'Arnold Layne' single

00013_blog.jpgAnother first for you…

Available for a limited period over the Christmas holidays – and dedicated to the memory of Syd Barrett, who passed away in July – will be an ‘Arnold Layne’ single featuring two live versions of the song: one with David Bowie on vocals, the other with Richard Wright (both from the Royal Albert Hall).

Poignantly, it will also include a live acoustic cover of ‘Dark Globe’, from Syd’s debut album, ‘The Madcap Laughs’.

There will be a limited press of 7″ singles in Europe and 10″ singles in North America.

These will be available in all good record shops (and probably some rubbish ones as well) from 26 December.

The tracks will also be available for download from Christmas Day.

I’ll give you more details a bit closer to the time.

There was no chat today, but the chatroom will be open from 3PM (UK time) tomorrow.

We’ve reached the end of Guy’s Q&A, but thank you all for your questions and comments. I’ll leave you with Guy’s answers to some of your sillier ones and wish our competition winners, Tony K and Martin S, a fabulous time at Guy’s stand-up show tonight.

Last, but certainly not least, the winner of David’s very own ‘On an Island’ T-shirt is… Susan.

Many congratulations, Susan. I hope you’ll like it and trust that it’s going to a good home.

Did you ever play any of the original Tomb Raider games? (George Maciver)

No, but I know someone who found a way to make her repeatedly bang into the wall and moan in a way that was supposedly erotic.

Margaritas. Frozen or Iced? (Rudders)


Have you ever been sideswiped by any pigs on the wing onstage? (Beau)

Now you’re being silly.

Holidays. Beach or Adventure? (Rudders)

Adventure with the missus, Beach with child. Although we did drag him around Cambodia, which was fairly adventurous.

Did you know for an extra 50p your trainers come in a deluxe edition with shoe laces? (Gary Hurley)

Actually Converse John Varvates are a deluxe edition, as they are elasticated and the holes are ornamental. Ner ner ne ner ner…

Blogs. Yours or DG’s? (Rudders)

DG’s every time.

What do you want to be when you grow up? (George Maciver)

A Lion Tamer!

Author: FEd

Features Editor of David Gilmour’s official blog, The Blog (‘Features’ previously being its rather naff title), affectionately – or lazily – shortened to ‘FEd’.

128 thoughts on “'Arnold Layne' single”

  1. Bless the Lord of heaven above, David, and everyone who had anything to do with the above information. It just keeps getting better and better!! I can now die happy.

  2. F*Ed,

    Thats the single best thing I’ve heard so far today. Thanks, as always for letting us know about these most wonderful releases.

  3. well done, susan! i’m really pleased for you. 🙂 i wanted one of the blog irregular ladies to get it.

    great news about a tribute single. good on you, david. still taking care of your friend syd, i see.

  4. Congrats, Susan.

    There has just been so much news over the last few days.

    Okay, who is answering questions next?

  5. Congrats Susan,

    Kudos on the Arnold Layne single a great idea.

    Rgds Geoff Duffy (Sheepish in Dublin)

  6. How fitting that Arnold Layne is to be released as a single, for that is how it was originally released. I would get the single just to hear Dark Globe as done by DG.

    Barrett was a gifted songwriter, but until now I’ve only heard Dark Globe the way he did it on Madcap Laughs — which in my humble opinion is not the best way to remember those wonderful songs. In DGs very capable hands, it’ll definitely be a fantastic song.

  7. Congratulations, Susan. Dammit. 😀

    Great news about the Syd Barrett singles.

    And thanks, Guy…there’s more to you than I might have guessed. You’re, like, a person of substance and varied experience and junk! 😉


  8. Wow. A 10 inch vinyl single in the U.S.

    I have yet to find a local shop that carries any new releases in vinyl. It is all CDs around here or record conventions where you find old stuff. That is why I still don’t even have the OAI vinyl.

    But still something great to look forward to.

    With all this great stuff to come, what else could you surprise us with??? Is the full-size cardboard cutout of David playing a strat still on the drawing board for the holidays?? Or did that give way to the shoe photo postcard series?? Seriously though, keep it coming.


  9. Congratulation to Susan, I hope the shirt is a perfect fit…

    Fantastic news!!! My current collection of music is overplayed so I look forward to the fresh sounds.

    Thanks Mr. Gilmour and what a fun website 🙂

  10. Guy said, ” Ner ner ne ner ner…”,

    I like that, made me chuckle.

    Break a leg tonight Guy 🙂 and people going to the show, hope you have a good time.

    Congratulations Susan 🙂

    Well, a single eh? I don’t ordinarily buy singles, there’s only maybe three I have ever bought I think. This one will definitely join the honoured ranks. In fact, I will buy a few as stocking fillers for a few people too.

    ash X

  11. Really like the artwork on the new single cover -who did it?

    [Steve Knee, I think. Nice, isn’t it? – Features Editor]

  12. Wow –

    Is the “Dark Globe” is the surprise performace at Klam Castle?

    I’ve been hoping for a release of this. Thanks to everyone involved.

    [It hasn’t been decided yet, Bob. There are still discussions taking place. We’ll let you know more as soon as agreements are reached. – Features Editor]

  13. Congratulations Susan!

    Any news on the release date of Gilmour’s live dvd?

    [No. There are still discussions taking place and details waiting to be finalised. We’ll let you know more when these details have been finalised and not before. We only want to give you facts. Otherwise this would just be another rumour-stirring fansite, wouldn’t it? – Features Editor]

  14. Congratulations, Susan!!! That’s wonderful news! A big hug for you!

    Have fun tonight, Tony & Martin! I know you’ll have a great time. You’ll have to jot down a few jokes to entertain us with.

    Thanks once again to Guy for letting us bug him with questions, and of course, to David & Polly for everything! It’s been said before…but just when you think the blog could not get more exciting…it does!

    I’m so happy to read about “Arnold Layne.” The live version is such a rocker — just a pure energy blast. I wish I had the words to describe it.

  15. What a lovely way to remember an old friend and what a nice Christmas present for us all.

    Congratulations Susan – I’m ever so jealous 🙂

  16. ***THANK YOU, FEd! ***

    And THANK YOU, Polly for the great idea, and THANK YOU Mr. Gilmour for parting with your t-shirt!!

    I’m sooooo excited!! I never win drawings, so I’m feeling very lucky today!!!

    I’ll be watching the mail, as I’m anxious to
    see it “in person”! (I still can’t believe I won!)

    Thank you SO MUCH!!!
    xoxo Susan xoxo

    [You’re very welcome, mate. – Features Editor]

  17. Congratulations Susan!!! I’m so happy for you! If we Irregulars do actually get it together for the Barn party (my place, right?) you can wear the shirt and have the seat of honor — Princess Susan, Irregular Gilmourette you shall be from this day forward! I wonder who’ll be playing guitar on their new David Gilmour edition black Strat? Could be quite a line-up!

    This news of yet another tasty musical tidbit from David is fantastic. The Decider’s (Bush-speak) in the Gilmour camp are making the waiting time for the RAH dvd release ever so pleasant. Thank you whoever you are!

    Can’t wait for tomorrow’s chat. I might even be able to pull it off without any interruptions (hope, hope). Until then …

    Peace and love everyone!
    Washington State

  18. Very nice idea, this single. Especially David’s moving and touching rendition of Dark Globe is perfect to pay tribute to Syd.

    But FEd, one question; I don’t know if I got it right: Will there be a CD and a vinyl version of the single plus the download possibility or only vinyl and download?


    [It’s still being decided. We’ll let you know more when we can. – Features Editor]

  19. Will a CD album of the DG’s “Live at the Royal Albert Hall” (or about the “OAI Tour” Why not…)be available following the DVD release ?

    It would be so great !


  20. I have to pinch myself just to make sure I am not dreaming.

    This is just the best news going around with the Arnold Layne release.

    A big thank you to David and the crew for putting the fans first which unfortunately many bands do not do. The Dark Globe release is particularly special and a poignant salute to a lost friend.

  21. Wow, that´s also great news, fantastic news for the memory of Syd and for us fans.

    By the way Fed, what does it mean 7″ or 10″? maybe i´m missing the point or is something very English… 😉 By the way, I hope Europe means Spain as well.

    Congratulations Susan!

    [It will be a seven-inch vinyl single in Europe and a ten-inch vinyl single in North America, Jon. – Features Editor]

  22. Man oh man, we just keeping getting one great thing after another! Thanks David for everything!

    Congrats, my fellow Gilmourette, Susan. Wear it in pride, my friend.

    See yah all tomorrow in chat. I should get back from taking the kids to school just in time.


  23. Congradulations Susan! You are an extremely lucky lady. I am so jealous, I can hardly stand it.

    I hope you enjoy it as much as I would have. It’s such a nice gift.

    Any way, I really am happy for you.

    Hey, I have an idea, maybe I can make some copy cats for all of us Gilmourettes.

    Melissa (*_*)

  24. Great news about the releases! Thanks Guy for all the answers! Thank the makers and keepers of this site for all the goodies….okay no more gushing, except for……

    Susan, I can’t tell you how happy I am for you! Maybe I can show you?


  25. Congratulations Susan. That is fabulous. So very glad for you… Care for it gently.

    A Gilmour stratocaster!!!!Wonder if I can learn to play twinkle, twinkle, little star by then? Probably not.

    (FE’d…would it be possible to advise me the location where I can find Crisis and it’s address? Have lost my way to it. Would like to send something their way in small repayment for being so lucky here.)

    [I can. Click your name below. – Features Editor]

  26. Sìììì!

    Arnold Layne!At Florence it wasn’t played…is a very nice idea,I’m waitinng for ‘What’s…the deal’ too…

    have a nice day,Fed (You do the chat when I’m at work!!!,I still hope in a nightfly,someday…)

    have a nice day

  27. Congrats Susan!!!


    Fantastic news about the Single. I was not able to find OAI on vinyl here. Do they still have any there in the UK?


    [I believe so. We don’t seem to have any for sale through the site, but click your name below for a trusted alternative. – Features Editor]

  28. Thanks for the great responses Guy, they give me a good laugh every time!

    I’m especially excited about the release of “Arnold Layne” but disappointed that the vinyl version is only a European and US release!

    What about Australia and the rest of the world?? Guess I’ll have to pay the big bucks and import it. I’m still waiting for my vinyl edition of “On An Island” to arrive after 2 months of waiting…

    Hmmm, will it get here in time for Christmas? :>

  29. Congrats susan

    yea good on you david for the single will there be a CD version FED?

    [If we have anything else to add to the above, we will. At this time, you know all that we can say. – Features Editor]

  30. Rudders, funny how a large proportion of the ‘sillier’ questions for Guy seem to originate from the same bloke!

    And I haven’t forgotten (again) – family crisis over last couple of weeks concerning Louise’s Dad but he’s on the mend and out of hospital today so I’ll be back on the case!

  31. releasing ‘arnold layne’? great idea!!

    Feat ed, can you give us any more info atall about Davids new dvd? Im dying to know how much of each show will be on it, can you tell us? I mean, will it be split between the 3 nights or will it feature most of the one show?

    Anyways im looking forward to this release, especially since i was fortunate enough to be at the RAH when Bowie sang.

    [Again, we’ll let you know more when we can. – Features Editor]

  32. Nice going Susan, I am sure it looks better on you.

    Thank you David, you just keep pulling beauties out of that marvellous body of works of fantastic music.

    Speaking of fantastic music I have now listened to Division Bell for two solid weeks in my car I just keep palying it from start to finish. David it is now my favourite PF album, and I like Roger too.


  33. Way to go susan, I happy for you.

    Plus Fed I hope that your weekend went well.

    Take Care

  34. Just got in from Guy’s excellent show in London. Really, if you’ve not seen it yet, and are free on one of the remaining nights, DO go and see it… it’s fab!

    Also had the pleasure of meeting Martin, the blogger who won the tickets, after the show and having a natter about all things Gilmourian and Floydian…

  35. Hurray!..A girl won!..Congratulations Susan!..and enjoy!

    Geez..and we thought exciting news was going to fade away at tour’s end.It just never seems to end here!..Thank you all at davidgilmour.com!!..(Sorry about all the exclamation marks..It’s just sincerely how I feel right now!!!)

  36. Just catching up in wee hours

    F*Ed can David put some pressure on almighty Fender to do a version of the DG Strat for left hookers? Spec will be interesting.

    Rumours!! Pete Cornish DG boards???!!! Mmmmmmmmm ££££££££££

    Note Charlton got rid of Dowey before we go there and beat them! :))

  37. Congratulations Susan….you’ll have to share a picture with us Irregulars once you get it !

    Overloading with all the great news F.Ed – what’s next ? A personal day with David ? I can dream can’t I 🙂 (though I probably would be totally tongue tied and twisted).


  38. Caption: Distorted view, see through baby blue… He dug it!

    Congratulations Susan. Hope you enjoy.

    Good news about the singles. Sounds like a good deal. Hopefully Dark Globe will be included in future plans. : D

  39. I am so looking forward to the release of both DVD’s!

    Thanks David from all of us up here in Wisconsin, and from my friends in the Northwoods!

    Congrats Susan!

  40. Congratulations Susan !

    Excellent news about the tribute single. Thank you for letting us know first, FEd.

    Will try to make it to the chat.

    Best regards,

  41. Nice package with those rare songs especially for a Christmas gift, to others or to yourself…

    Are cd and vinyl both available? Can we pre-order it somewhere?


    [Only vinyl for now and we don’t plan to take pre-orders at this time. – Features Editor]

  42. Congrats Susan, you deserve it. You know where to come if your crystals get lost( painful)and if you travel you could be a crystal voyager!

    What’s a 7 inch and 10 inch and why are things bigger in North America??????????????

    Ian Pearson

    PS Simon, Oh where art thou?

  43. Well done Susan. The wife was dissapointed but I’m sure it’s going to a good home. Wear it with pride.

    The single is a great idea as Bowie was not on stage the night we were at RAH.

    FEd, will there be a QA for David at some point? I would love to pose some questions to the great man.

    Thanks to Guy for sparing us fans the time to answer so many questions, even though none of mine made it to the blog 🙁

    Looking forward to Stevie’s now 🙂


  44. Happy Tuesday,

    Great news about the Arnold Layne single. I really hoped something like that would happen.

    Be available from Boxing Day. Your avin a larf. Are the shops really open then?

    Susan, in the words of Rod Stewart, You’ll wear it well.

    Pete – Coventry

    [You make a good point. – Features Editor]

  45. Hi guys, Hi Fed..

    Sorry for being away for so long. Just wanted to drop a line and say hello to all 🙂 that was a nice t-shirt. Lucky susan!

    btw.. if i were to win a prize like this (highly unlikely!!), would you actually ship it to pakistan?


    [Of course we would. We’ve already sent prizes to several far flung places. – Features Editor]

  46. This is excellent news.

    Having been fortunate to be at the RAH on the night of Mr Bowie’s guest performance, I can assure fellow bloggers that they are in for a treat. I’m not knocking Richard’s version at all it was just such a surprise when Bowie walked on stage and subsequently I’ve thought how appropriate it was.

    Congrats as well to Susan, another very special prize finds it’s way to a deserving fan.

    You do spoil us sometimes, don’t you FEd?


    [We try, Colin. – Features Editor]

  47. [What do you want to be when you grow up? (George Maciver) – A Lion Tamer!!!!! – Guy]

    Hah that reminds me of a time when my brother was asked the same question. He however wanted to be a lion. And he hasn’t heard the end of it ever since!

    sweet news on the star man, I’ll be having me one of those thats for sure!!

  48. What a fabulous news about the new single and a fitting tribute to the late Syd, too! Thank you very much for this nice christmas-surprise, David!

    BTW: Can anyone explain to a non-native english speaker why the 26th of December is called “Boxing Day”?

    [There are many theories as to its origin, Georg. One is that the lower classes in the UK carried boxes to their masters when they arrived for work the day after Christmas. Employers would put coins in their boxes as a token of festive goodwill. Or they were allowed to smash open the boxes left, and filled, for them by their ‘betters’. The point is that gifts among equals were exchanged either on, or before, Christmas Day. The poor got theirs the day after. It could also have something to do with the church: specifically the opening and distribution of donation boxes to collect alms for the poor. You learn something new everyday at davidgilmour.com, don’t you? – Features Editor]

  49. Happy Tuesday (2),

    So is it merely coincidence that, just days after a competition for womens clothing where some of the entrants were men, we have the Arnold Layne re release announcement.

    Pete – Coventry

  50. Great news about the single Fed

    i can actualy say, i was there, i was there & a great Privilege it was too. I am going to buy it with my xmas money.

  51. Dear F.Ed.

    How many nice news and actions in these last days in order to prepare a very good year’s end! Many compliments to your organization,

    And many compliments to the winner of last pleasant competition , lady Susan!

    Keep well and ciao

    BTW: do you know what does it mean “ciao”? is comes from the ancient Venice’s local “slang” language, the word was “sciao” = “servo vostro “ in Italian (your servant in english) that the humble people usually said to gentlemen. I mean this greeting was used when San Marco’s square and church have been built, just to understand how it’s old!

  52. Great news to hear about the release of Dear Syd’s Arnold Lane. I witnessed the David Bowie performance at the RAH & have to say it’s quite breathtaking. I’ll obviously also enjoy Rick’s vocal version & Dark Globe which I haven’t heard before.

  53. Although I didn’t win the T-shirt, I must say that the ‘Arnold Layne’ single is yet another reason to admire David!!

  54. [You learn something new everyday at david gilmour.com, don’t you?]

    Well well you most certainly to. Seriously, I have spent my entire lifetime thinking it was related to sport and that years ago it was a traditional day for boxing matches.

    Pete – Coventry

  55. [You learn something new everyday at davidgilmour.com, don’t you? – Features Editor]

    Yes, that’s for sure, Fed! Thank you for that – as always – very profound explanation!

    [You’re more than welcome, Georg. – Features Editor]

  56. Hello FEd, those are really good news! I haven´t heard any of these versions and can´t wait to!

    Oh, by the way, did you know that according to some news published in the beggining of the year around here, David should have played last week a series of concerts around the country…

    Maybe he did, in disguise, without any publicity in a very obscure and far place that nobody has ever heard before.

    I´ve quit most of brazilian on line comunities and forums related to DG and PF due to this kind of crap. If you get bored reading anytime one writes asking if David will come to Brazil, you would die of desperation inside those.

    Anyway, maybe I won´t be able to get along with the chatroom today… Just wanted do drop by and say hello to you and all the irregulars.

    See you soon! And congrats Susan!


  57. Ner ner ne ner ner to you Mr Guy Pratt!

    Now we have the good news on the Arnold Layne single this Christmas holidays,can we like last year with “Island Jam” have a 2/3 day video view of the video clip from the Royal Albert Hall for our Xmas bloggers present?

    Gary Hurley.

    [Maybe. We’ll have more on this story, fear not. – Features Editor]

  58. cool. maybe 1 day I could get an autographed copy of OAI.

    Hey! It could happen..No? (hint hint ;))

  59. Just popped in to say many thanks for the tickets last night, my mate and I had a great time. Even managed to accost Mr Pratt in the street prior to the show to thank him. Sorry for startling you Guy!

    Guy is a very funny guy…bloke.

    Didn’t realise that the venue was so small!

    Plus Guy, if you read this, who was the bloke front left (looking at the stage)? said that their videos always involved Wolves. Was he famous once?

  60. Congrats to Susan on winning some new clothes,

    Great news about `Arnold Layne` A great tribute to Syd!


    I thought I would get a stern NO when asking about the cost of Davids` guitar strap!

    What is DG getting for his Xmas or more to the point what does DG want for Xmas?

  61. Congratulations Susan,

    Great news about singles, this news helped me relive 29 and 30 of May in RAH. I was surpised, when David introduced David Bowie to perform that song during the encores. I think that David’s voice perfectly fits to that song, and he did it great. But on 30th of May version with Rick on vocal was also unforgetable, and I happy that 2 versions will be available, because they are both unique.

    I hope that this single will be available to buy in Poland.

    I wasn’t lucky to hear Dark Globe so I happy for that reason.


  62. [There are many theories as to its origin, Georg. One is that the lower classes in the UK carried boxes to their masters when they arrived for work the day after Christmas. Employers would put coins in their boxes as a token of festive goodwill. Or they were allowed to smash open the boxes left, and filled, for them by their ‘betters’. The point is that gifts among equals were exchanged either on, or before, Christmas Day. The poor got theirs the day after. It could also have something to do with the church: specifically the opening and distribution of donation boxes to collect alms for the poor. You learn something new everyday at davidgilmour.com, don’t you? – Features Editor]

    Thanks for that explanation Fed, I was wondering what you meant by that.

    Sounds pretty mean though. It would make me feel like a second fiddle. It definitely doesn’t sound like it came from the heart. For myself, I prefer to give gifts on non holidays, when no one expects them. I think that truley comes from the heart, instead of a feeling of obligation.

    On the other hand, if you are poor, I don’t guess it matters much what the motivation behind the gift is.


  63. Way to go Susan. The AL package is eye appealing, nice work there. I am going to wait hand on foot for the complete deal. Can’t wait to hear both versions.

    Just want to say that Guy’s website is set up very nicely also.

  64. [I hope that this single will be available to buy in Poland.]

    Tomasz, if it isnt let us know and I will go and get you one and post it to you.

    Pete – Coventry

  65. [Tomasz, if it isnt let us know and I will go and get you one and post it to you Pete – Coventry]

    Thank you very much in advance Pete. It is very nice of you,


  66. FEd,

    You did the gender poll. How about a country poll next? Maybe U.S., U.K., Australia, Japan, Africa, Latin America, Europe (other than U.K.), etc., etc. Too confusing??


    [We could manage that. We’ll do it next week. – Features Editor]

  67. Way to go Susan you lucky dog. Keep that puppy under lock and key. Very special present indeed.

    Great news on the music release, but I don’t have a record player anymore. Hopefully it will come out on CD, but if not, there is always the digital download way.

    Keep up the great work at this site. Truly a great piece of work here.

  68. I love you all!!!!!!!!!!!

    What a marvellous idea, you have made my day. Oooh yey.

    Good day to you all.

  69. I just realised that this will be the first single I’ve ever bought, how sad.

    Especially as I fit into the idea single buying catagory ‘teenage girls who are attracted to shiny things’, oh I can’t wait. Have you noticed?

  70. F’Ed,

    Thanks for the history lesson on Boxing Day. And here all along I thought it was a special day for pugilists to try out their new Christmas mittens….

  71. Very looking forward to the Arnold Layne releases. Aside from not seeing Echoes for missing the tour, I was miffed at not witnessing that. Toss in the Thin White Duke delivering the honours, that about clinches.

    Will the downloads be available from DG.com? Or should we look for it at iTunes or the like?? (I can’t get that excited for vinyl, and I’m not much of a collector)


    [We’ll have all the details soon, Michael. – Features Editor]

  72. Congratulations Susan!

    Arnold Layne single – I love this. I can’t think of a more perfect tribute.


  73. This single announcement is a very good consolation for not winning the shirt. The cover looks great. Will be a nice christmas present for myself.

    Congratulations Susan – you must be very lucky now.

  74. It seems like only yesterday I was downloading Island Jam as a Christmas present for myself. Now I’ve got Arnold Layne to look forward to.

    (me singing) “…Oh Arnold Layne, its not the same, takes two to know…”


  75. Great, another reason to look forward to Christmas; a new vinyl release.

    Wouldn’t it be great if it got in the single charts; I know, too much to hope for. Though Mr Bowie has a history of hit collaborations, including two number ones.

    Rather surprisingly it is my seven year old sons favourite Floyd song, so I can look forward to singing along to it with him. I am however still waiting for him to ask me what the words mean.

    “It’s an old traditional tune”.

  76. It was nice to join the chat the other day for the first time. David’s music is helping me through some terrible times in my life-not the least of which was my daughter’s hospitalization last week when I met you all. Thank you so much for your kind words. She is back home with me and her brothers, and on the mend thank heavens.

    OAI is a great transition (read: de-stressor)in the car between the office and home…thank you so much, David.

    By the way-my cousin was married to David’s brother Mark ‘way back’ in the 80’s I believe. Small world. And yes, I can recall my cute little granny at the time saying the dreaded: “Which one’s PINK?” Ugh!

    Take care all, and have a lovely evening. (ok it’s night over there, ‘quittin’ time’ over here in Virginia!)


  77. Caption..”I See The Light..It’s right there in front of me!”

    Sorry..I’m just bored right now.

  78. Great chat this afternoon – unfortunately my ‘brb’ turned into a rather long diversion so I never made it back, apologies for that!

    And today’s keyword was……. ‘mostly’! 😉

    Look forward to chatting again soon everyone 🙂

  79. [Did you ever play any of the original Tomb Raider games? (George Maciver) – No, but I know someone who found a way to make her repeatedly bang into the wall and moan in a way that was supposedly erotic. – Guy]

    Here here…what kind of treatment is that for poor Lara Croft?


  80. [FE’d…would it be possible to advise me the location where I can find Crisis and it’s address? Have lost my way to it. Would like to send something their way in small repayment for being so lucky here.]

    FE’d…thank you. information received. something should be in the mail to them this week.

    By the way….is your kitchen now finished?


    [Unfortunately, no. It’s on the back burner for now, as the house has just been re-wired and I want other rooms looking good in time for Christmas. The poor old kitchen can wait. More importantly, thank you for your generosity. It certainly is a most worthy cause. – Features Editor]

  81. [“You did the gender poll. How about a country poll next?…..,Latin America,… Posted by: Andrew”]

    Now you’ve done it Andrew.Can’t wait to see how our dear F.E. handles the coming sudden influx of posts from Brazil?..Chuckle!

    All in jest.I love you Brazil and hope that someday you can have David all to yourselves for a while.

  82. Dear FEd,

    I dont post much on the Blog. But I go through it everyday.

    David gives a lot to people (thru his music) and to his dedicated fans (thru U and this wonderful site). Since it is the holiday season and in the spirit of giving, have u ever posed a question to the fans and the Blog Irregulars as to what they would like to give the man back in return? Just some food for thought.. Pretty sure some interesting ideas will sprout up.

    Best Regards
    Fremont, California

    [Good idea, Arjun. We’ll save that for a bit closer to Christmas. – Features Editor]

  83. that’s fantastic news… shame it’s not on CD, but vinyl needs all the love it can get..

    [I can now tell you that it will be on CD in Europe, but only in Europe. – Features Editor]

  84. Just wanted to say that I’m sorry I missed chat today.

    As one of David’s t-shirts proclaimed: That’s all, folks!


  85. Dear Fed, keep up the great work, can’t wait for the next surprise from David!

    Here’s hoping there will be a CD Single of Arnold as well, as i don’t download, nor know how.

    Any word yet if the DVD bonus disc will be in all region or just in Pal version for sale through the website?

    joe from Canada

    [It’s not a multi-region DVD, but DVDs for the two main regions will be available for sale through the website (please see the link below). If you order from Anthill’s North American store, then you get a DVD in NTSC format. If you order from their UK/Europe store, then you get a DVD in PAL format. A three-track ‘Arnold Layne’ CD single will be available, but in Europe only. – Features Editor]

  86. Let’s hear it for the girl! Congrats are in order Susan.

    Fantabulous news on the single too!

    It seems that DG has an endless array of surprises in store for all. Bravo!

    (-:Tomi Sue:-)

  87. G’Day FEd,

    Two things if I may.

    1st- a great word of compliments to Guy Pratt, whose show we much enjoyed and for having met a few musician he played with I can only confere!!

    When will his book be out?

    2nd- What do I need to have a password to enter the barn, I will be free on the Friday at 5pm and thought it would be fun to join in and share a good chat. You have my email and if it is OK for you to tell me then it will be great for me to join in.

    I will await patiently for these albums to come out and as I missed the Monday at the Albert Hall, will finally enjoy the DVD and the recording with D. Bowie…

    All the best and great work you are doing and Great Site also.

    Best of all things


    [If I gave the password to everyone who asked for it, the people for whom the room was set up would no doubt have something to say. You have to look for it, I’m afraid. The answer is not far away, you just have to find it. That’s not to spite anyone – as certain people have whined in the main chatroom – but to keep the Barn the way it was always intended: as the blog’s private chatroom. It’s for people who regularly contribute to the blog and who consider themselves friends – as a result of posting here, to start with, and then of meeting up for David’s concerts. I’m sure you can find it if you put some thought into it, mate. Each blog entry is plainly titled. – Features Editor]

  88. What a couple of days…

    A one-off t’shirt, a DG Strat and the new single…

    I’m amazed at how many affluent bloggers we have who intend buying the DG Strat!?! I’ve had guitars for years and all the other stuff needed to play an electric guitar so I know what it all costs…

    Susan… congratulations, enjoy it 🙂

    And to me European friends on the blog… enjoy the CD when it comes out as I can’t get it over here in Canada… 😉

    [I’m sure someone can get a copy to you, Rudders. – Features Editor]

  89. Wow. Lots of action on the site the last week or so.

    I just wanted to say that Q magazine came out last week here in Toronto. I went to all the major chains and they only had a few copies and none with David on the cover.

    I had given up hope and was going to settle for one with Mr. Bowie on the cover, when I went into a smaller store to pick up a bag a cheesy poofs and spotted a large stack of the magazines, and was able to score one with David’s photo on the cover. Sweet!

    I still have to catch up with all the news/blogs of the last week, but it seems like an incredible week, you guys have been really busy. Wow, what a prize for a contest! Congrats to the winner.

    bye for now.

  90. Does anyone remember the slump we all went through after the tour finished? What will we do, will the Blog continue, Will anything else ever happen…

    Didn’t they do well 🙂

  91. Look who’s been spotted at the hall of fame awards!

    3 things

    1. Dave???!?!? wtf
    2. Lady guest? thats WIFE
    3. Looks like they are going to 2 different parties??!?!?!?

    wheres that pointy stick at??

    [Cheeky buggers. – Features Editor]

  92. This may be a silly question, but, is the Arnold Layne single going to be released on CD? Or just on vinyl and download? I’m assuming the download will be an iTunes download.

    [We can only assume the same for now with regards to the downloads, as these things are still being decided, but there will be a CD. However, the CD will only be available in Europe. – Features Editor]

  93. Thank You FEd,

    I like the purpose of the Barn, and will put my brain into finding out.

    And if I enter the Barn, am sure I will be a good contributor to the Blog…

    Congratulations to Susan, and as I mentioned it to my sweet Love, she was just delighted i thought of her in attempting to bid for it…

    So anyone, if there is a 2nd T-Shirt ever made, I would have another go at it!!! But better not be more than 2 of those!!!

    All the Best FEd


    [I can give you the same clue given to many others as a starting point. Please click your name below for that. – Features Editor]

  94. Happy Hump Day friends.

    We are totaly obscured by clouds here in Tennessee today. Nice day for a nap.

    See you guys in the chat tomorrow hopefully.

    Have a good one (what ever it is)

  95. FEd,

    Alas no ARnold Layne cd for us here in the States.

    Are we still the red-headed step children? (ha ha ha)


  96. Inspired idea to release Arnold Layne by both D.B.and R.W, this will be the first single I have purchased for 38 years!

    At the R.A.H. I was sitting near someone who asked me if this was a new song. It did sound very fresh and up to date I must say. Good old Syd and thank you to David.

    By the way my son is sailing the Atlantic and yesterday bumped into Rick who is believe it or not on an island. No more details will I reveal of this most courtious and private of gentlemen.

    Best Wishes

    peter jenner

  97. Hi Fed

    That is a nice idea for a tribute to Syd.

    Rudders, I remember also the panic that set in as David’s last show was played and the future of the Blog was on everyone’s mind. But, Fed has taken care of us quite well.

    Hey Fed, sorry to hear about you and Brit…wait, that’s that **other** Fed… Nevermind.

    Have a good day, all


  98. Fed, thanks for the Boxing Day explanation. wow.

    Congrats, Susan, on winning the shirt! I am envious!

  99. Has it already been mentioned here on the blog/site that the newly released “Jools Holland Later … Best of”-DVD includes Davids performance of OAI, taken from his recent appearance in this show? Sorry if everybody else alredy knows this and I’m the only bloke who isn’t able to read the blog properly ….

    Speaking of this, what do you think about adding those still available mixed-artist-DVD’s, on which David is playing his own stuff, to the discography page? (eg. the “Strat-Pack”-DVD comes to my mind here)

  100. and i am interested in the barn as well.

    i have logged many miles for many years to see dave…and rog. i dont have a clue as to where to begin but if i tell you in addition i can play most of dave’s solo’s note for note, will that help? i mean “dogs” alone would be worth the entry wouldn’t you say fed?

    my passion for dave is legendary in my state…if you went on my bar’s website (no mentions here of course), you would see a giant live animal’s tour shot behind the stage and many pics of dave especially and even syd.

    got a photo of dave and rog blown up that is of them harmonizing on ‘young lust’ on the same mic. i think they hated each other’s guts at the time which always brings a little smile to my face when i look at it, knowing that little fact.

    anyway fed, just trying to grease the wheels a bit.

    [You’ll have to do better than that, I’m afraid. Go back through the old entries. You only need the title and need go no further than May. – Features Editor]

  101. Hi F’ed and co.

    First and foremost, well done Susan on winning the shirt!!! I’m not at all jealous, really!!

    Just wanted to share a little story with you all from today that made me smile.

    I work in a motorcycle shop in Maidenhead and today a fella came in that made me do a cartoon style double take!!

    Now, I’m not just saying this bloke looks like DG (as in the lookylikey cab-driver blokey that does a good Elton John) this WAS David Gilmour….really. I jest not.

    So, I walked back past the shop counter a few times while my collegue served him, each time having a good butchers and getting more and more convinced…after about the 6th walk-by I struck up some bikey-chat…then went right in for the kill..

    “Has anyone ever said you look like David Gilmour??” Says me…

    He did a big DG toothy smile and went ‘yeeeees’ (like it was the 6th time today) and then we had a good laugh & chat about it…But honestly, I’m not kidding…the hair, the eyes, the teeth, it was really frightening…it was him (except for the voice, ‘eee’s definately not from Cambridge!)

    Now, knowing what I know about David and his antics on an early Bultaco trials bike (i.e. riding it through a restaurant full of punters of an evening) could this be he?? Has he got back into biking (and put on a comedy cockney voice?)

    It didn’t occour to me until later to set up a good prank or two while I had the chance…maybe we could get him down the local guitar shop (where no doubt they would be all taken in) for a couple of rough bars of Smoke on the Water, before we all gave up on the joke and fell about laughing?

    He’s coming in again in a few days, so I may try and get some pics (for a Classic Rock news scoop “DG wheelies his GSXR over Maidehead bridge to promote new single”)

    ….Then again, maybe not!!

    Made my week though.

    Have a good one all!


  102. Edwina, will we get to see David at the UK Hall of Fame here in the States?

    Guy, are you tired of answering our questions?


    [I don’t think so, but I do think that Guy answered more of your questions than we expected. There were at least 60. – Features Editor]

  103. Caption: As a young man David was often caught late at night in the middle of the laneway, by Rudders’ uncle Uhungski (Daniel Swarovski’s half-brothers’ son), singing into any mic on a stand he could find.

  104. Nominations for The 2006 Weblog Awards has four entries for David Gilmours/Fed’s site.

    Best Blog
    Best New Blog
    Best Music Blog
    Best Blog-UK

    [Well I never… – Features Editor]

  105. Learning to Fly with Nick Mason?

    Here in the UK, we have an annual charity event “Children In Need”. I think the title explains what its about. All this week BBC Radio 2’s Terry Wogan has been auctioning some fantastic prizes and today’s is the best.

    They’re offering a two day visit to one of the world’s biggest air-shows – the Royal International Air Tattoo at RAF Fairford in Gloucestershire.

    Two very special pilots will fly you and a guest to the Air Tattoo on Friday 13 July 2007. One of you will fly with Iron Maiden’s Bruce Dickinson while the other will be piloted by Nick Mason of Pink Floyd.

    It’s currently running at £5,000.

    For details of how to bid, visit the BBC’s Radio 2 web site.

  106. Hello FEd,

    Regarding the special album coming out, Arnold Layne, I indeed find dark Globe most poignant song, and like the version from Syd’s Opel’s album.

    Obviously different stage in his life, but still most engaging and poignant.

    I have enjoyed his music and regard greatly the move of the two David’s, to make a special number of it.

    Will be a definite buyer…


  107. Aha David was inducting Brian Wilson of the beach boys into the UK hall of fame. Hence the sharp threads in my previous post!

    Wonder if he said cheers for the Echoes riff ;0)

    still must have been great to do that with one of your idols (David is a big beach boys fan right?)

    [He is. – Features Editor]

  108. [I can now tell you that it will be on CD in Europe, but only in Europe. – Features Editor]

    good stuff, fed. thanks for letting us know. i’ll get both the vinyl and the cd.

  109. I’m so glad we’re going to get Arnold Layne with Richard singing and it’s a wonderful idea to include Dark Globe.

    It warms my heart to see Syd’s memory being kept alive!

    FEd, do you think that Richard would ever be prepared to answer our questions? I had so many lined up for him at Abbey Road, but alas never got the honour of meeting him.

    [I don’t think so, Sue. – Features Editor]

  110. [FEd, do you think that Richard would ever be prepared to answer our questions? I had so many lined up for him at Abbey Road, but alas never got the honour of meeting him.]

    [I don’t think so, Sue. – Features Editor]

    That’s a pity.

    FEd, would you do me a big favour please. Would you give Richard a big hug and kiss from me and tell him that I loved hearing him play Echoes at the Royal Albert Hall.

    David and Rick had me completely mesmorised at those three shows at the RAH with Echoes – best performance at any gig/concert I’ve ever been too and that includes 18 May 1973 at Earls Court!

    Apologies for straying off topic.

    [I can’t promise that there will be any hugging or kissing, but I will try to pass the message on. – Features Editor]

  111. Arnold Layne single, wow after 39 years to be realased as a single again is quite interesting.

    Now where would the royality payment go.. Syd’s family?

    And this is one of the best tributes to Syd this year, realasing one of his songs as a single.


  112. Cool thanks for the reply FEd.

    If the CD is only to be released in Europe, does that include the UK or just mainland Europe?

    [It will be available all over mainland Europe, including the UK. – Features Editor]

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