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Here at, we take your thoughts into consideration.

Some, frankly, deserved the large pinch of salt that we took with them, but we always welcome feedback and hope that this blog has allowed you to have your say on a wide host of topics whenever it’s been appropriate to do so (and sometimes when it perhaps hasn’t been, but at least it kept us all on our toes).

As our chatroom first opened its shiny doors three months ago, we thought it might be time to take stock.

We wondered what you think of it and if you have any suggestions as to how we could improve it.

So do let us know what you think.

Good or bad, it doesn’t matter, just please be reasonable. No, we can’t keep it open 24/7 and yes, it has to be moderated (but David can’t be the one moderating it no matter how many times you ask).

As it happens, there’s a chat going on this very minute, so what better opportunity than to try it out? Everyone’s welcome.

Doors will be open until 12 midday (UK time) so come and introduce yourself if you’re a first-time chatter. We think it’s easy to use and are happy to help if you get stuck.

Don’t forget that you can witness the third UK Music Hall of Fame Awards ceremony tonight – if you receive the UK’s Channel 4, that is. David was there, honoured to induct one of his musical heroes, the legendary Beach Boy, Brian Wilson.

You can see how he did on Channel 4 tonight from 9PM (UK time).

Fans in the US will be able to watch on VH1 at 9PM (Eastern time) on Saturday 25 November.

If you’re still unable to catch it, there should be selected highlights on the UK Music Hall of Fame website soon.

Author: FEd

Features Editor of David Gilmour’s official blog, The Blog (‘Features’ previously being its rather naff title), affectionately – or lazily – shortened to ‘FEd’.

125 thoughts on “Your chat thoughts”

  1. Happy Thursday,

    [As our chatroom first opened its shiny doors three months ago]

    Is it that long since I have been trying to break in. Does’nt time fly.

    I have had expert help off Fed etc etc and still cant get in.

    Therefore I cannot offer much on this, with regard to improvements, but just hope that the ones that can get in respect the rules.

    Anyway, did anybody see the TV programme recently where David Dimbleby took you round Grantchester. What an amazingingly beautiful place with so many pubs. A few years back I had the fortune to visit the place and ended up for the rest of the afternoon and some of the evening in the Rupert Brooke pub. Great memory.

    Pete – Coventry

  2. I have returned after a long abscence and a most beautiful turn of events…and I must thank David once again for both the shows and OAI,because it all tied into me finding the love of my life at long last.I found my soulmate,for real!!

    And the story behind it,which I have not the time to tell,is so powerful,synchronistic and cosmic beyond my wildest dreams,that I still cannot quite believe it!.I am 36 years old and I have finally found my Guinnevere(or Polly if you like) after all these lonely years!

    Thanks David,OAI and the shows I saw at RCMH in April,began a journey for me that has ended in my ultimate fulfillment and happiness…and the entire CD will be played at my wedding.

    You are the best David! Keep making beautiful music!!

  3. caption : ” Those guys replicating my strat said they would have it back by 5 , I cant go on stage with this thing? ”

    enjoyed the chat today as I do everytime im there. Its a great way to converse with fans and share stories. long may it last.

    Rgds Geoff Duffy ( Dublin )

  4. When the “Chat Room” was first announced, I tried to get in but was barred at work and dont have time at home.

    I dreaded that the “Chat Room” would take over the site and that this blog would suffer, less and less would post. I feared I would miss out on all the fun and that there would be a two class system, those that use the “Chat Room” and those that dont/cant.

    To some extent there are commnets posted on the Blog such as “great to speak to you in Chat Room” which could make one feel “left out” but I know its my choice not to use the “Chat Room” and am happy with that.

    I am comforted that you FeD are guarding the password as it should be guarded and never never give it away. You dont know how much that means to me

    Ian Pearson

    [Cheers, mate. – Features Editor]

  5. The chat room is great fun most of the time. Not least because it gives us the oportunity to clarrify our comments which can’t be done in real time on the blog. Downside is people joining the chat with an agenda when it is quite clear which topics are out of bounds – and rightly so.

    Thank goodness for Fed and his pointy stick.

  6. [I tried to get in but was barred at work and dont have time at home.] – thats me

    [I dreaded that the “Chat Room” would take over the site and that this blog would suffer, less and less would post] – me too

    [I feared I would miss out on all the fun and that there would be a two class system, those that use the “Chat Room” and those that dont/cant.] – thats me again

    Pete – Coventry

  7. I’ve only visited the chat room once and it was great to catch up with Lorraine and have the chance to talk with FEd.

    However, when people hog the chat rooms with their own personal jokes it’s extremely boring.

    Was a bit dismayed when everyone left and went to the barn. I don’t know the password to that area.

    Maybe I’ll give it another try soon.

    It would be good to catch up with Tomaz, Chantelle and some of the other Abbey Roaders. I know Tomaz and his friend took a group piccie of us all outside the studio and I took one of them.

  8. i haven’t been able to join in as much as i’d like, but i’ve always enjoyed it when i have been in.

    fed’s always fair, deals with any trouble and takes time to chat with everyone.

    there have to be rules, so just accept them. they’re hardly unreasonable. i mean, why should we be allowed to ask questions about david’s private life or tell others about our bands/sites? i think it’s stupid that some people even think these comments are welcome at david’s site/blog/chatroom. i agree with fed. that’s very rude.

    i think the barn’s a great idea and the people who feel left out should just join in here at the blog. i haven’t been here since the first day that the blog opened, but i was always made to feel welcome. it’s the same at the chatroom.

    so don’t be shy, join in!

    don’t change anything, fed.

  9. I’d like to say that this is the only chat room I have ever been a part of or participated in. I think this is mostly due in part to the fact that the majority of the folks here are just plain down to earth and respectful to others. I know that sounds boring, but some other forums that I sometimes lurk about in are downright cruel to people.

    I think the fear (or respect) of FEd might have something to do with this…and I commend the FEdmeister for keeping out the haters, the self promoters, and keeping things fair.

    It really is an international community, and speaking with many different diverse people from all over the world who have the same musical taste gives me even the slightest bit of hope for this world.

    I thank the FEdmeister, David and all my fellow Irregulars for the opportunity to get to know all of you.

  10. Hello FEd,

    We could have some music playing…is it possible?

    I think the rest is great as it is…

    Adriano Capeto

    [I don’t think that’s possible, sorry. – Features Editor]

  11. I dont really get the whole password thingy. There are never really more than twenty folks on at any given time so exclude anyone of the Gilmour fans? To me, It just seems so unnecessary.

    That said its GREAT to have instant contact with these wonderful guys and dolls…

  12. I don´t think the password is an exclusive thing. I think it´s a homage the site made for those who have contributed since the beggining. Besides, it´s not a secret passed exclusively to some. You just have to follow the posts in order to achieve it.

    But I agree with Matt and George. The people I got to know inside there are wonderful. I never expected to meet so many inteligent and educated people as you have there.It is a pleasure always!

  13. Fedmeister…

    Some suggestions for the Blog which may/may not work because of technical reasons or the fact there is only one moderator…

    1. Increase the number of open rooms i.e. no password
    2. Each room could have different titles e.g. DG’s Albums, OAI Tour, The Gilmourettes (ladies only), The Gilmourmates (men only) DG’s DVDs etc. etc. which could act as the topic of discussion?
    3. Cap the number of people per room
    4. Have a topic of the day/week to focus discussion.

    Gilmourmates…. I like that! 🙂

    [Good points. I’ve actually considered them all already, thereby proving just how good they must be… I concluded that more rooms means more movement and that tends to mean more mischief for some people. I can only be in one place at a time and I think it’s hard for everyone seeing people moving constantly, particularly when there are a lot of people chatting. Also, we wanted to keep it as simple as possible so that nobody would be overwhelmed by the options available. I always liked the idea of having several clearly defined rooms, though. Indeed, there’d be no need for a set topic of discussion this way, as people would gravitate towards the most appealing room at any given time (like a live forum, almost). However, as we’ve seen with the blog, just because the topic is nicely set out, it doesn’t mean that people will stick to it. Just look through any blog entry and you’ll see comments which should have been posted elsewhere. I also feel that having certain rooms – a room solely for guitarists, for example – will heighten the sense of elitism that some people feel exists presently with the password-protected Barn. Having said that, I still toy with the idea. There are caps in place on all rooms, by the way. – Features Editor]

  14. Hi, I have AOL as my IP and anytime i click on the Chat room link i loose my connection……

    Anybody else have this AOL problem? or is it my computer

  15. Unfortunately, I don’t really have time for the whole chat room scene, but since went up, I have viewed the site at least once a day.

    I have to say that this particular website has been terrific at “tearing down the wall” between the common Joe, such as myself, and the music and musicians that so many of us hold so dear. We place people like Mr. Gilmour and the rest of the crew on pedestals, and the communication bridges you’ve provided remind us they too are as human as the rest of us. You’ve given us a tangible connection.

    Thank you…especially for giving the world a way to say thank you to those musicians who’ve had such a profound impact on our lives, without us having to act like a bunch of star-struck kids.

    Cheers lads. I look forward to the DVDs since I was unable to make any of the shows.

    John Cantrell

  16. I only ever reached the lobby as I didn’t know the password, and although everyone was “extremely” welcoming, I found the chat was a little too off topic for me.

    Perhaps I’ll try again if ever find that password.

    Just want to re-itereate what has been said before that this is “the best” blog/forum I have ever found for real fans, and thanks to the Features Editor for keeping the place hugely interesting.


  17. …..and another thing, the chat room rules are after all just a really big clue on how to treat a fellow human being and (perhaps more importantly) his family with a bit of respect for their privacy.

    There, I feel better for that 🙂

  18. [I dreaded that the “Chat Room” would take over the site and that this blog would suffer, less and less would post. I feared I would miss out on all the fun and that there would be a two class system, those that use the “Chat Room” and those that dont/cant. – Ian Pearson]

    I felt exactly the same as you, Ian, when the chat room started. I was worried it would mean an end to the blog as we knew it. Fortunately that hasn’t been the case and the two seem to co-exist happily.

  19. Has it been three months already ? Wow, time flies when you’re having fun.

    I was a little nervous at first about logging in for chat but have found it to be a warm and friendly environment. No doubt, a large part of it due to you, F.Ed and the ethics this site is run by.

    Wish I could join more often but work and the lateness of the hour here in India, sometimes precludes that – no worries though, because it makes it even better when I do get a chance to participate.

    Fingers crossed on the blog nominations….I sense a win in the offing.

    Cheers !


  20. I’ve enjoyed the chat room the few times I have been there. So good to speak with the irregulars in particular.

    The timing makes it difficult to attend though, but hey, timings everything.

    Keep it going Fed and Thanks.

  21. I can’t say enough wonderful things about the chatroom! I’ve had such fun whenever I’ve had time to participate, and have met so many great people! As George Gipe mentions above, the chatroom is typically a very respectful place and that is certainly a rare commodity in cyber-land these days.

    Hats off to FEd for all the tireless work he does. Also — FEd has been extremely generous in allowing extra time for the chat, and by my calculations, this often cuts into his dinner hour and evening time. I really can’t think of any changes….thanks for putting up with all of us! The chatroom has been a real treat.

  22. I’d like to thank you too Fed, for keeping the password to a limited bunch. I know you have gotten quite a bit of flak for it, but thank you very much. People who don’t want to take the time to find it, obviously, don’t have enough of an interest in the chat, and shouldn’t come in anyways.

    I think I mentioned it to you before Fed, but some background music would be a great addition!

    The only other thing I can think of is if we could use some kind of private chat. The Irregulars have found more worthy candidates for the club, but it is hard to put them in the loop without being able to share emails. You have certainly been helpful with this Fed, but you really don’t need more things to do. I understand that have the private chat probably opens up much more problems too. But hey, you asked what we thought =)

    See you all in chat tomorrow

    [This is the big one. It’s not going to happen, I’m afraid. Private messaging would be abused. Sadly, there’s not enough respect for the rules to warrant activating this feature. As those who were present at today’s chat will concur, we had this immature dickhead messing around and, had private messaging been available to him, I suspect he’d have bothered everyone individually. I’m not prepared to let people treat the chatroom, nor David’s fans, as playthings. The “worthy candidates” need to look for the password. Plenty of people have managed to find it – including the muppet who bothered everyone today – so that pretty much ends the debate for me. – Features Editor]

  23. Hi All,

    Just back from an extended break after seeing Guy’s show on Monday. Excellent show Guy and thanks for the tickets ! we both really enjoyed it. Great to meet you.

    Good to see you too Matt, enjoyed the chat.

    Tony, sorry to have missed you, maybe we should have had special blogger hats on… btw, the chap at the front was Martin Kemp of Spandau Ballet!

    Excellent news about the Arnold Layne single !

    I very much enjoy the chat room, I must say. I don’t think that I would change anything. It does get quite difficult to follow things when there are lots of people all in the lobby, which is why the barn is a good idea I think.

    I am suprised though that there are not more people from the UK (Pete, get your act together !) Having said that, I think the international aspect of it is really amazing.

    Hopefully see you all there tomorrow !


  24. I had fun today in my first visit to the blog. I thought it was all very ‘civilized’ except for that muppet who kept trying to spoil it, but he/she/it was diligently erased from the map.

    It’s nice to talk to fellow fans even if it’s about what’s for lunch. 🙂

    Only thing I would change, make the dialogue window a bit bigger. I dont see why it has to be so small and one has to scroll up and down if you missed it for 2 minutes. Dunno… I think it’d be more comfortable. But that’s all and its not even a big deal.

    Good job for the rest! *thumbsup*

    [An excellent way of describing today’s smart arse, Marian. Thanks for that. – Features Editor]

  25. [It would be good to catch up with Tomaz, Chantelle and some of the other Abbey Roaders. I know Tomaz and his friend took a group piccie of us all outside the studio and I took one of them. Posted by: Sue N at November 16, 2006 01:31 PM]

    Hi Sue, Tomasz’s friend would be me… 🙂

    Chat Feedback:

    It is quite an experience being able to talk with so many fans from all corners of the globe. I find myself torn sometimes between the barn and the lobby when I see an exodus. I know a few others like to switch between the two rooms like myself.

    The Barn is a great idea and not so hard to figure out how to get into. The trick is to “read the blog”…you may have to dig deep into the site but it’s not such an impossible trail for the diligent among us.

    I sometimes prefer to stay in the lobby, but it depends on my mood.

    There seems to be a nice balance between the frequency and time of the chats. Kudos to the makers and keepers of this site to make sure all parts of the globe have a chance to participate.

    I’ve noticed quite a few this month. I will get flamed for this by my fellow irregulars, but I’d suggest that less is more. Too many chats will get stale. Then again too few chats is not cool either. Perhaps two a week maximum during exciting months like November and December?

    Finally, though I haven’t been able to make an irregular chat time, I like the idea and hope to make it to one eventually.

  26. When this web site was opened I think many Pink Floyd fans like me were astonished that we could actually make ourselves heard by the charismatic leader of such a reserved band.

    Then came the chat where David’s pupils can share their feelings and thoughts even more closely.

    Next step could be a proper meeting… FEd… are you working on that.. ?

    [You should be so lucky! – Features Editor]

  27. Hmmm, went on the chat twice, and never knew what the subject of the conversation actually was.

    Maybe, the subject of the chat sessions could be coordinated or something.

    Anyway, I’m on the web since ’94 (bbs before that time), and I’ve never really understood the excitement about IRC or Chat => Except if the subject of the chat has a specific purpose. If one knows what the chat is about 🙂

  28. The few times (due to time difference) I have been to the chat they have been alot of fun.

    That being said, I do understand how and why the password is such an issue.

    I understand that it is intended for regular bloggers and concert goers, but what makes one fan better than the other. With having a very limited concert schedule that leaves ALOT of people out who otherwise would be a concertgoer. Just because we all can’t get to one of the shows doesn’t mean we are not huge fans.

    I was lucky enough to see PF back in the early 90’s but back then things were different, no children, more time and money to travel to concerts, ah I miss those days at times. 🙂

    I hope that I have not upset or offended anyone that is not my intention, just giving my opinion.


  29. Being located in the United States, I never have any time to go in on the chat. Being a full time worker, mother, father, friend, maid, slave, referee for my kids, I can’t join in. The chat is not open when I can relax, that would make it 1:00am in the morning in the UK. I have tried to get in from work, but they block it. So, I guess that I will stick with the blog when I post not very often, but read every single day.

    I even know the password for the barn, but can’t come and play.

    Back to work, lunchtime is over.

  30. Dear FEd,

    As someone rather new, just a couple of months I think, I truly enjoy the chatrooms when I can catch them. (time differences and such) I think you have done a marvelous job of “monitoring” and perhaps refereeing (now I know that I didn’t spell that one correct!) It must be hard at times to continue to be diplomatic, but FEd you handle the chatroom and blog with what I considered a wonderful attitude and grace.

    I am sorry I missed the chat today, I slept through it! (4am-6am here) Hopefully I can catch the tail end of it tomorrow, after class.

    Have a tremendous day!


  31. I think it´s nice to have both chatroom and blog but I prefer the blog for two reasons:

    1. Its always open because the chat times are usually in my working time.
    2. I have time to read (and its possible to use a dictionary 🙂

    The few times I visited the chatroom I really liked it and I´m sure I´ll do it again.


  32. I think the Chatroom is great. Although I haven’t been able to participate as often as I like. I don’t really feel excluded at all. some of my fellow Gilmour Girls have kept in touch since the concerts happened. You ladies know who you are. Along with some of the other gentlemen. I think it’s great that I can share my passion for David’s music with so many other people.

    As the saying goes “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” This goes for the chatroom.

    Thanks Fed you have done an extremely fabulous job.

    Live on Barn Irregulars!!!

    Renee B.
    Fontana, Ca USA
    From day one!!

  33. Wendy,

    I am in that same boat…thank goodness for the blog! Hang in there, girl!

    take care all,

  34. I have been a regular (almost daily) visitor to the blog for a year now. I have been to the chatroom only a few times, due to the time difference between US and UK, but I certainly enjoyed the visits.

    My only suggestion for the chatroom is permission to share e-mail addresses with other irregulars (particularly fellow guitarists). There must be some good reasons for not being allowed to do so, but I must be missing them. Can you elaborate, FEd?

    [We don’t want you exchanging personal information for your own safety, as we can’t vouch for the sanity of everyone in the chatroom and wouldn’t wish for your e-mail addresses to fall into the hands of a potential nutcase. “Ah, but this should be our choice and a risk we should be allowed to take if we want to,” I hear you cry. True. It wouldn’t be our problem if you started getting hassled. But, as would be the case with enabling private messaging, a few rotten apples would upset the cart. Some people would start looking to trade bootleg recordings, for example. There have already been mentions of individuals using the chatroom to push their own agenda. This has certainly happened on the blog. I appreciate that it’s a drag for those with the purest of intentions, but the line has to be drawn somewhere. We allowed it for a while on the blog and, in addition to one reported case of e-mail harassment, if you go back through some of the old entries, you’ll find many a request to share photos taken at concerts etc. This just makes a mockery of our policies and our rules. I’m afraid I’d rather be a killjoy than a hypocrite. – Features Editor]

  35. I`ve only been in the chatroom once or twice, and I don`t have a problem with it, only that is to say as an electrician, I don`t have a computer at work so I can`t get onto till evening time, but I do understand the need for varying chat times to keep everyone around the world happy! An excellent idea.

    I will be keeping an eye on the calendar for the next evening chat.

    All the Best.

  36. I don’t know why but I have not gone into the chat room yet. I plan to one of these days when I have quiet time, just hasn’t happened yet. Most timesI just listen to DG’s guitar when I’m up late and the others are asleep. Sounds like it could be fun though.

    Love from MO in the USA,


  37. I must admit, I was a doubter when news of the chatroom surfaced. Mostly because I was afraid the blog was going to be phased out, and because I had never been in a chatroom at all. Now that I feel more secure about the blog, I have learned to realy enjoy the chatroom.

    Sometimes I do feel a bit rude for running to the barn, but like some of the others, I think it is beneficial for the newcomers to read the blog. I think it will help them get the feel for what this site is about. It would be clear to them what sort of things are considered grounds for a hanging. Although it can be rather exciting to see Fed all bristeled up. Not that I like for you to get stressed out Fed .

    I think you are right on for making each person work for it. Good job Fed!

    I also wanted to say that I appreciate all of the friends I have made here. Thank all you guys for being so cool.

  38. Wow Fed, sorry you had a bad chat time today. I wasn’t hit with a bout of insomnia so I didn’t make it. I knew the private chat would be more trouble than it’s worth.

    Paul, I have AOL and everything works fine.

    [Perhaps there should be an additional room called the “Shed”.-ag]

    I don’t know if you are joking or not, but I find that to be quite funny.


    [It was far from bad. We had just the one idiot today, as opposed to the many we’ve had previously. – Features Editor]

  39. I think the chat is expertly run by Fed and doesn’t need any changes. Fed has been more than generous with his time in the setup and monitoring of the chats.

    The only recommendation I would make is to make the chat window resizable so those with larger screens can see more of the discussion. Things do get quite a bit busy at times.

    On the issue of the password for the barn, one suggestion is that we might want to let newcomers know that the first letter in the password is a capital letter. I think this may be confusing some who may have ascertained the password from the blog, but didn’t figure out that detail.

    I noticed a number of bloggers who have commented that the chats seem to get off topic. This is a natural occurance in any chat environment. I suggest that if you feel the current chat has gone off topic, send a message with “New Topic:” at the beginning and suggest a new topic for discussion. I do this frequently when I feel the chat has gotten a little to “clubby” and usually post a directly David or Floyd related subject. This usually gets the conversation back to David’s music, which is why we’re all here in the first place.

    All told, I think the chat is an exceptional extension to the DG community. I’ve gotten to know people from around the world that share a common interest. Many thanks to Fed and all who make this possible.

  40. [This is the big one. It’s not going to happen, I’m afraid. Private messaging would be abused. Sadly, there’s not enough respect for the rules to warrant activating this feature. As those who were present at today’s chat will concur, we had this immature dickhead messing around and, had private messaging been available to him, I suspect he’d have bothered everyone individually. I’m not prepared to let people treat the chatroom, nor David’s fans, as playthings. The “worthy candidates” need to look for the password. Plenty of people have managed to find it – including the muppet who bothered everyone today – so that pretty much ends the debate for me. – Features Editor

    I agree if it aint broke dont fix it, Clownboy/girl got my goat up and if private chat was available and abuse was sent my way I fear this placid creature would have Mr magee running like hell.

    Dont make me angry Mr magee

    Rgds Geoff Duffy ( Dublin )

  41. Important Question I have kind Sir…

    I know Gilmour’s Royal Albert Hall DVD is coming out in a few months and you told me a few months back that it will be released on DVD as well as High-Definiton DVD. Do you know what version of High-Definition this DVD will be on? Is it going to be Sony’s ‘Blu-Ray’ or “HD-DVD” I’m assuming it is going to be the “sony blu-ray for Sony distributes Gilmour’s music…

    Please let me know, for David’s new DVD will be the deciding factor on which ‘High-Definiton’ platform I go with.”I’ve been saving my pennies for all of Gilmour’s new releases!!!!

    Thanks for your time, FED – keep up the great work!!! I love the site and the blog!!!!

    [I said the concert footage was shot in High Definition, that’s all. – Features Editor]

  42. I just checked out the Channel 4 UK Hall of Fame website and learned that Madonna was listed as a Founding member. Madonna????!

    (insert expletives here)

    First this and now you have Michael Jackson dancing once again on your shores. Mother of god, I remember when we use to look to your Nation for “Reason”! When will this madness all end?

  43. F’Ed,

    My take on the chatroom is it’s got it’s own particular charm, but is certaintly no replacement for the Blog. It is nice to have a more conversational experience in the chatroom, by definition I suppose. However it seems to attract a different crowd than what is in the Blog. That is, some Bloggers don’t seem to make the trip to the chatroom.

    The thing I miss there from the Blog is the thoughtfulness that goes into the Blog entries. The thing that is consistent on this blog is a collective eloquence and compassion that David Gilmour admirers (fanatics is not really appropriate IMO) express.

    The only other thing I can say that limits my participation is the centering of events around GMT. That is circumstantial, of course, as I live in North America. But I will say F’Ed, you do your level headed best to accomadate everyone.


  44. I think the chatroom is a great idea, partly because it was not created for a commercial or a promoting purpose but only in order to please fans, probably because of Fed’s suggestion, many thanks to you for that.

    It’s great specially for native english/american speaking people, they can talk “live” to each other.

    It’s hard to use for the others (myself included of course, hi! Lucia !) because it’s very fast, above all when there are many people talking about different topics, no time enough to read, translate, reflect, translate again and type ! what a challenge ! no possibility to say interesting things, only the possibility to reply sometimes or chat with only one person, which is not nice for the other ones.

    So, for no native speakers of english (?), I think the blog is a better and nicer way for expression.

    There is another problem for our american friends: the time difference.

    But it’s an english blog, and we have to adapt to it of course, no problem !

    Moreover, anyone is very nice in the chatroom, very understanding and friendly, many thanks to you all, especially Fed who always tries to integrate everyone, myself included.

    So, I’m not so comfortable in the chatroom, but I love it .

    Puisqu’il existe the lobby, the barn, the theatre, il serait peut-être possible de dédoubler ou de multiplier les pièces; quand il y a trop de monde, les gens pourraient se répartir dans les différents pièces, ce serait plus facile.

    Ne pourrait-on pas aussi agrandir la fenêtre du chatroom sur notre écran, elle ne fait actuellement pas plus de 1/6 de la place disponible sur l’écran, on aurait plus de temps pour lire…

    Sorry, can’t explain that in english .

    And apologies for the too long post, I’ve not been able to write it shorter.


  45. I’m not a chatroom fan I’m afraid, but that doesn’t mean I would change anything about it.

    When it was first mooted, I fully understood the purpose of the chat facility as a means of allowing communication between bloggers without “contaminating” the blog itself. And a noble thought it was too.

    However in practice I find that

    a) I am rarely available when it is (and visa versa) so it cannot serve a regular purpose for me
    b) On the few occasions I have been in I have found the “crossfire” of various conversations, all of rather short statements and subject to slight delays, almost impossible to settle into.

    To re-iterate, I’m not complaining, just “feeding back”, and I’m happy to concede that the above is just because I’m a dullard.

    In any case I’m perfectly happy with the blog itself (thankyou) which continues to find a happy medium and allow a little licence around the subject anyway (right or wrong F’ed) and is always there when I feel the need.

    So “hoorah” for the good old blog and “yah boo sucks” to those clever enough to make the chat work for them.

  46. My only comment would be the possibility (or lack thereof) to have more chats at other times. A lot of fans are not on UK/European times and don’t have the opportunity to participate because we need that tiny thing called sleep. 🙂

    Perhaps a suggestion, if FEd is amenable, would be to designate an off-hours moderator that is implicitly trusted to run things the way he would and allow chats for those who simply are unable to meet FEd’s schedule (and I would never suggest that FEd change his schedule to accommodate us).

    Just an idle thought from a newbie to the party who’d like to get to chat with the rest of the party. 🙂

    The Phoenix.

  47. I’m pretty much in the same situation as Wendy. Cannot go in from work, because they block it, and the chat is usually closed when I’m home. (U.S. eastern time).

    I’ve been on a couple of times, and there’s some really nice people there. I’m glad that we get this opportunity. It’s a little hard for me to keep up, since I can’t type very fast, but occasionally I’ll pop in when it’s open late enough.

    As far as I’m concerned Fed, you don’t have to change anything, and your still doing a great job. I’ll continue to enjoy the blog in the meantime.

  48. I haven’t tried it yet. I’d like to, time permitting. Can’t say that getting up at 4 in the morning to join in sounds too appetizing. Do you ever have the chats later in the day, GMT?

    [Please see the calendar for all scheduled times, but we’ve had many 4PM starts. – Features Editor]

  49. Hi

    Well I like the Blog I think the chat is good in practice but Ive had problems with it i.e loging on so gave up with it, which is OK beacuse I think the blog is better baecuse you can filter out what you dont want to read (speed reading) and you get to see pollys great photographs

    I found chat a bit repetitive.

    I like the polls I like the community, I dont post very much but I do read most days,

  50. To Ian, Wendy, Pete and others.

    I, too,know the password, but not able to access. It’s a timing issue or work schedule, usually. I felt also that it might leave alot of us out ‘in the cold’.

    But, much still goes on here and many ‘irregulars’ still post lots keeping things current and interesting. Someday though, we may get a chance too.

    Naturally, from my standpoint I’d rather lose the chance to chat than the chance to blog. Because then I would miss all of it.

  51. Fed, I really think that it is a great web site and I really want to thank David for giving us a chance to be part of the family. I have made some really good friends. Plus I really enjoy getting all thats going on first hand, For I hate rumors and now I don’t have to wonder if a cd, dvd & etc. will be released for all the information is at our finger tips.

    Again I just want to Thank David,Polly& You (Fed) for a great job and place to go to.

    Take Care,

  52. FEd, regarding the Chat Room I think it’s fine as it is. My experience of moderating on a forum tells me that we don’t want to go there for a start because polarised views on an open forum spell trouble with a capital T! To maintain the uniqueness of both The Blog and the associated Chat Room I think you have to stick to your guns, and your rules, no matter how strict they are and no matter what some people may think. So don’t be tempted to relax the rules I say.

    How many rooms do you think you can have before you implode trying to moderate them FEd – theoretically you could leave the Barn to run it’s self couldn’t you? If you could have two, or even three other rooms up it will allow people who can’t handle the occasional madness that pervades when 10 or more people are all talking at once to pop off to a quiet corner – without granting ‘Private Chat’ facilities.

    Timing wise well, I make a chat about once a fortnight and get quite frustrated when I miss out due to work or family commitments but that’s my problem not yours – plus when I can make it, usually when it’s raining, I’ve at least got something to talk about!

    I think in the Blog you are always going to get comments that don’t necessarily relate to the title of that particular entry. Now that may be as much to do with the fact that many people tend to use it as something that is happening in the here and now – if they want to raise a point they will often use the latest Blog entry because the belief is there that it will get noticed more than if it gets posted in say a two week old entry – remember there is no way to see when new entries have been added to the various sections – unlike on our old friend the forum with it’s ‘new post’ feature.

    Bottom line, as far as I’m concerned, is that you personally are the figure head of this place – Blog and Chat – by all means canvas our opinions but I suspect you know just how you want it to run and develop. You follow your instincts because they’ve been spot on up to now and I don’t doubt they will be spot on in the future!

    [Oh, my hugely bloated ego… – Features Editor]

  53. Caption…David smiles while waiting for Rick to enter, realizing he’s going to have to play sideways.

    Would love to participate in live chat to mingle in real time with all the crazies I’m familiar with here via the blog,however as already noted in posts above, the time difference(being from Canada,and my work schedule)just doesn’t work for me.

    Now you say it can’t be open 24/7..why not?..I’m sure there are plenty of reliable people out there looking for decent work willing to work shift.I’m sure $ is not an issue here to add someone to the payroll.

    [Are you offering, John? – Features Editor]

  54. Way to go VH1!!!

    I was pleased to read the news about the UK Music Hall of Fame Awards being brodcast here in the States. I was feeling a bit left out. I guess someone decided to throw us a bone. I’m setting my DVR to record it right now before I forget. (Like I could forget that)

    Thanks for the good news. Fed, did U ever know that you’re my hero?

    I really do despise that song.

    Melissa (*_*)

  55. [Are you offering, John? – Features Editor] to luv you F.E….Hey..match my current salary and I’m there for you!

  56. Hello fed

    a suggestion for you, what about having 2 comment areas each day 1 for random stuff 1 for topical stuff that way if people want to talk about somthing unrelated to the title they could do on the other hand if they wanted to talk about the topic that is also possible as is both

    Re the chat being open 24/7 cant you have a bot to filter out the chat that you dont want so all the text we type goes through a filter any band topics get filtered out and you can read the transcripts the next day just to check none broke the rules, which I think are a good idea beacuse it means we can be sure to show respect for David and his family,

    unless of course you employed somone in canda to be a mod for a few hours per week?? Im UK based but I can imagine how annoying it is for canda and US fans

    also couldnt you mod both rooms if you logged in twice and just used 2 monitors, you might have to use 2 pcs so you get 2 IP address but I cant see why the chat program couldnt be forced to except you twice??

    [Thanks. Many of your suggestions are already in operation and your last point is possible. – Features Editor]

  57. I can’t get too excited about the chat room, mainly because it’s only open when I’m A. sleeping B. getting ready for work or C. at work. And of course weekend chats (really the only sane time to chat in my situation and time zone) are outlawed – and, as you’ve said before, Edwina, you’re not planning on staying up until midnight UK time just so us Yanks can chat after work during the week. So for American working stiffs like me who can’t risk getting caught futzing around in chat rooms on company time, the chat is not much of an option.

    Plus there’s a dearth of conversation about David (possibly stifled by the rules? I don’t know; you make the call) from what little I’ve seen. Correct me if I’m wrong.

    Can’t wait to see David on VH1’s rerun of the UK Hall of Fame thingy. Oops, I forgot – they shut off my cable. Guess I’ll have to barge into the kid’s apartment that night and commandeer the remote control.

    Anyway, hope everyone is having a FABULOUS evening.


    [The rules only “stifle” unreasonable topics and anyone with an ounce of common sense can surely differentiate between what is reasonable for an official website and what isn’t. If they can’t, then I don’t particularly want them involved. As has been said elsewhere, we’re not interested in your fansites, your tribute bands or your bootlegs. Neither are we going to let you ask questions about, or speculate on, David’s personal life. We don’t want your contact details being shared openly for reasons already explained above. That’s it. I personally asked some people to discuss Roger’s concerts elsewhere, as I felt that certain individuals were just trying to subtly stick the knife in for the good of their warped cause. I will not tolerate the tired “Which One’s Pink?” debate, nor any gratuitous criticism of any band member. This is David’s official site and whilst the topic of conversation in both blog and chatroom should not have to revolve constantly around how wonderful we all think David is, I do expect people to be courteous and respectful in a room he has provided for his fans. To use it to ask if we’ll send you a signed photo, for example, is just taking the you-know-what. – Features Editor]

  58. I’ve tried to come up with a good suggestion for the chat room F’ed, but really can’t suggest ways to improve it other than perhaps offering a couple of different skins for it, if that’s possible.

    I always check my free time with the blogs to see if they coincide, but they rarely do. But that’s okay, that’s just life.

    Thanks for making this place available.

  59. [Oh, my hugely bloated ego… – Features Editor]

    Just saying it how I see it, you should be proud of all you do for us – Heaven knows how you put up with us!

    [Bless you. – Features Editor]

  60. Just a heads up to a potential problem.

    I was just at the online store (US) and saw the limited edition is now available for pre-order. I happily ordered mine, but it specifically says limit of ONE per person. Just to check it,I tried to order two and it apparantly was going to let me. I was a good boy and just ordered one,I promise. It would be a shame if someone was able to buy up a bunch of them depriving others.

    Thought you might like to know.

    [Thanks, Steve. There should be a problem for anyone who tries to order more than one. Basically, once all the orders are in, Anthill will contact those who ordered more than one and will ask them to order again – this time ordering just the one item, as clearly stated. By this time, of course, the limited supply could be long gone, so I can’t stress this enough: To avoid disappointment, please only order one copy. It may seem like an odd strategy, but the greedy people who see an opportunity to profit from this release could end up with egg on their faces, which is never a bad thing. No further questions about this, please. That’s all I can tell you, I also have many questions and, frankly, it’s nothing to do with me. Please take it up with Anthill instead. – Features Editor]

  61. Smokey Haze!

    🙂 i liked your little story about how you met the love of your life through David’s music.

    Happened to me too, without PF and DG I would have never met my husband, the 2nd best man in the world (he still has some ways to go to match up with David :-))

  62. Okay, I have to put in my two cents worth as well.

    Like many I was worried the chat would replace the Blog. I love the Blog because for those of us who are not available at specific or regular times each day, we can peruse at our leisure and reflect before choosing whether to post a comment or remain silent.

    I would love a chat experience but not at the cost of losing the blog and the fed’s guidance through this whole experience. I mean, I had never blogged before this website came into existence, so my internet skills have expanded already. Fed has done a great job, could another person be grafted in with the understanding, tact, patience and pointy stick skills? I, personally think not.

    Thanks again for the information, humour and shared love of music that this site and this blog represents to me. I say, Fed, just trust your instincts and do what you feel is best.

    [Thanks a lot, Kimberley. – Features Editor]

  63. I have been in the Chat Room a couple of times but I type so slow I can’t really jump into the conversation and then I get booted out, I don’t mind really, that’s the way it should be.

    I am just happy that Fed has kept the blog going and the chat room. I guess I feel a bit like Pete and Ian a tad left out with respect to the chat room. Hey this is still the best damn site on the net and I really feel I do know everyone, it’s the reason OAI is one of my all time favourite albums it is more than just music, it’s real.


  64. so u have to have a password to get into the chat and a special password (with a capital first letter) to get into the barn? i have gone back and looked for it all briefly. how far does this go back? i read and contribute to this blog all the time and dont have a clue.

    not to sound like sour apples but i dont really care either way. just b/c u have that information doesnt make u a bigger fan….there isnt a bigger fan than me.

    i have amazing stories about shows…i was at about face in san diego in 1984, i was at the atlanta shows in ’87 that were filmed at the omni in atlanta…i saw dave 5 times in that week actually in ’87..tampa, miami and atlanta x 3 all in the same week,,,i have seen dave and rog over 20 times…i saw pros and cons in atlanta in ’85… have 2 david gilmour strats that i customized to his specs (pick-ups/tremola) for almost 20 yrs…and i can play the entire darkside, wish you were here , animals, and wall albums…and echoes….and most of final cut and momentary lapse.

    i dont think most people have time to go back thru 6 months of postings to find a needle in a haystack…i’ll just stick to the blog thank you. and i am the one who mentioned dave to richie sambora and billy gibbons ignoring those guitarists brilliance for dave. i am a true fan and for a long time!

    [Of course it doesn’t make you a bigger fan. It does, however, make you one of the fans that’s made this blog such a success. Having somewhere private to chat, away from the potential trouble-makers (who are limited to the Lobby), is a way of showing our thanks for that. With respect, if there’s one thing I don’t want in the chatroom, it’s this “I’m a bigger fan than you, I know more than you, I’ve got more than you” rubbish. So maybe it’s best that you don’t find it. – Features Editor]

  65. about the dave’s black strat..where is this extra switch u all are talking about and special pickups…i have looked at every pic and havent seen an extra switch anywhere…he may have a mid boost that he puls out on the tone knob but there isnt any extra switch that i can see. any help there from the guitar players in the blog would be great…

    and didnt he play the red one on shine on on oai tour?? black one is a beauty though…especially if that is the pompeii one…wallowing in the dirt of pompeii. very romantic!

  66. For those of us who are (or were) particularly shy –or even paranoid– lurkers, I’d just like to acknowledge that the very high standard of professionalism, the steadfastness of sensible disciplinary and safety-security measures, and even the compassion and generosity to look out specifically for one’s back (like mine), which are all achievements carried out by this site’s Blog/Barn Master, is what drew me out of my shell to actively participate in a blog and chatroom.

    Being female, I feel quite safe here…to the comfortable point of actually having had LOTS of fun and laughs –even tears and prayers of compassion exchanged– with several of you…

    …So many funny, caring and polite people here, but I can’t help but always return to the bottomline fact that so much of that feeling of security and comfortableness I now have has indeed come from the expertise and online personality of the F’ed.

    So thanks much, F’ed. You have secured me MONTHS of enjoyment in the World of DG Cyber-space this past year. Obviously, I hope your profession here continues for a long time to come…

    …(though even super heroes need a vacation SOMEtimes! –so what’s Boxing Day and New Year’s looking like for you???)


    [Some of you don’t half flatter me. Is anyone going to say that it’s all crap? – Features Editor]

  67. I’ve never been in the chatroom. It is always closed when I try it. It only seems to be open while I’m at work so I don’t get the chance to get in. But I’ll keep trying.

    Love the blog though!


  68. a ladies’ Gilmour room would be excellent!! we’re the GilmourGirls btw…..not only do we respect David Gilmour the musician but we also think he is still the most handsome!! an open forum would be really nice….a room for us GilmourGirls please!!!

  69. Hi FEd and Irregular friends,

    FEd, you crack me up!! In that kind of you’re-so-cute-when-you’re-angry sort of way. At first I thought you had BOTH a dickhead and a muppet bothering you and the gang this morning. Upon further perusing of posts it appears to have been one person who was not only a dickhead/muppet, split-personality sort of irritating person, but a Clownboy/girl as well (Geoff gets the laugh on that one — so, a clown who goes both ways??)! On the one hand I’m glad that I wasn’t irritated by this dickheaded muppet, but on the other it almost sounds as though it could have been entertaining …

    All joking aside, other than possibly having a bigger window as has been mentioned above, I can’t think of anything that I’d change with the chatroom set up. Of course I’m no expert in these matters since this is the only chatroom I’ve ever participated in, but I certainly am enjoying the time I’m able to spend with fellow Gilmourettes and Gilmourmates (good, Rudders!). Topics do at times go a little sideways, but I think it’s an accurate representation of the mental state of those participating at any given moment … we can’t be serious all the time, now can we?

    So the definitive answer to the question of the chatroom and/or bllooooogg (sounds like a cat coughing up a hairball), they’re both fantastic, don’t change a thing!! You, and everyone involved in the evolution of David’s website, have provided an entertaining, informative (on many levels), and very user-friendly environment in which to share thoughts and feelings as they pertain to music, the environment, spiritual matters, and plenty of cooking tips as well.

    As far as the chat times, I think you’re doing a great job of scheduling times that work for North/South America and UK/Europe — I don’t really think anyone would expect you, FEd, to stay up all night to monitor chats. As far as people’s work/school schedules go, I suppose the only solution to that would be an occasional weekend chat. But that might be considered above and beyond the call of duty.

    I look forward to tomorrow’s chat … talk to you all then hopefully!

    Peace and love always,
    Washington State

    [I would certainly consider the odd weekend chat – football permitting, of course – once my D.I.Y. duties are complete, but the next bone of contention would be at what time do we schedule it? – Features Editor]

  70. The blog and chatroom are two different beasts. I too worried about the chatroom being too stuffy (or lame), with biased opinions, and what if I didn’t know what to say?

    The first moment in, it became a second home. Just like the blog is a community of delightfully poignant writers, the chatroom is ‘real-time’ banter with like-minded folk. It’s quick and fast and it’s helpful to have Geoff’s or Rudders’ wit.

    For example; If Hysteron and Angelo chatted on a ‘discussion of the future’, chatters would chime in and dilute their delicate oratory that, in truth, takes much more than a couple of minutes (much less, seconds) to compose. This is in no way dismissing the advanced intelligence, vocabulary eloquence, rabid disquisitions, or hysterical beliefs the blog entails, but the chatroom is for ‘chatting’, it doesn’t work as an advanced discourse forum.

    Composing a properly developed thought often takes more than 200 characters (the limit per chat entry). Even if you type 80 words a minute without looking at the keyboard, and you try typing 200 characters (without errors), the chat moves so fast, you WILL miss something.

    I like Marian and EchoesBob’s idea of enlarging the chatscreen. Then scrolling wouldn’t be such an issue when you do miss something someone said. Also, we need a spellcheck.

    The Barn is the funnest (not a real word) place in the world. The Barn welcomes everybody (except muppets). In the Barn there’s a kitchen, a bar, a smoking area (away from the hay on the left), a hayloft, and the Irregulars even make their own rules (in addition to FEd’s)-like no cigar smoking in the barn! There are kilts and swords and jugs labeled XXX. If you walk past the kitchen (going to the loo), from time to time, you’ll see David cooking. Please take a visit.

    For background music I listen to my iTunes while chatting. I usually listen to DG/PF and that makes it easier to DJ. Yes, the Barn has two turntables and a microphone. A stage really needs to be built though.

    [As you can see, it’s all perfectly sane… – Features Editor]

  71. Happy Friday,

    [(Pete, get your act together !)]

    Martin, you thought Guy was funny. You want to see me in action on a PC.

    Entertainment guarenteed.

    Pete – Coventry

  72. you know…the best thing i like about this blog and the that everyone is so damn well mannered 🙂 thank you who write here and participate in the chat sessions. This place gives you a warm feeling, doesn’t it?



  73. Hello Fed and all,

    I just wanted to say that I have only visited the chat room once so far mainly due to the time.

    Being a chat newbie I found it difficult to keep up (not being the fastest typer) and the fact that I could not follow what was going on it the soccer community.

    I would like to add that I was warmly greeted by everyone there which was nice. I will definitely try to get my feet wet again soon.

  74. I really agree with you all! I think everyone expressed good points: Ian, Angelo, Tim, Michèle…

    If I have to express my final thought, I can say that maybe the chat has nothing to do with David Gilmour, but it’s nice meet so many people from all the world and listen that, while your day is almost finish, some who is chatting with you has just woken up! Or listening about the thanksgiven day, who is something that I don’t celebrate, or talk with a soldier who came back from Iraq…it is all so interesting!

    So, I don’t care very much about the chat – I like doing it sometimes, but I don’t feel the need to log in everytime – and maybe it shouldn’t be in David Gilmour’s blog… but have the opportunity to speak to so many different people from so many different Conturies is a big gift, in my opinion… so, it’s good FEd opened it. Thanks FEd!

    Even if, as Michèle said perfectly, my god! So fast chats!!! And we, poor no english language people! But, also in this case, bloggers are so nice that everyone try, patiently, to involve us in conversation…and this is really kind! So, thanks guys!

    And I think it’s nice to pass from a room to another one…but I think it should be divide for topics, not for people. Everyone should have the password in my opinion…even because there are just few people who don’t have…and I don’t have the feeling that the barn is something really close to only irregulars…so, if it has to be open to the 98% of the bloggers, I think it should be also to the other 2%.

    At the other hand, all that Ian said is right…but I think that, at the end, everyone is free to choose, here, if stay only on the blog or visit also the chatroom. So, with a little of patience, also who prefer the blog can enjoy…and tolerate people who write “good chats today”. Tolerance one of the most beautiful virtue a person can have, after all!

    Oh damn! Sorry for the long post…but I have not posted for some days, so I have accumulated lines to write, right? 😉

    So, also another thought, about the climate change:

    Today in Rome are more than 20°C…and is the 17th of november. It’s Winter and seems Spring…

    and it’s doing me in
    doing me in
    doing me in
    doing me in
    doing me in
    doing me in

    Phew! This really disgust me.

    See you


    P.S. FEd, I haven’t had time to flatter you in the last days. Don’t feel neglected. I’ll start again soon, ok? Bye dear!

  75. Just to say that I am listening to “On The Turning Away” right now…and it’s really a wonderful song… Yes, wonderful!


  76. Wow! Now I am listening to “What Do You Want From Me” and I love a lot this song too!!! Ok! Now I stop posting everytime I find a song I like!


  77. So I was watching the awards on TV last night when David came on. I asked my lady, who has absolutely no interest in my musical leanings whatsoever (how have we survived 24 years), who she thought that that was.

    After a pause she said she recognised the face and was it Rick Wakeman.

    Pete – Coventry

    [Would it be wrong to suggest the pointy stick? Maybe a casual threat of divorce would do the trick. – Features Editor]

  78. [i have amazing stories about shows…i was at about face in san diego in 1984, i was at the atlanta shows in ’87 that were filmed at the omni in atlanta…i saw dave 5 times in that week actually in ’87..tampa, miami and atlanta x 3 all in the same week,,,i have seen dave and rog over 20 times…i saw pros and cons in atlanta in ’85… have 2 david gilmour strats that i customized to his specs (pick-ups/tremola) for almost 20 yrs…and i can play the entire darkside, wish you were here , animals, and wall albums…and echoes….and most of final cut and momentary lapse.]

    is that all.

    Now which Ripping Yarns/Monty Python sketch am I thinking of.

    Pete – Coventry

  79. Hi FEd,

    I personally do not have much time to partake in the chatroom as my office computer does not allow access and I am too busy being a mom/wife when I am at home.

    However, I don’t like the thought of have a room for the “girls” and a room for the “boys”. It’s too divisive. I come from a background where boys and girls are just the same. Whilst over here in England I have had nothing but a big battle with how women should do this and women must not do that. I am no feminist but I hate the second class status. Guys don’t like girl guitarists or girl mechanics which I do both in my spare time. Oh, sorry, I mustn’t go on.

    So in my opinion it would not be a good idea for a separate room for boys and girls. I do realise though that if one does not want to go there then one doesn’t have to. I just thought I would put my two pennies worth in.

    With kind regards.


    [I happen to agree with you on this, Julie. That won’t be happening. – Features Editor]

  80. Sugar Farts-n-Floozies!!!! Just saw my schedule and I can’t join the chat today. I’ll be nowhere near a computer during those times. I’m so mad I can cr*p on the floor… I’ll get in there for an irregular chat one of these days!

    [Some of you don’t half flatter me. Is anyone going to say that it’s all crap? – Features Editor]

    …it’s all crap… It’s your interior decorating skills that earn you credit….

    Angelo Ortiz
    Member, Cheeky Bugger Society: NYC Chapter

    [Finally! You should see my beautifully plastered wall. It’s finally going to be covered this weekend. I’m rather fond of the bare look now. – Features Editor]

  81. CAPTION: “Ummmm, rrrriiiight….”

    David awkwardly sought for a way to tell an overeager Guy that a disco “Hey You” version would not work on tour….

  82. I felt I had to write on this topic again…You provided some very good clues to where the password was and when I found it (which was within 5 mins), I remembered reading it the first time around, but didn’t get the clue.

    Personally, I find it impossible to join during working hours, but I plan to make an effort to join the crew out of hours, like 5pm today.

    Thanks again for a stirling job!

  83. Micro Switch is located just below Volume control.

    It combines neck & Bridge pickups and is normally used in Comfortably Numbs last solo.

  84. [So I was watching the awards on TV last night when David came on. I asked my lady, who has absolutely no interest in my musical leanings whatsoever (how have we survived 24 years), who she thought that that was. After a pause she said she recognised the face and was it Rick Wakeman.]

    It’s taken some time, but my kids (aged 8 and 6) now finally recognise David Gilmour in all of his different guises from the past four decades.

    A couple of years ago, a guy I was sharing a lift with told me how a member from Pink Floyd had recently visited a local cider farm here in Somerset. Excitedly, I asked him which one and he replied, “Err, I think it was Roger Gilmour”.

    [Here, you can use my pointy stick. – Features Editor]

  85. [Is anyone going to say that it’s all crap? – Features Editor]

    There are other areas which would fall into the “not good” category but not the chatroom or the Blog…

    [I’m intrigued… – Features Editor]

  86. Hey FEd and everyone here at the Blog.

    Firstly I would like to commend all the hard work that the Features Editor has put into this chat, and we all really appreciate it.

    My opinion on the chatroom. I really enjoy talking to Erin, Marcus, EchoesBob, Gabrielle etc etc and hey, I’ve made some ‘virtual’ friends.

    Another great thing is the seclusion of the ‘Irregulars’ to the non-so.

    What I’d like to see in the future is a possible ‘Topic for the Chat’ where the FEd chooses a topic to talk about etc. Some of us could even send in ideas for topics.

    Apart from that it’s brilliant. Hope to see you all there at 5.

    Going to bed now, just done 10 hour shift (Hey, it’s Half-term in uni, and I’m skint!). See you at 5.

    P.S. Wales V Canada tonight in Cardiff. Kickoff 7:30 pm. We’ll have em’ by 30 points, whilst the english will get hammered……..again!

  87. what’s wrong with an open forum with mods? lay down the same rules as now…nothing profane, personal, don’t talk about Gilmour’s personal life…just to talk about his great music (‘Smile’ sooo makes me turn to butter!!) i wanna let him know how much he’s appreciated…he’s made the greatest music that you could ever hear!!

  88. fyi

    I just read a CNN news story about a case of “web-rage” in the UK. Some guy was tracked down and attacked.

    Thanks for looking out for us fed!

  89. [Each room could have different titles e.g. DG’s Albums, OAI Tour, The Gilmourettes (ladies only), The Gilmourmates (men only) DG’s DVDs etc. etc. which could act as the topic of discussion]

    [a ladies’ Gilmour room would be excellent!! we’re the GilmourGirls btw…..not only do we respect David Gilmour the musician but we also think he is still the most handsome!! an open forum would be really nice….a room for us GilmourGirls please!!!]

    I don’t really like this idea of two separate rooms for ladies and gentlemen, that reminds me that old story from my father about separate boys/girls classrooms in his youth ! awful, I think !

    I don’t feel a “gilmourette” at all, that was fun, but it was only a joke for me, I don’t imagine myself in a special “Gilmourette room” ! We ‘re all David’s fans, no matters male or female.

    Two rooms, yes, but only to have less people in each one.

    Wow, Fed, it’s always a pleasure to learn to speak fluent english with you ! ” dickhead” ? “muppet” ? “nutcase” ? “it’s all crap” ? I don’t understand any of these words, but it’s so good to imagine !!!


  90. I think the chat room is a great idea i have only got to go to the chat room once but its good for those who can, im in the US and the difference in the time almost makes it impossible for me but i will get to it someday, thats why i like the blog i can go on it anytime, i still think its a good idea, ill get there soon.

    Cant wait to see David on the hall of fame on the 25th, i watched it last year when Pink Floyd was inducted in they all are truly great. Cant wait till i can get the dvd/cd i know its going to be great.

  91. I’m twiddling my thumbs on the train, waiting for today’s chat.

    Todays topic of discussion, Will Fed finish his kitchen before Christmas? Vegas is opening an odds line for same ( currently 5 to 1 against. )

  92. i have to say i really enjoy the chats , fet ed has been great . even though we did bump heads a couple of times 🙂 i have been on unmoderated sites and seen the whole chat thing just collapse so i think fet ed should be appluded for keeping the chats on the road without trouble .

    like a few posters here though i did wonder what was the value of having a password protected room . however in the last chat the value of it was made clear to me . we had a a bit of a nuisance maker . all of us tried to head over to the barn . there we could chat in peace without the annoying contributions .

    chat starting in 7 minutes . ( i posted this at 16-53 uk time friday 17th ) time to go and get ready for it .

    Linda Island Lady 🙂

  93. [With respect, if there’s one thing I don’t want in the chatroom, it’s this “I’m a bigger fan than you, I know more than you, I’ve got more than you” rubbish. So maybe it’s best that you don’t find it. – Features Editor]

    Fed, not only do you do justice to David, you do justice to us Irregulars. Reading this post about killed me, but your retort said everything I was thinking, and you said it much more politely then I could. You truly are the Captain of the Irregulars.

    I thought I had missed chat, whew, you did change the time didn’t you, or have I COMPLETELY lost it?

    (However, you must have 1st had something in order to lose it 😉


    [You’re not losing it, mate. I did change a few of the times. – Features Editor]

  94. fed, i did not say i was a bigger fan. that is not what i said at all. on the contrary, i feel that some people on this site feel that way…not me. im just saying that there isnt a bigger fan out there than me, thats all. and some of them had their 1st experience with oai which has not been very long to hold a ‘special key’ to any part of a d.g web site. that is all i am saying. and my quote was ‘there isnt a bigger fan than me”…and there isnt!!… but there are obviously many that love ole’ as MUCH as i do. if you saw my band and my guitar playing you would fully understand. my love for dave goes back a long long time.

    FED i think you misinterpreted what i meant…i was not saying i am better or bigger fan at all

    [Then I’m happy to stand corrected. Don’t forget that the Barn is just one part of the chatroom. Everyone is welcome at the Lobby, which is where most people hang around – as the name suggests. It’s the main entrance and most of the discussion takes place there. Feel free to join in if you can make one of the sessions. – Features Editor]

  95. Hysteron Proteron:

    Re: your most recent posts…

    This is from Barbara Tuchman’s ‘Guns of August’ (MacMillan, 3rd ed., page 442):

    These hearings (at Briey)… are the basic source for French military policy in August, 1914. They grew out of the loss of the Briey iron ore basin which became critical as the war went on. Certain sinister underpinnings of the munitions industry with its interlocking Franco German directorates led a deputy, M. Fernand Engerand, to pursue a persistent investigation into the circumstances of the loss of Briey and this led by natural stages to an investigation of French strategy at the outset of the war. When the war was over, M. Engerand succeeded in getting a Committee of Inquiry appointed of which he was named rapporteur. “as our inquiry unrolled with all its illustrious witnesses,” he wrote in his Report, it was plain that the truth about the origins and failure of Plan 17 was being “obstinately hidden” from the government and the Chamber of Deputies, but “we have tried to unravel the tangled and hidden threads of this month of August, 1914, the most tragic, perhaps, in all the history of France.”

    What interlocking Franco German directorates?

    He who has ears to hear, let him hear. He who has eyes to see, let him see.

  96. [Wow, Fed, it’s always a pleasure to learn to speak fluent english with you ! ” dickhead” ? “muppet” ? “nutcase” ? “it’s all crap” ? I don’t understand any of these words, but it’s so good to imagine !!!]

    Michele, watch any English premier league game and you will find each of these phrases in abundance (but some more than others , eh F’ed?) 😉

    [I’m afraid it’s absolutely true. – Features Editor]

  97. i really enjoyed this blog entry. it’s always nice to feel that our thoughts are welcome.

    fair play to you for letting us have our say, fed. i know not many of us think it’s crap, as you say, but you take the criticism on the chin. i like that. hats off to you and better luck against boro than you had against the arse last week.

    [Away again… I hope the performance isn’t as yellow as the kit we’ll be wearing. – Features Editor]

  98. [Some of you don’t half flatter me. Is anyone going to say that it’s all crap? – Features Editor]

    Dear F’ed,


    Just sharing a little love, gratitude, and good cheer, F’ed; –don’t want your engine fueled with flattery. Was I naive to freely share? ….(I think I embarrassed you [???] –so sorry for that; I wasn’t thinking ahead?)


    [Bless you. You’re too kind, really. – Features Editor]

  99. FEd i had to laugh at your comment on your bare walls, I am too going through a remodel job. Don’t think as the walls being bare, think of it has ultra-modern or the minimalist look. 🙂

    Thats what gets me through it.

    Good Luck

    [Thanks, Jennifer. We are obviously on a higher creative level, aren’t we? – Features Editor]

  100. I think the chats just get better and better.

    FEd, if you do decide to have several chatrooms and you need moderators, you could deputize a few of us trusted irregulars to wield the pointy sticks. If anyone got pillocky, we could dispatch them ourselves or call the big cheese…You. We could be called the Gilmour Volunteers.

    Or not.


    Happy weekend, y’all.


  101. I can only join the chatroom from time to time (mostly because of the difference in time zones), but whenever I can make it, everyone there is always extremely nice and polite. I very much enjoy it, even though I tend to stay idling… I’m a bit shy..

    So thanks FEd for taking the time to moderate it and make sure everyone has a good time.

    Have a great weekend!

  102. At this time i could not make it once on the chat. The different hours were not o.k. with me (work, kids,duty etc.) but i dont despair, one day i will be able, i hope. It will be my first experience on chat!

    Sylvie de Montréal

  103. Comments on the chatroom.

    Well my issue is similar to others in that I have yet to log into it. Part of that is due to not being home when the chat is open and I can’t do it from work.

    Its really not a big deal. I enjoy this blog and its here all the time. I can post and read at my convenience. And there is still fun stuff going on here as well. Of course there is some carry over discussions from the chat to this blog that “leaves people out.” But I just skip over those entries.

    Hopefully someday I’ll have a chance to check it out.

    Thanks for asking.


  104. [watch any English premier league game and you will find each of these phrases in abundance- Tim C]

    Yeah, Tim, to be a good french football supporter, you have to always shout “Aux chiottes l’arbitre!” (arbitre=referee, chiottes= sort of slang word for loo)

    That works for both teams, great !


  105. Did I miss dickhead the muppet on sesame street when I was growing up? Maybe that was one charecter banned from PBS 😉

    Sorry just having a silly moment here.

  106. Dear FEd,

    Don’t get chance to get on here with the new arrival taking up all our spare time at the mo, but just a few thoughts;

    You’re rubbish… website is rubbish.. everything!

    Well you did ask for it!!

    Great website. Just hope the good work continues!

    One point though; I think we should have a Man Utd co editor 🙂

    Currently listening to the Borer v L’pool and I have to say, it’s hard to decide who I’d rather see win, being a Man Utd fan and a Pool supporter (Hartlepool that is).

    Keep up the good work!!


    [Dave, I spent my entire Saturday sanding, painting and wallpapering. Then I watched the game and couldn’t help but feel I’d have been better off staying in the kitchen to watch the paint dry. Hope the little one’s doing well. – Features Editor]

  107. I’ve had the pleasure of participating in chat only once and found it thoroughly absorbing and very enjoyable. The reason why I have joined in only the one time, is because it is usually held when I am at work or travelling from it.

    However when next I get the opportunity, I will try my hardest to be part of it and get to communicate with some more of you lovely people.

  108. Fed:

    Haven’t had the opportunity to join the chat room, but do check the blog on a fairly consistent basis. I love what you’ve done, especially with the Q&A session with Steve and Guy as well as the “who’s shoes” pictures.

    I haven’t posted before, but I thought I should take the time now to let you know that the blog is great (actually, I’m glad to see there are some other folks out there who love David’s music as much as me!).

    Interesting stuff up above about the chat room. That being said, do I need to surf the website to find the password to get into the chat room?

    Thanks again!


    [I’m afraid you do need to go back through the old blog entries to find the password to the Barn, Cassandra. However, the main part of the chatroom is called the Lobby, and everyone is most welcome there. Think of the Barn as the blog’s private chatroom, if you like. Most of the people who read the blog regularly knew the password without having to go back and check, so the password does ensure that most of the people in the Barn are the people who post most often. It’s not difficult to find, though. – Features Editor]

  109. [The Barn is the funnest (not a real word) place in the world. The Barn welcomes everybody (except muppets). In the Barn there’s a kitchen, a bar, a smoking area (away from the hay on the left), a hayloft, – Marcus Buick ]

    Wow ! Is there a cellar with fine wines ?


  110. [Wow ! Is there a cellar with fine wines ? – Posted by: Michèle at November 19, 2006 10:23 AM]

    If there wasn’t before, there is now…. Can we stock a Chianti of good vintage? 🙂

    Another thought on the chat: I find that I’m in front of my PC quite a bit on a Sunday afternoon/evening. If you are still entertaining the notion of a one-off weekend chat, perhaps an informal poll would guide the day/time selection?

    Have a great week everyone! (we always wish for a great weekend after all)

    [Not after seeing the results of the latest poll, Angelo! I’m not letting you lot in North America decide that it should be at 2AM (UK time). – Features Editor]

  111. Hello fed

    I missed you, I did not abandon you just very busy.

    Thank you David for the dvd bonus my command(order) is past and I looks forward him(it) as a child waits for the Father Christmas thank you thank you….

    I think that the chatroom is very well as it is, having gone some time in spite of my pitiful English myself, I am anxious to thank the editor and people for their patience and their kindness with I found it pleasant and interesting. I look forward to returning to it.

    I would like knowing editor if David already came in the chatroom? And if yes how much time? I am curious and hope not to have to miss it, because I when I go there I can not follow because of my English but very often my husband is with me and him he is bilingual then he writes for me and I can follow then I can speak to David, I takes my dream for the reality.

    I am in touch with Sylvie of Mont. Due to you and a meeting is foreseen possibly.

    God blesses you
    Sylvie from Quebec

    [I’m quite pleased to say that David hasn’t visited the chatroom and doesn’t plan to. If that ever changes, we’ll let you know. – Features Editor]

  112. erin

    i guess you misnderstood where i was coming from as well. sorry for that but i do get frustrated with some of the posts on here at times and some of the secrecy. my point wasnt that i think i could contribute to the chat and barn but dont have time to go back through 6 months worth of posts.i was pointing those things out to demonstrate my ‘qualifications’…i have some interesting concert stories and i know a lot about gilmour….more than the oai era. that was all.

  113. Happy Monday,

    Well by pure chance I managed to get into the chatroom. This was my first time and, have to say, I loved it.

    However, I have a burning security issue.

    Fed, as I was on a PC that I do not usually use, how did you know it was really me and not someone posing as me?

    I suspect you dont which is why I agree with earlier comments that you people need to be careful when coming out with personal stuff.

    Be safe
    Pete – Coventry

  114. [If there wasn’t before, there is now…. Can we stock a Chianti of good vintage? – Angelo Ortiz ]

    Hmm…Chianti ?…, Angelo, wouldn’t you prefer a “Château Margaux”, a “Pomerol”, a “Saint Emilion”, a “Saint Estèphe”…so many good “Saints” in France- Bordelais !…sorry, Lucia…


  115. [Not after seeing the results of the latest poll, Angelo! I’m not letting you lot in North America decide that it should be at 2AM (UK time). – Features Editor]

    Here’s an idea. Since David didn’t tour Brazil, maybe FEd can take it on the road instead. He can visit Brazil, the U.S., Australia, etc., etc. Then you can have some chats in local time to wherever he may be.

    Anyone else support that idea???


  116. As I said back when certain individuals were bickering about the contentious decision of the Features Editor to ban some of the ‘Blog Irregulars’, I’m not interested in visiting the chatroom. I was personally glad to see some of the blog’s restrictive silliness cut back and feel I would not enjoy the chatroom if this is where the cliques continue to indulge themselves.

    I do, however, think it is a valuable addition to the website and notice from the calendar that the Features Editor is extremely fair with allocating times for the chatroom to be open. I am pleased that it has been such a success and echo the sentiments of all those who are relieved that its success has not come at the expense of the blog, which I enjoy reading very much.

    Long may both continue to be successful.

  117. Hi Fed,

    I haven’t made the last few chats, I think it’s good the way it is. If it was open 24/7, it would be overrun by a bunch of jackoffs and the people it was intended for couldn’t enjoy it. Granted, the times are not as convenient for some in North America, but we can’t have everything we want.

    I like the way it’s moderated, and the rules clearly posted. Fed does not play favorites, and deals with disrespectful people swiftly and appropriately. What I value most about the Blog and Chat is the atmosphere. it’s usually light and cheery and welcoming, as it should be. I realize that it won’t be everything we want, but Fed just can’t give people that much rope.

    To those griping about the Barn password, this isn’t as exclusive as you think. It requires some detective skills to find it, but it’s not a secret. If you have been reading as diligently as you claim, there should not be a problem finding it.

    blake- you seem like a well versed musician with alot of Gilmour/ Floyd experiences and knowledge, which is great. I would be very interested in some of your stories. I understand how you feel about the password, with your “qualifications”. Keep in mind that the chat was born out of the Blog, which has it’s roots in the OAI project.

    From my perspective, not being a professional musician, as many Bloggers aren’t, the chat and Barn levels the playing field for us against the obsessive musician- type fans. Many of us have been to the fan-site chats and forums where if you aren’t in a tribute band or wanna-be tribute band, and don’t eat/drink/sleep every single morsel of Gilmour/Floyd, you get treated terrible. Those sites/chats are also riddled with a bunch of mindless, hair-splitting rubbish and overrun by people who obviously have nothing better to do than argue with someone across the globe about what gauge strings ‘dave’used wherever.

    That being said, this place levels the field. We can just be fans, love the music and not have to prove ourselves to be anything but competent, friendly, and courteous. The chat was created more for people who became friends through this blog, which led to people meeting up at shows, etc. and followed the day-to day happenings of the site and the OAI tour.

    Anyways, sorry for the long post, Fed, sounds like you got some work done on the kitchen, and good job on the Chat.

    Great day, all,

  118. The chat room is great fun. Sometimes I laugh until my face aches or I just can’t type anymore. AGAIN, EVERYONE, thank you for making it so much fun.

    It is my first experience of a chatroom so I dont know if it could be improved.

    I like the way the whole thing is developing. I’d like to get in more often than I do but like others here I too have time constraints.

    ash X

  119. Hi FEd,

    Was just wandering when Steve De Stanislao will be entering his answers to the questions.

    And as I have mentioned, having met him 3 times it would be nice to catch up again when he is around or when am across the pond.

    Due to go spend some time in NY and also Seattle for a week, so any detour could be organised and having another opportunity for a good time with Steve would be welcome.

    All the best to you and again well done for keeping up on the site.

    Best of regards


    [Not this week or the next, but maybe the week after that. – Features Editor]

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