Steve DiStanislao Q&A


Steve DiStanislao was thrilled at being invited to answer some fan questions, so please make them good ones.

Again, I won’t consider long lists of questions. I only want a maximum of three questions per person, so please don’t abuse Stevie’s kindness by taking advantage of this unique opportunity.

I’d much prefer it if everyone gets an equal chance of getting a question answered, so long lists of questions will be deleted immediately, even if they contain some really good questions.

All questions (well, almost) will be published here for everyone to see, so please read what’s already been asked before submitting questions of your own. The prevention of unnecessary repetition is always a good thing.

Not all questions will be answered, of course, so please try and make them as interesting as possible.

The latest answers from Guy about his career might help give you an idea of what makes it through my blog sieve.

There’s a chat going on right now, if you can make it. Everyone’s welcome.

On Lemon Jelly’s remarkable album ‘Lost Horizons’ I spotted your name in the credits of the wonderful track entitled ‘Nice Weather for Ducks’. What was your role on this track? Did you play bass? (Julie Gunn Davies)

Yes, isn’t that what I usually do? My duck call isn’t up to much.

Being somewhat of an Icehouse fan, I have to ask how that experience compares with working with David and the Floyd? (Erik)

I haven’t got the first idea of how to answer that. But before the first show of this tour, Jon Carin and Steve DiStanislao got to be in Icehouse for a day, as I’d been asked to do a TV show with Iva in Germany, and he asked if I could put a band together. So we went to Munchen and mimed ‘Hey Little Girl’.

Who was the one person that influenced you the most? (Renee B.)

My father.

Do you plan to do a little more on the singing side? I would love to hear more of your distinctive voice. I know it’s more yelling than singing that you do, but I love it. (Karen)

Why, thank you, Karen. I’m only really happy as a backing singer, to be honest. Unless it’s shouting, of course.

What was your most musically challenging session gig? (EchoesBob)

I remember doing something for Jeff Beck a few years back that kept me on my toes. When I played on the score of ‘The Last Action Hero’, Michael Kamen did actually ask me to play something that, after a few tries, I had to confess I just couldn’t.

What is your most memorable gig and why? (Tim C)

Venice with Pink Floyd. Because we were on a bloody great oil rig in the lagoon.

Are you involved with your father-in-law’s next album? (KenF)

I hope so.

Author: FEd

Features Editor of David Gilmour’s official blog, The Blog (‘Features’ previously being its rather naff title), affectionately – or lazily – shortened to ‘FEd’.

100 thoughts on “Steve DiStanislao Q&A”

  1. CAPTION: As Steve rehearses for his new tour with Barry Mannilow, the man himself watches on from stage exit right.

    Rgds Geoff Duffy ( Dublin )

  2. QUESTION: What was the most difficult DG/PF song to master on this tour Steve not that it looked like you had trouble with any of them .

    Rgd Geoff Duffy ( Dublin )

  3. Happy Thursday,

    My question:

    Playing in David’s band and performing behind all those great musicians and special guests must obviously be a great thrill. Would you ever consider, when the time is right, writing an ‘Inside Out’ type book of events as viewed by you.

    Pete – Coventry

  4. [Guy replied to Karen: – Why thank you Karen. I’m only really happy as a backing singer to be honest, unless it’s shouting of course.]

    I bet you also like stomping around and pushing people out of space ships…and shouting resistance is useless…

    Thanks Guy, for answering everyones questions, I’m really disappointed of course that mine weren’t selected 🙁

    Oh well, never mind.

    I’ll ask Steve. Steve…?

    ash X

  5. My question for Steve is:

    Was it difficult coming in to David’s band when the other members had played or worked together before?


  6. QUESTION FOR STEVE – Does it make a difference what material your drumsticks are made of? I mean have you ever played drums with glass sticks as it is possible?

    Ian Pearson

  7. Hi Steve! First of all, congratulations!!! During the tour, one of most beautiful modification on a song was “Fat old sun” and your contribution in that has been huge an extraordinary!

    – Anyway, I ask you too, which David/Pink Floyd song do you enjoy playing most?

    – Have you never hurt someone, throwing your drum sticks? 😉

    – How tiring is playing a drum? You have to use two arms, two legs, beat strong also in different rhythms, one for the right arm, one for the left one, one other for the right leg, one other for the left one…it seems very tiring… or is it just my ignorance?

    Have a wonderful day…and thanks a lot for that!


  8. Question/s for Steve

    When was the last time you had an arguement? and were you in the right?….

    My real question.Do your arms ever get so tired you wonder if you will lose time,& i notice during high hopes you kept time by drumming against your leg while striking the bell why was this?

    thanks for taking the time to answer our questions.


  9. Hi Steve

    – Would you like to do another tour with David?
    – Which was the most enjoyable concert for you on David’s tour?


  10. Hi Steve,

    I doubt that you would remember me but it was a real pleasure speaking to you at Abbey Road.

    Herewith my questions for you:

    1. Which drummer inspired you to take up the drums in the first place?

    2. Your drumming was particularly excellent during Astromony Domine at Abbey Road. Prior to David’s tour, have you ever played PF material before?

    Best regards.


  11. Hello FED
    Hello bloggers

    Hello Stevie D., I have seen you in three concerts (Milan and 2 the gigs in Venice) and in my opinion you are a perfect Floydian drummer.

    The questions:

    1) Can you describe David (the man not the artist)?
    2) What has been the most beautiful city that have you visited during the tour?
    3) What song do you prefer to play (of OAI tour)?

    Thanks a lot!
    Claudio da Ravenna.

  12. Hi Steve

    I’d like to echo what Julie said. It was a real pleasure to meet you at Abbey Road and thanks for the drumstick! I enjoyed your little impromptu solo!

    My question is almost the same as Julie’s. I’d like to know who your favourite drummers are and why.

    Also, I wasn’t able to see what make of kit you were playing either at Abbey Road or the RAH. So which is your preferred kit and why?

  13. [I remember doing something for Jeff Beck a few years back that kept me on my toes.]

    I bet it did. I went to see Jeff Beck on his ‘Guitar Shop’ tour some years back. They were so fast.

    Pete – Coventry

  14. Ash,

    LOL, I was also disappointed your questions were not selected. They made me chuckle.

    Pete – Coventry

  15. What Paul Anka song could you bring to this band and make it work for a kick~ass live showcase?

  16. Hey Steve,

    – What’s the most technically demanding drum pattern you have ever had to play?
    – I use my kit as a de-stressing tool. How do you de-stress?
    – Are you doing any more live work with any of the other guys in the DG line up?

    Thanks for taking time out to answer.


  17. [What is your most memorable gig and why? – Tim C]
    [Venice with Pink Floyd. Because we were on a bloody great oil rig in the lagoon. – Guy Pratt]

    fair enough! a great gig and more great answers.

    thanks, guy. i love that concert and thought you played really well. 🙂

    i’ll have to think of some good ones for steve. thanks for taking time out to do this for us, steve. 🙂

    sorry i missed today’s chat, fed. good to see you’ve added an extra one for tomorrow. hopefully i can make it this time.

    more from me later.

  18. *Jeff Beck appreciation society member here*

    I saw Jeff many moons ago, like 7 or 8 years ago in NYC. I’ve NEVER seen or heard a guitarist like him. I’m not dissing Dave on his own site as they are two completely different kinds of guitar players.

    Beck is always in fourth gear and handles the neck of a guitar like it’s the reigns of a stagecoach and he’s holding back a runaway team of horses headed for a cliff. Just an incredible display of raw power…

  19. [Beck is always in fourth gear and handles…. – Matt]

    Matt, I agree that Jeff is an awesome guitarist and I especially liked his work on Amused to Death. However, I don’t think there is a guitarist on the planet that comes even close to DG and I’ve seen pretty much all of the big contenders.

    IMHO, the way DG blends blues and rock is unique.

    *DG appreciation society chairman*

    Mat (with one t)

  20. Hello, Steve, and thank your for answering our questions!! You are a fabulous drummer.

    I would like to know..

    ~What do YOU listen to?? Like; right now, what CD is in your car player??


  21. Hi Steve

    or should I say ciao? capisci l’Italiano? 😉

    – How did you find yourself working with David?
    – Are you a Pink Floyd fan ever since?
    – What are your favourite bands now?

    Thanks for your time.

  22. Hi Steve.

    before i start with my questions i have to say: You are a fantastic drummer!! I saw you a few times this year. Your drumming on Fat old Sun, Coming back to life, Echoes ….. fantastic!!! Big Sound – pure Rock!!!!

    – When did you meet David Gilmour the first time?
    – When did david ask you to be his Tour-Drummer?
    – What was your favorite track(s) during the concerts?

    see ya soon, hopefully


  23. – Did you ever see Pink Floyd before joining with David?
    – What were your favorite shows?

  24. Hi everyone,

    Steve, I was in Manchester’s gig and indeed I was impressed with the very visible pleasure you play with. I just can not point out high peaks in your performance and all I can say is that your playing was perfect.

    My questions are:

    1. if you were asked by DG to list some songs from his previous solo albums for a gig which ones would you chose? why?
    2. do you always externalise your feelings that much?
    3. Did you have a “drum-hero” when you were a lad? Who?


  25. [I don’t think there is a guitarist on the planet that comes even close to DG – One~T Mat]

    I COMPLETELY agree my fellow gift from God. I was just stating a “Beckservation” about what Jeff looked like whilst playing.

    2~T Matt

    ( friends call me Tootie )

  26. I thought of one more –

    How did you pick up “On the Turning Away” so quickly when David sprung it on the band in Venice with no rehearsals?

  27. Hear, hear, Mat(with one t).

    FEd Preview is still not working!

    [I know, I’m waiting for someone to fix it. Sorry for the delay. – Features Editor]

  28. Hello Steve,

    Did you experience the star struck, bumbling, rambling, gibbering idiot fan thing during your first contact/meeting with David ?

    Guy has told some great stories about life as a bass player and we obviously want to hear in particular the ones about Davids tour, is there a story you can tell us ?

    ash x

  29. CAPTION: “Is that all you got David? C’mon, I can take it.”

    Alright Stevie D, their finally letting you out to give it to us straight!

    1. What is something you learned about David or PF that you didn’t previously know?
    2. Did Guy give you all dance lessons?
    3. What song did you find the most difficult during the tour?

    Thanks for taking the time to do this.


  30. Steve,

    Thanks for the part you played in making OAI such a sucessful tour. We are thrilled to be able to pick your brain.

    When you were young, what drummer did you most want to pattern your drumming style after?

    Melissa (*_*)

  31. [Matt, I agree that Jeff is an awesome guitarist and I especially liked his work on Amused to Death. However, I don’t think there is a guitarist on the planet that comes even close to DG and I’ve seen pretty much all of the big contenders. IMHO, the way DG blends blues and rock is unique. – Posted by: Mat at November 2, 2006 02:21 PM]

    E.G. Stratpack concert 2004, David blew all his peers out of the water with one note at the start of marooned pure magic.

    Rgds Geoff Duffy ( Dublin )

  32. Hi Steve-

    Do you ever find yourself in “Awe” that you are playing with David Gilmour?

    Thank You,

  33. Question:

    Can I buy you a drink? Seriously, you seem like a cool guy to hang with…..

    Thanks for the fun tour!
    – Angelo

  34. – What’s your favourite Beatles song?
    – What’s your favourite Led Zeppelin song?


    While waiting with Tomasz and our other fellow bloggers in the Abbey Road reception area, I was desperately trying to cool my nerves and feel connected with reality until this threw me for a loop…

    Someone walks up to the counter and asks a question, then the receptionist gets on the phone saying, “There is someone here to pick up something for Jeff Beck…”

    Cheeses of Nazareth!

  36. Hola Steve

    Thanks for taking time out to answer our questions.

    My question for you is……I read that you were a drummer in High School, How did being in a marching band influence you to be a professional drummer?

    Renee B.
    Schurr High Mighty Spartan Marching Band 1992
    montebello, Ca

  37. Hello! Im looking for any contact to the fans, because i have a problem…

    Im not sure how should i interpret the best song – “Marooned” from “Division Bell”. I was talking a lot with my friends about it and everyone has an another answer.

    What about is it? My friend told that it can be imagine of human on the beach who is delighted about beautiful of sea, beach, he is alone…marooned…

    Is it any type of allusion to the “Waters escape”?

    Maybe its about unfulfilled love? Please help me – its very important for me…

    Sorry for my english mistakes…

  38. Just to say Hi, and wasn’t it nice in the Chat today!

    Nice to talk/type to so many cheerful people, it really made my day. Thanks for treating an old fart so nicely. Nice to hear some of the contents of your joke book Geoff [oh, and the bears Fed]


  39. Well Fed,

    I just noticed the chat Friday. I know at least a couple of us, West Coast Irregulars, will be having a Pajama Party in the barn. Being as we will be setting our alarms. Hope things will be working better then they did on Tuesday.

    So who is bring the spammed breakfast?


  40. Hi,

    First I want to say ‘great’ to Steve!

    My questions are:

    – What do you think about Nick Mason’s drumming?
    – Were you a PF fan before the tour?

    thank you and still congratulations.

    Ciao Fed!!

  41. Steve,

    Could you tell me Three of your favorite Artist that you have worked with and who was your Favorite of all to work with.


  42. hi steve,

    many thanks for the invaluable contribution of yours in the on an island experience.

    during the shows, how did playing echoes feel with that thunder of light and before the appalled looks of the audience?

  43. Hi Steve,

    Playing with David and the rest of band, you seemed to fit in really well.

    – How did touring with David compare with the other artists you have performed with ?
    – How did you get the gig with David ?
    – How did David’s audiences compare to other gigs you have played ?

    You have been a great asset on the tour, I hope I get the chance to see you play again, preferably with the same line-up… :0)

  44. Hi Steve,

    – What was it like filling the boots of Nick ?

    – Did you eel a little peaved having to give up the sticks at the RAH for Nicks appearance ?

    – Your excellent work with David has raised your profile somewhat certainly around the PF/DG audience, what is the next project for yourself or are you having some time off ? You must be even greater in demand now with this on your CV ?

  45. Hi Steve, questions as follows:

    – Which drummers, if any, have influenced you?

    – Would you like to see drum solos back in a set list(a la 70’s) or do you think that the rest of the band would just nip off for a fag?

    – If you didn’t play drums, which instrument would you like to be a master at?

    P.S. Loved the tour, some great memories!

  46. Hello Steve,

    ok, three questions:

    1) if you had to pick 3 favorite drummers that most influenced you, who would they be?

    2) were you allowed any freedom to reinterpret Nick Mason’s drumming for the Pink Floyd songs played this tour?

    3) what others sorts of work have you done (aside from that done with Mr Gilmour)?

    Thanks for the chance to pose these guestions FEd.

    Warmest regards,

  47. Questions for Stevie D ~

    * What was the first song/album/performer that you heard that really moved you and/or made you think “This is what I want to do!”?

    * Who are some of your favorite musicians/singers past or present?

    Thanks so much for being a part of our Irregular community and sharing not just your music with us but also taking time to share your thoughts and feelings. It’s a close-knit group we’ve grown into here on the old BlogSite. I think this is quite a testament to David and Polly as well as all the people around them, be they musicians, technicians, management, webmasters, FEds, SNeds, or just us regular folk who have shared so much joy, comfort, excitement, and insight through the music he’s given us over all these years!

    While I wasn’t willing to set my alarm for 3 a.m. for this morning’s chat, I just might just make an attempt to rise at 5 a.m. for Friday’s chat. I don’t think I can wait until Monday … I am in need of contact with my kind at this moment! So maybe I’ll talk to you in the morning FEd and Irregulars. Until then …

    Peace and love!
    Washington State

    [Don’t forget that the Lobby is always open for two hours, so you could always arrive closer to 7AM for the Barn chat, seeing as you’re a Blog Irregular and all… – Features Editor]

  48. Steve

    1)What would be the line-up of your fantasy rock band?
    2)How did you get to be on the DG tour?
    3)What is your next project?

  49. Hi Steve.

    First of all, I have to say that I love your drumming. Even though I’m a guitar player, I tend to pay a lot of attention to drums. Your playing is excellent, although not being a drummer it’s hard for me to pick out just what it is that makes it so good. My best guess is that it’s a combination of good timing, beautiful fills, great dynamics, and the fact that you seem to be having so much fun. What do you think?

    Anyway, here are my three official questions:

    1) Who is your favorite drummer?
    2) How do keep things interesting when you’re on tour (especially one of those 9-month around-the-world types) and playing the same songs over and over?
    3) What are you current and future plans?

  50. A couple of questions for Steve,

    – How long have you been playing the drums?
    – Do you play any other instruments?

    Thanks for taking the time, Steve!


  51. Hi Steve,

    Firstly, I would just like to thank you for your brilliant efforts during the recent tour. It was really a treat to watch you and the band perform.

    My questions:

    Many Pink Floyd/On An Island songs end with a David Gilmour solo. I was fortunate enough to be up close for a bunch of shows on the recent tour. The saddest moment for me, always comes during these solo’s as David turns to you to give you his “we’re gonna end it here look”. From watching your facial expressions as you play, you appear to be enjoying these solo’s as much as us fans. Have you ever thought of ignoring him and forcing him to just play on? If not, any chance that you might should David decide to tour again ; )

    Thanks again Steve, and in case no one asks, where might we be able to catch you playing next?

    Best regards,
    Robert from Toronto

  52. My question for Steve:

    Thank you in advance for letting us ask.

    If I have it correct, you played with Crosby and Nash. How long have you played professionally? How did you get these fantastic jobs? Did you have to audition, luck, what? (I know David keeps track of musicians that he likes.) It may be old hat to you by now or do you still have that ‘pinch me I’m dreaming’ feeling sometimes yet?

    I know very little about being a musician, but drumming looks very difficult to me. As noted in others questions. All those different directions to go with sticks and feet. Whew.

  53. Caption..”Hey! name’s not Ringo..but thanks all the same!

    Hello Steve

    Do you believe as I do that Ringo,although not technically brilliant,has been a major influence on all drummers since?

    What was your 1st garage band’s name?..and did any of those old mates of yours achieve any sort of success as you have?

    Age old question…who was the better jazz drummer in your opinion..Gene Kupra or Buddy Rich?

  54. How old are you? You look early 30 but i am sure you are more than 40… Can you tell us more about you? Do you have children, are you english, where do you come from?

    We were (nous étions estomaqués de vous voir a Toronto, nous avons étés agréablement surpris de votre performance et de votre présence sur scène et de votre fraicheur aussi) Sorry but in french is easier for me.

    Thank you for being part of the on an island tour… It is such a good souvenir for me!!!

    sylvie de montréal

  55. Hello Steve, no questions, just wanted to say that I sincerely enjoyed your druming saw you at the first Massey Hall show in Toronto in April and hope you continue to perform with the best band on this planet.

    Thanks Stevie.


  56. Hi All,

    Just waiting for a taxi to the airport for my Caribbean cruise (On An Island, well several in fact!!).

    Sorry I didn’t get the chance to say “Bon Voyage” on yesterday’s chat.

    Will back home just in time for the release of OAI special edition & DVD package (should help me get over my post-cruise BLUE’s). Sea you all in a couple of weeks time…

    FEd, no comps in my absence please !!! Well, if you do run “This Heaven” while I’m away, can I submit my three words now ?

    I will take a chance anyway…

    1. – Divine
    2. – Inspiring
    3. – Courageous

    Soon THE BLUE, so soon…

    [Enjoy yourself, Ken. Consider your words considered. – Features Editor]

  57. Thanks to Guy for answering another of my questions… I look forward to hearing him on Richard’s next release.

  58. Oh, I would like to say a big thank you to Guy for answering my question, thanks for taking the time to make my day or night as it was.



  59. Hi Steve,

    Having met 3 times(Venice and Great Marloborough Street), and seen you play with the band 5 times, I feel confident enough to say forwardly that you are A hell of a good drummer.

    Missed your impromtu at the Abbey Road Studio, but I hear a DVD will sort that one out.

    Then I will try to innovate 3 questions!!!

    1/ when will you be next performing in London?
    2/ Shall we meet for a fourth time, with Magda and some coffee my sax and your kit?
    3/ How did it feel holding Nick’s drum sticks?

    And finally Steve, whenever you wish a Tour Guide in the UK, ask FEd to get my email and we could meet and visit the Real of England’s pleasant pastures, Walk upon England’s mountains green.

    Hopefully we will meet again.

    Your friend and Magdalena.


  60. Happy Friday,

    Another question Steve,

    Have you picked a favorite football team while working round the UK………and say something sensible, not Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool etc etc

    Have a good weekend everyone
    Pete – Coventry

  61. Hi Steve!

    1. Playing drums is hard, innit?
    2. Have you ever dressed up in women’s clothing?
    3. No really – have you?

    (Edwina, you sure have been scheduling a lot of chats lately. Lonely over there?)

    (PS – Hello David wherever you are and whatever you’re doing.)


  62. Hi Steve,

    As a PF fan, did you ever find yourself having to avoid sub consiously emulating Nick Mason, especially during Echoes ?



  63. hi fet ed . missed a chat again . this is becoming a nasty habit ( what time was now by the way i had to go to the city again with a delivery and was out all day , if it was the evening i’ll scream )

    wow lukasz i think you are reading a lot into marooned that just isn’t there . it is a nice instrumental that shows off david’s god like guitar playing and makes me think of someone on a beach . that’s just my opinion though

    questions for steve:

    1:what has been your most embaracing moment on stage ( things like snapping drum heads/cymbals or sticks for example !)

    2: what is the best and worst thing about being a drummer

    3: what was your favourite gig on the on an island tour

    Linda island lady .

  64. Hey Fed and everybody!

    In the latest issue of a certain guitarmagazine there`s a “rumor” about Fender is gonna make a David Gilmour Signature guitar!

    On behalf of all the guitargeeks out there I wonder if its true or not? If so I´m starting spend up money right now 🙂

    [We like rumours. – Features Editor]

  65. Hey Steve only one thing I ever wanted to learn from yourself. Of course there’s loads we could talk about but hey, time = money!

    – I myself love listening to drummers and their unique styles. What I want to know is, in a nutshell, who do you believe to be the best drummer in the world, today?

  66. Hi Lukasz, fellow Magyar. If memory serves me correct, the intro to the album is space noise. Therefore, I believe Marooned is about deep space.

    To John, I really believe that Buddy Rich, no insult to any drummer, was an institution of the skins. By far the quickest player I have ever seen.

  67. Not sure if FEd will let me post this as strictly speaking its not Mr. Gilmour, but I am chuffed that I managed to buy 2 tickets to see Roger Waters next May at Earls Court.

    He will be doing DSOTM from start to finish amongst other things and any chance I can get to hear that live has to be worth it. They don’t write ’em like that anymore!

    Hoping Mr. Carin will be there too.

    Have a great weekend all.

    Mat (1-tee)

  68. On the Marooned theme above, I got married to this track as it is one of my favourites!

    Only trouble was, its quite long so the walk down the aisle was verrrrrry slow. Still I enjoyed it.


  69. Coventry Pete says: [Have you picked a favorite football team while working round the UK………and say something sensible, not Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool etc etc]

    Birmingham City! LOL

    No, I am only joking. I do not know the first thing about football. You know, being as it is Friday, I thought I would have a bit of a laugh.



  70. MartinS thanks for reply.

    I think that there is a lot of nice songs, and every of them has an exceptional meaning…message…

    Marooned is so fantastic…this song helps me in thinking about everything – it can looks funny 😉

    I like to interpreting songs… imagine of my friend:

    “When im listening Marooned, i see…the old man in the park, he is sitting on the bench, reading a newspaper, and looking on puddle sometimes…He is thinking about his life…”

    There is no sea or beach, but it looks nice…hehe

  71. Hi StevieD and thanks for considering our questions. I really only have one question and that is about ear protection.

    How do you protect your hearing during rehersals and live stage performances? I believe you were wearing in-ear monitors when I saw you in Oakland, but I also wasn’t sure thus my question above.

    Keep on rockin’ mate!

  72. Have missed posting as had a few days off. Enjoyed catching up. You are all crazy funny. Enjoyed the guesses on Polly’s shoe pictures. Some great questions to and answers from the band.

    With the recommendations from the blog, I picked up ‘6 pm’ by Phil Manzanera. Mainly because I was curious about his music (because of this blog and the OAI tour) and this one had David and Robert Wyatt on it as well. So no question about where to start. Really loved David’s guitar on ‘Sacred Days’, but in particular on ‘Always You’. Found that I like R. Wyatts style on the trumpet. Also, liked Green Spikey Cactus by Phil. So thanks to this site for the tip.

    Thanks to the bloggers who congratulated Rudders and me on our lucky guesses. I’m ecstatic no matter what our prize is. (maybe a pair of worn and fried shoes from the tour? Just hope it isn’t a leftover bit from FE’d kitchen redo.!)

    Just wish to thank David Gilmour,Polly Samson, the band, and the entire Gilmour organization (FE’d and all), everyone who has made this site so enjoyable, the wonderful music, the tour, the cd’s and dvds. Love it. (I’m feeling a bit sappy this Friday eve.) Hope you all have a terrific weekend. Someday I hope to get a chance at the chat room too. See you!

    [Bless you, Jan. – Features Editor]

  73. as a musician,what do you think or feel it needs to play in a band with a legend or a super band? i can guess there’s a lot of good musicians around,it would be difficult to pick the “best”cause there’s a lot of them,so at the bottom line it’s just luck?

    great job


  74. I enjoyed the chat today. I’ve been getting excited at the thought of an actual barn party. Is that a crazy idea?
    Oh who cares, I’m up for it. I was sorry I had to leave in the middle of the conversation but my boss likes it if I actually do my job. As Bob Dylan once sang, “You Gotta Serve Somebody”.

    Anyway, big shout out to the Hens and the Roosters.

    And Fed, thanks for the barn, so far you have whittled us down to a good bunch.

    Hope everyone has a cool weekend.

    Melissa (*_*)

    [I’m glad you’re enjoying it, mate. – Features Editor]

  75. Okay seriously, I saw david gilmour in toronto on the 10th…and…….I cant stop looking everywhere for information on another tour…its driving me INSANE! is there anyways u can pay or something to be one of the first people to be informed of this information? I have to know….and I will not die happy unless i guess at least one more opportunity to experience this again in my lifetime.

    ive heard from many people that pink floyd is getting together for one last tour. Based on the information that i have read in the past…i dont see this being true! BUT i really want to know….can someone PLEASE get back to me! THANKS SO MUCH!! 🙂

    [We’d let you all know for free, Ashley. Just keep an eye on David’s site and take whatever you read anywhere else with a pinch of salt. – Features Editor]

  76. I read that David and family has passed some days of holidays in Proceno (Italy – near to Viterbo – Roma)

    David! Next time I advice you to pass in Ravenna …I can offer some special kinds of Italian Pasta of my region (Romagna): Cappelletti, Tagliatelle and Passatelli and our regional wine (Lambrusco).

    The invite is valid for you FED, and for all the BLOGGERS (not all in the same day please).

    Cheers FED!

    Claudio da Ravenna

    [Party at Claudio’s house, everyone… – Features Editor]

  77. Hi all,

    Steve, my questions are already asked, so I will wait patiently for answers.

    I would like only to say that whenever I hear Come together, I recall one late August afternoon in London. That was briliant, those cymbals …

    Thanks for your time,

    Best wishes and good luck,

  78. Off topic:

    I realize that this site is to promote David’s endevours.However, I was just wondering if he was just as excited as I am in hearing the news that Genesis are reuniting for a tour in 2007.I ask this because, as Pink Floyd were emerging as a major mind blowing prog band in the late 60’s and early 70’s, so were Genesis,and for me,playing Genesis’s LP’s back to back with “Floyd” LP’s lifted my happy brain space to unknown level!…Did he even like them?…lol

  79. FEd, I just ran across this interview with Peter Jenner discussing the hot-button topic of the day in the music world, DRM.

    As Peter was involved with PF, and because he brings up EMI and Sony, I thought it would be of interest to readers of this very fine and informative blog.

    Peter also speaks about digital downloads and even ringtones. I found out a few days ago that the international ringtone market is producing close to 75 Billion (U.S.) in sales, TWICE that of the entire international music market. That statistic stunned me. I have to admit I had no idea those kind of numbers were being developed. Was this why you asked about ringtones last week?

    Perhaps DRM (for or against) could be a rainy day topic in the future.

    Click my name for the coarse language article.

    [Thanks for that, Marcus. – Features Editor]

  80. Steve,

    Here is a question for you.

    When Nick Mason played a few songs at the London gig, did you pick up any additional “tips” from the master for the songs or were you just awestruck?



  81. Not really a question for Steve but a general observation.

    Regarding the photo above, is that really Steve or is it Stewart Copeland?? The similarity is amazing.


  82. Love the Q&A with the bandmembers! Fed, I bet you are enjoying sitting back for awhile,doesn’t seem to be many questions directed to you these days (except, of course, this one. Then again,it’s not a question here, but an assumption).

    Anyway…thanks for maintaining peace and happiness to this community of true music lovers. I haven’t been able to post much lately, but have enjoyed catching up when I can log on.


    [Thanks very much, Tara. – Features Editor]

  83. Thanks for the opportunity Fed and Steve 😉

    Just one question:

    I was at the May 30th night in the RAH, and I think I remember something strange in the intro to Time? It seemed like if David tried to fool you giving false starts to the song… Am I wrong? did something actually happen or it was me?


  84. I bumped into Mr Gilmour on Friday. Both he and I were attending the premiere of Paul McCartney’s Ecce Cor Meum, he as Paul’s guest, me as a member of the paying public.

    I told him how great the album (that show my age!) was.

    It was great to briefly meet him and hsow my appreciation of his work.

  85. My questions for Steve:

    – Where do you prefer playing : indoor or outdoor venues ?

    – If you remember the Vienne concert, did you feel something particular performing in a roman amphitheatre ?

    – Which is your favourite sport ?



  86. i love gilmour so much but i just think oai is boring. it is beautiful sounding but i NEVER listen to it. i much prefer animals and meddle to it… even momentary lapse kills that album.

    it is nice to see him so proud but that album just meanders too much for my taste. i love the 1st and 2nd solo albums…love them. i am just bored with oai and disappointed that it dosnt EVER rock or change pace…and wouldnt you rather hear him just kill some guitar on ‘red sky’?

    i dont know but there are songs on that album that i will never hear again and that fact disappoints me.

    i mean this with all respect…i love gilmour and for 2 yrs…seen him 23 times. now that tour he just did was cool but i wish he would have done some about face and 1st solo album instead of all the syd stuff.

  87. Hello!!!

    Do you have some informations about DVD from Gdansk Shipyards??

    [David’s tour DVD, out next year, will predominantly feature the Royal Albert Hall concerts. – Features Editor]

  88. Blake,

    Be sure I do respect your opinion, but have you ever tried to listen to OAI when you’re alone, under the red sky at night, in the middle of nowhere and let the magic operate ? it’s a dream… a so privileged moment…

    Excuse my english…


  89. thanks for thinking of us, steve. 🙂

    my three questions (two are the same as those i put to guy, btw):

    1. what would be your eight desert island discs?
    2. what were the stand-out moments from the ‘on an island’ tour?
    3. describe david gilmour in five words.

    thanks for doing a shit-hot job on tour, steve. i saw you at the rah and you really impressed me. i couldn’t keep my feet still listening to your grooving.

  90. Dear Steve,

    what did your neighbours think about you when you were training with drums (when you were very young?)

    I saw you in Venice: I like very much your energy

    Many compliments for your career

    Ciao Elisabetta

  91. my comment says 2 yrs…typo. it is over 25 YEARS. I saw ‘about face’ tour in san diego and saw the wall movie at the movie theater when it came out. i was 13…

    I TOTALLY RESPECT oai…the title track is beautiful. ‘this heaven’ is great. i am surprised at how little i listen to the new gilmour…that fact totally atonishes me and those are the reasons why…too kinda boring. ‘red sky’ is not my favorite for sure but it is ‘good’…i just want some trademark gilmour guitar somwhere there…

    i am going to listen to the whole thing again today start to finish…but i have done that many times and i instead would rather skip around to a few ‘high points’ and ignore the rest.

    i am the biggest gilmour fan i have ever known…learned just about every guitar solo note for note…seen 23 shows from about face to division bell…and these are my feelings on oai. it is good but it bores me.

  92. how do i get in the ‘secret chat’? i have some funny gilmour stories and moments in my life and i have been ‘studying’ this guy for over 25 bar has a 4’x8′ animals photo hanging behing the stage and ‘one-off’ giant gilmour photos everywhere. i am not a huge oai fan but i love the man. please let me in!!!! i think i could be of some value in there and be objective in a totally respectful manner.

    [The chatroom isn’t always open, so you need to keep an eye on our calendar for opening hours, but everyone is welcome. Occasionally, the chatroom is reserved for those who have been contributing regularly to the blog over a fair period of time (and who consider themselves friends as a result), but this is only on occasion. The next chat is on Wednesday and it’s open to all, so feel free to drop by. Just be sure to read our rules first, as the chatroom is closely moderated and anyone found to breach these rules may well find themselves banned. – Features Editor]

  93. [To John, I really believe that Buddy Rich, no insult to any drummer, was an institution of the skins. By far the quickest player I have ever seen Posted by: frank par]

    Thanks for that Frank.Gene wasn’t as quick but did have quite a style.I still can’t make up my mind,but am quite interested to know Steve’s opinion if he decides to answer this one..and also nice to know that the fun people of this blog know about and appreciate great mucicians from past eras.

  94. Blake –

    I guess you didn’t see David play OAI live. It’s a completely different work in the small venues David played this year.

    Since I saw David in April I have to hear at least one of the tracks everyday.

  95. [Since I saw David in April I have to hear at least one of the tracks everyday – Posted by: EchoesBob at November 7, 2006 04:50 AM]

    I am glad someone else does that too (blush*)

    Melissa (*_*)

  96. Happy Tuesday,

    Not a question more of an off topic I guess………but all this talk of great drummers like Gene Krupa, Buddy Rich. What ever happened to Sandy Nelson ?. When I was really young I had this LP and a couple of 45’s by him. Now he was a good drummer.

    Pete – Coventry

    PS: Julie: Birmingham City, tut tut

  97. Hi Fed

    Questions for Steve

    1)How has playing this tour with David been different than other tours you have done?

    2)Did you have to change your style on any of the songs?

    3)If there was one thing that you had the say to do different on the OAI tour, what would it be?

    Thanks, Steve and Fed for the opportunity


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