Well, I never…


The award for Best Foot-In-Mouth Moment caused too many headaches and some nominations were perhaps better suited to honours such as the Egg-On-Face award, the Cheese-On-Toast award and the Award for Person or Persons Inadvertently Giving the Words ‘Feckless’ and ‘Gormless’ Frightening New Meaning.

So we’ll just award it to President Bush instead.

Today we’re honouring both ‘Blog Irregular’ and ‘Noob’ with our distinguished Well, I Never award. As the title suggests, this is for the person who taught us something we didn’t already know (and hopefully doesn’t require too much trawling through old posts).

My three nominations are:

– David (yes, Mr G himself), for revealing that Tommy Steele’s ‘Little White Bull’ was written by Guy’s father, Mike Pratt.
– Michèle, for breaking the news that "Fais-moi des vacances" is not a valid French expression, after all (proving that you should never trust supply teachers).
– EchoesBob, for declaring that he’d cunningly found a way to sneak back into Barn lock-ins through an open cyber window.

As usual, three is the maximum number of nominations permitted and we’ll be taking your suggestions all weekend before whittling down the nominees and presenting to you a shortlist on Monday. This will be in poll format making it very easy to select one ahead of all the others (well, in principle, at least).

Don’t forget the Weblog Awards. Voting closes today.

Have a good weekend, all.

Author: FEd

Features Editor of David Gilmour’s official blog, The Blog (‘Features’ previously being its rather naff title), affectionately – or lazily – shortened to ‘FEd’.

76 thoughts on “Well, I never…”

  1. Well, I certainly was surprised to find my name on the nominations today.

    And as any software person will tell you: “It’s not a bug, it’s a feature.” I actually thought they intended it to work that way.

    I’m off to pick up my parents from the airport. They haven’t seen their grandchildren for a year. Have a good weekend everyone.

  2. for my “well i never” it has to be the performance of “on the turning away” with no warning or rehearsal…

    i loved the performance, its one of my all time favorites. great way to keep the band on their toes!

    sorry for the multi posts today…im bored : )

  3. [I’m off to pick up my parents from the airport.]

    I betcha EchoesBob doesn’t wait on any lines either 🙂

    Have a great weekend everyone!

  4. We’re only 10 down now, folks! Their side tends to go ‘Oh CRAP!’ later in the day and pile on the votes (maybe due to timezone issues? Loads of folks in the Eastern Hemisphere here during their day, maybe their core readership is based in the Western Hemisphere and simply votes during what’s considered their day?)

    If that made any sense, someone clue me in, cos I have /no/ idea. 😀

    I think my point is that we tend to catch up earlier in the day due to our sterling Eastern Hemisphere folks, and they catch up and surpass because of being mostly Western Hemisphere.

    At least, that’s my theory.

    We can do this! C’mon you Western Hemisphere people! Get home from work and vote! You’d do it for FEd. (*gasp!* *reverently* FEd!)

    (Sorry, Blazing Saddles moment… now I need to go watch that movie and giggle through the ‘Randolph Scott’ segment.)

    Voting closes at 11.59pm Eastern Standard Time (that includes you too, Angelo, Rudders, and Becky)! That’s 4.59am UK and Irish time (for Linda… and that means you too, Geoff – we know you’re awake 😉 ), 10.59pm Central, 9.59pm Mountain, 8.59pm Pacific (just don’t let the wife evict you from the computer, EchoesBob!), 2.59am for our friends in Sao Paulo who really like David (hee hee) – hopefully also includes our good friend Adriano who had /better/ be getting well!, 5.59am for our friend Tomasz in Poland.

    (Timezone converters are really nice things to play with sometimes. 😀 )

    Can’t really pinpoint any other times, as I’m not 100% sure where everyone else is besides which country. So I regret that I cannot include other good friends in this goofy list, such as Lucia, LG, Michele, Erin, Melissa… mostly due to my inattention in listening and remembering where everyone is…

    And please forgive me if I neglected anyone I shouldn’t have. I haven’t had enough sugar yet today…


  5. I thought the “On An Island” DVD of the RAH concerts was due to come out in time for Christmas…Any update on this?

    [That was wishful thinking. It’s “early next year” now. – Features Editor]

  6. I still haven’t got the dvd i ordered from you… The “litho” came 3 days ago but no dvd ?..

    i live in norway

    [I’m dreadfully sorry to hear that, but you will have it soon. The litho went out in a sturdy cardboard tube and the DVD in its own packaging, so postmen everywhere have been delivering them on different days at their convenience. Please let us know when you receive it, which I hope will be on Monday. – Features Editor]

  7. I’ve learned so much from this site and the people here. Mini French and Italian lessons, British phrases, learning about theatres all over Europe and the US.

    My favorite, has to be from you, dear Fed. When you explained to me the difference between being British and being English.

    Have a great weekend everyone


  8. looks like it’s gonna be a photo finish. come on, come on.

    can’t wait for the single. thanks for the memories.

    go sabres!!

  9. I know that this is off topic, but the bonus DVD for On an Island is incredible! It gets better with each viewing, and the teaser of Take a Breath promises a first rate DVD in the new year.

  10. I just have to add one more for your winner in the BFIYM award “..George DubYa Bush..

    “Too many good docs are getting out of the business. Too many OB-GYNs aren’t able to practice their love with women all across this country.” — Poplar Bluff, Mo., Sept. 6, 2004

    Now on to “Well I never”..

    I never knew that..

    – According to some,David is Superhuman
    – Guy is such a nice guy
    – F.E. must be handy in the kitchen..or why else the turmoil on remodeling?

    Now on to the voting..

    Something is amiss here..either they have a huge population of “long time readers and notime posters”, or.. there may be some funny business going on..check it out..posters participation is pathetic..win or lose(and it doesn’t look good for you right now)..you are still the best!..

    Oh and one other thing..if you can bring yourself to login there,todays preamble mentions:”shamless self promotion”(for their own use)..hmm where have I heard that before..but what’s worse is that he(flippin jerk)also insults David.For shame,for shame..what a lowlife..he needs to take some piss..don’t you think?

  11. WELL: I just saw a Floyd tribute act. My sister thought it was the real deal…thought she was giving me a fab b’day present…and we’d meet the band, her tix had backstage passworthiness, LOL. I iterated, U may want to check that, LOL…

    So, anyway I went and saw that show and GEESUS did I miss the real deal. NFNB, I’ve seen PFloyd a bunch of times. Indeed, the only band I’v budgeted for to see. but I missed that last NYC tour. And seeing this tribute band made me realize how much I need to see the real David Gilmour and company.

    OH, and PS EVERYONE I encountered was told to put it in the budget…to see Mr. Gilmour…LIVE.

    So, anyway, when are you folks coming to North America? David Crosby played at my college, Monmouth University. It would be a perfect venue for you folks, too, I think, tiny and pretty good accoustics and thick with guitarnuts…folks who live to listen to guitar.

    Just a suggestion, Mr. Gilmour 🙂

  12. Oh, YES, congrats on the grammy nomination. I have you hyperlinked from my signature at the […] message board. Good luck.

  13. Well, I never have ever heard of “floating”, but if we lose, get David to send the inflatable pig,with gonads and all. There.LOL.

  14. Hey FEd,

    I just voted and we’re still 65 votes behind. Bummer.

    Have a fabulous weekend, while I’m studying for my mini session on the Mayan Culture.


  15. What an honour ! a nomination ! the first, and surely the only one in all my life . Many thanks !

    [- Michèle for breaking the news that “Fais-moi des vacances” is not a valid French expression, after all (proving that you should never trust supply teachers).- Features Editor ]

    But I’m myself a teacher, so, can you trust me ? Where is the truth ?

    But, you know I would never lie to you…


  16. …..Barcelona, a very tricky tie indeed but they are beatable (i think)

    i looked in the shop yesterday to buy the OAI CD with DVD is it still available i try to order it but the spotty 16 year old did not know anything about it and even said David who? so needless to say im taking my buisness else where

    have i got the release date mixed up i cant find it anywhere

    cheers Fed

    [It sure is. It was released on 27 November in Europe. Give that kid a clip around the ear from me the next time you see him. “David who?” indeed. – Features Editor]

  17. Hi..really enjoyed DSOTM on the BBC last night..

    Q.HOW COME DG LOOKS YEARS and YEARS YOUNGER TODAY the he did back in ’94 …??

    ps.. AND who was that YOUNG ‘WHIPPER-SNAPPER’ on the bass ?? Does anyone know what he does these days ???

    best wishes

    martin d

  18. Damn! Second place! And for such small difference!

    I think it´s better if you loose for a large amount of numbers…because in that case, you deserved…

    But when you were so close…

    Anyway, have a nice weekend FEd and fellow bloggers!


  19. Hi Fed Ed- this isn’t related to the board topic, so I’ll understand if you don’t post it. It’s really just a personal message of thanks to David and Polly.

    I’ve not posted for ages due to two recent family berevements. I was lucky enough to be able to see David twice (at the Mermaid and the Clyde Auditorium) which were two high points in what has been a very difficult year personally. The On An Island album has been a source of considerable comfort- particularly the song Smile.

    I’d like to take the opportunity to wish David and Polly, their friends and family and the extended family of everyone involved with the album and tour and the community of fans a very Merry Christmas and a happy, healthy and prosperous New Year.

    [The same wishes for 2007 are coming back at you, Linsey. – Features Editor]

  20. [Well, I Never award. As the title suggests, this is for the person who taught us something we didn’t already know – Features Editor ]

    – Melissa: for having found “Fed’s very own emoticon”

    – Lucia: when she told us that her nephew Simone, ten years old, was learning english and enjoyed listening to “Wish you were here”.

    – All the bloggers who told us the news of the birth of their new baby.


  21. hard luck. voting has ended, but the results aren’t final until monday.

    i never knew that there was a way back into the chatroom.

  22. Well…I never realised that David and the band were performing Echoes until I learned of it here on this blog. Gosh, was I kicking myself for not attending one of the concerts too.

    Well…I never realised how good On An Island was going to be. It far exceeded my expectations and is a way up there with my all time favourite albums.

    Well…I never will forget the magic moment of having to witness the Abbey Road Sessions coupled with hearing the last chorus to end acoustic Echoes.

    Thank you FEd, David and Polly for a “wow” year.

    Best regards and Christmas wishes.


  23. Second place well its not bad after only a year is it, as the english are fond of saying “Its not the winning but the taking part thats important”

    of course only a country that wins bugger all would say that, if our children in sports were taught that its the winning and not the taking part then maybe come the 2012 Olympics we may get the odd medal alas i think its too late for that

    having said that second place after a year is genuinely not bad but after seeing who did win curiosity got the better of me and i checked out this blog that is suposed to be better than ours

    well…..! what a load of rubbish imagine my horror when there was not even a mention of Mr David Gilmour, call yourself a blog… i for one will not be going back to that site again…

    so one last time its not the taking part that counts its the winning, or for the politically correct turn it around, well done to George W Bush for coming first, he deserves it

  24. Fed sorry about the many entries today i have little to do but wait for the baby

    did you see the amazing news clip about the man falling asleep and resting his head on the Railway track, he was so drunk his legs were inches from the live electric rail, even a train going past and a helicopter could not wake him i would like to put it to you and the irregulars out there to see if anyone can beat that for a drunken stupor

    sorry i can not tie this in with Mr Gilmour, but maybe he had heard the news that David was only second, (yes i know its a long shot but possible-u know how obssessive some of us Gilmour/Floyd fans can be)

    see ya all this should be it for tonight ive got to go give the wife a massage, she never stops complaining lately, ive got back ache,i feel fat, you dont love me, yak yak yak personally i think they milk this pregnancy thing a bit, i have to shave every now and again and do i complain- Yes , but you get my point

    [I’m sure that some people will really enjoy that last line, Simon. – Features Editor]

  25. My number one ‘Well I never!’


    If you are reading this, please, pay more than the usual attention to this post. I hope this will help you understand why I was so very upset with you over one of your one of your past statements. I don’t want to reignite that old flame, but I feel like this might help you understand why Tomasz, and myself were so hurt and offended.

    One thing, (the most important thing), I learned here, is that there is life and history outside of my own little world. I am more than a little embarassed to say it , but until recently, I didn’t know that much about Solidarity.

    During that time, I was very young and I’m sure I had so much Aqua net on my head, that nothing was able penetrate my brain.

    But then this year, I read the information on the Stuff and Nonsense page, ‘A SHOW FOR SOLIDARITY’. I realised, this is is a major chunk of history. World history, not just Polish history. “The Solidarity trade union began the revolution which would topple communism in Europe”.

    We have a very good example of a person who shared with all of us, his personal experience during that difficult time. [Posted by: Tomasz at August 20, 2006 10:39 PM]. If any of the new people or any of you old irregulars missed that, it’s worth a read.

    I was very moved by his post, and it made me feel proud and honored to be lucky enough to attend the concert in Gdansk.

    This concert was about more than, which Pink Floyd Song was played or which guitar was used or how great the laser effects were. This was a show for humanity. This was a show for Solidarity. All year long, David played in small intimate settings, but he agreed to play this large venue for the greater cause. To give a big shout out to some hard working people, who had the courage and were willing to stand up to the powers that be, and say, ‘It’s A Great Day for Freedom!’


  26. [Well I never….knew that such a thing as scrapple even existed. – lorraine at December 16, 2006 04:56 PM]

    And some of us wish we didn’t. Blech!

    Plottin’ herself a Christmas ham with pineapple slices and maraschino cherries,

    PS. Eh, so we came in second. We’re still the best. A two-fingered foam hand is more amusing anyway for a variety of reasons 😀

  27. Hallo FED hallo bloggers,

    I am writing from Saint Petesburg (Biegovaia street), only the second place…..! FED I am afraid that the red (or yellow) ferrari will remain a dream….if U want I can send to U a used bicycle….

    FED don’t worry about Barcelona FC, Liverpool will pass next turn (Crouch is much better than Ronaldinho)!

    Claudio di Ravenna (now in Russia)

    [You always make me laugh, Claudio. – Features Editor]

  28. Actually, “Fais-moi des vacances” IS a valid french expression. It means “leave me alone !!” or “Gimme a break !”.

    I don’t know why Michèle told you that, because we very often use that expression in France… I use that expression most of the time actually !

    That expression is totaly correct F. Ed, no doubt about that !

  29. My nominations are:

    Fed: I never knew “coming back to life” was writing for/about/to Polly. It gives it a whole new meaning.

    Michele: I never knew she was a teacher.

    Any and all negative DG bloggers: I never new Floydians (alledged PF fans) could be so Anti-Gilmourites. It makes no sense to me!

  30. Hello all,

    Connor from “that floating site” here, just wanted to say thanks for the friendly competition. I was wondering myself about the sways in voting (I’d go to bed here in Rhode Island, USA and we’d be up 100 votes, then I’d wake up and it would be about even) but I assumed it had to do with timezones as one of you pointed out.

    I read a few negative comments on here, comments about the prospect of cheating (which, in a competition like this, is a pretty ridiculous assertion), negative opinions about our blog, etc. but I won’t take any of them to heart, no worries.

    I really like the sense of community you’ve got going on here. We’ve got about 3000 readers per day but as someone commented before me, we’ve got a pretty abysmal reader-to-commenter ratio (aside from when we do contests, special features, or year-end lists). So we try to do the best we can to facilitate discussion, but most people come to IGIF looking for music they may not have heard before, not for social commentary.

    Anyway, just wanted to thank all of you who voted in the awards, and to thank the features editor for his civility even when comments turned sour.

    If anything, I’ve definitely been turned on to this community because of the race, so all’s well that end’s well I guess.



    [Cheers, mate. Congratulations on the win and all the best to you. – Features Editor]

  31. 1.(not sure if FEd or an irregular)I know what a Stroppy Tosser is…

    2. (FEd)I know that FEd probably has more patience than all of us combined…

    3. (Irregulars) I know that there are some great people scattered across this globe that love the same music I do…

    There’s 3 for me. Getting ready to go out for some pints! Have a good night all.

  32. Yes FEd. Definitely ironic. So the Best Foot In Mouth Moment has to be the nomination post for a Best Foot In Mouth Moment. No voting required. Too funny.


  33. Oh well, the site made 2nd place. We all know the truth though, that’s all that matter.

    Something we use to say when I lined up at school was “The first the worst, second the best…” 😉


  34. Dear FEd and Friends,

    Last time I was able to be in contact with ‘my world’ was early Thursday — the the sh*t hit the fan. More correctly the snow hit everything in sight! What a freaking insane blizzard in the Pacific Northwest on both the west and east sides of the Cascade mountain range! Many feet of snow, no electricity (which in rural areas equals ‘no water’), all telephones out of commission, trees toppled, and plowing / shovelling snow for days now. Power and phones finally back on today (Saturday evening), but my server was down so I’ve come to my nieces house to check in with you all! Hello, my name is Gabrielle and I am a blawg-a-holic ….

    Sooo …

    I never knew that I would ever meet so many wonderful people from all over the world as a result of our shared love of music in general and David Gilmour’s music in particular.

    I never thought that I’d participate in a chatroom — now I look forward to meeting with new friends whether in the Lobby, Barn or the newly constructed Conservatory.

    But, if I were to nominate three people only I’d have to go with:

    1) David Gilmour for creating the music that became “On An Island” that brought us all together in the first place;

    2) The Blawg (sorry) with all of it’s drama and humor and caring and really interesting new words I’d never heard before, and all the people that have stuck together through the last exciting year;

    3) FEd, you’ve been the leader of the pack … wrangling, connecting, informing, crucifying (only when required), and generally being funny, frank and fair, and I never knew this could be so enjoyable. So there!

    I’ve gotta get going. 0 degrees F. again tonight, but at least it’s not snowing or blowing! Lynn and Thomas, I hope you both weathered the storm without major problems. Adriano, keep getting well!

    And for my confession, I’m totally bummed out that I couldn’t get my votes in since Thursday, dammit!! We should have had it … at least we know that we’re numero uno regardless of the outcome of the damned awards final count!

    Peace, love and health to you all!
    Washington State

  35. Just a wee plug for Jools Holland.

    I listened to his big band rythm and blues with special friends last night. George Harrison, Sam Brown, Mark Knopfler, Dr. John, Marc Almond and most of all David Sir with Mica Paris on “I put a spell on you”.

    Well, I never have heard a diversfied album like this one. So unique and inspiring to say the least.

  36. [Well I never….knew that such a thing as scrapple even existed. – Lorraine]

    …and you thought Allan had a psychedelic breakfast….marmalade, I like marmalade…

  37. Désolée, j’ai mal compris ou mal interprété le sujet de ce jour (Well, I never…), d’où ce précédent message absurde et non-approprié. Voudrais me faire petite souris et me cacher dans mon trou…

    Pour me faire pardonner de n’avoir rien dans le ciboulot (=brain), “Give me a break” = “Lâche-moi les baskets”.


  38. Well, I would like to join Polly on that one: I never knew, before entering this blog, that M. Gilmour had so nice fans all around the world !

    Canada, USA, Brazil, extended Europe, India, Pakistan… Wherever you are from, you all taught me that ! It’s why this blog will forever win !

    Thanks you all and Merry Christmas !


  39. Greetings and Happy Holidays to All!

    On the subject of the topic, I think the award for “Well, I Never” should go to the person who reveals David’s true blog identity! Or has that already happened?

    As side note, I think it would be a fine idea to gather all of the bloggers and have a picnic with David. I’d jam with his son, he can play the sax solo on “Money” 🙂

    Just kidding of course.

    Best wishes and Happy Holidays to David, Polly and everyone else including Mr. Features Editor himself!

  40. ….WELL I NEVER !!! or ‘SUITS YOU SIR’

    My award goes to Julie Davies Sept 3rd.4.02pm for revealing that David and J (CENSORED) merely wanted to look their best for the ‘Abbey Road’ sessions…….

    [‘The make up artist was busy too. She went about her business applying powder to David and J. I did, however, notice that R ( CENSORED ) never had any make up applied’]

    Thank you Julie..SO FOR ALL the BUDDING/Blushing guitar players out there..you NOW know what to ASK SANTA FOR DONT YOU ??

  41. ‘Well, I never …’ Serious Stuff

    To Julie Davies and all the ‘Abbey Road ‘ bloggers for sharing the experience with us…

    Sincere thanks
    martin d

  42. WELL, I NEVER knew the music business was so problematic…what with the red tape and products being delayed and official this and that and rules and regulations and lawyers and hoo-ha. What a hassle for David and Co. (that includes you, FEd). But I guess there must be great benefits to having such a company represent one. (Mustn’t there?)

    And :-p to George Bush…worst President ever. (Can I say that here?)


    PS–I think I’m terrible at writing blog comments. I overthink everything and then say to myself, why even post this drivel? I seem to do a little better “on the fly” in the chatroom, although I can be sorta quiet there (especially in response to fart jokes). I like to hear about people’s real lives and discuss meaty topics! Maybe I should be the Semi-Official Lurker and let it go at that. Naw, I’m not giving up yet!

  43. Well, I never thought I would find all these friends on this blog.

    So, my indication is for Mr.Gilmour, who made it all possible.

    Oh, by the way, it is with great pleasure that I announce here that…one is gone! I repeat, the stone that made me feel miserable the last two weeks is away! =)

    Thru your good thoughts, incentive, kindness, and most of all, jokes, I think you helped a lot in the process! A very special thanks to LG and the carrott juice diet thought!

    Adriano, a new man.

    [Pleased to hear it, Adriano. – Features Editor]

  44. well I never… West Ham 1 Man Utd 0….What a result! Sorry this is off topic.

    [No, not at all, Mat. Comments of this sort are always very welcome. – Features Editor]

  45. – Lorraine, I would like you to enjoy fractals as well as the soundtrack…please…

    – AhAh, life is very funny ! I never thought a nice Welsh supporter of Liverpool could teach me a french expression! So, Jujufloyd, “Fais-moi des vacances” is a valid one ? I never heard of it in all my life ! Maybe I should go back to school as a pupil !

    But, Fed, you have to admit that “Lâche-moi les baskets” (shoes) sounds far better than “fais-moi des vacances”…


  46. To Julie Gunn-Davies for being such a kind and thoughtful person and a good friend.

    I raise my glass to you Julie! 😀

  47. Well I certainly never expected to have such a ball one year on, make (good) friends and frankly find the whole experience quite so life-transforming…

    and I never expected to see such a line-up of stunning summer venues

    And I never knew David was actually getting better as a guitarist (phew)

  48. Yea, I’m reconnected!!! Now I can continue to indulge in my addiction … 2-1/2 days without contact really made it quite clear that I’ve truly become a blawg junkie. “You know something is happening here but you don’t know what it is, do you Mr. Jones?”

    Washington State

  49. [No, not at all, Mat. Comments of this sort are always very welcome. – Features Editor]

    well that puts me in my place does’nt it 🙂

    Linda Island Lady and manchester united fan

  50. Well, I never thought that reading a blog could be so addictive!

    Seriously though, I never knew that Polly was such a talented photographer (thank you for the beautiful pictures, Polly!)

    On a different note, bummer we didn’t win the weblog awards, but there’s always next year =)

  51. Melissa,

    Great post regarding Gdansk. You hit the nail on the head. I had commented back in May(?) when the concert was first announced. The Solidarity movement was a big topic in my home back in the late 70’s and it personally affected me then. My feeling was the event was far bigger then the venue or David Gilmours participation in it. You couldn’t have expressed it better. Good for you.


  52. Do you know, it realy gets on my tits that people nominate themselves for these awards. Bloody Tuf Lan. Thats welsh by the way.

    And I find it even more infuriating that we aren’t allowed to talk about RW. I’m a Gilmour man, but RW is his mate, so is Guy Pratt, but we always talk about Guy. It does my f*cking cheese in.

    [Chwarae Teg, Simon (a bit more Welsh for you). Go to Roger’s official forum or blog and tell anyone who will listen just how wonderful David’s multi-platinum, chart-topping new album is. Then come back and tell us how warmly you were received. Chances are that they won’t want to hear about David, partly because they don’t want the boring squabbling to re-surface. And neither do I. Guy is in David’s band. Roger isn’t and hasn’t been since he left some 20-odd years ago. – Features Editor]

  53. Well, I never. . .

    . . .understood what a Farrier was, and that Dick Parry was one of them, until this site.

    . . .thought any entity (company, individual, or group) could reschedule such a large outdoor concert in a major city (in a different country) in less than a week. Bravo!

    . . .knew that David has the crème of the crop working for him at One Fifteen. Andy, Paul, Neil, as well as FEd, SNEd, and PEd,. . .and everyone else. . .you are a credit to the music industry and don’t ever forget that. Y’all have made a difference this year to the whole lot-of-us! Thanks for that mates.

  54. I would have voted for EchoesBob had I known the window in which to sneak. . . I really need to buy him a beer. . .

    Piergiorgio, thank you for coming back to us. You are a welcome entity here, friend. You are a breath of fresh perspective. Some people say opinions are like assholes. . .everybody has one. . .but opinions are the embodiment of humanity. Without opinions we would run ourselves like worms. . .or something.

    I have been waiting for Italian Lesson #8.

    How do you say (in Italian):

    Welcome, friend.
    Welcome back, friend.
    Welcome back home, my friend.
    We have missed you. Welcome back to your home, my dear friend.

    Thank you Piergiorgio!

    Chiffonbreath, welcome to David Gilmour’s website/forum and please have a look around and make yourself comfortable. David Gilmour currently has no tours scheduled for anywhere but, you can be assured that, if you are looking for the most accurate up to date (damn near daily) information about all things David Gilmour, you will find it here. If the information cannot be found on this site, it probably doesn’t exist.

    I also agree with Rudders. Anything Bush wins needs a recount. The Foot-In-Mouth voting needs a recount. I will start a petition. . .

    The Ironic EBay Eyeballs Bid (IEEB) is currently at: £16,101.00, way more than my PF wallet can handle. I’m just glad someone with deep pockets can help those who are more needy the majority of us here.

  55. Well I never… DG is on the road again
    Well I never… Samson is not a man
    Well I never… Bowie is really good

  56. Well, I’ve never….

    1) thought I would be so lucky to see David Gilmour plays on the stage, as well as Richard Wright and all the fantastic band!

    2) known a lot of english words that any bloggers helped me to learn. Thanks to all and above all to Tim and Bianca, who are my personal english teachers!

    3) realized that French people could be so nice! And I am happy that Michèle and I destroyed the prejudice that italians and french can’t be friends!

    And I’d have another “I never…”, but I still have written my three and another one is not allow from the “firm about rules” FEd, right? So, Fed, delete the follow one, if you think it’s right that none put more than 3 “I never…”.

    So, I never…

    – thought that in my life I could appreciate 1 or 2 songs and 1 or 2 lyrics from Bob Dylan. I AM NOT A FAN OF HIM, OF COURSE! But 1 or 2 songs is already more that I could never have thought! …even if, anytime I listen to all that harmonic…!

    Have a wonderful day


  57. Happy Monday,

    Yesterday I bought myself a copy of ‘Magical Mystery Tour’ by The Beatles. I had not owned this since it first came out as a 2 x 7″ EP’s set.Anyway, to fill out the CD they have included other tune such as ‘All you need is love’.

    Listening to this had me remembering the time when that tune was played to a worldwide audience on TV. I remember that the audience around the stage consisted of the Rolling Stones etc but it had me wondering if any of the Pink Floyd had been present. Still not found the answer but during my search I found the following:

    By contrast, the chorus, in 4/4 time is pure simplicity: “All you need is love”, repeated against various backgrounds. It remains one of only two songs (along with Pink Floyd’s “Money”) written in 7/4 time to reach the top 20 charts in the United States.

    Well I never…….

    Pete – Coventry

  58. Ciao,

    well thanks!!!

    Thanks to Angelo who chose what I said in the last post as best “foot in th nouth”. I come back after a lifetime and the first thing I say makes no sense!!! Great!! Problem is that I didn’t give up those substances DG said he never used ….HAHAHHAHAA.

    thanks to Michele and Pete who remind me and welcome me back :)))). and thanks to all others who probably remind me and say “oh, no…HE’s here AGAIN!!”. Yes Fed, you 😉

    errr, have I already said that I am agood example of shamless self promotion? right, so I should stop it right? ok….but…I was responsible for the mini italian lessons (think I made 7). thanks Erin. ok, stop.

    Now….what I learned. First, I learned that this is not my site but DG site (hehehe). Second….err, difficult to say. I learned many little things, But the most important I learned that there are places in the net, like this, where you can find education and sharing of experiences……places that are not dull.


  59. Just recovering from being very ill. I only had enough strength daily to call in sick and vote in the weblog awards.

    I just have to say that I agree with the rest of the bloggers regarding the highlights of the blog – the sense of community, the people, the moderator, the topics, etc.

    There really weren’t many low points, were there? I thought that the blog would receive tons of comments after the second set of Venice shows, after all, a lot of people found the blog in order to vent their frustrations – unfortunately not many bothered to come back and describe the show and what stood out for them.

    A second low point has got to be the posts that the bloggers do not see. In the early days of the blog, I read a couple of posts that were, quite frankly, shocking. They were quickly removed, but I imagine that Fed may still receive those types of posts. (I hope not)

    As for the “Well, I never…” topic. I nominate Fed’s explanation of how the English Premiership works (I don’t remember when it was posted) but to a football newbie like myself it was gold.

    Just to show you what a newbie I am, I always thought that Londoners did not like football, because there was no “London United” or “London City” (or whatever) teams. Recently, looking up Chelsea FC, I discovered that it IS in London. I assume that it is not the only one. So thanks, for the info, Fed!

    Hope that everyone here has a nice Christmas!

    [I hope you’re feeling better, Andrew. – Features Editor]

  60. Here’s a Well I Never experience that happened this weekend…

    I went to one of my local music shops and inquired about ordering the Arnold Layne 10″ single that is to be released next Tuesday. They proceed to tell me that they have been instructed to not take any special orders until after the holidays. Why? Because they can’t guarantee delivery for Christmas. I tell him, that the item is scheduled for release until after Christmas and that I don’t expect it before. None the less he wouldn’t even look it up. Great service…no??

    I realize this is not related blog competition but I had to share.




    Welcome, friend = Benvenuto, amico (venire = to come; Ben = bene = well)
    Welcome back, friend = Bentornato, Amico (tornare = to come back)
    Welcome back home, my friend = Bentornato a casa, amico mio .
    We have missed you. Welcome back to your home, my dear friend. = ci sei mancato. Bentornata nella tua casa, mio caro amico.


    that’s too much of you Marcus!!! think someone else has not the same opinion 😉

    Can I just say one thing off topic and very political? We are talking about global warming etc. here. When I hear of all this problems, another problem comes to my mind. More real. More easy to solve. It is a problem created by the western countries, and Italy is in it: the bloody war in IRAQ.

    I just tell because now it is years it’s going on. How many? difficult to remember, uh?! 4, 5, 6?. They succeded: we are used to that. To death, slayer, killing, tortures, raping, crimes of Western ARMY and Crimes of Iraqi factions. A new vietnam. How many people died 600.000? more ? how many babies? Bush went there to bring DEMOCRACY….

    People, I am still not used to this everyday war, where civilians and soldiers are young victims of a brutal SYSTEM of POWER. We will read, in many years, all the brutality happened in Fallujia, all the innocent dead. Now everything is under military secret.

    I don’t wanna get used to that war….. they had a dictator, but they had life and order. Now…we gave them democracy? the answer is to you. ITALY MUST LEAVE THAT SHIT to someone else. As an Italian, I feel sorry..

    Merry christmas to all men of good will (buon natale a tutti gli uomini di buona volontà).



  62. i never knew that david would be so into this web stuff. we waited a long time for an official dg site and we even got a blog and a chatroom.

    david and polly, you are so good to us fans. thank you. 🙂

  63. yay! you added my nomination!

    click my name for the new poll which has just appeared on the stuff and nonsense page.

    thanks, fed. you’re also very good to us, btw. 😉

  64. Piergiorgio, glad to see you. Bentornato, Amico. Thanks for another lesson too.

    I agree with you about the war. At least you don’t live in the country that started it all. I love my country and everything it stands for, but lately the US has had things ass-backwards, and I’m not only talking about the war. Luckly, we had some changes this year, and with a new presidental election coming up, hopefully more positive change.


  65. [i love my country and everything it stands for, but lately the us has had things ass-backwards, and i’m not only talking about the war. – erin]

    i’m not sure i agree with the “everything” bit, but i feel the same about britain and share your shame.

    i’m still really proud to have marched with david and polly on the issue of climate chaos.

  66. Dear F.Ed.

    a)…. Well, I never thought I could visit a musical web-site/blog practically every day meeting pure fun, wit, and a truth sense of community in the name of our preferred music
    b)… to see this year The Performance of Mr.D.G. , Mr.Wright and the famous band and their absolute energy
    c)… my teenager son and daughter could love DG’s music

    Post scriptum: sorry Lucia but where are you from?

    ciao amici

  67. well i never

    would believe that jersey mike would ‘single handedly’ shut down dg.com (j/k man)

    thought my comments would cause such hostility…seriously. even in chatroom…ex. G8 in july 2005 (that 20 min show still trips me out) and country music guitar players (that sh$% ain’t easy maaaaaan)

    that fender would create an official a dg strat…it will be mine!!!! (and i will play all of D.G’s greatest guitar parts live and in concert using it)

  68. melissa,

    sorry i was your i never moment! i dont read all posts everyday…you are right about that. i am sorry again though.


  69. *********ANNOUNCEMENT*********

    This was our closest contest yet. That “David would be so into this web stuff” won, with 33% of the vote. That “reading a blog could be so addictive” came a close second, with 29%.

    Thanks to everyone who voted.

  70. [sorry i was your i never moment! i dont read all posts everyday…you are right about that. i am sorry again though. – Posted by: blake from nashville at December 19, 2006 06:29 PM]


    Thank You. I appreciate that. You weren’t really my , ‘Well I Never’ moment, but our situation did tie in nicely with it. I thought it would be a fair opportunity to explain how I felt, without being angry.


  71. I’d like to join Gus in the “Off Topic” area of the Blog today.

    He’s right…the bonus DVD is just spectacular! It’s the perfect appetizer for the real deal coming out early next. I really can’t wait.

    Highlights for me include…ok ALL of it! I’ve watched it beginning to end several times since getting it. Just can’t seem to keep it out of the DVD player! Great stuff.

    If you haven’t gotten your hands on it yet, DO IT NOW!! EVEN IF YOU HAVE TO STEP OVER YOUR OWN MOTHER FOR A COPY!! (oops…went away for a second there)

    David, congratulations on your Grammy nod.

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