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There’ll be a chat sometime next week – probably Monday afternoon – so do keep an eye on the calendar for details.

Thanks for your co-operation, have a good weekend and don’t forget the ‘Arnold Layne’ video on BBC2 tomorrow evening.

If you’ve heard the single’s three tracks, please see our latest poll.

And if you’re in the United States and can’t find a copy on 10" vinyl anywhere, have a look at this site to locate your nearest indie store.

Author: FEd

Features Editor of David Gilmour’s official blog, The Blog (‘Features’ previously being its rather naff title), affectionately – or lazily – shortened to ‘FEd’.

101 thoughts on “Chatroom change”

  1. Just a quick word to say happy new year to everyone, hope you’ve all had fun.

    I’ve just checked out the Live From Abbey Road site and I must say that Take A Breath looks or rather sounds rather special. Shame I won’t be in the country to watch it.

    Anyhoos, lets hope that this year is as great as the last when it comes to Sir (what do you mean he didn’t get a knighthood? Blasphemy surely?) David Gilmour.

    x x x

  2. Chatroom change – I am all hot, sweaty, and trembly now.

    Pete – Coventry

    [You’ll be fine, mate. Have faith. – Features Editor]

  3. Morning, FEd.

    All too easy!

    Just a reminder for those like me, who don´t pay enough attention when they read: the password will come with the second confirmation e-mail, so, don´t panic.

    And you even bothered to send another confirmation with the password I´ve changed…And it was really useful because, being me, I forgot if I used a capital first letter…

    It´s a first class service! My congratulations for those who managed that.

    Looking forward for the next chat…



    New years resolution time. Our hero has promised to lighten Polly’s household work load by promising to do his own ironing at night with his new automated fabric softner spray system embedded in his ceiling.

    Rgds Geoff Duffy ( Dublin )

  5. The registration worked like a dream.

    I can’t help but think of Douglas Adams whenever I see the words ‘Don’t Panic’

  6. Sorry to start this mess already Fed, but , when I registered, I didn’t get an activation code.


    [You will. Please check that it hasn’t been delivered to a junk or spam folder. – Features Editor]

  7. I tried to register again and this is the message I got.

    Sorry, no account awaiting activation with such AuthCode. Please try to register again.

    [I’ve got you in my list, so you are registered. Please check for that e-mail. Your spam filter has probably nabbed it. – Features Editor]

  8. Hi Fed and friends!

    Belated New Year’s greetings! (Talk about easing into it here, Fed! I fear cannot even allow myself to fall back on the ‘fashionably late’ excuse by this point –all apologies.)

    Nevertheless, I wish to address Dubliner Da, Duffy, a heartfelt congratulations! And, Simon, this week better be the one. no?! What an exciting blessing, and to both of you and yours a safe, happy, healthy family life, full of grace and love, through the coming year!

    To the handful of you with flu bugs of sorts and sprains and stitches, prayers for speedy recovery liftd up on your behalf.

    Belated birthday wishes to you, Guy (hope you had a nice one). In addition, thoughts have been held in spirit for Syd.

    Finally, a brief comment to you, Fed, per the chat room security registration application: “Thank You, Bless You! And you know I love to love you, love!” ;^>

    Love and blessings to you all, friends…
    –LG xoxo

    [Thanks, mate. You know I appreciate all of you who have given your honest thoughts on the chatroom to date. Please keep them coming. – Features Editor]

  9. Wow, very funny, I had to register three times before understanding that I couldn’t put an “accent grave” on my name !

    So, it will be Michele and not Michèle !

    The blog makes me feel a foreigner to-day! , just a joke of course, no problem…


    [I’ll see if I can change that for you, mon ami. – Features Editor]

  10. It’s a good job I didn’t post a caption about David’s custom lighting system for his ironing in my last post or everyone would have thought I was copying Geoff.

    I bow to your caption mastery 🙂

  11. Is it me? but when you first open todays blog the purple lights shining on David appear to change in size, & No, i have not taken anything chemicaly.

    it must be (i hope) an optical illusion

    bring on the weekend

  12. Fed, I’m moving to a new flat this weekend, which means that although I’ll have the same email address next week, I’ll have a new ISP and IP address. Should I wait until after the move before registering?

    I love the changes and thanks for taking the time to implement them.


    [Up to you entirely. If you want to join the chat today, you’re very welcome. – Features Editor]

  13. [Is it me? but when you first open todays blog the purple lights shining on David appear to change in size, & No, i have not taken anything chemicaly.]

    it’s just that beautiful brain of yours Graham 🙂

    Fed, I got the e-mail. When I clicked on the link it took me to the activation page, but there is no conf # in the box. I went back and got the activation code and pasted it myself.

    It still says ‘Sorry, no account awaiting activation with such AuthCode. Please try to register again.’

    So should I just leave it alone?


    [The chatroom’s open. Try and log-in. – Features Editor]

  14. Besides David, I´m a huge fan of Douglas Adams, Nate.

    And I tell you, believe it or not, that I only discovered that he was a good friend of David and even played on the ´94 tour about two years ago…

    Strange how this things converge, isn´t? Coincidence? I don´t think so…

  15. Registration was pretty easy…should be all set…I think.

    Just out of curiosity – what prompted the change ?


    [Stubbornness, arrogance, obstinacy… Being a control freak, mostly. – Features Editor]

  16. Hey F*ed,

    Thanks for your help with my Arnold Layne download problem. I filled out the feedback form at the site and I’m waiting for a response. I also went back to the June 8 blog to see the list of download sites as you suggested. It looks like I have plenty of options as a back up plan.

    Thanks again.

    [Well, you shouldn’t have to pay for it again. I’m dreadfully sorry that there appears to be a problem which has also affected others. We will get to the bottom of it. – Features Editor]

  17. [Is it me? but when you first open todays blog the purple lights shining on David appear to change in size, & No, i have not taken anything chemicaly.]

    Well, that’s true, it seems to be some sort of optical illusion. Would be a nice gimmick for all sorts of album covers, would’nt it?

    Have a happy weekend everybody out there!

  18. The next crazed fan (click my name).

    Rgds Daddy Duffy ( Dublin )

    [Bless him. You’ll be making some of us broody next, Geoff. – Features Editor]

  19. Here is the next generation folks in all his glory.

    Direct from the darkside of the womb , ladies and gentlemen may I present Lennon Duffy.

    Rgds Geoff & Lennon Duffy ( Dublin )

  20. He is fantastic Geoff!!! I am sure he will become a great man… and thanks to his daddy he will learn also to love good music! Aunt Lucia is always ready to give her contribution about that!


    [For the love of God, don’t let Lucia get her hands on him, Geoff. – Features Editor]

  21. [Bless him. You’ll be making some of us broody next, Geoff. – Features Editor]

    Glad you said some of us Fed. I have done my bit for the economy.

    Smashing pics though Geoff.

    Pete – Coventry

    [Oh yes, only some of us. – Features Editor]

  22. good idea to make everyone sign up, fed. i think it’s for the best. i’ll register later and hope to see you all in the chat on monday.

    nice pics, geoff. i live with a broody girlfriend so i’d better not show her.

  23. Which is your favourite track from the ‘Arnold Layne’ single?

    ‘Arnold Layne’ with David Bowie
    ‘Arnold Layne’ with Richard Wright
    David’s cover of Syd’s ‘Dark Globe’

    An almost impossible poll as all three are brilliant in there own way. I would respectfully toss the Bowie version first leaving us with two stark and incredible performances. Both vocals shaking from loss but ultimately and passionately paying tribute to a dear friend. An overwhelmingly awe inspiring CD

  24. Happy weekend everyone

    Nappy (dipers) weekend to you Geoff

    Syd – you will not be far from my thoughts tomorrow.

    Over and out.

    Pete – Coventry

  25. Geoff and lady

    your baby is so lovely ! …and fantastic the T shirt : many congratulations again

    have a nice weekend to all
    ciao Elisabetta

  26. Good morning all, Geoff your son is beautiful, i know you have been told time flies so enjoy while you can my son is 21 now and it seems like he was just a baby, Good luck to you and your family.

    Happy Birthday to you to Guy hope you had a good one and many more.

    Signed up for chat this morning waiting for my conformation.

    Hey Fed. what was the comment the other day about witches, i truly dont understand, im a witch and i dont care if you drink or not, i dont drink but i dont care what other people do with their lives so i didnt understand why we would get mad or upset and get on to you about it anyway i love you guys no matter, no harsh words here unless someone is bashing my favorite band DG, but that dont happen here so good luck with what ever you decide to do, and i hope i havent steped on any toes.

    Blessed Be

    [It was just that I remarked how I’d probably jinxed myself by smugly saying that I haven’t had any coughs or colds this winter and didn’t want to tempt fate. Neither did I want anyone to help tempt fate. A crass generalisation, I’m sure. My apologies if I offended anyone. – Features Editor]

  27. There are just too many things going on today to keep up. Betty finally had to pack her knives and Pelosi is removing the drapes covering nude-justice.

    OT-Did anyone see Baby Ono Lennon on the late-night talk shows? He is pushing his cd and he sings worse than yoko. This is going to be a fun year.

  28. [OT-Did anyone see Baby Ono Lennon on the late-night talk shows? He is pushing his cd and he sings worse than Yoko.~ ag]

    Couldn’t disagree more. “Friendly Fire” is one of 2006 best albums and piece’s of art. It comes with an accompanying DVD film incorporating the songs and is magnificent on its own.

    I actually interviewed him two weeks ago and he is as eloquent and elegant as his music. You should really try it again…

  29. Oh no fed. no feelings hurt here just didnt understand i still love you, i promise i will not jinx you i hope you go all year without getting sick or having any problems as well as the rest of our bloggers including me, ha ha


    [Bless you for that. – Features Editor]

  30. Got my chatroom conformation and password, it was easy and fast. thank you fed.


  31. I tried to enter, it didn’t let me accept user name. Tried underscore, period, number. Nothing.


    [That’s odd. From the registrations we’ve received so far, there are lots of people using underscore. – Features Editor]

  32. Geoff, what lovely pictures, congratulations and enjoy. They grow out of those cute little sleepers so fast! My daughter is 13 and resists all my urges to put little booties on her (now bigger than mine) feet. They do grow!!

    Enjoy every minute because every minute they change!

  33. That’s such a wonderful photo, Geoff! Thank you! Lennon is an absolute sweetheart. Those do look like talented guitar-playing fingers, though, don’t you think? From the expression on his face, I do believe he’s thinking about his first strat.


  34. [I tried to enter, it didn’t let me accept user name. Tried underscore, period, number. Nothing. – Posted by: frank par at January 5, 2007 04:51 PM]

    There must be something else wrong, Frank. I just registered a name using underscore.

    Please let me know what message is being displayed.

  35. Geoff what a great picture of your little one. He is so cute. Seeing his picture made me want to have another baby….mind you it was only for a split second 😉 I have enough with my two. LOL

    Got in the chatroom nice and easy woo hoo!! Thanks Fed

    Renee B
    Fontana, Ca USA

  36. Hi Guys…

    Hello everyone… Happy New Year!

    I’m in the midst of recording Arnold Layne with a certain Mr Par so we’ll keep you posted as to the outcome…

    Fed… hope you enjoyed the break 🙂

    [I did, thanks. Hope you did, too. Good luck with your recording. – Features Editor]

  37. No offense Clarice! My sister, Ellen is also a witch and we’ve been down this road before.

    You might say that if you try hard enough there is no problem wiccan’t workout! 🙂

  38. Bless you Matt, Tell your sister Ellen i said happy new year and blessed be, i wish you both the best for the year to come


  39. [I would have to label Seans cd as craptacular. – ag]

    Different strokes ag…I look at it as an inspired and original piece of work. The back story and inspiration for these songs is remarkable if you take the time.

  40. “I’m in the midst of recording Arnold Layne with a certain Mr Par so we’ll keep you posted as to the outcome…”


    Do you want me to sing backup LOL ;-)))

    aka howieb on chat

  41. Rudders, you’ve heard me sing… you don’t want me on backup vocals… 😀

    [Besides David, I´m a huge fan of Douglas Adams, Nate. And I tell you, believe it or not, that I only discovered that he was a good friend of David and even played on the ´94 tour about two years ago… Strange how this things converge, isn´t? Coincidence? I don´t think so… – Posted by: Adriano Capeto at January 5, 2007 12:45 PM]

    If you go to the Photo Gallery on the PULSE DVD (at least, it’s there in my US/Region 1/NTSC copy), there’s a still shot of Douglas with a blue lefty guitar from the Earls Court concert.

    And yes, I sniffle every time I see it. I wish they’d filmed that… or if they did, that they’d release it. I do miss Douglas.

    On to happier things. GEOFF! Starting that one off right, I see. 😀 Well done to you and your partner. And thank you for sharing the photos.


  42. Congrats Geoff,

    You will enjoy in the future, when your child sings along with your favorite songs. I know that I do, when my kids sing along. (very special)


  43. As if i did not respect David enough well today if it is possible i have even more respect for the man, its took me a while but i finally saved up the cash to purchase on an island with DVD

    on my way home i was reading the credits and thanks etc inside the cover and i noticed that he mentioned the late Steve O’Rourke,

    i think thats awesome and it goes to show just how much David thought of this man to remember him in this way, dont u think thats an awesome gesture Fed?

    its obvious he had a big part to play in the whole Pink Floyd thing but this was a solo effort, i find this very moving and as i said it gave me even more respect for the man, is it just me being over sentimental?

  44. on the credits to the songs it lists for all the songs but one stuck out to me. i was wondering if u could explain for eg if David wrote a song it would just say his name but if he wrote with his wife it is wrote (Gilmour/Samson)

    but being the geek i am this one stood out:On an Island as the credits are wrote like so: (Gilmour/GilmourSamson), i know im sad but it just puzzled me can u explain 4 me please Fed

    I know this is a question and its not the norm but eh its worth a try as u are the font of all knowledge

    Cheers mate, chat soon

    [A font of all knowledge and fluent in French. I love it. Keep it coming. ‘Gilmour/Samson’ means that the music is by David and the lyrics are by Polly. ‘Gilmour/GilmourSamson’ means, again, that David is responsible for the music, but David and Polly wrote the lyrics together. – Features Editor]

  45. [As if i did not respect David enough well today if it is possible i have even more respect for the man, its took me a while but i finally saved up the cash to purchase on an island with DVD Posted by: simon emery at January 5, 2007 09:42 PM]

    I should just knock you out for going out and buying that dvd. I had you one all packaged up and ready to mail. I even had to ask for assistance with your address. (it’s foreign ya know) I told you I would be happy to give you my extra copy. Oh well, I guess I can forgive you, this time.

    Either way, I’m thrilled that you got a copy. It’s beautiful aint it?


  46. Happy new year!

    Signed up without problem for the chat room. If only I could multitask once signed in. By the time I’ve thought of a reply to a comment and carefully constructed a reply (using one finger knocking out 3 words a minute), 250 new conversations have already taken place and the person to whom I was replying has long since signed out.

    Ahh well! Good to read the comments anyway! 🙂

  47. Very funny for me too; i think i had to register Sylvie and not Sylvie de Montréal, but i dont know why… So i will be Sylvie (mais n oubliez pas que je suis celle de montréal!)

    Sylvie de Montréal

  48. Geoff, Lennon is very very very cute, what a lovely little angel. Good luck!

    Rudders… good luck to you in your project!

    Sylvie de Montréal

  49. Hi FEd and friends,

    Geoff, your little man is gorgeous! It’s making me even more excited to meet my grandson in the next 2 months (+/-). And I just love the shirt … guess what I’ll be making for the next 2 months since I’m not the least bit talented with a crochet hook!!

    Warren Zevon just started singing ‘Keep Me In Your Heart’ and the tears are coming … actually thinking of Syd’s birthday tomorrow as well as some other very special people who’ve moved on.

    Matt, I totally agree with you on the Sean Lennon issue. A talented young man in his own ‘write’ and the backstory of his story/album makes it all the more interesting. So there!

    Adriano, I’ve just gotten the time to glance at the last couple of days’ posts and the poem was just beautiful. Thanks for sharing that with all of us. Also, I’m so happy that you’re feeling better. ‘A Pocketful of Stones’ takes on a whole new meaning for you, doesn’t it!

    Nisha, I trust that you’re healing up nicely from your ab surgery. Being sliced and diced isn’t fun at all.

    And FEd … I peeked at the calendar for January (which at last peek was empty as far as chats) and just look at all of the chat dates! I enjoyed being back with my other family today and look forward to more get-togethers. Thanks for all your hard work and for your willingness to keep it going!

    Last, but not least, a belated happy birthday to Guy. We’re all awaiting the release of your book with bated breath … if we choose the version without the bated-breath option would it be less expensive??

    Goodnight all. It’s only 6:30 p.m. but, as you say in the UK, I’m knackered!!

    Peace and love to you all,
    Washington State

  50. For the early “Take A Breath” DVD release critics:

    I don’t care what anyone else thinks..I love the live “Take A Breath” sneak preview generously leaked to us, thus giving us an example of what’s more to come with the impending release of the concert tour DVD.David not only mesmerizes our ears with his music,but also challenges our other senses to extremes..and I like that..If you can’t handle it,then just watch the Spice Girls or whatever.Hey, you can take David out of the Floyd..but you can’t take the Floyd out of David!..and for me,(as well as his individual talent),that’s part of what he’s all about..Bring it on David!..can’t wait!

  51. Great to see everyone in chat yesterday.

    Gabrielle – I’m doing much better, thanks for asking. Should be back to (ab)normal in no time. 🙂

    Geoff – Great pics. What a cutie.

    Rudders/Frank – good luck with the recording. I’m sure we’d all love to hear how it finally turns out.

    Have a great weekend everyone.


    [Take care of yourself, Nisha. – Features Editor]

  52. Hi Fed

    Tried again.The error says user name is the problem. Doesn’t make sense when it’s simple as it was for the chatroom before. Same name. I know my name, and email is correct. Sorry to Burden you.

    By the way, Rudders nickname Roofer fit well tonight, he’ll let you know why. He Did Well.

    Thank You Mate. Have a great weekend, God, it’s very busy right now. ZZZZZZZZ!!!!

    [Very strange. I’ve just registered your details, so please check your inbox for an activation e-mail and follow the instructions to receive your password (which will arrive in a second e-mail). You can change the password you have been assigned to something that’s easier to remember at any time. Just click your name below for that. – Features Editor]

  53. I just wanted to thank you for the info on how to get the 10in lp single and for the calender Fed. I won’t have to ask anymore stupid questions. I really enjoyed the chat room today and to visit with Gab, Paul and all the other bloggers. This is going to be a good year.

    Take Care,

  54. Happy 60th Anniversary of your Birth Mr. Roger Keith Barrett. I am raising a glass to give you a toast:


  55. “I don’t care what anyone else thinks..I love the live “Take A Breath” sneak preview . . .”

    Me too, it is simply stunning. Everytime I watch it, I just sit there afterwards in a state of awe, and then Astronomy Domine comes on . . .

  56. Remembering my mom and Syd on their birthday today….

    Happy belated birthday to Guy and congrats to Geoff and all best wishes to everyone out there.


    PS–FEd, the chatroom registration worked without a hitch. See you soon in Chatville.

  57. [Posted by: John nff at January 6, 2007 02:54 AM]


    I liked all of the strobe effects didn’t you.

    I know it must be sensory overload for some people, but I just love it.


  58. Big Congrats to Geoff, and a Happy New Year to everyone!!!!

    Chatroom changes are good for the soul….

    Good to read you’re better, Adriano. My cousin had kidney stones…no fun at all. I had an appendix operation in 1998, Nisha…three words for you: Demerol Is Great!

    As far as all this flu going around, I still have this cough from a cold I had five weeks ago…that’s not normal. And neither is the seventy degrees we’re topping in NYC today! When you see trees blooming in NYC in January, you know the end times have come…

    Now if I can only dig myself out of this debt I’ve piled up, I’d at least have a decent 2007 despite our riding the bicycle off the cliff–LOL!

  59. Good stuff on the chatroom changes. Hopefully that keeps out the bad element, or at least deters them.

    Hope everyone is doing well. Sorry I’ve not been around as much as I’d like but work is now relentless until the end of Feb when I hope to defend. Am writing up my thesis and still running the experiment and I’ve still a mountain to climb.

    “Fearlessly the idiot faced workload, smiling….” kind of springs to mind.

    Shameless self-promotion, in the name of Science and my PhD – I’m desperately after about 10 more people to participate in my experiments.

    All that’s needed is to visit my website, download the radio and complete the questionnaires attached to the messages (4 in total, all double-blind anonymous).

    There’s four questionnaires, including a music preference questionnaire and a personality questionnaire. You get your results immediately and a nice report to read or print, so it’s fun as well as interesting.

    You’ll be helping me out massively, so if you’ve got ten minutes please help out.

    Sorry for the plug FEd but I’m pretty close to desperate. I’ve about a week left before I’m going to have to stop collecting data and start analysing, and I’m about 10 away from the magic 80 questionnaire responses that I need.

    If you click on my name you can find out all about my research and download the radio.

    Many many thanks in advance,

    aka nickster

  60. Hi, FEd!

    Happy New Year!!

    I tried to register for chat yesterday, and I got a page that said “oops…this page is no longer active”; then it took me to the ParaChat home page. (This was from clicking on the activation e-mail I received).

    So I tried it again today, and it took me to a page that says “You have reached a page that is no longer on this server”, and again it takes me to ParaChat homepage (?)

    Maybe you’re still working out the “bugs” on the new system?? But hopefully I’ll get through soon and see you in chat!!

    Thanks for your help!


    [That shouldn’t be happening, but thanks for letting me know. I can confirm that your details have been registered. I’ve arranged for an e-mail to be sent to you containing your password. I hope that helps. When you get your password, you can change it to one that’s easier to remember at any time by clicking your name below. The same applies to everyone. – Features Editor]

  61. I don’t know what todays music clip is (a tease maybe?), but my dog Roscoe likes it. He his looking at the monitors and howling…LOL!

  62. Dear FEd,

    I so thoroughly enjoyed the chat!!! Did you get any sleep?

    By the way I truly am a practicing witch, for over 30 years now. I only use positive energies, never negative, and never for personal gain.

    Geoff you son is beautiful, may he be blessed with love, beauty, health, joy, imagination and wisdom.


    [I’m glad you enjoyed it, Penny. I did get plenty of sleep, thanks, so I will be ready for the next chat should it last as long as yesterday’s. – Features Editor]

  63. Hello again, FEd!

    FYI, I received a password via e-mail. When Chat is available, I’ll see if it works!

    See you on Monday!! (hopefully).

    Thanks again,

    [Hope to see you there, Susan. – Features Editor]

  64. hi and happy new year,

    Je viens d’acheter (2ème fois) le CD-DVD d’on an island. très bien mais je suis très impatient de voir le DVD du spectacle de la tournée et j’espère les nombreux bonus réalisés avec les artistes ayant participé à l’enregistrement du CD. (D. Crosby, G.Nash, ……)

    merci à tous.
    Michel de France.

  65. F’ed (and Geoff)

    Now you will suspect foul play I’m sure, but commiserations on the knock-out because (and don’t tell David or Guy) if there’s one team I really don’t like it’s Arsenal.

    So F’ed, does “banter” occur between you and your boss on such occasions ?

    [Can’t discuss football right now. Too sad. – Features Editor]

  66. You are no fool, Simon.

    I don’t know how you waited for it as long as you did. I should have thought of it sooner.


  67. Thanks for the link to the indie record store site.

    Sadly, even though I live in a large metro area, the nearest store listed there is about 140 miles away. It’s a great resourse, though, for when I travel and want to find a good indie store to browse.

    Again, thanks.

    [My pleasure, Dan. We’d love to know how many of you in the States have found a copy of ‘Arnold Layne’ on 10″ vinyl, by the way. Do let us know. – Features Editor]

  68. Now /that/ was my idea of a good chat. No drama, good times, and some excellent healthy food discussion. I can’t speak for anyone else, LG, but I took notes based on your dissertation there. 🙂

    Thanks to FEd to burning the midnight oil well past midnight with us, and to everyone who listened to my silly show. I really do get a kick out of seeing people cheer for hearing their names on the air (you know who you are, Vicky, Nate, Buick). It’s such a small effort for my listeners, and I adore making someone’s day. You guys are welcome. 🙂

    *raises a mug of hot chocolate* Thanks, Syd. You are missed.

    FEd, I’m buying the first round. Just saw the score.


  69. after the flu and a trip to england first post of 2007 . i just want to wish happy new year to fet ed and all my fellow bloggers

    dublin’s newest citizen is so cute geoff . lennon duffy . nice name too . does he look more like his mam or his dad 🙂

    i signed up for the chatroom without difficulty (which is unusual for me !) i even managed to change my password ! it seems to work as i am able to open the room and then be told that it is closed ( if what i said makes sense )

    hard luck with the football today fet ed but better to lose in the cup then in the premiership . i bet you 10 euro we will go out tomrrow as we will play a weakened team .

    take care everyone . heres to a good year !

    Linda Island Lady .

    p.s i read i missed guys birthday . belated best wishes guy !

  70. awww that’s sad. I didn’t know you guys were still chatting last night.

    Last night my hubby went out to shoot pool for a while with one of his buds, I sat here and looked at the walls, they need some paint I noticed.


  71. since it’s mr. barrett’s birthday, i plan on doing what i do every january 6. listen to some records, watch some videos, tell stories, and maybe play and sing a song.

    i listened to the arnold layne single today, and watched david’s super psychedelic astronomy domine from the mini dvd.

    thanks for everything you’ve done syd, you created some monsters. good monsters. we miss you terribly, and love you a lot. you will not be forgotten. happy birthday.

  72. happy new year F’Ed and everyone.

    Signed up for the chatroom, fortunately my username was not taken (whew!)

    Just returned from a month long vacation. Got married while I was at it too.

    See y’all in the chatroom soon.

    [Congratulations, mate. – Features Editor]

  73. [Fluent? You’ve got me wrong, Julie. It’s something about doing things with sincerity, heart and passion. – Features Editor]

    Oh I beg your parden, FEd. I guess I was being presumptuous because I noticed how good you were at writing French to Michele!

    Have a good Sunday.



    [That’s very kind of you, thanks. You can mistake me for being better than I really am if you want. I don’t mind. – Features Editor]

  74. Well, hello one and all!!

    I managed to order my copy of the Arnold Layne single, and the store ordered it too, but even they havent recieved it yet…anyone else having the same trouble in the Holland/Belgium region?

  75. Geoff, what a great little fellow! Congrats to you!!

    And to you all a very happy new year!!!! May it bring what we wish and hope for!

    cheers all!!

  76. Phoenix – Thank you! My copy of P.U.L.S.E is the same as yours, since I´ve imported it, but I think all versions must have the same content (any idea FEd?)

    There is a photo of Douglas playing Wish You Were Here, during the tour on Nick Mason´s book, Inside Out too! By the way, it has been told that the band Douglas describes in The Restaurant at The End of The Universe ( the one that played so loud that they had to stay in orbit and used to explode a sun during they presentations- sorry, forgot their name…it´s been a while since I read it for the last time – is a reference to Pink Floyd…

    And more – if memory serves – they were in a state of “suspended death” for a year due to problems with their taxes…Floyd had to record The Wall in France for the same reason!

    Gabrielle – I´m glad you liked it! Thank you! Carlos Drummond de Andrade died about ten years ago and he was our best contemporary poet. I don´t know if any of his books have an english translation, but if they do, I´ll be glad to send you the best one I find.

    Angelo – Thank you, mate. Unfortunaly I couldn´t catch you at the chat. Hope you can make it Monday!

    FEd – It was a very pleasant chat. The best one in some time. Thank you.


    [I should think the DVD content is the same everywhere. – Features Editor]

  77. Happy New Year to David and family, FEd and family and all others on the blog and their families as well, including those recently ultrasounded 🙂

    Just passing this along…the University of Pennsylvania radio station in Philly rated the top 100 releases of 2006 as voted by their listeners. ‘On an Island’ came in 37th . The audience includes college age kids as well as alumni.

    Go Eagles!! (NFL football ‘wild card’ playoff game today stateside)

  78. [There is a photo of Douglas playing Wish You Were Here, during the tour on Nick Mason´s book, Inside Out too! By the way, it has been told that the band Douglas describes in The Restaurant at The End of The Universe ( the one that played so loud that they had to stay in orbit and used to explode a sun during they presentations- sorry, forgot their name…it´s been a while since I read it for the last time – is a reference to Pink Floyd… And more – if memory serves – they were in a state of “suspended death” for a year due to problems with their taxes…Floyd had to record The Wall in France for the same reason! – Posted by: Adriano Capeto at January 7, 2007 05:05 PM]

    Your memory serves you very well, Adriano. However, I didn’t want to assume that all DVDs everywhere had the same exact content, because I’ve seen some UK TV show DVDs have to edit some material in their ‘extras’ sections due to overseas licensing issues. That’s why I tend to buy the original UK/Region 2 DVDs if at all possible… just in case.

    Anyway. It’s a rainy Sunday here in Ohio, and I’ve got me video games to play and a Pounce to take care of… she is improving on a daily basis, and thank you to everyone who had her in your thoughts, prayers, spells, whatever. She’s come to meow at the chatroom a couple of times yesterday so that means her usual curiosity is coming back. I’m sure many of you can imagine my relief that she’s doing better. I was terrified I’d lose her there for a couple of days, so thank you all for anything you did to help out. I greatly appreciate it.

    I’ll see whoever’s in the chat tomorrow, although I don’t promise how awake I’ll be. As Assistant Blog Class Clown (with Mr. Pratt yonder being the official one due to doing that sort of thing professionally :D), I promise to say something silly at least once.

    Cheers, y’all.

  79. Geoff,

    Great piccies of little Lennon.

    Does ‘er indoors approve of his attire? I trust she does… I don’t recall seeing said items on the merchandise site though ;0)

    FEd, Registering for the Chatroom was a breeze.

  80. todays music clip is a welcome surprise, I very much like it, very chilled out.

    Perhaps this is a hint of whats to come.

  81. well am i too late to register for the chatroom? i clicked the “here” on the article and all i had was a blank screen… three times.

    Btw, is David going to the Grammys? Please say yes!!

    [You can still register for the chatroom. The link seems to be working fine. – Features Editor]

  82. In memory of Syd Barrett’s birthday, which was yesterday, besides running all over town to try to locate the Arnold Layne 3 tracks; thank you FEd for providing us the local “site” – we watched David Gilmour’s acoustic for “Shine On”, “Wish you were Here”, “Dominoes” and of course “Arnold Layne” and Dark Globe” from the PC.

    Additionally, we watched The Pink Floyd and Syd Barrett Story – it is indeed a pretty sad documentary and both my husband and I got emotional watching it.

    With regards to the “Poll”, that’s really tough to pick our favourite. They all good with its own style and in its unique ways. David’s vocal in Dark Globe is haunting and sad; compliments by his beautiful and faultness acoustic guitar playing. On the other hand, as a back up vocal, David’s voice compliments magically to both David Bowie’s and Richard Wright’s.

    Thank you for making it possible for us to listen to these songs first hand; and of course, to David Gilmour for an outstanding production.

  83. Happy Monday,

    Well it seems that everything went ok getting my password.

    Cheers Fed!

    Pete – Coventry

    PS: Not many teams from merseyside made it into the 4th round draw. Wonder who we will get.

  84. Just a quick word regarding the Arnold Layne single.

    I recieved my copies (CD to listen to, 7inch to put away) on Saturday Morning (Syds birthday). I started doing the washing up listening to it and looking out the kitchen window into the garden. Both versions of Arnold Layne were awesome. Then Dark Globe….

    When David sang “Wouldn’t you miss me at all” I started to cry…

    A wonderful and fitting tribute to Syd, Thanks so much David.

  85. Phoenix and Adriano:

    The name of the band described in “Restaurant at the End of the Universe” is DISASTER AREA. And, included in a retrospective that was published posthumously, is Douglas Adam’s statement to the audience (at the time he played with Floyd) that Pink Floyd was, indeed, the inspiration for DISASTER AREA.

    Did you know that the band Level 42 was named for the ultimate answer to the question “What is the meaning of life?” from the first Hitch-Hiker book?

    For me, one of the better Douglas Adams books is called “Last Chance to See.” It differs from his other work in that it is nonfiction. Douglas went to some remote places to see for himself some of the world’s most endangered animals, and he documents the efforts being made to save and protect these rare animals. In some cases, he describes how the conservation is being done right. In other cases, the conservation is all wrong. Throughout this book is the unique wit and keen insight that make him such a gifted writer.

    I’m with you both. I miss Doug Adams.

  86. [todays music clip is a welcome surprise, I very much like it, very chilled out. – Posted by: Tom at January 7, 2007 11:10 PM]

    I really liked Sunday’s clip as well. I look forward to it coming round again.

  87. Fed, guys,

    I hope you had a terrific time during the holidays!

    I’m sorry I didn’t have the chance to stop by and say hello to everyone before…

    Well, I hope this becomes a great year for we DG fans and certainly I’m hoping to see a lot of fun stuff going on.

    Shine on my dear bloggers!

  88. George and Melissa..

    Phew! glad someone agrees with me… cool.. the strobes and all just keeps you on the edge of your seat.The music is just so powerful that these visual effects just adds icing to the cake!..which were not added as an edit..they were there as part of the show..I can avow to this, because, and am so thrilled to be able to say so.. I was there!..Were you both lucky enough to see one or more of the shows as well?

  89. hello everyone, I hope all is doing well!

    After reading that story I just wanted to say how proud I am of David Gilmour for everything he is doing for the less fortunate. This world needs more people like Mr Gilmour!

    I work at an fbo, and I am exposed to ridiculously rich people everyday. Everytime i see these people i think to myself how much of a difference it would make if they all donated a little to charity.

    We just recently held a “Toys For Tots” drive, and the only people that donated was the employees! I mean it wouldn’t kill them if they gave a little cash or something. Its like what the heck do they need all that money for anyway!

    Anyway before I go off on a rampage, let Mr. Gilmour be a good example to us all. And remember that even a little can help! wish i could give more myself.. Irene

  90. ********** ANNOUNCEMENT **********

    Just to clear up the confusion, the deadline for EMI’s ‘Arnold Layne’ contest is Monday 22 January, not Monday 15 January.

    If you still think there’s enough time to collaborate with other ‘Blog Irregulars’ on a version of ‘Arnold Layne’, click below for the relevant blog entry. Arrangements can also be made in our chatroom.

    Good luck to all who enter.

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