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Later today, both our North America and UK & Europe webstores will be putting their left-over DVDs on sale. These are available due to your cancellations and our refusal to allow multiple orders. They’re not there yet, but we thought you’d appreciate the advance warning.

These are stand-alone copies of the ‘Live and In Session’ DVD – that’s the bonus disc that comes with the special edition ‘On An Island’ CD/DVD package, which is now on sale.

The DVDs are only available to buy through the above links and there aren’t many left, so please be quick if you want to snap up one.

Today marks the first anniversary since the launch of and to celebrate, we’re kicking off our very own Blog Awards with our Best Addition award.

This is what you consider to be the best thing we’ve added to the site during the course of the year.

My vote goes to Peter, the webmaster, who joined in February (I think) and has transformed the site (that’s site, not blog) from something rather plain into what you see today: a real feast of blue.

You could also nominate the introduction of the Galleries, the calendar, the chatroom… Spare a thought for the Stuff & Nonsense and Important Stuff pages. Don’t forget the On an Island page, which is full of video, audio and interview goodness. It’s entirely up to you.

This is how we’re going to work this.

First, you submit your nominations here. Please don’t include long lists, because it’s a real drag trying to collate the results and there are going to be a lot of them overall. Suggest no more than three nominations each, if you will, please.

Tomorrow, the most frequently suggested additions will be put into a poll, where you can vote on your favourite with a mere click of the mouse. I’ll also be closing this blog entry and encouraging you to switch your attention to our next award. Details on that tomorrow.

The blog’s birthday is on 22 December, so we’ll be switching our attention to the blog with some awards aimed at you: the good people who have kept it going, in ways nobody could have imagined, for 12 solid months.

There’s no scheduled chat today, but the chatroom is now open, if anyone wants to drop in. As planned, I’ll swing its doors open again tomorrow at 2PM (UK time). Don’t stand too close.

Author: FEd

Features Editor of David Gilmour’s official blog, The Blog (‘Features’ previously being its rather naff title), affectionately – or lazily – shortened to ‘FEd’.

129 thoughts on “Best Addition”

  1. In no particular order, my nominations are:

    – The snippets of music you get as you hit the homepage.
    – The galleries.
    – And of course, The Blog.


  2. OK, best additions over the year:

    1. The Blog – been there since the start and is the only section I look at almost every day. FEd provides the human face (fingers?) to the site for many of us fans.

    2. The Galleries – I always do like the photography.

    3. Fan Fare – Every fan needs a place to buy things.

    Here’s to a good year nearly gone and to another good year to come.

  3. My vote definitely goes to the snippets of music that greet you – particularly because you have not chosen the easy route of taking clips from the album but actually re-worked them to create the atmosphere of the album. It’s lovely (did DG create these himself?)


    [He did. – Features Editor]

  4. The Blog – it’s nice to know we can communicate and we are listened to
    On An Island page – with all the videos and pieces of music
    The Gallery – all the beautiful pictures that give the tour chronicle

  5. I’ve not been here since the start so I feel ineligible to vote. However, if the Blog is a new feature, then it gets my vote:

    The Blog

    Tried to access the chat room at work, but I guess the software on my work PC doesn’t cut it. Was nice to see a few familiar faces though and I hope you all enjoyed yourselves.


  6. My nominations are:

    -The snippets of music you get as you hit the homepage [thanx CJD ;)]
    -The Blog
    -The Galleries

  7. Hello FEd,

    Sorry to interrupt your day with such worry, but the Set CD/DVD and the nice version I did order and paid for has not yet been delivered.

    Would you be kind to let me know where it would have gone and who I could call for findiing out?

    The thing is that it was a present to my Sweetheart as she loves the music and her previous CD was stolen after a break in her flat.

    Thank you for checking out for me and I will also do some search through the post office…

    Best greeting and Happy Anniversary for a Fabulous Blog.

    Best regards

    [I wouldn’t panic yet. The DVDs have all been sent out, but remember that this is a very busy time of year for the postal service. If you haven’t received your copy by Saturday, let us know. – Features Editor]

  8. 1. The little music clips on the homepage – really adds atmosphere…

    2. Stuff ‘n’ Nonsense – not so much Nonsense, more just Stuff that doesn’t really fit elsewhere.

    3. The Blog – ’nuff said ;->


  9. The blog gets my vote. RSS feeds are great. You don’t have to go looking for the information, it comes to you 🙂

    I’ll keep an eye on the shop to get me one of those shiny DVDs!

  10. Yesterday I received a stiff cardboard ‘envelope’ about 12 inch record size. What’s this? I asked myself. Maybe from Anthill? Did they send a record instead of a DVD?

    No – I had received my fantastic session DVD and the 2006 tour guide with a nice compliment slip, too.

    Wonderful. Thank you all very much – I was all choked up. And the DVD is great – evoking fond memories of a great evening at the Royal Albert, and a fine version of Comfy Numb to boot.

  11. Well I goes without saying that I consider the blog to be top of the tree, followed by the gallery and then the homepage which is updated at regular intervals.

    Best regards.


  12. Happy Anniversay to

    In no particular order:

    – The Blog
    – The Galleries
    – On An Island

    ..and if I may sneak in 2 more…sorry

    – News
    – Press

    They all Sooooo good…

    Using company time again…got to go…

  13. 1. The Blog (for its daily fun and frolics)
    2. The music snippets (maybe there could be a download of all of them as an album?)
    3. The shop (for my favourite T shirt and DVD)

  14. Fedmeister

    Best additions to the site below. I’ve excluded the Blog itself as I don’t see it as an addition:

    1. Galleries
    2. OAI page
    3. The Important Stuff

    And to the website…penblwyddyn hapus 🙂

    [Diolch yn fawr i chi. – Features Editor]

  15. – The blog
    – the news section
    – The music snippets on the home page

    out of competition ! MY PRIZE !


  16. 1. The Blog is going to win this one.

    2. But the other addition I nominate is the Poll in Stuff and Nonsense. Don’t know how you count that.

    3. Finally, the Calendar. Great to know what is going on.



    [I’ll certainly count the poll as an addition in its own right. Another of my brilliant ideas, eh? It’ll be good to get some serious use out of it, too. – Features Editor]

  17. The blog
    The snippets
    The gallery

    ..and for me winning the Abbey Road competition. I can’t tell you how much that meant to me.

  18. Dear F.Ed.

    – The Blog (and the funny competitions too)
    – The press pages (with links and videos)
    – Galleries

    about On the Island: all!!!!!

    take care
    ciao Elisabetta

  19. The blog

    The music snippets (hadn’t thought of them but seeing someone else say it I have top hartily agree… man I wish we could get our hands on those! How bout an albums’ worth of instrumental noodling David? If we’d be happy to hear you play spoons, we’d be happy with noodling!)

    The galleries- great pix by Polly!


  20. My Top 3.

    -The Blog.

    Why has no one voted for the Newsletter yet? Will a newsletter ever be sent out?


    [Good question, mate. – Features Editor]

  21. – The blog (of course!)
    – The “On an Island”-page (with all those precious goodies)
    – The news section (which keeps us up to date, together with the blog)

    Best regards!

  22. it is tough picking three but i say:

    1. the blog
    2. the music on homepage
    3. the chatroom (even though i don’t make it there as often as i want to)

  23. Talking about the ‘Live and In Session’ DVDs – have all orders been shipped by now? I still did not get my copy, though my Credit Card has been charged a while ago. (And in the meantime, ‘On An Island’ CD/DVD package is available here at less than the DVD+shipping… 🙁 )

    Never the less, thanks for your efforts. I am really looking forward to this DVD, and its big brother, the RAH-DVD!

    Cheers, Corvus

    [All have been despatched. You should receive it before the week is out. – Features Editor]

  24. Mijn gelukwensen met je eerste verjaardag (thank you for the idea Rudders)

    [Dank. (Hope that’s right…) – Features Editor]

  25. The Blog
    The Chat
    The Features Editor

    [Hooray! I got a nomination. Thanks, mate. – Features Editor]

  26. Hello FEd,

    Sorry to interrupt your day with such worry, but the “Live and In Session” DVD I did order and paid for has not yet been delivered!

    Would you be kind to let me know where it would have gone and who I could call for findiing out?

    Thank you for checking out for me and I will also do some search through the post office…

    Best greeting and happy anniversary.

    My favourite site elements?

    1 The Blog
    2 The Snippets
    3 The Press section

    Best regards
    Carlo Maucioni from Sala Consilina, Italy

    [You should have it soon, Carlo. Please let me know if you don’t have it by Saturday. – Features Editor]

  27. Happy Anniversary, is one year old.

    I discovered this site in January, earlier had been rather disappointed with official PF sites (had expected highest level of IT technology employed there, rotating prisms and so on) , and then heard on the radio that David’s brand new one was launched. So, I visited it in following days and found it very interesting.

    At that point of time it was all about intimate venue dates, as far as I remember 31st of May RAH date was added. What I liked, first of all Latest News, on the main page, at last I was timely informed about tour dates, tour band and then more and more details about upcoming release of On An Island.

    Another I think was Fan Fare (which is now the Blog), I’m rather shy, so I used to read it only, I put it simply, I didn’t have anything to contribute with, so I was mostly on the read mode. But liked it very much, especially during the tour. I carefully studied set lists and concert goers comments.

    Mostly due to them, I decided to call for return tickets for RAH. I was lucky and was able to secure 2 opening nights. It was incredible, especially 29th, as a debut in RAH, and my first ever PF/PF member gig. Before Gdansk date, I was able to post slightly more, because there was more and more David in media.

    Then I won Abbey Road competition, and I’m sure it was life time experience. I doubt anything in the future can beat it.

    Then I found On An Island section where all promotional stuff could be found (and still is, of course) and Press section. I think it was very good to be able to read or listen all those interviews. I also liked photos here, they were very special and would say they powered the site and the Blog.

    Highs/lows, I think the site is better and better, and I’m sure more and more people will come here in coming months and hopefully years. Undisputed high is nice atmosphere here, which is very invitational for new comers and so called “Irregulars” to come here again and again.

    I would like to say thank you,

  28. 1. Blog – helped me an awful lot when my tickets went astray…thanks again Fed…I owe you a pint mate!

    2. Fan Fare – shopping!!! Whaaaa!!! lol

    3. Galleries – Polly and David should consider publishing some sort of a hard copy album from the tour with all the pics from different venues. Dont know about you folks, but I would buy it for sure.

    All in all…great site.

    And i really hope that it will stay alive and cheerefull regardless the fact that David probably wont be touring again so soon.

  29. – The Blog (Really brings this site to life)
    – Gallery (Polly’s piccies have visually encapsulated the whole OAI experience)
    – Home (Musical snippets, latest news, links to all the other goodies on the site).

    [Why has no one voted for the Newsletter yet? Will a newsletter ever be sent out? – Gary]

    [Good question, mate. – Features Editor]

    Perhaps everyone that has already registered will be receiving a specially produced OAI Christmas card, personally signed by David, Polly,the band and of course, you FEd. (In my dreams)…

  30. Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you….♪♫♪♫♫♪

    Here’s my list

    The Blog (of course, number one)
    On an island page
    Megisti (or Kastellorizo) gallery in the Stuff & nonsense section – I’ve been there long time ago, still looks as beautiful as I remember it….

    Now, if you’ll excuse me, I need to vote… 🙂

  31. hi

    tried to go on chat but it wants a password.i dont remember creating a password the last please

    [You didn’t create a password, but I did. You need to know it to get into the chatroom at certain times, but it’s not hard to find. – Features Editor]

  32. Happy Thursday,

    1. The news page. (because after 12 years of every now and again looking it was so good to see something)

    2. Everything else

    Seriously, I cant decide 3.

    Pete – Coventry

  33. Talking about those DVD “Live and in sessions”, I bought one with that address […], I received a confirmation but I still didn’t receive an email to tell me you sent it ? will I receive it soon ?

    [I don’t know if such e-mails have been sent, but all orders have gone out. – Features Editor]

  34. [Perhaps everyone that has already registered will be receiving a specially produced OAI Christmas card, personally signed by David, Polly,the band and of course, you FEd. (In my dreams)…]

    Not to give FEd or webmasters more work but part of this is not so far flung.

    I am a registered member for a radio station here in NY. They do send me a weekly e-mail message. And every year on my birthday, I get an e-mail message saying Happy Birthday Andrew. Heck, its not “signed” but it is personalized and still a nice, feel good kind of thing.


  35. The Blog, Galleries and The Chatroom.

    Tried voting today, no luck getting in, try again I guess. Happy 1st. anniversary Fed.

  36. Speaking of nominations, how bout a Grammy Nomination for David Gilmour.

    Category: Best Rock Instrumental Performance (For solo, duo, group or collaborative performances, without vocals. Includes Rock, Hard Rock and Metal. Singles or Tracks only.)

    Nominees are:

    Castellorizon – David Gilmour
    Chun Li’s Flying Bird Kick – Arctic Monkeys
    The Wizard Turns On… – The Flaming Lips
    Black Hole Sun – Peter Frampton
    Super Colossal – Joe Satriani

  37. 1st The Galleries – great collection of images at decent viewable resoloution
    2nd This Blog
    3rd Music on Home Page

    The site is run tremendously well. It’s main attraction being it’s very quick response time in all areas so no waiting around

    Can’t go without hailing the DVD. The Albert Hall concert is going to be something else but what a superb “comfortably numb”on AOL session.

  38. Oops, sorry, scratch that Guy poping his head in entry. . .you didn’t add that. Had to go back and read the intro. . .I like all the media you’ve added to the OAI page. That’s some great stuff!! Especially the Bowie!

    Happy-B day everyone!


    David is up for a Grammy Award at this upcoming Grammy Awards in the Best Rock Instrumental category for Castellorizon. Let’s hope David wins.

  40. “Astronomy Domine is fanstastic and it was great catching a fleeting glimpse of Julie and I on it. That really made my day! Julie, we’re almost famous! lol”

    Sue N- you are on the AD video on the new DVD at Abbey Road? Tell me who you two are on the DVD and then I can say I “know” someone in the audience on the DVD!

    I know- may sound a little weird, but thats the kind of community thing we have going here (I mean I’ve MET people from the blog… Hi Renee!).


  41. – The Blog
    – Galleries
    – Press

    I visit all of these regularly so they’re well worth it.

    Oh and anyone wishing to see me in drag should come to our uni panto (Cinderella) next week (I am of course an ugly sister). If I can’t do it, then I’m sure the FEd and Guy will make good stand-ins! Only kidding or maybe not…

    Take care
    x x x

  42. My nominations

    1.The Blog-obviously

    2.The important stuff: it’s interesing to see what David and Polly believe in and it provides some pretty good links.


  43. Right, haven’t looked at the others yet so here are the Surrey jury’s nominations:

    1. The Blog
    2. The FEd!
    3. The Press page – love reading all those articles!

    ….now I can check back on the everyone else’s!

  44. Hmmm, interesting!

    Rudders, mate, the Blog not an addition? I know you’ll come to your senses soon…… 😉

  45. Hello FEd,

    My choices;

    1. The Blog my daily dose of FEd and such (thanx FEd)
    2. The Snippets of music that leave wanting more (thanx David)
    3. The Galleries a visual treasure (thanx Polly)


  46. Happy Birthday … and the nominations are:

    The Blog (includes FED)
    The Galleries
    On an Island – Page

  47. 1. The Blog
    2. The Galleries
    3. The Chatroom

    …speaking of which, thanks for the special chatroom session today, FEd! That was a nice surprise.

  48. Okay, here are my three quickly:

    Blog (which includes FEd, of course)
    Important Stuff

    Washington State

  49. Happy Birthday to you(us)

    1. the blog – featuring FEd
    2. galleries – featuring Polly
    3. home page – featuring David’s snippets

    It’s been a great year in our cyber community with hopefully many more to come

  50. I just found this web site today and just gone though the entire thing.

    1 Galleries
    2 Blog
    3 The Snippets

    I am a big fan of PF and David love all the great tunes. Wish David would have made it here to TX on his last tour.

    Merry xmas and happy new year to David and the crew!

  51. p.s. Almost forgot The Chatroom where you meet the nicest people for cocktails and pig’s feet

  52. Just want to say thanks to all concerned for a wonderful year and the topping was receiving the live DVD which is a pressie for the wife, it caught me out to start with as to the size of the package but it worked out well as she thinks its a calender for me! instead it was great to find a tour booklet.

    Can’t wait for the full live DVD next year


  53. Happy birthday FED and Bloggers

    thank you FED for this unforgettable year and many happy returns of the day!

    1) The Blog;
    2) The galleries;
    3) The Music on homepage (the first sound in my office when I turn on my PC)

    Claudio from Ravenna

  54. Thursday 7th December:

    – Site birthday.

    – Top 100 customers’favourites of 2006 (
    On An Island #18
    Modern Times #5

    – David who received a grammy nomination for ‘Castellorizon’ = best rock instrumental performance.
    – Bob Dylan who received two grammy mominations for ‘Someday Baby’ = best solo rock vocal performance and best rock song.

    – A very nice, enjoyable and unexpected chat today.

    Great! so, Fed, no problem, you can forget Liverpool players’ jelly shoes !


  55. Best additions:

    1) the blog
    2) latest news (I check this often as well)
    3) On an Island

    Congrats to David on the Grammy Nomination!

    Good Luck, although the others are fine musicians, there really is no comparison; but you never know with the Grammys. Don’t know why OAI wasn’t nominated as well, though.

    By the way, I figure that if there can be five categories for rap music, there can be one category for polka music! I’m sure that at some point in the last 20 years Guy has tried to talk David into singing The Too Fat Polka; you know the one: “I don’t want her, you can have her, she’s too fat for me…” It could be magic with a good guitar/accordian duel. 😉

  56. The blog, as I’ve mentioned before, is my favorite thing on the entire Net. Thus, it goes without saying that the Blog (originally known as Fan Fare) is the best addition since the site was born.

    The soundscapes are darned nice. I’d place them second on this list.

    And, last but certainly not least, I’ve loved the pics. As the tour unfolded, I ate up each new gallery.

    Now, here’s what I’m glad does NOT have much of. Thanks for NOT turning it into David’s marketplace, the place you go to get merchandise. Yes, merchandise is available here if you want it. But I’m glad that it is not the focus of this site. Thank you for refraining from turning this site over to commercial interests.

  57. A grammy! About time. I’ve long thought the grammies were a joke, seeing as they honor people I don’t really consider “real” musicians. However, DG getting a nomination gives them some credibility. Gives me a reason to watch them for once!

    OH my God, I checked my DVD order today and to my horror they have no record of it. I must have messed up somewhere, now I need to go back in my records and find my order confirmation. It has to be here somewhere.

    Congrats to David, this website, and everything DG!

    Love to all DG fans,

    Elizabeth in the COLD and ICY midwest, USA

  58. The Blog
    The Snippets
    The gallery

    Its interesting to look at the Blog entries from a year ago. No pithy comments from FED! Not untill (I think) the end of Jan. So Dec and Jan FED less!

    Best Wishes for another year

  59. ok my three are…..drum roll please!!

    1. The Blog
    3.Stuff and Nonsense with the polls (I love Polls)

    I must say that you fed should get your own award pure and simple.

    For Tim Taylor….hola friend how are you??

    Happy Birthday!!!

    Renee B.
    Fontana, Ca USA

  60. Damn it! I missed the special birthday chat. Oh well, no sense crying over spilled milk, right? I’ll make it tomorrow for sure!

    My choices are:

    The Blog (which certainly includes you, Fed)
    The Gallery
    The Polls

    [Will a newsletter ever be sent out?-Gary]

    O that’s right, I did sign-up for a newsletter. I guess because I come here so often, I don’t really need it, LOL. I like KenF’s idea of Christmas cards from David and Polly . .wouldn’t that be wonderful! A Christmas Miracle.


    [We’re still going strong in the chatroom, Erin. The doors aren’t locked yet. – Features Editor]

  61. I am still at work (Miami time) and the Web Log Links Award voting screen is still not available…am I doing something wrong?

    Sneaked in from work …

    [You’re not doing anything wrong, Veronica. Voting still hasn’t started yet. – Features Editor]

  62. Dear Features Editor,

    If you win can we start a following called “F*Ed Heads” and follow you all over the country side?

    I have a boat load of tye dye in my basement…

    [Sure, why not? – Features Editor]

  63. I would have to say #1- The Home Page, #2- The Blog and #3- The Galleries.

    If there could be a #4 I would also say The Calender for all the listing of the chat room, New releases and etc..


  64. After my over-charging & postage rant last week re. the Live & In Session DVD , I’d like to thank Anthill.

    The DVD arrived safely this week with a note of apology for its lateness and with a little something extra enclosed.

    Many thanks. does care.


  65. In no particular order :

    – The Blog and chat
    – The snippets of music
    – The galleries

    [Guy’s “you lot” entry]

    Just two words that mean a lot. Thank you Guy.


  66. my nominations are:

    FE’d – if the boat was rockin’ we’d all be overboard
    Competitions – well I just won one 🙂 thank you btw, came this morning
    Blogs & chat

    Gilmour Plays Polka
    an interesting thought. couldn’t be any worse than… er… say… sting for instance

    again thank you for the prize!

  67. There`s so many fine things about this website! But here`s my top three:

    1-The Blog
    3-On An Island

  68. Thank you, thank you, thank you Mr David Gilmour still to make of the music. I liked it video of Arnold Layne much with David Bowie.

    At 23 years, when I put myself in household with the mother of my children, she was there fan of David Bowie and me of Pink Floyd. More particularly David Gilmour (than you know all, I am sure).

    In spring 83 we had been to see David Bowie in Paris and on April 6, 1984, we saw David Gilmour in concert in Brussels, (I still have the ticket).

    Whereas I was with 5 meters of David Gilmour, my friendly said to me that it would be brilliant if David Bowie and David Gilmour would play together….

    23 years afterwards, it is a made thing. Thank you thousand times to be always there for us because we love you extremely.

  69. In the “Attaboy!” department:

    Congratulations on the “Castellorizon” Grammy nomination. I hope you win, David (and that you can make it to the awards show; will someone please let us know if he’ll be in attendance?) – it will go nicely with your “Marooned” grammy and “Delicate Sound of Thunder” Best Music Video grammy, won’t it?

    (now listening to the Very Famous Guy Pratt (V.F.G.P.) wailing away beautifully on “Hey You” live, and he’s certainly giving that Roger Waters a serious run for his money both vocally and erm…”bassally.”)


  70. I nominate the Galleries.

    My backgrounds and screen savers have impressed many a work collegue.

    Happy Birthday!!!

  71. The Chat
    The Galleries( I look at them all the time)
    The blog(I’m sorry I couldn’t be there for your birth) but I’m here for you now.


  72. 1. The FEd-run blog
    2. audio clips on the home page
    3. the galleries

    And happy first birthday to You’ve grown a lot in a year!


  73. [If you win can we start a following called “F*Ed Heads” and follow you all over the country side?

    [Sure, why not? – Features Editor]

    Oh please be so careful of what you will and won’t allow to go on here. . .it just that I’ve wittnessed tie-died FEd Head’s in full dancing circle acrobatics and they’re not all cracked up to be welldoer’s I might say. . .

  74. How about that? On the day we declare the Barn’s official house ale; NewCastellorizon, the Grammy’s nominate “Castellorizon”.

    Coincidence or synchronicity?? I think the latter…

  75. Given that most of this site was up and running when I found it, I would have to say the best addition to it was…..



    The Blog
    The F’Ed
    The Syd Barrett Memoriums

    those were all for the Blog technically so…

    OAI music snippets
    The Arnold Layne video (wow!)

    Jersey Mike

  76. Hey! good…all my respect for the other guitar-heroes, I like them, but the best rock performance will be Castellorizon. The guitar touch from beginning to end is irresisible and it’s school for everyone.

    I hope David win, not only for the prize, but for the classic italian cherry on the cake…


  77. [Hooray! I got a nomination. Thanks, mate. – Features Editor]

    Dude, you shouldn’t even have to go through a nomination process…

    I say give you a “Lifetime Achievement” for a year’s worth of kick-ass, dedicated, hard work and Herculean effort!

    You are MORE than welcome, buddy….

    [Bless you. – Features Editor]

  78. The Important Stuff!!!
    The Blog!!!
    The Galleries!!!

    You just just missed out by a whisker, Features Editor. ;^))

    The “feeling” for “today” is “Ummagumma!!!” Enjoy!!!

  79. [Tomorrow, the most frequently suggested additions will be put into a poll….- Posted by Features Editor]

    The FEd, The FEd, The FEd, The FEd, The FEd, The FEd, The FEd, The FEd, The FEd, The FEd, The FEd, The FEd, The FEd, The FEd, The FEd, The FEd, The FEd, The FEd, The FEd, The FEd, The FEd, The FEd, The FEd, The FEd, The FEd, The FEd, The FEd, The FEd, The FEd, The FEd, The FEd, The FEd, The FEd, The FEd, The FEd, The FEd, The FEd, The FEd……

    [Suggest no more than three nominations each, if you will….- Posted by Features Editor]


  80. Just had to say thanks again FEd for the marathon chat today! It was a stressful day, but being able to pop into the chat a couple of times really brightened things up! It was very kind of you to stay up late and put up with us Yanks. And thanks to those there at the end of the chat…blake, FatOldBob, Phoenix, ag, Tomasz (hope I didn’t leave anyone out). You guys made me smile!

  81. Oh hell….let me just post again!

    You know what I want to say about having an all day chat available to pop in and out of. I don’t know how many more goodies you guys can pull out of the bag, but that was very generous indeed (have fun reading the 11 volume transcript FEd, LOL!)

    To all of you e-friends out there, and I’m giving up on naming everyone… chatting with you made my crazy day way more palatable (much more than boiled eggs and donuts…sorry for the inside joke). Isn’t it said that when your whole day revolves around using a substance you are an addict? I’m in trouble…

    I’m “decompressing” now and I have OAI on…


  82. Congratulations on your website’s 1st year anniversary David!..We like you a lot!

    My choices for Best Additons are:

    -New blue look..complete with fun and fowl
    -The Blog..the best ever
    -On An Island..generous free treats

    I also like “Live Dates”, but would love to see it sprinkled with future activity.

  83. Congrats on the nomination, David! My three choices.

    1. The Galleries
    2. The Blog
    3. The Press

  84. 1. The Fed
    2. The galleries
    3. Guy Pratt (the suprise of having missed him the very first time.)

    Brian (Iowa)

  85. At number #95 in the replies list there’s very little I can add. Mine:

    – blog
    – homepage soundbytes/ambience
    – galleries


  86. are special!

    Since is in a nostalgic mood at this time, I have to ask I haven’t looked back in past blog editions,’s just something that I remember from long ago and was curious about it for a long time.It may even have been your 1st post.It was to the effect of teasing us about a set closer that you guys were rehearsing prior to the tour..
    Was that song Echoes?..if not,do you remember what it was?

  87. I would give a vote to the On An Island section. It was great seeing the clips of songs leading up to the realse of the album.

    Tonight I watched the video clip of Arnold Layne with David Bowie. ALl I can say is WOW. I sure hope it is on the Royal Albert Hall DVD.

    P.S. Thanks for the heads up to the 2nd offer of the DVD. I didn’t waste any time and I am looking forward to watching.

  88. Whew…just casted my vote for Weblog Awards.

    Congrats to David Gilmour on a GRAMMY nomination – what an exciting news. Undoubtedly, to all of us, he is the winner on ALL categories. I agreed with Elizabeth that [DG getting a nomination gives other musicians some credibility].

    My husband and I just finished watching the “Strat” DVD and “On An Island” DVD. This could be our third or fourth time watching the DVDs – Never get too much of David’s outstanding performances and his mesmerizing vocal.

    Thanks again for introducing us to the Strat CD. Until then…

  89. Good one “Guy”.

    It’s taken so many years that David Sir never, ever gets credit where credit has been due ie. A Grammy Nomination. He should rightly so, recieve the Most Outstanding Achievement Award he richly deserves. So many years of blood, sweat and tears. Will he and Polly attend is my question. Didn’t he recently play there at the Kodak Theatre. HHHMMMM.

  90. To Lg,

    I found out the keyboard player. His name is Gregg Dechart. An early biography called “A Saucerful of Secrets” has him indexed. He played on the About Face Tour. So my question now is, whom did he replace from the actual album recording. I’ll look tomorrow. Anyway, I saw him twice at Massey Hall and have the program with Gregg’s name and photo. My friend says he’s the one with the moppet (long hair), inside opening page. Names are DG,Mick Ralphs Guitar,Mickey Feats Bass,Chris Slade Drums,Raff Ravenscroft Saxophone,Jodi Linscott Percussion and Gregg Dechart Keyboards. Whew!

  91. Fed,

    In a few words I will explain what happened in one year.

    Yesterday a year ago, I discovered the new David Gilmour website. On that same day I left my email address behind for the pre-selling for the RAH concerts.

    Tomorrow a year ago I received an email from David himself (?) that I was one of the 300 lucky ones that could pre-order 2 tickets. Of course I did.

    On the same day I ordered 2 tickets for each Amsterdam concert on March 19 and 20.

    On March the 6th the release of On An Island cd, March 19 and 20 the Amsterdam concert. It was a long wait (from December till March, but it was worth).

    From 7 December 2005 till today I almost looked every day at the DG website, I looked this blog. With other words, it was a ‘David Gilmour’ year. And I loved every minute of it. No every second!!)

    This blog was very stimulative (a good word??) for me. The messages and then the entries of the many David Gilmour bloggers, the true fans. The reviews of the various concert. The reviews of the Abbey Road session, the presentation of the Pulse dvd. Beautifull!!

    It was a year with a lof of Pink Floyd music (I consider David still as a member of PF), the OAI cd, the concerts of David. I also went to Roger Waters, and it was also great.

    It is the music that give so many people happiness, joy, …

    What were the high lights of this year? In relation with David, I had 2 major high lights:

    1 – At the encores of the second Amsterdam concert I was just 3 or 4 metres again from David while he was doing Comfotably Numb. I almost could touch him.

    2 – The RAH concert

    Can 2007 be better? I don’t think so, but I hope so.

    I want to thank everyone (that is David, his family, the band, Fed, the other bloggers, and so on, so on..) for this year of music and music related.

    Congratulations with the super website and blog.

    Fed, keep up the good work. Because of you this website and blog is visited of many times this year.

    Carlos Wiesemann.

    PS I had ordered the Live and In Session dvd from the DG webstore, but I still haven’t receive the dvd. Fed, would you look after it? If you need more information, please let me know.

    Thank you.

    [If you don’t have it by Saturday – and this goes for everyone – please let us know and we’ll investigate. – Features Editor]

  92. pick picky me but….

    Grammy listing is Catsellorizon. Bah they didn’t typo anyone elses track 🙁 🙁

    at least its friday.

    Happy birthday Is there a party hat and streamers on the webserver??? whatever you do don’t try and feed it beer and cake!!

  93. Thank you all for your nominations. The most popular will soon be shortlisted and presented over on the Stuff & Nonsense page in poll format where they await your all-important vote.

    Please click the link below to go there.

  94. *********ANNOUNCEMENT*********

    The winner, not surprisingly, of our Best Addition (to award is… the blog.

    Thanks very much.

    As that really means that we all win, please pat yourself on the back and feel free to thank lots of people unnecessarily through fake tears of joy.

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