Another guitar poll



The chatroom will now be open from 1PM (UK) today.

Love them or loathe them, there’s always a new one to titillate you one way or another.

The latest poll asks for your favourite guitar solo: Jimmy Page’s ‘Stairway To Heaven’, Lynyrd Skynyrd’s ‘Freebird’, Eddie Van Halen’s ‘Eruption’… or David’s sublime ‘Comfortably Numb’.

At the time of writing, Eddie Van Halen is narrowly in the lead, with 35% of the vote compared to David’s 31%.

As always, feel free to share your thoughts with us.

Thank you to Ina for letting us know about this one.

We have a new poll of our own, following on from yesterday’s topic of collaborations. Thanks to everyone who had something to add.

The chatroom will be open between 2PM and 6PM (UK) today, if anyone cares to drop in. A warm welcome is guaranteed.

Author: FEd

Features Editor of David Gilmour’s official blog, The Blog (‘Features’ previously being its rather naff title), affectionately – or lazily – shortened to ‘FEd’.

127 thoughts on “Another guitar poll”

  1. Well Eruption is pretty cool but I think they are in two different leauges no? But I will always like Comfortably Numb.

    Renee B.
    Fontana, Ca USA

  2. hello everyone i am 15yo and new to david gilmours music both with pink floyd and solo.

    When i first heard the OAL cd I was hooked and now can not get enough of David Gilmour.

    My Mum is a regular on this Blog and strongly recommended it to me ( that is after my school work is done)..

    Favorite guitarist in solo besides the wonderful Mr. Gilmour would be BB King in “The Thrill is gone” & Stevie Ray Vaughn’s ” Pride and joy”.

    Thank You for allowing me this space and for your time


  3. Come on everyone please place your vote for comfortably numb. The song needs your vote so it can win and its just a few votes away from being in first place.Plus thank you Ina for letting Fed know.

    I really hope the chat room went well Fed. I hope to visit it tomorrow and let Lorraine know how I did yesterday (fishing).

    Take Care,

  4. I would’ve voted for “Comfortably Numb” no question, one of my all time favorite songs.

    Actually got an electric guitar for Christmas so I’m very slowly learning how to play. Any guitar solos for me will be a long time in coming, ha ha. I’m in my 20’s but thought to try something brand new. 🙂


  5. Caption: Someone rewired one of the studio monitors to show cartoons, and Wile E. Coyote just ran off a cliff.

    On-topic: I know the ‘Numb’ solo is ‘the one everyone knows’… and I’m pleased David’s most well-known contribution to music history got some recognition again.

    However, I think my favorite David ‘solo’ is a whole song… Let’s Get Metaphysical. Too bad it’s not as well known. I’d love to see that one get voted as best in a poll for a change. Good stuff, that.

  6. Hey FEd,

    Well, I think David’s solo blows everyone out of the water, regardless of what the other tone deaf people think. (Yes, they have the right to their opinion, even if it is wrong.)

    I hope to catch the chatroom, after classes, if not, have a truly enjoyable day.


  7. I couldnt vote in that poll…the styles are just way too different to compare…each of these musicians is uniquely gifted and they each bring something else to the table.


  8. I’ve always loved the guitar solo by Steely Dan, Reeling in the Years, and anyone remember the late Roy Buchanan’s The Messiah Will Come Again, that sends chills up my spine at the end. Another unfortunate great soul.There are so many, you just can’t rate anything at all. The Blue solo is amazing, I want to see that for sure.


    It’s alright guys, we can use my arm as the limbo stick. ‘Every limbo boy and girl, all around the limbo world . .’

  10. Just do it! David, my vote is for you! And not only because you are so kind to give us hospitality on your blog, but because, in my modest opinion, no one of the other great solos is so powerful and full of emotions as Comfortably numb is. But it is a very good battle…my second option, in any case, would be Jimy Page in Starway to Heaven.


    P.S. I listened to Comfortably Numb played by Scissor SisterS…and I found it embarassing! They killed one of the most beautiful song of all times, doing a sort of Saturday Night Fever song. Orrible.

    [Lucia, I’m very happy to agree with you on that. The word ‘sacrilege’ springs to mind each time I hear it. – Features Editor]

  11. I just voted, and Eddie is at 34% and David 33%. Hopefully our man will win.

    Good day.

    [So voting is still open, after all (that’s what happens when you add a new blog entry when you should be in bed). In that case, please all feel free to cast your entirely subjective vote. I’d hate to stop you all from voting for ‘Comfortably Numb’. – Features Editor]


    i was looking at some stuff by Jeff Beck and Steve Vai, sure they can play & play real fast fingers a blur up & down the guitar but i have got to say there was just no soul it may as well have been a machine playing as far as i was concerned.

    i have also watched some of Davids Stuff, some of it from the “about Face” era, Davids playing had so much feeling & warmth, i guess that why i am such a fan of his style.

    I also saw clip of BB king saying how he felt he should have practiced playing chords more “just like the Great guitarists do” I remember also watching Jools Holland TV show when BB King & David was on some years ago & David said he wished he could play like BB King

  13. I just voted and Eddie (my country fellow) has dropped to 33%, which is also David’s rating at the time! So everyone, despite Eddie is Dutch as well. place your votes for David!!

    Good luck!

  14. I voted now,12.51 am,from Italy,and the response is…..33% and 33%!!!! I’m the balance!!!!

    But,God,look at reality…Comfortably numb is the best solo guitar of all the times…is not my personal taste,my love to pink floyd…is really the best…


  15. 33% VS 33%

    We can’t give up now…I go to do the tour of my colleagues pcs!!!

    [after all (that’s what happens when you add a new blog entry when you should be in bed) – Fed]

    Come on, FEd! At 12,27am also my grandmum is awake! But of course it is not normal to work at that hour. So, an applause to you!


  16. Can we still vote ?… I voted yesterday for Comfortably Numb of course, but can’t to-day ! Have they understood I was cheating ?…. too sad…


  17. Hi FEd,

    Think I boosted David to 34% as I entered my vote it moved and showed 34%.

    Having listened to all four it was just for me between stairway to heaven and comfortably Numb…

    Anyway great time here in Pl and wet today, no more snow and am wondering where it all went…
    Had winter tyres and can’t use them at all for real!!!

    Best of regards


  18. Caption:

    – And that person, Guy, sitting over there is the Features Editor of my website…
    – Where? I can´t see…oh, I see now. Hey I know him! It´s…

    Have a good day, FEd and fellow bloggers

  19. Hi FEd and all,

    I wish I could go to the chatroom. I always seem to be at work when you guys chat and as I cannot use the chat facility whilst at work. I would dearly love to chat with you all.



  20. Lucia, is that what i heard on the radio while i was on the hairdressers chair? I thought what is this… a song from David sing by i didn t know who!It was …horrible( une horreur, un désastre,plagia,une honte comme vous dites un sacrilège!!!)

    Shame on you Scissors sisters!

    Coincidence: j étais chez le coiffeur et si on traduis mot a mot, scissors sisters=soeurs ciseaux!!!

    Sylvie de Montréal

  21. Dear Fed,

    I ‘ve voted right now and….David Gilmour 1st at 34%!!!!Eureka!

    “Sublime” is the right word to describe this unforgettable guitar solo (i still remember that one of Venice on OAI summer tour) eh…..i really remember all of that night, day by day.

    Thanks again for all
    Take care
    bye bye/ciao Elisabetta

  22. The Poll!

    Our boy is in the lead now… I just voted and DG is 1% ahead with 34…

  23. p.s. I’m voting from many workstations, as usual….

    ciao Elisabetta

  24. That is a really tough and unfair poll. I’ve actually seen all four of them performed live and each one is certainly a different experience. All are different in style as well.

    In this example, Page is the teacher. Although his playing is deeply rooted in the blues, he is one of the ones who helped define lead playing rock and roll.

    Eddie is definitely one of Page’s students. He took what Page did and then created his own interpretation. He helped mold a totally different style in playing lead guitar.

    Lynyrd Skynyrd is a great example of team work. Although a good player can recreate the lead part, Skynyrd was able to have each guitarist in the band play off each other and attack you with 3 different guitarist.

    And what can you say about Gilmour that hasn’t been said already?? From a style perspective, his leads don’t attack you like the other three examples. His leads really build to an orgasmic level.

    So, I’ll vote for Gilmour…



  25. Voted for David of course!

    He is in front now 35% and 33% for Eddie Van Halen!! What happens when he wins?


  26. Apart from C.Numb, Neil Young, ‘Like A Hurricane’ – particularly from his 1982 official live concert video ‘Berlin’, where Young’s breathtakingly stunning solo does battle with his tie, and wins. It really is fantastic.

  27. CAPTION :

    ” one day all this can be yours ” says David with a reassurring pat on the back.

    ” Im itching to feel the love ” says guys gazing at the adoring crowd.

    Rgds Geoff Duffy ( Dublin )

  28. Just dropping back into the blog after a couple of days out. Thank god I missed the drugfinal cut one ;-)))

    Another guitar poll…sigh. I’m not sure why they keep coming up with these. I mean it is so subjective and depends on your taste in style.

    I have lots of favouite guitar solos in songs all pretty much equal because of the style differences. Some of these guitarists are famous some you would be hard pressed to have heard. But all are great.

    Also it seems the same old songs are trotted out. I like Comfortably Numb..but it is so overplayed and by David’s own admission not one complete solo but crafted from several (the studio version). At least Page’s Stairway is a single recorded solo but alas also overplayed.

    Sorry to be so grumbly. Just my 2 cents worth.

    Cheers, Howard

  29. Happy Wednesday,

    Just got my vote in, however, surprised Freebird is so far adrift.

    Knebworth 76 – hot summer, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Rolling Stones, Hot Tuna, and me young and free…..great memories

    Pete – Coventry

  30. He is still rising, 35% over 32%! It seenms to work.

    I have already mailed some friends and put a message on a message board! I propose everyone starts mailing friends and puts messages where PF fans can read them! Make sure however, that Eddie, Jimmy and Lynyrd fans do not find out about this poll! This is on a need to know basis only, and they do not need to know!!


  31. Just submitted my vote, David leads by 35 to 32 %

    On the other note I have Smile single, and quite heavily listen to Island Jam, which is in my opinion great piece of music. It is similar case to Son of Alerik of Deep Purple, it was not released on original album but then added to remastered version.


  32. Hello, everyone!

    L-o-n-g time no post! I’m so busy with work, I haven’t checked the blog in a good 2 weeks or so 🙁 And, on top of that, I can’t access the chatroom from work… *boo-hoo*

    My vote, of course, goes to David’s CN solo. It is the best of all time.

    Hope everybody is doing well. Til next time.

    much love,

  33. Yeah baby!! I just cast my vote for David and he’s now up to 35% to Eddie’s 32%!!

    I hope Castellorizon gets a grammy on the 11th. Good luck David and hope to get to hear your acceptance speech!!

  34. Eddie Van Halen is a great guitarist and Eruption is a great solo. But David captures something in Comfortably Numb that not even a great one like Eddie can. David has a lot of soul and feeling on the Comfortably Numb solo. So obviously, CN is my choice of best solo.

  35. Voted for David/Comfy Numb in the poll.

    However, I also like Eddie/Eruption. He ushered in a whole new era of guitar playing (whether you liked it or not). Also he plays fast without being aggressive, in fact, he always looks like he is having the time of his life, wearing a great big grin. So in that respect, he is like David, who also is not aggressive and smiles often during playing.

  36. All this talk of the David’s guitar solo on Comfortably Numb made me wonder which is the best version of this solo to date?

    IMHO, the best live version has got to be on the PULSE DVD, whilst my favourite ‘studio’ version of this solo is probably the AOL session on the OAI CD/DVD.

    An idea for a future poll?

  37. Thankfully we are all different, but less is more in my book anyway…BB King plays 1 note and it just wipes me out.Each to their own etc

  38. Eddie is very overrated and is usually smiling due to chemical enhancement. He’s fast but has no soul…not unlike Paris Hilton…

  39. CAPTION:

    David showed his appreciation for Guy’s off-handed joke about Arsenal’s loss to Watford with an unexpected yet beautiful roundhouse smack….

  40. well there’s a no-brainer!!! how much feeling is in “Eruption”? With all due respect to Page and Skynyrd(?!) none captures the soul and feeling of Comfortably…. can you just feel it pouring out of Gilmour as he plays it?

    Gilmour is in the Clapton group, it just flows out of them, they don’t even have to try.

  41. [I hope Castellorizon gets a grammy on the 11th. Good luck David and hope to get to hear your acceptance speech!!]

    Did David even mention that he is attending the Grammy’s??

    And off-topic, but it was a pleasure to hear that The Police are getting back together again and performing a number at the Grammy’s.


  42. As of 1:02pm Eastern Standard Time, the score is Gilmour 36%, Van Halen 32%, and the other 2 not in sight.

  43. [Eddie is very overrated and is usually smiling due to chemical enhancement. He’s fast but has no soul…not unlike Paris Hilton…]

    Very unfair comment.Overrated maybe but chemicals, Paris Hilton????????grace of god go i

  44. CAPTION 2:

    David shows off his skills as a former “Price is Right ‘Barker Babe’ “…….

  45. [Did David even mention that he is attending the Grammy’s?? – Andrew]

    I didn’t hear anything that he was… I’m just hoping for all the best.

  46. [BB King plays 1 note and it just wipes me out. Each to their own etc – Paul Sexton]

    Is it that same one note he’s been playing for forty years while he grimaces?

  47. I’d have to say picking between these 4 is pretty invidious – of course I voted for “comfy” – but they all have great merit and I’d give my right arm (tee hee) to play any of them

    That said, I caught a live version of Freebird on “Old Grey Whistle Test” the other day and, boy, that solo just refused to die. They dragged it all around the stage and just when you thought they resolved it – off it went again! I was shouting at them to put the poor bugger out of it’s misery after about 10 minutes !!

  48. I guess you have to take into account what it made you feel like when you first heard it and if it’s lasted the test of time

    when I heard van halen for the first time I was open mouthed til about the third album
    but that hasnt lasted these past 30 years, the original is still amazing, no words can take that away

    but I played my copy of the wall walking around the streets in the late 70’s early 80’s til it blew the speakers on my wee tape player
    and I still play it now, on slightly better speakers, it’s even more powerfull today, the whole thing


    ps: to whom it may concern, thanks for the add! 🙂

  49. [All this talk of the David’s guitar solo on Comfortably Numb made me wonder which is the best version of this solo to date?]

    without a doubt…knebworth 1990. rain dripping off the fretboard, long hair, and he smokes the sh*t out of it. it is epic, his tone was perfect, and to know that paul mccartney and clapton etc are in the wings watching was even more fantastic. (pulse was just a gig that happened to be caught on tape…knebworth was an event!)

    Sorrow and Shine On are pretty insane on there too. DG was pumped and you could tell. he was totally ‘ON” that day…end of discussion! (june30,1990…show 200 of the delicate sound…momentary lapse tour. Best comf. Numb ever )!!!

  50. [Eddie is very overrated and is usually smiling due to chemical enhancement. He’s fast but has no soul…not unlike Paris Hilton…]

    that is ignorant. Gilmour is a big fan of Eddie…he has mentioned how much of a fan he is of EVH several times and he plays with him at a Les Paul tribute show in NY in the summer of ’88…that show was after pink floyd did one of their 5 nights at MSG when Delicate Sound was recorded. Eddie has a lot of soul!

  51. [BB King plays 1 note and it just wipes me out. Each to their own etc – Paul Sexton]

    [Is it that same one note he’s been playing for forty years while he grimaces? – Matt]

    I agree! Play some chords B.B.!

  52. The solo in CN is impressive, of course. I especially like the Pulse version (when the mirrorball comes it´s just heart-stopping) and the Live8 one. Well, and those I saw in the RAH. Or the one in Is there anybody out there. Or…

    Oh my God it´s impossible to get tired of that song!

    Other memorable solos live in the RAH were:
    -The end of This Heaven and Fat Old Sun WOOOOOOOOW incredibly impresive.

    I can hardly wait anymore for the DVD! 😀

  53. The trouble with having to pick the best version of Comfy is … we haven’t heard them all so how do we now ?

    Seems to me the best one is the one you did hear !

    Personally I’ll take the one from LIVE 8 because that was such a transcending moment… but ask me again when THE DVD is out …

  54. [I agree! Play some chords B.B.!]

    Matt, this is how to make a comment and not get personal, i dont agree with it but neither am i offended by it.Point taken Blake and thanks

    Do you get many xmas cards Matt or do you hate everbody?

  55. I too love the Pulse solo of CN, it makes the hairs on the back of my neck stand on end every time I watch it!!!

    And I`ve told Natalie (her indoors), that should anything happen to me, I want the pulse cd version played at my funeral!

  56. Caption..

    David is very gracious as he announces that a bewildered looking Mr.Guy Pratt has just won the grammy for Castellorizon

    Just voted for the CN solo, but for sure this is a “well if I have to choose just one” type of poll, because for me, every time I hear any one of those solos I think to myself at the time that this has to be the best yet!…but if I have to choose just one…

    Give B.B. a break.A note here and there is was he does best and works quite well within his songs and besides, you’re hurting Lucille’s feelings you guys.

  57. Let’s see: Eddie (flash/speed) or David (substance/quality). Not a tough call. David all the way!!!

  58. [Matt, this is how to make a comment and not get personal, i dont agree with it but neither am i offended by it.Point taken Blake and thanks]

    wow fed, that is a first. a compliment by an irregular for not getting personal. and that poll was on the grammy site. that is very cool.

    and you all have to hear gilmour’s guitar work w/ peter cetera ‘you never listen to me’…he burns that up more than any of the other songs. great tone and it is in the same vein as ‘sorrow’

  59. Caption 2..(sorry to copy your style Angelo, but imitation is the best form of flattery..right?)

    David gets to announce.. “And the Grammy for best “Rock T-Shirt” goes to…”

    Has anyone here ever heard Steve Hackett’s solo at the end of “Every Day” from his “Spectral Mornings” album?

    If not, and you have free time on your hands, look it up and have a listen to it as loud as your system will allow without distortion.

    It reminds me of David’s style as it’s not just about running the frettboard in 2 secs flat but also lyrical without compromising intensity.

  60. Hi all, long time no chat or post on my part. Would guitar instrumentals count as a solo? If so, then I would put my vote for Steve Vai’s For The Love Of God.

    But…if I did have to choose, of course I would vote for David’s CN solo.

  61. Dearest FEd

    As of 8:27 PM Mr. Gilmour has moved ahead at 36% to Eddie Van Halen’s 32% ….. as it should be!


  62. 32 Eddie 36 David

    Those 4 choices are completly different styles of playing altogether…personaly I like them all.

    However….a couple of those songs were so good, that they were played over and over by every radio station around the world. The records I owned were played over and over, and every place there was a local band….well…you heard the stuff there as well.

    Sometimes being good can be a curse as well, because the rush you felt from the first time you heard the song becomes only a memory after the thousanth time you have heard it.

    The other two songs, came out after I became aware “audio repeat burnout”… there a connection to the voting results?…hmmmm?

    Anyway, what’s left is a hard choice, and obviously you know what my choice is. Sometimes it’s about a screaming guitar, and sometimes it’s about what that guitar is screaming about!

  63. Hi all. I’m bummed that I missed chat today, but school has started back up, so that’s that. Hopefully I’ll make the next one.

    Rob, you’re never too old. At least that’s what everyone tells me =) I’m 26, I started playing electric guitar a couple years ago. No prior music experience or training. As long as the passion is there, you’ll be fine.


  64. Comfortably Numb for sure, it’s so unforgettable. I can understand why some people would pick Stairway, but I just like CN better.

    I just voted and David is still in the lead at 36%.

  65. I voted and my fave CN solos have to be The Wall Tour in Nassau Coliseum atop a forty foot wall playing majestically. And, Pulse, where Sir David wammies the tremolo during the mirror ball ending. He hasn’t done that part for a while, perhaps next time around eh?

    BB King is class people, he has his own unique style and still is playing in his eighties. He’s an inspiration to all guitarists. I would love to hear David do a rendition of The Thrill is Gone, in B minor. I’m sure David would give creedence where it’s due on that one. There.

  66. Side note:

    True story. A young and truly gifted guitar artist was practising in a hallway outside of BB king’s dressing room in Vancouver B.C. prior to a concert because he admired him. BB came out and was inspired by his talents. They became friends. His name, Jeff Healey.

    He became buddies with Stevie Ray too.

    Thank You Fed.

  67. [Is it that same one note he’s been playing for forty years while he grimaces? – Matt]

    B.B. rarely plays chords because he doesn’t play while singing the verses.

    He is one of the most melodic soloists ever and helped invent modern blues.

    B.B. is a must see performer and an extremely down to earth guy. I bumped into him after a show in a hotel and he graciously signed a tour program at about two in the morning.

    B.B. King is a national treasure. I know you guys were kidding, but the man is 82 and still plays 200 gigs a year. Show some respect.

  68. Hi FEd,

    I’ll have you know that it is 11:00 p.m. here in Washington State. I’d just popped in my nearly worn out vhs of Delicate Sound of Thunder to listen to as I drifted off to sleep (thinking of fast-forwarding to Comfortably Numb since I usually am out by the time it plays) when it dawned on me … I hadn’t voted!!!

    Well, I jumped out of bed, came downstairs, restarted the computer and have now just finished casting my vote. We are a devoted lot aren’t we? Stats put David at 36%, 2% above Eddie.

    Now to bed with me. I’m just happy that I remembered now instead of 3 a.m.!!! Good night all.

    Peace and love!
    Washington State

  69. The Poll . Its working david solo of comfortly numb may win, so come on everyone lets make it no.1, Please remember though you can only vote once a day and Then after 24hrs. you can vote again.

    I hope that you’ll have a great weekend Fed and sorry about missing the chat this morning, But I hope to make the next one for its at only I hope maybe you can open it around 4pm your time (8am here) one of these days. 🙂

    Take Care,

  70. I just voted. David is still at 36% and he is leading the poll. Hope they’re still taking the vote at this late hour.

    Comfortably Numb is one of my favorites, actually, I can’t think of any song of David’s that I don’t like.

    Super Bowl week in Miami…fun but hectic at where I work!

  71. Dear F.Ed.,

    I tried many times this morning to enter into the Grammy site, but the answer is: Server Error in ‘/’ Application. I’ll try later, then

    Have you all a nice day

    ciao Elisabetta

  72. [The Poll . Its working david solo of comfortly numb may win, so come on everyone lets make it no.1, Please remember though you can only vote once a day and Then after 24hrs. you can vote again. – Thomas O’Connell ]

    No, we can’t… I couldn’t, and don’t think it’s just me…unless I’m stupid…


  73. He is still in the lead! 37 over 32%.

    Does anyone know when this poll is closed? If it stays open till February 11th, it will be some exciting two weeks!

  74. John, which Lucille are you talking about??? B.B. King is great… But…

    You just can’t beat Muddy Waters… “Rollin Stone!!!” for one…

    Muddy Waters has been a “BIG” influence on many of the artist mentioned here…

    B.B. King, included…

  75. OFF TOPIC:

    Does any one know the way to Cardiff? from a happy Gooner.

    i spoke to a Spurs supporter this morning he said he didn’t really mind losing, but what really hurt was losing to Arsenals reserves.

    apologies to non soccer fans

  76. Wow, just read all the fan mail, thanks guys. In the immortal words of Harold Melvin & the Blue Notes, “If you don’t know me by now….”

    I’ve been listening to B.B. King longer than almost all of you. He’s brilliant and yes Bob, a national treasure. I was kidding NATURALLY, but your scolding has made me sad…

    “I’ve been downhearted, but Its my own fault baby, treat me the way you wanna do now”

    Eddie V is still a putz though…

  77. [And I`ve told Natalie (her indoors), that should anything happen to me, I want the pulse cd version played at my funeral!Posted by: adrian kavanagh]

    Not that I’m feeling sad/unwell today or anything but I did have a giggle when I read that and wondered how many others have made the same request for when they shuffle off to join the Choir Invisible.

  78. Elisabetta, I got the same server message but when you refresh the screen the site comes back up.

    By the way, it looks like they took down the poll. Don’t see it on the homepage anymore.


  79. Sorry, it’s back.

    Looks like they are having some system stability issues. FEd knows what that is like.



  80. Nice poll, and actually I most say… Certainly… Comfortably should grab the first place… by far… and it’s not I’m Gilmourish biased, it’s just CN has much more soul in it.

    Something I’d like to add… and that’s something I’ve never seen in all the guitar solos polls I’ve ever seen is that… NO ONE… says CN from Pulse… and I’d certainly say CN from Pulse is the best interpretation I’ve heard of the song. The feeling, the atmosphere David creates cannot even be compared to the original production from The Wall.

    Just as a highlight, anyone who has the Pulse DVD… hear the solo during the actual part when the huge mirror ball is opening above the audience… that’s bloody amazing! That’s pure music… and it’s just two notes David’s playing with and even as I’m writing it makes me chill!

    Well… apart from that I’d certainly recommend everyone to hear the other runners on the poll… they’re really good songs… and we know David’s much more better, however; it’s always good to hear something new. I’d recommend all the young bloggers to hear Free Bird, it was not that known to me, and it turned out to have an amazing guitar work.

    Shine on all Gilmourish biased bloggers!

    PS. The Grammys page’s down :S! Couldn’t vote myself!

  81. Good day all. sorry i missed yesterday my computer crashed on me but i got it fixed.

    I voted and Davids in the lead. hope he stays there i will vote as many times at it will let me.

    I sure did miss everyone yesterday. im glad to be back.


  82. For me, CN is the best solo of those choices. It’s a damn good solo, so please don’t misunderstand my next statement: that David’s solo in CN is not my favorite solo out of all his work. For me, the all-time best soloing I’ve ever heard from David is from a live version of Echoes.

    I have no idea which performance it was, because it was a party with hundreds of people and no-one seemed to know whose tape we were hearing. But whenever David says that he plays slow because his “fat little fingers” cannot play fast, I think of this solo. It sounds nothing like the record. He really jams out and lets loose, going a million miles a minute and striking some chords that, I recall, sent chills down my spine. And this was before the much slower section that I call “whales,” where David makes his guitar cry out those lonely sounds. Only someone who has experienced some real pain can play like that!

    At the end of the song, the audience cheers very enthusiastically and Roger says a simple “Thank you.” It appears to be the end of the concert.

  83. Regarding B.B. King

    The Allman Brothers tribute album to fallen brother Duane, “Duane Allman ~ An Anthology” has Greg singing the B.B. King Medley….and its soul stirring.

  84. David is in a league of his own here!

    The other players just represent ‘pub’ rock bands!

  85. In the immortal words of Harold Melvin & the Blue Notes,

    ‘Cause we only act like children
    When we argue fuss and fight…..

    Thats from the same song correct me if im wromg please.

    Well said Matt 🙂

  86. I just wanted to say I’m sorry to Michele and all the others who tried to vote more than once after 24hrs.,I was on my wifes’computer when I voted a second time. So please don’t send Jack Bauer (24) on me Michele for it won’t happen again. But it does look as if Comfortly Numb may have one.

    Now I really hope David’s song Castellorizon wins the Grammy. That would be a great way to start the New Year.

    Take Care

  87. Hi FEd,

    How are you today?

    I tried to vote again, but I guess the poll has concluded.

    Have you considered having another weekend chat? (Sunday maybe?) Just a little hint….

    Sending wishes for everyone to have a blessed weekend…go with Gaia’s grace.


    [I’m very well, Penny. Hope you are, too. I’ll have to think about that Sunday chat. Weekends are about football, friends and sleeping, after all (and yes, in that exact order). – Features Editor]

  88. Looks like the Grammy’s have posted a new poll and took down the lead guitar poll. How do we find out the results?? Or is this a deep dark secret that the Academy will not release?


  89. [Rob, you’re never too old. At least that’s what everyone tells me =) I’m 26, I started playing electric guitar a couple years ago. No prior music experience or training. As long as the passion is there, you’ll be fine.]

    I’ll endorse that – my first lesson was a 40th birthday present (pretty cool present, I say) and two years in I’m still crap, but happy !

  90. The best Comfortably Numb,the one David does next.

    Tried to vote but can not find how to do it, I will keep looking.

    [I’m afraid the poll has been replaced with another, so you’re too late. – Features Editor]

  91. Straight out of University, I needed some quick money, so I became a Bellman (for a short time) at a prestigious hotel in the SF Bay Area. As it happened, B.B.King was playing in the area (at Kimball’s East, I believe) for a couple nights, and he (and his entourage) stayed at our fine hotel.

    Upon checkout, two bellman, and two bellcarts were required for their load of luggage. As I walked into the first suite to grab the bags, there was B.B., sitting on the corner of the bed playing Lucille (his guitar) just by itself. I was maybe two feet from him, and he played for anther twenty seconds or so. He looked at me with big warm eyes and said, ‘How are you?. He is as warm a gentleman as you would ever want to meet.

    When I finished packing the bags, I asked about his guitar (Lucille, he had put in her case) and he motioned me away quickly, “I’ll take her, I’ll take Lucille. . .” at that point two or three others were in the room and I took their bags downstairs.

    His Van’s had been loaded, and as he walked out of the hotel in grand fashion with his entourage, (in life, just as onstage) in a slow, meaningful manner, shaking hands, taking pictures, amid some cheers even. . .he held Lucille the entire way.

    When he got to the car, he gave me a wink and a thanks. . .and looking in his eye, you could tell he meant it. He has been there, and back, and he’s still here to tell us about it.

    I’ll never forget that for as long as I live.

  92. GOSH!

    I sent that whole B.B.King story, and my question the whole time was, does David have any names for his guitars. . .anyone? I’ve never heard that he has named anything with regards to gear, but interesting to think about. . .

  93. Marcus- That a great story. I have one as well.

    I was in a really bad disco band (arent they all) for money one summer. My best friend was the guitarist and we were going out on on of nights off. ( We stayed at Hilton Hotels up and down the east coast one summer) The girl singer wanted to go with us and we ditched her because we were trying to get girls and thought she’d get in the way. So we slipped out the back and had a miserable night bouncing from bar to bar.

    Anywhoo when we got back the singer came up to us and thanked us repeatedly because after we had left her B.B. King and his entourage checked in and she eneded up hanging with him at the bar for several hours!


  94. Dear Fed,

    hope David won… of course.

    Did I say you that, last month, I saw the famous golden guitar of David, a Les Paul, 1955 (great year!), in the Cité de la Musique in Paris, and that I fell on my knees in front of it… ?

    Ridiculous, I presume. Mais c’est comme ça… That’s said…

    Ikkar, with love

  95. Who won?

    I was a bit of a Lynyrd Skynyrd fan in my youth but didn’t own anything by them on CD. So I rectified this omission recently by buying a copy of their Collection which included all their classics, apart from the one about a bird that is free. Still a great CD but can you imagine Echoes without Comfortably Numb or Remasters without Stairway.


  96. Buick! Thanks for sharing that BB King story. If Clapton is a god, he stands at the foot of Olympus looking up at BB waiving a lightning bolt called Lucille!

    That was special, man. BB is a not just a national treasure but a world institution. That he never played a chord in his life is rather pointless, isn’t it?


  97. Has anyone here ever heard Steve Hackett’s solo at the end of “Every Day” from his “Spectral Mornings” album?

    great underrated guitarist, Steve’s solo on Firth of Fifth from Genesis Selling England by the Pound Album, is my second favourite solo next to Comfortably Numb.


  98. Marcus, that’s such a great story. While not as heartwarming as your story, I’ve heard that Steve Howe of Yes also doesn’t let anyone else touch his guitar (called Mr. Gibson, I believe). Allegedly, he’s been known to actually purchase another seat on a plane just for the guitar if he’s flying.

    I’m not quite /that/ bad when it comes to my guitars… but I can see why someone would be.


  99. [John, which Lucille are you talking about??? B.B. King is great… But…Posted by: Dr Phang]

    So glad you asked Dr Phang..Lucille is what B.B. affectionately names all of his guitars in memory of his first, which he named as such for whatever reason… even claims that his 1st Lucille saved his life a few times.

    If you look up the song “Lucille” from the album of the same name, he tells us the whole story(note by note..but great notes)

    ..and what about “Howlin Wolf” and “Sonny Terry & Brownie McGhee”..and too many others to mention..

  100. […Weekends are about football, friends and sleeping, after all (and yes, in that exact order). – Features Editor]

    I can think of at least once scenario where those would exist simultaneously… *rimshot*

    …i’ll get me coat…

  101. Hi Fed this will be my last contribution to this fantastic blog for a while. All praise to David for allowing us some active involvement. i have waited years for a site such as this, long may it reign and heres to a long and happy career to our illustrious hero. did i spell that right!

    Anyway fed take care and if youre reading this Dave i may catch up with you on an island and have a few beers, though it could never be as good as the one you wrote a song about.

    kindest regards Damian.

  102. No we can t vote twice, i did it and it is the end i think. Michèle tu n es pas stupide, c est comme Ça!!!

    Sylvie de Montréal

  103. Good one Marcus, you were in the right spot at the right time. As for guitars, my 76 Strat is named Blondie.

    Now if I owned a boat I’d probably name it Astoria. Has a nice ring to it.

  104. It was a real good story Marcus. Thanks for sharing it.

    I can imagine BB, exactly the way you describe him. He is just regular everyday people aint he. But I guess that’s really obvious in his music as well. It’s only because he is, everyday people, just like you and me, that he knows about all them blues. It’s the same with any man who plays em good.

    Lucille, is BB’s his confidant, and she has a way of making him spill his guts.

    Lucky for us, we get to groove on another man’s blues.


  105. No problem, Thomas, I won’t send Jack Bauer on you !

    Btw, do you know that Kiefer Sutherland is a big collector of guitars ? but I think he is a fan of Angus Young and Jimmy Page! he doesn’t even know that David is the best ! so, let’s forget him here !


  106. [As for guitars, my 76 Strat is named Blondie.
    Posted by: frank par at February 2, 2007 06:02 AM]

    As mentioned before my ’77 natural ash Strat is named Eugene the Second. My old ’79 Strat (long gone now) was named Eugene.

  107. Great story Marcus really: well done

    have a nice weekend to all of you

    Ciao Elisabetta

  108. Bob, Marcus, Frank, Matt — these are all wonderful stories! I enjoyed reading your posts.

    Not to slight the other nominees in any way, but voting for David was very easy. I was afraid the poll would ask something very difficult, like….choose between CN solo #1 and CN solo #2.

    When I’m caught in rush hour traffic, my mind wanders and I think of things like: if you were stranded on a deserted island and could only have one Gilmour guitar solo to see you through…which one would it be?

    [Save that thought for another time and we’ll see what everyone else thinks. – Features Editor]

  109. I don’t think I have ever read the name “B.B. King” so many times… John, yes, I was aware of the story behind “Lucille!!!”… I think his reference to “Lucille” saving his life serves to emphasise the importance music plays in Blues Boys life…

    The Official B.B King Website states that: “In the mid-1950s, while B.B. was performing at a dance in Twist, Arkansas, a few fans became unruly. Two men got into a fight and knocked over a kerosene stove, setting fire to the hall. B.B. raced outdoors to safety with everyone else. then realized that he left his beloved $30 acoustic guitar inside, so he rushed back inside the burning building to retrieve it, narrowly escaping death. When he later found out that the fight had been over a woman named Lucille, he decided to give the name to his guitar to remind him never to do a crazy thing like fight over a woman. Ever since, each one of B.B.’s trademark Gibson guitars has been called Lucille.”

    Don’t forget the likes of: Robert Johnson, Otis Rush, Bo Didley, T-Bone Walker, Little Walter, Magic Sam, Jimmy Rogers, Muddy Waters rhythm guitarist… Junior Wells, another of Muddy’s many proteges… Who could forget the Albert King, Mobile Fidelity albums… B.B King is very convenient, available, accessible… Muddy Waters, is one of my all-time favourites… I don’t think he will ever get the credit he so richly deserves…

    Marcus, good story,… Lucky he was playing the guitar… Knock, knock… ;^))

    I haven’t heard David mentioned much in all this “blues” conversation… There are some beautiful “Blues moments” in David’s catalogue… More and Atom Heart Mother spring instantly to my mind!!! No faking the blues… How about “On An Island???

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