2006 Weblog Awards

The 2006 Weblog Awards


After a slight delay, the voting has now started. Just click the logo above to cast your vote.

Well folks, it seems that this blog of ours has been shortlisted for another ‘Best Music Blog’ award.

Following our third placing in the Digital Music Awards in October, we now stand a chance of winning the Weblog Awards’ title.

The Weblog Awards are different, however, because nominations are open and public.

And we didn’t have to nominate ourselves, which makes it a whole lot better (genuine recognition is definitely more rewarding than self-promotion).

If you’re wondering what these awards are all about, have a look at the Weblog Awards Forum, which has a handy FAQ.

Voting begins tomorrow, so, if you want to vote for us, you’ll be able to click the button above to cast your vote then.

The results are due to be announced on 18 December – just a few days before the blog celebrates its first birthday.

Remember that this is our blog. You have made it a success and any award nominations are an acknowledgement of the sense of community that exists here.

Unlike most other blogs, where one person gets on his soapbox and other people chime in with their comments, this place is for your opinions first and foremost (and everyone still gets to chime in with their comments, whilst the soapbox is never very far away and can be dragged in among the baying masses whenever needed).

That’s what makes this blog special. It’s what makes David and Polly visit regularly and we think it’s what makes you lot keep visiting, too.

We saw that yesterday with your kind words about the past year.

So do let us know what you think of our chances and keep your comments coming. We’ve really enjoyed reading them.

Thanks to AG for keeping us updated on these awards and, of course, to whoever nominated us.

Author: FEd

Features Editor of David Gilmour’s official blog, The Blog (‘Features’ previously being its rather naff title), affectionately – or lazily – shortened to ‘FEd’.

90 thoughts on “2006 Weblog Awards”

  1. [That’s what makes this blog special. It’s what makes David and Polly visit regularly and we think it’s what makes you lot keep visiting, too.]

    wow! wow! wow! i wonder what they make of it all?

    im going to make my vote as soon as i can, i think its from thursday onwards, one thing though, theyve spelt Davids surname wrong in the nominations!!!!

    i really think weve got a good chance, i havent heard of any of the others and I doubt there as interactive as this blog anyway

    merry xmas!


    [Don’t mention the pointy sticks too loudly. We’ll attack with those after the results have been announced. – Features Editor]

  2. Ready to hit that button tomorrow.

    As for our chances, I guess that depends on how many members we have. Do you have a figure FEd?

    Any news on the questions we posed to Stevie D?

    Wishing us all the best of luck.


    [I’ll pass on your first question, but I can say that I’m going to hold on to Stevie’s first batch of questions/answers until he sends answers to a few more, as promised. That can be something to look forward to in the New Year. – Features Editor]

  3. Dear F.Ed.,

    like in the Digital Music Awards in October, the rules allow us to click only one vote per day :

    This time we must win! Let’s join in then!

    Good luck !
    Ciao Elisabetta

  4. Yes its been a great year, and the blog has documented it really well. It should win the award for best blog, it throughly deserves it!

    Almost everyday a new post is written for it, which is quite impressive in itself. Whats also great is how it supports the fans as well, which is always a great thing. Long live the blog! (and the chat room – hope it doesnt close down).

    -Alex (a PF and David Gilmour fan, and a fan of this blog of course!)

  5. All good stuff FEd, but I suggest someone has a quiet word in their ear and make sure they spell ‘Gilmor’ correctly!!!

    I’ll be voting tomorrow.


  6. Very cool indeed. I hope this time it places in the top 3 again. Sure #1 would be great but I’m hedging here. Hey, for me this is the ONLY music related site I visit regularly.



  7. You’ve got my vote, there’s no forum or blog (official or unofficial) that comes close to the genius of our blog at davidgilmour.com.

    Can’t wait for our own blog awards. I might have to award myself Dom’s special prize for finally starting one of his essays (300 words written, only another 2200 to go!)

    Anyhoos, Take care
    x x x

  8. Well I’ll definitely be voting. Don’t have as much time to spend on here these days as I’d like, but it’s a bit like a second home I can come to whenever I like.

    Does that sound cheesy… I think it does? I’ll come back later when I think of something better to say. I’d never make a features editor!!! lol,


    [I think you’re more than qualified, Dave. – Features Editor]

  9. On the list of nominations they’ve spelt David Gilmour wrong, they’ve spelt it ‘David Gilmor’. Tch. I think they should give us the prize just for that!

    Anyhoos, enough procrastination, back to the essay
    x x x

  10. As far as I’m concerned, you should win it hands down! I don’t think I’ve ever seen such a well organised blog with such regular and informative updates.

    Most music blogs these days consist of an update or two every month, which never really have much to say anyway. Keeping in mind that On an Island is 9 (i think) months old and yet we still get an almost daily blog update truly is fantastic.

    As you say the site is almost 1 year old, and I remember visiting on it’s first day, wishing for a little bit more information than what albums David has released. 1 year on and there are more updates and information than I could ever ask for.

    DavidGilmour.com and it’s blog nowadays is more like a community. It’s a friendly, welcoming site and so are the people. Unlike a few other sites I visit, there is no feeling of “fan heirarchy” where some people seem to consider themselves “more worthy fans” than others because they have “liked him longer” or have “seen him more” or claim to “know more about him”. People are truly friendly in this blog, and by that I am truly impressed. That, along with F’ed’s regular updates keep me coming back, several times a day.

    So, I will be sure to vote for this blog when it opens tomorrow, and urge all of you to do the same!

    Thanks for the great work, F’ed and everyone else, and here’s hoping the site is as fantastic in another years time!

    [Cheers, mate. – Features Editor]

  11. CAPTION: Tacky looking trophy but well deserved

    Yep its in the bag and even if you dont win its still in the bag as best blog on the web no matter what anybody says.

    Rgds Geoff Duffy ( Dublin )

  12. This Blog is the best on the web. i believe we will have a good chance of winning this award

    i cant believe its been a year man time flys by so fast. It has been a great year seeing David in concert and the Pulse dvd and the sessions dvd it has been great year

    thank you David and Polly for all of the above and thank you Fed for the blog opportunity to talk to people all around the world about the band and music we love so much, and all the contests you put out there to give us the chance to win stuff, not to mention giving us the chance to ask questions to band members like Guy, and thank you Guy for answersing our questions.

    I really like this site it stays so interesting, i believe we will have another great year in 2007 we have a lot of devoted fans here and a very good Fed and a great love for a great man and his band.

    Fan Forever

  13. ok im a little bit confused and joyous

    my postman came to the door and dropped of the DVD with no litho? but instead there was a little note saying thank you on behalf of David and a free tour programme! im confused ! Mysterious?!

    good DVD mind, im now making my way though it, the DVD release next year should be awesome, lots of camera angles and special effects etc


    [I have asked about your missing litho, Adam. Nothing’s wrong. The DVDs were packed-up with the tour programmes and the lithos went out in cardboard tubes. The packages went out on the same day, but when they are delivered depends on your postie and how much he or she can carry. If you don’t have it within the next few days, do let us know. – Features Editor]

  14. It goes with out saying this site will get my vote…oops i just said it!

    i dont belong to any other fan website/blogs, im not a blogamist, so i can only go on what i know about this one. The fact is that i keep coming back to read & comment is testament as to what a great weblog this is.

    When i first entered a comment i wasn’t even sure what a blog was, & what would happen after it was submitted. In fact FED, are you able to tell us what happens to our comments once we have submitted them & they arrive at your server?, i find it incredible the amount you have to read & to see if any are suitable to be shown.

    [I just receive them in the order in which they were sent (all are time-stamped) and then go through them all one at a time. Some need tidying up, some need a bit more than that, but the vast majority get the nod and are published with a few clicks. Easy. – Features Editor]

  15. Hello all,

    I just wanted to drop in and say thanks to everyone who has added their thoughts to this blog. I have really enjoyed everyones openness to share;

    Besides, I think we all would have to agree how cool it is to be able to rub elbows with some of the most talented musicians of our era! Awesome!!!

    Anyways thanks again everybody! Let’s keep this thing going.

    And to fed: thanks for all the effort you give – it means a lot!

  16. Go get em Fed, bring the trophy home and show it off with Ian’s brilliant piece of work.

  17. You can count on a vote from me, I got something pretty special from davidgilmour.com & BBC Radio 2 back in March so one very good turn deserves another!

    I received my DVD from Anthill with the post this morning, it’s excellent. Take A Breath from the RAH performance is fantastic, a really great preview of the upcoming DVD – looking forward to that.


  18. i’ll be voting. congratulations!!!

    i hope david is pleased, but he probably gets so many awards they lose their meaning after a while.

  19. Hi Fed,

    Just a short note to say that my DVD arrived from Anthill today.

    Was it worth the wait? Not ‘arf!!

    I’ve only watched Take a Breath from London’s Albert Hall so far, but ‘cor wot, it’s undiluted 120 proof stuff, and as good as it was sitting there on the night.

    Loads of loud music and flashing lights, that’s what we want; not ‘arf!

    I’ve now got to wait patiently for the full DVD to be released early in 2007; ah well, never mind.

    Vince Carr

  20. I will definitely be voting tomorrow, and as many times after that as I can.

    While this site more than warrants huge accolades, sometimes I like to think of it as our little secret. But I guess its better to share…

    FEd will have to sharpen the pointy stick (although, I have a feeling it’s ready and waiting for the throngs of trolls if we win).

    [They make such a satisfying noise when they pop, too. – Features Editor]

  21. CAPTION:

    “‘I would like to thank…..’ no that’s not right. ‘First, let me just say that this…’ damn! Hmmmm…”

    The Features Editor in a private cubicle at ‘One Fifteen’ secretly rehearsed his acceptance speech…

  22. You know I will be voting. This blog is the best in the world..

    Renee B.
    Fontana, Ca USA

  23. “That’s what makes this blog special. It’s what makes David and Polly visit regularly and we think it’s what makes you lot keep visiting, too.”

    I’m not sure why, but I was a little surprised and excited that David visits the blog/site regularly. Maybe because he has stated in interviews before that he was not very well acquainted with the web. What a statement about the man – that he reads what his admirers post! Somehow makes me feel a closer connection to him.

    David, if you are reading, I have enjoyed listening to you subtly change your tone through the albums, and feel that it has “refined” or “sophisticated” with time. A reflection of the man? Hmmm…

    FEd, any comments from David about the blog/site that you feel appropriate to share with us?

    [Um… – Features Editor]

  24. That was one f*ck of a year, this web site as us bloggers know is the best just like the music.

    Just want to say thanks to the David Gilmour Band and Crew. and a special thanks to you Fed Ed for keeping it going and allowing all of us from around the world to become friends. What great people there are out there at least the ones that knew the first time they heard David play and sing one note that there was something special going on with this music.

    Cheers Folks.


  25. Consider my vote cast, FEd.

    This time we’ll nail the No.1 spot, to reflect your place in so many hearts…

  26. What are you talking about? this is the best blog around!!! how can you think of the possibility of not wining the award 😀

  27. Congratulation for nomination !

    Of course I´ll vote for this blog (once every day).

    But even if it won´t come first its the best blog on the web (for this fact it needs no awards).

    Good luck !!!!!

  28. Oh wow, the bestest evening in a long while!

    I was finally able to get my dvd as it has been waiting in the post office since yesterday and I was more thrilled than I had ever hoped!

    I was not only thrilled with the dvd but the fact that I was also sent a wondeful tourbok and poster with a little sorry note which I thought was very nice and thank you to everyone at the site and Anthill.

    I did love the dvd and Astronomy Domine was amazing and you even saw a fleeting glimpse of those of us on the balcony but not me, unfortunately.

    Thank you so very much!

  29. Hello fellow DG bloggers,

    I have not had a chance to write to the blog as I have been out of touch for a bit and only had the capacity to read lately.

    This blog is so deserving of any and all accolades it receives. It is well-managed, well-maintanied, the people are fabulous as this is not a sounding board but a community. You do not see the sense of community that is ever-present here that often in today’s daily grind and that is great.

    David is truly inspiring and he brings out the best in all of us- for that you receive my vote many times over and over (unless I can only vote once, in which case it goes to you anyways).

    Thank you for creating something where we as fans can go and get information and share our experiences and how David and his music affects our life.

    Matt In Maine

  30. This blog gets my vote. I have been and continue to be impressed with how well you guys treat us. Having a place to be able to visit daily and remain in some sort of contact with David and Co. is a lot more than other musicians do for their fans. It just goes to show that the people who fund and run this site/blog are truly genuine.

    I and I’m sure many others are very thankful.

  31. I would like to see David post his thanks to each and everyone of us individually for making this site what it is. Of course, I would also like to see more hair growing on the top of my head but thats not happening either…

  32. Got my vote!!!

    I enjoy navigating through the site, which has been and is extremely user friendly. The sounds and sights within are a spectacular bonus to the David Gilmour OAI Tour. This site is far from boring and is without a doubt, is not lacking in any real substance and style…

    Cheers from
    Folsom, CA

  33. I am new, but in the last few months I have enjoyed this blog tremendously! I love how we are scattered around the planet, yet it feels like we’re all in one cozy room chatting. Besides, a lot of you are very funny, too! 😉

    F*ed, you are great (very patient, I might add..), and I wish all of you, and David, Polly and their family a great holiday. Count my vote in tomorrow.


  34. it really was a year of highs – hard to believe its a year since the Albert Hall shows were first announced and sold out.

    The DVD / tour book / lithgraph package is fantastic.

    I wish more sites were as good as this. And I wish I had more time to read this one!

  35. My pleasure to vote. For DG.

    Wait, I can do more. Since I am usually wrong about things, I’ll add: No way you win this.

  36. Of course we’ll all vote. No campaign speeches or baby kissing necessary.

    If I’ve read some of the recent posts right-those who had their DVDs delayed are now recieving them with extra goodies and a thanks from David. How about that!

    What other artist of Mr. Gilmour’s stature would bother about his fans this way? Just one more example of why we all think so much of David, Polly, and now all of those associated with this site. (I would say especially you FED, but I don’t want to make you blush from excessive praise.)

  37. Of course you know F.E.that you have my vote..but am little concerned about the strong chances that other sites have that I’ve surfed through..such as:


    but this one worries me the most..

    -thegilmourettes.com..live and unhibited!

    Best of luck!..in my opinion there is no other choice than davidgilmour.com

  38. As always you can count on my vote! I didn`t know what a blog was until I blogged on David`s site, and I love it!

  39. … singing voice … “And I say to myself, what a wonderful blawg” …

    You know I’ll be voting as many times as allowed FEd. I’m not terribly experienced with (eeekkk) ‘fansites’, and I’d never participated in posting on a blawg or been in a chatroom before David’s. In the beginning I would read everything but I was a little timid about posting. As time passed and people (including you) began to feel more like long-lost friends/family it just seemed so easy and natural … whatever differences we’ve had over the last year we’ve always had the common thread of David’s music and it’s impact on our lives.

    Nice to see Guy checking in twice yesterday! He’d better be ready to do some voting tomorrow as well …

    I’ll be setting my alarm so I can catch a chat session tomorrow morning at 6 a.m. Hope to spend some quality time with friends on the David Gilmour website’s 1st birthday!!

    Peace and love!
    Washington State

    [He’s not too big for the pointy stick, that’s for sure. – Features Editor]

  40. [and, of course, to whoever nominated us.]

    Thoughtful and insightful gesture “whoever”!..not to make light of it..you deserve full credit, but just for fun..

    Would you be Jimi?

  41. Too bad there’s not a “Most Warm and Fuzzy Blog’, award. Since reading over all these posts, I’ve been able to turn my thermostat down a bit.

    Yea, we would win that one for sure.

    Good luck to us.

  42. Awesome blog! I cannot state how this site has kept me in touch with Gilmour appreciation. My friends, the show at Massey Hall rates as the finest concert I have ever had the opportunity to experience. Without sounding conceited, I have witnessed a large number of concerts, and that will be virtually impossible to top.

    And yes, you have my vote!

  43. I will definitely cast my vote – and my husband will too (2 different email addresses of course) – the blog deserves to be recognized and should be awarded. The blog as well as the site are very user friendly(I am not savvy at all with the computer stuff), informative, fun to read; especially it is complimented by a full gallery of pictures taken by Polly. What more can we ask for?! This is almost like a second home to me where I can hang out with friends and I thank you for that.

    As a matter of fact, I really don’t know what the word “Blog” means; all I know is that we communicate through the blog on the site and share among each other our feelings, admiration and love for the one and only David Gilmour’s and Pink Floyd’s music.

    On another note, we received the “On An Island” DVD yesterday and we watched it very late last night – “Bravo” to such an impressive production. We enjoyed very much the additional bonus ending of “High Hope” with David’s playing the acoustic guitar – it is just beautiful. It’s great seeing Richard Wright again. We were hoping to see Polly to sing along with David in “Smile” – oh well.

    Good luck!

  44. FEd,

    Happy 1 Year Anniversary to all on the site!!!

    I only discovered it around July or August, but have tried to read it daily since then. I find it immensely superior to the other “crap” websites I have checked out. This place has such a warm & welcoming feel to it. (even though it took me a bit of a while to post) I so appreciate the fact that David and Polly visit the site. That just makes it even more appealing. And lets not forget your contribution FEd!! You are amazing!

    I will definately cast my vote!!!


  45. Good morning FEd, Polly, David, Irregulars,

    Happy Birthday Blog !

    *fireworks being launched, lasers everywhere, champagne being poured (although it’s a bit early in the morning)*

    Hip hip … hooray !

    Congratulations to everybody involved in the site and the Blog,

    — Just had a look at ‘Weblog Awards’
    — They’ve corrected the typo.
    — No voting booths yet.

  46. Well, I have a new experience to put on my belt. My 9 yr old daughter has been begging me to go to a concert for over a year. I could have taken her to a rock concert I would like, but I didn’t want my daughter experiencing a contact high. So I took her to Disney’s High School Musical, which is quite the “in” thing here in the states for kids 6-16.

    I’ve been to some loud concerts. In fact, I think Metallica was supposedly the loudest band ever, whom I’ve seen a couple of times. Well when they measured that, they OBVIOUSLY didn’t include an arena filled with pubescent and prepubescent kids. YIKES!! Well, at least they had a live band.

    I’ll stick with my Gilmour, thank you very much.
    My vote is in for the award!


  47. Sorry to be a realist FeD about the voting but I have just tried and see why I can’t. Rest assured I have voted for this site in my heart and that is the best computer in the world. Who needs technology when you have feelings? Saying anyone can vote is rubbish if the statement is qualified by conditions. A bit like saying anyone can play guitar like David provided you are a genius!. So if this Site doesn’t win the Award you can all blame ignorant people like me.

    Following from Award Site-
    (A: Anyone. You must have Macromedia Flash version 7 (or greater) installed and Javascript enabled or you will be prompted to get the latest version.

    Q: What if I don’t want to install the Macromedia Flash plug-in?
    A: You won’t be able to vote. Sorry there’s no alternative means of voting.)

    Ian Pearson

  48. Off to bed…..but just want to say, officially…

    Happy Anniversary!

    Saw the little oai documentary interview (press kit) for the heck of it… nice to look at that now after almost a year’s worth of memories/experiences…

    “I think it’s good stuff…”, said David. Boy, was it ever….

  49. Sure I will vote for the blog, folks. It’s not a surprise the blog was shortlisted. I feel a natural sense of ownership for this website.

    It’s been a great year altogether.

    Fed and all others, thanks for this lovely and vivid medium.

  50. [FEd, any comments from David about the blog/site that you feel appropriate to share with us?]

    [Um… – Features Editor]

    Posted by: David Tankersley at December 6, 2006 06:50 PM

    come on, fed. you can tell us.

    no sign of the voting for the weblog awards yet, btw.

    [Well, David found the Radiohead discussions quite amusing. – Features Editor]

  51. Just in case anyone else is as daft as me and spends half an hour looking for the voting form, the voting on Weblog starts this evening.

    [Thanks, Lorraine. – Features Editor]

  52. Fedmeister… A bone to pick with you…

    Way back when when I suggested the Webby Awards to you on the Blog you “pooh poohed” and “pish toshed” the idea…

    No apology necessary 🙂

    [Maybe I’m starting out, Bambi-style, on that slippery slope to becoming a sell out. I hope not, but it has been a year and temptation’s all around me… – Features Editor]

  53. I will vote for you, of course, but I don’t care (sorry if I offend you) about the results.

    I think that the real award came out from all those wonderful and full of feelings posts which we could read on the previous blog entry.


  54. [Well, David found the Radiohead discussions quite amusing. – Features Editor]

    O no. FEd. I think you’re going to wake the sleeping giant again. You know what happens here when that band is mentioned.



  55. [In fact, I think Metallica was supposedly the loudest band ever, whom I’ve seen a couple of times. posted by Erin at December 7, 2006 07:10 AM]

    Whoa. There are people with similar tastes like mine out there. Erin is a Floyd head and a metal head. Rock on Erin. Rock on.


  56. Erin,

    I think the world record for the loudest band still stands as the Who at the Isle of Wight Festival (I know they were in the Guiness Book of World Records, but I don’t know if Metallica took the title).

    I think the Who cranked out 400,000 watts at Wight.


  57. [Maybe I’m starting out, Bambi-style, on that slippery slope to becoming a sell out. I hope not, but it has been a year and temptation’s all around me… – Features Editor]

    Sounds like you have some wicked fun planned here. Kinda like revenge of the FEd.

    Looking forward to it.


  58. Dear F.Ed.and Bloggers,

    yes I realized too that till now we can’t vote …hoping all can be easily done like in the previous vote.. Macromedia Flash plug-in permitting

    we will see then
    ciao Elisabetta

  59. So it’s the anniversary of this magnificent place. Where the hell do I begin!

    Firstly, to Messieurs Gilmour, Pratt, Wright etc etc. Without the music, we’d never have this place. There is a feeling deep down with all of us of a great feeling of respect, and love for your work. I think the tour was amazing and cant wait for the next one! (2007, perhaps!) – Remember, Music is the Food of Love.

    Secondly, to my new found pals. I enjoy speaking to Marcus, Erin, Gabrielle, Geoff, Fat Old Sun, S_Emery, and so much more in the Barn. It’s a privilige being an irregular, not only because it gives you that special feeling inside, but also because of the most amazing people you meet. When you hit my age in life (20), you realise that people out there have so many stories to tell, yet, so little time. Meeting you people has been an honour. Even though I might be the youngest Irregular, I am certainly not short in my views and opinions. But with other opinions as well, just makes things that little better.

    Talking of amazing people, how about a certain individual called the FEd. How has one man, and one man alone sorted all of us out! He brought us the Chatroom, where we can all now talk, argue, discuss, debate, and occasionally moan, but that’s part of life, and now, part of this site. FEd replies to most of our Blog posts, and this gives a certain element of credibility to our posts, and he also gives feedback. This is only one man, but, FEd, I give you a tap on the back for your consistent hard work and attention.

    Next, On An Island. This album brings together many memories of this site, DG, PF, the tour etc. Such a beautiful album, on one disc. On An Island changed one thing for me, I started the change from becmoing a Pink Floyd fan into a David Gilmour fan as well. Thats how this all began for me.

    And last but not least, It was a great year, but the death of Syd Barrett, left us all feeling shocked and saddened. However, December 25th will be here soon, and the release of Arnold Layne in respect for Syd Barrett, a moment where we can all look back and cherish his work.

    To all of you, Thank you

    Simon J

  60. Tim

    Here’s another tidbit…

    I’m pretty sure that when PF played in London in the 70s, fish in nearby ponds were killed due to the sound levels….

  61. Hi Fed.

    Where is the button on Weblog Awards Homepage, where i can vote for the Best blog?


    [The voting hasn’t started yet, but it shouldn’t be much longer before you can cast your vote. You will need to click the ‘Weblog Awards Finalist’ button at the top of this page, which will take you to the right page. For now, it just takes you to their homepage, but we’ll change that shortly. – Features Editor]

  62. Happy Thursday,

    [the Who at the Isle of Wight Festival]

    My elder brother went to that. He was at the IOW festivals in both ’69 & ’70. Even I was to young for them. But have you ever seen the line ups !!!

    Pete – Coventry

  63. [Well, David found the Radiohead discussions quite amusing. – Features Editor]

    [O no. FEd. I think you’re going to wake the sleeping giant again. You know what happens here when that band is mentioned. – Posted by: Andrew at December 7, 2006 02:00 PM]

    it all gets nasty when we talk about radiohead!

  64. Rudders- so they managed to kill off some fish, but have they killed phish yet?????

    Pete- I’m a little young for the IOW festivals as well (and an ocean away) but the first show I ever attended was the Who on their first Farewell Tour back in 82. It was an awesome show! Bigger than life like you’d expect… just like a PF or DG show!


  65. “O no. FEd. I think you’re going to wake the sleeping giant again. You know what happens here when that band is mentioned.”

    YAAAAWWWWNNN. Not so much a sleeping giant as the stirring of children’s favourite bagpuss.

    Andrew, you tease, you know I never could resist a bone that you throw me…

    But seriously the idea that david has enjoyed our Radiohead antics – well that just made my day

    I’d tell all my friends
    But they’d never believe
    They’d think that I’d finally lost it completely

    I’d show them the stars
    And the meaning of life
    They’d shut me away
    But I’d be all right
    All right..


  66. Tim C,

    Yes you are right – I do tease.

    And FEd was right about the Wise Guy as well.


    [But we love you for it, mate. – Features Editor]

  67. Tim, no one defends Radiohead in such a beautiful way as you do! I am proud of you…and of David, who shows another time to be a very wise man with wonderful tastes!

    And FEd, thank you for revealing that, I know how much did it cost to you!!! I image David didn’t say the same good words about Bob Dylan!!!

    Andrew…you are lucky because I am very tired in these days!!!


    [I’m sure David would agree that there’s no competition. Dylan would win every time. – Features Editor]

  68. Hmmm…sorry, I just have to stir the pot just a little bit. FE’d comment was:

    [Well, David found the Radiohead discussions quite amusing. – Features Editor]

    That certainly doesn’t imply him liking or disliking Radiohead. It just means he was amused. Kind of like spinning a coin on a tabletop…it’s amusing.

    So I agree that David is a wise man with wonderful taste but it may be because he truly dislikes the band. Taking from a line I used in an earlier entry: He may also find sticking needles in your eyes amusing.

    So let’s not jump to conclusions.

    And once again, FEd is right with this comment:

    [I’m sure David would agree that there’s no competition. Dylan would win every time. – Features Editor]

    Which is also his way of stirring the pot as well.

    Thanks for indulging me.


  69. Just got my DVD from Anthill this morning, but before you could say Santa Claus – my 12yr old daughter has hidden it from me for Christmas!!!!

  70. [I’m sure David would agree that there’s no competition. Dylan would win every time. – Features Editor]

    See what happens when you let FEd stay up too late and run marathon B-day chat sessions. . .FEd starts thinking crazy thoughts. It’s OK FEd we got your back. . .and great chat today folks. . .Thank you/uoy knahT. . .

    P.S. It was very nice of you to say the ‘Raidiohead’ word today FEd. . .by the way

    [Don’t get too used to it. I had nightmares all night and couldn’t get this droning sound out of my mind. It was horrible. – Features Editor]

  71. Here’s another tidbit…

    “Rudders – Toronto at December 7, 2006 03:23 PM: I’m pretty sure that when PF played in London in the 70s, fish in nearby ponds were killed due to the sound levels….”

    I doubt that very much… It was probably as a result of low oxygen saturation in the water…

    Pink Floyd liked to get loud but the pressure levels generated by their equipment would rupture your eardrums long before it killed any fish… Tally ho!!!

  72. Good morning FEd,

    Finally, they’ve opened the voting booths. My vote is in.

    Best regards,

  73. Tim,

    If you are interested in reading about past festivals then check out the line ups for Bath 70. The programme times and the actual times that the bands appeared bear no resembelance. Pink Floyd came on at 3am ish.

    Also, and I am sure you will know, the Who at the IOW is now available on CD.

    Pete – Coventry

  74. Rudders,

    [I’m pretty sure that when PF played in London in the 70s, fish in nearby ponds were killed]

    off the top of my head, and I stand to be corrected, I think that happened at the Crystal Palace garden party.

    Pete – Coventry

  75. Peter… CD? I’m not aware of IOW on CD, but I have the DVD…. very cool. Too bad Pete had given up destroying his equipment by that show… would have been entertaining to watch.

    And I must agree with the doc… people would have been seriously hurting before the compression ever killed fish… but its a nice story.


  76. Andrew,

    I am surprised that you don’t know that David loves Radiohead! He has said that also in the Faq area, when someone asked him to tell the name of a band he appreciates in the last years.

    You should have paid more attention, my dear friend, before decide to wake up the giants!

    So, your answer didn’t touch me! You need to look for something better!


  77. O Lucia,

    I remember that comment in the FAQs. I’m just playing with you. But glad to see you’re paying attention.


  78. Re various comments above.

    Andrew and F’ed, You are rascals !

    But we are in a calm and peaceful place these days, far away from your taunts, waiting (as undoubtedly will be David) for the promised forthcoming album. By all accounts this will contain a level of angst and droning even beyond your vivid imaginations.

    What with THE DVD and that album, 2007 looks like another wonderful musical ride. Open your minds, join us, it’s lovely and warm inside …

    Come on, come on
    You think you drive me crazy
    Come on, come on
    You and whose army?
    You and your cronies
    Come on, come on
    Holy roman empire
    Come on if you think
    Come on if you think
    You can take us all on
    You can take us all on

    *even bigger wink*

  79. Andrew, Andrew, Andrew,

    it’s too easy attack a poor girl who can’t speak your language, isn’t it? So, I decided to employ a lawyer:

    Tim, do you want to be my Atticus Finch? Folk, be all ready to be called as witness!

    And we’d need an impartial Judge…FEd, you can’t be him! I trust you, but you really couldn’t be impartial in this issue, sorry!

    Maybe…David could be the judge! But if he is busy…can I choose Marcus? I am sure he will be impartial! 😉


    [I’d be ever-so impartial, honest. – Features Editor]

  80. [“I’m pretty sure that when PF played in London in the 70s, fish in nearby ponds were killed due to the sound levels….”-Rudders-Toronto]

    [I doubt that very much… It was probably as a result of low oxygen saturation in the water… Pink Floyd liked to get loud but the pressure levels generated by their equipment would rupture your eardrums long before it killed any fish… -Dr. Phang]

    [I think that happened at the Crystal Palace garden party. -Peter–Coventry]

    So I’m thinking that if you exposed any fish in a 350 gallon aquarium (or larger) to any sound, it would have to be VERY LOUD (160-170dB. . .i.e. Space Shuttle taking off at one meter. . .) and at very low frequencies (i.e. 40-400Hz) to affect them physically. Actually the tank size doesn’t matter. . .let me explain.

    Sound frequencies travel though water in an extremely transduced fashion. . .very unlike the way sound travels through air. Once sound hits water, it changes its primary waveform by a factor of more than ten times. If sound originates within water, the transduction factor is greater (but not efficient as transduction through air).

    When the U.S. Navy uses its SONAR, the sound levels used are subsonic and slightly above (at EXTREMELY high volume levels). The same frequencies to humans would be like 500dB (if used at 2K). . .we would die pretty much instantly. . .just like whales do within 10 miles.

    But any Music performance, even if at 140 dB at one meter (human ear bleeding level) fish in water would still not be affected.

    So. . .

    The show you may be referring to Rudders (and Peter), is Feb 5th, 1970. The Cardiff Arts Center Project, Benefit Concert, Sophia Garden Pavilion, Cardiff, South Glamorgan, Wales. The show was with Quintessence, Daddy Longlegs, Gary Farr, Heaven, Ron Geesin, Tea & Symphony, and Black Sabbath.

    There is no doubt in my mind the fish killing level was not provided by Pink Floyd, but by Black Sabbath. Please let me know if you feel otherwise.

  81. So after doing a bit more research, the concert Rudders and Peter were referring to was the Pink Floyd Garden Party at the Crystal Palace Bowl, Saturday, May 15th, 1971 with Quiver, Mountain, and The Faces.

    Presented by John & Tony Smith with Michael Alfandary & Harvey Goldsmith, this concert was not reviewed with great admiration, but it may have been the inflatable octopus in the water that killed the fish. . .

  82. Judging (pun intended) by the above, Marcus would make a noble and wise judge, but none of us would have a bloody clue what he was talking about!

    So Lucia, of course I will play Atticus to your Scout but I think F’ed is more of a Boo Radley figure and Andrew – well I’ll leave that to the bloggers to decide.

    [I am quite the brave, misunderstood (and clearly very modest) hero, I suppose… – Features Editor]

  83. Hmmm….with all this discussion….looks like I’ll need to find an attorney as well. Maybe Guy might be available, if not, I may need to see if Angelo with his twisted panties might be willing.


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