DVDs up for grabs


As we did for European fans last week, we’ve got a competition for anyone who was unable to order the ‘Live and In Session’ DVD – that is to say the bonus DVD that comes with the special edition ‘On An Island’ CD/DVD set – from our North American webstore.

We have four NTSC discs up for grabs. To win one, just tell us your full name and address and we’ll pick four names at random.

You must live in an area covered by our North American store’s delivery area. Nobody from Europe who missed out last week is eligible, so need not enter.

Please do not send your details to our webstore, as happened numerous times last week. There’s no e-mail address to find. This is a blog competition and entries must therefore be sent to the blog.

To do so, simply click Comments below and leave your details where it says Post a comment. No personal details will be published, don’t worry about that.

Again, please only enter if you would have purchased from the North American webstore. We had dozens of entries from ineligible hopefuls last time, so please only enter if you really are eligible this time.

If you have already purchased a copy of this DVD from our North American webstore, please don’t bother entering. Obviously we know who has placed an order and will be checking to ensure that our provisional winners haven’t already purchased a copy. If they have done, then we will simply choose somebody else instead.

In fact, one of the first four names selected last week was found to have already ordered a copy from our UK & Europe store, so his DVD went to the fifth name drawn at random instead.

We know if you’ve already got one and will catch you out!

The very best of luck to all. We’ll announce the winners on Tuesday.

Don’t forget that there’s a chat tomorrow at 10AM (UK time).

Author: FEd

Features Editor of David Gilmour’s official blog, The Blog (‘Features’ previously being its rather naff title), affectionately – or lazily – shortened to ‘FEd’.

123 thoughts on “DVDs up for grabs”

  1. Good luck to all those entering. This website is proving to be a nice distraction from my stupid essays, why did I bother being educated? Anyhoos, watching the Arnold Layne video daily – just loving it. Can’t wait for the full DVD next year.

    Back to essays, take care,
    x x x

  2. Good competition to the North American Bloggers.

    FED do you know something about the quality sound of the DVD in Astronomy Domine? Is it in 5.1?

    No news about the quality sound and images of the next OAI DVD?

    Ciao FED and Bloggers.
    Claudio da Ravenna

    [No news, sorry. – Features Editor]

  3. Well, I’m certainly glad I bought my DVD because I know FEd would have never picked me to win. “Oops, it’s that squeaky wheel Deborah – we’ll just put her name over here in the garbage can.” 😉

    re: the (rerun) photo at the top of the page – our David has the greatest hands. I could look at them forever. Hey, we need some new photos! Tell Polly we are not adverse to shots of David hammering nails or “resting his eyes” in the easy chair. We’ll take any and all.

    Good luck to the Yanks entering the contest…


    [Most of your posts belong there, I have to say. – Features Editor]

  4. Hello Fed: Thanks for putting up this competition!

    My address is: […]

    By the way, which one is pink? 🙂

  5. [Most of your posts belong there, I have to say. – Features Editor]

    Sticks and stones, Edwina.


    [Indeed. – Features Editor]

  6. Please, please. I just recieved the Island Cd for my 19th wedding anniversary, without the DVD. Oh how I want the DVD. I am rediscovering my past, and Pink Floyd, in particular, David, is part of it. David Gilmour is the only musician that I would like to sit and have coffee with, and just visit.


  7. Hello FEd. Just som off-topic questions:

    Do you have any more news on the full concert DVD? When you say “due out early next year”, does that mean January, February, March or April?

    [Your guess is as good as mine, Martin. – Features Editor]

  8. good luck to all entering the competition.

    [re: the (rerun) photo at the top of the page – Posted by: Deborah at December 3, 2006 04:13 PM]

    actually this photo has not appeared on the blog before. there’s a similar one on the 5th of january, but it’s not the same and therefore isn’t a re-run.

  9. ***OT***

    Important Notice!!!!!!

    Here is the current schedule for The 2006 Weblog Awards:

    December 5, 2006 – Finalists announced
    December 6, 2006 – Finalist badges and voting link codes available
    December 7, 2006 – Voting begins
    December 15, 2006 – Voting ends
    December 18, 2006 – Results certified

    [Interesting. Do you think we stand a chance of a high placing? – Features Editor]

  10. […]

    Fed, if this particular city is not covered then i can provide an alternate address that will for sure be covered.

    [That’s fine, Mikael. – Features Editor]

  11. Congratulations to the Europe/UK winners and good luck to the Americans entering the competition!

    I’ve been enjoying the DVD all week. I swear, “Astronomy Domine” gets even more brilliant each time I watch it.

    Some of the bloggers have commented on the RAH version of “Take A Breath,” with the intense light show. I remember being at the Kodak Theatre and feeling a little vertigo during this! The effects were very powerful. It was a most enjoyable case of vertigo, of course, but I’m pleased the DVD captures some of that magic and intensity. It was like nothing I had ever seen before and I’ll never forget it.

    Have fun, everybody!

  12. Hey FEd!

    Well last night we went to a place in Beaumont Texas. They had a David Gilmour guitar signed by David, Nick, Rick and Roger. It was in one of those display boxes on the wall with a plaque with there names. Ok, so the photos they used in this display case were Pre-David Gilmour, i.e. with Syd. I was very disturbed at this. As we left I made sure someone there knew about this error.

    By the way I did try to talk my husband into trying to acquire the guitar for me, but he politely declined. Darn the luck!

    Well good luck all contestants!!!


    [Glad to see you earning your stripes, Penny. Good job. – Features Editor]

  13. Fed,

    I can’t seem to access the audio clips there is no link or title???


    [I know what you mean. This is currently being looked into. – Features Editor]

  14. Caption…”Hello David..hi David..how are you David?..fine,thank you David..watcha been up to David?..not much David..just playin guitar David..yes pretty much me too David…”

    I ordered the standalone DVD F.E..but have not received it yet..so can I qualify for this comp?.My son would love to have a copy! I already know the answer,so I’ll just say Good Luck All!. (BTW..being a loving parent, I’ll let him have the copy I ordered as a Christmas gift.

  15. What hard days, Fed ! I do hope you had at least a fine weekend outside the blog !


    [Thank you. When the Reds win 4-0, it’s always a very good weekend. – Features Editor]

  16. David plays Martin guitars, and has said his D-35 would be the one thing he’d need on a desert island; any chance in a million years he’d be interested in doing a signature model, similar to Clapton, Bromberg, Knopfler, and others? We’d love to see a Gilmour D-35!

    Anyway, thanks for the chance to get a DVD!

    my address is


  17. Can you please find out about the picture quality on the OAI dvd ?? you said it was filmed in HD but the teaser doesn’t even look like dvd quality sometimes..

  18. My husband will go absolutey crazy if he can get the DVD. He had to settle for just the CD from a local store, he so wanted the DVD to go with his PULSE DVD.


  19. Wow it has been a while since I last blogged. So I’ll take this opportinity to say that I’ve made a Gilmour mixed CD (Don’t worry I purchased all three solo albums…LEGALLY!!!!).

    Here is the track listing, all you fellow bloggers let me know what you think.

    1. Let’s Get Metaphysical
    2. There’s No Way Out of Here
    3. Murder
    4. Cry From the Street
    5. All Lovers Are Deranged
    6. On An Island
    7. Love On The Air
    8. Blue Light
    9. You Know I’m Right
    10. No Way
    11. Take A Breath
    12. So Far Away
    13. Smile
    14. This Heaven
    15. Where We Start

    Thank you very much indeed, good night to you.


  20. Here is my address Fed:


    If you are ever in the neighborhood, Ill buy the Pints!!!!


  21. The quintesential concern is how to defeat Big Brother

    [Very good. Good luck. – Features Editor]

  22. Live and in Session Special Edition CD/DVD contest.

    [I need a postal address… – Features Editor]

  23. I already have a copy, which I’m saving until Christmas along with the t-shirt I got discounted when I bought it – it’ll be one way of ensuring I at least get two things I like for Christmas). Therefore, I heartily wish everyone who enters (and follows the stated rules presently and correctly :D) the best of luck.

    the Phoenix.

  24. I would love to enter, since I haven’t recieved my order yet. I’ll patiently wait. It’s got to come soon. I would gladly donate to a fellow blogger anyway if by chance.

    Have a great week ahead of you Fed. Cheers to you mate.

  25. Oh, by the way, saw Arnold Layne. Now want to see Richard’s side and Dark Globe. Can’t remember it until I here it again. No offence to Mr. Bowie at all. he did a great job indeed. Thanx.

  26. is this chat open to everyone?? if so i’m setting my alarm

    [It sure is. – Features Editor]

  27. Thanx for giving away so many things 😀


    I hope that’s enough. I was really frustrated because I could never place an order. Now I’m searching for the dvd in local stores but still can’t find it! Hope to win 😛

    Viva Mexico!!!

  28. Love this picture because I think it was one of the earlier ones put up after this site got started. Reminds me of the excitement of waiting on the new album…wondering what it was going to be like.

    Good luck to those going for the DVD. It gets better each time I watch. I think I might have to buy 2 or 3 more as Christmas gifts.

  29. Hi Fed,

    here’s my name & address for the competition


    thanks & here’s hoping

  30. […]

    I’ve watched to AOL sesions a bunch and am still blown away!!

    Good luck to all!!

  31. Hey good luck to everyone entering the competition. I am glad they are offering this to us north americaners (is that a word?)

    Hope you had a great weekend Fed. Oh BTW my son made the spring select team for soccer.

    Have a good week
    Renee B.
    Fontana, Ca USA

    [Congratulations to your son. I hope he does well and enjoys it. – Features Editor]

  32. On another note…I am trying to fing some info on Dick Parry tablature for the tenor sax. Anyone know can help me?

  33. Thanks very much for the opportunity. I love the video with Bowie, but actually prefer the Rick Wright version. The teaser of Dark Globe is breathtaking.


  34. I not only ordered the DVD through this site, but I have written about it here. So I cannot and will not enter the competition. I am writing to wish the best of luck to those who do enter the competition.

    It’s really a good DVD. I am particularly smitten with “Astronomy Domine,” as it manages to be faithful to the 1967 original while also being unquestionably unique to the inimitable David Gilmour. For this track alone, the DVD is worth every penny I paid for it.

    I know that David does not do requests, but it would be incredible to hear what this band could do with Syd’s “Interstellar Overdrive.” I heard Camper Van Beethoven play it in the late 1980s, the famous guitar riff bookending the Ringo Starr song “Photograph” in the weirdest interplay between pop rock and the avant garde. The “On An Island” track would sound great, similarly bookended by “Interstellar Overdrive.”

    Just using my overactive imagination here. I still remember the early days of this blog, when questions like “Which songs would you like to hear David play” made things pretty interesting over here.

  35. […]

    Thank you in advance if you should happen to choose me. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

    DG rocks like no other!

  36. Hey irregulars,

    How’s everyone doing?

    Well… I guess I forgot to go for my DVD, however; I’ll take my chances on this one!


    Hope I’m one of the lucky winners, in case not… Fed, do you know it I’ll be able to get a copy in Mexico?

    Shine on my friends!

    [You can order it from either of our webstores, Jorge. The North American store will give you a disc in NTSC format, whereas the UK & Europe store will give you a PAL disc. – Features Editor]

  37. Pass; I’m happily in possession of said DVD….

    …but I would like to point out what I’m sure many of us are looking to make comment on this week/month…

    1st Anniversary of DG’s site launch on the 7th, and the 1st Anniversary of the Blog (formerly known as Fan Fare) on the 22nd…

    Over-stuff your padded jackets and prep for some serious back slapping….

  38. woooohooo contests!!!


    love the arnold layne video. thanks for sharing. i love this website. hope all is well mr. f.e.d.

  39. Thank you for the clip of “Arnold Layne” via “On An Island” page. It was truly an amazing performance.

    Thank you David Gilmour for continuing to provide us with a surprising mix of artists. Where I am from, both “Arnold Layne” and “See Emily Play” were very popular back then. I am so thrilled to be able to hear the re-make of the song by David Gilmour.

    By the way, we found the ‘Strat Pack: The 50th Anniversary Of The Fender Stratocaster’at a reasonable price. We are so glad we bought the DVD – undoubtedly, David Gilmour played beautifully as usual. My husband just couldn’t stop raving about David’s talent with his strat.

    The deliberation of the song “Marooned” was overwhelming and enchanting. For the song “Sorrow”, the back up band, while professional and first-class, was simply not up to the standard as compared to Nick Mason, Richard Wright and Guy Pratt combined; but it was enjoyable and captivating.

    Thank you once again for letting us know about the “Strat” DVD.

    [I’m glad you enjoyed it. A percentage of the price went to a good cause, too. – Features Editor]

  40. Hi,

    Not sure if anyone is interested in what’s happening here down under, but thought this was an interesting piece of news.

    Pink Floyd’s ‘Dark Side Of The Moon’ has been voted Australia’s favourite album of all time in a national poll conducted by the ABC.

    The 1973 concept album topped the survey of more than 100,000 Australians, who voted by phone, online and by SMS.


  41. Hello!

    Are there any news about shipping the European pre-orders out this week?


    [You should all have them this week. Our apologies again for the delay. – Features Editor]

  42. how do I buy David’s new cd and dvd ? please help me . on a island cd and dvd set . I live in […]

    thank you .

    [You can buy it in all good shops, as well as from online retailers, but you can also order online. Please click your name below for our webstore. – Features Editor]

  43. FEd,

    Just a quick question? Has anyone else not recieved their Live In Session dvd yet? I have already emailed the DG store and await a response. I’m just getting slightly unnerved at the fact that my card has been charged and the allocation is now sold out.

    Just wondered if anyone else in the DG community is having this experience?

    [Do you mean the North America or UK & Europe store, Ryan? There was a delay in sending out orders to those who purchased from our UK & Europe store. This is explained in last Tuesday’s blog entry. Please click your name below for that. You should receive your copy this week. If you ordered from the North American store, please continue to contact Anthill or send us any details that will help us to help you and we’ll see what we can do. Please send them to the blog in the usual way. They’ll be handled in the strictest of confidence, don’t worry. – Features Editor]

  44. Hello all,

    Lookin forward to the chat session today. You guys should do a thing for the asia region as well…equal opportunity n all that jive!


  45. Have to say I absolutely love Arnold Layne being performed with David Bowie. Unfortunately I was too late to order a copy of the DVD but will now seriously look forward to the release of the On an Island DVD tour some time in the new year.


    [Ciarán, you can still get the same DVD, but as part of the special edition ‘On An Island’ CD/DVD set. That’s the album with the bonus DVD included in a limited edition package. It went on sale last week and, as many people have said, it’s perhaps better value for money than buying the DVD by itself. – Features Editor]

  46. Sorry FEd, UK & Europe store.

    Recieved word that my order will be dispatched today or tomorrow. Just one of those things I suppose!

    Cheers for the info & help!

    [There was a problem with printing the European ones, so everyone who ordered from our UK & Europe store has had to wait. Once again, we’re very sorry for the disappointment that this has caused. – Features Editor]

  47. Hello FEd…

    Just wondering…can I apply myself to this contest?

    If so:


    If not: Thanks for your attention!

    [If your DVD player will play NTSC DVDs, then you’re welcome to enter. – Features Editor]

  48. ok fed ill give it a try



    [As is very clear, you are only eligible to enter if you would have ordered this item – which is in NTSC format, don’t forget – from our North American webstore. The European competition was last week. (What did I tell you, Jan?) – Features Editor]

  49. Attention to blogger ‘ERIK’ and whoever else had ordered the AOL/Abbey Road DVD AND a discounted OAI Tour Program Booklet; who already received the DVD BUT have NOT yet received the Tour Booklet:

    Just contacted a very kind MusicToday Customer Service Rep “Will” today (Dec. 4th a.m.). Explained my order situation and also offered an FYI that another David Gilmour website blogger (or two) has experienced the exact same dilemma.

    They resolve to re-ship my tour book through UPS ground service and it should arrive between 5-7 business days.

    If you haven’t already made contact with MusicToday, do not panic nor lose hope: Representative “Will” mentioned that the possible case of their warehouses shipping out “in a mad rush out the chute” may have caused this mishap; he was quite ready and willing to re-ship the thing.

    Good luck and cheers,

    [Thanks for the update, LG. – Features Editor]

  50. Best of luck to all who enter this competition!! i know what it feels like to win one!!

    Thanks to all who came into chat today!! i had a great time!! see ya next time!!!

  51. Just watched the ‘Arnold Layne’ video. Brilliant!

    Can’t wait for next years DVD.

    Any news of the track listing & extras yet?


    [Not yet, Ruan. Surely we should have some soon, shouldn’t we? – Features Editor]

  52. [I know that David does not do requests, but it would be incredible to hear what this band could do with Syd’s “Interstellar Overdrive.” I heard Camper Van Beethoven play it in the late 1980s, the famous guitar riff bookending the Ringo Starr song “Photograph” in the weirdest interplay between pop rock and the avant garde. The “On An Island” track would sound great, similarly bookended by “Interstellar Overdrive.” — Posted by: Dan at December 4, 2006 01:34 AM]

    Thanks for this, Dan! That sounds great! I’ll definitely have to rig up OAI and IO on the old CD player, for sure, but I’d love to hear the “Photograph” rendition too. Fun!

  53. Just watched the Arnold Layne video – Brilliant ! It all came flooding back to me, such a incredible suprise and excellent performance. Rick’s keyboards are tremendous.

    Also liked the shots from right up in the roof. I’ll look forward to seeing a few more of those on the DVD !


  54. I received the CD + DVD from Amazon yesterday, and I watched it last night. What a great bunch of songs.

    “Take a breath” from RAH is a perfect taste of the DVD that’s coming (David’s last solo is orgasmatic!!). Can’t wait for the whole one.

    The AOL sessions show a more intimate approach, thou the sound is always great. It seems like we were (and are) there with the musicians, just a few inches from the instruments, and the experience is really great. I had goose bumps everywhere, especially on “On An Island” “High Hopes” and “Comfortably Numb”, still, always and forever my favourite song (and solo) of every time. I want every version Gilmour recorded in his career! Guess there are many more than the 20 I already own..

    Waiting for the new single, the DVD and, who knows, some dates next year..?

  55. Fed, Can you believe It? David’s Web site is almost one year old.

    This is great. I hope you will pop open a bottle of your best and celebrate with David and company. For David and you have done a great thing for all of us fans of David Gilmour. For David, Polly and you have given us great pictures, Tour information and most of all your time in letting us know when everything is going to be released and taking time out to answer our posts. So again thank you.


    [Thank you, Thomas. 2006 has gone by too quickly, hasn’t it? – Features Editor]

  56. CAPTION:

    Gilmour had some issues sharing creative control during the OAI recording sessions….

    DC: Now, David…for the last time (folding arms)…Give-It-BACK!

    DG: Hmph-mmmmmm… Nooo!! I don’WANna!!…Its MY guitar…..

  57. Dear Features Ed, I will persuade my Mum & Dad to get it for me for Chrimbo then!!!

    Still look forward to David’s OAI DVD though, just looking at the David Bowie version of Arnold Layne is enough to tell me of the quality that awaits us.

  58. Happy Monday,

    [Fed, Can you believe It? David’s Web site is almost one year old.]

    Surely, as it has been such an eventful year for many reasons, it will be marked with a ‘looking back’/’highs and lows’ type blog day or something.

    Pete – Coventry

  59. O, I think the right thing to do for the one year anniversary of the blog would be to give FEd the day off. Then we’ll bombard him the next day with about 500 posts.


    [That would be about right! – Features Editor]

  60. F*Ed needs a good massage…

    Perhaps the next ladies competition?

    [Steady! – Features Editor]

  61. Fed… ‘elp!

    Running the risk of slapped wrists for not paying attention…. have all of the DVDs now been shipped from Anthill? It’s just that I have an email receipt saying my order was processed OK. I did see the “delayed” message on this site from a few days ago. But I’ve seen some comments on the DVD arriving for some… yet mine hasn’t arrived!! Should I be worried or be more patient??

    Many thanks

    [The only wrists being slapped are our own. You’ll have it this week. – Features Editor]

  62. Just around the corner from Mr DG.

    He can deliver it personally if he wants !!!


    [He won’t get a chance to, seeing as this competition is for those in NTSC regions only and you’re very much in a PAL zone. Oh well. – Features Editor]

  63. Maybe we could have a competition for Fed, like guess the 3 words most thought about him in the Blog and if he guesses any of the 14,369 correct answers we will enter him into his own draw and his first name out of the hat wins!

    Now what would be a suitable prize . . ?

    [Cars? Jewels? Lots of money? – Features Editor]

  64. Hi F’ed!

    Been out of the loop for a while, but I’m back. Hope everyone is well.

    Here’s my info:


    Good luck to everyone!

  65. [Not sure if anyone is interested in what’s happening here down under, but thought this was an interesting piece of news.]

    Karen, I expected you to sledge us Brits over certain events in Brisbane !

    But I’m glad to see normal Aussie good taste and decorum prevail …

  66. Just wondered if anyone else in the DG community is having this experience?

    I’m also still waiting but thanks for the answer F’ed, saved me from asking for the latest news…

  67. […]

    What a great tour! What a great band! Have been following PF and DG since ’68. Only 13 years old then. I still can’t get enough.

    Thanks for the great music!

    Frank – Telford, PA

  68. Hi there, I am looking to be one of the lucky winners of the four remaining DVD’s. My fingers are crossed and am thinking positive thoughts. 🙂

    Thanks for always thinking of the fans.


  69. Re Thomas O’Connell

    here here spot on

    yes thanks to everyone

    when is the sites birthday, we should have a party?

    [The site’s birthday is 7 December and the blog’s is 22 December. – Features Editor]

  70. This maybe a really retardly simple question but is the On an Island LP still available in stores or was it only limited edition?

    I tried to find it in a few stores last weekend and it was nowhere to be found, I could see it on amazon but I can’t buy stuff off the internet so I wondered if you knew if it was still in stores.

    Thank you bearer of knowledge.

    [You can still get it. Ask if one of the stores you visited will order it for you. – Features Editor]

  71. hallo FED and Bloggers:

    for my next journey in Saint Petesburg (this month for Christmas), I will take the OAI DVD to make my Russian friends see how is great David….waiting a next concert in the square of the Palace in front to the Hermitage Museum (an ideal Floydian place).

    Ciao FED (what do you think to make an exchange Crouch – Oliveira?)

    Claudio da Ravenna

    [I’m not the biggest fan of Crouch, so I’d certainly consider it. – Features Editor]

  72. I wish I win it :)…have been a big fan…will take the music to my grave 🙂


  73. Used to think that the Delicate Sound of Thunder version of Sorrow was better than the p.u.l.s.e version. Not heard the DSOT version for a while, but just watched the p.u.l.s.e version again and it is an absolute masterpiece. *insert worship smilie*

  74. FEd!!! Dude! Been a while.

    Is your real name Edwina? Or… no? Interesting name, never heard it before, at least not in the States.

    Hate to show up here the one day you’re having a freebie give-away so I’ll decline to put my name in. Besides, I’d rather wait til the whole show comes out. Can’t wait to hear it!

    And I’ll keep making my annoying, pointless, random visits in vain hopes that it’ll encourage David to come back to Chicago! We just had the Australian Pink Floyd Show come by here as well as Roger Water’s cover band and, as great as they were, nothing beats the awesome ambience that the MAN, the original, the innovator David Gilmour brings to his shows. We can’t help but want more! Come back! Puhleease!

    [It’s not my real name, Kurt. It’s yet another variation on the ‘Ed’ theme used by those who think I’m a lady. – Features Editor]

  75. [Cars? Jewels? Lots of money? – Features Editor]

    Ah!..I’m disappointed F.E…I would have expected something more like, World Peace,Global Cooling, and first and foremost,.. for Arsenal to take it all!

    [Of course, the first two, but I didn’t think world leaders would be involved… – Features Editor]

  76. Salut Fed

    Good chance in everything them North- American for the competition.

    I received my dvd today and I go data to present for Christmas, because I could not wait and I went to buy him in shop on Saturday, the shop in one received 40 Friday and Saturday I am hang on the last one I was so satisfied, this dvd is one jewels for the collectors, the High Hopes version which David plays the end cried me so it is beautiful. Thank you for this bonus.

    When the date of exit of the official dvd? I feel that you go to say it to us soon.

    Check visionnement in all.

    Ho! I agree for the massage to Fed.

    Sylvie from Quebec

    [Flattery will get you everywhere, but we don’t have an official release date yet. – Features Editor]

  77. Wow, there are lots of new names here today. Is it the competition that is bringing people out? Are these folks lurkers who have finally spoken up? Just wondering…. Good luck in the competition, everybody!

    I wanted to add my name to the list of those who, while much appreciating David Bowie’s fine work on “Arnold Layne”, prefer Rick’s version. Go, Rick!

    Chat was really fun today. No one need mention that to my boss, however. Thanks.


    [It was a very good chat. Thank you to everyone who made it so enjoyable. – Features Editor]

  78. To FEd, Linda, Adriano, Becky, Angelo, Emiel, GP, and everyone else whose name I’m blanking on because I haven’t had much sleep since the chat this morning..

    … thank you for being civilized human beings and good friends.

    The chat was well worth staying up a bit longer to talk to y’all.

    the very sleepy and yawnie Phoenix.

    [Bless you for that. – Features Editor]

  79. Just received the AOL DVD, got to admit that the Take a Breath clip from RAH is mind blowing Brickman’s lighting is very intense just like the song, but like most Floyd or Gilmour music it lets you down gently. Astronomy Domine is also extremely well down. The entire band they’re the best.

    Like just about eveyone has said I can hardly wait for the RAH DVD but I will as we have no choice.

    Thanks once again to the greatest rock band I have ever heard.


  80. Hello, just received the DVD, listened twice and it is still going. Fantastic, there is not enough of it.

    I am one the luckiest guy in the world: I have seen the show at the Mermaid in London last march, first row.

    Hey Fed, do you think some of the highlights of that concert will be on the next DVD at the RAH? Could it be released alone?

    Thanks for the music, have been listening since 1969.


    [I think you’d have to ask the BBC about that. – Features Editor]

  81. Good luck to everyone entering this competition. From the snippets I’ve watched you are in for a treat…

    Anyway, I’ve just done something almost surreal! I was sat in the hot-tub outside, it was -5, it was dark, snowing heavily and Shine On was playing on the CD player…marvellous!

  82. I have a project to convince the 4 of the Pink Floyd to be reunite one more time after Live 8 for a very special international cause. The result of this will be tremendous in the whole world and will change the mentality of many of us.

    David, do you ever read the blog? If yes, send me an email and I will explain. You will love it in a sec.

    [David does read the blog, but doesn’t take an interest in every fan proposal, particularly when they’re of the “Let’s force the members of Pink Floyd to get back together, even though they don’t want to” variety. They tend to get a bit boring after you’ve read a few thousand. – Features Editor]

  83. [Here is the track listing, all you fellow bloggers let me know what you think. -Posted by: Josh at December 3, 2006 09:34 PM]

    I like it! Hard to pick, isn’t it? I’ll consider an iTunes playlist of that. I have a playlist that’s much larger and includes Floyd (especially older tracks). Je Crois Entendre Encore from the Meltdown DVD is one that would be great to have as an audio track (not to mention a few others). If you don’t have it, look it up and get it…immediately….

    Now, I try not to ask for much here out of respect for the sheer volume of requests this particular artist receives not to mention the fact that we fans have been treated rather nicely as it is, but audio cd’s of the live dvd’s (meltdown and the upcoming oai) would be nice additions to the catalog at some future point…

    …you know, lil’projects to fit somewhere between curing disease, eradicating poverty, championing ecological balance, your next dozen solo albums, and world tours to South America and the like…

    i’ll get me coat…

    [I was just thinking that David hasn’t done much to save the world in a while. We can’t have him slacking, can we? – Features Editor]

  84. Caption: David Crosby says to David,”Not bad, but what do you do for an encore?”

    David gives him the look.

  85. With fingers crossed…..Rabbits Foot…..Horse Shoe…..Four Leaf Clover…..Wishing on a star…..


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