Semi deliberate?

  38. Hi all. I have finally registered for the chat room. Yay. Now all I need to find out the time difference between UK and USA. I’m sure I can figure it out, so I’m hoping to run into some regs or irregs there!

    ALSO, I’m so excited I FINALLY got a copy of PULSE on DVD. What a fantastic DVD it is, as if there was any doubt. Some wonderful little 7 yr old boy (my son) spent his own money for it. This version of Comfortably Numb was the first PF video he saw.

    Anyway, I love it of course!

    Love to David, Fea. Ed., all the fans and anyone associated with DG.



  39. I’ve registered OK and changed my password to something I can remember (!) but it tells me my browser is not Java enabled. I followed the link, but where do I go to simply MAKE the browser Java enabled.

    I’ve just realised it works fine on my Mac, but I’d still like to know how to make the PC freindly for it too, please.

    [Click your name below and try the advice given there, Odille. – Features Editor]

  40. hi fed and all you lovely bloggers.

    Three weeks to go until my big trip. all my floyd and dg tracks are on my zen. only 14750 tracks to go. sold the car my bike and havin a car boot this sunday in a little market town called clitheroe. we will be leaving for zurich on the 9/02/07. i think we’re flying on a little focker or was it a big focker.

    anyhows will say bye bye from wet and windy blighty and hello from bangkok

    see you soon

  41. Dear FEd,

    Lovely chat yesterday and today. How did the game go? I had to get to my dr appt, so I never found out.

    Have a blessed week,


    [I’m in a state of mourning right now, so not good. – Features Editor]


    Buick, I am in waiting for a confirmation reply from a geographically proximal indie outlet via the CIMS indie store network regarding the availability of the AL 10″ vinyl LP, whose online store has publicized the item at a rather low price.

    If their in-stock confirmation is affirmative (I hope their response time is a prompt one), I am ordering it for you, and will therefore eventually be in need of knowing where to mail it. However, one step at a time, for now….

    Empathetically yours,

  43. Sorry for being off-topic, but when I read Melissa’s message I thought it wise to post this.

    Melissa, I would strongly advise that you stop washing your floor with Chlorine Bleach.

    Sodium hypochlorite is quite toxic and is absorbed through the skin. Bleach will attack your respiratory system, will burn your eyes, skin and can cause a myriad of other detrimental side effects to your health – even when diluted. Have you noticed any of these symptoms in your family?

    Most common organic substances that come in contact with bleach will react and form trihalomethanes — most trihalomethanes are well known carcinogens.

    Toxic chloramine and even explosive nitrogen trichloride vapour can also be generated when using bleach to clean and deodorise urine etc.

    I wouldn’t be washing my floors with it — especially with children around. And that’s not mentioning the severe detrimental effects the use and manufacture of these substances have on our environment.

    There are many environmentally friendly products available for cleaning these days that are an alternative to bleach etc.

    Please, do some basic research on household bleach, Melissa.

    Hysteron proteron


    Through the Google lens of my online research, the impression seems to be that your hidden treasure is available through a sole source distributor….I have that name, and I am sure you have come across it, too. (I withhold it in fear of breaking blog confidentialities.)

    Through Fed’s aforementioned online indie record store network, there are (2) KEY online outlets who have indexed the item via Google, one of which I am awaiting email reply (I’ve already called its nearby physical store: a no-show; only the 7″ in stock).

    However, I DID stumble upon an exclusive third record store who enlists an apparent claim to a January 16th release. I’ve just emailed them and also now await their reply of confirmation for pre-order/reservation services.

    These three outlets are the ONLY Google-enlisted connections I’ve found –at least which seem reliably hopeful.

    I do wonder if this item’s release date HAS actually been moved from the 2nd to the 16th?? Maybe that is why there is so little trace of it currently?

    In the meantime, know that I should probably be hearing via email from the nearby store’s website services tomorrow, per the phone clerk’s assumption…..

    …we shall soon follow up, Buick.

    –LG xo

    [SonyBMG tell us that it was definitely released on Tuesday 2 January. – Features Editor]

  45. My version of Arnold Layne with Richard Wright singing slows down like a broken turntable.

    Now, while this has a very nostalgic sound to it, I suspect it was not intended!

    I would only need a re-download of that one. Thanks FEd.


  46. Sorry Fed, no email. I really have given up. I’m not computer literate. I feel like an ass outside the barn. I’m going to wait patiently until next week to sort this out. There are so many things on the go right now, I need Time. Thanks for your kindness.

    Happy belated birthdays to Guy, David Bowie, the late Syd. And I believe Nick’s coming soon?

    Hello Irregulars too.

    [I’m well and truly baffled, Frank. – Features Editor]

  47. Just a innocent comment,(loved “saucer of milk” comment from Matt by the way) with all the communication about downloads and chatrooms, this site could be mistaken for the problem page of a geek computer mag! What about the music of David?

    As far as I am concerned I am more worried that I havent played anything from OAI this year. I am looking for that track to play to lift my spirits after suffering from post festive blues. Any advice most welcome. I want to put one track on tonight that will motivate me and boost my confidence, cheer me up and get me jumping!!!So whats it to be?

    Ian Pearson

  48. Dear F.Ed.,

    thanks for your last nice reply.

    Yesterday in Italy the Top of the Music-FIMI -ACNielsen 2006 annual charts have been issued:

    18th position CD: On An Island (30 weeks in 2006)
    1st position DVD (25 weeks in 2006)Pulse Pink Floyd
    10th position DVD Live at Pompei P.F.(46 weeks)
    13th position DVD The Wall P.F. (38 weeks) Federazione Industria Musicale Italiana, the official federation for italian music industry.

    A great success again: Thank you Mr.Gilmour

    Thanks for the nice attention

  49. Ciao a tutti,

    Michele: maybe making a French “lesson” sometime in the chat in a funny way sounds more friendly than speaking french. Even here, I don’t know french. This way you could have appeal on people.. Nothing personal, but it is typical french what you said about your language. Let’s face reality: English IS the European common language.

    Ian: finally someone that wanna talk about music. Well I wouldn’t “use” on an island for your aim. Maybe something more Rock. anyway, I personally would listen to “una tasca piena di sassi” ..A pocketful of stones. 🙂

    Sorry If I go off topic and get into politics, but it seems that this blog sometimes is interested in something to make the world a better place. Well one way would be not to forget iraq, not to ask for more soldiers to die and kill there, not using the same systems of terrorism in killing Saddam. Italian politicians in this occasion succeded to represent the spirit of the nation. No death penalty, to no one. And they said it.

    Happy new year to everyone and hope that western countries, if pretend to be wiser, stop killing. Peace.


  50. ian pearson: i’d go for ‘take a breath’ if you’re looking for a track to lift your spirits.

    hard luck, fed. bet you don’t want to play arsenal again anytime soon.

    btw, it was easy to register for the chatroom. hope to see you on thursday.

  51. Ian,

    It’s got to be Take A Breath.

    Then go back to the beginning and play the whole album. It works for me 🙂

  52. [I want to put one track on tonight that will motivate me and boost my confidence, cheer me up and get me jumping!!!So whats it to be? – Posted by: Ian Pearson at January 10, 2007 07:36 AM]

    There’s that unstoppable foot-stomp I always feel when I hear ‘Take a Breath’….how’s that?

    No OAI in 2007? Sacrilege! 😉

  53. Happy Wednesday,

    Ian, Play it end to end. As it was meant to be heard. IMHO It is sacrilege to play tracks in isolation.

    Play it loud, upset the neibours.

    Elizabetta, just catching up on old posts. Thanx for the kind offer. I will keep it in my thoughts.

    Pete – Coventry

  54. [Please, do some basic research on household bleach, Melissa. – Posted by: Hysteron proteron at January 10, 2007 02:03 AM]

    Holy Crap! There’s a connection to childhood asthma! Do you realize how many people I know love cleaning their whole house with bleach?! Some of them have children WITH ASTHMA!!! I use it in my bathroom, at least I used it until now….

    There’s something I didn’t know…damn, the things you take for granted or are blissfully unaware of….

  55. […with all the communication about downloads and chatrooms, this site could be mistaken for the problem page of a geek computer mag! What about the music of David? – Posted by: Ian Pearson at January 10, 2007 07:36 AM]

    I know what you mean Ian. Having taken the decision not to sign up for chat for the time being, I have been feeling like a bit of a party pooper for the last few days.

    The track from OAI I would play to shake off those post-festive blues would have to be ‘Take a Breath’, although I doubt I’d be able to stop at one track!

  56. [Posted by: Hysteron proteron at January 10, 2007 02:03 AM]

    It’s a wonder my mommy didn’t kill us.

    I thought I was doing the right thing. Considering all of the filth that we are subject to step in on a daily basis, and then tracking it into our homes, where our children lie on the floor and play. It makes me cringe.

    We try to run our home Japanese style, where everyone removes their shoes at the door. But that doesn’t always work.

    You know we all bathe in it and drink it everyday, since it is added to our public water supply in large amounts. It’s next to impossible to stay away from it.

    Thanks for the info HP.

    Have a nice day you guys.


  57. Well…

    I´d sugest The Blue followed by Take a Breath, Ian.

    If you don´t start playing your air guitar during that fantastic solo, nothing else will make you jump!

    By the way, I think I´ve said it before, so, forgive me, but that solo on TAB has something of Deep Purple on it…Or it´s just me?

    May you all have a good day!


  58. Ian,

    I can’t be sure that the lyrics will lift you up, because I don’t know all of them by heart and I am just a poor italian, but about rhythm my advice are:

    This heaven or Take a breath from On an island.
    Deafinitely and Cry from the street from David Gilmour. All lovers are deranged from About face.

    From Pink Floyd’s albums, too many songs to choose from…the first pop in my mind is Learning to fly.

    I hope you feel up soon mate!


  59. Okay you guys have got me worried.

    I have always used bleach water in the kitchen and bathroom for cleaning purposes. Should I be concerned with a small child in the house? She is not asthmatic.

    Anyway, the last few days were enjoyable regarding the chat, hope to see you all at the next one.


  60. Hi FEd,

    Thanks for the very comprehensive chat room instructions.

    I don’t seem to have recieved my confirmation email however, so I can’t activate my account. I’ve checked my spam/junk folders and it hasn’t been dumped in there either.

    My username is […]. I would have normally have logged in to change my settings, but it won’t even let me do that without activating.

    Any help is appreciated.


    [I can tell you that you’re listed in our database, so you’re almost there. I’ve just arranged for another e-mail to be sent to your registered e-mail address. This will contain your password. Please let me know if it reaches you. As soon as you receive it, you can change you password to one which is easier to remember. – Features Editor]

  61. This guy phones Anfield to find out what time kick off is

    “About every 10 mins” was the reply

  62. A note from the ‘canary in the mine shaft’ — bleach is bad sh*t! I don’t have all of the technical information to share but I’m ‘allergic’ to pretty much everything in the world, natural and synthetic, plus I have horrible respiratory problems. Bleach isn’t the only culprit but it is a big one.

    Another thing to keep in mind when using any of the popular magical cleaning products is that, if they are sprayed, the fine mist created lingers in the air for a long while and can also cause respiratory problems.

    Has anyone ever heard the phrase ‘housewife heart attack’? It was used to describe the untimely deaths of many a housewife while in the performance of their duties such as scrubbing the toilet. The poor, unsuspecting woman might mix chlorine bleach and ammonia together which, when combined, create a deadly gas!

    Tune in tomorrow for more ‘Hints from Helouise’! Man, who would have thought that David’s blawg could potentially save some of us from ourselves! A real multi-purpose website!

    Washington State

  63. [I can tell you that you’re listed in our database, so you’re almost there. I’ve just arranged for another e-mail to be sent to your registered e-mail address. This will contain your password. Please let me know if it reaches you. As soon as you receive it, you can change you password to one which is easier to remember. – Features Editor]

    Thanks for getting back to me so quickly. I got the email, and I tried logging in to change my password but it keeps on telling me to activate my account via the initial email that was sent.

    (To be honest, I can’t understand why I never got it – my email must have had a tempory glitch when I signed up…. losing it in cyberspace!)


    [Not to worry, Jack. I’ve deleted your details from our database, so would you mind registering again? You can use the same details as before, if you like. It’s up to you entirely. Please click your name below for the necessary page and that initial (activation) e-mail should arrive immediately. The confirmation e-mail (with your password, which you can then change at anytime) should follow just as soon you’ve clicked on the link in the activation e-mail. – Features Editor]

  64. Ian,

    With the best will in the world, mate, we’re all miserablists here.

    I recommend “Dancing Queen” by ABBA – works every time!

  65. Hi FEd

    Everytime I try to register I get an error message which states that I must use letters, numbers, dots, underscores etc etc. I am simply putting in my user name which is the same as my real name and my email address and this happens everytime. This happens on my home computer as well as my office computer. Any ideas as to what I am doing wrong?

    Best regards.


    [You can be ‘Julie’ or ‘Julie_Davies’, but that space just isn’t allowed. – Features Editor]

  66. FEd,

    Thanks very much for deleting me from the database and helping me start again.

    I’ve now successfully signed up to the chat service – thanks so much for helping me with the tech problems, and doing it so quickly.

    Hope to see you in chat sometime soon!

    Many thanks FEd! 🙂

    Cheers, Jack

    [I’m pleased to hear that, Jack. Thank you for re-registering and for letting me know. I hope to see you in the chatroom soon. – Features Editor]

  67. BUICK:

    I have just received reply from the exclusive third store:

    They confirm they will be receiving and selling the AL 10″ very soon (possibly the 16th?? –no presuming here, though!). They offer to reserve one for me.

    I have, in turn, replied affirmative to that offer and also asked them to please alert me to a more precise forecast of their store shipment arrival as more information comes to them. Additionally, I am awaiting further instructions of their ordering, purchasing and shipping policies.

    In the meantime, I still await response from the nearby CIMS outlet via their online web store email, regarding immediate availability.

    At any rate, the issue here seems to all come down to simply patience….the pickings seem slim, but somewhat hopeful. Indeed, you have already proven such virtue.

    God bless,
    –LG xo

  68. [You can be ‘Julie’ or ‘Julie_Davies’, but that space just isn’t allowed. – Features Editor]

    Many thanks for that, FEd. I am embarassingly still a bit of a novice to these type of things. Solicitors offices only use specially designed software packages so PC experimentation is limited. Perhaps I should enrol on a course.

    Anyway I am now duly registered and I hope to be able to chat with everyone soon.



    [No problem, Julie. Glad that you can join us now. – Features Editor]

  69. “This guy phones Anfield to find out what time kick off is… “About every 10 mins” was the reply”

    Belter! 🙂

  70. Yeee Haaa, i’ve got it sorted with the help of the IT guy in work, it was my JRE thingy that was the problem (Java Run..??) so i am now registered and all.

    [We’ll look forward to seeing you, Paul. – Features Editor]

  71. [Anyway I am now duly registered and I hope to be able to chat with everyone soon. – Julie]

    Hope to meet you one day in the chatroom, Julie.


  72. Hey Fed

    thank you. i dont think i have ever won anything this great before. my address […]

    [Thanks for that and well done once again. – Features Editor]

  73. Glad you like it Rudders, i dont being a Liverpool fan but you have to laugh….another…only 2 teams in Merseyside Arsenal and Arsenal Reserves is doing the Tshirt rounds!!.

  74. Dear David Gilmour,

    I understand your message. I know that you see life’s potential to be Heavenly.

    I think that you should use your power and money and fame to lead a movement of people and start a new colony somewhere far away and create Heaven on Earth.

    The videos playing on the screen in PULSE capture the concept of earth being magnificent and divine. You must make this a reality. No one has the power but you…you hold the key to Heaven on the earth and all you need to do is turn it…

    Save the world! I will help!!!

  75. What is the correct way to log out?

    Usually I just quit my internet browser, but somehow i have got the feeling that it is not the most elegant way to end a session.

    [There’s a button – alongside the colours, smilies and status buttons – with two red arrows facing outwards. That’s how you log out. When the arrows are green, you’re logged out and need it to log back in. – Features Editor]

  76. Congratulations Clarice!

    Thanks to Chris McNulty for that interview footage link (in the ‘Then I Close My Eyes’ comments). I had not seen the broadcast interview and I am surprised they had much that was useable. I realise that he must be used to the cameras but having them moving around and coming in and out must have been annoying.

    I’m not sure there is a difference to how you log out of the chat (unless you see more information FEd?) Closing the chat’s window will log you out and even opening a new window as a ‘tab’ of that chat window will do so on my system. This is the most common reason for me falling out of the room.

  77. clarice: congratulations on winning the competition. 🙂

    fed: sorry i haven’t made it to chat this year. work’s keeping me busy.

    i hope you all have a good weekend. x

  78. To Blake and the “anti-Blake”:

    I think that everyone here should be allowed to express himself (or oneself ?) without being put down. I don’t agree with Blake, but I have no right (and no desire) to tell him “shut up” ! He didn’t offend anyone and didn’t break any rule …

    If everybody always said “wow! wonderful!” , that could become repetive and boring…

    Off topic, I know, tant pis.


  79. Congrats Clarice!

    My best to you and your mom.

    Quick story I never got to tell you in the chat. When my grandmother was very far along with her dementia, she was beyond the point that anyone was able to connect with her. There was a piano at the facility where she lived towards the end, we sat her down and I played a tune for her that she used to love hearing me play when I was a kid, a little piece called “La Comparsa” by a Cuban composer I can’t remember. She connected. Her eyes and speech were gone, but she hummed along remembering the entire melody. That was the last I saw and connected with her.

    That’s great that your mom connects with OAI. Music helps, as does pictures and video. Use them all as much as possible. Research says they help, and I can can vouch for that personally.

  80. Hi FEd and friends!

    I wanted to congratulate Clarice on her victory. Very well done! And I’m happy that we’re able to take a little jaunt down Carefree Lane now and again. These word games give me the excuse to sit still and really listen to/feel a particular piece of music rather than having it as background to a hectic day. Thanks for that FEd.

    As Nate has done already, I also wanted to thank Chris McNulty for sharing that bit of interview footage. The best part of it was hearing that David has lots and lots of material in the holding pen yet to be developed fully. I’d like to imagine that he’s spending some of his days working up and filling out some of this material for another release. “Soon the blue, so soon” … guitar lifting and swooping like birds being carried by the wind above the deep blue sea … ahhhh

    Good call yesterday FEd. And nice post Adriano. I started to post a couple of times, deleted them and then thought why keep it going?

    Have a blissful weekend everyone. Hope to talk to you all next week. Until then …

    Peace, love and understanding!
    Washington State

  81. Me again. When I got up this morning it was -10F. Brrrr. David’s music puts me on an island even if just for a few minutes and for that I’m grateful! I can almost feel the hot sand beneath my feet and hear the waves lapping at the shore while the birds sing …

    Washington State

  82. Happy Friday,

    Michele, agree with your sentiment. However, I cant see the point of being in a place where all you want to do is vent your spleen.

    Just seems such a waste of ether to me. But, as they say, it takes all sorts.

    Enjoy the weekend
    Pete – Coventry

  83. Thanks for that video link, Chris! I couldn’t stand to watch too much of it due to the cameras, but I did listen to the whole thing. I liked that the guy that did the interview actually asked some good questions and not the ‘same ole stuff.’

    I partially liked the part when David said that at the end of a day, working with Polly he can kiss her, and he never did that to ole Rog. Hey David, maybe that was part of the problem. Maybe ole Rog just needed some love. Who knows where PF would be today if David would have just puckered up. LOL 😉


  84. For the record, I don’t think anyone told Blake to shut up. Opinions are generally excepted here. As should opinions about someone’s opinions I suppose.

    I felt Blake’s comments were intended to be provacative. Including comments about me regarding an incident better left in the past. It was funny the first couple of times Blake, but you’re beating a dead horse.

    On that note, I don’t take anything personally so hopefully nobody loses any sleep over this ;>)

    Cheers and enjoy the weekend!,

  85. Thanks everyone for the congratulations, I cant believe i won.

    Angelo – great story about your grandma and believe me i will keep the music coming, My mom asked me this morning to play Have A Cigar. she likes that one.

    You sure do have to spend your time wisely when it comes to the elderly because you never know when their name will be called and im thankful for every moment i get to be with her. I wish you could have had more time with your grandmother but god calls us all in due time.

    Melissa – You Have a great weekend too and we’ll talk agian next week.

    Fed. – Have a great weekend, and hope to see you in the chatroom next week.

    have a great weekend everyone

  86. Sorry for being a bit late to the party but I’d like to voice an opinion on the topic of “dissenting voices”.

    Like it or not, and I am on record too many times here about the virtues of this blog to have to apologise for the odd gripe, there is and has always been a tendency for “anti” comments to be leapt upon by self appointed “defenders of the faith”. (as opposed to blog appointed ones, F’ed)

    That is not a healthy thing and not in the nature (I believe) of David’s outlook on life.

    We have heard a few times over the last year “if you don’t have something nice to say, then say nothing”. Well I beg to disagree – criticism and disapproval are perfectly valid if rational and well-intended (as were Blake’s comments on OAI). Answers to the criticisms equally so.

    But too often the answers get personal or dismissive, and that is not good. So I would suggest a modified “if you don’t have something nice to say about what someone else has said, then say nothing”.

    Just thought I’d share that with you.

  87. sorry to you fed. after this, i will just shut up unless i have something cheery to say. i guess some people aren’t as open-minded as they think they are.

    i comment on this blog b/c of my love for gilmour…his almost 40 yr body of work. my love for gilmour’s talent goes way back before march 6 2006 and i have been waiting for that cd for 12 years…i assure u of that. i was not venting my spleen…until now! i have almost been in fist fights with other musicians defending ‘the man’…that pisses me off!

    i was playing with mike…as i said he is my favorite blogger. maybe I am stupid but i wasnt offended by his 3 words. adriano and michele, thank you as well. pete, lighten up a little. im sorry again fed…i reread my post and i still dont understand the fuss…(and i do know where i am blogging)

    now, do we want to have a go at that ‘blue light’ video next from 1984? how many of you have seen that ‘piece of art’? my god, he IS an artist and he writes the stuff and puts it out there…YOU CANT LIKE EVERYTHING ALL THE TIME…he doesnt care what i think…or you really for that matter. he is an artist and it comes out the way it does b/c that is just how it is! now drop it and i promise i will shut up.

    and mike i am sorry…u are my wingman wheteher you like it or not…or i will join forces with HP! :o) :0)!!! (never made those in my life!)

  88. congradulations,clarice. good thing i know where you live. you can share your gift, ha ha! just kidding, not. you go girl. thanks fed for the chance to win even though it was my best friend that won.


  89. Congratulations Clarice – nicely done.

    Sorry F.Ed and other chatters, wasn’t able to make it back in time on Thu – the afternoon just sort of went to hell. Hope to catch you all next time around.

    Hope everyone is having a good weekend.


  90. I am so ashamed of myself, FED !!!

    First off, indeed a belated Happy Anniversary is in order.

    Secondly, to all, a belated Happy New Year !!

    My deepest and warmest regards to David and Polly and family for a Happy New Year ! Maybe his son will join him on his (one can hope) next endeavor.

    Happy New Year, FED !!! I am raising my wine glass in a toast to you. And to all the regulars.

    I’m back from my winter holiday and I look forward to chatting it up with you all. I just registered and am relishing the opportunity to catching up with you, dear FED and everybody else. Being that it is 1:15 EST I am quite knackered and am hitting the hay, btw, I JUST LOVE IT…the Barn, especially after last year’s Barn Party recommendation !! Well, I’m off to sleep with OAI as my bedtime music.

    David deserves the Grammy for best instrumental !!

    Peace and Love to All !!!

    Cazart !

  91. Melissa, Gabrielle, Angelo, those interested, most of the modern obsession about sterility is a direct result of long term marketing strategies funded by chemical, pharmaceutical and cosmetic companies — the chemical industry.

    Most common childhood immune based disorders are created by a lack of contact with common Gram-positive/negative bacteria, parasites, viruses, pollens etc. The consequences of living in an overly sterile environment.

    The abundance of preservatives, colourings, flavourings and chemical compounds contained in modern foods is also believed to play a strong roll in immunological sensitivity/disorders.

    The over use of cleaning compounds is resulting in the rapid expansion and evolution of harmful ‘nasties’ that were once easily kept in control with the application of common soap. The over use of antibiotics is resulting in virulent strains of drug/antibiotic-resistant Gram-positive bacteria and so on.

    Inappropriate use is the problem. Unfortunately, there isn’t any meaningful monitoring or assessment taking place worldwide, so the true scope of the problem is speculative at best. Antimicrobial drugs are at the end of the rope – plasmid is one of the truly frightening aspects of drug-resistance. But that’s another story…

    Don’t wrap your kids in cotton wool. Don’t be afraid to let kids play in the dirt/mud and kiss the dog etc. Doesn’t sound very appetizing, might make you cringe at the thought – it wont kill them, but it will make their immune system all the better for it in the long run.

    I personally wouldn’t use bleach anywhere in the house — definitely not habitually. I wouldn’t advise the use of any aerosol spays either – insecticide and perfume, included. Many contain neurotoxins, and all are toxic. Billions get spent yearly — who really benefits? Paint, plastics and almost everything in your home is outgassing toxic chemicals of one form or another, solvents etc. It never ends in modern society.

    There is no need for your house to be as sterile as a clean room at Intel. An overly clean house is doing you more harm than good. There are many less toxic alternatives.

    I think Paracelsus sums things up rather well: “All things are poison and nothing is without poison, only the dosage permits something not to be poisonous.”, the dose makes the poison.

    Hope this helps you all

    Hysteron proteron

  92. With reference to Chris McNulty’s linked raw footage

    Caption: Advertising space

    “You are warmly welcome in our relevant hotel: look to the very nice bedrooms we have available”

    I felt a little of sea-ache…

    Many congratulations to Clarice.

    Pete: As you, I read the post when I can too…(I don’t want internet at home as surely my elder sons could be logged till midnight every day) so I can read them at my office only (but I must work too, of course..). there are so many messages every day: dear F.Ed. would you calculate an average number of them?

    How‘s the weather like in England? Here, where I live, all cars parked out were iced this morning : maybe winter is coming up

    Have a nice start up of week nr.3 to everybody


    [It varies, but you can see how many have been left for each entry in brackets. – Features Editor]

  93. I do think I am in a minority here but nonetheless……..

    Critisism, especially in music, is not something that has ever sat well with me. And withinin an area set aside by the artist themselves, to me, makes it even worse.

    During my almost 50 years of listening to popular music I have read and heard, far to often, of artists that have been destroyed by critisism. It is all so easily done yet so impossible to rectify afterwards.

    Put yourselves in their position. How would you feel if you were to put heart and soul into a particular project only for it to be knocked back by a few ill thought out words. Personally, if I dont care for a particular record then I do not buy it. I think that alone is critisism enough.

    And, It has absolutely nothing to do with being open minded. But it has everything to do with respect.

    Free speech yes. Opinions yes. But surey not in an artists own back yard.

    Pete – Coventry

  94. […he doesnt care what i think…or you really for that matter. – blake from nashville]

    Having this blog, not funded by a record company, would seem to suggest otherwise.

  95. [maybe I am stupid but i wasnt offended by his 3 words – blake from nashville]

    No, you’re not stupid Blake. It was said with a good dose of humor. I’m happy you weren’t offended, mate. Mountains out of mole hills quite frankly…


  96. Thanks HP.

    I’ve already started looking at alternative cleaning solvents/supplies. Scary stuff I found about those plasmids….

  97. HP,

    You were right. There are things which we can agree.

    Peoples fear of contamination leads to a compulsivity to sterilize everything! My wife and I made a point of exposing our children to everything at a young age.

    Many parents try to hide their children from every germ or microbe. Young children need to be exposed earlier as that is the period in which their immunities are most rapidly developing. There are far too many children I see who suffer from asthma and allergans, etc. I believe it has as much to do with how they are reared as opposed to their genetic dispositions.


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