'Arnold Layne' vocals


Our last poll asked you to tell us your favourite of the three tracks that make up the ‘Arnold Layne’ single.

David’s impromptu ‘Dark Globe, the Syd Barrett cover, came out on top, with little separating Richard Wright’s version of ‘Arnold Layne’ from David Bowie’s.

So, for fun, who do you think would sing this song well?

We hope you’re having fun with EMI’s ‘Arnold Layne’ competition – not least with the vocals.

There’s a week left to enter – the deadline is Monday 22 January, not today – so, if you want to work on a version with fellow fans, or just find out how it’s going, have a look at our ‘Arnold Layne’ contest page.

Please note that EMI are fully aware of your critical comments concerning the voting procedure and are closely monitoring cases where fraudulent voting is suspected of occurring.

There’s no chat today, but the chatroom will be open from 2PM (UK time) tomorrow.

Author: FEd

Features Editor of David Gilmour’s official blog, The Blog (‘Features’ previously being its rather naff title), affectionately – or lazily – shortened to ‘FEd’.

107 thoughts on “'Arnold Layne' vocals”

  1. off subject but i watched the first live at Abbey rd. it looks like being a top music show. at last an adult music show. if anyone missed it look out for it. there are some top artists coming up. Primal Scream were excellent the other night.

    hope all is well Fed. we are still waiting for this baby, bye for now

  2. CAPTION: 2001 a space oddessy, the 2 suns shine brightly as HAL says “Hi Dave”

    It’s David to you, tut tut.

    Rgds Geoff Duffy ( Dublin )

  3. Happy Monday,

    This is actually quite difficult.

    However, after a bit of thought I do think that the likes of Richard Sinclair/Kevin Ayres/Robert Wyatt would do a great vocal job of it. I had thought initially of Peter Hammill. If nothing else it would be interesting.

    Pete – Coventry

  4. Nobody, not even me after a bottle of wine and wearing headphones.

    How could anyone possibly follow David’s version?

  5. This weekend I saw Eric Prydz “Proper Education” on one of the music channels here in Norway. In fact I saw it several times because its seems to be very popular. The song was quite good, but of course not as good as the original 🙂

    And I liked the message in the music video, wonder if David had something to do with that?? 😉


  6. How about Liam Gallgher from Oasis? Or, just for chuckles, Mick Jagger?

    I think they’d do a cracking job!


  7. I do like a cover to be different, even if it’s just when it’s been sung by someone of a different gender. There are now a couple of Arnold Laynes posted with female vocalists.

    I did send an email to Thea Gilmore’s management to make them aware of the competition. She has done some great stripped down covers in the past and I think the same treatment given to Arnold Layne would be amazing. I can almost hear it in my head 😉

    … and No… I didn’t get into Thea’s music because of the similarity of her surname 🙂

    I’m pleased that the number of votes for each entrant are now hidden on the competition site and that there are less ‘placeholder’ songs near the top of the list now.

  8. I’d love to hear what Talking Heads would do to ‘Arnold Layne.’ On second thought, maybe not.

    Hmmm… Elton John could do a lot with it. He’s of the same group of glam rock singers as David Bowie, making this an obvious choice. Has Elton John ever collaborated with David Gilmour?

    For humor, I imagine any number of christian rock acts trying to sing ‘Arnold Layne.’ Somehow, I don’t think Carman is about to sing it — but the thought does make me laugh.

    Enya? Now I’m just getting silly.

    [David plays on ‘Understanding Women’ from Elton’s album, ‘The One’. – Features Editor]

  9. I don’t know about alternative vocalists for Arnold Layne but I listened to a few of the competition entries earlier (mainly choosing names I recognised from the blog) and I was very impressed. There is a lot of talent out there. I don’t envy David the task of choosing the winner.

  10. Happy Monday Fed and all.

    I did play the AL Single on Saturday and no doubt the Bowie version is my favourite but not sure with Dark Globe and to be honest not sure what the question is.

    I guess you are talking about Dark Globe and who would sing it best. Not the Scissor Sisters thats for sure!

    I did also play OAI in its entirity for first time this year and cant see the reasoning of some who say that it maust be played in order. I found its just as good on “random” play.

    Working on my kitchen now, Yours done Fed?

    Ian Pearson

    [The kitchen’s done and the question concerns ‘Arnold Layne’, but all thoughts are welcome, even if that does get people wound up occasionally. Good luck with your kitchen, Ian. – Features Editor]

  11. I think Jarvis Cocker would be great.

    He would be perfectly suited to that quaint English tale of knicker nicking.

  12. Good morning FEd.

    It´s been a while…Hope you are fine.

    Who would sing AL well…besides me, you mean?

    Mike Patton! (Would be fun, wouldn´t?)


  13. Hi all,

    I would think about Fish in case of Dark Globe, and Mick Jagger in case of Arnold Layne.

    Fed I hope that everything is ok.

    Off topic: on 18th of January Thursday at 19.00 Pink Floyd’s Pulse DVD (whole material) will go on big screens in Multikino chain in Poland. I booked a ticket for Poznan and hope that on a really big screen it will be even better experience to watch.


  14. I think a Metallica version of Arnold Layne would be interesting, with James Hetfield of course taking on vocal duties. . .

    But in all seriousness, I think Nick Cave would do a great job on the track. It’d probably become a lot more darker and sinister, but it’d be its own beast.

  15. Any news ’bout the dvd release date?? What means early 2007??

    Thank you FED

    [It’s a bit early to say. – Features Editor]

  16. Nice to see everyone having fun and enjoying the site. I’ve been moving and been without internet access but should be sorted out this week.

    Can’t wait to hear the winning Arnold Layne (who was framed) version of the song.

  17. good morning fed, hope your weekend was a good one.

    [It wasn’t bad, thanks. How was your weekend? – Features Editor]

  18. Who would sing this song well?

    1. Harold Steptoe from Steptoe & Son would certainly do a good version with the cockney twang
    2. Eddie Izzard would do it justice because he’s an “Action Transvestite”
    3. How about George Bush? He could get the lyrics all wrong…

    Colonel Payne had a big hummer
    Shooting shots
    Moonshine very drunk…
    He p*ssed his pants

    On the wall hung a foreign bomber
    Upside down, he was a clown
    He threw up
    Oh, Colonel Payne
    He couldn’t see, he couldn’t see
    He couldn’t see, he couldn’t see
    You’re too drunk to see

    Now he’s caught – a nasty sort of std
    They gave him drugs
    He don’t bang – uses a hand – he likes it

    etc etc…

    Fedmeister… you may want to completely edit this entry which I fully understand! 🙂

    The Par Rudders Arnold Layne entry will hopefully be uploaded later today. We had some technical issues yesterday which delayed things….

  19. You did say for fun?

    Lilly Savage, (Blackburn Rovers midfielder) suits her down to the ground me thinks.

  20. Okay, Fed, now that I’ve seen others’ posts, maybe I understood your inquiry correctly after all! (Never trust myself on a Monday morning.)

    Anyway, yes, I do think Royston Langdon would perform a fine “Arnold Layne”!

    –LG xoxo

  21. I really put some thought to this and I would have to say Neil Young would sound good singing Dark Global.

    Eric Clapton on Arnold Layne and Chrisse Hynde (the Pretenders) would also sound great on Arnold Layne. So there is my picks and I hope you had a good weekend, Fed.

    Take Care

  22. – Hmm… the last blog entry was closed before I could thank Lucia, so…

    Grazie, Lucia, ti invito nella mia casetta vicino al mare per mangiare un buono piatto di paste ed ascoltare Radiohead.

    Ciao too, to the nice Italian fans here: Claudio, Emilio, Elisabetta, Diana… Sorry for my bad Italian !

    – Celui qui chanterait le mieux Arnold Layne ou Dark Globe ? (after David, of course), hmm… Thom?…Bob?… Fed?…


  23. Happy Mondays to everyone…take it away Sean and Bez !!!

    A Very Nice Idea of yours Fed – bravo

    1. Arnold Layne …for vocal style : Il Divo
    2. Just for all the ‘soccer kids’ in the USA : David and Victoria Beckham 😉

    Dark Globe

    1. Jose Mourinho..to be released later in the season perhaps ???

    Nice to hear your kitchen is finished Fed – a new year – a new kitchen…anything else planned ??

    best wishes

    martin d

    [It’s the bathroom next. – Features Editor]

  24. It’s hard for me to imagine anyone other than David singing “Dark Globe,” which is so moving.

    A belated congratulations to Clarice for winning the contest! That was a lovely post, Clarice, about your mother. Sending good wishes to both of you.

  25. FEd, thanks so much for the lines about the contest. That is definitely reassuring. I just wonder if theyll wait till the 22 and then check the votes to then announce the top 3.

    I too feel like there is PLENTY of fraudulent voting going on and from what a computer systems friend of mine told me it wouldnt be hard to cheat at all. So well, I cant beat anyone who cheats but I will keep pushing and try to get us bloggers in the competition!

    Thanks again, and hopefully EMI will say even more about the conest.

    As to who should sing: how bout RuPaul? Boy George? or my favorite of them all Bootsy Collins?

  26. Hi Fed, my guess for singing AL and Dark Globe would definitely be Peter Gabriel.

    I finally registered yesterday. Hope it works tomorrow.

  27. Yes, the vocals are the Achilles’ heel of many entries aren’t they?

    I’d like to hear Roland Orzabal having a go at Arnold, preferably with Oleta Adams next to him.

    Dark Globe could be something for Elvis Costello or Paolo Conte?

    Thank you for arranging that, you are too kind at DG.com.

  28. Arnold layne well i have been giving it some thought and i was thinking of a male and female singer

    male = Shawn Ryder (happy mondays)
    female= Kirsty Mcall,sinead o’conner

    Fed out of interest who would your choice be for Arnold layne both male and female

    sorry just thought of another: joni mitchell

    [Paul McCartney and Janis Joplin were my first thoughts. – Features Editor]

  29. Hi Michele or anyone who is interested

    My A.L. version is posted. Studio was freezing but I managed to record it.

    Best regards.


    ps It was a hard song to do believe it or not as I am familar with the Gilmour/Waters stuff, but Barrett is a unique talent. That coupled with his baritone vocals and my alto so I had to change a few keys.

  30. Marilyn Manson.

    Although he’s a walking nightmare with fake boobs, and devil eyes, I think he could make a memorable Arnold Layne.

    Tomasz, I got your letter in the mail the Friday , I was very surprised. Dziękuję, Dziękuję!


  31. Good call, Ronny! Orzabal is truly a vocal acrobat extraordinaire. Although, for as much as I love him, I’d still probably want to hear Royston Langdon give AL a good belting first.

    Thanks for sharing that thought!

    –LG xo

  32. [Tomasz, I got your letter in the mail the Friday , I was very surprised. Dziękuję, Dziękuję! Posted by: Melissa at January 15, 2007 03:40 PM]

    Melissa – my pleasure, I’m glad you received it


  33. I agree with Thomas on Neil Young. But I also agree with Pete on Peter Hammill. So perhaps a Young/Hammill duet on A.L.

    Hmmmm. . .the more I think of it, that would sound just like Thom Yorke, No?


    Just got a reply from the exclusive indie record shop regarding their shipment of 10″ AL singles.

    They tell me the shipment of 10″‘s has arrived; we have confirmed a reserved hold, and I am now awaiting confirmation of whether it IS in fact the 10″ or if it is the 7″. (Just want to make sure and certain!!)

    I told him also I will be paying via check since they do not have a method of credit card transaction preferrable to my standards. I await reply on check payment policy and its shipment scheduling.

    Hang tight, and prepare to inform me of your postal address.

    Thank you.

    –LG xoxo

  35. I would like to see what Mark E. Smith of The Fall would do with it !

    I have been listening to some Arnold Laynes this afternoon, really high standard I think. I have several favourites at the moment. Good luck to everyone from here that has entered.



    Good news!

    I have just been in contact via phone with the record store manager.

    He is indeed holding for me one of the literal few 10″‘s he has left in the store. We have discussed payment transaction policy via check and I wish to send the check today, which should arrive there within 4-5 business days. Upon his reception of the check, he will immediately mail out the product. I therefore must have your address, as we discussed this item being sent to an address other than what is indicated on my check. Your data must be included in my envelope, so please respond promptly today!!!

    EchoesBob, help me out in contacting Buick if you see this before he does. Thank you.

    God bless,
    –LG xoxo

  37. Good morning/afternoon to all hope you all had a good weekend.

    I dont know i am so used to hearing the original singers that it would not sound the same with someone else singing it. just my opinion.

    Hope to talk to you all tomorrow in chatroom.


  38. Adriano…where the heck did Mike Patton come from…that’s a brilliant call. I would have never thought of him…but imagining him singing Arnold Layne really hits the spot.

    The question is…a Mr. Bungle version or a Faith No More version?

    Rudders…I didn’t vote for him, please stop reminding me that I have a moron as my president, as it seems I am a victim of geography 😉

    Well, It’s Martin Luther King Jr. Day here in the states…He would have been a great president. MLK has done more for this country in his short time on this earth than Bush will ever do in his entire lifetime.

  39. SINGER: William Shatner in spoken word.

    Why try to recreate a classic lets leave it up to James T to boldly take the song to where no song has gone before (most like a bargain bin) but hey its different.

    Rgds Geoff Duffy ( Dublin )

  40. HOW TO DERAIL A PRESIDENCY BEFORE IT BEGINS: Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton singing ‘AL’ as a duet.

    My wife says I’ve got an overactive imagination. Go figure!

  41. My choice of a singer for “Arnold Layne” would be Adrian Belew – I think his voice would match perfectly …

  42. Hi FEd and all,

    Not much time to write … I’m feeling a bit like the White Rabbit these days!

    After a cursory glance at the topic o’ the day, I’ve got to go with Thomas O’Connell. I think Chrissie Hynde would do a kick-ass version of Arnold Layne.

    Looking forward to the Par Rudders version later today. Good job boys!

    Gotta go. Hope I can make it to chat tomorrow as I’m in need of contact with my kind. FEd, can you add another room? How ’bout a “Psychiatrist — 5 cents” type (ala Lucy/Charlie Brown)? I could put it to good use!

    Hang in there Simon! Hope the little man makes his appearance really soon … I’m sure that your wife feels the same way!

    Peace and love everyone!
    Washington State

  43. FEd could you pass on my details to the lovely and talented LG? […] I thank you so much.

    The people here are lovely and dear to me, so thank you all for being a part of it!!

    All my love,

    [Consider it done, Marcus. – Features Editor]

  44. [Well, It’s Martin Luther King Jr. Day here in the states…He would have been a great president. MLK has done more for this country in his short time on this earth than Bush will ever do in his entire lifetime. – George Gipe]

    George, thanks for making this distinction! We seem to be in short supply of leaders who have any sense of vision. Let alone a commitment to raising the standards of humanity!


    PS: Glad to see you’ve managed a moment of lucidity while in the midst of despair for your Ravens ;>)

  45. Happy monday to all!

    I am really working too much; the only beautiful moment of the day is when I come back to home and I have time to be in the chat or to write something in the blog.

    thank U to exist bloggers and chatters! and thank U to David to have create a so beautiful space and to you FED to spend your time for us.

    Ciao a tutti (in particular to my prefered Barese – brasilian man, Adriano!)

    Claudio from Ravenna Italy

  46. How about Ian Anderson from Jethro Tull?.. that would be interesting. Bruce Dickinson? Sting? Annie Lennox? Jimmy Buffett? Peter Gabriel?

  47. I hope everyone’s had a good weekend… I’ve had a very rainy weekend (with no end in sight) but at least there is no ice inbound like for my friends north and west of me.

    To those who celebrate it or at least celebrate the concept of equality, happy Martin Luther King Day. I’m ‘celebrating’ by being at work on my off-day, so it means overtime and thus getting double time and a half. I love holiday pay. 🙂

    As for Arnold Layne… ShoEboX of Worm Quartet would be brilliant at singing it. It would be the utterly most demented version of the song ever. ShoEboX is scarier than Marilyn Manson, but in a good way.

    Pete in Coventry, I’ve been scanning my old UK trip photos for eventual posting elsewhere. I do /not/ see any grafitti on Warwick Castle. Nope, nope. 🙂

    FEd, I finally got that Dylan you suggested. Good stuff, that. Hurricane immediately grabbed me and had me toe-tapping along with it. Isis is probably my favorite of the lot, tho. Any more recommendations?

    Have a good week, everyone.


    [‘Blood On The Tracks’ is worth buying for ‘Idiot Wind’ alone (forever dedicated from this day forth to Simon Cowell). That ‘Tangled Up In Blue’ is also on there is a bonus. – Features Editor]

  48. I just would like to make it clear that I have never, ever gave Claudio a cent!

    Claudio, you are a very funny guy!

    And, no, no sign of snow here yet! Though I think we´ll be able to se a cometh from now on…

    Good to hear from you mate!


  49. Hey George,

    I don´t know, but the first image that came to my mind was Mike´s…I think his voice – and attitude would fit just perfectly!

    A FNM version of it would be really cool! I think that´s what I was hopping to hear at the contest…

  50. For me I think Robert Plant would do a scorching version of Arnold Layne. He has been doing some really interesting re-interpretations of old songs lately.

    FED any word on David coming to Australia yet? There is a story getting around down here that the promoters chose Roger Waters over David as a safer bet. Can’t see it myself but then rumours are just rumours

    [We like rumours. That’s a really good one. It made me laugh. – Features Editor]

  51. Happy New Year to all on the blog.

    I’m back from: vacation, then a bit of work, and then jury duty, so I haven’t had any time to catch up.

    I found a link to a Norwegian Newspaper’s best guitarist poll. David is currently 5th.

    Unfortunately, this is in Norwegian, but it’s pretty simple. Just click my name and scroll down to David Gilmour, click for 6 points and then scroll towards the end of all the guitarists photos and hit the small “Send” button to Vote.

    The list is interesting in itself.

    Bye for now.

    Oh, I saw the football scores. I’m still trying to figure out how the FA Cup and League Cup relate to the Premiership. Anyways, hard luck, Fed.

    [There’s no connection, Andrew. The 90-odd clubs from all the English leagues get a chance to win two cups a season (and in the case of the FA Cup, certain non-league clubs are also allowed to enter, resulting in 687 clubs entering for this year’s competition). It’s a knockout tournament and anyone can be drawn against anyone, although the Premiership teams naturally tend to go further. – Features Editor]

  52. Perhaps a rather obvious choice would be Blur.

    But just to cover both ends of the popular music spectrum and dependent on your mood, Iggy Pop (with the Stooges) or Leonard Cohen.


  53. Yes, Julie, fine work ! very personal and moving…

    On Classic 21 radio, they play Arnold Layne live everyday, great !

    And, for info, they will broadcast the “making of”, as they say, of David’s album “About Face” on the 24th of January at 2PM (in the UK).

    Everyday at this time, they talk about the story/making of a great album and play it. Click my name if you want.


    [Thanks for letting us know. – Features Editor]

  54. Rudders, that little ditty was superb!!

    My vote for AL has to go with Robert Plant. That would be very interesting, or for a female version how about Alanis Morrisete so long as she refrains from that stupid squeaking sound she does!

  55. [David plays on ‘Understanding Women’ from Elton’s album, ‘The One’. – Features Editor]

    Thanks for that F.E…Just so happens I have the CD and you motivated me to give a listen to a long forgotten gem secretly hidden away in my collection..Yep..That’s that unmistakably David alright.Never read the credits but should have known.

    As for Arnold Layne, for me, it demands a fairly strong British accent, so cringe if you must,but I think Robbie Williams could crank out a decent version..and I’ll bet you that Craig and Charlie Reid, aka “The Proclaimers” with their thick as molasses Scottish accent along with their driving intensity could have the potential to blow us away…you did say just for fun..right?

  56. Hello Everyone,

    How about?? My choice of Arnold Layne singers would be Thom Yorke (He could Erase the Knicker line) Or in a stadium setting half time at the Superbowl the Purple one – Prince!!!

    Lurking 2007

  57. i am with fed…paul mccartney. that was the 1st that popped in my head…or Sting with that fake jamaican accent…or robert plant…or…greg allman (that would be really weird and cool)…how about seal…

    clever caption,, and YES I HAVE ARRIVED… my responding caption “.sorry im late david…can i still play the 1st solo on comf. numb tonight…or is that my punishment for being late?”

    i am just letting most of those last comments from the other day’s blog go until the chat. that is the only thing about cyberspace…comments are misinterpreted completely and responses can be really illiterate b/c of the misinterpretation.

    lorraine, gilmour makes records…he loves his fans…but whether you or i like it or not i guarantee doesn’t faze him. he doesnt take notice of record companies so why would he take specific notice of us? it is ok…he still allows us this space. and he still loves you. it is his art and it comes out the way it does. i just personally, in a nutshell, would rather hear dg play the guitar rather than the sax…or the cornet solo by Robert W. that is what fueled that whole comment that i made. i never said it sucked…it is beautiful production…it just wasn’t what i waited 12 yrs to hear…it is ok!! (that was a big misinterpretation) does that make better sense?

    Tomasz and Pete…that was all i meant. i am a guitar player and he is ‘my guy’ and i want to hear ‘my guy’ play the guitar…now that is all im saying on the subject!

  58. Let’s think of versions that might appeal to the younger kids.

    For my daughter, the lead from Simple Plan or Good Charlotte for male.

    For female, I think Pink could liven it up a bit, perhaps too colourful, but for today’s younger audience, who knows.

  59. Thank you Matt for the picture thats cool i do like him an the movie, but i dont want to eat lunch with him or maybe i would if i remember correctly he liked clarice in the movie.


  60. That little music snippet was like a spacey High Plains Drifter or something… very cool indeed.

    Thanks for it.

  61. To cover Arnold Layne would be rather simple. The man who has been accused of writing let alone singing like Syd forever.

    Robyn Hitchcock. Hands down.

  62. Brian Molko from Placebo has already covered this song, and like most things he touches, it turned to gold (check out Placebo’s cover of ‘Running Up That Hill’ better than the original dare I say it?!!)

    Thom Yorke would also be quite good…

    Hope everyone’s fine and dandy
    x x x

  63. Singing Arnold Layne is hard, you need to be persistent and loud on high pitch excursions.

    My preference goes of course to Roger Waters in his good old days, he can do amazing vocals, think about Nobody Home, or the screaming in Careful With That Axe…

    Then I would definitely go for Mick Jagger, and YES Liam Gallagher, and what about Tom Petty?

  64. Happy Tuesday,

    Good one. Robyn Hitchcock is a great call.

    Yesterday I had been thinking of Steven Wilson of Porcupine Tree. But not so sure today.

    Pheonix, I just checked with the courtiers at the castle and they have decreed that ‘Pheonix was here’ is definately scribed in the stones.

    Pete – Coventry

    PS: Fed, to add to yesterdays footy comment. It is 20 years ago this year that Coventry won their one and only FA Cup final. – remember it?

    [It was Hoddle’s last game for Spurs, wasn’t it? – Features Editor]

  65. caption:

    armed with a proton gun that’s disguised as a guitar, ghostbuster david slowly turns around ready to bust the two ghosts that are jumping up and down on jon carin’s keyboard.

  66. [It was Hoddle’s last game for Spurs, wasn’t it? – Features Editor]

    You know, you have me thinking now but I’m sure your right.

    I was right behind the goal (well all the Coventry fans were) that the famous diving header was scored into. Clive Allen scored into that net as well but that bit dont matter.

    Apologies to everyone, it is all off topic, but a great bit of history.

    Pete – Coventry

    [I checked and it was Hoddle’s last game before moving to Monaco. How strange to see your lot looking like Sheffield Wednesday. – Features Editor]

  67. Anthony Kiedis of the Red Hot Chili Peppers
    Chris Robinson of the Black Crows
    Sheryl Crow

    And for Fun:

    Weird Al Yankovic to sing Rudders’ version
    Mary J. Blige for an R&B/hip hop Version
    Sean Paul for a reggae/dance hall version
    Daddy Yankee for a Reggaeton version
    Sly Stone for a funked out version

    …i’d pay money to see that last one…

  68. Frank Zappa would do a nice crazy version…

    Just a question like that… one day can we see pictures of bloggers just to figure out what everybody look like. Just to put a face on a name…but not you f.é. we will have to fantasize about you for the rest of our lives!!!

    sylvie de montréal

    [If you want to include a picture, you can. – Features Editor]

  69. i have to be honest and say that I don’t feel Thom Yorke could do a perfect interpretation of Arnold Layne…but his Dark Globe could be really really really fantastic!

    But, about Arnold Layne…Damon Albarn can be an idea

    Have a wonderful day and, Michèle, your italian is perfect! I accept your invitation, but I cook the pasta, ok? It will be a perfect day…hey!

    Maybe Lou Reed could interpret both in a good way?


  70. [How strange to see your lot looking like Sheffield Wednesday. – Features Editor]

    If memory serves we had that kit just for that season. It had something to do with a celebration of the first footy team to come out of Coventry (Singers FC – no pun intended) who played in sky blue/white stripes (without the Granada logo).

    Before and since it has been all sky blue. But some of our away kits, over the years, have been really awful.

    Pete – Coventry

    [Liverpool’s, too. Shocking, some of them. – Features Editor]

  71. Arthur Brown. As in The crazy World of. A great live performer and yes he is still touring and sounding strong. A sadly ignored vocalist and song writer but he does have a strong cult support.

    Off topic but did anyone else notice the trailer for the BBC show about schools used Floyds WDNNo education and the very next trailer following straight seconds later also used Floyds heartbeat and screams we know so well. I think that was Sun. night.Great stuff.

    Best wishes
    Peter Jenner

  72. [Robbie Williams singing Floyd; God help us!!! – Posted by: ciaran at January 16, 2007 11:23 AM]

    Glad I got a reaction from this..I could have chosen someone that nobody has ever heard about like many of the posted suggestions, but just opted for Robbie cause we all know him and can relate to what he’s all about..for better or for worse..and it’s not all about singing “Floyd”..it’s about singing a great song composed by a great artist and I believe, Robbie,regardless of his reputation,would stand up to the free kick and deliver a cracking goal..so there!

  73. [Just a question like that… one day can we see pictures of bloggers just to figure out what everybody look like. – sylvie]

    [If you want to include a picture, you can. – Features Editor]

    Could we make a special entry for this Fed? What a great idea.


    [We’ll consider it. It would be on the condition that you only add your picture (nothing else), and only then if you accept that there are many weirdoes out there. Any problems would be entirely your own. As was discussed in the chatroom yesterday, this is supposed to be a place for fans to share their thoughts on a variety of topics. Various problems have arisen for several individuals as a result of e-mail addresses, and now MySpace pages, being shared so eagerly. Many people are comforted by the distance the internet affords them. They don’t need to be any closer to their fellow fans than they are at present. We realise that this is a moderated blog, that the rules seem restrictive to some and that there are things you just can’t say here, but we will always maintain that they are in your best interests. Please consider that while we consider whether or not the potential problems that could come from this make the extra workload worthwhile. – Features Editor]

  74. Might be a bit obvious, but I’d go with Blaine Harrison from Mystery Jets for this. They’re heavily influenced by Syd’s work, and Blaine has that quintessentially English intonation that works so well.

    To Phoenix:

    Hi, I read your query about Dylan albums. Can I recommend Blonde on Blonde if that hasn’t been suggested already? I also love Dylan’s most recent album, Modern Times. Workingman’s Blues # 2 is beautiful.


  75. merci beaucoup tu es très gentil même Michele
    Many thanks to you too,, you are very kind too

    [Robbie Williams singing Floyd; God help us!!! – Posted by: ciaran at January 16, 2007 11:23 AM]

    It’s enough he’s singing his own songs!

    In this last days i’m listening very often a cover of “Another brick in the wall” who are those guys?

    Bye/Bye ciao Elisabetta

  76. Hello to everybody!

    I think the best song of the cd is the one Mr Gilmour performs with Mr Wright, absolutely fabulous!

    Thank you very much Mr Gilmour for being such a great artist and guitarist, the best for me, but you’re my idol also for being a great man.

    Italy says hello to you!


  77. A word on the portrait debate:

    Don’t think our faces are relevant here, but our shoes might be.

  78. Problems from the chat, FEd? Would that include French lessons, Libran quantification of certain appendages, or perhaps Cyber Karaoke?

    I think I can deal with those sorts, ;>). Whatever the problems, I hope it doesn’t result in retributions. I think some of these things are incidental to the contest at hand.

    Here’s hoping they sort themselves over time, FEd.


  79. [resulting in 687 clubs entering for this year’s competition] (for the FA Cup)

    Thanks for that.

    That’s a lot of games! It sounds confusing yet -oddly- interesting. Anything can happen.

  80. [If you want to include a picture, you can. – Features Editor]

    Well, at least we would be able to find out that Hysteron proteron is, in fact, Angelina Jolie. 😉
    Or is he/she? Who knows who’s pictures will be uploaded. Just kidding, although I would be tempted to upload a picture of my friend’s dog, a Labrador Retriever. Everybody likes Labs!

    Is there going to be a special gallery page for blogger photos?

    Have you considered a dating service too? I believe that I have read some stuff about chat girlfriends or crushes in previous blogs.

    Perhaps David could get ordained and officiate at the first wedding between bloggers.

    On second thought, no – then some desperate people would get married just to meet him. We wouldn’t want that.

  81. [ Hi, I read your query about Dylan albums. Can I recommend Blonde on Blonde if that hasn’t been suggested already? I also love Dylan’s most recent album, Modern Times. Workingman’s Blues # 2 is beautiful. – Kxx ]

    It was suggested yesterday. I still need to find the one that was suggested earlier as well. Have to take them in order, or my poor budget goes byebye. 🙂 I’ll keep it in mind, however. Cheers, mate.

    Hope everyone’s having a good day today.

    Luv, ‘Nix.

  82. Long time no talk, or blogging for that matter. I’ve been out of town and just really busy.

    I registered for the chatroom about a week ago or so but only recently tried to activate it from the e-mail address. It came back with an error and I don’t think it was validated. I know I didn’t use an inappropriate name. Can you check from your end if all is OK?



    [There’s no sign of you in our database, Andrew. Please register again and, if you have the same problem, let me know (with the details you entered). – Features Editor]

  83. I think Steven Wilson of Porcupine Tree would be awesome, i just dont know if he has the vocals for arnold layne, but he defintaly has the floyd vocal style.

  84. Does anyone know if the lyrics to ‘Arnold Layne’ are about the way early Floyd could save money for more equipment and get there stage dress from washing lines..? :^) ie. Rogers furry coat etc.

    I’m thinking It takes two to know is the same as the saying that It is only wrong if you get caught..? ie. second person, no!

    Someone correct me if I’m wrong..?

    -Ragged Band

    [I believe the song is about a man who got caught stealing women’s clothes from washing lines in Cambridge. Apparently, Syd read about it in his local newspaper. – Features Editor]

  85. [I’m thinking It takes two to know is the same as the saying that It is only wrong if you get caught..? ie. second person, no!]

    i’ve always looked at it as arnold is a w*nker, i mean a panty fetish? and in this case “to know” should be taken in the biblical sense. hence it takes “two to know”, otherwise you’re a w*nker. lol.

  86. damon albarn is a good suggestion. i can imagine that.

    how about roger waters? ha ha, only joking.

  87. I know LG is in agreement here. Richard Butler, his voice would be so in-the-pocket on Arnold Layne.


  88. [There’s no sign of you in our database, Andrew. Please register again and, if you have the same problem, let me know (with the details you entered). – Features Editor]

    I just registered again. I will have to wait until I get home and open my e-mail account to see if it works this time. I’ll advise.



  89. Good news.

    It looks like the chat registration worked this time around. I’m registered, I’m registered…I’m somebody (this one is for all the Steve Martin fans who remember the movie The Jerk).

    Now, I just have to see if I get a chance to join in on any of the chats.



    [We hope to see you soon, Andrew. Thanks for letting me know. – Features Editor]

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