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Several people have reported problems encountered when placing their order for the bonus DVD (the EMI CD/DVD is not yet available to pre-order) from our UK & Europe store.

If you have difficulties after clicking to add the DVD, please click CHECKOUT on the left of the page. You should then see the items you wanted to order, along with details of postage costs, and beneath this you’ll see a form for you to enter your address and payment details. This should solve the problem.

If you got past this stage, then your order has been received.

From today, you will be able to pre-order your copy of the limited edition ‘On An Island’ CD/DVD set, or just the DVD if you already have a copy of the album. Please be sure to use the appropriate store, UK & Europe or North America.

Please note that you will not receive either of these items immediately. They will be shipped the day before they are released and not before. (We know that seems very obvious to most people, but someone is bound to ask…)

Copies of the DVD as a stand-alone item are limited in supply. However, as we previously assured you, we have taken active steps to ensure that anyone who already has a copy of the album – and who only wishes to purchase the bonus DVD as a result – will not miss out.

There is a strict limit of one DVD per customer.

Anyone who tries to order more than one may find themselves with nothing at all. This is because, once all the orders are in, we will be contacting those who ordered more than one and will ask them to order again – this time ordering just the one item, as was clearly stated.

By this time, of course, the limited supply could be long gone, so we can’t stress this enough: To avoid disappointment, please only order one copy of the DVD.

It may seem like an odd strategy, but those people who have sensed an opportunity to try to profit from this limited release could very well end up with egg on their faces, which is never a bad thing. So, the moral of the story is simply: don’t be greedy.

There’s a chat for the ‘Blog Irregulars’ this evening. Doors opened at 5PM (UK time). Please note that you will need the password to get in. The chatroom will be open to everyone on Tuesday.

Thank you all for your comments about the chatroom, which are always very useful to us.

There’s also a new poll today, so please let us know where in the world you are. Surprisingly, the result of our last poll indicated that 79% of visitors are male. We’d be interested to see which continent is best represented.

That’s all for another week, but we hope you have a very good weekend.

Don’t forget that, if you’re in the States, the UK Music Hall of Fame ceremony is on VH1 next Saturday, not this Saturday. We’ll remind you next week.

You can, however, read David’s induction speech over at the Stuff & Nonsense page.

Author: FEd

Features Editor of David Gilmour’s official blog, The Blog (‘Features’ previously being its rather naff title), affectionately – or lazily – shortened to ‘FEd’.

104 thoughts on “Pre-order details”

  1. CAPTION : and now trampolining for England from cambridge Mr David Gilmour

    Rgds Geoff Duffy ( Dublin )

  2. I think the races to have the bread during the World Wars were not so strong as the race to pre-order!!!!

    Have a wonderful weekend


  3. Weee, I feel all giddy now, waiting for my order to arrive! Took advantage of the 40% discount and got me another T-shirt!

    Thanks FEd and everyone involved for making it easy for the fans to get our hands on DG stuff!

    With love,

  4. Hye fed and all.

    Well im back after a long endless wait to get back on the internet but more importantly davids web site.

    I thought you would be interested to know i was in the hard rock cafe manchester last saturday when they started to play OAI i nearly stood up and started playing my air guitar but katrina had me under control so i had to finish my burger first.

    PS all credit and praise to david and polly for being at the rally to save our one and only beautiful planet.

  5. Dear Fed,

    A couple of weeks ago I was one of the lucky ones who won a pair of tickets for the Pratt show in London the 26th… How does it work? I booked a ticket from Amsterdam to London, but the rest???

    I would be glad if you could let me know how everything would work out…

    Kind regards,

    Teun Thönissen

    [You and Tim are on Guy’s guestlist, so just turn up on time with some form of ID and you’ll be fine. Have a wonderful time. – Features Editor]

  6. Nice early xmas pressie DVD!

    Has anyone heard the new ‘mix’ by Eric Prydz Vs Floyd?

    Lets have a poll about that! arrgghhh!


    Keep smiling people….

  7. Fed:

    Good decision regarding the amount you can pre-order. One is enough for anyone. Its not like you can watch it in the car as well. As for myself, I am going to buy it on the morning it comes out.

    I recently bought the latest album of a certain group, I won’t say WHO 😉 which included a bonus DVD. Did they steal David’s idea?

    The concert that they recorded was at Vienne, France, which I assume is the same one that David played at in July. The picture quality was great (and I have an old DVD player!) and it served to whet my anticipation for David’s CD/DVD set.

    Have a good weekend.

  8. Thanks for the opportunity to purchase the DVD and get a discount on other stuff as well!

    Best Regards,
    Stephen Rado
    NY, USA

  9. I’m looking forward to trying out the open chat on Tuesday, what time is the chat?

    I’m a huge fan of DG, his playing inspired me to begin myself. 79% of all DG fans are male? Thats disappointing, theres nothing sexier than a woman with a good taste in music… Talk to yas Tuesday

    Peace, Love and Happiness

    [Tuesday’s chat starts at 10AM (UK time), Drew. Please click your name below for our calendar, where all chatroom opening times are given. – Features Editor]

  10. Good evening,

    I wish to belong to chat. Can you say to me how I can make?

    Your faithfully

    Pol Silentblock

    [The next chat is on Tuesday at 10AM (UK time). Just take note of the link below (by clicking your name) and follow it on Tuesday morning. That’s all you need to get into our main room, which is called the Lobby. – Features Editor]

  11. I apologise in advance if you have answered this a million times but I know that you’ll humour me because you’re so lovely.

    Anyway just to get things straight, the cd that is part of this re-released package with the dvd, it is any different in anyway to the one that was released in march?(Other than the dvd!)

    I’m not asking this to give a smart arse, why bother then, I’m genuinly interested.

    Thank you, you’re fab.

    [It’s no different, Chantelle. It’s the same CD. The packaging is different to accommodate the bonus DVD, though. For more, please click your name below to see the 10 October entry. And do keep up the flattery; it’s great. – Features Editor]

  12. Okay, I have my dvd on order, anxious for that let me tell ya. Seems like another lifetime ago that I saw DG in Chicago, I’m always ready for more DG. Glad I read the warning about only buying 1, as I was going to order another as a gift, but thats okay. I can share, its all about sharing, right?

    It would be so cool if Echoes could be on the dvd. But I did get to hear it live so I’ll just shut up now.

    Love from the USA,

  13. sorry i missed the chat today. will try to make it on tuesday as i have the morning off.

    going to pre-order my dvd now. thanks for letting us know, fed.

    nice speech at the uk music hall of fame, david. you were great. you are a true gent, but that dermot o’leary took the mick a bit, didn’t he?

  14. Being able to order the DVD separately is a great idea but the price is ridiculous – DVD only for £9.99 + £3.49 p&p.

    The CD+DVD is available online for only £9.99 inc P&P !

  15. Thanks for the info on the cd/dvd FEd. I think it is great that you are trying to cotrol the greedy ones that probably, just as it happened with tickets to shows, were gonna buy and buy and then sell a million times more expensive. So, thanks for thinking about real fans.

    And thank you for typing DG’s speech! cool treat!

    hey! I used to come here to the blog at the very begining quite often. Then I went and gave birth to a child, and by the time I came back there are passwords and stuff! LOL Do I need to read the whole blog to find out the clues for this password (please say I DONT have to read the whole thing! 🙂 I have a baby in my arms! LOL)

    Good weekend to you all!

    [You don’t have to look far… – Features Editor]

  16. I got my DVD!! woo hoo my mom bought it for me. I am so happy can’t wait.

    Thanks for the info Fed you rock. Have a great weekend.

    Renee B.
    Fontana, Ca USA

  17. [Being able to order the DVD separately is a great idea but the price is ridiculous – DVD only for £9.99 + £3.49 p&p. The CD+DVD is available online for only £9.99 inc P&P ! – Posted by: Another_Geoff at November 17, 2006 08:29 PM]

    i agree. it’s only in a cardboard case. seems a bit of a rip off for just eight songs, but i do appreciate that you’re not making us buy the cd again and that it’s limited to one per person.

    i had a nightmare ordering it as well…

    i just hope none end up on ebay because they will be selling for even more on there.

  18. Caption Competition

    DG: Damn that Guy Pratt! Suggesting we try playing Twister during Coming Back To Life… where is he!?!

  19. Hi FEd,

    I just did pre-order the DVD, I couldn’t give you my Payment details, adress etc …

    Did I do everything right, or should I try to order again?


    [Click the ‘Checkout’ link on the left of the page. I had the same trouble and so did many others. You should then see the items you wanted to order, along with details of postage costs, and beneath that you’ll see a form for you to enter your address and payment details. – Features Editor]

  20. I’m pre-ordered, thanks for the opportunity chaps.

    By the way F’ed, my kitchen is stripped bare – no cupboards, tiles off and wall knocked out to connect to extension – just in case you were beginning to forget the chaos…

    [I see it every time I close my eyes, mate. I smell the plaster, too. Good luck. – Features Editor]

  21. $14.99 divided by 8 songs (that you cannot get anywhere else) = $1.87 ea song.

    Songs that David writes, performs, records and sends to your house.

    To me that is the bargain of the century…

  22. [I see it every time I close my eyes, mate. I smell the plaster, too. Good luck. – Features Editor]

    Tell me it’s all been worth it though …

    [It has been and I’m sure you’ll feel the same way soon. – Features Editor]

  23. Hey Fed long time no see. Just took the opportunity to pre-order and I am very excited. It should hold me over until the real thing is released.

    I ordered from the North America store so no problems on this side.


  24. Thanks to those involved for offering the DVD-only version! Looking forward to receiving it.

    Will it be possible for customer outside Europe to order the EMI version of the CD/DVD package through the UK/Europe store? Some of us would like the packaging with the snazzy red spine over the package planned for the US.


    [It’s possible if your country is listed in Anthill’s drop-down list, Franz. Try placing an order from the UK & Europe store and you’ll soon find out if Anthill will ship to your part of the world. You won’t be able to pre-order the CD/DVD yet, though. The only item available for pre-order from the UK & Europe store at the moment is the bonus DVD. – Features Editor]

  25. FEd,

    I pre-ordered my combo. I regret not taking advantage of the 40% off. Is there anyway to add to my pre-order?


    [You can always try ‘phoning Anthill and asking nicely. Contact details aren’t hard to find. However, if you follow the ‘help’ link which is at the very bottom of all North American pages, you’ll see the following answer to your question: “In order for our customers to receive their product in the fastest time possible, we process orders as soon as they are received. We are unable to cancel, change, combine shipping or add items to an order once it has processed.” – Features Editor]

  26. [I have a baby in my arms! – Marian]

    It’s wonderful ! Marian, isn’t it ? the most beautiful gift in world !

    Wow, I finally succeded in pe-ordering my dvd ! Many thanks to you all who helped me !


  27. I have been regretting about not having bought the tour poster in the Royal Albert. I guess the lithograph will make for it :D. I can´t wait for the DVD either…

    It would be terrific if I appeared among the crowd in the RAH DVD (due next year) at some point, oh my god, that would be huge.

    Now that I´m in give-me mode, I wish David signed the DVDs, and include some picture on it, or… well , I better shut up.

  28. Ah, I just ordered my lone DVD. If it (and the shipping) had cost a bit less, I would have ordered a t-shirt as well (I have no DG shirts, only PF). Maybe I’ll just make my own “On a Kitchen Island” shirt. It will be one of a kind. I can sew spatulas and measuring spoons to it.

    Off to see the new James Bond flick…


  29. Ordered from N.A. and no problems, thanks to your expert guidance for an ignoramus like moi on the computer.

    The shipping was a bit extreme, but, I got a DVD for an early Xmas gift to share with friends. That’s priceless.

  30. Had nothing planned for the weekend and thought I was going to be bored to tears.But alas!..logged in to davidgilmour.musicblog and preordered myself a little bit of David heaven.No matter what occurs now for the next 2 days I’m a happy man..except for the yearning of waiting..Thank!Thanks!Thanks!

    About the photo..All the pics I see here,I always wonder what David is playing at the time.An idea for a future contest F.E.?..Guess correctly and win!..raffle style.(Of course nobody probably actually really knows but you could make one up and we must guess what you are thinking.

  31. Got the DVD from the NA site, no probs. Scooped up a T-shirt that I was ogling there just last night too, ta!

    It was also so marvelously nifty to meet all of those who were in the chat today. So many names to point to here, but I’ll pick on a few standouts (not to say the rest of you weren’t sterling…)

    EchoesBob (a fellow Yes fan), Michele (so kind with my poor French), Erin, Lorraine, and of course the dude smellin’ the plaster still… FEd.

    So kind and welcoming, the lot of you in the chat today. I honestly had a few worries that things would get cliquish, but those worries are gone, and I’ll be pleased when I’ve earned the title of Irregular as well.

    But I thank whoever it was who coined ‘Nix as my new nickname… I /think/ it was EchoesBob, but if I’m wrong, please correct me.

    See you again next time I can be there…

    the Phoenix.

  32. Hello Fed and everyone!

    I have been away for awhile, it’s good to be back on, my wife and I have been busy protesting, and that has been great.

    Just ordered my copy of the DVD, GOOD STUFF!, can’t wait for the other releases. It’s been about a year now, sense this sight popped up, and it’s still full of excitement, isn’t this great!

  33. Wow..just entered my poll checkmark and noticed under “view stats” that at this time, North America is slighly ahead of the U.K..I’m from N.A…but not bragging,just surprised..however, as the famous American baseball player, Yogi Berra once pronounced..”It ain’t over till it’s over”

  34. I am happy; i just ordered my dvd but it was written it was available on NTSC format only… What the… is this? Will it fit here in Canada?
    Congratulations Marian for your little baby!

    Sylvie de Montréal

    [NTSC is the video format used in Canada, the USA, Mexico and Japan, for example, so the DVD you just ordered will play on your DVD player. (Most of) Europe, Asia and Australia use the PAL format and France, Russia and parts of Africa use SECAM. – Features Editor]

  35. Ok, Ive decided im gonna get the fancy box version, hmm an excuse to spent £15 on a DG CD, 5 mintues work should do lol.

    Looking forward to the full DVD next year.

  36. I pre-ordered the DVD, and I ordered some other things. 🙂

    Thanks for offering this to all of us.

  37. I know this isn’t your issue and something that we need to bitch to Anthill about. So I briefly checked out the other items to see if there was anything I might want to apply the 40% off. The problem is that each “store” UK/Europe & US have different items. And even with the same items the sizes available differ in some cases. Unfortunate, so I’ll just preorder the DVD and leave it at that.


  38. I just got back from a short business trip and I wanted to share a few Gilmour experiences:

    1. Before I left, I downloaded from iTunes some Podcasts, one included a Gilmour OAI interview from the record company. It was really a neat thing to watch and listen. By the way, the one that says it is in Spanish is actually in English with Spanish subtitles. What is neat about the Spanish version is that you can download it to your iPod. O, and all the podcasts are free.

    2. I also downloaded a PULSE podcast. What was interesting in that one is that Richard Wright does refer to David as Dave in one of the interviews. I guess he can get away with that one.

    3. I was flipping through channels in my hotel room and as I flipped past the Weather Channel there was a familiar song snippet. So I flipped back. While they were showing maps of the local weather they were playing One of These Days. I thought that to be a bit strange but enjoyable.

    4. Since my flight home was delayed by 2 hours, I checked out the newstand. I found a copy of Guitar World December 2006 that has an article about The 30-year Evolution of Gilmour’s Gear. Anyone who is interested in his guitars, amps, effects should check this out. Yes, it does discuss the Black Strat as well as all the modifications that were done to it. In brief:

    It was purchased in 1970 as a stock 1970 model with a large CBS headstock, maple fretboard and black finish. Yes it was used in Pompei. During WYWH, he swapped out the neck for an early 60s neck with a rosewood fretboard, changed the pickguard from white to black with white pickup covers, knobs and switch tips and the wiring was changed. The volume and tone controls were connected to the output jack, and the ground was rewired to eliminate RF interference. And a mini switch was added that allowed for extra pickup combinations not normally found on a Strat: neck/bridge and neck/middle/bridge. During Animals he installed a bridge DiMarzio pickup. During The Wall he changed the neck again to flamed maple neck and shortened the vibrato. Here is the real interesting part, the neck was actually made by Charvel even though it has a Fender logo.

    Any, read the article (especially you Blake) and you’ll learn lots more about his gear and effects. And by the way, Pete Cornish himself contributed to the article.

    There is more I’d like to add about the guitars but I’ll spare you for now.


  39. Wow! I’m impressed. North America is leading the pole with 52%. Interesting to see if things change tomorrow. Or I guess I mean, later today, since it’s really late here, or is it early?

    I should sleep.



    Due to an illness and passing in my family I have not been able to come on here for some time. What a wonderful surprise that I could order the DVD and even got the vintage David T-Shirt as well, being the vintage gal that I am!

    Thank you kindly and everyone please remember to shine on,


  41. Hi all… just wanted to say I just pre-ordered the dvd… thanks fed. Now I just have to explain to the wife why, while she is unemployed, I bought a dvd… but it’s LIMITED right? Had to buy now… couldn’t wait… LOL!

    And Elizabeth… when the OAI tour DVD comes out I’m sure Echoes will be on it… like you I’m looking forward to this!

    And to those who feel David is “ripping them off’… come on people! If you think it’s a bad deal… DON’T BUY IT!!! You only get ripped off if you purchase what you think is not worth the asking price… and then you are only being ripped off by your own stupidity. Gimme a break!


  42. hello FEd,

    I seem to have difficulties to check out and pay for the DVD, any idea what is it that I do wrong?


    [Other than the checkout page disappearing, as has happened to others, and needing to click the ‘CHECKOUT’ link on the left in order to get it back, I’m afraid I don’t know. Contact Anthill directly on Monday, if possible. You can telephone them on 020 8607 0518. Alternatively, send an e-mail to – Features Editor]

  43. Back to my preferred corner!

    Thank you for all and a lot of thanks (wonderful David and band!) for Syd’s memories.

    A kiss from Italy

  44. CAPTION:

    “What the….”

    David was left flummoxed when his Musictoday footpedals operated the lights and not his effects….

  45. I’m so excited, having just ordered the stand-alone DVD! And I must say — that’s a pretty generous discount that’s offered on other items! I couldn’t pass up another OAI t-shirt…a very nice price indeed!

    Many thanks to David and company for making all these goodies available.

  46. [There is a strict limit of one DVD per customer. Anyone who tries to order more than one may find themselves with nothing at all. This is because, once all the orders are in, we will be contacting those who ordered more than one and will ask them to order again – this time ordering just the one item, as was clearly stated.]

    I screwed up. As soon as I saw pre order lit up, I went straight away to order. I didn’t bother to read all the info. Shame on me. I may get “nothing at all”.

  47. So is this just a DVD solely of the songs from OAI rather than a Live DVD of his recent tour (i.e. inc the DSOTM 2nd half to the show)?

    [It’s a bonus DVD featuring eight songs: the six from the AOL Sessions, ‘Astronomy Domine’ from Abbey Road and ‘Take A Breath’ from London’s Royal Albert Hall – the latter being a little taster in advance of David’s full-blown live concert DVD, which will be out next year. – Features Editor]

  48. Hi FED

    Thank you so much for making it possible for all those who just want the DVD on its own. I am very much looking forward to getting it. It will make a great xmas pressie like many others have said.It will certainy tied us over until the big DVD comes out next year.Like Astronomy Domine will tied us over for the Abbey Road channel 4 program.

    I can’t wait for both Take A Breath and Astronomy Domine. I hope that song was taken from the 29th as I was there on that night.

    Maybe the price is quite high when you include postage but I think it is fair.

    Remember people, this is the “only” site where we can get this DVD on its own.

    I wonder how long it will be until you can give us more details on David’s Royal Albert Hall DVD??

  49. Well, I wanted to order the dvd, but dg store does not ship things to serbia….thank you very much….

  50. I was able to purchase the DVD and scored a nice discount on the babydoll tee! Another holiday gift for myself…not including the 3 days at RAH!

    Please send me the Password for irregular bloggers…I wish to participate more frequently!

    [I wish people would read more frequently… – Features Editor]

  51. Thanks, for the extra long chat yesterday Fed. I think we all behaved from what I could tell.

    A quick word about the “barn”, something was amuck with it yesterday. Strangely, it smelled of airfreshener. It was so strong, that I had to retreat to the backporch for air. Sadly the backporch was already occupied. So to avoid the fumes, I took a seat in the grass beside of “seamusthdg”. He’s a good old dog.


  52. I’m SO FRUSTRATED! I tried purchasing with one credit and one debit card, both declined! Is it possible to order to Mexico??? I can’t find out why really.

    [I’m sorry to hear about your ordering troubles, Pepe. Please click your name below for alternative ways to order. You can do so over the telephone or by post. The telephone number is 877-687-4277. You can get through to someone at this number between 9AM and 12AM (EST) Monday to Thursday, or between 9AM and 8PM (EST) on a Friday. You could also e-mail your query to – Features Editor]

  53. Am having a nightmare with this pre order site, i get on the checkout (if im lucky) enter my details, it then doesnt make it to the next page so i try again, this time it does and i enter my card details and try to get to the next page, it fails and im back to the start.. maybe third time lucky.

  54. Having just failed to order the DVD (via the Europe link) I thought I would pass comment on David’s appearance at the the UK’s Music Hall Of Fame.

    The term genius is vastly over-used these days but in the case of Brian Wilson it is if anything under-used. DSOTM is to my little mind without doubt the best album of all time; however, Pet Sounds was as pivotal an album as any ever released. It is also breath-takingly beautiful and haunting; not to say perfect.

    I managed to see Brain twice on his Smile tour of the UK. It is the closest I have ever come to crying at concert’s (I think I did actually shed a tear on the first occassion, but please don’t tell any one) for a number of mixed emotions. But probably the biggest one, was because that man deserved so much more.

    Anyway, I’m off to try the Fan Fare site again.


  55. I got mine ordered… and that lady’s tee to boot; at 40% off!! Great deal!!

    Thank you, FEd for the info on that. It’s greatly appreciated!


  56. Proteron Hysteron:

    Re: your recent posts (2 of 3)

    Fast forward to present day. In 1997?, the Taliban had eradicated 95% of the poppy production in Afghanistan, and would likely have done so completely had the U.N., U.S., U.K. not ‘liberated’ that country. Within nine years, poppy production is at record levels.

    The poppy in Afghanistan grows in mountainous regions and requires full sunlight to grow. The U.S. has satellites able to see every flower, every worker, every truck which comes and goes. The U.N. has admitted in the mainstream press that it sends out auditors to query the farmers about their production, while encouraging them of course to switch to melon production. 🙂

    The Washington Post has reported detailed numbers regarding harvest by weight by euro, and by year. Furthermore, it is speculated strongly (again, in the mainstream press) that heroin and opium are the primary sources of funding for Al Qaeda.

    It is obvious that the U.N. and its member nations have the ability to control and eliminate both the drug and the source of funding. And yet, nothing is done. More incredibly, nothing has been said–unrecorded anywhere on the planet, that I can see–about how the dots connect. Connecting those dots reveals a truth too astonishing for most to admit.

    And the children die.

    So, what is a dream and what is a joke?

    There are other examples. Still, who the masters were and are is obvious, if we only care to look. And knowing who they are, as powerful as they are, I suggest they have little control over us, except what we give them.

    The road to a solution is simple.

  57. Thanks for the DVD…something to keep us happy until the Albert Hall shows.

    Another note. XM radio is having a poll “2006 XM Nation Awards” and Mr. Gilmour is on option in the “Favorite Live at XM performance” catagory. So all you XMers out there go to and vote for Mr. Gilmour!

    [And please vote James Blunt’s ‘You’re Beautiful’ as Song Most Beaten To Death By Broadcast. I dread to think how many suicide attempts that song is responsible for. – Features Editor]

  58. I just ordered my DVD online. Friends, I’ve gotten DVDs from the library or rented them at Blockbuster’s, and my wife has a few. But this is the first time I have ever purchased a DVD.

    It’s also one of the rare times I have ever made an online purchase of any kind — the idea of sending my credit card information through the slums of cyberspace is unpleasant enough that I always go to the store in person. So, the statement “I just ordered my DVD online” is a brave, bold testament to the way I value the music.

  59. [Another note. XM radio is having a poll “2006 XM Nation Awards” and Mr. Gilmour is on option in the “Favorite Live at XM performance” catagory. So all you XMers out there go to and vote for Mr. Gilmour! — Posted by: chris kirby at November 18, 2006 10:03 PM]

    I’d suggest the following link otherwise you’ll be put through a frightenly endless maze with much less than a clue….maybe it was just me but I was screaming “Johnny!!!” like a limping Jack Nicholas in ‘The Shining’ by the time I found it…..

    …i also voted for David Gilmour as the artist i’d most like to hear DJ on XM, like he has nothing better to do…

    (and I voted down “You’re Beautiful” with great pleasure)

  60. thanks for the info andrew. i will be purchasing that gw issue for sure. that is really really cool that the strat he plays is the pompeii strat. that is the definite dg signature strat for sure now in my opinion…and i guess fender too (as if they cared what i think). that guitar is really valuable….even though it has a charvel neck !!!! (ewwww !!)

  61. Very funny, currently, the result of the poll:

    North America: 45%
    Europe: 45%

    In math language, it’s called an equality , is it a symbol ?


  62. Hi Fed,

    Thanks for the opportunity to pre-order the DVD. Just done it, I can’t wait.

    Ciao ciao

  63. [You and Tim are on Guy’s guestlist, so just turn up on time with some form of ID and you’ll be fine. Have a wonderful time. – Features Editor]


    I may not be alone in this, but I will probably be in the bar at the venue from about 7:00pm, wearing an On an island t-shirt (and hopefully a smug expression after Man Utd have put Chelski to the sword a few minutes earlier).

    If you’re coming over from Amsterdam you may be thirsty so I’ll be happy to buy you a nice warm English beer.

  64. As I sit here chomping at the bit, waiting for my OAI DVD (I know; it’ll be December before I get it), I have a crazy question…

    I say the lyrics on “So Far Away” are “when a warm toe is all I need.” Is David singing “toe?” There’s no lyric sheet in the original album or the (first) CD so I’ve never known for sure if that’s what he’s singing. Maybe only David knows…?


  65. Love the photo of David and Brian arm in arm in the “Latest News”, one issue back.Shows that David has a human weakness like the rest of awe of someone who has affected him in a special way musically.Now “wouldn’t it be nice” if there was such a photo of David and Elvis together..Love his rendition of “Don’t” in one of the extra’s in the Meltdown DVD..or is there one?..please post if there is.

  66. Fed said:

    [And please vote James Blunt’s ‘You’re Beautiful’ as Song Most Beaten To Death By Broadcast. I dread to think how many suicide attempts that song is responsible for. – Features Editor]

    And let us not forget the Weird Al Yankovic unreleased version: ‘You’re Pitiful’, which is considerably cooler. 🙂

    Back to my Nintendo Wii and the new Legend of Zelda game…

    the Phoenix.

  67. Thanks for the advice, FEd! (Should have thought of just looking on my own.) The US does appear as an option for the UK & Europe side of the shop, so I’m looking forward to being able to order the CD/DVD there. There’s just something about getting the red spine booklet…


    [Very nice it is, too. We’ll let you know as soon as it’s ready for pre-order. – Features Editor]

  68. Dear F.Ed,

    After “On an island”, I’m now descovering the first DG’s eponymous solo album.

    This album is a masterpiece. But where can I find the lyrics ?

    P.S. : my favorites tracks on this album: “So far away” & “I can’t breathe anymore” !



    [I couldn’t tell you, sorry. I expect there are unofficial suggestions online if you search for them, though. – Features Editor]

  69. Hello everybody

    Very good idea of limiting the dvd to 1 a person otherwise you not miss for us, because there are people who have only it to smuggle.

    I have ordered mine without any trouble, it remains to wait to wait… it is not necessary more than I think of it.

    Thank you still for this beautiful present WHOUÉ!

    Sylvie from Quebec

  70. The washington post? ha, what a joke. you cant trust that rag any more than the enquirer…please man. wrong site for that b.s. go away! this is about gilmour …not politics

  71. “…and as I flipped past the Weather Channel there was a familiar song snippet. So I flipped back. While they were showing maps of the local weather they were playing One of These Days.”

    I noticed that too. Kind of like coming across an old friend unexpectedly. Had me smiling the rest of the day.

  72. Pre-ordered DVD and shirt. I wish there were more selections for women’s shirts and apparel. One item just isn’t much to choose from.

  73. i guess i should of read the blog first. i was so excited when my best friend calls and says the dvd was on sale. i went straight and ordered 2 one for me and one for her. im so sorry.guess i really messed up.

  74. [I wish people would read more frequently… – Features Editor]

    I wish I had the time to catch up on all, however, family medical emergencies called me out of state for weeks on end and two subsequent funerals kept me away from everything online. No worries, I will try to keep up to date from now on.


  75. Thank you F*Ed, I read it at the bottom of the page and called but the guy said that it would be the same if he tried. I may send an E-mail. Thanx

  76. The UK & Europe site has got to be one of the worst online “stores” I have EVER had the misfortune to attempt to use!

    Apologies for blowing my top, but i’ve been trying to pre order the DVD for 45 minutes now, the furthest I got was to add it to my cart. All the links time out!

    I can’t see how the DG organisation can find this acceptable. Can something be done to sort out this mess? I’m sure i’m not the only one here who has had problems, but I seem to be the only one posting with nothing to show for my frustrations!!


    [You are certainly not the only one, Ryan. This is happening to many people and you should have been in the chatroom when we announced that the DVD was available to order: the word “bedlam” springs to mind. It’s not acceptable and I can only apologise. Not wishing to patronise you further, but have you tried the instructions at the top of the page? Clicking ‘CHECKOUT’ when the links appear to time out seems to have worked for most. – Features Editor]

  77. Good interview with departing CE of Crisis Shaks Ghosh in Observer yesterday. It included an 8 page special on homelessness.

    Ian Pearson

  78. Happy Monday,

    As soon as I logged off on a Friday to go home for the weekend the offer of the DVD came up. Purely by chance I had to get on to the internet from home and had a quick look at the DG site and went into blind panic. Everything seems to be ok with order though.

    So I got to chat on Friday and guess what………

    the first blogger I ever met was Martin S, the first chatter I ever chatted to was Martin S. Small world isnt it.

    As much as I enjoyed the chat, and I really did, I quite quickly felt strangely old being there. The people on there seemed really nice but I did begin to feel uncomfortable.

    Pete – Coventry

  79. ‘morning my favourite FEd,

    I am in front of my office pc again, and I immediatly went to look my view card and it says “Your shopping cart is empty”… so, I didn’t make my pre-order! Can I do it now? I wait for a your positive nod, ok? Because, as I already explain you, I didn’t understand if in this case I risk to do two orders… sorry!

    I am a donkey! So, please, tell me “Go!” and I’ll go!

    Thanks mate and sorry if I disturb you again


    [Please try again, Lucia. Click the DVD, click ‘Buy It’, select your country and click ‘CHECKOUT NOW’ instead of ‘CONFIRM’. Wait a moment and a new page should appear with space for you to enter your address and payment details. – Features Editor]

  80. [So, the statement “I just ordered my DVD online” is a brave, bold testament to the way I value the music.]

    nicely put and totally agree

    Pete – Coventry

  81. Can’t wait for the DVD to arrive!

    Any news on the release date for the Concert DVD next year?

    Do you think that there will be any more live dates next year too?

    It would be great if there was.


    [No news as to the release date and no idea as to the possibility of more dates, sorry. – Features Editor]

  82. Hi Fed,

    I pre-ordered my DVD now i have got to be patient enough not to open it but hand it to the missus the wrap it up for xmas.We discussed her ordering it from here as a sort of surprise but we were not sure if you would accepted her order as she does not ever vist the site, we also thought about saying that she was my better half hoping you would accept that, ive just a made a moutain out of a mole hill haven’t i? i just got hand it over when it arrives…end of.

    but not quite… Planet rock aired a concert of David’s over the weekend i tried to inform you about the fact on a couple of posts but could not spot my post’s, mabe as it was an eventfull week last week it got missed, any way i listened & enjoyed the concert even if it was only half an hour.



    [Your post was received, but not published, as there was a possibility that it would not be aired after all. As it was, I’m glad you enjoyed it. – Features Editor]

  83. Hi all

    Just off to Prague – first holiday abroad since 1990 (went to Berlin – forget why now…)and first for 10 years without my kids.

    If i had any sense i would have asked for handy hints and tips from any Czech bloggers but thats how it goes.

    See you all soon.


    [Have a great time, Matty. – Features Editor]

  84. Something to make you smile on a Monday: I saw an advert in the paper at the weekend for a PF DVD which listed as one of its highlights “…a rare 1970 performance of Atom Earth Mother…”.

    Well, it made me chuckle.

  85. [And to those who feel David is “ripping them off’… come on people! If you think it’s a bad deal… DON’T BUY IT!!! You only get ripped off if you purchase what you think is not worth the asking price… and then you are only being ripped off by your own stupidity. Gimme a break! – Posted by: tim taylor at November 18, 2006 10:27 AM]

    tim, i don’t think david is the one ripping us off and i hear what you’re saying. i can’t wait for the dvd. i just think it’s a bit pricey. you can get the cd and dvd for less elsewhere and it’s better packaged. i think the dvd is in a cardboard case so i don’t see why it has to cost £10. the postage costs are another thing.

    i do think the fans are being ripped off, but not by david.

    i also agree with ryan. it’s a very poor site and i won’t be ordering from it again.

    [The UK & Europe site has got to be one of the worst online “stores” I have EVER had the misfortune to attempt to use! – Posted by: Ryan Gallagher at November 20, 2006 07:34 AM]

    fed, i’m really not having a go at david.

  86. FEd!!! I think I have done successfully! Great!

    I hope I have not done troubles…but I can’t guarantee that!

    Of course, the DVD’s price is very cheap… but the shipping is very expensive! The DVD costs as well as the transport… maybe if you buy a Picasso’ serigraphy, you pay the delivery boy as well as the artist’ work? With a low cost company, the next time, I’ll come to get it in London by myself, so I profit to have an holiday!


    [I’m glad to hear that your order went through this time, Lucia. – Features Editor]

  87. I have already received the confirm by mail. Good!

    The page for the details asked me also my phone number…ah! Ah! Ah! I can only image what kind of dialogue I could have with the poor guy of the staff of David Gilmour Store! If my writing english is bad, my speaking and listening is also worse! Ah! Ah! ah!

    Anyway, thanks again for your kindness and patience. If you come to Rome, I promise to offer you a wonderful italian meal, ok? 😉


    [Glad to be able to help. – Features Editor]

  88. Hi FEd and all,

    I ordered my copy at the weekend which I am very much looking forward to receiving.

    Once again thanks for your email, FEd. Thank you for your comment in connection to my reviews on Abbey Road. I tried to cover every aspect. It was an important event so I treated it like an historical document.

    However, I will say that it would not have been possible if it weren’t for you posting the competition. I cannot thank you enough.

    Best regards.


    [Bless you. I hope there are many more competitions to come. – Features Editor]

  89. By the way, the Black Strat was not David’s first Strat. His first one was a white one and his first Fender was actually a Telecaster apparently given to him as a gift by his parents. That Tele was actually lost by the airlines on a trip to America. Geez, I hope it wasn’t when he landed at JFK.

    Also, the Strat with the unique serial number of 001 is actually mint green and has a body stamp of a 1954. However, Fender didn’t make a mint green one in 1954. So it is assumed that this was a one off they made for an industry tradeshow.


  90. [ …that guitar is really valuable….even though it has a charvel neck !!!! (ewwww !!) ]

    Actually, Wayne Charvel was known for building replacement parts for strats and he was so good that Fender hired him. He eventually left to start his own business, first building parts, and then, whole guitars. They were so good that many pro musicians bought them, including Edward Van Halen.

  91. Cannot believe the comments about some people feeling as though they are getting ripped off by DG or anyone else for that matter.I myself will wait until it is on general release!

    I also have to tell you that I phoned and voted for DG as my icon of the century on BBC2`s Culture Show but I think the producer is somehow related to Paul McCartney as they won’t shut up about him!!!

  92. CAPTION :

    The mighty Gilmour subdues the Daleks and the Borg with his new light saber neck…

    …and will wake up with half a tan tomorrow.

    ash X

  93. Sorry to have missed the chat on Friday folks, don’t ask me about the new central heating boiler or the plumbers or the flood…

    ash X

  94. andrew, i just meant that it wasnt all fender parts…eddie van halen proved what you could do with a strat type. i have friends that have charvel guitars and they are fine…they just depreciate very quickly…thats all. and actually, the 001 strat is white with a mint green p/guard. it has gold hardware too. he plays it on the fenders 50th anniversary concert..’.marooned’.

  95. [And please vote James Blunt’s ‘You’re Beautiful’ as Song Most Beaten To Death By Broadcast. I dread to think how many suicide attempts that song is responsible for. – Features Editor]

    Awww Fed, don’t be that way. I like James Blunt. I’ve just seen his video “High”, and I think it’s a great song. I like his music… his face…and his lips. It’s easy to like him.

    But I won’t go on about him here.


  96. Blake, I doubt that David ever cared about depreciation. 😉

    Does anyone know if the black strat has any mods to keep it in tune better (locking tuners or whatever?) David does use the whammy bar a lot.

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