Ladies only?



Our winner is… Susan.

Congratulations, Susan. We’ll get it in the post to you this week, along with our best wishes.

We have a genuine, one-of-a-kind prize up for grabs today.

It’s a T-shirt, made for David as a present, with lettering in Swarovski crystal, which Polly has very kindly offered me.

There is only one of these in existence and it’s David’s.

As Polly says, it’s rather fetching and comes with glue and spare crystals – surely a fantastic memento of what has been a fabulous year; what with a fabulous album, a fabulous tour and a fabulous DVD just around the corner.

To be in with a chance of winning, just send in your full name and address – along with a reason why you should win this unique item (just to entertain me, really) – and I’ll choose a winner at random using our favoured raffle-style format.

You have all weekend to enter and I’ll announce the lucky winner on Monday. Good luck.

You don’t really have to be a lady to enter, either.

You do, however, have to be a regular blog reader. Opportunists need not apply. You will need to have posted at least a dozen times to be considered eligible.

Here’s more from Guy…

Do you play any acoustic basses? (Peter McConnell)

I’m going to get a Double Bass as I enjoyed the stand-up on tour so much. I do have a Bass Balalaika, which I played on the soundtrack for ‘The Wings of a Dove’.

Stand-up acoustic bass or electric bass? I know different songs have different requirements, but just kicking about. (John NFF)

I love the stand-up because it limits me so much, and it’s basically a new experience, even though I’ve had the bloody thing for 24 years.

What FX (Pete Cornish board?) did you use during the ‘On an Island’ tour? (Ernest Peske)

No, I don’t have one of David’s cast-offs, if that’s what you mean. But I do have… Avalon DI, Ernie Ball Volume Pedal, Demeter Compulator Compressor, Ashdown Bass Overdrive Plus, MXR Phase 90, Boss CE-2B Bass Chorus, Boss OC-2 Octave, Boss DD-5 Digital Delay, Boss CS-3 Compression Sustainer, Boss T4-2 Tuner (2), Boss SCC-700 Pedal Controller, Roland SDE 3000 Digital Delay, Melody Evidence Audio Guitar cables. God bless cut and paste!

What is the deal with the alembic preamps? Do they really make that much of a difference? I know the Big D uses them, but I was wondering if they really make that much of a difference. (Shawn Madden)

I’ve never played through one, but I did used to have a Trace Elliot thing that was a copy, although to be honest I don’t like too much of a “valvey” sound on my bass. Peter Hook swears by them, too.

I know what basses you use, what amps and cabs you use, but I’d like to know what do you have on you pedalboard. (Alex)

See above.

Author: FEd

Features Editor of David Gilmour’s official blog, The Blog (‘Features’ previously being its rather naff title), affectionately – or lazily – shortened to ‘FEd’.

107 thoughts on “Ladies only?”

  1. I deserve this shirt because I made 2 shirts this year for David’s show. I can send pictures to prove it or just ask other bloggers or Guy. Neither of which looked this good.

    Knowing it has been in David’s possession makes it that much more special. Plus I love David more then all the other Irregulars girls put together 😉 (Just kidding girls)

    Hey you guys wanted a catfight, LOL



  2. Wow! FEd! That’s a beautiful, beautiful shirt! What a wonderful competition.

    I think I should win the shirt because I would take really good care of it, and I would promise never to do any kitchen remodeling work while wearing it, so as not to ruin it. To be on the safe side, I promise not to do any work around the house at all…either wearing this shirt or any other shirt. My husband fully believes I can keep these promises, as I have a proven track record, it seems….

    Thanks very much for this opportunity! My full name and address:


  3. Holy Cow! I am genuinely surprised right now!

    Well, that t-shirt would proudly stand in my living-room, in the middle of a top-quality frame, crystals included… My mother would like to wear it and I would shout: “You! Yes, You! Stand still lady!”.



  4. FEd,

    What a fabulous shirt and idea!!


    My reason that I should win, hummm…

    Well I have absolutely adored Mr. Gilmour for over 30 years. Would love to have been able to indulge myself with him, if you know what I mean, and I guess I still do.

    Let’s face it Mr.Gilmour is what I call a ‘give me’. One of the very few men my husband would just have to ‘give me’ some slack over.

    Is anyone else going to read this? Or is this for your eyes only?


    [I’m afraid we’re all blushing and mumbling our disapproval right now, Penny. – Features Editor]

  5. Oh yeah FEd,

    Has Mr. Gilmour ever worn the shirt?

    That would be just unbelievable to be able to put some thing on that he has had on, ooooh!


  6. FEd,

    Sorry, on new hormone therapy, try to over look the insanity, please!


    [Oh, alright. I’ll forgive you. – Features Editor]

  7. if you’re sure men are allowed to enter this one, then i think i should win because i haven’t won anything yet. am i tugging at your heart strings, fed? i also was at the stop climate chaos march, so i’m sure david and polly would like me.


  8. I LOVE YOU FEd!

    My new med is called medroxyprogesterone. My doctor said there would be no side effects. HA! The pharmacy gave me a print out of about 50 different ones. Can’t even trust the docs anymore!


  9. Oooooh, a really nice T-shirt.

    I think I should win because I don’t have any clothes (pout…fluttering eyelashes…)

    Here are the vital statistics FEd :


    ash X

  10. Hhhmmmmm………..

    Here is my address……..


    Why should I win the shirt…..Because I LOVE DAVID!!!!!!!! My friends and family think I am so obsessed I should go to a support group or something. LOL I would take very well good care of it too. Also Erin I love David more HA HA

    Renee B.
    Fontana, Ca USA

  11. “As Polly says, it’s rather fetching and comes with glue and spare crystals – surely a fantastic memento of what has been a fabulous year; what with a fabulous album, a fabulous tour and a fabulous DVD just around the corner.”, AND A FABULOUS FEATURES EDITOR !!!

    You wanted to be entertained, are you ?

    Yes, it’s flattering, anyway, you know I don’t want to win ! (sad !)

    Ayez un weekend fantastique, Fabulous Fed !


  12. Well, Fed, I’m rather shy to enter and divulge….. but here is my private address….


    ….And my reasoning….

    Being that I’m an artist and poet who has been for half her lifetime utterly inspired by Gilmour’s creativity, I would definitely treat this shirt as a collector’s art piece and frame it behind glass.

    The proper frame would definitely have to carry that very Piscean-Gilmourian-Pink Floydian aura ….just as this shirt does. –A frame with high-sheen/reflective finish of oceanic aqua/silver ‘movements’ atop an underlying abyss of beautiful black……..

    What a pleasing exhibit to the eyes of DG’s beholders that would be!

    Thanks Fed!


  13. I am not a lady but my friends say I swing a hammer like one…

    Best of luck to all…


  14. I like this Q&A with Guy!! are you having it with all band members ?

    [Just the ones who are brave (mad?) enough to answer your questions. – Features Editor]

  15. [Sorry, on new hormone therapy..]

    reminds me of a joke my Grandfather used to tell…

    – “How do you make a hormone?”
    – “Don’t pay her!”

    I know, I know…

  16. Well, it would appear the my creative juices seem to be dwindling nowadays but I’ll have a try anyway. So here goes: being as I would never be able to step into Gilmour’s shoes (guitar-wise) climbing into his tee-shirt would be the next best thing. Ha, ha. Oh well, I tried.

    What a bling tee shirt! I wouldn’t say no.

    Gosh! I’m exhausted off for an early night.

    Oh yes, my details are as follows: […]

    Happy weekend.


  17. What a fabulous prize! Been away in France for two weeks and what a reason to come back!

    My reason other than making my life complete?

    Well seeing as you have my address if you ever see this item on ebay I give you full permission to hunt me down and hit with me with a very large stick and take all of my David Gilmour cd’s, dvd and even my picture with him, I wouldn’t give those up for anything else.

    Have I shown my devotion? Do you take sacrifices?


  18. I should win David’s beautiful t-shirt because I shall wear it proudly to Roger’s show at Earl’s Court in May 2007. I’ve got the front to carry it off as well!


  19. I want to win it so I can give it to my daughter. She is a huge fan of David’s and even paid for the tickets and all expenses and took me to see him in Chicago 750 miles away. Besides introducing her to his music 22 years ago, this would be the most meaningful payback I could ever give.

    Good luck to everyone,

  20. Fed…

    Just wanted to say hi… It’s good you still have nice rewards for us all irregulars.

    I won’t get in the contest… I’d love to see one of our girl bloggers get it!

    Hope everything’s ok over there.

    Shine on fellows!


  21. Hi fed ,

    It is not for me that I want to enter this time I allready have the tour shirts.

    but it is for my girlfriend Isolde who I dragged across Europe this year to see David Gilmour live and is a great fan herself now .

    It would look great on her! Thanx.


  22. I would love to win this because I would only have to do laundry every other day rather than daily as I currently only own one shirt.This would save precious water and energy which converts to environment friendliness.

    Also David needs me to look real chic, as I talk him up and promote him constantly to all I encounter.


  23. it was a great idea to put along with the picture of David and Polly in trafalgar square,the web pages of those organizations,i have to admit i didn’t know about all these people worrying about the planet,it’s weird that not everyone is involved in this cause,because the problem is in our home,we don’t have any other place to run.

    Anyway,i started to think about that since then

    best wishes for all of you,nice weekend

  24. Wow, let’s this be a lesson to all you kids out there who have been reading this site for awhile and to scared to post. Well now that I came out of my shell, I will post so next time….

    Good luck to all of you!!

  25. Since I have already been blessed with a prize, I can’t think of a good reason for me to enter. Therefore I am not. Even though that is a seriously gorgeous shirt and I would be lying if I said I did not want it. (whew! must stop looking at the picture, or I will lose my resolve..weak person that I am)

    That is a very generous thing of Polly and David to do. I was wondering if any thought had been given to awarding this to Crisis for a raffle to raise funds? I’ll bet you would find an awful lot of people who would buy tickets for something like that.(me me me) Is that a silly idea?

    Good luck.

    Happy weekend all.

  26. I never won a prize,never got an answer from Guy,and lost my head at Florence that night…I’d like to win the t-shirt,but I think is dressed better from a girl…and I’m alone,since she’s been gone.



  27. I actually want this for my girlfriend, she loves David, owns all Pink Floyd and David’s albums, videos, etc. (I mean it). It would be a great Christmas gift (or b-day, anniversary, I guess it covers all of that, it’s a unique item =D).


    Hope to win, thanks.

  28. F’ed,

    Of course I shall not enter this competition as I would hate to incur the (cat-fighting) wrath of our fabulous lady bloggers, even though I am firmly in touch with my feminine side.

    Perhaps though you could arrange something for we boys. Does David have a unique pair of y-fronts that he would be prepared to give up (or Polly could whip them off him) (sorry, Penny had just got settled again there).

    [Crystals not necessary.]

  29. [I love the Standup because it limits me so much, and it’s basically a new experience, even though I’ve had the bloody thing for 24 years. – Guy]

    Thanks for that Guy.I dabble a little on keyboards and own both an acoustic piano and an electronic keyboard.The natural resonance that transfers to your body(mine anyways)from acoustical intruments delivers a so much more uplifting experience to the player(audience excluded) than the artificial “thump thump” that electric instruments deliver.I do love electric though(the way you play anyhow)but as a player, enjoying the natural feel of music is utopia!..Don’t you think?

  30. (I know how to behave like a lady. I’ve had LESSONS. So I can play, right, Edwina?)

    But wow, what a fantastic prize. I’m a bit gob-smacked. Right. I’m okay now… here we go…

    I deserve this shirt because I would wear it, instantly letting people know in CRYSTAL clear terms who’s the greatest guitarist ever (and that, of course, would be our David).

    Another reason I deserve it: I’ve been here at the blog since day one, through thick and thin; through fisticuffs and drunkeness; roofs and rooves; cheese and scary robot photos and glassman and banned birthday poems. And lived to tell about it! 😉


  31. Oh yes, my address for the entry – sorry, FEd.


    [Thank you. I’m not reminding anyone who has left out their details this time. To be considered eligible for this delightful prize, it’s absolutely necessary that you include all the requested details. If you don’t, it’s tough. Now let’s see who’s paying attention and who realises, should they notice three full-stops surrounded by square/box brackets included with their published post, that their address has been duly received. If this is missing from their published post, then so is their address missing from my list and they don’t stand a chance of winning as a consequence. – Features Editor]

  32. My husband just called me crazy…so I am giving in.

    If it is ok, I would like to submit my name for the t-shirt contest afterall. Guess I am not as selfless as I’d like to think I could be.

    My reason is that I just plain love it.(the t-shirt, that is).



  33. And before you ask…No it’s not for me but I would love to win this for my daughter who accompanied me to the Manchester gig and bought me my own DG tee Shirt especially for the show. And very nice it is too. This would make an ideal Xmas pressie for her as she loves her Dad and David Gilmour. A win win situation all round.

    p.s. Best of luck to everyone in the draw. No honestly!

  34. Hi FEd and friends,

    Late in the afternoon here, taking a short break from the business at hand — lo and behold the much-anticipated ladies competition has begun! Yippee … and what a gorgeous prize!

    Let’s see, I honestly can’t say that I deserve this honor any more than the rest of the Gilmourettes. If it came down to the number of years that David’s music has been a huge part of my life’s soundtrack, I might deserve it based upon my status as an ‘elder lemon’ (expression learned in chatroom). ‘Tis a beautiful shirt and if I were to be the lucky winner I would cherish it, wear it on sparkley occasions, and then it would become a family heirloom to be handed down generation to generation with a wonderful tale of how it came to be a member of the family!

    Pertinent information:


    Special thanks to Polly for sharing! Hail to the Queen of the Gilmourettes!! And you too FEd … shake your tail feathers!

    Peace and love everyone!!
    Washington State

  35. [Let’s face it Mr.Gilmour is what I call a ‘give me’. One of the very few men my husband would just have to ‘give me’ some slack over. – Penny]

    Hey Penny! name is Mr.Gilmour and my phone # is…

    …lines open 24/7.

  36. Picking up on the political and religious themes of a few days ago…

    It is hard for one person acting alone to make a big difference, although there are exceptional people like Bono who do it well. It is much easier to make a difference when we band together. Every time people get together, things happen. That’s why corporations hate protests in the streets, and why corporate-friendly politicos in Washington try so very hard to stifle dissent.

    It is very easy to be stifled when we have been divided. But the more we refuse to be divuded, the stronger we are. Ten people working together can make a difference. One hundred people working together can make al the difference. And one million people? One million people working together to make their voices heard? Now, THAT is what makes things happen! That’s what made MLK have a dream, some 45 years ago, surroundedc by one million of his peers. That is the meaning of the Latin phrase that appears on American currency: E Pluribus Unim. From many come one. It’s the last few words of “Hey You” from The Wall: “Together we stand, divided we fall.”

    Friends, you must never think that people working together cannot create change.

    Indeed,it is the only thing that can.

  37. Clearly Penny needs this prize. I needed the laugh today. Thanks Penny.

    But in case this is a random draw, I will enter. I need this prize because….can anyone ever have enough crystals and glue?

    I thought not

    My name and address is […]

  38. I feel that my wife deserves a nice gift. First of all she has been married to me over 25years. Second she is a big fan of David Gimour and when she tried to get tickets for us to see David in concert for our 25 wedding aniversary, She got let down. Third, I would love to win something special for her.

    Take Care,


  39. Thats really a nice thing to do polly! I hope i have a chance at winning it. I would frame it and put it next to the on the island ticket i have framed.It would be like winning the lottery except i woulndnt cash it in.


  40. i have been a daily reader of this blog since its creation. Oh, how I wish that i would have posted more often. 🙁

    I would wear that shirt with pride!!!!


  41. Hi F.Ed,

    It’s hard to nominate myself over the other (ahem) worthy contenders on this blog but since I am probably the Irregular here who did not get a chance to see David in concert on this tour, this would be really great to have as a small momento.

    Not to mention that it would probably look pretty good on me too. I love sparkly things….:-)

    Here you are…


    Good luck all….someone’s gonna be really happy on Monday !


  42. I feel my new bride-to-be should have the special shirt. She could wear her David Gilmour Crystal Blue shirt, and I can wear my very cool, David Gilmour Military Jacket. What a perfect match and conversation piece. We can represent and discuss the great immortal Gilmour whenever we are out and about. She deserves it too.

    I feel I deserve to be awarded the shirt because I have spent the last 10 years of my life, every ounce of my being, piecing out a daunting project that Steve O’Rourke (David Gilmour former manager) and Storm Thorgerson (Brilliant Album Artist) inspired me to begin November 18,1996. My mission was to design a non-profit Pink Floyd Planetarium/Cafe Experience.

    Mission is almost complete!

    PS. I hope Mr. Gilmour liked the Ethiopian coffee I roasted for his Paramount Oakland Show. What he and the band did for the Live 8 project was very cool and inspiring. Loved the Oakland show, appreciated hearing Dominoes and Arnold Layne very much. Look forward to the DVD so I can share the David Gilmour experience with my friends.

    Thank you.


  43. I deserve this prize because… because…i am a nice girl, i love David and his music and i was so sad not to get and autograph or a picture with my favorite artist when i was in Toronto.


    Thank you to let me win!!!!!!!!!………

  44. Good morning FED and Bloggers

    Me and my girlfiend Katia have bought ten different shirts during the concerts in Milan and Venice but…..this shirt with letters in swarovski crystal would be the best Christmas present for Katia (that have a big poster of David in her office)……..

    please Polly, David and FED…. I would like to cut a fine figure!

  45. Well, Well, Well. I would definitaly promise to be careful with that shirt Eugene as the crystals would probably scratch the H. E. Double Toothpicks out of my axes;-)

    But would wear with pride in the hopes that if Mr. Gilmour should happen to fly over head on my side of the planet, he might see it shinning in the sun. Oh… a girl can dream can’t she?


  46. Dear FEd,

    I’m not a regular comments writer, but regular visitor of the site from day one….I even got the tickets for the rah show through the site (thank you very much 🙂 ).


    Why I should win this? I will look good in it (insert appropriate smiley here) – for a change….

  47. I would like this t-shirt to give to my daughter for Christmas as she has finally decided in her infinite wisdom that actually that man her mother dragged her to London to see “rocks”.



  48. OK, I am not a lady, but I am willing to change my sex to make a change to win this beautifull shirt.

    When I am dead and gone I will give it away to the Brittish Museum, where it belongs!

    However the British Museum would have to make a nice donation on the issue of climate change!!

    Ernestine Peske!

  49. …Oooooh I just send in my Post for this competition, but i did fortget my adress!

    Please forgive me, here it is:


  50. FEd, not sure if I have made the required 12 posts but hope so. I would love to win the shirt and present to my wife as a present. She adores Mr. Gilmour and would trade me in for him like a shot!


    P.S. A close personal friend of mine has organised a Children in Need fund raising day on 19th Nov. We would be very honored if David and Polly could pop in and make an appearance for a very worthy charity.

    Have a good weekend.

  51. Y’know I haven’t a clue how many times i’ve posted but i’m gonna enter anyway because I’m a lady, regarde my tiny feet and hands!!

    I should get this marvelous prize because if I don’t, I’ll cry like an eight-year-old girl!!


    Take care,
    x x x

  52. This is the breast comp so far FED , my Mrs would look fecting in a blue light .

    Rgds Geoff Duffy ( Dublin )

    p s the new record for chatroom is 22hrs

  53. I’m not participating here, just wanted to say THANKS to Polly and David, you guys are special, indeed.

  54. Hi there, what a prize!! this is the most unique awesome prize ever.


    I would really like the t-shirt because,

    i can dance around at my local disco under the shinny lights gleaming all over the glittery crystals! This will not only put a ‘smile’ on my face but make me ‘shine like a crazy diamond’

    Adam Kahan


  55. Please send the shirt to ME. I feel that I should win because I want it REALLY BAD!! I wasn’t able to get a guitar pick at the show, and this would be just as wonderful! In fact, I can’t think of anything else that could be as good as a guitar pick which was once used by Mr. Gilmour himself; except maybe a t-shirt!

    GREAT idea Polly! Thank you for the fun & generous gift; regardless of who wins. It’s a
    great idea!



  56. HMPF… I’m an nearly daily reader, but not a big poster. 🙂

    Good Luck to all participants.

    … but it would really improve my own guitar Skills 🙂

  57. I deserve to win just about as much as any true fan. I consider David and any other Pink Floyd member to be like family to me, because their music has touched me in so many ways for the past 25 years or so, that it just towers above what any other musicians have accomplished. (just my opinion) I guess I just really like their style.

    As far as I’m concerned OAI ranks right up there with the best of them. I’m not just saying this to win a shirt either, because for one thing I know the odds of me winning are very slim, but I think I just want to say thank you for this site, blog, CD, DVD, competitions, Fed, irregulars, photos,etc.

    I hope I amused you Fed. Sorry for the long post.


    P.S. I was at happy hour with some work friends yesterday, and on their satellite 80’s radio channel all of a sudden Take a breath came on and made me happy enough to buy a round. The people I was with have no music taste as far as I’m concerned, and only know songs like Money, Another brick pt.2, and so on, because of our local crappy radio station. However, in the end, they ended up saying cheers to David Gilmour. How funny.

  58. I’m going to save my entry for the black strat down the road…but if I were to win, I’d have so many points with the wife…

  59. Hi Fed,

    Here is my information to enter the contest:


    I think I should win it because I personally know some drag queens in NYC who would be extremely jealous seeing me in that t-shirt!


  60. [I should win this item because Guy hadn’t answered any of my unique questions 😉 ]

    Oh, now he did (even it wasn’t accredited to me, np). So there’s no more reason for me to win the t-shirt 🙁 …hm…so perhaps because I become 30 years old in November? 😉

  61. i would love to win this t-shirt and proudly wear it wherever i go.ive recently had my liitle girl (lucia 13wks)and she was in my tum when david played in glasgow (which was enormous she weighed in at 10.7lbs when born)so now my big tummy is away i could wear it and take great care of it and when my daughter is able to fit into it i will pass it down and it will be a reminder to me of that fantastic night in glasgow when my baby was still in my belly

  62. Oh bugger, I fear that my shy, introverted nature (yeah, right) may mean I fail instantly due to my lack of posts on this fine blog….but I’m always up for a challenge…so I’m going to give it a bash anyway!

    It’s hard to express how much winning the shirt would mean to me, but hopeful this will strike a chord (doh!) for one or two fellow musicians out there.

    I would gladly auction my Les Paul and DG replica Strat for charity to get my blistered paws on the sacred shirt…after all; it’s only true MATERIAL things that matter!



  63. My name is Ben but some of my “friends” call me Henry Gale. I’ve been stuck on a Lost forgotten island for years and years. It would seem, as I have recently learned, that I have a spinal tumor and only a week to live. If I win, I really must, then I would need the shirt given to Guy Pratt. We want him to wear it in public like a wee’lil girl. We then need several pictures of that posted to this site. We can’t explain; but we want you to not just do it;but WANT to do it.

  64. I wish to enter because as a serious purveyor of PF/DG/RW artwork, a one of a kind piece is a sought after collectable.

    After looking over the Swarovski crystal website, I decided that as a historically environmentally conscientious company, and seeing how sought after their past crystal creations are, this shirt will be quite the prize in the near future.

    If I win this shirt, it will be framed (according to LG’s standards), and it will be auctioned off for the charity cause of buying those who are homeless, shoes. Lack of shoes among the homeless is an unrecognized epidemic and, in the Northern hemisphere, extremely difficult during the winter months. We’ll call the auction ‘Couture for Comfort’.

    Even if I don’t win the shirt, I am still donating towards shoes for the homeless.

    Make Difference!


  65. Good luck to all the ladies!

    My reason….because it would be a very beautiful way to remember this very beautiful experience in David Gilmour’s world…with all the respect for the stapler!

    My address…I’ll tell you if I will win!


  66. I should win this t-shirt because, as a man, I am not afraid to admit that I often like to wear effeminate sparkly diamonds…(oh, did i say that out loud…?!)


  67. That’s a great looking guitar, Fed. But as you know I can only play spoons 🙂

    I hope you have a good weekend. Plus maybe you can get your kitchen done?

    Take care,

  68. Guess I’ll try my luck….


    I should win this splendid t-shirt (thank you, Polly and David!) because I’m pretty lousy at making my own Gilmour-Wear. See for yourself! Click on my name to see the one I made for David’s concert in NYC on April 4th….

    Best o’ luck, everyone!


  69. I was a true fan, until I was betrayed and mislead, I was lead to believe that I was buying concert tickets for pink floyd, I took my daughter told her how great you were and guess what it wasn’t you they sounded like you played your music like you, I even bought $100 dollars worth of t-shirts labled wish you were here, and the dark side of the moon. No one told us that it wasn’t the real pink floyd, a lot of pink floyd fans left that concert really upset, so now I wonder if the pink floyd music they play is them or aussie pink floyd. So if anyone deserves the T-shirt it would be my daughter.

    [No, what your daughter really needs is a more observant parent… – Features Editor]

  70. What a fantastic prize. So if I´m eligible here my address: […]

    The reasons why I should win …….why not ?

    And of course this shirt would be the perfect dress for my next David Gilmour concert visit.

    BTW: Hope there will be a lot more answers to questions from Guy Pratt and the other band members. I love to read it.

    Nice weekend

  71. I’d like to shine just like David does, and since I can’t play guitar (or any musical instrument infact), a T shirt with his name in crystals is the closest I’ll ever get to shining like him…..

    I am an everyday reader….not an everyday poster though 🙁

  72. I should win beacuse i’m his and Pollys biggest fan ! And i already own my own ‘Custom’ DG strat !


    Yes, and he lives by me !!!

  73. Dear F.Ed.,

    if you could wear this glittering, wonderful T-shirt I would feel myself as a small spark.

    I always remember the deep emotions I’ve felt at the Venice’s concert, when I was “ halfway to the stars” : I have touched the sky with a finger but the nearest star was on the stage.

    A twinkling star.

    Thank you very much indeed for this amazing chance. Next saturday is my birthday….

    Ciao Elisabetta


    Many kisses XXX

  74. Hmmm, a reason!?! I can never think of anything witty to say so will go with honesty and say I have been a huge fan of David and the Floyd for many years, his music has helped me through many dark times. I think the T-shirt is beautiful and will gladly wear it with pride.




  75. When I first found this website, I was beside myself with joy for at lest three reasons.

    Firstly because I could accurately keep up with David’s tour and other projects, secondly, I will admit it is exciting to think that your favorite musician is a little more within your reach.But the biggest reason by far, is that I enjoy knowing that everyone here feels the same way I do about David and his work. I don’t have to feel so weird about my own “obsession”.

    I never go one day without listening to at least one of David’s songs. As I mentioned before, at work I play OAI for my patients while performing their sonograms. Everyone comments on how relaxing it is. I enjoy answering the questions that come up as a result. It gives me one more reason to talk about my favorite artist with people who don’t already know what a great musician he really is. Come to think of it, I’ll bet they would enjoy it even more if I didn’t sing along.

    It was my greatest pleasure to travel to Gdansk to see David’s show. I still can’t believe I did it. I had never traveled before. My friends and family think that I have lost my mind. “You mean you flew to Poland for a concert?” When I look back, I can see how foolish it really did seem for me to do that, but I would do it again. I wouldn’t trade that experience for any amount of money. Even if someone offered to pay off my credit card. By the way is anyone offering? lol

    If my name is drawn, I can assure that I would never part with that beautiful shirt.

    P.S. I like the raffle-style format, It makes things more fair. Thanks for that.


  76. Crystal blue – reminds me of a Syd song ….

    [(just to entertain me, really)]. I don’t think I am witty enough to entertain you, FEd, but I still hope I get the chance to win this T-shirt as I admire David so much.

    Thanks Polly.


  77. Why should I win the shirt? Well I can guarantee that it will never end up on e-Bay


    Cheers, Howard

  78. I’d like the T shirt because it belongs to the mighty man himself & i’d wear it proud!

    Thanx Polly. x

  79. I want it! And I want to frame it! I’m late and I’m desperate to this competition – does it notice?

    All the best,


  80. Oops i forgot to put my postal address for my T shirt, it’s gonna look great on me! :


    My friends say i have a mild DG obsession, i think i’ll have to agree with them, even tho i’ve caught them ALL swooning over the fabulous limited edition framed print i have of him, (in his younger years), up on the wall. Ur a lucky lucky laydee Polly! Don’t ever stop the music David. x

    L. (Devon)

    P.S, MILD obsession? (friend of L)

  81. What a fantastic offer for the shirt competetion!


    So, why on earth should I win this great prize.

    First and foremost, I know for a fact that I probably am the youngest person on this website. People say this might go against me. To me… way! I absolutely adore David’s work, his musical compostional writing, and the fact that I have been given the honour of being on his ‘Blog’.

    Secondly, I have made many-a-friend on this website. Even a certain person called FEd, is someone who I believe to be a ‘Virtual’ pal. Gianluca, SimonEmery, Erin…….I really do respect all of you.

    And lastly, WALES beat Pacific Islands yesterday!!! Bring it on!!!

    Thank you very much……

    P.S. England lost…….yay!

  82. actually, i changed my mind.

    please don’t consider me, fed. i also want one of the female regulars of this blog to win.

    disappointed with the people who only post when there’s a competition.

  83. Dear F.Ed,

    The reason which I think my wife is the woman that deserve that t-shirt is quite clear: During more than 20 years I had left my wife alone at home, when I’ve travelled around Europe to watch either Pink Floyd-gigs or David Gimour and Roger Waters solo-shows. It would be fantastic if I could give her that amazing gift! I think she would faint…


  84. [No, what your daughter really needs is a more observant parent… – Features Editor]

    Ouch ! Fed !!!!! Morte de rire ! (comme on dit chez nous = LOL!)


  85. What a great competition and prize!

    I’ve had a good chuckle at some of the serious, and not so serious, reasons why people want to win. I think this is definitely one for the ladies so good luck everyone.


  86. Now then, as much as I’d like to win the t-shirt;

    A) I haven’t posted enough
    B) I’d sadly be ridiculed beyond comprehension for wearing something so sparkly!!

  87. Good luck to everyone, I’m not going to enter, it’s not in my style, but the prize is really exceptional. Thank you Polly and David


  88. I hope it’s not too late to enter the competition. I had an emergency and couldn’t get a hold of a computer… That’s why I should win the T-shirt!

    Haha, no, not really. I should win this competition because I love DG and I’ve never won anything before in my life (well, except for a box of tissue paper at a raffle once, but that was like a consolation prize, so it doesn’t count. Who gives kleenex as a consolation prize anyway?)

    Moreover, I also love you, dear FEd, even if the feeling is not mutual! 😛

    With LOTSA love,


    PS. Thanks to Polly for the lovely idea!

  89. [No, what your daughter really needs is a more observant parent… – Features Editor]

    Enough Said!!! HA HA!

    Renee B.
    Fontana, Ca USA

  90. Morning Fed,

    What a splendid prize. Thank you kindly Polly.

    Why would I want to win ?

    I’m not the ‘collectibles’ type of person, except for t-shirts. I have an extensive collection of Floyd t-shirts including the “special occasion” ones of Floyd in Versailles, the Russian “Delicate Sound of Thunder” one and of course David’s OAI set, with the RAH-dedicated one.

    The one that Polly so kindly offers would top off the OAI collection. It will go on display in a cabinet in our living room. It will NEVER show up on E-bay.

    Well, there you go. Hope it does the trick.

    Here’s my address :


    Best regards,

  91. Would I get granted the pleasure of winning that T-Shirt, it would only be for my sweetest Sloneczka Magdalena, who followed me over to Venice to miss the show and was unable to make it the second week-end.

    She enjoys now the music from the comfort of her bedroom and enjoys ever so much “On an Island”, “Smile” and of course all of the others.

    “Red Sky at Night” we listen to when ready for depart to Dreamland!!

    So all the best for your your choice now FEd, that will be a Hard One I am sure`!!!!!!`


  92. [Marcus Buick says: If I win this shirt, it will be framed (according to LG’s standards), and it will be auctioned off for the charity cause of buying those who are homeless, shoes. Lack of shoes among the homeless is an unrecognized epidemic and, in the Northern hemisphere, extremely difficult during the winter months. We’ll call the auction ‘Couture for Comfort’. Even if I don’t win the shirt, I am still donating towards shoes for the homeless.]

    Okay, I am now gladly transferring my own ballot over to my beloved Kilt King, Marcus, because he is a man unafraid to wear skirts….aaaand he has yet to grow much hair on his “cycler’s” legs due to his refusing to eat his spinach and meat (aforementioned Tip #1)….((MUST HAVE VERY HAIRY LEGS TO WEAR KILTS, IN MY BOOK!!!)) So, as things currently stand, Marcus would don the DG ‘T’ well.

    PS — Hey, Marcus…how can you cycle when kilted AAAAND shoeless??? (Bless your ever-lovin’ charitable heart anyway!)


  93. I hope I am not too late Fed! I would like to win the t-shirt to give to my wife as a xmas pressie and hopefully she will let me wear it!!

    I will give Polly one of my t-shirts in exchange.


  94. Fedmeister

    My address is…


    Reason for wanting the item: Daniel Swarovski was born in 1862 in Bohemia…

    I have managed to trace my bloodline back to Daniel Swarovski, or “Gramps” as I now know him. My grandmother met Daniel as she was repairing the automatic crystal cutting machine he had invented. Their eyes met across an overheated solenoid and the rest is history…

    How did the Swarovski name become Rudders you may ask… it’s complex but ultimately simple…

    If you apply a simple code to Swarovski’s name (A=1, B=2 etc) the total is 127. Rudders is 89, the difference being 38 which is the age that my grandmother was when she repaired that crystal cuting amchine… Spooky huh!

    So to maintain the bloodline and allow me my inheritance I must be reconciled with what is rightfully mine…

    I need to rest now…

  95. FEd. I’ve changed my mind…the wife can make do with the T Shirt I bought her for the RAH gig. Should I be the lucky winner I would auction the shirt at the Children In Need charity fun day I mentioned previously, and if she wanted it that badly, she would have outbid the rest!

    Everyone is most welcome to this fantastic day out at California Country Park, in Berkshire. I’ll be the geezer on the coconut shy wearing my DG T shirt.


  96. Hmmmm…I just got back from a long weekend away from it all (including this blog) if it’s not too late to enter, I’ll put my name in the hat.

    Why should I win? It would be a wonderful item to frame and display above my fireplace. Of course, I have to get a fireplace first as well. But that besides the point.


  97. Marcus,

    That shameless hussy would turn you into a poof.

    LG ? be ashamed of yourself throwing yourself at Marcus. I saw him first. He’s MY drinking buddy.

    FEd, boot her out.

    What cat fight? is there a cat fight? where? who?

    ash X

  98. Here is my address if not too too late


    I think this is the best site in the world and visit ever day but don’t post too often. Also I collect Crystal and would look great in my collection. And I listen to his music every day.

    Ask my kids.

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