An apology


To those who are waiting for their ‘Live and In Session’ DVD from our UK & Europe webstore, a sincere apology.

We have discovered that the EMI factory in Uden has not yet shipped the full quantity to Anthill UK. This is due to a delay in the printing process.

In short, this means that you will not get your DVD until next week.

We realise that this is unacceptable and await your criticism. If it’s of any consolation, do feel free to use the blog to voice your discontent and we will take each comment as it is intended: as a well-aimed slap across the face.

We are very, very sorry for the disappointment caused by this most regrettable of delays.

We can also confirm that the pre-order allocation for the DVD is now full, so you can no longer order the DVD as a stand-alone item. However, this does not technically mean that we have sold out, as we expect some to become available when we void multiple orders and factor in any cancellations.

Please keep an eye on the Fan Fare page for details and we will, of course, let you know the moment more become available.

We’ll also have a competition tomorrow for you to win one if you missed out on the pre-order. Scant consolation to some, I’m sure.

Last, but certainly not least, your complaints about scratched and skipping discs are being investigated. If you have anything to add, please do, remembering to include as much detail as possible to assist us with our enquiries.

Author: FEd

Features Editor of David Gilmour’s official blog, The Blog (‘Features’ previously being its rather naff title), affectionately – or lazily – shortened to ‘FEd’.

112 thoughts on “An apology”

  1. DVD

    Ah well I can’t complain, this site has spoiled me rotten all year what’s a little gremlin gonna do hey.

    I bought the limited edition anyway and its fantastic.

    Rgds Geoff Duffy ( Dublin )

  2. [We can also confirm that the pre-order allocation for the DVD is now full, so you can no longer order the DVD as a stand-alone item. However, this does not technically mean that we have sold out, as we expect some to become available when we void multiple orders and factor in any cancellations.]

    Well there might be at least one spare copy of the DVD available, as I’ve just asked Anthill to refund my money due to this unacceptable delay. If I get the time, I’ll buy it elsewhere or just use the money for Christmas presents instead.

    Anyway Fed, thanks for the update on the situation….all a bit embarrassing I can imagine.

    [You could say that, mate. – Features Editor]

  3. “…O Dear Sweet Lord, please assign Fed the name Elisha and translate him straight to Your Heavenly Gates -NOW!!! Thank You and AMEN!…”

  4. I’d comment about everyones scratched dvd but I’m too upset over the Pamela Anderson-Kid Rock divorce.

  5. Dearest FEd, life is hard and job too!

    Anyone can have problems, also David’s store! I think that the most of the bloggers (as me, for example) is simply worried to have made some mistakes doing the pre-order or that the international mail system have lost our cds and Dvds. Know that the problems is from you and no from my order is just a consolation for me! 😉

    Because I can count on the fact that you will do anything you can to solve the problem soon!
    So, thanks for the informations and good work and good luck to all the davidgilmour’ staff!


    [Thanks, mate. – Features Editor]

  6. Glad you were able to Udentify the problem, F*Ed.

    Thanks for updating the fellow posters who wait at their mailboxes with worms in their mouths…err I mean with baited breath…

  7. No slapping pal, this delay isn’t really a big problem, is it…?

    It’s just one week!

    Ernest {-_-}

  8. I ordered the DVD and Anthill got the money…and now these bad news…

    I wish I had bought the special edition even if I already bought On An Island from iTunes.

    Hope the DVD will arrive to me here in Italy within a reasonable time, since Anthill charged my credit card on 22 November!

    Last but not least, thank you for your kind work on this blog, Fed!


  9. FEd

    Thanks for giving us a full explanation of what has happened. I just felt that I wasn’t really being impatient, that something had gone wrong. Now I know the reason, it’s OK.

  10. blah blah moan cuss

    I don’t really mind the delay – just get David to sign mine – ok?

    It’s not the end of the world.

    Best wishes

  11. Geez, some folks would be mad at God if their babies arrived a day late lol.

    Oh okay, so my DVD hasn’t arrived yet, big deal. The Meltdown concert arrived today so I’ve plenty to keep me happy until next week.

    btw Fed, the way you put yourself in the firing line, square your shoulders and take the flak is courageous, impressive and extremely noble. Proud to be a part of this site mate and I know that I speak for the vast majority of us here 8)

    [I’ve just got a more slappable face than everyone else, that’s all. Please don’t check whether or not ‘slappable’ is a real word, by the way. – Features Editor]

  12. Thanks again for the info, rushed home from work tonight to find the usual bills and no dvd.

    I will keep my order with Anthill, who to be fair have been great in the past and wish you and all DG fans a Happy Xmas.

    [Thank you, Paul. The same to you. – Features Editor]

  13. doh!

    that said, i’m with george on this one. good on ya for taking the flak, fed. you’re a trooper.

  14. Hi all… just wanted to say I just saw the special edition cd/dvd offered as a pre-order on am*zon coming out in December and listing all the song titles from the dvd along with the OAI songs as if they were cd tracks, then listing disk 2 with a completely different set of dvd tracks (i.e. “astronomy domine with take a breath” from RAH. The song OAI is not mentioned and it claims Comfortably Numb is from Abbey Road. Fed, I assume this is just amazon fouling it up … um… Royally (he he he). Can you confirm?

    Anyway, sorry to those who are experiencing the delay in getting your DVD… it IS well worth the wait!


    [They’re always making mistakes. – Features Editor]

  15. A sincere “aww” for the folks in Europe, but hey.. patience is a virtue and **insert other cliches here**

    Oh and dear FEd, don’t forget to turn the other cheek! 😛


    [I’ve think all four deserve a slapping, don’t you? – Features Editor]

  16. Thanks for the info !!!

    I was tired to sleep behind my letter box in order to not miss the postman and my present…

    Please Mr Santa DG, sign my DVD or my litho for my little christmas, it would be a nice gift for me and sure all your fans… ;o)

    Best wishes

    “Le paradis existe”

  17. OK slightly disappointing, but we are used to waiting for good things DG related to happen. It’s always worth it in the end.

    Thanks for the honest apology, not many other organisations would even bother.


  18. Hi FEd,

    Anthill are not the problem, you are not the problem. EMI are the problem, and they are the ones who put you in this position, so they should give you some recompense for being the front guy who has to take all the flak.

    It’s a shame that they are so hard up they couldn’t deliver on promises made!

  19. Here is a good one :

    Do you know that here, in France, the two biggest music stores in the country (Fnac and Virgin) doesn’t know that there is a new edition of On An Island coming out.

    They can only order one CD/DVD pack for you, coming from Australia, with 4 to 8 weeks of delivery time…

    Did the french team of Capital records did his job ? I am really wondering…

  20. Gawd!

    Damn! 🙁

    pulse all over again! (kidding)

    It’s actually very thoughtfull of you to stand up before the crowd and announce the delay. I would again blame the postal service for being sloppy.

    I only hope that it will only be a week. We’ll be patient.

    Cheers Fed!

    [It won’t be as bad as ‘P.U.L.S.E’, I promise you that much. – Features Editor]

  21. Even if I had to wait (which I didn’t – mine arrived in the mail today… I think… I didn’t open the parcel), I wouldn’t complain to you, FEd or to Anthill. If I’d gotten one of the scratched discs, I wouldn’t take it out on you. I’d simply contact Anthill and advise them of the problem, take whatever photos are necessary, and then simply work with them to get it replaced.

    As for waiting… people are so impatient these days, and FEd shouldn’t have to grovel because people have to have something NOW NOW NOW NOW.

    Be cool, folks. Stuff happens. It’s not the end of the universe. They’ll do right by us in the end. Let’s not take it out on the messenger, please.

    a chilly Phoenix wanting a certain Doctor for Christmas! Hee hee!

  22. It’s a pity that the announcement on the page

    “(…)we have taken active steps to ensure that anyone who already has a copy of the album – and who only wishes to purchase the bonus DVD as a result – will not miss out.”

    has “shrunk” on the store’s page to this:

    “(…)we are pleased to announce that we have managed to get very limited quantities of the DVD on its own.”

    “(…)pre-order allocation for the DVD is now full(…)”

  23. [I’ve just got a more slappable face than everyone else, that’s all. Please don’t check whether or not ‘slappable’ is a real word, by the way. – Features Editor]

    Nonsense – you’ve got a lovely face………:)

  24. Slappable? I dunno… where’s Rudders our faithful Linguist?

    As to most prolific poster? Hmmmm… I’m in it for Angelo Ortiz of course… Rudders was up in front for a while, but he seems less inclined to post these days. Mike from Connecticut may be in the top 6. Lucia could be a front runner. Then there’s always ME!!! Naaaaaa…. I don’t post THAT much… Do I? Wait… I’m doing it NOW! You MADE me!

    Anyway… I honestly don’t have a clue who posts the most… haven’t really paid that much attention.


  25. OK so now we know the DVD from Anthill is going to be a wee bit longer than we expected. Anyone who’s ever worked in industry will know that quality and supply problems occur all the time.

    It must be frustrating for David and his team, including our dear Fed, that such supply problems are outside of their control, yet the flak tends to fly in their direction.

    In the overall scheme of things this is a minor matter, so I’ll be patient for a few days longer.


  26. Well, I’m thrilled to say that I received my DVD last night.

    To those of you are still waiting, have no fears, you will be rewarded when it arrives. The whole damned thing is excellent.

    The best news is that the sound throughout is just plain brilliant. The Royal Albert Hall teaser, Take a Breath was a surprise in that far more cameras were used than I would have guessed. It looks from this cut like the forthcoming dvd of this concert is going to have production standards on par with Pulse. Plus, the rendition of the song was flawless, so I’m ecstatic about what the next dvd promises to be.

    Astronomy Domine from Abbey Road was the biggest surprise of the dvd for me. It is just plain brilliant! I love the intimacy of the camera work and production, and David and Phil play a brilliant extended solo. I think that to say,THIS SONG KICKS ASS! is a reasonable way to relay my feelings on the subject.

    The AOL sessions are great as well. I’ve seen these many times before, so there wasn’t any big surprise there, but it is very nice to have them in this format and with the sound being so vastly improved.

    Can’t wait for the Xmas Arnold Layne releases, but, after having a taste of the Albert Hall show am just thrilled to know that the best is still to come.

  27. So I am assuming that this only effects UK orders and that the U.S. orders are in order and processed in the order received. I haven’t gotten mine yet but I imagine it is in the post. Maybe later this week – I have patience.

    Honorable that you take the blame for something that is not your fault. This isn’t the first time this year that there was a snafu, delay in release of David’s first solo efforts, Venice concert, various ticket issues, P.U.L.S.E DVD although that is PF management but you still got an earful. And with none of those items can you or David management be directly blamed. Stuff happens but what is wonderful is that you choose to COMMUNICATE to us what the hell is going on. And for that, you and DG management get a gold star.

    Now if you could just verify why David choose not to tour Brazil or Australia then we could upgrade that star to platinum.



    [You know I’m good, but I’m not that good. This matter only affects anyone who ordered from our UK & Europe store, Andrew. The North American orders will be fine. – Features Editor]

  28. Never mind FEd, she was smiling over the phone when I asked if she received some post today!!!

    But next week will have to do I am sure she will still be hapily surprised and that we will both enjoy watching when together.

    All the best for the next complaints, sure they will all be mild!!!


    [Bless you. The complaints don’t have to be any milder than those received previously, though. I’m apologising because I genuinely feel bad about this, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t give us a piece of your mind if you want to. I know I would be very disappointed. – Features Editor]

  29. Hey, poor Fed,

    What a pity that you, as always, have to take the brunt for things you are not responsible for! Hope you are able to take a beer (or two … ) to cope with this.

    Regarding this scrached-DVD-topic (and I have to say that I’m fine with this, as long as my copy does play – and it does offer it’s magnificent content willingly), maybe it would help you to track down the problem if I give you the matrix-Nr.: My DVD reads (beside the article-number?) on the “outer ring” IFPI LW04, and on the “inner ring” IFPI AAHM1 and 040202.

    [Thanks for that, Georg. I don’t know what it means, but it looks good. – Features Editor]

  30. Thank you to all the bloggers (and everyone else) who came to my shows. Especially the ones who posted nice things about it.

    If there was anyone I didn’t get to say hello to then…Hello.


  31. Well I could not wait so bought the cd-dvd combo today. Thankyou for the heads up Fed.

    Will still keep my order but do agree with Matty

    “I don’t really mind the delay – just get David to sign mine – ok?”

    Surely you can tell us what night Take a Breath is from Fed please

    [Sorry, I can’t. – Features Editor]

  32. No way! Let´s tear this thing down and get rid with FEd!

    No matter he kept this site updated on an almost daily base and managed a blog in a way that everyone with something to say was heard (or read) keeping the undesirable trash away…

    No matter he created a chat room which allowed us to make contact with intelligent, good mannered, creative and interesting people from all over the planet (not putting myself on that…) all thanks to his moderation skills…No!

    No matter he is a very nice person, whom is always a pleasure to chat with and have a great sense of humor…

    No matter he liked my ridiculous Floyd joke!…


    that matters…I guess…

    Nothing of this would exist (at least the way it is) if it wasn´t for you. So, relax FEd… We are in debt. Trust me.

    [You’ll make me very big-headed, Adriano. – Features Editor]

  33. Aaaaargh – how come you only “discovered” this today? There’s me thinking it was the poor postman……What would be good would be to discount us impatient folk the real DVD next year and deliver it a week early?

  34. Well, though this doesnt really apply to moi-self, and therefore can not really understand the feelings of those that were waiting anxiously to get their precious package in the mail this week, I suppose it is still fair to say that you were not directly involved in this delay. Its not like you, FEd & co, were in charge of the printing process. So, no slap. I suppose its not a big deal… a few more days.

    *ducks as the people who ordered, throw all sorts of crap they have handy, at me*

    sorry guys…

  35. So what’s another week between friends then FEd?

    C’est la vie and all that, no worries from my end. I just hope you don’t have to act too much as a conduit for the inevitable, if unnecessary, complaints.

    Have a large glass on me tonight.


  36. You know, FEd? That is what I like so much about you, this blog, this website and all parties involved in respect of David Gilmour and all. You take heed of people’s comments, you take action and you always keep us bloggers in the picture.

    I have to admit, I have been coming home from work in anticipation that my DVD will be on my doorstep and when I see that it has not arrived, I think to myself that maybe it will arrive tomorrow. I thought that I would give it another week before I would make mention of the fact tht I have not yet received it. Well, thanks to you putting me in the picture, I do not have to worry. All I have to do is look forward to receiving my DVD in due course.

    Oh, yes, and I must say what a brilliant idea it was just to release the DVD as a stand alone item. I thought this was a very thoughful action by your goodselves in that those who already are in possession of the album entitled On An Island would not have to shell out for the same in order to obtain the DVD. Thank you very much.

    Keep up the good work.

    Best regards.


  37. One week delay – no problem.

    I look forward to this DVD with one of my favorite songs from OAI – Take a Breath.

  38. im waiting on mine, but I am by no means making or going to make some criticism. I can wait a week, its nothing.

    thanks again Fed and David + co for the notice but no apology necessary here.


  39. Hey, this is no reason to complain. However, if it does not arrive in perfect condition (along with the poster) then I will moan/whinge and probably cry.

    Most importantly, thanks for letting us know about the delay.

  40. No need to apologise, Fed, it’s not your fault, and it’s not a big problem to get the DVD with a few days of delay, don’t worry, on the contrary, it’s great that you informed us of the origin of the problem.

    Et plus on attend, plus on en a envie ! great !


  41. No apologies, FED, for me is important to have the DVD, I can wait a week, in this week I’ll try to find the DVD in some stores in Italy.

    As you can see the the Bloggers are very, very patient so….why don’t you give at least few information about next world tour?

    For example: is it sure that will be a world tour next year? (we don’t ask too much!!!:)

    Ciao FED
    Claudio da Ravenna

    [I’m as hopeful as you are, mate. – Features Editor]

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  43. No problem FED no need to apologise as it is not your fault!

    I can wait another week.

    All the best.

  44. So my DVD didn’t arrive, but the Meltdown concert DVD did! And what an evening.

    Just discovered my favourite version of High Hopes too.

  45. Hello Fed,

    Just stopped by my local ‘Best Buy’ here in Illinois and picked up my CD/DVD!!!! I am very lucky, for they only received 2 in stock and I was there right when they opened so I got mine!!!!

    I gave it a quick glimpse at work (don’t tell my boss) and it is simply stunning!!! Can’t wait for the RAH DVD in HD (blue Ray or HD-DVD)!!

    I also agree that it was very courageous of you to admit to the delay in Europe in a stand-up fashion.

    Thanks for spoiling me this year with a fantastic site. I wish you and everybody involed a fantastic holiday this season. And to Mr. Gilmour – you will always be an inspiration to me.


  46. These things happen and at least we have been kept up to date with the state of play.Im just going to love this when it arrives next week.

  47. I didn’t like the RAH clip on the dvd at all..! I think the picture quality was bad,,looked like internet streaming..

    And editing was bad!! too much and too quick!! No focus on the band!!

    I’m a huge fan and i don’t feel good saying this! the other clips were awesome.

    Hope things are better on the final dvd!!


  48. One simple, single thing would resolve the complaints and frustrations of us bloggers still without our DVD from Anthill. This would immediately & irrevocably wash away the sour taste of over-pricing, excessive postal charges and order delays.

    Have David sign the bonus DVD’s before mailing out the batch of delayed discs.

    This would be more than welcome and a very nice sincere gesture.

    Ahh, I hear you say, David can’t possibly sign X,000 discs, so how about the full band sharing the signing duties. It’d make a great blog discussion: “Who was your disc signed by?”

    In fact I’d be more than happy to wait longer for this potentially difficult logistical signing session to be arranged.

    Now there’s an idea for a Poll…

    [You are joking, aren’t you? Why should David, or anyone in his band, sign hundreds of DVDs just because EMI messed up? A similar suggestion appeared when fans were complaining about the tickets. David is a cash cow to the record companies, to the people selling the tickets and to those who are flogging the merchandise. When they cock something up, let them put it right and make it up to the fans. Sorry, Dave, but looking to David to make things better all the time is just so shallow. The man doesn’t have a magic wand, but he could perhaps do with a more pointed stick for times like this… – Features Editor]

  49. Thanks for the explanation Fed.

    My youngest daughter just came up to me and said, “Don’t cry Dad, you can watch my Girls Aloud DVD with me”.

    Pleeease don’t let them delay this DVD any more than a week Fed. Pleeeeeease!!!

    “Sounds of the underground………” AAAAAAAAAAHHH!!!!

    [Now you’ve made me feel really bad, Mike. – Features Editor]

  50. For 8 euros more than in a nearby store I have bought the DVD plus a lithograph in your store. Im happy with that.

    If something extra is included to compensate for the delay i wont complain either 😉

  51. As you can see F’ed we are as always a splendid and forgiving bunch of bloggers and you know you can do no wrong in our eyes 😉

    Personally I just ordered the DVD to make sure I got it without trawling round the shops (well this is Norfolk) and the timing was largely irrelevant …

    As to most numerous poster – which is presumably a matter of fact – will there be votes in various categories e.g.

    Blog personality of the year
    Most humourous
    The George Bush award for mangled English …

    etc etc ?

    [‘The George Bush award for mangled English’… I like it. I trust the actual award will feature a bronze monkey looking bemused, scratching his head, whilst a toothy poodle stares on in curious admiration? Moving swiftly on… I think we’ll just stick with quantity for now. – Features Editor]

  52. Caption..David stops and ponders for a brief moment, while striking a super high c, to perhaps make ammends to those having ordering problems by offering to play at each one’s next private party.

  53. If it’s any consolation, I finally received the vinyl “On An Island” all the way from the UK to Australia.

    Wow, what a beautiful presentation! I’ll be relaxing with a quiet Red wine this weekend when I play it, and I’ll be making a special toast to Fed’s poor slapped cheeks.

    Has anybody heard of “Don’t harm the messenger”? “…friend, it could be you…”

  54. It´s not your fault anyway,neither Gilmour´s management, although everybody apreciated your explanation. You could simply say: Go ask Anthill…but then, it wouldn´t be you…

    Keep up the great work FEd! If you come to Brazil someday, we´ll have a beer and laugh about all this…

  55. Dear F.Ed!

    I mean, this is a “no problem” thing…. It’s not vital medicines we’re talking about (although it feels like it sometimes), and it’s not new that something goes wrong in production…

    We’ll just have a much better week next week instead…

    Thanks for informing us so quickly, keep up the good work!



  56. EMI’s forever cocking things up, aren’t they? Have a nice hot toddy, Edwina, and don’t fret too much over it. I still haven’t received my DVD but that’s the fault of UPS I’m sure. Becky got hers, so apparently she’s on better terms with her UPS man than I am.


  57. Damn, I meant USPS, not UPS! whew, good thing the DVD is coming via the postal service and not UPS; no telling when I’d get it.

    Anyway, sorry for all you blighters having to wait a bit over there.

    xo again

  58. [I’ve think all four deserve a slapping, don’t you? – Features Editor]

    Careful FEd, the Barn folk will start all sorts of strange rumors about you in chat tomorrow with that line!! Black leather, whips and chains, oh my …

    And it’s not your fault that there’s been a screw-up at the production end of things for crissake! I know you take your responsibilities very seriously, but don’t take too much heat for this. If someone was totally rabid about seeing the dvd sooner than later couldn’t they pick up the cd/dvd combo? Then they could watch now and give the cd, along with the dvd that comes next week, as a gift for the holidays.

    Hello to Guy!! So good of him to stop in now and again to check on the lunatics …

    Peace and love,
    Washington State

    [Naturally I was referring, metaphorically, to the cheeks of several different people. Gabrielle, really! – Features Editor]

  59. Hi there!

    This is the first time that I have posted (due to lack of technology) although I have been reading since early January. Hence this blog, its worthy contributors and the website in general, feel like old friends!

    Through the guidance of the info in this blog, and via Fed, I have been lucky to share in the album, see the last night at the RAH, and keep up to speed with events as they have unfolded.

    What really compelled me to write is to follow up the (in my view unnecessary) apology for the slight delay in the ‘standalone’ DVDs being dispatched from the webstore.

    I can’t think of many other fora (sic?) that would apologise for a problem, not of it’s own making, regarding a service being exclusively provided to ensure that genuine fans were being catered for!

    Many thanks to all for your care and attention to details!

    [Thanks very much, Richard. What can I say? Perhaps I should be canonised (I’ve been saying so for ages now), but it’s probably due to the fact that I’m a fan first and foremost, that I’m extremely privileged to work for David and that, when things go wrong, I feel partly responsible for failing those for whom I know David’s work means so much. To be frank, these mistakes shouldn’t be made, but I’m glad you feel it’s refreshing that someone is willing to express some shame when things do go wrong. Better that I do it and be genuine about it than someone who doesn’t really give a toss spewing out the same old token guff because it’s the thing to do. – Features Editor]

  60. compared to things going on in the world right now like the death of Alexander Litvinenko i think a weeks wait for a dvd is nothing much to moan about . i don’t want to get another copy of the album as i bought 2 copies already (one for me one for a friend) so wait i will .

    consider your face unslapped fet ed . delays happen .

    one last thing in this months issue of classic rock magazine (100th issue special!) one of my favourite guitarists writes a mini article about another of my favourite guitarists . steve rothery of marillion tells us why david gilmour should be on the list of classic rock magazines 100 icons of rock . good mini article and well deserved honour .

    actually let it be said that steve rothery is no bad guitar player either ! simlar to david is a much as he can get a heck of a load of emotion out of 6 strings 🙂


    p.s alan freeman r.i.p

  61. Two points of view: (part 1)

    OK, FEd, you want to hear it? (This is, of course, not directed at you)

    EMI-Shame on you! The way you treat customers who purchase the product you produce! Maybe it wasn’t EMI, maybe it was their CD Manufacturer. . .Shame on the CD Manufacturer! Maybe it wasn’t the CD Manufacturer, maybe it was the Substraight Manufacturer. Shame on the Substraight Manufacturer!

    David why? Who directed Take a Breath? The back cover says it was, oh no. . .that’s the CD track listing on the DVD back cover. . .that’s strange. . .oh here, it’s on the DVD. . .let me get out my magnifying glass. . .David Mallet. It was produced by Dione Orrom though. . .

    I was almost positive that MTV style editing went the way of MTV playing music videos, but Take A Breath proves otherwise. My first viewing was visually disconcerting. Where are my sunglasses?. . .Man, I’m going to try and watch that again. . . in a bright room. . .

    Anthill. . .where do I start? First they don’t have the DG Pin/Badge, or the Lithograph, in the North American store. Then they can’t deliver for our UK/Europe friends because EMI can’t deliver. They don’t even offer the DG hemp bag anymore. . .I thought we were all trying to make a difference here?

    Pessimistic, Perhaps. . .Hysteron can you tell me why I’m so bitter while yet so happy and satisfied at the same time? Also known as Humbugitis. . .(end part 1).

  62. Two points of view: (part 2)

    OK, FEd, you want to hear it? (This is, of course, partially directed at you)

    EMI-Good on you! The way you let customers, and DG management, who purchase the product you produce know what’s up, brilliant! Maybe it wasn’t EMI, maybe it was their CD or Substraight manufacturers. Thankfully CD and Substraight manufacturers have extra capacity to deal with volume issues in a hurry! Welcome to efficient media distribution people!

    David why? Why not more tracks from the amazing Abbey Road sessions? Astronomy Domine alone is worth the price of the DVD. I agree with ash, why didn’t those of you who were at Abbey Road GUSH for us just a little bit more? God, I hope to hear the acoustic Echoes!!

    I was almost positive that MTV style editing went the way of MTV playing music videos, but Take A Breath proves otherwise. I almost wish I took hallucinogenic drugs! Man that Marc Brickman is something else. . .I’ve never seen anything like it! I want more!

    Anthill. . .where do I start? I received my DVD yesterday (California) w/no scratches and it plays perfectly. . .They offered us 40% off with additional purchases and it appears they are trying to make a difference here.

    Optimistic? Perhaps. . .Angelo can you tell me why I’m so warm and fuzzy with the ultimate understanding that 15 billion years from now I will be nothing more than happy dust in a windstorm on the dark side of some moon? ; Also known as Ultra Futurist Optimist Epidemic. (end part 2).

    P.S. Matt, you were on fire today!

  63. No worries F.Ed – this stuff happens all the time. And to be perfectly honest wasn’t expecting mine to be delivered on the 27th anyway, what with having to ship internationally and all that.

    If anything at all, we should be suitably appreciative of all the effort you and the rest of DG’s management have gone through to keep this site and chat going, keeping us updated on key events, and allowing us the opportunity to pre-order.

    So in my opinion, if anyone decides to whine, they deserve to get their DVD late.

    Looking forward to the next competition.


  64. Thanks for informing us all FED!!! I was starting to get a bit worried as to when my DVD would arrive, due to it being the first time I ordered off the David Gilmour Store/Anthill.

    No need for you to take the blame and I really appreciate you informing us and telling us about this delay. You are great!!!

    So Friday is when they are being shipped, when(what day) would you estimate next week for Europe or is it impossible for you to predict???

    It will really be worth the wait so I can definitely wait a little longer.

    [I wouldn’t like to say, Matthew. – Features Editor]

  65. All four cheeks!? I hadn’t thought of that!

    Slapping and spanking.. hmm, now that sounds interesting! *grin*

    PS. RAH’s Take a Breath looks great. Now I really am looking forward to the OAI tour DVD!

  66. Appreciate the update and no need to apologize – hopefully, it will be here in Miami before Christmas. My husband and I will be waiting patiently…


  67. Well the good news is that I came home to a DVD in my mail.

    The bad news is that I came home from the hospital where I was visiting my mother who broke her wrist earlier in the day and is scheduled for surgery on Wednesday.

    So I won’t have time to view this disc until I take care of some more important things.


    [Be sure to send our best regards, Andrew. – Features Editor]

  68. ‘The Sounding Board’

    As I read through all these posts, it’s obvious to me, that all of the irregulars are very protective of you, Fed. We interact with you almost everyday. Even though we have never seen your face, I think it’s evident that we care about you and totally appreciate all that you do.

    I, personally feel like standing up and gr0wling at each complainer, like a mother bear. On the other hand, I would be pissed too. I feel bad for all of the hassle they are dealing with. As right as it is for you to to allow them a place to vent, I still don’t like it. (pouting)

    Help! Where’s all the shiny happy people??


    [I’m slightly embarrassed by it, to tell you the truth. Rant away, bang your fists on the desk, swear at the cat and say how unacceptable this is. I’m not fishing for compliments here, yet every time I invite criticism, I get ridiculous amounts of praise. Bless you. Maybe we should all be canonised. – Features Editor]

  69. Well, here in North Carolina the dvd arrived this evening. YAY! The wife’s asleep so watching it must wait until tomorrow. :/

    Odd thing though, it was not accompanied by the Tour Program I ordered; rather, it was packed with a “girl’s” tee with arabic writing on it. I’ve emailed musictoday about it.

    I am seriously looking forward to the Arnold Layne CD single. Seeing Rick sing that on Jools had me grinning for days thereafter.

  70. A delay of one week is acceptable. I hope that this one week will not become two, three …

    Always look on the bright sight; this also means when the Live and In session arrvives, it will be a week less when the RAH dvd will be available.

    To everybody: Have a nice day.


  71. I agree with many fellow bloggers that one week is no big deal.

    Don’t beat yourself up about it FEd.

  72. Fed,

    Who cares! it will be here when it is here, As other bloggies are commenting we have been spoiled with this website all year so what is 1 week among friends……………Cheers Feddie!

  73. Well, Fed and friends, surprisingly, just hours after my last entry (28th) the post came with [half] my order (the DVD)…..shall continue to await the 40% off Program Booklet this week.

    I’ve viewed, I’ve laughed, I’ve cried…hyperventilated even….heart’s still pitter-pattering hereafter and for a season to come….even received a mysterious complementary T-shirt enmarked “MakTub”(???) with the DVD….

    …..You well know the scene…..

    …I just cannot find the words to explain the Power flowing out of this rare and long-time melded chemistry of these musicians …so I remain dumbfounded……and therefore, might as well head for shallower waters with a hearty bit of ribbing —

    [Peter McConnell: “Astronomy Domine from Abbey Road was the biggest surprise of the dvd for me…. I love the intimacy of the camera work and production…”]

    ….Actually, the quality/and (certain) content of the Abbey Road A. D. footage was, for one reason, “slightly” more than just a “surprise” to me personally, as I was quite thrown aback (nearly out of my chair) by the very sudden and clarified ‘under’shot of Jon’s oh-so-clean shave –’twas taken so incredibly up-close to his skin I could seemingly reach out and “feel” his shaven porosity while nearly “sensing” his aftershave cologne, to boot….

    ….Not only that, but the Camera Crew even managed to verify the happenstance of our sharing identical pairs of Venusian moles beneath our left eyes –one could count just how many en total Jon’s face dons…. quite nicely, btw….(yet I believe I probably don more; though probably not so nicely)…

    ….But, indeed –uniquely up-close-and-angular footage by which to perform very accurate portraiture studies on the man…… ;^>

    ….HOWEVER, such in-your-face footage was slightly more “surprising and intimate” than my (already) hyperventilated heart could handle, I’m afraid….

    …. More so: can’t imagine how ‘very grateful’ Jon’s feeling about their camera lens “riding up his (quite) lovely, well-trimmed nostrils” –(a blessed thing you’re so well-groomed, Jon, but we’re just so accustomed to viewing you most frequently face down and in dim lights, fogs, in the back, and in the corners –and perhaps you are, too [?]. This tour’s stage layout, some of its lighting, in addition to its varied footage certainly switched to the other extreme in that regard, as indeed, OAI IS an intimate project –essentially leaving only so many spots one can ‘hide’ behind onstage)…..

    Am I complaining about such a switch, and for my own sake?…….I (selfishly) hardly think so.

    As for Jon’s sake: With such overexposure as that, the world’s female population should be falling in love with that nose…..those moles….and that elusive aftershave aroma………any……..time………… :-))))))

    –LG xo

  74. there is only one way for resolve this unacceptable delay.Another David’s FREE!! tour of on an island can refund all fans.Are you agree fed??I’m sure yes,David you must!! 🙂

  75. Having just seen the postman walk past the house again i was starting to get abit concerned but at least you have put my mind at rest F.ED thanks.

    For me this is only a taster for the RAH dvd next year so im happy to wait another week.

    i also took the opportunity to get the limited edition litho with it im looking forward to that as well.

  76. Happy Wednesday,

    I wake up each morning
    Go to work at eight
    Come home for dinner
    Time to celebrate
    So i round up my friends
    We made it through another week
    We may not have much
    But we’ve got what we need

    No need to apologise Fed
    Whats another week

    Pete – Coventry

    PS: Go to work at six but dont rhyme with celebrate.

  77. We all make mistakes, as long as we learn from them thats O.K.

    I am more concerned reading about disks that skip etc, that is not acceptable. It doesn’t make David look very good at all. I bet he’s not over the moon about it either.

    thank you for being honest & telling us the problem at least we know it will only be a week delay & as i was supposed to hand it over to the missus as a xmas pressie nothong is lost.

    I think most people will understand Fed, as long as you keep us in the picture (as you always do)



  78. I don’t think it would be a Gilmour release without some sort of delay – I would have got suspicious!

    Really looking forward to seeing ‘Take a breath’ from RAH. I’ve so far been re-living that concert throught people’s mobile phone video clips online!

    We’ll done Fed for releasing an apology. We of course understand that it was you personally who didn’t organise the shipping from Uden 😉

  79. Take heart, mates! Seeing Astronomy Domine will be your reward when you finally get your DVDs…it is amazing…as is the whole DVD. I love it!

    Thank you, David, Rick, Guy, Jon, Steve, Phil, Polly, FEd, everybody.


    PS–FEd, you…slappable? No way.

  80. As I wait for the work day to end yesterday so I can go buy my cd/dvd combo, I madly rush to the first store I come across and guess what? No, they don’t have it in stock. So I go to another store and another store and another and finally after the 6th store I finally find ONE copy. So I snatch it up, go home and what can I say!!!

    Fantastic. The Abbey Road session I was awe-struck. Great work. I almost was having a heart attack because I could not find a copy anywhere.

    Either everyone bought them up, or the US has a serious shortage.

  81. No worries FEd, thanks for letting us know. Here’s hoping it’ll arrive before 18th December – it’s my Dad’s birthday pressie…


  82. These last days, the first thing I do when I wake up is to check the mailbox to see if any DVD has arrived. NOPE 🙁

    But now I at least know the reason. I will wait patient for my DVD to arrive 🙂

  83. [I’m slightly embarrassed by it, to tell you the truth. Rant away, bang your fists on the desk, swear at the cat and say how unacceptable this is. I’m not fishing for compliments here, yet every time I invite criticism, I get ridiculous amounts of praise. Bless you. Maybe we should all be canonised. – Features Editor]

    I wouldn’t exactly call it ridiculous amounts of praise, FEd. Alot of us bloggers are probably experienced at how frustrating blogs, forums etc etc are because there are a lot of “meanies” or “prats” out there – especially when one tries to have an intelligent conversation only to be blasted or ridiculed etc etc.

    The work that you are doing here on the blog is praiseworthy because you do not allow the rubbish to get through. “Where you can speak out loud about your doubts and fears…”

    Have a good day.



  84. I ordered the DVD as a birthday gift for somebody special … yes, I was actually foregoing owning a copy myself!

    I’m quite angry because Anthill took my money last week!

    I won’t be ordering from them again.

  85. [I’m slightly embarrassed by it, to tell you the truth. Rant away, bang your fists on the desk, swear at the cat and say how unacceptable this is. I’m not fishing for compliments here, yet every time I invite criticism, I get ridiculous amounts of praise. Bless you. Maybe we should all be canonised. – Features Editor]

    You have no reason to be embarrassed over the praise we send your way . I think it’s the prevailing quality of true DG fans to be good natured, and to look at the bigger picture. Yes I know , I’m bragging. It’s hard to dish out criticism, when everything that can be done to right a wrong situation, is being done. What more, can anyone ask. If you just sat back on your haunches and said “Oh well that’s life get over it”, then you should and would get heaps of criticism, I’m sure.


  86. Sorry to hear about the difficulties, FEd, but you and David’s crew are to be commended for all your work in communicating and working things out. I’ve seen plenty of websites where there was no “FEd” to help when things went wrong, so you do an incredible job.

    I must comment about “Astronomy Domine” and will do so in another post. I could easily exceed the word limit on that topic!

  87. Thanks for the update FEd. I was beginning to suspect the postman, having been off the past couple of days !

    Ash – everyone was quiet during Take A Breath because Marc Brickman seemed to have tuned the strobe frequency so that it caused instant paralysis. As one person sat next to me said when it had finished – ‘At least I know I am not epileptic’.


  88. My DVD arrived yesterday, and while I had read the wonderful things people were saying about “Astronomy Domine,” I was still completely unprepared! Like ash, I was immediately in tears.

    I don’t know how David does it, but I’m continually amazed by his ability to take some of these old standards and take them to a new level. And not just a new level, but a level you never knew existed.

    For those who are waiting — use the extra time to re-stock your Kleenex supply. You’ll need it!

    I really look forward to reading your reactions! You will be blown away — guaranteed!

  89. [I’ve just got a more slappable face than everyone else, that’s all. Please don’t check whether or not ‘slappable’ is a real word, by the way. – Features Editor]

    If it aint a real word I’ll kickify myself

    Rgds Geoff Duffy ( Dublin )

  90. It’s really great to see that Guy is still sending in a post.I hope that one day that Guy would come and join us in the chat room. I know that we’ll be easy on him.LOL.

    Fed some things are not going to turn out the way we hope it to be.But you have never let us down. Things happen that you and David can’t control. So don’t feel bad. Just sit back and have a cold one. Everything is going to work out.


  91. Not to whine, and nothing to see with David, Anthill, the blog or our Saint Fed, but there are absolutly no CD/DVD packs in any store in France ! even in Fnac or Virgin! and they have no info; it’s a shame ! what does EMI do ? How can they hope to sell their CD/DVD sets in France ?

    Sorry, juste “un coup de gueule” contre l’industrie musicale et ses aberrations…


  92. [Every time I invite criticism, I get ridiculous amounts of praise. Bless you. Maybe we should all be canonised. – Features Editor]

    If it’s a slapping you really want Fed, I’m sure the Gilmourettes would be only too happy to oblige 8)

    [I’m sure that some of them would love half a chance, George. – Features Editor]

  93. thanks for going to the effort of providing a seperate DVD.. and a very nice lithograph I look forward to recieving..

  94. i think that david does take things to a different level live…but everything is so punctuated by the brilliance of brickman and co. and those small venues. that oai tour was very special and those who witnessed the shows in the THEATERS were very lucky.

    i wouldnt have cared to see poland at all…too big and all those great theaters had to be much better than that 100,000 capacity mammoth thing…and the theaters are inside. all of the indoor p/f shows i have ever seen are much better than the outdor gigs. the show’s lights work way better inside.

    i talked to someone on here from tn who went all the way to poland to see d.g when they could have seen a show in the us at a 4000-8000 seater but didnt. what a waste..whoever that was missed out on a much better atmosphere and had airport layovers and spent a fortune.

    from experience, always see the small venue and the indoor show. ALWAYS BETTER ATMOSPHERE!

    (p/f filled the omni in atlanta with smoke before they came out…so cool and had an amazing effect on the lights!)

  95. I must admit that the supsense is starting to kill me now. This “hanging on in quiet desperation” certainly rings true. I cannot wait to receive my DVD. Where is my DVD???? Ha, ha.



  96. Dear F.Ed.

    Think pink! don’t worry about it: there are many troubles in every kind of job, no-one excepted.

    Eureka Yes…SIIIIII WOW !!!Today I’m very happy

    I was afraid for my prepaid card to be not in the position to buy this wonderful DVD but just today I noted on the on-line account’s informations that the cost has been debited! Thanks to the nice cooperation of Anthill RockWare Co.(following the payment’s ’instructions only credit cards could be accepted, as they said) but now I’m sure I will receive the DVD : never mind for a week of delay: what is a week that when you think to the infinity?

    I hope that the DVD arrives duly in time for Xmas and to have a very special Xmas please please please is it possible to receive it signed by Mr.Gilmour himself? My grey mail-box will be lighted by a rainbow…

    Ciao a tutti

    [No, it’s not possible. – Features Editor]

  97. [Maybe we should all be canonised. – Features Editor]

    *ripple fade, begin dream sequence*

    SCENE: St. David’s Square; 350,000 DG fans in ‘St. Fed. Saved my Soul’ t-shirts….

    Officiant: “Preghiamo….”

    Officiant & Crowd: “FEddie Eleiesoooooon. Dee Vee Deeee-leisonnnnnn…..”

    [You’ve been reading my diary again, haven’t you? – Features Editor]

  98. What a nice bunch of patient and understanding people you are, you, bloggers from Europe! So happy to be a part of so civilised persons like you!!!

    bisous xxx
    Sylvie de montréal

  99. [Posted by: blake from nashville at November 30, 2006 03:52 AM]

    Are you trying to piss me off or what Blake?

    In fact, I think you are a little “Green” about the whole thing.

  100. Martin, here you are ! I came looking for you 🙂

    The lights look terrific. I can hardly wait for the full concert DVD. So many people have said how good Echoes is, I don’t think I’ll be able to stand it. I wasn’t fibbing when I said I was in tears a couple of times.

    ash X

  101. i’m not trying to piss u off…i didnt know who said that.

    green about what? i have seen gilmour in 7 or 8 different 50,000 + seaters. i would be green if u saw him in chicago, oakland or msg etc….or anyhere small and inside though.

    i have seen the equivelent to that polish show at least 10 times. not green here. are you green b/c you waited until probably gilmour’s last show ever to have been turned onto such an amazing musician?

    melissa, i am just playing with you but no i am not trying to piss u off. i just kinda felt bad for you b/c those theater shows had to be amazing… and no i didnt see them and yes i am very very jealous of THOSE people.

  102. I still haven’t had a chance to watch the DVD but thanks for well wishes FEd. Mom had her surgery yesterday and is now recovering. Surgery is a big thing at any age but surgery at 80 is much riskier.



  103. Blake,

    You said or rather typed during the WED’s chat the other bass player fans behave badly. YOU ARE DOING THE SAME

    I cannot accept the fact that Melissa shares some of her memories with you and you write such a post. What a shame. She didn’t have to and you should be able to respect her effort to get to Gdansk.

    Gdansk night was excelent, and Melissa you can be only proud that you attended such night.
    I lost all my respect for you, blake.

    Never thought that I would be forced to write such post here.

    I’m very sad and angry,

    I’m sorry

  104. No Blake, you were obviously trying to piss me off.

    Yesterday in the chat, I told you, why I didn’t attend any of the US shows, so why did you post “i talked to someone on here from tn who went all the way to poland to see d.g when they could have seen a show in the us at a 4000-8000 seater but didnt. what a waste..whoever that was missed out on a much better atmosphere and had airport layovers and spent a fortune.” Sure sounds like you were taking a dig.

    And there is no need to feel bad for me, I enjoyed every single second of that 3 hr show, and I would do it again today, if I could. Oh, and I didn’t “just” get “turned on to DG”, I don’t know who the hell told you that.

    You came on this blog like bat outta hell, whinning and moaning about the barn password, and how big a fan you are, and how much you know about David and how you can bring so much to this page, boo freakin hoo! The way I see it, you just keep making an big ass of yourself.

    Fed, where’s that word when I need it?


  105. Bless You, Tomasz.

    I am proud indeed, to have been there.

    It was a once in a lifetime opportunity.


    [For the record, I personally thought it was an absolutely amazing gig and felt privileged to have been there. Differences of opinion are fine and most welcome, but can we please have a bit more respect for the opinions of others? – Features Editor]

  106. [Differences of opinion are fine and most welcome, but can we please have a bit more respect for the opinions of others? – Features Editor]

    I’m sorry Fed. I just got a little defensive.

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