Missed out on a DVD?


If you already have a copy of ‘On An Island’ on CD and only wanted the bonus DVD that comes with the special edition ‘On An Island’ CD/DVD set, then I’m afraid our limited supply has now run out.

As we explained yesterday, this does not technically mean that we have sold out, as we expect some to become available when we void multiple orders and factor in any cancellations.

However, we have four European discs to spare for anyone who missed out and doesn’t want to wait for the scraps, with a competition for those of you in North America still to come.

Send in your full name and address and we’ll pick four names at random. We’ll announce the winners on Friday.

It goes without saying that, if you are expecting delivery of a copy from our UK & Europe webstore, please don’t be greedy. We will be checking these addresses to make sure that the winners haven’t already bought a copy. If they have, we will simply choose another winner instead.

Good luck.

The chatroom will be open today from 4PM (UK time) if you fancy a natter.

Also, if you don’t have the ‘Strat Pack: The 50th Anniversary Of The Fender Stratocaster’ DVD and can view the Artsworld channel in the UK, you can see David perform at this 2004 Nordoff-Robbins Music Therapy benefit on Thursday morning.

David played ‘Marooned’, ‘Coming Back To Life’ and ‘Sorrow’ – using his famed 0001 Strat at times.

That’s Artsworld, channel 267 at 8AM (UK time).

Author: FEd

Features Editor of David Gilmour’s official blog, The Blog (‘Features’ previously being its rather naff title), affectionately – or lazily – shortened to ‘FEd’.

135 thoughts on “Missed out on a DVD?”

  1. Hi Fed

    Well I’ll give it a try….


    …the most beautiful island of them all… 🙂


    I see from the photo that those annoyed over late delivery are not the only ones seeing red.


    Santa Gilmour is checking those christmas wish lists with his xray red beam to see all the boys and girls who have been naughty and nice.

    I look forward to my lump of coal……..

    Rgds Geoff Duffy ( Dublin )

  3. I’m entering this comp because the copy I purchased from Anthill, which has not arrived yet, is intended as a birthday present for a very special friend of mine that lives on the other side of the World.

    I would have ordered two copies, but alas am not allowed by the rules!



    our heroes providing the soundtrack to the world domino championship going on ahead of them at the edge of the stage (cryptic but you can see the speakers looking like dominoes) slim pickens again sorry.

    Rgds Geoff Duffy ( Dublin )

  5. So I got to watch the DVD last night…a few thoughts, observations and comments…

    First off, “Take A Breath” live at the RAH was incredible. If this is a taste of what’s to come I cannot wait for the whole entree. The camera work did indeed compliment the music and that is saying something given the talent on the stage.

    I adored the feel of the AOL sessions. Everyone looked like they really had a great time playing in this most intimate setting and were concentrating on every note played. The closeness of each camera shot was brilliant. Like looking at an English Muffin under a magnifying glass you were able to see every nook, cranny and lifelines of these magnificent musicians.

    If I have made too many food references in this post it is because I am typing this prior to my breakfast…

    BTW, my new nickname for David is my “English Muffin”…not really I’m just starved…

  6. *Caption*

    What’s Black and White and Red all over?

    Am embarrassed Zebra?
    A Nun rolling down a hill?
    A Newspaper?

    No, the picture dummy!

  7. [If I have made too many food references in this post it is because I am typing this prior to my breakfast… BTW, my new nickname for David is my “English Muffin”…not really I’m just starved… – Posted by: Matt at November 29, 2006 01:39 PM]

    I understood that loud and eclair so I did

    Rgds Geoff Duffy ( Dublin )

  8. Somebody help me.

    I recieved the DVD on Monday and I can’t stop watching it. Gotta get some work done.

    I fear for the welfare of my family when the RAH DVD comes out.

  9. Happy Wednesday,

    Although I have ordered a copy I will have a go at the competition. If I happen to win then I will give the DVD to my elder brother whose fault it is that I got into Pink Floyd all those years ago.

    Pete – Coventry


  10. After reading some of the comments, I feel lucky to have found the CD/DVD set so easily, although the store didn’t have many copies. No scratches, it played perfectly. My daughter had a lot of homework (she’s only 5!) so we viewed the DVD only once.

    I agree with some of the bloggers who weren’t all that happy with the music-video-like editing of TaB – its not really how we saw the concert. The picture quality of the first two songs was very apparent on my HD TV. Now all I need to do is get a home theatre setup before the RAH DVD comes out (except that my wife doesn’t want to let me set up rear speakers – DOH!).

    Even though the quality of the AOL videos was not as good, I soon got used to it; however, I could have done without the AOL Video logo that kept popping up during the songs. My wife didn’t see the AOL sessions and both she and my kid were transfixed for the whole DVD.

    One favourite bit of mine was at the end of Comfortably Numb where you see Guy and Phil intently watching David for the signal (raised eyebrows) to say “lets wrap it up”.

    I am going to give my extra CD to a recently unemployed friend of mine to cheer her up.

    Thanks to David and everyone involved for this special treat.

  11. Some time back on this blog, there was a mention that the Abbey Road Sessions would be broadcast in the UK on December 3rd. Anyone knows if that is still the case?


    [Its not, Lee. It will now be sometime in January. When we know the exact date, we’ll let you know. – Features Editor]

  12. [I understood that loud and eclair so I did – Rgds Geoff Duffy ( Dublin )]

    You wit and “Good Humor” have made you the “toast” of this board. Your last “morsel” was the “icing”!….sorry that was “crumby”

  13. I went to buy the DVD last night and they said that they did not recieve any. When is the DVD coming to the states?

    [As you’ll no doubt see if you take the time to read anybody else’s posts, it’s already in the States. – Features Editor]

  14. As we are all waiting patiently for the DVD, I thought I’d listen to something older…About Face.

    Track 9 Let’s Get Metaphysical made the hair on the back of my neck stand on end!

    If anyone needs a reminder (not that we do) of just how superb David’s guitar work is, chuck this on the CD player. Awesome!

    Nice pic. Red Sky at Night…what a delight.

  15. Good Luck to those entering to win the DVD.

    Bummer for all those that endured the hassle. Fed, I was going to throw in my compliment of you taking all the abuse but, alas a number of people have already done that. =]

    Hope everyone has a great Wednesday.

    Renee B.
    Fontana, Ca USA

  16. […]

    Thanks for this competition, FEd, as it seems impossible to find the CD/DVD here in Paris, at the moment…

    Have a nice day.

  17. Competitions are fun:


    Ps, I’ve seen David’s performance in the Stratpack concert and Marooned is awesome. His vocals aren’t perfect on Sorrow but then I was comparing it to the ‘Pulse’ version, which, to be honest, will never be topped.

    Hope everyone’s well
    x x x

  18. I’m from Barcelona, and one of the lucky guys who enjoyed David at The Royal Albert Hall. I obviously got the CD and therefore I’m very very interested in having the DVD. Please give me a chance..

  19. Let me go ahead with this competition.

    I posted Monday morning that the cd/dvd was not to be found in 2 Liverpool Street shops in the City of London.

    Now 48 hours later after a vist to 3 more shops Virgin records,inpulse records and Waitrose both of the record shops still have for sale the original cd, the Supermarket asked if it was new and in the top 30!


    Thanks Gary.

  20. I may as well have a go, even if my chances are lowered due to commenting on the perceived high cost of the DVD…


    As for the Strat pack show, it’s certainly worth watching. All songs are performed well, but Marooned is the standout, imho…

  21. Are there any details on the web site music?

    As far as I can tell, its directly from the CD, and some of it sounds very nice.

    Are these outtakes? remixes?

    Please tell! Thx.

    (I checked the FAQ, and there’s nothing there).

    [They’re goodies from David. – Features Editor]

  22. As I got confirmation of my refund for the DVD from Anthill this morning, I decided to check out a few shops at lunchtime to see whether I could buy the CD/DVD over the counter for a reasonable price. None of the cheaper places had it and it was incredibly expensive in the two places that had it in stock.

    I had an interesting conversation in one particular shop, where basically they told me they’d never even had the original version of OAI because it never made the charts!!! Doh!!!!

    Anyway, I’ve now ordered the CD/DVD at a reasonable price from another website and it’s due to turn up on Friday. I’ll then donate my ‘old’ CD to a Floyd concert-going mate of mine who couldn’t afford a DG RAH ticket.

  23. […]

    Great all these comptitions and keeping this site very active great work fed keep it up.

    I try again never win anything nowhere hahaha


  24. I’ll definitely be looking for that Strat Pack, as Marooned is one of my favorites. Sometimes I really wish I lived in the UK, sounds like you get better tv there. David isn’t on tv here in the USA enough!!!!! But then again, would 24/7 be enough? Not for me.

    Love to all the DG fans!


  25. Where do we have to write for the four copies of of the dvd? I’ve many problems postring on this blog, most of the times my messages are not published. Is this for a precise reason or just bad luck? 🙂

    [If they’re absurdly unsuitable, they might find themselves on the wrong side of the Delete button, but the vast majority of posts are published. Are you sure they are being submitted correctly? As for the competition, then you only win one copy. To be in with a chance, submit your name and address as you’d submit any of your comments and keep your fingers crossed. – Features Editor]

  26. FED! I have found the DVD in Bologna this afternoon.

    I can’t stop to see it, it’s an amazing present, thanks a lot!!!!!

    Now I am waiting the DVD bought online!

    Grazie FED
    Claudio da Ravenna.

  27. has the password changed fed???

    [The Lobby’s only open for two hours, sorry. It closed at 6PM. – Features Editor]

  28. My husband and I will be searching diligently for the’Strat Pack: The 50th Anniversary Of The Fender Stratocaster’ DVD here in Miami – wish us luck!

    We’ve been enjoying “On an Island” CD for quite some time now and will continue to do so until the DVD arrives.

    Good luck to those who participate in the competition.

  29. Thank you for the very-quick-answer. For the competition, here my details:


    Fingers already crossed..

  30. Hey Irregulars, FEd,

    I just barely missed the chat today. I was looking forward to chatting with everyone and hearing about the DVD, holidays, and so on.

    I received my DVD, thought I haven’t opened it yet…it’s driving me crazy…sitting there…mocking me. Since my wife is a big fan of David’s, I decided to give her the DVD for Christmas. I did get some advice on this from Lorraine and some of the other Gilmourettes. Instead of waiting for Xmas to watch it, I might have to break it out when m’lady is at work and “make sure it works”.

    What a dilema…it makes it feel so dirty, doing it behind her back. But I must stop the taunting…”Watch me…watch meeee” says the DVD.

    Can’t wait for tonight!


  31. I’m in for the DVD

    [Unless you provide a full name and address, you aren’t. – Features Editor]

  32. Thanks not forgeting about us in North America Fed. Looking forward to the comp. Good luck to all!

  33. F*Ed,

    Can I submit a Nom de Plume?

    I already have the DVD I just always wanted to submit a Nom de Plume somewhere…

    [I know the feeling, Matt. – Features Editor]

  34. [Where do we have to write for the four copies of of the dvd? I’ve many problems postring on this blog]

    Pay attention, this isn’t a Kiss solo projects contest

  35. Pick me! Pick me!


    FEd- I hope that you got some work done on your kitchen over the weekend, ours didn’t get touched.

    [Good luck with your kitchen (at long last, mine’s almost done), but I’m afraid I’m only picking people in PAL regions, i.e. those who would have ordered the DVD from our UK & Europe store. There’s a competition to win one of four NTSC discs (as you’d have received had you ordered a copy from our North American store) next week. – Features Editor]

  36. Hi Fed

    Put me in for the dvd comp please, I’ve just got in after trying to buy the cd/dvd but no luck

    BTW Top blog


  37. CAPTION:

    Emperor Palpatine commandeers the lights and tells David the new name of the piece is Darth Side of the Moon.

  38. Not a contest entry; just a comment on the Strat Pack dvd, which I recently watched.

    I thought David’s segments were amazing, especially considering all the talent in the room.

    It was great to see him push the envelope with “Marooned”.

    It was also interesting to see these tracks played by the house backing band rather than the usual Floyd 1987 band.

  39. Hi Fed

    My Dvd from Anthill was waiting for me yesterday when i got home from work.That is really good service to get it throgh the mail to match the day of release.I have played it twice and am really looking forward to the RAH one next year.

    Thankyou for the great offer and the excellent service.


  40. aaaaaaah! the Strat Pack DVD… excellent from beginning to end, highlight when the Marrooned is played!

    Me wants a chance:


    Thanks FEd!!

    Excellent Picture! would look good as a huge poster!

  41. I would like to win a copy of the DVD!! I already have the CD…


    Shine on

    [A quick reminder of the competition rules for all. If you don’t provide a name and address, you’ve got no chance. If you already bought one from our UK & Europe store (regardless of who you want to give a copy to), you’ve got no chance. If your address is not in a PAL region, you’ve got no chance. Sorry, but those are the rules and they’re there for a good reason. – Features Editor]

  42. I have no money to buy anything, so we will just need to have faith in the luck of the draw…

    Thank you for the opportunity… Good luck everybody!


  43. Another competition with a great prize. Good luck to all entering to win.

    I have my special edition and I´m very happy with it and of course no scratches.

    I´ll buy another one as a present for a friend in the US. I told her so many about my concert visits so I´m really glad that I can show her now what I was talking about. I like it to find christmas presents so easy.

    Best wishes to all !

  44. If I’m allowed to enter the competition, then please….


    The Strat Pack 5th Anniv. is what I’ve asked for for Christmas as Marooned and Sorrow are two favorites, but mainly because I want everything with David playing and singing. I find that each time there is a difference and I enjoy each interpretation.

    Not sure about this information, but heard from someone that a small group of guitarists play rythm and lead at the same time??? And that David is in that elite group. Sounds very difficult to say the least. Talent not being an issue for David. Has anyone else heard anything or know anything about this?

    Have a great evening all.


  45. Man this is a bad time to be laid off from work.All kinds of goodies comin’ out left and right and not much I can do about it.

    Any chance David will come back to the States,Fed,say maybe next summer? I know it’s foolish to hope and ask,but Im listening to the RCMH(2nd night)boot right now and waxing nostalgic…I can’t help myself.


    [There are no such plans at present, but we’ll tell you if any are made. – Features Editor]

  46. So our David’s an English muffin, huh Matt? I’d like to hear what David has to say about that description! I had a very good line here but I see Edwina hovering over the delete key so I’ll keep it to myself.

    Still no DVD. Anthill is now making me antsy.


  47. had a blast at the chat today. i snuck in the barn thanks to fed…thank you kind man. mike in jersey is my wingman and new best friend on this site and i very much enjoyed hanging with him, ash (our new girlfriend), echoes bob, and pol. it was a lot of fun and now i can be sweet because I FIGURED OUT THE PASSWORD! went back and researched and shazzzam…there it was. (ash screamed it out in a drunken climactic moment actually) j/k fed and ash…mike from jersey will like that…anyway, had a lot of fun and i appreciate everyone’s hospitality…and no ag, they never told me. i had to look it up just like you!


    [‘Peace’ indeed. Peace at last! Only joking, mate. Glad you enjoyed. – Features Editor]

  48. in honor of my new friend mike from jersey, i want to now be known as ‘blake from nashville’…being that i now have new status as an ‘irregular’ now that i have said password, blog all of the time, and have seen a lot of shows. now if i can just get the rest of the irregulars not to hate me. so far, ash and jersey mike are converts (i think).

    password for free drink in my bar…”roger waters” or just randomly shout out any p/f song using a european (preferably polish) accent. that will also do for free drinks.

    i really have not laughed so hard in a long time as i did today in the barn. a lot of fun…i will be back!

  49. Wow, Im really broke and really hope I win one of the DVD’s.


    And for anyone of you in doubt or with the wrong idea….yes mexico IS part north america!

  50. […]

    crossing the fingers. thanks for the opportunity. we love you f.e.d. you’re fearless.

  51. Capton..Amazing how David can still hear himself play with that right front stage monitor gap

  52. Although I got the DVD two days ago, I did not have the chance to play it until this afternoon.

    All I can say is, I’m glad to have purchased it. There are amazing versions of High Hopes, Comfotrably Numb, and Astronomy Domine (the latter of which was worth the price of the DVD in and of itself). The AOL sessions have a nice, intimate feel about them.

    I did not feel the need for “Take a Breath” twice in the same hour; that said, I can tell from the RAH version that the upcoming DVD is going to be hot! The “On an Island” album showcases David’s mellow side, but the man can still rock!

    On a very different note, I would like to offer my appreciation for the small print found on the cardboard DVD wallet. It says that the contents include a strobe effect that could affect viewers with phto-sensitive epillepsy. Having dated a woman with this condition for two years, I can tell you how truly serious this condition can be. We once walked past a christmas tree with the blinking lights, and it put her into a grand mal siezure (the really dramatic kind, where the entire body flails around). Another time, we were watching TV and the screen began to roll very quickly. She wound up at the hospital, having nearly swallowed her own tongue in a petit-mal siezure (a less dramatic type of siezure).

    Strobing is a great lighting effect. For those with epillepsy, the effect can literally be deadly. I applaud the warning on the cover.

  53. nice…so im gonna have to pay another 15 bucks for a cd i already have, just to get the dvd?


    im really dissapointed and upset about this. you guys should have taken preorders or something. i guess the people like me who dont get a chance to come here often missed out and will have to fork out the cash to rebuy a cd we have…

    nevermind some of us (like me) forked out an obscene amount of cash becouse of scalpers and then to travel halfway across the USA to see him, and i have to rebuy the cd?!!!!! poor show on your part guys.

    again im really upset that im gonna have to rebuy a cd just to get the dvd. nice way to take care of your true fans who bought the cd the day it came out, way to milk me and your other fans who really want some official stuff out of our money.

    this is so freaking messed up. im done typing because im just getting madder. i will leave by saying this…



    [For your information, we did take pre-orders. We’ve been taking them since Friday 17 November. You should have thought of looking at either our homepage (where, up until yesterday when we added a new news item, details of the pre-order would have been the main thing you’d see since Friday 17 November), or the blog (where the pre-order has been the main topic of discussion since Friday 17 November), or even the calendar (where it says, on Friday 17 November, that we’re taking pre-orders). If you’d been in the chatroom on Friday 17 November, you’d have been told that the pre-order had just started. What more do you want? David to come to your house with a cumbus and tell you through the medium of song? If you’d read properly, you wouldn’t have missed out. You might even have noticed that there’s a competition for North American fans to win one on this very blog next week. You’ve had to scroll past dozens of similar competition entries in order to be able to submit this ridiculous, quite laughable message. I’d be just as mad as you are, but with my optician, not David. After that ignorant, spoilt-brat outburst, please don’t bother entering this competition – or even posting again. I could always do with one less donkey wasting my time. – Features Editor]



    [No, here’s hoping you have some harsh words with your optician. This competition is for European fans only. Short of hiring a megaphone, how can I make it clearer? – Features Editor]

  55. I love Marooned on the Strat Pack and I always wondered why I’ve never seen that Strat before. 0001, wow. The sound is amazing.

  56. Got the CD as soon as it came out…Would be extremely grateful to enjoy the DVD with my CD…

    Thank You for the chance…


  57. I wrote much earlier during the day from work, hope it goes through and gets posted (a little bit risky to download the website at work other than business related.)

    I agreed with Mat with regards to track 9 of “ABOUT FACE”. How about Track 1 “Cluster One” in The Division Bell- that’s a beautiful piece. My husband is a Pink Floyd fan for over 30 years and he’s most fascinated by David Gilmour’s guitar skills. I enjoyed very much reading his lyrics – a few of them got tears in my eyes…

    Have a good one!!

  58. Hi Fed,

    I bought the CD/DVD at a store, I already posted my comments in one of the previous threads.

    Can I participate anyway, just for the fun of it? If I win, I will happily give the DVD to a next extracted winner.

    Here are my (useless in case of win) data. 🙂


    Thanks for your great work!!!


    [Not useless at all, Nick. If you win, you can have the DVD. You’re in Europe, you provided all your details and having bought a copy of the CD/DVD set doesn’t stop you from entering this competition. You’re only ineligible if you bought a copy of the DVD from our webstore. For the benefit of anyone who’s confused, the UK & Europe store only had the DVD for sale (not the CD/DVD set), it was in limited supply and only one was allowed per person as a result. We will be checking the details of our four provisional winners and, if they bought a copy of the DVD from our webstore, then they won’t be declared winners. Simple. – Features Editor]

  59. I have the Strat Pack DVD, I bought it for David’s stuff, but Phil Manzanera’s “6pm” is also really good.

    I think the FEd made a slight mistake, David plays the 0001 Stratocaster on “Marooned” AND “Coming Back To Life” and swapped to a red Stratocaster (with what looks like EMG pick-ups) for “Sorrow”.

    [In which case, I apologise. Thanks, Dyolf. – Features Editor]

  60. [If they’re absurdly unsuitable, they might find themselves on the wrong side of the Delete button,… Features Editor]

    Each time a “nearly absurdly unsuitable posting” is published here, I love to read the sharp, witty and accurate reply. It would be a fun topic to have a nearly absurdly unsuitable posting-day (NAUP).

  61. Hey and thanks F ED

    My name and address:


    Regards and Thank You for this great site.


  62. Morning FEd

    I’ve ordered the Live At The Cavern Club dvd, thanks for that.

    [Hope you enjoy it. It’s great. – Features Editor]

  63. [You’re only ineligible if you bought a copy of the DVD from our webstore]

    Apologies Fed, I did and didnt see that bit. So scrubb me.

    Pete – Coventry

  64. Nice one Blake. I dont think anyone here hates you. Although I think you ruffled some feathers.

    Personally I like your enthusiasm and the fact you have a bar and moreso that your from Nashville.

    If I ever get there then a double ‘roger waters’ it is then.

    Pete – Coventry

  65. As usual i’am just not quick enough

    here’s hoping i’am lucky this time and win a DVD


    Many Thanks

  66. I think I’ll be popping out to buy the CD and DVD package…. I successfully ordered the DVD alone but have only just noticed that because I live in Canada the shipping is classed as International and will take 2 weeks to arrive from the date of release…

    At least I have one Christmas present sorted for a friend 🙂

  67. BOOOOOOO mad jedi. what a effing baby. man, this is the wrong place for that. oh my god you actually took the time to write that crap? WHAAAAAAAAAAAA. gilmour doesnt give a #$@% about your money bro…this is record company politics. Gilmour doesnt set the prices…

    happy thursday!

  68. [I could always do with one less donkey wasting my time. – Features Editor]

    He He. You kill me Fed.

    This is one of thoes times that the famous “C” word, would have fit like a glove.

    [I’ve probably blown my chances of canonisation, but it had to be said. – Features Editor]

  69. Hi again, Fea. Ed.

    At the risk of looking like an idiot, can you help me out on the Strat Pack thing? I want to find it to buy for myself. Is it officially called Strat Pack? I hate when I have a question that I fear is idiotic. Any help or guidance would be appreciated.

    Love to all DG fans, and of course to DG himself, and you, Fea. Ed.,

    Elizabeth, in cold, rainy, soon to be snowy, Missouri in USA

    [The full title is ‘The Strat Pack Live in Concert: The 50th Anniversary of the Fender Stratocaster’, Elizabeth. You should certainly be able to get it from the more well-known online retailers, but possibly only from Europe and, therefore, it might not function in your DVD player as it will probably be in PAL format. If anyone can comment further, please chime in. – Features Editor]

  70. [I need your name and home address… – Features Editor]

    “Some days you just can’t get rid of a bomb” – Batman

  71. competition entry: hoop that dvd! scoop the prize…?

    it’ll look nice on shelf alongside the album, won’t it?


  72. hey fet ed whats this live at the cavern club dvd . must go and see can i get it ! it sounds cool .

    opps gotta go to work now . well done and dealing with mad jedi too . some peoples ability to blame others for their own lack of knowledge makes me laugh . well done with your reply 🙂

    geoff duffy i hope you were able to get to work through the high winds today . the weather is mad in dublin today 🙂

    well i am off to work now .

    [It’s basically David with Paul McCartney (Mick Green, Ian Paice and Pete Wingfield) playing Rock ‘n’ Roll at Liverpool’s famous Cavern Club in 1999. This one definitely is available in NTSC format under the same title: ‘Paul McCartney: Live at the Cavern Club’. Aside from playing some Rock ‘n’ Roll classics, they also perform several songs from McCartney’s ‘Run Devil Run’ album, on which David also features strongly on vocals and guitar. – Features Editor]

  73. I wasn’t going to enter because I have already bought the combined set from a record shop but when I saw your answer to Nick, FEd, I decided to have a go. I do have someone I can give my copy to.


    ash X

  74. [Pay attention, this isn’t a Kiss solo projects contest]

    No doubt about this. I don’t even like Kiss. Gilmour’s my only light! 🙂

  75. Look, I really have no idea what Blake is talking about…

    (Blake, you rat, what did I tell you about my street cred?)

    Was good fun guys, see you all again soon.

    ash X

  76. To Fed regarding the case of Mad Jedi….

    Way to keep those scales of peace and justice in gracious balance today, Libra Man…..

    ….as witness to this, I myself am still floundering in the indecisiveness of whether to weep depressively or to laugh hysterically…..

    …either way, pretty much left speechless. [wow! :^D ]

    –LG xoxo

  77. Blake from Nashville. That has a nice ring to it. Wow, I am completely honored to have someone cop my moniker! And also proud to be your wingman Blake, makes me want to sing the “Real Men of Genious” song. While I reiterated F’eds pet name for you a number of times, it was all in good fun.

    I’ll let you know how my Thai dinner with Ash went and we can compare notes later. Ha, ha , ha ;>)

    Ash, as promised, it is morning and have no less than an ocean of respect for you!

    LG, forget EBob, you must write more poems for me!


  78. F’ed,

    The Anthill Express finally arrived on Wednesday. Not here to complain of course.

    The RAH teaser was really fine. I want to concur with others though that Astronomy Domine was hair raisingly delicious! They absolutely nailed it! More true to the Piper version than Ummagumma and better than the live version I witnessed in Dallas, TX in ’94.

    What else went down there at Abbey Road?? Any chance we will see some more from that event?


    [David’s ‘Live at Abbey Road’ set will hopefully be coming to a television set near you in the New Year. Further details when we have them. – Features Editor]

  79. Hi Fed

    im so far off being able to afford this much to my disappointment so thanks for at least the chance to win it

    cheers mate


    good luck to all who enter

  80. Off topic, but I just saw that bbc radio 2 playlist includes David’s Arnold Layne single (with David Bowie) in the B list. Great !


    [Yes, you can even hear it get its first play tomorrow. Details to follow. – Features Editor]

  81. The force is strong in FEd today.

    Evil delete sabre he wields, yes. Dark side he almost went over to…

    ash X

  82. Wow – just watched “Take A Breath” from the OAI bonus-DVD and I’m SO impressed of how it looks! Apart from the music and the performance of the band – it’s beautifully shot with some great camera angles and it comes as close as you can get of capturing the vibe and visual experience from the RAH shows (I was on the show on the 29th).

    I can’t wait!!!

    All the best,

  83. [I wasn’t going to enter because I have already bought the combined set from a record shop but when I saw your answer to Nick, FEd, I decided to have a go. I do have someone I can give my copy to. – ash X]

    Ash, I know you were thinking of me when you said this. Especially that bit about having a go. I’ll have my copy over dinner thank you.


  84. I think we have the first blog romance starting. Too bad there’s an ocean in the middle..

  85. [I think we have the first blog romance starting. Too bad there’s an ocean in the middle…EchoesBob]

    In the immortal words of Diana Ross….”I wasn’t drinking officer”

    Wait thats not right…”Ain’t no river wide enough”, yeah thats the one…

  86. To Elizabeth, if you go to any HMV video stores in N.A. they will probably have the Strat Pack or any DVD placed on order.

    Side note. The only disappointing issue I have with Strat Pack is Ron Wood, he’s so arrogant and self centred, especially with the last encore. He doesn’t even allow a guitar solo for David, who must have been prepared to play one. Every guitarist should have had an equal opportunity for one. Any one else have this opinion?

  87. [I think we have the first blog romance starting. Too bad there’s an ocean in the middle.. – EchoesBob]

    Details my friend, just details….

  88. EBob,

    You know, I always felt that my first Barn romance would involve a certain mad-Dutchie. But, she has forsaken us. But, I’ve come to learn that love sometimes arrives in unexpected moments (said in my best Pepe LePew impersonation)….

    Is it possible to imPERSONate a skunk, I wonder??


  89. Mad jedi: where have you been buddy??? Have you been to this site before? Don’t you know all the things David has been doing over the last year?

    The Mermaid gig? The Big Screen presentation of the Mermaid Gig? The free AOL sessions on-line (being able to buy it on DVD at all is just icing on the cake)? How about the Jay Leno appearance in which we were given the chance to receive free tickets to the taping (I myself being one of the very fortunate people who got to attend the taping). How about the very beginning when David gave us Island Jam to listen to until OAI was released?

    What about the very blog you posted on? Do you know of any other artists that routinely read their own web site to see what fans are saying? And we have been constantly updated on events and issues since the blog started. Not only that, but people are generally free to say both good things AND bad things about David on his own web site.

    And let’s not even consider other band members like Guy Pratt who has posted numerous times- especially when they were still on the road! And were you aware that Guy also stopped by twice to have a pre-show drink with fans? And now we have the RAH DVD to look forward to!

    If you think David is just after your cash and doesn’t care about his fan base- you must live in Antarctica.

    I understand you are bummed about missing out on the DVD only deal, but you can’t say David has given you a raw deal. I think just about everyone on this blog would argue the point. I hope you get over it. I know I probably exceeded the word limit Fed, but that’s only because David HAS done so much, it took a lot of lines to mention it all.

    Have a great day all- and you too Jedi.

  90. [Is it possible to imPERSONate a skunk, I wonder?? – Mike]

    I dunno, ask Joey Buttafucco…

    [On that note, I have to stop you. No one else has the foggiest idea as to what you’re talking about, so please save it for the next chat. – Features Editor]

  91. [On that note, I have to stop you. – Features Editor]

    Whew, thanks…what took ya? 🙂

    [Let me just say that I really don’t want to read last night’s chat transcript. – Features Editor]

  92. There’s no such thing as a mad jedi. Jedi don’t get mad. So either mad jedi is not mad, or not a jedi.

  93. [On that note, I have to stop you. No one else has the foggiest idea as to what you’re talking about, so please save it for the next chat. – Features Editor]

    Is this where the “evil delete sabre he wields” comes into play?

    Does this mean you haven’t heard of Mr. Buttafucco, or Mr. LePew? The former I take, ’cause I was lost on that coversational tangent….

    Sorry for the distraction Fed,

  94. [Let me just say that I really don’t want to read last night’s chat transcript. – Features Editor]

    See, now I have dont have the foggiest idea what thats about so now were even… 🙂

    Didn’t mean to add to your madness F*Ed…truly

  95. I know I’m mad, I’ve always been mad, just like the most of us are….then you have to explain why your mad, even if you’re not mad….

  96. [Let me just say that I really don’t want to read last night’s chat transcript. – Features Editor]

    Honest Fed. I warned them about that. I really did.

  97. [I could always do with one less donkey wasting my time. – Features Editor]

    LOL! One more adjective to add to the list. Sometimes, it’s enough for me to want to piss you off just to see what else you can contrive!

    If it means anything, when the canonization folks come a-polling you still have my vote…

  98. Having read the comments about the dvd i have to say what an understanding bunch we are here in DG land, although there is a saying which springs to mind and it involves roses………

  99. By the way, I failed to note on my comments that both my husband and I love David Gilmour’s vocal in addition to his magical guitar skills and poetic lyrics. David’s vocal is memorable, distinct and carries a certain kind of haunting saddness in his voice…what more could I say..he is just a fabulous musician.

    …sneaking out from work again to write this comment…please pray for me for not getting myself into trouble from work.

  100. Dearest Mad Jedi,

    Have you gone to the “dark side”? Being an optometrist, you certainly should head Obi Wan FEd-obi’s suggestions and have your eyes examined.

    Now, step away from that light sabre, lay off the caffeine, and tap on that wascally Caps Lock button ’cause your giving me a slight migraine with all that yelling.

    Seriously, though….. this IS a peaceful community based around Mr Gilmour’s amazingly emotive and beautifully bucolic guitar missives. It should inspire to cause pause and relaxtion, not vexed vitriol.

    Please do heed FEd’s suggestion. Furthermore, do as other websites suggest…. Read more, post less.

    May the Force Be With You,

  101. [Michael from Jersey: “LG, forget EBob, you must write more poems for me!”]

    Crikey, Mikey, you kindle my psyche.

    There was a nervy tyke
    We all called Jersey Mike
    Who always used to like
    To ride his swervy trike
    Down the Jersey Turnpike
    After Blake would spike
    His drinks, just for the psych….
    UNTIL one day he’d strike
    Pretty Ashley’s curvy bike,
    So each had fallen fast alike!–
    And quickly told Blake to take a swervy hike!


  102. Hi FEd,

    Bought 4 CD/DVD and they will be shared between Birthday and Christmas presents.
    Great pre taster and I would say teaser to the real DVD to come.

    I love it and hopefully friends who will benefit for one will also like or even love it.

    Great sessions at Abbey Road Studio and AOL, just GREAT.

    All the best and chat soon

  103. Please note that the competition is now closed. No more entries will be considered.

    The four winners will be announced tomorrow.

    As this seems like as good a place as any, a message to all concerned (you’ll know who you are):

    Can we cut out the nonsense right now, please? I’ve just read last night’s Barn transcript and don’t think I’ve ever read such a load of rubbish in all my life. Cut it out or I’ll start cutting people out.

    I won’t have crap spilling over from the chatroom into the blog and I certainly won’t have people arguing constantly, causing upset to others. Either it stops right now or certain individuals will be stopped from having their say right across the site. That wouldn’t bother me in the least.

    Too many people are just one warning away from a ban, so take heed of this.

    Take the silly nonsense somewhere else, because it doesn’t belong here.

    In the absence of a comment form, now might be a good opportunity to reacquaint yourselves with our blog rules (24 April) or to read your own comments about the chatroom (16 November).

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