'Arnold Layne' contest



Do you want to collaborate with other ‘Blog Irregulars’ to produce a version of the song to enter EMI’s ‘Arnold Layne’ contest? If so, please use this space to make arrangements.

The most simple way of doing this would be for individuals to record their parts to their computers via the basic Sound Recorder software and to upload the file to a shared ftp site, where one can then download everyone’s files and mix them to produce a complete track.

Of course, there are other alternatives and you have almost three weeks left.

The deadline is Monday 22 January, not Monday 15 January.

Let us know what you think and we’ll do our best to help.

However, please note that we will not allow any samples from the current versions of the song which are available in the market place. This must be entirely your own work.

As you’ll have seen from the Latest News page, we have a fantastic contest for you to win a day at Abbey Road’s famous studios, where you can record your very own version of ‘Arnold Layne’.

That’s not all. David will choose the winners and legendary designer, Storm Thorgerson, will design a logo for them.

Anyone can enter. You simply need to upload your own recording of ‘Arnold Layne’. Please click here for the competition rules, the sheet music, the original track, as well as the latest video. You can even pre-order the digital version of David’s forthcoming ‘Arnold Layne’ single (featuring the three gentlemen pictured above), which will be available for download from Christmas Day and in the shops on CD and vinyl the day after.

Don’t forget that you get the Mermaid Theatre version of ‘Comfortably Numb’ thrown in for free if you pre-order or purchase either the David Bowie version, or the three-track bundle (that’s Bowie’s version, Richard Wright’s version and David’s rendition of Syd Barrett’s ‘Dark Globe’), before 12PM (UK time) on Saturday 30 December.

This competition runs until Monday 22 January.

The very best of luck to all who enter.

Please note that our rule about linking to certain websites still applies. We will not be publishing links to any competition entries, so please don’t ask us to.

Author: FEd

Features Editor of David Gilmour’s official blog, The Blog (‘Features’ previously being its rather naff title), affectionately – or lazily – shortened to ‘FEd’.

121 thoughts on “'Arnold Layne' contest”

  1. 4am? Somebody has been hitting the special cough syrup.

    [Not being one who likes to take credit for the things that others do, I must confess: Peter, our webmaster, published this for me. So I would like to nominate Peter for our Bless You award. It’s wrong – and far too cold – to get up at four in the morning. – Features Editor]

  2. Good morning and a happy winter solstice,

    Quite a wake-up call you have out on the blog today.

    Just imagine for a moment the world upside down… the Barn band performing Arnold Layne for David and Polly.

    And we’re actually being offered the possibility through the competition.

    C’mon Barn band, how about it ?


  3. Caption – One David to other, “Hey man, help me with this map. I’m lost, is Arnold Layne anywhere near Penny Lane?”

    Happy Blog 1st Birthday for tomorrow Fed and everyone. Plus of course a very Merry Christmas and a Happy, Healthy and Peaceful New Year.

    Hopefully speak again in 2007.

    Ian Pearson

  4. Happy Thursday,

    I am well up for this one. This is my moment.

    Pete – Coventry

    [Pete, David’s worse than Simon Cowell… Be strong, my friend. – Features Editor]

  5. That is one hell of a competition! kudos to all who arranged that one.

    Shame I can’t sing for toffee but good luck to all that enter.

  6. Ho Ho Ho….hi to everyone…And rather excited I am…. the ARNOLD LAYNE competition is such an original and amazing idea …(at a pure fun level..)

    Im prob about 5 days late in getting the info but ….nothing new there !!!…… SO knowledgeable bloggers ….Is this a first (it sure beats XXXX F***T** ) ??

    ps Any ‘births’ from our good friends…please let us know

    seasons greetings
    martin d

  7. wow what a competition that is!!!

    apart from stage fright i’m tone deaf so won’t be entering…lol good luck to all who go for it

    if I can’t make it back in hope everyone has a very merry christmas….

    Listening to dark globe right now first time I have ever heard it!! First impressions. Excellent, thanks to the powers that be who made it all possible.

  8. CAPTION: When David asked Bowie could they cover Diamond Dogs Rick misunderstood and blasted out the chorus to ” Who let the dogs out? whoo whoo whoo”

    Rgds Geoff Duffy ( Dublin )

  9. Ian Pearson wrote: Caption – One David to other, “Hey man, help me with this map. I’m lost, is Arnold Layne anywhere near Penny Lane?”

    Wheeeee! good one, Ian.

    This is a great competition, this Arnold Layne thing. Are groups of one excluded? Will David say vicious things to us and make us cry if our singing on “Arnold Layne” doesn’t sound like some generic R&B (a la Simon Crowell’s judging)?


  10. Dear Mr Gilmour,

    My name is Paul Bosten and I am a fan of the music from Pink Floyd. I have seen Pink Floyd 5 times live, and it was great. The perfection of music sound and light was phenominal. No band or artist will reach this level of making music. Even my son from 9 years loves the music of Pink Floyd. He plays drums, I love to see him play and try to make music.

    The music of Pink Floyd helped me in a very difficult part of my life when i had cancer at the age of 23. I listened all the time to your music. Your music gave me rest, songs like Wish You Were Here, One Slip or The Great Gig In The Sky. I can’t name them all because all the songs are great.

    I have one question: will play Pink Floyd again in the netherlands? That is a dream of mine, Pink Floyd again live on stage in the Netherlands.

    Best regards and merry christmas and a happy new Year from a big fan

  11. CAPTION :

    David Gilmour is saying to Bowie ‘OK David I’ll play ‘Im A Laughing Gnome’ but for pity’s sake give Rick have his tambourine back ‘

    martin d

  12. Now this would be a dream come true but sadly I cannot participate in this instance as I do not have the facilites to record or upload my recording.

    However, there are a few options I suppose:

    1. Stand outside Abbey Road with my Strat and busk the song.

    2. Send in my old demo of my self-penned song to David (Spread our Wings) so that he could at least hear my voice etc)

    Wishful thinking I know and I am only joking here, FEd.

    I am sad that I will not be able to take part though. :(((

    Have a good day.



  13. What a fantastic prize! Playing at Abbey Road, having the “Beatles” picture taken outside on the crossing (They will… everyone does) and having a logo designed by Storm Thorgerson!

    On the subject of charities and donating the Rudders household decided that it would be good if we went out on Christmas Day and helped in some way… deliver food, serve food, transport people around…and it would let the kids (ages 7 & 5) see the real world…

    I contacted the Catholic Church and The Salvation Army and neither are doing anything that requires any help… I will keep looking but if anyone has any suggestions please let me know…

    And someone have a word with musicroom.com to get the spelling of Arnold Layne (Lane) right it’s doing my OCD no good at all… 🙂

  14. I play keyboards but is there really a way that we ( the bloggers ) could unite recorded parts over the internet?

    Naturally we wouldn’t make the deadline but I would still like to do this for David anyway.

    This would be a strange hobby that would suit us fine…

  15. Caption –

    Bowie: Who’s this Barn Bard from your website David?

    Excellent competition and good luck to whoever wins.

    And also, fantastic news about the Crisis appeal. Absolutly amazing.

  16. Excellent caption Ian… v. funny….

    “The rehearsals of Ivor the Engine were going fine for Richard but both Davids struggled with the sound effects.”

    The competition sounds ace… I may have a crack at it although I’ll see what comes out before I think about actually submitting it for anyone else to hear. My playing is probably up to it but my voice is, errr, crap. People squirm when I sing and me butchering a classic like Arnold probably isn’t even funny, just scary and possibly irritating… but it’s xmas and I’m up for anything, so I’ll dust off the 4-track, tune up the guitar and give it a go.

    Caveats aside, I’m not joking – don’t say I didn’t warn you 😛


  17. Interesting, I think I will submit something. I never win anything, but recording the song would be alot of fun.

    I offer free recording time in my studio for any irregular who would like to enter.

    Although, you would have to come to Maryland, USA to do it…

  18. [Pete, David’s worse than Simon Cowell… Be strong, by friend. – Features Editor]

    You better warn him then that I intend to bring my mother in law, scrapbook of photos, glass of water…….

    Pete – Coventry

    Now where was I: Arnold Layne had a strange hobby, Collecting clothes……………

  19. CAPTION :

    Bowie: ‘Look man thats me ‘Dancing In The Street’
    DG: ‘No my friend thats you sozzled in Arnold Layne’

    thanks for the inspiration Ian

    martin d 😉

  20. Amazing coincidence…

    Last night I was loaned a Fender Telecaster which is the guitar DG plays on Arnold Layne…

    Soooo with a few listens to the song I’ll get the chords but I need a singer…

  21. I’ve just seen the video clip of David playing Syd’s Dark Globe – I’d not heard it before (I know, I know, what sort of fan am I?) – I was knocked out by it so thanks for sharing this with us all.

  22. Caption:

    Richard to David Bowie: Geez David, where did you get that arm growing out of your shoulder?

  23. caption competition:

    david to bowie: “these bloody carol singers just won’t give up, will they? i already gave him a fiver.”

  24. Caption competiton,

    Dont do many of these but:

    Richard is whispering: ‘did you both hear, Rudders won again, for a third time’

    Rudders: I have kareoked myself round many a bar on Majorca.

    Pete – Coventry

  25. Hello guys,

    My name is Marcelo Canaan, and I’m a huge fan of PF music. I’m from Brazil, and I have a PF tribute band called […].

    About the competition: fantastic. Recording at Abbey Road would be incredible, and having a logo of my own band designed by Storm Thogerson would be amazing.

    But, about the recording: should I create my own version of the song, or should I record the song exactly as it was originally created and recorded by Pink Floyd, just like a tribute band would do?

    Best regards!

    Marcelo Canaan

    [It can be any version you like, but it must be your own recording. How it sounds is down to you. However, considering that there will be many other entries, I would imagine that listening to hundreds of people trying to sound exactly like the original would soon get quite boring for the judges. Good luck to you. – Features Editor]

  26. *Caption* (Richard holding a poisoned dart starts singing)

    “You are young and life is long and there is time to kill to Daves…” 🙂

  27. Nice caption Geoff. that one had me laughing.

    This is an excellent contest. I already notified my brothers punk rock band. Who knows..They are sort of talented.

    I do think the Barn Band should get together on this one. I play drums. Any takers?

    Good luck to everyone who enters.

    Renee B.
    Fontana, Ca USA

  28. [I play keyboards but is there really a way that we ( the bloggers ) could unite recorded parts over the internet? – Posted by: Matt at December 21, 2006 01:44 PM]


    I have seen one virtual band on the net, but I can’t mention the website. So it is absolutely possible.


  29. What an incredible competition! If only I was in a band..!

    This website is truly amazing with all the little tidbits it gives to the fans. We’re so spoilt!

    It was great to see the Dark Globe performance, it’s very moving. It was also great seeing the Comfortably Numb performance at the Mermaid, it brought back some wonderful memories of that evening.

    I can’t wait til the 25th to download the songs!

    Peace. David.

  30. Caption:

    DB: Look mate, I got a parking ticket.
    DG: Well I’ll be damned.
    RW: I told you to take the Underground, didn’t I?

    Congrats to Crisis, that’s a lot of coin for two balls!

  31. Right thats me out of here for a little while.

    Can I just say to everyone, all the best at this time to you and yours.

    All you need is love
    Life is much more than money buys

    Pete – Coventry

  32. Hi Fed,

    Caption- “David, I promise your autograph won’t wind up on ebay”
    Caption- “Rick , I asked if you like Arsenal, not Arsenio Hall.”

    That sounds like one totally awesome contest. It would be great to hear the finalists tracks.

    Have a great day, all


  33. First of all congrats to Rudders you deserved this award, no question asked.

    Arnold Layne contest, true “money can’t buy”, as I can’t play any instrument, the only way for me to enter is by Mills Brothers way.

    Just kidding, but good luck to everyone who enters.

    After I read today’s topic, earlier in the morning, I listened to WYWH album and laughed a bit, when I heard: “Hey boy Have a cigar…” Perfectly fits to today’s entry

    Another comment, have you noticed how a good photo can increase the number of captions, I like them very much.

    I will try with mine:


    Mr. Wright to Mr. Bowie: “David, not Let’s Dance, but Arnold Layne”

    Have fun,

  34. What a great contest! Good luck to all! Is there any place we can go to listen to some contestants, Fed?


    [I don’t think so. I don’t want people using this blog to plug their bands/entries, either. The same old rules apply, I’m afraid. – Features Editor]

  35. [David’s worse than Simon Cowell… Be strong, my friend. – Features Editor]

    Maybe more critical, but I can’t believe he’s as big of an ass about it as Simon.


  36. Sorry Fed, last post today, I promise.

    I noticed David is winning the presidency of the US over on our polls page. Thank God!! When David is elected when can we change our National Anthem to “Coming Back To Life”?


  37. Wowie!!! I’ll definitely run this by my mates. I’ve been pushing them to play more pink floyd lately, so this should be a nice way of baiting them.

    I think we should make a “Blogger Band”.

  38. That’s a brilliant competition, though I’m afraid if I uploaded my version David would be so repulsed he might give up music for ever. In fact, that would be the name of my single: Re-Pulsed.

    Question: I did pre-order the 3 track bundle. Do you know how and when the Mermaid Numb will be available? I had a look on here and on the My Space site, but I didn’t find specifics on that. Apologies if I missed it.

    Anyway, good luck to everyone entering the competition. What an incredible treat for the winner!

    [All I know is that, if you pre-order/buy all three tracks before midday on Saturday 30 December, you get “immediate” access to the Mermaid version of ‘Comfortably Numb’. I would imagine that “immediate” actually means “from Christmas Day when the others are available”. – Features Editor]

  39. What a Christmas this is turning out to be…

    I didn’t realise anything about the award until I went back over the previous Blog entries after seeing comments from Pete and Tomasz… Thank you from the heart of my bottom… 🙂

  40. Hey Rudman,

    Nice way to hog all the awards, and by hog I mean deservedly earn.

    It’s just that I was eating lunch and couldn’t type deservedly with a ham and cheese in my fist.

    Way to go!

  41. This contest is such a great opportunity, thanks to David and to the whole organization.

    I have the possibility to record in a professional studio in Amsterdam, but my bandmates are not much into the song, so I would need some support from a keyboardist and drummer who have been really digging into early Pink Floyd. It would really be nice if we could make this happen within us bloggers.

    Regarding charity, I would suggest part of the eyeballs funds to go to organizations helping drug addicts to reintegrate into society, and part to go to orphaned or abandoned kids. I’m sure David and Crisis will address this in the best way.

  42. Is it just that I’m feeling especially giddy or are there some really hilarious ‘captions’ today? Ian, Geoff, etc., I’m, let’s see here, ROTFLMFAO. Oooo, that just doesn’t look/sound right!! I’ll never really be fluent in texting …

    What an exciting contest for all of our musicians in the community. Good luck to you all!

    Erin, I think your idea for a new national anthem under David is perfect! Coming Back To Life … man, do we need that now more than ever!

    Peace and love,
    Washington State

  43. [I noticed David is winning the presidency of the US over on our polls page. Thank God!! When David is elected when can we change our National Anthem to “Coming Back To Life”? –Posted by: Erin at December 21, 2006 05:04 PM]

    Amen, sister! I can see it now: David as President; Neil Young as Vice-President; Our Beloved FEd as Secretary of State!

  44. F*Ed~liz Navidad

    F*Ed~liz Navidad
    F*Ed~liz Navidad
    F*Ed~liz Navidad

    Prospero año y Felicidad

    I want to wish you a Merry Christmas
    I want to wish you a Merry Christmas
    I want to wish you a Merry Christmas

    From the bottom of my heart…

    Before things get too crazy and I don’t get the chance F*Ed, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and yours. This site has been an amazing companion to many and you are the reason for that.


    You’re the marshmallow to my cocoa…


    [Thanks very much, Matt. Have a good one. – Features Editor]

  45. Bowie: “Umm…David you missed the bridge again.”

    David: “Oh for cripes s…will Someone PLEASE cut Rick off from the eggnog???”


  46. CAPTION: David looks on in confusion as David Bowie points out he has been given the lyrics to “Kum-bay-ya” instead of “arnold Layne” while Richard, in a blissed-out state, awaits the first chords of the tune.

    Hey- it’s my first attempt at a caption (at least that I can remember) so don’t be too harsh on my meager attempt!


  47. Hi guys

    Although I don’t post much anymore, I still try to read the blogs as often as I can, and after reading todays entry just had to pipe up to say what an amazing competition this is.

    Thank you to David, and to you Fed, and all at davidgilmour.com who have done so much for the fans this year. It really is appreciated.

    Unfortunately, my extreme lack of musical ability means i probably won’t be entering this competition, unless David wants to hear me play Arnold Layne on the Triangle, or the comb and tissue!

    If i don’t get the chance to post again beforehand, i would like to wish Davidhis family and everyone on the site, a wonderful Christmas and prosperous 2007.

    Thank you for everything,


    PS. Congratulations to Rudders (a very worthy winner – his comments always make me smile!)

  48. Congrats Rudders! We knew you could do it! And as to your question- check your local protestant churches… many will be providing meals to the homeless. Or maybe you could serve at a homeless shelter?

    Also, we have a program here called Angel Tree to provide a Christmas party and toys for children of people who are incarcerated for whatever reason. Maybe they have a chapter in Canada or an equivalent? Either way- good on you for teaching the kids it’s not all about them!

    And in case I don’t post again (no computer at home- off work for 10 days after Friday) everyone have a fantastic Christmas and New Year!!! Enjoy your time away from the blog Fed!


  49. Did the pre-buy and just finished watching the Comfortably Numb video. The video is fantastic and the filming and editing were done perfectly.

    One question though – was this version really only 7 & 1/2 minutes or was it edited down? Normally it’s over 9 minutes.

    [I believe it was a short one, Bruce. Peter McConnell, are you reading? You should be able to see the ‘Comfortably Numb’ video right now. – Features Editor]

  50. CAPTION: Waiter, waiter… there seems to be some mistake with the bill.

    There, I’ve finally done one.

  51. That’s a great contest. If I were in a band, I’d be all over this contest. As it is, I can sing but not well enough that anyone other than Syd Vicious would want me in their band. I am told my voice sounds a little like David Gilmour’s voice, except that he actually has vocal training and a range of more than just a few notes.

    You at davidgilmour.com always come up with great contests. This site is in a league by itself.

  52. I own a Tascam Pocketstudio. Does anyone else here own one too? If so, maybe a few of us can collaborate a Blogger version of Arnold Layne.

    Just a thought….

  53. please NOMINATE JAMES MICKELSON and HIS/OUR UFO project because it is very much needed here, it is for a good cause and should be chertished by all, we value people who who can go to such extremes as these for this community and I think his project would benifit greatly to us!

    thanks for hearing me!

  54. My caption entries:

    RW: No, no, no…David, it’s Sao Paulooooooooo. You have to stretch the final ‘o’ out a bit, mate.

    DG: Does that say Brasil? I’m not going to Brasil! I don’t care if you paid. I’m spending the hols with Polly and the kids.

    DB: Check out this email I got. Some bloke named Rudders said someone mentioned him on the radio. And he won all these awards. He’s more of an airplane junkie than Mason is, or he likes ships more than Wright here…
    RW: That’s sailboats. BOOOOOOOATs. 😀

  55. Mr Bosten

    You came to the right place to find an answer for your question.(click my name)

    Your post was very touching, it certainly created a silence around here.

    Please take some time to do some more reading in the archives of this blog. There are many things to discover.

    Nog een prettig eindejaar.

  56. FEd, does it have to be a band? Would a solo artist be acceptable? Would a home recording suffice? I may be able to get help to upload onto the site.

    I have always believed that it is not the winning that counts, it is the trying and partaking.

    Incidentally, I have been singing a doo wop style Arnold Layne in my head all day today. Ha, ha.



    [You know as much about it as I do, sorry. – Features Editor]

  57. This is the competition to beat all competitions. Has anyone seen my guitar?

    Mr Bowie: You do the Bing part.
    Mr Gilmour: I refuse to play Little Drummer Boy!
    Mr Wright: Come on, it’s Christmas, where’s my triangle?

  58. Recently the game at work called “Destroy Ronny” has restarted, it’s a yearly classic connected our calendar. That’s no fun since I am Ronny.

    Congratulations Rudders, take a big break Fed, leave this topic open for a while please and, forced into the lurking position I send You all my Best Wishes.

  59. Caption..David smiles nervously at David wondering why Rick is doing the boogaloo.


    Will somebody please hand Richard a drink..so obvious that he is thirsty!


    Richard captures yet another smoke ring!

    I can play the instruments and have the recording equipment,but just need a worthy voice..how about you F.E.?..you in?

    [No chance, mate. – Features Editor]

  60. [I offer free recording time in my studio for any irregular who would like to enter. – George Gipe]

    Hey Balmer George, I’m practically down the street man! Fry me some scrapple, brother. Are you serious about this?

    We can enter as the East Coast Barn Burners!

    I’ll try to make the chat tomorrow….

    Jersey Mike

  61. ahhh man…unbelievable contest. wow. the opportunity for ‘the man’ to hear my stuff. i’ve been telling you guys that i wanted that 2nd guitar spot on tour with gilmour…(that would piss everyone off i know…me being part of the band and then me continuing to obnoxously blog..fed’s worst nightmare huh!) ‘meee meee meee uh uhm …testing…testing…mic check 1-2… here we go…1,2,1,2,3,4…Arnold Layne, has a strange hobby” in a fake americanized british accent…


    photo is taken at the exact moment after bowie has just pointed out to gilmour ‘yeah this is what that a-hole ‘blake from nashville’ has been writing on your web site’s blog’ and gilmour replies ”shit’ just as wright shows how he will physically crack ‘blake from nashville’ over the head and makes sound effects showing what blake’s head being cracked will sound like “WHAM”!

    how was that?

    merry christmas guys…you all are a blast!

  62. MySpace may have had a surge in new accounts today. I signed up (but I’m not exactly sure why).

    This site continues to amaze me. And that takes some doing since I’m all old and jaded and everything. 😀


    PS: My cat has been tentatively diagnosed with a bad case of feline acne. Who has ever heard of THAT?

  63. Caption: Bowie reading the latest Guinness Ad Script:

    DB: Did you hear Rudders scored a hat-trick?
    RW: Who the hell’s Rudders. . ?

  64. Woooh, Great competition!

    2006 was a great “Gilmourized” year and I really love this touching, acoustic version, of Dark Globe for Syd! Thank you.

    Merry Christmas and a Happy newyear!


  65. [i noticed david is winning the presidency of the us over on our polls page. thank god!! when david is elected when can we change our national anthem to “coming back to life”? – Erin]

    nice! so fed, when is david running for president? i’m sure he’ll sign up for kyoto.

  66. We’ll re-open this topic in the New Year. If you have any questions, please hold onto them for now.

    However, please note that all the information you need can be found by clicking the link below. Please pay particular attention to the Terms and Conditions.

    Good luck if you’re entering.

  67. What a fun and exciting contest. I already have personalized logos from Storm which are priceless to me. I love Storm’s work. Although, to visit Abbey Road for a day, with friends and visit Storm again soon, sounds well worth organizing a special musical happening…

    We’ll need to have a special ‘Arnold Layne’ recording party at the UFO the weekend before the 15th. Hope to see you all there… Good luck everybody 😉

  68. Are you going to go through and delete all the blanks, other songs and ‘Cover of Arnold Layne Coming Soon’ entries?

    You could always just let the voters sort the wheat from the chaff but that doesn’t seem to be happening at the moment 🙁

    For all those that have posted a cover so far, there are some great entries, well done!

    [I’m pleased to say that it’s nothing to do with me. EMI are running the competition and this blog isn’t going to promote any fan entries. – Features Editor]

  69. I know it isn’t anything to do with you, FE, but surely you can see that the competition isn’t really fair at the moment…under the current set-up if someone enters the definitive version a day or two before the closing date they don’t stand a chance to win.

    Is there any chance you could do some digging for us to determine exactly how its going to work? I thought you’d only be able to vote on tracks after the closing date…

    [I haven’t been following it, but I do see your point. – Features Editor]

  70. Wheat and chaff are rampant, because as a result of this contest, mp3.com-type “gaming” has reared its ugly head again. Who can possibly be surprised by this? Should a “stand-in” song with over 1000 votes (obviously either interstellar marketing or blatant gaming) allow someone to garner a spot in the final three should they post a mediocre qualifying cover before the contest deadline?

    I don’t think this problem is going to be addressed. The people who have the mechanisms in place to rack up big numbers are going to do just that, and ultimately that’s what the contest will be about.

    At least the song currently in the top spot IS a rather well done cover.

    Happy New Year!

  71. What a coincidence. I just bought a copy of ‘Guitar Legends’ magazine (published by Guitar World) featuring Pink Floyd. A very interesting read and highly recommended.

    The article on Syd Barrett was great but sad. It prompted me to get copies of ‘The Madcap Laughs’ and ‘Barrett’. I thought most of the songs were OK (although some lyrics were difficult).

    This competition is a fitting tribute to Syd and to the success the song brought to the band.

  72. FEd and all,

    The vote getting now is not based on merit. It is solely based on networking and having high value connections within MySpace.

    The only way EMI/MySpace can suggest an ounce of objectivity into this process would be for MySpace to invite every last one of its members to judge all of the contestants.

    Otherwise there will be no objectivity and the top 3 will be determined by “who you know” and not “what you’ve done”.


    [It’s a new year and I’m trying very hard to be good (well, subservient), so all I’ll say is that I’m not surprised. Isn’t everything that way in life? I’m not a fan of MySpace. Sorry I can do nothing other than agree with your sombre assessment. – Features Editor]

  73. I have not practiced Arnold Layne on guitar a lot, but definitely I can sing it no problem.

    My band is still forming so I don’t have other musicians availability at 100%.

    If anyone is interested, and better around Amsterdam, I can record here (obviously for free) even a whole band at the same time, but there’s not much time left.

    FEd you have my email address if any trusted regular wants to contact me. Thanks.

  74. Hello FEd,

    I might have a band from my town in Jersey and when they are ready I will get them to send their demo recording and I will be more than delighted to accompany them were they selected!!!

    All the best wishes for The New Year FEd


  75. [Sorry I can do nothing other than agree with your sombre assessment. – Features Editor]

    It’s ok, mate. I’m just a realist. Like I’ve said, life is about the sojourn, not the destination. I’ve had my satisfaction and I’ll know the real fans know what’s at hand here.

    So put down thy pointy stick FEd….for now.


    [Sadly, I suspect there will be more comments like this as the deadline nears. – Features Editor]

  76. Hey Melissa and ANYONE else wishing to put together a virtual band.

    I have already uploaded my rendition of Arnold Layne BUT I would absolutely love to collaborate with other David Fans (and friends from the blog) and throw together our very own cover. Heck, weve shown we can all type, but how about making some music!

    I´m a musician/engineer and have got a little home studio and Im more than willing to sort out the files, mix and master our track (and if possible play the guitars).

    Now, we are VERY short of time. And I mean VERY short! So heres the deal.

    1. We need to get a rough idea of where were headed. So a few rough demos would be great to listen to so we can choose what direction we are heading in.(MP3 files would be great)

    2. Next, once we decide what we are doing we would need to get some bed tracks together. (as in drums and bass). I can take care of the drums with some software I have , but if someone can record them it would just be great.

    (Fed, would it be possible to have everyone contact you through here and then get them my email? Or can we just post my email on here?)

    The issue here is how to communicate but hopefully FED can help us get in touch. Can anyone set up an FTP site for files to be swapped?

    Anyway guys, Im very excited about this possibility so please lets get things rolling!

    [I’m very happy to pass on your address to whoever you wish, Paul. Just let me know what I can do to help. – Features Editor]

  77. I too have already posted an entry, but would like to help out on this. I’ve got a little studio too, and am good at syncing up different tracks (from different people, different tempos). And I can help with any of the instruments/vocals that are not handled by anyone else.

    Also, I have complete mastering capabilities.

  78. The Arnold Layne contest-site states:

    “You’ve got until the 15th Jan 2007 to enter & we’ll be announcing the winner a couple of weeks later”

    So for entering there are only a good 10 days left.

    Paul, rough demo? I can send you one right away, for what it’s worth. Maybe it gives you an idea about the direction you really dont want to take.

  79. Send it over Ronny. Im sure its not bad. Lets see how we get you my email.

    Dan what platform are you working out of? Im running on Pro Tools. Just wondering if we can share sessions. Lets try to get in touch as well.

    [Please check your e-mail, both. – Features Editor]

  80. Paul, thank you so much for that great offer.

    I would love to be part of a virtual band, but I have no musical talents. So my band would have to be a true, virtual band. As in, no me, in it. I don’t know the first thing about the technical side of music making. I would probably have an anxiety attack at the sight of all thoes knobs and gadgets.

    I’m just a listener/myspace cheerleader, but my spirit is making music with you guys.

    It’s exciting for me to follow this competition since some of my friends are involved in it. I like that because I know they have an emotional attachment to Arnold Layne. It’s a very personal experience I’m sure.

    It’s like, when David did Dark Globe. No one else could have done it the way he did. What he played and sang, came from his own heart’s desire, to remember Syd, the best way he knew how, a man and his guitar.

    Good luck to all of the contestants. Thanks for taking the time to make your songs for us to enjoy. I hope it left you with a good feeling inside.

    Oh, by the way, will the non Arnold Layne enteries be booted out of this thing? Even though some might sound pretty good, the whole point of the competition was to cover Arnold Layne. I don’t think they should get to leave their song up on the voters page, as they might distract someone or something.

    ok I’m done


  81. After reading some comments on the blog, I became curious and went to ‘myspace’ site. I really love […]’s music, even if I don’t recognize Arnold Layne …


    [I’m sorry, but we cannot promote individual contest entries here or be seen to be guiding prospective voters in a certain direction. – Features Editor]

  82. [I’m sorry, but we cannot promote individual contest entries here or be seen to be guiding prospective voters in a certain direction. – Features Editor]

    Sorry, I hadn’t thought of that…


    [No problem. – Features Editor]

  83. dear david and david,

    you could inspire each other with your vocal range and sound experiences just like syd did.

  84. hola david gilmour soy fanatico de pink floyd, gracias por haber nacido eres mi heroe musical, you are my hero Gilmour, the dark side of the moon is the best moment in my life, thanks for this music, i am colombian, muchas gracias

    cymbaline, this song is a very good moment for me.

  85. Does anyone know why the MySpace page for the Arnold Layne contest says ‘you have until Jan 15th to enter’ but then says the contest closes Jan 22nd? So which is it Jan 15 or Jan 22?

    [I can confirm that the deadline is Monday 22 January. – Features Editor]

  86. ********** ANNOUNCEMENT **********

    Just to clear up the confusion, the deadline for EMI’s ‘Arnold Layne’ contest is Monday 22 January, not Monday 15 January.

    If you still think there’s enough time to collaborate with other ‘Blog Irregulars’ on a version of ‘Arnold Layne’, click below for the relevant blog entry. Arrangements can also be made in our chatroom.

    Good luck to all who enter.

  87. Just to add to the confusion, or just to express mine, the Terms and Conditions state

    “…Only votes cast for a Cover Recording during this period will be accepted as valid, the last date for votes for any Cover Recording being 22/1/07. No votes will be accepted as valid for any Cover Recording if cast after midnight on this closing date…”

    Perhaps you can enter and upload, but you won’t have much time to tally the votes…


  88. Some more confusing nuggets to consider from Terms and Conditions:

    “Only online votes cast via the MySpace page of the entrant of a Cover Recording will be valid. All votes for a Cover Recording must be entered on an entrant’s MySpace page via the customised player featuring the entrant’s Cover Recording provided by EMI. If you are an entrant of or are involved in the creation of a Cover Recording you may not vote for that Cover Recording yourself and any such votes will be disqualified.”

    This language clearly suggests that votes cast from the “official site” where all of the contestants can be viewed will not be counted. If this is fact, why have they provided a means for viewers of the official site to cast votes for songs? If they are allowing these votes then EMI/MySpace are not playing by their own rules.


  89. Another apparent feature. It appears that an entrant is able to upload a new mp3 file without “zeroing” out votes already received. It seems functionally possible that an entrant can receive votes using a placeholder (read; non-Arnold Layne composition), later uploading a version of Arnold Layne and retain the previous votes. How does EMI view this practice?


  90. There are two sides to the coin. For someone with a legitimate entry (a cover of Arnold Layne) it is good to be able to update your tune (re-do a vocal or guitar part, for example).

    Now, choosing the winner from the top three vote-getters will result in a handful of superior tunes not getting proper consideration, based on the current standings (and this writer’s having listened to all of the entries).

    A different, more fair method should (could) be employed, such as a weighting system. Let the “popular” vote count just 20% toward gaining a spot in the final three, with 80% going to some other completely unbiased party’s professional assessment of the tunes. Or, even better, let that assessment be scored via a system similar to the one used by “Gods of Music”. Example:

    Popularity: 7.00
    Technical Skill: 7.00
    Interest: 7.00
    Melody: 7.00
    Lyrics: 8.00
    Performance: 7.00
    Recording Quality: 8.00

    In this case, each category counts 1/7 towards the final score.

  91. I have noticed as well that entrants are getting massive ranking using placeholders. This practice is totally unfair and should be disqualified.

    FEd can you please make some clarity on the way of collecting votes?

    Is it mandatory to include the provided embedding link script, once the song is uploaded, in our own myspace page?

    Thanks and good luck to everybody, it’s being a nice experience anyway.

    [I can’t comment, sorry. It’s EMI’s competition and they are aware of your views. – Features Editor]

  92. The whole ranking thing is quite confusing…

    Last but not least, what about the song copyrights? we are publishing our own cover recording of an original song.

    Cheers FEd.

  93. Well, I’ve posted my cover early this morning – actually, it was still night here – and unfortunately I came to the conclusion it will be very hard to compete with those who placed their cover earlier, who already have gained an outrageous number of votes, either for merit or networking. Voters tend to consider only the highest ranks, rather than scrolling and checking out the new entries. Ah, well…I suppose the “you snooze you loose” rule is valid also in this case 🙂

    Maybe it would have been a better idea not to make people able to vote until the contest was officially closed, so that, in some way, we all had a chance to start the “race” at the same time.

    Besides, I don’t know about the other contestants, but I had a lot of fun recording my cover of Arnold Layne. “Winning” is certainly not everything: art contests are always kind of tough, since art itself is a matter of taste, isn’t it?

    It was interesting trying to arrange this wonderful song in a different way than how the original was conceived, which is already perfect on its own – and you can’t top that…

    This is an interesting contest, because it definitely pushes hard your creativity, whilst giving you a chance to be heard by many others.

    Thanks to David and all those involved for this great opportunity.

  94. [There are two sides to the coin. For someone with a legitimate entry (a cover of Arnold Layne) it is good to be able to update your tune (re-do a vocal or guitar part, for example). – Barbet Schroeder]

    Firstly, you are THE Barbet Schroeder?? If so, I confess that Barfly is one of my all-time favorite movies. Thanks for that.

    You make a good point in terms of revisions. While we may never know EMI’s intended mechanics for this contest they seemed to have provided a means of offering variations.

    In my new role as contest legal counsel (I am not a lawyer but I play one on TV…..joke) I offer this exhibit from Terms and Conditions:

    “Entrants may post on their MySpace site an unlimited number of their own Cover Recordings. Each Cover Recording must be an original creation of the entrant in its entirety (save for the underlying musical composition “Arnold Layne”). Entrants are responsible for paying any and all recording and other costs incurred in creating their own Cover Recording.”

    Modifications to a song may represent improvements in quality and therefore alter the basis upon which previous votes (or grades if this was an objective process)were cast. Perhaps it would be more fair to re-enter an altered version?

    These are all worthy points of discussion, Barbet. And it would seem that you and I are very well in agreement on things.

    Best Regards,

  95. [Maybe it would have been a better idea not to make people able to vote until the contest was officially closed, so that, in some way, we all had a chance to start the “race” at the same time. – Riccardo Rubini]

    You are so right Riccardo. We all show up at the track at different times but the race should begin at the sound of the gun!


  96. Another thought is to remember that in the big scheme of things this is not as huge a deal as we’re making of it. Whoever wins the contest does not necessarily become a huge rock ‘n roll star.

    Don’t get me wrong, this is a very cool contest, but I for one am going to take a deep breath (no pun intended) and remember to hold back my ire, because this much is true, when all’s said and done, the winner will come, from out of the blue.

  97. This is not exactly American Idol, LOL! Good point.

    I, for one, am enjoying the hell out of it. Breathing so much life into a dusty old gem such as “Arnold Layne” is really a sweet gesture for Syd Barrett.

    My two young children are now Barrett fans. If we can manage to enlighten the next generation to it we can all feel good about that!


  98. Hey guys, just wondering if anyone can see the votes on the main contest page.

    They seem to have vanished!

  99. I’ve had fun recording my cover, that’s all I can say.

    I heard Guns n’ Roses playing a cover of Heartbreak Hotel by Elvis and said myself “Hmm, what if…” … To me, it started like that and then I added some textures from other influences. It’s very nice how none of the tracks uploaded so far sound alike. It means we’re all a bunch of creative individuals here, aren’t we?

    The competition’s prize is interesting, because it gives you the opportunity to visit a famous recording studio and re-record your tune there. I wonder if the track recorded will be made available by EMI, that could be a big plus for the winner.

    However…I don’t understand how it’s possible that the first rank, at the moment, is actually a random guitar solo over a two chord progression. The guy said it’s a tribute to David’s style. Okay, but the contest was meant to be a cover of Arnold Layne. Songs that are not Arnold Layne’s covers should simply be removed.

    I think that using this contest’s visibility to promote own songs that have nothing to do with Arnold Layne is nothing but spamming.

  100. I think the time spent at Abbey Road can be used to record anything–any song. I’ve seen a passing reference here that the winner “might” record a version of “Arnold Layne” there, but I don’t think that it’s stipulated that they have to do that. I’m sure I’ll be corrected if I’m wrong!

    And yes, my vote is to remove all of the placeholder songs now! With not much time left before the deadline there is NO reason to leave placeholders in the running. If an artist with a placeholder comes up with an Arnold Layne cover before the deadline, they can post that, but placeholders need to go bye-bye right away.

    Nothing against the placeholder song or artist (some of the placeholders are pretty good), but now is a good time to clean up the clutter as the end of the contest draws near.

    Just my two cents..

  101. The reason the votes have vanished is because someone of reasonable import has been paying attention to the comments being made on this board, and I say “hip hip hooray” to that.

  102. Hey Barbet

    I agree with you 100%, I was just shocked to see them go. I too beleive placeholders should be removed. However i have a feeling that EMI will be waiting till the end of the competition to actually check votes and get rid of non-contestants.

    The rules of the contest have been broken in many ways by many people and hopefully EMI will take notice of this.

  103. Placeholders please go home…!

    I think things are getting done better as you can’t see the ranking score anymore.

    Besides, the top ranked one sounded really an awful approximate guitar soloing to me… sorry…;)

  104. Hi FEd,

    Have been away and need to return to get the right news.

    Should I send the version from a young band (all 16 years old) here on this site? or is there a better email where I could do it?

    It would just help me as having just returned from abroad I would need to be quick so that I send the file in good time.

    Many thanks and have I said Happy New Year and there also was your birthday?

    So all in one unless of course I did it all already.

    Best regards


    [We can’t accept it here, sorry. If we said that David would listen to whatever you send to his blog, we’d be absolutely swamped. If it’s an entry for the ‘Arnold Layne’ contest, please click your name below and see the column on the right for details on how to upload it. – Features Editor]

  105. Thank you FEd,

    I have got it and will manage to understand the german, do you know if there is an equivalent page in english?

    Although there is a part in english, long time since I did speak or read german, a disgrace for my mother and her Swiss German origin, please don’t tell anyone.

    Again Thank you and see you later on Chat


    [German? Try this link instead, Emmanuel. You need to register first. And, in case it’s not clear enough, that useless text above the form… It’s copy. – Features Editor]

  106. Hahahaha So I actually did write it all and on internet… WOW, am laughing and glad you see the humour in it!

    I should understand but is has been so many years since I did speak on a regular bases that it would take me hours to understand german, and is also different to Swiss German, to make life more complicated to their neighbours that is…

    Germans can’t understand a word of Schweisse Deutsch, isn’t that fun?

    Thanks again FEd


  107. Hey everyone!

    First of all thanks for your support in the contest.

    However I am still rather confused by the workings of it and would like to point out that one of the bands currently in the top 3 does not have the contest player on their myspace. If we are sticking to the rules these votes dont count right?

    And.. the same band gathered quite a few votes at first with a placeholder.

    It sickens me to be telling on others but this contest is a HUGE deal to many people including myself and I would like to see everyone sticking to the rules.

    Still, I´m sure EMI will have a way of verifying every vote and sorting out the good ones from the rotten eggs.

    All the best to everyone!

  108. Wow what an opportunity. Unfortunately all I play is the air guitar. Look forward to hearing all ya all.

  109. I don’t think it’s faked, just flawed and over-run with bands that think it is an “Idol” competition, and their ticket to the big time!

    It was meant to pay tribute to Syd, and to promote the Arnold Layne single (maybe not in that order, but so what).

    I think if one of the Irregulars wins…FEd should make the trek to London and have a bite to eat (a healthy one of course) with the winner!

  110. I think I would pay my own fare to London (from here in Melbourne, Australia) and donate all the money I make from my version of “Arnold Layne” hit single to CRISIS; well, perhaps I should just donate that one cd purchase myself!

    Hey, I just wish it was a single record or an EP that you were recording and not a single CD; if so, my flip side will be Fat Old Sun….my favourite song – ever.

    At 53yrs, I still think I am a budding rock star, especially when David is my support artist (on our dvd singalongs)

    Love this website!

    Kind Regards, Terry

  111. i am so upset -i am crying as i write this…

    i got my recording done of arnold -a song i wanted to do anyway and the person who recorded it for me assured me it was in mp3 format–it was not…i had a relative download a converter and CHANNGE IT AND EMAIL IT TO- ME-BUT THEN MY COMPUTER DIED!!!!

    then i got very very sick.. i bought a used computer-and received my mp3 that my relative had sent me-and PROCEEDED JUST A BIT AGO TO try and upload my song–but it just dosn’t accept it-and it shows that i have a player -but nothing happens

    i tried and tried-now i have all these listings of my name-but no track—and at this point – i realize it is useless to even try-but i really wanted someone -anyone to hear what i did out of love for Syd-everyone who knows me knows i am a very sincere Syd fan-and how much this breaks my heart…

  112. Sherry, that’s terrible!

    I can help if you want. I think there’s still time. Perhaps Fed can send my email address along to you. If I can get the file you DO have I’ll master it and properly convert it for you, and help you get it uploaded, all before the upcoming deadline.

    [Please check your e-mail, Sherry. Thanks for the kind offer, Dan. – Features Editor]

  113. Same here,

    Dan if you’re out of time or have any trouble I’ll have a crack at gettin the file to work as well!

  114. Well, just one day left now and if like us you are just settling into 2007 unfortunately the Arnold competition will soon come to its conclusion, it will be a sad day for us in the Fens, Getting something in the ‘can’ was not as simple as we first thought, and daily watching the leading lights pounding up the stars was disheartening but we stuck at it, if only our parrot Percy had better whistling talents maybe our offering might have got more votes.

    Last night I did the decent thing and tried to vote honestly for the other guys efforts, which proved to be wildly thought provoking with many great sounding bands and wannabe singists.

    I also think that a couple of old hands in the music business have placed entries, they were that good.

    Finally thanks to all those that made this thing happen, it has been a great experience and it is amazing to think that a mega star may just… have listened to ‘our tune’ and it all happened with freeware..!

    Good luck to all and we hope the winner enjoys the experience of Abbey Road. looking forward to more opportunities to follow in the tracks of our heroes… perhaps DB will host a Warzawa copy competition..

    Garry (White) Gilmour

  115. Hello FEd,

    Just had a word from the band leader of “The Switch”, he is in a panic as his machine is failing on him and has difficulties to link all the instruments, guitar drums and keyboard together in the same file track.

    Would it be alright you think if he sends the most of it and a note to say what is missing and why it is?

    I have a deep belief that they are talented and wish to represent them and eventually get them on stage. He is working as this time to get it all together for tomorrow morning.

    Thank you for your help and advice on this matter, chat tomorrow hopefully at chat time.

    Greetings and regards

    [I can’t give advice on a contest which has nothing to do with me, sorry. – Features Editor]

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