Abbey Road in the US


Good news for those of you in the United States…

You will get to see David’s August performance from Abbey Road.

All 12 Live from Abbey Road episodes will run over the summer on the Sundance channel, starting in June.

There are also plans to broadcast the series elsewhere around the world. We’ll let you know when any announcements are made.

Our thanks to eagle-eyed Lorraine for letting us know first.

Don’t forget that the chatroom will be open from 2PM (UK) today.

Author: FEd

Features Editor of David Gilmour’s official blog, The Blog (‘Features’ previously being its rather naff title), affectionately – or lazily – shortened to ‘FEd’.

60 thoughts on “Abbey Road in the US”

  1. Hey you! Can ya help me?

    I downloaded Arnold Layne this weekend, but I can’t figure out how to get it on my mp3 player. I keep getting an error message. I don’t have an ipod, so it should work, right.

    Just for informational purposes, I downloaded from Wal mart with no problems. The quality is very good, and I was able to burn it to a disk with no problems.


  2. CAPTION: the excitement on Rick’s face could not be contained when before him he saw a roll of unburst bubblewrap. POP POP POP POP MUSIC……

    Rgds Geoff Duffy ( Dublin )

  3. good news. i hope everyone on here gets to see it.

    caption: “and this one goes out to my peeps in greece…”

  4. CAPTION : Richard Wright surprises EVERYONE by announcing he will be auctioning his personal possessions to finance Fed’s luxury bathroom project !!

    Well..we can all dream Fed cant we ??

    best wishes
    martin d

  5. That is great news. Us in the United States often don’t get these things when they originate from outside our borders. In that sense, our entertainment is a lot like our politics: it just can’t be important unless it originated with us.

  6. Fantastic news! I’m very happy for everyone outside of the UK, they’re in for a real treat!

  7. Thanks for the info Lorraine. I’m really looking forward to seeing the Abbey Road Sessions.

    Take Care,

  8. This is fantastic news! The clip from the Abbey Road sessions on the On An Island bonus DVD is incredible. This should make for a great addition to the summer.

  9. Cool I am so glad we’ll be able to get that.

    Also Geoff you made me laugh…. your caption reminded me of Weird Al’s “White and Nerdy” He talks about getting freaky with a roll of bubble wrap. HAHA.

    Caption: Richard Wright spins the turntables at Feds latest party. “Everyone throw your hands in the air and wave them like you just don’t care”

    Renee B.
    Fontana, Ca USA

  10. This is great news, i cant wait to watch it. Thanks Lorraine for the info


  11. Is it just me or does the background music on here for today kick some EXTREME ass…amazing

  12. Hello FEd,

    I’m so glad Abbey Road will be available here in the states!! Which episode of Abbey Road is David Gilmours?

    Also, I had just seen last night a recording of Sonnet 18. What a beautiful piece. Is this on something?

    [The eighth episode is the one you want and you can find ‘Sonnet 18’ on David’s 2003 DVD, which is appropriately titled ‘David Gilmour In Concert’. If you click your name below and visit our Discography page, you can view several snippets from this DVD. – Features Editor]

  13. FED, I am very very happy for the US’S FANS…but for the poor italian fans? Can U send at least a present? 🙂

    Adriano, it is possible that my company send me in Rio de Janeiro for work this year, but I am very afraid about the ice and the low temperatures…

    Claudio da Ravenna

  14. CAPTION:

    “And that was the latest by Beyonce from the ‘Dream Girls’ soundtrack. You’re listening to WRHT-Wright Radio, 1967 on the AM dial. Next up, a classic from an old friend: Will Smith, The Fresh Prince…..’Gettin Jiggy Wit’ It’…..”

  15. Hi FEd,

    Hope you had a great weekend.

    Great news about the Live from Abbey Road, I must contain my impatience. June is SO far away…..

    Back to the books the semester started last Friday.


  16. Angelo, that caption was too funny!! I laugh just thinking about it. Trying to take the 07 caption award, me thinks.

    Thanks for a great chat, Fed and everyone.

    Great news about the Abbey Road sessions! Did that fantastic acoustic version of Echoes, I heard about, make it on the show?

    Caption: Rick getting geared up for his 2007 tour. (We can dream, right?)


  17. Biggest newspaper in Norway has a vote.. All time rock album:

    Dark Side is nr1, wall is 5, wywh is nr.11, DG nr.133, on an island nr.137

    All time guitarist: Gilmour is now nr.12

    There’s a lot to choose from but you don’t need to give points to everybody to vote..

  18. Caption

    Richard on hushed voice to the crowd. Silence please, eyes down everyone…………. all the fours 44, Tony’s den number 10, Danny La Rue 52.

  19. Marvellous news for us in the States…thanks Lorraine and thank you FEd for noting it on the Blog.

    Another good news I saw on “the Calendar” is that a Belgian radio station will be broadcasting a show on the making of David Gilmour’s solo album, ‘About Face’ on Jan 24th and that we are able to listen on line.

    Much appreciated for the news. I am sure the broadcast will give me a better insight about the album and hopefully, it will explain some of the questions my husband and I have on some of the songs.

    Until then…

  20. Just finished reading all the comments for the last 2 days. Thanks Michele for the great news on The Making of “About Face”.

    Congrats Clarice and best regards to you and your mom.

  21. Thanks for the news re: the Abbey Road sessions. 🙂

    Now all I have to do is find someone who has the channel in their package, LOL AND get them to tape if they can.

    I’m curious. How many hours do I have to add to the time posted for the live chat? I’m on New York City time.

    [You’re currently five hours behind the UK, aren’t you? Please double-check that. – Features Editor]

  22. Just like to add, the snippets David are treating us to are fabulous. It’s amazing some haven’t been added on the final cd. So many relics.

    It was nice to see everyone on the chat today.

    [It was nice to see you, Frank. – Features Editor]

  23. OFF TOPIC:

    I thought i would sart off the new year by detoxing, no more alcohol (for a while) eating healthy food (any food, i have a healthy appetite) i even got some green tea it must be good for you it tastes awful. im trying to give the tea bags away in the office but others are wise to the fact it tastes like dirty washing up water.

    Also since the new year i have had Flu & even as i type my throat is tickly & could probably do a passable impression of Rod Stewart, mabe i enter the Arnold L…. no dont even go there Graham, i value my mates here on the blog too much to inflict my voice on you. Anyway my voice would probably end up sounding like Alan Ball, or even worse Joe Pasquale by the end of the day.


    Me & my better half are going to get married on the 19th May (cup final day!) We are looking for a band to come & play at the reception……How is David’s Diary for May? i can pay him…all the green tea he can drink.

    [Congratulations, Graham. Unfortunately, there’s a chance that David will be watching Arsenal lift the Cup that day. If only Liverpool had beaten them last week, eh? – Features Editor]

  24. It’s been uploaded!

    We haven’t been able to overcome all of the technical problems with the software so the version uploaded is not the final mix…that will follow soon hopefully.

    Frank and I had an absolute ball doing the recording. Frank’s new nickname is Nigel “Six Takes” Par which as nothing really to do with the number of times he tried to record his parts…. ‘onest! 🙂 (Just for those of you interested in trivia it took me three takes…)

    Par & Rudders will be back in the studio next month recording an original track entitled Tightrope. Then both Arnold Layne and Tightrope will be featured on an album the producers are putting together…

    After that, Frank will develop a cocaine habit, I will drink far too much and admit myself to the Betty Ford Clinic, we will try to work together again after rehab but due to “musical differences” the band will split up and the record company will release a “Best Of” album featuring the two tracks I mentioned earlier…

    Oh the life of a rockstar…! 🙂

  25. Happy Wednesday,

    Just been listening to the Arnold Layne competitors and I have to say that there are some wonderfully talented people about.

    I was taken back as to how many good and varied versions there are.

    It is going to be a tough call.

    Pete – Coventry

    PS: no FA Cup talk today please

  26. [If only Liverpool had beaten them last week, eh? – Features Editor]

    Don’t worry, Fed, après la pluie, le beau temps !
    Maybe le beau temps in Athens Olympic Stadium on 23 May ! (hmm…Liverpool- Lille ?)


    [Après la pluie… C’est vrai. – Features Editor]

  27. [ Just been listening to the Arnold Layne competitors ]

    Can ya help an old altar boy, Father?

    Where is that link?


    [Please click your name below, Matt. – Features Editor]

  28. rudders and par.

    Excellent stuff “I think one of you two was the lead singer of type o negetive , ?????”

    very nice indeed.

    Rgds Geoff Duffy ( Dublin )

  29. Nigel 6 pack, really Rudders. I’m embarrassed.

    Just to let everyone know. The final mix will be better. Wish we had more time to add an ending solo to polish it off. Oh well. Good Luck to all.

    I would like to commend Lee for his arduous efforts, not much hair left. To Jill for allowing me to put up with Rudders. LOL.

  30. Nice job, Par, Rudders!

    Getting together with fellow irregulars has been great fun in this competition.

    I will be looking forward to the Abbey Road sessions, as I have the Sundance Channel. This is a great channel, if you have the opportunity to add it to your cable lineup.

  31. Unfortunately, there’s a chance that David will be watching Arsenal lift the Cup that day. If only Liverpool had beaten them last week, eh? – Features Editor]

    I realised when the date was set that i have guaranteed Arsenal a place in the final, but there is no choice to make.., “Vicar can you move to the right a bit i cant quite see the screen” Joking of course…..ill be divorced before i am married if im not carefull.

    Planet Rock are asking listeners to choose 3 PF tracks to be played tomorrow by the way.

    [Thanks for that, Graham. Click below for their website. – Features Editor]

  32. Matt

    The lead singer is Lee who also played keyboards… Frank is doing some backing vocals as well.

  33. [Nigel 6 pack, really Rudders. I’m embarrassed]

    Frank, don’t be embarrased as it’s quite good. Pink Floyd took four years to record, you have three weeks, think about it!

    Best to Rudders and yourself…Your version is indeed above “PAR!”

  34. Fedmeister

    I’m not sure you can help but I can’t find a link on the competition page.

    If I log in, go to our profile, delete the current track and then upload the final mixed version will we lose any votes we’ve already received?

    Sorry to be a pain… 🙂

    [Sorry that I can’t help. It’s nothing to do with me. – Features Editor]

  35. Hi FEd and friends,

    Good news re the Abbey Road Sessions for us here in the US. Just checked the link and am oh so happy to see that the performance of Echoes will be shown!! Now the wait … tic toc, tic toc.

    Very funny Rudders, but you’ll need to pad the band history a bit or it’ll be a really short VH1 Behind the Music won’t it? ParRudders, the band, barely on the scene and then gone like a shooting star! Then on to VH1 classics! Good luck mates!

    I think these 17-hour days are finally getting to me — I’m feeling more than a little funky this morning. Or was it chatting with EchoesBob yesterday? Passing that damned virus via the over-crowded Lobby. So much for all the talk of healthy eating, eh? I must go have some tea, astragalus tincture and hop back on ‘the wheel’.

    Peace and love to you all,
    Washington State

    [I hate to break it to you all, but ‘Echoes’ will definitely NOT be shown. – Features Editor]

  36. I just sent “Rudders” hopefully a better mix! Par & Rudders were absolutely awesome to work with!! It was alot of fun and I made some new freinds! we should mention Ron Dawcyk for the bass traks and Steve Lafontaine for the drum traks!

    I hope no-one has to seek medical attention after they hear the song…c-yas soon!

  37. Hi Fed

    Long time no post. I miss this place.

    Just listening to some of the AL covers- Frank and Rud- You guys did really good. I feel bad for the people that have to listen to all of these entries. Others are good ,some are..well, not quite so good. Is there a way to know which ones are from the Irregulars?

    Abbey road sounds exciting. Can’t wait.

    Have a good day all,

  38. Hurray for the Abbey Rd sessions–about time some of this great stuff gets US airtime. And lucky for me that I get the Sundance channel.

    congrats to Graham too

  39. Veronica, if you want to listen to the show of the making of “About Face” later than on january 24th, you can use Classic 21 podcasting, click my name.


  40. hello Fed. how is your wednesday going? Still waiting for my prize to come the wait is killing me.

    well have a good day all and talk to you tomorrow


  41. just to let you know us blokes can do 3 things at once. im listening to oai while typing this and drinking a cup of tea.

    Fed im at a loss with the chat line set up. ive only a few weeks left afore i go. any chance you could send the technical bits to me again. sorry to be a pain.

    im just listening to then i close my eyes a track to be played when im laid in my hammock under a pine tree in khoe samui or is it koe samui.

    [Please click your name below for all you need to know about the chatroom, Damian. You need to register now, but it’s a very simple procedure and will only take a moment. – Features Editor]

  42. Hi folks,

    I haven’t posted in a bit.

    Just before Christmas, I moved into a new house with my girlfriend after proposing to her and finally giving up my debauched bachelorhood. Since then we have been whipping the place into shape which has taken up all our time and mine from the blog :-((( But I am back!! Lots of catching up to do…

    Cheers, Howard

  43. i want to know all about this ‘making of about face’…totally pumped about it. please give all info possible. i own that ‘beyond the floyd’ biography that is at the end of dg at the hammersmith odeon (you all have to have seen this in my opinion to fully appreciate dg and blog here. i know that is harsh but so true…and im not serious so hold the flames… you will thank me though…opening tune is worth it alone. “drink ’til the room begins to sway’…amen!) is that what this is? (i hope not).

    please let me know michele…i will be forever i ur debt!

    [For starters, presumably, it will be in French… – Features Editor]

  44. Hello FEd, and everyone!

    Great news about the Abbey Road sessions. I’ll make sure to TiVo it or something.

    I’m swamped with work so no play time for me, which means I can only check the website sporadically 🙁

    Anyway, hope everyone is doing well.

    Much love,

  45. Please if I may, thanks to Ron-knee surgery after his bass bit and our Zee-big-nee-ev of AL. Steve, drums with a bit of Keith Moon in him. Rudders, what can I say, mad as a bucket of toads me thinks.

    And Lee, no words can describe your talents mate. We’ve never played or met before until this. Lee and I exchange musical trivia at work, now, we’ve done a recording.

    Thanks Matt for the kind words also.

  46. Blake,

    If you click my name and then on “>>plus” in the new window, scroll down and you’ll be able to listen to examples of “making of” on Classic 21 (eg, “Marc Ysaye Making of PF ‘The Piper At The Gate Of Dawn’ 1/1/2007”, or ‘Dark Side Of The Moon’, or ‘Radiohead OK Computer’, Lucia.)

    You’ll have an idea of what will be the Making of ‘About Face’. That lasts less than one hour.

    Unfortunately for you, yes, it’s in french, sorry for you, but there are often interviews, too.


  47. [I hate to break it to you all, but ‘Echoes’ will definitely NOT be shown. – Features Editor]

    i didn’t think so. didn’t i say? didn’t i? check back, peeps.

    matt: love your abbey road pic.

  48. [I hate to break it to you all, but ‘Echoes’ will definitely NOT be shown. – Features Editor]


    When I read this on the Abbey Road Sessions site (where it gives the details of each performers set and musicians) I had a vague memory of you having told us that it wasn’t so. But, as many have demonstrated over the past year, sometimes we just don’t want to face reality (David touring Brazil comes to mind!).

    So, after a momentary lapse of reason, I will calm myself down and be happy with whatever is broadcast. But, dammit, that would have been so sweet!

    Thanks for straightening me out sooner rather than later FEd. I can see myself now, screaming at the t.v. pleading ‘why, why, what happened to Echoes?’ Not a pretty sight …

    Hope to talk to you more tomorrow — I’ll be the one with the hospital mask on so as not to spread any germs around the Lobby.

    Peace and love to you,
    Washington State

    [Sorry to disappoint you, Gabrielle. We’ll have more on this tomorrow. – Features Editor]

  49. Many thanks to Par & Rudders for inviting Lee, Steve and myself to be a part of this awesome project.

    Whether we win or lose, we are all winners in one way or another.


  50. Thanks Features Editor. I didn’t realize the UK is all in one time zone…Boy, do I feel stupid, LOL.

    [No need, mate. It’s all very complicated. – Features Editor]

  51. Michele, much appreciated for providing me with the site to listen to “Making of ABOUT FACE”. Unfortunately, as you and FEd mentioned, it is in French. Though I studied French for about three years at Alliance Francais in Hong Kong, shamefully, I’ve forgotten most of what I’ve learnt after almost 30 years. Oh Well…

    Speaking of French, that reminds me of the song “Je Crois Entendre Encore” – another beautiful piece by David Gilmour that I enjoy listening to very much.

    Merci Beaucoup, Michele.

  52. Je vous en prie, my pleasure, Veronica.

    “je crois entendre encore”, yes…a pearl, (not only for fishers, hmm…)


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