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caption_blog.JPGWe already know which of Polly’s photos is your favourite (‘Your favourite photo‘, 6 November), but how could we possibly overlook the captions that tickled our ribs on a near-daily basis?

So, today’s award – if you hadn’t worked it out – is for Best Caption.

There have been many, but my personal favourite, for this photo, is this one:

Inexplicably, David starts doing ‘the robot’ during Shine On. (RealShemp, 20 March)

Let us know your favourites, preferably using the format above to make life easier for all. If you also wish to include a link to the original blog entry/photo, then please do. It would be very helpful.

We’ll have a day of submitting nominations today, then a day for you all to vote on your favourite from a short-list tomorrow.

There’s a prize for the most popular caption and one for the most consistent caption-writer. Let me know who you think has been the most prolific and I shall find out.

Don’t forget to pay the Stuff & Nonsense page a visit at some point today to cast your vote for your short-listed Best Addition nominees.

After a slight delay, voting for the Weblog Awards has now finally started. Just click here to cast your vote for Best Music Blog.

The chatroom will be open from 2PM (UK time), if you’re interested.

Last, but certainly not least, see the Latest News page for a great story involving a Grammy nomination…

Author: FEd

Features Editor of David Gilmour’s official blog, The Blog (‘Features’ previously being its rather naff title), affectionately – or lazily – shortened to ‘FEd’.

85 thoughts on “Best Caption”

  1. Well done, David, indeed. Best of luck… and even if the Grammy voters don’t recognize your talent, we do.

    Hey, chatters, I have a can of marshmallow hot chocolate mix I’m bringin’ with me today! Bring your mugs!

    The Phoenix

    (and ain’t that Guy a real sweetie? He wuvs us, hee hee!)

  2. EXCELLENT NEWS! a Grammy!!! Congratulations!

    I just cast my vote for the Weblog Awards! We are in second place … call your grandma! everyone has to vote!

  3. i’m going to need at least an hour to go back and find these captions… realshemp’s was funny. 🙂

  4. Fed, can I report an out of date link, though you are already aware of it no doubt


    [Thanks, Ben. Perfect timing, too. You’ve given us a good excuse to see what the site used to look like in the early days (hence my Best Addition vote for our new webmaster). – Features Editor]

  5. I’d like to nominate the man on my fridge door Angelo Oritz as the most prolific caption writer on the blog.

  6. Caption: ‘This bong is broke i tell ya’

    Posted by: Ripper at September 19, 2006 12:31 PM

    I almost fell out of my chair when I read this one. Ripper, in case I didn’t say it before, I loved it, ‘I laugh out loud every time I see that pic’.


  7. [Hall Manager to DG: Ze fans vil all stand to de attention and salute you when you come on ze stage.]


    [Manager to DG: And don’t mention the war or do one of those funny John Cleese walks.]

    Posted by: Rudders – Toronto (March 05, 2006; Congress Centrum Hamburg)

    Is my favorite caption, and Rudders is my favorite in this domain.

    Congratulations for the nomination.

  8. [Thanks, Ben. Perfect timing, too. You’ve given us a good excuse to see what the site used to look like in the early days (hence my Best Addition vote for our new webmaster). – Features Editor]

    Can I change my vote? That was not pretty at all. Sort of, dry and institutional.

    Melissa (*_*)

  9. My favourite caption is:

    [“If anyone else asks if thats Al Pacino on guitar I’m going home!”]

    to the 2nd of March Blog entry photo
    author David Kenyon

    and most consistent caption writer Angelo Ortiz.

    Congrats on Grammy nomination,

  10. Well I have to say Rudders for the caption on March 29, This had to be one of the funniest ones.

    Of course it is 5am in the morning and I’m feeling pretty rummy.

    Take Care,

  11. CAPTION: best caption is so hard to choose hmmmmmm, toss up between Rudders and Angelo, there have been so many great ones from both

    I do love the one from 2 blogs ago about the paper bag ugly concert fantastic.

    Rgds Geoff Duffy ( Dublin )

    happy Birthday by the way

  12. David, please. Brazilian fan´s waiting you. You don´t like South America?

    Please play here in São Paulo!

  13. Great stuff, I just managed to vote for fav Weblog and sus out that if you work in large company with 10000000s of computers then all one has to do is go around using these compuetrs, obviously asking users permission!

    Ian Pearson

  14. No problem Fed, it was a good site but certainly stale compared to the new design. Being tongue in cheek, cheeky; I would say One Fifteen could benefit with a little of the same makeover.


  15. Great news about the Grammy nomination……but as we all know here, it’s no more than is deserved.

    Congratulations David !!

  16. Wow a big news day lots of congrats to be given;

    Great stuff to get a grammy nomination – 1st birthday many happy returns – I can’t believe it’s a year since I stumbled on the site and was thrilled to see the 2006 tour announcements. I know the blog started later but I did think there was a way to give feedback on the first site, did this not count for the blog contributions?

    Anyways it been a great year for all fans of the DG and a great triumphant year for DG himself.

    With regards to the caption winner I know there have been some very regular contributors – ruddles and co which have made me titter on occasion and sometimes left me bewildered, but I couldn’t help laughing out loud when I saw the recent caption for the gold disc caption by Matt – ‘The Golds in the ….frame’

    I think he def deserves a nomination and prize for that one.

    Keep on keeping on…

    Tom B

  17. Wow, looking at the old website link really brought back memories of the begining of it all.

    There have been so many good captions, I couldn’t even begin to go back through and find my fav. Rudders and Angelo stand out in my mind as most prolific.

    Hope I can get to chat today…and hurray for the Grammy nod…Borat says, “verry niice” for that one!

  18. Fedmeister

    I laughed at the robot as well :- And let’s not forget the “Yes I know you have a lovely organ, Richard” (But I can’t find out who put it in!)

    Here are some that also made me laugh and I’m quite proud of the ones I did myself… sorry for the self promotion but they did make me snigger in a schoolboyish sort of way 🙁

    1. Guy singing “Oh for the wings of a dove” (RAH tickets sold out, 27 February)
    2. The aliens thinking DG is Brian Wilson (For US fans, 22 February)
    3. Polly joining the Spice Girls tribute band (We’re back!, 29 March)
    4. Guy’s flatulence (North America, 3 April)
    5. DG’s herd of ten foot cows (Meet-up: Florence & Venice, 25 July)
    6. Guy drinking one of DG’s siamese fighting fish (The best and worst, 1 September)
    7. Zaphod Beeblebrox (Night Four: Paris, 16 March)
    8. Get those reindeer off of my roof (Heineken Music Hall, 9 March)
    9. What has the fedmeister ever done for us? (Auditorium Parco della Musica, 1 March)
    10. They stole Guy’s bass guitars (Mermaid Theatre exclusive, 8 March)
    11. David Kenyon’s Craggy Island (Number One in UK, 12 March)
    12. David’s concert for ugly people (Blog Awards, 5 December)
    13. James.A’s Floyd eye-pod (Eyeballs, 5 July)

    That was fun going back through the blog… the rooves debate, Ian’s blog with the Glassman, the Mermaid Two!, The feedback on the early tour dates, Fedmeister’s late nights… and the list of groups we put on the insulted list 🙂

    [I think you need to blame Nickster for the organ remark. – Features Editor]

  19. OK. This is a tough one since you kinda have to search through old blogs and find the captions. As you do that you find there have been quite a few awful captions but certainly many good ones as well. Since I don’t have all day to read a year’s worth of blogs, I did skim through some and found one that I think is worthy of a nomination. It was from the Polskie Radio entry of August 16.

    “I told you once I told you a 1000 times, black t shirts only, this thing is blinding me”
    Posted by: Geoff Duffy at August 16, 2006 01:13 PM

    Isn’t this poll going to present a challenge since you will need to show the image along with the caption to make any sense?



    [Not really, because you can just follow the date and check the title to find the picture. Perhaps that will be a challenge for some, but those people really shouldn’t be allowed access to the internet, if you ask me. – Features Editor]

  20. Good morning from Miami!

    I just arrived at work and I can’t wait to see what’s going on? How many times we can nominate for the best addition?

    I can’t spend too much time at work to look for my best caption – but I will definitely do it tonight.

    I will cast another vote to the Weblog Awards today.

    Congrats again to David Gilmour for receiving a GRAMMY nomination! This is way overdue for his recognition.

    Will sneak back in later…got to go!

  21. I’m tossing my ballot in for my beloved Canadian Coconut… Muncher Welshman, you.

    Give me time on a favorite caption –have a few already in mind, though….

    Thank you Fed and thank you Rudders (and all you other caption contributors for all the laughs this year!)

    God bless you! xo

  22. So, channel surfing last night, what do I stumble upon, but Pulse on VH1 Classics. Followed by an hour look into the making of DSOTM!

    You know what I always find intriguing is how the audience at RAH all are sitting, seemingly transfixed by what they are witnessing! (Certainly better behaved then some of the drunken idiots at Radio City.)

  23. Forget the quiet word, things are getting out of hand now. Just what is it with these award sites, have they got any idea on how to spell correctly?

    ‘Catsellorizon’ (which happens to be my favourite track on the album)

    So many categories, so few copy editors.

    Fancy a part-time job FEd, just give the Grammy people a call and you’ll soon get them ship-shape & bristol-fashion.


  24. A Grammy! I am overjoyed! I realise how much David and Polly and the gang put into this work. And this is the tip of the iceberg!

  25. voting done & done

    the dvd is excellent. astronomy domine is an unbelievable performance. the whole thing is. the man is so smooth

    not sure why someone who can produce music like TDB & OAI has doubts about their writing but they have no need to doubt anything. excellent stuff. thanks again

    oh the handwriting’s very nice too btw!

  26. Lorraine,

    I hope that at some point you can free Angelo from your fridge door. A guy does have to pee now and then.


    Is that a popular place for you to “hang out.” Do you have a special magnetic suit that converts you to a fridge magnet??


  27. O yes. Congratulations on the Grammy nomination. Maybe when it wins, you’ll be able to hear it played on the radio more often. Although I don’t think any of the other songs get any radio airplay either. Too bad David didn’t get a nomination for the artwork on OAI.

    Hmmmm….is there a category for music DVD??? If so, maybe in 2008 he could get nominated for the DVD release next year. That would be nice.

    By the way, did you also notice that James Blunt was nominated several times for that awful song, “You’re Beautiful.” Haven’t we heard enough of that one already. Do we really need to have that song live on??


    [I wasn’t going to comment, but now that you mention it… No, better not. – Features Editor]

  28. Most prolific caption writer has to be Rudders. If I am not mistaken he started it all.

    [I do believe he did. – Features Editor]

  29. I’m not going through all the archives looking for a caption. I’ll just vote once we get to the polls.

    However, most prolific . .It would have to be Rudders or Angelo.


  30. “”Most prolific caption writer has to be Rudders. If I am not mistaken he started it all.””

    [I do believe he did. – Features Editor]

    I worked on the Field of Dreams principle… “build it and they will come” 🙂

  31. I did a caption once. Here may be my second chance at a laugh. It was from March 26, 2006
    Night Ten: Rome and was called SECRETS.

    It was a take off on an American TV show’s skit.

  32. My “most prolific and consistently good” vote goes to Rudders for so many good lines and posts.

    On another note how about an honorary award for “The most persistent fans when it comes to asking for a concert in their country” ? I vote for the Brazilians, I guess they must be the most polite to still be sending posts which get published.

    I reckon us Kiwis must be the silent, proud ones (not that I can complain living near London of course). 😉

  33. Definetely it’s Roofer Rudders.

    I voted today, finally. Fed, I’m not sure how to transfer a link, everyone does it but me. Guess there’s a way.

    [They just include it in the posts, Frank. As if by magic, I make their names interactive. It’s one of my many special tricks. – Features Editor]

  34. My vote goes to Rudders- definitely. Most prolific and best. Can’t single one out… been way to many. But he’s kept me laughing.

    And thanks Ben- enjoyed going back and re-visiting the “old” DG site. You’ve come a long way baby!


  35. Happy Friday,

    Great news on the Grammy nomination.

    Captions, I would have to vote for either Angelo, Rudders or Matt. They come up with some great ones that made me laugh out loud at work. This one is really great.

    Dec 5th (Rudders)

    [David’s philanthropy knew no bounds… he agreed to play this concert for really ugly people who have to wear bags over their heads but neither David nor Guy could bring themselves to look at the cartoon faces drawn on the bags…]

    I will have to vote at home, for the site for the weblogs is blocked at work.

    Have a great weekend all.

  36. I’m SO chuffed about David’s Grammy nomination. And I don’t even know what chuffed means. (I’m kidding!)

    My favorite caption was from FEd himself regarding the photo of the Gibson Amphitheatre:

    “Can anyone else see faces in the seating? Three and a half sets of evil robot-like eyes. You can tell which is the leader (second from the right), because he has devil horns. (He’s also the only one with a mouth, which seems like a good reason to make him leader…)”

    That’s when I knew that FEd was our own version of Jack Handey of “Deep Thoughts”.

    I’ve got to admit, Rudders had some good captions back in the day….


    [Did I really write that? I must have been over-tired that day. – Features Editor]

  37. Many congratulations on 1 year of what must be the most informative, caring and thoughtful artist’s site out there.

    Thanks also to The DG shop for the extra goodies. I already have the programme & RAH poster so will redirect them to a loyal DG fan in Los Angeles.

    To Fed & all David’s fans, and of course David, Polly,the Band. Thanks for a wonderful year. Bring on the DVD in 2007.


  38. Hi Fed,

    Happy Blog Belated B-day!! Congrats to David for the Grammy nomination

    Best caption- In my quick glance, I realized how awful some of mine were. In any event, my vote goes to Rudders.


    P.S. Would it be alot of effort to have some stats put together, like some milestones for Blog/ site activity? That would be nice to see, and help give us a better picture of how the site has grown. (If that’s been done or you decided not to, please forgive me for asking.)

    [We can certainly look into it, Mike. – Features Editor]

  39. Hi Fed and all

    great news on the nomination a little late but the best part of the year was Abbey rd meeting David and the band, the Royal albert hall, Manchester (thankyou Gabrielle, ps get in touch i have something for you), the album, this site what a year oh and of course my beautiful wife getting pregnant only 4 weeks to go

    Fed thanks for the year you have been a massive part of it



  40. I just wanted to stop by and say Congratulations for the Grammy nomination as well as the first birthday!

    Also, I wanted to say thanks for the dvd. I was finally able to watch it the other night and loved every minute of it!

    Andrea =)

  41. Finally an award for the many captions that have kept me laughing and also that have kept me wanting more. I must say the caption guys are that famous or infamous duo Rudders and Angelo.

    They should be given an award for most witty. Seeing as I have met Angelo in person he is a funny guy.

    My fave captions:

    – Now where did I leave that Strat?
    – Jeez… that curry last night is giving me wind
    – I wonder what Rog is thinking now?
    – Opening the show with the ABBA medley will really fool them

    From Feb 19 “Pat yourself on the back”

    Thanks For the Laughs guys….

    Renee B
    Fontana, Ca USA

  42. Rudders rules yeah man OK far out real cool. Rudders for President!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    What came first caption or photo?

    Ian Pearson

  43. Great news on the Grammy nomination; keep my fingers & toes crossed.

    Regarding the caption, I ony wish I had the quick and frequent with of some of the other bloggers.

    Today I collected my DVD and poster from my local postal depot (I wasn’t in, when the postie came a calling). Although I had some problems with my order at first, I can only heap praise on Anthill. This is the second time I have ordered David Gilmour items from them and on both occassions the goods were well packed and they were delivered relatively soon after placing the orders. I also received the very generous addition of a complimentary tourbook.

    A DVD, lithograph and programme for under £20. If that’s not value for money I don’t know what is. Well done Anthill.


  44. Hi FEd,

    It’s got to be between Rudders and Angelo as far as I’m concerned. I’ll have to get back to you later with my choice of Best Caption…

    In the meantime how ’bout a knock-knock joke — knock-knock, who’s there? it’s me but the glass is broken. What to do?? Get the doorman please.

    I have work to do anyway, but just the thought of returning is too much to resist!

    Washington State

  45. Ok I had to post again, sorry Fed but I was just going back over all the old posts.

    How excited everyone was that David was touring and anticipation of the new album. It was pretty cool. Funny how people come and go but the irregulars have stayed. I really like our little community.

    Just had to say that Fed.

    Renee B
    Fontana, Ca USA

  46. CONGRATULATIONS DAVID on the grammy nominations

    thanks FED and everyone on the BLOG I have voted I shall go back and look at captions.

  47. I have to agree with Thomas that the photo from March 29 is terrific, and actually….I enjoyed all the captions written for it on that date. In particular, see George Gipe – March 29 – 5:50 p.m., but also our friend Guy Pratt at 8:17 p.m. who supplies a great caption.

    My guess is that Rudders is the most prolific caption writer, but I suspect Geoff Duffy and Angelo both rank near the top.

    Funny thing…while I was specifically looking for captions, I kept running in to terrific FEd comeback lines. Be sure to look at the very first comment on March 26 at 7:14 p.m. Too funny!

  48. congrats to dg for the grammy nom. i hope he wins. i know he got nominated for marooned…i think he won…is that right fed? have dg or pf ever won any other grammy’s? (alan parsons for engineering dsotm won im pretty positive of that)

    fed, thanks for being really cool. i mean it…u have been a delight the past two chat days and very welcoming to a sometimes ‘pain in the arse’ fan. cheers my man. u deserve all of the accolades for this site…it is a reflection of your hard work and care that you show for all gilmour fans and in particular the irregulars. job well done!

    [Cheers, mate. ‘Marooned’ did win a Grammy (for Best Rock Instrumental Performance) in 1995. I think that’s the only one, but I’m sure I’ll quickly be corrected if I’m wrong. – Features Editor]

  49. Congratulations to David! And good luck!

    About the captions, I don’t know in particular, but about the one who created most captions, my vote is for Rudders, if my memory doesn’t cheat me. And good luck to all the captioners too!


  50. Caption for above graphic…

    Inexplicably, David starts doing ‘the wireman’ during Shine On.

    How about that!..I guess not eh F.E.?..Oh matter.I do these mostly to entertain myself..So many of them but if I had to choose one,Rudder’s Zaphod one really tickled my innards…

    As far as most prolific..Rudders or Angelo or.. myself (mine being as bad as they are, quantity and not quality is the criteria for most prolific right?..well if Rudders can self promote…

  51. loved the chat today…cheers lynn. i enjoyed hanging with my cousin lynn from the south… and echoes bob and jersey mike (i think we are a gang guys…sorry about that) and phoenix and everyone.

    i agree that jersey mike is up there as a best addition. i was pretty sure i wasnt going to get any votes on that one. (especially after that ‘country guitar players’ comment…sorry fed) (gilmour is a package deal for me…guitar/songwriting/ and that SINGING omg)

    Lg/Frank…steve winwood and jon lord both played keyboards on ‘about face’…along w/ gilmour. jeff porcaro played drums (and maybe andy newmark as well and maybe gilmour)..mick ralphs from ‘bad co.’ was 2nd guitarist on tour…jodi linscott (eric clapton and a ton of people on percussion) chris slade from ‘the firm’ (remember paul rodgers and jimmy page in the mid 80’s band ..and he also played with ‘ac/dc’…and ralph ravenscroft from that 70’s song ‘baker street’…remember that graet song? well that is ralph ravenscroft playing that sax part..

    ‘about face’ is a classic… is soooo good. i wish dg would have cut out a few songs and extended a few more and he would have won a grammy for that one imo…and we all know i have one!

    cheers all!!

  52. We all hope you win David, but when you put together an album like OAI, and you see some of the crap that gets nod over this body work you really have to wonder what the criteria is. At least they managed to get Bob Dylan and Neil Young in there.

    David will still be going when he’s eighty just like B.B. King.


  53. We definitely need an award for FEd’s best word or phrase. My vocabulary has really grown this past year with words and phrases like: “having a butcher’s,” “dickhead,” “donkey,” “muppet,” “pillock,” “mate,” and of course…my very favorite “stroppy tosser.”

  54. Did the vaccuming downstairs listening to my new DVD. Gets better each day.

    Just want to thank David for allowing inspiring guitarists all over the world for allowing us to admire and capture his hands on a Strat. Means so much to me. I can’t read sheet music. Have used my ears with many years of listening. Thank You.

    No, I’m not blind either. Just lazy.

  55. [Angelo, Is that a popular place for you to “hang out.” Do you have a special magnetic suit that converts you to a fridge magnet?? – Posted by: Andrew at December 8, 2006 02:46 PM]

    …it’s actually magnetic panties…and they’re quite uncomfortable bunched up… :-))

  56. I’m voting for Rudders’ ‘paper bag ugly’ caption either because it was the most hilarious or because I’m too tired to think back more than a couple of days!

    Anyway, that’s all folks!

    Peace and love!
    Washington State

  57. For those who are in Miami, PBS17 (Public Broadcast Station) is showing “PULSE” for the last 1/2 hour, you can still catch the second hour if you wish.

    We just learned from PBS 17 (perhaps most of you may have already known) that “DARK SIDE OF THE MOON” was on the chart for 741 weeks straight – a record breaking for any album at any time.

    The second half of “PULSE” just came back on – I will be back later.

    We do own a copy of “PULSE”…but we just can’t resist not watching it on PBS.


  58. Congrats to David for the GRAMMY nod!

    As for the most prolific caption writer, my vote goes to Rudders.

    You’re very funny, Rudders! I found this post on March 26, for this picture:

    ‘Richard suddenly had two regrets…one was buying Polly the telephoto lens for her camera and the other was leaving the cubicle door open in the restroom…’

    I thought it was hilarious. Don’t know but restroom humour always makes me laugh! (that doesn’t mean anything, does it?)

  59. [By the way, did you also notice that James Blunt was nominated several times for that awful song, “You’re Beautiful.” Haven’t we heard enough of that one already. Do we really need to have that song live on??-Andrew]

    [I wasn’t going to comment, but now that you mention it… No, better not. – Features Editor]

    Good on you FEd. Look, its not that I like James’ song, but maybe he’s a Bob Dylan in 1963, today. Our (My) parents hated Pink Floyd in 1981. My Mum loves David’s new work today. I’m not sure what to say, but give Pop Music a chance. . .even Radiohead.

    [Again, I decline to comment. (Getting sensible as the New Year dawns, see?) – Features Editor]

  60. Just voted for blog! but we’re still in second so, come on mates and git-er-done.

    I vote for rudders for best caption writer.

    ~Tomi Sue~

  61. I am so confused…did I miss voting for the best addition? I went to Stuff and Nonsense page but found nothing about the voting.

    Regarding the questions on best additions that I enquire earlier, I guess my question should be how many times we can vote from the poll? I guess it’s too late now.

    Best caption is a little bit tough for me – there are just so many of them…I do enjoy reading them though.

    Once again, congratulations to David Gilmour for the Grammy nomination AND the achievement at

  62. [If you work in a large company with 10,000,000s of computers then all one has to do is go around using these computers.-Ian]

    Exactly Ian. I used three computers today with three different IP addresses (three different networks) and we HAVE to do more. is currently in second place. We need to make sure wins first place, as it deserves. . .

    Vote for right now! We REALLY need everyone’s support!! You can vote more than once. . .once per day is what I understand (8th of Dec.through 12th of Dec.-approx.). Please do it NOW!! Show the world how much all of us appreciate David and what his art means to us. . .PLEASE!!!!!!

    It’s currently 241 (i guess i’m floating) to 183 (David Gilmour). This really should be no contest. There are thousands of David Gilmour Bloggers. I expect nothing less than First Place!! All Bloggers, we NEED your help!! Vote Now!

    [Aww, bless you. – Features Editor]

  63. Wow! Things have been pretty busy around here!

    Congratulations to David on the nomination! That´s the least which could happen! Great news indeed!

    I wish I could keep following the blog awards these days and the chatrooms…but have some not so good news…

    My kidney started playing jokes on me last wednesday…Went to the hospital and found a big cyst and a stone…That means that I´ll have to stay away for a while on treatment, but as soon the doctors free me, I´ll be back!

    Wish you all a terrific week! And congrats for the prizes and nominations (I really couldn´t read it, but will when I get back!)


    [Get well soon, mate. – Features Editor]

  64. David’s concert for ugly people (Blog Awards, 5 December) – Rudders

    You know, I must say, that one was pretty funny.

    So hard to choose the best hmmmmm. Oh no, which way do I go, I can’t decide……help! ok, back away from the keyboard, “Take a breath….slow deep breath


  65. What in the world, will David ever do, to top this year? He split 2006, like an atom.

    Get that Grammy!!!


  66. “If I am not mistaken he started it all.” [I do believe he did. – Features Editor]

    Credit where it’s due Fed! You made this comment way back in February…

    [Maybe we need a caption contest for these pictures, Clemens. He could be doing a Stan Laurel impersonation… Bit of a Fred Karno reference for you there. – Features Editor]

    Posted by: Clemens at February 19, 2006 05:02 PM

    Well done to you 🙂

    [Well, in that case… – Features Editor]

  67. Just been perusing a certain internet auction site and today’s bargain of the day would appear to be the RAH litho buy it now £75.

    [What a bargain… The sad fool who wins will be so pleased to learn that it cost about £10. – Features Editor]

  68. There’s only one that I can remember that I’m personally proud of (for anti-establishment reasons all my own):

    [Leaders of the Roman Catholic Church and Ultra-Orthodox Jewish sects were outraged by the announcement of the 2008 David Gilmour “Messiah World Tour”… – Posted by: Angelo Ortiz at June 21, 2006 07:38 PM]

    But Rudders is the King of Captions…..

  69. Hi to all in DG land….AND COLLECTING THE GRAMMY ON BEHALF OF DAVID GILMOUR …is Caption winner Angelo for the classic ‘David has second thoughts as a real spitfire is hoisted above the back of the auditorium…..’June 23rd 1.37pm

    Real tuff call between Angelo and Rudders….thanx to all for keeping the site SO Entertaining and….hmmmmm..humorous !!

    Martin D

  70. Caption—today’s

    Showing the effects of reading these captions, David surprises everyone with his ability to nod off while standing.

  71. these captions are too funny. thanks for selecting some of your favourites, fed.

    i nominate rudders, angelo and geoff duffy for the most prolific award.

    i can’t pick one favourite, but i’ve tried to settle on the three that made me laugh most.

    in no order:

    1. the staff were exhausted but pleased with their efforts to clean up the mess the candy floss machine explosion had caused. (rudders, 31 march)
    2. ‘this bong is broke i tell ya.’ (ripper, 18 sept)
    3. guy felt a brief moment of panic as the fed swung the naughty-in-the-chatroom spotlight in his direction. (angelo, 13 sept)

  72. So I too, caught PULSE on PBS. It made me appreciate the DVD a whole lot more. The DVD quality is really great. I was also getting all warm and fuzzy in my heart (the sentimental sap that I am) and thought I’d drop a check to PBS. It’s a good cause. So then the break comes where they ask for your money (lets call it like it is . .) and I see for $XXX you get a copy of PULSE (DVD & CD) and a special edition OAI CD. So I figured, ‘What the Hell . .if I’m doing it anyways . .’ As my grandma said ‘In for a penny, in for a pound.’

    My question to you, dear Fed, is this truly a special edition, only available on PBS, as they state? If so, what makes it ‘special?’

    Looking forward to chat today,

    [I didn’t know that they were doing this a second (?) time. The first was back in June (‘P.U.L.S.E’ on PBS, 16 June). Please click your name for details. – Features Editor]

  73. Hello FEd, Irregulars,

    For me there’s no doubt about it : Rudders’ captions are unbeatable.

    My favourites :

    1. Richard was bemused that David couldn’t quite keep up with Crosby and Nash on the A Capella version of “Head and Shoulders, Knees and Toes”. (Rudders, April 18, “On An Island on DVD”)
    2. Yes, Richard. I know you have a lovely organ. (Nickster)
    3. David was impressed with the kid’s play structure erected in the garden whilst he was away on tour… (Rudders, May 16, “More European dates”)
    4. This bong is broke i tell ya (Ripper, September 19, “Robert Wyatt”)
    5. Helping out during rehearsals whilst pulling up the lighting rig, David inadvertently pulls on the wrong strap. (Goose, April 12, “Night 15 : Chicago”)
    6. Honestly Richard I didn’t put the Super/Krazy Glue on the keys but I’ve got a sharp knife you can use… (Rudders, March 8, “Mermaid Theatre exclusive”)


  74. It’s fun to be a part of the buzz here. Rudders, you is damn good mate. See you in the chat later, and thanks Fed for giving up your weekend time.

  75. I’ve asked my fellow Skribblerz to visit the Blog Awards and vote so hopefully that’ll generate a few more votes!

  76. So many to choose from but I think I’ll go for I’m a little teapot, Mr Duffy – 9th October.

  77. Thank you all for your nominations.

    As this is admittedly a tough one to nominate, due to having to go back and pluck out the captions from the best part of 226 entries, I have taken the ones you mentioned more than once and selected my favourites from all those which received an equal number of nominations to compile a shortlist.

    You will be able to vote for your favourite from our list of ten shortly. Please click the link below.

    As for the Most Prolific, then it has to be Rudders and Angelo…

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