'Dark Globe' video


We hope you’ve seen the ‘Arnold Layne’ video by now over on the On An Island page.

Later today, we’ll be adding a video for the beautiful ‘Dark Globe’.

This tender song is originally from Syd Barrett’s debut album, ‘The Madcap Laughs’, and David’s impromptu acoustic rendition back in July was dedicated to the memory of his old friend, who had recently passed away.

As everyone knows that the blog is where you find hot news at its hottest, you can see this video right now. Please choose from the following media players and internet connection speeds:

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‘Dark Globe’ is one of three tracks featured on the forthcoming ‘Arnold Layne’ single, which is available for a limited period over Christmas on 7" vinyl and CD in Europe, and on 10" vinyl (only) in North America.

You can download all three tracks from Christmas Day. Please see the Latest News page for details of how you can re-live David’s sublime performance of ‘Comfortably Numb’ at the Mermaid Theatre in March (well, as long as you’re not a Mac user, apparently).

The other two tracks are live versions of ‘Arnold Layne’ with two different vocalists – David Bowie and Richard Wright. Both were recorded at London’s Royal Albert Hall in May.

Let us know what you think of the video.

Author: FEd

Features Editor of David Gilmour’s official blog, The Blog (‘Features’ previously being its rather naff title), affectionately – or lazily – shortened to ‘FEd’.

83 thoughts on “'Dark Globe' video”

  1. Good morning from Miami:

    I’ve been at work for over an hour now and I just happened to be able to sneak in and peek at “The Blog”.

    Unfortunately, I can’t hyperlink to see the video here at work and it will definitely get me into trouble if I do so. I just have to patiently wait till I get home tonight.

    This is exactly what I like about The Blog – keep us up-to-date and provide us with all the “goodies” such as this. Thank you FEd.

    Got to go…have a good day.

  2. Oh David,

    what a moved and inmost celebration.

    Syd would have loved your tender way to sing his tender song, I think! It is so emotional. One of that moment when I have the feeling that David leaves his human side wins the artistic one.

    It’s great! Thanks to share this with us.


  3. thankyou for the early xmas present of the video a class song sung by the only person other than Syd who can carry it off

    i tip my hat to you Sir David of cambridge (ive spoken to the queen about the new year honours list i was thinking for his outstanding service to shoes as he will surely win the poll)

    [Yes, David has won our Best Shoe award. – Features Editor]

  4. Wonderful video. Reminds me of the concert in Munich when also the heaven have cried a little bit for Syd during Dark Globe (and Astronomy Domine).

  5. That’s an excellent performance of Dark Globe and a fine tribute to Syd.

    The only problem with it is a slight technical issue. It should be 16:9 ratio (or letter-boxed like the Arnold Layne video) instead of it’s current 4:3 ratio.

  6. I second what Lorraine said. I like the black and white…and also, David captures that sense of timing that Syd had. Very offbeat, subtle, and sweet in nature.

    Love it!

  7. THE DARK GLOBE VIDEO is b-e-a-u-t-i-f-u-l

    so very tender and emotive.

    The tears just fall…

    martin d


    I have been reduced to genuine tears by what I have just watched. The raw emotion of a freshly made scar was so evident in the video. Beautifully sung yet a cracking voice that could not, nor try to hide the voice of a grieving man.

    Absolutely beautiful .

    Rgds Geoff Duffy ( Dublin )

  9. Que c’est beau !

    Merci pour ce merveilleux cadeau!

    En ce moment privilégié qu’est Noël, Je souhaite tout le bonheur du monde à tout le monde…


  10. Absolutly Tip-Top. The Lushious sound of Gilmour in this track, really does make you think about Syd, and how much of a beacon of light he is to us all.

    There’s a diamond shining in the sky as we speak.

    Happy Days,

    Simon J

  11. The pain
    The tortured sound of hope
    The remorse
    The anguished plea
    The brilliant isolation in this heartfelt and wonderful tribute…

    Thank you David…

  12. CAPTION: Guy’s audition for a part in the remake of cocoon got glowing reviews from all in sundry.

    Rgds Geoff Duffy ( Dublin )

  13. My God. I’d heard that Dark Globe was played, but hadn’t yet had the opporchancity to hear it.

    That streaming video is ace. Excellent song. Hopefully on the DVD — it’d be a waste to not have that in circulation.

  14. Once again, David stamps his impressive greatness without even trying.

    Beautiful video, awesome tribute.

  15. Wow… cracking performance.

    This may have been mentioned/discussed way back when DG first performed Dark Globe but did the rest of the band know he was going to do this?

    [No, they didn’t. It was a surprise to everyone. – Features Editor]

  16. The Video …

    Like the original a dark and in the same time sad song not only for the context but but above all for the loss of Syd Barrett.

    Like him were are just mortals …

  17. Really sweet performance. The man never ceases to amaze me..

    I’ve only stumbled onto this site recently, and it’s a nice place to visit…

    An early Merry Christmas to all..

    [Thanks very much, Carol. The same to you. – Features Editor]

  18. Very Poignant, Pure and yet simplistic.

    Big up for DG for never forgetting his roots and where he came from.

    Keep em coming FED !

  19. It was delivered beautifully. I felt the black and white really captures a certain emotion that would be lost in color. Very simple, but VERY POWERFUL!!!

    Thank you FEd O’ Claus, I left you some milk and cookies 🙂

  20. David,

    Thank you so much for sharing this moment with us. It is so beautiful and heartfelt. It brings tears to my eyes and leaves me speechless.

    A wonderful tribute to a talented and loved friend.


  21. Hi Fed,

    Dark Globe- wow. The emotion in David’s voice coupled with the haunting black and white video is too much for words. A very honorable tribute to Syd indeed. I can only imagine the emotions of the band while this was going on.

    Thank you, David, for sharing with us.


  22. Dark Globe is my favorite Syd Barrett solo song.

    For me it captures his genius, his madness, the beauty of his talent and the melancholy of his situation perfectly. I think it is great for David to pay tribute to Syd with this performance.

    Unfornately I’m at work right now so I can’t watch the video. Looking forward to seeing it tonight.

  23. Dark Globe is the exact reason why every show should be recorded.

    Thank you very much for sharing it!

  24. Hello FEd, Bloggers;

    I´m still thinking if I should have voted on the best all around contributor at all…

    I´d really rather not, but since I realized that one would be picked up anyway, so way don´t pay homage to those who really made this blog so unique.

    I´d really love to be on the chatroom Friday, but it won´t be possible. I´ll be on the road, since I managed to get a few days off of the office – few indeed, since I´ll be back to work next tuesday… 🙁

    So, I want to wish all of you, David, Polly, FEd, Irregulars and all bloggers a wonderful Christmas.

    If the message of Christmas, or Natal as we say in Brazil is one of peace and tolerance between men and women, then even those who are not religious, like me, must pay attention.

    This site, with it´s features, specially the blog and the chatrooms have contributed to make the world a little smaller and I think it´s part of the message above.

    Thank you very much David, Polly, FEd and David Gilmour Management, fellow bloggers. See you all next week.

    Feliz Natal para todos!!!

    Adriano Capeto, de São Paulo, Brasil.

    [A hearty “Feliz Natal!” to you, mate. – Features Editor]

  25. Stunningly beautful! Moved to tears …

    David, thank you so much for this. Not only in remembrance of Syd, but also as a reminder for us that there are millions of ‘outsiders’ and ‘have-nots’ who are suffering and dying right now due to starvation, disease, war. Will anyone miss them at all?

    I realize that I’m dangerously close to having this post sound like it should have been entered into the December 17 competition. Regardless, I think that this is the time of year that we should all take a closer look at the world around us and open our eyes as well as our hearts. Just lending a hand in a small way can mean so much to those who have nothing to look forward to but despair.

    Sorry for the soap-box FEd. Blame David … his beautiful, heart-felt rendition of Dark Globe was the catalyst. Not such a bad thing.

    Peace, love and understanding!
    Washington State

  26. The Dark Globe video was very moving and extremely beautiful.

    Thank you for sharing it with us.

  27. I just listened to Dark Globe again last night from the OAI page, and now the video…..fancy that.

    Can’t wait to get home tonight so I can watch it. Thank You for giving us the opportunity to see it.


  28. FEd,

    I’m feeling conflicted about my previous post. I don’t want to tie bummer world situations to David’s beautiful rendition of Syd’s song. The truth is that it moved me so much I just went with it to the next (in my mind) level.

    A touching and pleading song performed to perfection by David! Unbelievable. Also, the black-and-while adds so much emotion to the song. End of statement …

    Thanks to everyone on your end FEd who have once again given us so much more than we ever thought possible!! No matter what any poll results might have you believe, this particular site/blog is Number One. Thank you!

    Washington State

  29. Fedmeister… Wow!

    It has arrived and thank you all very much… 🙂

    [I’m pleased to hear it. Thanks for letting us know. – Features Editor]

  30. The video was beautiful. I loved it David’s voice was so angelic. Thank you.

    Renee B.
    Fontana, Ca USA

  31. Beautiful, breathtaking acoustic interpretation of Syd’s Dark Globe. No more words to say…


  32. It was like hearing an old friend read through a recently found diary of a departed loved one.

    There are no proper adjectives but for now I’ll use, “touching”

  33. Very moving piece and a great dedication to Syd.

    Thanks very much for the gift. Merry Christmas Fed and everyone concerned with David and the website.

    btw- I’ve really enjoyed the sound bites the last three days. They’re new aren’t they?

    [They most certainly are. Thanks, Steve. – Features Editor]

  34. it’s beautiful.

    as i said when i heard that david had played this song live:

    thank you for playing this song, david. it means a lot to us fans and it’s the perfect tribute to syd.

  35. We’ve not had one for a while…

    David Gilmour’s rendition of the song is
    Almost a perfect tribute to a friend who had such a
    Rare talent for lyrics and music but who also
    Kept an almost childlike quality included as well.

    Gilmour has sung the song from the heart with
    Little or no rehearsal and shown every
    One of us what a true friend he was to that
    Brilliant seer of visions and invokes such
    Emotion in us all…

  36. I couldn´t watch the video earlier. Just did it.

    I grew up listening to Floyd. When I was a very little kid, one of my preffered ones was Scarecrow.
    Thought I didn´t understand a word, I loved the sound of it and my mother used to play it sometimes when I was asleep…man, it´s a vivid memory…

    Syd used to sing me lullabies…I´m crying.

  37. What an incredible tribute to a great man..David doesnt just sing this song, he wails and mourns for his lost friend…Its amazing that David didnt choke up in the middle of this rendition, coz i almost did.


  38. David singing Dark Globe a great Moment captured on Film. thanx for playing it at all, filming, recording and showing it here again.

    I think its the version from castle clam! the white tents in the background are from clam.


  39. …mmmmm, such a song…

    Bless you, Syd…(and thank you, David)…oh, what you do to me….

    Stark your brow,
    Soft Ebony Eye,
    Receptacle of a Soul
    Bottling The Mystery
    Of black holes and rainbows;
    Of dragons and diadems
    Reigning in Secrecy.

    Dark masses prowl
    Such Innocent Prey.
    Electrical storms roll,
    Brewing up histories.
    Their wind blows down dominoes,
    Red wagons, and kickstands
    Of bikes rode with delicacy.

    Marked somehow,
    For a trail in the sky,
    With asymmetrical flow
    As brilliant artistry.
    Exposed through the pathos,
    Stratums of Heaven’s
    Home to a Shooting Star Legacy.

    God rest his soul….

  40. Dear Fed,

    Just the same old tears I used to have when Syd was singing that song… Just the same… la peine en plus…

    Joyeux Noël à tous
    Ikkar, with love

  41. Given how I expect the video to render me into a bawling bundle of feathers, I’ll save it until after I get home from work when I’ll have a herd of purring kittycats to snuggle with and a box of tissue at hand.

    Thank you for the wonderful gift for Christmas, David, Polly, FEd, Guy, and everyone over yonder whose thoughtfulness and generosity have made this available to us.


  42. ‘Tis a pity I only have dial up at home. You see I have never really moved to broadband YET as I usually only use the internet on my home PC for email purposes. But now of course spotting today’s entry on this blog, I think it is time to move on…

    …I haven’t tried to view the video at the office yet. I don’t think the office would be a good place to view, as there are prying eyes and I would not be able to relax like I do at home. I will try and have a sneak look though at lunch tomorrow. I note that I will also have to have a box of tissues close to hand.



  43. Mac users should know that Windows Media Player is available for Mac.

    Stop whining and get the free download. I’ve been enjoying all of these videos, press kits, live performances just fine all along and I am astonished that so many people are not using all tools available to view the media.

    Get with it people!

  44. i just watched it again with a few beers and made my girlfriend watch it.

    david, thank you. there couldn’t be a better tribute.

  45. [LG – that was great…I need to write some music to that. – George Gipe]

    Oh, George! Please do!

    Thank you!

  46. We’ve not had one for a while…

    Hat’s off for that one, Rudders – even by this blog’s high standards that was rather good..

  47. Mr. Gilmour,

    I applaud you. Your tribute has just made my heart pound and brought me to tears. How utterly breathtaking. Thank you for sharing this with us.

    Happy Winter Solstice,
    Happy Yule,
    Season’s Greetings,

    Have A Blessed Holiday Season All,


  48. The video portion buffered and froze (even with the lo-fi version) but I got to hear the song. I do like David’s singing on it a lot. Thanks for putting it up.

    To absent friends….


  49. I am TOTALLY moved by that footage, what a great tribute to a GREAT man.

    Nice one David!

  50. Erin –

    Not all Windows Media Player content is playable on the Mac platform due to the embedded Digital Rights Management (DRM) that can only be read by the later versions of the Windows player software.

    I recommend that Mac users instal the Flip4Mac ‘Windows Media® Components for QuickTime’ which can be downloaded from Microsoft or Flip4Mac. It has some great features.

    … and who was whining anyway?

  51. [Joyeux Noël à tous..Ikkar, with love]

    Beaucoup de bonheur pour votre revoire Ikkar!..Merci pour votre souhaite.Lorsque,Joyeux Noel et Bonne Annee et Sante a toi et a ta famille!

  52. Cracking is the word on Dark Globe, Black and white, surreal and emotional in one moment of time shared with us all infinite. Well done David.

  53. That was the saddest, most beautiful thing.

    That video is so… much more emotional than just listening to the clip.

    It really hit home with me.

    David, how did you get the words come out? My throat ached just trying to sing along.


  54. I have always thought that ‘Dark Globe’ was a far better song than was Syd’s ability to sing it on Madcap Laughs. I do not mean that as a put-down of Syd, it’s just that his solo albums were made at a time when Syd could not give his best performances. The songs were written years earlier, and they show Syd’s songwriting at its strongest. And ‘Dark Globe’ is, for me, a highlight on those albums.

    It is a haunting song, with both the lyrics and the music itself giving a real insight to what Syd must have been feeling during his downfall. It is terrifying.

    Well, after all these years, it is great to hear this song sung by someone who does it justice. Once again, I am not trying to say bad things about Syd Barrett. It’s just that his solo albums are not the way I want to remember him. And David shows us that the songs themselves are amazing. In my opinion, this is the best way to remember Syd.

    Nick Mason in his book says that although Syd is remembered for his songwriting, he should be remembered for his radial concept of improvised rock music. I was not there to witness it, and there are very few recordings that I know of to show what the improvisations were like. So the songwriting is really all we have. Fortunately, Syd wrote dozens of great songs. And now, David is singing some of them, showing us one and for all how talented a songwriter Syd was.

  55. i love this!

    …and nice job with the vocal overdubbing during the second verse “I was half the way down”.

  56. Dearest FEd,

    Well choked up I am right now. All my thanks for the beautiful Dark Globe video. There really is no beating this site.

    Have a wonderful Holiday FEd!


  57. Just watched it – I’m a bit late on video watching these days. Like many others that was the first time I’d seen or heard David perform it, having only ever heard the Syd original on Madcap. Amazingly touching, perfectly appropriate lyrics and sung with a different kind of a passion I’ve rarely seen in him… the minimalist shooting in black and white along with just David and an old acoustic guitar singing one of Syd’s songs in his memory…. touching, beautiful and so very very sad.

    And you know, I just realised that that’s the first time I’ve seen David perform something new (or new to me) and not noticed…all I was thinking about was Syd…


  58. bravo david pour ce geste sympa encore une performance de ta part a la memeoire de syd! merci
    j esperee te voir bientot en france a vienne peu etre car c etait tout simplement geant!!!

    think you

  59. It’s a great song and the way David performed it on stage was a masterpiece. I know I’ll have to buy the single now. Great job David.

    Take care

  60. I just happened to turn on a particular radio station last night just as the DJ was about to play ‘Arnold Layne’ and ‘Dark Globe’ back to back. He preceeded the tracks by mentioning the sensitivity & emotion in David’s voice on ‘Dark Globe’ and I think he got it spot on.

    Nice to see the video today, good work everyone involved and thank you.


  61. i have to say again how great this is. the emotion, the timing, the tribute.

    david, thank you. you are great.

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