'This Heaven'



And the winner is… Renee B.

Well done, Renee. Please let us know where we should send your prize.

We’re on to the sixth track from David’s chart-topping ‘On An Island’ album, ‘This Heaven’.

The rules are still simple. All you need to do is list a few of the words that spring to mind when you listen to ‘This Heaven’.

We don’t want sentences or lengthy explanations, just words – and no more than three of them, please.

For example, you might list something like funky, fair and frank.

You might think of your children, the message purveyed, the most striking words, a sound, sight or smell… Whatever you think of when you hear this song, tell us. Even if you don’t win, it’s genuinely interesting to know what you think, but please make your three nominated words clear.

The prize will go to the one person whose name is selected at random from a list, raffle-style. To enter the raffle, you need to have correctly guessed any of my three words. If you happen to guess all three, then you will be entered into the draw three times and will have a far greater chance of winning.

Good luck to you all.

The competition will run until midday Friday (UK time). No further entries will be allowed after this time, so please don’t bother trying.

Lastly, for those of you who are allergic to our calendar, our next chat is today from 1PM (UK time) and everyone is very welcome.

Author: FEd

Features Editor of David Gilmour’s official blog, The Blog (‘Features’ previously being its rather naff title), affectionately – or lazily – shortened to ‘FEd’.

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  1. Home

    Happy Thanksgiving F*Ed~

    I know it’s not a holiday as such over there but we are thankful for you so that makes you involved by proxy 🙂


  2. Hello,

    My three words


    Happy Thanksgiving all. Off to the mountains for 5 fun filled days of rest, family, wilderness and beer.


  3. I’ve been waiting for this one, being that this is my favorite song on OAI.

    My words are: mortality, humility, and blues

    Fed, I have jury duty this week. I ended up getting picked for a jury. I find it really interesting. There is a lot of sitting around, but all you need is a good book to remedy that. Hope you have the chance to experience it.

    Have a great Turkey day, all you Irregulars who won’t make it to chat tomorrow.


    [I hope it’s a juicy case, mate. – Features Editor]

  4. My 3 picks are Faith, Love and Hope.

    Good Day and Happy Thanksgiving to all our U.S. bloggers.

  5. My goodness this is so hard only 3 words i have a whole list of them to chose the right three or what i think is the right three is so hard but here goes


  6. Greetings from vacation – the Internet works here…hurrah. Couldn’t miss out on this one –



  7. Hello,

    My three words are:


    …and I will. (not doing it for the blessing either)


  8. Dig this you crazy cats:


    boyzee boyzee bop diddy bop!

    go daddy-o!

  9. Great picture one more time, today !

    Not to win, just to play:

    – mine
    – truth
    – ethical


  10. Take two! My computer just crashed so as I am unsure whether my last post made it to the blog, I shall go include my three descriptive words again as follows:




  11. Hi Fed sorry i have been out of the loop for a bit

    hi to all my friends out there ive missed been part of this but life takes over what with the baby on its way etc and finding looking for a job

    Fed can you answer me a question and let me know wen the abbey rd session is going to be screened i thought it was november ive been checking the calander but nothing is there any news on that

    any way hope you are all well and to lorraine im on with the pictures and ian ill be in touch

    love to you all

    [It will be broadcast sometime in January, Simon. When we have the exact date, we’ll let you know. – Features Editor]

  12. Earth

    I’ll be pouring the wine tomorrow. Can’t have turkey without some fine Pinot Noir.

    Happy Thanksgiving to all.

  13. Hey FEd,

    Happy Thanksgiving Day to all those who celebrate, even those that don’t!!

    My three words;



  14. Pave

    (Inspired by Guy)..my real 3 words are:

    Syd Barrett..ish

    Caption..David’s little inner devil appears and urges him to Go For It.

  15. I will say proud, adorable and sharing.

    Sorry I missed the chat today but I’m really under the weather. Hope to be with you all next time in the chat room.

    Hope everything has settled down for you Fed, because of all the trouble with trying to ordering the new Dvd online.

    Hope you all were able to get it.

    Take Care

  16. Funky

    Happy Thanksgiving to all!!

    Hey Guy I can paint your house LOL

    Renee B.
    Fontana, Ca USA

  17. bluesy

    (PS – Edwina, are you related to K-Fed? or the central bank of the United States?)


  18. Thanksgiving

    (…for those of you allergic to our calender…)

    That one made me laugh out loud Fed!

  19. Hi FEd,

    Are you doing a house-painting job for Guy in addition to your kitchen remodel extravaganza??

    You’re too generous with your D.I.Y. skills … my kitchen next?

    Nice to hear from Guy again, by the way. Think I’ll drop in and check his site out now!

    Peace and love,
    Washington State

    [No chance! – Features Editor]

  20. Blues

    Happy Thanksgiving to those who celebrate. May your football teams succeed, those who don’t. 🙂

    the Phoenix.

  21. Paint my house… what thuh???? hahahah good one, Guy!

    Ok my cerebral 3:

    1) swingin’ (the song DOES have a nice beat for swing dancing!)
    2) fulfillment
    3) assured

  22. Fed..

    I was watching the OAI video again.. and i noticed that in the first solo, David starts with I belive a Gibson Les..and then later switches to the black strat? I am not sure if its a strat.. anyway.. the question is, does he switch during the concerts while playing this song or does someone else take up the second part of the first solo?

    I would also like to let you all know..OAI was played for the first time on the Pakistani airwaves last night.. courtesy of an RJ friend at Radio 1 FM-91. The show is called Tripping in Time. The RJ is a big big floydian and gives them the due respect and credit 🙂


  23. Dear F.Ed.

    my first words’group


    ciao Elisabetta

  24. Dear F.Ed.


    ciao Elisabetta

  25. Dear F.Ed.

    this song is too much beautiful:


    ciao Elisabetta

    [You’re only allowed three words, so in the interest of fairness to all, I’m taking your first batch of three: Wistful, Cosy and Satisfying. – Features Editor]

  26. [FEd, no comps in my absence please !!! Well, if you do run “This Heaven” while I’m away, can I submit my three words now ? I will take a chance anyway… 1. – Divine 2. – Inspiring 3. – Courageous – Posted by: KenF at November 3, 2006 05:31 AM]

  27. beatitude

    “….well, I’m a poet–
    don’t ya know it…
    and the wind…
    well, you can blow it…”

    (–quite sure I’VE blown it!…I’m only good at shoe contests.)

    Thanks Fed! xoxo

  28. Buoyant
    Contentment, and

    Happy Thanksgiving! I’m thankful for much, and this year I can include this website, this community, my new friends here, and my 2006 DG experience to that list….

    Have a good one….

  29. Hey! Michèle and I have a deal! If she wins, her prize is mine. If I win, my prize is her.

    So, Michèle, stop writing “Not to win, just to play” or I won’t give you my prize!


  30. [Paint My House – Posted by: Guy Pratt at November 22, 2006 05:20 PM

    Hmmmm better use a BASS coat on that Fed

    Rgds Geoff Duffy ( Dublin )

  31. Hello from Chapel Hill, North Carolina. Happy Thanksgiving to everybody!

    My three words are:


    I love this song.

  32. [If I win, my prize is her.-Lucia]

    Wow, what won’t they think of next. . .this blog just keeps giving and giving!

  33. [FEd, no comps in my absence please !!! Well, if you do run “This Heaven” while I’m away, can I submit my three words now ? I will take a chance anyway… 1. – Divine 2. – Inspiring 3. – Courageous – Posted by: KenF at November 3, 2006 05:31 AM]

    Well done FEd, well done. . .

    [Super efficient, I tell you… – Features Editor]

  34. Nice touch on the Ken F post Fed 🙂

    [Thinking all the time, George. Thinking all the time. – Features Editor]

  35. [So, Michèle, stop writing “Not to win, just to play” or I won’t give you my prize!- Lucia]

    Ok, Lucia, so, Fed, could I play again ?

    My three words are:

    – prize
    – for
    – Lucia


  36. [If I win, my prize is her. – Lucia]

    [Wow, what won’t they think of next. . .this blog just keeps giving and giving! – Marcus Buick]

    Ah! Ah! I thought it could have sense…but now that I read it again – and your comment, Marcus – I understand that maybe something is wrong! One of these days I’ll get some big trouble for my bad English! But your, kind people, are always ready to forgive me, right? And above all Michèle, that I have turn in a prize! Sorry my friend!

    And now, an English lesson, please:

    If I win, my prize is mine
    If I win, my prize is your
    If I win, my prize is … what the correct form instead of “her”?

    Have a wonderful evening!!!


    [You can always cheat and add “prize” to the end, then you can’t go wrong. Your prize, her prize, his prize etc. – Features Editor]

  37. Dear F.Ed.


    Ok well noted

    thank you and have a very nice week end

    keep well
    ciao Elisabetta

  38. [Paint My House – Posted by: Guy Pratt at November 22, 2006 05:20 PM]


  39. Our latest competition winner is Renee B.

    I did say that, for example, you might list something like ‘funky’, ‘fair’ and ‘frank’. So I did.

    Well done for feeling the funk, Renee. Let us know where we should send your prize by leaving your full name and address. It won’t be published for all to see, don’t worry about that.

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