Stop Climate Chaos


David and Polly were among some 25,000 protestors in London’s Trafalgar Square calling for urgent action on the issue of climate change on Friday.

As you know, David has always supported environmental causes, and Friday’s public demonstration was the latest  opportunity to lend his support, albeit in typically unassuming fashion.

Stop Climate Chaos, a coalition of various unions and organisations, is calling for a Climate Bill to make it a legal requirement that UK greenhouse gas emissions fall by at least 3% each year.

The I Count campaign also calls on Tony Blair to ensure the irreversible decline of global greenhouse gas emissions by 2015 and to deliver assistance to developing countries, so that they may be given access to clean energy in order to meet their developmental needs.

Our thanks to Polly, of The Lazy Environmentalist, and Chris, of Conscience UK, for the photograph.

Please pay their respective sites a visit and find out more about this most threatening of global concerns. We all count and we can all make a difference.

I’d love to know your thoughts on this hot (no pun intended) topic. Let us know how we can all do our bit.

There’s a chat going on right now if you want to join us in the chatroom. It will be open until midday (UK time). Everyone’s welcome.

Here’s the latest from Guy…

What are listening to right now (or if not right now, what’s your current listening)? (Nickster)

Right now? Celia Cruz, ‘Queen of Latin Rhythm’. (That’s the album title, not an opinion.)

You’ve played with some of the most famous bands in the world since you were just a boy. Has the young Guy ever had the anxiety of performance, playing close to those geniuses of music and in so many different styles (from Pink Floyd to Roxy Music and so on)? How much have you studied for that, or did you do that just using your heart? (Lucia)

Young, maybe. Old, no. I didn’t really study for either of those artists as it was music I knew and loved anyway. That’s if I understood the question.

Are you familiar with My Morning Jacket, from Kentucky? (Will)

No. Should I be?

With which band would you like to perform in the future? (Kees Nijpels)

The Who, Peter Gabriel.

If you could play bass for any musician (not including any member of Pink Floyd or anyone you may have played with in the past) either alive or dead, who would it be? (Dom)

Pete Townshend, Peter Gabriel, Syd Barrett, Jimi Hendrix.

Author: FEd

Features Editor of David Gilmour’s official blog, The Blog (‘Features’ previously being its rather naff title), affectionately – or lazily – shortened to ‘FEd’.

98 thoughts on “Stop Climate Chaos”

  1. [David and Polly were among some 25,000 protestors in London’s Trafalgar Square calling for urgent action on the issue of climate change on Friday.]

    Great! Have they met Thom? He was here, of course! I am joking! This is a side of David and Polly which I love a lot. The climate issue is an important aspect of the future, but also the more neglected, unlucky.

    So, hat off to David and Polly for their care to this topic. I think artists can be very important to create interest on climate issue in other people, youngs in particular. Good work!


  2. [Young, maybe. Old, no. I didn’t really study for either of those artists as it was music I knew and loved anyway. That’s if I understood the question. – Guy]

    LOL!!!! Oh Guy, forgive my awful english! But you are a clever man and you understood perfectly the question! Thanks!


  3. Well done David & Polly!

    I’ll put the link in my website,too.It’s true,FEd,we ALL can make a difference.

    Good work

  4. i was there too!

    good on you, david and polly.

    we all need to do something. just turning your tvs off instead of leaving them on standby, using the car less, switching to energy saving lightbulbs. it’s not too much to ask.

  5. While David and Polly are over there trying to get the politicians to fix the climate (good luck with that), over here in America we just attempte to juggle the clowns around in the House and the Senate. “Meet the new boss; same as the old boss” perhaps when it’s all said and done, but I voted anyway. Sometimes is seems like pissing on a house fire though.

    Haven’t had enough coffee to chat properly yet, Edwina…

    (now playing: “I Shoulda Known Better” by The Fabs)


  6. Nice answers Guy and I have just dropped into your site- like a mirror image of this one. Funny how I can get into that one more than David’s. I can only guess that my employers think David is more of a threat to productivity than finding out about Guy!

    Loved your caption on last photo Frank.

    But the big story is welcome back Bianca and I want an advance copy of your book.

    Global warming, we need to live more simply. Just done my christmas shopping, 3 pigs. a couple of goats, a tin of worms and bottles of water. People throw away your iPods, bring back the Dansette Record Player. This site is littered with intials that I dont understand. Take pleasure in the little things in life such as fixing kitchens!

    Ian Pearson

  7. I come from a country, Italy, where every summer thousands of hectars of wood go on fire by extreme heat or intentional mafia-delegates in order to claim their control on the areas. This specially involves some of the most beautiful and attractive places like Sardegna, Sicilia, Liguria, Toscana.

    I live in a country, Holland, which indeed seems too small for the amount and intensity of business going on, if you think how much heat needs to be generated for thousands of greenhouses and millions of vehicles running across such a limited territory. Besides it’s extremely exposed to possible flooding or storm damages, that’s why engineering research is continuosly over the top here to fight against elements.

    I can’t even imagine how much money is involved in this flow every year. What I know is that governors and politicians make the rules and we really need to bother them.

  8. I’ve been chomping at the bit to post something on this because of a recent article highlighting a debate in the scientific community about the evidence of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere millions of years ago, pre-historic global warming, the relative amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere today and recent warming trends.

    It’s a healthy debate with unhealthy consequences, but I’m concerned the spinners and pundits will use this scientific debate to their advantage.

    Hooray for U.S. political change! I’m so mad I want to run for something myself (maybe I will?)

    Don’t have much time right now (and post is getting long) but I’m curious to see what gets tossed around here….

    Hysterion Proteron….are you reading…..?

  9. i guess im one of those people who untill recently just thought that climate change was just something that would not affect me so why should i bother about it, so what if some trees are being cut down in Brazil, its not my problem, as long as i can get to watch the TV when the Footy is on, or have a pint occasionaly.O.K so a white christmas would be nice but its nice its sooo warm in the summer….

    I think a lot of folks like me are begining to sit up & take notice, at last, its only the little things to begin with, like why are there still wasps about in November,horrible things they may be, & i still have to cut the grass at this time of year & it would be nice to see a few autumn colors now & then. You begin to wonder why these things are happening, the you realise that the nightmare scenario that you used to laugh at might just happen.

    Some people who should know better (Mr Wogan)still encourage his lisetner/s to guffaw at ideas such as Global warming/climate change.

    As for trying to help, i guess its the little things to begin with, recyling waste, installing a water butt, a compost heap, replacing light bulbs when they blow with energy saving ones etc.

    I would cycle to work, i tried it once, its just too far for me (40+ miles round trip over the hills)& i was wrecked by the time i got to work, the i had to cycle home after a days work, but i do cycle when i can, nipping to the shops etc.

    Message to David & Polly, keep bring the message to the public eye & eventualy the message gets there, its got to me.

  10. FEDDDD! You left me on the chat to do your work! I explain the rules, I moderate, I say “you can do this but you can’t do this”…I am stressed!!!

    Anyway, don’t worry: all the rules are safe!


    [I should hope so. You can’t break my rules without me knowing about it, I assure you. – Features Editor]

  11. Good on yer, David and Polly! Thank you for the work you’re doing. We all need to get involved in critical issues….

    Even though I seem to be in a fairly backward state (Georgia, alas), the US as a whole did a good thing yesterday. A vote against the war and Bush’s failed policies, a vote for integrity (hopefully), a vote for the environment! Let’s hope the Democrats can raise the bar on all these issues and more.


    PS–I missed chat-time, dadgummit!

  12. Thanks to David and Polly, for supporting environmental causes. It is quite harrowing that many of our leaders just think it’s not (yet) time to act in any way… 🙁

    I did my bit recently when finishing our new house: We installed a wood pellet heating. Wood only releases as much CO2 as it took up when it was still a tree (and it would release the same amount when it would just rot), so it is CO2-neutral, not contributing to the greenhouse effect.

    In addition, we have solar collectors which generate about 70% of the warm water we need troughout the year (the rest is also made with the wood pellet heating). So we do not need any fossil fuels for heating our new home.

    Now, if I only could say the for my car… So, you see, I am as much guilty as most of us. But, at least, I try to do my bit…

    Cheers, Herbert

  13. I’m a firm believer in there always being two sides to a story and have researched the various opinions and arguments around the Climate Change… the term Global Warming was obviously too fluffy so they changed it!

    One opinion states that what we are experiencing now is the end of a minor Ice Age so the temperature will rise. I must admit I don’t fully understand the cause and effect but I certainly will try and do my bit in and around the home as has been suggested…

  14. Great to see David and Polly demonstrating for such a cause!!!

    Something which we all be confrontated more and more in the next years. Like most of the modern western industry states we in austria are still way behind the koyto protocols.


  15. Happy Wednesday,

    I know where I stand on this one and it is inspirational to see David and Polly involved. Plus I understand that we need to start somewhere.

    However, how do we stop people flying so much, driving so much and amuseing ourselves to death in so many different ways.

    Plus, more than half the world has yet to begin all these activities yet. Even though I try to improve on getting ‘my own house in order’ I still find I am doing things that make me as guilty as the next person.

    The sooner we all begin to live simpler lives and not expecting and wanting so much the better.

    Pete – Coventry

  16. Good on ya David and Polly !!!

    As we all are “On An Island” so to speak, global warming has become a top priority if we are to continue as a species.

    We all have a voice (some better than others) and should do something positive with it while we are here. This is a sentiment passed on to me by none other than Vera Lynn herself (click on my name to read)

    It would be very easy for any celebrity to just lock themselves away and do nothing. I admire any celebrity that donates their heart, mind and soul to such a worthy and crucial cause.

  17. I’ve been away far too long and I won’t go into details but it’s good to be back.

    A great topic for me to return to as well, something that concerns me more than anything else.

    It’s very easy to apportion blame elsewhere for the state this planet finds itself in. It is everyones individual responsibility to do what they can to help, it’s time to stop passing the buck. As has been stated in an earlier post, contributions can be made in the smallest of ways just by saving energy here and there.

    And Deborah, it is easy to become cynical with the whole political process but you did the right thing by using your vote. My own personal opinion is that it should be compulsory, but that’s just me 🙂


    [It’s me too, Colin. Well said. – Features Editor]

  18. I really applaud David and Polly for their efforts to raise awareness on this topic. It’s so critical and I’m glad people are working on this issue while we still have time to make the needed changes.

  19. I believe Nikola Tesla had the right idea a century ago using the sun as energy. But, Westinghouse, Edison and pure greed from the oil industry screwed up that idea. Perhaps if we looked back and started over, we could get out of this mess. Superconductivity is the way to go also.

  20. Hi Fed, Sned and Ped. How about having a Captions Contest. Polly can supply a photo and Rudders decides the top 3 winners. Since he won already, he can’t enter.LOL.

  21. It is amazing to me how many people are in the dark about this issue. It seems like just the last year or 2 that the scientific community accepted the fact of global warming as a whole. Even though the evidence has been right in front of us for at LEAST 5 years. How can people not see that this is affecting everyone and everything? From where you live, to the food you eat and all other products we consume.

    I didn’t realize that the UK had such a problem with emissions. I thought being as small as you are, and with all the public transportation, and the cost of fuel, that it would keep the UK in check.

    Meanwhile, half of California are putting well over 10,000 miles a year on their gas-guzzling SUV, including our newly reelected, enviromently conscience(HA) governor. (I didn’t vote for him)

    I’m glad to see that David & Polly made their voices, and hope we can all do our part, as well.

    Great chat time Friday Fed, Thanks! See y’all then.


  22. On a political way, it’s sad that the Kyoto Protocal, ratified in 1998 by more than 150 countries (even by Russia later, I think), didn’t get ratification from the US and, I think, Australia (not sure).

    I visited the “Stop Climate Chaos” and I read a quotation that hurted myself : [A child born in a wealthy country is likely to consume, waste, and pollute more in his lifetime than 50 children born in developing nations.]:

    We all can do something , we above all have to educate our children: simple things like: turn off useless lights or use showers instead or tubs…

    But, I’m not ready to leave my own car, so, it’s easy to criticize, but not so easy to do right…


  23. This has nothing to do with the topic, but I just noticed that the XML feed for the blog is no longer working?

  24. I think ‘Climate Change’ made an important first step yesterday. George Bush needs as much humble pie as possible, and he got a large helping thanks to the American people.

    I’m just hoping my home state of Virginia will swing the US Senate as well. That race looks like its going to a recount.

    But all of us need to do as much as we can to reduce energy consumption. I take the train to work everyday and walk to shops in my neighborhood. That makes my a radical environmentalist in the SUV loving US of A.

  25. David and Polly you rock. I think it is great to see you do something for these causes.

    Its becoming a urgent cause very fast and we need all the attention we can get for this.

    If I could I would give the ruling politicians a severe @sskicking for not adressing (or researching) this issue in a serious enough fashion.

    Clemens from Holland “out”

  26. Hello Fed,

    Hats off to David and Polly for supporting something they believe in.

    As far as my contribution, my famly is replacing our incandescent bulbs with energy efficient bulbs, using more energy- efficient appliances, etc.

    Also, I am happy to be working for a company that is developing hybrid vehicle technology for the commercial truck industry, as well as idle reduction technology and emissions control technology for heavy duty trucks.

    Heavy trucks are everywhere in the US. The industry has historcally run about 10 years or so behind automotive technology in almost all aspects, so I am excited to see our company take the lead on bringing energy conserving technology used in the automotive industry into the heavy commercial truck industry, along with developing brand new technology.

    Deborah, I agree with your sentiment on the elections. It really doesn’t matter who we put in office. Politicians are really quite simple to understand. Democrats tend to piss down your back and tell you it’s raining, and Republicans tend to piss down your back and tell you it’s good for you. They all tell us what they think we want to hear to get our vote on the 7th, and now that it’s the 8th, they couldn’t care less about us peons.

    Anyways, keep fighting for what’s right.

    Have a great day, all


  27. Hiya! I’m back and I’m now engaged to the ever wonderful Deb 🙂 She was absolutely blown away when I surprised her. My crazy plan went almost like clockwork.

    Anyhow, well done to David and Polly for standing up and being counted. If I’d have been here I’d definitely have gone down to add to numbers, and to let the rest of the world know that the ignorance of issues isn’t okay and we need change yesterday. Mr Bush’s getting whipped in the recent midterms has to help move the US towards Kyoto…but I’m no politician, just a guy who wants to save the world.

    Off to think up some questions for Stevie D and to reread what I’ve missed out on… Guy’s q&a’s should keep me amused for a while…


    [Good for you. Glad it worked out. Unfortunately, we aren’t taking anymore questions for Steve. Thanks to everyone who submitted a question. There were some good ones. – Features Editor]

  28. Nickster – Congrats, my friend! We were talking about you in chat on Monday, wondering how your proposal went. I wish you years and years of happiness.


  29. Since everyone is entitled to an opinion, I will say that I am not pleased with the elections yesterday. I don’t think that it is a vote against Iraq and the war. Its just political BS in general. There is no doubt that the world is a better place without the Iraqi dictator in charge. And politically, both parties are just as corrupt. But I’m still more of a Republican than a bleeding heart Democrat.

    As for the environment. I believe that in the UK the emission restrictions are not as tough as they are in the U.S. In fact the focus there was more on gas mileage in the past due to the high cost of petrol. So that lead to poorer emission standards. So yes it is a big problem over there. In fact, it is possible that the big SUV in the U.S. contributes less to emission issues than a vehicle in the U.K.

    I also believe that California has some of the toughest emission standards around. Problem with California is that there is a lack of good mass transit systems so everybody drives.

    Regardless, it is a big problem worldwide. Many countries are lack in emission standards and others (like the U.S.) is just bulging at the seams with population.

    Also, who saw the recent study about seafood and that by 2048 there may not be any around?? That is a scary thought.

    In any event, I agree that all should focus on their own circle of influence. Which basically means do your part because you can’t control anything outside of that.


  30. Well that’s a helluva topic for a wednesday night.

    I have to say I am a big pessimist that significant change will be effected – it would be quite unprecedented – but there is no doubt that part of any solution will be to make contributary behaviour stigmatised and unacceptable and DG and those like him can play an important role in this.

    I also remember a long time ago hearing someone remark that the solution to the problem of transportation in this century is not better transport, but less movement – i.e use of webcams, virtual meetings and homeworking rather than “pointless” commuting – which struck me as true.

    That fact is that significant additional numbers in India, China etc are going to be joining the “developed world” and using their 50x allowance so we are really talking about slowing the rate of change, not reversing it.

    I think we’ll find that humanity is much more adept at adjusting to circumstances than shaping events, and you never know, old planet Earth might just surprise us with her adaptability ….

    but for starters we’re going to have to get used to MUCH higher energy costs as the basic mechanism for using less.

  31. [In any event, I agree that all should focus on their own circle of influence. Which basically means do your part because you can’t control anything outside of that. – Andrew]

    Then why waste all that energy with the diatribe that proceeded your only bit of rationalness?

    “The bleeding hearts and the artists, make their stand”


  32. Good on you David and Polly. Glad to hear Rick was there too.

    I do my bit as best I can But Im glad people who we respect are showing their support at events such as the one in london. at the end of the day we mostly follow are role models i.e people in the media so Im glad that there are some very sensible celebs out there using there status to show whats important in life, and through this website creating community thus communication meaning we will learn more.

    Cheers 🙂

  33. Matt,

    I beg to differ. There is a difference between a diatribe and presenting information. You can make a case that the first paragraph is a diatribe and that the “bleeding hearts and artists” just can’t see the difference with the rest. They just automatically go on the defensive once they hear a differing opinion.


  34. Wouldn’t it be a great opportunity to launch a “Save the Earth” – Pink Floyd World Tour?

  35. Difficult to say anything that someone hasn’t already said but I will add:

    PLANT TREES. Everyone do it frequently.

    Read Revenge of Gaia by James Lovelocke, then lend it to someone.

    Take it Back is one of the most passionate songs I have ever heard.

    ash X

  36. [I think we’ll find that humanity is much more adept at adjusting to circumstances than shaping events, and you never know, old planet Earth might just surprise us with her adaptability …. – Posted by: Tim C (the voice of doom) at November 8, 2006 07:03 PM]

    Hi Tim – by a slightly spooky coincidence, I’m reading Gaia by James Lovelock at the moment. He says much the same thing – that the biosphere is self-regulating and can take a fair amount of abuse. The difference as Lovelock sees it, is that Gaia’s aim is to support life, but not necessarily human life…

    I agree with what a lot of people have said above, that we should all do as much as we can. But it can be pretty difficult to see a way out of the situation we find ourselves in…


  37. [I think we’ll find that humanity is much more adept at adjusting to circumstances than shaping events, and you never know, old planet Earth might just surprise us with her adaptability …. – Tim]


    I absolutely agree with you.

    By the way, I recently learned an interesting item regarding oil. Did you know that oil is a product that is developed deep in the earth’s core and that even once a well is tapped dry it can eventually fill up again with oil in the future? It can take a while but apparently a capped well can one day start to produce oil again. Just interesting.


  38. this site is too political today. i am definitely more of a republican and dont think georgia is ‘a backwards state’ as someone suggested. i hate the elections tuesday but at least it will be good for fund raising…and good luck with pelosi…please.

    i love the environment and hate the war but that is what the republicans AND democrats voted for (the war) and we are there.we cant just leave just b/c it isnt fashionable anymore. those iraqi citizens over there that supported us will be executed ].

    again, i hate the war but we are there. i hate that some people on this site brought up U.S. eletions…this is the one place i thought i could go w/out it.

  39. what a great day! for many reasons, political and musical, its been great,

    i think its really cool David went down to the rally in London, lots needs to be done about the climate issues,

    I have a little question Fed, (i have read all the blogs posts today and couldnt see this) what night is the ‘take a breath’ filmed from the Albert Hall? also do you have any other details of the limited single DVD release through the website?

    many thanks in advance,

    great work all round guys!


    [I don’t know which night, sorry. We’re currently thrashing out the terms of selling the DVD as a stand-alone item on the site. All I can say for now is that Anthill will handle the sales – as they have handled all the merchandise (see what’s now called the Fan Fare page for their goodies) – and we will do what we can to make sure that nobody who wants a copy misses out. – Features Editor]

  40. Make a difference and vote with your money! If you’re anti-Global Warming, support and spend your time and personal incomes on products, companies and services that compliment our global environment. Change your spending habits and don’t feed the demons anymore!

    Does anyone have a good list with products, companies and services that we could buy from that are available globally and are environmentally friendly?

    Whether you believe you can or you can’t make a difference, your right!

  41. Thank you Polly and David for truly putting yourself out there where it counts and setting an example.

    My husband and I rideshare, recycle mail, metal clothes hangers,all plastics (bottles & bags) aluminum cans,newspaper,brown grocery bags, use wizard lightbulbs. (these are some of the common things our neighborhood does). We don’t feel that it’s extra work…

    We keep furnace turned down in the winter, and last year had our house checked by the ECC & made their reommended changes. We still have some to do, like repair more windows. We don’t feel inconvenienced by any of this, just feel that we need to do it at least for ourselves… our small part for future generations.

    Things do look dire, but that won’t stop me from trying to do something.

    Welcome back, Bianca. I’ll be looking for your book!

    Happy Wednesday eve all.


  42. Kudos for the Gilmours!!

    I live in Southeast Texas in the midst of oil refineries, all of my friends parents and mine (who are deceased) have had or do have cancer. In my home we do our little bit, recycle, turn off lights, turn off the water while brushing teeth, carpool, etc… It’s not that hard to do just a teenie weenie bit for Old Mother Earth!!!

    Have a Fabulous Day,


  43. I really respect David and Polly’s views, For I have just learned that Oregon is burning dirty fuel. Infact our state has the worse gasoline in the country and they haven’t stop it, Just talked about it and that scarces me. Talk is very cheap and it’s time to do something. I want my Grand Children to grow up breathing fresh, clean air.

    Again I really do want to Thank you David & Polly for it is time to take action.

    Take Care

  44. in the name of my 2 sons, i thank you David and Polly to try to make a better future for them…

    Sylvie de montréal

  45. David and Polly, you’re to be congratulated not only for hitting the streets to help make a public statement on this important issue facing all of us, but also for incorporating into this site so much information about ‘The Important Stuff.’ Thank you for keeping it front and center! Even if you’re only able to enlighten one person, it’s a beginning.

    And it certainly makes for a well-rounded website — we’ve got music, education, discussion and humor (thanks to Guy and certain clever bloggers). One-stop shopping. Keep up the good work and all the best to you both!!

    Hey my fellow citizens, we didn’t have this one stolen from us for a change! And then the icing on the cake — Mr. Evil (I mean Rumsfeld) gets the boot (even if it was just a token sacrifice to save W’s ass). Saw an unsettling documentary on HBO called ‘Hacking Democracy’ that I highly recommend. Quite an eye-opener.

    Right on Matt — I’m with you! “The bleeding hearts and the artists make their stand”. Damn straight!! The more the merrier, I’d say!

    Hey FEd and Irregulars, I’m REALLY looking forward to the chat on Friday. Lynn and Thomas, I hope you’re able to check in — make sure you didn’t float away in the floods! Global warming, indeed!

    Peace and Love to you all,
    Washington State

  46. Improving the world in my lifetime is a goal that I, and millions of others, have. Heck, there were JUST 25K in London alone that wanted to see change or know more about it last Friday?! That’s Awesome! (Correct usage Rudders?)

    There are two very simple things anyone can do to help today, like-RIGHT NOW!

    First, unplug appliances that don’t get daily use. Every single appliance, even when not turned on, is still sucking power from the walls. Even things that have no lights, no standby switch, nothing at all, are still draining a miniscule amount (maybe 3-7 watts/hr.). If you add up your computer system, one or two TV/stereo systems, washers and dryers, and all extracurricular kitchen appliances (blenders, toasters, microwaves, etc), they’re probably costing you a dollar or more per day on your electricity bill from no use at all! It’s so easy to unplug appliances that don’t get daily use. Go do it now. Please!

    Second, and Roger Keith would approve, plant a plant. Perhaps a flower, an herb, a tree, a vegetable, or, dare I say, A Shrubbery! One more plant will help our planet breathe. Plants like to breathe in the air too. In fact they breathe our CO2 output, so they help us quite a bit. And you have to admit that beautiful flowers are sweet!

    If every person you know did the two things above, the world will be a better place.

    After checking out the websites listed in the above blog intro I wanted to let people know about an organization that started in California in 1990 called Bioneers. Bioneers’ basis is to provide information and leadership, especially to individuals, on how people can make a positive difference for our planet Earth.

    Thank you to everyone at DG dot com for allowing us bloggers to disseminate vital information with regards to the Mother Biosphere.

    Click my name to learn more about Bioneers. This stuff is WAY too important! I know everyone on this blog is intelligent enough to do one of the two things above, so please, make a difference!

  47. I’ve changed my electrical provider to one that obtains its supply through “green” methods. I’m not sure exactly how it works, but the more customers they have the more they draw from these green resources. The local power monopoly I won’t name here still controls the distribution lines, and doesn’t promote this program too much…

    I wish I can say I’m driving less…still about the same. But I drive a fuel efficient car…that’s at least something me thinks….

  48. Another thing….

    I am as cynical as the next person about politics and politicos. The challenge we face in the U.S. is how to “own” our country. So many of us abdicate our civic privilege of voting and convince ourselves that it wouldn’t make a difference anyway because there is so much wrong with the system. I know I am generalizing, but when you look at how much of the electorate actually votes it’s embarrassing. Could the politicos get away with murder if we doubled our voting turnout? Maybe. Maybe not.

    What about owning issues like climate change and energy independence? Could we turn the tide through voting “green” and taking civic action? Maybe. Maybe not…

    But we will never know if we never try… Be it protests at Trafalgar Square or Washington Square Park, be it riding a bike or owning “green” stocks, or even demanding your local school district to build a “green” school, we all MUST take action with stuff that matters. To do nothing is to be complicit…

    Persistence overcomes resistance

    …see you in the later half of Friday’s chat!

  49. Hi FEd,

    I think this is great in that Polly and David partook in the protest.

    One thing that I must say though is that I see a lot of things on the news these days about how Britain must do this and do that in order to stop greenhouse gases affecting the ozone etc. BUT, and it is a big BUT Britain is only an island and it must be the whole world who pulls together too.

    BTW I am not missing the point here I just thought that I would say that as I read/hear it in the news daily about how Britain must change.

    I have always been anti-car and I walk everywhere (time permitting that is) if not I bus it or train it.

    Have a good day.



  50. It is 1am here in Fort Mcmurray,Canada. I just awoke from dream in which I met David, the dream was so real I decided to check the internet,came to this site.

    David is so right that that each of us can individually make a difference in the solution for global warming. I live at ground zero,’oil tar sands boom town’,and have reminder every day of climate change behaviour we all are making for ourselves.

    I think(hope) in the end it will should be possible to repair earth,so thanks for this site.

    I have not met David in person but have been to Pink Floyd concerts, have loved the music since mid 70’s.

    My only other meeting of Pink Floyd being through my laundry business in sydney 1988,(lots washing from the crew).also earlier this year I met/stayed with Rick Finn and Heather for a week.

    It is late, very late to moderate the climate changes that world faces, look forward to revisiting this site again.

  51. Thank you, David and Polly, for doing what you can to stop the insanity. Here in the States, we have just done what we can by voting those nasty Republicans out of office. With Democrats in control of the House and the Senate, better environmental regulations — and enforcement of the regulations — are certain to follow.

  52. Dear F.Ed.,

    It’s really great to see the Gilmours together in the crowd for this high purpose.

    This is’s a matter that involves all the mankind, nobody excepted.

    I’m very worried about the very low respect that giants like the New China or India have for the nature and the poor attention in issuing the laws about the pollution’s themes.
    But all the countries all over the world must focus their efforts into a only one direction to save our planet from a dangerous waste of its resources.

    We can do in our small everyday life many small actions: all of them are important, like many friends have already explained above.

    I can tell you that where I live we get used to very well recycle glass, cartons, used batteries, medicines, plastic bottles into different containers and the children very often follow special projects at school about these recycling’s matters.

    All the best to everybody
    ciao Elisabetta

  53. Happy Thursday,

    How about as a group, which has links to many countries, make a stand on, lets say, something easy like the plastic carrier bag.

    When you do your next shop simply reuse the bags you got on your last shop. Then keep on using them till the handles rip and you actually need a new one.

    Better still buy a purpose built shopping bag. I have 3 and they have served us (a family of 4) for year and years.

    Apologies if I am preaching to the already converted but every little helps.

    Pete – Coventry

    [Pete, I salute you. Using the catchphrase of a well-known global supermarket was a stroke of genius. Thanks for the chuckle. By the way, this supermarket chain has long been trying to get people to re-use their bags. They’ve always had recycling collection facilities in-store and now they even reward customers with loyalty points for using old carrier bags instead of taking new. The merits of their loyalty card scheme, of course, is another matter entirely… – Features Editor]

  54. I know David practices what he preaches (so to speak) as the OAI CD was carbon neutral, but did he also manage to be carbon neutral with his world tour?

  55. *David decided to add a first sample of the Royal Albert Hall DVD, and it is Take A Breath*

    Nice! Thank you, David. ~big kiss~

    off to work now…


    [You missed this news on 10 October, I take it? – Features Editor]

  56. Happy Thurday (2),

    Fed, ‘thats A**A price’ didnt have the same ring

    Pete – Coventry

    [Good point. – Features Editor]

  57. G’Day FEd,

    Great and a GREATER WELL DONE TO David and Polly…

    And I wish I had known about that event on Trafalgar Square.

    I recently returned from Kenya, and there have made a documentary on how some tribes are recycling not just plastic bags but also flip flops and all sort that is left abandoned by shores and roadsides.

    Am in process of editing a documentary and will pass it on, am sure it could be used wordwide and eventually produce some income to whoever wishes to work at it…

    Will keep you posted FEd and join the Polly’s Blog on “The Lazy Environmentalist” and maybe try find a TV Channel who would show the documentary…

    Let me know your thoughts FEd and whom ever reads and wishes to comment…

    Once we are done here in the UK, who will start working on the US and then how about China and India and all those that are bigger and redevelopping!!!

    Anyhow, it is a great start and am so appreciative of David and Polly who are actually taking proper part into what really matters.

    Please pass on the message FEd and chat soon, you are a great master of blogging FEd.

    Best of regards to ALL…


  58. ‘morning FEd,

    I read the news about the Dvd on the home page…more details about bonus dvd soon…some details about what “soon” means? A week? A month? A year?

    From the moment the Dvds will be avaible on this Web site…can we have them signed from the band? 😉

    And – why not? – signed also from all the David Gilmour’ staff! The more signs we have, the more beautiful it will be!

    Go FEd go! Organize all this for us!


    [A week, I should expect. – Features Editor]

  59. [I know David practices what he preaches (so to speak) as the OAI CD was carbon neutral, but did he also manage to be carbon neutral with his world tour?]

    (intake of breath) I was waiting for that and, to be fair, you have a point.

    However, being cynical wont help. Things wont change overnight.

    Just what do we do, stop world music tours or wait for cleaner fuels. Stop football, stop baseball stop everything. We cant can we.

    If you analyze everthing we are all, each and every one of us, to lesser and greater degrees guilty.

    All we can do is do our little bits, take a little time to ask yourself, do I want this or do I need it, and hope that spreads.

    Plus hope the scientists come up with the greener fuels etc etc.

    Pete – Coventry

  60. Dear Fed,

    of course, we all can do something for our dear old earth.
    But: pensez-vous que, nous, pauvres crétins lambdas, pouvons vraiment faire évoluer les choses? Est-ce que, une fois que nous aurons laissé nos petites voitures au garage, la Terre s’en portera mieux? Les avions, pour ne citer qu’eux, sont mille fois plus pollueurs que nous autres, greffés que nous sommes à nos 4 roues – sans lesquelles, soit dit en passant, nous ne pourrions aller travailler, pour peu que nous habitions, comme moi par exemple, dans un trou paumé! Et je ne parle pas des usines, de ceux qui font des forages là où il ne faudrait pas, qui brûlent les forêts de façon intempestive, etc…

    Mais bon, on montrera l’exemple à nos dirigeants! à défaut de suivre le leur… Il faut bien que quelqu’un commence!

    Ikkar, with love

    Excuse me, dear Fed, for writing in french, but , nowadays, my english is so poor!

  61. We can’t get anymore plastic bags in any french supermarket, we have to buy once a big recyclable bag and we get then another free one when the first one is ripped , and so on …

    Nothing to do with that, sorry, but is “Guitar Legends” (press section) an english or an american magazine ? because, if it’s an english one, maybe I could find it , if not, I can’t



    [American, I think. – Features Editor]

  62. [As for the environment. I believe that in the UK the emission restrictions are not as tough as they are in the U.S. In fact the focus there was more on gas mileage in the past due to the high cost of petrol. So that lead to poorer emission standards. So yes it is a big problem over there. In fact, it is possible that the big SUV in the U.S. contributes less to emission issues than a vehicle in the U.K. – Andrew]

    Andrew, I respect your right to your opinions but as far as this unnecessary arguement on emissions goes I have to interject. Even if your postulation is true that a Cali SUV emits fewer pollutants than a London microbus that SUV is still using considerably more resources.

    The fact is the excessive amounts of fossil fuels used per capita in the US is simply repugnant and indefensible. You make the point that every individual should do their part. That should begin with making efficient, not excessive, decisions on transportation.

    The real cost of petrol is rarely determined by supply and demand. Taxation drives the cost just about globally. The US government has driven consumption up by keeping taxes low and supplies (stockpiles) high and pandering to American auto manufacturers who were raking record profits in the 90s selling luxury trucks. Trucks should be for hauling manure, not people.

    You may believe there is no difference in politicians (and on many accounts I would agree). But the truth is, government policy (particularly American policy) has enourmous Global consequences. And the Bush/Republican brand of policy has been a detriment to world peace and global environmental health.

    For humanities sake, and my children’s future, I hope that you are wrong.


  63. He answered my question!! I feel like a teenage screaming fan!!! But then I realise that I am indeed a teenage screaming fan!!

    As for the response, you can’t get much better than the musicians he chose.

    Take care tout le monde

    x x x

  64. The song is nearly over and it’s time to pay the piper. The system supports us. The earth is our life support system; that system is rapidly becoming unstable and ultimately will alter and degrade to the point that it will no longer support life; especially for our species.

    More dangerous radiation is reaching the earth than at any point in human existence; this increases the earths surface temperature and releases even more chemicals/gases into the environment these chemicals and gas emissions accumulate, concentrate, altering the chemistry/biology/ecosystems of the oceans, soil and atmosphere further; causing even more cosmic radiation to reach earths surface; destroying the natural balance and order….so on and so forth.

    What does that mean for us?

    We can’t evolve rapidly enough to counter these factors; ionising radiation is causing dramatic increases in cancer, irreversible eye damage, sterility and genetic and neurological abnormality. Increased amounts of ‘light’ is causing the rapid increase in the rate of competition in the plant world that will see the destruction and ultimate extinction of botanical diversity and ecology; destroying billions of years of natural evolution – this includes our natural food crops; and, no, genetic modification won’t solve these problems in the long term.

    The cycle is well advanced. The air that we breath is becoming contaminated with and ever increasing amount of particulate matter; water is contaminated with a myriad of chemicals; as is the food we eat. And I’m only focusing on our little part of the ecosystem. DNA distorting stuff.

    How do we solve these problems? We cant. There is no reversing this process. Greed and persistent denial fuelled by the ‘ruling class’ has condemned us all to an outcome that is well beyond our control. Science will not rescue us; if we cant make a new one, how can we hope to fix the old one.

    Civilisation and what’s left of our humanity will have to be shielded from the atmosphere and as the ever decreasing amount of recourses we rely on diminish and disappear; war and animal law will reign supreme over the remaining populace. We will all mutate and die from varying diseases, lack of water and food – a horrifying scenario but a true assessment none the less.

    We are immersed in a sea of radiation with a failing shield. Space is no escape; if you think the radiation will be bad on earth, it’s nothing compared with the infinite amount of ionising emissions from varying sources space has to offer. There is no escape.

    Global warming is a huge problem, but it’s only one in a series of problems we face as a race.

    I have expanded on these points in various other messages to the blog — remember all those emissions and chemicals we pored / are pouring, and the millions of barrels so wisely placed in our ocean…? We’ll see the results of this fiasco in the not too distant future.

    Our life support system, environment/ecology isn’t something that can be repaired. I’m afraid that the real science doesn’t support the rhetoric being spouted by the powers that be.”Think positive, stay calm – everything will work out in the end if we all save water and use less energy.”. It’s just a retro rocket designed to stabilise the emotions of the masses as we continue on the spiralling orbit to oblivion.

    The factories/industry are still manufacturing; the chemicals and emissions keep poring out; the wheel turns; the outcome is a far gone conclusion – the ruling class has made the decision for us. It’s way to late for reduction at this point. Anyone making the claim that reduction will reverse or even stop environmental disintegration is fooling themselves. Turn your lights off, turn all you appliances off at the switch; enjoy the feeling it gives you.

    I wish I had something more supportive/positive to say about the situation. The human race will disappear without any lasting trace. Solutions? There are no real long term ones. Shutting down 95% of the industrial system tomorrow would prolong the inevitable and extend our existence by some generations; it’s best we can hope to achieve; however, these sacrifices aren’t something that the majority would be prepared to make, and the current rise of fascism will further fuel war and the destruction of the human race.

    Ignorance is the opiate of the masses – and the ruling class exploit it. Remember, If you tell people something for long enough it becomes the truth – they bank on it.

    Ultimately, nothing is wasted; we are a part of something that is bigger than us and our ideals; something that has no beginning and no end; something that is more powerful than we as a race could ever aspire to be; It’s all perfectly natural and doesn’t end with us. We will be one of the last generation to enjoy what’s left of the earths beauty and diversity – enjoy it as best you can.

    Read my previous posts if you care for some further insight.

    Our current predicament reinforces my belief that we are just a very tiny part in the never ending “recycling” process that is space. We are made from the stars and we will return there.

    BTW: I’m all for anyone that does their part in allowing the powers that be to gauge their displeasure with the current situation / what lead us to this point in the first place. Hopefully, we can all spend the time we have left on this planet with some sort of harmony and peace and love; rather than the needless war, death, destruction, greed, and hatred that has plagued our existence for so much of our history – I wont be holding my breath. Do good things, everyone.

    Thank you for allowing me to stand on the soap-box once more, Features Editor.

    Hysteron proteron

    [It’s always a pleasure. – Features Editor]

  65. [sorry, but is “Guitar Legends” (press section) an english or an american magazine ? because, if it’s an english one, maybe I could find it , if not, I can’t – Michele]

    It is an American magazine. I’ll make a deal with you Michele. You send me the Q magazine, and I’ll send you the Guitar Legends. I could only find the Q magazine in one place and they didn’t have David’s cover.


  66. In response to ChrisB and Pete, I don’t know about David’s tour, but I am pretty sure that PF used to plant a forest to return the carbon.


  67. i can’t believe some of these comments. there IS a problem, it’s EVERYONE’S problem and we ALL need to do something about it right NOW.

    yes, some countries have contributed more than their fair share to make this problem even greater than it need be, but pulling together to try and save the planet is surely far more important than national greed or ignorance.

    david and polly are british and were making a statement, along with 24,998 other people, for the benefit of the british government.

    there’s no need to start squabbling about which country is the biggest baddie.

  68. Did you know the entire human race was once wiped out? Apart from one man and his immediate family, that is. Later, God had a little chat with Noah and his sons.

    Genesis 9:8-16

    And God spake unto Noah, and to his sons with him, saying,

    And I, behold, I establish my covenant with you, and with your seed after you;

    And with every living creature that is with you, of the fowl, of the cattle, and of every beast of the earth with you; from all that go out of the ark, to every beast of the earth.

    And I will establish my covenant with you; neither shall all flesh be cut off any more by the waters of a flood; neither shall there any more be a flood to destroy the earth.

    And God said, This is the token of the covenant which I make between me and you and every living creature that is with you, for perpetual generations:

    I do set my bow in the cloud, and it shall be for a token of a covenant between me and the earth.

    And it shall come to pass, when I bring a cloud over the earth, that the bow shall be seen in the cloud:

    And I will remember my covenant, which is between me and you and every living creature of all flesh; and the waters shall no more become a flood to destroy all flesh.

    And the bow shall be in the cloud; and I will look upon it, that I may remember the everlasting covenant between God and every living creature of all flesh that is upon the earth.

    Do you hear this? There is a covenant between God and the earth, and the rainbow is our reminder of that covenant. The earth will never again become so unstable that man will be wiped off its face. It will not happen. No comet, no nuclear war, no global warming, no disease, no nothing will ever make man extinct. That is guaranteed. The earth is not in any danger from anything.

    Take comets, for example. Did you know Jupiter protects the earth from comet strikes? It’s a known astronomical fact. The gravitational pull of Jupiter protects the earth from comet strikes. All those thousands of rocks circling the earth between Mars and Jupiter have been put there by Jupiter. The earth is not in any danger.

    Psalm 47:9

    The princes of the people are gathered together, even the people of the God of Abraham: for the shields of the earth belong unto God: he is greatly exalted.

    The shields of the earth are the defences of the earth. The earth is well protected, I can assure you. Man does not have the ability to destroy the earth.

    Don’t be afraid of what the earth can do, for the earth is not our enemy. But we do have enemies, make no mistake. Flouride, for example, if a nuclear waste that was used last century as a very effective rat poison. How did it get into our toothpaste and into our water supplies? Answer that question and you will see the enemy to be feared.

    Total darkness is the absence of light and warmth. Hell is not a hot place, it is a very cold place.

  69. FEd,

    I was going to write a long post about a website that deals with the issues covered here but I thought it probably best to just send you the link and if you and your team think it’s suitable and/or appropriate for David’s site, then I’m sure you’ll publish the details.

    Specifically, I was going to point people towards the section that deals with monitoring and measuring our own individual carbon footprint.

    See what you think.

    Have a good evening.


    [Looks good to me. Thanks, mate. – Features Editor]

  70. Haven’t checked in for a while, but I happened to notice this posting. Glad to see it!

    There are some of us here in the States who do care as well!

  71. Hysteron proteron!!!

    A triumphant return for our resident doom and gloomer!!!

    As always, you write of frightening truths that are hard to debate and inspire both passionate reaction and resigned panic simultaneously. I’ve missed reading your posts believe it or not…but all sugary sweetness aside….

    Our species is blessed with the ability to see abstractly beyond themselves. As you have provided us with your vision of truth, let me share mine.

    Life is as tenacious as the endless vacuum that surrounds this planet. From space our cities seem like grey scabs on an otherwise blue, green, and amber planet. Go closer and you are hard pressed to find the “green” within these cities. Go closer still and kneel down on a sidewalk and you’ll find evidence of life everywhere trying to beat back, in small ways, the invasive scab on Earth’s surface.

    Plant-life creeping out from bewteen cracks. Man made lakes that forever need “pruning” to prevent meadows from returing. Moss and algae encroaching on surfaces. Insects, rodents, bacteria….everywhere. Granted, this may not be the natural order of things, but life always finds a way despite our ignorance.

    Our ecosystem, to its credit, is also retaliating against our species that would forever alter it. It also beats back and is just as relentless as life itself. Though our ancient ecosystem may seem slow in its response, it is patient and won’t need to do much to seriously threaten our species.

    Our ecosystem took billions of years to form and is now teetering, but, if you believe there is no hope for our species, then I would argue that once our species is “dealt with” on an ecological level, what life remains will find a way to thrive. Since it first sparked from a pool of goo, life has always found a way….

    I salute you Hysterion proteron for inspiring debate, but respectfully submit to you that some of your arguments may be as your very name suggests: a logical fallacy assuming as true a premise/proposition that is yet to be proved.

    Angelo Ortiz

  72. Angelo,

    Your Bronx roots are showing! You must well know the space between the cracks. Perhaps Brother Hysterion should spend some time on the chatroom of some Floydian fatalist we all know and love……oh wait he hasn’t a chat room has he?


  73. Well here is another song that I wrote back in 1992 which kind of tackles green issues.

    Summer Solstice

    In the canopy of trees,
    the rooks bicker noisely.
    Amongst the wild foxgloves
    the bumblebees hum.
    I watch the squirrels jump
    bound from tree to tree
    and watch the muntjaks prance
    all arount gallantly.

    Oh, what a beautiful afternoon
    so bright, so fresh.
    Rays of warmth and happiness
    lay like petal soft on my skin
    and I know …

    Summmer solstice
    has returned again.
    Half a year has passed me by again.
    I wish the summer could last forever,
    with eternal sunny days.
    I could lie in the leas forever
    with Mother Nature’s ways.

    Inspiring pitch of wind
    Touches, Heals and Cares.
    Birds singing in
    different coloured keys.
    Nothing beats the peace
    of a hot and sunny day.
    In the distance I spy
    cotton clouds at bay.

    Oh, what a beautiful afternoon
    so bright, so fresh.
    Rays of warmth and happiness
    lay like petals soft on my skin
    and I know …

    Repeat chorus

    Spoken: Wouldn’t this be an ideal scenario?
    But the seas are sticky black.
    Cormorants scream.
    Cetations black baleen.
    A tree is sacred
    plant one today
    and let the children
    see another summer solstice.

    Repeat chorus x 2.

    Written 21st June 1992

    Best regards.


    PS Hey FEd. I see Liverpool beat B’ham City 1-0. At least it was better than the embarrasing time when Liverpool beat B’ham City by 7-0, remember that? I think I’ll stick to cricket. Have a good evening.

    [I remember it well. – Features Editor]

  74. [Man does not have the ability to destroy the earth. – George Maciver]

    Perhaps man cannot destroy the earth. But man is certainly capable of effing it up pretty good.

    Man is also capable of burying his head in the sand. Thereby not having to acknowledge the truth that is swirling about his arse above….

  75. Just an observation….

    Whatever side of religous,political,world views,etc. you come down on…there’s no denying David’s fans (at least most of the bloggers)are one intelligent and articulate bunch. I envy how many of you are so able to express yourselves.

  76. I read somewhere that for every letter received by politicians, it represents the views of 100 people. That is to say the politician considers it as 100 votes. As we all know it is numbers that count. Therefore if say ten of us write in to our PM/President in their minds we are representing 1000 people.

    On a much more local level, I tried unsuccessfully for months to have reflective posts placed by the side of a local road to help prevent road deaths to badgers. As a lone voice I failed. It was only after I organised for all the members of my local badger group to each send it a postcard on the same day, to our county council that the posts were erected.

    I apologise if I am rambling, but the point I am trying to make is we can make a difference but the more of us who spread the message the sooner the change can happen.


  77. Weak!!! Everyone has opinions and debates and obvious issues (their spoken words). So many problems presented and so few solutions. I’m suprised that most people have become so comfortable with passing on (death) that we will allow ignor-ants (confused humans) and our own Mother Earth to figure the solution out and make the repairs… Personally, I love and do as much as I can for my Mother everyday…

    If you refuse to participate, when the wolves come, the black sheep will be pushed to the outside of the flock…

    Thanks, Marcus Buick for the link to Bioneers, that helps!

  78. Hmm… a good deal, Erin, if I had found the Q magazine with David’s cover, but I didn’t !

    So, another deal : you send me Guitar Legends and I send you a big french smile, ok ?

    Vous me pardonnez d’oser sourire aujourd’hui, Fed ?


  79. George, George, George. Some of you HAD to know I wasn’t gonna let this one go without comment.

    First off, I’d like to apologize to David. David, this is your site and you have made it quite clear that you aren’t religious, and I have (up to this point) respected that.

    However George has opened a can of worms and Fed printed it, and I feel EXTREMELY compelled to comment. That being said . . .

    I’m a Christian, granted, a very liberal Christian. I’m also a student of Theology and of Physics. First off, you are quoting the King James Version of the Bible. Which any theologian or historian will tell you, is THE worst version to quote because it was/is so skewed.

    Most of the standard versions states verse 11 as follows “I solemnly promise never to send another flood to kill all living creatures and destroy the earth.” I’ve got news for you, God isn’t sending this flood, we are doing it ourselves. Thank God for freewill!

    Even if you want to use the King James version: “And I, behold, I establish my covenant with you, and with your seed after you; And with every living creature that is with you, of the fowl, of the cattle, and of every beast of the earth with you; from all that go out of the ark, to every beast of the earth. And I will establish my covenant with you; neither shall all flesh be cut off any more by the waters of a flood; neither shall there any more be a flood to destroy the earth.”

    God made a promise to all “flesh,” which as stated, includes all living creatures, that flood waters will never destroy all creatures of the earth again. Global warming surely won’t kill everything, and everything it does kill surely won’t be strictly from flood waters. Global warming has other consquences than just floods.

    You’re statement really got to me George, mainly because it was so black and white. I think this is why there is such a decline in Christian faith. People think Christians have to feel just one certain way on issues, which is not true, there is plenty of room for interpretation.

    If God wanted us to know it all, he would have given it all to us at the start. You have 5 people read ANY verse in the Bible and each will have their own take on it. I just wanted to share another Christian’s opinion.

    George, I respect your opinion and I admire your trust in God, but remember not to bury your head in the sand. Look for signs, God gave us brains and the power to rule over all the earth for a reason. It comes down to the fact that we never know everything for absolute certainity until we get to The Great Gig in the Sky.


  80. I’m not saying that George Maciver is wrong, just that I respectfully disagree.

    I feel that there is a little bit of God in each of us, and that carries a lot of responsibility. I cannot sit back and hope someone is going to protect me (as nice as that would be). It is incumbent upon me to do the right thing whenever I have the opportunity to do so.

    We are clearly destroying our planet, and for me the right thing is to do what I can to not be a part of that problem.

    Every time I ride my bike to work, that’s the God in me doing the right thing for all of us. Every time I shovel snow with a shovel and not a snowblower, that’s the God in me. Every time I give food to a hungry person, or contribute to a political cause, or vote for a candidate with vision and courage, that’s the God in me. Every time I teach a child (I’m a school teacher), or plant a tree (I’ve planted one per year for the past few years), I’m exercising the power of the God in me. Little things, to be sure, but they’re cumulative.

    And if there were more people doing the things that they can do to make our world a better place, the world would (presto!) slowly but surely become a better place.

    For me, the idea that we can do whatever horrible things we care to do because God will protect us, is an idea that makes no sense. Just one man’s opinion, but one which I truly wish more people shared.

  81. I’m with Hysteron proteron – I think humans are a big cancer on this earth, and as long as we keep spreading, things are going to go badly. Or as George Carlin said in a recent interview: “I think trying to save the planet is a waste of time because the planet will survive us. It will live past us. We will do all the damage to it we can and then we will kill ourselves and the planet will go merrily rolling away, getting better and healing every 40,000 years. I had a routine on this in 1992: ‘The planet is fine; the people are fucked.’ So, that’s why I can’t get all excited about those things. It doesn’t make any difference.”

    Now then, Edwina – on a lighter note: Where is that ladies’ competition? Have you postponed it again? No, my panties aren’t in a bunch but I am becoming a bit concerned.


    [It’s funny, but the more I’m nagged, the more I want to make you wait. – Features Editor]

  82. [You missed this news on 10 October, I take it? – Features Editor]

    Well, I might have. There’s always that possibility. I was reading the latest news update for Nov. 8 that said “The NEW news is that David decided to add a first sample of the Royal Albert Hall DVD, and it is Take A Breath.” So it WASN’T new news?

    Maybe a drink would clear things up. Have one with me, FEd?


    [It was new news for the Latest News page, but surely you know by now that the blog is where it’s all happening? We had it here on 10 October. – Features Editor]

  83. Maybe all we are is stardust, billion-year-old carbon. But I still think we have a chance to get back to the garden. No one can predict the future. No one.

    Call me crazy, call me overly optimistic, call me a Pollyanna. (But just CALL me!)



  84. Angelo, I condensed my comments for the sake of the blog, my time, and the sanity of the, Features Editor.

    I resent the disparaging term “doom and gloomer”, it diminishes and relegates my comments as something less than they are; I’m certainly not one of those ‘end of times’ people – as I’m sure you have discerned from reading my previous messages.

    The reality of the situation is much gloomier that my writing could suggest; and that’s just on the extinction of genetic diversity.

    It saddens me that you are seemingly so complacent and excepting about the trade for what is and was, for what will be; billions of years of evolution and natural selection will and has been extinguished prematurely by our greed and shear stupidity – doesn’t seem like a fair trade to me, or the next generations to come.

    Weeds and pests and the garden variety prokaryotes morphologies are hardly a substitute for the endless bio-diversity and ecology that has and will be lost beyond our cities, oceans, and water ways etc. Bacteria and Archaea will without doubt be the high achievers in our absence.

    We will never truly know the losses we have already suffered and the knowledge already lost forever. Science has a very strong tendency/lean towards finding more efficient methods for killing rather that understanding and curing. Imagine how much we would have gained as a civilisation if we had guided our efforts towards life instead of death.

    It’s not natural disaster that has altered the ods for our species, it’s the fruits of our own labour – driven by the ruling class. However, these facts still don’t deminish the chance of natural disasters and earth ending events that are always in the cards. How much of space do we scann for world ending ojects? (

    No doubt that life always finds a way, but in this case, it’s at the expense of everything as we know it. Maybe the new inhabitancy of our planet will have a chance to reach a greater level of consciousness before the sun engulfs our system – I am sure that there are organisms on the planet as we speak that are existing on a higher psychological plane that us; capable of living in complete harmony with the surroundings and each other.

    Human nature is the most flawed of any on our planet.

    I’m afraid that all life on this planet is in for one of the toughest tests that can challenge it; the results will be like nothing we know, or would want to know – IF successful. There will be winners and losers – we have lost no matter what the ultimate outcome; we are lesser now for what is already gone.

    Angelo, saccharin aside, I appreciate your reply and enjoyed reading it – I thank you for that. Hope you have gained something from my writing; however, I would be interested to know where you think I’m engaging in mistruths/deception.

    Hysteron proteron

  85. Happy Friday,

    My goodness. this subject brought back a few names/bloggers I had not seen for a while.

    [In response to ChrisB and Pete, I don’t know about David’s tour, but I am pretty sure that PF used to plant a forest to return the carbon.]

    Martin, I am sure you are right on this.

    Pete – Coventry

  86. [Do you hear this? There is a covenant between God and the earth, and the rainbow is our reminder of that covenant. The earth will never again become so unstable that man will be wiped off its face. It will not happen. No comet, no nuclear war, no global warming, no disease, no nothing will ever make man extinct. That is guaranteed. The earth is not in any danger from anything. – Posted by: George Maciver at November 9, 2006 07:37 PM]

    This belief worries me. There is a danger that it could be used as an excuse to do nothing about the situation. We, as the human race, are responsible for the current state of the world and we are the only ones who can do something about it.

    Hysteron Proteron’s arguements take a scientific viewpoint as opposed to a religious one but still have the same underlying message – it is out of our control, nothing we do will make any difference.

    I don’t know how much difference we can make but if we don’t try we’ll never know. I’m not ready to give up yet.

  87. I didn’t say anything about it being okay to trash the world now, did I? The earth is not in any danger, but man sure can make things difficult for the rest of us.

    However, you’re all looking in the wrong places for the solutions to the problems. The people you look to for solutions are the very ones causing the problems.

    I’ve a book that should be coming out next year that deals with this. It’s been 8 years in the making. Controversial it will be but then again, I’ve never been that concerned about being popular.

    It isn’t the earth that is opening the doors to the gas chambers of the New World Order.

  88. Hysteron proteron, perhaps using the term “doom and gloomer” came across as more flippant than I intended (as does the caption gibe in the next blog). They are my attempt at levity albeit within a deadly serious context. Let it be said that your comments/insights are extremely informative and valuable to advancing our discussion on this issue.

    I sense that you and I struggle with a similar dilemma: the tide is against us, forces exert influence beyond our control, and we somehow are to survive and live fully what time we have left. We believe that railing against these forces is like screaming in the wind, yet how can one remain silent in the shadow of such injustice?

    What you sense as complacency on my part is in actuality a similar pragmatic realism that I have read in your posts throughout the year, and mind you this is within the context of your premise that we are where we are and there is little we can do about it. I would never want to trade what we have or what could have been, but what do we do now if hope is lost? As one viewpoint, I offered the possibility if nature were to start again and “reboot” itself it is quite conceivable that it could do so, perhaps with similar life forms that gave rise to our biodiversity.

    Science has revealed that those near earth objects you referred to almost wiped out all life on this planet several times, yet somehow life found a way (the extinction of dinosaurs paved the way for the rise of mammals who, ironically, are on the verge of causing their own extinction). This brings me to my next point….

    The fallacy I refer to is not of any particular mistruth or deception but of an unproven argument. Your insights are based soundly on science and hard facts. I submit that humanity has a feeble understanding of themselves and the universe around them and that science, for all its hard-to-argue data, never has a complete picture. The damage to our ecosystem is irreversible, then again maybe not. Humanity is beyond redemption, then again maybe not. I prefer standing ready for unforeseen opportunity, though, like you, am not holding my breath. We all must be mindful of our attitudes and what we say, for it is much easier to espouse futility than it is to engender non-deluded hope.

    I enjoy our dialogue a great deal even though we have pushed our verbosity well beyond the accepted limits. I have gained from your writing, and I hope you have gained from mine as well.

    Sorry FEd, I’m done…..

  89. Yes, you should check out My Morning Jacket. A breath of fresh air over here. They just put out a new dvd.

  90. Angelo, I certainly don’t feel as if I’m shouting into the wind, nor do I feel any sense of hopelessness about the situation – I feel liberated by my views. I think that people know the truth when they encounter it. Most know the situation but don’t dare make waves because we know what the ultimate consequence for our actions would be – the system has ways and means of dealing with people that swim against the tide of current ideology’s.

    There’s nothing new about our situation. For centuries people have been aware of the detrimental consequences the growth of the human race coupled with the expansion of the local/international industrial complex would have.

    People have been conditioned to the comforts of modern life and the powers have created a system of dependence that has dissolved much of our ability to live independently beyond it’s confines – the system has built an almost inescapable level of psychological constructs in order to enslave the greater populous.

    The fate of the human race is not an evolving mystery to me and many others – there is no need to witness the reactions to know they will occur. We have put in motion a series of events that have disturbed and altered the natural sequence that has shaped our very existence – there will be consequences; many we are yet to witness.

    More people are awakening to the reality of the situation; however, nothing will hinder the greed and institutionalised structures that the ruling class have created and implemented – our earth will be fine without us. Trying to fight the system is like bashing your head against the proverbial brick wall – at best it will kill you. As I said; we are just the robotic tools of the worlds ruling class – pedalling their bike to oblivion. The chemistry will take it’s inevitable course.

    My years have been, and are, very entertaining – no regrets. Everything serves it’s purpose. Anyway, you know what I’ll be doing. I can always use another lookout if you have the time. You’d also be more than welcome, Features Editor.

    Hysteron proteron

  91. Re: Global Warming…has anyone read Rachel Carson’s book ‘The Sea Around Us’ from 1950? A quote from the book “Now in our own lifetime we are witnessing a startling alteration of climate…”

    We are a bit slow catching on.


  92. Hysteron proteron, the calm you portray as humanity rides off a cliff is admirable. I must confess that the more knowledge I gain of our situation the more angst I feel.

    As a social worker, I’ve been “bred” to serve humanity and take action when and where I can. It’s a calling I felt early in my youth and has more to do with a long held fascination of the untapped potential in all of us.

    As a pragmatist and as a survival mechanism, I’ve learned to accept that which I can not change or else be consumed by the suffering and tragedy that surrounds us.

    As a father and husband, I am compelled to remain committed to survival or at the very least be prepared to take action if the opportunity arose. I would dare to hope my daughter may inherit much more than my old Kimball console piano and Ibanez acoustic (not exactly an original ’67 Strat but it’s my tried and true).

    I wish I could say I felt liberated by my views. As I type this, my daughter sits gleefully oblivious while she practices magic tricks. I may not be able to stop the sun from exploding, stop an asteroid, or end the assault on our planet, but I will try to keep her safe in the short term and enjoy our time as a family.

    I’ve never read Rachel Carson’s book, but I’m sure she was just one of a chorus of unheard or silenced bell tollers in the last one hundred years. I’ve learned that when in a rip current you swim diagonally toward shore. I hope I am doing that and not going against the tide. Nevertheless, perhaps I should adopt an appropriate pseudonym? It seems as if I’m always looking out, so if you have something in mind feel free to recruit my “pair of eyes”.

    In the meantime, I’m off to take my daughter to school. Good day to you…..

  93. [i can’t believe some of these comments. there IS a problem, it’s EVERYONE’S problem and we ALL need to do something about it right NOW. – Posted by: alice n at November 9, 2006 04:56 PM]

    good to see you back, alice. you always spoke a lot of sense.

    we can’t deny that there’s a problem and we all owe it to ourselves and future generations that we do our bit. as fed says, we all count and we can all make a difference. why won’t some people pull their weight? it doesn’t take much to recycle some beer bottles instead of just binning them. if we got into a routine, it would become second nature and we all need to change our wasteful ways because we’re all part of the problem.

    i enjoyed reading the dialogue between hysteron proteron and angelo. thanks guys.

    i’m still proud to have been there and proud of david and polly for doing their bit. they are a great example to us all.

  94. btw fed, thanks for running the gender poll.

    interesting results. at the moment, it’s 79/21 in favour of the boys.

  95. Angelo, you seem like a good person, and I’m sure a part of that will transfer on and influence your children – that the best we can all hope to achieve at the end of the day. I’m afraid that evil will always beat good – hands down. But that doesn’t make good any less for it – in my book.

    Want my advice? This probably will be interpreted as one of the most overly simplistic and naive thing to say, especially in this day and age, but it’s the truth…”do good things”.

    I’m sure we’ll talk again some day.

    Hysteron proteron.

  96. Hysteron proteron,

    Point well taken and thank you.

    …though I could probably extend the discussion of good vs. evil… 😉

    “Do good things” as well, as I’m sure you already do, and I’ll look forward to talking again in the future…

    Your “Good Deed” Compatriot,
    Angelo Ortiz

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