Special edition 'Island'


This week marks the release of a special edition ‘On An Island’ across Europe, which comes with a brilliant bonus DVD.

This bonus DVD includes the live versions of ‘On An Island’, ‘This Heaven’, ‘Smile’, ‘Take A Breath’, ‘High Hopes’ and ‘Comfortably Numb’, as recorded in New York for the AOL Sessions, plus ‘Astronomy Domine’ from Abbey Road.

It also has ‘Take A Breath’ from the Royal Albert Hall as a taster for David’s full-blown live DVD extravaganza, which is due out early next year.

The CD/DVD set is out across Europe today (on the EMI label) and will be in shops everywhere else (on Sony BMG) tomorrow.

It’s also available to North American fans via our webstore.

Do let us know what you think of it.

Pictured above is David receiving a gold disc commemorating album sales in Germany.

Author: FEd

Features Editor of David Gilmour’s official blog, The Blog (‘Features’ previously being its rather naff title), affectionately – or lazily – shortened to ‘FEd’.

128 thoughts on “Special edition 'Island'”

  1. Looked for the CD/DVD this morning on my way into work, not in stock at W.H.Smith or Tesco stores close to Liverpool Street station in the City of London.

    Will try the west end of London after work this evening.


  2. Hopefully at home when I get there, I did try and get in Dublin friday and today and a lot of the stores including the big ones are saying it has to be ordered in , tut tut anyhooo here is hoping the postman comes bearing gifts.

    Rgds Geoff Duffy ( Dublin )

  3. My “fax” order never went through. I did, however, receive an e-mail reply from the web-site regarding my pre-order. Hopefully it’ll work out and I’ll get my copy!!

    For those of you who already picked up your copy; ENJOY!! Let us know how wonderful it is!!


  4. I got my DVD from MusicToday (webstore). It’s fantastic. The DVD shows that David can still rock!

  5. Hi there!

    Just one silly question…

    There are some really nice interviews at the AOL studios with David, Guy, Rick and Jon and some behind the scenes close ups.

    So I whas wondering will that footage be included on this dvd?

    AAAAAA!!! Cant wait for the postman to arrive!!!

    Bran from Croatia

    [It’s just the songs, Bran. – Features Editor]

  6. I got it on saturday and have watched it many times! It is really great, David is really showing what he’s capable of!

    The filming on the RAH-clip was absolutely brilliant, loved the way they filmed it between the two posts. And the song did really rock too, better live than in studio.

    The Abbey Road-clip was really psychedelic, they jammed and seemed to be having great fun, which was a joy to watch (and hear).

    I have seen the AOL-sessions on the net, but here they were presented in much better quality, which of course was great too.

    David is playing and singing really good (especially nice guitar tone), and Rick and the rest of the band too.

    This DVD is absolutely brilliant, and i recommend it highly. If possible, I now look even more forward to the Royal Albert Hall-DVD!

  7. Congrats on the Gold Disk in Germany!

    Can’t wait to pick up the CD/DVD tomorrow. Sounds like we get to relive the concert, if only for one song!

    Regarding turntables, I still have mine, but it is boxed away in a closet somewhere, just in case I ever need it. I noticed that some of the latest home theatre A/V receivers do not contain phono inputs any more. That could be an issue for the future.

    Speaking of vinyl, I picked up the OAI guitar tab book last week. Besides the tab, it contains the same pages in the book that comes with the CD. It’s great to have the lyrics on a full size page — it reminds me of the old days of the inserts in vinyl lps. Pick one up at stores that sell fine musical instruments (like Fenders) – while you are there, pick up a strat, strum it, go ahead, they don’t mind, and you know you want to. 😉

    [The gold disc is actually old news (July, in fact). I know it’s hard keeping up, seeing as David has been awarded so many of the things this year… – Features Editor]

  8. Happy Monday,

    [i’ve ordered my copy online. i hope it’s waiting for me when i get home from work.]

    So would I but when I told Mrs Pete from Coventry that I had ordered it she said that she would buy it for me as an xmas present. So it will be a few weeks before I get to comment on it.

    Pete – Coventry

  9. Hi!

    I bought the cd/dvd this weekend. About the cd: too bad that Island Jam wasn’t added to the disc. I think it makes a perfect addition to the other songs.

    The dvd is great, especially the great rendition of Astronomy Domine. Wow! I like the aol sessions an awful lot too. The sound quality is much better than anything available on internet!!!

    But now to the recordings from the Royal Albert Hall. The pictures are truly great! What I didn’t like so much is the sound of the recording. A lot of guitars and bass, but one can barely hear the drums and keyboards. Too bad, I think. During the end solo the high tones (tweeter) don’t sound too well either. The end solo also seems to be constructed from 2 separate recordings but I am not 100% sure of that.

    All in all the dvd makes a great addition to my collection. But I hope the definitive sound mix on the RAH dvd will be better than on Take A Breath.


  10. Come on, my friends, Let’s make for the hills.
    They say there’s gold but I’m looking for thrills.
    You can get your hands on whatever we find,
    Because I’m only coming along for the ride.
    Over mountains, across seas,
    Who knows what will be waiting for me?
    I could sail forever to strange sounding names.
    Faces of people and places don’t change.
    All I have to do is just close my eyes
    To see the seagulls wheeling on those far distant skies.

    Congrats to David and Company!

    The Gold, It’s in the…..FRAME 🙂

  11. [The Gold, It’s in the…..FRAME – Posted by: Matt at November 27, 2006 03:11 PM]

    good one, matt. that made me laugh out loud. 🙂

  12. Just looked at the US webstore…I guess it’s too late for us to get the bonus DVD by itself? Guess that’s what I get for not checking the site while I was on vacation.

    [I think we’ve probably run out, Adam. I know that our UK store has sold out. – Features Editor]

  13. I have only seen the ‘special cd/dvd’ on an island in one music store in Dubln so far — very pricy. I may have to source on-line.

    Nice one Matt that has to be best caption line ever and in my humble opinion deserves a little treat from DG.com!! It is coming up to Christmas and your 1st anniversary afterall F’ed!

    The site is ever improving keep up the good work everybody!

  14. With this latest new release of On An Island CD plus bonus DVD I was initially very grateful for the opportunity to purchase just the DVD alone from davidgilmour.com at £9.99 plus £3.50 UK post.

    However today, browsing the web, I see the full new release of BOTH CD & DVD together is available for just £9.99 and post free to UK & Europe.

    I now feel much, much less grateful, in fact quite the opposite.

    Wasn’t the idea to save those of us who originally bought the CD earlier in the year the expense of buying the CD again. Not only is the double set the same price as just the DVD alone from DG.com, but it is also post free.

    Surely getting the actual product direct from the artist cannot be significantly dearer than buying on-line from an on-line retailer.

    How come we’re not buying the DVD alone from DG.com for say £6.99 plus £1.00 UK post.

    For your information I located the double set on-line at […]. This is the link below which I guess you will probably remove from my posting.

    It was also the same price at […]. These are not fly-by-night chancer sights.

    I guess I’ll be even more disappointed if this posting is blocked.

    [I’ve had to block the sites you mentioned, but I haven’t blocked any other comment criticising the price – and God knows there have been plenty of them – so I have no intention of blocking this one. For what it’s worth, I happen to agree with you, but I don’t set the prices. Furthermore, this debate has been raging since we first started taking orders for the DVD, so examples of the online retailer’s price of the CD/DVD set has been available to you all since Friday 17 November, thereby giving you all the option to decide for yourself what is good value for money and what isn’t. Many people have clearly stated that they would rather buy the CD/DVD set and get another copy of the album instead of paying the same amount (or more) for just the DVD. I’m sorry that you didn’t notice these posts. – Features Editor]

  15. Hi all… waiting for my copy of the DVD. It has shipped, but who knows when it will get here. Just have to figure out how to tell the wife I bought it when she is out of work and unemployment has ended… ah well… it’ll be worth it.

    As to the sound of the RAH clip, I’m sure the full tour DVD will have 5.1 surround option, where I think you said the AOL sessions are only stereo. Will wait to see. Hope you all that have it are enjoying it!


  16. Hopefully I get mine later this week. Enjoy it if ya got it!! Have a happy monday

    Renee B.
    Fontana, Ca USA

  17. FED, I’am sorry (you don’t know how!!) but in my city (Ravenna) the DVD is impossible to find…but today is the right date?

    I have found in all the markets of the city….no trace of the DVD…

  18. F*Ed ~

    FYI ~

    Got my “Live and In Session” DVD today. Ordered last week. Thanks to all who made this available for us Noo Yawkers…

    Can’t wait to watch this tonight. 🙂

  19. Hi FEd,

    Just checked on the calendar for future chat sessions and noticed the one scheduled for 14th Dec. states…

    “Please note that this chat session is for ‘Blog Irregulars’ only”.

    Unfortunately this clashes with my Christmas do at work.

    What will I be missing ?

    [The usual, Ken. I assure you, there’s nothing special planned. – Features Editor]

  20. I’m not too pleased. Today’s the first day to order the DVD alone and it looks like it’s already out of stock.

    On top of that I called Music Today and they said for a $10 item, it could cost up to $13 to ship to Canada (may be cheaper to order online, I was told). What’s the point of buying it by telephone. Judging from the shipping charges, I can’t see it being much cheaper to ship to Canada if I ordered it online. This for a carboard covered sleeve? No thanks.

    Music Today is ripping off Gilmour’s fans.

    [The first day? The first day to order the DVD was Friday 17 November. It’s been all over the blog, is on the calendar, is the first thing you see on the homepage… – Features Editor]

  21. However I have bought the DVD on line; FED is it true that the delivery is with a Ferrari (and of course you FED would be the driver),?

    I can’t wait!!!!!!

    [We’d have had to charge even more for P&P if that was true. (Joke!) – Features Editor]

  22. Hello all,

    Congrats Mr. Gilmour on the gold album:)

    Also, to our Dear Fed, I am writing to ask if – you might be able to give more information on Mr. Gilmour’s signature fender guitar. Esp. when Fender is going to announce it, and when it will be available.

    Thank you for your time!

    [As soon as we have some information, we’ll let you know. There probably won’t be any this side of Christmas, though. – Features Editor]

  23. thinking that this is my all-time fave pink floyd song

    just something about it

    off to fopp to find the wee gem you mentioned F’ed


  24. Congratulations David! I love all your solo work.

    God Bless you and your family.


  25. F’ed, I’m not sure where you would like to put this post (don’t answer that!) so I’ve stuck in on today’s topic…

    Nice Guy, Funny Guy

    After a morning spent in the company of Caravaggio and Van Gogh (at the National Gallery) and an afternoon witnessing the clash of the footballing titans (via a pub TV) of Manchester and Chelski, there remained the prospect of an evening in the company of the Pele and Picasso (rolled into one) of bass-playing stand-ups, Mr Guy Pratt.

    And he did not disappoint. Good comic timing, a personable manner in an intimate back-room theatre and anecdotes about a seemingly endless stream of musical greats (and Icehouse) made for an enjoyable and genuinely funny hour and a quarter. Laughter, impressions, some funky basslines and droll punchlines kept the small audience entertained from beginning to end.

    So if you are thrilled at the idea of a wake-up call from Madonna, shudder at the prospect of a flight in the playful company of Jimmy Page or aspire to rub shoulders with the likes of Bowie and Ferry, (oh, and get some snippets about a certain other rock act of note) then I suggest you get yourself along to Guy’s tour next year or buy the book (when he gets round to finishing it).

    I’m sure those of you who have encountered Guy previously on tour will not be surprised that he was to be found at the bar chatting before and after the show – so thanks Guy for an entertaining time and for your hospitality on the night.

    [Glad you enjoyed it, Tim. – Features Editor]

  26. I just bought the CD/DVD – nice surprise, did not expect to see it today in stores (western Canada).
    Even though it is -25 C outside and lots of snow, life cannot be better.

    Will watch it tonight at home – still stuck at work, and DVD player does not like me 🙁


    it is just past 3 PM here…

  27. Report:

    I received my “limited Edition” DVD that I ordered from the web site here. I haven’t whatched it yet, thinking I might leave this copy sealed and go get another one from the local store to watch.

  28. The cd/dvd is a great release the footage of Take A Breath is amazing thanks for this early crimbo present David.

    What night is Take a Breath from on the dvd??

    [Again, pass. – Features Editor]

  29. Hello fellow blogsters,

    I just have to share with you the fact that my DVD arrived today and I’m absolutely blown away with the quality and the speediness of service/shipping.

    Now, off to watch this amazing DVD again for the umpteenth time!


  30. Proteron Hysteron:

    Short and sweet…

    No matter what the conspiracies might be regarding the electric car or the pharmaceutical companies, or the military/industria complex or whatever, there is one thing that you have control over: yourself. You are on your way.

    Putting the end of time or the end of the universe before the here and now is to emphasize the dramatic over the immediate. I assume that is why you chose the name you did. And yet there cannot be outer control without inner control.

    The techniques necessary to begin the journey inside out have been revealed to initiates througout the centuries. And have been intimated especially in the last decade, although haphazardly, through the magic of motion pictures. Among other media.

    Samantha Morton in ‘Minority Report’.
    Dakota Fanning in ‘Taken’.
    Flora Cross in ‘Bee Season’.
    Even Nicole Kidman in ‘Bewitched’. (How so?)
    Among others…

    Not to mention the ‘Division Bell’.

    Drawn from an esoteric tradition as old as Man.

    Once you have become yourself, the universe is easy. 🙂

    Why the eight-pointed star?

  31. Tried to order just the DVD, and the shopping cart got bumfuzzled and it kept showing 2 DVD’s, when I knew I could only order 1. No matter what I tried, I could not make that shopping cart change to just 1 DVD. I tried totally emptying the cart and I tried changing the quantity. Today, I checked back to see if the cart would work properly, and it is now cleared out. Now it appears that the DVD only is no longer an option. Wicked bad bummer!!

    [Please contact Anthill and let them know all this, John. Assuming it was the North American store, click your name below to send them an e-mail or scroll to the bottom of the page for their telephone number. – Features Editor]

  32. great clip from the RAH, really looking forward to the full dvd! Does any1 know which date it was taken from?

    Also does any1 know which date they are using on the Arnold Layne single when Richard Wright sings the lead?

    [We do know, but we’re not saying. – Features Editor]

  33. Congrats to Renee for winning the contest.

    Still waiting impatiently for my DVD, and whilst I’m waiting, I had a bit of a DIY day yesterday (I blame FEd and his kitchenwork) and wound up completely rearranging my apartment. My poor back is thanking me now (ouch), but at least I now have a nook for my guitars. I also found the cables for the amp, including the one that lets me listen without disturbing the neighbors (regardless of the fact they apparently don’t care to return the courtesy).

    Alas I’ll miss the next chat or three, but here’s wishing everyone a happy set of holidays, regardless of which you celebrate.

    the Phoenix
    (about to do guitar practice and then video gaming on her Wii).

  34. I got it!!!!!!

    Very excited! I was actually home when UPS came a knockin’, and I’ve checked out RAH and Abbey Road tracks….

    Damn, those were great live performances! A real treat! Thanks to everyone from David on down for keeping this OAI fandom flame alive…. it’s pretty much unanimous that this has been one of the most rewarding artist-fan experiences ever….

  35. My copy of the DVD arrived today! Just got home and saw it in my mailbox. I’ll go watch it now.

    I’m excited to see Astronomy Domine!

  36. DVD arrived today. Very exciting to watch Astronomy Domine and RAH Take a Breath. The AOL I have watched so many times but not on my big screen TV.

    I am very glad this disc came out and I am glad I purchased it. Nice job!


  37. Just got home and much to my surprise a DVD was in the mail box! That was fast!

    Just started to watch and the Albert Hall Take a Breath is a bit grainy in parts on my HD TV. The rest of the DVD is fantastic. The sound is very good especially considering it’s not 5.1. It’s really nice to see the AOL session on a big screen! The video gets real up close and personal. Just like how close I was at the Jay Leno Tonight show. (Thanks again for that Fed!)

    Now I’m really looking forward to the entire show on DVD. As good as this one is the next one will be even better.

    Thanks again!

  38. I got home to find a mysterious, padded white envelope in the mail. Not really thinking, I almost tossed it in the recycle bin with the junk mail. Then I realized the day and I tore it open. It was the special-edition DVD.

    Won’t be able to play it tonight, though. My wife is asleep after her long day of work.

  39. Hey FEd,

    I got it!!! I just have three things to say.

    – WOW!!!
    – OH MY STARS!!!

    Penny (sorry for yelling!)

  40. It is hard to keep up, harder still to try to learn the songs… i still try to do both… try… Much congrats to Dave, OAI in a word is breathtaking… My heart thanks you.


  41. Yesterday I bought this very special edition CD-DVD.. at FNAC in Leuven (BELGIUM) Just great..

    After your performance in Late with Holland, earlier this year, I’m anxious to hear and see the forthcoming Live and In session-dvd..

    It was anyway a highlight; first with David Crosby and Graham Nash as “backing vocals” and then the smashing finale “Arnold Layne” with Rick Wright.

    Thank you David Gilmour for bringing us so many “good vibrations”..

  42. Saw Guy’s show at The Kings Head, Islington last night.

    Absolutely great, brilliant musicianship with an equally brilliant wit.

    Such a nice bloke too. He signed my ‘On An Island’ cd/dvd.

    A truly great night out.

    Thanks, Guy!


  43. I’ve ordered it yesterday and I can’t wait for it to arrive! Look forward to watch the DVD and to write my impressions here.

    Good listening (and watching!) to everybody!

  44. Hi, FEd. I trust you and everyone in Gilmourville are fine. Hope so, at any rate….

    I enjoyed seeing David on the UKMHOF the other night. A thoughtful tribute to a brilliant man. (Not as brilliant as our DG, though.) {smile}

    My DVD is on the way. Reading the comments here is making me even more excited to see (and hear) it. Experience it, if you will…. Pink Floyd and Gilmour offerings are always an experience.


    PS–I just noticed that DVD looks like a shortened version of DaViD. (Yeah, I know…I’m sorta nutty.)

  45. Glad everyone likes the DVD. I’ve decided to wait until the RAH DVD. Glad it’s very popular.

    SO New Zealand hammered Wales. What’s New!

    Have a great week, Blog-Buddies,

    Simon J

  46. Don’t know if it’s just here or not but I bought a copy yesterday in Edinburgh and after opening the seal, found that the DVD is horribly scratched. I returned it and they opened all 6 copies that they had and all of them were the same! Guess I’ll wait awhile and see if there’s any official word on it or any ‘repressing’ before I try and buy it again.

    [Thanks for letting us know, Scott. We’re looking into it. – Features Editor]

  47. I didn’t get to see David and the band on the tour, I tried twice, dipped into my savings to go to Venice. This was the only time in my life (52 year old concert goer for 38 years) I have ever gone abroad to try to see a show. I knew it would be worth it though so the money didn’t matter.

    GET TO THE POINT I hear you say…

    I wanted to point out that seeing this DVD, is the first of any of the tour that I’ve seen. I purposely didn’t look at anything on the net because the sound coming out of the computer is nothing like as good. Anyway, the DVD…

    Take a Breath, absolutely amazing, very psychedelic lightshow and use of strobe reminded me of 60’s Floyd. I love Take a Breath, and I was stunned at how good it was. Can someone who was there tell me if the crowd did actually sit quietly and listen? I wonder if what is on the DVD is the sound as recorded through the mixer. I know someone here said a while ago that they were pissed off at some people arround them singing and shouting etc. This is something I hate about modern concert going, people don’t listen anymore and spoil it for those of us who do want to listen. It seemed that the crowd at RAH did sit and listen. Were you all so stunned by the whole thing 🙂

    I’m broken hearted to have missed the concert, you have no idea.

    ash X

  48. Apologies Fed if you’re sick of people whingeing, but as I previously praised the DG website for allowing fans to buy the DVD on its own, I think it’s only right that I should be allowed to have a whinge too.

    Anyway, as well as feeling a tad annoyed at paying a bit over the odds for the product, I’m more aggrieved that the ‘Anthill Mob’ have had my money for eleven days and my DVD still hasn’t turned up a day after I could have bought it in the shops. At £3.50 for P&P, I would have expected it to arrive before now.

    I’m also disappointed to hear of possible technical issues with the product, but I’ll obviously reserve judgement until I get to play the DVD on my own equipment (if the flaming DVD ever turns up!!)

    [I’m really sorry to hear this (and of course, feel free to grumble; you have every right to). I shall make enquiries on your behalf. – Features Editor]

  49. (The DVD, continued)

    I was in tears at Astronomy Domine. You Abbey Road winners never said it was THAT good. It’s impossible to put in words how good it was. The musicians among us I guess would describe the excellence and complexity of the technical aspects I suppose, some of us would maybe use ‘awesome’ type words, none of us could describe it really though, so we will have to forgive you winners 🙂

    It was fabulous though, not dated and I think possibly better than the original. Did I say I was moved to tears? Feel a bit of an idiot, all sorts of emotions, sorrow and rage (and guilt for the rage) and disappointment at the circumstances that conspired against me to prevent me seeing the tour.

    This Heaven, I thought this was even better than the On an Island recording. It struck me how good Davids voice still is singing live. A great many of his contemporaries seem to have lost their ability as the years heve gone by, and they use studio tricks and over dubs and stuff to make a recording sound good, out comes David and just does it ! easy peasy, no bother ! Its staggering.

    Another thing I noticed, (and I haven’t seen him live for many years dont forget), Davids whole body singing with the guitar. I particularly noticed it at about 20 minutes into the DVD.

    ash X

  50. Being the kind soul that I am, I bought a copy of the CD/DVD yesterday for my husband’s Christmas. I felt it was my wifely duty to check that it was working OK and erm…..it sticks on Smile. There are some marks on the DVD that look as if they would wipe off but don’t.

    That said the DVD is fab. So nice to see the AOL sessions without all the adverts and Astronomy Domine is just amazing – I watched it, then watched again a frame at a time (I know, get a life!)

  51. This is the difficult bit, knowing that there may be a parcel waiting for me & i am supposed to hand it over to my better half as a “surprise” for christmas, can i just sort of absent mindedly open it & say “oh Dear i did n’t realise, Oh well i may as well have a look, just to see if its o.k. you understand.”

    The missus may will be home before me & may well realise what it is….& hide it fom me any way, im such a kid.

  52. Tim, I am very glad you enjoyed!

    It seems to has been an entertaining evening…and it’s very nice that Guy came to say hello to you! Have you and Guy also drink a glass of wine in our honour? 😉

    And I like your style: short but full of information, clever and fluent, but also personal and kind. Would you like to write also my Christmas cards in place of me? 😉



  53. Heh heh, the limited edition DVD has sold out and I’ve got a copy. Well, once the nice postman arrives with it, that is 8) NO ONE is getting thier mitts on it either 8p

    Thanks DG

  54. FEd

    I was in two minds whether to email you about the DVD, but, having read IMcK’s post, I’m experiencing exactly the same problem, Anthill have had my money, but I’ve not received the DVD yet. I thought I might be impatient, so didn’t involve you, but have emailed Anthill. Await to hear what they have to say!! I was sad yesterday, really down today!

    I didn’t have problems with ordering it, like others did, so wonder what’s gone wrong.

    [I am sorry to hear this, Lesley. The demand has been great and Anthill have been swamped. That said, if anyone else is in the same situation, feel free to have a moan here. – Features Editor]

  55. i got my copy in the mail yesterday. It’s soooooooooo cool!!

    i can’t wait to get the real concert DVD next year!!

  56. Been on the road for a few days and was surprised to find my Dvd when I returned home. (That padded envelope didn’t look too carbon free) Speaking of which, I wish all of you would set some time aside and rent “An Inconvenient Truth” from your video stores.

    Now onto the next important video, DG’s Dvd. I loved it and really appreciate Davids company releasing it. Now if they would only re-release his live 1984 About Face cd with the documentary called “Beyond the Floyd” on Dvd. I’ve searched high and low for this without any luck. I remember seeing this “film” years ago but don’t recall where.

    P.S. For those wondering about the switch on the Black Strat…you can hit pause on this dvd and see it. Plus, I noticed he swapped out the neck yet again with a ’57 reissue. My fav neck too.

  57. So I head home, grab a six pack and a bag of chips, get done with the kiddies homework, karate and soccer lessons, coordinate their showers and pajamas and get ready to settle in and watch David’s DVD that I LEFT ON MY DESK AT WORK!!!!

    I need three of me F*Ed, I swear…


  58. (The DVD continued)

    Well, after the first three tracks I was just transfixed. You know people, we are NEVER, EVER going to see an artist of this calibre again. If there was one anything like as good, we’d know about it by now.

    I just can’t get over how good all of this DVD is. It is wonderful to just listen to. I’ve wired my DVD player up to my HiFi amplifier so I can hear it through my speakers. I’ve watched it a few times, I’ve listened whilst doing other things. The most striking thing is just how technically excellent, as good as or better than the original studio recordings it is. AND its all LIVE.

    ash X

  59. I was so shocked to find my DVD in the mail yesterday!!! I thought it would take longer to get here to Oklahoma, USA, but there it was. Great way to finish a Monday after coming off a long holiday weekend.

    Love it, love it!!!

  60. Oh, Matt, that’s really funny!! I’m sorry, I can’t stop laughing. That’s cheered me up!

  61. [Don’t know if it’s just here or not but I bought a copy yesterday in Edinburgh and after opening the seal, found that the DVD is horribly scratched. I returned it and they opened all 6 copies that they had and all of them were the same! Guess I’ll wait awhile and see if there’s any official word on it or any ‘repressing’ before I try and buy it again.]

    Hello Scott,

    mine (bought here in Germany) was scratched too, but not to the extent that it doesn’t run properly …

  62. Well done David with the DVD release. Spot on.

    Also thanks to the well wishes from my post on 23rd Nov.

  63. Hello all,

    I also have these marks on my copy of the DVD, I was angry for myself for that reason, because I thought I did it. But still it doesn’t have any impact on viewing.

    I did some investigation (compared pictures in the Gallery and Take a Breath from RAH) and my guess is Take a Breath is from 31 of May.

    Happy birthday Ralph (belated)

    Have a great week

  64. Haven’t posted in months. Delighted you all are still carrying on.

    Got the DVD. Really cool. Astronomy is riveting – and quite well taped (looks hi-res)! David’s extended guitar work on that is killer. “Take A Breath” from RAH definitely has my mouth watering for the concert DVD. This band truly IS fantastic…

    Stephen, East Village, NYC.

  65. In reading the dramatic ups and downs of this blog episode of DVD orders, I’m finding the tune I’m presently listening to somehow fitting for everybody here:

    which is Jon Carin’s “Last Monkey” —

    “Down on me…Down on me…Down on me…” —

    Ironically, a happy upbeat groovy beatnik kind of jam; makes you want to laugh and move!…

    …yet WHILE some of you others are feeling like the ‘last monkey’ with life so ‘down on me’ while you’re waiting to yet receive your DVD orders…

    I’m waiting with some of you for the arrival this week, too, friends, but I have to say, this uplifting little jam sends me over the moon in the meantime!

    So how about slapping some positive music on your DVD player, computer, turntable –what have you– and stay occupied in the meantime?

    Good things come to those who stick it out and wait…and this DVD is very much indeed worth the wait…all will work out eventually for you if you just stick things out — Anthill’s bogged and their policy states upfront that it takes AT LEAST 7 to 10 BUSINESS days. We’re still on the brink of reception, really, as today (28th) makes the 7th business day since Friday 17th. (Check me, Fed?)

    Feeling for you all through these mixed blog entries –laughter, tears and all!

    [Bless you. I don’t know if Bob Dylan is a help or a hindrance today. Mulling over “A childish dream is a deathless need and a noble truth is a sacred creed” has given me a headache. – Features Editor]

  66. FEd,

    I think we need another silly poll. Since the anniversary is coming up of the blog (correct?). Can you run a poll of who posted the most to the blog? Pick the top 6 or so individuals and let us guess who blogged the most entries. Or is there too much manual work for you to determine the top bloggers??


    [I think I could manage that, Andrew. What would make it easier to begin with, however, is if people nominate who they think has posted most often. – Features Editor]

  67. [It seemed that the crowd at RAH did sit and listen. Were you all so stunned by the whole thing – ash]

    Indeed stunned Ash,

    Im still looking for myself on the crowd shots.

    Rgds Geoff Duffy ( Dublin )

  68. What happened to the 5.1 release of On an Island? Is it ever going to be released?

    [What happened to patience? We’ll let you know if there’s anything to be said about a 5.1 release. If there’s nothing to be said, well, then we won’t say anything. – Features Editor]

  69. Hi all!

    Can’t believe it! With all the stuff I’ve heard about Anthill, MY DVD was at a very good price and it arrived yesterday! A full week before I expected it!

    Now the DVD itself (no scratches): the good- the DVD is fantastic! David takes great solos from the album and makes them even better in the live format. He and the band are very tight and look like they are enjoying themselves. It was AWESOME to be able to hear the accoustic guitar solo at the end of High Hopes (couldn’t hear it very well at the Gibson with people shouting)! The Abbey Road and AOL sessions just blew me away!

    The not so good- the RAH version of Take A Breath: the live version is incredible! Once again, David has improved on his own original. But I agree with another poster who said the strobe was hard to take. The bright flashing lights and quick cuts of different band members REALLY detracts from the song! I literally felt like I was about to have an epileptic seizure watching it. My wife covered her head and kept asking “are the flashes over yet?” and “how can you keep watching that?”.

    I watched it three times. The second time was reaaly bad- made my eyes hurt as if they were trying to dilate and contract at the same time (don’t watch it in a dark room- makes it worse). The 3rd time I watched in a brightly lit room and it wasn’t so bothersome. Still don’t care for the quick cuts tho. I hope the Tour DVD doesn’t have a lot of that (and I hope David will consider re-editting this track if it is the one that goes on the final DVD).

    Overall I’m extremely happy with the DVD. Well worth the money!


  70. I still have not found the DVD in the mail…sob

    FEd, for the moment I don’t worry. But let me know when I have to start suspecting I’ve made some mistakes in my pre-order!


  71. […and watch David’s DVD that I LEFT ON MY DESK AT WORK!!!!… – Posted by: Matt at November 28, 2006 03:08]

    Who’s up for joining a gang to go raid Matt’s work to get his DVD for him ?

    You made me laugh Matt, sorry to hear what happened, now you know what its like to be a woman. Brains all frazzled and so on.

    ash X

  72. Its not the quantity, but the quality of the posts…

    And luckily the majority of the posters on this board are full of it……quality that is!

    [I know what you were going to say, Matt. For shame. – Features Editor]

  73. to dave carlin: i hear what you’re saying and completely agree with you, but this has all been said. go back to the entry titled ‘uk and europe orders’ and read what luis g had to say.

    concerned about these scratches,

  74. [I know what you were going to say, Matt. For shame. – Features Editor]

    Don’t hate me, you were my first nomination…

    *sniff, wipes tear*

  75. Was so happy when I got the mail yesterday!! My DVD came. How cool!! My mom almost threw away the white padded envelope but I tackled her and retreived it. LOL! J/K

    Well I must say it is great!! Astronomy Domine and Take A Breath are simply amazing. Thanks for giving us the opportunity to by just the DVD. Sorry to all the people that have had problems.

    PS Fed can’t wait for my prize. Maybe it is you doing a remodel of my kitchen??? LOL Love ya!!

    Renee B.
    Fontana,Ca USA

    [You should be so lucky. – Features Editor]

  76. [Bless you. I don’t know if Bob Dylan is a help or a hindrance today. Mulling over “A childish dream is a deathless need and a noble truth is a sacred creed” has given me a headache. – Features Editor]

    Indeed, I hear you…..so very Libran, we two are, no?…

    –LG xo

    [Very. – Features Editor]

  77. And another thing…

    I can see and hear why everyone has been raving about Steve. Not that the other guys (and especially Guy, xxx’s you raver you) aren’t terrific, I’ve seen all the rest before but never seen Steve perform.

    ash X

    [His drumming is almost as good as his Scooby Doo, so you can imagine how good that is. – Features Editor]

  78. [This is something I hate about modern concert going, people don’t listen anymore and spoil it for those of us who do want to listen. It seemed that the crowd at RAH did sit and listen. Were you all so stunned by the whole thing]

    I was in the 2nd row of the stalls and right opposite the centre of the stage at The Royal Albert Hall concert on May 31st and by and large the audience were well behaved and friendly.

    There were a few camera flashes, despite the fact that people were asked not to take photos, but nothing too dreadful.

    People had come from the USA, Australia, Canada and most European countries, so it wasn’t only us Brits.

    I recall the overwhelming mix of music and lasers was Fantasmagorical and Awsome, so I’m looking forward to getting my DVD from Anthill, whenever that may be?

    ‘Patience’, I hear Fed cry!

    Yeah, awright, I’ll be patient, but only ‘cos it’s DG stuff.


  79. Anxiously hoping Virgin Megastore has the combo in stock when I arrive at work this morning..

    My guesses for the most posts:

    Matt Parish
    Geoff Duffy
    Angelo Ortiz

    Earlier this year I would have added Rudders and Clemens, but they have dropped off a bit lately.

    Apologies in advance if I missed some obvious ones. This is off the cuff.

  80. FEd

    This is the reply from Anthill:-

    “We have not yet received the DVDs and therefore your order has not been despatched.”


    [I know, I know… There’ll be a new blog entry online shortly, which should explain all, so please bear with me. – Features Editor]

  81. I have to wati until saturday, my birthday, until I get to see my copy.

    Because I like to torture myself I read all of your wonderful comments and now I am sooo sad but so excited, roll on Saturday!!!!!!

  82. Hi FEd and friends,

    I checked my mailbox yesterday hoping, but not expecting, to find my dvd & cd/dvd. Imagine my surprise when I discovered the ‘special white package’ which, after franticly tearing it open, revealed (sigh) the limited-release dvd along with the combo!!!

    No complaints from me, FEd, about the cost, quality or content!!

    I was absolutely floored by the performance and very happily reminded of how fantastic the concerts were, especially Take A Breath and This Heaven which, in my opinion, were really great on the album but seemed to be waiting for the live performance to really come to life. Astonomy Domine … what can I say? Completely blown away by this and now am even more determined to find a way to see the Abbey Road sessions somehow (legally, of course).

    One thing I’d like to say FEd is that it seems everytime you (meaning everyone involved in David’s site) make something special available to us, there are some who dish out a lot of unnecessary criticism and complaints that you, FED, have to listen/respond to. I’m certain that you understand that the vast majority of us, your trusy Irregulars, appreciate all the time and energy you put in on our behalf, but it can’t hurt to reiterate the obvious now and again … you are the best, FEdmeister!! And I’m not just sucking up, either …

    Will have to miss chat tomorrow (mew) but I see that there’s one in a couple of weeks at 4 p.m. (UK) that I can make so that’ll be just fine. I’m not allergic to the calendar, by the way … in fact, I seem to be addicted to it just as much as everything else on David’s site! Every time I check in I take a look at the calendar as well just to see if there’s been some last-minute addition. Does this mean I have too much time on my hands or just that I make very good use of the little bit of spare time I do have???

    Peace and love to you all!
    Washington State

  83. [My guesses for the most posts… – Posted by: EchoesBob]

    I echoes Bob this sentiment with one exception…….EchoesBob 🙂

  84. Got my DVD last night.

    I hadn’t seen the Astronomie Domine clip before. David really plays some wicked guitar on it. I like it better than the 1990s versions.

    I’ve watched the AOL sessions a few times before. Its nice to have them on DVD now. They really show how strong the songs are. It is just the band playing with no fancy lights or show.

    Take a Breath at RAH is a great performance, but I’m not crazy about all the fast edits and transposed images. I like to watch the band play. The clip seems to jump around alot.

    I hope it is just something the director did because he felt it was right for this song and not something that we will see throughout the DVD when it comes out.


  85. MOST POSTS :

    Hmmmmmmmmm my guess is that guy Fed???????

    Rgds Geoff Duffy ( Dublin )

    [He gets on my nerves, that one. – Features Editor]

  86. I know this has NOTHING to do with the DVD release but thought I would throw it out there:

    I see David has a lithograph poster for sale, the lithograph commemorates the Albert Hall shows, I don’t suppose David could be talked into signing posters with the proceeds going to his favorite charity? I was fortunate to attend the final show at Albert Hall and would LOVE to have a signed litho to frame and place on the wall. If David thinks this is a good idea please place me at the head of the line. 🙂

    [Throw it as far as you can, Craig. It’s very sad, but because of the ridiculous amount of profiteering that goes on around him, David is understandably reluctant to sign such items. Sadder still is the fact that, even though charities are frequently mentioned as being worthy beneficiaries, this does not deter some vile people from trying to cash in. As we saw when Syd died, some people all too readily (ab)use charity as a convenient way of trying to get their point across. Some people have no shame. The only way to stop them from profiting in this most callous way is by refusing to sign anything, so the answer to your question is a regrettable ‘no’. – Features Editor]

  87. FED, I’am sorry to say that (like yesterday) the DVD is impossible to find in all stores of Ravenna and Rimini….this morning I asked information to the dealers but the told me that there is no DVD of David in this period may be for the next six months!

    I explain that the official DG website reports that yesterday was the day of coming out of the DVD but….no answers from the dealers….

    Can you explain this strange situation?

    Thanks FED

    (I am waiting for the DVD that I have bought online, I hope to receive it….)

    [I can’t, sorry. That’s very strange. – Features Editor]

  88. [He gets on my nerves, that one. – Features Editor]

    Luckily for you the rest of us find him very nice indeed.

    Rgds Geoff Duffy ( Dublin )

    [You’re a gentleman and a scholar, kind sir. – Features Editor]

  89. [Hmmmmmmmmm my guess is that guy Fed???????]

    I fear and dread that I have said F*Ed,
    Is the brain inside your Duffy head dead?
    I think you should go right back to bed
    After eating some bread with some soft butter spread
    Finish a book that you’ve already read
    About a citizen who is obsessed with his sled
    Or watch a cartoon starring Wilma and Fred
    Whilst holding the hand of the girl that you’ve wed.

    [But it’s alright, Ma, it’s Matt and Matt’s crazy. – Features Editor]

  90. He shoots, he scores, the crowd goes wild!

    He he. Virgin in San Fran had a dozen combos prominantly displayed this morning. Now they have 11.

    I love how the DVD just starts playing Take a Breath when you put it in. Take a Breath is not my favorite track on the album, but the live version blows me away. I actually like the fast cuts on the DVD, it goes with the frenetic nature of the song.

    David’s slide work on High Hopes make me cry every time. The AOL version is intense.

  91. FED I don’t want to annoy you, only the last question (for this evening :)): It is official that the DVD came out in Italy too?

    Maybe that the DVD in the biggest italian city is available?

    [It should be out everywhere by now. EMI covers the whole of Europe and EMI’s version came out yesterday. Some parts of Europe even got it a few days early. Perhaps you could order it online instead? – Features Editor]

  92. Okay, I win the ‘guess who’s made the most posts in the Blog’ competition. As I have the first correct answer, and that it is beyond dispute, please arrange to ship my prize to me . . .

    The answer is . . .

    Drum roll by Steve . . .

    Bass crescendo by Guy . . .


  93. I too echo EchosBob and Matt but I think for the most posts you also have to throw in:

    Pete – Coventry

    Also, one mention on the signed memorabilia thing that seems to come up so often here.

    To me, the beauty of getting something signed by my favorite artist is to get it signed in front of me. In other words, I would much rather have had the chance to meet David somewhere and have him sign some momento than to purchase his signature on some item, even if for charity.

    I happen to have several items signed by various celebrities including a few that were given to me as gifts. The ones that I value the most are the ones that I personally obtained because typically there is a story that goes along with it.

    Isn’t it much more special when you can talk about how you met so and so, and this and that happened, and that is how I got this banana signed? OK, signed banana is a bit too far. But to me that is much more precious than going on ebay or even davidgilmour.com to purchase a signed whatever.

    I certainly understand and appreciate where David is coming from. And I understand the desire the fans have as well.

    As for the profiteering bastards, we all know that in some cases some of the signatures that are being sold are not even authentic. And did you know there are also signature machines out there that duplicate signatures on whatever you want?? In the old days, sport celebrities used to have have bat boys sign items in the locker room on their behalf.

    Anyway, I’ll wait to see if my road ever crosses with David. And if it does and the opportunity is appropriate, I may ask him to sign something for me but it won’t be a banana.



  94. Well done and well deserved to David and Polly, they are just a great team and with the top lyrics for the best guitar.

    I have a it happened bought 5 CD/DVDs for presents to special friends and know a few will much appreciate.

    Again well done to the whole team


  95. Feature Editor’s Quote:

    “The first day? The first day to order the DVD was Friday 17 November. It’s been all over the blog, is on the calendar, is the first thing you see on the homepage… – Features Editor”

    OK. Maybe I misinterpreted the web site. Still does not explain why Music Today is charging $13 to ship a DVD in a card board sleeve for an item that cost $10. As I said before, Music Today is ripping off David Gilmour fans (plus other bands). There is no reason to charge $13. I’m sure it ain’t going priority FedEx. A regular item such as this is around $2. So Music Today pockets maybe $9.

    [It’s a fair point, mate. – Features Editor]

  96. ok.. I have the DVD.. ! it is fantastic !

    One question..

    Are Take a breath and Astronomy domine mixed in 5.1 ?

    thank in advance…

    [I don’t know, but I will try and find out for you. – Features Editor]

  97. Man I was suprised last night! I wasn’t expecting mine to come in the mail until another couple of weeks. When I got home from work, there it was laying on my desk. So, naturally first order of events was to open it up and give it a listen. David Gilmour ROCKS!!!!!!!!! I am not sure how he perfected perfection but he has only improved over the years.

    Thanks for this treat!!!!

  98. No DVD in my mailbox, neither yesterday, nor today, but maybe tomorrow or after tomorrow, no problem,… but the most difficult, it’s to read all these posts of happy people with their DVD !

    Wow, sorry, it’s bad to be envious !


  99. [OK. Maybe I misinterpreted the web site. Still does not explain why Music Today is charging $13 to ship a DVD in a card board sleeve for an item that cost $10. As I said before, Music Today is ripping off David Gilmour fans (plus other bands). There is no reason to charge $13. I’m sure it ain’t going priority FedEx. A regular item such as this is around $2. So Music Today pockets maybe $9. – Posted by: Gis at November 28, 2006 08:11 PM]

    i agree with you, gis. it’s the same with the uk store. i think it’s too much.

  100. Can’t help but notice how David has that gleaming look of a Proud Father as he accepts his award..as he should. You have made us very happy with this wonderful collection of songs David. Thank you!

    Can’t comment on the DVD yet as I still haven’t received it, but judging by the majority of favourable reviews, I know it’s going to be great and just adds excitement to my anticipation.

  101. Bought my copy of the “On an Island” CD/DVD edition and it is excellent.

    I really enjoyed seeing the preview for the new DVD from the Royal Albert Hall and I’m really looking forward to getting my hands on it when it comes out.

    The performance of “Astronomy Domine” was great too and I could not help singing along.

    I’d see the AOL stuff before but it looked and sounded even better than what I had seen on the web. “High Hopes” gave me even more goosebumps than before.

    An excellent package all round and well-worth the money.

  102. So I’ve watched the entire DVD twice today. I have to say Astronomy Domine is my favorite.

    It feels like you’re hanging out at a band rehearsal for the greatest band in the world. Early in the song there is a glimse of some people sitting up a flight of stairs. Is this the blogger’s corner at Abbey Road?

    There is another shot where you see more people along the side of the studio. Fed, you must be there somewhere. You can also catch a glimpse of Polly snapping a picture.

    Those of you at the Abbey session were fortunate indeed.

  103. Caption:

    David thinking to himself: How cheesy? Pasting a gold disc in the middle of this great artwork.


  104. [However I have bought the DVD on line; FED is it true that the delivery is with a Ferrari (and of course you FED would be the driver),? I can’t wait!!!!!! – Posted by: claudio at November 27, 2006 07:34 PM]

    Fed! I am shocked that you would be posting such a thing. Next thing you know, there will be some joker come along and swear up and down that you said it was part of the deal. People are quick to bitch and slow to read.

    I’m sorry for you 🙁 I know you would like to crawl up in a cave somewhere and hide. I would, cause I aint brave like you.

    BTW, I liked that tid-bit of sarcasm claudio 🙂


  105. Fed, I really have to say that after watching “Take A Breath”, I’m really excited to get David’s concert on Dvd next year. The way David and the band played the song was fantastic.

    Then when David Played “Astronony Domine” at the Abbey Road sessions, It gave me goose bumps. It took me back to the year 1968, When I saw David,Richard,Nick and Waters (PINK FLOYD) play it on stage.Those were the good old days.

    Plus when David Played “High Hopes” on the aol session and the solo at the end of the song just floored me. David is so talented that it makes me wish that I could play the guitar. So that I could try to play the songs his way.

    So I just wanted to say Thank You David for all the music you have played.

    Take Care,

  106. [I too echo EchosBob and Matt but I think for the most posts you also have to throw in: nickster, Pete – Coventry]

    throw us in what ??

    Did I miss something ??

    Pete – Coventry

  107. Ah, most posts in the last year. I understand now.

    Well I think maybe Rudders or Lucia or , if its a trick one then I will go for the Fed.

    Pete – Coventry

  108. [Posted by: Matt at November 28, 2006 06:31 PM]

    I’ve just been immortalised in a Matt poem, life as I knew it is no more for now I am invincible whooooooooo whaaaaaaaaaaa hA HA HA HA

    If I could just get Ian to do a glass bust of myself with Matt’s words engraved on it that would be swell.

    Rgds Geoff Duffy ( the poets muse Dublin )

  109. I received my copy from Amazon yesterday – only £10.45 including p&p – and, although it was shrink-wrapped, the silver side of the discs look like they’ve been to a party – all finger mark smudged and scratched. Plays ok though and the RAH clip of Take A Breath is excellent. I was at the second night and can’t wait for the whole concert to come out on DVD.

    Although the music is excellent the AOL session is filmed in a dull way and doesn’t compare with the BBC’s excellent film of the Mermaid Theatre concert in March.

  110. With regard to getting David’s autograph, I was six feet away from him in Venice, I and a few others had pen and paper in hand, I didn’t think it through, the profiteering, the mobbing, I was just keen. I never do it ordinarily, I came from an era where it was ‘not cool’ to harass people.

    However, I’ve come up with a solution to reassure David, next time we meet, that I will not be seeking to sell at vast profit…

    I’ll get him to sign a bit of my body. Of course it needs planning on a daily basis to put on the right clothes so that you’re always ready to bear a bit of flesh and you never know where or when…

    Polly’s gonna have me banned isn’t she FEd?

    ash X

  111. Still on jury duty. Hopefully tomorrow will be the last day, but I’ve been saying that since Monday.

    I too have recieved my DVD. EXCELLENT!! Take A Breath & Astronomy Domine really rocked. You Abbey Road winners never said it was THAT good.

    I liked the visuals on Take A Breath, but I can also see how it could bother some people.

    Hope to catch up more next week. Take care all!


  112. Throw your cream pies towards me if you must, but who cares whom have posted the most.This site(I believe) is not all about us..it’s about David,his music, and what he stands for..it’s all about him.

    I love reading entries from “long time readers but first time posters” as much as irregulars posts.These posts are usually related to good news announced on the website,and makes them excited enough that they just have to show their appreciation by writing, rather than comment on what they have just read on the blog.

    However,having said that,I do feel a kinship to the irregulars and their contribution to this site…but let’s not brag about it.

  113. Ash,

    You realize that many people that have their body parts signed typically then get that signature tatooed.

    Also, I guess that David would agree that a person who is willing to have their body signed would not be one who is trying to profiteer from him.


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