Foot-In-Mouth Moment


This one might require some thought as well as something for you to gnaw on. It’s the award for most memorable foot-in-mouth moment, which we have imaginatively called our award for the Best Foot-In-Mouth Moment (and did not steal from the British Plain English Campaign, honest).

For those of you who aren’t familiar with the expression, this basically means saying something nonsensical.

Imagine someone talking with their foot in their mouth and you’ll get the idea.

The Plain English Campaign, an organisation opposed to jargon and the ambiguous presentation of public information, give out a similar award each year to the public figure – usually a politician – who is deemed to have made the year’s most baffling quote.

A good example is Donald Rumsfeld’s "There are known knowns. There are things we know we know. We also know there are known unknowns," which won him the award in 2003.

To broaden the nominations, you can also suggest examples of something written in good faith that just sounded so wrong (although nothing from the chatroom counts, so get that idea out of your heads right now, thank you very much).

Please submit your nominations for our blog equivalent here – that is to say, it must have something to do with this blog and those who make use of it. You’ll be able to vote on your favourite over at the rather appropriately-titled Stuff & Nonsense page tomorrow.

On that page later today, you will be able to cast your vote for our Best FEd Put-Down award. Thank you for your cringe-worthy nominations.

eBay sellers won our Most Shameless Self-Promotion award.

You can also while away some time in the chatroom today between 3PM and 5PM (UK time).

Don’t forget to keep voting for us in the Weblog Awards. We’re still in second place. You can vote every day until Friday, when voting ends.

Author: FEd

Features Editor of David Gilmour’s official blog, The Blog (‘Features’ previously being its rather naff title), affectionately – or lazily – shortened to ‘FEd’.

94 thoughts on “Foot-In-Mouth Moment”

  1. FOOT IN MOUTH : For me it has to be my little ditty while let’s just say under the affluence of illcohol one night and in my head my blog entry made sense but when I read it the next day it was complete tripe and I’m forever known from then on as the village drunk.

    Rgds Geoff Duffy ( Dublin )

  2. any one posting on this blog who calls David, DAVE! (they should be given their own award…a “trigger”)

  3. [It could be a sign of the times. Then again, it could simply be because some of the people who have left messages are, quite clearly, somewhere between ‘smart-arse’ and ‘moron’. – Features Editor]

    That sounds about right… You had better brace for the avalanche of “Merry Christmas” messages that will inevitably consume the blog… Good Luck old bean… All in good stride…

    Foot-In-Mouth Moment: George Bush “You know, one of the hardest parts of my job is to connect Iraq to the war on terror.” — interview with CBS News’ Sept. 6, 2006

  4. I vaguely recall the Potatoe incident. Was it Bush, Cheney or Gore?

    Can anyone elaborate?

    Signed, Senile!

  5. How ironic…

    The day after eBay Sellers win the Most Shameless Self-Promotion award. The PULSE eyeballs are put up for auction on eBay.

    Every single penny will go to CRISIS which is good news and the current price is GBP4000 and the reserve has yet to be met.

    Damn they would look good in my Media Room next to the rest of my PF and DG stuff…

  6. Wow! I read about CRISIS auctions PINK FLOYD’S EYEBALLS this Christmas to help the homeless.
    A very good action from ours and I love those strange eyeballs! …unfortunately, out of my possibility of young worker…but I’ll follow the auction and my father is a fan of ebay…maybe I can try to convince him….


  7. Good day all… missed the chat though ๐Ÿ™

    Can I have my own emoticon please Melissa ??? Seriously…. Feds one was Hilarious ๐Ÿ™‚

    JUST want to say BRAVO Mr DG et al for setting up the PULSE eyeball auction….ive just got to locate THAT site its on….and RAID MY PIGGY BANK !!!

    Still voting….

    good luck and Happy Nappy bappy searching the twaddly type scrawlings……. some of us JUST can’t help it u know !!!…..

    martin d

  8. Hi Fed and DG’ers…

    at the time of this post we are 2Nd about 140 votes adrift…

    i merely mentioned it…no PRESSURE

  9. Hi FEd and Irregulars,

    I feel as though I may have had someone’s nasty foot in my mouth while I slept — woke up feeling like crap from some evil virus or hoof ‘n mouth disease! I had even set my alarm for this morning’s chat but ended up turning the alarm off and stumbling back into bed. Boo freakin’ hoo … ‘Tis the season, eh?

    I’m glad that so many blawggers either have fantastic recall or time to read through past posts in order to keep the masses amused with the many ‘special’ moments revisited. Memories of the way we were (singing my way off stage) …

    So once again I’ll defer to Erin, Melissa, EchoesBob, and all the others that are able to easily access their memory banks for the choice moments, including ‘Foot In Mouth’ disease award.

    Keep feeling better Adriano! As George said ‘all things must pass …’ I hope the doctors are giving you some really good meds at least!

    Peace and love to you all!
    Washington State

  10. I had a good one some years back. I was working on a loading dock for a furniture store. I was helping a man and his family load a wicker love seat onto his car. He had a medical condition that made him hunched over and he couldnt stand up straight. He insisted that the seat would fit inside the car. I told him there way no way and he retorted that he was a physics major and that it was “all in the angles”. After about two minutes of minor struggling the love seat slid perfectly inside the car which also held his wife and son. He turned around and said, “I told you so!”

    Amazed, I then replied, “I stand corrected!”

    I could have said, “You’re right” or “You learn something new every day” but noooooooo, I say to man who can’t straighten out his back “I stand corrected!”

    The look I got from his wife was incredible….needless to say there was no tip.

  11. I dont know whether this is what u had in mind but i was watching the newstonight there was an interview with the US president G W Bush and he was listing the top 10 things he wants to do in order of importance something made me laugh when he got to number 7 all the ones before were all you would expect but no 7 was :


    My point is if it was the most important thing to him why no 7

    u may be wondering what the connection to this site G W Bush is well to us he is better known as RUDDERS, G W Bush permanently has both Tony Blairs feet in his mouth,

    to all the irregulars out there have a very merry xmas, Fed hope you got my last message cheers mate and love to all out there

  12. Just to let everyone know Davids signature on a giant eye ball of some kind is doing rather nicely for Crisis the charity on ebay, its out of my price range but its good to see Ebay selling legitimate David related items for a change that are genuine

  13. I officially decree that the rest of the year is a new holiday called ‘Don’t Give FEd a Hard Time’.

    Said holiday may be extended without notice in perpetuity and is particularly geared toward everyone who has ever taken FEd for granted or given him a hard time or demanded too much of him (see: muppets, dickheads, stroppy tossers, etc.)

    FEds are not carpets for us to walk on, m’dears.

    With the greatest of love, respect, and a really neat Nerf mallet,

  14. Hi Fed,

    Today I received my pre-ordered dvd! And not only the dvd. With it came the tourbook and a nice note with it: “Please accept this complimentary tourbook as a thank you for your dedication to David and his work”.

    I can tell you I was pleasantly surprised: a very nice gesture! (Of course I had already bought the tourbook after the concert in Amsterdam, but that is beside the point).

    Thank you for all this: a marvelous way to keep us all up to date. A great DG year it was, indeed!

  15. Not sure how you can fairly judge this one Fed as I’m sure most of the ‘foot in mouth’ comments were deleted without being posted, including a number of mine (which, by the way, I’m grateful for).

  16. OMG, it is so difficult to vote for Best Fed Put Down. They are all freaking hilarious.

    Gosh…..I’m going to have to close my eyes and point to one– I honestly can’t just choose one without wanting to change my mind (after laughing out loud, of course).

    And,yes, they did train you well Fed! You are one clever dog. Glad Polly and David chose their dog to monitor their blog ๐Ÿ˜‰


  17. Oh dear, it was sooooooooo difficult to choose just one. Such wisdom and insight is very rare.

  18. so, it’s a nice idea…

    we have in Poland too many example of foot in mouth specialists… it’s terrible, but… well members of this club are everywhere ๐Ÿ˜‰

    my nomination is Polish Minister of Education who… well, it’s too much for typing

    I’m waiting for your nominations


  19. First hand I’d like to say thanks to the bloggers on the open session yesterday. Mike, Marcus, Erin, And sweet Melissa. Thanks Fed for your candidness and sincerety, and allowing ALL of us to debate amongst ourselves. We truly don’t see what goes on your side,as well as dealing with the public. It’s a huge burden to balance both sides of the fence. Just believe in yourself, the rest will take care of itself.

    P.S. David and Victoria moving to L.A. and Hollywood? I wonder if any movies and cameos will suddenly entice them. HHHMMMM.

    P.S.S. No more long posts from me, I promise.

    [I’ll pass on your note, Frank. Thanks. – Features Editor]

  20. Can I be off topic Fed and talk about the sound of David’s music briefly.

    Listened (twice) to “Animals” last night afetr not hearing it for several months and was struck by the great sound, both vocally and musically. Always viewed this CD as a poor relation to DSoM, Wall, WYWH etc.. but it’s not.It is easy to get caught up in any artists recent work and neglect what has gone before. If anyone isnt familar with “Animals” then it’ll make a great Christmas pressie.

    Right I’ll let you get on with other stuff.

    Ian Pearson

  21. probably not the place to pay compliments, seeing as we have a competition going.. but i get rare chances of good bandwidth over the internet..i finally saw the Arnold Layne video clip.

    Man… david bowie does a damn good job at it. Its almost like syd singing…I like how david bowie put his heart into the song and gave the fans their money’s worth. Another first in my list of things I got to see cuz of this website…

    it also got me reminiscing the brief re-union last year. I got into floyd long after the original lineup was history… and yet..i got see to it live on tv..i remember it clearly.. it was close to 3:30 am here, and i recorded the session through my cam on my cell phone..i still have it saved..until i get the dvd some day when I get out of this hell hole of a country ๐Ÿ˜›

    Cheers and have a good weekend all.


  22. I’m still stuck on the shameless self-promotion thing: Today is my birthday!


    [Happy Birthday, Becky. I hope you have a great day. – Features Editor]

  23. happy birthday to becky. ๐Ÿ™‚

    there are so many nominations that have nothing to do with david, the blog or the bloggers. fed, if people didn’t understand what they had to do on this one, does that mean this entry counts as a foot-in-mouth moment? ๐Ÿ˜‰

    interesting voting going on re: fed’s put-downs.

    we all have to keep voting in the weblog awards, but that other blog has got to be cheating. i don’t think we can win it. sorry to say that but look at how they suddenly get 100 votes when we take the lead. something fishy is going on there.

  24. Happy Friday,

    I was embarrased at myself for this one. Totally out of character (except for Friday afternoons). You see, I go for a beer(s) every Friday lunch time. And this was written as a result during November and in advance of the ladies only competition.

    [If I cross dress, am I allowed to enter the ladies only competition? – Peteula – Coventry]

    Pete – Coventry

  25. Not blog related ‘Foot in Mouth’ But still looking

    “Too many good docs are getting out of the business. Too many OB-GYNs aren’t able to practice their love with women all across this country.” — President George W. Bush, Poplar Bluff, Mo., Sept. 6, 2004

    Make no mistake about it, I understand how tough it is, sir. I talk to families who die.” — George W. Bush, Washington, D.C., Dec. 7, 2006

    “The only way we can win is to leave before the job is done.” — George W. Bush, Greeley, Colo., Nov. 4, 2006


  26. About the homeless, I could be able to convince the people from chain Starbucks to donate the end of sale by date donated to the homeless of London.

    One issue rose, when in the past it was done and a homeless person complain for stomach pain and went on suing the company for food poisoning…

    Any chances to obtain an address where to deliver the volume free of course so that those people can eat and maintain well and healthy?
    I remember the days when I lived in London and went out to give coffee to those people at night with a bun from my kitchen, I know it was welcome and appreciated.

    So I would love to set up a delivery of all those foods that are now waisted in black bin bags…

    I love the Pulses Pink floyd Eyeballs, ยฃ14,000 is already over my limit, but for helping I would be happy to enter a biding price and make it go higher and higher…

    All the best FEd

    [I don’t know, Emmanuel. I think Crisis would be able to tell you far more than I can. Please click your name below and scroll to the bottom of the page where it says “Warehouse – like to donate some goods or equipment?” Crisis provide Christmas centres across London and are always grateful for contributions. They have lists of what they do, and don’t, need. – Features Editor]

  27. Could this be one?

    Posted by Features Editor at 09:57 PM, April 01, 2006,

    French radio: RTL is broadcasting a three-hour show looking at Pink Floydโ€™s history, which started at 11pm local time.

    [I’m sure there are plenty with my name attached, but that one makes sense, doesn’t it? – Features Editor]

  28. Ah! Ah! Can I vote myself! I took a day at random looking for nonsense there…and the one I read was mine!

    [Steve is a great drummer! I don’t not exactly what a great summer is, but anytimes he starts to hit the drums, during the show, a great energy explode from the drums to the hall. – Lucia, at June 20, 2006 04:48 PM]

    Maybe, if I wrote DRUMMER instead of SUMMER it had more sense!!!!

    Michรจle and I agreed that we, no-english people, have written nonsense a lot of times, of course! And this is the first proof, in the first page I looked for!!! Think how many others in 12 months!!!!

    Have a nice day!


  29. Rudders,

    You beat me to the punch on the eyeballs. I noticed the same irony.


    [Wait until you see what we’ve got coming. You’ll really sink your teeth into it. Served hot or cold, it just oozes irony. You’re gonna love it. Bring a napkin. – Features Editor]

  30. Best Foot in Mouth Moment for me:

    “I just felt I was bored…and the blog had no much space for my idea of the blog (but this ain’t my blog).” — Piergiorgio at December 14, 2006 04:26 PM

  31. These competitions are blessed because I’m having such a laugh with these english colourful expressions, especially from the current poll. FEd you would be a talent in writing sketches.

  32. Not sure I have quite understood what you mean with the best blog “foot-in-mouth” moment, but if that means “to make a blunder”, sure, Lucia and I have often done that (cheers, Lucia) !

    I remember a day on the blog when I congratulated a lady for already having several grandchildren, but I didn’t have understood that she had said having several cats (or dogs, don’t remember). Some other bloggers had to explain to me …La honte de ma vie !

    But maybe I’m totally out off topic, and if so, I have now my foot in my mouth…

    Very funny, to read again all those old blog entries, but, also, a strange feeling of lack, nostalgia, a bit of sadness, as at the end of the tour, strange, uncomfortable…and maybe, ridiculous.

    Welcome back, Piergiorgio, sincerely…


  33. [I am Piergiorgio. Probably no one remembers anymore about me.]

    Are you kidding !!

    Piergiorgio, in the nicest way, I remember about you.

    Pete – Coventry

  34. Well, this foot in the mouth belongs to David Gilmour… After all this site is about him. Here is an example:

    “Most people think of us as a very drug oriented group. Of course we’re not. You can trust us.”
    David Gilmour 1971

    Can we trust David? Of course we can!

  35. To Our Friends in the Pacific Northwest:

    You guys made out okay in the storm? I heard she blew something fierce?

  36. My Second Nomination for Best Foot in Mouth Moment:

    “I heard she blew something fierce?” – Angelo Ortiz, December 15, 2006

    …seriously, I am thinking of you guys. Of course if something horrible DID happen, then THIS would REALLY be putting my foot in my mouth…

  37. Happy Birthday Becky !

    Umm, ladies and gentlemen, we have some urgent voting to do …

    Have a nice weekend,

  38. My all time favourite is from our Ex Prime MInister (sorry.. nothing to do with the blog)

    Chretien: Okay, so weโ€™s got information but does we got proof?

    Graham: What proof do we need, Prime Minister?

    Chretien: Well, ya know, we needs da proof and da proof is da proof and when you have da good proof, itโ€™s proven

    Now there is some fine political double talk for ya!!

  39. George W. Bush has placed his foot in mouth so often he must be a flipping centipede…

    Long Live “The Decider”

  40. Hi all,

    Just a quickie to remind all UK ppl that the beeb are broadcasting the DSOTM section of the Pulse tour tonight at I think 11.15pm (please double check this!).

    Andy is coming over tonight and we’re doing a PF/DG sesh – the new DVD and the DSOTM program – I know, I’m sooooo bad for not having watched it yet. When it came through I promised Andy that I’d wait to watch it for the first time with him, and work just got in the way….but tonight that all changes… ๐Ÿ™‚

    Hope you’re all well….i’m crazy busy with my ProSkin stuff….

    Have a fab weekend everyone


    [It’s 11:35PM. See the calendar. – Features Editor]

  41. I know this was posted in the Put Down entry but this is a fine example of a Foot In Mouth rant as there ever was:

    “‘I was a true fan, until I was betrayed and mislead, I was lead to believe that I was buying concert tickets for pink floyd, I took my daughter told her how great you were and guess what it wasn’t you they sounded like you played your music like you, I even bought $100 dollars worth of t-shirts labled wish you were here, and the dark side of the moon. No one told us that it wasn’t the real pink floyd, a lot of pink floyd fans left that concert really upset, so now I wonder if the pink floyd music they play is them or aussie pink floyd. So if anyone deserves the T-shirt it would be my daughter.'”


  42. Hey,

    Are we going to let some flipping floating blog beat us???? Where is the Gilmour Army?? Where are the Gilmourettes?? Less than 100 votes separate us. We need at least 200 to 300 to ensure victory.

    C’mon people now, smile on your brother, everybody get together…la, la, la…

    OK, so The Youngbloods were singing about something else, but you get the message.


  43. Congratulations on going platinum! thoroughly well deserved…

    And as for the Broons… I’m more of an Oor Wullie type of guy…

  44. Do you know, I’ve been trying for over an hour to get into the chatroom. Then I realised, yesterdays chat was yesterday. Maybe us welsh are a leap year behind.

  45. hi fet ed . sorry i have’nt been around . work has been eating up my time . any chance fo a chat around 17-00 or 11-00 or so soon ๐Ÿ™‚

    i got a reply from my e-mail to anthil about my scratched tv . they have told me that a replacement will be sent . i won’t have to nick yours just yet unless the one coming to me gets lost in the post .


    [Again, please see the calendar. As it clearly shows, the last chat of 2006 is on Friday 22 December from 11AM (UK time). It’s been showing that all day. – Features Editor]

  46. Happy Friday to Blog and Bloggers, and F’Ed of course (see, I had to go and address you again)! This concludes a very memorable week that I certainly enjoyed.

    Lots of fun rappin’ with members of my clique (you know who you are). And just to be sure no one else on the blog feels left out, I am always available to rap with your clique as well (I’m a bit of a swinger, you know).

    Here’s hoping we can make the best of our new accomodations in the chatroom. The F’Ed is doing his level headed best to give us a bigger sense of community to embrace. All the while hoping not to alienate the rest of the Bloggers who are unsure about the the chat facilities.

    Anyone looking for an Inner Circle here is better off sniffing around Bush’s Cabinet. We are all here because we are fans of David Gilmour. So, we all share common ground from the word “go”.

    Remember that, and carry on with Peace through the holiday season and beyond.

    Bless you all,
    Michael Orzek

    PS; you know I’m joking about the clique thing, right?

    PPS; …and the swinger thing (my wife may be reading)

  47. Hi Fed,

    The put-downs were hard to choose from. There were some classics there. They were all well- deserved.

    For the Foot -in -Mouth award, I nominate the following post;

    [In my opinion I think the Floyd owes the fans at least something new,a tour,an album…after all, if those guys, that I grew up with their music, are living very comfortably is all due with our money. – Posted by: sean at February 1, 2006 06:33 PM]

    This was one of many similar posts, but this is a good sample. I can’t find it right off, but the post about the dream about David and the Hotpants sticks out in my mind too We had some fun with that one! (sorry, Becky. Please forgive me ๐Ÿ™‚ )

    Have a great day, all


  48. Dear F.Ed.

    …always in second position:I hope this blog could obtain a very good result anyway:it’s a pity!
    Today lines were very busy for every votation.

    Many congratulations to Mr.Gilmour for his prestigious GRAMMY nomination: again this year 2006 is so special.

    Today i saw about Crisis auctions on EBay of P.F (bless them all!) eyeballs too : I think we all can do something for charity, also without giving money. I.e, we can offer our blood, like me. Donors do not give what they have but what they are. Many people are suffering by diseases in this moment , all around the world, let’s think about it sometimes.

    Till now i haven’t received the dvd yet, I hope next week.

    Have a nice week end
    ciao a tutti Elisabetta

  49. This is a potential F.I.M possibility today due to nervousness. I am interviewing Sean Lennon within the hour…

  50. Hope u do not mind but Re Ians comments about Animals i could not agree more

    the album is up there as a fave of mine i mean the vocals by David on Dogs are so strong if i had to lay down my life and say which vocal i prefered from David i would find it hard not to put Dogs up there i mean his vocals are so strong on this song, although Davids voice is known for its quality the day Animals was recorded he was at his best, the whole Album from the cover (iconic) to the feel of the Album (dark,subdued etc) are just awesome and we will not mention his guitar work on the album sheer quality, i have heard a few people say they struggle with Animals i cant see it

    Fed i have had a lot of people ask about when the baby is due. tell everyone that its going to be 3 weeks today at 1pm as we found out yesterday that the baby is breach (feet first) so she will have to have a c-section

    bye to all out there

  51. looking forward to the showing of Pulse on the bbc, wats going on at the bbc last week Arnold layne this week Pulse i almost do not mind paying the licence fee (i said almost)

    i have already told Ruth (wife) and my 2 girls they have 2 stay up and watch it, bye 4 now

  52. Nominations:

    1. Fed’s Friend… [a friend of mine thought that legendary promoter Harvey Goldsmith was a bar man. She almost gave him her glass. I could have died. She probably won’t thank me for revealing that, but at least your friend can take comfort in knowing that he is most certainly not alone. – Features Editor]

    2. Fedmeister… for saying something really naff to DG along the lines of him being sounding brilliant even playing the spoons… Couldn’t find the entry where you admitted to that.

    [The first one certainly counts – that was hands and feet in the mouth stuff – but the second wasn’t a foot-in-mouth moment at all. It was several things rolled into one, not least a nod towards the blog and certain fans. Naff, perhaps, but by no means accidental. – Features Editor]

  53. For all Dutch bloggers: On the Dutch site Arrowrockfestival (a yearly open air rock festival in the Netherlands) is a poll: Which band do you want to see in 2007? There are 5 choices and David Gilmour is currently at second place!

    So let’s vote all for David and his band! You’ll never know if we can welcome them in the Netherlands next summer!!

  54. Not sure about this comp. I will leave it to the usual people to come up with the best foot in mouth.

    Lucia I think your english is great, probably better than some. You are one of the many people on this blog that make me smile everyday.

    Hope everyone has a great weekend. Especially you Fed.

    Renee B.
    Fontana, Ca USA

  55. Hmm. Best foot-in-mouth.

    Eh, that’s me most of the time. The most embarrassing for me was a comment in the chat where I was talking about someone’s ears and my lovely stupid laptop neglected the ‘e’ at the beginning, leading to speculation that I was referring to the subject’s posterior instead.

    I think my blushing contributed to global warming that day.


    NEXT! ๐Ÿ˜€

  56. BBC One tonight (or am I the last to notice?)

    Pink Floyd: Dark Side of the Moon Live
    Fri 15 Dec, 11:35 pm – 12:25 am 50mins

    This 1994 film shot at Earl’s Court on the Division Bell tour is the only live performance of the classic Pink Floyd album captured on film. Featuring three original members of Pink Floyd lead by David Gilmour with Rick Wright and Nick Mason and with some extraordinary visual aids and film sections, the concert is directed by the award-winning David Mallet and is a stunning journey to the dark side and beyond. Some strong language. [S]

  57. My most recent foot in mouth? Itยดs easy. Just ask LG. I thought that she was a guy…

    But I agree with Lucia…non – english speakers like me always have a foot in mouth…

    Will you forgive me one day, LG? ;p

  58. The Sean Lennon interview went well, no need for foot extractions….*whew*

    [Pleased to hear it, Matt. – Features Editor]

  59. Don’t feel bad Adriano, Fed called me “mate” on the chat and I’m a woman.

    Sid (short for Sidnee an anagram of Denise)

    [Sorry, I say that to everyone regardless of their gender (or if they’re a mate). – Features Editor]

  60. Nomination number 3

    Graham Knight for nominating a non-Polly picture for the Best Polly Picture competition…

    I feel for you Graham ๐Ÿ™‚

  61. [I don’t really expect him or even want him to play Echoes on a solo tour unless Rog, Nick, and Rick are invited to join him on stage for a spell (and I’m not holding my breath for that to happen). It would kind of creep me out if David or any of the others played Echoes with anyone other than the full Floyd, because that song is equal parts of all four members. – Posted by: Michael Kelly at December 29, 2005 01:42 PM]

    Could this one be considered foot in mouth……..or maybe egg on face?? I don’t know , but I do know that ‘Echoes’, ((((rocked!!!))))

    I didn’t miss anyone or anything, but I was creeped out, because it sounded so flippin good!


    Melissa (*_*)

  62. Chaps…

    I have a theory…and it’s all mine… ahemm!

    We can win the Weblog Awards using the time-zone differences. I’ve noticed that early in the North American day – Middle of UK day we tend to lose ground over the leader but as the day draws to a close in the UK the gap closes…

    Sooooo….. if all US, Latin American and Canadian bloggers vote we could overtake them…

  63. I just wanted to clarify a few things…

    i am not the madjedi who posted that shit about the dvd presale. I am a very big fan of David Gilmour, and would never disrespect the legend…

    i bought the dvd/cd release without a second thought, as On An Island was that good and i am happy to now have a sealed back up just incase something were to happen to my original.

    i am hopeful you all at this site will find away to take steps to prevent anyone from signing in under someone elses name. (maybe somekind of password?)

    anyway i voted for the weblog!

    To David Gilmour: i look forward to your future work/tours wether it be solo or with that “other band” you played in… cant wait for your dvd! please get it to us soon!!!

    To everyone: have a safe and happy holiday!

    – the real MadJediWithCrazyDiamonds

  64. i think some people don’t get this foot-in-mouth thing at all.

    i’ll second mike from michigan. that guy was speaking out of his ass.

  65. [I think some people don’t get this foot-in-mouth thing at all…]

    We get it but it’s too time and labor intensive to troll through the past!

  66. [I have a theory…and it’s all mine… ahemm! – Posted by: Rudders – Toronto]

    Yea! What Rudders said.


  67. [Wait until you see what we’ve got coming. You’ll really sink your teeth into it. Served hot or cold, it just oozes irony. You’re gonna love it. Bring a napkin. – Features Editor]

    Oooooo, I can’t wait…..


  68. [the real MadJediWithCrazyDiamonds – Posted by: the REAL MadJedi]

    I read that post 3 times and I still don’t know what it says.


  69. [Once I tracked down linesman Andy Halliday and broke both his legs, I felt fine. You’re right about Rafa, of course. – Features Editor]

    So reasonable to assume he can now put (both) his feet in his mouth then ๐Ÿ™‚

  70. this has very little to do with David but Fed what do you think about the proposed buy out of Liverpool by the Prince Sheik….. and the proposed move from Anfield which one are u more concerned getting bought or leaving the hallowed turf of Anfield (maybe you can get a bid in for the SHANKLY GATES I hear they are on Ebay and the Eyeballs are out bidding the gates (wow i got a David conection in not that its true, only joking)

    i think its an excellent move on and off the pitch only wish they had heard about Leeds AFC first

    cheers mate ALL THE BEST

    [I’m more concerned about facing Barcelona in the last sixteen of the Champions League at the moment. – Features Editor]

  71. [I just wanted to clarify a few things… i am not the madjedi who posted that shit about the dvd presale. I am a very big fan of David Gilmour, and would never disrespect the legend… – Posted by: the REAL MadJedi at December 15, 2006 07:56 PM]

    I’ll vouch for you MadJedi. I know you’re the real one.

    You’ll know me as Lead Into Gold or Old Hippie.

    Merry Christmas to you!

  72. Hallo FED and Bloggers!

    I read about the auction for the Pink Floyd’s eyeballs in Ebay and I know that David is one of the most important patron of the homeless; David is not only the best guitarist in the world and probably the the best guitarist of the history of the music but a generous person and a man that, above all, makes all the possible for the others.

    I love this artist, he is and has been so important for my life, but particularly I love the man and his way of living.

    For the eyeballs, what can I say…in my living room I have 2 big posters: the first one the poster of the eyeballs, the second one is the poster of the 2 heads of the division bell.

    FED, tomorrow morning I’ll start for Russia and with me I’ll bring the DVD Live and in session, and the PULSE DVD (and some clothes). I’ll write from Leningrad (Saint Petesburg) I hope that the blog will win the award.

    Rudders, don’t worry about DSOT DVD…

    Ciao a tutti, ciao FED!
    Claudio da Ravenna.

  73. [Hey, Are we going to let some flipping floating blog beat us???? Where is the Gilmour Army?? Where are the Gilmourettes?? Less than 100 votes separate us. We need at least 200 to 300 to ensure victory. – Posted by: Andrew at December 15, 2006 04:06 PM]

    If I hadn’t of been so insulted recently, I would have got all of my 7 classes of IT students to have voted this week ๐Ÿ˜‰

    [If I wasn’t so bored by sanctimoniousness, I might just give a damn. – Features Editor]

  74. Only trailing the floating people by 20 votes now…Go Team Gilmour!

    Poll is still open, in case any west coast folks are reading…

  75. [I think some people don’t get this foot-in-mouth thing at all…]

    [We get it but it’s too time and labor intensive to troll through the past! – Posted by: Matt]

    good point!

  76. lol… i just went to play On An Island and the nipple that holds the cd in fell off… can i use superglue to put it back on or will it eat the material away? this happen to anyone else yet? any idea on how to put it back on without damaging the case or nipple would be nice!

    funny thing is i just said how good it was to have a backup cd…

    hey old hippie nice to see a known “face?” here!

  77. [lol… i just went to play On An Island and the nipple that holds the cd in fell off… can i use superglue to put it back on or will it eat the material away?]

    I thought that thing was a stopper.


  78. [If I wasn’t so bored by sanctimoniousness, I might just give a damn. – Features Editor]

    OMG – can we reopen the voting for best FEd putdown????


  79. Yes Fed…

    If you weren’t so bored by sanctimoniousness… you’d be exhibiting sanctimoniousnesslessness or, even worse, you’d be seen as being sanctimoniousnesslessnesslessness…

    Anyway…I wish to raise an objection to passing this award over and giving it to Bush. If anyone doesn’t deserve recognition of any sort it’s that ninny!

    I suggest, with respect, that Graham Knight receive the award for sticking his size 11’s in his gob by voting for a non-Polly picture in a Polly picture competition…

  80. I agree that, ah, ah, “BUSHIT”, pardon me… I mean, I agree that, ah, ah, ah, “Bushism”, pardon me… Goosh, I better go get something for this cyber cold, before I get a fellow DG blogger sick!!!

    Can we please create a new American capital in Montana or something, we could combine with Canada and Mexico and turn Washington, DC into a museum, please…? This is embarrassing ๐Ÿ™

    Is there anybody that feels the way I doโ€ฆ?

  81. Thanks, FEd, Victor, and Ralph, for the birthday wishes.

    NO thanks to Mike from Michigan who dredges up the dreaded hotpants topic. Move on!


  82. [If I wasn’t so bored by sanctimoniousness, I might just give a damn. – Features Editor]

    Strangers passing in the street
    By chance two separate glances meet
    And I am you and what I see is me
    And do I take you by the hand
    and lead you through the land
    And help me understand the best I can
    And no one calls us to move on!
    and no one forces down our eyes!
    and no one speaks!
    And no one tries and no one flies around the sun!


    Merry Christmas FEd! ๐Ÿ˜€

  83. Hmmmm….seems I did mention that it would have taken 200 to 300 votes to win the blog award. How much did we loose by?? 174. I know the results are final but geez I don’t think you’ll make up 200 votes – this is not Florida or Ohio.


  84. MadJediWithCrazyDiamonds,

    Try using pastie to put that nipple back on….LOL.

    Sounds like something that Matt would have said.


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