Bless You



The two giant ‘P.U.L.S.E’ eyeballs auctioned off in aid of homelessness charity, Crisis, have raised a staggering £16,500.

As you know, David is vice-president of the charity, who are said to be "thrilled" by the gift.

OK, so we said that yesterday’s award was the last one.

We just couldn’t close our inaugural Blog Awards without offering some form of thanks to you all.

Our final, and rather appropriately-titled, Bless You award should be presented to (almost) all of you at some swanky bash where there’s lots of free champagne and truffles. And where David performs a four-hour version of ‘Echoes’, naturally.

But where’s the fun in that? (No, not the four-hour ‘Echoes’. That would be terrific, boss.)

What I mean, of course, is that we want to know what you think.

So let us know who you think this award should be given to (it doesn’t have to be an individual, it can be awarded to a group of people if you wish) – and why they should receive it – and we’ll give it to them. We’ll give something to them, at least.

My personal nomination goes to all the people who sent in the most beautiful messages of sympathy when we told you the sad news that Syd had died. It seems very appropriate on this the day that we offer a video of David performing one of Syd’s most touching songs.

Over on the aptly-titled Stuff & Nonsense page right now, you can choose your favourite from our favourite Most Novel Way for David to Save the World (Again) suggestions.

We’ll announce the person who received the most nominations and, therefore, scoops our Best All-Round Contributor award tomorrow, so there’s still time to nominate your peers if you haven’t already done so.

Loads of you told us that our Am I Talking to a Brick Wall? award should go to anyone who keeps banging on about Pink Floyd reuniting. That’s really good to hear. Thanks very much.

2006 has undeniably been a rewarding year for David, with so many high points. For some of the most hardcore Floyd fans to now truly understand that David is interested in making music for pleasure, without the incredible burden of Pink Floyd, is certainly appreciated.

Author: FEd

Features Editor of David Gilmour’s official blog, The Blog (‘Features’ previously being its rather naff title), affectionately – or lazily – shortened to ‘FEd’.

74 thoughts on “Bless You”

  1. David playing protest songs with Neil Young! Now that just might start a new cultural movement in the US again (aka the 60’s reborn).

    Please help, the US and the world need you!

  2. Give it to Anthill Traders, who gave us all a free Tour book when our dvd’s got held up!!!!!.

    Well Done.

  3. Bless You ~ To the troops of all nations fighting injustice around the world.

    Safe home and thanks…

  4. You know, FEd, regarding the poll on David saving the world (again)… I think Gilmour/Young 2008 has a nice ring to it! They would definitely get my vote!

  5. how many can we nominate? if it’s the usual 3, i pick:

    1. those who posted here when they heard that syd died (not the morons who wanted david to reunite, tour and play syd’s songs. they get a great big f*ck you from me).

    2. anyone who gave away their tickets instead of selling them for profit.

    3. david and polly. without them, we wouldn’t have this album and this is why we had a tour, why we have this site and why we had all the good that came out of it.

    r.i.p. syd.

  6. [without the incredible burden of Pink Floyd]

    With all due respects that one stuck in the ‘ol craw a bit. That burden has enabled all four members (and many more) to do so much more in their lives than any of us will have the chance to do.

    I do understand that now it probably wouldn’t work for a multitude of reasons and I certainly support David in his new found oasis but that sentence could have probably been worded just a bit differently, no?

    [No, because it is an incredible burden to carry around, especially when you don’t particularly want to. David has always been the first to admit that he’s been very fortunate. – Features Editor]

  7. Reminiscing is it? Hmmmm, okay then. How come every time I’ve ever seen books or articles or news items or videos about Pink Floyd over the last 30 years that David Gilmour has always been downplayed and portrayed as an outsider who only got in because Syd started playing different tunes?

    Maybe now he’ll get the recognition he justly deserves. No disrespect to Richard and Nick, but in my opinion, David was Pink Floyd.

    As to David giving stuff? Geez, he’s given more in the last year than any of us could have possibly hoped for and there is still much to come, like the RAH concert. The question is, what can we give back to him?

  8. Bless you…

    1. Ian Pearson for the Glassman, Neil Pudney for getting the Jersey sorted and the rest of the Irregulars for their help in the subterfuge…
    2. Pete from Coventry for the Smile case you sent me
    3. Angelo for the offer of a RAH ticket
    4. Guy for (hopefully) coming to Toronto
    5. Frank Par for being as mad as a bucket of frogs 🙂
    6. Howard Bayliss for the DG ticket at face value (and for coming to see RW with me)
    7. Simon Emery for making me smile a lot
    8. Phoenix for mentioning me on the radio

    So much has happened that I may have missed someone so my apologies… Bless you all 🙂

  9. Bless You –

    1. The Gilmour family for giving up their school and summer breaks so David could provide us with this wonderful tour.

    2. All of the band for providing the best live Echoes ever.

    3. Fed for creating the best community on the web.

    4. All the irregulars for creating an extended family here.

    Merry Christmas to all.

  10. My Bless You nomination is for every person or group involved with this blog who have made me laugh, who have made me /think/, who have welcomed me into this wonderful community with such kindness and graciousness.

    I’ve been hanging out on the internet for many years now, and I can say with reasonable confidence that a community like this is not an everyday thing. It is rare and exceptional and it’s such a beautiful and humbling thing to be part of it.

    When it comes to signal-to-noise, there is far more signal here than noise. I must admit honestly that I think the world is much poorer if this thing didn’t exist with its stellar crew of upstanding individuals who make up the whole. I hesitate to mention specific names, because I don’t want to leave anyone out accidentally. I’d want to name every single person who has made my day brighter simply by being a part of this site and saying something here or in the chat that somehow touched me, even if it wasn’t directed to me specifically.

    Spending time online with the folks from here has been a sheer delight, and I’m grateful to everyone who has reached out to me and included me in their lives, however minorly.

    I’d be listing holiday wishes in every language for someone we have here, but I don’t have the skills, and again, I don’t want to overlook anyone. So please, consider this my sincere holiday greetings to everyone in your various interesting native tongues.

    May you all have a safe, happy, healthy, and loving set of holidays. I’ll miss you while we’re on hiatus.


  11. Did someone say “four hours Echoes”? Sorry; I got a little excited…

    Bless you, David, without whom…

    … for putting up a website that inables us to keep up with you and your music. Well, YOU didn’t put it up… you know what I mean! And for playing “Echoes” on tour. I’m still thrilled over it.

    “God Bless Us, Everyone!” – Tiny Tim


  12. Bless You David and Polly;

    For sharing their blessings with the unfortunate, for sharing a little bit of themselves through this website, and for the music I have treasured for decades.


  13. BLESS YOU –

    To David Gilmour and family and band for the wonderful On An Island music, the photos and this great website.

    I’ve written about 2000 words trying to get this just right, and gave up because it still all boils down to:

    Without David Gilmour none of this would have been possible.

    Bless you, David Gilmour!

  14. Bless you, Fed. This blog is a very nice place on the web.

    And a Good Yule to you all.

  15. Bless you ~

    David, Polly and extended family for the music, the love and everything else that has made this a most memorable year.

    All the Irregulars who gave us a laugh, shared a personal thought or emotion, and who share in a love of David’s music in a way that is beyond just casual listening. We’ve shared the good, the bad, the ugly, the sad and are closer in spite of, or because of the experience.

    Everyone in the family who has kept us informed, entertained, on our toes, and have provided a special meeting place that has proved conducive to building a tight community of friends.

    Peace and love to you all!
    Washington State

  16. I think for me it has to be the posts that followed the announcement of Syd’s death. The BBC news alert email alert hit me with it first, strangely while I was listening to ‘Pulse’… awaiting delivery of said DVD, then I came here to read, refresh, read, refresh…

  17. if god exits may he she or it bless everyone that made this site what it is . david and polly to fet ed and my fellow iregulars . thank you all .

    by the way thanks for the link to dark globe fet ed what a beautiful song ( sorry i was’nt here yesterday evening so i will leave my comment here in this box if you don’t mind !)

    i also bought the 3 song bundle of arnold layne from 7 digital as the news page suggested and am listening to comfortably numb as i type ! to understate matter that has some kick ass guitar work !

    night !
    Linda Island Lady

  18. I know this may sound crazy but I would have to choose for all the bloggers who have been here from the beginning. They have put in a lot of their time letting everyone know how David’s concerts were.

    Plus how they truly felt when Syd had past away. These are the true fans of Davids web site and the ones who care about others and I am proud to say that they are like a family to me.

    So my vote goes for all the Blog Irregulars who have turn David’s web site into a home to where I can feel welcomed.

    So Take Care and I love You all.

    Happy Holidays

  19. Bless you all whom have..

    Sent words of comfort to members of this community who have had the courage to tell us about their problems.

    To Guy for being a genuine participant here just looking to have fun and discussion like the rest of us.It means a lot to us Guy!

    To those who have irked Fed..hence being wildly entertained with his wicked wit.

    Hey F.E…I have to get to sleep too,but just can’t get away from here with all the pleasant reading over the last few days along with the gift of “Dark Globe”.You should have a disclaimer warning logerinners to beware of the possibility of insomnia.

  20. I’m going to have to say Bless you to David, Polly, The Band, and a certain individual called FEd.

    Last February, I joined a community called the David Gilmour Website. I was honoured, privileged, and thankful.

    Many people have different opinions. I hope some of you agree that from me turning from Pink Floyd fan, into a David Gilmour fan, took a long time, with due care and attention. Of course, I’m still the biggest Pink Floyd fan I know, but to respect the greatest guitarist, lyricist, and mainly person, that I know and love, is an honour I have been blessed with.

    Secondly, Polly. One man once said, tht behind every great guy there is a great woman. YOU are that great woman, Polly. And I cannot respect you enough.

    FEd, what a year hey! Only the other day, I found out that you were a Swansea boy! SNAP! I’ve got a lot of time for you, what you do, and the respect you show to others. You are truly a great man, a good person, and yep, YOU’RE WELSH!! Da Iawn frindiau, Dioloch Yn Fawy Iawn I Ti.

    And last but not least, my new friends, Blog Readers and Irregulars. A lot of you dont know me, but there hasnt been a day where I dont view and respect your opinions on the Blog. It may be a virtual community, but its a goddamn great community. I thank and love you all.

    Just Remember people, HAPPY DAYS!!!!

    Simon J

  21. [No, because it is an incredible burden to carry around, especially when you don’t particularly want to. – Features Editor]

    It would be like having to drag your little brother with you, on a hot date.

    You love him, but you don’t want to take him with you everytime you leave the house.

  22. Well,

    What can I say that someone has not already covered.

    It has been a fantastic year in the Gilmour camp. More than I can ever expected. Concert, album and so much more. My god, never in my mid golden years would I even expected to see him again live and to boot Echoes. That is something that I will treasure forever.

    Can’t wait for the DVD. That is all I talk about. My kids say chill Mom.

    There has not been a workday that I don’t log on to this site. All of your keep me inspired. You got a great group of people here.

    All I can say is keep up the great work, for this site is a TREASURE.

    Hats off to you Fed, and enjoy your time off.

    Happy Holidays to all.


  23. I think the ‘bless you’ award should go to Crisis.

    They do good work for a very important and often forgotten cause. It is often said that one way to judge a society is by the way it cares for its less fortunate citizens. Crisis is here to do just that.

    Also, since Crisis is very important to David, it seems fitting that we the fans do something to commemmorate this worthy organization.

  24. What a fantastic topic! Where does one start?

    Although my own preference for using this spot to say “thank you” might have been annoying at times…I’ve never meant to be obsequious, only very, very grateful.

    1) To David and family. The new album only gets better with each listen. The live shows were incredible. The life work in all forms is beyond compare. And yes, this site is a treat in the midst of…well, let’s not go there.

    2) Julie Gunn Davies, Matt from Maine, and all of the various irregulars who have made this spot such a pleasure to return to. It’s always a delight to see just how cool the members of Gilmour Nation are.

    3) The Dark Globe video. Breathtaking. Beautiful. A perfect tribute in a sad time.

    4) The calendar. Nothing is owed to any of us, but we can all hope for the future.

    Best to all for a great new year.

  25. Bless you –

    To the Irregulars who have made it worthwhile to keep checking out the Blog.

    To David and Polly and family for making this concert tour and all the extra goodies happen.

    To you Fed for keeping this community going. Without you I think this good thing could have turned into a bad thing.

    Feliz Navidad (Merry Christmas)

    Renee B.
    Fontana, Ca USA

  26. Bless You Bloggers, and to all, Cheers!

    I got a cyberpeek at Fed’s wish list.SSHHHHH,don’t tell. A week in Monte Carlo, free Casino gambling unlimited, courtesy of David and Polly. A Smart Car, lots of room indeed for paint supplies to finish the new kitchen. And last but not least, a trip to Canada, Montreal to give a certain fan a big hug for Xmas. LOL.

    [If you remove that capital ‘S’, maybe I’ll take the car. – Features Editor]

  27. On a serious note, THANKS to the crew, who have devoted their time with us on the the highs and lows, throughout an incredible and unforgetable journey,this past year.

  28. Bless you

    1. David, Polly, and Family, for rearranging your schedules this past year to entertain us.
    2. Fed, for your dedication.
    3. All accompanying musicians.(both album and tour)
    4. Irregular and regular bloggers for their contributions.
    5. This site for giving me a big reason to keep my internet service.
    6. Syd “RIP”

    I wish all reading this, Happy Holidays.

    Amedeo from upstate New York

  29. Bless you David & Polly

    For providing us a great Album, fantastic tour, a realy cool web sight, opportunities for special events, shareing the photos, releasing singles, and haveing band members blog with us.

    I also would like to thank Fed, for taking all the time required to keeping this thing going. I obviously can’t contribute every single day, as much as I would like to…so I very much do appreciate what goes into it.

    One more thing….David, thank you for making a difference in this world, your contribution is greatly appreciated.


  30. My “Bless you” nomination goes to the “Research Psychologist” that suggested to David that he should gather all his nuts in one basket.

    I’m sure after all these years of looking at our glassy-eyed stares, he sought out a professional that might want to experiment with our cognitive and behavioral processes.

    Now excuse me, I believe I smell me some cheese.

  31. Don’t know if I’ll have another opportunity to post before FEd takes a well earned break for the holiday. That in mind I refuse to go out on a sour note. So…

    Hysteron proteron – My sincerest apologies to you sir. Some of the things we discussed were for various reasons somewhat personal to me. I allowed my emotions to cloud my judgement and I behaved badly. It may be that you and I cannot see eye to eye and we quite obviously misunderstand each other. I truly do not wish to fight with you or any one else, and I have never acted in such a way here before. So I am sorry and I hope we can move forward in peace.

    Piergiorgio – Every thing you said was true. I do try to have an open mind and I willingly attempt to share ideas with all of you. I hope you will not think less of me for my outburst.

    Everyone else – If I offended or dissapointed you, a thousand pardons please.

    FEd – see paragraph four.

    There….that felt better now…I’ll get me coat…

    Health and Happiness to all,

  32. Bless you, David & Polly, for your generosity in making all of this possible. Words fail me when I try to convey how grateful I am for all that you’ve done.

    Bless you, FEd, for your incredible energy and talent. You’ve created a wonderful community here! When I was buying my tickets last year, at this time, and planning my trip….I was certainly excited about the website, but I never ever imagined how special it would become, nor did I have any idea how many wonderful people I would meet.

    Bless everyone here. I hope you all have a wonderful holiday season!

  33. I almost want to vote for my ‘bless you’ to go to that little girl who shouted ‘hello daddy’ at the Royal Albert Hall, because that really was a ‘awww, bless’ moment.

    Another obvious bless is to DG for his music and everyone associated with him that makes it all happen. But that’s a little too boring, sorry everyone @ DG 🙂

    My vote goes to the FEd for helping build this place into the thriving and diverse community of like minds that it is today. I get bless you moments reading some of FEd’s little brackety comments on posts. Or when FEd makes really amazing things happen for us… like meeting heroes. Or when we’re locked in for an extra hour in the chatroom. It’s FEd’s going beyond the call of duty time and time again that gets my nomination for the bless you award.

    So about this four-hour version of Echoes – when’s the DVD coming out? 😛

    Merry Xmas 🙂


    [Didn’t I tell you? It came out yesterday. (Lazy readers, please note: That was a joke.) – Features Editor]

  34. Jesus is the reason for the season…

    God bless You David, Polly and all the talented musicians who toured with You.

    Have a Merry Christmas…

  35. Thanks, for the ‘Dark Globe’ video, very cool…

    When I think of Syd, I am reminded of what the great Sufi poet Rumi once said, “When I die I shall soar with angels and when I die to the angels what I shall become you cannot imagine.”

    Bless You… Bless You All…

  36. Bless you David and Polly for a fantastic year of music, photography and blogging. You have given us fans a real treat…long may it continue.

    Thanks to Richard Wright, Phil Manzanera, Guy Pratt, Jon Carin, Dick Parry and Stevie D for their outstanding contribution to the tour.

    Thanks to Syd for starting this remarkable journey and may you rest in peace.

    Thanks to all the irregulars for a fun and sometimes mad blog and chat.

    And last but by no means least, thanks to FEd for putting up with us mad fans of the greatest guitar player on the planet.

    Hope everyone has a brilliant Christmas and New Year and I’ll see you all on the dark side of the moon.

  37. BLESS YOU ALL….You are special BECAUSE you listen,you make me laugh, you advise and YOU CARE…and I dont even have to name names 🙂

    Bless You: To Polly Samson…who found her soul mate in David…who in turn found peace and love..which has been expressed in a beautiful album….and, of course, shared on a very special tour. Thank you

    Bless You: Syd Barrett

    martin d

  38. This is a difficult one but how about all those who suggested the rainy day blogs which kept us going through the ‘lean’ times.

  39. Bless…

    – David, without who all this wouldn’t have existed (the wonderful tour, first of all! So, bless all the band!)

    – To Polly to be a great supporter of the blog, as well as to Guy to be “one of us” bloggers and to the other members of the band who joined us at least one time! Thanks!

    – to Fed, to has been so patient also when us – and first of all – has been boring, angry, sulk, impolite, brokers of rules! Even if sometimes for good goals!

    – to all the bloggers, to have always been so kind, amusing, interesting, welcoming (hmm—I think I am inventing a lot of words that don’t exist! What about breaking old rules? Sorry!)

    And from the moment that in Christmas we are all better, I ask your pardon if in some moment I have been unkind with any of you or if I have behaved in the wrong way, in the wrong moment!

    So, Merry Christmas to all of you and your families and, if FEd’s holidays will be really long, Happy new year too!


  40. Bless you…

    To all the David Gilmour staff working behind our screens: Fed, Sned, Ped, technicians, designers, le personnel de maintenance (=?)… Without them, we never could have shared this wonderful year with David and his fans !

    PS to Fed: My “Floyd the cat” just asked me to wish your “Floyd the dog” a Merry Christmas too and wonderful runs through fields and woods !


    [Thank you. I’d like to nominate Michèle’s cat, Floyd, for this award… Wait. Your cat isn’t teasing my dog, I hope. My dog will run all day, through mud and grass and sand, especially if a cat wants to be chased. – Features Editor]

  41. BLESS YOU TO ….

    Anybody reading this message has my heartfelt praise and thank you for letting me be part of this great blog , happy christmas to one and all.

    FED….. Your dedication and all round persona are a credit to all that know you thanks for making this year so special for me .

    Happy Xmas Geoff Duffy ( Dublin)

  42. [If you remove that capital ‘S’, maybe I’ll take the car. – Features Editor]

    Now what could you possibly have against ‘Smart Cars’? 🙂

    Unless you actually like ‘Smart Cars’ as their corporate branding is actually all in lower case 😉

    Nate (smart roadster coupe brabus)

    [No comment. – Features Editor]

  43. Best holiday wishes to the Gilmours, FEd, all the Irregulars and everyone here! I’ve had a great Gilmour-infused year and hope you all have had the same.


    PS–We Irregulars really should have our own football team. Is there a way to practice online?

  44. [… how about all those who suggested the rainy day blogs which kept us going through the ‘lean’ times. – Posted by: LynnR at December 21, 2006 10:53 AM]

    Totally agree.

  45. Bless you to everyone at

    Crisis is blessed to have David as its vice-president!

  46. Happy Thursday,

    Every one on here IMHO deserves a pat on the back cos each of you have made me laugh, stop to think, ooh, aahh, think is that so, think nice one, think tosser etc etc

    Then I thought that maybe Polly should get the top honour.

    But then I remembered an interview I read where David mentioned how Phil Manzanera helped him through all the bits of music that he had put together over 12 years.

    So my vote goes to him.

    Pete – Coventry

  47. Hi Fed,

    Bless the staff at DG dot com (especially Fed) for their efforts in making this site so great.

    Bless the irregulars for sticking together through thick and thin, and making this place so nice to be a part of.

    Bless David and Polly for the wonderful album, DVDs, video clips, etc. Your art is truly enjoyable.

    Bless anyone who walks in love, patience, and kindness, for you are the ones who make this world worth living in.

    Have a great day, all


  48. Who sneezed in here, no really, thank you, I’ll be here all weekend, try the veal…is this thing on?

    Bless you…

    David and Polly – this past year has been a great one for many. The triumphs of an incredible album and tour abound. But most importantly, you have gotten a bigger message out to people about poverty and the enviornment, and a difference has been made.

    FEd – You have been our guide through this year on a journey I never thought could happen. You’ve been a bridge between the fans and the artist, and amoung ourselves as well. You have helped to make this huge, huge world a little bit smaller, and closer…a community. You’ve had some troubles along the way, but what you should be most blessed for is sticking with it.

    Irregulars – it has been quite the pleasure getting to know all of you. I have said it before, but I have never felt part of (or wanted to)a web-based community before. I do now. I hope in the next year, I get to meet some of you face to face.

    Thank you all for a great year!

  49. Michael,

    it is very mature to be able to apologize when you think you passed the line. It happened to me in other occasions, and will happen again unfortunately. “Hot” subjects make us angry or over sensitive. I think we all must keep that “anger” confined to the subject and don’t let this become a PERSONAL issue. Right? 🙂

    Moreover it is christmas and we are all good….( I know it is cheesy but this is christmas and this is the way it is supposed to be). 🙂

    anyway, let’s find another subject another day to fight over that and have fun….hahahahha :-)))


    Merry christmas = Buon Natale

    and = e

    A Happy new year = Un Felice anno nuovo


  50. Bless you….

    To David and Polly, for OAI album and tour as well as this virtual family here at the blog.

    To Fed, Sned and any of the other eds, for being so patient and long suffering.

    To each person/irregular here, who contibutes and makes the blog the success and joy that it has become. I honestly feel like we are all friends here.

    To you Tomasz, the only blogger I have met face to face, for taking it upon yourself, to get involved and help me with my ticket woes, and for being so polite and kind to me, when I was a million miles from home and on my own. You will never know how much that meant to be Tomasz, bless you and your beautiful family.


  51. [great news about the £16,500 raised for crisis. david has been so good to them. – Victor]

    Now that Pink Floyd have auctioned off their eyes for charity, perhaps Michael Jackson will consider auctioning his nose….

  52. [Wait. Your cat isn’t teasing my dog, I hope. My dog will run all day, through mud and grass and sand, especially if a cat wants to be chased. – Features Editor]

    Oh ! That perpetual “two Floyds’ fight” ? I thought it was obsolete…

    Btw, which one is pink ? not mine, he is black and white, he is a lovely cat who tried to be kind with your dog and wanted to wipe the slate clean…so, mine is David ! and yours ?


    [Well, he’s black and white, too… – Features Editor]

  53. Dear F.Ed.,

    1) Bless David Gilmour, Polly and the band for all
    2) Bless DG’s music: of the past, of the present and of the future and all what he represents
    3) Bless You, Mr.Features Editor for your always up to date work and your ideas and your respect
    4) Bless Peter as webmaster for the great artwork in this site
    5) Bless the bloggers , and the fans all for the warmth and nice messages

    Do you remember my words in latin ” “ULTIMA SEMPER EXPECTANDA HOMINI DIES EST” (Ovidius) sent to the memory of Syd Barrert (it means “The man is always waiting for his last day”) it’s sad I know but : bless the LIFE itself it so beautiful to be lived, and every single day is important

    My best greetings for a merry Holy Christmas and a happy, fantastic, healthy and rich of satisfactions new year to Mr.Gilmour, the family, the band, our F.Ed and all the staff there.

    Of course to all Bloggers too!

    Love and peace

  54. Michael, thank you for that – not a problem. No hard feelings here, mate.

    It’s always a good thing when people with varying points of view can amicably agree to disagree.

    I’m sure there are many other issues we do see eye-to-eye on.

    Wishing you and yours all the best for 2007.

    Hysteron proteron

  55. What about blessing the Features Editor for the very early starts just for the benefit of North Americans during the tour, for adding a chatroom or for taking hardly any time off all year?

    As Nickster said, this is definitely going beyond the call of duty.

  56. [Now that Pink Floyd have auctioned off their eyes for charity, perhaps Michael Jackson will consider auctioning his nose….]

    You just can’t be right….(*_*)

  57. Melissa you are far to kind to me,

    I put it simply, you impressed me with your decision to come to Gdansk to see David live.

    Probably there is no artist or whoever in the whole universe, which I would travel to see that far.

    It is always better to have some support in unknown territory, so many miles away from home, and that’s why I had thought it would be good to help you a bit.


  58. Bless you David and all (immediate family, music family, road family, internet family . . . did I miss anyone?) for giving so much of yourself this year to us.

    I thought of a “Well, I never” moment today. Yes, yes, I know, but I tend to be a couple days behind 😉 It also works well as a “Bless you” moment. Well, I never/Bless you for . . . letting me be one of the first to hear Arnold Layne live. David said in Oakland, after playing it, that they had never played it live.

    Also, a “Bless you” to Polly for making Guy go out to Luka’s the 2nd night in Oakland. I’ll remember that forever.


  59. *********ANNOUNCEMENT*********

    The Most Novel Way for David to Save the World (Again)?

    It seems he has to run for president of the United States of America.

    Touring with Neil Young and playing nothing but protest songs will have to suffice should there be any unfortunate electoral miscalculations…

    Thanks to all who voted. Each and every vote was counted, by the way.

  60. Bless you:

    David and Polly for the music, the poetry, the website and your respect for the fans. You are special that way.

    FEd for all that has been said in your favor before and for bringing us not only closer to the artist but for bringing us all together in your truly global community, mate. Job well done indeed.

    To all of my friends here. That means all of you. I would like to share the sentiments of George Gipe and say I hope to meet you face to face. It would be a pleasure.

    Have some Holiday cheer on me mates!

    …oh yeah, congratulations Ruds. You were #1 on my list buddy. If FEd retires I nominate you my man….

    Buon Natale ;>)

  61. save the world or at least as much as we can so lets take a ride on a U.F.O. vote for James Mickelson

    [Give it a rest. – Features Editor]

  62. I nominate James Mickelson and his UFO project!!! I think he is doing a great cause. I would like to see his ideas manifest with years of planning.

    [Very good. None of you have posted here before, and you probably won’t stick around to read my reply, yet you can make a sudden effort to contribute now for some complete load of nonsense cause. Go away, or else James Mickleson goes into my little black book. – Features Editor]

  63. Bless you:

    David, Polly and your family.
    The wonderful band.
    Everyone contributing to the website, especially you, FEd.
    Everyone reading the blog.

    Peace and love,

  64. Bless you – David – for magnaminously sharing your wonderful talent with the world again, during your 60th year.

    Bless you – El Magnifico – for being the catalyst, cajoling David to create OAI.

    Bless you – Polly – for your nurturing skills. Evident on numerous levels, without ever seeking praise. Sacrificing precious family time, whilst on tour.

    Bless you – The Band – Richard, Guy, Jon, Phil, Steve & Dick (oh yeah, nearly forgot… and David) – for enthralling audiences throughout Europe & North America, seemingly enjoying every step of the way (well almost!!!). Thanks also to the Crew for all the back-up services, sound, lights, etc., etc.

    Bless you – FEd – you have performed magnificently over the last year. Balancing your knowledge, information, and mediation skills with clarity, authority and a wonderful wit (and the odd put-down).

    Bless you – Irregulars & Regulars – having a global community of like minded souls, has enriched my enjoyment of David’s “gift” and made me (and I’m sure, many others) a better person because of it. Through this common bond, I am now more aware of issues which I had not opened my eyes to previously.

    Thank you, all.

    Bless you all.

    Seasons greetings to everyone…

    P.S. To Geoff Duffy & Simon Emery, I hope your partners have trouble-free deliveries and congratulations to you both on your impending new arrivals.

  65. [Bless you… Pete from Coventry for the Smile case you sent me …So much has happened that I may have missed someone so my apologies… Bless you all – Posted by: Rudders – Toronto at December 20, 2006 10:02 PM]

    SMILE… It was me, Rudders, honest… :O)

  66. Bless you to David Gilmour. It’s been said so often in so many ways it’s becoming cliche: his artistry has given me so much personally. Solace. Validation. Cathartic release. Escape. Inspiration.

    Then we have OAI, this Community, and his tour. It’s been one long celebration that doesn’t want to end. As a teen, I used to buy Floyd song books and learn them on piano (my first instrument before picking up acoustic guitar at 25). I’ve resurrected creative urges that have long been dormant, and now I’ve capped off the year with the purchase of my first electric guitar (a white strat…couldn’t wait ’till ’08). In no small part to this man and his music, I’ve finally made the cross over from acoustic to electric…

    And my biggest Bless You for 2006 goes to my wife, Christine. From my lowest point of not getting tickets, to my embarrassment of touring riches she has supported and even encouraged this strange compulsion to follow Gilmour and meet like minded bloggers from all over (even an “almost” trip to RAH). Then, after a year of self-indulgent spoils, she encourages me and chips in to buy me my first electric guitar…..

    Bless you to David and Christine….

    …and thank you for blessing me with your art and unconditional kindness…

    Is this a Jimmy Stewart moment?

  67. Bless you…

    – David Gilmour for all the fantastic performances over the years;
    – David and Polly for collaborating to produce so much beautiful and intriging music;
    – Polly for letting us share the adventures through your photographic expertize;
    – All the staff of
    – Last but not least, Mr. Feature Editor for your on going efforts of maintaining The Blog. Your hard work and patience are much appreciated.

    By the way, we watched “DARK GLOBE” again tonight and couldn’t help shed a few tears – it’s very emotional and touching.

    We also listened to “The Wall” tonight and we’re just amazed by David’s vocal – from his soft, smooth and tender vocal in “THIN ICE”, “MOTHER” and of course “COMFORTABLY NUMB” to his powerful, robust and penetrating voice in “EMPTY SPACES”, compounded by David’s maraculous and magical guitar skills. We are just totally taken by David’s musical talents in “THE WALL”.

    Bless you David Gilmour for what you’ve done.

    Happy Holidays to you all!

  68. Sorry again for my bad english…

    Bless you David, Polly and all your family. Bless you all members of David’s team, including all the people who are running the site and the blog.

    Thanks to all of you , 2006 had been a wonderful year …Still far to go.

    Joyeux Noel et Bonne année à tous !!

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