Best Contributor


It’s our final, and most prestigious, award, this one.

The award for Best All-Round Contributor should go to someone who has not necessarily posted more than everybody else, but who has shown common sense on a consistent basis, as well as loyalty to the cause.

Someone who has quelled rumours and in-blog squabbling in an even-handed and admirable way, whilst not being afraid to voice his or her opinion and ruffle a few feathers when required.

Someone who may have broken the odd rule, but who was big enough to apologise without whining about it.

Someone you can trust. Someone who has given good advice.

Someone Polly may have had in mind when she remarked that David’s bloggers are "so nice".

You can nominate yourself, but you are allowed to forward no more than five names in total. Put simply, those with the most nominations by this time tomorrow make it on to the shortlist and you’ll then be able to vote for the one person you’d most like to see win.

To be fair to all, your nominations will be secret if you wish – they will not be published – so the only person who will see who you have nominated will be me. Please make this clear when you post.

The Well, I Never award was a closely-contested affair. That "David would be so into this web stuff" won, with 33% of the vote. That "reading a blog could be so addictive" came a close second, with 29%.

Thanks to all who voted.

The Stuff & Nonsense page is now awaiting your vote for the Am I Talking to a Brick Wall? award, so please pay it a visit.

The Most Novel Way for David to Save the World (Again) poll will be here tomorrow, fear not.

Author: FEd

Features Editor of David Gilmour’s official blog, The Blog (‘Features’ previously being its rather naff title), affectionately – or lazily – shortened to ‘FEd’.

90 thoughts on “Best Contributor”

  1. I honestly feel that there are way more than one person eligible for this accolade. Thats what makes it so special here…

  2. I kinda feel strange giving 1-3 people credit for contributing. Although every community has to have leaders of some sort, I just don’t want to leave anyone out.

    I thought to myself, maybe nominating by continent…since we are so international here…but that would be more than 3, and I will not break the rules!

    So here goes my 3:

    3)Guy Pratt

    That’s the fairest way I could personally do it.

    [Well, I don’t count. I get paid to contribute, so that should exclude me. And Guy can have his very own award later this week… Maybe. That will be up to you. – Features Editor]

  3. Seasons Greetings to all 🙂

    So many people have made this site very special.

    I guess this is one vote I’ll abstain on Fed

    Good luck – especially to the Blog members who have children in the offing

    martin d

  4. Fedmeister…

    You may have to throw out a few suggestions yourself. It’s hard to name just three people who meet your criteria…

    A lot of us have ruffled feathers, talked sense, broken rules (me especially) and poured oil on troubled waters so how about you starting the ball rolling?…

    [No, you can squirm (tonight’s Liverpool-Arsenal match has been called off, so I’m not in a good mood). I’ll let you name five instead, but that’s as kind as I can be tonight. – Features Editor]

  5. Sorry FEd…can´t vote that. There are too many people, much more than three. And I really don´t want to be unfair.

    Tomasz, LG, Ayako, Melissa, Renee, Lorraine, Lucia, Michèle, Geoff, George Maciver, Martin(s), Rudders, Angelo, Lynn, Becky, Phoenix, Mike, George Gipe, Matt, Ian…

    You all deserve it!

    [OK, so we’ll do this in secret. No names will be published and the only person who will see who you have nominated will be me. How about that? – Features Editor]

  6. [Do the nominee’s have to be overweight?]

    I knew it was “all around” and not “all round”

    Sorry, just feeling cheeky…

  7. It´s almost fair then…I´ll pick these:


    Why´s the game been canceled FEd???

    [Fog. You’d think the Arsenal players would prefer to leave the pitch at the final whistle without being able to see the sad faces of their disappointed fans, wouldn’t you? – Features Editor]

  8. Rudders gets my vote for the best blogger. S/he is the funniest thing on this blog.

    I’m assuming I cannot vote for the F’Ed, or else the F’Ed would get this vote.

  9. Fed- of course I want to say you because even if you are paid to do it, your personality has come thru and your contribution has been the glue that kept as all together. I know you’ve excluded yourself, but I’d rather throw my vote away (ooooh! Tragedy!) than exclude you.

    The moderator could have been a mechanical voice- an “employee”. But you are not perceived as such regardless of whether or not you are.

    The blog is what is is because of everyone who posts- the most prolific as well as the one-time poster. But you held it all together even when there really wasn’t much to say.


    [Thanks very much, Tim. – Features Editor]

  10. The masses are revolting I hear the Fedmeister scream! Extremely revolting 🙂

    My nominations are:


    [Would you like to nominate two more, Mr Rudders? Don’t make me send the boys ’round… – Features Editor]

  11. Hi Fed and all… On this vote I think a draw will suit us just fine 🙂

    Did i detect a teensy- weensy bit of HUFFING and PUFFING in the cheap seats young Mr Fed ?

  12. There’s so many different contributors, in so many different ways…and there’s so many that only 5 doesn’t do the community justice – but 5 is 5…

    (in no particular order)

    […] – his captions and wit have brought a smile to my face regularly since the blog began. And I soooo owe him a litho…

    […] – his DG/PF knowledge is vast and I always seem to learn something new when he’s around

    […] – another PF connoisseur that contributes loads in the chatroom when I’ve been in there, and like […] always seems to know really interesting and obscure PF/DG things.

    […] – for both helping everyone to meet and greet at the RAH shows and whose enthusiasm really added to my tour experience.

    […] – music, art, form…. an embodiment of all of our sentiment. A certain strat playing guitarist does the same with his hands for us 🙂

    Ooops…that’s 6 – but I’m big enough to admit when I’ve broken the rules 🙂


    [You might be big, but you’ll never know which one I didn’t count. – Features Editor]

  13. ..and the nominees are:


    …that’s five right? Do they qualify as my clique?

  14. [Posted by: Features Editor at December 19, 2006 06:14 PM]

    I thought you were in a bad mood tonight.

    I think this secret ballot idea is the way to go, so there’s no hurt feelings.

    PS. Last night I was watching a rerun of ‘The Beverly Hillbillies’. Lester Flatt and Earl Scruggs were the special guests. They sang Bob Dylan’s, ‘Mama You Been on My Mind’. (priceless I tell you)

    Melissa (*_*)

  15. hahaha FEd…

    I won´t proceed into this subject or you´ll may find that I´m a são paulino (São Paulo Fubebol Clube supporter…)


    Alright…take a breath, take a deep breath now… 😛

  16. Hmm. Only five.

    Such a tough call. There are so many good choices.

    I think my shortlist has to include […]. Such a sweet, sweet lady. […] has been kind to me. […] has made me laugh so much, as have […] and […].

    And if, as in The Prisoner, there is a #6, then that has to be you, FEd. I know you’re getting paid to do this, but you’re still the best contributor the site has. That is not a compliment (as such). It’s a statement of fact.

    *offers up a tin of Christmas cookies a friend made to assuage the bad mood caused by no footie*


  17. Melissa, you crack me up.

    You watching the “Beverly Hillbillies” is like David listening to DSOTM, isn’t it? LOL! I needed a little humor after all this socio-political banter. wooh….now where is that cold beer?

  18. [Melissa, you crack me up. You watching the “Beverly Hillbillies” is like David listening to DSOTM – Michael]

    *cough* click my name *cough*

  19. I think all the irregulars have made this blog a true community and all deserve the best all around contributor. In any case, here are my 5:



  20. Nah, don’t feel right voting in this one so I’ll duck out.

    Any chance of knowing what make the winning pair of shoes were?

  21. OK, here goes and I am squirming:

    so if you could keep this secret…..


    and it was difficult to choose just five.

  22. Cheer up F’Ed, or you end up getting as grumpy as your teams manager; at least the Arsenal will still be in the draw for the semi’s.

  23. If I could only pick a few – […]

    And the people who did the Gilmour Cooking songs-‘Take a Bread, Take a French bread now”,etc. I’ve had a tough year and boy did these folks get me laughing.

    Thanks to EVERYONE who blogs and happy holidays to all!

  24. My five nominations are;


    I hope everyone is well and getting into the festive spirit? On wind down work wise can`t wait to finish on Friday!!

    Cheers all.

  25. So many qualify for nomination, but some of my favs are:

    […] for great captions
    […] always seems a gentleman
    […] for his kindness to other bloggers
    […] always humorous posts
    […] usually my favorite posts to read.

    Naturally we would all vote for FE’d because your comments fill all the qualifications you mentiond.

    G’nite all

  26. My list, that I prefer will be not published, please.

    Also because there are many nice bloggers and my memory is so awful that of course I’ll forget someone who gave a really important contribution.

    So I’ll just tell the names I remember better because, evidently, their posts beat me in a particular way…even if at the moment I can’t remember what they have written in 12 months! hmm..I am becoming senile!

    Of course you would be the number one, but I’ll take you out from my list because, after all, being a contributor is your job!





  27. I have to say it is rather interesting how humble this group was until the nomination went private. Very commendable.

    I have to think of who my nominees will be.


  28. I would have to say my five picks would be for the love of David’s music and how they handle themselves in the chat room. Plus when they post something on the blog. They are always a pleasure to read. Plus their humor on the blog is always fun to read and to read your come backs are great Fed.

    Take care


  29. Here are my nominations Fed….


    But there are so many more.. I love everyone.

    Thank you Adriano for putting me on your list, hope all is well my friend.

    Renee B.
    Fontana, Ca USA

  30. This is a tough one, but being in private is proabably the best way to go.

    My five would have to be: […]

    Sorry about your game Fed. That’s why American football is better, they play in ANY kind of weather. (poke, poke)

    It’s a joke y’all, take a deep breath 😉


  31. I am an irregular but do enjoy the witty banter and fun of this blog.

    My nominations go to David himself for having a rock star weblog on the Internet with real content – not just an extended advertisement, Polly for her great photos, […] for his knowledge of PF and unique ideas, Guy Pratt for his excellent Q & A sessions and also the FEd or whoever thinks up these contests, for keeping things fun and lively.

  32. Howdy, FEd. Here are my five. NOT to be published, please!


    I’m sure I’ve forgotten some very important, LOVELY people. On the flip side, I’d like to make lots of snarky comments about several other people (one, whose initials are […], readily comes to mind) but I guess that’s just not called for here, now, is it?

    Bye bye,

  33. No doubt about it..For appearing to me as being a gentle,courteous,giving,and a sincerely genuine David liker, as well as being a topnotch caring human being,my 1st choice is.. […]..followed by,

    […] (where are you?..miss you!)
    […] (I believe he posted right from the getgo
    and has enlightened us muchly with David stuff)
    […] (what a joy she is…so colourful.You must luv her F.E.,for she allows you to put into practice your French..and very impressive indeed I must say!)
    -Whomever Polly likes..can’t lose with this one I figure..

    [There’s no prize for deciphering these nominations, by the way… – Features Editor]

  34. Hi Fed,

    My nominations (secretly, please)


    Of course we would all like to nominate you, Fed. You may be paid to deal with us, but you have done this in a personable and friendly way. If it wasnt for your encouragement, there wouldn’t be this community. Without this community, there would be no ‘Best All Around Contributor’ award.

    Have a good day, all

    Merry Christmas!!


  35. I’ve been a big fan of […] posts, and […] was smart, thoughtful, and wise. Both kept the focus more on D.G. than on themselves.

    And you never seemed like it was just your job, F.Ed. Enjoy the holidays!

  36. Best All*Round Contributor

    My nominations are:


    (in no particular order)

    I hope I got at least one of the 5 right?

    [Well, to be honest, two of them have made no contribution to the blog whatsoever. – Features Editor]

  37. Wow, Fed….this is really the toughest competition of the year.

    I would love to participate in this one, but I’m sorry – TOO MANY candidates for this one! …and that’s a blessed thing, imho.

    Love to all of you who know what I’m talking about!

    God bless,

  38. My 3 nominations are:


    I doubt this will be a trifecta but at least one of them should make the final list.



  39. Good morning,

    Think I’ll pass for this one, FEd.

    There’s a ‘vibe’ here that I cannot and do not want to tie down to any person in particular.

  40. So many to choose: I would like to vote in secret Fed.


    I thank you for the post earlier and would have voted for Guy and you personally, had I been permitted. Tough calls to make, so many candidates. Good Luck to all.

    5 days til Xmas. A note to pay, Joe Barbera passed away. I loved The Flinstones, a genuine artist, if I may need say. Peace.

  41. FIVE:

    It’s almost impossible to pick just 5 Fed but hey here goes…..

    in no order..

    […] for her stories of bygone days that are a pleasure to read.
    […] for wit and laughter

    put the rest of the irregulars into a big tumbola and spin and pick because its impossible to choose from this great gathering.

    Rgds Geoff Duffy ( still waiting on arrival Dublin )

  42. I’ve always enjoyed reading comments by: […]

    They have a habit of making me smile, not something which is done normally.

    I’m going to Cité de la Musique (Paris) today in which they’ve got an expo. on called ‘Travelling guitars’. They’ve got David’s Les Paul that he used for ABITW Part 2 there, if I can’t meet David, then that’s got to be the next best thing!

    Take care everyone
    x x x

  43. Fed,

    you described the “best all-round contributor” with me in mind!!! thanks!!! I am that perfect charachter…(hahaha).

    Seriously, I do not participate. Many who contributed a lot for a long time are not here (in the blog) anymore. Other more quiet, new contributors are in, and few are nearly always here. But choosing quality over quantity is the rule no? too difficult.

    cheers to everybody!!!


  44. Hi FEd

    The secret nominations of the Leatherhead jury are:


    When do you get to turn the pc off for Christmas then? I’m sooooo looking forward to a little downtime – and quality time with the family!


    [My eagerly-anticipated period of hibernation begins on Friday. – Features Editor]

  45. These are the contributors I have gleaned the most from over the last year and I would like to nominate them as best contributor of the year:


  46. My five nominees below


    Hi Fed

    I have been searching through the posts trying to find the blogger who cracked me up with his posts which were a bit long but had me in stitches i think you had to tell him to send his posts in sections in the end which may have upset him, however his posts were really funny. He seems to have not posted lately & i cant find them, ill keep looking however.

    WENGER in trouble again, he attacked the ref last night he misheard him when he said FOGGED OFF.

  47. Fed,

    Best contributors…………I will be back with nominations.

    Well Fed, week after week you have delivered. (sorry, that was Monday). But did you happen to see ITV2 last night 9pm. It was the best of X-factor plus the ones who progressed. Plenty of merryment for a foggy evening.

    Pete – Coventry

    [Damn, I missed it. Was that camp boy from Wales who wanted to be the new Mariah Carey on there? He was funny. – Features Editor]

  48. I would like to nominate (in secret)


    They always write with reason, common sense and humour. The Blog wouldn’t be the same without their contributions.

  49. FEd,

    That last nomination I made. It should be entered as such. In other words, its a vote for anyone who feels they contributed. Does that make sense?



  50. [Cheer up F’Ed, or you end up getting as grumpy as your teams manager; at least the Arsenal will still be in the draw for the semi’s. – Posted by: Jeremy King at December 19, 2006 09:18 PM]

    yep the ladies team are the best in the land no question.

    Rgds Geoff Duffy ( Dublin )

  51. Hup! Hows it going then buddies. Still aint got Xmas presents but sod it, I’ll go tomasz (See what I did there!)

    I’m going to pass on this stealth voting. I believe there are a lot of friends here together, and a team is better than a singular.

    Anyway, cant wait for the last chat before xmas, and I’ll see you all later,

    Remember, Happy Days, Simon J

  52. My nominations are (chut!!!):

    […] for her fantastic sense of logic and try to make a better world!
    […] for his intelligence and fantastic sense of humour!
    […] for her sociability!
    […] for her (fidélité)… faithfulness.

    Guy Pratt pour ce petit clin d oeil qu il nous fait personnellement chaque fois qu il écrit!

    Have a nice day everybody! Sylvie de Montréal

  53. I would like to commend everyone for making this such an interesting place to visit. I drop by several times a day and look forward to the banter.

    It’s too tough to call this one, so even though its against the rules I’m voting for FEd (you can get the pointy stick out if you like).

  54. [WENGER in trouble again, he attacked the ref last night he misheard him when he said FOGGED OFF. – Posted by: Graham Knight at December 20, 2006 09:09 AM]

    He did have that MISTified look on his face its true maybe DENSE Bergcamp should have come out of retirement to play in such conditions

    Rgds Geoff Duffy ( Dublin )

  55. Very difficult.

    Here are my nominees :


    I would like to thank all bloggers and all my friends from the chat room for making me laugh so much over the year !


  56. [My eagerly-anticipated period of hibernation begins on Friday. – Features Editor]

    FEd, you deserve at least a month off! Enjoy it!

    [Bless you. Thanks, Lesley. – Features Editor]

  57. [Damn, I missed it. Was that camp boy from Wales who wanted to be the new Mariah Carey on there? He was funny. – Features Editor]

    Cant remember him but the one who had a vision from Ant and Dec was there along with the one who runs a fan club web site for Louis.


    Come on…….we’ve gotta do it.

    Pete – Coventry

    [Oh dear. That young lady was one serious fan. The guy who thought he’d have made a good frontman had the Beatles had a fifth member was a hoot, too. Did you see the losers – meant both ways – singing together in the final? Being laughed at in the auditions is one thing, but then going on stage before millions of people knowing that everyone is laughing at you is so very wrong. I just hope the money was worth it. – Features Editor]

  58. [My eagerly-anticipated period of hibernation begins on Friday. – Features Editor]

    Wow ! Fed is demasked ! Fed is a marmot!

    Funily enough, I read on Wikipedia : “Most marmots are highly social, and use loud whistles to communicate with one another, especially when alarmed.”

    Nadolig Llawen [and] Blwyddyn newydd dda!

    (da lawn, ou tout faux?)


    [That’s perfect. Thanks very much for that. – Features Editor]

  59. I always remember your words on Aug.28th … “this place would be nothing without the many wonderful people who post regularly….” regulars or irregulars I think it would be a little bit shameless to say ” Yes, it’s me” for anyone.

    In the meantime every person is here so special and unique, yes also when we go out of rules, also when we are submitting the same question without reading the previous answers, also when we let you understand you are our “spiritual guide”, and when we admit this blog is so “addictive” too.

    I received yesterday the ordered DVD: I left many tears again…expecially watching “On the Island” and “High hopes” thank you all very much for the nice surprise into the package. you are going to Holidays next friday, and when the Blog will be opened back?

    Grazie per tutto
    Thank you for all
    ciao to all the Bloggers

    [I haven’t thought about how long the blog will be closed. We’ll have to see how long I can stay away. – Features Editor]

  60. [My eagerly-anticipated period of hibernation begins on Friday. – Features Editor]

    Ahhh…so that means that any issues with the Arnold Layne release next week will have to wait until you get back in the new year OR we’ll have to work them out ourselves.

    That is fine, you’ve helped us out immensely over the year, we can wait if we need to.


  61. Not sure about the absolute definition F’ed but these are the people I have enjoyed the most [again secret please]

    […] – for my money the heart and soul of this blog
    […] – always fair and wise
    […] – for consistent good hearted contribution
    […] – who brightens everyone’s day
    […] – for sheer enntertainment value

  62. [Wow ! Fed is demasked ! Fed is a marmot!]

    F*Ed being a marmot? Or a marmot being F*Ed? *click my name, you decide!*

  63. There really is a wild mix of folk out there and I could nominate so many however, of this eclectic mix of people I go for:

    […] for: his general DG/PF knowledge
    […] for: ditto everyone elses reasons
    […] for: being on this site from roughly the start
    […] for: never appearing to get phased
    […] for: not blogging very often but when he does the are generally valid

    Pete – Coventry

  64. Here’s my five. Very tough, this one.

    If it were best Barn bartender then it’s obviously Marcus Buick.

    Private, please.


  65. hi all,

    I would like to nominate following bloggers for the best contributor award: […]

    It was extremely tough.

    Additionally I would like to say thank you to Dave DiSanzo, for sharing his memories from AOL Session, it was unique, and that’s why so special. Probably Dave won’t win nomination, so that’s a good reason to publicly appreciate his post once more.

    Thanks a lot,

  66. Oof, I have to catch up with a lot of entries.

    Yesterday was my birthday so I went on a 4 day celebration (starting saturday). I went to Universal Studios, FL and wore this DG t-shirt (click my name) and everyone kept staring at my t-shirt and saying “wow that’s a cool t-shirt.” It was fun.

    Sorry for the rambling FEd. My secret nominations are: […]

    [I hope you enjoyed your birthday, mate. – Features Editor]

  67. ITS XMAS so here goes the SECRET noms…

    […] …..lots of laughs…very sharp
    […] ….warm,funny and smart
    […] …cool and on the ball
    […] ….one of many who has valid things to say
    […] ….doesn’t always post but so obviously loves the Blog

    Enjoy your break Fed its well earned…this site really works because you put your heart and soul into it……

    xmas thanks and greetings to all

    martin d

  68. [My eagerly-anticipated period of hibernation begins on Friday. – Features Editor]

    Hallelujah! –Music to my ears!


    [Thanks… I think. – Features Editor]

  69. ;^D Am I hearing the voice of my dearest Fed singing,

    “…Wont’ you miss me?…Pleeease…wouldn’t you miss me?!”

    (I think you know the answer to that, you…)

    Have a blessed one,

  70. [My eagerly-anticipated period of hibernation begins on Friday. – Features Editor]

    Woohoo! Vacation for the FEd!

    As a Christmas pressie, name a song that’s either somewhat comedic or related to the holidays (esp if there’s a Dylan song that fits either criteria), and I’ll play it on my show Friday night.

    Gobeithio y mwynhwch chi eich gwyliau teilwng.

    Officially sponsoring Welsh to be added to Babelfish so I can stop making stupid grammatical mistakes and causing international incidents,


    (Oi, Michele! Joyeux Noël! – That one, I can remember easily. 🙂 )

    [Bob has possibly written far too many “comedic” songs, but then he has written some of the greatest songs ever, so we should probably forgive him. ‘I Shall Be Free No.10’ springs to mind as one of his sillier songs. It’s off his ‘Another Side of Bob Dylan’ album, sandwiched between two of his most beautiful songs. “Well, I set my monkey on the log and ordered him to do the Dog. He wagged his tail and shook his head, then he went and did the Cat instead. He’s a weird monkey. Very funky…” Genius. ‘My Back Pages’ is on that album, too. – Features Editor]

  71. I’m a regular reader and have never contributed. Does that make me a blogyeur?

    My nominations would be… […]

    [Welcome aboard, Mike. – Features Editor]

  72. Hi FEd,

    I don’t think I’ll throw any nominations into the ring since someone would have to be left out and I can’t do that. And then there’s the problem regarding your non-eligibility. The Irregulars, the Semi-Irregulars and the people like you on the business end have contributed in so many memorable ways it’s a draw in my opinion.

    So I’ll just sit on my fence and let things fall as they may. Friday morning I think we should all lift our glasses and toast one another for a year well done!

    And just when you think you couldn’t ask for more you (and the powers that be at EMI) hand us yet one more musical gift to be thankful for!

    [Wow ! Fed is demasked ! Fed is a marmot! Funily enough, I read on Wikipedia : “Most marmots are highly social, and use loud whistles to communicate with one another, especially when alarmed.” — Michele]

    This completely cracked me up! We have marmots coming out of our ears (that paints quite a picture … think ‘nose hares’) around here. My husband has always lovingly referred to them as ‘whistling pigs.’ In fact when we were planning our business he wanted to call it ‘Whistling Pig Ranch.’ I thought that people who didn’t ‘get it’ might think it was a real pig farm so that idea got ditched!

    And FEd, I hope you are able to take a few days off for the holidays — you’ve certainly earned it!

    Peace out and love to you all!
    Washington State

  73. [Sorry about your game Fed. That’s why American football is better, they play in ANY kind of weather. – Erin]

    finally something you said that i agree with…sorry!

    (that is one thing more than i agreed with that HP person! man i take a little break and all hell breaks loose…! i am so not a socialist btw…and north korea and cuba…omg! you all may have finally found a way for me to go away for good.)

  74. oh and i almost forgot…best contributor. well i’ve got a lot of not widely known/technical on d.g and p.f…but it ain’t gonna be me…and i do not deserve it either. these people actually do (maybe)

    […] …wingman and partner in crime
    […] ….always a gentleman, good fun, and has good d.g info…been to many shows
    […] …fellow tennesseean and i think i have a crush on her.
    […]…her poems were funny even though i was the butt of a few
    […] …where did my love online go? m.i.a for a while now and i know jersey mike is hiding her somewhere…

  75. FEd

    My vote is for […] – even though I didn’t know what he was talking about half of the time he always made me laugh.

    And in 2006 laughing was a very good thing!


  76. [There’s no prize for deciphering these nominations, by the way… – Features Editor]

    There’s an idea for a rainy day competition F.E..On a given day’s photo or topic,don’t publish the names of those commenting.The idea being, we must guess who posted what for whatever..could be fun..Hmm, you would need a useless gag prize for this about a pair of tickets to a Radiohead concert.

    [You mean tickets to see useless Radiohead, who might make you gag? – Features Editor]

  77. Well I thought this was hard but here goes: […]

    Sorry I couldn’t think of any more.



  78. *********ANNOUNCEMENT*********

    The award for Best All-Round Contributor goes to… Rudders.

    It was very close, however, with 39 names put forward and very little separating each one.

    Thanks to all who voted and well done to Rudders for completing his hat trick of blog awards.

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