First play of 'Arnold'



Our four lucky winners are… dognamedblue, Emiel, Pawel and Thorsten.

Congratulations to you all. We’ve got your addresses, so keep an eye on the postman next week.


We’ll have the video of David Bowie singing ‘Arnold Layne’ on the site later tonight, with one-minute audio snippets of all three tracks from the forthcoming ‘Arnold Layne’ single (that’s the David Bowie version, the Richard Wright version, as well as ‘Dark Globe’) coming shortly.

For more, keep an eye on the Latest News page.

The audio will be available from 6PM and the video from midnight (UK time).

If you can’t wait that long, you can also see the video on the BBC Radio 2 site from 6PM (UK time).

You can hear the very first play of the ‘Arnold Layne’ single this morning on BBC Radio 2’s Ken Bruce show between 9.30AM and 12 noon (UK time).

Don’t worry if you can’t physically tune in because you can all listen live online, or later via the BBC’s ‘Listen Again’ feature. Look out for the great big purple buttons on their website.

Do let us know what you think of the track and, if you like it, let your favourite radio station know that you want them to play it.

The single has been added to Radio 2’s B list. This means that you can expect to hear it about ten times during the course of the week. The more requests it receives, however, the more chance the single has of making it on to the A list, which means it will be played more often. Tracks on the A list receive the most plays (about 20 a week) compared to the B list’s ten and the C list’s five.

We can also report that the tracks will be available to download from iTunes, as well as other digital media.

There will be a limited press of 7" ‘Arnold Layne’ singles in Europe and 10" singles in North America. There will also be a CD single available in Europe only. These will be available from 26 December.

The three tracks, all recorded live, are: ‘Arnold Layne’ featuring David Bowie on vocals, ‘Arnold Layne’ featuring Richard Wright on vocals and a beautiful acoustic rendition of Syd Barrett’s haunting ‘Dark Globe’.

You can download the single from Christmas Day.

Author: FEd

Features Editor of David Gilmour’s official blog, The Blog (‘Features’ previously being its rather naff title), affectionately – or lazily – shortened to ‘FEd’.

148 thoughts on “First play of 'Arnold'”

  1. you lucky people….

    “The end of labor is to gain leisure” (Aristotle)

    I wish a nice and resting week-end to all of you

    Bye/ciao Elisabetta

  2. Morning FEd,

    Thanks for the Radio 2 tip-off.

    I am tuned in now and waiting to hear “Arnold Layne”….

    [You haven’t missed it, don’t worry. Hope you enjoy. – Features Editor]

  3. WWHHOOO great news FED

    glad others not familar with david will hear his work but also hear syds wonderful writing, Ill be requesting it and using the listen again feature later

    can anyone tell me why the UK is having a 7″ version and the USA 10″,

    [Good question. All I can say, though, is that it’s down to the record companies. – Features Editor]

  4. Outstanding. Shame I can’t get radio in work (thank heavens for cds) but I will be sure to tune in over the weekend to hear it!!

    I’m popping off to see if I can borrow my mums frock, for a bit of authenticity y’know. No I don’t get a kick out of it honest.

  5. [The full title is ‘The Strat Pack Live in Concert: The 50th Anniversary of the Fender Stratocaster’, Elizabeth. You should certainly be able to get it from the more well-known online retailers, but possibly only from Europe and, therefore, it might not function in your DVD player as it will probably be in PAL format. If anyone can comment further, please chime in. – Features Editor]

    Elizabeth – in the US sells the NTSC version at a fairly decent price. You may want to check them out. Make sure though that your selection is NTSC (which you can confirm by reviewing the product details of the DVD you select to purchase).

    Have a great weekend everyone.


  6. i’m listening. thanks for letting us know, fed. don’t want to miss this.

    [It hasn’t been played yet. – Features Editor]

  7. [Our four lucky winners are… dognamedblue, Emiel, Pawel and Thorsten.]

    well done, guys. 🙂

    ken bruce just said that the track’s coming up. can’t wait!

  8. Congratulations to DVD winners, dognamedblue, Emiel, Pawel and Thorsten.

    One of These Days…. I may be a winner 🙁

  9. Good Morning to you FED,

    The blog is almost a year old – i cant believe how quickly this year has gone!

  10. I just wanted to say you’ll love the Dvd dognamedblue,emiel,pawel and thorsten. But make sure you play it LOUD.

    Plus to Fed, Have a good Weekend, For you really deserve it.


  11. YESSSSS!!! I WON!! sorry for the caps, guys!!! im sooooo happy!!!

    Thanks Fed!!!

    Congrats to my fellow winners as well!!!

  12. Will the “A” side be with David Bowie or Richard Wright on vocal?

    Gary Hurley

    [Bowie, I think. – Features Editor]

  13. I tuned in late. But, he said something special coming up soon……David Gilmour.

    I thought I would have missed it already.

    Maybe this is a sign, this day will be a good day.

    Melissa (*_*)

  14. Congrats to the winners!

    Good old Radio 2, or as its better known “The Coffin Dodgers Station”, is aimed at the more seasoned listener and is perfect to air such beautiful music.

    May the force be with you FEd.

  15. Firstly, congrats to the winners.

    [What a nice bunch of patient and understanding people you are, you, bloggers from Europe! So happy to be a part of so civilised persons like you!!! – Sylvie de montréal]

    But here’s one thats getting pi**ed off with some of the antics currently going on.

    I look forward to coming on here first thing in the morning to look at what blogs were left the night before. I didnt think it funny at all with what I saw.

    I am sure there are other sites where you can play.

    Pete – Coventry

  16. The memories from 29/05/06 have just been re-kindled.

    Ken Bruce has just said the “Video” of Arnold will be available on the Radio 2 site, this evening after 18:00…

    [The video will be on our site as well, with the other two coming next week. Details to follow shortly. – Features Editor]

  17. Just heard it – fantastic!

    Congratulations to the DVD winners. You’ve got a treat in store.

  18. Listened to Ken Bruce. Arnold Layne was fantastic. Ken just talked over the bit where David Bowie was thanking David. David Bowie must be really glad that he did this performance. Very poignant!

  19. It was played at about 12:18(CET), and it’s absolutely amazing. Very close to the original, and although i was a bit sceptic about Mr Bowie’s contribution, i must admit that was completely wrong.

    Does Mr Wright use the same organ as he did 35 years ago? It doesn’t matter, but he got the sound right to say the least.

    Now it’s waiting patiently for the 26th to go and collect the vinyl i ordered.

  20. Happy Friday,

    Talking of Syd, apparently his belongings, sold at auction, appeared to go to fans and the cash raised is going to the arts.

    Personally, I felt kind of relieved. I just didnt like the idea of his stuff sitting in a hard rock cafe somewhere.

    Pete – Coventry

    [Let’s hope we don’t see any of it on eBay, then. – Features Editor]

  21. I’ll give Arnold Layne a listen after the fact. And I’ll phone up the local stations with my request of course. I want everyone to hear it.

    Got my DVD yesterday. Very pleased, especially with “Astronomy Dominé” (whew, good stuff!!). I’ll have to watch it a few more times this weekend to get the full effect; I think I spent most of the first spin gazing at a certain guitarist’s biceps. So sue me – it’s that damn estrogen problem I have.


  22. WOW what a event, i heard it and they were much excited to play it.

    First time I received an email from the producer within 10min to annouce it would be played after 11AM, and it was worth the wait and will be worth getting it from iTunes.

    Great Stuff FEd…

    Vinyl will be next and great joy to listen to it on and on.

    Regards FEd


  23. Heard “Arnold Layne” on Radio 2 and think its great. Like the vocals, all very English. I will order the CD in normal manner without resorting competitions or special treatment.

    I have been away for a week and very sad and reading some of posts. Somehow it always ends up like this.

    Played the DVD last night, I got the special edition CD/DVD, no probs. Nice visuals, a bit flashy on Live track but lurve the Abbey session.At the end of the day its only a DVD and really it isnt a matter of life and death. We all need breaks-how many have you had Fed in one year?

    Reading about possible competition for most posts, I think the garden fence would win! Seriously though can’t see the point in this. Its not about quantity but quality. If it was any other way then David would release an album every week and we wouldnt want that, would we?

    Finally to Geoff Dublin, yes I can do a glass bust of you, done many, mainly for booby prize competitions.Think about it!

    Ian Pearson

    [We can have a poll to see who has posted more than anyone, but not a competition. Like you, I value quality far more than quantity. – Features Editor]

  24. i am sorry fed. i will tone it down and play nice with others. i will save the jabs for the U2 site (seen them a load of times too). i do apologize to u and all others in all seriousness!

  25. You: This is not a fan site. This is the official David Gilmour site. It means that sometime ago, Mr. Gilmour hired a crew and they developed this thing you are reading this now.

    Why did he bother on doing that? Only to promote his On An Island Album?

    He has a contract with EMI, which mean that he could ask their marketing department to that and he wouldn´t even know if it was online or not. And they would do it with great pleasure since his album reached number one charts…But then, they would deliver something like the official Floyd sites…

    Or do you think he is The Rockstar, paying tribute to his crazy fans, being thankful that they bought so many of his and Floyd albuns over the years that he got very rich and his conscience very heavy?

    If he released one or more albums per year, only to earn from its profits perhaps it would be the case… But he launched his last solo album (before OAI) almost 23 years ago… And Floyd´s last almost 13…

    So, the man is an artist. One of the greatest (if not the greatest) guitar player and musicians of the world. He is a true artist because he is true to his art. What does it mean?

    The plot on The Division Bell was communication. The plot on On An Island is enjoy what really matters in this life: Friends, Family – People.

    David Gilmour believes in that. He believes in communication. Not the communication between the guitar hero and his fans. But the communication between people. Those who admire his work. And even those who are not that close to his music, but have something important to say.

    This site is a direct channel to David and his work. And it´s so extraordinary because there´s nothing like this out there.

    David and his crew even bothered to hire a Features Editor that is not only a tech freak or an “I know everything about him” fan. The Features Editor of this website is a person who knows people. Is a very accomplished professional who does an extraordinary job and loves the job he does.

    Respect him for that. Take some time and read the posts of this blog, from the beginning. Read his answers. And you will find he is a very intelligent and reasonable person. Besides that, he represents Gilmour here. So, once again, respect that.

    All these things are fragile. David Gilmour is a very powerful person, due to his music, his career, his family. And through this site he is sharing his power with his admirers.

    Very few people do that. Respect it.

    I do care about this site. And about many people I´ve got to know through it.

    Now, I´ll find the link to hear Arnold Layne.

    See you next chat.

    [Thanks for that, mate. – Features Editor]

  26. i cant think of anyone else on the planet more suitable to sing arnold layne than bowie. that was a brilliant idea and i still havent even heard it.

    the history behind that is very poignant as bowie was a huge syd guy. that was HIS gilmour , if you will and if you look at ziggy stardust, i believe that that the influence that Syd had on that character is unmistakeable. (look , no eye brows…and kinda like if syd had he made it to 1974, or whatever year that was, in better shape)

  27. Just heard the single via the listen again feature & if you dont want to listen to the whole programme the David’s are about 1:45 minutes in, just use the fast forward buttons to get there.

    Boy did that bring back memories of the 29th May. fantastic

  28. I would have liked to be able to say what you said, Adriano.

    I hope, one day, I ‘ll see you again in the chatroom.


  29. I’m a winner *dance dance dance*

    Luv ya people, thank you very much…

    What a great start for this weekend.

  30. bless you,Adriano, very, very well said!! I have been coming here shortly after it was launched and still check in at least once a day.

    I have always admired the work that has gone into it and the efforts that were and are still being made to keep this place what its intended to be: an artists site.

    so a big thank you to all the people who help make this site possible is in order, especially with the anniversary coming up! any special plans on that, Fed? (besides all the goodies you keep throwing at us, that is…….)

    [Nope. No plans. – Features Editor]

  31. Hey FeEd,

    Will the vinyl singles be available through the same site we ordered the solo DVD’s?

    Cheers, Howard

    [No, I don’t think so, but I will check and get back to you on that. – Features Editor]

  32. Just listend to Arnold Layne on Ken Bruce listen again (1:45 into the programme) and it’s brilliant! Even through the tin can speakers on my computer.

  33. Just a few thoughts and a question:

    1. Thank you FEd for giving this blog a “time out” yesterday. It definitely needed it.

    2. [can anyone tell me why the UK is having a 7″ version and the USA 10″]

    I hope the answer doesn’t come back, because the U.S. is more decadent and over the top.

    3. I see there was a mention of a video for Arnold Layne. Can you let us know if the video will be available for download from iTunes or other means? I realize that it will be in the forthcoming DVD but I also enjoy downloading video from time to time to then watch on my iPod. That could be pretty cool.



    [The latest is that BBC Radio 2 will have it this evening and we’ll be streaming it on the site a little later. That’s all I know so far. – Features Editor]

  34. I agree whole heartedly with Adriano’s wonderful insight. I think what might have “F*Ed” the fire here was that some of the offensive blatherings here on the board ( mine included ) were posted therefore giving the postee’s the illusion that they were acceptable.

    I’m in no way throwing our dear features editor under the bus here. F*Ed does a Herculean job here and there is no reason why our features editor should wade through tons of coal to get to the diamond posts. Lets all try just a bit harder to think before we hit the post button.

    Remember, you can’t spell FRIEND without F-E-D and he is on the receiving end…

    [Please don’t throw me under a bus, Matt. That would be terrible and certainly deserved of an immediate ban. In all seriousness, the fun stuff is great and adds a lot to the day-to-day posts, but what I read from the chat transcript was plainly unacceptable and I don’t want any of that absurdity spilling over into the blog. As so many people recently expressed their concerns about the blog becoming a mere meeting place to discuss the latest chat, I simply felt it worth reminding ourselves that the blog was here first, that many readers do not visit the chatroom and that the chatroom is only here because of the blog’s success. I’m not wasting my time on what I consider (hugely embarrassing) self-indulgent bollocks, frankly. – Features Editor]

  35. I can’t wait to listen to the Arnold Layne track, will be beautiful, and all that thanks to Syd.
    Syd Barrett is alive, his energy is between us.

    I’m sorry to hear about the chat troubles FEd. Well I rarely join the chat, I’m not much into that, I prefer more relaxed off-line conversations.

    Take care and have a nice weekend.

  36. Thanks for the link Fed. I am listening to the Ken Bruce playback and he has promised me a song from David Gilmour and David Bowie. Can’t wait! But I will…

    Congats to the DVD winners!

  37. We wish we were in UK…we miss out a lot of these kinds of goodies here in the States. My day has just begun…I can’t wait the day is over so that I can check out the website at home – I am sure my husband may have already done so at home now.

    Congrats to the winners.

  38. Wow ! I think I am a winner !?!?

    Huraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa !!!! 🙂

    This is amazing year for me ! PULSE on DVD, new David`s CD, concert in Dortmund, personal meeteing with David and Polly in Gdansk, concert in Gdansk and now … lucky winner 🙂

    Thank You very very much !!

  39. well just listened to the playback on radio 2. brought back some excellent memories of the 29th of may. its just brill. cant wait for it to be released.

    hope you are fine Fed and everyone out there. sorry im only dropping in occasionally. lots to do. just managed to land a new job. its not brill but its a job. anything will do what with the baby on its way very soon.

    love to all, Ian hope you are well can you email me please mate.

    cheers Fed keep it up

    [Pleased to hear about the job, Simon. – Features Editor]

  40. [No, here’s hoping you have some harsh words with your optician. This competition is for European fans only. Short of hiring a megaphone, how can I make it clearer? – Features Editor]


    I just want to apologise for entering the competition the other day. I see that I am among those who needed to read closer. I guess I got too excited about the competition and did not finish reading. I feel like an idiot. I truly do not wish to waste your time.


    [That’s quite alright, Jan. There’s no need. We all make mistakes. Unfortunately for this guy, he somehow managed to make about 263 really big ones in the space of just a few lines and, because he did so with such a stinking attitude, I couldn’t help but let rip. The North American competition is coming on Sunday, so do feel free to enter. The same goes to anyone else who misread. (By the way, you’ll notice that lots of other people will misread on Sunday…) – Features Editor]

  41. Dearest F’Ed,

    Firstly, my apologies for soiling the Blog with any Chatroom nonsense and rubbish. You are right to direct us back to the Blog rules and Chat commentary. While I am quite sure I didn’t violate the rules I am certain I contributed to a little rubbish and alot of nonsense.

    On the subject of nonsense in the Barn, however, I must air my differences. Having been a part of the Blog banter that conceived of “the Barn”, starting with your suggestion of said barn in a Welsh setting, I recall that most of that would be considered nonsense.

    It is my opinion that nonsense was at the very essence of the Blog Irregulars concerning the Barn. I also feel the nonsense exchanged is part of the comraderie and sense of community we all share here.

    Clearly the focus of the website and the Blog matter is David Gilmour but you have always maintained open borders while maintaining order and respectability.

    As for my part in the Barn the other day. I probably was a bit uninhibited by the notion of closed doors and after hours (if you know what I mean). Sorry for that mate!


    [I appreciate that and you make some fair points. If I replace the word “nonsense” with something a bit more fitting, you’ll know what I’m getting at (nobody else has to, though). I don’t want anymore of that in the chatroom. We need not discuss the matter any further. – Features Editor]

  42. Absolutely great! Loves it!

    Bowie is fantastic. Wish I was there!

    P.s to anybody else, it’s around One Hour and Forty Six minutes into the programme.

  43. Happy Friday all!

    I must humbly tell you all my initial reaction to the RAH version of Take A Breath on the DVD was not positive. I have watched it several more times and it is growing on me (still can’t watch it in a dark room… makes my eyes feel like they are vibrating!).

    And as I said before, the live version of the song itself (apart from the visual presentation) is amazing! I love the second solo on the song… and live it is even better. I guess that since the first few songs in the show were slower, the frenetic visuals of TAB kind of breaks things up, so I am anxiously waiting to see the rest of the DVD.

    As far as the Abbey Road and AOL segments- I absolutely love them! I like how there are plenty of shots of David’s hands as he plays- I’m fascinated watching a master like David perform and the well lit, stripped down presentation suits the songs well (much like the Meltdown show). So thats my backtracking.

    Quick question Fed… will the 10″ vinyl version of Arnold Layne be available at major stores like Best Buy or Amazon, or will it be thru Anthill again?

    Hope everyone has a great weekend!

    [I’d personally get it from your chosen store, Tim. – Features Editor]

  44. Thanks Fed for the Latest News, you are so full of………… information. Yeah, that’s it. Will listen for Arnold on the repeat as mentioned.

    I recently heard a live version of Blue Light on an undisclosed weekly radio station. What a full sound, excellent rendition.

    Kudos to Adriano too.

  45. [can anyone tell me why the UK is having a 7″ version and the USA 10″]

    We are taller as well…….

  46. Ok just heard the song on on the BBC site excellent version of the song, I really cannot wait for the EP.

    Dark Globe is the song im most looking forward to hearing though.

    The dvd of this is gonna be great, hopefully sometime in the future though I will get a chance to see David live sometime.

    [Douglas, if I can don my fan hat for just a moment, I have to say that ‘Dark Globe’ is absolutely, stunningly beautiful. I only hope it makes people track down the original and that they realise what an extraordinary talent Syd was. It’s not a ‘tribute single’ – we all hate that expression here – but it works very well as a most fitting reminder of Syd’s sheer brilliance. – Features Editor]

  47. If ya wanna, F*Ed…only if ya wanna 🙂

    Have a great weekend man, ya deserve it.

    ~ F*ED ~ (as sung to Michael Jackson’s, “Ben”)

    F*Ed, the two of us need look no more
    We both found what we were looking for
    With a friend to call my own
    I’ll never be alone
    And you, my friend, will see
    You’ve got a friend in me
    (you’ve got a friend in me)

    F*Ed, you’re always running here and there
    You feel you’re not wanted anywhere
    If you ever look behind
    And don’t like what you find
    There’s one thing you should know
    You’ve got a place to go
    (you’ve got a place to go)

    I used to say “I” and “me”
    Now it’s “us”, now it’s “we”
    I used to say “I” and “me”
    Now it’s “us”, now it’s “we”
    F*Ed, most people would turn you away
    I don’t listen to a word they say
    They don’t see you as I do
    I wish they would try to
    I’m sure they’d think again
    If they had a friend like F*Ed
    (a friend) Like F*Ed
    (like F*Ed) Like F*ed

    [If your mission was to make me nauseous, then I applaud you. But thanks. – Features Editor]

  48. [If I replace the word “nonsense” with something a bit more fitting, you’ll know what I’m getting at (nobody else has to, though). I don’t want anymore of that in the chatroom. – Features Editor]

    ’nuff said Fed…

    [Good stuff. – Features Editor]

  49. [Douglas, if I can don my fan hat for just a moment, I have to say that ‘Dark Globe’ is absolutely, stunningly beautiful. I only hope it makes people track down the original and that they realise what an extraordinary talent Syd was. It’s not a ‘tribute single’ – we all hate that expression here – but it works very well as a most fitting reminder of Syd’s sheer brilliance. – Features Editor]

    thanks for that, fed. i’m moved. i think you’re right. thanks again for putting it out.

  50. David Bowie has always been one of my all time favorite vocalists. Just one listen to songs such as, “Word On A Wing” or “Sweet Thing” and you cannot deny his brilliance.

    I think Richard’s voice suits this song perfectly so I cannot wait to hear both verions of this magnificent song…

  51. i am looking at this photo and am totally distracted. as someone that didnt see the oai tour…what is with all of those ‘limp’ mic. stands to dg’s right ? and the one that is 3 ft. above manzanerra’s or guy’s (i cant tell who that is) head? it has been bothering me all day. i see mic’s attached to them…dont i? very strange!

  52. Listened to David and David’s version of Arnold Layne a couple of times. It was “totally awesome”! (sorry Fed, couldn’t resist). This was one, along with Echoes, that I couldn’t wait to hear. Truly special performance and I can’t wait to hear it beyond low-baud streaming and lousy speakers. I’ll be “home” for Christmas!

    F’Ed, I appreciate your sentiments regarding Syd, and “Dark Globe”. The off-beat poigniency of that song has always given me chills. And the “wouldn’t you miss me” refrain was the first thing to mind when I read of Syd’s passing, on this very website.

    Enjoy your weekend, F’Ed. Have a cyber-beer on me. I’ll be fast asleep during the next chat, so I will have to wait to make amends…..

  53. A few things to mention…

    Congrats to the winners. A fine DVD it is! I had the pleasure of sneaking into the dvd player about 10 minutes after m’lady went to work.

    Adriano – what a perfectly stated sentiment regarding this site, and the intentions of it. I couldn’t have come close to expressing it any better!

    Have a great weekend Irregulars and FEd.


  54. I too have just listened to Arnold Layne on BBC Radio 2!!! I must say I thought it was excellent and brought back great memories of being there that night at the RAH!!!

    I can’t wait for this to be released.

    Can you confirm FED whether or not this will be on the DVD? The version with Bowie. I would be so pleased if it is to be included!!!

    [I believe it is, but take that with a pinch of salt for now because everything changes within the blink of an eye around here. – Features Editor]

  55. [Douglas, if I can don my fan hat for just a moment, I have to say that ‘Dark Globe’ is absolutely, stunningly beautiful. I only hope it makes people track down the original and that they realise what an extraordinary talent Syd was. It’s not a ‘tribute single’ – we all hate that expression here – but it works very well as a most fitting reminder of Syd’s brilliance. – Features Editor]

    F’ed – Let me compliment your fan hat, it is most becoming.

    I’ve had Madcap Laughs, Barrett and Opel since they were first released on CD in the 80s. One of my college buddies once discribed the difference between Syd and David this way: “David’s musical genius is in his hands and his heart. Syd’s is in his dreams.” These recordings give you a peek into the raw, unfiltered genius of Syd Barrett.

    I love both the “Dark Globe” from Madcap and the “Wouldn’t You Miss Me” version from Opel. For those not yet in possession of the full Syd catalog, EMI released the “Crazy Diamond” box set in the 90s with all three albums combined.

    David’s tribute to his friend Syd is the best Christmas present to us fans that I can imagine.

    Thanks to all who helped put this release out for us.

  56. Hi FEd and friends!

    Congratulations to the latest winners … good job!

    Adriano, I’d like to appoint you my official spokesperson … very well put indeed!

    FEd, sounds like a rough week for you. I hope you have a pleasant and relaxing weekend. And, by the way, your comments on the Dark Globe performance have me even more excited to hear it than before. What a lovely homage to Syd …

    Peace, love and understanding (please)!
    Washington State

  57. Just heard it. It´s wonderful! Man! Wish I was there…

    The band plays as if they were on their 20´s!

    Thinking again…they were indeed!

  58. ********** IMPORTANT **********

    Just in case anyone missed the second announcement of the day, please scroll back to the top of the page for a note about some ‘Arnold Layne’ goodies that are coming later today.

    We hope you’ll enjoy them.

  59. I’m pretty much a first time blogger and am unaware of whether or not the blogs are supposed to be specifically about a blog topic or not.

    All I want to say is, damn! I wish there was a cd of the background music on this site…that would be a treat.

    [Hi Cody. We tend to hover around the day’s topic, put it that way. As long as it’s interesting, honest and thoughtful, it’s very welcome. In the case of the background music, these snippets are ‘goodies’ which were given to us by David. – Features Editor]

  60. Vinyl. In the U.S. I don’t think the major chains carry vinyl anymore. It’s all CDs and DVDs. So it will be interesting to see if the Arnold 10″ single makes it into those big chains as a limited release.

    Which brings you to the question of where would you get it in the states if the big stores don’t carry it. The answer would be in very limited quantities at small independent shops. But many of the big chains have pushed the small stores out of business. And now you really, really have to search to find those independents. You can still find them in some cities but it certainly is not like it used to be.

    And of course the other option is online purchase of the vinyl. Problem is if you look at some of those popular auction sites, the shipping charges many times are ridiculous. But of course there some other online store options as well if you do your search. Many times they are online stores for some of those independent record shops.

    So you really need to search.

    In any event, I know that this site can’t/shouldn’t endorse where you can purchase. But I will echo a prior post, if you can get it into the Anthill store, that would be fantabulous. I know the DG management will do what they can and I certainly understand if they can’t accommodate as well.



  61. Just a little afterthought here …

    In regards to the dvd, some people were a bit put off by the strobe effect on the RAH version of Take A Breath, while others thought that the dvd didn’t need both the RAH and AOL Sessions versions of Take A Breath.

    My thought was that it was an excellent choice to put both versions on the dvd. The RAH version really shows the power and energy that the song produces in concert while the AOL version is less visual but still allows the listener/watcher to feel the intensity of the song and performance.

    I absolutely loved the song from the first listen and it’s done nothing but sound better to me each time I hear it!! I think it was fantastic that people have the option to listen/watch in two different settings …

    That’s all folks!

    Washington State

  62. [ i am looking at this photo and am totally distracted. as someone that didnt see the oai tour…what is with all of those ‘limp’ mic. stands to dg’s right ? and the one that is 3 ft. above manzanerra’s or guy’s (i cant tell who that is) head? it has been bothering me all day. i see mic’s attached to them…dont i? very strange! ]

    That is Guy in the picture, he has wandered from his mic stand (which is the one that looks like it’s floating over his head.) The two in the center stage are for Graham Nash and David Crosby. This is one of the nights when they sat in. They are lowered as to not obstruct the view of the stage for the rest of the show. Guy loves to move around the drumstand during the show.

  63. Thank you for that “Another Important Announcement” that don’t regularly log in here really miss out!

    Adriano…well said!..I have a post towards the end of the Nov.27th blog edition that kind of reflects similar sentiments but not so eloquently phrased.

  64. i just wanted to welcome cody first…

    then echo echoesbob. it’s nice to see syd fans on here.

    really looking forward to these ‘arnold layne’ goodies you mention, but like douglas i’m most looking forward to hearing ‘dark globe’.

    please pass on my thanks again to david for singing this song. as a fan of syd’s, it means a lot.

    hope everyone has a good weekend. x

  65. [ Vinyl. In the U.S. I don’t think the major chains carry vinyl anymore. It’s all CDs and DVDs. So it will be interesting to see if the Arnold 10″ single makes it into those big chains as a limited release. ]

    Walk into your favorite record store next week and have them order the single for you. Be persistant if they can’t find the product number, Sony/EMI may not have released the details yet.

    This way the single appears in the store on the release day with your name on it. No shipping to pay.

  66. Will it be the David Bowie version on video here or the Richard Wright cut? Doesn’t really matter, just happy to get to see it and thought I’d ask.

    North America on Sunday??!!! =o)

    [It’s the Bowie version today. – Features Editor]

  67. CAPTION: Guy’s attempt at recreating Linda Blair’s famous pea soup moment in the exorcist had the front row ducking for cover.

    Rgds Geoff Duffy ( Dublin ) ” it burns it burns ”

  68. Hello everyone, hope you are all well.

    I haven’t been on here for a while but I thought I would just say how great it was to see the vid for Arnold Layne. It brought back such good memories of the tour and I can’t wait for the DVD!

    Have a good weekend everyone.

  69. [I’m not wasting my time on what I consider (hugely embarrassing) self-indulgent bollocks, frankly. – Features Editor]

    LOL, you should be a writer Fed!

  70. Cody – we ALL wish we had David’s site background music on CD. There are some great pieces there… maybe someday David will develop them into something more.

    Fed, I’ve never heard the song Dark Globe so I will try to hunt down the 10″ vinyl version when it comes out. I don’t have speakers on my computer so will just have to wait until the DVD to hear the live versions of AL. Sounds exciting though. Can’t wait for the release announcement… don’t suppose there will be a competition to join the release party???


    [Sadly, no. – Features Editor]

  71. Hey Fed and Irregulars,

    Seen the media file and it’s very very good. David G is simply…sublime! And Bowie is brilliant.

    However, this is the first proper read of today’s Blog I have had, and it seems as if there’s quite a lot of pissed off people here. Adriano’s bit, something about a ‘welsh’ setting for the barn. Very Brain-Wrenching….

    So I thought I might cheer you up with a joke!

    Two Monkeys are ready to go into the bath. One jumps in and screams (monkey shout) “WO WO AH AH!” Second Monkey says “Well put some bloody cold water in then!!!”

    Maybe I should give up jokes! Anyways, I hope you all have a great weekend, and this weekend Syd, I’ll be thinking about you.

  72. Wow, I just listened to the 3×60 seconds extracts of David’s single on the site (with windows media), very moving, above all Dark Globe (I didn’t know at all this song…), David’s voice is haunting, full of emotion, I think; it’s a very short extract, I wish I could hear the entire version !

    As for Arnold Layne, I prefer Rick’s version (sorry for David Bowie), I think his voice is more familiar and suits (?) better that PF song, but it’s a very subjective opinion !

    Many thanks to allow us to hear these small pieces of David’s new single.


  73. [Douglas, if I can don my fan hat for just a moment, I have to say that ‘Dark Globe’ is absolutely, stunningly beautiful. I only hope it makes people track down the original and that they realise what an extraordinary talent Syd was. It’s not a ‘tribute single’ – we all hate that expression here – but it works very well as a most fitting reminder of Syd’s sheer brilliance. – Features Editor]

    The funny thing about many of Syd’ songs, the solo ones in particular, is that they could have been written for David to sing and play. They suit his voice and style impeccably. Dark Globe is the latest and probably best example of this.

    I love David’s versions of Dominoes and Terrapin as well. I’d love to hear him do Golden Hair or Here I go.

    Anyhow, I can’t wait to hear Dark Globe. Must have been incredible to witness it first hand, particularly since it was sung so soon after Syd’s death.

    Out of curiosity, why do you all hate the term tribute? Or is it tribute single that you don’t like? Just curious.

    [I don’t know why, we just do. Sorry! – Features Editor]

  74. After having attempted private apology and pro-active amendments with Fed earlier today, it is only naturally fair that I attempt a public one with you all…..for unwittingly exposing you to an untimely posting of a silly trivial entry in the form of a poem right before Fed, in utter frustration and anger, closed up the blog last night…. (I am SO SORRY this is a bit lengthy, but you deserve to be addressed!)

    [Peter – Coventry: But here’s one that’s getting pi**ed off with some of the antics currently going on.]

    Dear Peter, your anger means more than you know to me. Regardless that I am clueless as to all the “after hours antics” in the chatroom, the contents of my silly blog entry had nonetheless gleaned enough from the bits and pieces allowed to be expressed in the blog, which were obviously stemming FROM the chatroom. If I were to have known the resulting detrimental effect that had on you, Fed, and all else for that matter, I would have swiftly cancelled my entry.

    But, unfortunately, I had not refreshed my screen frequently enough to foresee one of Fed’s earlier comments about how he was going to dread reading the chatroom script that night. I am tearfully sorry for having fueled your fire, Fed’s fire, and anyone else’s – I would never intend to tempt you or anyone else unto anger here on this site, but have always had a goodwill intention to lift spirits with a medicine of laughter. I am really sorry I failed you.

    [Ian Pearson: very sad and reading some of posts. Somehow it always ends up like this.]

    Again, dear Ian, I’m REALLY sorrowful for fueling what was to turn out to be a big explosion!

    [Andrew: Thank you FEd for giving this blog a “time out” yesterday. It definitely needed it.]

    Yes, I DEFINITELY needed it! ….I’m really sorry, Andrew.

    [Matt: …there is no reason why our features editor should wade through tons of coal to get to the diamond posts. Lets all try just a bit harder to think before we hit the post button.]

    Matt, THANK YOU! I couldn’t have put it better to Fed, and will now have a perfect visual reminder of diamonds in my head! NO more silly lumps of coal from me…..

    [Fed: …..many readers do not visit the chatroom and that chatroom is only here because of the blog’s success. I’m not wasting my time on what I consider (hugely embarrassing) self-indulgent bollocks, frankly…. …… If I replace the word “nonsense” with something a bit more fitting, you’ll know what I’m getting at (nobody else has to, though). I don’t want anymore of that in the chatroom….]

    Though I posted nothing in the blue in the chatroom lobby and did not stay but minutes after it closed, nevertheless, yes, dear Fed, my poem in the blog was embarrassing class-clown nonsense and did not belong there, because it indirectly, though ultimately, stemmed from whatever was evidently said in the chatroom. As you already know, I do not intend to further waste your time with silly lumps of coal in the blog. I am gravely sorry, Fed. I seriously, seriously HATE it when I see you angry and exasperated.

    Again, I apologize for the length of this and such lengthiness will not occur again.

    –LG xo

    [Don’t worry, mate. Turn that frown upside down. Your poem was just a bit of fun and didn’t bother me in the least. There will always be posts that baffle some people and they can skim over whatever they choose to ignore. We wouldn’t have a sense of community without the odd burst of silliness and, as long as it’s kept in check and doesn’t take over the place, it’s welcome. My point is, we won’t have a chatroom if people ruin it. We can lose the chatroom tomorrow, but I’ll be damned if anyone ruins the blog by treating it as the chatroom’s waiting area. Now, no more apologies or debating what’s right and what’s wrong, please, because all that needed saying has been said. (And you should know by now that whatever I say is always right, anyway…) – Features Editor]

  75. Hey, just saw the video on the beeb. Absolutely great. I guess that once again, we have a few more months of excruciating yet sweet waiting ahead …

  76. FEd, it´s the last post from today, I promise.

    Just saw the video on BBC…And once more I found myself asking why this thing called Atlantic Ocean happens to stay between my country and yours…not to mention continental europe.

    It´s not fair.

    The clip is amazing. The show must have been really something you can´t put in words.

    Sure I´ll grab my DVD, but…will never be the same…

    Wish everybody a peaceful and relaxing weekend.

  77. wow..arnold lane and dark globe was f…. amazing!!!

    I’ve seen talk here about the “Strat Pack dvd”. Everybody should have this dvd…marooned is mind blowing!!!!!!

  78. [But here’s one thats getting pi**ed off with some of the antics currently going on. I look forward to coming on here first thing in the morning to look at what blogs were left the night before. I didnt think it funny at all with what I saw. I am sure there are other sites where you can play. – Pete – Coventry]

    I agree, Pete. It was very disappointing to say the least. Sure hope they weren’t all from the USA or I’ll be so embarrassed.

    On another note, Happy weekend to all.

  79. Some people are never happy.

    As the year draws to a close, I just wanted to thank David and company for putting this wonderful album out and the great inspiring concerts that followed. Let’s hope we see more of it in 2007!

    Happy Holidays to everyone and hopefully, peace on earth in 2007.

  80. Hey all… Friday at last!!

    I too listened to the radio show this morning. I actually tuned in at 9am and listened the whole morning (and being in the Netherlands, I found myself listening over and over to english news! so the smoking ban starts in April! England last country in the UK! LOL ). I danced around the living room with my baby boy when the song played. Have to play good music to them since they are babies!!!

    Anyway, I love this version of Arnold Layne. Somehow Bowie just fits with the song. Really great. Ive been trying to watch the video on the BBC website, but apparently too many of us are trying to do the same, and its not showing…or well, at least for me. So, I’ll wait until it’s on here.

    Congrats to the lucky winners!

    And nice weekend to you all!!!

  81. It could be that I am the silliest person on earth, but it took me a while to figure out that the Arnold Lane taster on the BBC2 website was to be found here (click my name):

    Clickwise that’s where the badges are called “Music Club” on the left of the main BBC2 page.

    In the event that i am not worth to be shot on the spot because of plain silliness, i dare to make the suggestion you to change the URL in your announcement here above.

    Greetings, and a warm thank you for all your efforts.

    [Thanks for that, mate. Consider the link changed. – Features Editor]

  82. Got the clip of David Bowie singing Arnold Layne. It was fantastic. Can’t wait to Dec 26th to get the real deal. Makes the wait for the DVD a real treat.

    Happy weekend all.


  83. thanks echoes bob…i didnt know what was up with those mic.’s. that is pretty cool to think about crosby,gilmour and nash getting set up to play. very cool! (love those guys!)

    oh my…that arnold layne sure WAS tasty. man, that was really quite something to see.
    maybe i am jealous and just didnt know it…or want to admit it. you guys saw something that was INCREDIBLY special and congrats to all of you…

    too bad he didnt bust out that old Esquire for that tune (the guitar on the cover of about face…definitely very valuable)…that would have made me utterly speechless for the 1st time ever in THIS arena..oh well. (must be the full moon hovering over nashville tonight and the tail between my legs)

  84. dark globe…just plugged in my $300 studio monitor earphones to the ole mac for dark globe…gilmour’s voice is so amazing on that. i love all of his guitar playing but that voice to me is even more special…the way it cracks on that song…omg. the title deed , as they say, to pf is that voice imo…and the one thing that rw could never recreate when i saw him live…gilmour’s vocals… doyle bramhall and snowy really played all the guitar parts perfectly and that part was really there but NO ONE could sing any of it. that track was amazing.

  85. aaaw F’ed that’s so kind of you!

    thank you so much 🙂

    er I’m dyslexic. it was me right?


    [It sure was. Well done, mate. – Features Editor]

  86. Hi FEd!

    I was at first disappointed I missed the chat the other day, but now I guess I’m not!

    I just listened to Arnold Layne via OAI on this website. LOVED IT! The minute snipets were such teases! I wanted more!

    I hope to catch the chat next week, but finals start next week, argh…Maybe, maybe not.

    Hope you have a fabulous weekend. My husband and I will celebrate our 23rd anniversary Saturday, (as well as my 48th b-day, but there are less years to acknowledge in the anniversary!!!)


    [Many congratulations to you, Penny. – Features Editor]

  87. Just saw the ‘Arnold Layne’ video and, wow! That was amazing! Can hardly wait for the DVD!

    About ‘Dark Globe’, what a beautiful song. Honestly, I hadn’t heard it before and now I kinda wish you had the whole song available on the website but it’s okay, I’ll wait til xmas to download it.

    Thanks for all these goodies, dear FEd! Have a nice weekend.

    With love,

    PS. Adriano, not only do you tell funny jokes, but you’re very insightful too. Well said, buddy!

  88. hey F’ed hope you dont mind the second, non facetious post,

    just to say a warm thanks to all who wished us winners well!

    good luck to our americas friends next time 🙂

    also just got satellite yesterday and was wondering if the artsworld show was repeated at anytime? [did I already ask this?]

    HD? you mean I’ve got to buy a new telly as well as new speakers???

    hope F’ed, the other winners and everyone else has a good weekend


    [It was on twice last week, but everything seems to be repeated constantly these days. If I see another repeat coming up, I’ll let you know. By the way, if anyone spots anything that could be of interest to your fellow fan, please feel free to let us know. We can’t always mention it for boring legal reasons (for example, many of the radio broadcasts that you tell us about don’t actually go ahead as advertised, because the station doesn’t have the right to just play any old thing whenever they choose to), but often we can confirm and announce. As you’ll see from old entries, there have been some good things on TV and radio this year which fans have enjoyed. – Features Editor]

  89. I just listen to Arnold layne and watched the video. David Bowe did a great job singing the song. Now I’m really excited to see the David Gilmour concert Next Year.


  90. Just listened to all the clips – simply amazing.

    Now have to figure out how to get a copy.

    Thanks for everything.

  91. I just got the new dvd, and I thought it was great! I loved Astronomy Domine. I love seeing the older songs performed, and I’d especially love to see A Pillow of Winds and Fearless.

    However, I do have to say that I very much DISLIKED the editing on Take A Breath. I love the song, but the rapid flashing from scene to scene was very disturbing, and you couldn’t even enjoy viewing the performance by David.

    I hope the rest of the upcoming dvd is not presented in this manner.

  92. Thank you so much for this. It’s an incredible gift. The posting of this video, like the AOL sessions, stands as a marked tribute to the generosity of David Gilmour’s billiance. THANK YOU SO MUCH! This is splendid. I can’t wait for the DVD!

  93. Hi FEd and friends,

    I’m absolutely stunned by the moving 60 second sound-clip of ‘Dark Globe’ … what else can I say? Fantastic!

    The video of ‘Arnold Layne’ with David Bowie is amazing as well! Again, what else can I say?

    Thank you, thank you, thank you everyone involved in making these special moments available to us. I would imagine that David is crucial in these decisions and I hope that he realizes just how much we all appreciate the extra efforts put forth on our behalf!

    And thank you FEd! Nice job indeed!

    Peace and love to all!
    Washington State

  94. Wonderful job on the video folks. The super resolution was really fantastic. Thanks for letting us share.

  95. What a TEASE!

    That video clip of ‘Arnold Layne’ was like eating one potato chip. You know, you can’t just have one. I was all into it. At the end of the song,every one is looking around, laughing, smiling at each other, looking a bit mischievous. I’m watching David switch guitars, It looks like he’s getting ready to play…………..

    Melissa (*_*)

  96. What a week, Xmas coming early. The Fed going through the paces again, and believe you me, you are going to deserve a vacation on an island remote in the near future and get your feet planted in harmony again. Keep up the good fight Fed, you have earned it outright.

    Still haven’t recieved my DVD, but patiently awaiting.

  97. Something amiss, I tried the OAI entry and no Arnold, maybe I’m too early. Try again tomorrow. ZZZZZZZZ.

  98. wow, the Arnold Layne video clip with Bowie on vocals is killer..makes you want more though!

    can’t wait for the DVD!!!

  99. Love it, absolutely love it!

    While my wife and I were in line to see David perform on the Jay Leno show, we were told the band played Arnold Layne in Frisco. I thought, wow that is hard to beleave, we were already getting this super mega fantastic set list. I was going crazy just thinking about it, and then later that night I couldn’t beleave my ears.

    I just got here after whatching the bowie version, and let me tell you, it just gets better and better. It was so good to see yet another big name well loved performer with the band, and everyone seemed to realy be on a cloud. Bowie delivered well, it was incredible to see him in action….he gets it! I already knew the rest of the band got it from the version I saw in Universal City.

    I am glad the release will have both versions, because Richard delivered very very well also. Once again thanks for the good stuff.

  100. Hi FEd,

    Here, here!!

    I agree with Adriano about that negative, infuriating and insulting post.

    Mr. Gilmour does more for his admirers than any other person of his stature, let alone for the environment, homeless, etc…Too bad there aren’t more people with his social consciousness. It’s obvious to me that he is one of the few who actually does care about others.


  101. Superb video of “Arnold Layne”! As David said on another record: “Takes you back, doesn’t it?” My appetite for the full DVD keeps growing and growing …

    Have an nice weekend everybody, especially you, Fed, after such a turbulent week on the blog!

  102. Good morning FED and Bloggers:

    Arnold Layne is simply fantastic!

    I want to repeat that Astonomy Domine in DVD is unbelievabe! (FED I think that it’s at least in dolby 5.1)! Many compliments to Stevie D. he is fantastic!

    But FED … no answers from Stevie D.? After Guy I didn’t read answers from Stevie D.!

    Ciao FED

    Claudio from Ravenna.

    [Stevie has answered some of your questions, but he promises us more. – Features Editor]

  103. I have read the post of Adriano Capeto, and it is an ideal post for an ideal fan.

    Many compliments, Adriano. I agree totally.

    Claudio da Ravenna

  104. This was so cool! I cant wait to here the rest of the RAH-concert. I regret so much why the he.. wasn`t there 🙁

  105. Fed, I assume you know when and where during David’s summer tour ‘Dark Globe’ was recorded. Would you be so kind and share you knowledge with us? Thanks… 🙂

    [No, sorry. – Features Editor]

  106. Just listened and watched the clips.

    Arnold Layne is wonderful. Seeing the two Davids and Rick playing such a great track is just fabulous, they really do justice to what is already a brilliant song.

    As for Dark Globe, it sent shivers all over my body. You can hear how emotional the song is in David’s voice. Simply beautiful.

    Thanks. Take care,
    x x x

  107. Hi FEd,

    Great video of the TWO Davids at the Albert Hall… The final Cut DVD will definitely be an EVENT when it comes out…

    Also it is a great combination to air it together with Radio 2…

    Much enjoyed and appreciated..



    There was concern all around after review of the recent chat transcript…..

    David: “What is this sh*t!! JUST RUBBISH!!!!”
    Richard: “Could we send in the Chat police please?”

  109. On a serious note, I enjoyed the snippets…. Dark Globe is very touching…I tried to place myself in DG’s mindset as he performed that for yet another friend lost (not to mention personally and professionally significant)… haunting….

    And, as an iTunes user, I’m very happy that the goodies will be available there. I would have gone to the other sites regardless, but when you’re dealing with computers the most direct and less-clicked route is the most effective…

    …you just never know what’ll get screwed up….

  110. I just saw Arnold with Bowie from RAH!



  111. [Stevie has answered some of your questions, but he promises us more. – Features Editor]

    Really? But they haven’t been published, right? I’m sorry to burden you FEd, but I went back through several days of the blog and I can’t find them. Is it me? It probably is. . .*sigh*

    [No, it’s not you. They haven’t been published. – Features Editor]

  112. The new media pieces on the On An Island page are great! Thank you to whoever is responsible!

  113. Fed and fellow blogsters

    Ok, just what in the hell is everyone talking about anyway? Can we get a transcript of the trash talk in the chat room? I’m curious now, you guy’s are leaving me hanging, and I know what your going to say…

    Look I did make several attemps to get into the chat room… I installed the current Java software, I installed the time zone converter, and I thought I was using the double secret password. I’m no longer sure about that even being the right password, anyway, it is hard to line up times when you live in Phoenix.

    But if you think going on and on about how low we can go as human beings in a chat room, and not expect me to see whats going on…well…

    You guys win, I will make an attempt again to make it to a chat room.

  114. [I don’t know why, we just do. Sorry! – Features Editor]

    Doesn’t matter to me. Was just curious.

  115. Hey F’Ed, I know that there are no specific plans for David to play any specific dates in 2007. But, if I may ask the more general question, is David planning to play live in 2007? In other words, is it just that David is not ready to announce his schedule, or is he planning not to give concerts in 2007?

    [It’s the same answer, sorry. There are no plans for David to perform anywhere in 2007. If that changes, we’ll let you know. – Features Editor]

  116. LG,

    It is a shame that you should feel in a any position to apologize or in any way be defensive of your actions. None is required.

    I seem to have inadvertantly drawn you into something. You thoughtfully and playfully responded to my requests, and my intentions were sincere. However twisted this incident has become, I am a bit horrified that you’ve taken this in any way personal. I think F’Ed put it quite clearly:

    [Don’t worry, mate. Turn that frown upside down. Your poem was just a bit of fun and didn’t bother me in the least. There will always be posts that baffle some people and they can skim over whatever they choose to ignore. We wouldn’t have a sense of community without the odd burst of silliness and, as long as it’s kept in check and doesn’t take over the place, it’s welcome.]

    You are guilty of nothing, save for association. In this case, association with me. Sorry for that. Truth is, I appreciate your poetry, which you share with us from time to time. I am not new to this blog, so this observation has little to do with any silliness from the chatroom.

    I hope this incident will in no way deter you from your present contributions to the Blog. Write freely and in peace LG.


  117. F’Ed,

    How about a poll ranking the tracks on the “Live and In Session” DVD??

    [Yes, we could do that. – Features Editor]

  118. Hey, corvus, I’m pretty sure that Dark Globe was performed in Venice August 12, 2006. I don’t believe David played the song at any other time. Quite touching really. I have difficulty listening to the song without getting choked up.

    Yes, Roger, we miss you.

  119. Coincidentally, Dark Globe was the first song I listened to after learning of Roger’s passing.

    So many of his songs were so simple, but the depth and complexity of them were overwhelming. Truly a sign of genius. Roger’s passing is certainly our loss.

  120. Just a great big ‘thank you’ Mr. Gilmour for the soundtrack to my lifetime of memories, made all the more special by your gifted touch of the worlds heartstrings through your guitar strings…

  121. I received my OAI CD/DVD from an alternative on-line retailer on Friday.

    The AOL sessions and Abbey Road footage are excellent. Probably the best version of Smile that I’ve heard to date as, dare I say it, I’ve never really liked that song.

    Overall I believe the AOL material sounds better than the Mermaid Theatre recording.

    Regarding Take a Breath at the RAH, I can only echo the thoughts of many of those who have already commented; sounds great, some superb camera angles but the editing only makes the flashing lighting very annoying to watch.

    For those who are still wondering, I’m 99% certain the RAH footage is from 30th May.

    Overall though, it’s a very nice DVD to have.

  122. By the way, can’t you put the musics on the main page as download ? I really love the “Far to go… Still far to go…” one, I don’t know why… Anyway, I’ve got the album but it’s quite different…

  123. finally got to sit down and watch the video of arnold layne and listen to the sound clips . as soon as i tried to yesterday dad got a phone call from a customer and we had to go shooting off to meet him .

    david bowie’s version of the song really rocked . i haven’t heard too much of syds contributions to the floyd other then whats on the allbum echoes . i must go and try and dig up some more .

    lets not forget richard wrights version too . he actually has a very good singing voice .

    i was about to ask where both richard wrights version of arnold layne and the beautiful dark globe was recorded but i notice you didn’t answer another poster who asked the same question . may i ask why it is a secret ? just curious you understand nothing more sinister than that 🙂

    one last thing then i promise to shut up until the next blog post or chat which ever comes first !

    i hope angelo is right and you can download arnold layne form i tunes . like him i would have downloaded it from where ever it was put but i find i tunes much easier for a techo eejit like me to use !

    see you tomrrow at the chat fet ed

    Linda island lady

    [The live versions both come from the Royal Albert Hall and Angelo is absolutely right: I said that you can now download it from iTunes at the top of this page. – Features Editor]

  124. i forgot to say well done and many congratulations to all those that won dvd’s . you lucky people 🙂

  125. Oh my God, ‘Dark Globe’ is sublime. I don’t really think there is an adjective to describe David’s rendition. It is gorgeous, so emotive. I absolutely love it.

    In my opinion, this is the track that should be played on the radio stations!

  126. Have loved the fact that Gilmour graciously invited Bowie to come pay homage to Syd during this tour –what better admirer? what better compliment to Syd?– Bowie’s art is an amazement in its own right; just LOVE him!

    Would LOVE to see Bowie’s version of ‘Comfortably Numb’ around here, Fed…..because if you all think Bowie’s vocal technicality is good in ‘Arnold Layne’ (his blood-curdling cry, “Why can’t you seeee??!!!”)… well, then you are going to get sent out of orbit in Outer Space in a tin can Major Tome-style when you hear C.N.! …bloody spine-chilling Ziggy-ness!

    One more comment re: the Bowie RAH gig:

    Everyone was in ultra-top form for paying Syd’s homage with ‘Arnold Layne’…..though I have to note specific appreciation when in about 2 minutes into the song’s high-note climax of “…Arnold lay-yay-Yay-YAY-YAAAAYYYNE….”, Jon Carin’s higher octave vocal shines –nobody else on stage could touch that high note, people….so vitally necessary on this song. God bless backup singers.

    …and Fed, this is for you: :-)))))))))))

    Thanks, Fed and all…

    [Thanks, mate. – Features Editor]

  127. i am sorry for my part in last week’s ‘unfortunate incident”. ..but i just hate some of the post’s by individuals since then apologizing for what they didnt have any part in…

    ‘if they were all from the usa, i’m embarrassed’…huh? why? what does that have to do with anything? and or ‘im sorry for the poem…am ‘tearfully’ apologetic’…it was a FUNNY poem and i was the butt of that joke…dont be sorry…i thought u were great! and the chat the other day was fun…you SHOULD be sad you missed it…

    adriano, nice job. but wouldnt this site be REALLY boring if there was never an attempt to provoke some sort of dialogue besides how sctratched and delayed your dvd was or posts that are the equivelent?

    maybe i am just a ‘young american’ but i think everyone is going to be ok! i am sorry but the high handedness has got to stop. we were just having a little fun!

    [Well, I’m sure you won’t mind finding somewhere else to have your fun from now on. Debate is fine, but you’re just taking the piss… and have been since your first post. – Features Editor]

  128. [The live versions both come from the Royal Albert Hall and Angelo is absolutely right: I said that you can now download it from iTunes at the top of this page. – Features Editor]

    ah now i know why i missed the i tunes annoucement . it was to be found in the paragraph about the track being played on bbc radio 2 . i did’nt read that fully as the information in that paragraph was about something happening on friday last which i thought was 2 days out of date ( now i see i was partly wrong !) . teach me to read all the information in future 🙂

    anyway thats cool fet ed . thanks .

    see you tommorow .
    Linda island lady

  129. And so another busy weekend draws to a close.

    It was fantastic seeing the Bowie version of Arnold Layne again, it brought back so many wonderful memories. It looked and sounded like I remembered so at least I’m pleased to see my cognitive powers are still functioning correctly 🙂

    Thanks to the powers that be for bringing us this little treat but you do realise how much you’ve whetted our appetites now, don’t you?


  130. fed…i was the butt of the jokes and poem. i apologized…and i am not taking a piss. lg, a very nice person,was very upset and i was just telling her that she shouldnt be so upset…it was a funny poem that even i enjoyed. i think adriano made a good point but we are all human and passionate and sometimes that manifests itself in postings.

    i dont think being american has anything to do with this…i am a proud american and took offense to that post. that isnt the first time that a statement to that effect has been made here either. i have never heard anyone apologize for the british or italians or wherever they may be from. (and one of us was from scotland btw jan). bye

  131. Good evening FEd.

    I leave it to you, if you wish to publish or not, since I know you want to put it to an end, but since Blake asked me a question, here´s the answer:

    I am not the owner of this blog. And since I really enjoy being part of it, I simply follow the rules the owner and his representatives made. Even if sometimes i don´t agree with it.

    Simple like that.

  132. Well, well, well . . I go to jury duty for 2 weeks and this place seems to go to Hell in a handbasket.

    Now, grant it, I haven’t read ALL the posts, (catching up on back posts is not a strong point for me) however it seems to be that Fed hit the nail right on the head . .

    [Well, I’m sure you won’t mind finding somewhere else to have your fun from now on. Debate is fine, but you’re just taking the piss… and have been since your first post. – Features Editor]

    I wasn’t going to say anything like this, because I didn’t want to sound too “clicky” but DAMN it’s true, IMHO.


    PS – Hey Fed, can we have a 4pm (UK time) chat this week sometime? I’ve been gone awhile, and wanna catch up.

    [Not this week, sorry. Besides, the earlier chats cause less trouble. – Features Editor]

  133. Hi F’Ed, hope you’re well 😉

    Thoroughly enjoyed the video of ‘Arnold Layne’ with Mr Bowie – bought back great memories of the night and, of course, wets the appetite for the full DVD next year – can’t wait!

    And the clip of ‘Dark Globe’…. doesn’t David just nail it? Wonderful stuff….

    Hope to make the next chat anyway and catch up with everyone….

  134. Wow, Fed, congratulations to everyone involved in the making of the DVD. Arnold Layne is truly impressive, both in sound and picture in its taster form, and I just start sweating thinking about the full DVD!!!!

    That will be a wonderous postcard from London. Thank You !

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