More 'Arnold Layne'


A few more details for you regarding the ‘Arnold Layne’ single, available for a limited period over Christmas.

As you know, it features two live versions of the song with different vocalists – David Bowie and Richard Wright – both of which were recorded at London’s Royal Albert Hall in May.

It also features a live cover of Syd Barrett’s beautiful ‘Dark Globe’, originally from his debut album, ‘The Madcap Laughs’.

There will be a limited press of 7" singles in Europe and 10" singles in North America. There will also be a CD single available in Europe only.

You will be able to hear David introducing David Bowie on-stage on the vinyl versions, but not on the CD.

Both vinyl and CD versions of the single will be available to buy the old-fashioned way (from shops, remember them?) from 26 December, as well as from the usual online retailers.

They will also be available for download from Christmas Day until 14 January, but not from iTunes.

We will have exclusive videos for each of the three tracks on our website from Monday 4 December, so don’t miss them.

Radio stations should also start playing the single from this week (although it will most likely be the week after), so don’t let us stop you if you want to start bombarding your local station with requests to play it…

The chatroom closes its doors for the final time this week in half an hour’s time, so if you want to join in, you’d better be quick. They will next open with an eerie creak on Wednesday at 4PM (UK time).

Author: FEd

Features Editor of David Gilmour’s official blog, The Blog (‘Features’ previously being its rather naff title), affectionately – or lazily – shortened to ‘FEd’.

71 thoughts on “More 'Arnold Layne'”

  1. You know what, If I try to remember all of these CDs/DVDs/records coming out shortly in different shapes and forms, I will go nuts. So I’ll just hit the record shop and buy whatever thing with DG on the cover… good enough? LOL

    How about some lullabies? got a DG cd of those??? me needs…

    Errrr…I got to the chat so so so late… 4pm but from…dunno… another place in the planet…galaxy…

  2. Here’s to many more eerie creaks!

    The Eerie Creeks . . . might be a good name for a band.

  3. Almost 40 years later, Arnold Layne will be released as single again. I wish I was born some years early to catch the excitement of that time.

    It would have been wonderful to witness Floyd emerging to become the best thing that ever happened to rock/pop/progressive/underground/spacey/younamewhatkindofmusic…

    It is a nice homage from David to his…I would say fans, but prefer admirers…

    Thank you.

    Adriano Capeto

  4. Now I have to get this one, love the way it was made, and that it is not available on iTunes.


  5. Another holiday pressie for meeeeeee! I’ll pop for the download, since the CD’s not available in the US.


    Thanks for the update, FEd.

    (And here’s one volunteering to paint Guy’s house so you don’t have to – if someone’ll pay airfare!)


  6. That’s great news. Yippee!

    On an even better note, I got an email lastnight from musictoday telling me my order as been shipped! YES!

  7. What’s this world coming to? Trying to get us to buy songs about cross-dressers now… (shaking head). I’ll have to ask mom first.

    If the Arnold Layne single isn’t gonna be available for download from iTunes, then where IS it gonna be available, Edwina? I know, I’m a pain in the ass. As if you’re just figuring that out.

    (now playing in my iTunes: “Bluebird” by Leon Russell)


    [Dozens of places. Click your name below for the entry about downloading the ‘Smile’ single. There’s more to life than iTunes, you know. – Features Editor]

  8. Very cool cover.

    I don’t have a turntable, but am tempted to buy the record for the artwork.

    Great tribute by David. Looking forward to the videos.

  9. Great! I’m really happy to learn that there will be a CD version, too.

    But FEd, one question: Frankly, what is the sense of omitting David Bowie’s introduction on this edition? Why not release it with the same contents as the vinyl ones? It’s probably not due to technical reasons.

    I’m really not the one to consider the artists or record companies as greedy people who just want to squeeze money out of the fans. Particularly in David’s case this is an absurd notion. Believe me, in my opinion the re-release of On An Island as a limited edition including this terrific DVD is a brilliant idea, and I will be the first one to buy the set, no matter if I have the album twice. I’m extremely thankful to be provided with such material of my favourite musician.

    Nevertheless, I cannot understand the meaning of things like that. Why not make the same things available to both the vinyl buyers and the CD buyers? It’s not that I’m so keen on David Bowie’s introduction; above all we will get this on the forthcoming DVD anyway. I would just like to understand the sense of this difference between the CD and the vinyl edition.



    [You and me both, Marco. It’s a question for the record companies, but I suspect the answer has something to do with how much you can fit onto a CD. – Features Editor]

  10. This is not a whine as I still play vinyl on my trusty old turntable. Just curious as to why the CD version will not be available in N.A.

    Also,will there be a charge for the download? It doesn’t matter to me as I will glady pay for it,but you don’t mention $ for the downloadable version in your preamble to this blog editon and was just wondering about that too…

    Another also..that logo would look great pressed onto a T-shirt!.Any chance of that happening?..I know,so many ?’s and so little time..Thanks F.E.

    [There will be a charge for downloading the single and this will vary somewhat depending on where you download from. With the bonus DVD being for sale from our website only, several people commented unfavourably as to its cost. When Best Buy had an exclusive copy of the album in the US, some people didn’t approve. iTunes won’t have it, so you’re free to shop around, so to speak, and get the best deal. As for the CD single, then Sony BMG are the people you need to query about any release (or lack of) as EMI covers Europe only. I’m sure it will be available as an import if you really want it that badly. – Features Editor]


    Hope everyone had a great turkey day !!!

    For those of us who did the job of cooking i hope all your recipies came out right an everything tasted great but now that were done lets rest its been a long day bless all of you


  12. Again, lovely artwork! Hats off to the designer – that’s beautiful work… understated and classic.

    I’m excited to hear Richard’s keyboards from Arnold Layne at the RAH – that was definitely one of the defining moments of the RAH shows. Truth be told I’m as or more excited to hear David’s ‘Dark Globe’ – if it’s the live version then (a) it was impromptu and apparently a surprise to everyone, and (b) I wasn’t there to hear it! (the castle show? Klam?)

    All in all an excellent and fitting tribute to Syd. I’ve got memories of trying to decide which Arnold I preferred, Richard’s or Bowie’s… and all I can remember is being transfixed by Richard’s keyboard (60s style mad swirling arpeggios/scale type thing…but you know that already!) I’m looking forward to listening to them again with fresh ears.

    Ah more thing… I listened to Island Jam yesterday for the first time in a while – put it on again if you’re craving new David….I forgot how sweet it is…it’s now back in my regular rotation…

    Happy Thanksgiving American ppl 🙂


  13. So…. what download stores *will* it be available on? I have a Zen Vision:M so I’m glad it’s not iTunes (since that player can’t play iTunes songs).

    Also, when will the CD Single be available on I’m from the US but will spend the $$$ to get a hard copy of this coolness 🙂

    [You’ll have to check with Amazon. The CD single is released on Monday, so it’s quite possible that you can pre-order a copy now. As for the download, then look around. – Features Editor]

  14. So where will we be able to download it from, Fed? I haven’t done much downloading of music, so you’ll have to point me in the right direction. Will we download it from this site?


    [It won’t be available to download from our site. You’ll have to look around. Any old search engine will help. – Features Editor]

  15. I guess this means the CD single won’t be available in america, am I right FED?

    [Correct. – Features Editor]

  16. Happy Friday,

    So, and be honest everyone, who has still got a record player/deck on which you can play vinyl.

    I still had mine till a couple of years ago but it sadly packed up and I have never bothered to get it repaired.

    Pete – Coventry

  17. WOW, I finally have something to look forward to for Xmas.

    Ahh, Arnold Lane refreshed, spinning the grooves again on my LP12, what happy ears.


  18. Great picture of the two Davids in the Entertainment section on the BBC News website regarding the ‘Arnold Layne’ release!

  19. This is not a complaint, God forbid, just interested as to why the CD won’t have the sound of David introducing David whereas the vinyl will? We have come to expect that CD’s have more room etc. Just interested as it doesn’t seem to add up.

    Thanks Fed

    [Sorry I can’t offer an explanation, Julian. It’s a question for EMI. – Features Editor]

  20. Looks like the hounds that be have heard about the new single!

    Theres lots of news on the google news homepage.

    loving that bbc photo though.


    BTW: Can anyone explain to a non-native english speaker why the 26th of December is called “Boxing Day”? Georg Kunz’s question from November 14th.

    i was asked this same question at work by a “non-native English” speaking colleague, actualy he speaks English better than me but is from Malasia.

    so of course i pointed him to Gilmourepedia & your answer Fed

    He was still confused!!

    have a good week end

  22. Fed,

    I cant wait any longer.. please ask David to give me permission to buy the local copy please.


  23. Happy Friday (2)

    [Radio stations should also start playing the single from this week]

    It is years since I heard a Pink Floyd tune on the radio yet it happened twice this week. I heard both ‘See Emily Play’ and ‘Another Brick in the Wall’.

    Pete – Coventry

  24. Thanks for the info about the various upcoming ‘Arnold Layne’ releases, though I have to admit to being a tad disappointed it’s not available via iTunes. I would probably have found myself in our local record store on the 26th anyway, so no great shakes about not listening to it ’till then.

    Can’t wait for the videos as it will give us some idea as to how things look in HiDef and what the camera angles are like, in preparation for the full DVD release next year.

    Have a great weekend everyone, happy Thanksgiving to our chums in the US and to those of us in the south & east of England, batten down the hatches for tonights storm and keep safe.


  25. Sorry to whinge, but why does the music industry make it so darn difficult for its customers to obtain and listen to the music that they want?

    – Why not put out a CD in the UK – so few people have vinyl.
    – Why put out live DVD’s but not CD’s? I very much enjoy David’s live performances, and would like to do so in the car, on the iPod and not just in front of a DVD player.

    I am sure this is just paper shuffling beaurocrats wielding their power rather than the artists themselves.

    Any ideas what David himself thinks about this?

    [I couldn’t say, but I do have to say that there’s a CD single in the UK as well as the vinyl and the ‘Arnold Layne’ single consists of three live tracks. – Features Editor]

  26. Peter wrote: [So, and be honest everyone, who has still got a record player/deck on which you can play vinyl.]

    – raises hand –

    And right now Ummagumma is on it. Unfortunately my turntable is an old piece of crap and it speeds up and slows down once in awhile (what’s it need? a new belt?). It sits directly behind the head of my bed.

    And now that you’ve put the thought in my head, I think I’ll crank up the David Gilmour album on it right now since the neighbors have moved out and I can make some noise.


  27. As I was flicking through teletext last night I stumbled across `GILMORE TO RELEASE SINGLE AS TRIBUTE TO BARRETT` headline, felt like phoning in to tell them about this website!!

    [They’re awful, aren’t they? Lazy amateurs… – Features Editor]

  28. Well, I think the question of how much you get on a CD is not really a criterion. This cannot be the reason for omitting the introduction. I have many singles with three or even more songs on it, e.g. Pink Floyd’s Take It Back or Learning To Fly. But you’re right, FEd, in such cases the record companies are the ones to blame. Self-evident that I don’t reproach you or David with that.

    Enough criticism now, I’m really happy about the CD release and looking forward to listening to the songs!

    Have a nice weekend, all!


  29. Glad to see you on the Blog Saad….this is a great community. And it’s nice to see our side of the world being slowly represented in larger numbers.

    To all who celebrated Turkey Day…hope you’re enjoying the leftovers. That really is the best part.

    Off to see the Taj Mahal tomorrow. It promises to be spectacular.

    Happy Weekend.


    [Nisha, please note if you haven’t already that you can now order the bonus DVD online. We will now deliver to India as well as Israel, Mexico and Serbia. – Features Editor]

  30. [There’s more to life than iTunes, you know. – Features Editor]

    “Life? Don’t talk to me about life.” – Marvin

    Oh FEd, you know I love you more than lunch itself. Be thankful I can’t pinch you over the internet – you’d be black and blue by now. Diolch yn fawr for the link to other download sites that may have “Arnold Layne.” I’m sure other people on the blog appreciate it as well.

    (now playing: “She Makes Me Feel Good” by Lyle Lovett)


    [As soon as we have confirmation of exactly who has it available for download, I’ll try and be more helpful. However, then I end up looking as though I’m flogging the single, so I’d rather just say that iTunes won’t have it and let you find it yourself at a competitive price. – Features Editor]

  31. Hello everyone,

    I put my hands on cd/dvd combo earlier today, and I’m after one screening of the whole dvd.

    It is very good and I can frankly say it was very good decision to release it. Although sound is only PCM, but it is crystal clear. Same about picture quality.

    Take a Breath from RAH is fantastic, I can’t wait for proper OAI tour DVD.

    Astronomy Domine mind blowing, Julie and Sue you are on one camera shot.

    AOL sesion, we know all that stuff, and I would like to say that it is far more comfortable to watch it from DVD than on computer. Pump up the volume if you want the best result.
    I like all songs, but High Hopes is my personal favorite.

    I would like to say thank you to all involved, and of course will patiently wait for another releases.

    Have a great weekend,

  32. Hello FEd, Irregulars,

    I just got my copy of the limited edition CD/DVD OAI. Sunday’s my B-day, so excellent release timing 🙂

    Thank you EMI.

    I just watched and revived the RAH show, the atmosphere, the goosebumps, everything.

    My wife came along to Paris, night three, but decided not to come to the RAH. I’ve been telling her over and over that she really missed out on something. Today, I will be SHOWING her. I am quite confident she will prove me right 😉

    Have an excellent weekend and for those of you who don’t have the dvd yet, I would say “Run Like Hell” to your local store.

    Best regards,

  33. – They played “Arnold Layne” in the ‘Théâtre antique de Vienne’ in July, the most amazing concert I ever attended! What memories! an incredible and indescribable atmosphere!

    So, only for that (= ne serait-ce que pour ça ?), I would and will buy the CD !

    – A very nice and haunting music on the blog today, it’s reminds me ‘Castellorizon’, I am mistaken ?

    Bon weekend, à Fed et à tous !


  34. Great news, I’m going to be in England at Christmas time, just in time to buy the CD.

    Ciao a tutti

  35. [As soon as we have confirmation of exactly who has it available for download, I’ll try and be more helpful. However, then I end up looking as though I’m flogging the single, so I’d rather just say that iTunes won’t have it and let you find it yourself at a competitive price. – Features Editor]

    fair enough.

    after the fuss some of us made about buying from the dg store, this makes sense.

  36. Hello with all,

    I seek all that in edition is limited of David Gilmour (who is unlimited for him).

    I would like a copy of session of studio of a piece that nobody knows. Is this possible?

    [In a word, no. – Features Editor]

  37. [Mark Bain wrote: `GILMORE TO RELEASE SINGLE AS TRIBUTE TO BARRETT` headline, felt like phoning in to tell them about this website!!]

    Hey, welcome to the family, cousin David. 😀


  38. Good to hear from all who have received their copy of, DG Live and in Session. You guys raise the anticipation level another notch.

    It would have been nice to get my copy in time for the weekend.

    Today would have been “Prime Time” for a chat, as most of us Americans are off work today. Seems like Friday chats are always full of jokesters. Loads, of fun interactions. Not that I don’t appreciate how generous you have been, Fed. You have been more than generous with the chat sessions lately. In fact, have I told you lately how much I appreciate you? I appreciate you this much (arms speread as far as I can reach)

    My family are out of town visiting relatives for the weekend, so I may have to drag out the paint and rollers and get to work on some much neglected, unfinished projects around the house. Once you stop, it’s a bit*h to get started up again. There’s no doubt, it will help pass the time.

    Fed, think of me while I slave away, as I have often thought of you, being the pawn of your albatross,”The Kitchen”.


    Have a good weekend everyone.

  39. Hey Fed and Irregulars!

    Just popping in to say hello. Had a really bad week this week. This is my second day without any sleep whatsoever! Currently 52 hrs and 11mins, and counting. And Nytol just spaced me out! I really feel bad.

    Went to get a Newspaper publication (Don’t know if I’m allowed to mention the particular one) today and was thrilled to see David Gilmour on Page 3!! (He had his top ON, by the way!)

    Going to England tomorrow for a beautiful christening. Will have to watch Wales ‘Beat’ New Zealand ‘All-Blacks’ in a different country!

    Anyhow, hope your all still rockin’ and rollin’ and remember – Happy Days!

    Speak to you all soon,
    Your Welsh Friend,
    Simon J

  40. In 1966 while working at the Gala Drive-In Theater on April 16th into the early morning hours of the 17th after selling tickets to 3 Elvis movies myself and a classmate from school went out to take one of the movies down because on Sunday night only 2 were playing that night there on Route 224 next to Springfield Lake..but it was the next day or so that someone at Hyre jr. High gave a report on two-Deputies on 224 out near Randolph in Portage county came together with a flying saucer-illuminating a blue white light and they commenced to chasing it to conway, PA. at up to 100 mph. speeds. To get more on that story go to search: “Dale Spaur” there’s are links to what happened that night/early mornin’. Dale Spaur went on to call the UFO …”Floyd” I just learned that last night when I found the search mode for the “Deputies” who entered the chase..his side kick was “Barny”

    There was some writing on a parked car on 224 that had writing on it “Seven Steps to Hell” with a Pyramid and a ligtning bolt ..kinda reminds me of “Dark Side of the Moon? The only person I ever knew who wore a lightning bolt around his neck was Elvis outside of the cartoon character Elvis idolized.

    So much for that part of the story it’s documented and is my first job at the Gala that I ever paid into Social Security. Had been out there in that area a few times after work when there was no traffic outside of a few truckers going thru because it was made up of mostly farms in those days. So when the kid at school gave his report he didn’t give much detail on where exactly it was? ..years later after seeing something on cable bout Roswell? I went to the library and looked up that story.

    Do remember one night or early morning coming in at daybreak but don’t remember anything much more than that?

    On a lighter note a few years ago when Floyd did a concert in Cleveland their Blimp passed over my house in Akron Ohio and the Goodyear Blimp passed them at the same time over my place. Thought for years what a sight?

    My mother came to Akron in spring of 42 and hired in at “Goodyear Airspace” until after the war which later became Goodyear Aerospace where the blimps were built and the hanger is right there where she worked. She helped put wings on Corsair planes (rivits) My first job as I said was at the Gala Drive-in theater just over Derby downs overlooking the Goodyear hanger. So that’s one thing my mother and I had in common we both worked our first real jobs across the hill from one another.

    The last movie I sold tickets for was “The Ten Commandments” with Charleton Heston.

    There was something else I was going to say when I came home from the army in 1980 April 1st I soon moved into the ole Miller Home above cascade downtown and it was the fourth and I had the casette: “Dark Side of the Moon” on cassette and pluged it into my fender amp and played “Money” for the crowd outside on the lawn and down by the highway but the landlord thru a fit over it so rather than get evicted right away I shut it down..Thomas Edison married the miller girl who’s house it was and he is credited for recording.

    Sincerely: Ralph Monk

  41. Kind of off topic. No, way off topic.

    Single….Tour…..Albert Hall….Bowie night…fantastic Gilmour show. Being from the grim north me and the partner stayed local to the Albert Hall down in Londonsville. Great day for me, the show was amazing and being sat very close to the stage have a brilliant visual memory of the evening. Slow walk back to the hotel in the cool night air. Let alone that when we worked the dates back from the due date our baby son was….well….er…conceived that night. Due in Feb.

  42. congratulations on winning the latest competition, renee.

    congratulations to you too, lee. 🙂

  43. [If I win, my prize is … what the correct form instead of “her”? – Lucia]

    You can say:

    If I win, my prize is mine
    If I win, my prize is yours
    If I win, my prize is hers

    You can also say:

    If I win, the prize is mine
    If I win, the prize is yours
    If I win, the prize is hers

    Or, as FEd says:

    Your prize
    Her prize
    His prize

    her=female individual, that is why I found it funny. You are in no trouble. It is fun to have friends in Italy! I would butcher Italian if I tried! Have a great weekend!

  44. So, you made us guess three words that we all read before playing ! wow ! you surely had a lot of fun by reading all our poor attempts ! I’m impressed ! Vous êtes un génie diabolique !


    [Je suis parfois un ‘smart arse’. – Features Editor]

  45. a month away from christmas eve, i’m sure santa has my copy in the sleigh… merry gilmas


  46. While all of you were busy scraping the carcass of some poor dead bird I was busy turning ‘Sorrow into a 5 hour song. Well….a couple of those hours were feedback..maybe 3.

    Anyway, It’s not enough it’s not enough…..there’s dust in my eyes.

  47. […if you really want it that badly… Features Editor]

    Thank you for all that F.E..Yes, I really want it that badly, as I badly want all things associated with David’s contribution to our music heritage.

    And to blake..welcome to the “CaRaZiNess”..keep those captions coming..that was hilarious!..however, there is no prize for these.(I believe)…all just for fun.

  48. Congrats Renee.

    Mark’s comment is quite true, there is more room on a CD or DVD as a matter of fact.

    Historically, I’ve purchased Floyd albums in the past and to cite two examples.

    1) While in London on vacation many moons ago, I purchased Echoes, the cover design is not similar to the N.A. version at all.

    2) Dark Side-Britain versus N.A. had totally different posters inside the vinyl albums.

    Some unique differences on most albums can be heard as well. That is why I purchased European releases instead. This seems true enough again somehow. That’s why I followed this great band all my life. There.

    Thanks Fed, sorry.

    [No need to apologise, Frank. The ‘P.U.L.S.E’ DVDs are different, too. You can change the batteries on the North American version without the need of a very sharp knife. – Features Editor]

  49. Well Fed,

    This is really great to hear about David’s three songs being seen on the web site. I’m really excited now to see the whole concert. I can’t wait for next year to get it on dvd.

    I also wanted to say way to go Renne for winning the contest.

    I also was wondering if you (Fed) would ever open the chat room on a weekend. We were talking about that on the chat line and I thought I would just ask.

    Take Care

    [I’m thinking of it, Thomas. I haven’t settled on a date yet, although it certainly wouldn’t be later than a 3PM (UK time) start. – Features Editor]

  50. Hey! I KNOW the winner! I SAT with her at the Gibson OAI show! Good job Renee! Congratulations!


  51. Peter, you asked who still has a turntable for records.

    I gave my whole record collection to a buddy in 1986 when I started buying cds. A year or so ago I was at a friends house when he started playing all these cool old vinyl records. I called my friend that I gave the records to… he said he still had them in his garage, unused all this time. He gave em back to me! It was like a time capsule… they were in perfect condition… some had only been played once or twice before I got shipped off to Germany in the army. They were as pristine as the day I bought them! Had to go buy a turntable to play them on!

    So, yes, I have one!


  52. Hope everyone had a great weekend..

    Dale Spaur’s middle name is “Floyd” he named a Flying saucer after his own self true story an internet site about Dale Spaur the UFO chaser from April 17th. 1966 a pyramid and lightning bolt is mentioned in that story?

    R. Monk

  53. Just got my copy of the limited edition DVD (here in Germany we are luckily always a weekend ahead of the release date!) and I must say, the greatest surprise is “Astronomy Domine” from the Abbey Road Sessions; this track is great, great, great – esp. Davids really stellar guitar solo! This track alone already justifies it to buy this DVD – so go and get one, as long as you can!

    Only downside IMHO (although this is very subjective): Too much strobe-light-effects on “Take a Breath” from the Royal Albert Hall for the tired eyes of an old dog like me …

    My copy starts with the tracks straight away and leaves the “menu” only appearing at the end of the whole DVD – is this a production error or a result of my palaeolithic DVD-player?

    Have a nice weekend, everybody out there!

    [Mine started playing straight away, too. – Features Editor]

  54. This has to be the greatest music blog on the internet, I don’t know how I lived without it! It’s so well organised and updated so regularly! Keep up the great work!

    (Nothing to do with the fact the constant great news about David keeps making me happier of course! Oh no! Who *would* be happy with news of a new single, a bonus live dvd, a tour dvd and custom guitar all to come! hehe!)

    [Thanks very much. According to BT, it’s only the third best, but what do they know? – Features Editor]

  55. I’m making out my Christmas wish list for next year: Delicate Sound of Thunder, the ’78 Super Bear Studio concert (pleeeeeeeze!) and David Gilmour In Concert (About Face) all on DVD. Santa baby? I’ve been an awful good girl.


  56. Hi FEd and dear friends!

    First of all, congratulations to Renee B. (hey Fontana!!). You’re pretty sneaky though FEd, putting one of those words in your ‘examples’.

    Welcome back to the fold Simon! I’ve been wondering how things were going for you and your growing family. Your lovely wife is due in December as I recall, so you’ll really have your hands full pretty soon!! Keep in touch.

    I’ve just gotten notice that my order (cd/dvd) has shipped from Am***n so I’ll be really looking forward to checking the mail Monday (hope, hope).

    All this talk of vinyl records is making me look back on some of the gems that I’d gotten early on only to loose them to various friends, ex’s, carelessness, etc. In 1962-63, 11 or 12 years of age, I came across such things as Tony Sheridan with the Silver Beatles (My Bonnie), the sung-in-German single of ‘I Want To Hold Your Hand’ by the Beatles, and other rare items — can’t remember where I bought them. I went to an all girls’ catholic high school with a girl named Patrice Zappa (turns out she also became a singer who goes by her nickname of Candy Zappa) who told me that her older brother had an album out — we promptly went to Woolworths or Newberrys and I got my first Mothers of Invention album.

    There were lots of other albums by individuals/groups that I loved and wish I still had in my collection — The Ainsley Dunbar Retaliation, BluesBreakers, Alan Parsons Project, early Butterfield Blues Band, Pink Floyd (of course), and one really unique LP by Dave Mason. I think it was his first solo album and the vinyl was a swirled, multi-colored beauty (only the very first pressings I think).

    Then there was the Blind Faith album that was banned because of the topless pre-teen girl on the cover, Velvet Underground with the cover by Andy Warhol (banana), a NYC group called The Fugs (now that is really obscure!!). I’ve been able to replace some with CDs, but I wish I’d been able to hold onto the others. Just material things of course, but also good memories — music (and literature) being the positive elements in oftentimes negative surroundings.

    Sorry if I’m being a bit too ‘heavy’ this afternoon, but I feel as though I’m amongst friends here and in the Lobby/Barn and all this talk of vinyl lately has gotten my sluggish brain reflecting back on the old memories.

    Last night imagine my surprise when I got home at 7:15 p.m., turned on the t.v. and saw UK Music Hall of Fame on VH1!! Enjoyed David’s gracious intro for Brian Wilson (of course), as well as all the others (Dusty Springfield — had the single ‘Silver Threads & Golden Needles’ by The Springfields before she soloed), but what really got me deep in my heart was George Martin and the performance of the Beatles’ Abbey Road songs ‘Golden Slumbers’, ‘Carry That Weight’, and ‘The End’!! I was sobbing by the end … those musical memories again, ya know?

    So much for reminiscing … thanks FEd for the opportunity to do so and my apologises for the length of the post — pretty sure I broke the rules this time!

    Peace and love everyone!
    Washington State

  57. [I also was wondering if you (Fed) would ever open the chat room on a weekend. We were talking about that on the chat line and I thought I would just ask.]

    I think that Fed could/should at least keep his/her weekends free …


    [Dis donc! Merci bien. Tu êtes un ange. – Features Editor]

  58. Hi everybody,

    just bought the CD/DVD, and I totally agree with the comments here.

    “Astronomy Domine” is… well… stellar!

    I remember when I was a kid, maybe 15 years old, and I listened for the first time to “Ummagumma”. I clearly remember I was skocked by the first notes of “Astronomy Domine” (the drums kickin’ in), and I thought: “WOW!!! That’s THE music I want to hear!!!”. So you can imagine my feelings seeing David on the DVD starting the song, the camera zoomed on him playing the first notes on the low E string of the Telecaster… beautiful!

    Also the 2nd solo of “On an island” is amazing in my opinion.

    And also the final acoustic solo of “High Hopes”… moving! I remember David playing it in Venice… wow.



  59. I still have a working turntable but, alas, no amp. Even have some unsh*tty speakers. What’s my problem? I need to get online (hey, wait, I’m already there) and find me a used amp. Anybody got one they want to unload? David? Guy? Anyone? I’ll pay top dollar (including shipping and handling).



  60. Gabrielle, I too have that banned Blind Faith album. Do you think it’s a collector’s item? Can we sell them in a few years and fund our retirement?


  61. [According to BT, it’s only the third best, but what do they know? – Features Editor]


    btw, what’s happening with the weblog awards?

    [Apparently, voting starts in the first week of December. Or, according to their site, the “fist” week… whatever that is. (Oh dear. We won’t win now, will we?) – Features Editor]

  62. [Gabrielle, I too have that banned Blind Faith album. Do you think it’s a collector’s item? Can we sell them in a few years and fund our retirement? Becky]

    Becky, unfortunately that album, along with many others, was permanently ‘borrowed’ and I no longer have it (sigh), but maybe that increases the value of yours!! Same with that Dave Mason album, and then I have some vague recollection of a clear-vinyl album (???) — ring any bells with anyone?

    Funny, back in the mid-’70s I broke-up with someone I’d been with since I was 18 and the big ‘custody’ items were all music related. I gave him custody of the guitars and I got the stereo components while we split the albums! Now that I think about it, I’m pretty sure that Blind Faith and Dave Mason went with him … damn!

    Washington State

  63. [Apparently, voting starts in the first week of December. Or, according to their site, the “fist” week… whatever that is. (Oh dear. We won’t win now, will we?) – Features Editor]

    we’ll still vote for you, fed. 🙂

    [Bless you. – Features Editor]

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