Your favourite photo


Well, this is it: David and Richard in Venice.

This polled 21% in our recent ‘Which of Polly’s photos is your favourite?’ poll, making it your favourite of all Polly’s photographs.

You can see the picture in its full glory by clicking here.

Let us know what you think of the result.

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I’m going to make the ladies wait until the end of the week for details of our latest competition (yes, I know, I’m so cruel…), so please be patient.

Thanks for all your questions for Steve. There have been some really good ones and there’s still time to submit yours, if you haven’t already done so.

There are more answers from Guy to come throughout the week, too.

You’re well known for playing with a number of established bands and artists. Have you ever had the desire to start your very own band and take the world of music by storm, or are you happy enough with your solo show as it stands now? (Neil Pudney)

I was about to start a band with Johnny Marr, as The Smiths had just imploded, when I first got the call from David back in ’87. Now I’m too lazy and old and don’t have a manifesto.

Will there be more dates of your one man show, maybe in Europe? (Bas Swanenberg)


Is it possible to bring your show to North America? (Bill S.)

I hope so.

Where else are you touring your ‘My Bass and Other Animals’ in the new year? (KenF)

– Everywhere hopefully. Check my site:

I’ve heard lots of great things about ‘My Bass and Other Animals’ but living in Canada I will not have an opportunity to catch one of the shows. Just wondering if there is any chance you will record any of the performances for a DVD release? (Christopher Martin)

Probably, but I hope to get to Canada.

What made you decide to try the trial by silence that is stand-up? (Kieran Fleck)

I’ve always wanted to do something comedic, and realised I had a rich seam of material to mine, i.e. my life, but if I’d thought about how terrifying standing up on your own actually is, I would never have done it. I get absolutely terrified every time I do it still.

You mentioned the other day that you have a book coming up next year. What will it be about? Is it like a memoir or something not as personal? (Ayako)

It’s like a memoir, although it’s like the show, in that it’s basically just the amusing bits of my life.

Author: FEd

Features Editor of David Gilmour’s official blog, The Blog (‘Features’ previously being its rather naff title), affectionately – or lazily – shortened to ‘FEd’.

94 thoughts on “Your favourite photo”

  1. Caption: “Hey, do you mind? We’re trying to have a moment here!”

    That photo looks like something that should have made Polly very upset.

    Seriously, though, it’s a great pic that shows these old pals relaxed and laughing together. They may not still be in their youth, but they have not passed their prime.

  2. LOL, I love that photo, so romantic!!!

    the only thing I would change is perhaps having Richard or David with a red rose in mouth.

    Off sick today so i might just be able to slip into that there chatroom and pop my chat cherry at last. Hope the password is still what it was a few weeks ago I somehow remembered it

    [It certainly is the same one. – Features Editor]

  3. What a smashing photograph. I was absolutely delighted to see it and sat with a big grin on my face. (thank you again for all the photos Polly)

    How lovely to see them effing about, just like “real” people !!

    Isn’t it nice to see these guys are close friends all these years later. It’s a very precious and rare thing to have life long friends.

    Now I’ve got tears in my eyes.

    ash X

  4. The Big Winner and rightly so. Great shot, Polly. I Love it.

    It is a beautiful picture, when you consider all that it entails. When I look at it, I think how good it must feel, for each of them to have had such a enduring friendship. Having a buisness relationship with friends can often weaken a friendship. This picture really suggests that there is a special bond of friendship that exists and links each of them to the other. What a history they must have.

    Can you imagine being a fly on the wall, listening to the two of them after a couple bottles of wine, “Hey do you remember that night on the tour bus when…….” Oh, what a treat it would be indeed.

    Wishing you fellows many more years of friendship ahead.


  5. First of all thank you Mrs Samson for letting us share great moments.

    What I think of this photograph?

    Its main virtue is that it turns a smile on my face, and on many others I am certain.

    However if had printed copies of the gallery, I would not put this one on top of the pile. Though I must admit that it caught my attention when I saw it for the first time.

    Maybe this blog is invaded by ladies, that would explain this first place. Well, worst things could happen.

  6. That’s a seriously cute picture. Says a lot about the subjects, the photographer, the history, the vibe, and the tour….

    Nice to have a Monday Blog to entertain me except the flood of polls and election news I can’t seem to pull away from….

    …instead of Santa Claus, can I make a wish on DG’s lap?

    WHAT!? Regression can be healthy!

    ….stop looking at me…..

  7. CAPTION: up on a roove.


    Rgds Geoff Duffy ( Dublin )

  8. CAPTION: “Back off, Polly! He was mine long before you came along.”

    I’m glad this one made the top spot. Thanks Polly, for all your wonderful shots.

    [We’re going to make the ladies wait until the end of the week for details of our latest competition(yes, we know, we’re so cruel…)-Fed]

    Yeah, yeah, yeah, that’s what we heard last week..

    See you all in chat a bit later


  9. The favourite photo, the sunbed and …

    – Sure, wish I was Rick !
    – or wish I was David ?
    – or maybe wish I was the sunbed itself !

    Joking apart, please, a question, Fed, I ‘ve had more than a week off, and I now wonder what is a “Gilmourette” ? I surely missed something on the blog ! I’m a Gilmourette ?


    [You most certainly are one, mate. – Features Editor]

  10. i had a feeling this one would win it.

    it’s great to see david and richard messing around and having fun. i’m glad that polly’s been on hand with her camera to catch these moments for all to see.

    maybe you’re right, ronny. maybe this blog is invaded by ladies. i have to say that david is one good looking dude though.

  11. Dear F.Ed.

    …”everybody else is just green”…due to your friendship

    very nice picture

    Ciao Elisabetta

  12. Fed,

    Would it be possible to put an RSS feed on the main site and on the blog? That would save me and others the hassle of browsing to the site every other day to see whether anything has changed… especially since updates are rather infrequent on the main site.


    [Good point. We’ll look into it, Frederik. – Features Editor]

  13. Happy Monday,

    Great photo. However, what if The Sun or Daily Star get hold of it !!!!!

    Pete – Coventry

  14. Angelo wrote: …instead of Santa Claus, can I make a wish on DG’s lap?

    See, I never could have gotten away with that one…


    [You can get away with it just this once, seeing as it’s your birthday… – Features Editor]

  15. FEd: How do I attain ‘Blog Irregulars’ status and get the password for the chat room?


    [Those who have been following the blog for a while now are considered ‘Blog Irregulars’, Mat. Have a browse through some old blog entries and you’ll find the key to the door, so to speak. The password isn’t hard to find. The next chat is on Wednesday and is open to everyone. Please keep an eye on the calendar for chat sessions and feel free to drop by at anytime. – Features Editor]

  16. Fedmeister

    It arrived… thanks to you and the gang… 🙂

    [Glad to hear it, mate. – Features Editor]

  17. Great photo, this is my fave.

    Can’t wait till the competition later this week. Thanks Fed for waiting until I get back from my cruise to Mexico to give info on the comp. Woo Hoo margarita’s for me!!!

    Love ya
    Renee B.
    Fontana, Ca USA

  18. Aww, I missed the chat session, but this photo put a smile on my face. Lovely!

    And Guy, I’m looking forward to reading your book and to seeing your show in North America!


    PS. The preview thingie is working again 😀

  19. CAPTION:

    “iiiiiiiiiiii saw richard kissING DAAAAAAAAvid clauuuuus, in-a-venice-gon-do-la-laaast-niiiiiiiight…..”

  20. Great picture. Shows true friends almost 40 years later.

    Polly, great pictures. Hope to see more in the future.


  21. This is such a great photo! Many thanks to Polly for sharing all her wonderful work with us!

    I think the reason why I like this photo so much — other than the obvious humor — is that when I was growing up, the members of PF were sort of hidden. Their photos weren’t splashed everywhere and sometimes were not even on their album covers, so there was always a bit of a mystique about who they were and what they were like. So, a photo like this is just pure fun for us old-timers…who remember the old days, before the internet, when we walked six miles in the snow to school, barefoot, uphill….

  22. the local radio announced today that gilmour will play more shows in 2007…please say it is so!

  23. thanx to polly for shooting and sharing such a picture at all!!!

    A fantastic picture which shows how wunderful the atmosphere must have been during the On An Island tour!!


  24. OMG, that is hilarious! Thanks for sharing that with us.

    There’s one pose you’ll never see Rick do with Roger, haha.

  25. Ahh the silliness. It is a must have for the survival of the mind, in this day and age (or any day and age I suppose).

    Great photo.

  26. [You can get away with it just this once, seeing as it’s your birthday… – Features Editor]

    Ah, thanks for that, Edwina – present graciously accepted. Now if I only had David’s AOL Sessions playing on my TV *sigh*… oh well, it’s back to P.U.L.S.E and the gin & tonic I suppose.


  27. “And here, folks, up on the roof, ends our tour of the Barn….Hope you will enjoy your stay…these two certainly are.”

  28. Fed,

    Today was a good day for the chat room. It seemed to run really smooth. Plus it almost looked as if everyone was there.

    That photo of David & Rick was my favorite. They have been best of mates for many years. It’s just great to see that they are still good friends and Polly thanks for all the Pictures..

    Take Care,

  29. Features Editor:

    My beautiful prize arrived already!!! Thank you very very much. Can’t wait to show it off.

    I see the suspense is building for Pollys’ competition. Should be very interesting.

    This is a really fun photo, not my first pick, but then I could not make up my mind anyway.

    Have a great evening all.

    [You’re very welcome, Jan. Glad you like it. – Features Editor]

  30. Caption: While reminiscing fond memories with David, Richard begins singing his old PF tune “Stay”.

    Ahhhh! It’s good to be gack after vacationing. I’ve missed some good blogs. This picture is hilarious. The guys have a fun sense of humor.

    Try this. Enlarge the picture and play “Stay” and see if you don’t laugh. Pay attention to the lyrics. LOL. ß ^D>

  31. [I’m a Gilmourette? – Michèle]

    [You most certainly are one, mate. – Features Editor]

    Gilmourette are us Irregular ladies, Michele, and as Fed said, you certainly are one!

    Angelo, great caption today, sorry you didn’t make chat, you must have showed up after the doorman left.


  32. [KNock-knock….am i too late for the chat? oh well, next time then….. – Posted by: Angelo Ortiz at November 6, 2006 05:47 PM]

    sadly missed my friend and Rudders too what happened

    Rgds a sober Geoff Duffy ( Dublin )

  33. CAPTION: yes i did get back from the gig sober and yes i did try get a room in the barn but hey i opened the barn door and found……. oops ill try next door.

    great chatroom tonight folks thank you

    Rgds Mary Whitehouse I mean a sober Geoff Duffy ( Dublin )

  34. Caption..” bought me flowers..look people!.. he bought me flowers!”

    What a pic!!

    Strange bedmates?..maybe not so strange..A marriage made in heaven as far as I’m concerned!..musically speaking of course.

  35. I GOT IT !!!!

    Well … with a lot of glass’s for the music Shine On they had do drink a lot of whine soo the result was caught in this photo.

    A true friendship never dies …

  36. This is such a great photo of two old friends having a laugh while Polly snaps the shot! Really nice Polly … you captured the essence of feeling comfortable with a good friend for life.

    Angelo, have you been messing around with your meds again???? Or too many political ads running through your head? It has the same effect ya know. The news I just heard regarding the republicans ‘catching up’ with the democrats, narrowing the lead, has got my head spinning Linda Blair style!!! Watch out, pea soup is on the way!

    I checked out a certain Guy’s new and improved website — very spiffy! Ash, I had the same problem with the pages and couldn’t make it work … must be my thumb-ball mouse thingy. It couldn’t be operator erorororor could it??? So many familiar names, too.

    I had such a nice time chatting this morning. You guys, er, Irregular friends are a real breath of fresh air … at least after the smoke dissipates!! I tried the experiment but came back later and hit the wrong button, disconnected. Oh well, maybe I’ll have insomnia and make it to the next one.

    Michele, back in the early days of rock & roll (1950s & ’60s) there were lots of ‘girl groups’ — The Ronnettes come to mind — so we ladies are now the official back-up singers for David’s band, according to me at least. Hence, the Gilmourettes! Sounds like fun, doesn’t it? But we have to let Erin play her Strat, that’s the deal. Of course David would have the last word on that I suppose!

    FEd, I’ve probably gone over the limit by now, so I’ll sign off and say thank you for another lovely chat — more fun than a barrel of monkeys.

    Peace and Love Always!
    Washington State

  37. Caption –

    Rick: “You will guest on my solo album and tour next year, won’t you David?”

  38. Bah guess who had to get out of bed and work yesterday about 2:30 pm. I’d swear that there is some chat curse on me 🙁

  39. This Gilmour signature Strat sounds cool. However, I have reservations. Any Strat carrying Davids’s name would have to be one of the best Strats ever made rather than some toned down thing aimed at the wannabee market. Will such a Strat be revered in 100 years time as one of the vintage greats, a tribute to the man whose name it bears? If so, I may just put one on my shopping list.

  40. What a lovely picture… I wouldn’t have thought Rick and David could be so close together. I mean, they’re really used to look like perfect gentlemen, if you see my point. I’ve never guessed, even after all these years and many comments they did about each other during their interviews, that they care so much. I know they really understand themselves and have probably a lot of jokes to share. I thought it was more like businessmen working well together. It’s so nice, really.

  41. Got my vote!!! What a nice pair… ;^))

    The “feeling” for “today” is “Obscured By Clouds!!!” Enjoy!!!

  42. Off Topic

    You may well like this Fed & fellow non Gooners(Arsenal supporters)

    Being a gooner i had to suffer all sorts of mud slinging over our recent lack of goals especialy on monday morning.

    comments like…Arsenal strikers, they are like matches…. you can only use them once then they are useless.

    A Liverpool supporter added, you need someone like Kuyt (pronounced kite) & before i realised what i had said had to admit “yes, he’s flying at the moment, is n’t he”


    wish the boys luck against the “Toffee’s” on wednesday.

    [Hard luck, mate. The results all went Liverpool’s way over the weekend (well, with the exception of Manchester United). If that happens a few more times, maybe the Reds will qualify for the UEFA Cup after all… – Features Editor]

  43. groan….my head hurts…

    You guys are such a laugh, my cheeks were sore from all the laughing. Thank you everyone.

    ash X

  44. That photo never fails to make me smile. Thanks, Polly and David and Rick!

    Chat was on fire yesterday. I couldn’t keep up at all. One of my favorite political comedians was on internet radio at the same time and I had a ton of work to do! I was multitasking to beat the band but missed a lot…. Maybe I’ll do better tomorrow!

    FEd, will there be any sort of one-year celebration for the blog? I do wish I could stand everyone in Gilmourville a drink but that’s a tad hard to do over the internet. And may run to some serious money….


    [One year already… Doesn’t time fly? – Features Editor]

  45. Happy Tuesday,

    [How do I attain ‘Blog Irregulars’ status and get the password for the chat room?]

    Hey Mat: I know the password I just cant get in. I am a bit of an illiterate when it comes to computers but I am learning.

    Pete – Coventry

    PS: did anyone see the highlights of Stoke vs Cov in the fog last night. It still didnt improve us.

    [Sorry to hear that you haven’t been able to join the madness, Pete. Please check your e-mail for a quick chat how-to. Hope it helps. – Features Editor]

  46. Thanks to Erin and Gabrielle for the “Gilmourette” explanation… very funny, the word sounds so frenchy with its “ette” at the end !

    So, yes, our dear gentlemen, the blog seems now invaded by ladies, we were first shy ladies, then regular ladies, then irregular ladies, now Gilmourettes,… a lot of lovely photos for us, soon a brillant competition only for us ,… and what for you, dear gentlemen ? you have to react !

    Could we be “Fedettes” too ? Who could define this word ?


  47. Mostly sunny Election Day here in NYC….I’ve got the day off, kid’s in school, got DG on my iPod and ready for a full day music on an iLounge (like that Mat—now if that idea appears in ‘Fan Fare’ you should ask for a cut)…..

    Sorry I missed you guys yesterday, had a meeting I couldn’t miss…that seems like a good time for a chat in general by the way….can get a lot of time zones involved at the same time.

    By the way, my calendar shows we are exactly one month away from a DG Site Anniversary…..

    Party anyone?

  48. Caption Competition

    Two statues on the right talking: Take a look over there! Do they have to do that?!?! This is almost as bad as the job I had at the Basilica Di San Marco! Remember the time when the pope visited after he’d been to Mount Olive…

    Popeye nearly killed him!… 🙂

  49. F.Ed and fellow bloggers,

    Thought you might like to know that David has been nominated for Favorite Live at XM Performance for the 2nd Annual XM Nation Awards.

    Starting today you can vote at the following web address – results announced Dec 11.

    Irregulars…you know what to do 🙂


  50. Hi Fed,

    I will not be posting quite as often in the short term, work load is changing. I won’t make as many chats either, but be assured I haven’t forgotten about this place.

    Nice pic. It truly is special to see after all these years that David and Rick still get on that well.

    Alot of inferences can be made about the fact that Rick’s fly appears open, and David has a big smile on his face, but we wouldn’t do that, would we? 😀

    Take care, Fed, hope the kitchen is coming along OK and your dog is surviving all of the ruckus. Great day, all


    [Cheers, Mike. Good luck managing that work load. – Features Editor]

  51. David, Richard and Venice. and I was there! How I wish to pass the same unforgettable moments next year again!

    Thank you David to exist! Without you I could not live!

    Claudio da Ravenna

  52. What a beautiful photo.

    That is the only thing that I can think to of in this instance when trying to convey my thoughts on this picture. It speaks volumes, Polly.



  53. On the topic of the photo, all I can say is whatever. It certainly would not be one of my top choices. But it seems to strike a chord particularly with the ladies of blog.



  54. “and what for you, dear gentlemen ? you have to react !”

    Ah Michele, as in all things, we loyal gentlemen of the blog are happy to put our lady friends at the centre and play the supporting role…

  55. [………but all this talk of great drummers like Gene Krupa, Buddy Rich. What ever happened to Sandy Nelson ? – Pete – Coventry]

    Awesome Pete..just googled it and here’s your answer:..

    “In 1963 Sandy was involved in a vehicular accident and lost part of his leg. He recovered and returned to performing the following year, and eventually released Teen Beat ’65 before fading away”

  56. HEY!!!! What’s the big idea with the release date of the special edition cd/dvd combo in the USA, Fed? Wha’d we do wrong? No, don’t answer that.

    Now we will hear about all the surprise stuff and
    it won’t be a surprise anymore.

    That’s cruel and inhumane treatment for a poor and pitiful, Gilmour deprived, southern girl(snub, snub). PETA might be interested to know about this kind of treatment towards such a sweet little critter as I.

    I love you Feeeeeeeeeeeed. Can I get mine just an eeny weeeny bit sooner, pweeeeeeeeese with cream and sugar on top?( my best sad puppy dog eyes.)

    Excuse me, I am so sorry for that. I was taught that it is rude to beg. But pweeeeese don’t do me like that, don’t do me like that….(Tom Petty style)

    David, I love you man, can’t ya see what yer doin to me?

    See what I get when I put my love on the air??
    Missy (~_~)

    [I know, I know… Tell Sony. They’re the villains of this piece. – Features Editor]

  57. I MISS YOU GUYS!! (sorry for shouting FEd..)

    Anyway.. do you miss me too? Or do most of you think “who is that Bianca anyway? Her name seems vaguely familiar.. wasn’t she that annoying mental patient, that kept going on about barns? Or was that Lucia?” *grin* is still confusing as always but this month even more so since I am writing a whole novel in only 30 days, which features some experiences I had this past year, including this blog!! So I had to think of you and couldn’t resist coming in to say hi.



    Hugs, Bianca – still evil.

    [Good to hear from you, mate. – Features Editor]

  58. Fabulous photo Mrs. Samson-Gilmour!!!

    It’s great to see such an enduring friendship. I do have to admit I wish I were in Mr. Wright’s place!!!


    How does one become an irregular?


    [Simply by being a regular reader, Penny. The Barn password is easy to find if you go back through the blog entries. However, everyone is welcome in the Lobby and entry does not require a password. – Features Editor]

  59. [Ah Michele, as in all things, we loyal gentlemen of the blog are happy to put our lady friends at the centre and play the supporting role… -Tim C]

    Oh Tim, what a sweetie! I do believe you have a little brown something on your nose. 😉


  60. Andrew says: [On the topic of the photo, all I can say is whatever. It certainly would not be one of my top choices. But it seems to strike a chord particularly with the ladies of blog. Whatever!]

    Or, rather, it probably strikes a chord to those who have loved Pink Floyd since the year dot. The photo is moving in that it shows solidarity and brotherhood after all these years.

    Nothing to do with appealing to ladies.



  61. Dear FEd,

    I do hope you keep in mind that those of us in the States have a bit of a hanidcap due to the time difference, so at the end of the week (that we are suffering unduly for) I hope the ‘contest’ for us ladies doesn’t have short time limit on it.

    Okay, enough whining. Have a great chat, I don’t think I will be able to attend. It starts at 4am here. And I have class at 8am.


  62. Gilmourettes? Are they like the Cheerleaders we used to watch in American movies? Like that pic? If I am a Gilmourette too, can I NOT be the one who does the table with her abdominals, please?!!!!

    Have a wonderful day!!!


  63. i think we have an even mix of boys and girls. what do you say, fed?

    [We could always run a poll to find out, I suppose. – Features Editor]

  64. [Ah Michele, as in all things, we loyal gentlemen of the blog are happy to put our lady friends at the centre and play the supporting role… -Tim C]

    Tim, you perfect gentleman style is unmistakable!

    BIANCA!!!!!! What a great surprise! Good luck with your novel…and write wonderful words about me!!!


  65. “can I NOT be the one who does the table with her abdominals, please?!!!!”

    Lucia, I hardly dare ask but what do you mean “does the table”?

    I’m sure it’s perfectly innocent in Italian but some of the gentleman on the blog just spilled their mug of tea! 😉

  66. Tim, my woods are always innocent! And I hope that if “table” was not an innocent word, FEd would have edit it, right FEd?

    The table is the furniture used to put the things on and in the pics there is one girl used to let the other girl stand up on her stomach…and I don’t think is comfortable have a person on your stomach! Maybe my explanation is not better – sorry! – but I trust your intelligence!

    So, gentlemen, sorry for the misunderstanding and for the tea spilled on the documents you had on your desks!

    Have a nice day!!!


    [It looked perfectly innocent to me, Lucia. – Features Editor]

  67. Welcome back Bianca. It’s about Damn time. You crazy lass. . .what with you Lurking in the chatrooms and such. . . 🙂

    Tim, you’re making the rest of us boys look bad.

    Lucia, I would pay good money to see you do the table.

    Caption: “I love you, you love me. . .”

  68. [Lucia, I would pay good money to see you do the table. – Posted by: Marcus Buick at November 9, 2006 02:56 AM]

    A Lucia Table? What the heck is everybody talking about? Let me just take a look and……..GEEEZ!!! What the…………

    I’m a married spud, I’m a married spud, I’m a married spud………

  69. Nuclear power is environmentally friendly. Very much so. Yet the environmentalists scream at us to get rid of it. Can’t get my head round that one.

    Oh, yeah, the statistics. In Caithness in the North of Scotland, before Dounreay was decommissioned, they claimed there was 33% more chance of contracting leukemia than the national average. They claimed this was because of the nuclear reactor at Dounreay. But what the newspapers didn’t print was the actual statistics. There were 3 cases of Leukemia in Caithness during the last 50 years whereas the national average for the population would have been 2.

    Make your minds up people. Nuclear power is the way to go. If you don’t want it, then burn petrol and shut up.


  70. [i think we have an even mix of boys and girls. – Posted by: victor at November 8, 2006 11:38 AM]


    Just to let you know that we’re running a poll to find out.

    Click on my name to cast your vote and to see the latest results.

    Apparently, it’s predominantly male so far…

  71. I must clear up any misunderstanding. Of course If I had seen the picture all would have been clear to me.

    Without the benefit of that I could only imagine what “does the table” would mean and my imagination is a dark and unsavoury place …

    I shall beat myself with a broom handle as an act of contrition.

  72. George,

    I believe there are several other concerns with nulcear technology including but not limited to where to store the spent fuel rods and “policing” which countries develop nuclear technology for peaceful ends.

    On paper, nulcear energy seems to be an excellent option. Unfortunately, I have a hard time trusting humanity’s ability to contain and use it appropriately.

    That’s a funny statistic you quoted. If true, then 3 cases versus 2 is 33% more, isn’t it? Sometimes it’s not the numbers and the story they tell, it’s who compiled the stats and telling the story.

  73. [Apparently, it’s predominantly male so far… – Posted by: Features Editor at November 9, 2006 08:11 PM]

    Yes, Fed, but quantity is not synonymous with quality (didn’t you tell us something like that a few month(e?)s ago ? and you were right of course !)

    So, I think: men = quantity and ladies = quality !

    You don’t agree ? (joke of course !)


    [I couldn’t possibly comment. – Features Editor]

  74. [Division, division everywhere. Will there ever be unity? – Julie]

    Together we stand, divided we fall . . .

  75. I know you in VENEZIA , i was with my wife …i have great photo with you…you want?

    Marco (Torino)

  76. we could only wish they could be rue unity but there will always be someone or something to split us apart.

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