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Our four competition winners are… Cory, Gus, Mikael and Pepe.

Congratulations to you. We’ve got your addresses, so please expect your DVDs to arrive next week.

It’s’s birthday on Thursday. Unbelievably, the website has been going strong for a whole year.

It hasn’t been a bad year, has it? A new album, a tour, lots of singles, David on TV, DVD and even in the cinema…

The blog doesn’t celebrate its first birthday until 22 December, so expect some more blog-focused nonsense leading up to the date.

For today, I just want to welcome your thoughts on the past year. I like to think of it as a ‘looking back’/’highs and lows’-type blog day, or something. (Eh, Pete?)

On Thursday, I’ll start our very own Blog Awards. It goes without saying that you’ll be the ones doing the voting, so do get involved if you want to. I have the categories lined up, but if you can think of any good ones, feel free to throw suggestions my way.

Now, let’s all hold hands and merrily skip down memory lane…

Author: FEd

Features Editor of David Gilmour’s official blog, The Blog (‘Features’ previously being its rather naff title), affectionately – or lazily – shortened to ‘FEd’.

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  1. Sorry this is not related to the current blog, but I just had to tell you I received my DVD at 10.20 this morning!! Won’t be able to watch the DVD until later today, unfortunately.

    Thanks, FEd, for all your help and thoughtfulness in keeping us updated. I, for one, really appreciated it.

    [Cheers, Lesley. Enjoy the DVD. – Features Editor]

  2. Happy Birthday David’s Site!!!!!!!!!

    During this year, the site became great, really great. I hope that one day also Pink Floyd’s site will be so nice and efficient as this. And why not also Roger, Rick and Nick sites!!!!!!!

    Thanks for all Fed

  3. [Karen, I expected you to sledge us Brits over certain events in Brisbane ! But I’m glad to see normal Aussie good taste and decorum prevail …]

    Me! sledge the poms, now that’s just not cricket.

    Karen :o)

  4. DVD arrived this morning. Now I have to wait til tonight to watch it. I’ll link it up via projector & stereo, then pour myself a beer and sit back 🙂

  5. Congrats to all involved in DG Site.

    There have been no lows only various degrees of highs, (yes I include the losses in that as well).

    For me the major highs were being able to see David at the Mermaid and meeting Guy, Rick, Marc and Polly in Glasgow, all due to making a little something for someone. Then there is the feeling of belonging to a group of like minded people.

    You joined on 14th, right. So how, why and what would you be doing now if it wasnt for this site?

    Ian Pearson

    [I shudder at the thought. Kindly Sir David saved me from a life of drudgery, so he did. I would be doing more Christmas shopping, though. – Features Editor]

  6. RAH for my 40th, 31st May wow what a gig and the news on the DG Strat.

    Looking forward to another great year of music.

  7. Well…I remember when the site was brown and beige…no music, no blog…almost nothing…lol.

    It´s been a whole new experience to me, to become part of a virtual community. As a matter of fact, I´ve never posted on any blogs before this. And my experiences on chat rooms were…well, forget about it.

    Now, almost one year later, I can´t imagine my life without it. When I arrive at the office, in the morning, the very first thing I do is chek the posts of the day and the calendar.

    I consider many of those who post here and
    frequent the chats as my friends. As a matter of fact, the very first persons I´ve chatted here were Angelo Ortiz from New York, Gabrielle Childers from Washington and, of course, you FEd, from Wales. Let´s not forget Melissa, Lorraine, Michèle, Lucia, Geoff, Erin, George, Matt, Becky, Ag, Lg, Phoenix, Linda – Island Lady, Great Pig in The Sky (it´s a she pig indeed!) and all the others…You are all great! It´s a real pleasure to be part of such group of people. Thank you!

    And of course, last but not least, many thanks to Mr. David Gilmour, who made all this possible.

    Besides his wonderful music, which was enough to keep us happy for the rest of our lives, he provided all this. Tell me about being spoiled!

    And sure, we have the Features Editor, which is responsible for maintaining the site. All I can say is thank you very much. Keep up the extraordinary job. Hope someday to sit down in a pub with you and have some nice cold ones!

    Have a great day everybody.

    Adriano (forgive once again the poor english!)

    [Adriano, please. We don’t like to talk about our shameful brown and beige days… – Features Editor]

  8. hi there guys, you lot at DG HQ have done a fantastic job,

    on another note please forgive for the ploughing through the other posts but i have had a bit of an accident and actualy slit my throat! so i havent checked the blog recently. im just curious about the DVD and poster as my posty hasnt dropped it off today (tuesday) so im not sure what the procedure is now?

    many thanks

    adam x

    [Adam, you win our award for Most Dramatic Accident Involving a Sharp Object hands down. Look after yourself. The DVDs have been despatched, so you should expect both DVD and poster to arrive very soon. – Features Editor]

  9. 2006 has been a wonderful year with so many highlights. Here are just a few of mine:

    Rediscovering my love of David’s music, both solo and Pink Floyd. I first found PF in the 1970s but in recent years I haven’t listened as much, particularly since my record player went up into the loft when we last moved house! I am pleased to say that this year I have replicated most of my vinyl collection on CD and extended it. Now I don’t know how I managed without it for so long.

    Seeing David perform my all time favourites ‘Echoes’ and ‘Shine on…’ live. I never ever thought I would get the chance and I still can’t quite believe it.

    The anticipation leading up to the release of ‘On an Island’.

    Finding this web site and blog. I don’t know what I’d do without it now.

    I’d like to say a big thank you to everyone involved in running the site and particularly to you Fed for all your hard work. And last but most certainly not least, thank you to David and Polly.

    [Bless you, Lynn. – Features Editor]

  10. The high point for me with the Blog, apart from keeping up with DG and the band, has been meeting some very special people, not least of which is Fed.

    Don’t know if I’d want to skip down the road holding his hand though . . .

    [Oh, come on! You know you want to. – Features Editor]

  11. Re: Latest News 1st December.

    “UK tax payers money going to good use”.

    You mean UK TV licence payers money – that costs us £131.50 a year – and you have to have one if you have a TV set whether you watch or listen to the BBC or not!! Even if you dont have an aerial connected and just want to watch dvds or videos!! So anyone who’s watched or listened to the BBC programmes can thank the licence payers in the UK. Please feel free to contact me for details of where to send your contributions towards my fee. Rant over!!!

    Only 20 days to Christmas – then hopefully the shops will stop playing those damned Christmas songs!! Dont they realise that every shop is playing the same songs!! Sorry – now the rants over. Have a nice Christmas everyone.

    [Well said, David. That BBC lot should be wearing masks. – Features Editor]

  12. Blog awards – great idea! I hear that Bryan Adams fan club does their own award every year too…!


    [Now if anyone suggests that I got the idea from being a member of the Bryan Adams fan club, then the pointy stick is coming out. – Features Editor]

  13. Folks at

    A happy birthday indeed. We should be the ones thanking you for bringing David and his team so close to us..close enough for us to strecth out our arms and almost get the feeling of touching them 🙂 When does one feel this way…only when the un-real expectations, fantasies etc start becoming little realities that somehow reach out and touch the hearts of those that come here 🙂

    Thank you Fed.. and thank you to all those involved in the website. You guys have done a great job and we know for a fact, that you will continue to do so.


  14. Congratulations to the winners… as I said yesterday you are in for a treat 🙂

    Caption Competition:

    David’s philanthropy knew no bounds… he agreed to play this concert for really ugly people who have to wear bags over their heads but neither David nor Guy could bring themselves to look at the cartoon faces drawn on the bags…

    [We have a contender for our Best Caption Award… – Features Editor]

  15. Mothballs on the tux, anybody got a lend of a bow tie?

    It deserves a massive birthday so it does

    Rgds Geoff Duffy ( Dublin )

  16. Memory Layne…dont do it again, err, sorry wrong song

    1) seeing my first ever Blog appear

    2) getting my first ever response from from The Fed

    3) Feeling part of a great community

    4) wondering if i had gone too far on a picture caption (i obviously had as The Fed decided it was not suitable to publish)

    5) choosing my fave Polly picture only to discover my choice was not taken by her (i still shudder when i think about that)

    6) knowing that members of the band read the blog (makes no 5 even more embarrassing)

    7) reading some very amusing posts

    8) reading some very thought provoking posts

    9) being told that the DVD will be a week late, then the missus phoning me up this morning saying “there is a package for you & its the DVD….im going to hide it untill xmas”

    10) hoping the Fed wont be too cruel to Arsenal supporters in the near future

    Thank you to everyone at David

    [I value my job far too much to knock Arsenal supporters, Graham. – Features Editor]

  17. Cometh the hour cometh the man. It has been an excellent year for David, this Website & all those Floyd/David Gilmour fans who thought they would never see the likes of again.

    For me personally, the highlight was seeing OAI performed live at the RAH. The downside was my son was suffering with a throat & ear infection & although he was present on that night, he understandably couldn’t feel the full scope of such an occasion. Now I hope that sticks in David’s mind & he does some more shows soon for Joseph’s benefit.

    It was good also to see the band at close proximity, performing to the highest of standards.

    Don’t go quiet on us now David, start on a new album to better OAI & you’ll have a world beater.

    It’s also nice that this site is quite a personal one & not unapproachable like most people think of the Floyd & I think that’s down to you Fed!

  18. Hey F*Ed ~

    Happy Anniversary buddy. We couldn’t have got here without your infinite patience and guidance.
    Friendships have been forged here with David’s music being the flame and your compassion and hospitality as the anvil to shape us.

    Thank you


  19. Happy Birthday to its hard to believe a year has past. I remember seeing the first page of the site before anything else was added.

    I was a very lucky competition winner through this site and am very grateful. I was one of the lucky ones who went to see David and his band at the Mermaid Theatre in London this year. I went with my friend James who is also a regular on this blog.

    What a great evening that was and a fond memory.

    H*A*P*P*Y B*I*R*T*H*D*A*Y for Thursday!

    I also heard the Arnold Layne performance on Radio 2 yesterday! I’m looking forward to purchasing the single when it’s released.

  20. Happy Tuesday,

    Great blog Fed:

    Looking back,

    This time last year our local hospital were running tests on my youngest daughter to rule out the fact that a brain tumour was not the reason for her then illness.

    As you can imagine, it was the best xmas present ever to find out that her problem was not being caused by a tumour.

    Anyway, in times of crisis my mind always drifts to music. While sat in the waiting room it occured to me that I had not heard much about David/Pink Floyd for a number of years. So, later that day, when I had some time to myself I googled Davids name and there to my surprise was the website.

    Even more surprising was the opportunity to get priority tickets for the RAH.

    This website then had the blog area quickly added to it. The lads I play footie with have their own musical interests (if at all) and I seldom see the people I grew up with so for years, from a musical point of view, I have rarely found like minded people. So for me, although I do not blog anywhere else, the web (and this website in particular) is a wonderful place. From the off I found this to be a good place to go and it is why I tend to get cross when it is abused.


    Getting top tickets for the RAH. (I still have the email), Island Jam, the video clips, album release, March 6th, May 29th, the photos, the concert reports, the articles on the various venues, the competitions, getting on the chatroom + others which will come to me after I send this.


    Syd and Arthur Lee + others which will come to me after I send this.

    Blog award ideas,

    The funniest Fed comeback award

    Pete – Coventry

  21. Happy Birthday!

    If I hadn’t found you a year ago, I wouldn’t have had the great year that I have had. A great album, a trip to NYC to see David at RCMH, the DVD (and upcoming DVD).

    Most importantly, though, it’s the community that has eveolved here. Incredible!

    Thank you to David for allowing this kind of access, and to FEd for handling it in fine form.

    I will now return to skipping merrily down the lane!

  22. Fedmeister

    Besides the obvious highs and lows of following the tour and waiting for concert reviews from bloggers the Blog highlight for me must be…

    Your surprises… with help from Mr. Pratt himself we put together a number of surprises including Ian’s amazing Glassman, The Liverpool Football Shirt and a cheque presented to David for charity…

    The whole event had a number of interesting incidents… including me talking to Neil Pudney by telephone while he was sat on a lawnmower in the middle of a field! Ian Pearson having his picture taken with Guy and Richard – lucky g*t! and the way a bunch of people who didn’t know each other got together and made a contribution to a charity…

    I must also mention the wonderful people who have sent me merchandise items that haven’t been available in North America… You know who you are 🙂

    [A definite high. My thanks again to all involved. – Features Editor]

  23. Regarding the Radio 2 website news..That’s License payers money, not Taxpayers..

    Hello all!
    Guy the pedant.

  24. Sounds like we’ll be in for some wonderful silliness to end the year.

    Looking back it has been a great year. Anytime a talent like DG decides to throw himself back into the music and treat us with a release, a tour and such is always welcome. And his effort there is what brought about this site and community.

    It’s been great to meet new people, agree and disagree with them from time to time and just read all the wonderful stuff as to how the music has effected them. And just like there were high points there were a fair amount of low ones as well with the biggest being the passing of Syd.

    And we still have quite a bit to look forward to as well. The release of Arnold Layne single, the release of the live DVD, more information about the DG Strat (by the way, anyone read that a Hendrix 1968 strat just sold for $140K?), and the hope that David decides to strap on his strat for another leg of the tour or even just a few more select performances.

    Its been a good year and thanks for keeping us “in the loop” throughout.



  25. Cheeses christ we should sing from the roove tops in celebration of what has become the best blog on the web no doubt. As I have said before i always typed into my search engine alas to no avail then one faithful day last dec it was there shining brightly for all to see, then came the blog and this guy was hooked. Somewhere for me to express my fondness for the great man at last and somewhere along the line I think I have made some truly good friends and met some truly knowledgeable and pleasant people

    so to you Fed and all involved thank you so much for what has been a year to long remember.

    Rgds Geoff Duffy ( Dublin )

  26. I used to google David Gilmour and Pink Floyd all the time just to see if there was any news, then one day in December there it was,, and the days ahead got brighter, with news of a New album and a tour to look forward to.

    I anticipated getting the CD, then tickets, I got tickets and looked to going to the show, I read about the show in the Blog and on the web site and was about to pee myself to see the show.

    I saw the show and it was everything you could ask for.

    2006, a very good year. Thank you very much for making it one of the best. I look forward to 07 and what it will bring.

    Happy Holidays. PK

  27. Hi Fed,

    A whole year… Although it was in January when I first started coming here, what a time I’ve had!

    The first time I remember posting was on Syd’s birthday. I remember how touching it was to see all the people that had been deeply influenced by Syd. Since then, I have seen the Blog grow from a handful of eccentrics to a flourishing community of people who love David.

    Who could possibly forget the Rooves debate, or the Caption Competition? Or the countless little contests? I think of this place every time I hear ‘Hot Pants’ and Pointy Sticks. Then there are Polly’s pics, which has given us some intimate views into not only David’s professional life, but a glimpse of David the man. If it wasn’t for those pics, there would not have been a Blog in the first place.

    There are moments that I will never forget. I will never forget the outpouring of love and support over Syd’s passing. That was both a low and a high for me. It was a very sad day, but I was so moved by the outpouring of love and support and how so many people could commonly share in grief and sympathy. I will also remember the covert ops by many of the Bloggers, including Guy, who were able to surprise Fed with some very nice gifts, and David with a charity contribution. That is a high point for sure.

    Unfortunately, there have been times it hasn’t been so good, such as the JFK incident and all of the (fill in expletive of choice here) who shamelessly called for a PF reunion before and after Syd’s death. Even though there were a handful of times things got out of hand, the silver lining has always been Fed’s ability to keep things under control and put these people in their place.

    What can I say about Fed? Fed, the faceless, witty caretaker of the site, who has been vested with the duty of keeping us in line, you are backbone of the Blog and Chat. Fed, you have earned my respect in many ways. When you have announced competitions and given people loyal to the site first priority, that means something. When you have intervened on peoples behalf to fix ticket errors and get answers for people, that shows class. When you are fair and keep everyone accountable to the behavior and ettiquete expected, no matter how popular they are, that shows integrity.

    I could keep going, but you only have so much server space.

    It’s been a great year, and we’ve all pulled together as a team to make this into a monster.

    Here’s to a great year, and looking forward to another great year


    P.S. D’Oh!!!!! I missed the N.A. DVD contest!! (butt is sore from all the self- kicking.) Congrats to the winners, hope you enjoy. If not ,send it my way, I sure would enjoy it. 🙂

    [Mike, you get the award for Most Flattering FEd-Directed Comment. Thanks, mate. – Features Editor]

  28. Caption: As David prepares his solo, he drops his pick.

    Looking forward to Thursday. Congrats to the N.A. winners.

    During Astronomy, at the interval, the original is different from the last version. Why is that, I’ve always wondered? And which version is it now?

  29. FEd: Would it be possible for us to have the background music of the site avaiable for download?

    [I really couldn’t say, sorry. – Features Editor]

  30. Congratulations to the N. American winners! You’ll love the DVD.

    And, a special congratulations to everyone who works on the website and the blog, especially the tireless FEd. It’s downright overwhelming when you really sit down to think about everything we experienced in 2006. I greatly appreciate not only the information and wonderful treats the blog has given us, but the many great people I’ve met and talked to over the past year, and the chance to “keep talking” into 2007!

    Hugs, everybody!

  31. David~ reported left down wind for 220, turn on base and than final see the numbers now will be home soon Ahh I’m already there.


  32. From my vision of a wee boy’s tears
    Caught in derision of fans and fears
    To the imposition upon many peers
    By the revision in Venice with its engineers…

    But alas, my heart recants dysphoria!–
    I recount my romance with Astoria
    And with grand Gdansk and her day of Gloria:
    These grace my glance with sheer euphoria!

    So from red sky clear where seagulls soar
    To deep blue sphere of ocean’s floor,
    Visions are held dear on my island shore
    Of this golden year of David Gilmour!

    (…couldn’t help it, Fed… ;^> …xo )

  33. [Caption Competition: David’s philanthropy knew no bounds… he agreed to play this concert for really ugly people who have to wear bags over their heads but neither David nor Guy could bring themselves to look at the cartoon faces drawn on the bags… – Posted by: Rudders – Toronto at December 5, 2006 01:22 PM]

    hehe, that’s a good one.

    congratulations to cory, gus, mikael and pepe.

    happy anniversary to all at

    there are too many high points to mention but i’ll still skip with you, fed.

  34. btw, you have to have an award for funniest fed comeback. i agree with pete – coventry there.

  35. Wow a year already??? It has gone by fast. Must say it has been a great year. I am so happy that came to be. I was so excited when I found it back in December. All the little goodies that have come with it, to name a few….

    – Getting to meet my fellow bloggers at the Jay leno show and concert afterward.
    – Staying in touch with said bloggers (especially the girls!!)
    – Winning one of the contests!!
    – Meeting (sort of) Fed
    – Lauging while reading some of those captions. I think Rudders is to thank for the start of that right?
    – The present for Fed

    It’s been great. Thanks Fed for being there and for keeping the blog going. You truly are off the Hizzle!! If you are ever in Southern Cali, you know you are always welcome at my house.

    Take Care and Cheers to everyone.

    P.S. What’s wrong with Bryan Adams 🙂

    Renee B.
    Fontana, Ca USA

  36. I’ve quite simply been blown away by the events of this year. We had to wait a long time to see David live again, but it was well worth the wait.

    And now we have a fantastic web site and blog to keep us informed of events and news, and some special guests pop in from time to time.

    The sheer volume of material this year has been fantastic.

    Personally I would like to thank David and FEd for giving us, the fans such a great 2006.

    I only hope you can make 2007 even better.

    Happy Birthday


  37. Caption Competition: David’s philanthropy knew no bounds… he agreed to play this concert for really ugly people who have to wear bags over their heads but neither David nor Guy could bring themselves to look at the cartoon faces drawn on the bags… – Posted by: Rudders – Toronto at December 5, 2006 01:22 PM]

    a gifted eye to pluck that one out of the blue. bravo good sir top notch

    Rgds Geoff Duffy ( Dublin)

    CAPTION: David and Guy in the BASEment As David shines his flashlight he says “Guy get a load of the boxes of xmas cards arriving for the FED, jealous so I am”

  38. Can’t believe its been almost a year since the great blessing of introducing this website. There probably hasn’t too many days that I haven’t barged in and checked for news and updates.

    Poll idea: Vote on our favorite DG guitar or guitar riff.

  39. Caption:

    Though Guy tries confoundedly to keep up, he just doesn’t recall the band having rehearsed show tunes from “James and the Giant Peach”.

  40. [Now let’s all hold hands and merrily skip down memory lane…]

    hahahah The mental image!!!

    Well, I do remember when the site first came up, and later the blog. I was really excited. Not only there was a new album (and all the goodies that come with that) but also a chance to meet and interact with fellow fans. Back then, I used to check almost every day what was going on in Gilmourland but then, half way through the whole thing I was too pregnant to sit still in front of the computer (baby kicking) and then motherhood took over my life LOL so I had to part momentarily with computer/blog/fans.

    Im glad I have some more time these days because it is, indeed, fun to come here and find out things about DG and releases but also about other topics.

    So, cheers to you all that have stuck it for a whole year! 🙂 HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

    Good job FEd and co. This must be the first place in the net, open to peeps of all places and kinds 🙂 that survived for a whole year without its members, killing each other!

    [I think a few people have tried, but they always saw the light before dealing that final, fatal blow. It’s a wide lane, by the way. No one’s getting swung into trees in the process. – Features Editor]

  41. …Love ya, Rudders, you are all too inspiring…..but if my ship goes down I’m taking you with me!

    Bless you! :^D
    –LG xo

  42. In order to keep my word length down, I wanted to post again and say that if you have any doubts about this being the best artist’s website, let me tell you…

    In 2006, I “joined” another artist’s web forum and paid an annual fee, which entitles me to pre-order tickets for upcoming concerts and to receive the latest news. The web forum is run by a marketing company. There is no real “FEd” at the helm. The “latest news” I’ve received is often incomplete, or lacking, and it’s difficult to make any kind of travel plans based on the information given. I just deleted a huge paragraph here detailing some of the informational lapses, as it was too lengthy…so hopefully, you get the idea…

    So, contrast this experience, which I paid for, with what we are given here everyday for FREE: we got complete information about the OAI tour; we were able to plan; FEd answered all our questions; we knew where the concerts would be held; if anything changed, we were informed and the details were worked out; FEd sorted out various ticketing issues; we always were given the best and most complete information possible, and if something was undecided, we were told so. I was able to get my ticket and make my plans like clockwork, all because there are real, live, wonderful people running this site who genuinely care about what they do.

    Huge cheers for FEd & company, and of course, David and Polly who make all of this possible. I really can’t thank you all enough! Happy Anniversary everyone!

    [Thank you very much for that, Lynn. It means a lot. – Features Editor]

  43. Happy Tuesday (2)

    Another high: was the day that the fed let me know that a blog I had written, in relation to ‘Little White Bull’ had been intercepted by the man himself and forwarded to Polly. I felt like a dog with two bones that day.

    Another low: and I am guilty, is when I see the fed being taken for granted.

    Pete – Coventry

    [You’re not guilty, mate. You win my English Gentleman Award for that. Bit of a private joke for you. – Features Editor]

  44. [Adam, you win our award for Most Dramatic Accident Involving a Sharp Object hands down. Look after yourself. The DVDs have been despatched, so you should expect both DVD and poster to arrive very soon. – Features Editor]

    thats what happens when you fall down the stairs headfirst onto a pint glass!

    good to hear theyre arriving soon as im getting a little bored not going to work now!

    and ive finally won something in my life! err actually the tickets for davids mermaid gig were enough!, like ive said and that proves the point, great work guys!



    [Ouch. Take good care of yourself, mate. That sounds nasty. – Features Editor]

  45. Woohooo…happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear…what? You want me to stop singing? Ok, but I’ll sing it on Thursday, you can’t stop me 🙂

    Past year…let me see…. great album, fabulous concerts (or awesome, if you want, fed 🙂 ) , and what’s most important for me, I got to see Mr. Gilmour live for the first time in my life!!!

    Highs and lows? The first one must be RAH, May 29th, around 7 35pm, opening chords of Breathe – the best moment of my life (so far) 🙂 , then listening to echoes, David Bowie singing Arnold Layne, Mr. Gilmour’s site, the blog, meeting wonderful people in the chat room…..I could go on forever, but my lack of knowledge of the English language prevents me from that 🙂

    Lows – for me, the moment I realized that tickets for the European shows were sold out, and I didn’t have the chance to buy them…..

    It was worth waiting for 22 years – I just hope the release date for the next album is not in 2028….

    Dear Fed, you’re doing a great job here – just reading all those posts must be exhausting 🙂

  46. [Mike, you get the award for Most Flattering FEd-Directed Comment. Thanks, mate. – Features Editor]

    Woo hoo! I won something! Thanks, Fed. (The award is not shaped like Mick Jagger- style lips next to a set of ass cheeks, is it?)

    Seriously, I am flattered, Fed.

    Have a great day, all


  47. [Posted by: Lynn at December 5, 2006 04:02 PM]

    I echo your sentiments, Lynn. Great post!

    Blog Award – “Best FEd Put-down Award”

  48. A personal high for me is that a few of my suggestions were used as Blog topics and that some other suggestions I made such as various polls were also used. And I don’t know if I was the first to suggest it but I do remember submitting a suggestion to have us pose some questions to band members which eventually did result in the Guy interview and subsequent Steve interview. All of that is a real personal feel good for me.

    Of course, FEd gets the credit for taking the germ of the idea and making the creation. He’s quite good at that.



    [Andrew’s in the running for the Wise Guy Award… You’re quite right, of course. – Features Editor]

  49. Question: How many David Gilmours does it take to change a light bulb?

    Answer: There is ONLY one David Gilmour!

  50. Happy Birthday to Santa Gilmours elves here at!

    This is easily one of the finest websites, regardless of genre, on the internet. Hands down.

    What it’s meant to me? While I lament having missed the first several months of it (along with any chance of procuring concert tickets in my vicinity), I have enjoyed the experience.

    While initially relagated to voyer status, I could not resist participating in the Blog. There are many fine contributors here that have added insightful, interesting, and humorous posts regarding my favorite guitar player. Not only that, I have joined and witnessed much thought provoking and socio-political discussion here as well.

    Our Features Editor really has been the lifeblood here and is to be commended! (I’ll try not to make this too sappy, Fed) The F’Ed has done well to represent this site in the image of its benefactor, David Gilmour. That is, the home of a proper English gentleman. The employment of a pointy stick or two has managed to beat down the inevitable onslaught of low-brow cyber sleeze. Unfortunately for me, I have had to remove a pointy stick or two from my behind. (Sorry F’Ed, sometimes I have to be reminded to play nice!)

    This is one place where a hemispherically isolated American, such as myself, can interact globally with like-minded people. While sometimes resulting in cross cultural stumbling blocks I have always looked forward to seeing the world through new eyes. All of you who participate in the Blog help me do just that (especially you F’Ed).

    Thanks for the memories folks. Cheers to a bigger and better New Year!

    Michael Orzek

    [Cheers, Michael. I’ve turned the trusted stick on myself a few times throughout the year, so don’t feel bad. There’s nothing more effective than self-flagellation when it’s deserved. – Features Editor]

  51. The ultimate high has to be seeing David et al in Paris (Le Grand Rex), I don’t think anything wil come close to that experience. It was worth it just for those 23 perfect minutes of Echoes.

    Also this blog comes pretty close: I can no longer live without my daily ‘fix’ of irregulars, randomness and nonsense!

    Meeting Nick was quite cool as well. That just leaves one person left to see (guess who – and I’m seeing him next year anyways).

    As for lows, nothing David Gilmour-related, he has been outstanding this year. Not seeing Noel Gallagher the other day was a bit of a bummer and no Neil Young tour of Europe this year (again). I want to see The Horse saddled up again!

    I’ll stop before I real off a list of bands I want to see.

    Take care

    x x x

    [I agree with you about Neil Young, Dom. Let’s go and nag him on his website. – Features Editor]

  52. All i want to say is thank you !

    All our love for this “uncle” playing the guitar is now straight “on the road” to this site/blog.

    thank you again



    Its been a great year. Im so thankful to david and the band for touring. It still feels like a dream sometimes. I never thought that i would get to see him on tour,and thanks to you fed for keeping us informed of all thats happening.

  54. Oh my goodness I can’t believe that it has been a year! Wow, doesn’t time fly?

    Looking forward to the next year. These Blog awards sound like fun aswell.

    Good day to you all!

  55. Hi FED and all

    I have just received my DVD and Litho order.

    What a surprise to find a complementary tour booklet!

    It may have been late but i did not mind and i had to post to say thank you to Anthll and no doubt your goodself and David’s good offices.

    Many happy returns for Thursday if i am not around

    Best wishes as always


  56. One year ago I was in the middle of starting a new job and moving house from Virginia to California. I didn’t find the blog until last spring when a coworker mentioned that David was touring. I immediately became addicted to the welcoming community that is

    Of all the many highlights in the past year, I have to single out the heartfelt tributes to Syd on his passing this summer. I can vividly imagine David and Syd busking about France 40 odd years ago.

    Of course the maestro of the community is Fed. He conducts the many voices of the blog orchestra, always striking the right tone and tenor. Some of us are loud and booming, some are quiet and thoughtful, and Fed weaves the many into a grand sound. It’s fitting that the king of guitar tone has the king of blog tone running the helm.

    [Bob, you’re too kind. – Features Editor]

  57. Wow!!! A Year! Hard to believe. Congratulations to David, the Band, Fed… all involved.

    What is truly amazing is that there is such a huge list of great things that have happened since the beginning of this blog, it would take pages to list them all. Thank you for involving us in a small way in Davids’ world.

    The Good: Because of this site I learned David was touring and bought tickets before the price went crazy. I saw Echos LIVE!!! I got to attend the Jay Leno taping and meet fellow bloggers. David made a new album that was totally unexpected and fantastic. Guy met with fans before a show (I didn’t get to meet him, but how cool is he to do it???). I’ve been constantly updated and involved by this site. The AOL sessions are on DVD! And on and on. Oh- and nobody got hurt when the stage fell apart in Venice and the people still got to see a show.

    The bad: New York airport incident. Other than that I can’t think of anything really bad (ticket problems, order problems- whatever- are inconveniences to those affected- but so what? Even trouble was handled well).

    Thanks again David, Fed and everyone involved.

  58. Well what can I say that everyone else has not said.

    I also did not find this site out until mid January. I also googled David Gilmour’s name and this site popped up. From the time that I have found it, I rarely miss checking in daily.

    I have to say you have a great bunch of people on this blog and I enjoy reading daily.

    Fed, I have to tell you, you have the patience of an angel. Many times I would have told people to f**k off, but your kind words are truly inspiring.

    I personally had the chance to party with Angelo and some other bloggers in New York, see a great concert (Echoes, oh my god). I personally would have never thought that I would see him again live.

    I showed a friend the other day the new DVD and he turns to me and said: Man I think he gets better with age. I told him, see you should have come with me to New York.

    David, keep up the great work and hope to see you again someday in the not too distant future.

  59. Caption: Guy runs full speed across the stage (catching a smile with StevieD), but doesn’t see David standing there, looking down. . .

  60. Well, Happy Birthday.

    I can’t even begin to describe how this site has truly changed my life. I have made friends all over the world. Some of which, I’m quite certain, I’ll have for a long time to come. It has been great to gather with like-minded people and talk about things that are so important. Not just music and David Gilmour/PF.

    Going to Jay Leno was a huge highlight of my year, not to mention the other shows I went to. Of course, meeting other Irregulars including Guy. The feeling that I’m somewhat closer to David, whom I have a huge amount of respect for, not only as a musician, but as a husband, father, humanitarian and most importantly a human being

    When I think about the lows, I think of things like finding out a blogger has cancer, and of a blogger losing his father. I really do think of you all as family. Your pains, pain me.


    PS – Fed, don’t punish all of us Americans, for a few bad seeds. Just throw out the bad seeds. Maybe we need to change the password? Hopefully, you’ll be able to have a later chat sometime soon?

    [Cancelling next week’s evening chat is not about punishing Americans. I don’t care where in the world you are. It’s about giving up my free time to people who waste it. I’d rather they waste my working time or, better still, not waste my time at all. We had a great chat on Monday, for example, and it was a genuine pleasure to join in. So the chats are going to be during my working day until I’m less pissed off about it all. That said, I am thinking of changing the password and, more significantly, about making some chat sessions ‘by invitation only’ affairs. – Features Editor]

  61. [There’s nothing more effective than self-flagellation when it’s deserved. – Features Editor]

    I could say something naughty….but I won’t. ;>)

    [Yes, I see what you mean. Walked right into that one, didn’t I? – Features Editor]

  62. Its been a wonderful year. I am so happy to have seen David in Chicago, and I can’t listen to On an Island enough.

    Thanks to the Fed and all of his or her hard work to make this blog and website possible!!!

    I can’t believe I won that DVD!! I rarely win anything.

    Have a great day all!!!!


  63. OH MY GOD I WON I CAN’T BELIEVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Shall I really expect the prize next week? It wouldn’t bother me if it took longer because of my country. Anyways thank you very much! An official prize from David’s site, well that means a lot to me, even if it’s something that a lot of people already have 😀

    Happy birthday, It’s a beautiful site, with an unbelievable blog ;), great media and news.

  64. …a whole year.

    For me it was a good time,I ended my first album and David did ‘OAI’,the Florence show,that time when FEd put me out of the chat,that time that FEd gave me a smile,and all this entering here and feeling like I was a little bit closer to one of my heroes ever,David Gilmour.

    Happy Birthday to everyone and love.

  65. Happy Birthday!

    Well, because of this site I got to see Mr. Gilmour at the Mermaid Theatre on a rainy night in March and I got fantastic seats at the Royal Albert Hall – so naturally I am very grateful and impressed by the whole thing.

    I am sure I am not alone in owning up to having looked at the site just about every day for a year (when I didn’t it was because I was on holiday! Oh dear). Part tragic(!) but also part impressed by the entertaining and informative aspect of the site.


  66. Hi FEd,

    Thank you, Thank you, Thank you for all of the good things that have come our way during the past twelve months, your English Grammar lessons – most important,- the album, the tour, my really good seats at the RAH, and today postie broght the DVD, with another freebie, a tour book – most unexpected and very gratefully recieved.

    So thanks again SuperFEd. Give all our regards to all & sundry at HQ, and pass Seasonal Felicitations to David, Polly the kids, Guy, Rick etc. etc.

    Must go and put the kettle on, I think you said no sugar didn’t you?

  67. Alas I have not been able to post here for quite a while but I couldn’t let this great websites Birthday pass by without saying Happy Birthday to Fed and all the bloggers.

    Hope you are keeping well Fed LOL :oD no I didn’t mean eating lots of food!

    I meant I hope your health is good ;o)

  68. [Me! sledge the poms, now that’s just not cricket.]

    Karen, my dear girl, what we just served up in Adelaide deserves Rudolf the Red nosed reindeer proportioned sledging – but then where would be the sport, eh?

  69. It’s been one of those years when I thought it just couldn’t get any better and it did. This site is a lovely place to be, with a great sense of community and fun.

    Happy Birthday

  70. Firstly, congratulations to the latest round of winners. 🙂

    Secondly, I haven’t had the pleasure of the past year’s worth of ‘live’ updates through the blog, having stumbled across it only a little while ago. Missed out on a lot of things, but after going back and reading the archives (yes, I read them all), it’s easy to get a feel for this place and those who choose to share their thoughts with the rest of us.

    It feels like home.

    Thanks, FEd. No need to say why, else we’d be here until next year, so… just… /thanks/.

    the Phoenix.

  71. I guess I took off skipping down memory lane a little early with a couple of posts over the last week or so. I should have waited so I could have held hands.

    What a great year for us fans. The excitement of waiting for the new album made me feel like a kid again. I’d been hoping since the Meltdown DVD that David was up to something. Then to see it official on the website was just fantastic.

    Can’t say I visit many other musician websites, but I don’t think there is anything else like this one. Thanks to you I was able to get near the front of the line for the show of a lifetime in Chicago.

    Thanks,again David, FED, and all the rest for what you’ve given us.

  72. The DVD arrived.

    Welcome to the band Steve, the energy and heart you put into Astronomy Domine is outstanding.

    I think David Gilmour and the band are the only musicians on the planet whose live performances are better than their studio albums.

    Thank you for the DVD and thank you Anthill for getting it to me in such a thoughtful manner 8)

    The vast scheme of things eh . . .

  73. Already a whole year, time flies…

    So many things to say, so difficult in english, I try though.

    Not only could we get all sorts of news about David’s music, new album, tour dates..(because of Fed’s “exquisite organisational skills” of course), but we also could share here so many thoughts, ideas, passions with so many people coming from all around the world…

    Some of these people even became true friends (I don’t want to name anyone, they will recognise themselves).

    All people have mostly been very kind, tolerant, open-minded, witty, funny, not too silly ( hé! Fed! thank you!). It has been a real pleasure, then even a real need to read everyday all the posts!

    Not forgetting that the blog is a great school for learning (or trying to learn) fluent english, even slang words or swearwords ! (thanks again, Fed !). Far better, easier and funnier than at real school ! more motivating !

    So, many thanks to David, Fed and our fellow bloggers (so patient with me in the chatroom !)

    I have a deep respect for Fed (as well with his/her professional hat as with his/her fan hat!)
    He/she could almost turn me into a Liverpool fan ! it’s a shame!

    I hope the site will never close! Sometimes I fear that …It has been my first blog and will remain the only one ! great !

    Gros bisous à tous! (pas à David, je n’oserais pas ! à Fed non plus, je n’oserais pas …)


    [I hope you weren’t watching Liverpool last night, Michèle. From the way they played, you’d have thought they were all wearing jelly shoes. – Features Editor]

  74. Happy B-day to the site.

    I just want to thank David, Fed, and everyone involved in this wonderful site. Most of my thoughts have already been mentioned by other fellow bloggers, but yes 2006 was a great year and I was very happy to see OAI performed live.

    The dvd which came this past weekend brought me right back to those good feelings. Keep up the fine work.

    Cheers to all.

    P.S. Always a pleasure to read posts from Guy.

  75. Matt,

    The question should be:

    How many David Gilmour’s does it take to make a light bulb shine on??

    The answer is: There is only ONE David Gilmour who shines on.


  76. I just got my dvd yesterday and i like it very much!!! I love Astronomy Domine which is so special.

    Bye now,
    Sylvie de Montréal

  77. [Now let’s all hold hands and merrily skip down memory lane…]

    I’ve just had vision of the front of a “Start Right” childrens shoe box. Sorry to all non UK bloggers for the obscure reference!

  78. Possible Award Categories:

    -Best Irregular Group Contribution to FEd’s Sanity
    -Best Private Chatroom Name Designation decided by Best Blog Moderator of The Year
    -Most Heartfelt Display of Artistic Fandom to Transitive Display by an Irregular
    -Most Serene Display of Calm, Emotive Response, in the Face of Adversity by a Blog Moderator
    -Best FEd comeback (during D.G. Blog history [or the last year])
    -Best FEd comeback (10 words or less)
    -Best FEd comeback (1 word or less)

    Possible Poll Categories:

    -Most Accurate FEd Response When Asked About Release Dates
    -Most Posted Captions (by an Irregular)
    -Favorite Caption
    -Most Posts (by an Irregular)
    -Best Blog Topic: re: Guitars, Songs, Artists

    Possible Self-Flagellating Pointy Stick Award Categories: {Because it just wouldn’t be the same without these people}

    -Most Requests for a Plectrum (Asia, Africa, Europe, N.A., S.A., Oceania)
    -Most Requests for an Autograph (Asia, Africa, Europe, N.A., S.A., Oceania)
    -Most Requests for a PF/DG/RW/Reunion tour (Asia, Africa, Europe, N.A., S.A., Oceania)
    -Quickest to Apologize Because of Pointy Stick
    -Best Foot-in-Mouth Entry due to Not Reading the Blog
    -Most Repeated Blog Question (Asia, Africa, Europe, N.A., S.A., Oceania)
    -Most Understanding Use of the Pointy Stick

    Clueless Without a Cause Awards: (2 Awards)

    -The first CWCA goes to every single person who used a cell-phone/camera during any live performance (by David Gilmour) to capture it in any manner during the last year, and then to offer the contents on this website

    -The second CWCA goes to those of you who understand the English language, and its grammar, (along with spellcheck) then bastardize all acknowledgement of it! Use your intelligence PLEASE!!! My God, what some of us have had to go through, not to mention FEd. . .

    [Damn, you’re good. – Features Editor]

  79. Well bloggers, after a few, well, frankly below par days this feels a little like old times, don’t you think.

    So it reminds me above all of this being a warm and comfortable place where like-minded (mostly) people gather daily to care and share all this Gilmour.

    Certainly my memory throws me some highlights

    – Following the tour
    – Musical lists
    – The barnband (r.i.p.)
    – Fed’s bon mots
    – looking for my own posts and those who respond
    – touching moments and belly laughes
    – little wing, ma cherie and *evil grins*
    – the whole damn radiohead thing …

    and the best bit may yet be to come for those of us who didn’t realise what it would mean to NOT ACTUALLY GET TO SEE A SHOW !! i.e. the DVD (god speed)

    The anniversary, it’s gonna be a gloooooooorious day.

  80. Oh and my DVD arrived today – I may not have been paying attention but I wasn’t expecting the tourbook so that was a nice surpise and renders the whole package very good value indeed !!

  81., happy birthday. David turned 60 this year, and I turned 40. David has entered a new, active phase of his career. I am entering a new career (teaching). David has released an album, several singles, and a DVD. I have done nothing of the sort.

    The death of a dear old friend and an inspiration to others (Syd) and, for me, the death of a dear old friend and personal inspiration. That, for me, would be the one low point of an otehrwise great year (as I am sure it would be for David as well). David is making wonderful music after all these years. That is an amazing thing.

    I started blogging here around January. The blog has been a great source of information, entertainment, and has given us all a place in David’s great community of followers. Even when I was unable to seek tickets for lack of money, I still felt like a part of the tour (with the photos and the set lists and the reviews from those who’d attended). This blog is the greatest thing on the Net (in my humble opinion). It is better than any part of any other musician’s site. For David, it is not just about the music. It is also about the community.

    Happy birthday, It’s been a wonderful year.

  82. Hello Fed and all

    Well Ive just hada trip down memory lane and read the first blog entry, for me the best moment of 06 was probably seeing how nice to one another people on the blog are, a few things have happened within our community and everyone has supported one another I think that its nice human spirit is shown in a technological world because it is so often forgotten in favor of automated out of office replies and alike, of course I liked the pictures posts from you FED and from the band but most of all the demonstration through a community online where most of us havnt met one another is really touching.

    Happy Birthday BLOG, thanks one and all!!!

  83. Hello once again

    I had a thought, Forgive me but I cant remember who mentioned that fact that we would like some more photos but here is a though

    I know the rules about gig photographs but what about us being able to submit our own photographs not of the gigs but just of stuff, beacuse if you live in the UK you dont know what different parts of the USA are like if you havent been there and visa versa.

    just a thought

    [We’ve had a few gallery ideas throughout the year, actually, but nothing materialised because the general feeling was always that we should focus only on what is really relevant to David at this point in time. The same goes for press and the like. Besides, there are plenty of websites where one can find all the other things that have been suggested. – Features Editor]

  84. Congratulations FeD on a job well done and ‘marshalling’ the best site on the web by the old PROVERBIAL MILE !!!

    The high points : David’s Album, David, Richard and Bowie at RHA – a night never to be forgotten….the many serious and not so serious comments and ‘postings’ (excellent..remember the poor demented soul who thought OAI was a ‘dirge’..HILARIOUS ?)

    The low point..the end of the TOUR…..and MOST regretfully the ‘eventual and final’ loss of Syd Barrett…imho NO SYD at the beginning probably NO meaningful PINK FLOYD evolving !!!

    Keep up the good work…And NO Fed you CANNOT have a DG Strat for xmas !!

    Martin D

  85. My fondest memory of The Blog: Year One? how nice it was of Guy to find out from David about the mystery behind the “Didn’t They Do Well” shirt and then report back to us. Guy, you’re a sweetheart. Thanks for hanging out now and then at the DG blog and for making us smile.

    As for the rest – as Bilbo Baggins said: “I don’t know half of you half as well as I should like; and I like less than half of you half as well as you deserve.”


  86. CAPTION : “it sucks having narcolepsy when you’re a rock star”

    This has been the best year for me ever! cd, concerts,dvd !! even some waters shows that were good but not nearly as great as David’s.

    Fed has done a marvellous job! I can’t thank you guys enough!!

  87. Hye fed firstly many happy returns of the day. heres to a blog that blasts the rest.

    Also a little query! fed i have just recieved an oai dave gilmour poster from the albert hall concert. Im quite gobsmacked as to why but very delighted and thrilled.


    [Well, I hope you like it. – Features Editor]

  88. Hye fed and all

    i was just reading adams blog he had slit his throat hope your oek adam i have been off the site as i fell down the stairs and cracked my head im laughing now but it bloody hurt

    any how i just want to say this site has been great medicine for us all. i think we all like to think are illustrious hero dave scans it every now and again.

    The lowest part has to be the great loss of syd. The high well, knowing that the manchester gig was on the horizon and i had won tickets all thanks to this wonderful site and you fed bless your heart.


  89. Happy Birthday!!!

    You’ve certainly made my year that bit more interesting..

    Much love to you all

  90. Blimey, can’t believe it’s been a year already – where does the time go…..

    Highlights? Mermaid Theatre tops the list for me – many thanks to the long suffering F’Ed for what was quite possibly the best gig of my life (yep, it really was that special). RAH Monday night was also fab, despite a few mad moments – your fault again F’Ed ;)….and talking of that, the coming together of the ‘irregulars’ has to be a pretty special time as well.

    I don’t get to visit here (both site and blog) as often as I used to, or as often as I’d like to – and that’s something I genuinely regret. I hope that everyone realises that the place has a certain uniqueness about it that we should strive hard to maintain – heres to the next year.

  91. I’ve been constantly reading the website since early December although I didn’t make any posts til March. I think my very first post was to wish David a happy birthday. After that, I kinda got the hang of it.. *smirk*

    Anyway, this has been a great year. I finally got to see David AND Richard. I will always remember that day. Thank you, Mr. Gilmour! The experience was amazing.

    Also amazing is the blog and all the people who contribute to it with kind and insightful words (for the most part anyway.. although, even the ‘annoying’ posts are great because of FEd’s comebacks.)

    And speaking of FEd, thank you very much, FEd for all the time and hard work you put into making sure the blog stays nice and pretty, with information that is relevant to David and his fans. And thank you for being so patient with all of us. Without you the blog would be blah.

    So, happy anniversary to everyone!

    Can’t wait to see how you outdo yourselves next year! (no pressure *wink*wink*)

    With love,

  92. Hard to believe it’s been a year! Thank you so much for making our favorite guitarist feel so accessible!! The contests, photos, videos, music clips- they are all great and very appreciated. Keep up the great work.

    Best regards,

    PS- The ‘Dark Globe’ clip is amazingly beautiful- thanks again!!

  93. My fondest memories are from very early on, such as the gradual annoucements regarding the band lineup..what a thrill it was to learn whom it was that was going to give me my ultimate concert experience!..

    Going ahead a bit..then we start hearing bit by bit the songs included in the setlist..”Echoes”..are you kidding me!..and then all of a sudden (when venue pics start to show up) a photo appears of the hall that I’ll be attending, and I can see my seats..Oh can’t wait!

    In between all of this,as well as during and after the tour,I have become somewhat virtually attached to the wonderful contributors to this blog.I know I’m a lightweight here, but thank you all and thank you F.E. and your workmates.(I know everybody calls you Fed,but I’m just resisting conformity and trying to be a little individualistic))You are, F.E., directly the reason why this site works so well.

    Also kind of proud to be the one to p*ss off Angelo the most!(sorry Angelo).. Band member posts..silliness,seriousness,controversy,captionsgood and bad news regarding fellow bloggers,contests,polls,downloads,DVD’s, but above all, being a part of this worthy community..(A celebration of David’s contribution to our music heritage and causes that he believes in)makes it a joy to visit here regularly.

  94. I can only say thank you David and company for all that you have done over the first year. So many changes to make this web site #1. I hope that this site will go on for many more years.

    Happy Birthday,

  95. Happy Anniversary! Without the blog I think I would have never heard that there was the Concert in Munich and so I wouldn’t have seen it…

    It’s a great Site and I’m looking for every update. Thank you FEd.

  96. Well, last december I was surfing pink floyd web sites going down memory lane, and stumbled on a link to Davids new site.

    In this last year I found out that after 30 some odd years of wanting to hear some songs performed live, I was going to get that chance. Was given a new CD that was way more than I hoped for, and exchanged thoughts about it here. There was a guy named chad….or maybe not, that was from Canada and was upset things didn’t go his way on the tour.

    Then the set list got better and better, won a chance to see David on Jay Leno…that was cool. Saw the show, and became depressed it was over, then became excited as singles came out. We lost Syd this year, and it was nice to have this place when that happened.

    Can we do it all over again, this time without losing someone we love?

  97. Caption..

    Guy runs towards David during his best solo ever to let him know that the crowd would enjoy it more…if he were plugged in!

  98. Hi Y’all,

    What a year it’s been. It couldn’t have gotten off to a better start. New record on the way, and a tour (a tour?!), and hey look, there’s a new website. I didn’t know what a blog was, so I checked out the rest of the website first, only finding the blog after clicking everything else for a few days. Who knew?

    I was lucky enough to get tickets to a Toronto show, and spent a chunk of each day from January to April reading the blog and waiting for the next update. It has consistently been one of the funniest, most thought-provoking, and heartfelt things I have ever seen a group of people do. It is a testament to the man and the music that such a diverse group of people have been able to create this place. Anyone know how many countries are represented here?

    The tour and the record, or either one by itself would have been plenty. The website and the blog have made this a truly unique experience. There’s not anything else out there like this. I’ve looked. Nothing comes close.

    Fed, plain and simple you deserve a medal. The volume of information (and goodies) you’ve dispensed, and the way you’ve held this place together while allowing the good parts to flourish make up a truly remarkable piece of work. Hats off to you.

    The guitar player was pretty good too. 😉

    Damn, what a year! I thought I was onto something when I started listening in 1980, but I wouldn’t have guessed the 26th year of it would have been this good. Thank you all so much for making the music and all the wonderful things that have come with it.

    Let’s do it again next year,

  99. Hooray! Great news! Thank you very much.

    The whole website has been a real pleasure all year–especially the sense of being able to follow the tour vicariously through each venue, plus the amazing pictures,

    But what strikes me the most was the depth of the blog’s resilience each time some asshole would threaten to break up the pleasure of the experience. That’s a credit to the blog’s moderated nature, F.Ed., and I think we’ve all admired you for doing such an amazing job of keeping the spirit of this strangely wonderful intersection between artist and fans from being destroyed.

  100. Happy Birthday – we are glad to be able to share this special day with all of you!

    Our DVD has just arrived – we can’t wait to set aside the time to watch it – hopefully later tonight.

    Being a new comer to the Blog, I have many degrees of highs; most importantly is discovering – thanks to my husband whose been a regular and introduced me to this site; he’d never wrote though.

    Additionally, my husband and I’d like to thank you Fed and all parties concerned for keeping us with updated news of David Gilmour – his new releases, DVDs, appearances, etc. We deeply appreciate all of your hard work.

    We’d also like to thank Polly for sharing with us such a wonderful collection of pictures – we wish we could have a glimpse of you now and then.

    Last but not least is meeting all of you nice and genuine people on the Blog – it is definitely a good channel for us to express our love of David Gilmour’s music and our admiration of David’s involvement in charity. For me personally, it is a good way to practice my writing skills; afterall, Chinese is my first language.

    Regretably, our lows would be missing David Gilmour’s appearance on the Jay Leno Show – we discovered this website only 2 days later; and of course, missed seeing David Gilmour’s live concert in North America – we found out after the fact.

    Congrats to the winners of “On An Island” DVD.

    Happy Holidays to all!

  101. What a welcome addition to my daily routine this blog and site have been!

    Anticipating the new album, seeing David at Leno, meeting fellow bloggers, the concerts, it’s all been such fun. I didn’t expect to be logging onto this site after the concert passed, and yet here I am!

    Thanks to everyone who makes this place what it is. And thanks Fed for keeping it all together.


    PS I finally picked up my remasterd copy of David’s first album…it’s been playing in my cd player for the last week non-stop….it just never gets old.

  102. Hello. My name is Melissa, and I am a addict.

    I once prided myself on the fact that I was not an internet junkie. I never surfed the net much, never had a chat nor a blog. I can remember the first time I heard the word blog, I thought it was something the cat hacked up.ewwwwwwww

    Then, I got high speed internet. Wow! I realized that there was life outside this one horse town.(well maybe more than one horse). I found this website sometime in May and now I am a Chronic user.

    I can’t explain how excited I was to learn that David had a new album and a tour. David was not promoted well in my area.

    The light got brighter, when I found this interesting gaggle of people here. People that have the good sense to love David Gilmour, not to mention the fact that it’s people from all parts of the world.

    The best way for me to describe how I view the blog, as silly as it may sound, I feel like I’m reading a book. I have a mental picture of each character hair or lack of, glasses or not, bell bottoms or straight legs… No matter if I’m in on a chat, or just reading on the blog, my brain reads each person’s words with an accent. (anyone else?)

    Hanging with you guys in the barn makes those images and audibles even more vivid. I can see Markus serving drinks, Duffy on the turntable , Fed’s at the door bouncing the riff raff out to the pig pen. Some of you are sitting around in the hay, pickin on your guitars, writing songs…… It’s my own little, “Imagination Station”. That’s why I keep coming back. Obviously,”I love David”, so that’s the #1 reason for me being here, but I also enjoy all you characters and the atmosphere that lingers here.

    I just can’t put this book down. Each chapter seems better than the one before. That’s not to say that this here is a romance novel. The chapter where Syd died, it made us all cry, and then, canceled shows, release delays, blog gremlins ,the end of the tour. Thankfully, the the good chapters have by far out-numbered the bad. Indeed, no one can charge this book with being boring, we do mix it up now and then.

    Fed, I know that you have expressed that our praise embarrasses you, and dag nabbit, we just keep pouring it right on top of your humble little head. You have to admit that a good book, can only become a great book, after it has been refined with good editing skills, and Fed, as Napolean Dynamite would say, “You’ve got skills”.

    Oh, and if you guys do go for a skip-to-my-loo , don’t do it with a pint in your hand. Just ask Adam how dangerous that can be:) lol

    One more thing, and I’ll stop. I wanted to point out that no one has ever made fun of my mispellings or poor writing skills. So along thoes lines, I have no idea if ‘nabbit’ is a word. Maybe it means to catch hold of something as in the caption above: “Damn, one of my pedals fell off the stage”. “Hold on and I’ll nabbit for ya David”, shouts Guy.


    [Great post, mate. Bless you. – Features Editor]

  103. Congrats to the winners!

    Wow, what a year it has been in regards to this site.

    First and foremost I would like to thank DG for allowing us this opportunity into his world. Very few artists these days (as it seems to me anyway) seem to care little or nothing about the fans. An example would be having to pay to enter a artists web site, that is just ridiculous to me. On that note my hat is off to Dg for looking out for his fans!

    Secondly, Mr. Wonderful, yes that is you FEd. You have done a fantastic job this past year. You should recieve a pat on the back from DG himself for keeping all of us in line. You are reflection of DG by moderating this site, and for that he should be proud!!!

    Last but not least, Polly. We should all be extending a huge thank you for your photos. It is not very often that fans get an up close and personal view of their favorite artists, except on this site. Again, thank you so much!!!


    [David and Polly pat me on the back far too much, I assure you. – Features Editor]

  104. Well, happy pre-birthday to this wonderful club house of Gilmour lovers.. the BEST around!

    What can I say? Its simple, really…. whats made this place great is the reverberations we carry as an ocean of Gilmour fans to the works and Stat-tastic musings of the master of the caster himself.

    In other words, we’ve done nothing but reverbarated the wonderful emotions and music of our favorite artist – David Gilmour. The thanks should go, in total, to him for On An Island and all that came after (and from) it -whether live, TV, internet, or Memorex!

    Of course, you can’t thank Mssr Gilmour and NOT thank Polly (the first lady of all things Pink) for her role in inspiring and moulding the lyrical content with her man, as well as FEd who has enabled us lucky ravers to be on our best behavior yet STILL carry pointed sticks.

    Three cheers for FEd! Hip hip… ahhh, you know the rest.

    May the road rise with you, FEd!

  105. ******NOTICE*********

    The 2006 Weblog Awards finalist !!!!!

    Out of 4,500 nominations in 45 categories, we have made the List for “BEST MUSIC BLOG”.

    Here are the names:

    David Gilmour
    Nothing But Green Lights
    i guess i’m floating
    Blogcritics Music
    Ryan’s Smashing Life
    …your home for SOUL
    Glorious Noise
    My Old Kentucky Blog

    I can’t begin to explain the magnitude of this. Over 1 million votes have been cast in the past 3 years of the Webblog Awards. Making it to the finals says a lot for us and there is a Badge of Honour for that should the Fed wish to use it.

    The Voting schedule follows:

    December 7, 2006 – Voting begins
    December 15, 2006 – Voting ends
    December 18, 2006 – Results certified

    Good luck to us all and VOTE!!!!

    P.S. I think this comes at a good time for the Fed’s anniversary!!!

    [That is funny because the results of the BT Digital Music Awards were announced the day before my birthday and now the voting for this one starts on the website’s birthday (with the results being announced just a few days before the blog’s). Thanks, AG. – Features Editor]

  106. It’s almost impossible for me to put in words how much DG’s music means to me. His music has always struck a chord with me because it has never been about making money, topping the charts or winning awards – it’s honest, expressive and about being true to what we believe in, not to mention the the sheer beauty that just transcends one.

    Some incredible highs for me this year –

    1. Moving home to India after spending almost 20 years in North America – never thought I would have the courage to do that and in many ways OAI and all that surrounded it has reaffirmed that the decision we made as a family was the right one. So for that, I am thankful.

    2. Finding this site and all the like minded people that post here – it’s become a like a second home to me. I can always find something to smile, frown, laugh or think about here and for that F.Ed, I am grateful, because without David’s sanction and your guiding hand it wouldn’t be so.

    Lows when stacked up against all the highs pale in comparison so I’ll just leave them be.

    A thought F.Ed – right about now might be appropriate to ask us all to describe in 3 words what we think about “Where We Start” and “NOT” have a competition to see who wins, considering that now is when it all started ? And we could describe the site and the blog to boot.

    Happy Holidays to everyone. Live True.


    PS: Now off to find my skipping rope…need a refresher course. They say it’s like learning to ride a bicycle…you never forget once you learn, but since I couldn’t do that either, I may be in a bit of trouble here….:-)

  107. I have enjoyed the web site over the past year.

    For some reason I have been reluctant to post a comment and rarely outside of the work use the computer to communicate.

    I have been a long time fan of the music of Pink Floyd and David Gilmour. I saw The Wall at Nassau Coliseum four nights and this past year I missed the first NY David Gilmour concert. I saw the first night at RCMH as well as the other five NY area shows David played on the About Face tour. I made the decision to enter a comment in the hopes of getting the new DVD so I guess I sort of became a regular.

    2006 was certaintly a busy year for Pink Floyd. I got to see the four surviving members of the band this past year. Seeing David Gilmour and Richard Wright at Radio City Music Hall in NY was an amazing experience. Later in the year I saw the other guy from Pink Floyd and the drummer at Madison Square Garden.

    My son got to enjoy the music of Pink Floyd in concert when we saw the other guy at Jones Beach. Since the Gilmour shows were during the week his mother didn’t want him go-maybe she is right. He is guitar player and I hope one day he gets to see David Gilmour live.

    The sad note of the year was Syd’s passing during the summer.

    It was on the web site I first learned of the band I would see at RCMH. I was very exceited to learn Richard Wright and Phil Manzanera were in the band. Adding to my excitement was to learn Echoes was being played in the Europe concerts. I guess it loses something to know a set list ahead of time but in the end it didn’t really matter. Certainly the effort put into the web site is appreciated by fans of David’s music.

    I really didn’t intend to comment on the low points but you did ask. Maybe it is sour grapes but I know I am not alone in my feelings.

    The way the DVD has been marketed does not seem fair. I purchased On An Island at Best Buy the day it was released. I would like to purchase the DVD alone. When I tried to order it online before the release date I got to the offer but the link didn’t work so I sent an email which was answered days later. I didn’t notice a deadline date and did read every effort would be made for those who purchased the CD to not to have to buy the CD again to get the DVD.

    For me it is not really about the money. I purchased Wish You Here four times (cassette, half speed master vinyl, CD and Gold CD) as well as other Pink Floyd and David Gilmour albums two or three times. It is just this time it is the exact same product and not better due to technology. My hope is that another pressing of the DVD can be made and the previous offer be repeated.

    Anyway it has been a great year and the web site and Blog have been fun.

  108. is a wonderfully engineered interface to the network. I’m grateful for the opportunity to share my thoughts and opinions on the subject of David Gilmour’s art, with David Gilmour’s people…

    His art has been a healing function in my life for over a decade, and if I didn’t have a semi-uncensored and free creative outlet to enjoy others thoughts and opinions on David Gilmour, I don’t know what I would do with all that extra time spent. Uh, maybe visit or call a friend…

    Anyhoo, I love to study artists. Art can encourage and nurture what is best in us and give people joy and hope for a better world. If we cannot envision a better world, we cannot create one…

    David Gilmour and his art have helped me to envision a better world, and now I have my own unique liberation for the benefit of all beings and my creative works very much…

    Thank you all

  109. Dear FEd and friends,

    I can’t believe that an entire year has passed by already. I stumbled upon this wonderful site last December by way of a female’s fansite, the same site that informed me that David, Rick, Nick and Roger were getting together one more time for Live 8. Needless to say I was overjoyed with the discovery of! News of the new album, then news of the tour … what more could one ask for???

    I’m thinking back to a snowy December day just about a year ago. My computer was suffering technical difficulties for a day or two and I had plans to make the two-hour drive to the nearest city to do some shopping with my friend Shar. After deciding that it wasn’t worth risking life and limb to make the trip and finishing up some business that needed attending to here in the office (now that the computer was working again), I checked the site late in the afternoon to find that the dates had been released and that the pre-sale tickets had been available since early that morning!!! A little bit of an ‘oh sh*t’ moment, but a few minutes later I was in possession of tickets to Oakland and the Kodak in Hollywood. I may not have gotten the fabulous up-front seats, but I was very happy nonetheless.

    Later in the month came the Blog and you, FEd, as well as Angelo Ortiz, Becky, Renee, Michael Kelly, Deborah, Howard Bayliss, Erin, Clemens, Lucia, Gem, Rudders (best caption yet!), and many more. Lots of anticipation and the long wait for the album to come out on David’s birthday (had three pre-ordered from Amazon but was in Maui that week so bought another ’cause I just couldn’t wait), then more anticipation and the long wait for the concert dates. The days went by quickly though, what with all the fantastic photos by Polly and all of the information that you shared with us about musicians, spectacular venues, Crisis, and so many other interesting tidbits.


    1) Oakland, second show, hearing the first chord from Breathe which had just been moved up in the set-list to the top of the OAI set … chills still when I think about it. The intensity of sound and light with Take A Breath, hearing Coming Back To Life and Fat Old Sun (I’d been hoping for those), Arnold Layne and Echoes, Wish You Were Here and Comfortably Numb — incredible!

    2) Taking my son to the Kodak gig, meeting Guy and Jon, the same fantastic show as Oakland but with the addition of Crosby and Nash! Having the opportunity to spend four wonderful days with my son and introducing him to so many of my old stomping grounds.

    3) The Leno ‘Irregular’ round-up (again, thanks FEd), putting faces and voices to so many familiar names (Angelo, Erin, Susan), going back to the stage with these friends where we were treated to a very memorable musical treat and I finally got to see David’s hands/guitar work up close!!

    4) The Fedmeister’s Surprise and all the secretive email correspondence between co-conspirators … what fun! And Ian’s beautiful creation!

    5) Keeping up with ‘old’ friends and making new friends in the Barn (Adriano, Linda, Lorraine, Marcus the bartender, Becky, Penny, Geoff and his many personalities, Erin, Thomas …). Again, thanks to you FEd for taking that on and putting up with only so much! Pointy stick always at the ready!

    And here we all are a year later, this unique community of people worldwide with so many things in common (not the least of which is a deep love of David’s music), still looking forward to checking in every day to laugh at Rudders’ captions, see who’s got FEd riled up and chuckle at FEd’s witty response, as well as anxiously awaiting the tour dvd … when’s it coming out FEd, huh??? It’s like deja vu all over again!

    Sorry for the length, but hey, you only turn 1 once, right?

    All joking aside, many thanks to David, Polly, all those involved in maintaining this site and keeping it real as well as thought provoking. And last, but certainly not least, you FEd for all your hard work, patience, witty sarcasm, diligence, and skill with the famous pointy stick! It’s been a very long day, so I’ll defer to my Irregular friends to be eloquent while I wander off muttering to myself …

    Peace and love to you all!
    Washington State

  110. This has been a great long ride, and then some. Waiting aeons to write David has come passed, through this year with David and Polly and the mighty Fed. THANK YOU. The Glassman, Irreulars, the infamous Blackout, seeing the tour twice in Toronto, seeing the pedant Guy, post. You are ostentatious indeed. Thanks, come to Canada, please.

    P.S. I noticed that you Fed, earlier, mentioned Sir David. Don’t tell me that the Queen finally got off the Throne? LOL. And I did recieve my DVD yesterday. I’d gladly skip to a pub with you and have quiche too!! Well, maybe pasta, cheese, and a few Barn drinks thrown in as well.

  111. Best entry, best reply:

    [Hello. – Features Editor]

    Posted by: Marco at September 13, 2006 08:36 PM

    To all involved at you are doing a fine job, keep the inspiration coming. (that must be crappy English, but meant well)

  112. Dear Fed,

    Happy Birthday to … us.

    Even if I don’t post these days – I suppose it’s not so important, many of you do it very well! -, I keep on reading…

    So, thanks to be who you are, dear Fed, and you, irregulars, thanks for this blog, and thanks, David, to be on earth…

    Longue vie à vous tous
    Ikkar, with love

  113. FEd, just to let you know another satisfied customer got his DVD yesterday, plus a surprise from Anthill (thank you).


    Looking forward to the concert DVD next year now.


  114. Hi Fed, received my dvd today and a wee surprise as well!!!!

    Well worth the wait.


  115. Happy Birthday to the Blog and Web site!

    Many congratulations and many thanks first of all to the Artist here protagonist, to Polly, all the musicians and all the crew involved in this amazing unique event that is , still now, “On the Island” by celebrating a so important year 2006, the music, the tour, and all the passions you gave us by all the actions , fun, we could read from this site.

    Of course many congratulations and thanks to our Features Editor, for his sense of humour, for his honesty, his patience, and all the reliable , detailed informations given for every matter.

    Many thanks also for his very important role as moderator to a so large and heterogenous audience, (many heads= many thoughts) not only made by bloggers but moreover by fans, concert’s spectators, in a word: all lovers of our preferred music, spread worldwide.

    I suppose everyone can feel “home” like me by visiting ,everyday, this nice site , as the high level of professionality, and not last one, the “English way” to manage all the aspects are very remarkable , and moreover due to the very comfortable athmosphere we can breathe here.

    Please let this adventure can go on…

    Thank you all very much

    Ciao Elisabetta

  116. Happy Wednesday,

    [Hi Fed, received my dvd today and a wee surprise as well!!!!]

    Me too. I thought, at first, that I had recieved the wrong order.

    My sincere thanks to David, yourself, the Anthill Mob or whoever arranged it.

    Pete – Coventry

  117. Happy Birthday!

    Thank you… every moment is friendship, curiosity,ideas-meltingpot and love for music…thanks for the simplicity and the creativity of your job,FED!

    Really,it’s wonderful to think that we’re “web-together” and are writing a page of the best blog story.

    With love
    Diana from Italy

  118. FEd, what can I say? I want to show my appreciation for you, the blog and all things related to but I have trouble expressing myself sometimes. Not wanting to sound sappy or fawning, I will just say a sincere thank you to everyone here. Well done!

    It’s been a great year, the best Gilmour year ever.


    PS–Thanks to those Irregulars (Adriano, Gabrielle) who gave me a shout-out and to all my farflung Gilmour friends! It’s so fun and amazing to know you all and I hope to “see” you again soon in the chatroom and maybe at some future DG concert. 😀

  119. Well I’ve just had a nice surprise from the postman (that sounds bad but you know what I mean).

    Thanks very much


    (p.s. my DVD arrived today from Anthill, literally 2 minutes ago…about to put it in and watch it, but Anthill (or!) have put in a tour brochure as well as the DVD…..running off to watch it now!)


  121. Hi FEd

    Happy Birthday to the Site and also soon to the blog. A very well done `Indeed`.

    One question FEd, will you organise a Chat on the 22nd?? to celebrate that Anniversary??

    See you soon


    [Maybe. – Features Editor]

  122. Happy Birthday !

    The past year has been so amazing. I can remember , a couple of days before the RAH tickets went on sale, finding this site and being almost paralysed with excitement after finding out there would be an album and tour, having missed PF all previous times. I don’t think a day has gone by since when I haven’t looked at the site ! G

    etting the chance to go to the Mermaid was just unreal. Seeing the incredible RAH show. Guy’s show. Meeting up with fellow bloggers and chatting with others who feel the same way about this incredible music has been fantastic.

    It is amazing that this site has been able to provide a constant flow of interesting news / topics for discussion / competitions and there is still more to come !

    All this activity has really helped me after a rubbish couple of years, so thanks to David, Polly and the band and FEd and all the bloggers for a wonderful year. Long may it continue !


  123. Dear FEd and all,

    What a day I had yesterday in the office, busy, busy, busy with clients yelling down the phone at me all day. What’s more when I left the office running to catch the train to go collect my daughter, Imogen, from the nursery, I tripped over and landed splat on my face. I got up and said to a rather shocked looking man: “Oh, how embarrassing” and carried on running again. After collecting Imogen I got home to find my DVD on my doorstep. I was delighted.

    After putting Imogen to bed I watched the DVD and was not disappointed. The film quality of the Abbey Road session was fantastic and it makes me look very much forward to witnessing the sessions on TV.

    As for personal favourites on the said DVD I am torn between Astronomy Domine (which still reminds me of the Ummagumma live version – without the middle 8) and High Hopes. The latter which was absolutely brilliant.

    And a happy birthday to this blog. The highlight for me was, obviously, winning the Abbey Road competition. I also enjoyed poets corner section – which I did actually submit a song and poem under the name The School Master. It would be nice if that could be reinstated again sometime.

    What more can I say that I haven’t said in previous posts about you FEd and everyone in the Gilmour empire! This is my most visited and trusted site.

    Best regards.


    ps. To Guy the pedant. I loved your comment on licence payers. That made me laugh.

    [He’s a cheeky bugger, isn’t he? Correcting our dear old SNEd like that. – Features Editor]

  124. Bugger, really regretting posting late last night after a glass or two of red wine – I left out loads of things I should have said, thankyou’s I should have made and happenings I should have remembered. Fortunately everyone else has remembered so I’ll just go along with everything that’s been said….

    And…..just got my special edition OAI through the post box and watched the DVD. Absolutely brilliant stuff and the version of Take A Breath from the RAH is jaw-droppingly, stunningly good!!

    Big, big thanks to all concerned with getting that DVD released.

  125. I was without an outlet for my appreciation of David Gilmour and his art for years. I could go into the whole story of my fan experience pre-December 7th, 2005, but I think it’s enough to say that I have finally found a place to “be me”.

    This site is an international plaza, and I have been very fortunate to have met quite a few of you in person during pre-show get-togethers at Heartland Brewery-NYC, in L.A., and at Abbey Road-London (you know who you are).

    Then there’s The Chat, our virtual get-togethers, and I’ve had the honour of meeting so many of you there as well. I feel as if I’ve met my long lost family. I feel as if I’ve finally come home.

    Lows? Only one: a point during the summer when I waffled (at the last minute) between going and not going to Royal Albert Hall. I didn’t go, which was the right decision in the end, but not without a bit of off-site blogger controversy….

    The highs? There have been a few. THE high? Some of you would imagine me saying Abbey Road? That was a different kind of high in a class all its own… Honestly, my personal high is the moment I saw a post from Deborah saying she and a friend (Laurie) had extra tickets for RCMH! That’s what set it all in motion for me. That’s THE defining moment, and the point in time when I realized this experience would be unique. That was the moment I felt “Hope”, and you can’t put a price tag on that…

    I’m in a line of work that isn’t exactly cheery all the time, but believe me when I say that this artist, this site, and you bloggermates have given me hours of joy, relief, and distraction…and yes, “Hope”. You’ve recharged my batteries, and I am eternally grateful to you all.

    Happy Anniversary!

  126. Other highlights for me…

    1. The great rooves/roofs debate of early 2006
    2. Meeting some of the irregulars and staying in touch
    3. Seeing my name on the home page of the site!
    4. The Chatroom. Although there was a spell over on the darkside…
    5. Developing my caption writing skills has been fun… Zaphod, What has the Fedmeister ever done for us?, DG’s 10′ Cows, Guy singing “Oh for the wings of a dove” with electrodes attached to his undercrackers… all good fun
    6. Winning a competition 🙂

    What about you Fedmeister? What have been your highs and lows???

    [There’s the great Glassman, of course, and all the other gifts, goodies and kind gestures that I’ve received have just amazed me. As has the deep sense of community that exists in spite of certain rules and the odd rotter trying to upset things from time-to-time. Being able to give away some pretty good prizes has been a genuine joy. It’s been fun slipping into Gordon Ramsey mode every now and then and being horribly mean (then being congratulated for it – how messed up is that?!). Yet just being able to do this on a daily basis truly is a pleasure and a privilege. Polly remarked ages ago that David’s fans are so nice and you re-affirm that here every single day. That’s always a delight and I thank you sincerely for it on behalf of everyone who cares. – Features Editor]

  127. Read through this entry again and truly is great to see how it has brought so many people together. It also made me think of the fact that FEd read through each one of these before posting it. As well as the hundreds and thousands that came before it. He doesn’t have the same luxury as we do. He can’t skip an entry if he wants to. He has to read each one.

    Then again, he also gets paid to read each one.

    But it also made me wonder, how many times in the past year has he opted to hit the delete button rather than the post button? Any insight on that? I don’t think too many times because we have seen quite a number of posts that made us all wonder, “why wasn’t that one posted and not deleted.”

    Also, for this topic entry in particular, I think it would be great if before shutting down this entry (i.e. removing the comments box), if FEd would close this one with his thoughts on highs/lows for the year. There are many of us who do scroll back through topics so even if it doesn’t close for a few weeks we’ll still pick up on it.

    Of course I bet one of his highs would be something that only one or two other members could claim (like Guy) – attending DG’s BD party. But I’m just guessing.



    [That was a great night and I’d gladly go back and drunkenly tell David that he’d be great if he just played the spoons on stage all over again. But what goes on between the Delete button and I shall remain private. We’ve had a few run-ins, but not too many. I do have a Junk button as well, mind you. I tend to favour that one. – Features Editor]

  128. Congrats FeEd on a job well done. I can’t think of another blog which is so constructively interactive….especially a music one!!

    I have had fun over the past year meeting new people both on and offline and I think the best is yet to come.

    Just got the DVD and I just LOVE Astronomy Domine. I swear Syd’s spirit is in every note David plays.

    Cheers, Howard

  129. …Mercy me, blogger friends, forget my candidacy as an organ donor, because I think my heart just exploded reading all these loving posts thus far!

    ….What a blogger’s blessing, ’tis indeed!!

    –Yet I still look forward to hearing what a few more of you will say –Angelo, Lucia, Ripper– WHERE ARE YOU???!!!

    ….and sister Melissa, ’tis a special blessing when our bloggers, like you, express just the right words ‘for me’ –your history and testimony nailed my own heart square on! (humble thanks!)

    God bless! xoxo

  130. Happy birthday to you my dear friends from this so fantastic blog!!!

    A year ago it was my first experience on a blog and i was like a child of 5 years old on computer (my 6 old son was better than me!!!) Now, do not laugh my friends, i have one year of experience on blog; i am so good now! And i owe it to you!!!

    F.é. you kept us so interested by this web site that you deserve the gold medal for your tremendous work; CONGRATULATIONS!

    Sylvie de Montréal

  131. Hello FEd,

    I think you’ve deserved quite a Blog B-day party.

    About a year ago I got word of David’s imminent new album and brought a quick visit to the site.

    One year later, one tour later, and quite bunch of goodies later, I feel privileged to be “an Irregular”.

    The spirit, the community, Guy popping in, Polly’s photographs, the opportunity to get last-minute hold of two closing night RAH tickets as a direct consequence of keeping an eye on the Blog, the competitions, the captions and the silly stuff over the summer calm made me do something I generally refrain from : post on a blog.

    Going to see a Floyd gig has always been an immersive experience for me. Going to see David and his accompanying musicians is as immersive an experience. Regularly returning to The Blog has become a likewise experience to me.

    Congratulations and thanks for the relentless efforts to you FEd and to everybody involved in the site. I think you have achieved quite something and wish we can celebrate many more birthdays to come.

    Best regards,

  132. Hi all.

    It’s been a good year for DG fans. A new album, a world tour, a DVD coming up and a sensibly run “blog”. Good on you all as well as you Fed and many thanks.

  133. i’ve really enjoyed reading these today. thanks everyone. 🙂

    it’s clear that there have been so many highs and very few lows.

    btw, is anyone else still skipping?

  134. Wow! I read some so beautiful words in this page that I think I could never measure up to your wonderful posts, mates!

    The only think I can say is that I am honoured to have spent this year with you. It’s was a great years and I hope we’ll have a lot of other time together.

    Just few words, but someone among you know very well how much I am deeply fond of all this. Don’t make me cry for the emotion!!!!!! You know what I mean to say, so…I think it’s not necessary I add more…

    Have a wonderful evening, my wonderful mates


  135. I think we all agree that one high point has been Fed’s comebacks. Maybe we should have a ‘see who can get the best comeback out of Fed’ thread . . .

    [You mustn’t encourage me, George. I’m very easily led. – Features Editor]

  136. Its Christmas time again! (cue for a song).

    I notice theres been a few ‘well dones and thanks’ to F-ed. Im sure she appreciates them but lets not forget this site is maintained all year round not just at Christmas. So lets try and say thanks throughout the year, as some of you do, and not just Christmas. Unlike the scientist who studied cows udders, a pat on the back is welcomed from time I’m sure. F-Ed – I’d even go so far as to buy you a drink – but I’m probably miles from you so get Guy to buy you one next time you see him – he must owe me one for not keeping his phone when he left it in my car – imagine the numbers on there??? How much could that have gone for on E-bay??

    P.S. well done F-Ed keep up the good work – sorry Ive not said it before LOL!!

  137. [….and sister Melissa, ’tis a special blessing when our bloggers, like you, express just the right words ‘for me’ –your history and testimony nailed my own heart square on! (humble thanks!) – Posted by: LG at December 6, 2006 02:36 PM]


    You are most welcome. I’m glad to hear that we both feel the same about this website.

    I also appreciate the fact that you took the time to read my post, as it was rather long.

    Thanks a bunch.

  138. Happy birthday to the blog … do blogs have birthdays?

    Got home from work last night at 9 pm to find the DVD waiting for me. What can I say … Take A Breath from the RAH was freaking awesome!

    FEd … do you know which RAH night TAB was shot on? I’m really interested because I attended all three RAH shows and want to know so I can work out where I was sitting for that performance.

    Astronomy Domine is fanstastic and it was great catching a fleeting glimpse of Julie and I on it. That really made my day!

    Julie, we’re almost famous! lol!

    Including the program was a very nice gesture by Anthill.

    What a pity I’m sening this package overseas to a special friend. I’d love to keep it, but my friend’s need is greater than mine because he didn’t get to see any of the shows being downunder.

    [I don’t, sorry. We should tell you though, shouldn’t we? – Features Editor]

  139. [Read through this entry again and truly is great to see how it has brought so many people together. It also made me think of the fact that FEd read through each one of these before posting it. As well as the hundreds and thousands that came before it. He doesn’t have the same luxury as we do. He can’t skip an entry if he wants to. He has to read each one. – Posted by: Andrew at December 6, 2006 01:49 PM]

    […. But what goes on between the Delete button and I shall remain private. We’ve had a few run-ins, but not too many. I do have a Junk button as well, mind you. I tend to favour that one. – Features Editor]


    You have had rather a busy year…

    You’re dedication has nurtured David’s website into an award-winning one.

    I would like to reciprocate the views and opinions of the majority of “Irregulars”, who have posted more eloquent messages on this subject, than I could ever hope to write.

    I hope and trust David and Polly will provide some kind of recognition for your part in providing the “Glue” which has bonded us all together during the last year.

    If my mathematics are correct….

    During the last 12 months there have been 219 separate Blog entries. Which has generated a total of over 30,000 published posts (30,338 to the end of November).

    This has produced an average of 140.45 posts per Blog.

    The largest being on 06/03/06 (1315 posts) for ‘Happy Birthday,David!’ The smallest was on 23/08/06 (a mere 8 posts) for ‘Meet-up:Gdansk’.

    There are approximately 101 bloggers with a serious Shoe Fetish….

    The amount of bloggers who have posted is beyond my comprehension. No doubt you can provide an answer to that one FEd.

    There must be myriad other vital statistics to how this wonderful website has embellished the lives of us all during the past year.

    Perhaps you could provide us with an insight into your workload over the past year, should make for an interesting read…. or perhaps not.

    Oh, don’t you wish you were On An Island sometimes…

    [I don’t think I can tell you how many individuals have posted since Day One, but now you mention it, it would be good to find out. Thanks for some interesting statistics, Ken. – Features Editor]

  140. A “Looking back type blog day”, uh?

    This seems like a perfect time to give a shout out to your customer service support team.

    Quick history: I was fortunate to buy tickets for Albert Hall show via the drawing through this site. Tickets arrived, seats 50 rows back. I wrote an email asking for help with the hope of getting better seats. David Gilmour Customer Care replied, the bottom line I returned my original pair of tickets for new ones. Better seats, I was told, would be mine. Since I was flying in from San Francisco California I had to pick up my new tickets the day of the show at the venue will-call (could not guarantee delivery of new tickets to me by the time I left for London).

    Everything went as planned! I ended up with tickets and great seats… all because David Gilmour Customer Care took the time to listen, help, ease my worries and take care of the details.

    Of course the concert was the highlight! But the fact that the tickets were indeed waiting for me at The Hall (remember I planned an entire vacation around this show and flew almost half way around the world without a hard ticket in hand) and that I received really great seats for the show all increased, as you could imagine, the enjoyment factor immensely.

    To your support team I say, once again, thank you.

  141. [I don’t, sorry. We should tell you though, shouldn’t we? – Features Editor]

    Yes, please FEd … it would be really interesting to know which night TAB was filmed.

    I’m wondering whether this kind of information might be indicated on the final DVD too. I’m such a train spotter lol!

  142. CONGRATULATIONS and long may this blog continue.

    I started this out with what was getting to be a very long post when I realized that most every thing I wanted to say has already been said.

    All of you know who you are who have made this site so much fun, so interesting. So many people here have extended kindnesses to people of other nationalities, that it has been wonderful be a part of this community. To the talented bunch who write poems, create humorous captions and speak eloquently about, and to, some of the situations that arise here. I applaude you. Thank you for saying what is often in of our minds.

    I love this site, David Gilmour’s music, Polly’s wonderful photos, our intrepid and ever patient FE’d and the generosity of the entire Gilmour team.

    Thank you one all all for letting all of us have a voice.


  143. My DVD arrived today, and with it came a complimentary tour programme. Now who was it who said ten pounds was a bit steep!!

    Thank you very much all at and Anthill for a great gift.

    cheers all

  144. Dear Marcus,

    I hope your second CWCA will not be considered.

    Here the contents that counts not the form, try not to intimidate, look through it, try to read the lines as if they were supposed to be written, it can’t be to hard to do.

    Just apply 1/10 of the effort many bloggers have to apply to achieve communication here (native English or not) and you will be comfortable.

    Your other 20 suggestions could have just come out of my mouth, I only failed to formulate them. Good you are there.

  145. This has been a truly great year for all fans or David, and this site has been a huge part of that.

    David, thankyou so much for this last year, for making the masterpiece that is On An Island, and for playing a spellbinding tour of which I am priviledged to have witnessed. The 31st of May was one of the greatest nights of my life.

    FEd, it goes without saying you do an incredible job. I will be forever grateful for the Mermaid comp. What a night! Keep up the good work, thanks for the memories!


  146. Just a brief note of amusement here whilst I’m in the midst of reinstalling my entire CD collection due to HD problems… The last time I originally imported OAI to my iTunes, it was classed on that unnamed CD database site where iTunes gets its tracknames from as ‘Easy Listening’.

    This time, it’s properly coded as Rock.

    Silly people. Easy on the ears is not easy listening, guys!

    This ain’t yer gran’s music! 🙂

    And yay for awards! I hope we win, because this place totally deserves it.

    the Phoenix.

  147. Happy Birthday to!

    I’ve watched the DVD! It was certainly well worth the wait. Astronomy Domine is heavy and totally rocks. Love the camera angles of the guitars. Nice to see the AOL Session on a bigger screen – ‘High Hopes’ my favourite (acoustic at the end – nice).

    As for the RAH ‘Take a Breath’, I love this song, love this version, sound is great, but I have a bit of a problem with the intense light show. I suffer with migraine, so probably will have to watch the DVD, when it comes out next year, in stages rather than in one go, but not to worry.

  148. Happy Anniversary! and congratulations on the Weblog nomination!


    P.S. Got the DVD yesterday, thanks!

  149. Ronny,

    I apologize for what could be construed as a go at non-native English speaking individuals. That wasn’t my point at all on the second of the two CWCA’s. It was a poor attempt at a joke, in that we are all quite intelligent here on, but some don’t take it upon themselves to translate their thoughts into written prose in an elegant manner.

    As I said above, a joke gone bad. It is never my intention to let a joke go bad, but sometimes duds happen, or worse yet, they get mistranslated.

    To all my non-native English speaking friends, and to all my dyslexic friends, and to all my hard of English reading friends, I’m sorry and I mean no disrespect. I instruct my self-flagellating pointy to have a go at me. . .

  150. [Also kind of proud to be the one to p*ss off Angelo the most!(sorry Angelo).. Posted by: John nff at December 6, 2006 01:11 AM]

    LOL! I enjoyed that! It’s quite hard to “get my panties in a bunch” like that…


  151. Hi folk,

    I’d like just to thanks both Ronny and Marcus because I am one of those who write an awful english! And say that this issue of discussion has no reason to exist, in my opinon.

    One of the things I have appreciated more in this year is that I always feel very welcome on this site. Very welcome from David, Polly, the band and the site’s staff as well as very welcome from each of your blogger and from FEd, of course!
    My year in this site couldn’t be so wonderful without that kind behave from you, so thanks to everyone!

    Ronny, your post is very kind, thanks a lot!
    Marcus, I know you had not intention to offend us non-native English.

    I think it is a simple misunderstanding and I remember very well what Marcus said one time and I’d like to tell here again…and I want officially to thank again them and all of you to be so kind toward us, bad english writers!

    September 01, 2006 – The best and worst

    The Best:

    “All those for whom English is not their first language” – Posted by: Marcus Buick at September 1, 2006 04:25 PM


  152. Marcus ? no problem…

    Une merveille de plus sur ce site ! je ne me suis jamais sentie exclue par personne ni par vous-même de cette communauté parce que je parlais mal anglais !
    Ainsi, dormez sur vos deux oreilles, Marcus, aucun souci !

    And, since you want a “self-flagellating”, run to ‘Babelfish’ (hi, Rudders!) and translate, my friend ! lol !


  153. [“get my panties in a bunch” Posted by: Angelo Ortiz]

    Hmm..panties Angelo? may have inadvertantly divulged some information about yourself that you really didn’t want us to know..however,I’m sure if they are of the disposable types,you are always concious to choose them clearly labelled as biodegradable…HeeHee!

    Cheers to you also mate, and Happy Holidays!

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