Custom DG Strat

strat_blog.jpgFans have been asking if they’ll ever be able to get their hands on one, but I can now confirm that there will indeed be a David Gilmour custom Fender Stratocaster.

It’s the famous black Strat, as shown above, and we’re looking at it being in the shops in July 2008 (subject to change, naturally).

Although it’s premature to say so, there’s likely to be a competition to win one of these closer to the release of David’s ‘On an Island’ DVD next year (with details to follow, so please don’t bother asking for them). I’ll keep you posted.

That’s all I can say for now, as discussions are still taking place and details finalised, but I hope this news pleases those of you who have been enquiring about such a guitar for many years now.

I’ll leave you with some of Guy’s favourites to digest over the weekend.

Who’s your all-time favourite Arsenal player? (Victor)

I was going to say Charlie George or Denis Bergkamp, but you just can’t argue with Thierry, can you?

Who is your favorite comedian? (Matt Parish)

Peter Cook.

Your favourite album of all time is…? (Dom)


Who is your favourite musician? (Bill S.)

David Gilmour, Pete Townshend.

Do you have a favorite David Gilmour guitar solo? (Gus)

‘Comfortably Numb’, although ‘Young Lust’ is surprisingly my second. I bet I’m the only person in the world who thinks that.

What was your least favourite subject at school? (EW)


Can I ask you some titles of your favourite books? (Lucia)

The Master and Margarita, The Heart of a Dog… Mikail Bulgakov. The Erl King, The Four Wise Men… Michel Tournier. Stoned… Andrew Loog Oldham. Long Time Gone… David Crosby. Lucky Jim… Kingsley Amis. And hundreds of various Amis, Marquez, Allende etc. etc.

What’s your favourite curry? (George Maciver)

Vindaloo, of course. Even though it isn’t.

Who is your favourite, already deceased, person in music history? (Ernest Peske)

Impossible. Do you have any idea how many people in music history are dead? Stravinsky, Machito, Sibelius, Keith Moon, Robert Palmer, Mozart, Jimi Hendrix, Bernard Edwards, George Harrison… I could go on all night.

Author: FEd

Features Editor of David Gilmour’s official blog, The Blog (‘Features’ previously being its rather naff title), affectionately – or lazily – shortened to ‘FEd’.

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  1. That’s all three. I now feel as though I’ve known Guy for years (which technically I have, although he hasn’t known who i was until recently and he’s probably forgotten by now anyway).

    As for the David Gilmour Strat., does it come with a replica David Gilmour to play along to?

    Take care
    x x x

  2. Whether I win the custom strat or not, I’m still having one! Wooo hoooo . . . can’t wait!

    Thanks for the excellent news Fed.

  3. I forgot to mention, how about towards the end of the year we have a “top five favourite albums of 2006” to see what we’ve all been listening to this year (David obviously but what else)?

    Just a suggestion.

    x x x

    [Sure, why not? – Features Editor]

  4. This is great news!!!! Although I have pretty much built by own clone, I will have one of these guitars… win or not. It will be painful to have to wait till July 2008… but worth it.

  5. I will cry if there isn’t a left-handed edition of the Custom Gilmour Stratocaster.

  6. Good on you FEd for disseminating info quickly. Quelling the masses of these pesky rumours is hard to do on a Sat. Good luck to you tomorrow. Any truth to the 22Hr. Chat claim by Geoff. . .I think he forgot to turn his computer off before his Gig and just ended up talking to himself in his Guiness. . .he-he

  7. I have three strats,one is red with emg sa pickups,I’ve got an eric clapton strat too,but I WANT THIS ONEEEE!

    I’ll win it,or I’ll buy it.


  8. After being crazy about pink floyd sound and creativity and being obsessed with david’s unique style I started to learn playing guitar like 10 months ago. The first time I ever touched a guitar was couple of minutes I recieved my acoustic Martin. I’ve been workin on it. Improvements are not very good but im getting better and better and I believe by the time that david’s custom made fender comes out (july 2008) i’ll be ready to start playing electric guitar.

    That was such a great news FED. I cant wait till july 2008.

    Well maybe its already been asked but when the DVD for the tour comes out ? I do remember at royal albert hall they told us that they are recording it. is there going to be a DVD with all the songs they played in the tour or its just this one which is coming?

    I also have a question: Roger had his Dark side of the moon tour recently. I was at the montreal’s show and honestly you can not expect something less than that from roger.

    Now here is my question: the main reason that david always gives for not willing to think about pink floyd at this moment is that he doesnt want ppl seeing bunch of guys at their 60 go and play same old songs.

    But honestly I dont get it. David played with Rick and nick joined them in london, isnt that pink floyd ? roger also played with nick in his tour. which means they all have mutual friends. Jon Carin also played with both of them.

    So the point is all those 4 guys that david refers to have been playing same old songs over and over again in past few months. they all join together. Why not all 4 of them ? its clear that the claim that says: ” why ppl wanna see bunch of guys at their 60 playing the same old material” is not satisfying.

    we all know that roger is always full of material and everything and as soon as they all gather together they can make something as big and as “the wall” and as lovely as “dark side of the moon” . Isnt it just the matter of politics ?

    I feel like killing myself when I see Rolling stones is still playing the same old stuff while their best album is not even comparable with Momentary lapse of reason, lets not even compare them with wish you were here or dark side of the moon or division bell.

    well…I was always thinking about all these things I said and I couldnt find anyone or thing closer to david than this blog to go to and talk to.

    hope you guys all have a great weekend (i’ve got this stupid cold which is killing me ARrrghhhh)


    [I hope your cold clears soon, Kasra. If it’s bad enough to keep you at home, why not have a look through some old blog entries? All the answers are there. There’s no precise release date for David’s live DVD as yet: it will be out early next year. It will focus on the Albert Hall, but there will be plenty of extras. We’ll let you know more when we’re ready to reveal further details. Just a wild thought on the idea of a Pink Floyd reunion, if I may. Could it not be plausible that David simply doesn’t wish to do what the Rolling Stones are doing because he’s very happy exploring new horizons without the huge burden of Pink Floyd weighing on his shoulders? I don’t think David would ever dispute that it could be enormously exciting, successful and rewarding to play again as Pink Floyd. The point is, he doesn’t want to and that should be the end of the matter to my mind. – Features Editor]

  9. WOW!!! That’s great, to have the opportunity to model guitar techniques from such an awesome musician, on his own custom equipment… Ok, time to go visualize and daydream for awhile…

    Go Law of Attraction! Bring it!

  10. 2008 huh? Better start saving now! Now that will be a great prize to win!

    Guy, “Young Lust” is one of my favorites too. It’s too bad it doesn’t get more credit.


  11. Custom DG Strat… YUMMY!!!

    Although, I’m lefty and I suspect that -as usual- there will not be a lefty Custom DG Strat made. Us lefty guitar players are kind of screwed, usually. Every time I walk into a guitar store I feel like I’ve been sent back in time into the 1950’s as the guitar salesperson tells me “we don’t serve your kind here!”. There are a few exceptions though. Fender being one of them, occasionally. Some of their guitars are available for lefties, but only very very few. Not the really nice ones.

    So David, if you’re listening, put in a nice word or two at Fender for all us lefties (you’d make the initial owner -Hendrix- of your fabulous guitar strap very happy). We love you too!

  12. There’s a nice preview for Guy’s forthcoming shows in The Guardian Guide section today. It’s good to see it’s getting some national coverage.

    I know this isn’t really on topic but as Guy is still answering our questions and several bloggers will be going to his show I thought it worth mentioning.

  13. Hello FEd and friends,

    I sincerely hope that the David Gilmour custom Strat comes to fruition. David is, in my humble opinion, one of the greatest guitarists ever and is able to truly make that Strat sing! What I mean is, you have your ‘lightning speed’ flashy guitarists and your technically-correct, carefully structured guitarists, but when David plays it’s an exquisite experience … man and guitar blending into one entity which has the ability to take you out of the physical world and right into another dimension!

    I know that someone else could articulate what I’m attempting to express much better than I, but I’m certain that everyone who is moved by David’s music understands. It’s about time David was ‘honored’ by Fender for his many brilliant contributions to music via his fingers manipulating the strings on that particular instrument. David knows how to make a Strat seem more than just a guitar … it becomes a living thing able to describe a shared experience, squeal with delight, weep in despair, comfort and heal a broken heart, and lift the spirit until it soars through the heavens!

    I’m sounding a little bit too serious for a Saturday morning FEd but, given certain events in life right now, it brings to mind all of the times in my past that music in general and David’s music in particular has truly been the one thing I could hold onto in order to stay afloat until the storm passed. And then, when the sun comes out again, his music makes it seem all the brighter.

    Good for Dom, by the way … three-for-three with Guy’s Q & A! And I like his idea of top five for 2006, too. More fun and games for the Irregulars!

    Peace and love to you all!
    Washington State

  14. Great news!!!

    This would be THE signature guitar of Fender. I’d like to preorder it now!

    Could it come along with some backing tracks to jam with?

    Excuse my enthusiasm.

  15. Just want to say thanks Guy for answering all my questions.

    Hope to see you back in Toronto soon!

  16. A DG strat!!! Excuse me while I get REALLY REALY excited. If I start saving now, I’ll have the $$ for one around 2011.

    (now playing: High Hopes live)


  17. [Do you have a favorite David Gilmour guitar solo? (gus)
    – ‘Comfortably Numb’, although ‘Young Lust’ is surprisingly my second. I bet I’m the only person in the world who thinks that. – Guy]

    no you are’nt the only person who loves the solo from young lust . i do too . i much prefer the live version of the wall . i think it is called his there anybody in there .

    hey fet ed i did’nt say aresnal were crap i just said i thought liverpool would be able to beat them , they are only 1 point ahead of you 🙂

    hope your weekend is going well . see you at the next chat

    Linda Island Lady .

  18. That’s brilliant! Just the news I’ve been looking for!

    I really think he should release his own pedal as well, cause getting the Gilmour sound can be a right pain!

    That’s ace though!

    Oh and I’m still here by the way 😀

  19. Great news on the Strat, but please make the price a bit more realistic than the Eric Clapton one – c*r*a*z*y money.

  20. Does David get one? Yeah, I know, this stuff all costs-it’d be nice but we’ll have to see. Seriously though, sounds nice be looking forward to seeing them in shops.

  21. I wonder if the signature strat will have filler in the trem cavity like the original!!! (where, I’m lead to I believe, it once had a Khaler trem fitted)

    It always makes me smile when I see the light catch the ‘DIY-SOS’ patch (quite visible on the Live 8 footage).

    How David can get such a sweet sound out of such an old fiddle has been the object of much frustration to me for years… Still, I’m sure I’ll be getting my name down just as soon as the sig’ comes on the market (much to my other half’s annoyance) I think he’d almost rather I collected shoes.

    Yours in bare feet,


    P.S. Do I will the guitar anorak award??

  22. PS

    – Curry fav: common generic-don’t know why that is.
    – School subject, least: psychiatry-thought it’d be interesting, like philosophy-turned out to be tons of work
    – Guitar solo: see first song, second side of David’s first solo album
    – Album: the Wall (or anything early)
    – Comedian: repair people when I bring in stuff for estimates
    – Album: give up, can’t decide; this stuff or any Johnny Winter-need it for practice and it clearly shows
    – Book: forget but thanks been meaning to read again-i will go do that immediately

  23. PS

    repair people-doesn’t apply to amps-those all sit unused, in glass display cases (actually that’s hard to do)

  24. Oh my gosh! I would do ANYTHING for that guitar! I dont know if I’d be able to play it though, I’d just stare at it in admiration all day long!

    July 2008? Now that would be a nice present for when I graduate from uni!

    Peace, David.

  25. That’s very good news! I was gonna buy a Big Block stratocaster next month, but maybe I’ll wait for this one, oh yeah.

    I wonder, as some artists have various editions, if there would be another David Gilmour signature strat, the red one perhaps. Just wondering.

  26. I’ve never tried a short whammy bar before, have tried the regular with some success. David’s style is so unique, you just barely touch it for effect. A short one would give you the near connection for the desired vibes, never crossed my mind before. He’s a genius. I wonder if it was his idea, or if it was modified for him. I’d ask for his opinion on this. Maybe we’ll get to question David later personally. Thank You Kindly.

  27. That guitar should be interesting. Hopefully it’ll include all of David’s mods like the neck/bridge pickup switch. Of couse, David can pick up any guitar, and he’d still sound like David Gilmour. My problem is that every guitar I play makes me sound like… well… me. ^^;

  28. Thank you Guy for taking the time to answer your fans. These Q&A are so much better than reading regular articles with interviews from reporters.

    Great news on the David Gilmour Strat.

    Have a nice weekend all.

  29. well guys i was really really really super freakin excited when hearing about this because i have wanted one for years i am like the biggest david gilmour fan in kansas i swear i love gilmours playin i would give anything to meet him and talk to him at least once but i was really excited i will try to win one but i doubt i’ll win and i may not have alot of money but i will save up from now till 2008 to have this guitar

  30. Well if I start giving the hubby subliminal messages while he sleeps and the occasional hint in his lunch box when July rolls around maybe he will realize what an excellent Anniversary gift that would make;-)

    ~Tomi Sue~

  31. Fantastic…I might start playing guitar again! I was surprised David played a Les Paul Goldtop on the 1980 Wall gig at Earls Court. Thought he only EVER played Fenders?

    Still looking forward to Guy’s answers to my 3 questions.


  32. Thats about time. I wondered why there wasnt any
    DG custom strat before. well it will not be cheap. 2008 ! I better start saving now !

    an all black one. why not his custom vintage 57 he used on the last floyd tours ? I realy liked that one.

  33. Fantastic news about the DG Strat!

    I can’t wait for that one! Great news. We have been waiting along time!

    The candy apple maple neck 57 reissue, (used in the Pulse tour) may have been a possibilty to have become a DG signature model as well or instead of the black strat.

    What do people think?



    “Hmph! You KNOW you WANT it!…Um, Penny? I meant the guiTAR *blush*…….”

    CAPTION 2:

    “In the tradition of an earlier era, Richard Wright conducts microbiotic experiments during a performance of David’s new single, ‘Prokaryotic Boogie’….”

  35. Its about time there was a DG strat!

    I bought a 50’s strat (black), replaced the white pickguard with a black one, and shortened the tremolo arm. If this one is as accurate as it should be ill be saving for one.

    I wonder if it will include all Davids little modifications?

  36. I am already collecting the money and counting days until July 2008!

    Please give us some further details…about this beauty!

    Ernest Peske

  37. Hi Fed, hi everyone,

    I’ve been absent for few weeks for work reasons but now I’m back.

    A DG custom Stratocaster will be fabulous, I’d love to have one. Will private lessons with DG be included? 🙂

    Sadly, I’ll be able only to make noise.

    Ciao ciao

  38. I think it’s getting time to save some money for the DG Strat… but wait, I need money for the DG Hiwatt Amp too 🙂

    Good, the guitar comes 2008 so I have much time to improve my guitar playing 🙂

  39. Guy I like Young Lust too, it’s one of my biggest favourites.

    This is how I think the black custom Strat is made:

    57 reissue body
    57 reissue one piece maple neck
    shielded mono-ply pickguard
    DiMarzio pickups:
    staggered humbucker at the bridge
    centre and neck probably noiseless single coils or staggered humbuckers as well

  40. I`m sorry I have not been around much,I have been under the weather, on the mend now (I think!)

    What great news about David`s signature strat! It will be a long wait, but one that`s worth it and some time to save for it, because I don`t think this guitar will come cheap.

    Cheers all.

  41. That Strat sounds amazing and I’d love to own one. It’s making me kick myself I’m not making more progress in learning to play the guitar (and thus justifying buying an electric…)

  42. Custom DG Strat, does that mean that Mr Gilmour is designing a Strat the way he likes them best, and that Fender is going to make XX copies of that instrument, availible to the public?

    Then indeed these will be the must have instruments for all the DG fans who play a bit of guitar themselves (that is when they come without swarovski crystals and glue).

    Helas, i can forecast now that i will not be able to afford me one, but that’s OK, i have got a guitar. You cannot have two or more of everything i feel. In the event that i would be the lucky one to win this piece of gold, I will give mine to an irregular who has not got a guitar, and then would be the proud owner of a SSB/UBR (stands for Standard Squier Bullet Used By Ronny, does not mean anything but sounds fancy).

  43. w00t! cant wait to get my hand on the DG fender. does it come with a guarantee that I’ll sound exactly like him when I play it? an arm and leg for that :/

  44. Wow – had no idea there was a custom DG Strat out there…! Was David involved in the design? Looks really cool!


  45. [I was going to say Charlie George or Denis Bergkamp but you just can’t argue with Thierry, can you? – Guy]

    guy: thanks for answering another of my questions. you rock. 🙂

    fed: i imagine the less said about arsenal today, the better?

    [No comment. – Features Editor]

  46. glad to see so many guitarists happy with this news. for your sake, i hope it’s not too expensive.

    at least you’ve got plenty of time to save up!

  47. A David Gilmour custom Fender Stratocaster, great !

    I think he is the only one who can make it sound and cry as he does.

    That reminds me a quotation, something like “You can give him a ukulele, he will make it sound like a Stradivarius”, I don’t remember who said that…


  48. that black strat is just a black late 60’s/early 70’s strat with a cut whammy. the red one is a 1984 ’57 re-issue that has emg’s and that mid boost in it. it is more hot-rodded. the black one is very plain. it used to have a rosewood neck and that was the guitar he played on the animals tour.

    his tone is basicly a clean amp with an overdrive, delay, uni-vibe, and a big muff… AND HIS BRILLIANT FINGERS. he does not use that much effect like everyone thinks. he uses a little bit here and there but it is those fingers…not any gadgets. all that rack stuff has to do with the size of the venues he plays.

    i have 2 strats with a cut tremolas and any guitar store can do that for you…one has emg’s and is a 1984 american standard that is silver and the other is1995 am standard black with a rosewood with rio grande p/ups that has a black pickguard that i bought in honor of gilmour’s animals strat.

    my band does a lot of floyd and that tone is very simple but beautiful …his isnt a special tremola or any more sensitive. i have had essentially 2 gilmour customs for years…what took fender so long? i have wondered that for a long time…richie sambora has a custom for god’s sake.

    speaking of richie…i met him and jon bon jovi in a hotel bar in nashville this past tuesday night. all i said to richie was ‘you and gilmour’s tone is sick…love both of your tone so much and sambora said ‘i love that gilmour’ and high fived me…i swear to god, it was really cool.(richie does have some great tone and is an amazing musician/singer all though i am not a big fan of those songs)

    i also mentioned gilmour to billy gibbons a few weeks ago in a bar (nashville is a very cool city) and he was really cool and raved about ole dave. it was a moment. is it disrespectful to ask all of these great guitarists about another guitar player? (well i did anyway).

    just thought all of u gilmour fans would think those situations were funny…i do love that gilmour!!!

  49. is the dg strat going to be an exact copy like they recently did with about 100 srv’s? (not the stevie ray vaughn you see all over but the one fender did where they replicated his #1 in every way)…it cost like $25,000.

    that would suck. i still bet it costs like $2000 know matter what…

    you all know hi watt has a dg model that replicates his amps (very pricey) and emg pick ups have his emg set up the ’emg-dg’…there is custom stuff out there.

    im a little shocked they arent doing the red one…that guitar is more famous than the black although that black is very pretty…as i mentioned before i have one that is just like it.

  50. [no you are’nt the only person who loves the solo from young lust . i do too . i much prefer the live version of the wall . i think it is called his there anybody in there. – Linda Island Lady]

    Linda, I couldn’t agree more. I wasn’t gonna say this, but since the subject was brought up, I will. I love the way David introduces this song on “Is There Anybody Out There.” Just the way he says “Young Lust” . . .very sexy. (I know you ladies understand 😉

    Someone said it earlier, and I know I can speak for all us Gilmourettes, when I say: Polly, you are a lucky gal, but you knew that!


    PS – I’m glad they went with the Black Strat as opposed to the Red =)

  51. Dear FEd,

    Wow, a custom strat!!! My dad left me (in ’99) his Epiphone mandolin, Peavey amp and his ’79 Guild guitar, it’s beautiful, burgundy with mother of Pearl inlays. (I was told Guild is a subsidiary of Fender). I recently decided to learn to play the guitar. I do play a mountain dulcimer. So hopefully I will be able to eventually play it.


  52. I’ve always wondered whether mentioning a Gilmour signature strat would have been like asking for the release date of the next DVD….am so glad there’s a post on it.

    Like all the other guitarists here I’d give my left leg to have a play on one (I think I already gave my right arm away in a previous competion, so gotta keep at least one to enjoy a DG strat!).

    I’m a crap guitarist though, so could someone more clueful please enlighten me: imho there are three key components to the Gilmour sound… (1) DG’s legendary feel (2) a rack of various electric hoodoo and effects and (3) David’s strat. Just getting hold of a strat setup like David’s is only a third of the equation – apart from David’s unique talents, wouldn’t you need similar effects to have any chance of getting close to David’s sound? I’ve played with effects boards before to try to emulate David’s sound but never ever come close (which I put mostly down to my lack of talent…!)

    In any case I totally want one when they do appear….if anything so that I can absolutely murder WYWH in my own style and live that fantasy of being DG with the biggest, silliest grin on my face. Think bedroom Rock Idol 🙂


  53. [Do you have a favorite David Gilmour guitar solo? (gus) – ‘Comfortably Numb’, although ‘Young Lust’ is surprisingly my second. I bet I’m the only person in the world who thinks that. – Guy]

    Guy is absolutely NOT the only one who thinks ‘Young Lust’ is one of Davids’ best solos! I love that one a little more than ‘Comfortably Numb’ these days and probably because I like to be the odd one out. CN is always at the top of his list.

  54. I liked those stories, Blake…and the technical info is now stored in my databanks for future use reference!

  55. Pipe dream to own that thing. Wow! Wouldn’t it be nice though……

    Where’s Fat Old Bob?

    Melissa (*_*)

  56. Great News on the strat…!!!

    Hope everyone had a great weekend.

    I am very well rested from my vacation, although a little hungover LOL

    Renee B.
    Fontana, Ca USA

  57. Ha-ha, Simon, you got me to laugh out loud-really. . .sorry mate, it’s been a long weekend. . .here’s your long past due pint. . .

    I don’t play guitar, but I record a lot of them, so it’s nice to know this world will be filled with the possibility of better sound in the not too distant future!

    Angelo-With the current Barn Band lineup, ‘Prokaryotic Boogie’ into ‘Archae is the Colour’ followed by ‘Birth of a Bacteria’, would undoubtedly be an amazing way to open the first set. . .

  58. Got me by surprise my dear Fed!

    I’m totally speechless… it’s great news our David is being recognized by Fender as it should’ve been a long time ago!

    I’m thrilled and the minute they’re out I’ll have one of those. I already lost my chance to own an original Slash Les Paul when I was younger, having 3k+ USD when you’re 12 ain’t easy, however; now that I just happened to refine my musical taste I won’t miss my opportunity to put my hands on one of those guitars. Good thing now I’m a grown up! ¬¬! Well, at least that’s what I’d like to believe!

    Anyhoo… Fed I have a question regarding OAI’s DVD. Is it going to come out in one of the newest DVD standards? Say Blue Ray or something like that? I’m pretty sure that would be amazing, specially since David’s music allows the need for such a high quality in recording. Alas, I just think it would be great to be able to preserve such great memories from the concert in the best format available.

    Well… please… please Fed… spend the time to thank David from us all!

    Shine on we lucky future custom Fender DG Strat owners!

    [It’s not, Jorge. Apparently, the demand for Blue Ray isn’t there just yet. – Features Editor]

  59. [I know that someone else could articulate what I’m attempting to express much better than I.]

    I know exactly what your saying Gabrielle.

    Some guitarist play so fast shredding arpeggios up and down and I think yeah I hear ya but what the hell are you saying? Kinda like going to listen to an auctioneer huh?

    When David plays it is a more from the soul thing. Those notes just go right through you don’t they. That’s why he’s the man.

    (-:Tomi Sue:-)

  60. [Any truth to the 22Hr. Chat claim by Geoff. . .I think he forgot to turn his computer off before his Gig and just ended up talking to himself in his Guiness. . .he-he. – Posted by: Marcus Buick at November 11, 2006 05:53 PM

    Well I did do a gig ( no guinness alas ) i did return to find my pc still on and still logged in so its sort of a new record albeit a fake one .

    Rgds Geoff Duffy ( Dublin )

    [Sadly, some of you have been a bit too cocky about returning to the Barn after the doors have been closed, so you won’t be able to do that from now on. Besides, I don’t like knowing that people are leaving their computers on just so that they may return to the chatroom hours later. After all this encouraging talk of stopping climate chaos, it does seem a bit rich. – Features Editor]

  61. Well there is a beauty for some budding guitarists out there. I now wish I could play just to be able to justify getting one!

    Just an additional observation to the post from Kasra and FedEd’s answer. I would not dare to presume to speak on anybody elses behalf so these are my thoughts only.

    Over the past twelve months I have dipped in and out of this site reading and contributing to the blog and all the press releases. I think David has made it very clear when this question has come up in the past that he does not want the hassle and huge responsibility it takes to stage a “Pink Floyd” tour.

    This years tour must have been something else even with its scaled down presentation as compared with a PF concert. But in any case, if David doesn’t want to do it, and he is the voice for PF, then we should have the good grace to respect his wishes. No amount of percieved pressure through this blog will change that.

    Anyway I didn’t think that was the purpose of this blog.

    Exiting soap box exit stage left.

  62. [A David Gilmour custom Fender Stratocaster, great ! I think he is the only one who can make it sound and cry as he does. Michèle]

    I totally agree with you, Michèle, but we can dream,no?

    Ikkar, with love

  63. Wow cannot wait to see and own one of these, I was getting a black strat soon, but i think i will wait another year or so for on of these 🙂


  64. Doesn’t that Strat’s set-up change almost every month? It’s had LOADS of necks and pick-ups….

    Guy’s favourite (now dead) person from music history: “Impossible. Do you have any idea how many people in music history are dead? Stravinsky, Machito, Sibelius, Keith Moon, Robert Palmer, Mozart, Jimi Hendrix, Bernard Edwards, George Harrison… I could go on all night.”

    What, no Syd?

  65. Dear Fed and all,

    Great news on the strat ! I would guestimate 2K ish Sterling !

    However there is a lot more to it than buying a DG guitar and thinking you will sound like him. The guitar is just one key piece in the jigsaw. I hear a lot of people saying David likes his clean sound. But it takes a lot of filtering and things to get that. He doesn’t have all these rigs for nothing !!!

    The next piece in the jigsaw is a DG effect board !!! Come on David bring it on !

    FED – Why don’t David and Polly auction a signed strat for children in need this Friday ? David was talking about reducing his collection some time ago. I would start it off at a grand ! As long as i can pop around to pick it up !!!

  66. Is that the guitar strap that Polly bought for David and belonged to Jimi Hendrix (see photo above)

    Would Polly or David let on how much the strap was bought for??

    [It’s a cheery ‘yes’ to your first question and a stern ‘no’ to your second, Mark. – Features Editor]

  67. [Although it’s premature to say so, there’s likely to be a competition to win one of these closer to the release of David’s ‘On An Island’ DVD next year]

    This news has sent me into the STRAT-osphere…

    I think I may have also had a “premature congratulation” as well…

  68. I am so glad that David is going to have his own custom Strat. I have always wondered why he didn’t have one. David has been a huge influence in my own playing, and I think this is great. I hope they nail the amazing sound that his makes.


  69. I sure hate i missed the competition on the shirt i would have loved to have had it

    i have been a Floyd/Gilmour fan for 30 years i keep all my tee shirts i get from concerts, i have my shirt from the 94 tour still in closet that shirt would have been great to keep in my collection

    as for my David Gilmour shirts i got in New York i wear them all the time, the long sleeve thermal like shirt is my favorite so comfortable

    any way i hate i missed it all it needs is Pollys to sign it also.

    Thanks to my children being off from school thursday i havent had my computer they have it once they get home for weekend an as you know as a mother Polly children come first, so i missed another competition but maybe next time

    still love our blog site its a great site with some great surprises.

    Blessed Be

  70. A DG Strat? You MUST be kidding me! Now I need yet another guitar, but im still unemployed! Wow hope the contest to win one really comes through.

    Any details on the dealings or specs for the guitar Fed? I just cant believe Fender took so long to do this (or maybe David did, I dont know)

    [We can’t confirm anything just yet, but we’ll let you know the details as soon as possible, Paul. – Features Editor]

  71. Fed,

    the “Kuyt” did n’t fly on sunday ! im saying no more except my weekend was probably better than yours.

    [The whole team flew for about half an hour, then I can only imagine that they got fed up of flying and decided to run around like headless chickens for a laugh instead. – Features Editor]

  72. Hi Blake

    yes the red one became famous too in the 80’s, but it’s not the real DG style, his historic Strats have always been black.

    I have built a number of replicas as well… 5 now… I guess it’s enough so far… I should spend more time playing and less assembling… 😉

  73. This certainly is a pleasant surprise. It is great to see David and Fender working together to build a guitar. Of course there is only one thing that will help you improve your guitar skills and it’s not the guitar. It’s practice, practice, practice. But it will still be very cool to have this Strat in the collection.



  74. I don’t think I’ll be trading in my original 67 Strat just yet.

    Hysteron proteron

  75. I hope you are feeling a little less stress today Fed. Are we getting on your nerves?

    Melissa (*_*)

    [Some people do from time to time, I have to say. It’s nothing personal, of course. I just feel it’s an insult to David when they take certain liberties here. – Features Editor]

  76. [Sadly, some of you have been a bit too cocky about returning to the Barn after the doors have been closed, so you won’t be able to do that from now on. Besides, I don’t like knowing that people are leaving their computers on just so that they may return to the chatroom hours later. After all this encouraging talk of stopping climate chaos, it does seem a bit rich. – Features Editor]

    Noted and point taken , my intentions were always honourable I can assure you . I thought to myself do I stay logged on or do I watch liverpool , go figure but on a serious note hand slapped and justified.

    Rgds Geoff Duffy ( Dublin )

  77. [Sadly, some of you have been a bit too cocky about returning to the Barn after the doors have been closed, so you won’t be able to do that from now on… – Features Editor]

    DAMN! ….you’re right….

    You know, you give a person an inch…


    I’ll go self-flagelate now…

  78. [Sadly, some of you have been a bit too cocky about returning to the Barn after the doors have been closed, so you won’t be able to do that from now on… – Features Editor]

    Gee…I have yet to even log into a chat let alone the barn session. Maybe someday.


  79. Dear FEd,

    When the DG strat is finally in the shops, do you know if there will be a limited number of the made for a limited amount of time?


    [I’m afraid I don’t, Penny. We’ll let you know more just as soon as we’re able to. – Features Editor]

  80. yyyyyyyyeeeeeeeeeeesssssssssssssssss

    i’ve ever wonder why not before !


  81. Someone said they hope the guitar won’t be as expensive as Clapton’s “Blackie” guitar. Blackie is a tribute guitar (meaning every scrape and scratch is on it). It is my understanding, from a quote I read from the guy at Fender, that the Gilmour Strat will just be Custom Shop guitar with maybe a tribute version to come. So no… It shouldn’t be even in the same territory, price-wise, as Blackie.

  82. [Some people do from time to time, I have to say. It’s nothing personal, of course. I just feel it’s an insult to David when they take certain liberties here. – Features Editor]

    If I am guilty, I hope you will forgive me.

    Melissa (*_*)

    [Of course. I forgive everyone if they realise they’ve over-stepped the mark. You’re alright, mate. – Features Editor]

  83. [Sadly, some of you have been a bit too cocky about returning to the Barn after the doors have been closed, so you won’t be able to do that from now on… – Features Editor]

    Egads, I haven’t even been fast enough to get in or awake when the chat room is open(maybe that’s the same thing). At this rate the whole thing will be closed down permanently before my old fingers let me in there.

    I’ll just be content to read all the crazy stuff here.

    have a good evening all.

  84. 3 yrs ago was inroduced to a certain guitarist, David Gilmour. Wow. I thought you had to be really really fast and heavy to sound any good on a gat, not anymore.

    Have been playing the gat for 6 years most of which has been dedicated to metal, but now there is nothing more satisfying than putting on a Floyd or Gilmour cd and turning the volume up. Usually the volume rises each song lol.

    Just wanted to let David know that if it wasnt for his unique style I probably wouldnt be playing anymore.

    Plus I have got 2 other people hooked on the guitar and the Floyd. Fav songs to play would be Comfortably Numb, Time, Coming Back to Life, Mother, Pigs on the Wing you get the picture anyway lol.

    Thanks heaps David your a legend

    [Come forward into the light, my friend. – Features Editor]

  85. i am telling you guys that are wondering about his sound that you CANT get it from rack effects. he gets his sound from very basic pedals…that rack is a delay…that eventide 3000 or whatever but he uses all analog except that digital metallizer that i never heard on div. bell or oai…it was all over momentary lapse.

    the univibe ‘rack’ was put together by phil for protection. his set-up is very basic…he just has those hands and that feel.

    the filters…i dont know what that is. he uses a mxr 90 phaser i think. buy a regular strat (necessary, red or black optional), a danelectro analog delay (necessary), a tube screamer…make that 2 tube screamers (necessary), maybe a compressor cs-2 boss ( optional), and a univibe(optional), big muff, rat 2(optional) and a fender amp (absolutely necessary). that will get you shine on1-9, us and them, comf numb, sorrow…

    IT IS THIS BRILLIANT MAN’S HANDS that u are missing. you can pull his rig up on the net…all those eq’s are for the size venue he plays along with that big rack thing…

    i have studied this man for 20 yrs…over 20 shows in 22 yrs. my fav. gilmour is 87-90…hungry and something to prove. knebworth show was the sh#@!!!!!!!!!!!

  86. Pleasant to know, that Guy likes Bulgakov. I know, that one more bass player Sting considers The Master and Margarita as one of his favourite books. But Guy has mentioned The Heart of a Dog also. Surprisingly!

    People on the West very much appreciate other russian classics Dostoevsky and Leo Tolstoy. I thought all that Bulgakov’s Soviet reality and literary images are clear for understanding only for russians which have lived in that world, and know all that. And it is inaccessible to the western people.

    Bulgakov is one of my favourite too. Pleasantly.

  87. A signature Strat! What an excellent idea. It would make an excellent compliment to my completely all original ’77 Strat.

    Whilst on the subject of the Fender Stratocaster, I have been trying to date the black Strat that David plays in the Pompeii film.

    I note that it has a CBS large headstock – which first appeared in 1965 I do believe. David’s Strat does not have a bullett truss-rod so that makes it pre-1971. I also note that it does not have the “transitional” Fender logo on the headstock which I think the 1965 Strats had on them. So I can only deduce that Gilmour’s black Strat is between 1966-1970. Any idea, FEd?

    Once I know that date, my search for a black Strat like David’s will begin. I will obtain it – one of these days!

    Best regards.


    [It was purchased new in 1970, I think. – Features Editor]

  88. [It was purchased new in 1970, I think. – Features Editor]

    Thanks for that, FEd.

    Prior to logging on here again today I was watching the Pompeii film again to try and pick up some more dating information on that black Strat. Okay, so there is only one string tree on the headstock, but that was also the norm prior to 1971.

    I noticed something more of interest which narrowed down the date margins again when David was sat on the ground playing A Saucerful of Secrets. The neck is constructed of maple with a slab maple fingerboard glued on top and their is no skunk stripe at the back of the neck. So that now gives a date of ’66-’68. If the guitar was purchased new in 1970 it could well have been in the shop for some time. Now if only I could find out the serial number, then that would give me and exact date. Now I am pushing it, but only in the nicest possible way. Ha, ha.

    It is just that I have always wondered what year that guitar was so that I could buy me one.

    Best regards.


    ps All this Fender talk has made me take Eugene the Second (my ’77 Strat) down from the wall and play along to the Atom Heart Mother Suite.

  89. Looking at the black Strat better in the AOL sessions it is indeed a 60’s body (pickguard with 11 screws) and it’s quite beaten up, with also traces of something previously screwed on right below the bridge. It could well be the same body used on The Wall, but with a different neck, that one was a custom made maple 60ish with the truss rod access on the heel.

  90. OK. A bit on the original DG strat as I know it and read it.

    I understand that it was purchased in NYC at Manny’s back in the 1970s. I also read that David did replace the neck on the guitar and apparently the original neck is currently on a guitar that his brother owns. If I’m not mistaken, I believe he also fiddled around with the pickups. This is according to an interview I read earlier this year in Guitar Player magazine.

    Guitar players are notorious for modifying their guitars. Especially Strats which can have their necks changed rather simply (it is more difficult with a Gibson to change the neck because they are glued on where a Fender neck is bolted on). Other popular modification would be to the electronics, such as changing the pickups, or rewinding the current ones, adding minor switch effects, etc. etc. And then you can also do like David and toy around with the length of the whammy bar.

    Bottom line is that musicians typically look for what feels right and sounds right to them. That is why most of their main guitars are bastardized versions of standard models. It is also why companies such as Fender and Gibson have their Custom Shops.

    You can also think of it this way. Most people buy a car and drive it around as is from the factory. But there are some who buy the factory car and then add all kinds of extras or change things on the car to soup it up.

    O, and Blake is absolutely right as well. The guitar is just one part of DG’s arsenal. You have to pair it with the effects, the amp and the hands if you really want that DG sound.

    Does this help explain some on the strat??


  91. Julie,

    By the way, the Fender serial number system is not as reliable as Gibson. I’ve found that the Gibson system is much more reliable in establishing the date of a guitar than the Fender system. In fact, since it is so easy to modify a Fender, the serial number may just provide you with data on the neck.


  92. Thanks, Guy, for the titles of the books. I have already read only The Master and Margarita…I’ll let you know if I like the others!


  93. thank you andrew…i have done my gilmour homework for sure. i dont think that black one he’s playing now is the one from pompeii…im pretty sure of that. is the current black or the pompeii black the one from manny’s? i think it is the pompeii black.

    the one now def. is the one from animals though and also the one he played on about face it had a dive bomb kit then…he played run like hell, short and sweet and murder live with that one. and i think ‘lets get metaphysical if my memory is correct. it has been over 22 yrs.

    i am still a lil shocked that they arent doing the red one…he still plays it and he’s played it for over 20 yrs…and it has stayed exactly the same…kinda strange to me. the black one is prettier though.

    anyone check out the dg hi watt or dg emg p/ups? they are out there. but you aint gonna sound like dave…sorry guys.

  94. I know it’s late to post this so I’ll bring it back up at a later time elsewhere.

    I am thinking that if a strat-clone ends up in a contest, it should go to someone that knows how to use it. A great and rare instrument doesn’t belong in the hands of a non-musician. It would only end up on ebay. This DG-strat would be cherished by a gutarists that has actually studied and played Floyd/Davids music.

    My thoughts are that it should be a skills contest among the irregulars. Each person wishing to do so could upload a video and then send that link to the fed. Maybe David could judge.

  95. By the way, much has been written about the black strat.

    Basically the 70’s body has had several necks on it from the 60’s era and I believe he is currently using a 65 neck. At one time it had a Kahler bridge (pics show drill holes)and that has reverted now back to the original.

    The pickups have been modified multiple times with all kinds of custom changes. He experiments and sometimes goes back to standard stuff. I think on this last tour it now has a hidden push/pull pot mixing the neck/bridge pickups for a fatter sound.

    Page does this too. He guts this baby and plays with the parts all the time so there is no telling what you’ll get if they clone this. It’s always changing. How cool is that?!

  96. Blake,

    I thought he only had one black strat and it was the one he purchased at Manny’s in the early 70s. It could be the one he used at Pompeii as well because that was filmed in the early 70s as well. Remember, that video includes some of the songs that eventually made it on DSOTM. So the timing is accurate.

    And actually I just reread the paragraph were he discusses the black strat. He does state that it is the one he has had since about 1970 and he’s used it on The Wall and many others. So it is the same guitar that was in Pompeii. The pickups on the guitar where chosen by him and Seymour Duncan when he worked at Fender. They were picked out of a box and rewound and they stayed on the guitar ever since. He considers this to be his “bodge-up guitar on which nothing is sacred.” And yes it is scratched up and has holes drilled in it.

    I agree that the red one is awesome as well. In the same interview he discussed that strat saying he put in the EMGs because they cut down on radio frequency interference. However these days technology has gotten much better and he can use his strat with standard pickups. (Standard. HA. We know they are not just the same ones you buy in the store and that they are customized in some way.)

    Personally, I think they are both sweet guitars.


  97. Back when I was a poor college student, I spent two years saving up a grand to buy the 57-reissue that was the basis for the 80s ‘famous’ red strat. And yes, I insisted on the frost red and not a candy apple red. It had to be /right/.

    That guitar has had only one mod done to it, switching out the pickup switch to the 5-way that came with the guitar. I really want the shortened tremolo, because I think it would be easier for me to make that reach. I just picked up that guitar for the first time in months yesterday (I’ve been having a love affair with an acoustic of late), and it was sheer pleasure to compare just how well that thing is made and how easy it is to play. Now if only I had anything grand of my own to play, rather than copying my personal guitar god… 😉

    Been a fan of PF for years, and I’m pleased that most of my musical explorations were inspired by the band, including more recent folks in the band, such as Mr. Guy over yonder (whose bass from the DSOT tour is one I’d love to see in a signature edition as well — I’m in love with that bass, mate.) 😉

    – Saving for the DG custom: already done.
    – Finding this site and reading all the back entries: done – on company time 😀
    – Getting to know this community and hopefully becoming a part of it: working on it.

    FEd, having gotten a good look at your ‘style’ in running this place and how you handle yourself despite how passionate we fans can get, I am sincerely impressed. I hope I never give you cause to have to yell at me, although I feel I can trust that I’ll be treated with respect if you do.

    Cheers. 🙂

    The Phoenix (Who sincerely adores the Dr. Who riff in ‘One of These Days’…)

    [Thanks very much, mate. – Features Editor]

  98. Andrew says: [By the way, the Fender serial number system is not as reliable as Gibson. I’ve found that the Gibson system is much more reliable in establishing the date of a guitar than the Fender system. In fact, since it is so easy to modify a Fender, the serial number may just provide you with data on the neck.]

    True, I mean take a look a 0001 for example. ;D

    I was not aware that the neck was replaced on the black Strat in the said film. However, without being able to look under the scratch plate for pencil markings, pot stamps and nail holes, etc aging the guitar would be somewhat impossible I suppose.

    I do, however, know without a shadow of a doubt that my ’77 is original – well apart from a re-fret. It sounded great when I played it yesterday but gosh do my finger tips hurt. It has been awhile since I last played it (or may acoustic for that matter).

    Perhaps I will opt to purchase a 1970 black Strat then. I will try and do a Google search on Manny’s later in a bid to do some research; if I get the time that is.

    Best regards.


  99. Hi-Watt amps are too expensive and I’m not too fussy about a sound you can easily replicate with less expensive ones like Hughes&Kettner or minor vintage tube brands with some easy customization on the electronics.

    EMG pickups were the very first active noiseless vintage-like Strat sounding pickups ever, David started using them pretty early because of the heavily amplified signal chain, but now there’s plenty of choice even with passive ones, I prefer DiMarzio (I’m Italian…)

  100. This is a great blog and I’m enjoying reading it very much.

    Not sure about the competition rules being so selective, as this isn’t David’s actual guitar being offered, but one of what will be thousands of clones.

    Also, if there is going to be a competition for it, why not a competition for an original unpublished song? After all, David hasn’t built his reputation purely on technical ability.


  101. I don’t know what is the matter with me lately but I seem to have regressed. Oh well, what the hell. I sure it is only fleeting.

    Here follows another song that I wrote back in 1992 in tribute to the Stratocaster.

    Stratocaster Rock

    The Guy things sounds quite good.
    The Marvin sunshine on maplewood.
    Not forgetting Buddy Holly.
    Stratocaster rock.

    Fender bending is what it may be,
    Leo has led the way.
    Ash or alder take your pick.
    Stratocaster rock anyday.

    The Clapton blues feels the pain.
    The Gilmour hand cries like rain.
    Not forgetting Jimi Hendrix.
    Stratocaster rock.

    Fender bending is what it may be,
    Leo has led the way.
    Ash or alder take your pick.
    Stratocaster rock anyday.

    The Beck anger cuts through.
    The Cray jingle puts a spell on you.
    Not forgettting Stevie Ray Vaughan.
    Stratocaster rock.

    Fender bending is what it may be,
    Leo has led the way.
    Ash or alder take your pick.
    Stratocaster rock? Anyday.

    Solo into fade.

    Written sometime in 1992.

    Best regards.

  102. [My thoughts are that it should be a skills contest among the irregulars.]

    I have studied the great man for over 25 years and I still can’t fathom how he does it. It’s such a unique style and as has already been said before, its not the axe but the axe player.

    I would have a go, but I’m sure there are people on this blog who could blow me away with their skills.

  103. [I am thinking that if a strat-clone ends up in a contest, it should go to someone that knows how to use it. A great and rare instrument doesn’t belong in the hands of a non-musician.- ag]

    Do you need to be a painter yourself to enjoy great paintings on the walls of your home ?

    However, yes, I think it would be better for the guitar to live rather than to sleep for ever.


  104. FEd, I’ve just had a great idea (at least I think it is)…

    To even things up for any non-musicians, why not get everyone to write some lyrics and the best not only wins the strat, but David writes some music to them.

    Maybe it could even be released as a special edition single?

    What do you think?

    [I think we’re talking about a competition that will take place next year, not to mention one in which the Fender people might just want some involvement… – Features Editor]

  105. Hi FEd,

    I’ve just had the best time reading all the tech-talk regarding the Strat, which is not to say that I entirely understand it. Funny how much a person can be entertained merely by listening to people discussing the inner-workings of an instrument that, through the hands of a master (David in this case), acts as a conduit to channel so many shared emotions!

    Not sure if I’m making much sense — it is early here, after all, and the coffee hasn’t yet kicked in! I just wanted to express my thanks to everyone in the ‘detail’ discussion, it heightens my appreciation of David’s music — and Julie, I loved your little ditty too!

    Peace and love!
    Washington State

  106. I’ll bet Mr Gilmour is having a good old yawn to himself wondering what all the fuss is about an old beat up strat heh heh

  107. [Getting to know this community and hopefully becoming a part of it: working on it.-The Phoenix]

    Phoenix, you’re more then welcome. We’re always on the lookout for more people to join our little clan here. Hope to hear more from you!

    I don’t like the idea of a playing contest, selfishly, because I know I wouldn’t win. I’m not at that level yet. However, I love the lyric idea. I’ve been writing lyrics for quite some time. I even have a tape recorder that I hum into when I think up a rhythm or solo part. (Thank you David, for making me feel less crazy, I read somewhere that you do this too.)

    It’s now just a matter of getting what’s in my head to come out on the guitar.

    I know plenty of us could write lyrics too.

    If Fender plans to be in on the giveaway though, ag, you may get your wish.


  108. If Fender is involved then its likely to be some monster contest designed to reach as many people as possible. So it would be like trying to win a lottery. I haven’t won one of those yet either.

    I’m afraid my chances are somewhat diminished with millions of entries.

    I’m reminded of a contest Sony had for Davids tour in the USA. There was supposed to be a guitar give-away along with David’s entire cd collection. I looked but never heard anything about who won.

  109. Hi Fed,

    The custom Strat is a great idea. Thanks to David.

    To all the whiners about “I want the Red one”, now I can tell my 8- year old that grownups sound just as silly as kids who whine that they didn’t get the toy they wanted in their Happy Meal.

    I have learned in my short stint in music that there are 2 kinds of people involved; those who play songs and those who make music. David is one who makes music. Playing 10 notes per second may make someone a great guitar player, but not necessarily a great musician. David makes a guitar display a wide range of emotion. David proves that faster is not always (in fact, rarely) better.

    Have a good day all,


  110. I’m of two minds regarding a contest of some kind. I really like the idea that you folks have here of ensuring contests are for the contributors to the site, not just opportunists (so yeah, I fully intend to be a contributor).

    I certainly hope that however it goes down, there’s a clause in whatever contest contract there is that says the guitar is never sold on eBay or similar sites unless the proceeds go to charity. Not just ‘the profits’, but ‘the proceeds’.

    That’s how we did the charity CD a bunch of folks in the dementia (comedy music) community got together last year after the Katrina tragedy. Since the pressing of the CD was prepaid by donations, anyone who bought it was guaranteed that 100% of their purchase went to the American Red Cross, since that was the designated charity. The generosity of music fans has never ceased to amaze me.

    I agree with Erin, tho, I’d seriously lose any contest resembling Gilmour Idol. 😉 Now, if you want filk/parody music… I once did a Dragonriders of Pern version of High Hopes about 10 years ago. Such a beautiful song probably didn’t deserve a filk, but it was about dolphins. You can’t go wrong with dolphins. 😀

    Here’s to hoping the custom strat that goes on sale isn’t a limited edition for a billion dollars/pounds/yen/etc. I’ve got video games to buy. 😉

    The Phoenix
    (a lady Phoenix, in case peeps are wondering…)

  111. Mike from Michigan said:

    [To all the whiners about “I want the Red one”, now I can tell my 8- year old that grownups sound just as silly as kids who whine that they didn’t get the toy they wanted in their Happy Meal.]

    I don’t think I’d characterize those of us who like the red strat as ‘whiners’. Particular, perhaps, but it’s not really any different a choice than David versus Roger, it’s a question of style and personal choice. It may simply be an aesthetic thing.

    Personally, my favorite color is blue, and if they offer ‘the Gilmour strat’ in blue, I’ll be buying that one instead of the ‘old school black’ or ‘new school red’, since my 57-reissue is the ‘red strat’.

    Many of the signature strats Fender has offered over the years have had color assortments, so until we hear more, I’d wait before denouncing what Fender’s gonna offer us. Does the color really matter when the rest of it is to David’s specifications? Most of us with the means will buy it anyway.

    Unless it comes in pink and purple polka dots.

    (Then again, I can think of a few local fans who’d still buy such an aesthetic offense to humanity… ) 😉

    The Phoenix.

  112. In my ongoing quest in promoting David’s music,I lent my copies of “On An Island” and P.U.L.S.E. to a co-worker of mine a few days ago to sample.

    Needless to say,we have a new convert as at work today he accosted me with many thank you’s…and as WE already know, he(not an expert by any means, but we all count), proclaimed David as “unargueably the most gifted and mesmerizing guitarist ever to grace this planet.”

    Just wanted to share this…Oh, and I have my copies back as he wasted no time in running out to buy his own.

  113. [To all the whiners about “I want the Red one”, – The Phoenix.]

    Why not the red one ?

    Maybe that red one simply reminds him (David) not so good times in his personal life (1987…), as he has often said…

    But maybe, I’m too naïve.


  114. Hello!

    It seems to me that both red and black strats are iconic in their own way, but because the electronics are readily available from EMG, isn’t it easier for someone to make their own “clone” of the red strat? The black strat has special pickups and an extra switch and wiring which I suppose can be duplicated, but not as easily.

    Taking a look at Fender’s website a Clapton strat lists for US$ 2000 , a Clapton signature strat for 3000. I don’t know where David’s would be positioned (above that?).

    I also noticed that even “Hello Kitty” has her own strat. So it’s about time that they did David’s!


  115. i agree with the phoenix. i wasnt whining at all. i just thought it was ‘interesting’ that the black was the choice.

    i like them all. one of my gilmour strats that i customized is black and rosewood with black pick guardwith texas specials and that mid boost…very meaty . and the one with emg’s is silver…not red either. but that red one of dave’s is a ’57 reissue which is a very nice guitar.

    not whining just thinking out loud. ill take them all.

  116. Bonjour,

    (Sorry I spoke only french)

    Je suis ravi d’apprendre qu’une guitare Fender porte le nom de David Gilmour (celui de Pink Floyd et non celui de Wayne Shorter). Malheureusement, bien que le David Gilmour que j’aime est celui de Pink Floyd, je n’aime pas trop les FENDER, elles sont lourdes et il faut des doigts forts pour en jouer bien.

    Personnelement, je joue exclusivement sur une guitare Gibson L6S et avec quelques racks multi-effets j’arrive à un son très proche de David Gilmour. D’ailleurs, j’aimerais lui proposer d’essayer ma guitare avec mes sons.

    Your Faithfully
    Pol Silentblock

  117. Howdy everybody,

    Hope the DG signature model is going to feature the large ’70s head stock…

    Are there any other details available on the hardware that’s going to be used (Pickups, tremolo etc.)?

    Best Regards,
    Bert Erdmann

    [No details as yet, sorry. – Features Editor]

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